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^Nortti Wilkesboro tias a
^^adirg radius of 50 miles,
serving I'M) ,000 people in
Northwestern Carolina.
The Journal-Patriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the "State of Wilkes" For Over 43 Years
Vol. 43, No. 53 Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH W1LKESBORO, N. C., Monday, October 17, 1949 Make North Wiikesboro Your Shopping Center
here Thursday during the Farmers' Day celebration
and a view of a small portion of the vast crowd which
enjoyed the parade. The unit in the foreground was a
covered wagon entered by J. S. Pardue. Pat Williams
and his beagles and John Peden are on the second
wagon. The middle picture shows the entrants of
Wilkes high school seniors in the contest for beauty
queen. Left to right are Miss Georgia Lou Benfield, of
Mountain View; Miss Bonita Reinhardt, Millers Creek;
Miss Barbara Alexander, Roaring River; Miss Agnes
Reynolds, North Wilkesboro (queen); Miss Wardie
W -ite, Ronda; Miss Dorothy Billings, Traphill; Miss
Jane Pennell, Wilkesboro. The lower photo shows Miss
Agnes Reynolds, who was crowned high school beauty
queen.?(Photos by Lenderman and Sturdivant).
One of the largest crowds ever
Lo gather in northwestern North
Carolina thoroughly enjoyed the
rourth annual Farmers' Day cele
bration here Thursday, which
was promoted and staged by the
Trade- Promotion committee of
the Wilkes Chamber of Com
Roby R. Church, Farmers'
Day chairman, at the close of
the event issued a statement in
which he extended the commit
tee's thanks for the fine coope
ration and united effort of ail
who participated in any way. "At
least 500 people were involved
in staging the event, and ohr
hanks go to all of them," Chair
nan Church said.
Mills Home of Thomasvllle A pass from Byrd to Triplatt
brought a scrappy eleven to Me- was 6?od for a score. Trial for
mortal Park Friday night for an ,vtra Point failed. Then a pass
... . _ .. from Byrd to Harold Dancy ac
ef^f,lm6K counted for another tonchdown.
of Wllkesboro high, but the light, the placement kick by Trlplett
scrappy team was no match for beIng good after thi% one To end
Coach Red Hoffman s. team and the 8COrin& for the second period,
they had little difficulty in rack- Nichols ran 75 yar<j8 for bj8 flrgt
lng np a 46 to 0 victory. touchdown of the game. Score at
The Ramblers' victory was the end of the first half: Wilkes
paced by Ray Trlplett, fleet Wil- boro 33, Mills Home 0.
kesboro left halfback, who scored During the second half, Coach
two touchdowns, added four Hoffman was able to try out new
Eints from placement kicks, offense and defense plays and
d made numerous Ions ri?-*s alternated his first and second
daring the game. Ray also did teams. Triplett went across from
X?ome excellent punting. It was the 10-yard marker for a third
Attasde Nichols, however, who period score, but his placement
made the longest tonchdown gal- kick was blocked. In the fourth
\op of the game. Claude got a- period Nichols scored, and this
']pgy for 75 yards. j time the placement kick was
In the first quarter, Dan Lin- good. Final score: Wllkesboro 46,
oey ran over the first touch- Mills Home 0.
down, and Triplett added the ex- J Parker and Fine were out
tra point from placement. Dean standing for Mills Home, but the
Edwards took a pass from Bill visiting team simply didn't have
Byjk and racked up the second ^ the offensive to come anywhere
"%f4&down. Trtplett's placement J near scoriae. * :
kick was bb>cked. The soore at Lineups and summary:,
the end ot the first quarter was: j Pos. Wllkesboro Mills Home
Wllkesboro It, Mills Home 0.' t LE?Edwards Broome
Rambler scoring spree LT?Eller ... Brackett
~ in the second period. \ See RAMBLERS, Page 4
The day's program began with
the biggest parade ever put on
in this community. Forming in
Wilkesboro, the parade was en
joyed by people who lined the
streets in both towns.
Following the parade the
crowd assembled at Yadkin Val
ley Motor company's used car lot,
where Tom Jenrette conducted a
program of contests and prizes.
From about 10,000 tickets names
were drawn for awarding of num
erous prizes given by merchants
of the Wilkesboros, and prizes
were given those who participat
ed in the amusing contests con
ducted on a stage placed in the
The afternoon program for
Farmers' Day this year was
highly entertaining and was the
best in the history of the Fardl
ers' Day event.
From a stage on Ninth street
near the corner of Ninth and
Main the Blue Ridge Ramblers
started things off with mountain
Roby Church presided and the
feature of the early part of the
program was the presentation of
forestry awards by L. Y. Ballen
tine, North Carolina Commission
er of Agriculture. He was pre
sented to the cheering throng by
W. K. Sturdivant, chairman of
the Agricultural committee.
