North Carolina Newspapers

    THE "S O U'Tl' B E SI W
for the State F ir j
A fmlschedulo f the preii.i.inn
,vi ,1 found i the Ad-r i er--np.ny-mr
ll; A ,r. ntm.ber of copies wul immediately
pupcr. .-.0 jave'bef(re them, o that the pulK ..-.,
in good tine a rdi de o.'
al committees appointed to
premiums jmd the set
award them. ! . . j- .
From all queers the most encouraging indu-anns
of pubic interest the Fair are constantly amur,
in nor the nt-eion will he worthy of the
.inpirit of the State, Dr. W. It. Holt of f-ex-ineion
ri c us th'-t if possible he will exhibit twenty
five North Dcv.n dKc, nd alo his favorite vaiieties
of wheat f h rs arc rapidly sending in the names of
lo the e-otnmi'tees. and we believe
their eontribu'ion
i great co f,l,iC
the 18 h will n.i
. . - r.C r . .rr. t will ncuimKta Vl mi
the "Teat co comc ui .uF.v ....... .....
on the 18 h will fi"d tu''e 'IS many objects of interest
they will fi;'ve lime to exatnme.
VVe received smc d ys since the October Number
of "Arthur's Home Migaziiie." The sober, moral
and pr . ctical character of its contents will always coin
mend this ' cvcej'onv periodical, to the discriminating
judgment 'f the public. . . , .
Graham for )ct"ti-r presents its usUal attractions.
'Apeu Court,"; a work which regularly appears in
jis columns iss .id to be a most entertaining and well,
sustained fictioiiTr posses i a rare degree of merit
for 'an original eontribrition to i;oseriu periodical.
We iire in leb ed to he editors of the University
Magazine f-r copy of the Mori. A. O. P. Nicholson's
atUress hefore the two Literary Societies of the Uni
versity, at the 1 .te commencement. It is a fine effort,
and wor hy both of the author and the audience. It
U issued in b.auiful s la from the Standard office in
this city. "
a ; it V Having a fine spell of weather, and
f,.!n a;iii ar 1 1 -s. m iv reasonably expect a con
i t i t
I n niani e ol it. i ne coi n crop is maue, anu an
f agiye. th'-if it is more' than an average. one. From
I the ijii it trtv o! old coin in the country, it can hard
iv ' a t at -more than $2 per barrel.
. 'i li i-is iiuite an amusing contest going oa as
ieT;nds 1 1 1 . Tolcicco crop; b -tween the planters and
lllie Olivers The f inner wear that not more than
half a rup' w is planted, and not more than two-
o!- th il will -mature. The latter Vow they
under, tand the g no and the 1st of October will
fcee ai: average er -i) iiu !... We liniiK, as usual,
l I .; II' .! 1 1
ithe tru;h lies between there.! was certainly not
5-a full-crop planted-from' all we can learn, but we
ylhiiik at lea-i. three f.mi tlis of a -crop will ! cur
- J I ton (. Iu on icli.
I' jEjciix.lU'sBk.E. Ei., has been o!et;te-i a D.rec
or of the N. C. Life Iauraac-j Coinpanv, vice
jl'KiiKix BiHEE: dee'd. Mr. 1. was also subsein lit .
ly elected Afttrney of the c mpany. At. the. sanv
iiit..-ting. the following lioolutions were uiiitnimon--iy
adopted :
I The Directors ofthe North Cnroli la Mutual Life
In uram e Co up ny record with feelings of sincere
kionv, tlie de th of iheir friend and associate in this
Board, IVrri'n Busbee, Esq.
f Ri'S'ili eJ, Tha in the de ith of Mr. Busbee. ' this
Bo iiil h s loa; a faithful and useful member, and an
eflieien! ai d arle Attorney,-
f Restilv That we deeply sympathize with the
family ofthe. deceased under this afflicting dispensa
tii n o'TDirine Protidenec.
f I-'iici.-, 'I Vo- 1? rcrl lit i A:ic t forrrjl iw! nnmniT
the procceilinjfs oft! is Board, and published in the'
Ci v pap. is.
JJrotcned. Two '-boys, ne aged 13 vears md
' the othr r 1 1. sous of. Mr. Humjihrey Robert, of
Iredell comity, were Az-.-l Oacon's uiill
pon l on Sun lav eveniro;, 21st Aug. Thev were
bathing and g-t .into deep watfer neither could
swim. A Voting lad cam near being drowned
trving to rescue his brothers. 'Both the deceased
Were buried the neit day in one grave, at Grassy
Knob Church.
f An. Immense liickr.. -Oiir friend, Janles E. Exum.
s i , of Greene c -Vuiitv, has sent us a Ix-ft of the
Cd species, weihin, winn first received, 13 3-4
tm Is, lengt h 28 inches, and 20 inches iu circum
ereiice. Can W'-.w ne h at that j
We alsi h ive an apple grown in ('raven weigh--Dg
fifteen eunces arl measuring thirteen inches in
i3iviunference. Golds. I'atriot.
