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Flouroscopd •ndLwX"®*y ^
Needed for WIHce* €o^*
\ ty
Board of control of the Wilkee
cohnty tuhercnlar hospital In
meeting this week discussed the
purchase of
fluorosco pic
and X - ray
e q u i pment
for the insti
tution and
made an ap
peal to the
public for
liberal purch
ase of Christ
mas seals this
Mrs. Boyd
Stottt, so al
sale chairman for Wilkes, poin*-
ed out that local funds derired
form sale of seals will be spent
mainly in purchase of the need
ed equipment for trea'ment and
examination of patients at the
tubercular hospital.
The board of control, which is
composed of repreeenta'lves • of
the departments of county gov
ernment and the civic and pro
fessional organizations, also ex
plained that the X-ray equip
ment may be used in the cripple
clinic, which is held each month
for examination of crippled and
deformed children.
In view of the needs for the
tubercular bospital equipment,
the board is urging everybody to
buy and use seals plentifully this
Seals may be mailed to many
people and those who have not
received seals may purchase them
from the schools or direct from
Mrs. Stout, of North wykeeboro.
coun'y seal chairman.
VOI* XXXIV. No. 75
Ask Wilkes Red
Cross For $4,000
Is County’s Quota
h Raising Huge
War Relief Fund
Fighting ‘Raid Bombs’ in' Gothamry^
- V
Mexito Sends
Armed Forces
To West Coast
Budget Will Be Studied and
Officers For The Coming
Year Will Be Elected
Attorney J. H. Whicker, chair
man of the Wiikea county chap
ter of the American Red Cross,
had received from . Red Cross na
tional headquarters a plea for
Wilkes to raise |4,000 as its part
of the Red Cross war fund.
'The National Red Cross plans
a war relief chest of $50,000,-
000 to be raised immediately and
the help of every American Is
asked in this task.
Chairman Whicker said the
annual meeting of the Wilkes
county chapter of the Red Cross
will be held on Friday night, De
cember 12. 7:30 o’clock, for
, the purpose of electing officers
chools or direct from and study of the local, budget for
the coming year.
The chairman urged that all
members who enlisted in the roll
call and who can attend the
The roll call this year was the
most successful In the histroy
of the Red Cross in Wilkes coun
Mexico City.—All the Mexican
troops, airplanes, and gunboats
“that could be spared” were be.
lug moved west last night and
there were reliable but unconfir
med reports that General Lazaro
CardenaSi former president of^
the republic, had been named
commander of Mexico’s entire
armed force* along the Pacific,
from the American border to
Navy Machinist
Pilot May Be 1st
Wilkes Casualty rescue ladders m we "air raio" arm suiKeu m t>uiuu —■ • « &
« - city. Mayor Fiorello LaGnardia* national director of civilian defense, pjelJ Representative Says A
Carl Willard Pierce and His I watched the boys douse ‘’incendiaries” and rescue victims. I ^j,| ^
Plane Reported Missing
By Navy Authorities
TiS^cMlAiirtir^ Widi Sjeclaration
-rfS^otWar#12;30 PJMToday
soalCwn^te lln^ of
Assisted by regular firemen, air raid patrol workers are shown'using
rescue ladders in the “air raid” driU staged in Union Square, New Tork
A. R. Miller, farmer and ma^
"chant of Vannoy, haa butcher«(|
hts hogs, which Invartahly edn-r
stitates a yearly event worthy of
men'ion. '
I Weights of four porkers he
recently butchered were 804,
606. 608 and 610 after they were
I The hogs were one year old.
