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    Nidc Antonakos Is Now
: Second Lieutenant
Mck Antonakos, son oi Psto
,jniUBtottako8, of this city, has
been eommlssloned as second li«»-
t«nant in the U. S. Army Air
torees after completion of the
oftioers’ training course at Miami,
norlAa. Lt. Antonakos has been
transferred to Langley Field, Va.
lafUi of Apple Growing Soo>
tion Will Be Distributed
To Truckers This pall
Pvt. Dillard Transferred
PTt. Coy W. Dillard, who had
been stationed at Fort Eustls,
Ve., has been transferred to Camp
Edwards. Mass. Before entering
the serrlce he had made his home
with his uncle, U. M. Myers, of
Hays. In his last letter home he
said he was getting along fine.
Pvt. Hohnan at Camp Rucker
Pvt. William Champ Holman,
-who was inducted Into the army
several weeks ago at Port Bragg,
is now stationed at Camp Rucker,
Ala. He Is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
D. B. Holman, of Korth Wilkes-
boro ropte one.
Seaman Johnston Home
Lloyd Johnston, Seaman Sec
ond Class, stationed at N. O. B„
Norfolk Va., has been visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Johnson, of North Wllkesboro
route three, and other relatives.
Before returning to Norfolk, he
will visit his brother, Clay John
ston, of Kannapolis.
Pvt. Wingler Transferred
PTt. Qh«ter C. Wingler says:
“1 have been transferred from
Fort Riley, Kansas, to the Army
Air Base at Richmond. Va. Boys.
It I can hold It down for one or
more months I think I can
get to come back to Wilkes coun
ty to see you all again.’’
Trucks will canvass North
Wilkesboro and Wilkesboro on
Saturday afternoon, August 15,
to collect scrap metal.
Decision to have a canvass for
scrap metals in the towns -was
reached in a recent meeting of
the Wilkes County Salvage com
All people in the towns are
asked to collect all available
scrap metals from their
premises and to place the scrap
on the lawn at a convenient
place for loading to the truck.
Those who desire may have the
metal weighed when the truck
arrives and they will be paid the
prevailing prices.
Those who do not ask payment
may donate the scirap metal to
the government.
Meanwhile, the scrap meial
campaign throughout the county
is progressing and large quan
tities of scrap are being pur
chased daily hy scrap dealers
here. The WPA truck is also
collecting large amounts
s-rap metals in rural communi
These German soldiers penelrated much deeper Into Egypt thaa
they planned and arc shown on the wrong side of a barbed wlri
cage for prisoners of war at Cairo. They are some of the men witli
which General Bommel made his push across the desert to El Alamein,
where he was stepped hy British forces.
Tries Jail
Break Here
at Camp Polk, La., has
been p'r'cmioted to Technician, 4th i
trade. Hd-v is a son of Mr. and ,
Mrs. Vance Land, of Boomer.
aes, Aimy Deser>
ter and Ronda Wallace,
Drunk, Saw Jail Bars
Near l^ctory
In Solomons
Superior court today for the
fatal shooting: of Jim Watts
at a service statkm one mile M
east of Wilkesboro in October,! ^ **
Trial of the case had been
delayed for almost six years
General MacArthur’s Head
quarters, Australia. — Re
ports spread through Austra
lia today that United tates
Marines were within sight of
victory in at least three key
Solomtm Islands and on Guad
alcanal, were driving toward
capture of the best airdrome | Jlori
site in the
Japanese hold on Tulagi area,
that they had been strongly
reinforc^ and that the Jap
anese had been driven from
many of their positions in
hand to hand fighting.)
The marines were conswi-
dating positions in Tulagi,
■ " ’ ’ inal Is-
and Guadalcanal
it was believed the [have a foothdd on a fourth
marines were breaking the 1 Island, probaMy Malaita.
At Camp Roberts
Corporal Technician Guy Roy
own, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
r'own! of Cycle, is stationed at
Camp Roberts, Arkansas. Corpor
al Roberts entered the service on
September 9, 1941.
Sgt. Frazier In Australia
Technical Sergeant George E.
James Grimes, an army
deserter from Fort Jackson,
S, C., and Ronda Wallace,
charged with being drunk
and with a previous jailbreak,
attempted to break out of the
city jail here last night.
