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Three doHajt-annamfayatlhalfrycarly advance ? bvtl at .wi3& to'cctssary f or those liv x at o aslanceoTonli xiC Ibe State, to jpajr an entire vear in advaMeifr'Afstibscrier failing to give noticje oi ns aesirea aicouunae at me ex-t nira lion of thf period' for jtfhuiti he-may have jJail wiH be considered as ha?40g5bs6nbedanw, and the paper contnraed, ate option f.tne Jauor, until ocaered tdhe Btopr;!iiBP$aper will be iiseonnnnea oniii an arfearas re Letters to the Editor most, cme free of postage, Via if mo xt nnt nA nticrA(( tD. inrrittTtwTu will be inserted at the rate o? one dollajs per stjuaretbr h)reefinsertipnR, ; A Kber Tal discount will be mack to those who advertise v the vear. Those sending in Advertisements. "... fl . .. o ttiUbe good enongn to,j Tnars me minxDer oi -.roc ihev wish them inseftea. TTT Is with peculiar pleasure, .tnat.tnei jutseri-i U , ve is permittea io announce o me nraer friends an patrons tot Mjv. HUTGltESCW (Formerly Hss. TFJBandto the pUbta tn gem eral, tbat Sbeis expected W open air .Academy for Youpjj L&dtnrtRaleighi on, or About the first Monday of Jahuajy. vt; . The,pwoC which Mrs. H. thas already given in the citizens "of- Raleieh of her suDerior moral andintellectual mialirtcatibnSi as ah Instructress OT ; oung uuiiev preciuucs jienccai.jrStv Klri justJtohehowever, H; Acnitdetate that her experience in the business corinstruc TVortli Cai-oiina -STATE IOfPTERY 6th CLASS, FO 1834. ON Tuesday, wie oum ?pi ljjecemoery io, on the popular Terminatirig Figure System. 'TEVENSON.& .POINTS, Managers. Capital Prize jSTOOu SCHEME 1 Prize of $T, 1 Prize of 4,000 j vi rnze oi o,vwj 1 Prize of 2,000j 10 Prizes of -1,000 10 Prizes of 10 Prizes of 15 Prizes of 50 Prizes of -100 Prizes of 135 Prizes of 200 Prizes of 330 Prizes of .000 Prizes of : 6,000 Prizes of 6,000 Prizes of 500 300 200 ' 30 i 20; ISi 10 6 4 19 :!! is is ,is is is is is is is is , is is is is $7,009 4,000 3,000 2,000 10,000 5,000 3,000 3,000 5,000 5,000 4,050 4,000 4,950 0,000 36,000 24,000 her absence from this City.; and that he has recently gone'to one of the first Feinle Semi irariea in tha CTriited States.-for the express pur pose of till better qualifying heHelf for; the emnlovment she itf aboutto resume among tis. . ... - - . . i . ! It is scarcely necessary to say, tnat wnaxever measure ot our a counsel ana aia, ii uie go vernment and' rreitruction of her School, may seem to be needed, it shall at all times be prompt Iv and cheerfully rendered ; for we shave re solved, as far as our efforts may contribute to that end, that the Eemalt Department of the Ra leigh Academy, shall not be surpassed y any in the Country. We are authorized to add, that bothjthe Male and Female Departments will be favored with the counsel, experience andpeneral supervision Lot the Rev. Dr.M (Pheetkbs, t,. B. JOHNSON j December 5, 18341 " . Y Female Hoarding School. flHE next SessioVi of the Subscrioer?s Schoo A will commence; on the ISth of January, 1835 It has been the object of the subscriber, to fendefc his School a much as possible, .a j? ami- lX IWS l l I U llUfN, in wuicii ins rupiramcce, in evetv respect, with the same treatment to which they have been accustomed at home, so Fir as is -consistent with a strict thouerh mild discipline. To this end, the number ) Pupils is limited. t - The -system of Studies pursued, Comprises every branch-df Female Education taught in the best seminaries ; and a sIkH and thorough ac quaintance with each, rather than a rapid pro cress thro u eh the! whole, is aimed at. .The small number oi our f pns e names us io m struct each one separately adapting the appoint ed course of Studies to their s respective ad vancement and abUity , in -preference tp placing them in, a few large classes, where some must necessarily be superficially taught I he high est jBranches are practically and experimentally ?J1 COMM UNICATION. "ton tse roRTH-Uotijri