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Xhe inurnnl-Potriot Hps Blozed the Troil of Progress In the "Stote of Wilkes" For Over 43 Yeors
BUy Ivy CfcrfetwK Se .'f
T. B. *
43, No. 70 Published Mondays and Thursdays NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C., Thursday, December 15, 1949 Make North WUkesboro Your Shopping Center
tores To Remain
Evenings For
May Shoppers
l?y Trade Volume 1?
1 High; Stores Well Stock
ed to Fill Demands
For convenience of shoppers
fho have little time to shop
iring regular hours, stores in
le Wilkeeboros plan to remain
pen additional hours in the
rening during the latter part of
it week.
A survey by the Trade Pro- ?
?tion committee of the Wilkes
lamber of Commerce revealed
it a majority of stores prefer
remain open until eight o'
ck on Thursday and . Friday
ghts, December 22 and 23,
close at six o'clock on Sat
Ity, December 2 4.
Jowever, a number of stores
to stay open until a later i
iur, starting as early as Wed
iay and continuing through
^turday night.
Christmas Holidays Set
^Stores here will be closed for
irlstmas Sunday, Monday and
[lesday, December 25, 26 and
and re-open on Wednesday,!
[member 28. This plan was
>pted because of the practice
re to give two working days
, Christmas holidays. Banks
j*e will be closed on the same ,
tes as stores.
Oarages Set Holidays
jcal auto dealers and garag- [
tto close at noon on De- j
and reopen Tuesday;
*rning, December 27.
School Holidays Set
rN Vilkes county schools (except
lberry), will close December
JJS^open January 2. North
"^??fooro city schools and Mul
*ry school of the* county sys
m will close December 16 and
. -open January 2.
I Holiday Trade Brisk
Merchants in the Wilkesboros
import an increased volume of
pliday trade. Traffic was heavy
I ^re Monday and Tuesday this
^wVores here are well stocked
W* high quality merchandise
the lowest prices for a holi
iy season since the war.
Aoses H. Hanks,89,
Dies At Traphill
.Funeral services for Moses H ?
nks, 89, of the Traphill com-.
iSfTtjL who died Monday night
j the home of a son. Charlie
inks, were held at 2 p. m.
sdnesday at Roaring Gap Bap
t church. The Rev. Minter
svins, the Rev. W. F. Cooper
d the Rev. George Curry of
affcMr. Hanks was a member of
-*joch Methodist church, Alle
hany county. His wife, the for
mer Miss Frances Ayers to
4rhom he was married in 1878.
six years ago.
?^Sui**Jving are three sons. Lu
her Hanks, of Thurmond, Char
ie Hanks of Traphill and Jamep
tanks of State Road; one daugh
ter, Mrs. Bessie Blackburn of
tonesville; seven grandchildren
md 14 great-grandchildren.
Book Photographer
Wilkes Man Is
Photographer For
Japan Art Book
T.Sgt. William H. Hurley
Praised For Work Pub
lished on Jap Art
T. Sgt. William H. Hurley, son
of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hurley,
of the' Wilkesboro route one
community near Millers Creek.
Is earning a widespread repu
tation as a photographer.
Recently he completed photo
graphic work for a newly pub
lished book eptitled "Brocade
Pictures of Japan," written by
Stella B. Winnia, for many years
in internationally known au
thority on art. The book deals
with various types of art in
lapan, and is well illustrated
with pictures made by T.Sgt.
Hurley. The sergeant's father
las received a copy of this book,
which is bound in gaily deco
?ated Japanese silk. It is a very
ittractive volume.
Young Mr. Hurley entered the
itmy in 1937 and has done much
jhotographic work f?r the arm
sd forces. He is now with the
<Mfth Air Force in Japan but ex
pects transfer to Germany in
March. His wife and two chil
Iren have been residing in San
Oiego, California, while he has
>een in Japan. He and his fam
ly^ are expected here for a vis
t before going to Germany.
Author of the book on Japa
lese art in the foreword of the
rolume made the following com
nent about T.Sgt. Hurley's pho
ographic work:
"Acknowledgement o f keen
nterest and infinite skill in pho
:ographing my prints is due my
jood friend, T.Sgt. William H.
