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T t r 4 " .:n k nromntlT transmitted. oJ ww " I , . , semkxts notexcciingfoiirteenliBeiWillbe A - ;.. for one dollar. and twenty-fiTacenta for . ...aTl in1 , ....t Jnsprtion: those of rreater lemrth Ui raro- i CHhSCflll"" J " " r - . t" rtnWs and Judicial Adverttaementa will eeJ twenty-fire -pec cent, .higher .than the above , f A reasonable deduction will be made to tho wh jrtise by the year. nt .'.'; Jitters w - ' - RALEIGH:'' ilTl BDAY, DEC 12 32 23 12 f 30, 1S4. TO THE PUBLIC. Ma Holdkn : Hear Sir Owing'to the position I hiTa occupied, and the course 1 have thought pro-; rto pursue, justice to that body, of which I was Pf A m0n,irr. and more narticularlv to that Dorr fhostna""" . uon 01 I Li C llOUbC H uiuilf lit wuatvuvrc vy AJ J llODi iOcl lUv! uojauvo . w v in nn uneaual footinjr with their opponents, as I; n rr-Trrl for mvself. reauire that I should offer Le" apology for leaving that position jit the very knnrof all others the most imponani, yii ; me organs ization ot tae nouse, uu ciuu . juu r tos In the couise taken, I trust I have been ac mttibv motives of dignified regard for that body, of whom I hare several times had the honor to be a member, and whose character I have always deter m'ued shall never suffer from any act of mine as one of its constituent parts. As to the allegatioa-cf c),rinkino- from a just responsibility, I. am satisfied it not be laid lO iuy cuaigc, cnm i hi ivajcigii ji a.t borne; for where duty appears tovieaa i ,nave ever erieavored to loliow, pernaps 100 regaruit-s wi tun ifqaeuccs. But to the point. There are, in my.es tiiDiiiion, two consideraUons more important to man than duty to his country . aud his comliluenU, viz: duty to his God, and a just regard for and defence of iis ovin reputation without which, he could fill no plib'.ic station with credit to himself or usefulness to those he had undertaken to represent. Indeed the chancer of all assemblies depends upon the individu al respectability of its members, as it is not the sta tion that gives character to the man,, but man to the position he occupies. He should not only therefore be pure, but beyond suspicion. .. ,." It was mv misfortune, after I had left home for Raleijh, most unexpectedly to myself, in the Coun ty oi'.McDowell, to become, for a time at least, (as deiendant) the victim of one of the foulest and bas est conspiracies, betw een the plaintiff and wo or three of his witnesses in the way of combination The most foul, bribery the most base, and perjury the mcst corrupt, I have ever known in a character claim ing the standing with the plaintiff implicated, who has been managing this suit for the last two years. This however is my opinion, and I think - by. an ex piration of the appended certificates all unprejudir cedrnimls must come to the same conclusion., . la consequence of which testimony a dishonorable im putation was cast upon me, under which circumstan ces I determined to resign a seat which, if the testi mony were true, I could not fill with honor to my self, justice to my constituents, or regard for , that Vcy of which I was a member..; - . . The case was Jno. Hoke's Exrs. i. Sam'l Flera iE?, on an action of Assumpset for goods, yarn and doth, sold and delivered. We prove judgment, and show plaintirTs receipt, dated 1840, in full' for -the purchase, agreeable to contract, as alledged in plain tifs declaration. - Part of which payment waa' by wierof the plaintiff, as admitted, by endorsing notes t: the plaintiff and placing thenr in ihe "hands of two constables in Yancv County, and taking their receptt j mr me pmi7UT, one oi -wnicn conswoie, a. Chandler, was the ofJH?er of the plaintiff, and at the time doing his business in that County. Said Chand-4 ler was, some twelve months after, sued by the plain tifoc his own debts, confessed judgment without trial, in Burke County, and was sold out to the last dollar of his tangible property for the plaintiff's bene fit, the other officer was of mv own (selection. AS tethe papers put into the hands of the officer select- n M by me, he paid plaintiff one hundred- he paid plainuff one hundred dollars to t cash, and the balance of the papers were tajten out tf his hands by writ of sequestration, Spring Term, 11, I believe Julre Battle Dresidin?. went into plaintiff's hands, part of which he collected himself in person, and the remainder throuah omcers, aim rf A linn hi litis t i m n r n . . n . i n n 1 no i .i.'k miiii i St. ...1 ' .