For the past several years he
-'has butchered four hogs tipping
‘the scales In excess of 600
' pounds dressed.
i Work To Begin On
CoUe Plant Soon;
Brown Talks Here
Ward Trial Will
Begin Tuesday ^
In Wilkes Court| MONDAY, TUESDAY—
Regional Leader
^ ScMtting Here
Several Caaee Have Been
Yfipd During Term Which
’ Regan Heire Monday
nl. of Iloav-
a\l i-hopting
n Wain street
Scouting Leaders In
North Wilkesboro
Giibert Bush, of Atlanta, Ga.,
special deputy regional execu
tive of Boy Scout Region Six.
th“ntnanv Monday and Tuesday in
death p . helping to or
ganize the Boy Scout expansion
program in Northwestern Nor.h
Trial of Jesse M Id. of Roar
ing River for the fa
of Ora Jay Holder on
here November 22. will begin on
Tuesday afternoon, December
16, Solicitor Avalon E. Hall sa.d
in Wilkes court today.
Solicitor Hall said the slate
will ask for tho
and a specia' venire will be sum
moned for jurors.
f Ward has admitted the shoot
ing but claims he shot iii self- ci^ferred with several
detense. Holder was hit Scout leaders and expressed hope
bullets and died early on hunaa> expansion program
morning following the shooting , rsivmy. along
on Saturday night. A quarrel over , organization of Scou'.ing
a garage job settlement led to | northwestern North Carn-
the shoo'ing. according to a plan of dis- Hoyle Sink, of ; ^.jets adopted >a?t week
boro. Is presiding ,over \V akes |
court which opened on Monday
morning for a two-weeks term.
Several have been tried. j Japan today and the government
K. D. Naylor was convicted of , established martial law through-
• • ^ — i ^ A ^ 4^ P . . • 4 • .
manslaughter ,
Carl Willard Pierce, a machin
ist-pilot in the F. S navy air
force, may be Wilkes’ first casu
ally in the present war.
His mother, Mrs. Bertha Pierce
who lives near the city on Wilkes
boro route one, on Wednesday |
received a wire from naval head-1
quarters, Norfolk. Va.. that j
Pierce tnd his plane were miss
ing. having failed to return from
a flight, presumably in scout ser
vice over the Atlantic.
. Tfe#.-telaffraan gave no details
as io time 'and
I flight.
! Pierce, age 23. would have
Gilbert Bush Confers With completed six years of .service in
Farmers Respond Well
To Appeal For Food For
Victory; to Elxceed Goals
Pledge Increase In
^ilk, Ollier Foo
Fxerutive Her»
the navy on January 25. He en
listed at the age of 17 and had
an excellent record, having ad
vanced rapidly in training. His
last visit home was in .\ugus‘
this year and his last letter was
.sent from Boston several weeks
His father, Ransom M. Pierce,
died in November. 19 Hi. The j
other children are Owyn, Wayne. |
Hazella, Juani a, Christine and ;
Betty Pierce. ,
America’s Allies
Joining The War
Tegucigalpa, Hondtiras. Dei ^
8.—Honduras declared war on | her people tonight
“The Iin'"1om of
I in the death of ^ republic.
Florence Rector of Vatdese, in j
Wilkesboro last May. He w,as 'he
driver of a car which left the
street and crashed, killing the
girl and seriously Injuring an
other. Evidence was to the effect ,
that he was drinking and was
driving very fast at the time of
the crash. The jury recommended
leniency and Judge Sink senten
ced him to from 18 months to
three years in prison.
O'ber cases In which senten
ces have been passed follow:
Roby Kilby, abandonmetn. 23
^months on roads; Elmer Stanley,
abandonment, 21 months on the
roada; Viola Minton and Fay
Minton, two to five years in
prison for breaking and
London. Deo. S.— Queen Wil
helmina of The Netherlands is
sued a r>ftn-word prods’iia ion to
saying that
the V''fhc'--
lands con.?iders itself .at war with
Gillx-rt' Bush, of Atlanta,
.spoc’al deputy regional execu
tive of Scouting, .spent Monday
andl Tueed»y here helping to
organize the Scout expansion
Almost 1,500 More
Cows Promised By Far
mers of Wilkes In 1942
Wilkes county farmers, now
substituting “Food For Victory’’
IS a slogan instead of “Food For
Defense’’, will produce such
quantities of the needed food.?
as will make their goals set up
by the s'ate authorities appear
This fact was brnuglrt out in
compilation of results of the can
vass of the individual farms to
find out how much 'hey wert
willing to increase production of
poultry, milk, eggs, soybeans,
beef for sale and other needed
Wilkes was on the honor roll
of the first ten counties in the
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lug the first year antthp yolume
U' eitpected to reach twice this
amount, according to dairy farm
ing authorities who have been
Milk contacting farmers.
