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The i^Mrnnl.Pntriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the "State of Wilkes" For Over 43 Years
jrth Wilkesbord tins .?
Itradiny radius of 50 miles,
serving 1^0,000 people in
Northwestern Carolina
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T. B.
?Q?. no. b7 Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C., Monday, December 5r 1949 Make North Wilkesboro Your Shopping Center
Head Statesville
Schools Addresses
p Kiwanis Friday
? T. Lambeth, superintendent of
I Statesville City Schools, told the
I North Wilkesboro Kiwanis club
I Friday noon that there is need for
an all-out effort to improve the
Supt. Lambeth last year was a
member of the commission ap
[ pointed to make a survey of the
school system, and Wilkes schools
composed one of the units studied.
He said his work in Wilkes im
pressed on him the great need of
improved school facilities partic
ularly more and larger school build
ings to house the students. The
schools, he said, are an expensive
business but that all things worth
while cost money,
j^ffresident W. H. McElwee pre
|Sded over the meeting and invoca
jPIn was by Dr. John T. Wayland.
O. O. McNiel was program chair
man for the day and C. B. Eller,
superintendent of Wilkes schools,
^presented the speaker.
J. E. Spainhour, who was a char
ter member of the North. Wilkes
boro Kiwanis club, was received
back into membership in the club
after being out for a number of
At the meeting Friday Rev. John
Wells and Rev. J. E. Pearson were
guests of Rev. Woodrow Brook
shire; J. Floyd Woodward was
guest of C. B. Eller and John E.
Justice, Jr., had as his guest Ken
neth Brim, of Greensboro.
Ben)a min Watkins
Funeral Held Today
Benjamin F. Watkins. 79.
'armer, died at 3:30 a. m. yes
erday at his home near llays in
R^ilkes county.
' Funeral services were con
lucted at 2 p. m. today at Beth
;1 Baptist church by the Rev.
Ernest Blevins and the Rev.
Srant Hincher. Burial in the
?hurch cemetery.
Mr. Watkins is survived by
wo daughters, Miss Amanda
Catkins and Mrs. Flora Higgins.
K of Hays.
ireer Rites Held
Tuesday, Nor. 29th
Funeral service was . held at
Watson cemetery in Watauga
tounty Tuesday, November 29.
or Stewart David Greer, 24.
died Sunday, November 27.
r. Rev. Charles Gree.
the service.
are his father and
W. and Lela Trivette
Wilkesboro; his wife
children, Barbara Ann
id Wilson Greer, of Le
Large Porkers
eral large porkers were
ughtered during the past week
h the North Wilkesboro route two
wonnmunity east of this city. Rev,
I immie Bryant butchered one
hieh weighed 526 pounds and N.
uguss killed a mate to that hog,
ich had $he same weight. Elmer
iyrd's hog had a weight of 470
unds and Glenn Wood is reported
o have kileld the largest one, which
ipped the scales at over 700
| Tit is rare indeed that an au-1
/lience in the North Wilkesboro [
l^chool Auditorium has been so
Ivrapped up in a play as it was
*ast. Friday and Saturday nights
? *vhen the Community Little
?I'heatre presented the mystery,
thriller, "Night Must Fall," by
Emlyn Williams. When an audi
ence can become so engrossed
In a play that the personalities
of their friends are lost in the
parts they play, it is the highest
compliment they can pay.
Bill Gabriel is known by many J
here in North Wilkesboro. Butt
there was no Bill Gabriel in |
"bright Must Fall." There was
iSnly "Dan", a young man striv-j
Hng?and murdering?for the
Qprealth and power he wanted
fine dramatic performance
by Bill will be long re
ared and talked about by
lall who were thrilled by his lines
jpnd actions.
Mrs. Robert Foster played the
part of fef8- Bramsen, an invalid
by ^e^JSwn choosing. Her de
ter Infirmities made
easy prey for scheming Dan.
Poster played the part so
made the audience feel
getting her just rewards
tyranny and pettiness.
Olivia Grayne. hopeless ro-'
mantic though she was. brought
the action down to a rational
plane and made the action tak
ing place both possible and
probable. Mrs. Charles Ziliak in
this role of a romantic dreamer
gave as fine a performance as
she did in "You Can't Take it
With You."
At times the minor characters
threatened to steal the show
with the humorous element they
introduced. R. E. Stewart, Jr.,
as very English "Hubert." Mrs
Robert McNeil as "Dora" the
maid. Ivey Moore as "Inspector
Belsize." and Mrs. Annie Cath
trine Carrington as "Mrs. Ter
rence" the cook, were no small
part of the play. Each of these
characters added their bit to
make the story complete and
the performance as a whole the
success it was.
All the parts were well-cast
and exceptionally well-played.