-. . . T..t.nn . ... . , . r 6 . . i j i atBKouM . an, constable ot xancy, tor several nunareu i hilars of these identical papers, taken up by himself "i put in said Stewart'shandL Said handler, af- torK0;- .u .... L n i . t Yancy, -ting .jU OUI, Dy noKe, uegan vu aupiupiw gnbU. own J.s and te'Srdn.S.ib. Hoke "uvnanaier were each collecung the news ana son,uu; t.- ....... j iZ"l " snoQm renew uor ATSZ '"cgreaiesi amount ; eacn proposing o ; ' winauigre and take good horses or other traoe u uritl-k Ann a it nroTovnnnA in tli a other. inis was also proven. Afterwards plaintiff sues both officers, (strange as it may appear,) for the full amount of both receipts, and obtains judgment against Chand ' in Burke, fall term, 1843J Failing to collect," as y were then broke up, he ues me in two actions, ?"e for an assumpsit and the other for receipt ; alledg lr,?i in the first case, that there never hadvbeen a lyaient, and made out the original account ; and in "j second case, that the receipts were fraudulent, far Miough many of the papers they had received, that p had not all passed. We met successfully the " branch, by showing in account that the plaintiff M T08 48, The plaintiff then was compelled to aer a non-suit, unless his Honor wuld permit him bring his other action to sustain this, and alledged although we had . his receipt in full, for the fount of the purchase, that his. receipt waaobtaiaeid "i011 fraud, as the papers had never passed to-the ers. This was a position that we did not expect J0 meet, as there was a separate action pending that very receipt. .We were then unprepared; and not our evidence, at least, our conclusive evi- :nce to meet that case in Court. We stand ready a it at all time6, .when we can have notice . of a hours. His Honor ruled against us, and Rifled they had a right -to' unite ,the actions Knout entering it in their pleadings or notify ing us. ji?y then release both the officersin Court' from 'fJQdgments on and make evidence of them; The air I u 1 examined Hunnycut, swears. tbat he re el the papers, compared them with the1 list, and londCO?e8ponded lhat he Paid over the PIaintiff the lred dollars noted.above, and had the papers not ""oolu out ol" bis hands by seqaestratiori'hd 4et e P3 UP bis receipt long since, and that inn!?" went w plaintiff's use They then .'call ttarjlr 0wn officer, Chandler,, who, either from ' re ait fr Promi8e of release, has" been managing this cemtT rae titne who sweara that in the first f e iZ&Ia eceived about half the amount, six qr seven Done' , f,ollars' and in the last receipt he' received ai W LTbe ,a8t receipt was $886.", Ve.1hen eoatrad!nt2i ori8inaV list there ; were' cpmp'eUed to PennJ. '4m hy showing his statements fo. various te0 M'nesses, indeed all etamtnAil .'thifther would vuHwaiy, ana nrovea dv a usioi a uv r'6 0n 0ath Wcf borne' to the!'pof hi state th7Se which" show's that I ;wa5ompelled'-to Jterili,pro?res$ ot the a3e prder W show; tfje 7 of their next witness. The first officer branch, and the council cove tnaa to hiareceipt..Their own officer,' not oaly by denying that W received the papers, virtually. 'that he committed moral perjary,' when hVgave the Tecei plunder oath as a a we rn offi cer, -bat 'Proven' nnworthyi prcredit-r.be --milst'. be sustained at every hazard- in the . materiaL ptntr that he did not receive the papeis. A-cettaini Wm. (B.f WealI was then called in, who- was never heard of until then in'CouiV Ot with(.tanding the. easel had' been pendingr six years, the defendant always ready, and tHe.' cases' aworn off fot the last four terms' successively by plaintiff, - and never until this tJovrt found .ont this important wit ness,' up6n whoril his whole -suit 'depended. ' And said Westall, as will appear from the. appended ceiyJ tincate8 ot one or the oracers, and the ttgent qf seenrity-: of the othe.-that when called on by, Ih em in their suits never- knew any thing-.abeut the .ease at≪ wf after reeetving the full vahtej of Mi carcaie H it were ;-even-bJacJcer tnan it agr tar;aoul it - were ft wt&lea.-suddeviLy?fc4K)a facts was present looking over the officer's shouldr er, saw tne lasi receipt pass, ana.no papers', given, and confirms all the snaterial points-of the officer's testimony with as much acenracy as if they bad been drilledttogether the night before. We weret hei un prepared to impeach him, all: the testimony (save one more of plaintifFs witnesses that I wilL notice here after,) having been closed-1 must think at that stage of the case a new witness and. on ' new. points-a conversation - between Chandler and Westall in my absence made evidence improperly admitted, . His Honor held differently, : remarking that , they had a right to retain their artillery for a closiag fire,- and that the plaintiff trad a right to close. -.'Now, I shall endeavor to show that that artillery wasnot, charged with American ammunition, but that.it was charged with the corrupting dregs of the proceeds of a certain Cotton' Factory, and of kindred spirit with, that which has corrupted -evidence in European Despo tisms, but which was hoped bad been one of those ex otic growths that no base heart or wicked hands would be found impious enough to endeavor to transplant in American soil. Now for Mr. Westall.