Commissioner Ballentine high
ly commended the splendid co
operation between agriculture,
business and industry which was
so well shown by the staging of
Farmers' Day here on such a
big scale.
Commenting on economic con
ditions, Commissioner Ballentine
said that farmers are deserving
the prices being paid for their
products and that farmers are
not to blame for the high prizes
being paid by consumers.
Recently the Chamber of Com
merce sponsored a timber thin
ning project among high school
boys in the county, which is one
of several agricultural projects
sponsored by the chamber to pro
See FARMEK8' DAT, Page 4
Junior Woman's
Club Members to
Be Waitresses Day
Young Ladies To Serve At
Carolina Thursday; Club
Gets Tips
Interest heightens this week
as young matrons from the Jun
ior Woman's Club, representing
the two Wilkesboros, prepare to
leave their own kitchens on
Thursday and transfer their tal
ents to the Carolina Restaurant.
Serving luncheon and dinner
and collecting the tips thereof,
the new waitresses will wear
their own cotton dresses and
apronsi?lending a homelike at
mosphere to an otherwise busi
ness-like establishment.
Reaction to the occasion,
though mixed, is optimistic from
all sides. Mrs. Oliver Absher,
president of the Junior Woman's
club, feels that the interest
shown by the clubwomen, partici
pants and outsiders is gratifying.
"Although this is a completelj
new idea," she says, "the re
sponse has been most favorable."
The waitresses themselves
have expressed a willingness tc
help their club, as well as cur
iosity to see how they will stack
up with the professionals.
Mrs. James Ford and Mrs
CharleB Ziliak, who plan to serve
at the mid-day meal, declare they
are bringing their families tc
dinner and jeer at the night
Mrs. Mary Moore Hix, who will
give valuable assistance in the
kitchen, says doing K. P. will be
a "peck of fun." "I'm personal
ly looking forward to working
with Miss Hedrick and Mr. Swan
son," she adds.
"I'm- real excited to see how
this will turn out," declares Mrs.
Bill Marlow. It is going to be dif
ficult to serve paying guests,
though, she says. "I just fling it
at them at home."
Mrs. C. Monroe Williams and
Mrs. Ralph Frazier take a differ
ent viewpoint. They be?ere serv
ing at the restaurant will be eas
ier than at hom?- Mrs. Williams
feels relieved that she won't have
to cook the fooid, and Mrs. Fra
zier says that absolutely nothing
is equal to serving two boys and
a husband at home. They both
are anticipating a lot of fun and
are glad to help with this Jun
ior Woman's club project.
Mrs. Ralph Buchan, another
"home-product waitress", says
she is looking forward to the oc
casion and expresses a curiosity
as to how the patrons will react
to the service.
Only Thursday will disclose
how the diners will receive the
new waitresses, but all indica
tions show that they should have
nothing to worry about, since
most of the club members have
had plenty of practice at home.
Mr. S. H. Swanson, owner of the
Carolina Restaurant, plans to
issue a word of warning, how
ever, with a sign, "Eat At Your
Own Risk."
On hand will be several wait
resses regularly employed by the
restaurant to dine and watch the
amateurs go through their paces.
One waitress admits she plans to
make them hustle by constantly
demanding water and coffee re
A word to the menfolks?
make your tips generous, gentle
men, or you will hear from the
little woman when you get home.
Art Classes
Mrs. W. S. Fletcher, of Pur
lear, announces the opening '-f
irt classes, including oil and wat
ir colors, decorating, plaques,
ligurines, trays, lampshad s,
uncheon cloths and other art
work. All interested are asked
:o call hlrs. Fletcher, telephone
lumber 37-F-20.
Support the Scouts
Boy Scout Board
Of Review Meeting
The Boy Scout Board of Re
view will meet Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock in the educa-.
tional building of the First Pres
byterian church. All members
are urged to be present, and es
pecially all Boy Scouts who wish
P.-T. A. Will Talk
Consolidation Two
Hi Schools Here
The North. Wilkesboro P.-T. A.
will meet Thursday evening, Oc
tober 20, at 7:30 in the high
school auditorium. W. H. McElwee
and Paul Osborne are in charge
of the program, and will present
advantages and disadvantages of
the consolidation of the Wilkes
boro and North Wilkesboro High
Schools, and will open the meet
ing to a panel discussion. This is
an idea-that is being brought to
the minds of the people of both
towns, and one that interests all
parents, teachers and friends of
the two schools. It is hoped that
there will be good attendance, and
that everyone will feel free to
voice his or her opinion about
the proposed thought.
