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f-‘ ■ A-.
New Class^cation Of
Fathers Explained
To the Public
The following statement
was today issued by General
J, Van B. Metts, State Di
rector of Selective Service:
“Recent directives from Nati
onal Headquarters require the re-
classifioation of pre-Pearl Harbor
fathers without regard to their
eligibility for a IIIA classifica
tion. Such registrants who are
esaeutial farmers or who are em
ployed in war production or in
support of the war effort are in no
danger of reclassification. Such
reglstpants whose induction would
result in “extreme hardship and
privation" to a wife, parent, or
child, may be deferred tor depen
dency in Class III-D. All other
registrants now classified in
Ill-A on account of their family
status should not be surprised if
they receive notice that they have
been reclassified in Class I-A.
“The fact that a pre-Pearl Har
bor father finds himself in 1-A
does not necessarily mean that be
11 be inducted immediately.
:not» an dMM hgto. foar
„ih 'gfonp 'wnrwranicisa^b-
fore men are aelected from the
next group. These groups are as
1. Men with no dependents.
2. Men with colteteral de
pendents, provided such status
was acquired prior to December
8, 1941.
3. Mqn who have wives with
whom they maintain bona fide
family relationships in their
homes, provided such relationship
was acquired prior to Deceher S.
4. Men who have children with
whom they maintain bona fide
family relationship in their
homes, provided such relationship
was acquired prior to December
S, 1941. (A child born on or bo-
fore September 14. 1942. should
be considered as having been con
ceived prior to December 8. 1941.
and a child born cn or after Sep
tember 15. 1942. should he con
sidered as having been conceived
on or after December S. 1941, un
less there is affirmative evidence
of a medical character which
clearly establishes that birth
"Group 4 is divided into two
sub-groups. The first sub-group
will be exhausted before any meu
are called from the second sub
group. These sub-groups are as
fa) Registrants classified in
I-A because they left an agricul
tural occupation or because they
are engaged In a non-deferrable
(b) Other registrants who are
reclassified from III-A to I-.A .is
a result of the current directive.
“This means that pre-Pearl
Harbor fathers who continue to
engage in non-deferrable activi
ties will find themselves subject
fb induction prior to registrants
who are engaged in other employ
ment. The list of non-deferable.s
act!vies jConUins 118 separate oc
cupatioss and Is on file in every
local board office in the State. It
is available for inspection by
every registrant. It is considered
that fair warning hes been given
to fathers who have dependent
children to remove themselves
from non-deferrable activities or
tace the prospect of early induc
Egg Like a Bomb
There have been “V” eggs and
other kind of freaks, but now It
■eems that hens are not content
trtth producing food for victory
but have gone Into the munitions
bnslneM.-- ■ . ■
T. k^- RooP. ot Hays, on Sat
nrday brought to The Journal-Pa
triot oMco a ratan egg to the
thape ot an aerial bomb. It Is a
most wwaual freak.
Technical Sergewat Gwyn Mc
Neil, son of Mr. and Sirs. R. H.
McXell, of Winston-Salem, has
recently been promoted to his
present rating. He is station
ed ac the U. S. .Army air Base,
Carlsbad, New Mexico. He is
the grandson of Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. McNeil, of this city.
City Sehools
Here Today
In All the Schcol
North Wilkeaboro echoola
opened today.
The achools opened at 8:30
and atnaaes in ,aU
'made ready for a full pro
gram of claasrotHn work to
Paul S. Cragan, superintendent,
stated that enrollment was just
about as anticipated, with slight
decrease in some departments .is
compared to a ye«r ago.
Teachers held their pre-school
meeting Saturday, The faculty Is
complete and Includes a greater
part of the teachers of last year.
School equipment was placed
ill good condition during the sum
mer and the buildings wer>
thoroughly cleaned end renovat
ed. Some new equipment was
A school cafeteria will be open
this year and lunches will be seiz
ed the children at cost.
The work of organizing classes
and registration was carried out
efficiently today and prospects
are good for a successful term in
spite ot all war time hand caps.
Wilkes Man
On Thursday
R. C. Johnson Takes
Own Life; Health
Was Bad
R. C. Johnson, 63, ended
his life by hanging himself
Thursday in the barn at his
home in Somers township.
Coroner I. M. Myers, who in
vestigated the death, said it was
suicide and deemed an Inquest
unnecessory. Ill health was the
only cause advanced for taking
his own life.
Mrs. Johnson told Coroner
Myers that hey husband ate break
fast that morning, assisted In do
ing the chores and left about
9:30, presumably to visit the
home of a son nearby.