&.Co., Col. Childs : I, E. H. Hunnycutt, was one of Col. Childs' witnesses at Marion, and I met with W. B. Westall on his. way, and in conversation about the Suit and our evidence said : Westall ; told, me that he knew nothing of the case, except a forty dollar debt given me to collect by Flemmirigsaid to be on him, Westall. This 3rd December, 1848. . (Signed) . . E. H. HUNNYCUTT. I was- acting - as agent of . James Greenlee one of Chandler's securities, in Hoke's suit against Chan dler in 1842 or '43 and Called several times on Wm. B.' Westall to know if he knew anything of the mat ter ; he always told me hef did not; Dec 11, 1848. .v f - The above statement 1 have shown to Col. McEI raw He authorises me to nay that if called on he will swear to it, but don't wish to be a voluntary, witness. If the plaintiff will attend I would like to take the Col.rs deposition upon another point, viz: his pay ment of money 15 minutes after the trial to Wm. B. Westall. ' : SAMUEL FLEMMING. I, Joseph Shepard, certify that Wm. B. Westall informed me at Barnsville Court, two weeks before Marion Court, that he had just become acquaipted with Col. Childs, and that he was in need of money, and that he" had 'advanced him fifty dollars. He thought he was a clever fellow.' : ' ' (Signed) -JOSEPH. SHEPHERD . Ir Georger.Yoanft certify that at Biirnsvilltt Cart, in Yancy, which happened before Marion Court, Wm. B. Westall, rather boasting, told me that he had been fortunate, Tie needed some money, and had just become acquainted with Col. .Chijds, who he thought was much of a gentleman, as he had ad vanced him fifty dollars just upon his word without any oblitrations. 1 thought no more of the matter until I heard "said Westall. examined; in Marion, when it occurred to me what it was for, as no man acquaint ed with Westall would credit him for that amount, as his credit is not very good, nor he in the -habit of payinVhis debts.. I was also witness for Col. Childs vs. Fleming, in Marion, and asked him for pay for my attendance. He 'said lie had paid out all the money he had, about three hundred dollars, to his witnesses that week. I have .heard of his paying not more than two or three besides Westall, who brought home more money than all" of.us. (Sighed) GEORGE YOUNG, On Saturday the 11th of November, in Marion, it being the day after the trial between Hoke's Ex'rs. and Samuel" Fleming, 1 was a witness for I. U. Childs, and called on him tor part oi my auennance, i j- r.. T;mi-,i)i it Sluort. jia 1 wished nd also for pay for some Timothy Seed, as.1 wished and aiso lor pay ior nmr thrpd. Said .uniias ioia me uiai hc uiai ue wouldgive me an owei r a T J - - . C. . I U , moie inouei r-j l'-jjIj j-iio. that, he had paid out aDoui uiree uuiwreu bis witnesses that week.c 1 have heard of his pay inc very few, save Wro. B. Westallv . I went from whom I was ulkins with Col. Childs up. to Mull s ! , i -i -I : A VVct-ill mo in. callPll SZtnra O twl uniie lilIU Sdiu . -t f nan(r fnr a nair ol anoes, anu puucu r-r-- iiii a uui. w. - - r - j v v r : ... tif at thirk as mv arm. m wnicn i saw $10 uiurj .... -... -:- -y - , and $5 .bills, and which Jom tbe 6,ze o f the roll must have contained PlJ ,f " ilroiSS than nullp.d out a handfull ot Jsilycr. i was surpru- ..... r - - mu mnne-v n he is verv ifJt,?2'ffi nwu . i5fi, k-fore He is always h.M tn dollars in; mv. lite oeiore. - .ne-w.',jB Z::a 7 (SivnedV WESLEY YOUNG. - .a vr 11th lfiiR. 'Ti,a oKn atatement ot.Mr. Xoung is irue, as was present. Iam thebrothe-lnrlaw.: of WmB. Westell, (heTnarried jny sister,) and on Wednesday after be come to Marion-it being the , day before ChUd. and Fleming's trial-1 asked VestaJl to go home with me I live two and a half miles from Ma rion. He told me that he.couldnotgo that evening; that he was to make an arrangement with Col.. VhM .l-. tht (Childs nromised to assist hirn with sevenffve oTonhundJedollars WTbay,!;; J ..i-i him. with me aerain he said they wanted to Examine hun.that mgHt, wlven f asked -Wwta he Was to pruTc,!,, . 