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Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C., Thursday, May 19, 1949
Make North Wilkesboro Your Shopping Center
Wilkesboro has «
radius of 60 milea,
1^0,000 people in
iwestern Carolina.
* WM
The Journal-Patriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the
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'"vBfembers of the North Wilkes
boro senior class are pictured
here in front of the capital build
ing in Washington, D. C., while
on a tour of the nation's capital
last week. Shown in. the picture
are: First row—Edwin Chipman,
O. L. Adams, Bill Bason, C. L.
Wyatt, Julius Rousseau, Gordon
Forester, Jim "Winters, Jim Day,
Lewis Nelson, Oene McNeill; Sec
ond row—June Finley, Mildred
Pruitt, Peggy Sebastian, Betty
Jean McNeil, Pat Pope, Madge
Lovette, Margie Cleary, Helen
Filer, Margaret Anderson, Pansy
Foster,, Joan Byers; Third row—
Douglas EUedge, Sue Bller, Lena
Gray Adams, "Blair Coffey Yale,
Betty Lou Poster, Mary Ann Cas
ey, Mrs. J. Floyd Woodward, the
driver, the conductor, Pat
Rhodes, Beulah Hayes, Betty
Jean Myers, Margie Billings.
Buddy Sloop.
En route to Washington the
group visited Monticello (home
of Thomas Jefferson), and in
Washington were greeted by
Representative C. B. Deane, who
.accompanied them to the gallery
of the house to listen in on a
session of congress: Senator Clyde
R. Hoey greeted the group and
took them to the senate gallery
for a senate session. The sen
ator also carried the group for
a ride on the capital train.
Other places visited were sen
ate office building, Library of
Congress, Bureau of Engraving
and Printing. Smithsonian In
stitution, National Gallery of Art,
Pan-American Union, P. B. I.
building, Washington Monu
ment, Lincoln Memorial, Jeffer
son Memorial, Union Station,
Cathedral of St. Peter and St.
Paul, Franciscan Monastery,
Washington National Airport,
National Geological Park, Alex
andria, Mt. Vernon, Arlington,
Endless Caverns.
Additional enjoyment was
spending some time with Gordon
Forester, Jr., who was a student
of the North Wilkesboro high
school before his appointment
as a page in the House of Rep
resentatives a few weeks ago, a
[trip to Glen Echo Park, a moon
j light cruise on the Patomac,
I shows, shopping and visits with
| relatives.
Many Offenders
Are Sentenced In
* May Term Ccurt
Many liquor law violators hare
been sentenced in the May term !
of Federal court which opened
In Wilkesboro Monday with
Judge Johnson J. Hayes presid
Three cases were tried in
which defendants were indicted
for violation of the service men's
unemployment compensation act.
the case of Spencer M. Tri
vette the defendant was given
judgment suspended on condi
tion he pay into court $40. Ralph
V. Beach must pay $400 and was
placed on probation three years.
Richard L. Brown must re-pay
$140 and be on probation two
IiV liquor cases were the fol
^ltfwing judgments:
Robert Vickers Carson, year
and a day in prison at Peters
burg, Va. 1
Harrold Bristol Blackburn,
$300 fine and two years proba-1
Ralph Junior Spicer, year and
a day in Chillicothe.
Jack Rupert Landis, $100 fine.
Conrad Bell, two years in pris
on at Atlanta.
Bill Teague, Guy Arthur Cau
dill and Wade Leff Pruitt, $200
fine each and two years proba
tion. , • I
Archie Mathis and Conner Gil
man DavlB, year and a day each
in prison at Ashland, Ky.
Russell Dotson Cheek, $500
fine, Biz months suspended, pro
bation 3 years.
Van Sidden, year and a day in
Atlanta prison.
Marvin Lester May, $200 fine,
six months suspended, probation
2 years.
Dean Bauguss, year and a day
in Atlanta prison suspended un
til November.
Grover J. Scott, $1000 fine,
year and a day suspended, pro
bation 3 years.
