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navy. We must use the same me ns, if w e would
rUch the some end ; k1 our success in a great mea
Jure depends upon the'spirit f i-othern yomen. I".
the days " that -tried metta sonl-," their ouls were
also. tried, and were f.und equal to the crisis. They
are still capable of displaying the Mme energy, ana
patriotism, and have inviting pprtunMeH around
them to contribute their effort to .he preservation of
those institutions which their grandmo hers had so
large a share in founding originally.
Among the liitle boy, now running wildtn our pu.e
I woods and mountain recesses, u.c. e ... w
i acstiny has assigned the pn of future statesmen, ju-
rists, generals and divines and in the zenith of their
fime aid fortune tney may iu-.
terest lb the days in which they received their elemen- j iiev. Dr. Laxt, after which a large procession accom
tary knowledge 'from a lady's lips To pve an up- J p.inied the remains to th;. grave,
ward impulse io great characters is worthy of any j Mr. Busbee was in his 38 h year, a rapidly rising
woman's ambition, and ou;ht to be far more gratifying lawyer,-full of hope and pronifse. He held the ot
to feminine pride. th"an the ordinary admiration award- j fu e of Reporter to the Supreme Court, and was a
cd by the multitude to the ephemeral triumphs of , member cf the Council of S;ate. He leaves a young
mice and beauty. To a distinction like this we would widow a,,d four interesting children, who-e bereave-
point the aspirations of our southern ladies, and urge
them to arouse their energies to a great wort which
claims their special care, and promises them a brilliant
We have lately be5n enjoying a succession of those
beau ilul moun-lig'it nig'its wln.h are characteristic of
the season. To -our senses, the influence of such
fl witching hours " is delicious, and they make us some
limes'ask with Comus,
" AVhat hath night to do with sleep ?
Night haih better sweets to prove."
-.'.The.light of the nioon is often so: .clear that it is
quite easy to read by it, and every object, clad in its
uin aithly drapery; stands out d.s in'ct with sheen and
hiiadow, in a beauty never observed at other seasons.
Thcair and skyjire so chaste and pure, the tempera
tuic h so gratefully mild, and the universal tranquility
of nature all around breathes such a tranqtiilizing influ
ence u;ou the ob.iimer, that the dullest imagination
cannot but share in the pleasure they sifford. Nflw
and then a cloud ap;e irs on the horizon, and
' Turns forth her silver lining on the night "
in a l ijie rlory of lunar reflection, and rolls about
' ts lowly io irs bed of blue, preserving continually varyiog
, sljafe-i of be i try to the enraptured gaze.
; Iflunacy were possibly due to such an influence,
we are inclined -to think the hallucination 'would bear
. the impress of its origin. A delightful repose ought
t'o be the portion of a mind dethroned by such a cause.
We have seeri ;such a night on the smooth waters
cf a -p:icions bay, and can imagine nothing in the
external scenery of the world more celcsti.illv beauti
ful. Who can witness such pure loveline-s and not
realize that the works of God intii-.itt-ly surpass all ihe
feeble imitations of human art ?
On such occasions the mind is apt to conjure up a
, thousand agreeable fancies, and to people the glorious
scene with seuii-spiritual shapes engaged in fantastic
revelry ;, k Milton, true to Nature, puts in the
Iil Mitil of Coin us,
The sounds and seas, with all their finny drove,
Xow, to the moon in wavering morrtce move ;
Amlion the. tawny sands and shelves
Trip the pert fairies and the dapper elves. " . :
Uv dimpled bro6k, and fountain's brim, ;
The wooti-uymphs, decked with daisies trim,
Their merry wakes and pastimes keep;"
In some, of our cities there is ayeustom kept up of
having instrumental music on jJn public grounds at
short interval .fnrmg these pTetirrnreaso leaner
when tire "'sweet regent of the y "happens to be
ia the ascendant, and a balmy sweetness fills the eve
ning air, .such performances hae :Klouble charm for the
thousands who resort to them. We wi.-h there could
bt something of the kind in Raleighi Such occasions
have a happy effect upon the moral and social condi
tion of .the people. t
'. Tt is surpji-ing that poop e living in .the counlrv
and. taking some useful paper, do not lake more pains
to preserve the vast amount of information
they contaio. It is a .iirlicult ni tier, we, to
keep, such publicalious regularly filed, hut it is very
easy to cut out mic-Ii aitic'cs as oi e may wish to pr,
serve and paste ihem away in a book with blank
leaves. The habit is soon formed, and with a little
care and patience a valuable mass of useful and entertaining-matter
may be accumulated, so as to tor in
a respectable volume.
