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.T6l. XXXIv7 No. 31'
U: & Aid Hits
A Day
Rate h East
b! . w
Flow Of Arms To Egypt
Accelerated Under
Lend-Lease Law
Washington. — The flow of
W lead-lease munitions to Kgypt to
reinforce Britain’s defense of the
Middle East was reported authori
tatively yesterday to have reach
ed almost a ship a day.
Officials familiar with admin
istration of the $7,000,000,000
lend-lease fund sc id that between
20 and 25 ships a month were
being dispatched by way of either
the Atlantic or Pacific routes to
the Red
The manner in which ship
ments have been accelerated after
a slow start tended to relieve the
pessimism of some American mil
itary experts over British chances
of holding on in the Mediterran-
Top defense officials were said
reliably to be hopeful now that
the diversion of Xazi forces to
the invasion of Russia would
provide sufficient time for the
British to secure needed arms.
World Crisis Theme
Of B. T. U. Assembly
Ridgecrest. .Inly 7.—Plr. tt'1-
liam Harrison Williams, president
of the North Carolina Baptist
State convention and pastor of
Pritchard Memorial Baptist
church. Charlotte, told the almost
1.400 delegrtes here for the state
wide Baptist Training union as-
^sembly that Christians must lead
establishing of a nation-
wide spiritual if the
church and the country are to
withstand the crisi.s which they
face today.
He declared that the great
danger confronting Christianity
is the substitution of secondary
matters for the prime essentials
love and good will.
is the
This is ideal
> weather to paint
and there is no
need to wait for
enough cash to
1 pay for the job.
Home in and let
us arrange K. H
,\. Budget Plan
Terms, the low
est cost type of
budget plan avail
F. H. A.
UP to’1-3
[hardware Store
North Wilkeaboro, N. G
Economic Advisor
Isadore Lubin, commissioner of
labor statistics, who has been called
in by President Roosevelt as his
economic advisor on the $7,000,000,-
000 lend-Iease program.
Cafe Ratings For
June Are Given
H. B. Howie, Wilkes cour*v, today released, the
s.anitarv grades for cafes, hotels
nd tourist homes for the past
month. The county sanitarian was
a.ssisted in the inspections 1)V J.
S. Canady, district sanitarian.
The ratinirs of the cniinty and
district sanitarian are both given
here. Figures in the fi-st column
are those of Mr. Canadv and in
the second by Mr. Howie:
Grade .A
Rock Gables ....
Twin City I.nnch
Goodwill Store
Grade B
Staley’s Cafe
Rock Ttiner
Little Grill
Pardne Cafe -
Red Cross Pharm. ...
Bine Ridge Cafe
Princess Cafe
Princ&ss Cafe
Broadway Cafe
Brame Dnig Co."
Soiithside Cate
Grside (’
Rondola Tavern
Palace Cafe ....
Horton’s Drug Co. 79..5 74.5
Beeches Place 79.5 74.5
Newton’s Drug Co 79.5 74.5
Sandwich Shop 79.5 79.5
.Avenue Service — "2.0 71.5
Blankenship’s Place .. 71.0 72.5
Snappy Lunch 70.0 70.0
Tom’s Cabin 70.0 70.5
Three cafes were closed until
repairs were made and a reln-
spection made by the health dept.
hotel r.atings
Grade .\
Wikes Hotel 99.0
Smithey Hotel 99.5
Vrnnoy Tourist Home 92.0
Many Receiving Old Age Insurance
Social Securityi
Payments To 299
In Salisbury Area
French Premier Visits Air Base
^tFimutnre ’
Price Increase
required to' suhsift '’erplahatlon*
to OPACS later. .
