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    Pvt. Stewart At Camp
-V/ Grant
.. Pvt. Marvin -T. Stewart, for-
^ merly of Wllkeeboro, is now sta-
tioae4 at Camp Grant, Rockford,
liWnoti.. ,(•
Pvt Chambers Transferred
Pvt. George F. Chambers, son
of Mr. and Mrs. J.- D. Chambers.,
of Cycle, has been transferred
from Camp Piche't, Va,, to Camp
Blanding, F!orl4a.
P^t. W. H. (Bill) Crews
To Report For Duty
Pvt. W. H. (Bill) Crews. Jr.,
son of Mrs. W. H. Crews, of thi.s
city, is spending a few days here
this week before going to Camp
Blanding, Florida, where he will
report for duyr. Bill has elreadv
been Indue ed Into the army and
Is now enjoying his fourteen-day
furlough. He will leave for Camp
Blanding Saturday.
Pvt Dwight Miller On
Visit With Parents
Pvt. Dwight Miller, who recent-
Committee Members
and Election Offici
als To Be Guests
W. A. McNiel, chairman of
the Democratic executive
committee in Wilkes county,
will be host to the members of
the committee and the Dem
ocratic registrars and judges
at a dimier meeting to be held
at the state highway prison
camp near this city Saturday
evening, September 12, 7:30
Chairman McNiel sai,l that in
vitations and tickets have been
mailed to the committee mem-
jTTi. - bers and to Democratic election
ly joined the army air corps, is j officials, and asked that any who
, — . hi., narania rBceive thelf tickets get
here on a vfcit with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McT. Miller.
Pvt. Miller will report for duty in
Pvt. Triplett At Fort
Pvt. Claude S. Triplett, son of
ifc-Trtptett; efrf
TimphiU, is now stationed at
■9'OH ’'Waxrwt,' 'Wyomlhg. Pvt
Triplett, who was Inducted live
weeks ago. wrote his father that
he was getting along line but that
he needed The Journal-Patriot in
twder to keep in touch with the
happenings in Wllkee.
Pvt. Howard A. McNeill, sOn *>f
Mr. I. ft. McNeill, Sr., of this city,
^ Who hae been stationed at Camp
Chaffee. Ark., is now stationed .at
I Leesvllle. l>a., according to a let
ter received here by his father.
— V
Advanced First
Aid Course Will
Begin Sept. 2l
in touch with him.
An enjoyable event has been
planned, to include some out-of-
town entertainers. Mr. MeNiel,
who was recently elected chair
man, said he wae giving the din
ner in order to get acquainted
IIW umiftlem members.
Chairman McNiel also explain
ed In announcement of the din
ner meeting that a secretary
to the executive committee will
be named and plans will he out
lined for the campaign lor the
fall election. He said plans for
a most iotensive campaign ate be
ing made and that the campaign
jwlU dm sd)n
night.. • ■
Pleasant Grove
Home Coming 13th
All Who Have Completed
Standard Course Asked
To Enroll Sept. 21
Home coming at Pleasant
Grove Baptist church near Buck
postofflce will be held on Sunday.
September 13.
It will be an all-day program
featured by singing, talks by for
mer pastors and other Interesting
features, including dinner, picnic
(Style, at noon. Everybody Is In-
J. C. Miller, Jr., sent to hU parents the above picture
of some Japanese marines which were on the Solomon
islands when the U. S. Marine units in which he and Max
Kilby, also of this city, are serving, won a great victory.
The letter was written by Miller to his parents as the
Marines were mopping up the remaining Japs. The
above picture was ‘‘looted” by Miller] and sent to his
parents as a souvenir. '
Max KUby fight m
Solomon Islands
An advanced first aid
/'^Aourse will begin at Reins-
'•^^turdivaat chapel in North
' Wilkesboro on Monday night,
September 21, H. F. Bank-
jtight. Red Cross first aid
j; /dmirman, announced today.
/ Mr. Beuknlght. who is being
I ; assisted in arrangements for the
advance course by Joe Canter,
aald that Effner Eller and Mack
Reavis will be instructors for the
f ela^s.
The class will be for ten hours
and will begin each night. 7:30
o’clock, from Monifciy, September
21, through Friday of the .same
A.11 persons who have complet
ed the standard first aid course
'are eligible for the advanced
offiskg, which will consist mainly
qf.0^KW of the standard course
«^:|ii^e practice work. .411 who
havd'fit^t aid certificates from
the standard courses which have
been taught are urged to take the
advanced course.