Under the very able direction of
Mrs. R. G. Finley, the Com
munity Little Theatre Group
lived up to the reputation they
made for themselves in their
previous productions, and mads
future playB events to look for
ward to.
This group of pictures indicates the activity and
interest among various groups during the recent for
estry field days conducted under sponsorship of the
forestry division of the Agricultural committee of the
Wilkes Chamber of Commerce. This scene shows one
of many groups of 4-H boys in demonstrations on for
est thinning, selective cutting and stand improvement.
In this picture John Gray, assistant extension forester,
is. shown presenting an axe to Charles Higgins, winner
among the group of boys from Mountain View and
Mulberry schools.
Young Democrats
Meet Wednesday
At Courthouse
Officers Will Be Elected
And Organization Of
Club Will Be Formed
Organization of Wilkes county
Young Democrats club will o"
perfected in pi meeting to be
held Wednesday night, Decem
ber 7, 7:30, at the Wilkes coun
ty courthouse in Wilkesboro.
A preliminary meeting was
held here Wednesday, at which
time committees were named to
arrange the organization meet
ing to be held Wednesday night.
Much interest is being shown
by party leaders in the new or
ganization and a large member
ship is expected.
Dairy Specialists In Wilkes For
Meeting December 8, Courthouse
Lions Club Will
Meet Friday, 9th
T>ue to conflict with the spe
cial Christmas program here, the
North Wilkesboro Lions club
meeting scheduled for Friday
was postponed until Friday eve
ning this week, December 9th,
6:30, at Hotel Wilkes.
The Cottrell brothers, of
Boone, are slated to put on a
very interesting program.
O. E. S. Food Sale
Order of the Eastern Star la
dies will conduct a food sale
Saturday, December 10, begin
ning at ten a. m., at Hinshav
Beauty Shoppe. Cakes and pies,
dressed chickens, candies, ChrisS
mas cards, master hangers, metal
sponges and numerous other
items will be sold. Those taking
items to the sale are asked to
have them there by nine a. m.
(County Agent)
There will be a meeting of
special interest for all dairymen
in Wilkes county at 7:30 p. m.,
December 8 at the County Court
house. Mr. F. R. Farnham and
John Brown of the North Caro
lina State College Extension
Service, will be present to dis
cuss immediate dairy problems
in Wilkes County. A colored
movie on breeding of cattle by
artificial methods will be shown
This meeting will be of interes'
to Grade C and Grade A produc
Mr. Farnham and Mr. Brown
will be in the county during the
week beginning Monday, Decem
ber 5. Their main purpose at
thi& time in Wilkes County will
be to advise the dairy farmers
on the most efficient methods of
breeding and feeding dairy cat
tle for winter milk production.
There are still too many dairy
farmers who are breeding their
cattle so that they will freshen
at the season of the year when
milk prices are the lowest. Also,
many farmers depend largely on
grass from summer pastures for
milk production which naturally
is produced at the time of year
when milk is cheapest. By breed
ing the cows so that they will
freshen in the Fall of the" year
and then feeding them with
home grown ensilage and tem
porary pastures, milk can be
produced at a profit during the
seasons of the year when mil>.;
prices are the highest.
Dr. Beaudettte, Of
Rutgers To Speak
Here Thursday
Dr. Fred Beaudette, Poultry
Pathologist of Rutgers Univers
ity of New Jersey, will lecture
it the Tow? Hall in North Wll
kesboro Thursday evening at
Dr. Beaudette is considered
m authority on New Castle. All
hatcherymen. poultrymen, chick
iealers, feed dealers and every
one interested in poultry are
cordially invited to attend this
Santa1 Enthusiastically Received Here
Mountain. Lions At
Shrine Bowl Gome
Eighteen members of t h e
Mor*h Wilkesboro Mountain LI
ms football squad witnessed the
annual North Carolina - South
Carolina shrine bowl football
same of high school stars in
~harlotte Saturday.
The Mountain Lions tickets
were furnished by local football
fans and business men and trans
portation was furnished by the
Mnrth Wilkesboro quarterback
club. Members of the team mak
ing the trip were Jack Gaddy,
Kyle Eller, Dick Stoker, J. S.
Soots, Carl Swofford, Jim Swof
Eord, Jim Moore, Bartley HAr
rold, James Gillean, Robert
Wells, J i m Elledge, Bobby
Brame, Bill Hardister, Smith
Hudson, Jerry Day, Don Powers,
Bobby Anderson, BrySon Ad
ams, Coaches Tom Boyette and
.ott Mayberry.
This picture on the farm of A. J. McNeill shows a
group of farm veteran trainees from Millers Creek and
Mulberry units, with other interested adults. In the
foreground are Tom Jenrette, chamber of commerce
manager and Howard Colvard, assistant farm agent.
John Gray, Howard Cohrard and R. E- Dustn gave in
structions on planting, thinning and selective cutting.