Fedice early this morning
found that Grimes and Wal-
Frazier. an army veteran of lace had sawed their way OUt
about 17 year.s’ service and who tfieir cells and had made
vpars was stationed. corps at
C., has landed
for many
with the army
Washington, D,
safely in .Australia. Sgt. Frazier
Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M
Frazier, of Poyes Knob.
^ Pvt. Ogilvie Now At
X Camp Lee, Va.
Pvt. Gordon Ogilvie. who was
Inducted into the army at Fort
Bragg last month, has been trans
ferred to Camp Lee, Va. He is a
eon of Mr. end Mrs. A. R. Ogil-
vle ct Oakwoods.
much progress toward sarving
out of the jail enclosure in
the basement of the city hall
Wallace, who lives near Pores
Knob, was promptly tried today
before Mayor R, T. McNtil, was
^ given 12 months on the r.5ads
for breaking out of jail on April
16 tMs year, 30 days fi”- being
drunk, and 12 months suspended
for malicious Injury to public
Grimes, who was picked up
here this week on a call from Ar
my authorities at Fort Jackson
Sgt. GiUiani Sails
Harlon F. Gilliam, who is
I iS^ched to the signal corps with | being held until called for by
the army air force, sailed from | police.
New York City to unannounce | -Wallace, who had broken out
overseas destination several days . thor-
according to a message re^ loughly searched before he
celv^ -by his parents. Mr. and
Smithey Named
On State G.O.P.
Finance Group
Young Boys Are
Held For Theft;
Broke In Store
Wilkes Republican Chairman Nine and One Age
On State Committee Nam-
ted By Sim DeLapp
Eight Enter John Jloines
Store At Night
N. B. Smithey, chairman of the
Republican (executive committee , 1
in WilkoR county, has been named i today WflS nOldin^ Ot laylor.
Police Chief J. E. Walker
On the state finance committee of
the Republican party.
State Chairman Sim A. DeLapp.
of Lexington, has named 25 lead
ing Republicans in the State on
the finance commlttOT, which had
its first meeting in Lexington
Friday afternoon.
In addition to Mr. Smithey, the
memher& of the committee are as
A. L. Ferree, Asheboro, chair
man: Mrs. Jefferson Penn, Relds-
vlHe; D J. Lybrook, Rl, Ad
vance; Stuart W. Cramer, Jr.,
Cramerton; John L. Morehead,
Charlotte; J. Sam White, Mebane:
W. G. Bramham, Durham;; Colin
Spencer. Carthage: I. H. Powell,
da until he we* transferred to a
Jersey camp a few days be-
satled from New York.
cerTTTu “J •- „ I locked up Wednesday night. To- Canton; T. J. Harkins, Asheville, ^
Mrs. J. A. Gilliam, of Hays^Sg . | Halsey B. Leavitt, Asheville; C. j connected With other larceny
Gilliam was in training 'if , hacksaw ir. his cell. Police Chief (Continued on page 8) I J-
age 9. Harless Taylor, age 8,
and Charlie Bauguss, Jr., age
9. for breaking into John
Joines store on Forester Ave
nue last right.
The boys broke into the
store by a back window and
took a quantity of cigarettes.
The Taylor brothers are
sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
The boys will be tried be
fore C.C. Hayes, Wilkes clerk
of court and juvenile court
Police Chief Walker said to
day that the boys have been
due to illness of Staley, who
had been a patient at tubercu
lar sanaioriums.
The defendant pleaded self
defmise, saying that Watts
had been assaulting Coy Sta
ley with a knife an * was ad
vancing on hhn when he fired
his gun three times and killed
Sentence has not been passed
by Judge Felix E. Alley, who Is
presiding over , the two weeks'
term of court now nearing the
end of the first week.
Other cases disposed of this
week were as follows;
Hubert Pierce, operating a car
while intoxicated, |50 fine and
90 days suspended.
Wade Grider, Gordon Johnston
and Clay Rowland, assault, ver
dict of guilty; aentende not
With Bank
assanlt, $15 fine and 30 days sus
Divorces were granted in the
following cases on grounds of
two years’ separation: Herbert
Hester -vereus Capltola Hester;
Noah Wedkins versus Lizzie Wad-
kins; T. G. Thomas versus Fran
ces Holloway Thomas; R. S. God
frey -versus Alta Godfrey; Edith
Turner versus Edgar Turner.
Members of the grand jury in
the present term of court are as
follows: L. M. Adams, p. N.
Green, -Charles Harrold, Everett
Tedder, Mansfield Green, R. M.
