Wilkeaboro has a radius of GO milea, serving 1*0,000 people in Northwestern Carolina. \ THE JOURNAL-PATRIOT "== The Journal-Patriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the "State of Wilkes" For Over 43 Years Vol. 44, No. 14 • ' Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C., Thursday, June 2, 1949 Make North Wilkesboro Your Shopping Center i _ _ Polls Will Own Saturday, 6:30 In All Precincts Wilkes Schools and Roads Would Benefit Greatly From Passage Ii | People of North Carolina will go to the polls Saturday, Jane 14, in a special election to vote on two questions, whether or not the state shall issue $200, 1000,000 in bonds for secondary roads, and whether or not the state shall issue $25,000,000 for school buildings. In this special election there is no special registration, and all citizens registered to vote in any general election may rote in their respective precincts. C. J_ Jones, chairman of the Wilkes board of elections, said the polls will open at 6:30 a. m. and close at 6:80 p. m. at all precincts. Regular election offici als will conduct the election. At tention is called to the fact that all North Wilkesboro township will vote at the North Wilkes boro town hall. The division of the township into three precincts will not go into effect until next primary election. Because of the great benefits provided, Wilkes people are ex pected to vote preponderantly in favor of the road and school bond issues. If the road bond ls Isue is approved in the election I in the state, $3,066,000 will be earmarked by law to be spent on roads in Wilkes, mainly for rur al roads. The state school bond issue, if passed, will set aside $301,400 for Wilkes school build ings. Added to the $250,000 in state funds already appropriated, this amount would make a to tal of $551,400 in state funds for badly needed school buildings and additions in Wilkee county. Honor War Dead In Memorial Day Service May 30 Large Crowd Gathers For Impressive Service At Mt. Lawn Cemetery ▲t an impressive Memorial Day service held at Mount Lawn Cemetery on Monday evening Wilkes county citizens honored the memory of those who gave their lire® in the service of their country and in so doing gave their last full measure of devo tion. < The service opened with the North Wilkesboro band playing "Dawn Patrol" followed by Sol dier's Tribute by Major R'. W. Forehand. Dr. Gilbert Combs led in prayer and the Memorial Day Address was given by Rev. Watt Cooper. j A firing squad composed of r Members of. Battery C, ll^th FA, | NCNG fired three volleys in sa lute to the dead and taps was blown by a bugler of the North Wilkesboro high school band. Battery "C" 112th field ar tillery marched in formation in gjto the cemetery and a guards •4kan was posted at each grave of a departed serviceman. Major Forehand announced there were . fifteen such graves in Mount Lawn Cemetery. The Battery provided a color guard for the National Colors as well as the post colors of the American Legion and the Veter ans of Foreign Wars. Major Forehand, who was in charge of the program; announc ed it is hoped that an even more extensive program can be ar ranged in years to come. An estimated audience of 1500 was present as the service start ed promptly at five o'clock. Organisations sponsoring the Memorial Day Exercise were: battery "C", llith field artil lery, North Carolina National Guard, Veterans o f Foreign Wars, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Spanish A merlcan War Veterans, North Wilkesboro High School Band, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Ameri can Legion Auxiliary, Veterans o f Foreign Wars Auxiliary, Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of the American Rev olution, Churches o f Wilkes county. Radio station WKBC, _£he Journal - Patriot, Wilkes "ounty schools, Reins-Sturdivint Funeral Home, City Council and, Board of Commissioners of North J Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro and! Wilkes county, and the police j department^ of North Wilkes-' boro, Wilkesboro, Wilkes coun ty and the State Highway Patrol. Banks Here Buy Hospital Note For 1% Interest Bond anticipation note sold by the town of North Wilkesboro in the amount of $50,000 for the proposed Wilkes General Hos pital was purchased by the Bank of North Wilkesboro and the Northwestern Bank in North Wil-i kesboro at the interest rate of one per cent, W. E. Easterling, secretary of the Local Govern ment Commission of North Car olina, reported. - Other bidders quoted interest rates of 1.45 per cent and 1.488 per