We would suggest 10 our yunger readers this sim
ple method of adding to their liitle libraries an annual
encyclopedia of v.;rious kinds of information . An
immense mass of histoneal, geographical, and plalo-f-ophical
knowledge might thus be laid upon the shelf
: nd in the memory at ti.e same time ; for booksof this
kind possess an inexpressible charm for those ho
construct them, and where the industry exists to col
lect their mate.ials, the tateHo relish them is certdn
to be formed."
An excellent practical Inlk on r griculture might
eastlybe made in this vhy mmy farmers, who
shrink from the expense of purchasing new works of
the kind.. We throw out thVhint to them, with the
hope that it may induce some of them to try the plan
The two World's Conventions of the friends of
Temperance.-recently held in New York, have called
forth a number of condemnatory notices from the pres
in various quarters, and we are not surprised that such
has been the case. Those Conventions have made it
quite e'ear that a large part of the temperance party
at the North areecply infected with a fanatical spir-
it, and that fact alone .generally tends fo prejudice
the .mjfo ciutious ponion of the people against
the whole body. We are, however, inclined to' con
gratulate the party, on account of the signal rebnk.
V vhieh the " Woman's Rights " faction "received at the1
, Convention of the 6th. instant. It showed a decided
flcterminatiqn onthe pairt of the best men in the Con
, vention not to affiliate wi;h that sort of radicalism.
; But we must say that, whilst, the temperance cause
;has thus been successfully vindicated from; the injuri
ous suspicion of alliance with one of the worst errors
f the day, the action of the Convention in re
gard to the Maine Law, by which thev endeavor to
complicate the cau-e with political manoeuvres, was
most erroneous in its principle and dangerous in its
tendency. The errors of the reign of i Cromwell
ought purely to be a warning against the fatal policy
of a too sweeping legislation in the cau.e of morals.
' ! ;
That excellent par, the &ientiric Akcrican has
commenced a new volume, in a rew and lcgat drss
This is one pf our most highly prized exchanges and
we cannot too cordially recommend it to all business
men engaged in the useful arts, i,r which a thorough
acquaintance with' the improvements of the rge is de
sirable. OrR f iend of the Star has quite a mcirv twinkle in
. his eye this week. His congratulations and sympa
thies" forjiis.hard worked brothers of the quill, are ex
- pressed in excellent spirit. We are pleased to see that
hi rec nt jaunt lias inspired him with so much lively
Merest in s all. It ought to make him a Star cf the
. first magnitude in these latitudes. "It 'a all right
captain ! " The mor e you reflect upon the bright side
' of olWs, the ujore you will thins yourself, .
We record the unexpected death, of our esteemed
fellow-citizen, Perrih Bcsbee, with unfeigned so'r
row. Having just returned from his arduous labors
in attendance upon the Supreme Court at Morganton,
he was seized with fever on Monday of last week,
from which on Thursday he appeared to be conva
lescing. On the same day a relapse took place, and
a fatal chill hurried him in spite of every effort of skill
to his giive. He died on Friday night, and the funer
al services took plage on Sunday at iTine o'clock in
tbg Presbyterian Chutt-h, which waserowded with a
vast conctuise of our ci.izens, i.ll deeply affected by
the. Solemnities of the mournful occasion. An appro
priate and excellent ;discourse was delivered by the
meat is the subject of universal sympathy.
obtain from an exchange the following para
graph, which, we think,' suggests a method of dealing
with the evils of intemperapee, by law, quite as xaV
tional and safe as any with which we are acquainted.
It deals with the drunkard himself as the principal,
and the liquor dealer as the accessory in relation to
the drunkard, and leaves the sober, well-behaved cit
izens of the State to think and act for themselves in
regard to the use of intoxicating drinks. The princi
ple is right, and we shall rejoice to see the law fairly
and energetically executed.
"The first case which has occurred in New Jersey,
under the law relative to habitual drunkards, passed
at the late session of the Legialature. took place at
Princeton on the 22d ult., and is mentioned in the
Wrhig. The Chancflor issued a commission to three
gentlemen who proceeded to try before a jury an in
quisition into Ihelabitual drunkenness of Charles
Skiliman, and his Hii-apacity to take care of his prop
erty. The jury gave a verdict that such was the case,
and according to law .the Orphan's Court, on applica
tion, must appoint a guardian over him. He is di
vested of all control ()f his property, which will be
res'ored on his reformation ; all liquor sellers, under a
penalty, are forbidden to sll to him, and legally, lie
is to be treated as a lunatic."