I The St'cn-tary and Treasurer of the North Car
jiii i liiilroa l 'Company, lias given notice that in
feiest v. il be Vxact-d iijioti all installments of stock
I at h ie lo'ieiof re been called for and not paid
J r th-- fi,-t of October; and that two more in-
i)neiit ,,f 10 er cent, each are called, for, pay
We repn-tivclv on the first d iy of November
and 1st of J;ll,uary 18 54.--Standard.
Kahn BtfiN-r.-iMr. Christian Sliach's barn, iu
V 'Vidsoa County, about, eight miles from this place
j" Iff It old - . 1 n u rlitr Pivi. tn-fii-i-.n
:,ui s'Jy h glit, the 15t!i fnst., together with eon-
coiisisuiig of wheat, hay, oats, a thrashing
fl lejiiiK.
w,igo.n,k. The horses and cattle in the
were all rescue.! with the exception of one
I 'w L 'sv-is estimated bv the owner at $1,
Mlrdeu in LCMBK.UON. We learn that a free
gro m m was nm-dered in Lmnb.-rton on Satur-
tvdat, by three whitt- men, liaiII,.j (;.hv:ni Ju!in.
fn and Hall. G xlwin lS:l, HV11 ,..... , , - .
f - .oeea ai tested and is. in
funuerton j td. The others m 4,ie thVir
F'lti. Obs. .
I :. ;
I lT.iV.C.H,rt,ru!.1icT.easurer,leftf..rNew York
I Monday -I.;s;, :or the purpose of b-ing preset
j the opening of bids for State h nds onth- 3pd!
taut. Gov. Morehead passed through on Monday
I his way to Aew Y oik. Standard.
A soi: of Mr. James Fletcher, aged 10 or 12
rr8, in Iredell County, was recently kicked by
O'T-e. and alive, at last accounts, it was
thought he1 could recover.-Repitblkan Banntr.
f ile Sn.K. of N ,rth Carolina, will meet at
niingtui, Nov. 0di;- at'7 oock -F. ALi,' .;
The Protests of England and France. Tl
New York Express learns from a person said to I
in close communion with those w ho know ".what
going on at the Capital that the statement in re gard
to the remonstrances of France and England,
touching C apt. Ingrahain and K oszta, is true. Tl
Express savs :
Mr. Crampton, the British Minister, was the fir
to call on Mr. Mare-y. 'Mr. Sartiges had his it.
structions .Mjine time since to call on the Seen tft
of 'State. These instructions were very specific an
pointed, but their delivery in person was delavc
until Thursday, the 22d fast., owing to the a!enc
of the French Minister at Newport until Wednef .
day evening, when he returned to the Capital. Th . knew that these 'instructions were t
come from France, and had been so informed sp
c:ficallv some time since. The remonstrance is i
terms that Opt. Ingraham's conduct was a violatio
of the law of nations.
Mr. Marcy has bad liis reply ready for some tira .
but it has to undergo some modifications. Austri:
he says, having appealed, to the world to justify it
conduct, the United Slates will also make an aj
pealjto the world itibehalfof jCapt. Ingrahain"
conduct in saving Koszta.
It would 6eem, tlierefore, that each of the fiv
European powers had concluded Iq take grouii
agaiust the United States in regard to Koszta. lit
we apprehend no real collision of arms frm th
paper warfare. The Utiiied States hold to one st
of principles and will maiut;iin them, and the pow ers
of Europe to quite another set, and we suppof
will maintain them also.
As usual, the California journals contain numei
ous accounis of outn gi s of every description, bu
as the authorities and others weie actively engage
j in capturing and bringing to, jusiice villains of a-
grades, there is again some prospect that the Go;
den State will eventiiaily be iu a great mea tr
purged of malefactors. There seeis to have b e
a mistake about the cptur.o ef Joaquin. Tl
rangers are said to have beheaded the wrong man
Indian depredations and murders are still of fit
qucnt occurrence in the interior. One bundle
and fifty Indians, on the 17lh tilt., attacked a pa:
ty of twenty two white men. After a despeiat
tight, which lasted seuie fourteen hours, the . avag
retreated, leaving five white men dead upon th
field, -and five others badly wounded.- The Indiai
are also the cause of intu h annoyance to the pe
pie of Oregon. They murder the whites whein-vi-an
opportnnity is presented.
-'Commercial.' affairs in San Fiun. i-co were ex
tremelv du.l consequent upon over trading an
the l uk of orders for goods for the inferior. Th
warehouses -were -completely crammed with mei, so much so that the market was fair!
However, the'minerv and the agrieuiit
lists were busilv engaged in a ten hi g io their heh
f lalxr, which wire yitl img an ahi.n hinee
titttli prec ous metal ai dgra n, and when .Jn sehu;
bai.dtuen again come forth tioin tl.ehihs, the plaii
ant! the valltyn, It Is pict'fltr.'e tfiai itie Supplies WT
speeelilv dis.ippt ar fiom the pent-up waiehoies
the citv. A". Y. Herald.