Hincher, John Roten, Harrison
Billings, tWll Watson, D. J. Faw,
J. J. Pierce. W. M. Eller, G. C.
Caudill, J. G. Billing.*!, Smith
Johnson, C. C. Burchette and W.
S. Byrd. I,ee Edward Harris is
foreman of the grand jury.
V —
R. W. Gwyn this
has rounded out
of continuous services with
the Bank of North Wilkes-
boro, of which he has been
cashier for abmost as many
Few men, anywhere, can
match that record of more
than fifty years in one insti
Mr. Gwyn came to North
Wilkesboro from EUdn in
July, 1892, and accepted a
position i« the Bank of North
Wilkesboro. at the request of
the late J. E. Finley, who was
president of the bank. He
with Iha of
Brushy Mountain. Fruit Grow
ers association has adopted ten
tative plans to expedite market
ing of a bountiful fruit crop thia
In B meeting held Friday night
at the research laboratory on
highway 16, a committee named
at a previous meeting outlined
eeveral plans.
A map of the fruit growing
section, containing the location
of orchards and names of orchard-
Ists, -will be made and copies will
be placed at Information polnta
on highways leading Into the
Brushles on all sides. Signs will
.be placed stating that apple In-
fifty years formation may be obtained and
- truck operators who stop will be
given copies of the map.
Orchardists will send to the-
county agent, each week a card
telling the number ot bushels of
the several -varieties they will
have for sale the following week
and information obtained from
the cardh will be distributed with
the mape.
Gwyn then went back home
oarTng River high school for the
past three years, has resigned, C.
in a shoit time, but Mr. Fin- R- Eller, county superintendent
of schools, said today.
ley sent for him to come back
to the bank, and he has been
a resident of the city since
that time.
Mr. Gwyn’s decision to come
back has meant much to North
Wilkesboro end all northwestern
North Carolllna during the past
half a century. |
There are few, if any^ men who
have transacted business dealings
with more people in this section
than has R. W. Gwyn, and there
ere few, if any, who have made
fewer mistakes in business judg
During half a century Mr. Gwyn
(Continued on page 8)
In his lefer -of resignation
Prof. Farmer said that he would
either enter the armed forces or
enter a line of work vital to the
prosecution of the war.
Prior to being elected princi
pal of Roaring River school, Mr.
Farmei; was Tnaphill school prin
cipal for several years.
Pfc. Lytton In “ireland
Pfc. Wilton Lytton. who enter
ed the service October 3,
and received his training at For.
Knox, Ky., and ^
has been In Ireland for three
months. His parents. Mr. and
Miw. M. H. Lytton, of Roaring
River received a letter from him
laat week. He said he was get
ting along fine.
hacksaw in his cell. Police Chief
Walker said that the hacksaw,
which had been stolen from the
city truck, had probably been
smuggled into Grimes’ cel', by
iome of the several people who
visited him since he was locked
$100 Raised Here
For the Orphanage
reports in this city.
Equipment C. C.
Camp At Laurel
Springs Is Moved
Army task forces from Camp
Sutton, near Monroe, were in
North Wilkesboro Tuesday night i
and Wednesday en route to and
from the C. C. Camp at Laurel
The men were moving equip
ment from the camp, which wUs
va.ated shortly after,^uly 1, to
Camp Sutton.
Several truck loads of usable
equipment were moved from the
C. C. Camp to the army camp.
The buildings, however, remain
near Laurel Springs.
Victory Letter
Stationery Is
Now Available
Chamberlain K. P.
District Deputy
District Meeting Held In Le
noir Tuesday Night; 14
From Here Attend
lurel Spri
English Seamen Eni^sring
Visit In North Wilkesboro
Set. Sparits Retu^
Sgt Claude M. Sparks, who
fUa been visiting relatives and
. friends at Moravian Falls, has
returned to Jefferson Barracks,
Bonrl, where he Is stationed.
Pvt. Cai» la Hawaii
jIV«. Bertha Cain Smithey re
ived a le'ter from her son.
]Samuel Cain, saying that he
hiTlvedVfely ki Honolulu.
Anderson Here
JUVer F. Anderson, son of
Un. M. M. Anderson of Oak-
(Continued on page 8)
The sum of $100 was raised
here for the Masonic orphanage
at Oxford on the occasion of the
orphanage’s singing class visit
to the city.