Those who complete the ad
vanced course will have an oppor
tunity to enroll in the first aid
Instructors’ course to be held
later, Mr. Bauknlght said.
’The aircraft sheet metal and
rlvedng classes at Nwth
WUkesboro school can “-‘‘c
many more students than are
now enrolled.
If there l.s sufficient demand,
a cla.s» will be organized to be
gin about 3 or 4 o’clock in the
artemoon, making it po«Mble
for people who work at. other
places to take the course. On
completion of the course good
jobs await the trainees at air
craft plants.
'There is no cliarge for the
instruction, and it i-’ impera
tive tlcat the clasMC-s be filled
ni>«'. Those Inlere.ted should
make application immediately
at the r. .‘i. Kniployment .Ser
vice office on the second floor
of the Duke Power company
At least two Wilkes men, J. C. Miller, Jr., and Max
Kilby, both of North Wilkesboro, were among the gal
lant U. S. Marines who clesuied the Japs from the Sol
omon islands in the South Pacific.
First direct word from any Wilkes men in the brave
groups who literally annihilated the Japs on the islands
was contained in a letter received' this week by Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Miller, from their son, J. C., Jr., lirhh si^d
that he was “alive annd, kicking”, but regretted to state
that many of His brave comrades werfe not. However,
he said casualties among the Marines were few in view
of the fact that they were the invading force.
Miller, whose part in the invasion of Tulagi island
must have been a most active one, sitated that he and
Max rKilby, son of Mrs. and Mrs. C. C. Kilby, of North
Wilkesboro, went through the battles toj^ther without
injury. — ' ^
In the letter he enclosed a picture of some Jap Ma
rines which he said he “looted” and sent to his parents
as a souvenir.
Text of the letter by Miller follows:
Wilkes county board of com
missioners In seBsion MoadA^r;
tmnsacted r.^tlne buBtti^as a&d
'arfew -jufoA tem^f WllkM
superior court, whiclv :WiU con
vene oh Monday;' 'October .S)" with
Judge Felix E. Alley, of Waynes-
vllle, presiding.
..,^11 members of the board,
j composed of M. F. Absher, chair-
‘ man. Max Foster rnd V. T.
Walsh, were present for the meet
ing. Many routine matters of lit
tle public Interest were disposed
Jurors for the Octo.ber term of
court, which will be for trial of
civil cases, were drawn as fol
First Week
J. L. Queen, Brushy Mountain;
J. 8. Barnes, Boomer; Leonard
Wiles, Moravian Falls; J. D. Huff
man, Lewis Fork; Albert Pope,
Boomer: W. H. Settle, Edwards;
W. V. Hendren, Brushy Moun
tain; M. Lloyd • Hayes. Brushy
Mountain; G. M. Byrd, North
Wilkesboro; Coyt Dyer, Reddies
River; A. C. Sidden, Walnut
Grore; J. T. Faw, Reddies River;
R. E. Cass, Somers; J. C. Hin-
cher. Walnut Grove; J. R. Pierce,
Reddles River; C. L. Parsons,
Union; John L. Southers. Love
lace; W. V. Caudill, Mulberry:
Ernest Parsons, Union; W. L.
Howell, Moravian Falls: Archie
Fairchild. Lewis Fork; Spencer
Harris, Moravian Falls; N. S.
Tharpe, Edwards: Ben, Hawkins,
Bftk; WUUam B..Par80W, Wk;
iKuk Skehts. Union;
Som’ers;' CT S. tyon. trap"
Second Week
Harrison Glenn, North Wilkes-
iboro; J. B. McCoy, North Wllkes-
•boro; Sydney Royal, Union; P. V.
Lowe, Moravian Falls; G. C. Pen-
dry. Rock Creek: Newl^nd BIH-
Ings, Rock Creek; J. Monroe El
ler, North Wilkesboro; J. F. ‘
Vates, Reddies River: Clyde
Dlmmette, Edwards; Avery T.
WhPtlngton, North Wilkesboro:
R. L. Lankford, Reddies River;
M. 0. Nichols. Reddies River; M.
C. Sheets, Union; E. L. Cleary,
Wilkesboro: A. B. Barber, Wllkes-
iboro; S. H. Couch. Edwards; A.
