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>jRMir ]»u]fiag,iQ North
iboro, the growinj
center of_ North
North Carolina
Mmi HITES mi
[mOL XXXV, No. 76
P.AIUh.d M.nJ». luid Thur.d.T.. NORTH WILKESBORO. N. C„ THURSDAY. DEC. 10. 1942
$1.50 In die State ^ $2.00 Out of State
>''y jvC-
•' i''J' X ..f >-5^ v
Tire Stores
Now Have
War' Tires
Year After Beginning of War Tire Dealers
Stock Up to Furnish Tires to Motorists
Under a Mileage Rationing Plan
Men In The
Serving Overseas
Tliirteer qualifii'd as Red Cross First Aid in-
tors at the end of the instructors course taught
_j by James B. Hall, instructor front the Nation-
Sj! Red Cross. Left to nght in the aboxe picture
\re; first row—Dick McNiel. Boy Scout who as-
®sisted in operation of the class, James D. Hall, in
structor, Mrs. Josephine .\nthony, iMrs. Zella Cul-
' epper, Mr.s. H. T. Clark, Mrs. Ida Deal, H. K.
teuknight, tVilkes Red Cross first aid chairman,
nd l^y Bowman, Scout who assisted in operation
rf the class; .second row—B. S. Call, Dr. A. C
Chamberlain, Miss Ruth Colvard, Mrs. D. J. Carter,
H T. Clark. Mrs. Fred Gaither, Mrs. W. C. Grier,
and Miss Edith Brown. All of the above meirbers
have oganized into an instructors’ dub with Mrs.
\V. C. Grie president and Miss Ruth Colvard sec
retary. Object of the club is furtherance of the
first aid progam and the first meeting will be held
at the home of Mrs. Grier the second Thursday
evening in January.
I Women Wanted
For Coarse In
Making Planes
j Cooper Receives
Commission, To
Report To Norfolk
Prohibit Use
' Aircraft Course At School
Here Can Train Many for
Jobs With High Pay
Aircraft prodaetton classes be
ing conducted at North tVilkes-
boro school have vacancies for
several odditional trainees, it was
learned today from W. B. Collins.
TOCEtlonal educational supervisor
la Ahe elty schools.
: the aircraft shoot metal
courses were started
f jlmra. 'more then 10,0 workers have
traliredt ■'PVi»ci!tta»r all-ef'-'
* them are now working in plane
I factories at high wages.
( .vAttthoritiss explain in connec-
I tion with the classes that no
jljirge Is made, all expenses be-
^ ■ paid by the governmeut, and
^ students ."re wanted now.
Especial attention is called to
' the fact that millions of women
will go Into war plants during tho
I'next year end that those who are
drained will h::ve advantage over
^ those who do not have training.
Application to enroll may be
J made at the employment office or
let the class In operation at North
[ Wllkesboro school.
Ilev. W. M. Coop'r, pjistor of
the Nortli Wilke.sboro Presby
terian church, hms received his
c«nimis.sion as a cliaplaln In tlie
p. S. Navy.
He will go to Raleigh toinor-
isnv for final exanilnation and
will report within four days to
Norfolk, Va.. for eight wwks
trjiining in the naval Cliap-
lains' sehool before b*ginning
active duty as a cliaphtin.
In City Limits
Police Instructed To
Enforce Ordinance
In This City
December Term
Wilkes Court To
Judge Aliev To Preside; Les
Than 100 Criminal Cases
Are On The Docket
Registration Of
Wen Reaching 18
To Begin Friday
December term ot Wilkes Su
perior court for trial of criminal
end civil ojses will get und“r way
Monday morning. December 11.
Judge Felix E. Alley, of Way-
nesville. will preside over the
Solicitor Avalon E. Hall, of
Yadkinvillo. will prosecute the
docket. The solicitor has made a
full calendar ot criminal to
he tried during the first week of
Less them 100 crimint'l cases
are pending triol in Wilkes court
and it is expected that the docket
will be cleared during the week.