Replying to of^^apeahera
discussed the quMtlon of avail-
abillty of various woods, Bogant-
U8 said;
Administration Announces “I will not be at all surprised
■ Rise of Five Per Cent ! ® priority put on mahogany
i will !*“ th® near future, removing till
Will Be Permitted the furniture industry,
Ibut there is an adequate supply
F. of domestic hard woods to re-
Figures released today by the |
.'iocial Security Board show thrt,
299 persons in the Salisbury’ area i
were receiving monthly payments
of old-age and survivors insurr ■
ance a.y of March 31. 1941. These j
tenefits totaling $4,432.00 were
paid to men, women, and children j
living in the counties of Alle-;
ghany, Alexander. Ashe, Iredell, 1
Rowan, Watauga and Wilkes.
Of the 299 persons in the
Salisbury, N. C. area receiving
monthly payments of 'old-age or
survivors insurance 132 are in
sured workers who have reached
the age of 05 and who have retir
ed from regular employment in
business or industry. Some 97 of
these annnilants have wives who
re 65 years old or over, and they
too are receiving monthly pay
ments of old-age insurance.
Mr. l,onis II. Clement, man
ager of the Salisbury office of the
Social Security Board explained
that a man who has worked in a
fi-ctorv or a store or in some oth
er industrial or businfe^s concern
since the old-age insurance sys
tem went into operation, and has
qualified for benefits, may claim
navmcnt upon reaching age 6a.
When an insured worker reaches
rge 65 and begins receiving old-
age insurance payments, addition
al benefits may go to his wife^ if
,he i.s 65 or when she reaches
65 Each of his children also
may receive monthly ”
they are under 16 (IS, )f still in
school). ,
The monthly payment are to
the wife of an annuitant amounts
to one-half of his monthly hene_-
fit The monthly payment to each
of his minor children is also one-
half of his own monthly lJonef‘-
The amount of monthly nst
IL payments which any mem-
Per of the workers family
receive depends upon
of the worker’.s own monthly in
^^•^^"Trin":^"-rker’s wid^
who has reached age 65. whethe^
earrmav "alsm cla" m monthly hen^
ents: Provided^her l»-|’-d ^died
■ L*.
91.0 90.5
87.0 86.
Long Tourist Home
Creenway Tourist
Grade B
.Myers Tourist
Sunset Tourist
Home (W) - —
Call ’Hotel
Sunset Tourist
Home (N.W.) S2.5 ,94.0
I Reeves Tourist Home 85.0 86.5
Oue tourist camp was closed
until repairs were made and a re-
inspection made by the sanitar
Grade .A
Moore’s Mrrket
Davis & Co
Reins Market
Miller & Imng
Smitlipy’s Store ....
.\. E. Wingler
(i. & B. Store
City Grocery
Cash ,9; Cany Store
Dine Ridge Store ..
Smilhey s Service
. W. Jones
Widows with
-survivors of In-
died since
three-fourths of her
primary benefit,
minor children—
sured workers wh^^^^^ receive
January 1. «„rvivors in-
monthly ® Salisbury,
surance .benefits, in the ■
N. C. service monthly
widows no children re-
paymiMUs^ «f benefits. Most
children of widows who are a s
c.lnlaren ui hi*nefUs
Chicpgo, July 7.—James
iBogardus of the Office of Price
Administration and Civilian Sup
ply announced today that OPACS
1iad given furniture dealers per
mission to raise prices not more
than five per cent above April lev-
ekv without prior consultation
with government officials.
Speaking at a luncheon of fur
niture men here for the opening
of the big summer marWets, Bo-
gardus, who is assistant deputy of
OPACS, said that if furniture
dealers did raise prices within the
five per cent limit they would be
place mahogany.’
He said it was ‘‘directly con
trary to national policy” to urge
consumers to buy merchandise
immediately because of threaten
ed price increases and that
"stronger means” than govern
ment co-operation in price prob
lems would have to ibe taken un
less speculation and price rises
were checked.
Dumb; "Are you yawnin??”
Dora: "No, I’m giving a . lent
Indian war whoop.”—Aggierator.
With Nazi permission, a French air force Is being rebnilt ‘‘for defense
of the French empire,” and here Marshal Henri Fetain inspects the
Aulnat air base near Clermont-Ferrand. On his visit here he looked
over 15 planes recommissioned by Nazi antboiity, including a Dewoltine
520, fastest French pursuit plane now in service.