TiirABS Y tr ".liEt'TER m Y r :. T . : Yc Sir : Having seen the manner in which you, was elected to the Senate of the U. States, the guarantee giTen on the part oi your ineniis, tne. ooiijiations; you were under to guDDort the President and the m'ea'ares of his .administration ; mv iiresciu purpose w w snow now iar mis twn his been much cnT these obligations, have been ;. You cannot excuse yourself by deny- ng the authority ot those who acted in - . .i your support, because ot your presence and ready sanction t every thing which was calcuijired to advance your interest. You must meet th issue fairly, oiler mat ter in excusey tit plead, guilty ' to the charge. i he change is, that vou was elected a the friend of Gen' I. Jacksop; pledged to th support of hts admmistn tion ; that you have become politically his enemy ami the partisan opponent o that administration i you was elected! to support. A'tiioush U is generally under stood and believed, at the very first ses sion of your setvrce, your feelings under went a considerable trhange ; there is no gfoTjnd as far as t am apprized ot to cen sure your votes. Ydu continued not only ha i fnnnhva St ftn'Wmir tn tn a - nm mands ,f his superiors, you have Very wisely Itaken care, whatever you roav hay? considered, not to ' expose yourself by a r)orl upon the subject It isvir dent yfeur zealwent ahead of your dis- creiionganu wnust you moyen wiui spirit you have no doubt been cbunselled to re tfejit iffl silence . ioupj great leader, whilst exhibiting but littf more caution than, vourselfr has hevertlleles4een more resolute in nur pose, rNpilay in ,1ns nrst resolution ot censurgragainn tne rresiuent, in regard to the Deposites, condescends to give the 8pecttiations in his charge of a vielatioo of "thelconstitution and laws," by which "tne liberties oi tne people" were enuan gered. This resolution, however, after a disusijon of weeks, distinguished by ade- s;ree o oiuerness, nuneno unicnown in the Senate of the UnitedrStates, in which the Pngsident is denounced as a 4usurper. tyrant,' with every other epithet which could possibly mark a despot- is changed and modified, until it is made to drop the; specifications but to retain the cen sure. iThe majority of the Senate do no content themselves with voting "the rea sons , assigned by the Secretary of the I reasury lor the removal oi themoney o the Unted States, unsatisfactory ardin- sulhctit " but tbev further " liesolve, That the President in ike late Executive to vote with the supporters of the admin-Vroceeknes, in relation to . the publie rtve istration, but still avowed the most ttiend-nte. Kck assumed upon himself authority rowarus ine rresmenr. . m wn, nf. ranftutrtd bv the Constit. . Ti srr v : . 1 feelings - - . . . I . 1 f ' U J the debate upon the tarrtt, in the session yj0w am laws, but in derogation ot both oi iias, wneti speaKing oi yi?? rresuient Here e have the offence charged n gen- ami i.w peopie w ure enroiii, vou use ne eral teims, and the verdictot guilty, with following strong language Loving him out anfwer or trial, or any means afford- a w7uiu, ttuiiuiiiig nun as we musi, re- e(j theartv to .conlront his accusers,: and vering'him as we ought,' and confiding in that tcJu by a tribunal speciall v constitute him as we still delight to do, we neyerthe- e( to.fy and de:idehenthe"accusation less rememDer ins opinions on ims sui3- ahall be vofeel by another body. ject with deep regret, e have seen h,s dilatejieither upon theinjustice, .884 PRIZES,amountikg to $180,000 Every package of 1 tickets will embrace a e terminating- fisrures fromi 1 to 0so that the illustrated. Iderot a package ot iu ticKets, as put up by While a close anl ttevoteu attentionjs paia anasrers, roast draw one of eacb of tfoe three to the cultivation of the ntind, no less is given ,i . t j j . i,fii r...ih.v.i.! Im:, ucnommauwm jJtitcs, mu tuiw i to tile improvemem oi uie ngraijum raiiuu ton otner prizes. j j