FROSPECTUS lortU Carolina Standard. the People of adventured to Practically a Printer, and having for many years conducted a Press1 in another part oMhe State, the principal object of the undersigned, meut lop himaMl and support for his f&t$ ffllvin Ahkt "tiie ' estaSlishmentjDrA T,Wr aP tile Seat trnment, wliph shall v.,0f tk tlte venerable and patriotic; Chief illatnstrate U the Union, and to the pleasures f f his Administration, ana xnrougn. wuuc fumns the legitimate and card'rral principles of ; Republicanismj shall be defended; and inculca- -ran u iiriiiH.ULLCu w v v - r W cal affairs, and called for by the sentiment of the State, the undersigned has engage in the enterprise, with kA hnn nF hpinir sustained in his efforts tor VHV- UVJ'W V" ------Q : the Accomplishment of so desirable an object It is an anomaly in the political h istory of the ?times, that a! State wnich is so emphatically Republican in principle as North Carolina i rM. u nA Ithrpft sfeveral occasions, bv. Iarffe ,and triumphant majorities, supported and sus tained ANDERW . JACKSON for the Presi dency, believing and knowing him to-be a safe " depositary and faithful representative of their i inrincicles ai,d whose Peopie,it is connaenujr believed, are still devotee to ms cawc-suumu ' have no papetj at its Capital, through whose ,cpluW the measures of his Administration ' - . . '!".. .! i j .1.1 : nr htc can be tairiy yinuicatea, au we nvc - friends ffeelv heard. It is the desire; and shalll DC WI JCCWi4iat vuv-vv w o afford that facility. His earliest! political impressions were in unison with those of the Democracy of the na- tion ; wnicn experience, anu ns growing yeare, ttire, and crimes and a sentine promptly to warn the People dt the hrst approaches fl every uangcr iwuu wntuu wcir rjgnjs and liber ties may be, threatened. -.:- J ' l In fine, it i$ - the Editor's desire! 'and TiVpe i i j ri . , r:5 ... suouiu gcHucuicii vi Kisure anu suitable ac4 quirements favor him wih their contriDutions w flww, ine Agriculturists profitable M science, amusjng to the miscellaneous reader and a "standard? undr which' thia triW politician maj rally, -doofident bf a Secure de fence against Ithe, evils of Conjohdationi and still more dangerous ' political hejresy which seefcs to spread itseit turouga the land, 'mirvo ling its ntfulTjlas'.s with the steady! current ofj Consolidation; and threatening, byk eombined movement, greater injury than any before dreaded." ( . ; - With this brief expose of the oblect, the de sign, and future, purpose of hi Journal; the Editor throws himself upon the Hb"eality of the public, and solicits such, aid and assistance from those who may be friendly to his enternrise, as shall enable him to sustain aPape!which shall be no discredit to. the State; but wfrthiLof the cause which it is his pride ind bayt to be an humble but zealous advocate. . ' PHILO WHITE SPEECK OF MRijY. A public dinner having been gtyen to Soger B. Taney, Eq. the late aLle,TidtJ.endent and virtuous Secretary of th reasiJ3y;y hw'feilow cUjzeni.tho pubiicanldencl county, Marj land, he delivered thb following speech inreply to a cmplimeritarl' toastrt Mr. President: I feel sensibly ?the honors which my fellow citizens f Frederick have this day conferred on me, and the faTor.hlP munr. have conspired to strengthen, until the settled which my character and public induct are rri,cip.eS of U a?S are $&.PJ zation of his early conviclioas. Chenshi..g;am(inff you, a stranger from a distant ikrtnfti,tt upon your kindness these sentiments, at the hrst demonstrations in favor of Andrew Jackson for the Presidency, the undersigned (at that period the Editor of a paper at Salisbury) espoused h's cause, believ ing that one possessed of such lofty patriotism, and whose signal services to the' country so em phatically constituted him its' benefactor, could not be other than a most worthy representative of the Democracy of the Union. With con- . firmed and unshaken confidence in. his patriot - ism and integrity of purpose, it is with highly gratified feelings tnat the undersigned' is now afforded an opportunity of devoting himself anew to same cause, but he hopes in a more ; extended (sphere. Ar'dcntly attached to the National Constitu tion, and to the Union of the States, as consti- uuiqr itn iBluretTUUUIC saiClTL'Oru u wuruwiiiwiti in ay lave a tendency to violate the provisions of the one, or endanger the perpetuity of the other, snaU receive the most unreserved Condemnation 4t the Editor's hands. And while the freedom of speech and the liberty of the press; blessings guarantied by the great Charter of our Rights, shall remain unawed by the threatening? of am- ' bhion, pruiismothered by the comiptlons of aristoCti?y the Editor promises, not- only that "the Consfiriition and the Union of the States," ( which ihe has adopted as the motto of his paper,) (shall be strenuously vindicated, but that a rigid enforcement ofi and prompt obe- dieiice to the popular will, that most impor tant