7 , . . ir - i ounninir. la on in asked him 0UU HP . l a cam miki wuuiu kuvv w - trait oiv said his ' ' i,- iiiqo then to oret to Valk down to Mull's Store with hiiM dia so, and on, the way he pulled out a. handfull of gold and IS dWatef,tlit that, wasot all, Ohat be d fS2 Taise of-one.h'undred and: fty dollars, aSd while in Mull's Sore hef pulled out the kire roll a5. of bvY-ounff. and to Id me itwas S"K-,!day aOerwards d ; mhe von it gamblin never km saw four L. B?d?rut IhavJevex knon' hirn :vc more BDt ilmVa.rrr m life at.ono.Ume., ,He ,isa tfinnn ni ilia. . . m. vau v v ' . " ' ' -' i This occurrea oa Luu3 pr; Iovember..l848. . jz.lA he had never oecui particular , business , with , Chiids. was?that Ins monev. ;Un saiur- r. J have known mm ien.yeM, " r'l..'; ' jtni a Card in mv life. . I rollfandli said,tliat monev Jltk if ,SVS hW stetemerit is 'painful ,.ta:rw; to nake Kirtv-fiwA. .miles unsojieikeu- vj- 7T Z: rfT Wes'tal I. twhtf p u t fu p a tj jqy h ou se, j n coptained Wi , returned inTahorL time. r ha trial DBLw;imv . 4. A m .mill m a uuiu ,----" .tt r ' . u t " ' until lately, but that he was a Y met with Wm.,BWfifitall.'eon his Vav from Marion.' on.'Sunday evehins after. jVIarioni Court. . He J was in company wiin. vaivitV; Jonjey, ;ano ( ne7 was Bomcwhat intoxicated. Said "VVestall .had a ' good deal of money, Railed it out and' asked, ua t9. count i,t.' W& counted upwards oj1 forty dollars' in. paper mo ney; he r pulled out a handful! of silver. He then pulled out a cloth with a roll of rnpney ih.'itthat we did not count, but which he said was full of 'five dol lar gold pieces. -T . ..... ,'' " ' .--f .'.rsisned) 'tr-t "ZEPHANIA'YOUNG: -..v- . . GREEN'. B. SILVERS. J uecemoer icno,-,, ,M .... :r - r; ; r . He then turned round to me ana femarted I must take notice, that this might.be called upTiereafter,ias he had left home with- but ft cents, but that he had von it playing a game called Jhree up. When CalvjnEdney remarked that he would he damned if Weetall had played a; Card ( whUe Jie waVgo'hej asl he was with him , ; (Signed),. ZEPHANIA YOUNG. - Decemher 9th,;1848vltJ - . 7 . ' , I was a witness, for. LViD. Childs in both cases t8. Samne Flemlngat Marion ; and on the next Saturday, after, 1 returned 1 met Wm. B. Westall at a Carding Machine , in Burnsville, and when ih"conversation about the trial,, he remarked be had made a good trip over the mountains. When I asked him if he had sold his hats, knowing that he had taken some over the mountains, he said he had done a good deal better than that. ..1.. asked ..him how.v He-said that was telling- thX he had made a first rate speculation. I remarked I wished ha would tell me, as I would like to make some money." He said if I had been as good a: witness for Childs as he was, I might' have made' some. I, then asked him .if, Childs was a pretty honorable man, and what he would give a good wit ness -that 'Fleming had appealed to the Supreme Court, and it was thought .would get a new trial. He said Childs would do Tight--that he had given him nine dollars in" cash per dozen for his hats, and had given him upwards of one. hundred dpllars be sides ; but he would not say what that was for what that wa3 for was further along. Folks thought he won his money gambling, but that it was all a mistake, and if Fleming got a new trial he was coming down to deer hunt with me the first snow, and he would tell me how we could fix it. Signed ' -- - - . SAMUEL HiTnNYCUTT. , N. B. , It is but just to say that when I come to town, I heard Westall had received money to swear, and when at the machine he spoke of his good Trip over the mountain, I encouraged him and abused Fleming, to drawn him out. . y S. H.. We were present at Marion on the trial between Hokes Ex'rs. and Samuel Fleming, and hereby cer tify to the best of our knowledge, that W. B. Westall was the only witness that sustained Chandler, the Constable, in the Plaintiff's allegation that he did not receive the paperk contained in the receipt. (Signed) W. E, Pearcy, Malcomb McCurry, Jere. Brown, .Zephenia Horton, John Hensley, Zephenia McCurry, Sam Hunnycut, John P. Yqungv . " Wehavealsq beard much talk about saidsuit since it happened, and have not heard the first: man sly that he would believe either Westall. or Chandler.' The universal opinion is that they were bribed to swear, as far as we can hear. " - ' ' (Signed,) Edward Wilson, Alfred F. Keith, Geo. Youns, Zenhehia McCurry, Green B. Silvers, Zeph- euia Young, John Bnnkley, Sam. Hunnycutt, Jojrn Hensley, Wm. J. Tenbyfield, Ja9kson Uaraner, aiai comb McCurry, A.. D. Biggins, . Jeremiah Brown, Wesley: You n .John P. Young. ' ' , , December 3d, 1843. ' -i I was one of the Constables alluded to In the trial with Fleming and Childs, and certify that shortly aftr wn received said D3Ders A. L. Chandler asked - -- - j . . , t:ca v tsi ouiu rfcw me how ma anv naoers I had received for Hoke from Tleminor. 