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Men With
Navy Veteran
Stalingrad Near
Capture Is Claim
Of the Germans
Mr. and Mrs. M. Von Caudill,
of tihe U. S. Navy, are visiting
the parent.s of Mr. ('andUl, Rev.
and Mrs. C. M. Caudjll. of Hay>.
V’on entCT«d the Navy In
1&37 as apprentice seanian,
serving his apprenticeship In
Hampton Roads, Va., after
which he took up cn^fineerlng
and sers'cd in forelipi water,,
aboat four years.
He has climbed to the rank of
Machinist Mate First Glass, Is
In charjfe of the enjflneering
department of his liiip and is
now operating somewhere 1*
the .^.tlantlc.
^ Charle.s C. EUedge Enlists
In TTie Navy
Charles C. Blledge hes volun-
l.tftnA.- hifl,s«Q^*sa to aaTyJ
and was accepted at Norfolk,
Va.. with the rank of chief petty
officer. Mr. Elledge for eeren
years was a member of Mount
Pleasant high school and for the
past three years was a member of
Rutherfordton high school, where
.« he was assistant principal last
' year. During the summer he has
been employed a* a war plant vf
Radford, Va. Mrs. Blledge, the
former Miss Gr»ice Gilreath, will ^
continue teaching at Rutherford- ,
Pvt. Kyle HayciS Now-
On RiOe Range
Prt. Kyle Hayes, w'ho enlisted
In the marine corps four weeks
ago tod.iy and wais assigned to the
marine base at San Diego. Cal.,
for basic training, writes that he
is now on the rifle \-ange and is
..^getting along all right. Before
Trolunteerlng his services In the
marine corps. Pvt. Hayes was a
well known attorney here. His
brother and law partner. Attor
ney Clyde Hayas, is looking afer
his law practice while he is in
the service.
Paul Warren Promoted
Sergeant Paul M. Warren, sm;
of Mrs. Belle Warren and the late
L. C. Warren, of Wilkesboro. has
^been promoted to bis present rank
at the Marine base at Parris Is
land. He volunteered for service
August 8. 1940, at the age of 18
years. Sergeant Warren has been
at Parris Island since last Novem
ber and likes nothing better than
Marine life.
Pvt. Osborne Home
Pvt. James D. Osborne return
ed Tuesday to Fort Moultrie. 8
C., after spending a few days fur
lough ■■vith his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. .4. G. Osborne, of Cricket.
Pvt. Osborne has been in the army
for IS months.
Moscow, Thursday.—The
Russians announced official
ly early today that German
shock troops had battered
into the northwestern out
skirts of Stalingrad where
the Red army and civilians
were battling desperately to
save that southern arsenal
city which is the gateway to
Astrakham *n the Caspian
A midnight communique which
for the first time placed the fight,
ing in the city’s outskirts said:
“On the northwest outskirts of
Stalingrad pur troops fought hea
vy actions against the enemy. In
one sector individual groups of en
emy Unks drove wedges into our
defenses, but were wiped out in
the heavy fighting that ehsned.”
The Russians, fighting *|^nst
the flaming backdrop of salin-
grad which has been heavily as
saulted by Nazi dive bombers,
were under orders to stand or die.
There appeared to be no retreat,
either, for the civilian army inside
the Volga River city named for
Premier Joseph> Stalin.
, The Genaans WB.htwgjng up.
reserves steadily to replace the
thousands of fallen Nazis, the Rus
sians said. Among these were
Rumanians, and the communique
said one whole Rumanian regiment
was routed in the fight outside of
the city.
THUR$DAt»Ji^^ Vt:mt 'u- \ -> $2.00 Out of State
- •inn
Salvage Drive
1$ Progressing
In County
Above is shown D. V. Deal, executi^.^
a $25 War Bond to probably the youii^^
this patriotic young American is Louis Im
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. (Pat)
R. McLean, all of whom reside in the Crtl
^The Northwestern Bank selling
in the county. The name of
aged seven months. He
ja grandson of Mr. and Mrs. D.
Metal Collected By
WPA Trucks Is
Sold To Lowe
Boy Scout C(
Has Good Re]
Three New
Reports In Meeting Held Here
cate Progress In Scout &
Three New Troop>
Executive meeting of the 0'
Hickory Boy
held Monday night at Hotel Wilkes
with 28 present, including repre
sentatives from Forsyth, Surry,
Yadkin and Wilkes-counties.