character, ancioi manners anu , aeponnKiu A package of ten Whole 1 ickets Th e system of rewards and punishroeit aP1" wm cesi uv ' ed. is one w men cxciuaes every leeuoK ot And must draw nett , 17 00 ousy and rivalship among our Pupils,'ind at the same time, acts as "!a powerful stimulus to exer- 00 tion. bv making the standard ot excellence m I hall cruelty, inar-v character oi these nro nual message an affirming the pnnciplPS i You, . sir, are a lawyer, and hrst lAld bflore the public. But Wt be- hnva lfcin i.idcrf.. find knnw the rights lieve prefErted kistountry to Aiwsc guaraeed to'iKe most bumble citizen, ihafhe would urge this policy no tarther of havfng the charge stated, and the.evi than he believed the great interest of the den ceBieard, before he shall be convicted CAiumrr.requirea, ana mat ne was wnony nf thefowest offence. You are not con discharge , of duty, in reporting the naurl well as our chief magistrate; andhhiis inonzea anu inegai conduct oi inose wun who, until recently, wereHoltdestin thetf whom tHey were associated in the mani nrbfessiohs ofl attachment YfbuLsir have agementiof the Bank., Again, in the ex been found one of the rao&t zealous of the ercise ofj this part , of our doty, and as party. - Had this been upon -erea and : me lasi aci in una. great urama, yuu are tdoubttol questions ofrpuoiic interest, about ofrRogejr Bs&mef; aidrettry of the Lpinloniffithe fnenefs. of the ad minis. iteasury, without jnquiryor examination, tration; trierfnone .could or ould have and X might add, urithcut excuse or apol- complainec). v But , facts contradict this rfgy ' j . " : .' ... ; ' t i apology, and the record concludes you II do not deem it necessary, to do more a5Pfl;nj.t urh defenri. You are uh. than to name your vote against Andrew derstood to have declared (t you was for Stevenson as minister to England, a nom the president, but against the succession" inatKinon wmcn your own party was munu jet jot seem to have forgotten in your to aiviae, oeingjost uy one vpie yc jru zeai to re-estaDiish the claims ot your have become too bitter in feeling, and too! new favorite to his last position of safe r?ithiui to " party tactics -to quau i any precedent7 that by your conduct, you diing. I might adduce other proofs in are waging war as well against the incum sapport of my . charge I will however, beiit, as against bitn who no doubt you content mysell with referring to out one j fear ag the expectant. other, and that merely to shew your zeal I But sir,; I haVCdone. I have endeavor- , and devotion even in staiall matters. It is ed to exhibit yojlj fairly and candidly be y our motion to print thirty thousand copies fere the public ai vnu have been, lanriaa oi tne report in regara 10 tne rost orace, j0u are. i have no expectation, that any which from the time ana the numoer, thing I may have said will change your could only have been intended as a mod- course; yet I beg leave to call your atten efate bonus to the Printer of the Senate, tion to the circumstance, that when a dis oi some fifteen or twenty thousand dol- tinguished predecessor of yours, had been lars. elected -by the General Assembly with Let Us now examine the position in the view of supporting the war, in which which you profess to stand towards the the nation was then engaged, thought pro Bank , for unless I have deceived myself per to withhold his support of measures your professions will be found not to cor- deemed necessary to its vigorous preser respond with jour real sentiments. You Vation -he received at -the hands of a say-you voted against the bill for re-char? j subsequent Legislature a vote of censure. tering the Bank three years ago, and you J to the entire approbation of a large ma have since had nq cause to repent ot thatljonty of the people of the State. I do )te Now sir this is disingenuous, and (not undertake to say you deserve or will you well koow it. At the time tne Din (receive a like reward tor your political