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Names of Department
Heads Posted At
Control Center
Organization of Civilian
Defense in Wilkes county
has recently been brought up
to date with addition of sev
eral department leaders.
Judge J. A. Rousseau is chair
man of the Civilian Defense Coun
cll. Police Chief J. E. Walker and
J. B. Norris are coordinators.
On the executive committee are
the following: Judge J. A. Rous
seau, chairman, A. F. Kilby, J. B.
McCoy, S. V. Tomlinson, George
Kennedy, Dwight Nichols, J. B.
Snipes, Charles C. McNeill and J.
E. Walker.
At the head of the control cen
ter, which operates in the town
Mhsll, are Mayor R. T. McNlel and
Paul S. Cragan.
Dwight Nichols heads the pub
licity divlson and W. P. Kelly is
in charge of the finance division
of the organization.
Other department heads follow:
C. G. Day. fire chief, J. E. Welker,
police chief; W. K. Sturdivant,
vital services chairman; George
Kennedy, utilities chairman; Dr.
John W. Morris, emergency med-
v^lcal services chairman.
The full plan of organization
names of all department
'men is posted on a large
In the control center in the
^ ^V-
The Northwestern
Bank Adds 2 New
Units to Its System
Branches Opened By Local
Bsmk At Black Mountain
And Old Fort; Now 12
The Northwestern Bank, which
has home office here and branches
in ^»vera! northwestern North
Carina towns. has opened
branche.s in Block Mountain and
Old Fort.
Xt the request of the Federal
T/eposit Insurance Corporation,
'Gurney P. Hood,, North Carolina
commissioner of banks, and the
citizenship of the two towns, the
Northwestern Bank was able to
furnish Black Mountain and Old
Fort banking facilities within 24
hours after the Bank of Black
Mountain and its Old Fort branch
were closed.
At a mass meetirj of citizens of
Black Mounbain held in the school
building. Commissioner Hood
made a report on the progress if
the Northwestern Bank since fts
orgenization by a merger of a
number of banks on July 1, 1937.
Jle stated that the banking de-
72 From
Pvt. Everett© Tedder, Jr.,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Everette
Tedder, of WtUcesboro, was 1m-
dncted into iflie service Febru
ary 5, 1943. He was aasljcned
to the air forces ani^ls now
taking his basic training at Bt.
retersbnrg, Fla.
On Board
Freel Johnson Is
On Welfare
Freel C. Johnson, a prom
inent citizen of Rock Creek
township, on Wednesday
was named a member of the
Wilkes county board of wel*
Mr. Johnson succeeds W. E.
Smithey. of WUkesboro, who was
appointed by the hoard of com
missioners and whose term expir
ed this year.
Chairman Peui J. Vestal and
F. U. Forester were present for
the board of commissioner’s
meeting. M. F. Absher was not
The welfare board is composed
of three members, one each ap
pointed by the state board of
charities and public welfare, the
county commissioners end the
third named by those two. Terms
of P. J. Brame and Dr. J. G. Bent
ley on the board do not expire this
All members of the board now
are Democrats. Smithey was a
NY AT rainingCenters
. Turning Out
War production training
of the National Youth Ad
ministration, War Msmpow-
er Commission, in North
Carolina placed 72 youths
from Wilkes county in em
ployment in industries hold
ing essential war contracts
during the first six months
of the current fiscal year,
Deputy Regional Adminis
trator Warren T. Davis, Jr.,
announced yesterday.
North Carolina youths were
principally placed in the ship
building and aircraft Industries,
with laj-gest groups entering em
ployment in the yards of the Nor
folk Navy Yard, North Oa.roUna
Shipbuilding Company, Newport
News Shiphuilding and Dry Dock
company, and the Glenn L. Martin
bomber factory at Baltimore.
Among other industries taking
substantial groups of North Giro-
lina youths were Wright Automa
tic Machinery Company, Baltimore
Dry Dock Company, United States
Signal Corps in civil service po
sitions,, Fairchild Aircraft Cor
poration, and military bases re
cently located in the state. Sev
eral placements were made in the
government shipyards at Pearl
Harbor during the same period.
