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.. -v^-
- -v.. ^e^ - Nbrth
tSif mwlng
p»d^ ex|teir of North
North Carolina.
VOL. XXXV, No. 52
[^ 'International Shoe Co.
Is Named To Im
portant Group
Published Monday and Thur»day>. NORTH WILKESBORQ, N. C.f litONDAY, SyT. 14, 1M2 $1.50 In the SUte -- $2.00 Out of SUto
^ Men With
The International Shoe
Company, of North Wilkes-
[itboro, and two other North
'Carolina firms were listed
Saturday as members of a war
I production board advisory
;ommittee for the chestnut
[NBxtract industry, formation
of which was announced at j
I Washington along with eight j
additional advisory groups,
j The North Wilkesboro firni.
[ which is an hnportant branch ot
I,the International Shoe Comj»d.ny
lat St. Louie, Mo., was named as
a member of the committee with-
I out an individual official beini?
I designated.
Questioned here. J. D. Schafer,
[manager ot the plant, .said he had
[received a letter from WPB in
[regard to the proposed advisory
I committee, but had referred it to
headquarters tn St. Louis,
j Extracts Tannin
The North WHtesboro firm e.t-
! tracts tannin, used in manufacture
!of shoes, from chestnut w'ood and
ihestnut oak bark. It formerly
Iperated a tannery but this was
l^gVroyed by water and tire dur-
j^the flood ot two years ago.
The extract plant remains an
[^Important plant in that phase of
tlae company’s operations, ship-
|p!ng chestnnt products to numer-
'ou8 other units of the firm.
North Carolinians named to the
greup ere Joseph S. Silversteen.
J Roseman Tanning Extract Com-
jjpany, Roseman, Transylvania
jiunty, and William Pollard,
kampion Paper and Fibre Com
ay. Canton.
Other members of the com-
Imittee are H. B. Beard. Decatur,
Ala.: J. H. Teas. Nashville, Tenn.;
[L. M. Whitmore. Salem. Va.:
Charlee Schieren Company.
New York city: and H. M, Wld-
[ney, Durbin, W. Va.
Pvt. Church Visits Home
Pvt. Troy M. Church, who Is
a member of the marine corps
unita at Charleston, S. C., has
been spending a few days with
his wife%.nd with his mother,
Mrs. Annie Church, of Millers
L. S. Price Joins Navy
L. S. Price, of Pores Knob, to
day enlisted in the naval con
struction division. Mr. Price for
some time was engaged in ce
ment construction work at Pine
Bluff, Ark. He enlbted at Ral
eigh. Ho has a brother. Mack
Price, who enlisted tn the navy
some time ago and is now sta
tioned at Norfolk, Va.
Pvi;. Gwyn Elledge Now
At Camp Polk, La.
Pvt. Gwyn Elledge. son of Mr.
and Mrs. John C. Elledge, ot
North Wilkesboro, route one, has
arrived at Camp Polk, La., for
training and has ceon assigned to
the supply battalion of the seventh
armored division.
Ivey Moore Visits Family
Here Over Week-End
Ivey Moore, who is In the navy
and is stationed at the navy hos
pital at Charleston. S. C., spent
the weekend with his family
here. He was accompanied by
Bill Wymtn, who is also station
ed there, and Corporal Frank
Bondi, of Port Bragg. Mr. Moore
and guests were accompanied on
their return as far as Charlotte
Sunday by Mrs. Moore and Mr.
and Mrs. Bill Carrington.
Pfc. John Tugman Now
In Palestine
Pfc. John Tugman, §on of Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Tugman. of North
Wilkesboro route one, is now in
Pales'ine, according to a letter
received by uis parents. Pfc.
Tugman, a radio operator in the
I army air corp^, .said the food in
Palestine is good and that living
conditions are better than he ex-
I peoted. He has been in the army
I since December, 1941, and re
ceived his training at Barksdale
; Field, Ta.. and Fort Myers. Fla.
Pvt. Leonard Sebastian
In Great Britian
Pvt. Leonard Sebastian has
j landed safely in England, accord-
U. S. soldiers stationed at one of our bases In the Netherlands col
ony of Surinam, Dntch Gniana, pass the hulk of a German freighter thai
was scuttled off Paramaribo In 1940. The German ship was deliberately
sunk here in an attempt to block the important port channel. However,
this bit of German strategy failed.—Soundphoto.