New Regulations | eit
For Sale of Wines To Decide War
8 5.5
8 4.0
■|’ 2.5
ments because the.r lathe, s
;Sc'fnl>y in.t.reA undej the So-
rhildren of reuren
have cUiimed henef„.‘
85 Persons Killed
When Lightning
Strikes Theatre
Guadalajure. Mexico. July 7.—
.At least 8.5 persons were reported
■killed. 11 injured last night when
lightning struck a crowded ino-
Ition picture theatre cau.sing the
audience to stampede. Most of the
I victims were trampled in the
building which caught fire.
I Topeka. Kas.—Some of the
w'heat thrt won the milling and
baking contest at the state fair
last fall was planted this season.
wasn’t the
T„. ..nri their depeiuiPiRs.
themselves and tne ^^ly
lu addition to these n
♦ o 71 luTUP-SHiu clcain
payment., $7 043.81 have
payments totaliHr, » ■
„een made in tins area ,n c se^
where insured workers died s _
Tanuarv 1. 1940. leaving no -.ur-
J-Bors enlUlcd to monthly hene-
'"^Upgarding survivors insurance
Mr, Clement said that when a.^
d„w who ha,s children
in her care receives three
tou- ths of the amo ait of her hus
band's piimary nsurance ene
and each of these minor chil
dren receives one-hall of his pri-
mrry insui-ance heneiit.
Raleigh.—Directors end mem-
bei-.s of the North Carolina Asso
ciation for AVine Control took di
rect action here AVednesday to put
the slate’s wine industry in order
and to insure full cooperation
with the state in enforcement of
new regulations regarding the
sale of wine, effective July 1.
Warned i-V Director John W.
Caffey that the wine industry is
on probation” and "must show
it is making an honest effort to
cooperate,” the association acted
to make effective, both for sale
of fortified and unfortified wines,
a program of self-regulation.
After July 1 fortified wines
may legally be sold only in the
26 ABC counties and there only
under strict ABC board regula-
itons. .
The wine men present for tne
Raleigh meeting unanimously
adopted three recommendations
of the executive committee, which
are to apply to the sale of all
wines in all one hundred coun-
(1) Elimination of all sales to
person-s under 18.
(2) Voluntary prohibition o
sales between the hours of mid
night and 7 a. m. on week days
and between midnight Saturday,
and 12:90 p. m. Sundays.
(3) Appointment of an advis
ory' committee from retail deal
ers to collaborate with the
tculive committee and thus give
all elements of the industry rep-
resenlation. .
Mr Caffey arid personnel of
this committee will be announced
within a week or ten day.3.
Prior to the committee meeting
at vVhich action was taken the
wine men heard a message from
Governor J. Melville Broughton
delivered through their counsel,
Kenneth C. Royall of
The Governor expressed appre
eiation of the organization’s oh^
-qives rnd confidence
ahi'^’y of the association and us
Mr Caffey to attain
director. Mr. t atro,
those objectives. ^
campaign of .„
said will result in the next leg •
lature’s looking upon the wine in
dustry with a more favorable at-
‘'‘cimmissioner of Revenue Al
len J. Maxwell, speaking at a
luncheon of the AsBOc.aUon ^old
the wine men they must show a
suirit of ’’comr/lete, cordial and
oonlinuing cooperation”
state’s officials or el-ne be faced
hv an even more hostile '®sKla
ture in 194 3 then they did this
AVa.shington.—A high ranking
Catholic prelate expressed the'
view yesterday that
Had No Appetite, Felt So'
Undernourished, Weak,
and Rundown He Couldn’t
Attend To Farm Duties,
. States Mr. Stevens.