or rechartering the Bank was pending, infidelity. But I do say, and I am sus- you openly aipd privately avowed yourself! tained in the. assertion, you have justly tp its favor, ami expressed your regrejiorieitea ;ine respeci oi your political you could not, in consequence ot these! friends the confidence of the support- known opinions, vote even for a postpone! ers of Gen. Jackson, as well as those who nhent of the question. You did vote Mill claim to be the supporters of his ad against the passage of the bill, not from ministration. LUCIUS. any oujecuou io me principle, uui m mc . -. . . . ; i deiaiU You had not then committed your-1 The Xnoxville Register, in numbering VTT Those Who prefer adventuring for the Ucbolarshm and deportment, a 6 xed and certain Oare-e wizesonlyl can, in this way, for $23, get one. which all may attain by proper effort, and hhe Managers' certificate for Ten Whole Tick- not dependent on comparitive merit, where I ..... . it' i - " a '-L ii Ui. -a. i a l e I ipti pntit line tne ooiaer loan iiiawue iicxeisuiav nmi must necessan v iau. t draw over $17j that being the amount that the The School is situated about a mile from ackage must draw of necessity ; say, A rtioate for a Package of Vfy AlliWtjavableUoCASfb ' ? hfterthe drawing, subject to V deduction of 15 lk-. n ; 'instruction in Musk and Printing, I ' .)- i-lA - -v- ! I Ia a. a. TT U a- per. centum. ii -,.- - , . given by eiperuencea ana comperemneacuers, .. ! ct.ru-A : Virr mail I rV!t ri't I . .. . ..J..: ! . '- A. U..ID;n illO Picll : . ' : Or DV TiEivaxe convey sui-c, iiiiAtwoiiig tt ot tief Tickets In bur pVetious Lotteries, will receive (hdmost prompt. attention,, it acklressed to STEVENSON & POINTS, and an account of tle prawinwul be. forwarded immediately after its event. .. Ycfm . Y ' :. - WMe TickeU$,ffilver:QTs.'t: To be had, in the greatest variety of num bers, at v T STEVENSON ;pc FOlN 1 S's omcE. Raltizh, December, 1834.! . 2 jPtrst .Innital Compliment TO THB KISD PATRONS OP T - W. .T. KAMSAY & dO; FOR the liberal pat Tohagejreeetved by them for the first year in a1 .? i a! kkn. lUCIr UUSUlcaa, ouuc i continuance - oi uie ; A same, promismg to give general satisfaction w t M fo Po. have the nleasure M state to th pubfic generally,- that they havellatelv re turned from the North with a splendid assort Ulr. A. S. Wangh, Xate-of the Academy of Bine Arts, London, ill T.enrrth. Pnrfrritl jinA Jiflniatiirpntai- thv nledce themselves to sell, fpr Cash or Miniature JRainttii self against General' Jackson; his name the different papers in Alabama and Ten- was before the public tor re-election, andjnessee1, that have declared m tavor ot your people as you knew wereJn his fa-(Judge White, as successor ot Generat vourj.hence your iwillmgness to do, what! Jackson, thus speaks ot our press; Is incapable of abusing it, either to atquirc tent wjth condemning the Pregident with-tvou now claim as a merit. The propo- "From recent indications, we incline to ur iu.rnmii (wwer. m m a wuiu, an c-iout lorm or trial, nut you even reius- silion to umu ine rate, oi mieiesi w o me opinion mat uie veiurai wazene i mc ppr centum per annum, uau oeen iosi uy Minnvuie, xen. j Vtiu aio noist tne vvnue a vote of 21 to 26 ; as had also that ol flag." H requiring the Bank to pay at the rates of We frankly acknowledge, that- so , fai three per cent, when the deposites of the as our personal feelings are concerned tJ. States should average one million for we are entirely in favor of Judge! White f lone year, by a vo9 ot ii6 to '4 -you but we shall not yet noist tne White Voting on each question in tne ararmauve.i Hag,7 or any other uag;" wesnaij. wait You were thus aftorded an excuse, tor not the movement ot the great Kepubiican doing what you avowed the intention of Party,J;eeling confident that they will, be doing voting for the rencharter. You true to themselves, aoil-that4hey , will not Were, in principle a Bank-man, and 1 