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The Journal-Patriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the ' Sta e of Wilkes" For Ove' 42 Years
,J* - '* : . lM.
Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH WILKESB0R0, N. C., Monday, January 3, 194) Make North Wilkesboro Your Shopping Center
Stockholders Meeting;
Directors Named
Stockholders of North Wilkes
bofb Baseball Club, Inc., In meet
ing Thursday night elected a
board of directors and laid plans
for th# 1949 season In the Blue
Ridge league.
The club was formed here last
year by Tal J. Pearson and Jack
Johnson. During the year Mr.
Bearson purchased Mr. Johnson's
interest and at the end of the
season formed a stock corpora
tion and sold stock to local base
ball fans.
Directors elected by the stock
holders were Tal J. Pearson, Fred
■erson, Glenn Greene, Bud
olds, Perry Lowe, WilliaVn J.
te and Charlie Manship.
-ai *--- A * m-' T
Ot LUI3 UlOCtlUg X a.1 O ■
ion was elected president,
Lowe vice president, and
Moore secretary-treasurer
business manager.
\ry {Flash) Loman, of
i^pro, who piloted the new
, KSecutiu place in a pe^
'Jiat was not decided
the last day of th<
sras elected player ma
>49 and was ordered t
jr work April 1 an^ t
player deals prior to
with approval of the c
It was also decided
training will begin „
is anticipated that
season will begin oi
lay 1.
« directors voted to
2n additional box seat
and stockholders
irst opportunity to
[>ox seats prior to Apri
i tickets will again be
leach and a concerted d
made on sale of Bea
jy all directors.
imittee compose^ of
II| duu xvtr.y uumo,
ip and Dwight N"ict
ed to work on the pr
improving the park
oar>^:. .
le Manship •will ag;
concessions for the b
a grounds keeper w
fibers and directors w
romotional Night for t
g season game here, ai
«lub will give away ma
ble prizes. It was also d
?clded that ladies nights will 1
held more frequently during tl
season, and that the knotho
gang will be in operation fi
young boys.
The meeting was harmoniou
throughout and those present e>
pressed anticipation for a success
~eason for baseball here
.holders present and not in
in the list of director:
Frank Pearson, Henslej
,R^y Watts and Fred Lane
y Moore informed thi
Ahat the same teams will be
Blue Ridge league this
and that the league may
anded to eight teams,
lie, it is understood, wants
league and other prospects
.Elkin, N. C., and Pulas
, , which is now in Appa
jn lieague.
jkish Tobacco
ices Increased
|utheastern Aromatic To
ipany i8 offering a oott
h"Owers of Turkish To
il 949 with an increase
no cents per pound over
£ract price of last year,
rowers are guaranteed an
iage price of 85 cents per
find for the 1949 crop accord
to J. P. Choplin, County
The contract allows $1.20 per
pound for top leaves of premium
Equality $1.00 per pound for near
of excellent qualify,
\| middle of plant and
leaves from near top of
3 80 cents per pound
eaves from entire plant,
i for lower grades re
same as last year.
B interested in growing
Turkish Tobacco should
leir County Agents im
if they have not done
mber of the Extension
111 visit his farm and
farmer make plans for
le tobacco.
;kets to Ploy
rille i Clowns
ejacke^p will play
Clowns Saturday
clock,Mn Miller*
■L thrilling
i Ploying Manager
uiiee aaugnters, Mrs. Virgil
Scott. Mrs. Harold Coley, and
Mrs. Ernest Langston. all of
Houston; three other brothers,
Rev. R. Murphy Williams, of ,
Greensboro, C. J. Williams of
Jacksonville, Fla., and Jack A. j
Williams of San Francisco; five
sisters, Mrs. James F. Cobb of
Los Angeles, Mrs. C. A. Jackson
of Tennille, Ga., and Mrs. R. J.
Potter, Mrs. George R. Ward,
and Mrs. Henry Vann, all of Wal
lace; five grandchildren, and two
Funeral was held in Houston
Mrs. Johnson, 73,
Funeral Wednesday
Mrs. Letha Johnson, 73, died
Saturday afternoon a^ her home
in the Windy Gap community.
Funeral service will be held
Tuesday, two p. m., at Mountain
"View church near Windy Gap.
Rev. Noah Hayes and Rev. Mr.
Isenhour will conduct the service.