E. Johnson, North Wilkesboro:
B. P. Foster, Reddles River; T. M.
Hawkins. Elk; Harrison Speaks,
Wilkesboro; D. F. Combs, Rock
Creek; J. D. Edminsten, Beaver
Creek; Don Melville, Wilkesboro:
Leonard Haynes. Traphill; O. E.
Billings, Traphill; O. H. Bracey,
North Wilkesboro; J. R. Kener-
ly. North Wilkesboro: Clyde B.
Grayson, North Wilkesboro.
anny chief of prodnetion (left), ex-, was
amines plans for expanding an Ak
ron, Ohio, robber plant for the man-
nfactnre of synthetic robber, with
an official of the plant.
Big Farni
D. Hall Buys Mack Moore
Farm On Yadkin Near
Mack Moore has sold hLt
Yadkin River valley farm west
of Wilkesboro to J. D. Hall, of
Ilie transaction^ which w*s
closed 'Tnesday, was one of the
largest real estate deals in
many years In this part of the
state. Mr. Moore mot only sold
to Mr. Hall the farm of more
than 400 acres, but also
ed in the deal all farm eqmp-%
meat, llvestodc and a herd of
29 cattle. In fact, Mr. Hall
boni^ erverytXitag except the
hafgatmid fnmitsre.' .
bond Wedne5iday for Um
Bdaying of Xobert Nicholan
at the Nidielsoti home in tte
Joynes community Tuesday
Conmer I. M. Myers order
ed Reynolds held after evi
dence was waived to court
Nidudson died in the hos
pital at Elkin Tuesday n-ght,
severd hours after he receiv
ed hlM injuries in the fight
with Sey^ldjs.
Cerdser 'feyem said reports ho
hadiTScelr^ were to the effect
that^ Reynolds went to the boms
of NicioUon to some liquor
and 'Sterted a flg^ with Nichol
son after obtaining a small quan
tity bf brandy. Reynolds is said
to l^ard thrbwn Nicholson’s gun
oat 1 of tlA;: window and when
NieheUbn -yan to get the gna
ReyticMs gya^hed some rocks ang
stroA Nlo&olaon on the head, in-
fltetlbg the injuries which prov
ed Thene reports by Nlchid-
Wff» 'w«r« corroborated by
by> -John S. ilo-
eye witness. Core-
most fldly equipped of any |n
wnkes eounty and is one of til*
best In this section of the state.
Mr. HaU has already taken po^
session of the farm and Mr. and
Mrs. Moore are planning to
move to WUk»boTO In a few
Mr. Hall plans to operate the
farm and the tenant families
now on the farm will remain to
carry on much of the fartn work-
He plans extensive develop
ment of dairy farming In addl-
tion to the general diversified
agriculture which has been
carried on successfully by Mr.
.years of age,
sTiw "TUf#.'j: "wr-
TraphiH. Survir-
iBi|3ffid0W. Mrs. Rosalee
- Mree 'Children, Esta
Iwlr ene and Mary Del-
'. and piother. three
ank four sisters,
pi ‘.liervlce ’ will be held
10 m., at the family
Bowie To Speak
At Kiwanis Meet
Judge T. C. Bowie, of West
Jefferson, will address the' North
Wilkesboro Klwionis Club Friday
noon, S. V. Tomlinson, who will
be program chairman for the
imioheon meeting, said today.
Rev: ^A. C. Sidden
lave Three
Welborn Reunion
To Be Held Sunday
Annual reunion of the Welborn
family vrlll be held on Sunday,
September 13. at the home of T.
S. Welborn. which tj the old F.
M. Welborn home place, on high
way 421, 16 miles eiast of Wilkes-
M#The program will Include num-
H?rs by a men’s chorus from
^Greensboro, and addresses by
, Hkiariiiant siibaWni.*-
All members of the fiamlly and
thalr friends are invited, and with
wall filled baakets for the picnic
dteaer at noon.
All Night Service
At Tent Meeting
Saturday Night
Something new tn the way of
revival services in this vicinity
will be the all night service
planned for Saturday nl^t,
September 13, at the tent re
vival being condneted on high
way 421 near Cricket by Bev.
Harvey Phillips and Rev. Noah
There will be four sermons
at the all nlg(ht service Satnr-
day night, which wfU begin at
dght o’clock. . Rev. Noah
Beshears, Rev. Ralph Mfller,
Rer," GBbestl'fMbOne and Rev.