The Yellow Feveu at the Sou hi. There wei
342 deaihs at New Orleans during the week end
ing the 18;h uiiiino, of which ih 205 wvrefroi
I ' . -
yelk w fever. Among the . victims ee Geo. I
Thornton, ef 1'etebu' g, Va., aim Win. A M
Aiister and, Miss Eiizabeth Ann Warrick, n.itivt .
of 'Baltimore. Business in the cny is a ready be
ginning to revive. Gen. Twiggs had sent $100 fo
the relief of the sufferers. ;
At Mobile, from the lstvof August to the lGth
there had been 611 fever deaths, but the diseas
is now rap diy on the' d -thne. At Spring 113'
six mi es irom Mobile, ti e epidemic r vairs to ai
alarm ug extent. Jn the family of Col. James S,
Deas there were over 20 cases.
At Peiisacola and Warrington the dis -ase rea
dying out. At the latter place, on the 15th, theri
were five deaths, including that of pass -i. a- i t fit
surgeon I). L. Bryan, of the naval hospital. Two
daugters of the late Purser l'aunt!e.o i a 1 fin
victims to the fever at Peiisacola. Mrs. -i hn
Sweeny, sun and daughter, jformi Jy f . ew i rk
died on the 10th at Fort Bana.c.s nea. P o-
Mr. G. Carriers, eelitor of the I)unaldoni 1
(La.) Vigilant, who' was banish el tiom France b
Louis Napoleon, elied of the epidemic on the l.Odi
instant, and Wiliiiiui Foreman of Pa., on 'the 20th
of August.
George Hammett, from St. Mary's county. M .1.,
died'of bilhous fever, near Grand Ecore, La., on
the 30lh ult., and his wife on the 2d ult.
At Grand Guif, Mis's., it is said, the yellow fever
deaths are equal to 1,100 per day at New Orlean,.
At Vicksdmrg and other towns it wa-s e-unllj fatal.
Mining, as an Investment of Money". The e
is- now a growing disposition! among men o; ca, i
tal to invest the same in the business of min ing
in this country, through organized companies. It
has extended to the. Lead Mines, and we hear ot
several companies that have been formedj with
large capital, as reported. '
To insure confidence in mining enterprises, it is
absolutely necessary that all parties concerned
should be well kuown as men of probity, and that
all reports from the mines, whether gooel or bad,
sneiuld be cl aracterized bv a strict adhereuc 10
truth. This last caution ean'tmt be too striet y re
gnrded. not only because the ttudi is right and
profitable- in all-cases, but bi-cause n euteipiises of
s me ha.-:anl, iike that of ' mining, i exvienced
men w ho risk their money on the jud,metK ot
o h r.s, have a right to demand a I the acts that
lay within the rauge of the ols -i vation of ttn se
who report. them. Mining is no fancy work. It
should be placed and pursued on a legitimate ba
sis, by real men, n t for the purpose of mere spec
ulation, but fr profit Tuis we hope to see done
iu the best way. Tnere is mineral ground enough
here for generations of meu to work on for some
thousands of years at least, and there is no reason
why the Ubor expended should not yield alar more
profitable return than at present, bv the emj-l ly
ment of capital, by a sort of lit,or"stving m c i
nery.and by more svstemat urr mA.,r en
,-eraIly.. V. Mining JotirnaL & r 5 s
Bcsixfcss ix Charleston. The fall business is LATEE FROM NEW MEXICO AND TEXAS.
fail ly ojen and. promises better than it has ever j Ravages of the Fever at Galveston,' &c.
done at any other period of our hi tory. A gentle- i NtW Qrkans, Sept. 23. By au arrival here we
man engaged in extensive business, a few days ago have late advices from New Mexico. A grand pro
informed us, that he has sol I more go-nls already cession and banquet took place at the Inauguration
than during the whole of last season. His is perhaps j of Governor Merri weather. He was escorted from
a solitary instance of such excessive increase, but the camp into the city bv a magnificent pageant.
every consideration concurs in the belief that the
increase has been general.
The causes of this are various. There are many
from the States of Alabama a; l Mississippi, who
have been i the habit of a portion of their
fall supply from Xew Oilean-; they are thrown upon
Charleston; there are-others who were in the habit
of purchasing in Ne.v Yrk for sliipment by way of
New Orleans. The channel through' New Orleans
being closed, they have b rii compiled to come to j
Charleston. A Ido ' to this, there is nlore money I
in the country than there has ever been at any j
time before, and the fact that through the extens
io irof our ra Ir rids, a larger trat of country has
become tributary to this road, that Charleston ha
biei mo.e he ilthy thui any other city upon the
Ath ntic toast, a id we have causes which together
might have very nuura'ly prepared u for what
has come to pass. Charleston Standard.
