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Wilkesboro lias a
g radius of 50 miles,
serving 1^0,000 people is
Northwestern Carolina.
The Journal-Patriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the "State of Wilkes" For Over 43 Years
Wilkes district Boy and Girl
Scouts organization have a
program worthy of your at
tention and support.
Vol. 44, No. 19 Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH WILKESB0R0, N. C., Monday, June 20, 1949 _ Make North WUkesboro Your ShoDDina Center
1 _ -. ■
To effect a cure in Pulmonary Tuberculosis, the infected lung must be given
a chance to 'Vest." This is accomplished by collapsing the lung by building up the
air pressure inside the chest cavity. In the above picture, Dr. George Verdone,
local physician, is preparing to insert t he pneumothorax needle through which
inftsfofyfynto the patient's chest from the instruct shown at the
left of the picture. The lower picture shows one ward in the Wilkes Tubercu
losis Sanatorium, which is rendering an increasingly valuable service as a public
health institution in Wilkes county.—(Photos by Link's Studio).
J. M. Tucker, 84.
Lost- Rites Today
- J. M. Tucker, 84, farmer and
businessman of Laurel, died yes
terday morning at the home of
his son, James Tucker of Salis
bury, after a long illness.
He is survived by a daughter,
Mrs. D. B. Long of Roanoke,
Ala.; two sons, James Tucker of
Salisbury and Dr. W. A. Tuckor
of Auburn, N. Y.; seven grand
children and one great-grand
Funeral services were at 3 p.
m^ftoday at Transou., Methodist
pCnursh in Ashe County.
Marriage. License
During the past week license
to wed were issued by Wilkes
Register of Deeds Troy C. Fos
ter to the following: Banner
Barl Barker, West Jefferson,
and Ruth Campbell, Lansing;
William Sherrill Vanhoy, Cycle,
and Blanche PardUe, Yadkin
ville; Austin Paul Hayes, Thur
mond, and Mary Ruth Joines,
Traphill; J. K. Tharpe and Lillie
Bradley, both of Ronda; Iran
Foster and June Cook, both of
Purlear; James A. Jackson, Fay
ettville, and Mary Johnston, j
North Wilkesboro; Irvia M.
Parsons, Obids, and Elle Mae
Grogan, Todd. > • .
Exhibition Games
In County League
Wilkes County Baseball League
exhibition play got tinder way
.here Saturday night with Fair
plains eking out a 9 to 8 victory
over Walsh's Lumber company
nine. Walsh's took a big lead in
the third with seven runs but
Fairplains capitalized on walks j
and well placed hits to overcome
_^the lead and win in the eighth,
••azler and Gant formed the
fwfnnlng battery, with Davis hurl-|
ing for Walsh's.
Tonight Millers Creek and
Boomer are scheduled for an ex
Mbltion tilt.
rw. C. Williams, directing for
Wllkee Junior Chamber of Com
merce, said today that a sche
dule of games for the six-team
circuit will begin Saturday night.
About 60 per cent of American
farms have motor cars, while
lees than 50 per cent have tele
North Wilkesboro is one of
three teams fighting for the
elusive and hard to hold lead in
the Blue Ridge league, with
anj^ of the six teams capable of
hitting a winning streak and
going to the top in a few days.
Today Mount Airy holds top
place with North Wilkesboro
only one - half game behind.
Yesterday the Flashers bumped
Mount Airy with a 7 to
5 victory here and Elkin subdued
Wytheville 16 to 6. Galax and
Elkin are definitely improved
teams and, with Radford, will
be crowding on the heels of the
top three teams.