J. M. Bro-wn, of Winston-Salem,
president of the Old Hickory coun
cil, presided. Prior to the dinner
Ford Accepts
f^torate At
.r.Rey. Howard Ford, who is now
at the Southwestern
WPA trucks in Wilkes
county have collected over
cne-hatf million pounds of
scrap metals since they began
operation only a short time
ago, J. R Snipes, Wilkes
Salvage committee chairman,
said today.
I The trucks are being used
to collect and bring in metal
from farms and other homes
which do not have means of
transportation to bring it to
local scrap dealera This work
is continuing with the result
that Wilkes is making an ex
cellent showing in collection
of scrap metah and much
greater quantities are reach
ing the steel mills than would
otherwise be possible.
The Bcrap collected by the
trucks was plied on the lot at the
prison camp. The
‘Pudding Bomb!’
The “pudding bomb,” ased with
good effect in the EgypUaa desert,
is ssld to be more potent than the
“Molotov cocktail” for rendering
German tanks hors de eombat.
Thrown at a tank, the “pudding”
tUcks to the side nntil it explodes.
Parish Day At
St. Paul’s Sunday
Bishop Gribbin Will Speak
In. Service at Wilkesboro
Episcopal Church
ing ttnll be inter^.„_^ .
and friends, Chalnnfa Ndlsmi said
because they will iind out vdiat
fine things the boys are learning
to do. Unquestionably the Boy
Scout movement is .one of the
Airmen Slay 500
and Bag 6 Planes
P\ t. Watkins Visits
His Parents
Pvt. Cecil G. Watkins will re
turn Friday to the army air hose
at Richmond, Va.. after spending
a 'furlough vith his father. Mr.
Walter Watkins, of Gilreath. Pvt.
Watkins has been in the army for
four months.
Pvt. Harley Minton Is
Now In Africa
RelaMves twive received a letter
from Pvt. Harley Minton, who
eald he was stationed somewhere
in Africa. Pvt. Minton, of near
this clty^ and nas boon in the
army for the past 18 months.
Lewis Brovhill Promoted
To Staff Sergrant
Lewis Broyhill. of Purlear
route one, who Is In the army
and has been stationed at Camp
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chairmen, which Indicated that
» I much progres.s is being made in
! ihc Scout expansion program
launched several months ago.
The reports were very encourag
ing. James M. Anderson, chair
man for the Wilkes district, re-
, . J I ported that at. least three new
two enemy warships, ^ “®"| troops in Wilkes will be function-
styoyed six planes and killed ing at an early date,
Pearl Harbor.—U. S.
my planes from Alaska
swept down on Japanese
held Kiska Island in the
Aleutians Tuesday and sank
meeting finance chairmen from | finest movemei^
the various districts in the council helps to build chara^
held a meeting at 6:30 o’clock. ership quali^g bo^of t«^y
^ 7 .. 'for leaders of tomorrow, Mr. N«-
Featunng the executive meeting
were reports from the committee
of honor and review are J. B. Mc
Coy, James M. Anderson, P. W.
Eshelman, C. J. Swofford, Mayor
R, T. McNiel, Cyi-us McNiel and
E. G. Finley.
The list of councilors to whom
the Scouts go to pass merit
awards has beer, revised for the
500 Japanese ashore, where
storage dumps were blasted.
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
announced yesterday.
The only U. S. casualtie.s were
the pilots of two P-38 fighters
which collided in mid-air. Nimitz’
communique said.
Other enemy ships and plane
groups in the harbor were hit di
rectly by bombs and subjected to
repeated .strafing. Explosions and
fires were noted among .shore in
stallations and the raid was called
officially “most successful.” ■
Text of the communique, No. 9
issued by Nimitz:
“September 15—’This afternoon
our army air forces in .Alaska de
livered a most successful attack
on enemy shipping and shore in
stallations at Kiska. Enemy ships
and planes in the harbor received
direct bomb hits and repeated
strafing. .At least two naval ves
sels were sunk. Five enemy fight
ers were downed in flames and one
four-engined patrol plane burned
on the water.
Announcement was made of .a
regional laymen’s meeting to be
held in Charlotte on October 10 for
Wilkes district, Ciiairman Nelson
said, and he urged that the coun
cilors be thorough in examination
of those who apply. The council
held m Uharlotte on uctooer ju lor - . ,
North and South Carolina and the are asked to see the toys t^y
northern part of Georgia. J. B.