A man in New Orleans recently went home
drunk, and bing there fjr some time, wanted
hi wif to give linn a b ttt ' of'whik'fy whicli was
locked up iu h i arm ir. The wife r -fused, stating
that lie had :,a I iiuh a'realy. After a short
parley the husband becam-- furious, seiz'-d an axe,
and swore that he would break the armoir open,
unless the liquor was g'ven him. As the wife still
refused, he, with the axe, und it ok to put his
threat into extcution A f:e: having broken open
the annoir dor, a;id when abort: to s ize upon his
prey, his wife sprung in before him, C night the bot
tle, and bloke it on t: e hearing If the' husband
was furious bef-re, he was n-wf 4 ubiy so. He
stamped, swore, wung rhe axe ab ui his head with
inaiie "ury, and dec'ao d h it he would bi-ak every
thing iu the hou-e. lie then renewed his attack -u
the armoir, and spin it in a thousand fragments. His
wife, sister-in-law,-ami other fein s who happen
ed to be in' the lions , i it-. rfeie l at this jn c n .
tring to qniei him an I get possession of the ax .
' io-ir cll'iihs were however nil i filing. He s ill
c n i in lu-tt t the frigh'. ful weapon around i i s
h ad. t d eveii'.ua ly. it.camein fatal c uiiaet w :;.
,lo- Sorehead of Ami Burke, hi siti r-in-iaw, , jo
f lling heavily on ihe flu r, diei'i iu the toiir-e t
a few ininu es.
An A gmi ji'l i'l'a al College asj Exi-EitiMKNi-al
Fakm -A pr p siti m, it is said, is mi fot, a.,d
n a fair way o: b-;ng tik mi u; an I supp .ri eel b
men of wealth, f r t te ; irc'i i-. ., M mat, Vera . i,
or s mie oth'-r su;t, ib e place, f r aa experiiiieii',a:
farm, and the csjaolishmeiit. of a Unit--! Suite
Agrieultur.d Co l ge thereon, for. the instructi -n
of vouths an I other p"i -o;is in the seience of ag-i
en litre. Among those who h ut mierested thekii
selves to s.)iiie extent i:i this, says th -Siar.
are tlie Mes-is. (Joi-eoran, Cieinenti Hill, ami
Charles B. Calvert. Tnese gentlemen intend being
jres(.nt at the meeting of the Nevv Yo k Agricul
tural Societv, and wi'd exert themselves there to
procure 'ozonations' trom tiie miilionair-s of ttiat
tate for the immediate establishment of this enter
prise on a firm basis. One gentleman of Washing
ton lias already offend to subscribe one thousand
dollars, it' this Agricultural College is estabiisheel,
for the purchase of Mount Vernon.
Sr. Louis and the East. We fin-! in the St.
L uis Intelligencer, an interesting arti le on tie
Missouri " Pacific Railroad." lom hic'i we seh ct
the fodowiug table, shtwing the time required f r
transit between St. Louis and -nine of the princi; a'
poinjsjn ihe United States, when its railroad con-
nectiobs shall have been ccmp!eted
F-om t. Louis to Boston
From St. Luis to New York
From S'. Louis to Philadelphia
From St. Louis to Baltimore
I From St. Louis to W.-ishinirion
Fro:n St. Louis to Ch ulestou
From St.- Louis to Mobile
From St. Lfuis to New Or'eans
From St. Louis to Detr oit
From St, Ionis to Cincinnati
F om St Louis to Sa-i Fraociseo
From Sau Fr oicisco ;.o New York
! Distuessixg Accident. T!ie Enquirer ol yes
terday, announces with sincere pain, that at 4 o'clock,
P. M., on Wednesday last, El ward C. Lvons, was
found denl ue ulv six miles from the residence of
Win. B. Stanaid Esq , his brother-in-law, in Gooch
land county. Young Lyons ..ft Mr Stanard's
house iu t!:e morning, on horseback, with two dogs
and a gun, to hunt partridges. It is supposed, thai
in atteinping to open a g ite, with the breivh ef the
gun, the cap exj)lo led and the w hole load of th
gun passed through his lungs, producing death
Edvard C. Lyons w as ab ut 17 vears old, the si c
ond son of James Lyons, Esq., of Richmond, and
was a youth of fin- promise nnl most 1 .velv and
estimable qualities. Petershwg Express.
Multii udks f st I angers from the country, s,:y
the Boston M.-'.ical Journal are flockiiif to Bos' on
on very singular business, considering th : ln)ast.-i;
intelligence of the age. It is to" consult two pro
fessed astrologers. One of them, as announced b
circulars of the most extravagant character, pre
seribes magical medicine. Their services are in the
highest demand, and they are a most overwhelm!
with patronage. Both are f .reigners. Their da ly
receipts, even making a deda.ti u ol per cent. fr 7u
what rumor reports, far exceed lite income of any
f U r phys:cialisi in he eitv.
Large Wtild Cat. will cat, measuiing 4
feet 6 inches in length, and 19 inches in height,
w.-is k lied by Mr. F. Smith, one day lost we k,
uoii Black Creek, in this District, after b.'ing run
from daylight tili 10 o'clock. During the time it
recoiveel 3 .shots, all of which took effect. Two cur
d gs being put into the chase, overt'Kk it but
were fairly w hipped the Imunds ran on, but about
the hour above specified, it was shot down by Mr.