Hurley, Fifth Air Force. A form
er art student and a highly train
jd art photographer, Sgt. Hurley
ias performed miracles in solv-l
ing the technical problems inci
lent to reproduction."
A raindrop an eighth of an
inch in diameter contains as
much water as several millions
of the droplets that form the
average cloud. .
^riatmas music from George
^rederftr^Handel's "The Mes
ill be presented by the
lunity chorus organized by
? North Wllkesboro Musical
lrts club at the First Baptist
[hurch in North Wllkesboro
Sunday. December 18, eight o'
Directing this chorus will be
Ire. Andrew Kilby, with Miss
P^ois Scroggs as organist. So
prano soloists will be Mrs. Wake
Mark, Miss Martha Lue Frazier
ind Mrs. Harold Sturdivant.
iiss Ellen Robinson will ber-alto
Soloist, Ronald Milroy. tenor,
ind John Cashion, bass.
The program will open with
prelude, overture to "The Mes
followed by invocation by
W. N. Brookshire. Numbers
the program in consecutive
sr are: Tenor Recitative,
Tenor Aria, Chorus, Alto Reclta
. Alto Aria, Soprano Aria,
la, Chorus, Chorus, Pa
Symphony, Offertory pray
by Dr. John T. Wayland, So
ino Recitative, Chorus, So
JAria, Bass Aria, Soprano
lorus. Benediction by
?U L. Young,
offering will be re
ceived to meet expenses of the
Members of the chorus are as
Sopranos?Nell Gwvn Brame.
STancy Brown, Lilly Dean Bryan,
Mrs. Wake Clark, Mary Elmore
Einley, Katherine Frazler, Mar
:ha Lue Frazler, Mrs. Gwynr.
5ambill, Mrs. Ray Harris, Fran
ks Johnson, Mrs. Thomas Mc
Laughlin, Jane Pennell, Mary
ifeakle Phipps, Jo Anne Pre
rette, Mary Lindsay Stafford.
Mrs. Harold Sturdivant, Mrs. W.
K, Sturdivant, Mrs. Lewis Vick
>ry, Ruth King Wood.
Altos? Mrs. <Tal Barnes, Sr.,
Eva Bingham, Jo Anne Byers,
Betsy Doughton, Mrs. C. T.
Doughton, Mrs. T. A. Finley.
Nellie Gabriel, Mrs. R. S. Glbbs,
Vlrs. Lawrence Hunt, Sara Jane
ludy, Mrs. G. T. Mitchell, Mrs.
Ft. T. McNiel, Peggy Nichols,
Becky Raper, Ellen Robinson,
Mrs. Buren Yates, Mrs. Charles
Tenors?Goodwin Bloomfield,
Robert Johnson, Sr., Robert
rohnson, Jr., Forrest Jones, Ron
ild Milroy, Dewey Minton, T.
P. Story, Sr., George F. Ver
Basses ? Joe Brewer, John
Cash ion, Edwin Chipman, Dean
Edwards, D. E. Elledge, Gordon
Pinley, Jr., Bill Gabriel, W. R.
Harmon, Clande Jarrett, Rich
ard Johnston, Robert Morrow,
Lew# Vickery.
Trap hill Road To
Bo Constructed
Through To 21
Plan* Call For Paved Road
Via Hays, Dockery, Trap,
hill to Doughton
Construction of a paved high
way from the end, of the present
pavement near Hays by way of
Traphill to U. S. Highway 21 at
the Doughton community near
the Wilkes-Surry county line is
planned by the State Highway
Commission, W. J. Bason, roads
committee chairman of the
Wilkes Chamber of Commerce,
said here today.
The first section of this high
way, 4.4 miles from the end of
the pavement near Hays to
Dockery, is advertised for bids
in the December letting.
Commenting on the plans fori
this important road project, Mr.
Bason pointed out that the peo
ple of northeastern Wilkes are
elated over the prospects for get
ting out of the mud, and point
ed out that the commission can
not build all the road at one
time and must proceed as con
struction is practical.
Not only will the road serve
a big area not now reached by
a paved highway, but it will
mean a shorter route of travel
from this community and points
west to Roaring Gap and other
places in Alleghany county and
that part of the state. The Trap
hill road, as the project is known
here, will be financed by road
bond funds.
