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^N&rth Wilkesboro has a
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serving 1 "0,000 people Id
Northwestern Carolina.
The Journal-Patriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the "State of Wilkes" For Over 43 Years
Stmmffiiem 7<fc
vbi. 43, No. 55 Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH W1LKESBORO, N. CM Monday, October 24,1949 Make North WUkesboro Your Shopping Center
North Wilkesboro Parent-Teach
er Association held a very 1
fall meeting in the school auditor- 1
ium Thursday night, and with
good attendance. "Hie organisation
is a very active one, and one that
is growing rapidly, not only in j
number, but in interest of the
welfare of youth. The chairman
of the membership committee re
ported 734 members so far this
year. Mrs. Ivey Moore made a re
port on the plans and committees '
for the Hallowe'en carnival to be
held October 31.
The program?a discussion of
the proposed super high school,
? proved to be of much interest and
brought about a great deal of en- 1
usiasm of those present. \W. H.
cElwee opened the way for j
discussion by first listing sev
eral factors into which this sub
ject lends itself; namely, the cost
and type of building, the location
of t)4 building, the time element
of building, the legal status
(whether a special charter dis- 1
trict or not), the curriculum, and |
transportation of children.
Tom Jenette pointed out some
advantages of the consolidation,
such as, a hotter athletic program, (
better physical education and
health program, a more diversi
fied program in occupational
training for pupils and night
school for adults, and a broader
Paul Osborne spoke of the fi
nancing, suggesting that the ,
money the Wilkesboro and North '
Wilkesboro schools would get as
a result of the recent state bond
election, amounting to approxi
mately $120,000, be pooled as a
starting fund for the building. He
urged that it should be begun at
once while this money was avail
able because it might be far in
the future before it could start j
again. The question of location1
was discussed, three sites being'
suggested?the Doughton proper- j
ty, the County Home property,
and Smoot Park.
Also discussed were the cost,
transportation of children, and
grades the building would house.
The local P.-T. A. voted to go
on record as supporting the con-'
solidation of the two schools. 1
Hospital Births
Since October 4 the following
births were recorded at the
Wilkes hospital: son, Donald
Harold, October 4 to Mr. and
-^?Mrs. Richard Simon, of Washing
ton, D. C.; son, Kenneth Lee.
October 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Lester Gentry, of Hafs; son,
Edmon Virgie, October 4 to Mr.
and Mrs. Jonah Amos Porter, of
Oakwoods; daughter, Linda Lu
cille, October 4 to Mr. and Mrs.
William Marcus Johnson, of Mo
#-ravian Palls; daughter, Patricia
Ann, October 5 to Mr. and Mrs."
William Stacy Wood, of Halls
Mills; daughter, Donna Re, Oc
tober 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
Clifton Hall, of Roaring River.
Daughter, Jo Anne. October p
to Mr. and Mrs. James Earl
Bumgarner, of Millers Creek;
#Sm on October 6 to Mr. and Mrs.!
Millard Victory Nelson, of Crick
et; -son, Thomas Stanley, October
5 to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Edsel
Stanley; son, Robert Newman,
October 6 to Mr. and Mrs. T. C.
Miller, of North Wilkesbore;
daughter, Clara Jane, October 6
to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bluford
Adkins, of Purlear; daughter.
Mary Ruth, October 7 to Mr. and
Mrs. Isadore Harold Kolodny, of
North Wilkesboro; son, Kenneth
Reece, October 7 to Mr. and Mrs.
Wilton Reece Laxton, of Roaring
Daughter, Regina Kay, Octob
er 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Varnie
Richardson, of North Wilkes
boro; son, Robert Wayne, Octob
er 11 to Mr. and Mrs. Jamc-s
Harvey Shepherd, of Reddles
River; daughter, Linda Ann, Oc
p. tober 11 to Mr. and Mrs. James
Robert Wood, of North Wilkes
boro route one; daughter, Zena
Mae, October 11 to Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Lee Snyder, of Wilkes
boro route one; son, David Reece,
October 13 to Mr. "and Mrs. Reece
Odell Wiles, of Hays; daughter,
Barbara Ann, October 12 to Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Lewis Lucas, of
Wilkesboro route one; daughter,
Audrey Faye, October 14 to Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey Lee Johnson,
of Roaring River.