principle of Representative Government, shall be called for and advocated through the columns of his paper. r ; A full and fair discussion of those important and leading - political topics of the day the Vuited rales Sank, Internal Improvements, ajjd he ,nm Presidency vrU be adTnitted in the "Stan dard.,, j But opposed from principle, not only to the U. S. Bank, but to all moneyed monopolies, s well s State, witnout any and confidence, but such a I 'might earn bv mv years of the prime of my life in the midst ofj you aiter raiiigun rreeiy in all hrour pu ilic concerns, and taking my full share as a citizen the various political Controversies of the times, when I went out from among voii to hp- come the resident of a neighboring city, it was one of the cherished feelings of mv heart, I neither took with me, nor left behind me. anv ernDiuereu iceung-, springing- euuer irom pri vate intercourse, professional duty! or the e-r, istmg political conflicts in Which I ia engaged. I ikiu nuwuig u reincniutr, iwiiiy oWn hart but often repeated actsjt4Hsndfiip which 1 iiMutvwv nn vuiii umi li lias ri nrA rvAn one. itte dearest illusjrms of myife, if it be an illusion, to look to tlij people pf this great county, not merely af fellow-citizens, but as frieuds, tried friends (rho' would be always reaay w uo me j usac;. i out gent remen, on ine-, nave cone me moc wan jusuce, ana nave mingled in the tertni'f your favorable verdict on my conduct, the Jperal kindness of friends ' I am aware, howOTf, that in the5 honors you are conferriiigon m, you are at te same time asserting your fixed determination to maintain the 'free institutioqfeof the countrji against the dangertfTis powerVbich is now assailing them It is indeed, gestteinen, an eventful moment in which we are MembIed- .In vpy period of thA wni lrT. and lOPvery nauon, itisory is iun nf PTamnlea ot cotnbinauons among &4ejo indi viduals, to grasp 4 Power m thei own hands an -rRt it fromiie hds-ot tue: many. 1 he invariable blessig xf sef .'government has never yet been obtained by any nitron without a ovrA tni-ylB and manv saerjUces: ana when theblessimsr has once been oh tainercori slant vigilance Las been riecessaryl to pres'ei'V It In this favored country, wejhave passed fhroueh, tlie first period ot trial- lour tattlers hwke the chains which bound them, and be queathed to u the glorious legacy of freedom, ana weir owu Mru'fcA'T'r preserve it4 Bdt let It be .remembered tnat tne enemy is always at pur doors. And we who are but we hrst generuwn f " ,,w achievec! our independence havejbeen already called to a seve contest, in detence ot tne tree ave done me i man justice, ana tu eck. exercises by means:of its money," succeeded for a time in destroy mg" conhUence.ahd creaung a, general state of apprehensionirand alarm."- The jpatc.thus created, produced and was de signed td produce-a jrea. aisxress. ne oxate banks were run upon Jprj specie j ;men wno nad money hoarded it j e jdehtor was unable to borrow, and his property was sacrifice at sales belnwrts valiifi ! the rich 'hroduets of VoursoU :ere bought by speculators at mluced prlccaJ yqwwjere loiaiaavwe were m imust um fwfuUon, and a resOr to arhlST aitd civil, war was openly, menaced; and while the public mind as in this condition of eicitement andalami, we'Were confidently toid in hih places that the present evils were trifles to those which awted us ? and that in June, July and August, general rum would stalfc over t'e landi ; And what' was to ayert the dire calamities Slid to be; impending. bver us, and which June, Jnly and August were thus surely to witness ? "What was1 to restore confidence and heal the wounds of our sufFeriher and afflicted countrv ? What wasjto save us from the dreadful disasters ot civS war ? "Restore the deposites re cutter the bank,v was the cry. This was the certain and universal-panacea the cure for all cvn past, present and to com?. Notning else it wa said could save tis-fWim th inevitable ruin. Jui and July are noW past, and. August is ceme-J-and where are the prophets vf woe and their appalling prophecies. The armed associ ations yhich were threatened did not march upon Washington, and the "revolution" which was so rpidly advancing has stopped in its mid M ai . vani?ned from ousight. The conn iry is sinying wnn plenty, our ncn and pro ductive soil, by the blessing of a bountiful Pro videnceris yielding in abundapce its fruits; (All the products of the earth meet with a reidv market at fair prices. Your local banks stand firm with renewed credit. Specie is flowing into the country, and the currency about to be improved by a plentiful circulation of gold, which has soJong been a .stranger to ycur eyes, four foreignvtrade is flourishing, and extensive beyond all tormer example. Your revenue far exceeds" the most sanguine expectations of , the Treasury Department, and is more than suffi cient for all the wants6f the government. And yet the deposites have not been restored. and the bank has not "been