Progressive. Improvements are rapidly progress
ing in the western part of our city. We no'.iced a few
days ago, whilst walking on the line of tire railroad"
connection between the Depot of the Raleigh and
Gascon Railroad, and that of the Central Road, a new
row of edifices, recently erected, of which we would
like to present our readers with a sketch. ' Rut wc
are poor hands with the pencil, and will not tinder
take to do justice to these interesting speeimens-of ar
chitectural taste. As they are very faithful copies of
the Bri i-h antique, carrying back the imagination of
an observer, who is anything of a connoisseur in such
matters, as far almost as the age of Alfred the Great;
they may be regarded as well worthy of a walk to S' e
tlfem. 1 hey .are occupied at present by gentlemen of
the same color as themselves, which shows with what
considerate taste their construction was designed.
Wiihih, they are doubtless models of elegance.
The line of connection between the depots of
the Raleigh and Gaston and Central Railroads bids
fair to be completed in good time. The ground-work
has been going forward very rapidly for some weeks,
it'wi-'MM W ready ftr silrs nf mils. ,
C We have made an arrangement with Mr. W.
A. Guver, commission merchant Wilmington, by
which he will regularly furnish us with weekly re
ports iff the Wilmington markets. Mr. Guyer's Card
jxcompanying his first report will be found in our ad
vertising (.'olttmns.
Th? October number of Gode'y's Lady's Book has
been received. It is well and usefully ornamented
wi;h engravings, fashion plates and patterns, and cijn-
tain a grent deal of cntertaininir reading---
The Western Horticultural Review for Septem
ber is also belf-re ns in admirable work, always
alounding in interesting tacts connected with Natus.d
History, and practical article-sou the various branches
of cultivation. -
We have also received number one of " Le Bif.nfai
tevr des Sourds-Muets- et d-es AvELc,LEs," a periodi
cal just started in Paris by M. 1" abbe Daras, and de
signed to promote the cause of education among the
Deaf and Dumb and the Blind throughout the World.
It is accompanied by a circular letter addressed to the
heads of institutions erected for the benefit of these
classes, asking for information on various specif jed
subjects, and earnestly inviting their co-operation in a
laudable effort to promote the interests of the cause.
We wish the editor of Le Bienfaiieur all possible
An unfortunate affair occurred a few days since,
some "30 miles below this place, on the French
Broad. It seems that two young men named
Candler, met a runaway negro in the road, a short
distance from their residence, and commanded him
to stop. He refused to ob-y, and drawing a large
knife, swore he would fight till he died ; at the'
time moving rapidly off. One of the young men
told him to -stop; or he would shoot fiim. The
negro replied, "slioot. and be d d." The young
man took him at his word, so far as the'shootincr
was concerned, and lodged a load of shot in his
Lhip, one shot penetrating the bladder. The negro
died three days afterwards. Before he died, he
gave several contradictory accounts of himself ; one
of his statements, and the mot probable one, was
that he belonged to a Mr. Tucker, of Edgefield
District, S. C. He is represented to have been a
stout, well built fellow, weighing probably 165 or
170 pounds, in color rather a daik mulatto. Ash.'
Xt ws.
Cape Fear and Deep RiVer. By an adver
tisement of ''the 'Secretary of this Company, in an
other column, it will be seen that the progress of
the work transcends the expectations of many; and
that some gloomy apprehensions recently entertain
ed , may now' entirely subside.
We congratulate the Stockholders and the pub
lic, on the fair prospects now in view, in regard to
this very important work of improvement, and
hope those called upon on this occasion, will see
the .importance' of c- mplying with the reasonable
request ofthe Directors and be ready to meet and .
greet the Secretary on the 1st of October. Wil-m'jton-Ooftimercial.
, -" "-
Accident.--On Tuesday night last,-a negro roan
Allen, the property of Richard II. Battle," Esq.,
was run over by the Wilmington train otcars at
Rocky Mount Depot- The train was approaching
and he started on a ran with a light to tend ' the
switches, when he fell and the train passed over
him burning and mangling him horribly if not fat
ally. Tarboro1 Southerner. 1 I ? :
f - m to . .. ,
Death of Gtx. Jasl J. McKVt. The jWil
uiington Journal of Thursday week, announce the
unexpected death of this estimable gentleman! He
expired at Goldsboro' on Wednesday evening, a
bout 8 o'clock, after a brief but sefere illness of
cramp cholic. . t.
. : . ' -V"1-
We are gratified to iearh that the Directors of
the Bank of Washington have been able to declare
a semi annual Dividend of 4 per cent on the origi
nal capital stock, payable ou and after-the 1st.
prox. Register. (..'J
A sew Locomotive, the William A. Graiam,
has been put upon the Raleigh and Gaston Road.