Son, Thomas Marion Nichols,
Jr., October 14 to Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Marion Nichols, of Pur
lear; son, October 16 to Mr. and
Mrs. Claude Elledge Billings, of
fr Hays; daughter, Margaret Ann,
October 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Abe Minton, of Wilkesboro route
one; son, Ricky Marvin. October
16 to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Calvin
Dameron, of Wilkesboro; daugh
ter. Patricia Madge, October 16
to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Leftwich
Vernon, of North Wilkesboro;
daughter on October 17 to Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Dancy, of Vannoy.
Daughter on October 19 to
Mr. and Mrs. Numa Wingler, of
North Wilkesboro route one;
daughter, Margaret Viona, Oc
tober 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Julius
? Franklin Byers, of Wilkesboro
route one; daughter, Sylvia Di
t ane. October 18 to Mr. and Mrs.
D. B. Chapman, of Taylorsville
4? route one; son, Danny Lee, Oc
tober 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Warner
jfc G. Harding Broyhill, of North
?^Wilkesboro; daughter, Barbara
Gale, October 18 to Mr. and Mrs.
Willard Presley Wiles, of Dock
ery; daughter, Sandra Gail, Oc
tober 18 to Mr. and Mrs. James
Ktfe Wood, of North Wilkesboro
+ two.
Tractors are used on only 2 to
S per cent of the cultivated land
in Portugal.
Return From Europe
Mrs. Fred M. Wyatt and son,
Richard, recently returned
home after spending two years
in Wiesbaden, Germany, with
Capt. Wyatt, who Is stationed
with the IT. S. Air Force. Capt.
Wyatt expects to join them
first of the year. At present
they are staying with Mrs. Wy
att's father, W. M. Holder, at
Hays. While in Europe the
family toured France, Italy,
Switzerland, Ijuxembourg, Hol
land, Belgium, Austria, Eng
land and Scotland.
Valuable Property -
At Auction Oct. 29
Fifty highly desirable homesites
will be sold at auction Saturday,
October 29, when Williams and
Clark Land Auction company put
on a sale at Cricket.
The property is located directly
behind Cricket postoffice, front
ing on the Congo road and ad
joining the Crysel farm. It has
been sub-divided into homesites
by the owner ,M. C. Woodie, and
new streets have been constructed.
A $50 will be given at the
sale, whic will begin promptly at
1:30 p" m. P. E. Dancy is selling
agent for the sale.
Baseball Meeting
On Thursday Night
Meeting of baseball fans
and others interested in keep
ing baseball in this community
set for Thursday night of last
week was continued until
Thursday night of this week,
7: SO, at the North Wilkesboro
town hall.
The future of baseball here
is at stake and all who are in
terested in the game as a fan
or who consider baseball a
great asset to the community
are invited and urged to at
tend. Further details are con
tained in an article on page 7
of this newspaper.
Football Game At
Lenoir, October 26
The junior varsity teams of
Lenolr-Rhyne and Appalachian
college will play a football game
at the high school athletic field
in Lenoir Wednesday night, Oc
tober 26th, at eight o'clock. The
srame is being sponsored by the
Lenoir Lions club.
Business Club To
Meet Tomorrow night
The Wilkesboro Business and
Professional Men's club will meet
tomorrow night at seven o'clock
at the community house. Presi
dent William Gray urges all
nembers to be present.
Optimist Club
Meets Tomorrow
The Optimist Club of North
Wilkesboro will meet tomorrow
at noon at Hotel Wilkes. All
members are mrged to be pres
Last year hospital patient at
tendance at Red Cross movie
showings totalled 1,738,000.
Invest in America's Future Leaders
I . . ........ . ? ? ...???mWWW?VtVWMVWVW\W?*mWVV
Here is a view of the Mobile X-Ray unit which was used here in the reqent
survey to screen industrial employes "for tuberculosis. ' A total of 1,500 employes
of local plants were X-Rayed by the unit and any suspicious findings will be giv
en further study and additional X-Rays. The move was financed by employers
and instigated by the Wilkes Chapter of the Tuberculosis Association, which is
contemplating the purchase of a unit t-> X-Ray the entire population in this area.