rechartered. The Infallible and sole remedy, so loudly recom mended, has not been: resorted to. A maioritv of the House of Representatives firmly sustain ed the executive branch of the covernment. and breasted the storm with a spirit worthy of tneir tatners. i ne measure winch was said to1 have produced all these evils and justified all this violence, lias been pursued with unwaver ing constancy, ""he Experiment," as it was sneeringly called, ij now in the full tide of suc cess. And the enlightened and distinguished statesman, at the hed of the Treasury Depart ment is following ou$ with a firta and steady hand, the system bf policy, which it is my pride to have advised, and to have carried into full execution. ! , How then has it happened, that this great nange in the condition of the country has ta- iten piace, jn t-ue space or a tew snort monins, without any change in tlfc measures of the Go vernment ? The answer ts obvious. The mea sures of the Government could not have pro duced the distress. For, if that had been the case, it would still continue with increased force. It was in truth caused by the panic and that panic -was deliberately nrenared for the spontaneous gift. of the ?very people upon whom if basattempted to- pour out its ven geancep We dptiot -owe our present safety and pr&erHy to the mercy-or the kindness of the Baiff. Its presses stur indulge it would seem pi lingering hope of another panic;', and are edeayoring to discredit the Gold Coins noweominga part of your circulatidn, and the Eknlc has steadily continued its curtailments. The rsfpratiojtoff confidpneehas been obtain-f-m0nf withmit the-ald of heBankT but in spite-of its exerUons to the contrary. Audi the Mjaity with which the alarms hafe subsi ded, is m proud evidence of jthe' firmiiess, intel ligencevnd virtue, of the American People, lliey naxbe taken by surprise, and unprepar ed thy tay be startled for a moment by un knownanrs coming upon them in a new shape-;but tKeir enei-gy and courage soon rises with th emergency, and , will ever be fouftd equal t the criSs whieh calls it into action and henows b little of the character of his countrjaneni whoxpects ta govern tliis grest peopie oy corruptiw,, by tear, or by f orces Let hinj appeal to their patriotism, their gene rous feslings, to their intelligence, -and their reasonjOand he will always find a ready reponse; auu, wpjcu i: 1411 Mie rignt, a iaitniui support w nei tne deposites were removed, I know that mHiy true ind valuable friends hliftvpcl: and soige of the may perhaps yet believe, that the measure wasa precipitate one that it n-avf the Bak an advantage in the contest and that the struggle and jufferings thrpuerh which we have passed, migit have been avoided hy await- mv nrfl ia rUaZi. L.. ! as -"v. ...v. xuiup cAinru uy us own nmiia i.iv11-., iu nicii rwustng- xo renew it. iteiy up- vix iw, ipae.wuo jnuiK so, are deceived. The Banfc ma entered the political arena. &nrtl mande'd a renewal of its charter, immediately l""'" utsi election or Uenei-alJackson it opetwy opposed him, because he had the cuurrra ao nis auty and veto the'pilL It failedsi that effort, but it had not abandoned us acsig'ns. On tRe contrary, k was maturing ts '.plans," and.pr5anng its means. And if it had been allowed to choose its own time for the contest to gather p its instruments-of annoyance, to lull Uie, tommunity and the State Ranks into deiusivgj. security and to come suddenly upon them, fitfk its giant strength, its forces all pre pared,and acting in concert throughout the United States i you would have witnessed a scene ruin, compared to which all that you money wasted, andthe public mind so much1 excited about a matter which is now thought ftoo unimportant arid trifling even to be remem- uticu aivui puuutiu uiyisons. . as to mis new invention oi party names, we might perhaps feel some emotions of resentment, when our adversaries arrogate to themselves the exclusive title to be called TUtags, and bestow upon us the opprobrious epithet of Tories, if this distri bution or paity names-was not, in itself, su premely ridiculous wlien we lookatth per spps who are.Btended to bear tbem. ggklat some of ihe, prominent men of the Opposition I need not name them. They are IVMgs, it seems; and Andrew Jackson, scarred with strength the possessor of extraordinary wealth: viduals ihotftpolMcai concern individualstheir just floencm weaffairs of the nation. iBhtthe vast capitalttf the Batikits, extensive and exclusive ptjvileges hayeeriahlpd it to ebneentrare" the moo'ey power of the codh-s try. And, feeling its strength,: is amWiioa ial been awakened, and i is strikmg to seze on the." Gpvernment, lajirfer topers auu. exciusijepwyitegesat tne expense $t 4oe t And it brings forward lSiremanu-ln the spirit Wounds received in the War of the Revolution, is, forsooth, a Tory ! I cannot stop to comthent on sucn an appropriation or names. ! But what has hecome bf the '"National Re publicans" and the '.'Nillifiers ?' It was but a