James Monroe Griffin, Joseph
Herbert Hawkins, Thomas How
ard Atkins, year and a day in
Petersburg prison.
Hal G. Justice, year and a day
in^Ashland, Ky., prison.
t Yhe' following defendants were
plaeed on probation: Henry Hi
lls Swaim, Wllmer Glenn Dunn,
Square Dance 21st
7^ At Ferguson School
Ferguson Grange youth, will
sponsor a square dance to be held
Saturday night, May 21, at Fer
guson school. The public is cor
dially invited to attend.
Saturday Is Last
Date To Register
-For Bond Election
Saturday, May 21, will be
the last date to register for
the state roads and schools
bonds election Jane 4.
Those who are registered for
general election will not have
to register. Those who are not
registered and who wish to
vote In the special election
June 4 may register Saturday,
May 21, at their respective
polling places.
1 o -
Elkin And Galax
Will Play Here
Flashers Divide Double Bill
Marathon With Radford
The North Wilkesboro Flash
ers, currently in second place one
game behind Mount Airy, will
engage the Elkin Blanketeers in
Memorial Park here tonight. j
On Friday night the Flashers'
go to Galax, and Galax will re
turn the game here Saturday
night. Elkin Blanketeers will
play here Sunday, 2:30, and
North Wilkesboro will go to El
kin Monday night.
Last night Radford pulled the
opening game out of the fire in
the 13th inning. The first game
was scheduled for seven innings,
but was tied at the end of the
seventh and lasted through 2
hours and 50 minutes. Final
score was 10 to 7.
Bob Lehman, of York, Pa.,
righthanded pitcher, Joined the
Flashers Wednesday and went in
last night to hurl the opening
game. He worked effectively
through the long contest and
lost the game on a series of bad
breaks. North Wilkesboro was
leading 6 to 3 going into the 7th.
Radford scored four and the
Flashers tied the count on Stan
ley s triple. From there until the
unlucky 13th it was a scoreless
duel. In the final frame Radford
bunched three blooper hits and
one flasher error for three runs.
The Flashers slammed out 14
hits to win the} second game 9
to 5. Shores had a perfect night
with four, including a triple, and
Pescitelli hit safely four times
Daddino batted in three runs
Dick Long held Radford to eight
hits, and Arnold Davis caught
n® 5s2econd Same> which ended at
^ j %<■»»»«
gbarles Higgins, Jr., James C
Hayes Jr., Vernie Richardson,
Colonel Roosevelt Holbrook, Eu
Long Re-Elected
Head Wilkesboro
District Schools
Wm. T. Long, supervisory
principal of Wilkesboro district
schools for the past ten years,
was re-elected to that position
in meeting of the Wilkesboro
district school board last night.
Zeb V. Dickson was re-elected
principal of Wilkesboro school.
W. O. Prevette was elected
chairman of the school board and
Lawrence Miller was named sec
retary. Other members are Paul
J. Vestal, T. M. Foster and C. T.
The committee discussed plans
for next year. The school expects
to have an allotment of four ad
ditional teachers, but no class
rooms are available. At the pres
ent time two classes are meeting
in the auditorium and one in
the library because of the lack of
Fairplains Baptist
Revival In Progress
Revival services are being held
this week at Fairplains Mission
ary Baptist church north of this
Rev. Clate Brown is pastor and
Rev. Woodrow Wishon, visiting
minister, is delivering inspiring
messages to large oongregations.
The public is cordially invited to
the services, which will be held
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
throughout the week.
Baptismal service will be heldl
Sunday, 2:30, at Long Branch
near the home of Brack Rich
ardson on the Mountain View
Scout Camporee
To Open Saturday
Annual camporee of Boy
Scouts of the Wilkes district will
be held 'Saturday and Sunday,
May 21 and 22, in Finley Park
in North Wilkesboro.
Thirteein patrols havle regis
tered for the camporee, which
is expected to be one of the most
interesting held in the district.
The camp will open Saturday
morning at eight o'clock and will
be packed full of activities for
the boys throughout.
