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**ol. 43, No. 59 Published Mondays and Thursdays
Carolina Women At National Home Demonstration Meet
Shown above are North Ca *o
Alina women who attended meet
ings of the National Home Dem
onstration Council and the Coun
try Women's Council in Colorado
Springs, Colo., earlier last month.
Left to right, seated: Mrs. J. C.
Castleberry of Apex, chairman
14th District: Mrs. R. A. Mc
Cormick of St. Pauls, chairman
16th District: Mrs. R. C. Lan
ning, Route 5, Winston-Salem,
chairman 26th District; Mrs. J.
S. Gray of Franklin, president
of the State Federation of Home
Demonstration Clubs; Miss Verna
Stanton of Raleigh, assistant
State home ^demonstration agent
for the State College Extension
Service; Mrs. E. L. Ray of New
land, treasurer of the State Fed
eration; Mrs. George Apperson
of Mocksville, immediate past
president of the State group;
Mrs. T. W. Lloyd of Durham,
Durham County delegate; Mrs. J.
A. Ritchie, Route 2, Rockingham,
chairman Tenth District. Stand
ing: Mrs. R. M. Harris of Orient
al, chairman 20th District; Mrs.
B. B. Bullock, Route 1, Roxboro,
chairman 13th District; Mrs. D.
H. Weber, Route 1, Catawba,
vice chairman Eighth District;
Mrs. Annie Laurie Greene,
Wilkes County home demonstra
tion agent; Mrs. E>11 wood Thomp
son of Whltevllle, 18th District
delegate; Mrs. J. R. Church, of
Wilkesboro, 11th District dele
gate; Mrs. R. J. Shaver, Route 2,
Albemarle, chairman Ninth Dis
trict; Mrs. Gayle Hussey, Route
3, Asheboro, vice chairman, 12th
District; Mrs. J. P. Turlington of
Salemburg, chairman 17th Dis
trict; Mrs. W. L. Hardin of
Jacksonville, chairman 19th Dis
trict, and Mrs. Carl Motsinger,
Route 3, Taylorsville, chairman
Seventh District. Not shown is
Mrs. F. A. Read of Wood, chair
man 15 th District, who was ab
sent when the picture was made.
^"V.F.W. Auxiliary
Met On Thursday
The Ladies Auxiliary to the
V. P. W. Post 1142 met in a
business meeting on Thursday
night, November third, with the
x president, Mrs. Clint Poster,
Plans for furnishings for the
kitchen in the new clubhouse
were discussed. A house commit
t e e composed of Mesdames
Glenn Thomas, Ray Shoemaker,
Ruby Bottomley, Margie Cox,
and H. D. Candill was appoint
f The president announced that
^ the membership drive for the
coming year is to open with the
new V. F. W. slogan: "2 for 1
by '51," meaning that every ac
tive member is urged to par
ticipate in securing new mem
bers or in reinstating old ones.
N. C. Department Gold Star
Mother chairman, Pearl Jones,
^ is offering a prixe to the N. C.
> Auxiliary enrolling the greatest
number of Gold Star Mothers.
The Mae Cooke cup is to be a
warded to the Auxiliary with the
highest percentage in member
ship increase for this year.
The rehabilitation chairman
reported that clothes and food
for needy families of veterans
of Wilkes county may bo
brought to meetings or to Miss
Rebecca Mosley, Red Cross ex
ecutive secretary.
A letter of appreciation from
Oteen Hospital was read in re
gard to a recent visit by local
Auxiliary members.
Mrs. Bill Miller, Buddy Poppy
Chairman, requested that all
members assist in the sale of
Buddy poppies on November 12. j
These poppies are made by hos
pitalized veterans who receive!
five cents each for them. The
proceeds received by the V. P.
W. are used for rehabilitation
locally and in support' of the
National V. P. W. Home in
Eaton Rapids, Michigan for war
orphans and widows.
The Auxiliary voted to accept
^ an invitation to meet with the
Winston-Salem V. F. W. Auxil
iary in the Post Home on No
vember 17, 1949.
John H. Hoynes Is
Claimed By Death
Funeral service was held Fri
day at the residence in the Mer
tie cpmmunity for John H.