North Wilkesboro police
department will crack down
on the use and sale of fire-
praedters in North Wilkes-
%Oro this holiday season.
The citv council in meet
ing Tuesday night instruct
ed the police department to
rigidly enforce’ the ordin
ance which will prohibit
ihooting of fireworks or sale
of fireworks. Sections 7, fi
and 9 of chapter two of the
town ordinances were cited
in the instructions to the po
lice department to arrest
persons shooting firecrack
ers or selling them within
the town.
'I'he iKiard transacted several
matters ot interest at the meeting |
Tuesday night. .\\istin Imvetlo
North Wilkesboro tire
dealers are again stocked
up with new automobile
One year after Ameri
ca’s raw rubber supply
was cut off by Japan’s
grabs in the far east, new
tires are again offered the
motoring public.
But the fact that the
dealers have stocked up
on tires does not mean
that just anybody who
wants to buy a tire can
get one. *
Uncle Sam has given
assurance that tire^will
be provided for essential
uses and that tires may be
purchased through the
rationing boards.
But under the new ra
tioning plan of rubber and
gasoline eligibility rules
are not strict.
All a motorists has to
do is abide by the ration
ing regulations and not
waste gasoline or rubber.
Grade 3 ti»-es, war tires,
are available for those
who have A and B ration
books and who must have
new tires in order to cop-
tinue operating their cars.
They are issued only in
case a tire fails'so badly
that it cannot be recapped.
However, all tires and
recapping is allptted
counties by quotas each
month and nn boards can
exceed their quotas, re
gardless of the number of
A motorist must have a
tire inspection by an au-
trorized tire insoection
station before making ap
plication for new tires or
recapping. Recommenda
tions of the inspector will
be followed if possible un
der regulations and if the
quotas contain sufficient
tires or recaps to fill the
Anyway, the dealers
have tires to sell, and the
best ne^vs of all is that mo
torists who must have tires
for essential driving are
going to get them.
Persons who exceed the
35 milM per hmr speed
limit are not eligible for
new tires or recapping.
Action Is
No Big News Today
From Any Section
Of War Areas
Want to Send Christmas Cheer?
Call County Welfare Department
If you want to deol out some
Christmas Cheer this year to peo
ple who need it, the AVilkes
coiinly welfare department will
be glad to help you.
Some have already railed the
welfare department asking for the
iv.mes of families in need of con-
tribution.s to make Christmas real
in their hoine.s.
Tlie welfare department appre^
ciates these calls, a spokesman of
was employed on the police force the dei> rtment said today, end
at a .snlary of |110 per month, cash contributions are especially
(Continued on page eight i arpreciated in view of the fact
that so many needy families can
use money to buy what they need
most appropriately.
Those who wish to help under
privileged families and who wish
some member ot the welfare de
partment personnel to make de
livery of food cr other gifts are
urged to leave them at the wel
fare office as soon os possible to
delivery at the proper
.Draft Boards Ask For Vol
unteers To Help In Regis
tering Men Three Weeks
w. C. (John) Walsh
Mysteriously Hurt
Son Is Being Held
Registration of youths reaching
ilS years of age since the last reg-
nistrvition will begin Friday, De-
»ember 11, at both Selective Ser
vice hoard offices in Wilkes
hose living in board area num-
1 will register at the Selec-
kWe Service board office in
Wilkesboro and those in the ntim-
(ber 2 area will register at the Se-
rtective Service office in the town
fcall Imlldlng here.
* Those who reached their ISth
'birthday in July and .August this
\ear will register from December
to December IS.
Those who reached their ISth
birthday in September and Octo
ber this year will register from
December 18 to December 26.
Those who reached their 18th
birthday in November and De-|
.cember this year will register;
from December 26 to Decemt>er i
fJl. I
f Selective Service officials here
bare asked that persons who will j
volunteer to ossist with the regis- 
tratlon report at Selective Service j
tjoard offices. Volunteer help will I
W. C. (John) Walsh, citizen
of tlie Wtilsii t onununity, wa.s
.seriously injured sometime .Sun
day night.