cent, all of which were low and are evidence of the splendid credit rating of the town of North Wilkesboro. The $50,090 bond anticipation note was issued by the town to finance architectural work for the 100-bed hospital to be erect ed here. In a special election ths town voted to issue a maximum of $275,000 as the city's part of the cost of a hospital to cost ap proximately $1,200,000. Revival Services U At Millers Creek j Will Begin Sunday Revival services will begin at Millers Creek Methodist church •jpith the eleven o'clock service stfnday, June 5. Services will continue through the week at eight p. m. Rev. Jack Caudill will do the pr—ching. The public la cordial ly Invited to all —irta—. j *1 American Legion Baseball Schedule is Published Today American Legion junior baseball schedule for the North Wllkesboao Junior team will open Monday. The first game will be Monday night against Marion hoe. Tour attention is called to the full schedule of the team as published on the first page of the second section of this newspaper. Fans are asked to clip and save a copy of the schedule and plan to attend all home games. June Session Of Superior Court To Open June 6 Judge Pleas To Preside; Criminal Cases Will Be Tried Two Weeks Jane term of Wilkes superior court will convene Monday, June 6, with Judge J. Will Pless, Jr , of Marion, presiding. The two-weeks term will be for trial of criminal cases but there will be no grand jury. Cas es continued from previous terms and other actions in which a grand jury is not required will be tried. Following are jurors for the court: First Week R. L. Souther, Lovelace; J. M. Mathis, Edwards; S. A. For ester, Rock Creek; J. L. John ston, North Wilkesboro; N. W. Prevette, Somers; James Con Parsons, Reddles River; C. C. Wellborn, Edwards; M. J. Mc Neill, Moravian Falls; Mrs. L. S. Lowe, North Wilkesboro; C. M. Call, Wilkesboro; B. R. Wiles and J. E. Hincher, Rock Creek; Arthur Lowe, North Wilkesboro; Theodore Baugusa, Traphill; Willard Davis, Reddles River; J. N. Gentry, Traphill; Tyre Pru itt, Edwards; R. B. Laxton, Boomer; Alvin E. Moore, Brushy Mountain; Percy Felts, and B. C. i Gilliam, Edwards; C. C. Caudill, Mulberry; B. H. White, Elk; J. W. Mayberry, Walnut Grove; Glenn Roten, Union; J. B. Tom linson, North Wlkesboro; D. C. Miller, Mulberry; C. G. Shumate, Mulberry; B. C. Roope, North Wilkesboro; Bascon Triplett, Elk; Garr Cleary, Rock Creek; Claude J. Miller, North Wilkes boro; O. F. Robinson, R'eddies River; M. O. Faw, Stanton; J. H. White, Edwards. Second Week Arnie Cox, Elk; S. C. Jarvis, Somers; V. Watkins, Reddles River; J. G. Waters, Elk; Gentry Crane, Jobs Cabin; W. M. Brooks, North Wilkesboro; Bar ney Sparks, Moravian Falls; Vic tor Hayes, North Wilkesboro; T. A. Stanley, Edwards; Paul Hol brook, North Wilkesboro; Miles Couch, Edwards; Vernon Key, Mulberry; M. E. Kerley, North Wilkesboro; Edd R. Edsel, Mo ravian Falls; Lester Shoun, Stan ton; Amos Martin, New Castle; Edward Darnell, Edwards; Hamp Huffman, Lewis Fork; G. W. Prevette, Edwards; Spencer Mc-j Grady, Mulberry; G. C. Owens, Mulberry; Allie Lovette, Reddles River; Paul Gregory, Lovelace; Clarence Painter, Mulberry; S. C. Johnson, Edwards; T. S. My ers, Walnut Grove; Edgar Cart er, . Edwards; J. F. Johnson, Traphill;( George P. Johnson, Wilkesboro; McKinley Ledbet ter, Edwards; Elmer G. Hol brook, Walnut Grove; Walter Stone, North Wilkesboro; W. A. Bumgarner, Reddles River; H. Sam Holbtook, Traphill; Con D. ■ Wyatt and A. N. Dancy, Union. Gaddy Motor Co. To Be Closed June 4 For Big Jamboree I Chevrolet dealers of North and ! South Carolina will have a big ; jamhoree Saturday, June 4, at I the Charlotte fairgrounds in celebration of a successful sales, parts and service campaign dur ing the months of March and April. _ Gaddy Motor company, along with alj other Chevrolet dealers in the Carolinas, will be closed all day Saturday, June 4, and the entire organization will at tend the jamboree in Charlotte.