few short months ago, that the newspapers in the north and west, and here alsbMn this very city, were boasting of the pu?e? principles, and lony putriotism oi tne loi iner, and teeming with accounts of their victories at elections and ofl their unalterable hatred to the doctrine of Nul lification. " On the other hand, the NuMifiers of the South were equally confident, and, accord lug to their own account ot the matter, al though not then very numerous, were soon to become so, and had sworn on their attars, etejv nal hatred to all who advocated arid approved Of the "Bloody Bilt." What lias become of these numerous and adverse bodies of .respetta' ble citizens, who, but a short' time ago, were so proud ot their names, and so confident of Vic toiy f We have now, it seems, uo. 'National Republicans," no,t,NulBfiers"all. utt are erone all to a man have deserted their old. standards, and enlisted under a new banner, where tliey all now constitute one harmonious party and of course, -must be presumed to hold the same political principles.; Were they tired of their old principles ? Or, were they tired of the vic tories, whicli according to -their respective newspapers, they had1 been so often achieving, pr were soon to achieve ? Or, were they tired of their names ? : Gentlemen, many of you I know have been jurors, l now see around me manv well re membered friends, betore whom, in other times, I have had the honor of aigumg'cases. When you sit as jurors, and it appears in evidence that the party on his trial has often changed his name, I incline to think it generally brings sus' have hfctely passed through is but as nothing. picion on his character and motives. If you The history of the last winter sufficient Iv shews irn that he had sometime ago passed in the the weapons which the Bank are ready to use, f outn under one name, in the north and the and th extent to which it is prepared to go, in ! est unter anotherand that he had recently its warHipon the best interests of the countrv. iat Washington assumed a third, it would, I am in order to compel Congress again to charter it. 'sure, beget a suspicion that he had perpetrated Yoar Igcal Banks would have been crushed at i something under the former names, for which aMowvour ordinarv cuirencv nmsti-ated. and ;ne did not like to be responsible. And if in his hugle worthless; the products of your soil with-last name -he represented himself as belonging out a nrfcet; labor without employment, and IO w farauy oi some wen Know n ana respecta the whgle business of life thrown into almost De citizen, the suspicions against him would be irretrievable confusion. Yod would have. been i strengthened. The principles which you ap compeUed to submit to the Bank, as a conquer-' PY as jurors in deciding eases wherejndividuals ed people -and to renew its charter upon ; its ' are concerned, will b,e found to be equally rea own tefms, or to have beheld this now happy jpmable and just between contending political and prosperous 4and, one wide field of distress ' Parl,es and I leave you to judge how far the and deolaton. General JacksoH saw that the f Recent determination of the Nationals" and dangerwas approaching, and must inevitably itne 'NuHifiers to drop the names of baptism, come. ?f It is not his custom to wait patiently un-y wn'cn tne' were heretofore khbvvn, and til the inemy has matured bis plans, and allow iaKe on uiemseives tne ancient and honoied and temper, which; in all ageshavp marked the 4 monied aristocracy, when they believe themselves i sirong eoougn ao govern,; - It never-ahU tr. the high and-generous feelings of. the Pe0T!le.-, iv muaLguveiu oy oiaer means, u the poor la, I borer dare, to .think for himself, he is conteiuptn. ' oualy dismied froiri bts enSpfoyment;iand, with I hs family, left te starve the debtor is pressed" i' for moBey;hfnriable lo'pay ihe trader, wlthf I but moderatetneansl, is dented the usual fai'tlU L ties necessary for '"the successfaUproseculion of i hii busine3i$ the mechaaic Is cut Qffvrom his" i ordinary emplojmeidV-the neecty, wherever they j maybe fpund? are tempted with loan of money and the ambitious with the hope of advance; ment-land lorvthojeivhopresume openly to op- pose its power, it has a tbousandMnstrumems ta''-. minister to its vengeance. Its favorite weapon' are corruption and fear. , ; Let it not be supposed that I charge all who -are opposed to me, with being ianueijeed by such motives or privy 'tf -sinch. designs cbuld not be so unjust: Thbusandsj and thousands, nay, the far greater number pi thse4 whp yet stand in the opposing rariks, are, I doubt "not, actuated by the pu rest motives. Many without -havitigS. examined the subject, have a vagtteiandnde-' fined notion that a Bank is necessarv. " ManV - fancy they are under party obligations to suppffrlT'7 ii.. Aixauy Bupwse will siuuttr Wlin US wOB a DB the desertiob of political principles, and .siibjecf them to the "chance of incoBsi3tencr Manv ' choose to go with former associates" and