Here Sunday afternoon the
bill game was as hot as the
weather as both clubs seemingly
went all out for the important
victory. Leslie Rhoades started
on the mound for the Flashers
and through six innings had al
lowed only two of the scratchiest
kind of hits. But the first three
men In the seventh singled and
Rhoades was relieved by Lee
Bentl«y, who walked in one run
and allowed one single for two
more. In the eighth he was
touched for two singles and a
walk and was relieved by Ralph
Cunningham, who recently came
to this club from Hickory. The
rangy right hander blazed away
with his fast balls to fan Mills
to close the eighth and struck
out two in the ninth. Akins popp
ed to Cunningham to close the
In the second frame Cooper
and Stanley singled, Cooper was
forced ont and Stanley scored am
Leslie Rhoades' first single. In
the third Pescitelli walked, stole
second and ended the play by
scoring when two Mt. Airy
throws in the infield were wide.
The Flashers big inning was the
sixth when four hits accounted
for three runs. Gardner, Mt. Airy
pitcher, was thumbed out of the
g&me by the umpires and Mt.
Airy lodged a protest for the
Tonight North Wilkesboro will
play Mt. Airy a twin bill at Mt.
Airy. Tuesday night Wytheville
will play here. On Wednesday
North Wilkesboro will play at
Radford In what may be a double
header, and a double header Is
due here against Radford Thurs
day night.
The standing today:
Club W L Pet.
Mount Airy 27 22 .551
North Wilkesboro 26 22 .542
Wytheville 27 23 .540
Radford 24 24 .500
Galax 22 27 .449
Elkin 20 28 .417
Lose Long Game
The Flashers here Friday
night dropped a long and well
played game 6 to 3 to Galax in
14 innings. Frank Fazio, of New
Brighton, Pa., made his first
mound appearance here and was
touched for only two hits in over
five innings, but eight walks
walks proved his downfall as he
walked in the tieing run in the
sixth. Bob Thompson, the small
right hander with plenty of stuff,
pitched through the 14th, with
Galax's three winning runs In
the last frame pouring in when
Cooper dropped a long fly In
left center with the bases loaded.
Galax scored two runs in the
first frame and the Flashers
came back in their half of the
first to tie the count on triples
by Davis and Stanley and singles
by Shores and Daddlno, all after
two were out. In the fifth Pesci
telli singled and was batted in
by Davis, who was tied with Stan
ley with hitting honors with
three each. M&sinich hurled a
masterfur game for Galax after
the barrage of Flasher hits in
the first inning.
Lose To Galax Again
At Galax Saturday night the
Leafs had^sn their hitting clothes
as they battered Worth Cuth
bertson for 13 hits to win 12
to 3. Sid Weinbach hurled for
Galax and cosated with a com
fortable lead * after the third
frame. Shores and Daddino led
the Flashers in hitting with two
Johnson Reunion
To Be Held July 31
The family, relatives and
friends of the late Sidney L.
Johnson are lnylted to attend an
all-day reunion at the old home
place in the Walnut Grove Com
munity on July 3. There will be
a picnic dinner and Rev. T. E.
Blevins has been asked to
Many Cases Tried In June Term Court
. -- *
Court Completes
Work With Trial
Criminal Cases
Court Adjourned Thursday
Afternoon; Pless Is Pre
siding Jurist
Wilkes superior court for trial
o f criminal cases adjourned
Thursday afternoon after trying
a large number of cases, most of
which had been continued from
previous terms.
Judge J. Will Pless, Jr., of
Marion, presided • over the two
weeks court, which left but few
cases on the criminal court dock
et of Wilkes county.
A suspended sentence of two
years and heavy fines were met
ed out to Estel Hayes on a num
ber of charges. On the second of
fense for driving drunk he drew
a 12 months suspended suspend
ed on payment of $200 fine and
costs, with driver license revok
ed two years. For his third of
fense of driving while intoxicat
ed t he received two years su
spended on payment $300 fine
and costs, with license revoked
five years. Hayes was also fined
$25 and costs for driving with
out license. Prayer for judgment
was continued with payment of
costs in two cases for violation
of the Blot machine law.