On Sunday afternoon at two
o'clock Dr. John T. Wayland,
First Baptist pastor, will conduct
a service at the camporee.
Scout officials have emphasis
ed that the public Is invited to
visit the camporee and view the
work of the boys In camp.
«»f wTffJPfwWwl
Mrs. Palmer Horton was
elected chairman of the North
Wilkesboro board of education
in a recent meeting. Mrs. Hor
ton, who for five years was a
member of the city schools
faculty, has been a leader in
education work here for sev
eral yearn and is well quali
fied for the position. She is a
former president of the North
Wilkesboro Parent - Teacher
Association. Mrs. Horton was
elected to the board of edu
cation here two years ago. R.
B. Church is vice chairman and
the other members are Ira D.
Payne, W. H. McElwee, Lewis
Vickery, and O. K. Pope.
Contact Club Will
Meet Monday, 4:30
Contact club of the Wilkes
Chamber of Commerce, of which
C. Arthur Venable is chairman,
will meet Monday. 4:00 to 5:30
p. m. The club is doing excellent
work in securing additional
members for the chamber and in
promoting fellowship among the
Donkey Olympics, that big
cavalcade of entertainment that
is sweeping the nation, will be
in North Wilkesboro next Mon
day night under the sponsorship
of the Lions Club for the benefit
of the blind.
The fun starts at 7:59 when
the Lions challenge the Kiwanls
and Jaycees to a game of soft
ball on donkeys. There will also
be a boxing match on donkeys,
where challenger and champ are
both 'blindfolded. The event.
Numerous Cases
Go Off Docket In
0" "I Court Tcriii'
Busy Session Ended Last
Week; Judge J. Will
Pless, Jr., On Bench
May term of Wilkes superior
court set a record for number of
civil actions disposed of in one
' term at WilkesbOro.
More than 150 cases were non-1
suited in accordance with a
previous order of Judge Pless
which placed all old cases on the|
docket for trial or non-suit.
In addition, compromise or
consent judgments took a large
number from the court docket.
Several cases were tried, some j
by jury and others with Judge
Pless, by agreement of both
sides, hearing; the evidence and]
rendering judgment.
Judgments were rendered in
the following trials during the
last week:
Walter Yale versus Council!
Jht) Hayes and R'oscoe (Dubel
flVes, plaintiff recovers $300.
^Yank Lentz versus Kenneth
•(Buck) Icenhour, plaintiff to re
cover $289.95.
Arthur G. Petty versus Flos- j
sie G. Petty, divorce granted.
Raymond Presnell versus E. L.'
Beshears, Ed Beshears and Wil
ton Beshears, plaintiff recovers
$300. J
Gaddy Motor company verous
J. D. Yale and L. G. Watkins,
trading as Northwestern Motor
company, plaintiff recovers
Richard B. Day by next friend,
Richard P. Day, versus Paul E.
Hollo way, plaintiff recovers fl,
Banner Roller Mills versus I
Minton's Grocery, plaintiff re-|
covers $228.55.
Clay Church versus Paul War
ren, plaintiff to recover $100.
Coy Raymer versus Pauline'
Johnson Raymer, divorce grant-j
Wilkes Girl h
State Finals Of
Speaking Contest
Newton, May 17.—State finals
in the public speaking contest
sponsored by the Knights of
Pythias lodges of North Carolina
will be held in Hickory Munici
pal auditorium Thursday night at
8 o'clock.
Everett Huggins of Hickory is j
in charge of the arrangements
and Catawba Lodge 54 of this
city will be host.
Preliminary contests have been
held by various lodges over the
Lincolnton, North Wilkesboro,
and Canton will - be represented
in the contest, and Judge S. M.
Roper of Lincolnton, supreme
lodge representative and chair
man of the youth commission,
will preside.
Miss Janie Church, of Millers
Creek, was the Wilkes winner
and will represent North Wilkes
boro in the state contest.