He told the club that B. B.
Broome, formerly of W'alkertown
has been selected as superinten
dent of the new plant and that
he and his family will move here
The Lions Club program was
in charge of W. O. Absher and
James M. Anderson. Vernon Deal
Introduced the speaker.
Attendance a* the club meet
ing set a new record and the pro
gram was well, received. Four
new members were received into
the club. They were C. J. Swof-
ford, T. R. Grayson. Paul Haig-
wood and E. A. Shook.
Sponsoring organizations are
urging a liberal response in
clothing, 'toys and hoit?e furn
ishings to the Bundle Day appeal
here and are asking resideii’s
of the Wllkesboros and along
the highways to hav-? bundles
on their front porches Sunday
afternoon. December 14.
Bundles will be .collccte.1 in
North Wilkesboro, Wilkes.ooro.
1 lu, u.,——,3 ! along highway 421 to Millers
Raymond Cleary, operating ^ highway 18 to .Mulberry.
- • . t ATI A I . . . .4 A . T 4
Ing; —
car while intoxicated and resist
Ing arrest, total of two years
and four month*: Wiley Houch-
ins. abandonment, 23 monrhs on
roads; Charlie W. Bell, assault
with deadly weapon, six months;
Tom Absher, criminal assault,
non-snlt: Charlie Smith, forgery,
one to five years In prison.
highways 16 and 18 to Moravian
Palls and along the Oakwoods
The bundles collected will he
distributed to needy families
throughout Wilkes county, and
persons not living on any of the
routes for bundle collection and
who wish to donate something
are asked to send it to the cl. y
hall Sunday afternoon.
Sponsoring organizations are
the Klwanis Club. Lions Club.
Dokles, State Guard and Junior
Chamber of Commerce.
Boy Scouts will assist in 'he
, . PhTiiimua collection and the bundles will
music win ue tU they are made ready tor dis-
large choirs wUl cooperate It Is especially asked that
giving a fall program of varied toys be Included In the bundles
l^vfe'iBas eelections.. The adult because there will he a great
'^oir of the Wrst Baptist church need for toys in the Christmas
(CeattBued on pafe four) Cheer work..
SUNDAY, 5 P. M.—
Christmas Mask
At First Baptist
For Milk Yearly
Construction of the proposed
Coble Dairy Products plant
in Wilkesboro may begin early
next week, according to informa
tion received here today.
J. F. Brown, field representa
tive of the firm who addressed
the Lions Club Friday evening,
said the plant may he complet d
by April 1 and that it will have
sufficient capacity to process all
'he milk farmers of Wilkes and
adjacent' counties can sell.
He placed a tlilrd of a million
doUfirs as a mtulmum to be paid
Nation Propamu To Wof*
Successful ConfBct Afoinst
Member Of Axis Forcss
Germany and Italy tx>day
declared war on the United
Statee, and our government
immediately' answered with
declaration of a state of war
againat them.
Mussolini stated Italy’s declar
ation of war in a brief address.
Itler in addressing the Reich
stag a few minuses later stateiff
Germany’s declaration of war.
His address, typical of his
senseless raging, began in a low
volpe. and ended in his usual
The declaration of war by
Germany was delivered formally
in Washington at the office of
Secretary of State Hull, who re
fused to see the German repro
sen tative, at 9:15.
Was No SurpriiO
- It was not unexpected becauss
the entry of Germanv and Italy
formally into war with the Uni
ted States had been expected
momentarily since Japan’s assault
on the United Sta'es Sunday and'
the following declaration of wsw
by the United States Monday.