Mrs.. Johnson was the widow
of Rufus Johnson, who died -one
year ago, and daughter of the
late Parks and Dorothy Barnett
Hayes. Surviving are the follow
ing tons and daughters: Rommle,
Harvey, Lenn, ■Canniss, Jettie and
[ Ina Johnson. - \
Grady Claud 'Caudill, 21-year
old resident of the Hays commun
ity, in his automobile plunged to
sudden death down an embank
ment in this city at two a. m. Sun
The crash occured when Cau
dill's car ran straight ahead over
the dea,} end of F street, which
ends with a high embankment.
People living nearby heard the
crash and rushed to the wreck
age in a cove near a small stream
to find the young man dying in a
twisted heap of metal which had
been a 19 39 Chevrolet automo
He was alone at the time of
the accident and was thought
that he was mistaken in believing
that he was on a street which ex
tended across the ravine in
North Wilkesboro. His car had
Postal Rates
Are Increased
$10,000 for a fee of Sc.
Insurance Fees: Up to $5.00,
5c: $5.01 to $10.00, 10c; $10.01
to $25, 15c; $25.01 to $50.00,
20c; $50.01 to $100.00, 25c;
$100.01 to 1200.00, 30c. A return
receipt is 5c additional on Insur
ed parcels.
Registration fees are as fol
lows: lc to $5.00, 25c; $5.01 to
$25, 35c and on according to
amount until a fee of $1.50 is
reached for one thousand dol
lars. A return receipt is 5c addi
The above lists many of the
more popular rates. Please in
quire of the rural carrier or at
the post office for further infor
mation, if desired.
Your rural letter carrier ap
preciates your cooperation in the
past and further solicits it in
keeping your mail box in good
order, keeping the approach clear
of objects including impassable,
snow, in filling in your own mon
ey order applications, in keeping
stamps on hand so that your let
ters and cards may be stamped!
before placing in the rural box,;
and the otheij little things that
help your carrier render better!
!*Service with I a smile."
Duroca arq(the leading
breed In lie {United States.
missed a short steel miring at the
dead end of F street and 8th
street and had traveled about
125 feet through the air and
over some trees and* hushes be
fore hitting the ground near the
ibottom of the ravine.
Young Mr. Caudill was an em
ploye of V. & T. Tire company in
North Wilkesboro. He was also
a member of Carolina Pals string
band which has been popular in
radio and stage performances in
northwestern North Carolina.
Surviving are his father and
mother, C. E. and Essie Harrold
Caudill, of Hays, and eight broth
ers and sisters: Joe, Vann, Jerry,
Harold, Lynn, Betty Anne, Lucy
and Nancy Caudill, of the home.
Funeral service was held today,
two p. m., at Round Mountain
Movement Begun
For A.B.C- Unto
of the Wilkes District Committee
of the Bov Scouts of America will
be held at the office of the Duke
Power Company on Tuesday 7:30
January 4th. All Scouters are
urged to be present.
Corn Winners In
Wilkes to Attend
State Meet 22nd
Odell Whittington. of Reddies
River, an<j Edwin McGee, of Pur
lear, will attend a corn produc
ers' short course and banquet of
the North Carolina Foundation
Seed Producers to be held at N.
C. State College January 22. J.
P. Choplin, farm agent and H.
C. Colvard, assistant farm agent,
will alsl attend this meeting.
Mr. Whittington is receiving
this invitation as result of win
ning the Wilkes county corn
growing contest in 1948 by pro
ducing 124.2 bushels of-corn per
acre. Edwin McGee was the high
est corn producer among the
county 4-H Club members with
a production of 106.6 .bushels
per acre.
- o ....
Raturn ThaJ Book to tb« Uteur
£ -'i;
. I ^ ...
•' ,■ I I : < .4 *.} < •. y •: *
Five beautiful young ladies,
each an artist in
make up the Ba:y ensemble,
which will play on
er own right,
Jannarv 11 »»
otte, of North wliKepnoro; aaugn
ter. Susan Jane, December 18,
to Mr. and Mrs. Saoun Leonard
Kerbaugh, of North Wilkesboro:
son. Arthur Ralph Jr., December
21, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthus Ralph
Miller, of North Wilkesboro route
one; daughter, Jeannie Mae, De
cember 20, to Mr. and Mrs. Dil
lard Jacob Church, of North Wil
kesboro; son, James -Michael, De
cember 21, to Mr. and Mrs. James
Ford Scott, of Mora.vian Falls.