•Robert Hayes for assault with
deadly weapon drew a sentence
of 12 to 18 months, but gave no
tice of appeal to the supreme
For second offense of driving
while intoxicated P. W. Wingler
drew a 12 months sentence su
spended on payment $225 fine
and costs, with driver license re
voked three years.
Don Brown, larceny and re
ceiving, 12 to 18 months su
spended and placed on probation
four years.
Oliver Hvjston Absher, viola
tion motor vehicle laws and re
sisting arrest, verdict of not
Quincy (Sonny) Brown, as
sault, six months suspended on
payment of costs and $100 for
benefit of Ford Bauguss.
Mason H. McKnight, forcible
trespass, to pay costs.
Earl Speaks, assault with
deadly weapon, $25 fine and
Ooy Shepherd, housebreaking
and larceny and receiving, two
months suspended on payment
$100 fine and costs.
N. T. Steelman and Grothie
Wagoner, fornication and adul
try; Steelman, 12 months su
spended on payment $300 and
costs; Wagoner, two years su
Vern Ester, assault on female,
18 to 24 months on roads. Notice
of appeal was given.
Jim Church, larceny, prayer
for judgment continued.
Albert Hawkins, assault with
deadly weapon, 15 to 24 months.
Notice of appeal Was given.
J. D. McLean, operating car
while intoxicated, six months su
spended on payment of $100 fine
and costs. Due to physical con
dition, defendant ordered not to
drive for five years.
Rufus Havenor, violation pro
hibition law and slot machine
law. Two years suspended on
payment $100 fine and costs.
Tal Barnette, operating car
while intoxicated, six months at
county home.
Raymond Dawson, statutory
rape and non-support. Prayer for
judgment continued on charge
of statutory rape; on non-sup
port charge Dawson was given
12 months suspended on condi
tion he pay 60 per cent of earn
ing for first year for hospital
bills and support of child, and
must pay $20 weekly thereafter.
Truman Hall, assault with
deadly weapon and resisting ar
rest; on assault charge two
years suspended on payment
$500 fine and costs; for resist
ing arrest, two years suspended
five years.
Glenn Absher, assault, 30
Wilkesboro Town
Asks That Chickens
Be Kept Confined
J. R. Henderson, Wilkesboro
town clerk, stated today that
several complaints have been
lodged by Wilkesboro residents
relative to chickens running
loose and damaging gardens.
Town authorities ask that1 all
chickens in the town be kept
confined so that no damage will
Fire Department
Answers Two Calls
North Wilkesboro fire depart
ment here answered two calls
during the latter part of the
On Friday night a call was an
swered to Sixth street, where an
automobile was on fire. On Sat
urday afternoon the fire 'depart
ment answered a call to extin
guish an auto blaze on Forester
Avenue. Damage was slight in
both fires.
V.F.W. Members
Will Lay Floor
In New Building
S. L. Whitaker, chairman of the
Building committee of Blue Ridge
Mountain post 1142, Veterans of
Foreign Wars announced today
the new building is ready for the
sub-floor. He requested all mem
bers of the post who can help lay
the sub-floor to be present at the
building on Tuesday evening. It is
hoped that flood lights can be put
up so that work can continue af
ter dark. Work will continu i on the
floor until it is finished and mem
bers are urged to be present also
• If tfae floow^w ^lrtihwn through
the voluntary wor! of members of
the post a considerable savings
can be effected.
There will be a regular meet
ing of Blue Ridge Mountain post
1142, Veterans of Foreign Wars
at the post headquarters on
Thursday, June 23rd.
Commander Williams announc
ed there will be important busi
ness matters to come before the
post and requested all members
to be present.
The building committee is go
ing to present a few suggested
changes in the new building and
fpr that reason a large attend
ance at this meeting is desirable.
Maxie Ferree Is
New Member Bar
Attorney Ferree Associated
Wiffi John R. Jones In
Law Practice
Maxie Ferree, formerly of
Winston-Salem, is a new mem
ber of the Wilkes Bar Associ
The young attorney, who will
be associated in law practice
here in the office of John R.