haz- select any man to be run as the successor irxtiitothingJuisay iog. had jourpol itical nf.Qfinyr-jftUJtrao- not pledged feelings thtnbeei) what they new are, you to the ai.evcourie jbt policy, that haB Would most certainly - have - voted for the governed Gen. Jackson in Ms administra- biH, tion At the affairs of the general i govern I have thus stated with candor your men t. Gazette. yofes upon measures which, to my view, expose you to the charge of haying aban doned the course you nau promisea to misue. I have endeavor'ed to mete out to vou that lustice which vou retused to teved him to be an poneat man, firm, pat- e(j to feerrait him to be -heard, by way o riotic and reariess.'iHere, we have an protestation against the injustice of your acknowledgmentHif his acting in?afiirma-Uenkei:evumirraise a dreadful out-crv uuu in me piMvipica, jciuuBiy ut- lagainsj tins rrotest as a tiangerous in- pre the public f th ; avowal nj-your Tfririeement; on the rights of the Senate the expression of your belief itv" the Aon 'JTh s' iinurse is well understood; and tttv'ot the matf,: wh-Was incapable fhjne'chose'ftrts to which those resort to abusing the great interest or hn country, jdiyerpublic attention, who themselves either to acquire to rttain power. ,TfeaV ils censure HillsboroVih a country remarkable tjr health ; Jf sincere in this statement, and in ; the Bu 4etroe trace a littje farther, your and ample time tallowed .'frr exercfte d e- avowal of these opinions; as t a mJbdu ntj toUoJ,,;! relative to the deposites-"and the a A aaA : 4 V. a I- v - in L 1. f V l 'VTA: f i ' 1 A a . T - JL Z M juu iduuu im .ousr u tnaugr, uunt niici jtrie) UfestT)iace;,-inat me reasons oi ire ou cond ternvas it is understood you voted deppsesai.d condtfmrt the Preskfent un for the electoral ticket pledged to his sup- hear j? for the Wart he "has taken isi the port, as well as to that of Martin Van measure j antj y it. 1 .shall not debosltes thefea ou now vote to restore the Burtrii as Vice-President. 1 .shall nl debosltes thereafter to be made to the stop to enquire, how far new attachments bank,whilst at the same time you avow and newly formed political asociationsyoiipglf oDnosed to the recharter of ihe may have banished old ones from your bank In this way doing a service lo breast and when you first gave iudica- the bnk, by way of revenge upon the tion of disaffection, and a disposition to president, which must inevitably aid the shift sides ; but, come at once to the pe- bain & In forcing that to which you sav vou nod of opeu war, when you threw offall are opposed. Again, by way of evincing connectin with former friends, an! rang- vour hostility to the bank, you vote to ed yourself boldly under the banner of the Ujye f a committee of your body, of opposition. . wmclpyou are a member, and every one At an earlv day in the last session ot of whiim are onnonents of the adtr.iniatra ment of Goods in their line, part of hich was f(r,.ogres8, it was proposed to change the titin, f!1eave . al m i - a au vm m w rwtn w- in 1 ' - m .11- expressly importea uy ucw irum ... order to warrant tne articM; ; anu.as ur uucup .. , O . A a PJWTJ?P to r-nnrtual customers, even ten per crm. iuwcr a m. m a w a iji il. - - v m u A!S the.honor to anouncetohis friends and than the New York' prices, in conquence of thecltizens generally throughout the State, house rentpeing cneaper 1.1 hat he has returned from the North, with the New Yorlc py six nunareu prr - ntention of making Raleigh his permanent re- ConSisIs principally ot tne ioiiowing ruc. 1 idence. Having made I the tours of Europe. SpleiuliauoioaiiaaiiveraTTi nd visited the most celebrated Galleries of Plain - a9Te 1 1 .f T Y- aintinw-and Statues in the World, where his , to be ot tne pest qniity ai iv aste has been refined by the study of the old , sortment ever rogr.t tni rlaaters now tenders his Services to those who Fine euro ana long un. wum ....a lire'-desirous of dossc ssincr