^Jap.Sty ant
Is Reported Sunk
Allied Bombers Successfully
Attack Enemy Shipping
Near Australia
Early Reports
Said Russians
Had Retreated
Midday Reports Today Said
Russians Were Holding
In Fierce Battles
Wilkes Democrats
In Banquet Meeting
W. A. McNiel Is
Host at Dinner
Meet Saturday
Paul J. Vestal Is Elected as
Secretary of Wilkes Dem
ocratic Organization
M. L. Hayes, 80,
Read This Paper
Since Its Origin
Two Are Injured
When Motorcycle
ing to a cablegram
Paul J. Vestal, of Mora
vian Falls, was elected secre
tary of the Wilkes County
Democralfic Executive com
mittee in a called meeting of
the committee Saturday eve
The meeting, which was a
banquet given by W. A. Mc
Niel, who was recently elect
ed Democratic chairman,
was held at the state high
way prison camp near this
Mr. Vestal, who In addition to
received by being secretary of
M. L. Hayes, well knowa citl-
Z“n of the Gilreath com muni-
ty, spent from 'Thursday until
Sunday here xvllh his son, Ted
Hayes, and family.
Wtiile hero he celebrated his
80th birthday on September 10.
Incidentally, Mr, Hayes stated
that he sobscrlbed to ispts-
poper when it starM HO
years ago and that he had not
been without It since.
General MacArthur’s
Headquarters, Australia
—Allied bombers yesterday
attacked three Japanese
merchantment off Tenimber,
in the Kai Islands, leaving
one sinking, the Allied com
mand announced today.
The Kai Islands are north of
Darwin and south of the westend
of New Guinea.
Allied Flying Fortress planes at
tacked a Japanese cruiser off New
Britain, but results were not ob
Land Action Unchanged
The situation in the interior of
New Guinea, where Japanese jun
gle fighters are advancing over
land toward Port Moresby, was
At Lae, northern New Guinea
Japanese air base, two Japanese
bombers were destroyed on the
ground in a heavy Allied bombing
J. R Snipes, Wilkes County
Salvage committee chairman,
today urged increased activi
ty in salvage and sale of
Radio reports today from
Russia indicated that the
Russians had stiffened resis-
scrap metals in Wilkes coun-J o" Stalingrad front,
*y 1 where earlier reports had in-
Two Wilkes Men
On Committee
For Amendment
E iy R Gasoline
Books Not Here
. E. Story and J. M. Ger
man Named On Group
Favoring Changes
Wilkes ra'ioning boards have
not yet received a sufficient sup
ply of E and R rationing books for
tractors, stationary engines and
other non-highway uses.
These gasolin? users may get
OPA form number 655 at their
service stations. Two copies of
this form must be filled out and
signed by the purchaser and the
dealer. The dealers should keep
tb eciitive T. E. Story of Wilkesboro, for both copies, carry them to the ra
tne exccun c superintendent of the tioning board offices and get in-
iRuns Off Street
[Lincolnton Man and Newton
Girl Hurt In Wilkesboro
Sunday Afternoon
Two were injured Sunday
[afternoon when a motorcycle
Iran off the highway in
Harry Turner, of Lincoln-
and Virginia Lockman.
Newton, were riding the
laame motorcycle, which
jplaiiged into a pine tree on
(the ground.s at C. H. Hulcher’s
home after it left highway
[16-18 near Groce’s sertice
' Wilkesboro Police Chief .4rlie
Foster, who investigated the ac
cident, said there was no evidence
Of speeding or racing with two
other motorcycles as was report
ed and that cause of the accident
was unknown.
Turner sustained severe in
juries, Including fractures ot fa
cial bones and possible skull frac
ture. He was unconscious for
eeveral hours after the accident
'and is now a patient a: the
■Wilkes hospital. Miss uockman
sustained minor injuries and was
released from the hospital
’ treatment.
his parents, Mr, and Mrs Grover is the party’s nominee wXs^rdisteictTch^^^^
Seh^stain. of for county commissioner in district educational organizations
route one. Pvt. Sebastian ha. 2, -«ras toastmaster at the j jj. German, of
1193 and included the committee
been In the army since April 1 ^ jneeling. Total attendance was
and received hl.s training
Camp Edwards, Mass.
Corporal Gwvti Kilby
In Africa
Corporal Gwyn J. (Shine) Kil
is now with U. S. forces some
Boomer, prominent farmer and
widely known citizen, are listed
■ventory coupons to cover the
amount of gasoline involved. ’These
forms are supposed to be used un
til E and R books arc received.
Rationing boards have plenty of
I members. Democratic elecMon of- 15]^ names on the edu-| passenger car and truck coupon
, ficials and other Invited guests.
Addresses were made by J. Gor-
cational committee in the state books.
. . •* f favoring adoption of the amend-( All service stations are warned
,don Hackett, of this city, former consolidate the five educa- to immediately stop sale of gaso-
; member of the state highway com- branches of the North Caro- line without receiving coupons.