* o • 24 Examined la Cancer Detection CenterMonday Splendid Cooperation Ex tended In Conducting Center Each Tuesday Twenty-four people were exam ined Tuesday morning in the sec ond weekly cancer detection cen ter session established at Wilkes boro for northwestern North Carolina counties. Dr. Mildred Schram, director of the division of cancer control for the State Board of Health, stated that the number examined Tuesday morning was a very favorable turnout and indica tions were that the center will serve well in this part of the state. , All over 40 years of age and all under 40 who have any symp toms of cancer are invited to be examined without cost in the center. Registration is each Tuesday morning, 9:15 until 10:30, in the cancer center quar ters in the Wilkes county court house. ' Physicians of the Wilkes-Alle ghany Medical Society donate their services to staff the center. Nurse aides, receptionists and clerical help is through volunteer; services by ladies of local organ izations. This part of the work is sponsored by the Junior Wom an's Club. The center is not confined to people of Wilkes, but may be used by any who can reach the center. Those living 25 miles or more from the center may secure appointment 'by writing Mrs. C. M. Williams, secretary of the center, in Wilkesboro. Maurice E. Walsh Named Postnaster North Wilkesboro Maurice E. Walsh, acting post master at North Wilkesboro since August 31, 1946, is now post master by virtue of senate con firmation of his appointment yesterday. Postmaster Walsh took over duties as postmaster following resignation of J. C. Reins. Dur ing the 80th congress he was recommended for the appoint ment by Representative C. B Deane and appointed by Presi dent Truman. But his appoint ment, along with many others, was held up by the senate until the present session of congress. Mr. Walsh's appointment was again sent to the senate last week and received approval of the senate Wednesday. Supply Potatoes As Livestock Feed Not Now Available According to * telegram re ceired from G. T. Scott, State PMA Director, the present sup ply of Irish potatoes released tor livestock feed Is exhausted. Therefore, the County AAA of fice can not receive further ord ers for this commodity. Sermon Sunday Evening Finals High School Here Dr. Benjamin O. Chllds, of Duke University, will deliver the baccalaureate sermon of the North Wilkesboro high school commencement Sunday, June 5, eight o'clock, in a service to be held in the First Baptist church. It will be a union service, with other churches of the city joining together for the baccalaureate address. Rev. Watt M. Cooper, First Presbyterian pastor, will lead the invocation and scripture reading will be by Dr. John T. Wayland, First Baptist pastor. Dr. Gilbert R. Combs,*" First Methodist pastor, will present th« speaker. The high school glee club will sing an anthem, "Trust In Him." Graduation exercises will be held Thursday night, June 9, when diplomas will be presented to a large class of graduates. Seniors will present the gradu ation program. Music Recital On Saturday Night Mrs. J. G. Gambill will pre sent her piano pupils in recital Saturday, Jane 4, eight p. m., 1ft the North Wilkesboro high school auditorium. The public la cor dially iqylted to a^end. Lt. C. 1 Funeral Sunday Funeral service will be held Sunday, two p.'m., at Maple Grove church for Lieutenant Clarence E. Blevins. Lt. Blevins, who was stationed in England with the army air corps during World War II, was killed In a flight over Germany January 11, 1944. His body will arrive here Friday. Surviving Lt. Blevins are his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Blevins, and one brother, Raymond Blevins, of Hays. Rev. £>. L. Blevins, Rev. Hil lary Blevins and Rev. Roy Frank lin will conduct the funeral serv ice. Burial will be in Mountain View cemetery. SAMPLE BALLOT Official Special Election Battet INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTER 1. To vote FOR any bond issue submitted below, make a cross mark or check mark in the square to the left of the word FOR. 2. To vote AGAINST any bond issue submitted below, make a cross mark or check mark in the square to the left of the word AGAINST. ^ 1 TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS STATE OP NORTH CAROLINA SECONDARY ROAD BONDS. I FOR the Issuance of Two Hundred Million Dollars State of North Carolina Secondary Road Bonds. |"~1 AGAINST the Issuance of Two Hundred Million Dol lars State of North Carolina Secondary Road Bonds. 