Smith, nea. Mr. P. R. King's house. Lex.(S.C)
Fire at Ru hmond. The dweiiinor .,f the n n.
John V. Mason, at Richmond. Va., w is destroyed
by fire on Monday vyeek. tog -ther with muWtf
tue turuiture. Insured for $5,000.
Ex-Go$ ernor Lane was prominent in the ceremo
nies. A sumptuous collation was served up at the
government house. The inaugural speech was
loudly applauded, and sets forth the leading prin
ciples by which the new Governor purposes being
guided. He is decided and firm, but democrat in
By the arrival here of the steamer Perseverance,
we have later advices from Texas. The yellow fe-
rer was' making terrible ravages at Galveston and
other places. Also iu Houston and' many other
towns throughout the State. Within a few days,
over one hundred well known citizens and several
eminent phjsiciaus have fallen victims to the dread
ful scourge. They died after a few hours' sickness.
North Carolina Ioxds. VVe extract the fol
lowing from the Washington Union. The atten
tion of capitalists is invited to an advertisement in
our paper, from which it will be seen that the State
of North Carolina proposes to sell her bonds to the
amount of half a milfion of dollars. The resources
of Nio'-&aroliria.are - ueh ? as-' to command', the
confidence of capitalis's, and to secure for her bonds
a fuil price. No State in the Union has manifested
more prudence in its' finances, and, in view of her
unbounded mineral and agricultural resources, no
State has shown more caution in resorting to its
credit. In every point of view the bonds now of
fered present ai' opiortunity for a safe investment,
anel we shall be eli.sappointed it they do not com
mand a good price. '.
Dead Letters at Washington. A correspon
dent ofthe Ba.tiiuoie Sun fays : The General
Post Office on the 22d intaut transmitted to the
pot office at Brem n 6 901 deu-1 letters lor the
several Germaa letters were duly
received here, and placed for delivery iirour respec post, offices, lieu n giU n ly adveriisi d, but from
tiie absence of the persons, t ie leiters were in en I
el for, their oiui si ,u to apply for ih -m oi ot.,er
au-es, having failed to rcacn the parties .siiperscrib
t ii. thev are n.w returned to the place from whence
t :ev c i.n . Letier.s re- eived in the, cl-is d m'aiis
ir in lVus ia are now eing mailed. About 475 ,f dead letters (American) have been
opf-ne . in the office during ihe present ep tarter.
The l i n n s v l v a n i a Cornwall Mines Thee
mine,-, situate ab ut 25 m.L s Ir n llarnsbiug,
c-vei! an area of ab ut uim'iy icii s, ihe e rirec u
t nts oi which are reported to be a mass of fte
purot and b t iron ore in Pennsylvania. Mr.
Worrell, a competent engineer, it is said, has made
a measurement of the mm s. from which he esti
mates tiiem to contain forty millions of tons of ore
above the water level, and .t is quite probable that
ihere is wioe as m ich bel w the waier level. Tne
ore is now b iug o dw and worked up at the rate
of ab ut 400 tous jer elay, and it is expected that
wheti. the Lebanon Valley Railroad is built, two
thvusaud tons a day of it can be sold. B. Sun.
Universalis!1 General Convention. Coluik
bus, Ohio, Sept. 22.- The convention has tt-day
adopted unanimously a resolution against the sins
of Slavery, Intemperance and War. A resolution
fully enelorsing t ie Maine. Lav passei with
but oue dissenting voice. A resolution in favor o
estabhsliiqg a Tio ologi u Seminary m t e State U
New irk has a. so treeii a ;opted. Sermons hay'
been pleached by the R -v. Williamson o.
Alatiama, Brooks, ot Mas-acliusetts, Maurie, of New
oik. Mo-ne. of Ne-.v Jersey, and Bacon.- of Penn
sylvania. The convcutltn wili adjourn 'this even
ing, afier he coiumuiiiiou service.
Indian war in Oregon.-- L. to from On gdii
to the of August have been received.
An liViian iusuri'ecti n had bnke out iu Paogne
river v;nl..y, 'w hi.-h created gre-tt coiiSU riia.i ni a
mong the iiihabitanis. Several tr.bes had uniied
aud commenced war of extermination upon ihii
whites. Many massacr. s liael aTead. ! -u i-cnii-mitted.
Among the victims were Dr. William It
Rose, and Johu R. Harden. Lieutenant 13. V. Grif
tiu, with a c-.mpaiiy of troops, had nude an at ac
upon a party of Indians, but was obliged t re
treat, himself ' wounded.
An expedition under General Lane had gone t
the scene of action, and bloouy work wts expect
ed. Twenty whiles had 'been butchered. ;
Diocesan and General Convention of tiie Prol. Epis
Cnmch, which ueets th .s m omh, in N -w York be-
gui t . excite ilLentioii. Tue Rt. Rev. Dr. Spencer
i tie Bi.siiop ot Ma nas, will preach the Sermon a
the ojKjiimg of the Diocesan Convention.. The Rt
Rev. ti,e Ihsiiop vf Frederick on wili p eam th ?
