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Major TargeU
^ Of Brititli
London. '— The "Hoynl Air
Fotm aeA grant firae in ^.e dock
and town area of H&mbnfg in the
third night rnnnlttg of the big
British air offensire against Oer-
mtsy, the Air Ministry said to
The ministry said the R. A. P.
concentrated on North Oerman
ports in an attack carried out,
by starlight with a force estima
ted at more than 100 planes.
"After concentrated bombing,”
ministry said, "large fires
were left burning In the docks
town of Hamburg."
londary raids were directed
,, Bt Cuxhaven and Emden,
sites of Important German naval
^drks and industries while small
er forces bombed I>jnkirk and
- -S*' ^
iir ]
thtoing cetitor of. - ,
' wodtern Nor& CarottML
AD h “
To Begin The Red
Cross Drive lltb
Headquarters Will Be Main
tained In Lobby Of Ho
tel Wilkes Here
Moscow, Leningrad,
( Battles Rage On
Despite Blizzards i
I.ondon.—British authoritaUve
sources reported today that new
/ and heavy fighting Is in progress I FOOD FOP DEFENSE
on the t«ningrad and Moscow
Dr. John W. Kincheloe. Jr.,
pastor of the First Baptist
church here and chairman of the
Red Cross roll call In Wilkes,
said today that everything is in
readiness for the beginning of the
roll call Tuesday.
The roll call orgoniiadon cov
ers all major communities in the
county and an effort will be
made to reach everybody in order
that the county’s goal of 2,100
members may be attained.
At a meeting of workers held
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Odell Hemric And
Blanche Johnson
Die After Crash
liiqu^ Term To .Biagia. Oa'
0oeember 8 \Dltibt. J||idt*
'.Hoyle Sink f^rwsktfaLf
This photograph shews three
young workers of a Leningrad miml-
tions factory who have miroUed witb
the popular volunteer ferce to pro
tect their city. With many others^
they are lined up for instruction to
bayonet fighting against the Mail toe.
fronts despite blizzards, sleet and
’ I
mud which had immobilized the
German forces on many sectors.
These sources said It was
still an open question whether
new offensive against Moscow
-under the winter conditions or
whether the bulk of their forces
will be sent southward or to win
ter quarters.
According to British reports,
both the Germans and the Russi
ans are making attacks at vari
ous points on the Leningrad and
Moscow fronts. Thus far, experts
said, most seem to be of local
nature. Russian lines are holding
b well. It was reported.
Wilkes Farmers Will
Exceed Food Objectives
I *
Lehigh’s Skipper
Doughton Has
78th Birthday
Capitol Colleagues and His
Friends Throughont Na
tion Honor N. C. Solon
Washington. Nov, 7.—Repre-
seitative Robert L. Doughton of
the Ninth North Carolina d!§-
> trict, received congratulations
today on his 78th birthday from
his colleagues on Capitol Hill and
bins friends throughout the coun
While Mr. Doughton was in
clined to treat the event as com
monplace. his friends decided
otherwise. There were gifts Of
flowers and candy and messages
of congratulations in abundance
for Doughton.
When asked how he had been
working as usual and I have nev-
! Fanners Pledge
' Increased Food,
Feed Production
Canvassers Find
More Than Willing To
Produce Defense Food
Accident Happens When
Speeding Car Leaves High
way 421^ Miles East,
A young mwind a young wo
man met tragic'death Sunday af
ternoon in an automobile accident
16 miles west of /Wilkesboro on
highway 421 near the Yadkin
courtty line.
Odell Hemric, 19, driver of the
car, was killed instantly, and his
companion, Miss Blanche Johnson,
died at the Wilkes hospltei at nine
o’clock today of numerous injuries
received in the accident.
Coroner I. M; Myers visited the
scene of the accident and reported
that the car was traveling east-j
ward at a high rate of speed when'
it ran off the pavement on the;
right, struck a post and overturned,
several times down an embank-1
ment. Both occupants were thrown j
from the demolished coupe. bJo
hope were ever held for recovery!
of the girl, who was carried by
ambulance to the hospital here.