It was built at the Tredegar Works, in Richmond,
and is represented as a finely finished aiid powerful
engine. Star. . : '
i .
The next meeting of the Grand Division of the
Sons of Temperance of North Carolina,; will be held
in .Wilmington, commencing on the 26th of Oc-
toler. .; "
: . - i - -
The Steamer Cambridge L'estroyed By. Fire
We learn from the Baltimore Sun of yesterday.
t.tat the well known steamer Cambridge, of the
port of Baltimore, belonging to the Maryland and
Virginia Steamboat Company, took fire in the flr
ward hold on Friday afternoon, in Carter's Creek,
near the mouth of the R ippahautiock river, on her
return from Freder'cksbug to Baltimore. ; and, not 1
withstanding every exertion was promptly made t?o
suppress the tlaines, they progressed with such al
arming rapidity that it was deemed necessary f r
the safety of those on boad to run her ashore
which was accomplished i.u as short a tinje as
possible. All the passengers and crew were safely
landed, but such1 was the progress of the flames,
that nearly every thing in the way of freight, &c.
was lost. In a short time after the laudinrr of the
passengers and crew, the boilers exploded, making
a complete wreck of the noble steamer. Uer cargo
consisted of 750 bbls. of flom;, and other produce,
which, it is supposed, a e touWv lost, j The Cam
bridge was purchased a few Vears ao from the
Eastern Shore Steainboat Company, for the sum of
:0,000, and it is said, was not insured. She was
one of the fastest and most popular steamers out
of Baltimore. Had the accident occurred at a later
hour, after she had reached the bay, the consequen
ces no doubt, would have been of a more serious
nature. Pet. Ex.
have received several circulars in reference to the
first annual exhibition of the Virginia State j(oTi
cultural Society. It is known to our readers gen
erally that the exhibition will open in Richmond,
on the 1st llay of November next, and be contin
ued dining four days. The annual address will
be delivcied by John li. Edmunds, E-q., of Hali
fax, and on each evening addresses and lectures
upon Practical Agricultural subjects wijl be cfehver
ed bv di.-tingui.-died gentlemen of this and other
States. 'Ihe Society offers premiums amounting to
$5000, in, sums from $3 to $30, for the best speci
mens of live slock, poultry, agricultural; implements,
household manufactures and implements, and farm
andgaiden produce. The schedule of 'premiums is
too long for us to insert, but many of our farmers
have seen it in the Southtra Planter, to which all
ought to subscribe.
The Common Council of Richmond have ap
propriated u square and 6000 to fit it up for the
the Society,, and the lines of transportation will
pass members of the Society and their . families,
stock and all articles for the Fair, to and from this
city, gratis. Any one can become a; member bv
paying an initiation fee of two dollars, and a dollar
at i n ua! ly th e t ea fie r. Sta u n ton Spectator.
Accident on the Railroad. An; accident oc
curred on Thursday on the Seaboard and Roanoke
Railroad by which .the engines of two trains, both
going up, were much injured if not totally ruined,
and one of the engineers, a Mr. Shannon, so bad
ly hurt that it was thought he could not surviye.
The Portsmouth Transcript gives the following
statement: " As we understand it, .the accident
happened as follows: the freight train which left
here yesterday morning some hours before the ex
press train, -on arrivingt Newsom's IDepot, as is
the constant practice, backed off on the turnout,
where it was to remain till the other train passed,
but -the turnout being too short for thj entire train,
the engine was left stauding partially across the
main track, and a signal hoisted for the express
train to stop on its arrival. But failing to observe
the signal, or for some olher reason, the enoineef
continued at full speed, running directly on to the
other engine. The result was, of course, inevita
ble. None of the passengers, we believe, was in
jured. ' i- j
" Since the above was in type we learn that en
gineer Shannon is dead." Nor. & Ports: Her.
A New kind of Cotton has been brought from
among the Pino Indians of Now Mexico, by an of
ficer of the Mexican Boundary Commission. Its
peculiarity consists in a fine, silky staple, superior
in length and strength to all kinds previously
known. We learn that the seed has been int. educ
ed into-Texas, and that the plant will soon be
grown there exteusively. It luis also the great ad
vantage of not degenerating, and not requiring a
renewal of the seed. The plant, if all these pe
culiarities are proved permanently t6 belong to it,
must effect a revolution in cotton. New-Orleans
paper. . .
Accident on the South-Side Railroad. On
Saturday morning last a negro man was caught
between the coaches and the platform, at the junc
tion, in Prince Edward co, and so badly mashed
l that it is thought he caooot live. Et.