District Governor
Tells Home Club
About Lions Work
Paul Cashion, governor of
district 31A of Lions Interna
tional, told the North Wilkes
boro club Friday about work of
Lions clubs in his district.
The district governor, who
was elected to that high post in
Lionism at the state convention
last year, has been a very busy
official and has visited and od
served the clubs through his dis
trict in western North Carolina.
On Friday evening he reported
to his home Ifclub many of fei*
interesting experiences and told
of what is being accomplished by
the thriving civic organization.
Jack Swofford and Thurmond
Kenerly were in charge of the
The Lions club Friday evening
welcomed one new member, T.
V. Hackney, who is connected
with Clevenger College of Bus
iness Administration here. Mr.
Hackney was installed as a mem
ber by Larry Moore. S"
Rev. R. L. Young, First Meth
odist pastor here, was a guest of
Richard Johnston. In Waynes
ville Rev. Mr. Young was a mem
ber of the Lions club. Quincy Ad
ams was a guest of Paul Greene
and James Buchan was guest of
Glenn Andrews.
Junior O. U. A. M. will meet
Tuesday night, October 25th, at
7:30. All members are urged to
be at the hall for special meeting
and degree work.
Hallowe'en Festival
At Moravian Falls
The members of the Moravian
i^alls Baptist church will spon
or a Hallowe'en Festival at the
Community House on Saturday
svening, October 29, beginning
it 5:30. Hot dogs, hamburgers,
)ies, and drinks will be sold.
There will be fun and entertain
nent for old and young. The
cing and queen of Hallowe'en
vill be crowned. Make your plans |
low to be there and have a par*
n the eating and playing. The
iroceeds will go to the Church
mildlng fund.
Special Program
Wednesday Night
A program for the Week of
Prayer and Self Denial, given by
the members of the Woman's
Society of Christian Service, will
be presented at the mid-week
jervice of the North Wilkesboro
First Methodist church on Wed
nesday evening, October 26, this
program to take the place of the
regular prayer service. All mem
bers of the Society are urged to
be present, also other people of
the church.
The offering, to be taken, will
be divided equally between pro
jects at home, Maynard-Mac
Dougall Hospital, Nome, Alaska,
and Wesley House, Knoxville,
Tenn.; and the projects abroad
are two colleges in Japan; four
social centers in Korea, and a
dormitory and social work in
Manila, P. I.
; o
The "Irish" potato is not Irish
at all but is a native American
The Wilkes District Scout Com
mittee, Old Hickory Council, Boy
Scouts of America met in regular
session Tuesday night, October J8,
at the Duke Power Co. Office and
laid plans for a stronger program
of scouting in the Wilkes District.
The attendance was almost per
fect with all important commit
tees reporting increased planned
activities in all phases of scout
ing. J. B. Carter reported for the
Advancement Committee and an
nounced that the Board of Re
view would meet on Thursday
night, October 20. The announce
ment of the next Court of Honor
will be made in the near future.
Ivey Moore in reporting for the
Camping and Activities com
mittee told of the success of the
recent Scout Rally held at the
North Wilkesboro Gymnasium and
school ground.
An important announcement of
a forthcoming Scout Training
Course for present and new scout
ers was made by J. Floyd (Wood
ward of the Training and Leader
ship Committee. The course was
scheduled for three meetings a
week for the two consecutive
weeks beginning Monday, Octo
ber 31. The meetings are tenta
tively scheduled in the scout room
of the _ Methodist Educational
Building. All persons willing to
give of their time and energy to
promote the welfare of boys in the
scouting movement are invited and
urged to register with Mr. Wood
ward for this course.