Hemric was a son of Mr. and
■ Mrs. L. C. Hemric, of Cycle. Sur-
Farmers members of his family are
his parents, and six brothers and
sisters: Paul, CTayburn. Carl,
Coy. Kathleen and R. J. Hemric,
all of Cycle.
Miss .lohnson was a daughter of
Wilkes county board of com-
mlMpners In Novemebr MMlm
drew jurors for the Decemkoff
eoMldn of Wilkes court which
will convene In W3|lkeabo«> o*,
Monday, December 8. ..-i -
Jvd|o Bo]^ Btak, od
kprot w4U prasMe^ so«v-l>e
which wfll be for ’ trial of etfS
and criminal casee.
Dates of Wilkes courts was
changed by the last legislstura.
. Jurors drawn for the Decem
ber term were as follows:
First Week
’Thomas Triplett, Elk; W. M.
Hendren, North Wllkcsborp; B4
Billings, Mulberry; Wesley Jo>-
nes, Traphlll; C. P. OgHvla,
Wllkesboro; C. 0. Sebastian,
North Wllkesboro: Spurgeon
Billings, Walnut GGrove; Arthur
Clerk, Reddles River; Ned Gen-
I try (colored) Antioch; Win
j Henderson Antioch; Carl Ban-
guess, North Wllkesboro; C. H.
'Alley, Moravian Falls; M. V. Se
bastian, Rock Creek; Roger Dim.
mette, Edwards; R. L. Walsh,
Lewis Fork: J. W. Church, John
niiaesDoro as a sufmihuic iui ^ — ,
been used prior to the “blackout” of signs and other noneMential
lighting to save power. The theatre lanterns, lonesomeloohing
street lights and lights from passing automobile do all the illi^
minating on streets of North Wllkesboro, where there been IM
per cent comidiani;e with the order of the Office of Prodnction
Management prohibiting use of electricity for j
ing. 1
Triple A canvassers have Ur.
task or calling on the farmers Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Johnson, of
for greater production of food | Ronda. Her parents and the fol
Rulii^s Given
On Bus Routes
In Wilkes County
iiKtjS, LUua,.T. — ; ^ •n i. i. iJ ^
The canvass Is being made j two accident victims will be held Hsmila
. Wodnedav 11 n. m.. at Pleasant L-Onumioaion
Routea Tl^ia .Tev^dir
and teed well under way and
some of their first reports have
been tabulated, Lawrence Mil
ler, secretary of the Triple A in
Wilkes, said today
lowing brothers and sisters sur
vive: Edith, Nellie Sue, Frances,
R. C„ Jr., Frank D., Mary and Joy
’Turner Johnson.
A double funeral service for the
Capt. Vincent F. Arfclns, com
mander of the torpedoed V, S.
freighter Lehigh, who gave an ac
count of sinking upon his arrival at
Freetown, South Africa.
When asked how he naa di
Jjfcelebrating the day, he said, “1
iny friends that' I have h
Cooking School
Very Successful
er felt better in my life.” ^ . 1.1
Mr Doughton was the guest of The best cooking school ever
Representative John H. Folger held in North Wllkesboro w^ the
of the Fifth district at a birth- expression used by imny to de
day luncheon at the Capitol. iscribe the sessions of The Journal-
this month in order to ascertain
how..inno)r farmers can and will
increase production of milk,
poultry and eggs, hogs, soybeans,,
garden vegetables and hay crops
next year.
The first reports are very en.
ocuraging and the canvassers
say that the farmers are giving
the call for greater food and
feed production enthusiastic re
Reports Indicate that the In
crease In Wilkes in each division
will be much greater than the
average asked by Secretary of
Agriculture Wlckard.
A survey of the first farms
visited indicates that milk pro-
d-Uctlon will be stepped up as
fast as herds can he built up In
a practical manner.
Wednesday, 11 a. m., at PlMuwnt
[ Greve- B^tiai
man. v'
. V f-anirni lijv*vuc .... A big incrcEse in ,
of Representatives Patriot cooking school held Thurs-] of poultry and eggs is in pros-
was informed of the congress- day and Friday afternoons at the pect. Wilkes is already one of
rtr rai..u i largest poultry poN^ducing
was inioruieu vi — - z-vi l i_
man's birthday by Representative Woman s Club house.