friends witnout giving tnemseives the trouble to exam-i ine fhe question.) Let not .such- men deceive themselves. The question is too vital4 to thn'. country to justify! them in forming their decision, nrWkmit li mui A. 1 1 J Ji:.u' .' vr uuuui me iuii fuu ueiiuei aje examinauon. the question, although an old one in the nations of Europe, is a new one here. It is shall the power of the government be exclusively lathe hands of the great money holders, or shall i t con tinue where ihe Constitution has plated it, in the hands of a free and enlightened People., These, opposing principles have long agitated ihe couu- . tries of Europe, and now, we arefdoomed to inert here the struggle-between theffi. The line of division is plainly marked arjfl strongly drawa Nobody can fail to see it. Oh' the bne side stands tne Bank, representing and concehtraiing the moneyed power haughty, arrogant, overbear- ms ana semsiu uemanainff suDnaissmn tr its elusive ,T.t .W-minf.inrthltAdistress. TheC eviaence oi tne real fll'OSpentV Ot -k.. -KTri,na1ttnbtiintion9 ot. ine country atramst an enemv so to a. -watcfut1"M4Sn m 1V , l fv soioent, the con- system'of Internal Improvements by the Gen- Uuffering9 it inflicted to break down the spirit of ' erat Government )he EdUoc w)lf?ise hisvqice 1 a fe peopleand subdue ; them t its purposes. aUtMeai4n whatever V" .u-'ri r4fS.5iW' and he Will P101 uc.1'1 w C"u,v.? w w "-""t"? wv-Tv- cr " . , last winte", wJiie the issue or tne icontest seem efluatf oppose JtheercUetty Congress or the &f :veof VjfOisiruciwe powers, believing tiatcetiiSa is on,y t0 be lfcySjdfcjoirt' division of the powers ' weVn1 n4 State.. Governments, - alottg to the first only .that which is strictly delegated, la hei5, and to the latter what is : clearly reserVedr to theiri. As regards the all- absorbing question of Who shall be our next Pre ed to be douotful. Never, amce the days of the Revolutiei rhas the' country heen so agi tated, and ne 2r were such mighty efforts made to alarm the people and spread ruin and dismay over this ffrek and happy nation. .False re- rTallv invented and published, and inculcated with ah industry worthy of a better cause. The credit of your localfcanks waaeve lrK.'M ocBftiled. and funs for specie visited upon them,m krder to prostrate the ordinary currency of fthe countty and produce one urn i . ' jr. iUn.raocmpnt. kind, distress. pn-Tne country, when laid before tlie people, dissipated the alarms, which it required so much pains and such an. expenditure of mpneyto create. Tlie panic has passed away , and with it the distress it nau occasioneu. v This crisis- is now past, and the country is i . . i . . . . . i ... - savea dui me-war is not over. vnat the ene my failed to accomplish by ieitor, and the open display'of his power, hV wiU now attempt in secret and in the dark. Unseen he is still in the midst of us, in our crtieaurt our villages, tnd in the countiy. We knoV not whom he is attacking, until we unexpectedly, see some bne. who, in former days, stood in ht ranks of the people, battling for their right, suddenly be- come a capiive in ine nanus oi tne enemy, anc behold him go off in triumph to their ranks The present, gentlemen, in liy view of the subiect, is the first occasion in the liistory of thfs country, in which the moneyed, power has been bojJ enouga ta epter tne Usts, and on tend oneri fy W'th the Government; H eretofore, if anv class OI Our enzens suppuscu tney were wronged, they appealed to the justice and intel ligence of the American People. They rea soned the matter fully before them and awaited their decision. But tne uanK, ia tms instance, did not deign to rely on the weapon w reason, and submit itself to the iudgment of tlie coun- eila f the nation and the people, djv a ' full hearing of the case. It chose to consifiv itself insulted by the act ot the constituted jtiuthori ties. It determined to relv onrts power, and redress itself.' And, like a foreign enehtv wa ging operi war, it sought to alarm us into1 sub mission py pstentatiously -displaying its power nrst at one poinr, ana tiienanotherand by the sident t the Kditor wUl, in due time, be ready to versal seen of embarrassment W. distress, inscribe on his banner the name of him who nail e teieaca by tue Democracy of the vvm "K -r jooda -oi4 tbrmPfyere SU,, theEepHbici Candidate. . E' Aiuiouga at mis particular junct-zre, a more that -trade -was rumea r-Tiik,o4v. him tolselect his own time to commence the battle.