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British Mass Libyan
For^ For New Push
Gcniuuis Bothered With
Third Front In
*'' Jogoslavia
Powerful Russian offensives
hurled back a German Panier
army ^ from the soutnern ap
proaches to Moscow and pursued
westward defeated Nail divisions
previously thrown out of Rostov
and Taganrog, Soviet dlspa*ches
said Wednesday, while in Ubya
the British massed tanks and ar
tillery for another attempt to
knock out the two panzer divis
ions standing between vthttm and
the conquest of North Africa.
In occupied Yugoslavia, the
Germans were reported to have
sent three divisions in a major
offensive against Serbian troops
,nd irregulars entrenched in the
valleys of the Morava River.
Quarters saw in this campaign
the opening of a “third front ’
with the Germans compelled to
fight again in the Balkans.
Nazis Gain -\t Moscow
The Germans claimed that on ;
the Moscow front Nazi tank units
and infantry, supported by dive
bombers, gained more ground
“despite s'rong resistance and
local enemy counterthrusts’’ but
gave no details regarding po.M-
tions west of itostov. the Germans
said. Russian attacks were “no*
as strong as they were’’ but Nazi
dispalche.s gave no details of the
fighting there.
For motiud ad
do your
trading c ’ '
western ‘
•- ‘r
^ij^ndays and Thursdays^ NORTH WILKESBORO. N. C.. THURSDAY, DEC. 4, 1941' jfl^sb
. fifll To Speak Here T^w liefilig
VOL. XXXIV, No. 73
OVER 200 C^MINAL cases—
Begin On Monday
Cripple Clinic 11th
Attention is called to the fact
that the next cripple clinic will
be held at the Wllkfs hospital on
Thursday, December 11. and all
crippled and deformed persons
are urged to be present tor free
Nine Meetings To
Jesse Ward Gise
Is Calendared For
Tuesday 2nd Week
Many Minor Charges Con
tinued From August Term
Are Awaiting Trial
- , December term of Wilkes supe-:
TolL rioit*vlnrr T/\ rior court will begin in IVilkesbo-
1 CUK LfdirjlUg 1 U ^ ro Monday. December S, wi h
_ . I Judge Hoyle Sink, of Greensboro,
Be Held In tounty , i
^ I Th^ terra will be used for trial \
Tax Listing Will
He^ January 2nd
In'WiOces County
List Takers Appointed and
Will Post Notices Of
Times and Places
Wilkes county and town of
North Wilkesboro 'ax listing will
get under way on January 2, It
was announced today by tax offi
„ . 1 j of criminal case» and a lengthy
Farnham, County Agent and of all the more than 200
Assistant Will Lead '
.1. !•’. Harrelson, of Kalis.
biii"y, grand chancellor of
Knig|iU.J (Of I*j»fl>las in Xorfli
Carolina, will addrcs.s the lo
cal K. of I*. lodge on Slonday,
night. I>eccinlM*r 8, 7:.10e’clock
The Discussions
cases pending has been made out
by Solicitor Avalon E. Hall, of
J. R. Snipes. IVilkes coiintv ag-; There are few cases of major
ent. and H, C. Colvard. assistant ■ interest calendared, the majority
agent, have planned a number of ^ of them being ac ions in which
farmers’ me»tings in the county misdemeanors are charged,
to di.scu.-s (he subjects of ’)reed-j The murder charge against
I ing. feeding ami manageiiu'iit of , Je.sse Ward. Roaring River youth
The American-Japanese crisis cattle. | charged with fatally shooting
P?icific Crisis Enters
Period of Dark Quiet ^ \
fell last night into one of Us re
curring periods of uneasy and
relative quiet. The world watch
ed to see what effect the great
developments in southern Russia
The meetings will have Ora Jay Holder of Moravian
significance iii view of the fact
that decision of Coble Dairy Pro
ducts company to locate a plant
in Wilkesboro was announced
and the Middle Ea.-t would havoj.jjjjj week and because dair,- pro
upon Tokyo—the continued Ger-| ^^e foods vitally needed in
man defeat back from Rostov
and President Roosevelt’s ex en-
sion of lease-lend aid to Turkey
This was so because Japan all
along had seemtsd to become em
boldened with Hitler's military
1 e«a«e«ese» and- jnade cautious by.