Christmas Program
At Bethel Baptist
An impressive Christmas pro
gram will be carried out at
Bethel Baptist church three
miles east of Ronda Sunday
night, December 18, beginning
at 7:30 p. m. "Light Of .Men"
will be the title of the program.
There will be a Christmas
tree and exchange of gifts. A
love offering will be taken for
the building fund. The public is
cordially invited to attend.
Hospital Births
During the past wefek three
births were recorded at the
Wilkes hospital: daughter, Laura
Lynn, December 9 to Mr. and
Mrs. Raeford Glenn Stroud, of
Wilkesboro; daughter, Reba Sue.
December 13 to Mr. and Mrs.
Lester Guy Shumate, of Hays;
daughter on December 13 to Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Oakley, of Roar
ing River.
Asking Entries In
Outdoor Christmas
Decoration Contest
The Wilkes Junior Chamber
of Commerce wants to remind
all residents of the county of
their outdoor Christmas deco
rating contest. Everyone is ask
ed to try to have some sort of
outside lighting on display from
December 21st through Decern-1
ber 31st. Prizes to be awarded
are $15.00, $10.00, $5.00. Phone
your entry to Radio Station
WKBC, 633, North Wilkesboro,1
or drop a post card to Christ
mas Lighting Contest, Wilkes
Junior Chamber of Commerce,
North Wilkesboro.
Every entry will be judged by i
a competent group, selected to'
represent the Wilkesboros and
all county activity.
| o
White Christmas At
Oakwoods Church 21
A White Christmas program
will be carried out Wednesday
night, December 21, 7:30, at
Oakwoods Baptist church.
There will be a program of
Christmas music and those at
tending are asked to carry gifts
wrapped in white, which will be
presented to the Wilkes Tuber
culosis hospital.
Baptists Plan
aunaay ocnooi
Rally On Sunday
Will Be Held With Hinshaw
Street Baptist Church
In N. Wilkesboro
Sunday school rally of the
Brushy Mountain Baptist Asso
ciation, which includes Baptists
of the Wilkesboros and the west
ern part of Wilkes county, will
be held at Hinshaw Street Bap
tist church Sunday, December
18, beginning at 2:30 p. m.
J. F. Jordan, associational
Sunday &:hool . superintendent,
said in announcement of the ral
ly that a program of wide in
terest will be carried out and
urged attendance of as large
delegation as possible from eve
ry church in the association.
Mint Sale Saturday
Junior Woman's club will be
sponsor of a mjnt sale to be held
Saturday, ten a. m.. until four
p,s m., at Belk's Department
store. All patronage will be ap
preciated by the club.
Baptist Pastors
To Meet Monday
Wilkes County Baptist Pas
tors' Conference will conYene
Monday, December 19, at Reins
Sturdivant chapel in December
meeting. j
The program, which will get
under way at ten a. m., will
provide inspiration, business, Bi
ble study and worship. Visitors
as well as members of the con-'
ference are invited, announce-,
ment of the meeting said.
Safety Trophy
Given American
Furniture Firm
, Local Manufacturing: Firm
1 Makes Excellent Record
In Safety This Year
The North "Carolina Industrial
Commission has announced tliat
The American Furniture Com
pany is winner of the Trophy
Certificate in Group No. 2 of
the 1949 Statewide Furniture.
j Safety Contest.
This group includes plants'
i employing from 101 to 300 em-|
! ployees.
The contest ran for a period
of thirty-four weeks, during
which time this plant worked a
total of 269,294 hours without
a disabling injury. This is es
pecially noteworthy, due to the
fact that the* woodworking in
dustry is considered one of the
H. S. Baucomb. Safety Direc
tor stated, "This is an outstand
most hazardous of all industries,
ing record and those associated
with this plant are to be con
gratulated for this achievement."
Good Show Friday
At Boomer School
Claude Hincher and the Rocky
Mountain Boys, along with the
Harmonica Man, and Uncle Sab
bons, the dancing comedian, will
put on a show Friday night,- Pe
cember 16, at Boomer school,
beginning at seven o'clock. Ad
mission for this show, sponsored
by Boomer school, will be 50
and 25 cents.
Episcopal Services
Rev. B. M. Lackey, Rector.