NYA projects now In opera
tion in North Carolina., with the
types of training provided, are
located as follows; Elisabeth
i ; ' -
North Africa
CpL Joseph G. Owens, who
volunteered for the army in
F’ehrnary, 1941, Is now station
ed somevdiere In North Africa,
and Is getting along fine, ac
cording to letters received by
his sister, Mrs. E. F. Parsons,
of WUbar. Cpl. Owens sailed in
September of 1942.
April 151$ to Be
Deadline Signing
For ’43 Triple A
3,775 Have Signed To Datej
Expect More Than Num
ber Signed Last Year
.A total of 3,775 have signed
for partiepation in the Triple A
farm program in Wilkes this year
‘ment is well pleased with the land others have an opportunity to |
of the bank and the excel- sign up before April 15, S. L. j
lent services it is rendering to the
people of northwestern North
Although the Black Mountain
and Old Fort branches are now
operating efficiently, no officials
have been permanently appointed
for the two branches.
The Black Mountain and Old
Fort branches brings to a total of
12 the units of the Northwestern
bpuk, which are as follows: North
WUkesboro, Sparta, Jefferson,
Boone. Blowing Rock, Bakersville,
Burnsville. Taylorsville, Valdese.
Spruce Pine. Black Mountain and
Old Fort.
Turner, executive efficer of the i
Triple A, sa'd today. i
For the year 1942 there were i
3,934 who participated and Mr.
Turner predicted that there would I
be a much larger number this >
year due to increased farming:
operations to meet wo.r time food j
goals. '
Farmers who have not signed 1
the form indicating that they in
tend to participate are urged to •
call at the Triple A office at the
earliest opportunity.
Rocky Mouat sneet mnal, foun
dry, machine shop, aircraft wood
working. and welding: Green
ville, radio, machine shop, and
aircraft woodworking: Wilming
ton, welding; Scotland Neck, air
craft woodworking: Kinston, air
craft woodworking; Washington,
aircraft woodworking. Durham,
sheet metal, ri dio. mochine shop,
and aircraft woodworking; Bur
lington, aircraft sheet metal, air
craft welding, aircraft wood
working, and machine shop:
Greensboro, power sewing; Lex
ington. aircraft woodworking: Le
noir, production woodworking;
Winston-Salem, welding and ma
chine shop; Charlotte, sheet
metal, welding, radio, machine
shop, and production woodwork
ing; ap'd Asheville, machine
shop, radio, welding, sheet metal,
ship carpentry, and auto mechan
Young men and women be
tween the ages of 16 and 24 in
clusive who wish to take training
for war jobs are asked to file ap
plications by mail at once with F
W. Lawrence. Jr,, Nationul Youth
Administration. Charlotte, Nort'ii
In the state as a whole, the 19
NYA war production training pro
jects now in operation ploced a
total of 2,775 youths in employ
ment, with more than 95 per cent
entering firms holding defense
contracts, with the remaining
group entering work in indus-
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24 Justices
Are Named
For Wilkes
Story Lists Names Of
Newly Appointed
T. E. Story. WUkes repre-
io -thr fiftneri
who w«re ipTOinfeid tor
Wilkes by act of the legUla-
The magistrates appointed by
townships follow: Boomer, Ralph
Swanson; Edwards, J. M. Walker,
T. D. Barker and R. C. Harris;
Elk. Mrs. S, F. Miller: Jobs Cab
in, W. A. Payne; North Wilkes
horo. A. E. Spainhower and L. B
Pierce: Reddies River, H. I
Shoemaker. A. G. Bumgarnei.
Mrs. Kate Hayes and W. H. Hur
ley: Rock Creek. Harrison Felts;
Stanton, H. O. Parsons; Traphill.
W. F, Cooper; Union, S. J. Dancy.
A. R. Miller. Vance Miller, David
Roten and Coy Miller; Walnut
Grove, A. J. Moxley; Wilkesboro,
Ed Crysel. C. G. Glass end Miss
Clyde Shepherd.
Two sons of B. F. Estes, of this city, are in service in the United
States navy and are making good. Left; above is Benjamin S. Estes,
a second class pettyofficer, who is now stationed at Itoinbridge, Md.