J, . I mission and for many decades a ,. q. . g-ov-rnment > ''
where in Africa, according to a Democratic ^^rty,,^ ^ ®
and John McLaughlin, of States-* The hst contains many
ville, a prominent political leader prominent people of the state and
in Iredell county. The county
Democratic candidates spoke brief-
le'ter received during the pa-t
week by his paren's, Mr. and Mrs.
T. G. Kilby. Previously he had
been stationed at a location
which was not disclosed.
Private Oaude H. Hincher
At Camp Edwards
Pvt. Claude H. Hincher, son of
J. R. Hmcher, of the North Wilkes
boro route two community, is now
stationed with an engineers regi
ment at Camp Edwards, Mass.
Pvt. Hincher has been in the army
for six months.
Sgt. Hogan Home
on Furlough
Sgt. Robert Hogan, who is sta
tioned at Charleston, S. C.. is
visiting his wife while on a ten-
day furlough.
William Gray Accepted
As Aviation Cadet
William C. Gray, of Wilkes
boro, qualified before the Avia
tion Cadet Examining board in
Winston-Salem for appointment
as an aviation cadet, and is ex
pected to report soon to begin his
(Continued on page eight)
of ihe
Triple A Office
To Get Lime Bids
Wilkee office of the Triple A
will accept bids for hauling lime
ers in educational fields of en-
ly and confidence for success of do^vor.
I the party in the November election I The proposed amendment wiil bej to Wilkes farmers. Bids will close
!was freely expressed. adopted or rejected by vote of the on September 18 and those inter-
I Chairman McNiel stated that an people of the .state in the Novem- ested should
active campaign, which will begin ber election,
within a very short time, has been
ested should file
'fore that date.
their bids be-
Claude Pardue
Gets Free Bui!
American Legion and Auxiliary To
Have Meetii^ Here On Friday Night
Local Organizations Are to
Have Big Fish Fry
At the Hut
Plans are now well underway
for the big get-together meeting
of the members of the Wilkes
County Post of the American Le-
Claude Pardue, of Traphill, wa.s
one of 21 winners of purebred
jersey bulls given in North Caro
lina by the American Jersey
Club, J. B. Snipes, Wilkee coun-,
ty agent, said today. |
The organization gave away 1,-j
000 purebred bulls In the nation gion and Auxiliary which will ^
for distribution to farmers wish 'take place at the Legion and Auxl-^ meeting Friday evening as It will
ing to Improve their herds. Of,loary Hut Friday at 7 o'clock p. | be o-ne of the big evente ot the
that number 21 came to North m. fall season, and the first of a se-
Carolina and Mr. Pardue was for-1 The first part of the program ries of banquet meetings that will
tunate in being one of the 21, Mr. being arranged for this joint be held during the fall and wiu-
Snlpes said. meeting will be a fish fry banquet, ter seasons.
with plenty of fish and other
good things to eat so that every
one present may eat to his
heart’s content.
Following the fish banquet,
those desiring to do so will have
the privilege of enjoying square
All members of the Legion and
Auxiliary are invited to attend the
While the county has made
a good showing during the
past year, a tremendous
amount of work yet remains
to be accomplished before all
available scrap metals are
turned in for use in the war
production program.
Steel mills need scrap badly.
People in this part of the state
are fortunate in having scrap
dealers hor© who will buy the
scrap at government approved
prices, process It and ship it to
the mills.
Those who can are urged to
bring their scrap metals In at
once. If you have a reasonable
quantity of scrap and no means
to get It to the dealers, call Mr.
Snipes’ office and he will have a
WPA truck call for the scrap,
which will be weighed on the
premises and paid for at the pre
vailing prices.
The ncmes of persons from
whom WPA trucks have collected
scrap, representing purchases and
donations, follow:
Column Absher, Robert Absher,
J, A. Absher, E. M. Al»her, P. W.
Anderson, Sanford Anderson.
Lucy Austin, R. L. Ballard, Boyd |
Beamer, Rob Beckman, B. E. Bell.
Glenn Bell, J. M. Bentley, Ches
ter Billings. Jimmie Billings,
Ralph Billings, W. M. Blackburn,
Bruce Blakeley, Sylvia Bouchelle,
Guy Brooks, Eddie Brown, Frank
Brown, G. W. Brown, M. H
Brown, J. L. A. Bumgarner,
Wince Bumgarner, Charlie R.
Byrd, I. J. Call, Mrs. Nellie Call,
Charles Cannon. A. T. Caudill,
Austin Caudill. L. F. Coudill, Wil
lie Chambers, Henry Church.
Dick Cockerham, Mrs. J. M.
Combs. Mrs. Lonnie Combs. Y. M.
Cooper, Emma Cothren, W. G.
Cothren, Barnie Crabb, Willie
Crabb, Charlie T. Crow, James C.
Davis. C. M. Dearman, Dr. J. S.