themselves ot bisrseais ana tves assurvcw, production : and as his re nutation as an Artist is dearer to him than wealth, no Picture will be pent forth to the world that is not i.eknowledg- Jfaasa taithtul Likeness. ; II is style ot Painting peculiarly his own, and acquired only by a ong ctmese 01 study his charges, therelore, Ul Al At ' '.I - 1A. O rc iijiguer uian tnose 01 tne generauiy 01 per ons called Miniature Painters Y His Painting Room "rt in the Building next cor to tbe Bank of the State, formerly occu led as a Bookstore by Mj. Boylan, .where he ay oe tound at all timesi J i i Ealelgh, Sept. 11, 183-1. j. ' " ' 2 WanJc of the Stalk of North-Carolina. HE regular Annual meeting of the Subsdrr bers for Stock in the CaDital of this Bank ill fee held in this City online first Monday in ?miry next. Subs.ciibers who cannot attend rsona.ly are authorised tb appoint Proxies, -ac "1u:eio the form ihf fl bv-the Bv LaWsof a jprporation. . CJ D&yL, Uesh'r. JMcigh, Nov. 15, 1834 v .Y . 6t8. Cabinet, Chair, and Sola WAREHOUSE. Vf rfF. PAIIUOTT, '" ' Late bf Bridgeport, Conn. i ICS recentlv taken Hie House a few doors r North of thz Post Office, on Fayetteville street, well known Kvies SAore, where he in fends keemnt? a sreneral assortment of CA8I PET WAttKand CHAIRS, of a wperior style, pd as cheap as can be furnished from New ivi it or anv otner mace.' "v iwuvwhik nr 'deboards, Bureaus, Work Tea and Dining "es, ueusteaas ana unairs. .? rr Atio, Northern - Carriages z.ndLHarness. MeighDec. 5. 1834. ; Y 3t7 , Wanted to Hire 0H the ensuintryear, ja" Wonun Servant,-- to do the work of a small family1 i an e er'y one would be preferred. Apply at. this mete out to the f resident $ ot making known the cause and the offence the spe cification and the proof. 1 have shown your guilt, in breaking faith with those who elected you, and your total disregard of the feelings and sentiments of thos whose political confidence you. enjoyed For sir, I undertake to affirm, if tltere be any matter upon which the public senti- ment ol XNorth uaronna can oe consiuer ed as fixed arid certain it is the warm and generous confidence of her citizens, in tne sterling integrity auu pumiuti pa triotism of Andrew Jackson. This sir, in vour own language- 44 is the fortress of his-strength the hearts of the people is A richassortmentof Earnings, Breast Pins and 1 Finger Kings, - Gold Medallions and Crosses, f ladies' Gold Watch Hooks erA anA Rilvpr Pencil Cases. A Gold, silver and steel Spectacles, with double, ingle and concave glasses, Gold and Silver thimbles, Miniature Cases, assorted, 4 - r-A a1 c-.Ivpf sleeve Buttons and Studs, complete assortmfnt ot hiiver iwia naicu Wjire, tor tins maricei, consisiiiijj ui Desert and Tea Spoons, Soun Ladles and jSugar Tongsi ; , j . . . Gravy and Cream Spoons, J Silver Mugs ana uups, ' . . i Butter Knives and Table Eorks, A very rich assortment of Sheffield Silver.plated Castors, . -, , ; i . Candlesticks and jBritania; Ware, I . A very large collection otirerjumeryj, 1 from NO. K up 10 mo. ow, . i lair, cloth ami Tooth Brushes, of a jrery supe- 'oerior .duality, ! 1 $teel Chains,! Seals and Keys, $il and Leather; Purses, : Bead Bags, Purses ana VOt. 1 .-lc-.i..mniintml Walkintr Canesr, With r without Swords, - . ' Y 01,1: nf .Xss SHADE CLOCKS, wa ranted, -rb' - ! - ! W ;'4, :'f Musicat Boxes, -fiilver.niouuted.Coep.nttt, , Silver-plated Deerf Knives and Forks. Silver scissors- nams, - , - . t . , n.MAaahieadid assortment oi, aiiu&3 . . w.LA..L.1ml. Patent RniVM ahd w v a " ' - . --t . ,- opponents of the ad mini to sit in the recess. 7 upon rules of the Senate, so as to take from the the affairs of the bank and to examine into presiding officer, the appointment of the Uis general conduct and management.'- standfrig committees, and haWthem cho- This Resolution is adopted by the vote ol sen by ballot. The object of this.change, thoseVwho compose this cominitteeji eve (and it was so avowed) was to give to tne ry of whom hati aireaiiy pronounceu then majority the control of the commit- iagaim t the PreVident and ih favor iof the ... -i a 1. i . ... 