EitEdTOK of Focr New DiOCESEs. The Free
man's Journal says that Archbishop Hughes' of N.
York, on Tuesday, received four Bulls erecting
Brooklyn, Long Island ; Newark, N. Jersey Burl
ington, Vermont ; and Portland, Maine, into Epis
copal Sees, and naming to the See of Brooklyn the
Very Rev. John Loughlin, Vicar-General of New
York ; to the See of Newark, the Rev. J. R. Bay
ley, Secretary to the Archbishop of New York; to
the See of Burlington, the Very Rev. L. de Gcesbri-
and, Vicar General -of Cleveland ; and to the See
of Portland, the Very Rev. II. B. Coskery, Vicar
General of Baltimore. ;
The Bulls erecting Sees and naming Bishops in
other Ecclesiastical Provinces will, it is presumed,
bo speedily published in their respective localities,
when the Journal promises to complete the list of
new appointments for the whole of the United
States. i .
Business. Notwithstanding the terrible ravages
ofthe epidemic, the indomitable spirit of our people
is observable in the preparations which are now go
ing forward in the way of repairs, overbadings
and refittings in-doors and out for the fall business.
This jstheseason in which it is usual for ourshops,
stores an J'plaofes of butiess to be repaired, repaint
ed and renew'ed in general, and it is pleasant to ob
serve the quiet resolution and equanimity with
which these ordinary preparations are c rried on
amid the most trying scenes. iV. 0. Picayune.
Another Fatal Railroad Collision.-Oneida,
JV. F"., Sept. 16. The express train ou the Cen
tral Railroad,. near this place, was run into last nio-ht
by the freight train, which was going at full speed.
The conclusion was terrible, smashing the engines
and several of the cars to atoms, throwing them off
the track. MrrBurkley Watcher, of Medina, Ohio,
was instantly killed. Three or four others were, it
is believed, fatally injured, and a -large number
more: or less wounded. It is only suprising that
greater destruction of human life had not ensued.
P. T. Barnch has commenced a .crusade against
tea, and calls tea-parties women sprees. lie
says, '"just drop in when they have taken a stroiif
cup each around, and you will find them so gar
rulous and :a!kativc, that you would think that the
ship which brought the tea from China had brought
the language also." Barnum is a bold man : he
has made war against man's " cups," and now at
tacks woman's saucers. It is .said that his next
more is to-be. directed against pork and beans.
Worcester Transcript.
The Roman Catholics have stolen a march upon
the friends of religious equality in California, bv
procuring a recommendation of the State Superin
tendent of Common Schools, that a proportion of
the public school money should be appropriated to
the support of their Sectarian Schools. This re
commendation was hastily acted upon at the heel
of the late session of the Legislature, and became
a law almost without examination. Newark Sen,
Trial of Bishop Doane. The trial of Bishop
EAiRiVfrPoa'neha? been ternjiinated at last. The Bishop '
made a confession on Thursday week, and the
charges were immediately dismissed, a trial not be
ing insisted upon. The Court of Bishops have ad
journed sine die. It j seems, strange the Bishop
could nothave made a confession at the beginning
of the matter, and thus have put an end to all
further dispute.
Yellow Fever at Montgomery, Ala. On
the 1 2th ult , two cases of yellow fever were brought
to Montgomery, Ala., from New Orleans, and up
to the 10th inst., 15 cases have occurred there, 9 of
which the Board of Health reports came from the
same city, and the rest originated in the family of
an Irish laborer, living near the river. Only 6 of
the cases proved faal ; 4 recovered, nnd 5 are un
der treatment. Bait. Sun.
Railroad Collision. We understand colli
sion occurred on the Petersbunr and'Roanoke Rail
road yesterday, causei by two freight trains com
ing together a short distance south of Jarratt's
Depot, Sussex. No person was injured, but the
two engines, the "Seott" and "Yadkin," we learn,'
are considerably broken. One was coming North,
the other South j but a misunderstanding existed
between the engineers as to the arrangements of
one another. Hence the collision.
A Costly Necklace. The most valuable arti
cles of bijouterie on exhibition in the Crystal Pa
lace is said to be owned in New York. It is a pearl
necklace, which consists of a wreath of peails, with
one large diamond in the midst, and is valued
at fifteen thousand dollars. It is said that a mil
lionaire, recently appointed by President Pierce to
a diplomatic post in Europe, offered fourteen thou
sand five hundred dollars for it, but that price wss
.''A&ttR. This morning, between 4 and 5 o'
clock, a fire was discovered in the wooden building
attached to the premises of G. P. R. James, Esq ,
which was soon extinguished by the timely arrival
ofthe fire companies. This is the fifth attempt to
bum this building. Wheie can the "Charleys " of
Norfolk be ? Portsmouth Globe.