Vesper services will be held
in St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Sunday afternoon, Decembei
18th. at five o'clock. A cordial
invitation is extended to every
one to attend this service.
Left to right in the above pic
ture are members of Girl Scout
troop 15 as follows: bottom row
?Betty Chloe Payne, Martha
Gozeal Justice, Roberta Gibbs,
Ann Hoover, Ann Smith, Nancy
Sturdivant; Top row ? Biddle
Powell, Celia Carter. Diane Rous
seau, Ginnie Brame, Joan For
Troop 15 is a hardworking,
funloving, troop. They have been
working on their dancer's badge.
Friday, December 2, they gave
a dance at the,* Girl Scout Little
House from 7:30 to 10 o'clock.
The adults who attended were:
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Justice, Dr.
and Mrs. H. B. Smith, Miss
Becky Raper, and the troop
leaders, Mrs. A. B. Johnston,
and Mrs. James Kenerly. The.)
girls and boys enjoyed folk!
games and other dances that
they had learned from Miss
Raper while working on their i
dancer's badge. The refresh-'
mentSj punch, cookies, and fudge
were prepared by the Girl
Scouts themselves.
As one might see by attending
the meetings which are held on.
Monday afternoon at the Little
House, the girls have fun by be
ing together and working on the
different badges. They are work
ing toward their First Class and
Curved Bar awards. They are
?try proud of Martha Goseal
Justice, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Justice, who received
her Curved Bar award in 1948.
Those who have obtained the
First Class award are: Celiaj
Carter, Ann Smith and Nancy
Sturdivant. Those who have ob
tained the Second Class awards
are: Ginnie Brame, Joan Forest
er, Roberta Gibbs, Loraine Shu
mate, Biddie Powell, Diane
Rousseau, Betty Chloe Payne,
and Ann Hoover. The troop has
two new members, Jody Dough
ton and Jane Kenerly. They, too
have their second class awards.
The Girl Scouts are very for
tunate to have as their leaders
Mrs. A. B. Johnston and Mra.
James Kenerly. The girls ap
preciate their leadership
No Court Next Week
Second week of the Decem
ber term of court will not be
held, Judge Rousseau stated
today, because It falls so near
the Christmas holidays. Jurors
for the second week are noti
fied that court will not be held
and it will not be necessary for
them to report.
Louis J. Yelanjian
Will Preach Sunday
At 1st Presbyterian
Rev. Louis J. Yelanjian, who is
teaching and preaching in Stokes
county, will preach in the 11 a.
m. service Sunday, December 18,
in the First Presbyterian church
here. Rev. Mr. Yelanjian is a
former supply pastor here.
Deane Urges The
Support Of Flood
Control Planning
Lexington. ? Eighth District
Representative C. B. Deane of
Rockingham yesterday urged the
co-operation of all farm agencies
in the promotion of the Yadkin
Pee Dee Flood Control Program.
Representative Deane told 'the
more than 50 representative^ of
farm agencies in counties aiou~
the Yadkin River that the Urea'
embrace^ by the program isj the
"breadbasket of the Southeast."
The speaker said more Ithan
1,000,000 people reside in' the
flood control area in North and
South Carolina. Eighteen foun
ties in North Carolina are affect
ed by the program.
Representaitve Deane said the
time has arrived when this flood
control program must be push
ed. He recalled that the pro-,
gramwas initiated in 1040, bn*:
was not pushed during the war
years. It was revived in 1946. >
H. G. Edwards and L. E. Rast
both of Spartanburg. S. C., also!
discussed the flood control pro-j
D. G. Wilson of Linwood
chairman of the board of super
visors of the Middle Yadkin Soil
Conservation District, presided
at the meeting held at the coun
ty building.
Modernized Bank
Plans Open House
The Bank of North Wilkes
boro cordially Invites everybody
to the Open House, which will
be observed In the banks new
ly modernized quarters Friday
afternoon nad evening, beginning
at 4:30 and continuing through
until 9:30 at night.
Refreshments will be served
and favors will be given visitors
during the Open House hours.