-; As the .conflict must come, as the dan ger mit be met, he advanced to meet it. - And thuscnpeHed the Bank to try Its 'scheme's of name c the family of the 11 Whigs" is calcula ted either to; alter their old principles, or give any additional confidence it, their design . j But itis said that this is a new"state of f hiner& ttwqgfetefffgat4et.'funy- prtpiltml.lts- uickhs. &N&ax4aLu. new... fijlfstA The pgpmptness and the wisdom of that deci- therefore for a new name, lliat thei question sion ha, I firmlv believe. savpfT tlw rnnnt- Is not Bank or no Bank, but that the v hae irom t&e corruohne- rule nf a frrent mnn , o - r j " aristocracy, too powerful to be encountered wrthccess, by any one.who was not like him self, sopg in the confidence of the peonle. And juauy gnaearea to tnem oy a long lite ot splen did public services. . Weiave heard a greatdeal of the usefulness of thiSBank in regulating the currency. And may confidently ask wbaf sBare does it furnish of theg;urrency of this county ? I speak of this county not only because you know its concerns. but because it is rich, and nrosnprnni. on! large fmount bf money cbnstantly 'circulating in u; jio. u may tnereiore be taken as a sample of thetrreat agricultural interest throuehout the Unions Now and then you may see a straggling noie o tnis isanK, once in a while you ma' he surprised by finding a stray ' note from its fold cominp" amoner vau. Rnt in vnnr mvl i no vxr nov. ments and receipts it is hardh seen, and has png balm fr every wound but httle more to do with fiirnishintr the curren .cy'bf this county than the notes of the Bank of n.ngiaa. x our currency is either specie, or the notes of your own Banks, and the Bar?s of the neighborhood. And I am amazed when I bear ajny of your citizens talking about the wholefome' currency furnished by the Bank of the Uifited States, and deploring the lossjvhich will b sustained in this oolinty on that account, if it islnot rechartered. The Bank has nothing to do vHth the currency used hffeT It furnishes net inalsrial part of its Tliesistenee f the Bank will not make it better, not- worse. It will neithei add tor nMminTsb, the quantity circu lafifllrfeUiia'cbunty unless indeed it can again - W " MVJ-ilJXl- V4 11) w will; threatenine vengeance to fhds whfmrinsa. us poisoned arrows on those ,v'-. unsparing vengeance wjth .which it 'bro!igbfcitepanicgain create a groundless, dis- V uiuvu r- - , , . A than ordinarv: attention .to"Riii;plit.i. i destroved. and that the Treasuiyfcuiow""1''; i Publicevyet it i, the de- jign of the Editor to derote i largepoftioii of L SMnV and new to a eontert wfth och n ene- " l"t"-('-r "u-sw, uic oiaie, ana i my, : unacquauitea -- . , M ,M he ilf beenabledn even firm and to conimuoicate tcrtne People earlv and correct Llk-TvV fm i1 moment Many mfetioi:of themselves, and totre4nUftS session, and togive prompt adviceW?5 JZ owil their .lives m? will ealously .adrocate; whatever, may ; epntri?lcitiiens to.ehibarrass and distress their own r-, -.-.. . ; a'i i flpose of advancinjr their own selfish, designs.-? latent eerg NoarH CAB0xtwi as well as encouEae aii,that it impossible that the merubers;?f Corporation lntA n1hrktetr tte. r copie iin-regaiwu rcwRk-ior n pubhti service ftnuvjuwiiv. .y maynd; S"1 i ln-hev Aaie profmolelhe Eublic weitarei'lnd iupdhwnom the inierttai advahges ythey. Aa SgJ .fSSSgiiSl exclusHpriyileges blessed bv Jaftttfrir HX& ftritrfrtolk hwj besiowed by the natlnn with Jiberal fcu&aishatokf fact-aiir wsa-terihindi retJW turn upon the; people hd -hadj lWlsn viaictiveirit:ofj ruin in eyery place where its power cbuldVeach. It endeavored by spreadindismav Woiisrnttt Jthe nation to break the spirit of the people, and v-wiujta mew w uunnt tor?ig' uemanos. it sought to obtain finfirjufferings, and thr fears whatsit did not hope would be yielded to their arguments ana petitions. When the Bank determined to-pursue this course, in what resS pect did its conduct and principle of action dif fer ; froftvShat.of an open and avowed public enemy"? iilt is true it did not gather- an armed torcerf tannougn at one time even that was threateriedy and burn" our houses and desolate our fields But what matters it whether the healthful tone ot the body politic is destroyed by open violence, or secret joao9 What mat ters it, whether our rum is produced by the ravae-es of an open enemy,' or by the wilful de- ' . m v. i i . , - Struction oi connuenee, we uanjtrjij,tcy Df our local l?uuiv wvuuuiis, we prusirauuH oi me market for our agricultural products and reduc tion of the wages, ot labor In aword,Uwhat matters it whether the distress ;of the eountry is occasioned by the arms of a foreign enemy n fiV a nowerful moneved corporation, excit- hijt causeless and needless intended to ninltice. ana ineviiauiy i.uuucmi'.as rauco, " i. j: !J t ...XX ii .k.i' and more inaiVMiiiai uucru-nj umi mc jbiusi powerful nation of the world could have inflict ed upon us? There is, indeed a striking differ- rinR between tne aumors oi tnese in nines: and the wrongs ot the two will long be remem bered with very dinerent teennga. In the ease of a foreign iiatioh, it is not their own country and their own countrymen, whom they e.ttdeay dr to distress and rujn,. in order to suvdue- andi conquer. But the deep sufferiags and alarms of the last winter Were, broue-ht Uhorl us i bv ; a needless and grouhdless petni, deliberately and trust m the sarety oi your own BanKs---and again, by. destroying their credit drive back their riites upon them and thus endanger their . . 