The report of most immediat?
importance was given by Jo<
Barber of the Finance Commit
tee. He and other members of his
committee announced complete
plants for the annual District Fi
nance Campaign. This will occui
on Tuesday following a breakfasl
at the Carolina Restaurant at 8:11
A. M. Volunteer canvassers will
call on Wilkes citizens in the twc
towns and the county to con
tribute to the Wilkes District
quota of the Old Hickory Council
Budget. W. K. Sturdivant in an
nouncing preliminary results oi
the advance gifts campaign stress
ed the fact that all citizens con
tacted must give generously ii
the quota is to be met.
Glenn Andrews reported for the
Organization and Extension Com
mittee and announced the forth
coming organization of a scoul
troop at Mulberry. The need for s
Cub Master for the Cub Pack was
Gordon Finley in making the
Commissioner's report stated thai
the annual Scout Roll Call hac
been made and was a success.
Those present at the meeting
were: Rol>ert Gibbs, Joe Barber
Sam Vickery, W. K. Sturdivant
T. E. Story, Harvell Howell
Robin N. /Wooten, Bill Prevette
Gordon Finley, J. B. Carter, Shour
Kerbaugh, Gilbert Foster, J. Floyd
Woodward, T. L. White, Ivej
Moore, Lewis M. Nelson, Glenn
Andrews, and J. D. Edwards.
Training Scouts
For Better Citizens
(An Editorial)
Tomorrow an opportun
ity will be given to all the
friends of boys in this com
munity to express their
faith in the future manhood
and womanhood of this
country when they are ap-l
proached by solicitors for
the annual Finance Cam
paign for the Boy and Girl
Scouts in this Council. Not
every person has the time
to devote to the Scouting
movement as a scoutmaster
or a leader of the Girl
Scouts. We all can, how
ever, devote some of our
resources to the promotion
of these two movements
aimed at making better citi
zens of tomorrow of our
boys and girls of today.
So, when the solicitor ap
proaches you tomorrow,
loosen up your purse strings
and help in the way that we
all can help, by backing our
boys and girls in their scout
ing propram with our dol
lars. Dollars can't buy good
citizens, but money spent in
the development of them
will never be wasted.
Methodist Pastor
"Rev. J. R. Bowman recent*
ly assumed his duties as pastor
of the Millers Creek, Charity,
Friendship and Arbor Grove
Methodist church in Wilkes
county. Rev. Mr. Bowman was
born and reared at Marion
and has been in the Metho
dist conference 17 years. Rev.
and Mrs. Bowman are residing
at the parsonage near Friend
ship church.
Demonstrations On
Corn Yields Set
By J. P. CHOPLIN, County Agent
In order that the farmers may
get acquainted with checking their
corn yields the following demon
stration shave been arranged:
October 24?Monday, 9r30 a. m.,
Orvil Johnson, Rt. 1, North
Wilkesboro, Alex Wyatt Farm;
2:00 p. m., R. Q. Nichols, Purlear,
two miles East Purlear Grocery.
October 25?Tuesday, 9:30 a?
~n., T. J. McNeil, Roaring River;
2:00 p. m., James Cockerham,
Ronda, near Cockerham's Store.
October 26?Wednesday, 9:30 a.
m., L. B. Dula, Jr., Wilkesboro, 5
miles JVest, Wilkesboro on Hwy.
October 28?Friday, 9:30 a. m.,
Marvin Johnson, Hays, near Oak
ridge Church; 2:00 p. m., L J.
Broyhill, Boomer, on Lenoir
Highway. -
October 31?Monday, 9:30 a. m.,
Theodore Fairchild, Purlear, neaT
Champion; 2:00 p. m., Odell Whit
tington, Reddies River.
Anyone is invited to attend
these demonstrations.
Tuesday, Nov. 1?9:30 a. m..
Bruce Billings, at Dockery; 2:00
p. m., P. V. Turner's, Wilkesboro
?oute one.
Wednesday. Nov. 2. 9:30 a.
m., L. P. Somers at Somers Cross
roads ; 2:00 p. m., C. G. Par
due's at Traphill.
Funeral and burial services
were conducted yesterday after
noon at St. Paul's Episcopal
church in Wilkesboro by Rev. B.
M. Lackey for Mrs. Bowie Clark
who died Friday night at the
hospital in Banner Elk. Mrs.