The Judges will be members
of the Lenoir Rhyne college fac
The grand domain of North
Carolina is giving a first prize of
$100, second prize of $50, and
third prize of $25. The winner of
the Hickory meeting will be sent
to Birmingham, Ala., to compete
(in the regional contest—the win
ner of which will be eligible to
compete for national contests
honors. Hn the national contest
the first prize will be $1,000.
— o
Dog Vaccinator To
Be At Glass' Store
A. J. Brown^ dog vaccinator,'
will be at Glass' store east of
Wilkesboro Saturday, eight a. m.,
to six p. m., for the purpose of
vaccinating dogs against rabies.
planned to give you a laugh long 1
to remember, Is the Gypsy Rose
Lee relay race where men don
.women's clothes and race across
,the field, many more side split
ting events are planned.
^ The donkeys are well trained
having played in over a thousand
•towns throughout the country
and will arrive on the day of the
■igame. The donkeys may be train
ed but the riders aren't. There's
where the fan comes in. It's a
great show. Dont miss it.
Claimed By Death
Rites Held For
Jay H. Johnson
HereOn Monday
An impressive funeral service
was held Monday afternoon at
the First Baptist church for Jay
H. Johnson, 57, prominent local
business man who died Saturday
afternoon. ,
Dr. John T. Wayland, pastor,
conducted the funeral service of
Mr. Johnson, who for several
years had been a member of the
board of deacons of the First
Baptist church. Burial was in
Greenwood cemetery.
Rev. Sloan Guy, of Wadesboro,
sang "Crossing The Bar," and
following the benediction sang
""The Lord's Prayer," by Mal
lott. Miss L/ois Scroggs was or
Pall bearers were Palmer Hor
ton, Robert Brame, Dr. R. P.1
Casey, W. J. Caroon, James M.i
Anderson, J. H. Whicker, Sr.,'
Murphy Hunt, J. B. Williams,]
Willfcm F. Absher.
Numerous and beautiful floral
tributes were fitting tokens of
esteem and respect for Mr. John
Among those from out of town
here to attend the funeral serv-l
ice were the following: Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
James Hughey, of Statesville;
Mrs. J. F. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
.Douglas Angel, Mr. and Mrs.
James F. Johnson, Jr., and Char
lie Casey, of Winston-Salem;
Mrs. L. G. Johnson, Miss Ruby
Johnson, Miss Dorothy Johnsou,
of Jennings; Mr. and Mrs. Frank
L. Smith, of Alexandria, Va.;
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hutchens and
Mrs. Melvin Swann, of Linthi
cum Heights, Md.; Richard G.
Waugh, of St. Petersburg, Flor
ida; Mrs. H. L. Cromartie, Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Cromartie, Jr.,
of Clinton; Henry Waugh, of Ra
leigh; Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bed-/
dingfield, Miss Barbara Bedding
field, of Millbrook; Mr. and Mrs.
Preston C. Stringfield, of Mars
Hill; Mrs. Phillip Oates, of Ruth
erfordton; H. H. Lemly, Mr.
and Mrs. Glen Moretz and Rufus
Bledsoe, of Fleetwood.
'You Can't Take It
With You' 2 Nights
, The Little Theatre will present
••You Can't Take It With You,"
a popular Broadway play, at the
North Wilkesboro school audi
torium Friday and Saturday
nights, May 20 and 21.
This play promises to be one
.of the best stage attractions ever
produced in this section of the
Directed by Mrs. Richard Pin
ley the cast members are Mrs.
Charles Ziliak, Miss Grace Frank
Kilby, Miss Lucille Casey, Mack
Kerley, John Cashion, R. B.
Stewart, Dean Ferguson, Hlght
Dotson, Miss Mary Lena Colvard,
Andy Shook, Roland Potter, Ivey
Moore, Miss Norma Stevenson, 1L
N. Wooten, Mrs. J. T. Baity,
George Wells, William Carrigan,
Bucky Horton, Mrs. Phil Forest
Roost Beef Supper
There will be a roast beef sup
per at the Mulberry community
house Saturday night, May 21st,
from 6:00 to 8:00 p. m. Price per
plate will be $1.00 and half
plates will be served for children
nnder 12. Proceeds of the sap
per will go to Baptist Home
building fund and the public is
cordially Invited.