Carter, of North Wilkesboro, was
named attendance chairman for
the Wilkes district and it is ex
pected that several will attend the
regional meeting.
Wilkes District Boy Scout Court
of Honor and Review will meet on
this evening, 7:30, in the re
ligious education building of the
North Wilke.storo Pre.»byterian
church, L. M. Nelson, chairman,
as announced.
'Chairman Nelson urged that all
parents and friends of Scouts, and
others interested in the progress
of Scouting attend the court meet
ings, which are held the third
Thursday evening in each month.
New Aircraft
Classes Soon
A new course in aircraft con-
sTruction will open Momlay at
North WUke-sboro school.
This course Is especially de
signed for the convenience of
local Industrial workers who
wish to secure training for war
production and the class will
be In session «ily four hours
each day, with me hours ar
ranged to make It possible for
those who enroll to conttnne
their present employment.
All who are interested are
asked to call at the school
Monday aftemoon between
three and six o'clock.
appointment according to theii
Tne revised list of councilors fol
low's: agriculture, J. B. Snipes
and H. C. Colvard; angling, W.
D. Halfacre and Dr. John W. Kin-
cheloe, Jr.; animal industry, Dr.
M. G. Ekiwards and Frank Cranor;
architecture, K. M. Allen; art, Mr.s.
Watt Cooper; astronomy, W. D.
Halfacre; athletics, W. J. Bason
and V. E. Jenning.-; automobiling
Henry Landon; beef production, J.
B. Snipes; bird study, M. J.
Beardslee and Mrs. T. B. Finley.
Bookbinding, D. J. Carter and
Lawrence Critchef; botany, H. C.
Colvard; bugling, Emmet Johnson:, J. R. Hix; camping, C.
D. Coffey, Jr.; canoeing, R. G.
Finley; carpentry, J. B. Collins;
(Continued on page eight)
Message From Pfc. Homer Wellborn
In Australia Recorded and Sent To
His Family In Wilkes By Red Crosr
The first recorded mcs.sagc'
from a .toldiep oversoa.s to his
home In tills county was de
livered 'Tu'sday aftemoon by
Rev. A. C. Waggoner, chairman
of the W’ilkes chapter of the
Red Cro«6,
It was from Pfc. Homer C.
Wellborn In Auf^ralia, to his
father, O, G. Wellborn, of
Wilkesboro route two.
The record was made from a
shortwnve program prevlon.sly
produced with the cooperation
of the Red Cross over the Mu
tual Broadcasting System. The
meemge was seiw, to America
from the continent “down un
der" by radio and was record
ed In this country.
Hie HWordlBies of voices »f
stddiers oveneas to their fomi-
lles Is one of the many ser
vices being rendered by the
Red Cross under Its congres
sional charter as the official
link between members of the
armed forces and their fami
Needlens to state, Pfc. Well-
bom's father and other mem
bers of the family were hap
py to hear his voice, which was
recorded on the other side of
the globe, as It spoke personal
messages In natural tone.
Instructions wiilrii go with
the reewdings urge that the
record be played sparingly, and
with a new neeffle bVery time.
With care, a record may be
pUyed fifty times, the Inahnic-
tJons said.
Rev. Mr. Ford is a former pas
tor of the chiiTch, having served
the Baptist churchfes In Wilkes-
toro and at Bparta several years
ago. Rev. Mr. Ford’s acceptance
will he passed on officially by the
membensnlp of the Wilkesboro
church Sunday morning.
The pulpit committee of the
church has been making efforts
to get Rev. Mr. Ford to accept
the call for several months, and
his acceptance will be learned
with much interest and pleasure,
not only by the membership of
the Wilkesboro church but the
many other citizens of this sec
tion who have had the privilege of
knowing Rev. Mr. Ford.
Eshelman At
Directors Meet
Hosiery Group
P. W. Kshelinan, of this city.
Is in New York City this week
attending a directors meeting
of the National Hosiery .isso-
Mr. Bshebnan, president of
Wilkes Hosieiy Mills company,
has been a member of the
board of directors of the Nati
onal Hosiery A-Boolatloii for
some time.
The s€R!sien,s of the board are
being held at the Waldorf As
toria hotel. «
Committees For
Juniors Named
Councilor Bare Name* Com
mittees; Charlie Leckie
Vice Councilor
North Wilkesboro council of the
Junior Order held an Important
meeting on Tuesday night.