Allen T. Treadway of Massachus- Ladies who attended the school counties in the south and expan
etts. Republican
fa and Means Committee,
which Doughton Is chairman.
y of Massachus- counues i-i
member of the ^ere enthusiastic in their praise gjou of the poultry industry will
. mortwAw in MtOQ » a *rav*«r /4IlPPi^1lW tASlr.
Musical To Be
of of the manner in which Miss Kath-
I leen Crow, noted home economistt, |
! conducted the school with her lec
tures and demonstrations. She was
sent here to conduct The Joumal-
Kiwanians Here
Plan Ladies’ Nudit
On November 14th
District Governor Ray Farr
Will Be Feature Speaks
Ladies’ Night Meeting
Given On Sunday At
not renresent a very diffieuli task-
Production of .soybeans for
heana will be increased .several
times and farmers in each com- teacher. Mrs. L. M. Nelson
munity where a combine is avail- have charge of decorations
Ray Furr, of Rock Hill, S. C.,
governor of the Carollnas’ Kiwa-
nis district, will address the La
dles’ Night meeting of the North
Wllkesboro KJwanls club to be
held on November 14, seven p.
m. at Hotel Wilkes. He will be
accompanied to this city by his
Other features of the program
will include music under the di;
rection of Mist- Louise Younce,
North Wllkesboro schools’ music
Wllkesboro Church
The first session, held onThurs-
day, was well attended and at the
final session a capacity crowd en-
The public is invited to attend .
a musical which will be given by joyed the sch^. , .
the choir of the Damascus color-1 The Journal-Patriot desires to
ad church at the Wllkesboro express sincere appreciataon to ^1
able nave agreed to go into soy- arrangements,
bean production. Many have j -phe program at the club meet-
promised to produce more hogs Friday noon featured a pic-
than formerly and hay crops ture, “Variety Vacation land.’’
will be increased far beyond the was presented by Paul S.
requested figure. Cragan and showed scenes in
Raleigh, Nov. 8.— The State
Utilities commission Issued three
orders and approved a contract
today in settllag disputes be
tween firms wishing to render bus
service in Wilkes county.
The commission approved a
contract between E. O. Woodie
and the Atantlc Greyhound lines
which would permit Woodie to
operate buses on a Greyhound
franchise between Ronda and
Maple Springs by the way of
North Wilkesboro.
Orders were Issued as follows:
Denying an application of the
Wilkes Transportation company
to operate between Fair Plains
and Mulberry high school.
Granting an application of the
Wilkes Transportation to oper
ate within Wllkesboro and Oak-
wood. ,
Denying an application of the
Lions Collected
61 Bal^s Paper,
Report Reveals
Interested Meeting Of Club
H. Lnffman, Traphlll; W. F.
Lowe, Moravian Falls: J. C. Par
sons, Boomer: N. N. Long, North
Wllkesboro: H. P. Swalm, Ed
wards; Frank Craven and Frank
Rowe, North Wllkesboro; J.
Frank Johnson, Traphill; O. M.
Poster, Lewis Fork; John Sebas
tian, Mulberry; J. P. Pardue,,
Rock Creek; H. C. Pruitt, Trap-
hill; Roy H. Bumgamer, Red
dies River; F. W. McNtel, Elk;
W. L. Combs, North Wilkesboro:
L. C. Carter, Edwards; W. C.
Beshears, Jobs Cabin; C. E. Hall,
Mulberry; Walter West, Edwards
K. M. Allen, North Wllkesboro;
Beshears, Stanton; R. O.
Lions Club here has baled K1
bales of scrap paper and has col-
,^lm Blevins, North Wllkeo-
boro; Hiram Wells, Newcastle;
John M. Childress, Edwards; Jno.
lected a much greater amount in Spears, Reddies River; No^
lectea a muen grea Griffin, Union: S. M. Adams, Red-
its campaign to collect scrap paper
- - dies River; Elbert Cleary, Union
and raise funds to carry on the j jj Hayes, North Wilkesboro;
club's activities.