Son, Samuel Frank, December
25, to Mr. and Mrs;
fred Coffey, of Hal!
Manley Win
8 Mills; son,
Fred Revis, Jr., December 23, to
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Revis Brock,
of Pores Knob; son, December 26,
t0 Mr. ana Mrs. James William
Wellborn, of Wilkesboro route
two; son, William Mack, Decem
ber 27, to Mr. and Mrs. James
Robert Parsons, of North Wilkes
boro; son, Steven Lee, December
29, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Har
less, of Cricket; son, Paul Chat
ham, December 30, to Mr. and
Mrs. William Ralph Hubbard, of
Moravian Falls; daughter, Shar
on Elaine, December 31 to Mr.
and Mrs. Silas Washington John
son, of Wilkesboro route two:
daughter, Faye Alene, December
30, to Mr. and Mrs. Rem Royal,
of Reddles River.
at 7 :15 loi
and thje
on the night of the 11th
concert will begin
promptly at eight o'clock. ah
v> cc, j w ii u uifcuie t I
talk aijd asked the
tinue ?cs support to
the coding year.
iHe appointed as a
write Suitable resolut ^°"
count pf the death o 50,
R. W. Iwyn the followjou
Combs, J. B. Williams., or
Hix. j
Guests Friday were >
G-ordor Finley, Jr., wi
Finley D. W. Hanks,
Dr. Gilbert R. Combs;
E. Sto
with J. B. Cart*
Eller vith C. B. EH1
of Douglas, Wy
T. E, Story Lear
To Attend Assey
T. ti. Story, Wilkes'
tativelin the legislature, ,,
day fqr Raleigh to attenc
izatiori caucuses prior to '
of th< General Assembl1
nesdaj. He will begin^
term is representative. a
Mr. iStory may be
leader of the house, he b i
vetera a legislator among
Reput licans in that ibody
Brock of Mocksville, Is Sti
ator 1 rom this district and
of twp Republicans iii th
Sfe L t^mtL " --
Representatives Eight Coun
ties ToQlffrrr For Pre
Campaifn Meeting
—■'ff—— /
District meeting of representa
tives of eight county chapters
of the National Foundation for
Infantile ParalyBis will be held
Tuesday, January 4, 12:30 p. m.,
at the Wilkes hotel in North
Dr. Ralph McDonald, state
chairman for March of Dimes,
will be present to talk to the
group. Principal purpose, of the
meeting is to go over plans for
the coming campaign and to dis
cuss mutual money-raising po
Sam Ogilyie chairman ©f the
| Wilkes chapter, will preside^
[counties included in the dis
i meeting are Wilkes, Iredell,^
ander, Watauga, Davie, Ashe^
. Yadkin and Surry.
' Tn view of the unc*-«pedented
3 during the 19 4*^demie in
tment of patients,
the campaign in
h Gtira^ina is one million
iplained that the
county will be
Mr. Ogilvie as
i,i?|jfemmittees will be
from the North Wilkes
na c: lub, which has taken
of raising this large a
# 3 * \
fnted out that the Xa
'oipdation during the
lemic has advanced more
),069 to the Wilkes chap
d«f that hospital bills of
an- 40 patients could be
t Laws Rites
esday Afternoon
^fervice will b<> held
p. m., at Walnut
a well known reM
'ores Knob commun
y today. He &n
stroke^J —
ver re|aiifed,
m— o
Alarm Toe
Wilkesboro fii
; afternoon
ie home of ^ y
i F street.
out of c<mt. JM'- little
ssulted. **' V
ner Child
icident Victim
Wagoner, eight-year
' C. M. and Sarah Wat
oner. died this after
ie Wilkes hospital from
wouiy sai^l to hare
Ipntly imflicteayby his
-old brother atheir
ie Wooten's Creek'com
Wilkes county earlier
I II. Myers said thi
Hanes Sleepers
We still have some Hanea ii-piece sleep
ers in ink or blue left in stock. Get • sup*
!y, as they are going fast at this low price.
] .25 suit
Corduroy Caps
Two big lots men's and boys' corduro;
caps. Every color and kind yon can im
agine. With or without ear flaps. Plent;
of red and other bright, gay colors. G«
yours now!

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