■his reversals.
Tokyo’s reply to the latest
American move--President Roose
velt’s question as to what Japan
meant to do with her greatly in
creased mili'ary forces in French
Indo-China — had not been re-
City Fathers In
December Meet
Walker Appointed Assistant
Building Inspector; Bid
For Lot Is Rejected
the defense program, the county
agent said.
The meetings will be held on
December .S. 9 and 10. and F. R.
Farnham. dairy specialist .)t the
extension service, will be present
a‘ each meeting. The county ag
ent said that all farmers and 4-
H club members are urged to at
tend the meetings nearest ‘hem.
The fundamen'als in develo.nnent
of a better program in dairying
will be especially stressed.
Dates and places for the meet-
Ipfts 'wcre annouficed as follows;
Monday. December 8: Moun
tain View at 10:15 a. m.; Cham
pion at 2:00 p. m. and Roaring
River at 7:20 p. m.
Tuesday. December 9; Millers
Creek at nine a. m.: Ferguson at
2:00 p. m. and Boomer at 7:30
p. m.
Wednesday. December 10;
Benham school at 9:00 a. m.:
Ronda at 2:00 p. m.; Traphill |
at 7:.30 p. m.
City board of commissioners in
December meeting Tuesday night
with Mayor R. T. McN’iel
transae'ed a number of business
matters in addition to the regu
lar routine.
T. H. Waller and J. E. Walker
gave a report for the fire deu'irt-
ment relative to a number of fire
hazards. J. E. Walker, who i- al-
.so police chief, was appointed a.s-
sistant building, plumbing and
electrical inspector with power
act on recommendations of
the fire hazards repor*.
W. P. Kelly, city clerk, was
appointed tax list taker with Miss
.Mary Nichols as assistant.
An agreement with the Caro
ling Motor Club to sell North
Wilkesboro automobile and truck
license plates was executed.
A bid -submitted by Mrs. Dui.i
Johnson for a lo* the town has
. for sale near highway 268 was
rejected and a committee com
posed of Ralph Duncan, R. G.
Rtaley and A, F. Kilby was ap
pointed to appraise the property,
which the town still has for sale.
Falls, here on November 22. is
set for trial on Thursday of the
first week of couurt. Solicitor
Hall has not stated whether or
not the state will ask a verdict
of first degree murder.
All pending murder ca-e., were
tried during the August term of
Wilkes court but many other
cases in which defendan’s J»ad
obtained bond were oontinued.
Harrelson Will
Address K. of P.
Interesting Meting Monday
Night Will Feature Ad
dress By High Oficial
"irst WilkeH
Armed Defense Forces
Dick Pardue Is Hit
By Truck Here Today
Scout Meet
The Boy Scouts of America is
the only agency chartered by
Congress for the wholesale train
ing and development of the youth
of this country. We have had
several troops of Boy Scouts in
the Wilke.sboros for a number of
years and the value of this ■work
to our growing boys is well
known to all.
A recent survey through the
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J. F. Harrelson. of Salisbury,
grand chancellor of Knights of
Pythias in North Carolina, w'ill the North Wilkesboro K.
of P. lodge on Monday night.
December S, 7:30 o’clock.
It is expected to be a mrnt in
leresting meeting and a large at
tendance of members is expected
to hear the address of the highest
officer in the lodge in the sta'e.
Third degree work will be car
ried out on four candidates:
Robert S. Gibbs. Jr., Ted R.
Hayes. B. G. Gentry and R. E.
Refreshments will be served
at the close of the meeting.
2, Clifton
Will Play Elkin
Basketball team of the North
Wilkesboro .state guard company
will play the Elkin Red Elk.s on
Friday night, eight o'clock, in
the North Wilkesboro high
school gymnasium.
The guard has a good team in
the making and a most interest-
C. C. Poindexter, Wilkes tax
supervisor, said list takers have
been appointed and that dates
and places of listing will be
posted at public places by the
list takers in all ‘he townships.
He urged early listing.
Town of North Wilkesboro
listing will be'done by W. P.
Kelly, list taker, and Miss Mary
Nichols, assistant, at the .same
'ime of the county listing at the
city hair. E. M. Blackburn is the
county list taker for North
Wilkesboro township.