1 told him about eleven hundred dollars, rhfn (fhandlcr said Fleming was to have given . theril all to him, but damn the odds, he had given him more than tw ice that amount, which would Corres pond with the receipts claimed by plaintiffs. . V Signed E. H. HUNNYCUTT. We the undersigned do hereby certify that we have repeatedly in the years 1840 and 1841, heard A. E. Chandler say be bad upwards of two thousand dollars in notes signed by Sam. Fleming to John Hoke for collection.. , . . , - , (Signed,) ; M. L. . PenTand, Malcomb McCurry, Wesley Young, John Hensley.. . , , I was an acting Justice of the Peace in Burnsville in the years 1840 and 1841, and am confident I acted upon twelve hundred dollars or upwards of paper for Chandler signed by Sam Fleming to John Hoke. I thH fact that' I was summoned , by iivv v. - - . . - r Hoke in his suiiwith Chandler to produce a list of the papers I had acted upon ; when upon examina tion 1 found upwards of nine hundred dollars, whjch I listed and surrendered to the plaintiff on that trial, and many ofmy old papers had been destroyed prev ious to that examination. I have acted on several sizeable ones since,, and upon the evidence then produced Hoke got judgment against Chandler for the full amount of hi receipts. . ' ' . . , fSio-ned.V ' JOHN HENSLEY. . I was an acting Justice of the Peaee in 1810 and U I in Yancy and as Magistrate I arri confident 1841 cave judo-tnent In favor of John tloke on papers m A. E. Chandler's -hands endorsed by Sam Fleming, for several hundred dollars, and Chandler showed me a large roll of papers endorsed by Fleming. which he said was upwards of two thousand dollars. (Si-ued;) MARCUS. L. PENLAND. " T am now done Mr. Editor with certificates, which lfcave multiplied more, than perhaps was necessary, but I wished to prove, hot only 'that the witness, it not witnesses, were bribed, but that tne testimony, wu fake. It may by some b& thought that J. ha,ve nsed .u- o,mo ninps nnnecessarilv in two or three certih- cates my reasons for using five names three times tt.ot thiir u'prfl thmilaintiirs own witnesses.. .He eannot therefore demur to. their tesUmony, as.he haj by iutroducing them endorsed .their credibility. They -!v . . , . i:.i.r t Vrl.'itlnnal credit however wouta -oe euuuwi Y'fr- ---from his fcndorsernent. ITiey stand beyond attack. The three . Youngs, the two Hunnytutts, and .John Hensley, Esai wereisow.rt .nrtV-ndtoaM mv evidence' beyond all imputation, tney arc u" ' ' Tli ere was one witness rnre'I had like to have for gotten; tbey did attempt to Utroduce one other witness Ifter Wellx bt bis honor, "e6uWj.feMm-jB hadlust arrived from where the plaintiff his last witness ought to go, viz :' the whipping pa' f afie? admitung that Tie had been one whipped for a conspiracy; hi had no disposition tO; have the medi S agaiaaministered, and the court, at the sugges tinn of mv counscL excused him. ; . -- 1 Sve tnus'Mr. Editor drawh more Urge y ,ttpon Vr,H nace than I anticipated , but when you Jeflectnpoh the important bearWg ) has; had '"P W Ste curse and felirigsVand .aejpqblic notoriety it youri demand them; as orJ- Shbdld asli anyming as a, --, vr.v. Vrrjr U rf.m rtni f . I pniy WlSn lO piaco.mjrac H.""- re before that body I have ever con- Iignt I fecVIeserve before thathody sidi lori tiia loui lucmu . 7 ,, , , .. .. , - Sfd the public with a,dfncr, ..economy? and indus-. tVt-wouW War su'plSlyi but even then it oum nf v J WUU1U . ,La .h,trinnn It utton the-high- 'winofid-nJght avasXn. Tu'lVSIvinenkfh at,mttmg. idJhalJnore not Tobbed'mamilrbf! 'lptuteut''a1 d;t1brial cqn-j and additlb! solatiop, that w&ue la the road.to Actnimsejr.iewas iiuVjViujioinoty-iiyipij mui luai uuici . " fi. hired another boor wrfetoh Vif not two! To damn what lmie.sourtbeyj la left, that he' might ridelna'girded coacn. o-.iniermioauie percuuon., v ; I ani ope of those1' who have yerHhqirght that ; if degreer of punishment were proportionate to degrees of guilS-or-thai! if diffnity of crime was Recognised in the' world-of tVf P"i .' that i that dignitary 4 WI1U bUlUCS UUl al UlltJ, UUl BUIIVUUUCU UJ UIU1UU9 V his own purchase was eminently entitled to pte eminently Jamned. He should nol be placed upon the platfbr m'of .oommon cjriaiinalsv but be entitled to a throne of supreme dignity; suspended from the key-; stone of this xenlr arch of the infernal regions, im- med lately in front of his Satanic Majesty; upon whose head the cloven-foot of his grand master, the prince of 'helheaight rest with all his imperial dignity.; 1 his language tpaj appear strong and uncourteous. .1 have, no snch iatemion, . Letthd reader take the case home to himrtJfrvlfer.U-Hahi