A'class of 14 children under
direction of Miss Hughes, of the
orphanoge faculty, rendered a
delightful program Monday night
in the lodge hall.
There was a large crowd pres
ent to enjoy the program, which
gave evidence of splendid training
given the children at the orphan
The children spent the night
In homes of members of the Ma
sonic lodge here.
Two British seamen are enjoying North
Wilkesboro hospitality thia week.
They are Ted Roae, 29, formerly from
Dover, England, and Jack Farrant, of Lon
On July 22, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. (Buster)
Grayson were vacationing at Wilmington.
On the way to the beach from Wilmington
they picked up two seamen in blue uni
forms. An interesting acquaintance de
veloped and the seamen also made tho ac
quaintance of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Jones,
who now )ive at Wilmington.
Later from Mr. afld Mrs. Jones, Farrant
and Rose got the address of Mr. and Mrs.
Grayson and when their ship docked at
another eastern port this week they ob
tained their first ten^dav leave in a year
and set out for Ncurth Wilkesboro to see
the town and the country they had heard
the Graysons describe.
On Tuesday night they arrived at thei
Grayson Lome here, after getting 14 rides
on the way from the,coast.
They said they had longed for months
to see some of the United States except the
sa-'+ern cdastline, whi^ they considered
But it is different as far inland as North
Wilkesboro. “This is a fine country; You
have a nice town. The air feels great. We
are enjoying our visit very much/’ Rose,
the older and more talkative the two,
said yesterday in an interview here.
They find the hills dP the Piedmont sec
tion not unlike their native England and
our mountains they think are really won
derful. Although only about 300 miles in
land, their trip here from the coast has
given them a conception of about how big
this country is as compared to England,
which is only one third as large at the state
of Texas.
(Continued on page 8)
Postmaster J. C. Reins Has
Letter Forms For Mail
To Go Overseas
Postmaster J. C. Reins has
received a supply of V-Mail
stationery at the North
Wilkesboro postoffice.
The stationery received by
Postmaster Reins is supplied
by the government, and is
‘he correct form for writing
letters to men in the service
who are overseas.
No charge is made for the
letter sheets, which are a
combination of letter and en
velope, but odiv three sheets
may be given to ar” one per
son in one day.
*]When transmitted by V-Mail, ,n
miniature photographic film is
made of the letter and the film is
sent to the destination country,
where it is used to make a plioto-
gjaphic enlargement almost as
large as the original letter.
The purpose of the plan is to
save space and weight in trans
mitting mail to men overseas,
thdusands of the films can be
sent in the space- and amount of
weight which would be necessary
for a fraction\ of the number of
letters in the 'original form.
On one side of the V-Mail sheet
complete instructions are given for
using the stationery, and users
khould follow instructions closely
for best results. '
Fourteen members of the N’orth
Wilkesboro Knights of Pythlae
Lodge attended a district meet
ing In Lenoir Tuesday night with
the Lenoir and Llneolnton lodges.
Forty-eight were present.
Ivey Moore, District Deputy,
presided^ and at the close of the
meeting snbinifted his resigna
tion because he is entering the
navy. Dr, A. C. Chamberlain, of
North Wilkesboro, was elected .ea
I his successor.
j Principal business of the meet
ing WPS discussion of plans to
raise in the grand lodge $5,000
to repair i ne girls’ dormitory at
•he lodge’e children’s home at
Those going from North Wilkes
boro were: Dr, A. C. Chamberlain,
Paul S. Cragan. T. E. Story. R. E.
Gibbs, Bryan Gilreath. J. C. Reins,
J, O. Emerson. Paul Osborne, V.
R. Jennings, Ivey Moore. P. E.
Church, Glenn McNeill. Cecil
Hauss and George Jackson.
Sherman T. Colvard
, Enters Army Soon
Sherman T. Colvard, until .re
cently proprietor of the Cardwell
Lumber Co., of this city, and a
member of the Wilkesboro board
of oommlssioners, received orders
this week to report for army
duty at Charleston, S. C., on
August 31st.
Mr. Colvard, an army veteran
with nine years of militarv ser
vice to his credit, will enter aa
officers’ training eorps at Camp
Croft. Much of Mr. Colvard's for?
mer army service took place In
Hawaii and -Panama whefe he
stationed with the United States-
Army. , .
Mr. Colvard will -be placed 'rith
a quartermaster detachment'’ at
Camp Croft. . w

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