Christmas Seal
Sale Progressing
Well This Season
Early and Liberal Return
Asked to Carry Out Ben
efit Program
Campaign to sell Christmas j
seals is progressing well this
season, Dr. J. H. McNeill, chair
man of the Wilkes Tubercu
losis committee, reported today.
Already returns total $1,
730.60, which is considered a
good start toward a $5,000 goal.
But attention is called to the
fact that the Tuberculosis Asso
ciation this year has a broad pro
gram, which will mean much in
preventing spread of tuberculos
is and in treating and curing
present cases. Liberal and early
return is respectfully asked of
those who have been mailed
seals, and workers are asked to
put forth maximum effort in
order that the necessary funds
may be had to earry out the
committee's program.
Result of Screening
Already one active case of
tuberculosis has been found from
the screening of industrial work
ers, and that case is making ar
rangements for hospitalization.
Many of the suspicious cases
have been more thoroughly ex
amined and have been found
free of active tuberculosis.
Television Set Given
Claude Caudill has given a
television set for entertainment
of patients in the men's ward
at the Wilkes Tuberculosis hos
Wilkes chapter of the Eastern
Star will meet Thursday night,
7:30. Degree of initiation will
be conferred and all members
are asked to attend.
This scene shows a few of the many who attended
the sawmill operators field day at Ralph Frazier's
plant here. R. A. Campbell, of the southeast forest
experiment station, is showing the group how to grade
Greensboro Glee
Olub Concert On
Tuesday Night
Greensboro College glee club
will appear in concert Tuesday
night, eight o'clock, in the First
Methodist church in this city.
The glee club will render a
most impressive program of
music, and the public has a cor
dial invitation to attend. The
program will open with a cere
mony of carols, a continuing ar
rangement composed of ten num
Other parts of the program
will be as follows:
"Jesu! Rex Admirabilis," Gio
vanni Palestrina; "Pueri, Con
cinite," Jacob Handl (15 5J>
1591); "Hallelujah, Amen,"
from "Judas Maccabeus," George
Friedrick Handel.
"O Leave Your Sheep," Arr.
Hazelhnrst; "The Little Road to
Bethlehem," Michael Head; "The
First Mercy," Peter 'Warlock;
"To Mary Sing We Praises," Arr.
Victoria Gleaser; "As - Joseph
Was A-Walking," George Old
Czech Carols? Arr. Jaroslav
Kricka ? "Hearken to Me,"
"Sleep, Baby, Sleep," "Strangers
Say a King Ib Born," ^'Gloria in
Polish Carols?Arr. E. Har
old Greer?"When the Saviour
Christ is Born," "Hark! in the
Darkness," "Harkl- Bethlehem,"
"Sleep Thou My Jewel," "He is
Sleeping in a Manger."
Hallelujah Chorus, from "The
Messiah," Handel.
This is another picture from the sawmill operators
field dav, showing a demonstration in the u-e of a
power saw to fell trees. More than 500 people par
ticipated in the forestry week events, declared by
many to be the most effective forestry program spon
sored in the south.? (Photos by Tom Jenrette and Paul
Mrs. Dnckery Rites
Held Here Today
Funeral services for Mrs. Lil
ian Dockery, formerly of this
:ity, were conducted at 2:30 p.
n. today at Reins-Sturdivaut
Thapel here. Burial was in Bap
ist cemetery in this city.
Mrs. Dockery, widow of E<. H.
Dockery, died Saturday at Or
ando. Fla., where she had been
iving with a sister, Mrs. Con-'
?ad Brown.
Lenoir County 4-H Club members
ire feeding out 17 steers for the
1950 Coastal Plain fat stock show
md sale. - 5
First Cage Games
On Tuesday Night
_ North Wilkesboro Mountain
jions and Lionesses will open
he 1949 season Tuesday
n the North, Wilkesboro gym
lasium against their arch rivals
rom Elkln high.
The girls' game will begin at
r; 30, with boys' game folio w
ng. Basketball fans will not
vant to miss this first action
>y the local cage teams.
Support the Y. M. C. A
1st Baptist W.M.U.
Is Observing The
Week Of Prayer
The members df the Woman's
Missionary Union of the First
Baptist church are this week,
from today until Friday, observ
ing the Week of Prayer for
Foreign Missions, during which
time the Lottie Moon Christmas
offering will be taken. The fol
lowing is the schedule for the
This evening, 7:30 p. m., the
Intermediate Girl's Auxiliary will
present the W. M. U. program,
assisted by No. IV, at the church
On Tuesday evening the general
monthly meeting of the W. M.
U. will be held at Reins-Sturdi
vant chapel with Circle No. IV
in charge of the program. The
meeting to begin at 7:30 o'clock.