Seiraou beibre the' C lurch Sjoteties at aoinj
time during its Sesioii. Several delegates hav4
aireaiJy arrived in New York.
Snow Storm ix the Bay . We learn that ther
was quite a vi. .lent' snow storm iu Chesapeake bay
,u Wednesday inoriimg.t 5 o"c. ck, which Ulster'
a consid arable time. The atmosphere was very cold
and on loard the steamer BeUidere, which hap
peiied to be caught in the storm, they were ol-lig. d
io hutli fires for the comfort of the passengers and
- r t
crew. This is a very rare an i reinirkab e occurrence
for this time of year and in this latitude. Ex. ;
Th: Norfolk Arus says that a faithless wife,
soting, beautiful, and accompl.shed, who lately
elotred from that city, with her paramour, for Oali
fxui.i, via New York, took passage in the Geoigi
which was tlriven into that p ut. The gui ty pair
were thus brought back in a f-wi weeks, to con
front those whom they had injured, and iu tiie
very placejfrom which they l ad fled.
An OaTHODtix Dog.. Toere is a d g at Green
field, Mass., who is strictly sectarian in his religi
ous notions. His master is a Baptist, but the do
is a Cotfgregationalist,:; nd, after accompanying hi
master to the B iptis' church, he go-8 n gularly t
the Congregationachurch him-e f. and sieeps du
ring the entire service. !
It is estimated tl a: four millinis .f tloiiars hav
ihi- year en exp n led by Southerners in the var
ous Ntrthern town-s and cities, in sight eeing an-dissipauun.
The Rev. Hezekiah G. Leigh, D. D., a distin
guished minister of the North Carolina Couference-
ot the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, died at
his residence near Randolph - Macon College, Va.f
on the 18th inst. Dr.' Leigh will be remembered
by hundreds throughout this State as one of the
most active, intelligent, devote' and eloquent of
ministers. His extensive labors amongst the people
of this State, have endeared him to many a heart
which will mourn his loss. Dr. Leigh had been for
some years severely afflicted, but is represented as
bearing his trials and sufferings with singular for-,
titude and christian resignation. A great and a
good man has fallen. Star.
A (rood Movement. A general meeting of
Presidents and directors of the various railroads in
the United States, we see it stated, will convene
at Washington during the month of October, to
consider the adoption of a code of laws and the es
tablishment of such general measures as shall guard
against aocidents on railroads, and give more con
fidence to travellers, jind assurance that precaution
ary measures of the most reliable kind are hourly
exercised upon every railroad throughout the
Union. Rich Dispatch.
University of Virginia. The next session of
this institution will commeuce on the 1st day of
October. The Charlottesville Advocate states that
the number of students was 450 eluring the last
session, and is likely to' be as high as 600 during
the next ses ion. Dispatch.
The foreign imports for the mouth of August,
at the port of New York, show an increase of
$4,885,036 as compared with the same month of
hist year. Of the iuerease, nearly half a million of is in specie, and $1,800,000 are in gooels
entered for warehousing.
The Bridge of the Wilmington and Mamheeter
Railroad across Little Pee Dee has !eon complet
ed, and the track of the road west of that river is
being Jaid down with ail possible expedition.
ro A -a 'in.
Georgia Siate Fair. The Eighth Annual
Cattle Sh ow a id Fair of the Southern Central Aori
cultural Society, will be held in the city of Augus
ta, commencing on the 13rh day of October.
Outrageous. Two men have been arrested in
Cincinnati, charged with outraging, in the most
cruel manner, the person of Mary Smith. The
unfortunate girl was not expected to survive.
The oscillations of .suspension bridges have here
tofore prevented their being lighted by other than
oil lamps; those in Paris tire now lighted with gas,
which is introduced lv gutta percha tube's.
That vivaeious won co ner and conglornerator,
Willis,; has of late invented a much wanted epit
het, to answer as an opposite to the word "pict-
lll-eseque." It is, " puddle esque."
The annual of exhibition of ;iie Ohio State Agri
eulturaj Society was held at Dayton last week, and,
it is said, 10.000 people attended the first day.
Ohio now sends daily to X' w York quantities
of meat, ready dressed, in refiigerators, via Erie
Railroad. An excellent idea.
Two; hundred and tim e persons died in Phila
delphia last week. There were nine more fatal
cases of yellow fever.
Dr. Stone, one ofthe most eminent physicians
in New-Orleans, dieel in that city last week, of yel
low fever. ,
Mummies. Mr. Buckingham thinks the Cata
combs of Egypt contain more human bodies thau
there are people now living on the globe. These
uiummie- are now wh l!y desti nie of any animal
matter. : Ii. has all changed into a resinous sub
stance or decayed. They are taken from the c ata
eomb to be exported, and to be Used for fuel. The
finest a: ,- exported w hole as objects of curiosity for
museums. Certain parts, as the inside of a head
::nd chest, are soil as a drug, and the back bone
is gioiind into a powder, which is highly piized by
artists. :
At Petronell, a Hungarian town on the Da
tiube, there has just Ireeii found, near the atle of
the Counts of Abensberg Traun, an uncommonly
fine mosaic pavement ; also, not f ir from the spot
where the pavement was found, a military order of
the Emperor Traj n was 'discovered. Petronell is
the ancient Cornuntum, and near it are the remains
ofthe triumphal arch, raised by the emperor Au
gustus to: Tiberius, in memory of the conquest of
An iron tubular bridge i being prepared at Lon-
don intended to be thrown across the Nile, at Ben
tra. The trains will pas's along the top of the tube.
footpath wil1 be made on each side of the rails.