2 TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS SCHOOL PLANT CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR BONDS. [~] FOR the Issuance of Twenty-Five Million Dollars School Plant Construction and Repair Bonds. Q AGAINST the Issuance of Twenty-Five Million Dol lars School Plant Construction and Repair Bonds. - / Special Election Juse 4, 1940. HUBERT E. OLIVE, Chairman State Board of Elections. BENTLEY BLANKS ELKIN FOR 5TH STRAIGHT FLASHER WIN Radford Here Friday, Top Place Wytheville To Be Here On Sunday Lee Bentley, Pores Knob youth, held Elkin Blanketeers to two weak singles here last night as the Flashers blanked the El kin taatm 6 to 0. p Le» struck out 11 and didn't walk a man in turning in a mas terful performance. In two in nings he struck out the side" in order. He pitched to only 29 batters, two more than for a per fect game. A no-hitter was in sight until Patterson poked one between first and second in the seventh. Rademacher blooped a weak single into short right in the 9 th but was cut down on a double play. The Flashers got to Lefty Jer ry Marquis in the fourth after three hitlesa innings. Winkel spect was on by error, stole sec ond and was singled home by Shores. Daddino tripled Shores home and Arnold Davis drove one •into the centerfield bleachers for his second homer here this week. Fielding gem for the night was Winkelspect's running stab of a fast ground ball through the middle and his perfect play on six chances during the game. Last night's victory left the Flashers tied with Mt. Airy two games hack of Wytheville in first place. Tbe shutout of Elkin was the fifth straight victory for the North Wilkeeboro team in four days. ^ Tonight the Flashers go to El kin. Radford will be here Friday, night and on Sunday afternoon the 'Flashers will entertain the top-ranking Wytheville States men in Memorial Park here— game time 2:30. Rev. Dean Minton To preach Sunday At Oakwoods Church Rev. Dean Minton will preach Sunday, June 5, 11 a. m., at Oak woods Baptist church. Rev. Mr. Minton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Minton, of North Wilkesboro, has completed studies at Mars Hill and will enter Wake Forest college in the fall of this year. He is becoming well known for his work among Baptist churches and is an able speaker. The public is cordially invited to the service. WWWWHHHWWMWHWWWWWWWWVWWWWWWWWWMWHHWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWtWI FERGUSON VS. LEWIS IN HEADLINER BOUT SATURDAY NIGHT IN WILKESBORO Paul "Country" Ferguson, left, will fight Bobby Lewis, right, of R i c h mond, Va„ in the ten-round feature of the boxing event at Wi lkesboro gymnasium Satur day night, June 4, 8 o'clock. Fergu son, Wilkes na tive, has fought 400 fights, won 360, lost 20 and tied 20 during his brilliant career In the ring. Lewis is a tall, rangy fight er,' smooth work ing boxer and clev er as they come. He has a-good left jab, left hook and right cross, a clas-* sy boxer with plen ty of punch. He has 100 fights on his record, with 90 . I wins, 6 losses and | 2 draws. His fight | victims have in cluded Wade Alli son, Earl Hamil ton, Jack Wade, Bobby Huffman, Tom Brown and others. The event will be sponsored by the Wilketjpsoro Men's Club for benefit of the Wll | k e»b oro h1ch school band. ttrtfov: Taylor Is Commencement Speaker On Friday Lieut. Governor H. P. (Pat) Taylor, of Wadesboro, one of the state's best known speakers, will deliver the commencement ad dress at Wilkesboro high school finals Friday, June 3, eight p. m. in the school auditorium. The program will open with processional, followed by invoca tion by Rev. W. N. Brookshire. The high school glee club will sing "Ours Is the World." Law rence Miller, member of the Wilkesboro schopl board, will present the speaker. Following the address the glee club will sing "I Passed By Your Window." Principal Zeb V. K. Dickson will present the class and diplomas will be awarded by Wm. T. Long, district supervis ory principal. The graduating class has 36 members as follows: Bonnie Jean Bouchelle, Mary Ruth Brock, Nellie Jean Bullis, Dare Bumgarner, Pansy Mate Chambers, Frances Louise Clark, Mary Sue Gamble, Esther Ruth Hayes, Mable Ennis Hendren, Grace Martha Holder, Bertha Mae Johnson, Menda Magdalene Johnson, Nancy Lee Johnson, Betty Ruth Lankford, Toby Lou ise Mathis, Violet Elizabeth Min ton, Betty Ruth Morrison, Ella Louise Saunders, Mildred Gail Souther, Joanne Elizabeth Vaught, Betty Lou Walker, By num Bitting Banner, Jr., Roland L. Bouchelle, Jr., Paul Edward Combs, S. C. Davis, Jr., Roy E. Glass, Jack William Groce, Davie Lee Johnson, Halen Dale MathiS, James Arthur Miller, Jr., James M. Pardue, William Edsel Park er', Raymond Harrison Parks, Connie Allen Robinson, William Franklin Whittington, Norman Williams. Harold Snyder At Penney Convention Harold Snyder, manager of the J. C. Penney company store in North Wilkesboro, attended a convention of Penney managers held laat week in Philadelphia. Principal business of the conven tion was the showing of fall clothing, which Mr. Snyder said will feature improved construc tion and high quality materials.

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