One item of business was the
election of Charlie Leckie as vice
councilor to fill 'he unexplred
term of Bob Tharrington, who
has gone into service in the
Councilor Gilhert T. Brre ap
pointed the following committees:
Attendance committee—Mr. C.
O. Day, Mr. Bradley Dancy and
Mr. R. B. Church.
Entertainment committee—Mr
C. B. Eller, Mr. Monroe Eller, Mr.
B. F. Bentley.
Refreshment committee — Mr.
0. K. Pope, Mr, George Campbell.
Mr. A. A. Cashlon.
Publicity committee—Mr. S. L.
PMidu«, i.Mr. B. A. Shook, Mr.
JohnsoB Sanders.
dealer, by the WPA for $8.75 per
ton and bids are now open on the
second lot consisting of 296.941
In collee'lng the metals, the
men with the WPA trucks weigh
that collected on the premises and
payment at the prevailing prices
is forwarded by mail.
Efforts are now being made,
Mr. Snipes said, to reach scrap
metal quantities at several points
where owners have made no ef
fort to dispose of it. He urged
that ell who have scrap metal
carry It to dealers or call for the
WPA truck. If persons who have
substantial quantities refuse to
sell, the metal can be taken and
the ower paid the prevailing
price. The need for scrap metal
In war production Ls acute and
no one will be allowed to ob
struct progress.
Sam T. Hensley
Now With Coble
Sanitariain Resigns to Be
come Producers Inspector
For the Coble Company
St. Paul’s C3itoifh next
Sunday, September 20th. The day
will begin with the administration
of the Holy Baptism at 10:30 a.
m. At 11:00 o’clock a. m., there
will be a Celebration of the Holy
Communion, at which service the
Bishop of the Diocese, tte Rt Rev.
Robert E. Gribbin, D. D., will be
present and preach. ’The offertory,
‘0 Rest in the Lord’’ from Elijah
by Mendelssohn, will be .sung by
Miss Betty Story. At I o’clock a
picnic dinner will be .served on the
lawn at the home of Miss Eliza
beth Barber.
All members of St. Paul’s, also
friends and visitors are giver a
special invitation to atte.od and
participate in all activities of the
Demoo’ats Open
An Office h City
Campaign Headquarters Are
Opened In Tomlinson De
partment Store Building
Sam T. Hensley, for the past
several months Wilkes county san
itarian, has resigned his position
with the Wilkes county health de
partment to become general in
spector for producers for Coble
Dairy Products company.
Mr. Hensley, who began his new
duties /Wednesday with the Coble
company, will maintain headquar
ters at the new Wilkesboro plant
of Coble Dairy Products company
and will inspect receiving stations
and producers’ source of milk
Dr. A. J. Eller, Wilkes county
health officer, said today that the
vacancy in the position as sanitari
an has not been filled, but may be
soon by appointment by the state
health department
Roy C. Lowe, Bus
Driver, Injured In
Accident Tuesday
Roy C. Lowe, formerly of
North Wilkesboro and now re
siding at Hickory, was slightly
Injured Tuesday night when a
Queen (Mty bus which he was
driving crashed into a Standard
Oil tank truck near Hickory. |
Lowe suffered an Injury to his
right knee but did not remain
In the hospital. Eight passengers
were hurt, but none were report
ed In serious condition. Lowe
formerly drove buses In this ter
ritory and Is well known In
Wilkes county Democratic or
ganization has opened
quar'ers In an office room on the
second floor of the Tomlinson
building on Moln street, W. A.
McNiel, chairman of the Demo
cratic executive committee, said
The office will be open daily
from now until election and will
serve as campaign hcadquar'ers,
Mr. NcNiel said. Mrs. Iva Faw
Woites. formerly secretary in the
office of Attorney W. H. McElwee,
will be In charge of the office.
The chairman invites all mem
bers of the party to visit the of
fice at any tme.
School Bus and
Truck Collide
A Moun'oin View school bus
and a Blue Ridge Hatchery truck
collided on a county road near
Rock Creek church Tuesday
The bus and truck were badly
damaged but no^ one was serious
ly hurt. One child In the bus
suffered minor bruises.
The driver of the truck, which
was said to have been on the
wrong side of the rnad, was re
ported to have assumed full re
sponsibility for the accident.
The army mule, long a standby
for drawing escort wagons and
other vehicles but rather .gen
erally replaced a few years ago
by motor transport. Is now mak-
m —1 mAAmdkthAAlt..

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