Cancer Fund
Drive Plans
- >
Made Here
The Wilkes County Chapter of
the American Cancer Society
had an organization meeting
Monday evening at the Chamber
of Commerce.
W. C. Grier, chairman for
Wilkes county, opened t h •
meeting and Dr. John T. Way
land led in prayer. ,Mr. Greer
then proceeded to outline, brief
ly the work of the American Can
cer Society. He announced that
the quota for Wilkes county is
feet for $2,000.00 and expressed
the thought that this goal should
be easily arrived at because of
the worthiness of the cause.
Dr. G. T. Mitchell then ex
plained to the group the purpose
of the cancer detection clinic to
be set up in the courthouse in
Wilkesboro. The clinic is to open
on May 24th and is for the sole
purpose of detecting cancer. Any
person may be given an exami
nation and if a condition is found
to exist that indicates cancer
that patient will be referred to
his own family physician for
treatment ^>r in the case where
an individual Jias no family doc
tor he will be referred to a treat
ment and diagnostic center,
There will be no charge made ^
for any service at the cafacer clin
ic and the doctors of Wilkes
county. Each w^k four doctors
dule of honrs voluntary on the
part of physicians of Wilkea
counyt. Each week four doctors
will volunteer their services and
it is planned that each doctor
will devote two hours to the clin
Dr. John T. Wayland, cam
paign manager, then proceeded
to outline a program for the cam
paign. He announced that pro
ceeds of the campaign would be
divided as follows: 40 per cent
of the proceeds would remain in
ttrr wranty; 20 per cent wanta
ge) to the state chapter and the
remaining 40 per cent would go
to the American Cancer Society.
Dr. Wayland further * explained
that none of the proceeds from
this campaign would go toward
setting up the clinic because the
state society has provided these
funds but all of the proceeds
would be used for the treatment
of cancer after detection of the
disease had been made at the
clinic. »
Five committees were set up
to begin functioning immediate
ly. They are Coin Boxes and
Posters Committee, Letter Com
mittee, Canvass of Business Con
cerns Committee, Special Gifts
Committee, and a Publicity Com
A calf which is now 15 weeks
old fyas been raised since it was
two weeks old in the window of
the Wilkes Farm Center will be
auctioned off at 3:30 p» m. on
Saturday, May 28th. The entire
proceeds of this auction sale
will be donated to the Cancer
Drive by the Wilkes Farm Cent
er. It is hoped that the results
of this sale will add materially
to the drive.
J. R. Hix was appointed in
charge Of the committee to con
tact all professional men and
women in the county for special
gifts. The Junior Woman's Club
of North Wilkesboro will contact
clubs and the businesses of North
Wilkesboro. The town of Wilkes
boro will be in charge of the
Wilkesboro Business and Profes
sional Men's club. Schools will
be in charge of Prof. J. F. Wood
Organizations represented at
the meeting were: Jaycees, North
Wilkesboro Woman's Club, Ki
wanis Club, Optimists Club, Li
ons Club, Wilkesboro Woman.'s
Club, Home Demonstration
Clubs, Chamber of Commerce,
P.-T. A., County Schools, Amerft
can Legion, County Nurse, Wil-*,
kesboro Business and Profession-*
al Men's Club,- Wilkes Health
Department, V. F. W., County
, Agent, Welfare Department, Jun
ior Woman's Club and the
| Wilkes-Alleghany Counties Medi
cal Society. S
. O — I
Advent Christian
Service On Sunday >
An Advent ; Christian service
I will be held Sunday afternoon,
three o'clock,^ at Wilkesboro
Presbyterian church. Rev. Mr.
Mr. Pope will deliver the mes
sage and the public has a most
cordial invitation to attend.
Betwm that Book to Hw IAmy.

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