On the right is Billy Wade Estes, who enlisted in the nary a few
months ago and was recently transferred from Charleston, S. C., to
Norfolk, Va.
Wilkes Among T^ 100 Counties
Reds Make
Gains Near
German counter attack
against the British Eighth
army’s newly won posHiona
in Tunisia today were aM
beaten back, according to
^ate radio reptwts, but no o»-
dication was given that the
battle for Tunisia had reach
ed a crisis.
Fighting between Rommel’s
German forces and the attacking
Brltsh today had reached great in
tensity and German losses In
counter attacks were reported as
very high.
While Mareth line fighting
raged, American patrols were ad
vancing to the north and west U
put the squeeze on R immel’s ar
Wilkes connty Is one of the
first iOO oonntles in the en
tire nation in the valne of food
prodnoed on guldens, according
to a iieport received today by J.
B. Snipes, county agent, from
the United States department
of ag^cuUnre.
The statistics were based on
the ten-year period from 1929
to 1989. In 1029 value of gar
den products in Wilkes was list
ed at S305,000 as compared to
fkl9,0^ in 19to.
There being more than 3,000
counties in the nation, it is eon-
sldered noteworthy that Wilkes
was included In the top 100 and
ranked 86th among all counties
In the oountrj-. year tliere were more
tlian 4,000 productive gardens
in Wilkes. The number will b‘
much larger this year and value
of products will rcacli an all-
time h^h, Mr. Snipes said.
Navy Wants
Now In Florida
Car Stolen Friday
, JljMovered Saturday
Seers made quick work of re
covering a car belonging to H. L.
•Eller which was stolen here on
Friday afternoon.
On Saturday the «r
was re-
U. S. Marshal
Died Today
Funeral Will Take Place At
Greensboro Tomorrow
At 3 P. M.
United States Marshal William
T. Dowd died at the Wesley Long
r-^rted seen in the Traphfll com- Hospital in Greensboro thl^ morn-
SUte Highway Patrol Ing at 3 o’clock-where he had
mvnii,jr. . . . , ^ carried Friday in a critical
The United States Navy is
asking newspapers to publicize
the fact that women between
ages of 20 and .36 are badly
needed in the W.^iVES and that
their serv-ices are a vital part of
the war program.
14. Comm. Charles B. Neely,
of Balelgli, in charpje of navy
recruiting in North Oarolina,
has written for ’Hie Journal-Pa
triot a comprehensive article on
the .subject, and the article ap-
years on the society page of
this newspaper, along with .a
coupon for Interested women to
fill out to B®t full data on
WAVES enlistment. Attention
of all women Is called to the
Incidentally, a naval reramlt-
ing officer will he at the post-
office here Thursday, Friday
and Saturday of this week. Wo
men in the 20-36 age bracket
and young men age 17 are ask
ed to contact tl»e recruiting of
In response to a new.s item in
Th( Joumal-Patriqt Monday, a
parachute lost by one of the fliers
who bailed out of a bomber before
it crashed near Morrvian Falls,
has been recovered.
Mrs. Tom Greer, of Boomer, re
ported to Police Chief J. E. Walk
er here that the parachute was
found near her home and it will
be sent to Morris neH, Charlotte,
as requested by army officers.
John Robert Church
Graduates at State
Annual Meeting of
Wilkes Red Cross
Tuesday, March 30
central front near Smolensk, at
tacking from the east and north
east. In the Donets river area a
desperate attack^ by German
forces near Kharkov failed and
both sides were sending up rein
forcements for another major bat
tle. Losses were described aa
particularly heavy for the Ger
Public Invited To Meeting of
Chapiter; Officers For
Year To Be Named
John Robert Church, .son of
Mr. and Mrs, Paul Church, of
North Wilkesboro route two. re
ceived his degree yesterday at
State College in the early grad
uation. Mr. Church majored in
animal production in the agricul
tural division of the college.