Harvey FhllUps wlU deliver the
sermons. Ilie public 1* cor
dially invited to any and all
services at ttie tent.
“After fierce sporadic figliting
for tlie la-st few days, I am thank-
j ful to my T .vm still “alive and
I kicking," although with regret I
fuiy some  f my brave comrades
aren’t. Regardless, I’ni positive
our casualties are comparatively
few, con.«rfdering we were the In-
vadinj^ force.
“.All the credit cannot be given
our land forces, however, because
the navy and air force played a
spectacular role. W’lthout their
cooperation this would have been
‘‘Excuse the suspense but as
you probably finspected 1 am in
the Solomon Islands In the .sontli
“The island we took first was
namely “Tulagi.” We are proud
to say this operation took only
48 hours or less, and on very dif
ficult terrain, ’'Infested with nat
ural fortifications, such as caves,
tiinnels, underbrush and hills,
“We are now on “Onadalcanal
Island” on mopping up opera
tions, which up to now hasn’t
about my security in the last few
weeks by not hearing from me,
because honestly I've written at
everj' opportunity.
"jK>t the message froni h'rcfl
which .stated he was going to w^ork
in Norfolk. I think that is a
verj' good think during .school va
“I juf* had a word with Max
Kilby and he told me to tell you
he would appreciate it If you
would tell his folksi he ts ver>- now and will be until after
the mail goes but that we went
throng the battle together and
he’s stili in A-1 shape and hopes
everj'ono home Is the same.
“I looted a picture of some .Tap
marines which we fought here
and am .sending It to yon for a
“Wishing yon and all health
and happiness nntll a prospective
near future, will close. Always a
loving son.”
3 Marriage License
Three marriage licenses were
, — .issued during the past week by
been very strennons because wcjRegbter of Deeds C. C. Sidden
are being held foe reserves. .The couples were: Quincy Mon
“Now that Pve glygn you a “de- |j.(,e Brown and Ada Carolyn Hart
leted” survey of wC.'^ happened hoth of Halls Mills; Paul Wad
in first, large scide offensive of J dell and Blthel Mastln. both of
the U. S., rU now ge* down to Soaring River; Sam Testermaii
personal nutt««. ^ [gnd Sadie Reris, both of Pores
“Hope yon haven’t"^ wocrled Knob.‘ ^
Laught, thrills and ajlilla galore are in atore ft>r North
Wilkesboro people when Donkey Baseball comes to-
town on next Thursday evening, seven o’clock, at the
fairgrounds. On specially trained donkeys, members of
the North Wilkesboro fire department, sponsors of the
event, will play any team which may be picked from
all the good players present. The game vrill he one of
the funniest shows shows ever nut on here and should
attract a record crowd. Adnussim will be 15c and 25c-
The Stone Moilntain Bap
tist Association \\ill convene
with Roariner Gap Baptist
church on Friday, Saturday
and Sundiy. Sept. 25, 26, 27.
Hiis dmrdi is located on
highway 21, about twelve
miles north of Elkin. The
program foDows:
Friday, September S-Mli
10:00 a. m. EWT—Songp.
Devotional. Elder Grant Coth-
Modenator J. A. Gilliam calls
aasocia’ion to order.
Vlgltors Invited.
10: l.s a. m.—Introductory ser
mon. Elder S. L. Blevins. Elder
J. Z. Adams, alternate.
11:15—Roll call and messen
gers seated.
Appointment of committees.
12:00—^Adjourn for lunch.
1:00 p. m.—Associa'ion reas
Report on Temperance by Elder
John Burcham.
Report on Periodicals by Elder
A. B. Hayes.
Report on Christian Education
by Mrs. W. V. Nix.
Saitarday, September 2flth
10:30 a. m.—Songs and devo
Report on Ministerial Relief by
Mrs. V. W. i>uftman.
11:00 a. m.—Report on Mis
sions by C. C. Gambill.
12:00—^Adjourn for lunch.
1:00 p. m.—^Reassemble.
Report on Orphanage by Mrs.
J. L. Gregoiy.
1:46—.Report on Baptist Hos
pital by Mrs. Glenn Dancy.
Report on Pastor and Church
relations by A. C. Yale.
2:45—Report of State of
•3:00—^Financial report. *
Report on Resolationx
gMOOWt September STdi
10:SO a. m.—Songs and Devo-
Report on Sonday School bf
Hn. 3. *. DoJonrnett.

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