I Well known men and woinen
View yesieraay inai President throughout this section are finding
PetonsH iust the medicine they
Roosevelt, as commander-in-chief Mr. J. W. Stevens, well
of the army, rather than' Con- known farmer of Route 1, Hunters-
gress .should decide I
when the United States should | j got Retonga it has been
enter the war against Germpny. a year since I’ve been able
Bishop Joseph P. Hurley, of the ^ square meal,” declared
diocese of St. Augustine, Fla.. Mr. Stevens. 'T was afraid to eat.
said in an address prepared for Acid indigestion, gassy bloatmg
broadcast that this country’s re-j and ano
lation to the European conflict I made, me feel I covldnt get ano
dlstre’J of agonizing indigestion.
was” no longer diplomatic or po- d^Uttfe”worVon*my K^s and bloat7ng. Constipation is
„r,enured .he '.elS w .hiSs'S,';:
Of .strategy.” Therefore, he rea-^ a„d I feel achy, still and
.’ Therefore, ne rea-^ ^gg^j^gg a„d I feel achy, stiii ana . ^ggjj' Retonga is the best
sonod. the problem of strategy; ggi-e all over, and a medicine I’ve been able to find in
should he left to the commander- down, dizzy feeling would come
in-chief "who alone,
loyal communication
in constant,' all over me and make me se ri
with Con-ivous I could hardly stand it.
thirty years.” v w i
Retonga is a purely herbal
loyal communication with me and I stomachic medicine, combined with
greasand in consultation with his Jt’s
military and naval advisers, is ^ Shield* and oifi§rf ^**^tnncrn
capable of bringing us here were saying such nice be'obtel”ed*in”North Wilkesboro it
through the dangers which en- Ratonga. Words fail to ex- n-,,,. iQfnro nnH fn
compass us ”
about itewnga. «Horton’s Drug Store, and in
Ads. get attention—and resnltal what ever I like and not suffer the • —
Drive on^ Fair Lady of
North Wilkesboro
Mvithoul shifting gears
Breaks Arm, P*:ib8
In Ten-Story Fall
Los Angeles, .July 7.—Harold
Holt, 35. fell down a 10-story
elevator shaft today, and lived.
He grrhbed at beams project
ing in the shaft at nearly every
floor, slowing his momentum.
Although he landed on a pile
of two-by-fours, a surgeon said he
When It came up it
Tenmarq strain that It was sup-1 broke only an arm and fractured
posed to be. several ribs.
That’s What Makes
The Roosters Crow
Kpw York. — Radio station
WOR wanted a rooster to crow a*
dawn when it inaugurated all-
nicht broadcasting. Sound effec a
men collected several, just m hut none of them did any-
* They called up Dr Harry Nim-
nhins, director of Central P^rk
Zoo to find out why. Dr. Nim-
nhius told them “One of the rea-
sons roosters crow is to chaliense
other rooster^ Unless there is a
ten In the vicinity there is no rea
son for them to make a chal-
The sound effect® men dug up
a hen. Pooche, a Japanese Long
'Pall rooster, looked at the other
roosters, then at Clarissa, took a
deep ’breath and crowed his lungs
fOR SAFETY - . . Why Chryjof In-
dudtt a Safely Clutch with fluid Drivef
The Safety Clutch is like a lifeboat on
a ship. You will use it very seldom, but
you’re mighty glad to have it when
you need it. A very valuable safeguard
for parking or dangerous places.
- Vkat a toy! So easy —SO
smooth! With Chrysler Fiuui Drive
and Vacamatic transmission, you
glide from dead stop into full speed
without shifting gears! And if you
don’t think that makes a whale of
a difference in driving pleasure—
just try it! What a difference!
You’ll never go back to the old
clutch pumping, gear-shifting type
of driving after the thrilling free
dom of Chrysler Fluid Drive.
Ikink of being able to drive all
day without shifting! It takes all the
work out of driving—leaves noth
ing but the fim! Want to try it to
day? Call up and we’ll make a date!
With Fluid Drh/n and
Vacamatic Transmissioa
Motor Seivice Sales Co., Inc.
^15 Ninth Street
North Wilkesboro, N. C.

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