own, place himself ib mr si ruay: tionVtnd wcae he nota saint, whathlenceooMjheJ say shoGid be passed upon the vile wretch who fieanngj neither God nqr regapQingiman,! meveaanfti Se-! duced by another powers and ..who, if theojegoinjri certificat8 be;true, rfrom a fair , construction,, would commit the foul crime of. brUnery, which ought pot on-, Iv to ennsicm hiabodv to Drison.hbuck to thGjwKipr ping post, and, his sou( (without jepentance) . to. thq devil t, and ;bj the same: base act purcnase aaoiuer poor Boulor. the same market, fey causing him to vi-. olate the ninth commandment, and as a transcendent act of .depravity-incorporate in the same .off ence' jhe three and four-fold,, crime of robbing youaud your family of the hard earnings of your .industry ahd brand your reputation with an offence little less, hei nous than bis own. ; I think you would say he should not ba permiUed to, live,, debasing apd, degrading that elevated form bestowed, upon man,.by hts Maker at; creation; but that he should , be. driven into some reptile shape, that-he might endeavor to .crawl' from his own infamy. ; Thefing6r of scorn should follow him ;. the hiss ofjeonteuipt and the murmur of indig nation are the-music that should salute his ears. And a.mark should.be. placed upon him more jndelible than that by Omnipotence stamped upon the forehead of Cain, not for the same purpose, thatvma'n finding him, might hot slay him'; but thaVm'an njight shim him as a second serpent, in whatever form he. should appear, from the envenomed pangs df whose unpar donable guilt, the blood of a second Redeemer would not purge him. 4 Reailer would .younot say that-he base heart that conceived, the depraved mind that ap proved, and the wicked nandsthat confirmed such a contract, should be coupled' with the guilty soul, the vile tongue and the : miserable carcase that accom plished it, with a ligament of vitality as inseparable as that which binds theJSiamese Twins 1 They should be doomed to travel up and down as twin-vagabonds upon earth, denied even the miserable comfort which the haltar offered .Judas ; but mustered under the rogues march to one common grave of infamy, with the epitaph upqn their tomb-stojie ' ; ' ', . " Earth's; outcasts, , , , ." ' Hell's most damn'd, T . . .Without benvfit of Clergy ! Perhaps (hat is too;severe an epitaph; hut reputa tion is above all price, , and the miserable heartelss wretch' who would employ, his money to robJ that which he cannot restore, I will not say should not receive mercy ata higher tribunal, hx the records of earth furnish no punishment commensurate with his offence.' ' t " " - : i I ha ve much other testimony in ray possession that would onry enbmbr this CardVwrhich' is already longer than Icould have wished. ; I have evidence as to tne payment of a large portion of- the money, and some other points' that F am only permitted to use in court for the special' benefit of the plaintitt. T o say more however at this time :wpuld be an 'imposition on your patience to say less would have been injus tice to myself. It Isthrtfefore respectfully submitted; - SAMUEL FLEMMING. To you, Gen)emerr tf the- House of Commons,' as you were not organized at the time of my resigna tion, permit me to tender you "as a body in addition to that resignation you have received, an abiding con fidence that the Intbrest and k onor of my constitu ents have been committed to thosa whose characJer are a sufficient guarantee for their protection'-And to those of you with 'whom my intercourse has been more intimate in past Sessions,- let me saythat al though warmth and excitement have frequently been engendered in political debate, they are bat the evi dence of hearts impressed with the honesty of their own convictions, and operate in purifying-and refin ing the generous feelings of our natures in the same manner and to the same extent that the storm which passes ever our heads, purifies and invigorates the atmosphere we breathe, which would otherwise be charged with noxious vapors. Let me -therefore in taking leave ot many of you forever, tender ydu the rTtar,ilai.L-nr)wl(lcreinent9 I trust -of -a 'Cenerous heart; for the varions 'acts of kindness and torbear- ance I hav"e experienced m the intercourse we nave had the recollection of which will ever be recalled with pleasing emotions. :' A 3 -1 -' '--':i ';'e '1 ' I must leave you, hoping the'evrdence I have ad duced will be considered ample to defend my honor, had I even retained a seat as one of yont body; I look upon honor qoite-'as indispensably necessary to public station, as is the Constitution to the preserva n..r Hnuommpntj' 'Itunholds and defends it. Ivl VI VUS w w - - It is the most splendid jewel in our national escutch eon. "It is. the brightest link in that Chain Of Ada mant which fetters the Goddess of Liberty to-- ap earthlv:threne." ' 1 -: -' vt. ' (' i.