The bridge will be 20 feet above the ordinary level
of the water, and the centre portion of it is con
structed to swing on a pivot, so that the boat traf- ;
fio may lie secured during the rising of the Nile.
SiORMS in Germany have been so disastrous
this year, that the Berlin Hail Assurance Com
pany, which generally clears 60.000for $70,000
annually, has now lost all its income and $70,000
which it took from its reserved fund. Its shares,
formerly never in market, are now sold at 50 per
cent, discount.
Famine in Madeira It is siau-d that in con
sequence of the entire destruction of this season's
grape crop in Madeira, the inhabitants are in a
worse condition than ever. Unless aid reaches
them from other countrir-s. starvation is inevitable.
The Bombay Gazette says it is a fact that the
entire population of India do not on the average ,
spend a sixpence (twelve cents) ahead, for cloth
ing annually.
A coal mine is said to have been discovered on
Mount Siriai.
The M.-chanics' Institute of Ohio, at Cincinnati,
have awar led their Diploma to Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, the widely eel brated remedy for Colds.
Coughs and Consumption. This honor was richly
merited by the Inventor of that invaluable mdicine
which has secured not only the above commenda
tion, but a!o that f the most eminent Physicians
in this, as I well as the highest medical authority
in oilier countries. Ami what is afar greater eric
mium on it? us. fulness, is, that it has won it way
to almost every fireside of the Auaeric50 Pu I&
We seldom recommend a maniifactured medi '
cine, believing that, in most cases, nature herself
perfects a cure more rapidly and effectually than
can be accomplished by the vegetablesand miner
als ct medical science. Buj in the matter of dys
pepsia, there are chronic feature about it, which,
very often, defy all the efforts of L-ature to create a
hea.thy action of the digestive organs, it not un
frequently happens that thousands suffer for years,
diseased both in body and in mind, from indiges
tion and its kindred ills. To such, Ho&Ws Ger-
man jitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, are
tru.y a in-t valuable preparation. It is a tonic
medicine, giving a healthy action to the stomach,
and will be found highly serviceable at all seasons,
but especially during the spring. Dyspepsia can
only be cured by a patient perseverance in one
course of treatment; and to all those suffering un
der this sad malady we would recommend an ap
plication to the depot of Holland's German Bit
ters, 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. Philadelphia
We have frequently hearJ the celebrated Ger
man Bitters, sold by Dr. C. M. Jackson, 120 Arch
street Philadelphia, spoken of in terms of the high
est commendation, and we honestly believe that it
is one ofthe best medicines adveitised for the com
plaints for which it is recommended. They are
pleasant to the taste, and can je takenr under any
circumstances by the most delicate stomach. The
press, far and wide, have united in commending
this invaluable remedy for dyspepsia, debility, efce. ;
and such are the healing effects of this panacea,
that we hope it may be introeluced into every family
where dyspepsia lias, or is likelv to have a victiir.
At Rocky Knoll, Granville County on Friday the
16th ult , bv the Rev. Josiah Crudup, Mr Joseph
G. Watrstaff, to Mary N. Blacknall, all of Granville
Country, Nor h Carolina.
In Davie County, on the 15th ult., bv J. M.
Johnston, Esq , Mr. Caswell H .'rbin and Miss Mary
Jane Clement.
In Cumberland county, on the 15th ult , by the
Rev. T. G. Whit-iker, R D Atchi-on, Ksq . of Smith
field, to Miss .Mary Margaret, daughter of Hector
Stewart, deceased.
Also, by the same and at the same time,' Mr W. J.
Clements, of Cumberland to Miss Elizabeth N. daugh
ter of said Hector Siew art, dec,
In this untv. on Sunday inorninir, the ll'h ult.,
by Win. N. Smith. Esq, Solomon Fiazier to Miss Ann
E. Williams, all of this County.
In this county, on the 21st ult., of dropsy, Mr.
Willie Hobbs, riged about 50 years. ' V
In Jefferson county, Arkansas, on the 12th of
August, Mr. Samuel II. Smith of Ball s county in that
Sinte, and formerly ofCaswell county. Nor h Carolina.
0 the 1st ult, at the residence of his kiu-mtn,
James B Sh'de, in Washington county. Alabama,
after an illness of thirteen d.iys, Dr. Edwin E. Slaie,
in the 47th year of his age.