5 . j .1 ..: ,. t. eXlStetjCe, anu ucprivc wc -iuni u iu umma- ry andgnecesiary amount of circulation. The only efjfect you have ever felt from this Bank, on thejamount of your circulating medium, was produced by the panic it created. Its power banded together to resist Executivexisurpation, t and to restore the Constitution and Laws. But1 it antortunately happens that these "Whigs" compiain oi no executive usurpation, except wnere tne uanic is concerned: no violated Con stitution, or broken laws, but in relation to the Ask them of what usurpations Gen. al t v - jacKson nas oeen euutv r l nev will answer. 'In his conduct to the Bank, and 16 the Secre-; tary who retused to remove the deposites." How has he violated the Constitution,? How broken the laws ? Still they answer,. "In his conduct to the Bank, and to the Secretary who remove the deposites." And if you ask them what remedy they propose for these Executive usurpations rHow is tlie violated Constitution to be purified and the broken laws to be healed r 1 he answer is ready "Restore the deposites of the Bank." This is the heal- And thus it seems, that Executive usurpation violated Constitu tionbroken law is the old story, under a hew name. -It is still Bank, Bank, Bank ! .lt is still jhe old song, sung so often during last winter, With the chorus of l( Restore tlie deposites and all will be. riellP The new name of "Whig" there fore, marks no new principle of action, and lias opened no new ground of contest. , They ha va ijoxild g biji& ran. if nnrl rK.nnn On the other side, "are the friends of edual. ' rights- firm and unbroken In spirit; battling for ' the liberties of the People, with a tourager ani firmness worthy of their cause, aijd of the ofl- tried and.vherableichieftain, whe staiidfi afjtheir bead. The time has come, when we innst plant ourselves in the rar'ro ' tfhith ;; weraeanV tn combat. Antagoniprinciples'are-in imniedi- v ate and direct conflict, addruijon iihe asuevdeij l ' pends the Uber?iyeiolthisg '";. Bank Surel jre-eharfeTed," eo;6rmitie it 6bfrS2lB3gi may qnictly resign urselves to the chains with which it is prepared to bind us4 , v; .. It has, indeed, been said by omepthat controversy ought to be compromised and some other Bauk chaTleied wifhmore limited powers, and capital." "Are we not to proSrby the; severe,. lessons.ot experience which have so" lately been read to us ? And' why shonjd aoiheVai& Jb!?. chartered on any erms ? I not Iherprese'Bt Sec retary bf the Treasury satisfied wilh the- -al agent-the State Ba a ks, e"m ployed b- the I)e- partment ? Is not the revenue collected as rerii: larly ks ever, as safely kept,"an,d as convenicuTr ly paid oh t, when it is needed by the : Govern ment ? fs hot the couoiry prosperous every : where, artd . cdmmeieSfioorisbiag. hevoog' jiny formei example? Is not, the ciirrehcf : if the -I-. . v- - if:' troVei-sv a new name, as weriras1 to.tthemsefvaf: And instead of talking about the Banff and the peposrtes, as they did while they were Nation als" and MNulliiiers," they talk, since they, be came " Whigs'1 about "Executive usurpation," violated Constitution," "and broken lajgjS;" yet ftill meaning precisely the same: thing under ehese new and highsouncHng phrases. The rem edy; however; keeps its old name. "Restore 4he Peposites, is still the cry, and all will, be well. In one thing, indeed I agree with the "Nation als" and "Nullifiers," otherwise called rvv"his'"J -t-and that is. that thequestiou vchich now agUl taies me gojaniry, is not mpiy a question as to tne re-tharter ot the, tfank, and to end with the Here iafa power for evil, and not for good. It!?' ant or refusal of an act of iacorporation wtth 1. 1 j;ctPAccm(rlv srarrp Kv ot-M- I6ut anv other material result. The source of the ias mde money distressingly scarce by cretmg unnecessary alarm, it never win, anc. it never qah, nake it more plenty amongyfru. its notes have io concern whatever with your ordinary cjirrery. ' . . 'il know very well, that it is now said that the Bank lias nothing to do with the present Oppo-sition-l-that a new Ay IsTormedto resist Ex ecutive usurpation that tne opposition are "Whit's" and wc are "Tones." Andatter a sessiof of severi months, in which we , daily heard of the jfrgent distress ot the country whenlhe restoration of thejdeposites was i the! of yvery discourseand all other busi- ness rasior monrus anu iiiumus laiu asiue, uu the pTea that the nation Required immediate re lief frm the overwhelming afflictions under whtchl it was suffering we are .astonished to lean fU s6ori as the session is closed, that the recnarter of the Bank: and the restoration ot the ibeposites, and the terrifying pictures of disssjv.sB'receiitly held .up to us; are hot -now worthy of beinrr brducht into our discussions that new and endurtne evils irerdiscovered ' ofj faf CTatferTnaehitude. callinjr for a'hew fcrnla' . - 5-.'.i . " . . .