1 , a -ri.i.L t ; tees, and to nave tneir reooris 10 aueaKtink.- it is auonteo too. aicer tne rresi- ih lano-nnprft of that maioritT. The chair Mant iSnd Directors of the bank had refus- the citadel of his power. '? With this feel of the Senate was -then filled bv a man, ed to Submit to the examination of a com- inr and Uiis confidence, you cannovhave the purity of whose character, and thejmijte of the other branch of the egis-rmistaken their wish, that their represen mteffrilv of whose conduct, were above larun land whilst pending beforthat bo-Itative, whatever might' be his situation, the breath of suspicion. But the Presi- dy, te question of contemjit for this re- should give to his measures and his ad. dent pro. tern, of the Senate was the fJalj 1 Had you the vanity;. to. suppose, ministration, a candid, fair and honest fripnd of Andrew Jackson, and this was w henSvotinsr this examinationIand;?when sunnort. I do not say, or pretend to be- enouo-h for you and those with whom youi travelling from home tn TTostoiit ifor its lieve, they have such implicit confidence had now. uufortunatelv for yourself,! re- execiftion. anv vjhite-washiniT yvL might in the wisdom and judgment of the Pre- solved to act. The proposition was car- d aDe to make, could blot out these re-- sident, as to suppose he can nerer err. ried by a vote of 22 yeas to 18 nays, you cjrdell acts of the hank, and reconcile the Yet, every one knows, and none better voting with the opposition merAbere, in pribli to its outrages? No, sir. Your than yourself, the marked distinction be IK affirmative. This was strict! v a J par- lahorl will avail as little as vour dinner tween an honest and candid apposition to ty vote, intended fof party ends, and used speeches, and your insulting toast to the particular measures, and that captious and tor party purposes. The opposition atim- honolof President Biddle, ih recommend- querutous opposition, which complains of ulated your zeal, anu nauemi your arn- ing iiose to iavor wuu, hk juuisch, ainevery w.mgt yivtyrw w k niooinf. vn i i.nrm several imnOr- n.w ilndpratood bv the tfeonle. The free- nor t what is richt, denounces every thing tant committees, and thus secured yourlrnVn iif Pennsylvania and New York as wrong. Such has been your feeling, ..'..Mi -y? . i " It II a T- aK ' . i'. . .n .t;An i 1 ih!,oSt hi-ha lot box. noniv rene nea and vour indiscriminate apposition m ; . . y mrlofficious intermeddling, and taught every thing, emanating from the Execu Having tanen tnis ursi iaic j '- r u Antl them w th whom you act, a Ies- iive. Fr the tact cannot Oe lisguis - . Ji ii -, an f " ' imiij r . j? - . ... . .v, ... . . are,iCex,ipunu voims-iui f !sn. Ivhich if not lost to every sense oi ed, that wing to a strange corooination oi upon.the rresiaenr, ior me jwpr .w fJkham Y0U wi 1 not soon forget. political parties, a" majority ...was found hirD'?ewre tua,vaun.vv, --v"Jbr ; v- vJiir acts in favor of the Bank and ir4dunngjhe late session oi tne senate, vy- enhtt in tavor ol a removal ui tne ifiHwicr.i - . ... i,;---,i th nfiminicntinn on everv - r- - - T - . . . .L.H.la.n.it a.T inu WraCWIOnr. Illl IUII 1 lllt UCClav aaaa aa , - J - . .f .'.a1 kko thor (NTPm ni mea. "'f ": -- .. . - - ..r. -rv: n,r.t ri in Von. sbtuuo su res. in iTMi ui : . j - - 'Ia. astij, of,tl,. "DkSrPrtS Tour ctad.el liticif rili, and a, ho rnet Republic HA a.a-ma-aI m- wirn biii-ii unit- iiuic uu- i . - w ; . , , i mkir am I a ,:.r irnl.n.L This I as i possible, been still more censurawe eye, P-"-r ""Vy" r': '' .7 r ' ' ' i ..r.. - .l n : 1 Thel Illegal Checks. The? illegal checks or dratt? issued by the; United States Bank Branches, are about to be Vetoed. The Secretary of the Treasury has given notice that they will not be re ceived in payment.of debts due5 the U. States, after the first of January next The amount in circulation in the form of checks lor draffs is about S7JOO0. 