Edd Templeton and Charles S.
Report on the project was given!Watts, Rock Creek; M. V. Rob
in the club meeting Friday even- ertaon. Brushy Mountain; T. B.
ing by Paul Cashion. secretary. Richardson. Mulberry; E. F. Ed-
’The club is collecting scrap and minson. Roomer; Cecil Davis,
waste paper from many business North Wilkesboro; M. R. Billings,
firms and homes here and the pa- Rock Creek; T. C. Tevepaugh.
per is being baled and sold. 1 Brushy Mountain; James Ashley.
Don Wadsley and Phillip Brame Wilkesboro: Will Ladd, Antioch;
were in charge of the program S. Baker, North Wilkesboro: D.
Friday evening. Paul S. Cragan, H. Holloway, Traphlll; R. ^
city school superintendent, show-, Parker, Wllkesboro; Chorlla
ed a beautiful moving picture in
technicolor, which portrayed North
Carolina from the coast to the
mountains as a variety vacation
land. T’le picture -was produced
by Richard J. Reynolds and pre
sented to the North Carolina De-
Wilkes Transportation to oper- ' partment of Conservation and de-
ate between North Wilkesboro velopment.
and Ronda.
Ekl wards:
Otto Miller,
Miss Miller Resigns;
Miss Lauder Hired and underweight
Mr. Ch-agan took opportunity to
express appreciation to the club
for a substantial contribution to
the milk fund for underprivileged
children in the
city schools.
Guests at th« meeting Friday
Education Week
Being Observed
sicat numbers on the program.
No admission will be charged,
hut an offffering will be taken
during the program.
Armistice Day
Dance Nov. 11th
Announcement has been made
of an Armistice night dance on
November 11, nine until 12, at
the American Legion and Auxi
liary clubhouse.
A seven-piece round dance or
chestra has been secured and an
enjoyable occasion Is assured all
who will attend. Scrip will be
J1 with ladles free.
Bottling company for serving Co
ca-Colas and for free distribution
of a beautiful flower arrange
ment books, to Miss Evelyn Sharpe
and members of her home econo
mist classes of the city schools for
their assistance, Carlton's Hard
ware for distribution of a beauti
ful color scheme folder, toDuke
power company for use of an
electric range and Kelvinator,
and to all local firms who exten
ded their cooperation.
Mins TJlvan Miller, head of the ^ m
I 1 nf North cveHuig were Dr. A. C. Waggoner,
quested ngure. t;ragan aim siioweu atc.ico ,chool for the To™ Story, Shoun Kerbaugh and
Increase in the production of Carolina from the ocean Wilk^boro high sc pani s Cragan.
the foods and feeds in demand the Smoky Mountains nation- past four years. ^ • -
may be as high as 25 per cent L, The picture was prepared ^ "
|„, tl,. .,ar.8. or W1U» „„„ DM E.y..ld., of
I cording to first reports of the gton-Salem. '“j scMois s ^
At the meetign Friday noon today. Miss Miller ^n will weo
Dr. M. G. Edwards was inducted Prank Stafford, of tbi^s cW.
into membership in the club ana
Public Programs Feature Ob
servance In North Wilkes
boro Scho«>Is
P.-T. A. Will Meet
Stone Mountain
Singing Nov. 30
J 0.1 C Next sesion of Stone Mountain
On Thursday, .J:lo
Banks In City To
Be Closed Tuesday
Both 'The Bank of North
North Wilkewboro and the
Northwnaern Bonk wlU be
closed tomorrow in ohoervance
of Armiistlc© Day whlrti is a,
It^pd holiday.
.^.nnouncement was nuide In
Thursday's Jonrnal - Patrtot,
that the hanks would bo doe-
od on November 11th, and this
Itc-m Is b^ng carried again in
today’s isaue so that parties
not be Inconvenienced by mak
ing a trip to the etty to trans
act bonking buslneas txpnor-
- L'lr'on Singing association vrill be
North Wilkesboro Parent-Teach- F^irplains church on Sun-
*11 A • •i.T 1 T A
aasociation will meet on Thurs-November 20, J. A. Gilliam,
Employment Office
Re Closefl Tneadav
North Wllkesboro branch of
Mtor Placed On
was presented the Kiwanis button
by A. H. Casey, past lieutenant
Dr. Kincheloe To
Address Meeting
Miss Kathleen Lauder, of
Winston-Salem, has been employ
ed to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation of Miss Miller and
will begin her duties on Monday.