Plans are under way for the
Halloween carnival to be held at
the North Wilkesboro School
Monday evening, October 31. The
P.-T. A. sponsors this project each
year, and appreciates the coopera
tion of the public in making it
successful. The contest for choos
ing the popularity king and queen
has already begun in the individ
ual rooms in the school and much
interest is being taken. Watch for
further details as to the full pro
gram. Attend P.-T. A. Thursday
Baseball Meeting
Thursday Nighl
Baseball fans and all other
who wish to keep baseball ii
North Wllkesboro are urgentl;
requested to attend a publh
meeting to be held Thursda;
night, October 20, 7:30 o'clock
at the North Wilkesboro towi
Larry Moore, business man
ager of the North Wilkesborc
club, said the meeting is bein*
called to make plans for nex
year, and to devise ways ant
means of meeting the present fi
nancial deficit and to assure tht
future of professional basebal
Baseball fans who enjoy th<
game, and all others who believi
that professional baseball is ai
asset to the community and coun
ty are cordially invited to tht
meeting. This baseball meetinj
is for all the people of this com
munity and county, men and la
dies, and a large attendance ma;
do much to assure that basebal
will continue here. -
During the past season tht
club suffered heavily from ad
verse weather conditions. Man;
of the crucial games which woulc
have been most largely attendee
were rained out. The club suffer
ed financial loss from twice as
many rained out games as could
be normally expected during the
season. Also, in midseason the
club went into a slump whicf
was reflected in declining gate
receipts for that perie>d.
Stockholders and directors ir
meeting Thursday night here
were given a report of the year's
operations and the decision was
reached to call the meeting for
Thursday night of this week.
Harvest Sale At
Boomer On Friday
A harvest sale for benefit of
Zion Hill Baptist church will be
held Friday evening, seven o'
clock, at Boomer school. Many
valuable items will be sold and
the public is cordially invited.
Ramblers Vs. Elkin Here; Lions At
Statesville; Millers Creek Herel
Wilkesboro high school
Ramblers play one of their
strongest opponents of the sea
son Friday night in Memorial
Park at eight o'clock when
the Bnckin' Elks of Elkin come
here for a gridiron engage
ment. The Buckin' Elks will
be ont for revenge as the
Ramblers handed them their
only defeat of the 1048 season
at EHkin, the score being 88
to 14. A large crowd is expect
ed to witness the contest which
is expected to be a thriller.
The Mountain lions of North
Wilkesboro high school go to
Statesville to play the Grey
hounds of that city Friday
night, eight o'clock. It Is ex
pected that the lions will be
"up" for the Statesville con
test and they will be out to
win, the game being h South
Piedmont contest.
Millers Creek will play Gove
Creek in Memorial Park here
Thursday night, eight o'clock.
This should be one of kBSM
Creek's best games this season.
A. T. Lolt Died
Sunday Morning,
Funeral Tuesday
A. Teagle Lott, 44, for many
years a well known business man
here, died Sunday morning at
Mercy hospital in Charlotte. He
had been ill for the past year.
Mr. Lott was born and reared
in Gainesville, Ga. Coming to
North Wilkesboro in 1926, he was
for a number of years engaged ?
in the lumber business in this.1
community and was affiliated [
with other business enterprises. |
Surviving Mr. Lott are his wife,
Mrs. Kathryn Absher Lott, who is 1
manager of the North Carolina!
Employment Service distict office
here, and one daughter, Miss Ann 4
Lott, of North Wilkesboro. Also'
surviving are his mother, Mrs.
Lena Lott, of Gainesville, Ga., and
four sisters: Mrs. Dora Whitmire,'
Gainesville, Ga.; Mrs. J. J. Lott,
Braselton, Ga.; Mrs. Isadore Mi-1
chaelson, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs.
Ted Mays, Meridian, Miss.
.Funeral service will be held
"fuesday, three P. M., at the home
in this city and burial will be in
Greenwood cemetery.
Changes Made In
Engineer Staff
Highway Division
A number of changes in the
engineering staff of the 8th
highway division have been an
nounced at the division office
here by J. C. Walker, division
Charles G. Ashby, who had
formerly been district engineer
lor the second district of division
1, is transferring to the division
engineer as office engineer. The
nove was made to have an ex
eerienced field man as office en
gineer. In the capacity of office
engineer Mr. Ashby replaces Joe
Windsor, who is transferring j
jack to the construction depart
nent, where he may resume his
raining in that field.
J. Frank Bivins is replacing
dr. Ashby as district engineer in
Slkin and will have charge of
he second district, which is
comprised of Alleghany, Surry,
Wilkes and Yadkin counties.
The changes, Mr. Walker said,
vill give him and J. B. Council
in opportunity to spend more of
heir time in the field, and se
:ure the most efficient setup for
he division.
D.A.V. Meeting
Tuesday Night
A regular meeting of Wilkes
Jounty Chapter No* 33, Disabled
American Veterans will convene
it eight o'clock, Tuesday night,
)ctober 18, 1949. All members are
irged to be present. All members
vho have not received their mem
>ership cards are uged to be pres
mt so that the cards may bp pre
lented to them. Other business
vill be discussed.