On >Iondjiy was found
at the home of his son, Clie.sWr, in an nnconscioas con-
(Utlon and was brouglit to the
M’ilkes hospital, where exami
nation disclosed that he hatl
suffered skull fractures and
brain concasslon.
Slieriff C. G. Poindexter ami
deputies have been Investigat
ing the affair and are liolding
t’liester Walsh, his son. )>end-
Ing further Investigation and
tlie outcome of the injuries to
>Ir. M’alsh.
The son denie.s any know-
h-dge of how his father receiv
ed the serious injuries.
Mrs, Chester Walsh and cliil-
dren were at the home of W.
Walsh on Sunday night.
Z Boys Make A Record
With Victory Ga^en
Annual Meeting
Scouts Friday
Annual meeting of the Wilke.s
:reatl) facilitate registration as jjgtrict of Boy Scouts will be the
Vllliai.,:! — aistricc or I50y OCOUIS win lie un-
nal help is provided, father and son banquet to be held
hroxi^f Selective Service
res Baptist Pastors To
FMeet Monday, 10 A. M.
The regulrr meeting of the
Vilkes County Baptist Pastors
Jonference ■will be held at the
Sturdivant Chapel Monday,
ttber 14, at 10:00 a. m. All
cbnrcbes in
Friday evening, 6:45, at the Wo-
i man's Club house.
I Jimmie Anderson, district chalr-
■ men, will preside. There ore many-
interesting features on the pro
gram, including a summary of the
year’s activities by G. E. Ashwlll
assistant Spout executive, an'd an
address /by Wm. S. Turner, of
Members of the district com
irs of Baptist
^nty are Invited to be mlttee will, be .presented end ,r
•» -be /imted
Smith Richardson Hudson, 10, and Dim Hudson, Jr.,
14, have what looks like a victory garden record in
North Wilkesboro for 1942. They produ^d.^, garden
, which netted a profit of over $100 for the family. They
arq, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Dan H. Hudson.'—(Photo by
Dwight Nichols). ' • ■ * .*
Smith Richardson Hudson
and Dan Hudson, Jr., sons
of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hud
son, of Nwth Wilkesboro,
made a victory garden rec
ord in the past season for
others to shoot at.
Smith, 10, and Dan, Jr.,
14, had a “victory garden
.plus ’’on a smal’ garden plot
and a dead end street.
Now thot the gardening season
is over, it is possible to sum up
their production:
Produced .85 bushels of irish
potatoes and 20 of sweet pola
toes; had corn, beans and toma
toes for table use all summer;
rfised 100 chickens, cared for.
cow and hog; sold .some of the
chickens and kept 25 for bayers.
In the basement of the Hudson
home are numerous jars of can
ned foods, row on row of vege
tables taken from the garden pro
duced by the two boys.
W. J. Hudson, their older
brother, helped them get their
parden started in the spring and
Ifter enlisted in the marines. He
is now serving somewhere in the
coral'it area in the Pacific.
With the exception of breaking
the land and the help by their
older brother, the two boys did
the work of making the garden
with a push plow and hoes.
Their garden was so profitable
pxd pleased their" father so much
that he J purchased for them a |25
wag' bond eiWi. (He sat'd lit® hoys
. easlir: efcmed thelf bonds and that
(Continued on page eight)
I*vt. John R. Hayes, son of
Mr. and Mr.s. Robert Hayes, of
Xortli WilUcsIioro i-outo one, is
now w‘th V. H. flgliting forces
soniew-h«*re eversoiis. I’vt. Hayc.s'
wa,s a ineinber of tlie National
Guard company bei-e before the
-ompaiiy eiitei-iMl service Sept.
1«, 1»40. He was in training
at P’ort Jackson, S. C., Oliar-
leston, S. and Tamp Pickett,
Va., Iiefore lie was sent over
Pfe* Robert D. Jones
No major developments
were reported from the
many fighting fronts in the
world today.