The great Temperance Convention of Massachu
setts, convened at the Tremont Temple in Boston
on Monday the 12th, and during the sitting decid
ed to carry the Maine Law agitation into the pri
mary meetings of political parties, and also' to
raise $100,000 to prosecute the sellers.
Professor Agasslz's Cabinet. The scientific,
cabinet, collected during many years by Professor
Agassiz, has been purchased for Harvard Univer
sity, at any expense, it is said, of $12,500, the
greater part of which was raised by private sub-;
scriptiou. T .
Progress of the Yellow Feter. New Or
leans, Sept. 12th. The deaths by yellow fever yes
terday, were only 40. The disease is, however,
raging dreadfully along the coast. 4 '. "
A correspondent of the Natchez Courier, writing
from the eastern part of the State, says that the
army worm, boll worm, rot, rust and' lice, have all
made their appearance upon the cotton, and fears
much damage " y,,
The I Hemp Caop.--It is estimated, says the St
Lou-is Democrat, that the crop of hemp now grow
ing in - issouri, will reach the unequaled figure of
70,000 bales, or nearly 15,000 tons.
The National Democrat says that a slight fall of
snow was visible i n Newf York on the afternoon
of the 15th.
The sixth annual cattle show of the Maryland
State Agricultural Society will take place in Balti
more in the" last week in October "
The;Holly Springs (Miss.) Times reports an as
tonishing case of seven children at one birth.
I foreignT
NEir Orleans, Sept. 12. The steamer Texas,
with tie California mails, has arrived. She brings
news from the city of Mexico to Sept. 4th, and from
Vera Cruz of the 8th.
The Mexican . Government is making vigorous
effects; to stop robberies, and several culprits had
been executed.
Mote troops' had been sent to the frontiers, os
tensibly to repelthe Indians.
Santa Anna continues his high-handed measures,
executing persons on the slightless suspicion, and
without warning. It was believed that another
revolution would follow his arbitrary and tyranni
cal course.
Mr.) Gadsden, U. S. Minister, had been well
Passengers by the Texas, state that Santa Anna
had already raised an army of 50 000 of the finest
troops ever known in Mexico, andit was believed
he had been largely assisted by Spanish subjects.
Interesting from Bcenos Ayres. The Flight
of Gen Urquiza It was stated by telegraph in
I the Baltimore Sun, that Gan. Urquiza, who has so
long menaced Buenos Ayres, has sought refuge
on board a U. S- steamer. The Water Witch,
Lieut ; Page, commanding, is the steamer referred
to. He was conveyed by her to Entre-Rios, and the
Water Witch returned to Buenos Ayres on the
23d or July, to take on board a supply of coal, and
some pieces of artillery sent, out by our government
as a present to President Lopez, of Paraguay, whi
ther she would proceed immediately. On arrving at
Ascension, Lt. Page will determine on the plan of
his scientific exploration of the livers
Urquiz:i, it appears,, was induced to take flight
in consequence of having been deserted by his fleet,
and menaced by Gen. Flores. lie attempted to
reach the steamer from his entrenchments, in day
time, but one the road to Palermo being met by a
mob, shouting " Death . to Urquiza and Lagos !''
" Long iive the government !" he was obliged to
return and await the cover of night to make his es
cape. At night he started in a coach (said to be
J that of Mr Petidieton, U. S. Charge,) but broke
I down-on the road.. In a few minutes, however, he
procured a horse and reached the Water Witch,
and was received with a salute. The Entre-Riauo
troops embarked at the same time on board the
English steam-frigate Locust, and all sailed imme
diately for En ire- ilios. !
All the public officers under Urquiza, who were
left behind, hastened to submit to the Buenos Ay
rean Government.
The news of Urquiza's flight, which the British"
Packet avers was secured by the intervention of
he Ministers of the United States, France and
England, was received with the most extravagant
delight in the city. Salutes were fl rod, bells were
rung, the people turned out en masse, and repair
ed to the Government House, with music, to con
gratulate the ministry. . The Government decreed
that the 15th and 16lh should be kept as feast days,
and that ion the latter day at noon a solemn Te
Deum should be chaunted " in thanks to the Omni
potent Being by whose performances all corpora
tions, civil and military, are assisted."