About four o’clock Thursday
efternoon his body was found by
one of the children. He had used
two ropes, both of which were
around his neck and tied to a
joist in the barn. He had been
dead several hours when found.
Surviving Mr. Johnson are his
wife and several children.
Stewards to Meet
The monthly meeting > of the
Board of Stewards of the rirst
Methodist church will he held
Tuesday erentog at St 15, with Uf.
R. M. Bmme, Sr.
- 'I
Brushy Mountain As
sociation Event
Sept. 22
Annual session of the
Brushy Mountain Baptist Aat
sociation, which includes 4^
churches in this vicinity, will
be held at Elk Baptist church
at Denny on Wednesday,
September 22.
Program for the association, as.
announced by T. K. Story, mod
erator, and J. F. Jordan, clerk,
will be as follows:
General Theme—‘“The Church
In Wer Time".
9:30—Devotional, Rev. A. J.
9:45—Adoption of program.
9:60—Local Christian Educa
tion—W. M. U. report, Mrs. Geo.
Johnson: Training Union report,
Edlyn Freerks: Sunday Schsert
and Vacation Blbje School, D. B.
10:34—Report on Wilkes Pas
tor's Conference, Rev. Isaac
10:50—Hospital and mphan-
age. Rev. E. ,Y.
» A
is Seami
a naval
Mrs. Row,
Unteers iiC^
campaign ai*tf^ received ihd PwrfMe
received woCnds in his shoulder and
mgarner, iilsb parlrcipated in Nor^'^
or^to ifte invasion of Siciy.'' 'At kff^
* »nn Bnmgaitiwr^ who is staiicMed tA
fomia. TWiy aie sons, of Mr. a^
_ kmer, of Wilkesboro, And were'vM-
^ipesp^v* service.
V ■:
. Rie^; A ac 1 s
withdAwing tlih
eU basm^ the RnMiiMk4kil|jlar Mdr /Bh
cealiMiEs Mdemiem WRh Atya^ Mneled
firam PcoMlitm Eundngt
- Rnsslm news agencies vn>
pofteJ that ^QOOsmuu troop*
were slam faiibaltlu yee^«
^day.' -i ■yl.siiA i
. theiOennsns withdraw from
the Donets basin area m reported,
it ^ expected that the,Rnssto,;it®Ll*“ 2!
drive will cahy to ths' DIwlper'
to a short fi
ahd Itoto-
rtijeettres' to
BSd tv tits OOffl-
td tohmeo^ iIrtiil^SP*'’'
iit-RoMwag' ttaes coh tGpSf sMss of
^ «pa» amaJM' to *% i»Mf
linilw*;y5armeni .,may
lime now Ip^.ms iw tall etoPfk
8. h. Tmnihr. 'Trlpld'A exeedtlm
aoqiretofy, said'todSyx. od . ^
,|taM ^ fcM^ for .jell
dedhctibns from' 1943 or 194
soil program earnings
he ,Oiled,.w4tJjoat.;Waer,sad..
Bine will doim^ to- tn
tormeto Who ordme H, Mr. Tnr-
hir pakC''^*
s le^jwarvWHltoa W»« secopg Jto
On.stato l* anKHutt of Jims assd.
them itotog* tons soM to
fmiiM deAaff tbs-‘pear. Bea-
eomhe was-ths dtlly Sosatg fisiac
« greater aamaot, , |
T 'W'
visitors; Introduction of new pas
tors; Appointment of committees.
11:35—Annual sermon by Rev.
Howard J. Ford.
12:10—Noon recess.
1:15—Devotional, Rev. E. C.
1:25-—^Baptist literature, Mrs.
C. E. Jenkins.
1:35—“The Church and Its
Men In Military Service”, Rev.
John Wells.
1:50—Temperance and Morals,
npv. E. C. Shoe.
2:10—Boptist Missions In War
Times. M. A. Huggins.
2:35—Report of committee.®
nnd miscellaneous business.
2:45—“The Church In War
Times”.Dr. John W. Kincheloe, Jr.
S300.90 to Be Given
This Splendid Sum of Mon
ey Raised Here By Lo
cal Committee )
The Oxford Orphanage Singing
f’lass will not make Its annual ap
pearance in Wilkes county this
■ ear on account of scarcity of
gasoline end tires, it has been an
nounced by local Masons, but the
min-appearance of the class did
MOt keep the class and the orphan-
ge they have represented for so
•latiy years from receiving a nice
i|im of money wjilch has been
■aised by local Masons through
the means of a page advertise
ment that appears today on page
eight of the Journal-Patriot.
During the past week, member.
of the committee for North
Wilkesboro Lodge No. 407, A. F.