Jones, was sworn in and admit
ted to the bar in Wilkes court
last week before Judge J. Will
Pless, Jr.
Attorney Ferree is a graduate
of Duke University and Duke law
school. He and his wife are now
making their home here.
I o —————
'Calvin Tayloiy74#
Claimed By Death
Funeral service was held Sun
day at Rock Springs church for
Calvin Taylor, 74-year-old resi
dent of the MoGrady community
who died Thursday. Burial was
In Taylor cemetery. Rev. Watson
Bryant conducted the last rites
Mr. Taylor was a member of
j a well known Wilkes family. He
j is survived by four brothers: F.
[p. Taylor, of McGrady; Lee Tay
, lor, of Pocahontas, Va.; J. G.
Taylor, of McGrady; George Tay
lor, of Idaho.
Wilkes chapter of the Eastern
Star will meet Thursday, 7:30
p. m., for an important meeting
and all members are asked to be
present, announcement1 today by
Mrs. Emma Hinshaw, W. M., and
Mrs. Lorene Webber, secretary,
Center On Tuesday
Mcrning At 9:30
Many Being Examined At
Weekly Clinics; Open to
White and Colored
Weekly session of the Cancer
Detection Center for northwest
ern North Carolina will be held
Tuesday morning at the cancer
detection center quarters in the
Wilkes courthouse.
Last week the cancer center
had more patients registered
than could be examined, and a
number were carried over to
this week, but those in charge
are encouraging all who feel in
need of such examination to re
port on any Tuesday morning
and all will be reached as early
as possible. Those who live over
25 miles from Wilkesboro may
secure appointment by writing
Mrs. C. Monroe Williams, secre
tary, at Wilkesboro.
Attention has been called to
the fact that the center is open
to colored people as well
white. To date only two colored
people have registered at the
Free examination for cancer is
given at the center by volunteer
members of the Wilkes-Allegh
any Medical Society, and patients
with cancer symptoms are refer
red to their family physicians
or the cancer diagno^ic center
at Winston-Salem.
Wilkes Becomes
Tree Conscious
The citizcns of Wilkes county
are becoming more and more
tree conscious with each passing
yeaF. At least that is what Coun
ty Forest Warden Arlie Poster
thinks. According to informa
tion he has recently received
from District Forester F. H. Led
better of Lenoir, N. C., more
people have planted seedlings
and more timber owners have
had foresters mark their timber
for cutting this year than ever
The State Department of Con
servation and Development's
Forestry Division has been given
the go ahead signal for large
scale in-the-woods help to wood
landowners. The past General
Assembly has made it possible
for them to increase their staff
to 37 trained foresters through
out the State. Fifteen of these
foresters will work in the woods
100 per cent of their time, and
the other 22 will divide their
time between fire control and
forest management.
County Warden Foster says,
"It is my Job, not only to fight
forest fires and try to prevent!
them, but to help these foresters
when they are marking trees In
the farmers' woodland. I urge
all timber owners, to see me be
fore they sell their timber, so
we can have a forester's advice
on what is the best thing to do.
With the shortage of good lum
ber and the high prices of all
building materials, it Is the duty
of all of us who own timber to
see to it that none of it is wast
ed, either through fire or bad
cutting practices."
Eller Family To
Have A Reunion
Reunion of the Eller family,
always a largely attended event
in northwestern North Carolina,
will be held on Sunday, June 27,
at Boiling Springs Baptist church
13 miles west of this city.
E. R. Eller, of North Wilkes
boro, chairman of the Eller fam
ily association, stated that a
most interesting program is be
ing arranged for the all-day
event, Including picnic dinner at
All members of the Eller fam
ily and their friends are Invited
to enjoy the day together.