- Death of Sir Charles Napier. The Frank
lin brings us the intelligence of the death of the
veteran Sir Charles Napier, of whose dangerous
illness; we have had previous accounts. He was
one of the most distinguished generals of the Brit
ish army, and had been an officer, in different ranks
and in various parts of the world, for sixty years.
He was seventy-one years of age, and had receiv
ed, in the course of his numerous wars a greater
n timber of wounds than were perhaps ever surviv
ed by any other soldier. At the battle of Corunna
his leg was broken by a musket shot, he had a sabre
cut on the head, a wonnd in the back with a
bayoriet, and his ribs were broken by a cannon ball.
Subsequently, at Busa;o, he was shot through the
face, and had his jaw broken. Nevertheless, thirty
years5 afterwards, he commanded in Scinde with
a vigor that excited universal astonishment, and
with 2,800 men attacked and defeated 22,000 of
the enemy, after a desperate action of tLree hours.
! '
A Rcsso-American Alliance. The Frank
lin brings word that the American expedition to
Japan; was, at the latest dates, in the neighbor-
hooa of the Loo-Choo Islands, awaiting" the arfiv-.
al of ihe Powhatan. According to the Hong-Kong
papers, the Emperor of Russia is resolved to share
the glory of forcing open the sealed doors of Japan.
His armament in the China seas, according ' to
hese authorities, is a'squadron of observation, de
signed to check and control theynovements of our
fleet. ! Three vessels the Pallas, of 52 guns : the
Divini, of 19 guns, and the Vostock, of 4 guns
were io sail from Hong-Kong early in August, to
join the American fleet and co-operate in the over
ture. i
Marriage of the Crown Prince of Belgium.
- A despatch dated Vienna, August 10th, 6ays
the ceremony of the marriage, by procuration, of
Marie Henriette Anne, Archduchess of Austria
with the Duke of Brabant, took place thal,evening
at 6 o'clock, in the chapel of the chateau of Schon
brunnl Monsignor Rauscher, Archbishop of Vienna,
officiated. After the ceremony there was a grand
gala reception in the grand gallery. All the mem
bers of the corps diplomatique, and all the court,
came to present their felicitations to her imperial
44 As Bio as a Piece of Chalk " The ,M piece
of chalk " whRhj-ecently fell from Dover Cliffs, in
England, was fifty feet long, forty feet wide, and
sixty feet deep, and is estimated to weigh two
.tb iis'and xm. -; - w ' ;"
The Collins steamer Artxo arrived at New
York on Sunday, having Uft Liverpool bo the 7th
with 207 passengers, induHng Mrs. H. B. Stowe,
and her brother, Rev, Charles Beeoher, .
The news is four days later but preseSTno in
teresting features, the Eastern Question being stiU
In the markets cotton was dull at previous rates :
wheat had fallen A.l u...t. i , -
, f' uusuei, ana nower is per
barrel, in consequence of continued fine weather
and a check put to the trade in Franca bv th. in
terference of government.
With regard to the Eastern Question, the excite
ment in England had mostly subsided, as the sub
ject was considered as settled, and the same opin
.on prevailed at Paris, where it is thought that the
emperor oi Russia will accede to the modificati,
maue oy tne rorte to the Vienna note. ' RU3
lecenuy arrived at Pans, however, do not
ente tain
tne same opinion.
The London Times makes this important state
ment ifTtrue:-MVe have reason to believe that
the French Cabinet has already signified to the
Sultan that the ulterior- steps tie may adopt con
trary to the advice of his allies must be taken at
his own peril." .
The Times then goes over the arguments in fa
vor oL the Czar's acceptance of the note,, and ihe
restoration of peace". These are, briefly, that the
winter is too near for the Russians to undertake
operations beyond the Danube ; that the troops are
sick and the supplies exhausted ; and that the
Turkish f roes under Omar Pasha, are formidable
;n front. The acceptance f the note is, then, the
only way to relieve ad parties from their embar
rassments. '
From Belgrade. in Servia, August 12, a quieter
state of public feeling was rep. rted, and there was
no longer any fear of an outbreak.
Ireland. Queen Victoria, and the Princes had
a most magnificent and enthusiastic reception at
Dublin, on the occasion of their visit to the Exhibit
ion in that city nearly twenty thousand persons
were present in the building on the Queen's first
i.-it. .
After leaving Dublin, it was stated the Queen
would visit Ostend, to congratulated Duke and
Duchess de Brabant on their marriage.
The Bund in France. The blind in Franco
are said to be about one to every thouand" individ
uals. The unfortunate amount to 37, 6.G2 in cthe
whole population of France.