& A. M., have been working on
nehalf of Oxford Orphanage, and
fine results have been obtained.
The amount raised by canvassing^
among local Masons and friends
of the orphanage amounted to
$300.90, the second largest sum
ever contributed by the North
Wilkesboro lodge.
The committee, on behalf of
North Wilkesboro Lodge No. 407,
is very appreciative for every con
tribution made and for the fine
co-operation shown. Every dollar
contributed will be sent at once
to the management of Jhe orphan
age to be used for the benefit of
the many children which'the or-
r'^anage now numbers In its large
The Oxford orphanage has sent
many young men into the armed
services of the eountry, and it to
said that no boy or girl trained at
the orphanage has ever been eoa-
Ticted of a major crime. '
street* clear for “lyaffic, the
officer gave aum^NHi* tick
ets for doable parting. Po
lice Chief Walker,Miid thi*
will be ccmtinued and that
double parking cannot be
In addition to almost incessunt
work witn traffic, thei officers In
vestigated three fights and made a
total ot 17 arrests for drunkenness
The most serious of the fights
was reported to have been between
Atwell Smith, of Pores Knob, and
Clyde Curry. Smith, who has no',
been arrested, is alleged to have
inflicted six knife wounds on Cur
ry in an altercation which took
place about eight o’clock Satur
day evening on Mein street.
None of the wounds were deep
and Curry was released after hos
pital treatment.
Waggoner Assisting
In Pfeiffer Revival
Rev. A. C. Waggoner is at
Pfeiffer College this week assist
ing the pastor of the Methodist
church, Rev. C. B. Ross, In a re
vival meeting. Rev. Mr. Waggoner
will return Saturday.
Mr. S. R. Laws, who holds a
position in Washington. D. C.. re
cently spent a few days at Mora
vian Falls with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. R. Don Laws.
CAroIina, wiu d«mon
strate the uae of gas maaka
at a meeting to be held at the
town hall here on Friday
night, September 3, 7:30
A supply of gas masks has
been received for all civilian de
fense workers In Wilkes and for
the members of the fire depart
ments of North Wilkesboro and
Mr. Nelson, who recently serv
ed as an Instructor at a war gas
school at Chapel Hill, will dem
onstrate the use and care ot gas
All firemen, auxiliary firemen,
police and auxiliary police, air
raid wardens and others who must
be on duty during blackouts and
in case of air raids are asked to
attend the meeting Friday night.
Legal Advisor
To Service Men
Attorney J. F. Jordan, of
Wilkesboro, has been appointed
by Major Charles R. Jonas, Selec
tive Service officer, as chairman
of the legal eid sub-committee of
the North Carolina bar associa
tion for Wilkes county.
This work Is to make it possi
ble for service men and their fam
ilies to secure advice on their
rights . under the Soldiers and
Sailors Civil Relief act and other
7»tovii*r the rnmtsdti^
46 of their otoi navel ships at
Copenhagen. Martial . law has
failed to quell the revolts.
American troops continue to
make gains against desperate re
sistance to the central Solomon
Relations between Germany and
Sweden are near the breaking
point and Sweden, until recentW
neutral, may soon Join the Allisd
Ta) Pearson’s If th
Street Store Open
New Stock Of Merchandise;
Invites Patronage Of
The Public
The TVa! J. Pearson Grocery
Company is doing business again
at the same old stand on Tenth
street, the owner of the busines.s.
Tal J. Pearson, announced to
The store building, badly dam
aged by the destructive fire which
took place a month ago, has been
re-built by T. H. Settle’s crew of
workmen, end the interior has'
been repainted. This work has
placed the building in first-class
condition, and in readiness foi
serving the firm’s many patrons
in this and adjoining counties.
The stock of merchandise car
rled by the firm is brand new
Club Support* Sunday Beer
Sales Ban Proposal; Rev.
J. C. Canipe Speaks
North Wilkesboro Kiwanis club
in meeting Friday noon heard an
inspiring address by Rev. J. C.
Canipe, of Boone. Also of inter
est was the club’s endorsement ot
the proposal to ban sales of wine
and beer on Sundays,
Rev. Howard J. Ford brought
to the attention of the club the
matter of recent consideration
concerning the sale ot beer and
wine on Saturday night and Sun
day. He stated that resolutions
had recently been submitted to
the boards of commissioners of
the towns and the county, repre
senting about 7,000 people. He
made a forceful talk supporting
the move to stop the sale of beer
and wine over the week-ends and
made a motion that the club sup
port the idea. The motion was
seconded by J. R. Finley and dis
cussed by Pat Williams, C. B. ■
Eller, H. H. Morehouse and Rev.