Wednesday evening Circle No. V
will be in charge of the prayer
meeting at 7:30 o'clock. Thurs
day afternoon Circle No. I will
be in charge of the program to
be given at three o'clock at the
home of Mrs. John T. Wayland.
Friday morning at ten o'clock
Circle No. Ill will give a pro
gram at the home of Mrs. C. E.
Jenkins, Sr.
Triplett Scores
In N. Carolina
Victory Saturday
Wilkesboro'? All State Back
Plays Well In Annual
Shrine Bowl Game
Ray Triplett, all state back
field star of the Wilkesboro
Ramblers, scored one of three
touchdowns of the .North Caro
lina high school all stars as they
beat the best of South Carolina
Saturday 20 to 7 in the annua'
Shrine Bowl game played in
T'iplett, who was hamperer'
by a leg injury, was in the game
?or several plays and near the
close of the second quarterj
caught a pass for North Caro
'i^a's second touchdown whirl
"are the Tarheels a 14-0 lead at
halftime. In catching the pa^
he faked the defenders and went
far into the end zone. His leap
ing catch of the pass was one o
^he better plays in the game.
Marvin Hoffman, coach of the
,amblers, and members of the
Wilkesboro squad witnessed the
game as guests of local Shrinerv
nd the Wilkesboro school ath
letic association.
Mrs. L. E. Wittelsberger, of
New York City, is visiting here
in the home of her sister, Mrs
Vrchie McNeill, and with other
Urge Crowd At
Special Program
Friday Eveniag
Impressive Program Car
ried Out With Groups
Singing Carols
A most impressive Christmas
program was carried out Friday,
evening before a large crowd in
Memorial Park.
The program was a presenta
tion under auspices of the Trade
Promotion committee of the
Wilkes Chamber of Commerce
and was largely attended.
| ^ highlight of the evening was
the appearance of Santa Claus.
who made two trips around the
field and distributed candy to
many children. The Jolly old
gentleman also picked up letters
to Santa Claus from boxes on
the field.
Tom Jenrette, chamber of
commerce manager, opened the
program from a large platform
erected on the field. Richard
Johnston. chamber president,
welcomed the crowd. G. T. Bare
Trade Promotion committee
chairman. expressed appreci
ation to the many attending and
to all who had cooperated to
make the event a big success.
W. G. Gabriel, Christmas pro
gram^ chairman, announced the
Dr. John T. Wayland, First
Baptist pastor, delivered, a brief
and inspiring message on the
subject, "The Spirit of Christ
* ' ,Rev C Jay Winslow,
WBkesboro Methodist pastor, led
the Christmas prayer.
Program of Chrtstmas music
opened with the combined chorus
singing -o Come All Ye Faith
ful, and "Hark the Herald
Angels Sing" and "Away in A
"fl"?M"8,Cal Arts clu*> sang
o Little Town of Bethlehem "
followed by "It Came Upon a
Midnight Clear." by the combin
ed chorus. The next number was
Go Tell It On the Mountain,"
by choral groups of the colored
First Baptist church. Damascus
Choral Society and Lincoln
Heights school glee club. Wil
kesboro high school glee club
singers rendered "Bring A
Torch. Jeanette." Isabella. and
the combined group sang "Joy
To The World." "Deck the Hall."
by Millers Creek high school
glee club, "White Christmas,"
by North Wilkesboro high school
glee club, and "Santa Claus Is
Coming to Town," by the entire
group, completed the choral pro
The North Wilkesboro band,
directed by Miss Eva Bingham,
who also led the combined chor
us numbers, gave "We Three
Kings of Orient Are," in panto
mime, and also presented an an
thical arrangement.
Santa Claus was joyously wel
comed as the combined chorus
sang "Jingle Bells." Santa wa-,
transported on a beautifully dec
orated sleigh, which was pulled
by a tractor. Dave Hall was in
charge of arrangements for this
part of the program and did an
excellent job.
. The sleigh was fitted with
reindeer and carried beautifully
decorated packages.
On Saturday Santa used the
same transportation outfit as he
toured streets here and talked
with many children, distributing
candy and Christmas cheer en
route, along with assurance that
he will return on Christmas eve
with bountiful presents.
Despite the cold weather, the
Christmas program here was
well attended by a large crowd
who enjoyed the entire program.
In the preliminary part of the
event Chairman Bare expressed
appreciation to the police and
street departments, the North
Wilkesboro high school band,
Dave Hall, personnel of Spain
hour's, Belk's, Penney's and
Tomlinson's stores for their co
operation, and to Reins-Sturdi
vant and Yadkin Valley Motor
company for use of facilities.
Alligator Man Is
Here All This Week
The Alligator Man show by
popular demand is being held
over all thia week and la show
ing In the Phillips building on
Tenth street through Saturday,
December 10. This unusual at
traction is sponsored here by
the North Wilkesboro tire de
partment and has been the sub
ject of mueh comment during
the past week.

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