-; . ... ... tton nt pirues. The distresses?. anu amic,pipn roicK wepe so much lamented during tne ses akn:'i.rid lh: mtrL. MoTdrentlvJtressedhs tie cjire fr these evils are nbw tflijbe regarded ai ihitters v bf "sulipridinate ebnaequenc; they out any other, material result The source of the 0ontrovery lies much deeper. The Bank is the centre, and the. citadel of the moneyed power. For the first time in the history of eur country, 'is I have already said, moneyed men, as an aaso country 11 ail y improved by n- j!entifal Gold? What then do you want w'ittffl'Bank of: the United States ? CAnd if you donor heed ope, X why create it ? f Wlfy again suiec't Wihseiyes x the scenes of the lastVinter, and ld.the . exciting conflict whieb-you aretslill ohliged iiarryon in - defence ot yourf dearest righjs as.'frriwn'nBeVv.S:' side?, why talk "of rest jSilidn aid ntpditfcatipnlhl V'r unce cuarier a canK uu1 Minuar .pnneipies.r res trict ir, and modify it as yoh.cJidose, aha Ihejmc-.' ney powff'Sllways in the hands of the. few,1 iod .- ? ableerelore, actpreeiptly a ndJn "concert, " lative councils are off their' cuafiL '-Kw fran. . chises will be obtaTihedmore capital will tnift thorised additional exdusi ve pri vilegea yiiU. be;i - grantea ana asi soon . as the -law is rsigned it will he cajlefl "weoHtraetM fixed, if rerocably.V aiid beyondlhe power of Repeal,' upon tbenecls of the People?' yCReie'lsib nafety hot in aif ab soluteniaalferab th part- he P.e6p re nevek fartec. another iJBatik--4f j: e United Staves, any where, or foranv numoeBi' - xcepi only 'Jn;;lbeiVict" ,oT Columbia.lind there, only for the local pufpasfs xf t'lje fJi&tncl, and- wilh a moneyed ciipitaftna:! :pnly td,the ? wants of the Dismct. And ievtfave , there al ready,-Banks abundantly en fli cictiVitU capital i quite large enopgh for all the legitimate pir.po ' sesof such iTstuutins. X.efosnot falkef Cotn promise, i. here can De-no compromise oecveea- inciple.s. Yield hut and you will bedriven to the wallf and-in?feat inf thf rich inheritance of TJberiv ;rhi'.h t"oiI fjiated class, have united together and openly eh-v-d fr0m your fathers, vbtt wHlhidrteatht deavored to obtain possession of the Govern rnent, J your descendants ilavery aiidlmsojax , ny using incii aiiuncjr tucuutiui mo ci,vivn v oi slavery, tnai;! oi suymission io iiKsyvi Now for the first time, the issue, is made np, and;co heartless, sou lies, vindictive 'mpneyed the Question Doiciiv anciaisiracuy preseniea ious, : auest whether this noble country is to be governed by th power ot money in ihe hands of the few, or bv the free and unbonsht sdffrasres of a majority ofthePeop'ei It is anew question. It has hotiiAg to do with the ancient or mouern 0.1 vi sions of parties. We have never been called on (o take sides upon it. .Let no man aeceive 111m-self'-bv supposing tliat,we are now to .decide an ordinary question 01 pany, woica. u ,uuuu. w w wrong, can nereatcer i?e cwteticu. u-i. k i feiTnUli-d. bv supposing that party ties, ancient, or modem, or party "consistency, require hint 'to iappotr4he re'ellarter of the Bank.. CThe ques-, cion comes 10 us m new Mwai oi, vdrable to the Bantt, tnan wnen wa presenieu if the last election of President . The great mo- , viriepensof of vicenyoOte ju Vticea oitiejer of harmony "socjaJ er detector of fraa4, : ithpos- I Amald not be a matter of tjurprlse that tl - i . ...... ,n)f4 throughvits corrupt power- ovef tne press, ibr the vasLuinuence waica ouwrw.a. i-lnin oiti l4m nntll other matters Are .dis- to hring distress ;on their Own country foy alpose4 of. tt is to be regretted thatthe.diScov- 1:. Jriv...j r.i --iAA uki., .ntti.w.. onrt that so tDUCh UJl MUX AUUII W. MiWi.JWf. wvx .,. .VAWWUWf 1 J ' - - - - - vv.sw r - . ana its peculiar auu vaiuauio pur urge K cor- potation. i t " t' 4 -However othejrs may choose,- -t: ca nn dtv dpuht - . your determination. .1 have lived toaion? among-. ; -you, and know, too well the1 st off "Vot ..ate- made of. to rtonht thp Ami-an to be made here- Ana -.. ,. in conclusion, gejitleinen,t'fg leave to ouert . . . you the folio ing toast : - - . f ' v 1 'Frederick Cowdy-i-Mch,n the tffctin of . V ' - - r its soil but riehi lar in f lie patrKmirindTaian'-. ly independence of us citizens. V.' -N!s At a late ixanunalioa ai5u"ejColtie of Surgeons, a caftdidste vaiaKpd 6j Ajy V.4thVr ivhar ht tvouliKdo ifra'UiAtvwvrj Jr ZZZJZZ ;ofd..w cdnauerhem UMZmMi? Ml AUeriWy -. IpreadlnaUtrm and terror oyer the land, an.pp9se:l Jctckytt ifposttrwx i7' efts mt; when the feoje; Vres feposlng.,ni fot attcli an, impertinent reply, !mVnK Ihari'&'rf ' war;;ha4b.e isendriels.of :Xjberfy cles ehuahl I Kutlh motion." " fc-WWv rK r . to pte'ustimwas sjeat, and so much public Ihlt&s Baak was aeptHpon weirpothm tlteoungmanw the flex'prs Vml-es SrtSn the land it'wa 'intended to serve. sUn4ten8fr:"lrml?. ?f.v-:..L-.. .-j . u t i ;,..i vni ill rifUv. ' ? , - - - ' - till lais isaai. wju ci(.'a.u iuii. vrgitn w icci 'Z' "r y i 4- laa- ' -in, the community 'I V v t 1 ?W . i! 1

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