The list takers for the various
townships, as appointed by Mr.
Poindexter and approved by the
county board of commissioners,!
wdll be as follows: |
Antioch, C. A. Sparks.
Beaver Creek. G. H. Walker.
Boomer. Mrs. John .Andrews. (
Bru.ohy Mountain. .A.lonzo An- j
Eiwards number 1
Edwards number
Edwards number
Elk. W. E. Carlton.
Jobs Cabin, O. M. Watson.
Lewis Forks, K. T. Fairchilds.
Lovelace, iohn Hendren.
Moravian Falls, Mrs. Julia B.
Mulberry number 1, I. E. Se-
Mulberry number 2, Mrs. Coyd
New Castle, Charlie Hanes.
North Wilkesboro. E.M. Black
Reddies River. W. A. Hayes.
Rock Creek. W. J. Templeton.
, Somers, J- W.^Robbins. __
'Stanton. R. t). Cooper.
Traphill. John A. Holloway.
Union, P. E. Dancy.
Walnut Grove. L. E. Sparks.
Wilkesboro number 1, Mi-'is
Frank Somers.
Wilkesboro number 2, C. G.
Dick Pardue, an employee of
Parker - Triplett Electric compa
ny, was sturck by a truck driven
by Vinson Church, of Summit, on
Main 8'reel here this morning.
Pardue sustained painful brui
ses but no serious injuries. He
returned tb his home after treat
ment at the Wilkes Hospital.
The accident occurred as he
was taking some materials from
the back of a truck while Church
was passing. No charges were
made against Church.
Response Good
To Appeal For
Purchase Seals
Young Marine Is
Victim Of Crash
Of Dive Bomber
Body to Arrive Saturday and
Funeral Will Be At Mt.
Pleasant Church
'Theodore Church, 19-year-eld
old marine, was the first WiTkes
county casualty in the armed
forces of national defense. He
was killed in the crash of a
bomber at San Diego, California
on Thursday.
He was a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. L. Church, of Purlear route
one in the Mount Pleasant com
The body wiU be brought back
to Wilkes for burial and the fu
neral service will be held Satur
day afternoon, 1:30, at Mount
Jaycees To Conduct “Bond: churc^ith the
’ I pastor. Rev. Grady Hamby, in
3, C. B.
Sale”; Early Returns On
Seal Buyiiig Urged
Response to the Christmas Seal
sale appeal has been very encour
aging, Mrs. Boyd Stout, Wilkes
chairman, said today.
She urged early returns from
those who wish to buy seals and
thus aid in the fight against tu
berculosis in the county, state
and nation. She pointed out that
three-fouruths of the amount
raised in Wilkes will be used to
purchase a fluoroscope for the
county tubercular hospital.
Junior Chamber of Commerce
will conduct a "bond sale’’ in de
nominations of $5, $10 and $25
to aid the cause and liberal pat
ronage is asked.
. New Albany, Ind.—Geo. My«».
is not only pained, but also a little
bored with the behavior of his left
leg. Myers was admitted to a hos
pital last May 17 with a fracture
suffered in a fall. On crutches, he
tripped a month agf and re-broke
the fracture. Today Myers is not
only bored, but fears his conversa
tion might be boresome to listen-
The “zipper” fastener was in-iers. He is telling the same old
me maKiiig ana a musi, imcicai.- ven'ed by Whitcomb Judson in jstory: “Still on crutches, I broke
ing game is expected. Admission 1893, but Gideon Sundback later the same leg, same place. That’s
! will be 15 cents to everybody, improved and patented it. 'the third time.”
charge. The body will arrive
here by train about noon, accom
panied by Pvt. Keith M. Ander
son, of his marine corps platoon,
as escort.
The young man was killed
when the Navy dive bomber
he was in crashed soon after
takeoff from the San Diego air
port during a practice flight. The
pilot, Russell L. Garner, 22, av
iation chief machinists’ mate,
was also killed. They were the
only members of the crew. The
plane burst into flames after it
crashed and crash crews remov
ed the bodies from the wreckage
Church had been in the marinq
corp.s six months and had made
an excellent “record. He was
studying aviation mechanics and
would, have graduated from that
course on December 17. His
grades had averaged between 90
and 95. Prio^ to his enlistment
in the marines he had been in a
C.C. Camp in Utah for 5 months.