Deans, Clyde Dimmette, Zeb V.
Dickson, Edward Eller, J. E. El
(Continued on page eight)
iUcated that G«nnan reserves
had pierced Red Defenses.
There were also reports
that Russians had made some
gains near Leningrad mi the
northern end of the long bat
tle front.
Earlier Reports
Moscow, Monday.—The Russian
high command said today that re
inforced German troops had made
a further advance southwest of
beleaguered Stalingrad, the sec
ond German gain announced in
this sector in 24 hours.
Using almost the same words as
in last night’s communique, the
midnight bulletin said the Ger
mans had occupied “a populated
place” to the southwest of the
Volga ‘Citm,,4Fhec.aa3K-.cammani-
qne said, however, the Russians
were now holding firm west of
Stalingrad where during the day
a German advance had been ack
(The German high command
said that German troopni had pen
etrated the southern irart of Stal
Red-s Withdrew
The Russians said the Germans
had brought up fresh reserve.s
and were attacking continuously
in the .southwestern .sector. The
Red array withdrew, the com
munique said, only aftgr it had
annihilated a battalion of enemy
infantry and disabled about 40
enemy tanks and destroyed 24 mo
tor vehicle carrying troops.
The City Schools
County Health Department
Nursos to Administer Vac
cinations Wednesday
Mrs. Bertha» Bell and Miss
; Helen Riggsbee, nurses with the
: Wilkes county health department.
' are working this w'eek in the
1 North Wilkesboro schools.
Today they administered vac-
: cination in the colored schools
land on Wednesday will give
I diphtheria tests and smallpox vac-
_ Icina’ions in the first four grades
James EH Johnson Killed In of white schools.
Auto Accident Near i Parents are asked to cooperate
Former Citizen Of
Wilkes Is Kill eel
Johnson City
Funeral service was held at Oak
Forest church in the Dellaplane ,
community Saturday for Jamee i
Eli Johnson, former citizen of
that communi’y who was killed ^
in an automobile accident near
Johnson City, Tennessee, on Wed
nesday. I
Mr. Johnson, who formerly |
spent some time at the soldiers’ :
home at Johnson City, had re-1
cently been carrying the mail on 1
a route near there.
by having their children tested
and immunized if that is found
to be necessary. The law now
makes in mandatory for children
to he immunized against diph
teria and vaccinated against small
[ Important Meet
Of Junior Order
Gilbert Bare, councilor, has
linnounced that a most interesting
Bftng of North Wilkesboro
JScil of the Junior Order has
lieen planned for Tuesday night.
Donkey BallGameThursday
Dr. James Howell
Is On Greensboro
College Faculty
Greensboro—Dr. James Howell,
! native of'Wilkes county, A. B.,
. , .rrr.n Guilford college, A. M. and Ph. D.,
His surviving relatives in Wilkes i Carolina, suc-
brothers and three sis-' jjj. Charles R. Sleeth, re
signed, as professor of English
and acting head of the English de
partment at Greensboro college. In
i addition to several years of public
(school teaching and administnitivc
'experience, Dr. Howell has been a
member of the faculty of Sewanee
are four
member Is urged to be
hrwent for the important busl-
I to come before the council
\ni for the Interesting program.
[Refreehments will be served, Mr.
ftare said.
People of North Wilkesboro
and all nearby communities
Thursday evening will have
an opportunity to witness a
real treat in hilarious enter
At seven o’clock on Thurs
day evening of this week, a
donkey baseball game will be
played on the fairgrounds.
The game will be one of the
funniest events of the season
and should draw a bf'’ crowd.
The North Wilkesboro fire
department, that organization
which renders valuable eervlee In
times of emergency and is always
on the Job, is sponsoring
show in order to get some badly |fact
needed funds. There is a double . mounted on donkeys from
appeal for a big attendance—see |,bronco-buckihg country of West
a good show and at the same)Texas. These donkeys know what
time help a most worthy organl-1 to do and—what not to do.
zatlon. I The laughs will be plentiful
The firemen will play the and side splitting. It will be one
“supermen” in a game of base- of the most hilarious shows ever
ball. There is nothing note- put on. A big time is assured
the [worthy about that except for the every one who will attend.
that the players will be, Admission charges will he
the and 35 cents and every one who Military academy, graduate assist-
attends will be assured of
show, and that they are helping
the firemen, that organization of
men who answer every call, re
gardless of the time or weather,
to save lives and property In
North Wilkesboro.
Girl Scou'8 are selling tickets.
good j ant tn English in the University of
North Carolina and a member of
the English faculty of Western
Carolina Teachers college. He has
served, also, as chairman of the
English teachers' section of the
North Carolina Bdneation associa
tion. Dr. and Mrs, Howell will
make their home *t Odell

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