Oosnplete Unity Prevail*
Bo'h houses of congrasSjJlsten-
V,*. nnM 00 a nouees m •
farmers fW
Cubbing Training
Course Under Way
strongly worded message from
President Roosevelt asking for
a declaration of w«r with Ger-
Gerniany and Italy and the sen
ators and represen atives imme
diately passed the resolution as
a matter of form and as the con
stitution provides. There was, of
course, no dissenters and (herw
was evidence that all dcnirtiients
of government and the people are
solidly united and steadfa.stly
determined o defeat every foe
of Ui“ I'nited States.
Better News Tmhiy
The war news today was mor*
encouraging, following news of
initl-I setbacks which were to h«
expee'ed following treacherous
surprise attacks by Japanese na
val and air forces Sunday. ■
A communique from the Phil
ippines early today said the Uni
ted States army forces there hava
‘he sltiition well in hand and
weVe engaged in mopping up rem
nants of Japanese troops who
attempted an invasion of the
Jap BattiesJiip Sunk
Z7 c - I. F was also announced that a
Three Widely Known ^out gg 000 ton battleship of the Jap-
Leaders Givinsr Training . anese fleet was sunk by A’meri-
Course In This City can bombers north of the Philip-
I pines. It carried a crew of ahont
The Boy .Scout Cubbing Train-j 950 men. It was a typical ship of
ing course for parents which was , the Japanese fleet, which ha*
star’ed November 29th will be j lighter ships than the major ships
concluded this coming Salni day. '
December 13th, in two sessions.
2:30 to 6:00 and 7:30 to 9:30.
The course Is being, he’d at the
Presbyterian Sunday school hinld-
’n'g by competent Scout leaders
'rom Winston-Salem, W. E. Vau-
ghan'-Lloyd, Scout executive;
Prof. Henry Grady Owen of Sa
lem College, and Rev. W. S.
Turner. This course is being tak
en by the followliig 26 adults
representing _ 2 3 pro.spectlve
Dubs: Judge' 'and Mrs. J. A.
Rousseau, Mr. and Mr-S. Ivey
Moore. Mr. and Mrs. J. G For
ester, Mr. and Mrs. W, P. Gaddy,
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Gibbs, Jr.,
■'*rs. Jeff Craven. Mrs. J. B.
Carter, Mrs. R. T. McNeil, Mrs:
W. J. Bason, Mrs. Jack Swofford.
Mrs. Mary H. Gale, Mrs. Andy
Shook, Mrs. Jack Hadley, Mrs
MitNln* McNsil, Mn. J. D. Ge'tys,
Mrs. A. C. Waggoner, Mrs. Ray
Hayes, Miss Lula H-.Brame, Mr.
T. E. Story, Mr. L. M. Nelson,
Mr. R. W. Flirtey, Panl Cragaa.
Gordon Finley, R. W. Bowles.
The pack of 'cnhs bslng formed,
from this group Is being jointly
sponsored by the Preshytfwlan,
Methodist 'and Baptist chnrches
of North Wilkesboro.
of the United States and Bri'lsh.
British Holding Gronnd
British forces in Malaya today
were holding their gronnd
against an at'empted Japan^e In-
va.sloii and there was little
change in positions.
Yesterday the loss of the bat
tleship Prince of Wales, major
ship of the British Pacific fleet,
was announced, along with the
Repulse, a ha'tie cruiser. About
2,000 of the 3,000 men in both
crews were reported rescued.
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Jobn Tevepaogh
Is Taken By Death
North Wilkeslwro OffioAl
Died Tnesday;.Fmi«r«I
Held On Wednesday,
Havana, Cuba, Dec. 8. The
catlaet asked Cuba’s congress
^odar to declare war oa Japan.
John J. Tevepang^i, North
wilkesbofo superintendent -of
of water and streets and buildings.
plnmclng and electrical Inspector
died at 8:30 Tuesday morafng
in Davla hospital, AStatesetIleh
where he hsui been a patient
since November 26.
He was one ot Nbrtb WHkee-
(eontlnnod on pOge touc>')^^r-
:l^>v- v'

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