In this county, on the 27th of July, James Rig-by,
in 'he J2d year of his age. Mr. Riby was a soldier
in the war ofthe Revolution, and h d always sust in
ed the character of a str ight-forward. Iionest man.
In New Orlerm, on Tuesday morning, the 13 h ult..
at h ilfpast 2 o clock, of yellow fever, T. J. Damn,
aired about 27 j-enrs, a native of Tarhoro', N. C.
"WILMINGTON MARKET Wholesale Prices.
By W. A. GWYEIt,
Commission Merchant, Wilmington, iV. C.
September 24th, 1S53.
Baron N. C. Hams, 12c 13c ; N. C. Sides 10
10c ; N. C. Shoulders, 9 10c ; Western Shoulders
(& 9c ; Western Sides 9 9c.
Beef Mess $14 15 ; Fulton Market $20 bbl.
Butter 23 27c.
Cand' E Tallow 12)i' I6e ; Adamantfne25
40 ; Sperm 43 50.
Coffrc kio 12 13c ; Laguaira 13 ltd ; St. Domin
go 11 12c ; Java 15c.
Corn Meal 78 (g 80c.
Ch ese 10 (g 12c..
Cotton New 10 lOc.
Floii' Canal $7i lt 8 ; Baltimore 7; Fay-
ettcville $6) $6?.
Hay Eastern 90c 100c ; Northern 75 90c.
La d-N. C. UM (ab. I f-; Western lla' YZc.
Molasses Cuba 22 25c.
Mullets Scarce, $6 $6.
Nai!s 1f ft cut 3 to 5U2c wrought 10 hi
Park Mess j) bbl. $17. $18 ; Prime 16 17.
Pitch V) bill. $1'. .
Riu No. 1, as to quality, 250 350c ; No. 2, 100
I50c ; No. 3, as to size of bbls , 90 (a 93c.
Bice lb 4 4c.
Salt Liverpool sack 140 100c ; Alum, none.
Sniar Porto Flico 7 8c ; New Orleans 6 t& 7c ; Loaf
and crushed 11 ; 12c , Clarified or granulated 8 0t 9c.
Tar ? bbl f Z.
Tarpcntiue Spirits, $ gallon, GOfc ; Virgin and Yel
low dip bbl. ).
Varnish gallon 20 0 22c. "
Our Naval Store market has fluctuated considerably since ,
my last report sales were made of Spirits Turpentine on the
20th at M) cents per gallon'; 21st and 22d it remained rather
dull; on the 23d it suddenly advanced and sales were
effected at prices ranging up to 56 cents. To day considera
ble sales have been made at 66 cents. Turpentine has ad
vanced to $3,75. For prices of other produce see report.
Respectfully yours,
RICHMOND MARKET molesale Prices.
Bt JT. JN. GORDON St. SON, - - - - v -Grocer)
and Ctrmmitmon Merehanlt,
Tuesday, September 87, 1853. , '
Bacon Has improved j & K5 and we change our quo
tations to 9 9)c for Sides, and 1Yk for Shoulders ;
Hams 12 13 c.
Beeswax None coming in, nominal price 26c.
CoflTee The speculative feeling has subsided, but there is
no material change in prices. Prime Rio sells at 11
and Laguaira & 12c ; inierior Rio 10f g 10 ; Java
I24e 13. '
Cotto-n V4 MX.
Candles-lMouldl3 He ; Hairs patent 15c , Adaman
tine 25 ju 28e ; Sperm 33 34c.
Feathers Sales at 46 g 47c.
Flonr Has declined 25c. bbl., owing to unfavorable
European advices Superfine 6 96'; Family 8 ; City
Mills superfine $8.
Fih orth Carolina Gross tiernngs, V fo ;
No. 1 Cut 7; -ia ilax Cut Herrings, ISO.
Jo. 1 So.t.
(linsenr Sales at 45c. !
inanf None in first hands.
Grains Prime red and white Wheat $15 $ $120 ;
Corn 67K 70c; Rye 80c. ,
Iron Swedes 97 tl,'J0; American rolled $90 ;
English 75 (g, $80. ' , . . sAA.
Leather Gkk1 sle 18 ( 20c, for over and middle
weights ; damaged 12K W for common to pnme- -
MolassesNew Orleans in barrels 31 a c ; ub83
25c : Sugar House in tierces and hogshead 20 & ;
NavaWtoreU-ar from st- re at 3H barrel ; Roma
$131- ' . -'- '
Rice 4 4Vc. for prime new.
-lt-lVe$Kl filled ,15 from wharf. f& from store.
SSS&fii lati have ahbtly improved. . We gnot.
ew Orleans 5 g 6cc bJSJfX!
Rico 6 & 6We; toffee Sugars T(a; Loaf 9 & 10c
Plasier f4& on Whar! : fa . f54 on Baam. .
Tobacco Receipts small and more animation in prices ;
inferior lugs 6K ; 7 99 . mrioi U
middling middling leaf, t9 10W, gW and fine shipping $11
a 14 fine manufacturing 13 e t'i
Wool Tab washed 35 a 27c ; unwnMwnJ 20 & 25c.

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