Haynes, 78, who died Wednes
day.. Rev. Lester Johnson and
Rev. Otto Cleary conducted the
v service and burial was in Haynes
? Surviving Mr. Haynes are his
wife, Mrs. Julia Ann Haynes, one
? son and one daughter, Willie
and Dollie Haynes.
Guild Meeting
The Wesleyan Service Guild of
the Wilkesboro Methodist church
311 meet Tuesday evening at
IfcO o'clock at the Wilkesboro
? ' community house with the Pearl
White circle. A Mission Study
course will be given. All mem
bers of the circle and guild are
urged to be present.
Opera Group To
Be Here Friday
With its appearance here on
Friday night, Nov. 11th, the
North ^Carolina Opera Group will
afford many residents of the
Wilkesboros their first oppor
tunity to hear at first hand
great arias sung by professional
musicians. Through the medium
of the radio and recordings clas
sical music has already penetrat
ed millions of homes throughout
the country awakening in many
the desire to experience the
pleasure that comes from at
tending a performance "in the
flesh", as it were
The fabulous success of the
musical comedy, "South Pacific"
is based largely on its star, Ezlo
I'inza of the Metropolitan Opera
Company. Then we see teenagers
deserting behop for a basso in
his fifties then we know at last
that musical America is coming
of age. No further proof that
opera is no longer considered
the sole property of the "long
hairs" we give you Mario Lanza
whose singing of operatic selec
tions in the motion picture
"That Midnight Kiss" has made
him a star over night.
Mr. A. L. Fletcher, of Ra
leigh, loves music so much him
self that he has underwritten
the visits of the North Carolina
Opera Group to all the towns
in the state who have request-:
ed a concert. It is through Mr.)
Fletcher's generosity and the ef
forts of the local Musical Arts
Club that we are given the privi
leges of hearing this selected'
band of singers. !
Miss Ellen Robinson, presi
dent of the Musical ArtB Club,
has received a letter from Mr.
Robert C. Bird, director of the(
State Opera. Group, expressing!
the pleasure of himself and his
company at their forthcoming
visit to North Wilkesboro. It is
Miss Robinson's desire and hope
that as many as possible come
to the Woman's Club Friday
night to enjoy this musical treat
and demonstrate that Western
North Carolina is fully as cap
able as the rest of the state of
appreciating something besides
hillbilly tunes.
o ?
Favorites Chosen
At Millers Creek
Halloween Party
The Hallowe'en program at
Millers Creek Fridav night, Oc
tober 28, was very successful.
Before the main program start
ed in the auditorium, the booths,
featuring entertainment and
games, were rushed for an hour.
The climax of the program was
the final contesting for and the
crowning of the king, queen,
prince and princess. Each grade
in school sponsored one contest
ant. The winners were: King,
Jack Canter, 9th grade; Queen,
Shirley McNeil, 8th grade;
P-'uce, Douglas Teague, 1st
grade; Princess, Caroline Eller,
2nd grade. The total Intake from
the party was about $400.00,
which will be used to pay on
the football equipment.
Chief John Walker
Praises Optimist Club
"Whatever success we as a
community and as a nation en
joy in the next fifty years will
be measured by the degree to
which we have accepted our re
sponsibility in the upbringing
'and training of our boys and
young men."
This was the observation
made here today by John IS.
Walker, Chief of Police, of North
Wilkesboro, in commenting on
the effective work done in boy
rehabilitation and betterment by
the North Wilkesboro Optimist
"Too much cannot be said
in praise of the Optimist organ
ization and what it has meant
to our city," said Chief Walker.
"This group of busiress men
have shown that they mean what
they say when they claim to be
a 'Friend To The Boy'?and the
job that they have done is one
that will pay rich dividends in
responsible citizens for the next
Chief Walker's warm praise
is in observance of the service
club's annual Optimist Week,
November 6 to 13, 1949.
Sloan Hill Receives
Honors At Georgia
Sloan Hill, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Dudley S. Hill, of this city,
who is a senior at the School
of Journalism at the University
of Georgia, at Athens, has ac
quired new honors.
Aa editor of the 1950 "Pan
dora," the University year book,
Sloan was also editor and di
rector of the 14th annual Pan
dora Beauty Review which took
place Oct. 25th.