R. E. Walters
Taken By Death,
Funeral Tuesday
Former Postmaster and One
Time Philippine Govern
or Died Saturday
Rudolph E. Walters, 75, former
North Wilkesboro postmaster and
for many years a prominent
northwestern North Carolina citi
zen, died late Satuday night in
the veterans hospital at Swanan
noa, following an illness of sev
eral weeks.
Born and reared in the Dockery
community of Wilkes county, he
was a son of the late Paris and
Winona Walters. His long and
varied career began in the army
during the Spanish-American
War. During and following that
war he served in the Philippines.
He returned here and later went
back to the Philippines, where he
was a high official in the police
department of the city of Manila
for some time and later was gov
ernor of the province of Mindanoa
in the Philippines, where much
progress in, early civilization of
the island was made under his
During World War I he served
in the array with rank of captain.
Later he returned to" North
Wilkesboro, where he was post
master from 1928 until 1933. In
recent years he held a position
at the S. V. Tomlinson wholesale
store here.
Mr. Walters made his home
here until several months ago,
when he went to Winston-Salem
to reside with his daughter, Mrs.
Jim Kilby.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Daisy Marlow Walters; one
daughter, Mrs. Kilby, of Winston
Salem; and two sons, Reginald
Walters, of ^Winston-Salem, and
Percy Walters, of Durham. Also
surviving is one brother, E. G.
Walters, of Oxford, Pa.
Funeral service will be held
lere Tuesday afternoon, two
j'clock, at the First Baptist
shurch and burial will be in the
Baptist cemetery. The body will
arrive at Reins-Sturidvant funeral
home here late today.
Mountain View All
Stars To Meet On
Thursday Night
All who are interested in or
ganizing an all star basketball
earn at Mountain View are ask
sd to meet at Mountain View
gymnasium Thursday night, Oc
;ober 20, seven o'clock.
Wilkesboro F.F.A.
Officers Elected
The Future Farmers of Amer
ica of Wilkesboro high school
met and elected officers for the
school year 1949-1950 Wednes
day and the following officers
were chosen: Robert Ritchie,
president; Marvin Ashley, vice
president; secretary, Bill Cau
dill; treasurer, Bobby Teve
paugh; reporter, Archie Combs;
and sentinel, R. V. Williams.
Buckin' Elks of Elkin high dis
layed too much power and speed
Friday night and defeated North
Wilkesboro 27 to 0 in a game
that was a splendid contest
hrough the first half.
A hard charging line and two
powerful backs were too much
for the lighter but game Moun
ain Lions as Elkin rolled to one
touchdown near the end of the
first half, added another in the i
third period and two in the
The North Wilkesboro lads ap
peared to be in for a bad night
when Elkin received and with
regular single wing plays march
ed all the way to the one-yard
ine, where they lost the ball on
;hird down on a fumble. At that
point the Mountain Lions dis
played some fine offensive work
jnd picked up three first downs
to near midfield, where the
Irive bogged.
Early in the second period El
kin marched again, this time los
ing the ball on a fumble near
the 20-yard line. After an ex
change of kicks Elkin received a
break when a North tVilkesboro
back fumbled a punt on the 12
and Elkin recovered. Nance's
pass for Elkin was good and the
Elkn went over from the two
with Bldrldge scoring. His kick
hit the cross bar and the score
at half time was 0-0.
Jim Moore and the principal
ground gainer for North Wilkes
boro in the first half and was
able to get through Elkin's line
for a number of gains, but the
Lions' offensive did not click
with sufficient regularity.
Early in the third period Tran
seau ran through both teams SI
yards to score. North Wilkes
boro again gave Blkin a break
when a bad pass from center
was fumbled and the Lions were
unable to punt on their own 40.
This led to Elkin's third touch
down, which Transeau scored on
a 29-yard reverse. Eldridge scor
ed from the 15 for Elkin's final
marker, which was set up by a
The lineups:
Pos. N. Wilkesboro Elkin
LEJ?Hudson Osborne
LT?Gaddy T. James
LG?Forester ? Harris
C ?Stoker Crater
RG?Cox Travis
RT?Soots B. Jama^
RE?York ? Roberts
QB?Swofford ! Nance
LH?Moore Transou
RH?Gillian Waggoner
RF?Pardue ? Eldridge
Score by periods:
N. Wilkesboro 0 0 0 0? 0
Elkin 0 6 7 14?2T
Scoring touchdowns: Transou
2, Eldridge 2. Points after touch
downs: Eldridge 3.
North Wilkesboro substitutes
were Harrold, Shook, Pearson,
Powers, Eller, Day.
The Mountain Lions will play
at Statesville Friday night.

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