The bank has just completed
p thorough remodeling and ren
ovating pogram, which has
greatly increased floor space
and has modernized the bank
throughout. Size of the lobby
has been doubled, new fixtures
and equipment, along with a
modern lighting system, has
been installed, and a mezzanine
floor has been added to take
care of the bookkeeping depart
Outside of the bank building
has also been renovated.
Roland Winfleld Barker, who*
plead guilty to a charge of lar
ceny of a road grading shovel
and removal of the shovel a a
distance of several miles from
wflere he found it near Traphill,
was sentenced in Wilkes super
ior court yesterday to not less
than two nor more than five
years in the state penitentiary.
Judgment was pronounced by
Judge J. A. Rousseau, of North
Wilkesboro, currently presiding
over the December term which
opened Monday and is slated to
' continue for two weeks. Barker
told the court that he was drunk
on the date the road machine
' was alleged to have been stolen
and knew little about what he
Solicitor Avalon E. Hall, of
Yadkinville, is prosecuting the
docket of about 200 cases. There
ard few cases of major interest
and motor vehicle law violations
make up about half the calendar.
, E. E. Hayes was appointed fore
! man of the grand jury.
In early days of the term di
! vorces were granted in the fol
lowing cases: Clifton Miller ver
sus Wanda Miller; Elree Nichols
Taylor versus Claude Everette
Taylor; Edna Crabb versus Olin
Crabb; Roxie Mahaffey versus J.
M. Mahaffey: John L?. Carter
versus Ruby Whitaker Carter.
1 Judgments have been render
ed in the following cases:
Tominie Calloway, violation of
slot machine law, prayer for
judgment continued.
I Conley Call, reckless driving,
90 days suspended on payment
$25 fine and costs, not to drive
in 12 months.
Sam Roper, three counts for
forging checks, total of two
years on roads in two cases; two
years suspended in third case.
L . Edward Whitley, housebreak
ing, 12 months suspended fen
payment of costs and good be
Wayne Adams, housebreaking,
placed on probation.
Albert McMurray, operating
motorcycle while intoxicated,
jury verdict of not guilty.
Oliver Wayne Walker, viola
tion of prohibition law, prayer
for Judgment continued on pay
ment -$10 fine and costs.
Cleo Marsh, operating car
while intoxicated, 90 days su
spended on payment $100 fine
and costs, driver license revok
Lonnie Wingler, operating car
while intoxicated, four months
suspended on payment {100 fine
and costs, driver license revoked.
Ed Mitchell, operating car
while intoxicated. 60 days su
spended on payment $100 fine
and costs, driver license revok
Norman Ward, operating car
while intoxicated, four months
suspended on payment $10o fine
and costs, driver license revok
Jack William Henry Holmes,
operating car while intoxicated,
90 days suspended on payment
$100 fine and costs, driver lic
ense revoked; reckless driving,
prayer for judgment continued
on payment $25 fine and costs.
James H. Johnson, operating
car while intoxicated, four
months suspended on payment
$100 fine and costs; reckless
driving, 60 days suspended on
payment $25 fine and costs, driv
See, COURT, Page 6
Optimist Club Members To Remember
Needy Families At Christmas-Time
Club Will Not Meet On De
cember 27th Due To
Members of the Optimist Club
of North Wilkesboro will re
member needy families in the
community and county at Christ
mas-time, according to plans
made at the luncheon meeting
of the club held Tuesday at Ho
tel Wilkes. The names of the1
families to be remembered will
be cleared through the Cham
ber of Commerce office.
The club was pleased to wel
come into membership John
Moss, manager of Rose's store.
His lapel button was presented
by Optimist Maurice E. Walsh.
Optimist Walsh, chairman of
the central committee promoting
the Wilkes County Basketball
Tournament to be held at ihe
Wllkesboro high school gymnas
ium on Feb. 23, 24, 25. stated
that plans (or the outstanding
sporting event were shaping up
tiicely, and that much interest
had already been shown by the
high schools of the county.
The <Sub voted to dispense
with the regular meeting on
December 27th, due to the (act
that a number of members will
be out of the city during the
holidays. The next meeting of
the club will be on January 9th.
Tom Jenrette spoke in detail
about the plan adopted for help
ing needy families in the com
munity and county this Christ
mas, and President Eller and
Secretary Tugman told club
members about the eighteenth
district meeting in Charlotte
which they attended Saturday.

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