In Africa Allied troopa
and axis forces had reached
a stalemate, which may be
followed by a great Allied
offensive on Tunis and Bi-
zerte. Air fighting has been
! particularly fierce during
the past few days.
Snow drifts emd blizzards
in Russia have slowed do'wn
the Red offensive, which
was limited during the past
two days to local operations
at many points.
In New Guinea American
and Australian forces con
tinued to press toward Buna,
Japanese held port, in the
face of stubborn oppositiem.
1943 Auto Tabs
Pfc. Itobcrt 1). .foncs tui.s
tin-ncl t> ills post, of duty at
rniiip Livingston, Iji.. after
s|K*nding a 14-lay furlough
witli bi.s p; rcnls, Mr. and .Mrs.
W . Jones, of Wilke.sbom.
Lt. McElwee At Fort
Ord, California
First Lieutenant W. 11. Me
Elwee, well known attorney here
before he entered the service, is
now stationed at Fort Ord, Cali-
fornic, according to a letter re
ceived by The Journal-Patriot.
Lt. McElwee ordered The Journa!-
Patriot sent to him at Fort Ord.
Royal Visits Home
I. L. Royal, of the U. S. Navy.
has been ot home for a 10 d.-y
leave, the first in 11 months. Mr.
Royal has served alioiit 22 years
in the Navy; also through World
War No. 1- He has one son. Jrck-
le. 4-yerrs-oId. His wife is the
former Miss Iva De.ut Bumgar
ner. of Wilkesboro route one.
CpI. Taylor Home
Cpi. George C. Taylor, of Camp
Carabelle, Fir., is spending a ten
day furlough with his parents.
(Continued on page eight)
Farmers May Now
Sign Applications
For 1943 Program
Farmers Who Will Take
Part Next Year Asked To
Sign At Triple A Office
Farmers who expect to take
pert In the government’s Triple
A program for next year may now
sign up at the Triple A office, d.
L. Turner, executive officer of
the Wilkes Triple A, said today.
Blanks for signing for the next
year’s soil  program have arrived
and 'Sanners are Invited to visit
TOple A office and sign up at
tt'e earliest opportunity, Mr. Tur
ner (aid.
g^ w31 Im aokl hiy gtrt»
of the WiOs«»boroa Set«r-
day. Be sure to buy one.
Are On Sale, Buy
Now, Avoid Rush
Tabs , Being Sold Here By
Mr. Steele At Western
Auto Associate Store
It takes a third longer to get
vour state automobile license this
year than It did last—which
means those who wait until the
‘‘last minute” may expect to wait
in line and make the best of it.
is the warning issued by the Car
olina Motor Club office here.
Those who want to get their li-
oen-ses can do It now without wait
ing—tor the sales are going slow
ly and will be bound to pick up
considerably as time for the dend-
line approaches, it was pointed
This year motori.sts are retain
ing their old plrtes and are re
ceiving smali tabs to be ottacheil
to the old plates, nils move was
made by the state in order to save
a great amount of metal, whirh
cm go into war prodtirfion.
Attention is culled to the fact
that the Carolina .Motor (:lub of
fice here under management of
J. W. Steele at Western Auto As
sociate store is issuing tabs only
to those who have 1842 license
pocket cards. Those who have,
lost their cards must secure du
plicates from Raleigh before they
can buy tabs.
Prices are the same as last
Henry Landon
Going To Army
Local Business Man Will Be
First Lieutenant In Ord
nance Corps Dec. 17
Henry Landon. who had been
in business in North Wilkesboro
for many years, ha.s been accept
ed in the army as a first lieuten-
rnt and will repor* to Aberdeen
Proving Grounds. Md., on Decern
ber 17.
Mr. Landon, who served in war
transport department of the army
in the first World War. will be in
ordnance this time. It is expect
ed that he will receive his pre
liminary training at Aberdeen
Proving Grounds.
Mr. Landon is proprietor and
manager of I.andon’8 service sta
tion and garage here and has a
wide knowledge of motor vehlclea
and motor eqipment.
Buy a Bangle Saturd^
and help ♦ in ^

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