The Review was a great suc
cess, so with this achievement
added to his other outstanding
accomplishments, Sloan has now
been elected to "Who's Who" in
American Universities and Col
Glenn R. Andrews
Is Going To Boone
Glenn R. Andrews, for the
past several years prominently
connected with the automobile
business here, is going to Boone
to be manager and secretary
treasurer of Colvard, Chevrolet
company, where he will assume
his duties Monday, ovember 14.
Mr. Andrews, a native of Alle
ghany county, came to North
Wilkesboro several years age
from Lenoir, where he had beeij
connected with Smith Motoi
company. Here for several years
he was with Yadkin Valley Mo
tor company as part owner and
more recently with B. & L. Mo
tors, which he helped to organ
ize and managed.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews plan to
reside in Boone.
Here Jfr. Andrews has been
very active in public and civic
life. He is a member of the
North Wilkesboro board of com
missioners, and led the vote foi
councilmen in the election held
earlier this year.
District Meeting
Juniors At New
Hope On Tuesday
State Secretary To Attend
Meeting Of District Sev
en Tuesday, 7:30
Meeting of District 7, North
Carolina Junior Order United
American Mechanics will be held
with New Hope council number
278 on Tuesday, November 8,
7:30 p. m. New Hope is located
12 miles northwest of North Wil
kesboro in the Purlear commun
District seven includes New
Hope, North Wilkesboro, Mount
Airy, Elkin and Yadkinvilie
Forrest G. Shearin, of Scot
land Neck, state secretary, will
be present, along with other
state officials, and a most suc
cessful meeting is anticipated.
Many matters of vital import
ance to the membership will be
discussed at the meeting, Mr.
Shearin said.
All councils in the district
are urged to have large delega
tions at the district meeting.
Variety Of Scenes
Are Featured In
'Laff ItOff' Show
Will Be Presented Thurs
day and Friday Nights
In Wilkesboro
The community show using a
large cast of local people rang
ing in age from 3 to 93 years
old will have a 2-night run, Nov.
10-11 at Wilkesboro school au
ditorium under the sponsorship
of the Wilkesboro Business and
Professional Mens Club. "Laff It
Off" is called the big newspaper
revue where the head lines come
to life. Home town folks imper
sonate, famous columnists and
give the lowdown on what hap
pens behind the headlines :-s
they impersonate various news
features round in the daily
Mr. John Cashion will imper
sonate Mr. John Q. Public and
Mrs. W. C. Gray will be his wife,
Mrs. John Q. Public. These two
average Americans introduce
each scene as they read their
Mr. Zeb Dickson will have the
part of Gene Autry the Master
of Ceremonies, for this particu
lar section of the show. Miss
Catherine Irwin will give the
comedy impersonation of Judy
Canova, whose antics add very
much to the scene; and Mr.
Howard Pharr will be the old
time settler, Pappy Chisselfing
er, who has come to join in the
In this scene old time danc
ing and songs of yesteryear will
be featured. The string band
which will furnish the music for
the square dances i s Okla
homa Funsters.
One of the most laugh pro
voking scenes is the one called
"Columnists and Comics." In
this scene Mr. W. W. Miller will
impersonate the fast talking,
super - duper snooper-reporter,
Walter Winchell. Mr. Andy
Shook will hit the high point of
comedy as he impersonates Dor
othy Dix. In this female imper
sonation of the columnist who
writes advice to the lovelorn, he
will dress as a woman and
speak in a falsetto voice as ht
attempts to bathe the baby ac
cording to instructions.
The Comics?or the Funny
Paper Folks?promise to have
the audience rolling in the
aisles, for in this scene Mr.
Ed Crysel impersonates Popeye;
Mr. Yale Miller dresses as Orph
an Annie; Mr. Bill Phillips por
trays Jigg's Maggie; Mr. Chas.
Garwood will be Daisy Mae;
and mad? up as Baby Sparkle
we find Mr. Bill Prevette and
Mr. R'ussel Pearson as Blondie.