-s-1 -Your obedient servant, ' '' j SAMUEL FLEMMIN-O. " ' Jtnd tiom to you 'i ' tny- generous Const iluctits who have only eew partially apprised oT- the causes of my resio-natiorij in this Card ydu uill find them more at lonffth. ' .I.pt me- sav if ever there was a time1 when if was the duty of one; man to render to' his fi3llow men grateful acknowledgements for kind ness bestow ed ieik)tv him, thatd'u'ty is now inTperiously demand ed of your humble -fellowcitizen; -To Whon is it -duel "'As Nathan said tinto David, 7Aou. ait the men. Ahi whv is it daevfrom tne mbre than in ordinary bases t because, in the language of Scripture, I have literally come amongst youraiKea ana ye cioun:u tup, an hungered and ye fed me; from your pure fouirtains liave y e given me d ri nk ; a stranger, and je have taken me int My ease isa4most without a parallel. yV ith out one individual- in ybur county; (and scarcely in the State) in whose veins flows -one drop of blood congenial to my -own-, I you bestowed; upon, rne your connoence me nrst suninjer j. , " j .r .'WthA ontvlnhief tinn. urred 1 that l- was- not aeiuxen of your county. That confidence you have endorsed rtu increnaAd m-iinrities' at everv .successive appli cation"- andJeven- thia Jastsammer bestowed it -unsolicited (by homrnatk)ii).';threei -months iaftermy family had left the county, and with my Own pres ence only?foor-.day8' beor .theilelection; -sothat you elected meyaccordihg'to-thrf tdectaration: of jny opponents before. I came here.alithe tiine I remain ed, and tincel have left;.. ey ji 1 tvnq u,!s rw r Iff hnderthcae cwcmnstaiicea, Irwere to abusethat conndenee, ar ternisH tiielwinbrl and:. dignity: ofr the station coofarredliahonldcfeel ihatil wai juowbrthy of private" respect jbt -raibliesconfidence.7 :1 thereforp rJt hmmi" nnon the first imputation of dishonJon to Laurretder.ya that yeu-ei f IpoUtical;freedhi,.tHe of fice of HeprtstfituUver oruarnisnea4jy r nanu-jiBi." evenr cnargeu uu--luipuni-ji, than five minutes after ithrr-aSahmonncenja ;Witlryou who lcnewme Iiueedediiiddefencei l.Yout generous, offer to stamp the chargerithei.sc5tmtempxaoy;a renewal pfthat confidence, frbenrtnfirmedJof xriy re-i iignationi ha bffered j me additional, taridance' 6kthe sincerity f yotfrenfideceJ Had theiaacnficayou asked, been wnly tiat of dmestic crnfoct(Ior.pecur niary interest,.'! would cheerfollj hare submitted, to any ineonveutebee oi.iBxpeasev bf.-J wtiowfoOj ;ci5ut geatwuten,ouioargojuuwMuj. u' kb?bhd totfielrld-rtrnitist i rlettahd4hei bharge an;nSiFa9 aMhoWmped r.wUi their "jnfa?roy and their falseh'o'odab'road aa'w'ell as' with ybn," thf pubJic-. mind had to be disabused before I wouldVcon- sent toj occupy a'positiqn'as i public character amoftg J a super-xuling Jrovidence .-appears to have peeirin stfumental In producing." ": There ' is hand oii highi which Vorketh wonders in tbe ' affafrs" Of men. 'and has produced Ihatjustificatioriin one iuouia, wuicn . 1 . naq . supposea my own. nauu wbuld' have bad' "to ruire-tiiat too as'ybu knbw whenI have been unable to leave hoine. Evidence as it"wer'6Tro'in,the'fbur winds 'has 'come unasked and. unexpected, which has developed a degree, of .rim-'''- J-W'ifjv.!. :.r.- v , . .IT.- .Comment to you is unnecessary argue juslafi-ij canon to you, is a worttoi upeerroffationyot nave already, anticipated me. 'A j'dryYouId hot tie found amongst you that would not reverse the verdict in-fif-tee'n minntesi.-'; I resigned fron'n6;doubla'jaV tq'ybur. opinions, "but Out of resard to'.-vouT honor abroad as a 'dorrimqittyniy own , reputation'as rr individual, both of wbich I win eVeV rideav6r tb'defend' with what feehle abifity rriossess; forwhen my lbrjiHie refuses to assert or my afmTtpdefend my character and my rights- my legal, my mora.1, my political, and if necessary; my honvfable Hgits--lei the, one, refuse utterance and, the other lalf liteless by my sitrp;and brand, the nathe of. Samuel FlenJming with: that epi-: thet hiy country ' deems' most jfrtobjsr.''-' AS'rayr virji conclusion,' may those endearing bonds "of gratitude1 and confidence that 'have originated ' inr"days' that are; gone; but- which have grown -withr1 our growth' and strengthened with our" strength, be' like that 'generous' blood by noble : hearts matured, wrougbfinto a cer ment that will defy the ravages oCtimei and be.dis sblve3 alone by the bursting of that linkwhich binds man to earth ! Your fellowcitizen, ' c ' :,i : -i V ; ;''.''