Surviving are his father and
mother, two brother.', George B.
and Robert Church, and two sis
ters, Vivian and Irene Church,
all of whom reside at the home.
The father, a farmer of mod
est means, said here that he was
deeply grieved at the of his
at 7:;t0 p. m. i —
WoriTOiTDairy Products Plant Soon Will Begin
George S. Coltlo. Secretary-
Treasiirer and principal owner of
Coble Dairy Products. Incorpor
ated. announced this week
his company will begin immedi
ately to coastruct a unit of their |
dairy products plant in West
W’ilkesboro on the property for-
merly owned by Hugh A. Cranor. |
Mayor of W’ilk^sboro. j
The Jouurnal-Patriot has been I
reliably informed that the new .
plant in W'ilkesboro will cost ap- |
proximately $150,000.00. Con-j
struction work is to begin im- |
mediately. Voorhees & Ever- !
hart. -Archi'ects. of High Point.
X. C.. have drawn plans and
(continued on page four)
son Ixit was consoled in the
knowledge that he died in the
service of his coiin'ry. He ex
pressed deep appreciation for a
telegram of consolation from
Mrs. Elaine Garner, widow of the
pilot who was tlie other victim
of the crash.
Wlute Boys May
Enroll In C.C.C.
Applications Must Be Made
In Office Of County
Welfare Department
All white boys in Wilkes who
are eligible may enroll in C. C.
CamiM, it was announced today
from the county welfare officer.
Eariy each Friday morning a
truck from the camp at Buffalo
Cove stops at Wilkesboro to pick
up those who want to enroll. Ap
pllca'lons must be made prev!
onsly in the welfare office.
On last Friday two Wilkes boys
itlStett' Blaine Mliler and Gaither
Is Miller, were enrolled at the
’BbSsIo Cove camp.
The United Sta'es purchased
V jplorida from Spain in 1819.
Thomas G. Perry
Is Taken By Death
Funeral Is Held Wednesday
Afternoon for Well Kno'wn
Educator Here
Thomas Gray Perry, age 68.
for several decades one of the
best known educators in North
western North Carolina, died at
the Wilkes hospital at 4:30 Tues
day morning. He had been seri
ously ill for two weeks and in de
clining health for four years. ,,
Funeral service was held Wed
nesday afternoon, 2:30, .at his
residence on Eighth street in this
city and burial was in Mouhtain
Park cemetery near Wilkesboro.
Mr. Perry was born in Alexan
der county, a son of 'he late Mr.
and Mrs. J. Thomas Perry. The
family moved to a Yadkin River
farm near Wilkesboro in 1901.
Soon after coming to Wilkes he
entered business as a merchant
in North Wilkesboro but returned
lo the farm following the death
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Sanitarians Of
II Counties Meet
District Sanitarian Explains
Re'vised Regiulations
Governing Cafes
Sanitarians of 11 countie.s gath
ered in Wilkesboro Tuesday to
hear M. M. Melvin, of Raieigh,
and W. A. Broadway, of .Asheville
explain the new cafe regulations
land grade chart soon ’o be used.
I The new regulations, the dis-
I trict sanitarian said, will mean
more uniform enforcement of
' sanitation laws relative to cafee.
j The new regulations will be put
into effect as .soon as cafe oper-
I ators have been informed of all
provisions and have opportunity
to put them into practice.
Counties repre.sen ed at the
meeting were Wilkes. Surry, For-
Stokes. Yadkin, Davie,
Burke, Caldwell, Watauga, .\sbe
and Alleghany.
Dixie Home Store
Is Opened In City
I Began Busine* Todny lu .T)ie
Building Next Door To
Northwestern Bank
Here is a reproductitm of the architect’s drawing of the Coble Dairy Products company pln^t to ^ erected in
the western part of Wilkesboro on the H. A. Cranor property. Deed for the site was signed Saturday and con-
structiem of the plant will begin ini a few days.
Dixie Home {Stores, featuring
their complete grocery depart
ment and “super market”, opened
today* in the building formerly
occupied hy Crest Stores next
door to the Northwestern * Bank
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