The Syncopated Wedding
scene, which is in reality the so
ciety column brought to light, is
a production number in which
the entire wedding ceremony is
done to music. Cast for the wed
ding has Bid Williams as bride,
E. R. Spruill as groom, Robert
Gambill the (preacher, Russell
Gray, Fred Henderson, Ray Ken
nedy, E. R. Wright, Fred Shoe
maker. Edwards McEntlre and
Carl Bullis, bridesmaids.
Bovine tuberculosis has now
become so scarce that veterinary
schools sometimes have difficulty
in locating tuberculous cattle foi
study by students.
First Community Concert November 15
Mildred Dilling, who has attained world recogni
tion as one of the outstanding harpists of modern
times, will perform here in the first Community Con
cert at the Liberty Theatre on the night of Tuesday,
November 15.
Born in America, her early1
musical studies were begun in
this country; later she contin
ued them in Europe under Hen
riette Renie, the great French
Her European debut took
place at the Salle Erard, Paris.
Such was the success of this in
itial appearance that she was
immediately- engaged for gala
concerts at the Trocadero and
the Salle Gaveau, the largest
concert halls in Paris, followed
by concerts on the Continent and
in the British Isles." i
Returning to America, her
concerts here duplicated her con
tinental triumphs. Her frequent
New York recitals are brilliant
events in the music calendar of
the metropolis. 1
While in Europe the American
artist was given the distinction,
of being the first solo harpist
to broadcast in Ireland, land of i
the harp, and to give the first
harp recital for television for
the British Broadcasting Com-1
pany. She has also had the hon-1
or of playing seven private en
gagements at the White House, j
When Artists Films first had
the idea of a series of 24 shorts
featuring the great musicians of
our time, Miss Dilling was chos
en to represent the harp. Louis
Biancolli, of the New York
World-Telegram, in reviewing
the film said: "Mildred Dilling's >
fleet fingers were stiown flying,
over harp strings with wonder
ful bell-like effects in split-sec- j
ond accord. Photography audj
sound blended to fresh magic. I j
sat up."
Her unrivaled position as the
foremost woman harpist has j
been acknowledged by the crit-|
ics and by a vast public in Eur
ope and America. Her rare gift
of interpretation, coupled with
a complete mastery of technique,
has aroused new interest in
the harp as a solo instrument
and has won her world-wide re
nown as a recitalist.
Optimist Club
Meets Tomorrow
The Optimist Club of North
Wilkesboro will meet at noon
tomorrow at Hotel Wilkes. All
members are urged to be pres
Officials Set First
Meeting This Week
Elkin, Nov. 3.?The Northwest
North Carolina Officials' Associ
ation will hold its first meeting
prior to the 1949-50 basketball
season Wednesday night with
with prospects of fire more
schools joining.
Two schools in Yadkin county
and three from Wilkes have ex
assocllrfl^l^pi^ff *^^9Well' tb'tr
membership ranks to 11 for the
coming year.
The association's principal du
ties are to provide officials at al'
scheduled games at a low cost,
relieving the small schools of
having to contend with this prob
lem for every game.
Last year, the association was
organized and operated with suc
cess. Officials were provided for
all of the games played by mem
ber schools and these officials
were rated By the coaches of the
teams involved.
All of the schools that receive''
this service last year are expect
ed to belong again this season, rs
the coaches' reports were good
and the schools appeared enthus
iastic over the arr "i^ement, ac
cording to Neil Melvin, booking
agent for the association.
Optimist Program
Over WKBC Wed.
This is "National Optimist
Week" and as another observ
ance activity, WKBC will broad
cast a 15-minute program start
ing at 10:15 Wednesday morn
ing, November 9th.
The title of the special Ou'lm
ist feature being broadcast .Wed
nesday morning is "Mr. Grumpy
Grows Up," and stars Lionel
Barrymore which guarantees an
interesting story.
Other spot broadcasts in ob
servance of Optimist Week will
he made by WKBC during the
Banks To Close
Friday, Nov. 11
All the banks in Wilkesboros
will be closed Friday. Nov. 11th,
in observance of Armistice Day.
Kickoff time for the v football
game tonight (Monday) between
Children's Rome and Wilkesboro,
in Memorial Park will be 7:30|
instead of eight o'clock.