A. C. Waggoner. There was an al
most unanimous vote for the mo
tion and none against it.
Program Chairman H. H. More
house, who Is chairman of the
Committee on Support of
Churches, stated his ' committee
had already put on two programs
this year and that today’s pro
gram would be the third. He ask
ed Dr. John W. Kincheloe, Jr., to
present the speaker. Rev. J. G
Scouts Enjoy Camp
The Boy Scouts of North Moore. Buddy McGhlnnls and Gene
Wilkeaboro were out of town Troop 36 was in camp at Mortl-
all last week, enjoying camp | mer with Mr. Gordon Forester.
I'x- WSnlcW* Creek near,Scoutmaster, In charge. Asslst-
hfe at Winkler *^reeK nef*" Forester were C. D. Cof-
Boone and at Mortuner m Robert M. Johnson.
Caldwell county. | others who spent some time with
Troop mimner 35 was at the Scouts were L. M. Nelson, Gor-
Wlnkler’s Creek for a week. Those don Finley and Boyd Stout.
. , . Scouts In the party were Bill
who alternated In spending part j Gardner, Tom Nelson.
of the week with the ScouU were i Coffey, Phil Mitchell,
Scoutmaster and Mrs. H. T. Clark., rfigrley Wagner. Gordon Finley.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Absher. Rev. ljr., John Gibbs, Lloyd Turner
A. C. Waggoner. Ed Caudill. Dr.' Andy Johnson, Lewis Mann Nel
John W-. Kincheloe, Jr., Harvel gon. Jr., Eddie Shook, John A.
Howell, J. B. Carter. ' ijohnaon and Gordon Forester, Jr.
SconU enjoying the camping | Scouts of both troops enjoyed
trip were BUI Absher, Jr.. Eddie swimming, hiking, fishing, out-
Csudill, Bob Foster,-George-Eos- door games and many other acH.
ter Walter Foster, George Fores- vltles. Many ot the Seoutf made
ter! Jr., Fred Gaddy. Jack Gaddy, rapid advancement to Scouting
Cecil Grayson. Cowles Hayes, Dan during the week. .
^dson. Ralph Key, Edwin | At Winkler’s Creek troop 35 e^-
merchandise, made possible by the,
arrival of goods bought before the ,
The Tel J. Pearson Grocery
Company Is well stocked with
fresh groceries, fTburs, feeds and
meat, and merchants, as well as
the general public, are cordial! v
invited to call on the firm for
their needs. All patronage will
be aiftireciated by Mr. Pearson.
. -V
Business Class
At City Schools
Classes Of Out-Of-Schod
Persons Will Open Wed
nesday Afternoon
Ion*. Gerald Miller, Dick McNeil, ’ joyed many vtolts SMuts from
JatiPs Rousseau, Jr., Harold Ter-. On SondAF night they at-
Commercial classes for out-of-
school persons will open In North
Wilkesboro school Wednesday af
ternoon, three o'clock.-r - „
’ These classes; which are car
ried ont'to cooperation with the
state departstent of vocattoah*
ednoatloiefwlft hp touglit by Mtoa
Aletamder, : ^merdlat
temelwr to the hlgb school here,
and ^re , will . be.^-nd'
AUUSmWiUj mse* samaaesu . ■ T .1 mimmt
Q^; IHck. ^4erwoo^v-t tiaded th«
Warner, Tommy WWck*r, Dudley Baptist church In Boom
most forceful talk on the subject,
“Keeping Up The Home Front.’’
He stated he had had many
letters from boys in every part of
the world who are on the fight
ing fields of a world war. In
variably he said they expressed
an Interest In things religious. He
then said we on the home front
are not going all the way In our
zeal or effort In supporting the
church liberties they are flighting
to preserve. His talk was a
challenge to every thoughtful man
to make his church a dynamic
place of religious activity ix>
which our boys would be glad to
come back to *t, the end of the
confMct.' t
He Mrfd theto «re five tostltn-
tlotts that Aasrioan people cher
ish. ’They at* bnstocBs, govern
ment,' . *■ this • ’ -pi^llCeehdol. the
ehnreh andihe bom*: ’The chns^
and toe boa** ara based to God.
Th4 otoer .toiye«.^pf tostlt*-
tions pro*per only insofar as we
magnify-ti^a>toiirto tod tif* hom*.
'INI tMk erffuaek, enjoyed ky tite
me'mfhers,^ _ ,
charges, the only coat being snp-rderwent a tonfO.(|pe**M«t;Tk*r**
piles and typeWlter ns* fat. day *t the Wilke* hospital.

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