, November 17- She will teach the
school commercial classes a-no
the vocational classes which are
held In the afternoons.
Miss Lauder Is a graduate of
the Woman’s College of the Uni-
Local Pastor To Address verslty of North Caroling Greens
Pastors’ Confeemce At
Pastors’ Conference At
boro, ih the class of 19*8. For
three years she taught In Win
ston-Salem schools and for the
past several months has
teaching in a Winston-Salem
Dr. John W. (Kancheloe, Jr- teaching m -
pastor of the First Baptist church college. She la higbly
.1,., Baptist I ^p^^ended as a commercial
here, will address
.lav .8-15 at the schooL The pro- chariman announced today. -—I ™ ,
.rain will be in charge of Mrs. -phe all-day program will get nu- D»e North Carols State Employ
^d Stout, Christmas seal sale jer way at 10:30 a. m. and . all ment service will be closed on
.lisirman for Wilkse county. She gingers are asked to attend and Tuesday, November 11, which
» moving picture entitl-.take part. *>« Armistice Day and Is a
“to The S 'legal holiday. Claimants requlr-
ipcv«re will show moderii ntei
gi tuberculosis control and
Bent is ike Onited Strtes.
After the leaves have fallen, | ed to report on Tuesday will ra-
J^ope month b aliout as good as port on''Wednesday, ”
f another for prufilag grapevineB 12.
pastors’ conference In Asheville
this afternoon, four o’clock, at, .-/irkta? TO
The pastors’ conference wlH
precede the state Baptist con
ference, which will open ’Tuesday
North Wilkesboro chapter of
Women of the Moose wiU o«
' ifjmiPfii-V'
ference, which will open Tuesuay-j wobumi —— 19 o-ao at
and continue through
Rev. T. Sloan Guy, pastor of the lodge hall. Fla ^
y will re- the Wllkesboro Baptist church. J®"" membera'are
Norember will also attend the past^ attend. ^ . . . . -
ference and the conveatlon. [urged to attend.
Advisory Group
Governor Names Dwight
Nichols To Place On Un
employment: Group
Dwight Nichols, news editor
of the Journal-Patriot, has been
notified by Governor J. M
Broughton of his appointment ar
a member of the North Wllkes
boro,advisory council of the
North Carolina Unemployment
The commission has been direc
ted" to establish in towns where
It has a local office an advisory
connell consisting of represen-
tativee of employers', employees
and the general public. Nichols
will serve as representative
American Education Week is be
ing observed this week in Nortfc
Wilkesboro schools. The obser
vance will be featured by a nu^
ber of public programs to which
the public is invited.
On Tuesday, Armistice Day,
there will be two programs. At
10:30 a. m. Miss Rebecca Mose
leys room pupils will give a Junior
Red Cross program that promises
to be very interesting and instruc
tive. At 12:50 p. m. Ira Lee Ba
ker, faculty member, will direct a
pageant by 40 eight grade pupils.
“Light of Education’’ is the title
of the pageant, which is deemed
very appropriate for Education
At 3:16 Thursday the Parent-
Teacher association will meet. !■
addition to a picture depicting the
fight on tubercttloais in the Unit
ed States, the program will also
have a play by tjie staff of the
Lions Roar, student news maga
zine which is published weekly.
Brame Child Improvea
Virginia, small daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Brame, is much bet-
- - - , - 'ter at the Wilkes hospltei. accord-
the general public on the body. . ^ reports today. She ander-
Governor Broughton said in operation Tuesday and on
discussing the appointment that rj-bursday and Friday her comR-
the position offers a great op- not so encooraghis,
portnn:ty /T» service. Particular- friends of the family aiw v
ly now wliSk satisfactory la^T ^ j,- reoover-
relations are so vital to the de- n
fense Industry- , ^ v

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