In Tennessee
$1,000 Uouor
Haul Made Here
3 o’clock-where
Sergeant Carlyle Ingle
Traphill, found trace of the car co^ltlon.
aS chased it over several roads. Funeral and burial services will
The car was recovered and i he held tomorrow afternoon in
Holbrook of Tranhill, was Greensboro. Funeral wUl take
Hfciged with larceny. His trial place at 3 o’clock at the Hanes
has not been held.
Marshal Dowd had not been
(Condnned or. page eight)
Seiunan (sc) Herman H.
l4>ckhikt, who recently spent a
seven-day leave wwith his par-
mits, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lock
hart of North WUkesboro route
one, has been transferred from
Bainhridge, Md., to the Naval
Air Tedmlcal Training OentW-
at Jacksonville, Fla.
Two highway fiatrolmen cap
tured a lord of liquor valued at
about $1,000 in a car near here
last night.
Edward W. Cline, of Hickory,
route one, driver of the car, was
arrested and placed under bond
for trial.
The car contained 667 pints of
federal tax paid liquor, ■which was
taken to be tumrf ovey to the
connty as the law providee.
Annual meeting of the Wilkes
County chapter of the American
Red Cross will be held in the
North Wilkesboro town hall .o.-i
Tuesday afternoon. March 30,
4:30 o’clock.
Rev. A. C. Wfggoner, diopter
chairman, in making announce
ment of the meeting stressed that
the public is cordially invited and
that a large attendance is urged.
Officers of the chiapter will
make their reports for the year
and officers will be elected for
the coming year.
The nominating committee is
composed of A. P. Kilby, chair
man, P. W. Eshelman, W. 0.
Grier, Mrs. W. D. Halfacre and j
Mrs. J. A. Rousseau. j
’The Red Cross faces perhaps the
greatest year in its whole history
during Ae coming year. The
■wholehearted support of every cit
izen of Wilkes county to this or
ganization is necessary if the
Service Men on the various battle
fronts are cared for as they should
be. Lend the 'Chapter your sup-
■piirt by your presence at the meet
ing ’Tuesday.
'The R. A. F. operating fro*
England was held to the ground
last night by bad we?then. Four
German raiders were shot down
over tKirts of England and their
bombs did little damage.
News came from England that
the American bomber forces there
i re receiving reinforcements for
heavier scale bombing of points
on the continent in daylight.
Very little activity except air
ptitrols an-1 light bombing raids
was reported from the South Pa
cific war agrinst the Japs today.
Army and Navy
Offers College
Training Free
Eligible Bovs 17-20 May Get
Paid While In Snecializ-
ed College Work
400 Pounds Sugar
In Auto Taken
North WUkesboro and Wilkes
county high school principrls are
announcing 'the college training
program now open for boys at
government expense.
The specialized training pro
gram for the army and college
training for the navy is offered
high school graduates, college
students or boys who will grad
uate from high school this year.
They must be age 17 and not over
20 by July 1, 1943.
The tests will be given in the
schools on April 2 and application
I blanks may be obtained now fro*
I high school principals,
j From those who successfully
I complete the tests candidates for
j the Army Specialized Trainiag
Program and the Navy CoIIego
Training Program will be seleet-
- I ed to attend college under eqa-
Sergeant Car-'tract to the respeeUve services.
■elected for the Ar*y
must undergo fnrthar-
dnriog thirteen weeks
Pvt. Wm. F. A. Bash, who
had heen stationed at Gamp
Blawdlng, Florida, has been
tran«fe”red to a camp near
Nashville, Tbnn. Pv*. Rash Is
the son of Mr. and Miu.’W. P.
Rash, of Circle, and has b«M la
the army 10 moatto.
Highway Patrol
lyle Ingle chased a car over hi£^-j Students
■trays near the city until it Stopped \ Program
the occupants, who appeared. screening
to be young men, made, their es-1 of basic military trainiag hetofe
cape on foot. - |they are.Anally. qnsUfM tor etf),-
in the car the officer found 400' lege attendtoen- Stadenta fhoia
pounds of sugar. The sugar was.for the Navy/-Prograra. after at-
stored at the police department ■ lection by the OfAce of Navid Pi4-
here, hat owners hiave not called corement, wUl be detnfled latoA
for it.
1y to college. StudenU who at-'
tend college under eithw of tHip
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