A mountain site at Glorietta,
New Mexico, has been chosen by
Southern Baptists for a "west
ern" assembly grounds. When
developed, the encampment will
compare with the Southern Bap
tist Assembly at Rldgecrest,
North Carolina, established in
Support the Y. M. C. A
'aul Ed Church Is
Assistant Farm Agent
Named In Alleghany
Sparta. — Paul E. Church,
forth Wilkesboro, has been
tamed assistant farm agent- for
Uleghany County. He took over
its new duties last week.
He was educated at State Col
ege in Raleigh, where he major
id in animal husbandry.
He was chairman of the Live
stock Day committee, treasurer
)f the animal husbandry club,
ind was a member of a livestock
ludging team which went to
Chicago last year.
Cornerstone Of
Moravian Falls
Church Is Laid
• ■
Impressive Service Held At
New Church Building
Sunday Afternoon
Cornerstone of the new church
buildjng under construction for
Moravian Falls Baptist church
was laid in an impressive service
Sunday afternoon.
The service, which was well
attended by members of the con
gregation and visitors, was open
ed by the pastor, Rev. Dean
Minton. Following a song, prayer
was led by Rev. J. Earl Pearson,
Brushy Mountain Baptist Asso
ciational Missionary, and respon
sive reading.
After scripture reading by the
pastor, Dr. John T. Wayland,
pastor of the First Baptist
church in North Wilkesboro, de
livered the message for the serv
ice, which waB well received -by
the congregation.
Placed in the cornerstone were
a Bible, a history of the church,
the church roll, a list of church
officers, a copy of the program
for the cornerstone laying, news
paper clippings relative to the
new building, and a copy of The
Journal-Patriot carrying a n
nouncement of the cornerstone
laying service. These articles
were placed in the cornerstone
by Mrs. Bernipe Greer, assistant
church clerk, and~ the corner
stone was laid by Irving Eller.
Prayer of dedication by the pas
tor closed the service.
Thomas C. Bryan
Delivers Address
On 'Father's Day'
"Dads and Lads" was the top
ic of a Father's Day address de
livered before the North Wilkes
boro Kiwanis club Friday noon by
Rev. Thomas C. Bryan, of Win
ston-Salem. The program was in
charge of John T. Cashion, who
presented the speaker.
Program chairman John Gash
ion introduced Rev. Thomas C.
Bryan, of Winston-Salem, who
addressed the Club in a very
charming way on the subject,
"Dads and Lads." Mr. Bryan em
phasized the Father-Son relation
ship. He citnd from history, both
Biblical and profane the illus
trations bearing out this thought.
His argument was on the theme,
"Our Duty to Our Lads"; He
says it is three fold; 1, good
breeding; 2', good feeding; 3,
good leading. He quoted fre
quently from great writers' ex
pressions of beauty, charm and
pathos to clinch his arguments.
His speech was timely, well giv
en and appreciated.
Prior to the program Jv B.
Williams read to the club a note
of appreciation from Miss June
Royal, of Wilkesboro, a polio
victim who has been aided by
the club in providing transpor
bation to school.
Guests Friday were as follows:
L. M. Nelson, Jr., with L. M.
Nelson; R. H. McNiel with C. O.
McNiel; J. E. Justice, III, with
J. E. Justice, II; Frank Dresser
with W. E. Jones; John Glbbs
and John Gambill with Robert
Young Boys To Ploy
Double Header Here
The Bast Side Kids will play
a double header at Memorial
Park here Wednesday, June 23,
starting at 1:30 p. m. The first
gam^ -will be with Millers Creek.
Fairplains will furnish the oppo
sition in the second game.
2 Per Cent Discount
On County, City Tox
Pre-payment of 1949 taxes is
now being accepted by Wilkes
county and the towns of North
Wilkesboro -and Wllkesboro as
the law provides.
A discount of two per cent is
allowed on oounty and town
taxes paid on or before July 1.

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