Near New Providence, Saratora en., X y f,mhe
29th of August. Mr. Joseph B. Hills to Mi-s Lvdia
Ann Ballot, of the former place,
Both parties are graduates of the New York In
stitution for the Deal imd Dumb; Mr HilU is well
and favorably known f o most of our citizens ( '0M
Deems, James, R. McLean, Esq., to' Mi-s
Unlhank, daughter of the Lite Wm. Un
vjjrcu.-yoro, on uie lain m-t., by the 'Rev. Dr
Narcissa J
thank, Esc
In New Orleans, of Yellow P"v.r Th.c. i .. .u
-?.'onngct son of ihe late A. K. Srnedea. '
in mi uuy, at tne residence of.Sj fetter Smitfa,
Esq on Sunday night, the 11th inst., Com Clopton
daughter of Mr. Henry L Hervey, of Halifax, N. C.
in the 4th year of her age.
Commission Merchant, Wilmington, N. C.
1 September 19th, 1353.
BaronN. C. Hams, 12'c $ Me.; N. C. Sides 10
10c ; N. C. Shoulders, 9 10c ; Western Shoulders
9c ; Western Sides 9 9c.
Beef Mess $14 15; Fulton Market $20 bbl
Batter 23 27c.
Coffee-kio 12 13c ; Laguaira 13 Q Uc ; St. Domin
eo 11 12c; Java 15e.
Corn Meal 78 80c.
Chrese- 129' 13c.
Cotton New 11 llic.
Flour-fJanal 7Jf g $8 ; Baltimore $6 $7 ; Fay-
etteville $6' $6. '
Hay Eastern 110c 120c ; Northern "101 105c.
tard-N. C. l4 13c ; Western 12c.
Molasses Cuba 22 25c. "
Mullets Scarce, $6 $6.
Pork-Mess i? bbl. $17 $13 ; Prime tlG $17.
Pitch 'ft blil. Sl4'.
Rosin No. 1, as to quality, 250 350c ; No. 2, 110
125c ; No. 3, as to size of bbls., 90 95c.
Rice ft lb 4 4c.
Salt Liverpool sack 150 (& 160C ; Alum, retail buthel
Sn?ar -Porto Rrc 7 8c ; New Orleans 6 7C ; Lotf
and crushed U 12c , Clarified or granulated 8 9c.
fTar If? bbl $2.
'Turpentine Spirits, ? gallon, declining1 51c ' ; Virgin
and Yellow dip 1? bbl. $3?. '
Varnish gallon 20 22c.
RICHMOND MARKEf Wholesale Pricei.
. By J. N. GORDON & SON,
Grocers and Commission Merchants,
Tueadiv, Sep- emf ri0, 1853.
Bacon Western Sides 8 9t ; Shoulder 7 8c ;
Hums 12 13c.
Beeswax None coming in, nominal price 26c.
Coffee We have no change to n rte thui week, and con
tinue to quote Rio and Laguaira at 11 UKc i 12c.
Cotton 11 1 1 lV4c.
Candles Muld 12 13c ; Hull's patent 15c , Ada
mantine 25 28c ; Sperm 33 34c.
Feathers Sales at 45 47c. ' .
FlourCountry superfine 96) t6; FtmilT W
Fish North Carolina Gross Herrings, $5 (3 $5J ;
No. 1 Cut $7; Halifax Cut Horrings, No.' 1 $5 ; No. t
Ginseng Sales at 45c.
Guano None in first hands.
Grains Prime red and white Wheat $lfi5 M tl5;
Corn 67 70e; Rye 80c.
,lron Swedes 997X $100 ; American felled $90 ;
English $70 75. r
lVeather Good sle 18 20c,. for over and middle
weights ; damaged 12)4 17 ibr common to prims. .
Molasses New Orleans in barrels 31 32c ; Cuba 23
25 c't Sugar Hdnse in tierres and hogshead 20 22.
Nails K 4. ;
Naval Stoiree Tar from store, at Z V b"1 Roin
Rice 4K 4e. for prim new. '
Salt-Liverpool .filed 154on whtrC 1 from store.
Shot 7H 14 7c. -- -
Snsars All kinds bave alihtly improved. We quota
New Orleans Spi & tair to ctly prime ; Prto
Rico 6 ; Cofiee Solars 7 7Ci Losi 10e.
, piaster $4 on Wharf ;a $53.on Basin..
Tobacco Receipts small and more animation io prices ;
inferior lugs $6 & KX I food and vfine $7 $9 ; interior to
middling middling leaf, $9 & 10, good and fine shipping $11
$14; fine manufacturing $13 $25'. ' ' ' -
Wool Tub washed J7e ; an wasted 20 5c

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