Indications were today that
weather for the big game tonight
will be clear, cool and ideal for <
The game brings together the
two highest scoring high school
football teams in North Carolina
and is expected to draw a new
high record crowd for a football
game played In Wilkes county.
All state candidates will he
plentiful in the game and will
be watched closely. The Wilkes
boro Rambler attack will be
spearheaded by Ray Triplett, a
triple-threat back and a fine de
fensive player.
! Children's Home has two
backs which loom as all-state?
Red Smith and Bill Proctor, who
I have led their team to crushing
I victories over every opponent
this season.
Wilkesboro's record this year
is marred only by a 34-0 loss
to the _ powerful Wilmington
eleven in the opening game of
the season. Since that game the
< Ramblers haven't had a severe
Need Of Screniig
Evident In Report
From X-Ray Work
46 Of ,500 Industrial Em
ployes Screened Here
May Have T. B.
Need of a mobile X-Ray unit
here to screen the local popula
tion is shown by the report re
ceived from screening of 1,500
local industrial employes for
tuberculosis, Dr. J. H. McNeill,
chairman of the Wilkes County
Committee of the National Tu
berculosis Association, said here
The report from Dr. Wm. A.
Smith, director of the division of
tuberculosis control of the State
Health Department, disclosed
that 46 of the 1,500 screened
showed to have some tubercu
losis and 19 were shown to have
had some which had healed.
This, Dr. McNeill said, is a
comparatively high percentage
and shows clearly the need of
equipment for screening every
The 46 included In the report
are being notified to have a full
size X-Ray made at the county
tuberculosis hospital for further
study and definite diagnosis.
The Tuberculosis committee
is considering the purchase of a
unit to be used in screening, and
a unit may possibly be made a
part of the new Wilkes General
Hospital to be constructed here.
Success of the sale of Christ
mas seals here, Dr. McNeill
states, will have much bearing
on whether or not a unit can be
purchased. The committee has
no source of funds other than
sale of the decorative stickers to
be used in the Christmas holi
Screening for tuberculosis will
enable persons who have the di
sease to begin early treatment
and be cured. It will also mean
they can be Isolated to prevent
further spread among their fam
ilies and associates, Dr. McNeill
Mrs. Mory Shatley
Claimed By Death
Funeral service was held to
day, two p. m., at Mt. Sinsi
church for Mrs. Mary Shatley,
77, who died Saturday at her
home In New Castle township
Saturday. Rev. Noah Hayes,
Rev. R. R. Crater and Rev. An
drew Call conducted the last
Mrs. Shatley, widow of the
late John Shatley, is survived
by four daughters and two sons:
Mrs. Emma Roberts, Greens
boro; Mrs. Iiillie Anderson. Ron
da; Mrs. Leander Prevette,
Statesville; Mrs. Cora Gregory,
Oak woods; Isom Shatley, Cycle;
Sanford Shatley, Greensboro.
Church Property
May Be Bought
The mortgage on the Gospel
Tabernacle in Wilkesboro for
twenty-five hundred and seventy
two dollars, which was borrowed
in order to complete the building
is due.
It is a large cinder block build
ing, forty by sixty feet in size,
complete with nice seats and
cedar desk for the pulpit, three
lots with twenty-five foot front
age, each by one hundred and
ninety feet back. This property
cost over four thousand dollars,
but if any person, or persons wish
to buy it and let It stay where
it is, to establish a church, or
for revivals and evangelistic serv
ices, it can be sold for that pur
pose alone. The mortgage holders
will gladly take the exact a
mount of the mortgage without
any interest. If a church can be
established there, a nice piano
will be given. This property is in
the West End of Wilkesboro, on
Highway 268. See. J. M. Bui! is
and Everette Ferguson, Wilkes
boro, N. C.
Lifte Theatre To
Meet Tuesday 8th
The regular monthly meeting
of the Community Little Theater
will be on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 7:30
p. m. in the Banquet Room ef
the Carolina Restaurant. All
members are urged to be presen.t
Anyone who wishes to join the
organization is cordially Invited
to attend this meeting.
For the program the first act
of the theater's forthcoming pro
duction "Night Must Fall" will
be presented.
? ? ? ?
"LAFF IT OFF"?NOV. 10-11.

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