000, which will return upon the Bank, which it will for the most part have to redeem in p-nhl and silver. n " O LI es compose a part of hs assortment; Sofasitanasfc ad ne; twisted. W8??1 Cadizt Ohio, SeritikeL Head up We have never seen .our srty in the Legislature, in bolder and more buoyant spirits. They feel that the People are wun inemQXKir. jueign can not again reach theY Capitol, without . rampling on the prostrate Rights ot In struction. We understand, too, Irront all quarters,? that wherever there is a! con- . - A". .' A A i a' " test in any congressional jjismcr, tit is i a ;"".. r r . ,!.?. iiKeiytogo in iavor oi me vuininistra tion that it may gain 6 or 7 Districts from its enemies, while it will probably not lose one friend, - Y Y Y ' . Richmond Enquirer. 'Y Yl'y ' ) "'hY'-. Massachusett.--The election in Mas sachusetts has resulted in favor of Davis for governor, by a majority ' of eleven thousand. ; The opposing candidatesr were Morton, (Jackson) who received "17,409; Bailey (anti-mason) 8i82 ; and Allepr working kenfscandi4ate 1723,, t ' Pmvnminn CaDS. AC. ' 1 i f I 8ive'lilkmointed'pjto---.j7; X; f In addition, many articles; fooea -T merate in an advertisernem, ouv''chj - ted to mate their assortment as comp?e tgr .. . .(-:-)- .-j s,d.j 'iA-i.i.Wi r .fx siDie to.renaer a service roqcjiuu-f, ,, rCC7 AH kids fof CLOCKS and Vf ATCIIE, ..nirri here, hvt a tirt.rate workman, hih .. ... '.' . i. rantea to perjprm wen. Raleigh. JSM. Vt Vm call thePresidentTefused to plain ground that the Senate . i.h tn tim wriiTPn. mail iu tial oral comlnunications wVich fnay fiave parsed betwee his Cabinet contumacious President ferfnce.o Smiles" I hope I don?t .intrude, as the knife said to the oyster. "Come in," as M fpidet said to the Bp "Come Ott," as the man saidtthis YbfoaU ftou make me Hush,' V as .the lobster cried out in the! boder? 4 ' 1 .nnn ithtfUnd marked by a morevdirect influence, ery geat. raeuW u,u. P'vj..w wuj, . jg .. K,a ,.;.eori Ao-ainat fnund exhiDitins we, strange anomaly oi Knil nn morel v oeii ouieti "vvm & -'-i ,. , . i ' ' - ? . .onfi osew4 had been nominated by the acting m unison and concert, of uniUng n, the COnndeh IX t . "f ".. . n l .L.lk. h.nil. nnnn aver, K.ni ..!.. President, as uirectors in jisok, on.uicH.a. ..-..v., ,vTJ , ,...6 1- r w. fir.VarnrhPnt. it waft nrono&ed latea to uiwart anu emnarrass , tne view? n him thene;. History ou k2 tittt ito inauire whether anybjec, indeed does tell us, of such a eoalitioi. conouct, op uic.pai il n Jr J-n thcirfel.aracters between political; antasouists. of a: Lonl raabrthwithpropos f the matter, to a seiect oiui r yHrT VYt ZLj.SA iZs?iAiK&9to ha W,;. lumMtafii ii ia..i v wnrafi iinw ii nuu . liivji v u ri a aa au a .. aa. v wk-. --. a. a . a a w vcimii iiin aiKiHiiiaw wa bllu ma w - . - a - i.- - rm .mm m . a- i.".. . - .nittew to colder aw Cheap Slacking. Here young manr I: -wish to speak with: yoa.,, Y The fejr , low Stopped, and bomface prqc;eeded-r v "I admire the appearance ot your boots -sm&" a'i beautiful, jet black ! I wish ''" you'd tell me how to blaclsT mme-' "That," said.lhe awkward ;lelI?wVc" 1 1 iau' w i. i w" j r r -. ..w... t-A.UAj AtAiflH AM4ff..M-l) t ... ' T i -1 1!H The editor of the Lynchburg Virgini-' an came very jiear tolanff a i Wockhead - oi jiimseu itne ouieraay, oy ? u reaming to Mk&6ck: thft -&fy tfs 'otrf" the : i . JVC7 - aJij aiaa, a. w r - --h . . . .- i . i ii M. am rw ipii'i a. iiim wiviai ia iaaa at v i iiirni. nil n.iiv r- ? ii aa Jt your renst,d though iji r" '- Yi !-: I'-;-- :' " : ; - y.- ;. " . - - y - - -r ; r --4':;&:.Yr 1m ! . ; !..;? 5. ... H- :-irvY ..f-. .M.--vii----".c" ' - - -Y- -.. - Y 4 -tr'..... -.v'.,'.r..-. ..-..4,-..sY- 1 4 1 ; - - Y's ; . Y..i;- I-. Y . Y - j Y - , - n -y Yr' I., YY "'YuY 7. t - 5,1 f - s '1

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