Clark had been in ill health for
the past several years.
The deceased was the daugh
ter of the late Dr. and Mrs.
James Calloway and a sister of
the late Mrs. Annie Calloway
) Hubbard, of Wilkesboro. Two
| sons, Mr. James Clark, of Vir
? ginia, and Mr. Edward Clark, of
jErvin, Tenn., survive.
Kiwanians Have
Interesting Meet
Here Friday Hoon
Delightful Piano Program
Rendered By Number
of Music Pupils
North Wilkes boro Kiwanis
club in meeting Friday noon held
an interesting and enjoyable
meeting, which was featured by
interesting business items and an
excellent program.
President W. H. McElwee ap
pointed the following commit
tee, suggested in a resolution
passed one week ago: Frank
Crow, Robert Gibbs, W. D. Half
acre, Joe Barber, and Paul Os
borne, to confer with similar
committees from the other clubs
on the "School Consolidation
Cecil Adamson announced La
dies night would start at 7: )0
o'clock on Friday evening, Oct.
28, at the Wilkes Hotel. Tickets
are now on sale by Secretary T.
E. Story and should be purchased
by Wednesday, Oct. 26.
W. K. Sturdivant, represent
ing the Wilkes District Scout
Committee, urged the members
to be liberal with the solicitors
for funds for the maintenance
for the work for the coming
A called meeting of the board
of directors authorized the sec
retary to write a check of $1,
095.00 to the Elkin Fat Calf
Show for the champion calf pur
chased by the North Wilkesboro
The President announced the
regular meeting of the Board of
Directors will be held next
Thursday evening at 6:30.
Program Chairman Frank H.
Crow introduced Mrs. J. Gwyn
Gambill and her music class of
small boys, assisted by Mrs. A.
F. Kilby, who rendered a very
delightful piano program. The
following boys played solos:
Tommy Frazier, Tony Shoaf,
Frank Crow, Jr. (3 numbers)
Tim Williams, Reginald Moore,
Larry Billings, Donald Billings.
Clarinet solo by Phil Lomax ac
companied by Mrs. A. F. Kilby.
Duets were played by: Tony
Shoaf, Tim Williams, Don
ald Billings and Phil Lomax.
Parents of the above named chil
dren sat in for the progranf.
At the meeting Friday Conrad
Lynn, of Kentucky, was guest of
Ira D. Payne.
Easter In October
For Troop No. 34
rth Wilkesboro Boy Scout
Troop 34 under the direction ct
Scoutmaster R. I. Moore and as
sistant Scoutmasters Howard
Kelly and Paul Bumgarner have
been engaged in an October East
er egg hunt on the Holly Moun
tain Poultry Farm. Mr. E. P.
Hettiger, Jr., proprietor of the
farm asked the scouts to assist
him in gathering eggs laid by
the pullets foraging on the
range. Forty thousand pullets are
laying on a range of some two or
three hundred acres.
The boys have entered with
enthusiasm into the hunt and
yells of jubilation ring out when
a nest containing from thirty to
forty eggs is found. Two hunts a
week are being held on Tuesdays
and Thursdays. Up to the present
the scouts have found and helped
crate around* three hundred doz
en eggs. Mr. Hettiger has very
generously consented to give a
portion of the proceeds from the
sale of the eggs to the scouts
for their assistance in the work.
This money will be placed in the
troop fund to help defray the
expenses of troop camping trips
and other troop expenses. This
is another fine example of the
cooperation of the scout-minded
business men of the community
in promoting scouting activities.
The scouts of Troop 34 wish to
thank Mr. Hettiger for this sup
port of their scouting program.
Hallowe'en Carnival
Mountain View 28th
i - Mountain View Hallowe'en car
? nival will be held at the school
1 Friday, October 28. House of
(horrors, cake walks, bingo,
I weight guessing, refreshments,
crowning of king and queen will
be some of the entertainment
features and fun is promised for
the entire family.
! After this week the Mountain
Lions will be at home for the
remainder of the season, playing
Barium Springs here on Novem
ber 4, Mooresville here on Novem
ber 11 and Wilkesboro here on
November 18.

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