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ltll—DANIKL J. CARTUR—lt4l
One Year $2.00
(la Wilkes and Adjolnlns Counties)
(0*t|UUe WUkee end Aj^Iaift*"Ooonties)
Rates to Those in Service:
One Year (anywhere) $2.00
Bntered at the postofflce at North Wilkesboro,
North Carolina, m Seeond-Claes matter
under Act of March 4, 1879.
Monday, May 16, 1949
Important Election
To Be Held June 4
The people of North Carolina on June
4 will vote in a special election to decide
whether or not North Carolina shall vote
$200,000,000 for roads, and $25,000,«QOO
to aid counties in construction of
school buildings.
The ballot will have two questions, one
for the roads bond issue and one for the
schools bond issue.
No special registration 'will be required,
and any duly registered citizen may vote.
Registration books were open May 7
and May 14 and will be open on Saturday,
May 21, which will be the last date for
those not registered to register to vote in
the bond election June 4. Registrars will.
be at the polling places Saturday, May
21, to register new voters or to record
transfer of registration.
Under the formula adopted, Wilkes
county would receive about $300,000 of
the school bond money.
Because of the great need for road improvement,
Wilkes would receive great
benefits from the road bond expenditures.
Governor Scott has proposed that 12,000
miles of rural roads be paved and
that 35,000 miles be placed in condition
for all-weather travel.
Financing of the road bonds will be
done principally by an increase of one
cent in the gasoline tax.
If you are not registered to vote in a
general election, remember that Saturday
of this week will be the last date you
can register to vote in the bond election
June 4.
Rural Church Building
Highly Encouraging
During the past ten years many people
In rural communities in Wilkes county
have placed first things first and have
provided suitable places of worship and
for Sunday school training for their children.
Practically all rural churches have either
improved their buildings, have built
new ones or have plans under way for
church improvement.
In addition to improvement of church
buildings, more attention is being paid to
adequate pay for ministers, which will enable
them to devote the principal part of
their time to service of the Lord instead
of earning a living.
Financially speaking, the past ten years
have been prosperous years for a majority
of the people. And it is most encouraging
to see that the people who have prospered
are not forgetting the privilege of
giving part of their prosperity for the
cause of the church in their own communities.
A good church is indicative of a good
community. A good church does not necessarily
mean an expensive building. But
the appearance of a church building will
show something of the interest the congregation
takes in the church and its
work. If the building appears dilapidated
and run-down, it is reasonable to assume
that the congregation's interest in the
church is in the same condition.
—.« ^
Look out when its dark out; whether
you are driving or walking. You don't want
to be a dead pedestrian—and you don't
want to be responsible for hilling one either.
When walking, think for two—the
~ you. When driving, think tor
and you.—Exchange.
Borrowed Comment
(EUdn Tribune)
Strikes, in some instances, are no doubt
justified, but we cannot help but think
that in frequent cases where large bodies
of men are denied the right to work by
their union leaders, the reasons back of
it are just plain silly.
Take the current strike. a£ai|ist the jrpra
Motor Company, for instance. We gather
from the news stories concerning it that
the dispute is over interpretation of the
contract between the company and the
union, with the union charging that assembly
line "speed-up" is a violation, while
the company declares it is not.
As a result of this dispute over the language
of the contract, and its true meaning,
65,000 Ford workers are idle. Sixtyfive
thousand pay checks will have vanished
for each week during the duration of
the dispute.
Maybe the union knows what it is doing
in calling the strike. But the staggering
loss of income to the workers and the
loss of production to the company seems
a terrific price to pay for all concerned
simply because a few words in a contract
cannot be interpreted to the satisfaction
of all.
The sensible thing, it seems to this corner,
would have been to arbitrate the matter
in hopes of a satisfactory settlement
without calling a strike. Strikes not only
hurt the workers, they hurt many thousands
of other people all over the country
who fall innocent victim to a strike's
harmful effect.
At last reports the Ford company and
the union hdd resumed negotiations over
the matter, but while they talk and argue,
Ihousniads walk the street minus their
weekly pay. And even when the strike is
settled and the men return to work, those
lost dollars can never be regained.
Hi*k PM, N. C., InI* 4
The saddest thing on earth, it seems to
me, is to throw one's life away. As I think
back across more than half a century I
can recall to memory those who wasted
their lives, their time, thair talents, their
golden and priceless opportunities and accomplished
nothing good, great nor worth
while. They lived in sin, let the enemy of
their souls have control over them, and
then died in obscurity and went to meet
God unprepared. How sad and deplorable!
Those people could have lived nobly
and died triumphantly. They had the opportunity.
It is true that some of them
had little education, but even at that they
could have lived for Qod. They had good
common sense, but turned it over to the
enemy of their souls and lives. They had
talents that God could have used. Their
time was valuable, but they spent it
wrong. Oftentimes when they had "rainy
days" they merely met together, talked,
joked, laughed, some of whom drank
whiskey, chewed and smoked tobacco,
thus whiling their valuable time away. If
this time had been spent in prayer, or
reading and studying the Bible, or visiting
the sick, or studying good books and reading
clean literature, or winning souls, how
wonderful it would have been! The same
thing is going ou today among the masses
of mankind.
Remember that a life thrown away can
never be lived over, or can never be recalled
and reformed, or given nnto God.
It is gone forever. There may be instances
where God saves the sinner who has wasted
his life because be calls upon Him out
of deep and thorough repentance, and
"by the skin of his teeth" makes it to
heaven, but these instances are rare.
When one throws his life, his time, his talents,
his means, his precious and priceless
opportunities away as he goes through
life until he comes to the end of his earthly
journey, it is next to impossible then
to get to God and be saved. Even if he
barely gets through the pearly gates,
through godly sorrow, weeping, sighing,
mourning and, pleading before God, his
life of golden opportunities is forever lost.
It is thrown away as though worthless, yet
without price before God, as it is so precious
and valuable. 0 dear soul, don't throw
your soul, your time and opportunities awayJ
Don't for heaven's sake.
A meeting of the taxpayers of
Rearing Elver school district
met In Roaring River school
Thursday evening. The purpose
of the meeting was to protest agalnst
the school committee appointed
by the Board of Education.
Those present were unanimously
In favor of having parents
whose ■ children attended
Roaring River school , on the
school committee. A committee
consisting of Luther Duncan,
Bryant Mathts and Willie Anderson
was appointed aX Ujte meeting
to present to the Board of Education
a recommended school
The names of those recommended
for the school committee
at Thursday night's meeting
were fitewart Alexander, Eugene
Parks, Lee Cole, Sanford Alexander
and Judas Pardue.
It was further unanimously approved
by the * assembly to request
of the Board of. Education
approval of a plan that would
permit election of teachers for
the Roaring River school by patrons
of the Roaring River school
Clevenger College
box TBI
Telephone 714
■ ••• • * ^ ■ -
Accounting or Secretarial Approved
for Veterans. Applications
accepted now for Sammer
Session enrollment beginning
Jnne 6 and June IS.
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and information.
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