.J' SAMUEir FLEMMING. Burnsville,. Yancy,'Dec II, 1848. K - .': - 2 i V-; i ; t -,: - ,,: .: . :; ; - : ;'f : v c y0 fac North Carolina Standard. To the. Members qf tht ' Legislature ' - r - '"-- .- ' Mrp Editor : Will yon '"allow -roe through your paper, to address, a Tew. remarks to the Members of the Legislature relative to the proposition of -Gov. u rah am to abbllsn- all junsdictiorr over pleas in tne County Courts.":-In doing so," I shall take the lib erty qf drawing largely upon " the " ."views and argu ments presented two years ago. in a brief comnaent upon that portion fof Gov. 'Graham's ntessage; relat ing toa prpposed change iti bur Courts of Justice,"' and ptibhshed-in the Oxford News, anderthe signa ture of GranviHe;' 1 - y ;' o ' '"' Whatever the Governor's reasons are, Or may have been, at the time hepehned the paragraph, and though I make no pretensions to being " learned in the law," I shall be, able, I thinkj to show ' most conclusively, that what he proposes, will not only be attended with more expense; more inconvenience, and more confusion but that it will have a tendency ; " real and certain,"' to .prolong litigation. .If l succeed"' in doing this, surely "hone will -be so: inconsiderate as to-' vote for much less to advocate his proposition. '- j . ' : 1 have been taught to ; believej and my belief" has been strengthened by long experience, that bur code of laws,and the arrangement qf otir -CouTts-'of Jus tice, are the best specimens of legal ' wisdoni, taken as a w'hole, now extant in the United States. Can any State begin to compare -with North Carolina in these respects?; I answer'no; and challenge contra diction, such as can be" 'supported ny'references and proofs. My bosom has often swelled with' pride, while listening to the higir errcbmiums coming from intelligent -citizens of-adjacent States;'-' .---. .i--:rt ' NotWithstarrding it is 'true wisdoWlo let el enough alone," there fs 'a strange propensityabrbad in the land," oh the part of both Governor's and Le gislators to experiment i and "this ha increased to a fearful extent within" the - last few years and none have been more loud in' their denunciations than Gov; Graham, and yet he proposes an experiment (for it is nothing more) by which oiir whole judicial system 13 to be remodelled, and - it is; to- be feared, that our now fair and beautiful : fabric .willbe greatly' marred, if not completely desnoiled. ' '"'"' " It is not unfrfequently the tjase that systems, which may be nearly perfect in themselves, are attacked and condemned, be.cause some errors or imperfections have crfrpt in, owing to-the: manner in which-they are carried ; Out in some- of. their details, " This is manifestly wrong ; instead of etriking at the system, true philosophy points out 'the correction'', of -the "loose practice," which has given' rise to the evils (real or imaginary1) complained bf; this being done, all will be-well again;'- Just so it is-with. our judi cial system; the fault is not in the system at all, but in the manner in which it is carried oatf .' iAncient land-marks have been lost sights of,- and many things so " mixed up," both in the County and Su perior1 Con rts, that-.it has become difficult to deter mine whether they tire the legitimate offspring of that system, which has, worked well in all its parts for more than half a century, and against which no Seri ous complaints 'Have been 1 uttered' 'until within the last few years;" Having stood the test ' so'longour present system,' if approached at all, should be done with great caution ;' because -if the slightesrinnova tion is once made, full licensd is thereby given to at tack it iri any or all of its parts. ";- '-- -; "mi. I ; shall; notice-1 the GOvernors last treason first. He winds op his'paragraph by saying that the sys tem proposed by him "has been tried- in other States, and found ta realize the most Sirnguine expectations.5;' It is to be regretted that h did' not state which of them;he "referred tOi' Virgihia could;hardly have been' one; itwould have been quite inappropriate to hold her up as a model, after belabouring her Leg islature, so1 unmercifully, two years agoJ Be this as it may, Virginia is a case in point, irr as much as -her courts are'eohducted upon- a plan not very dis similar to thatof Gov. Graham's. -I will hereintro dttce his systemwi'lh a few remarks. iiTherey .com patatively"ispeaking .litigation- has a commencement, but no ending, provided either party "at lawVhould so desire, even upon obligations under seal to. pay money.'- No courts at all would be a well, becahse in that case, the osts: at least -would, be avedv-.1 have had a". little trial of this system,' and to my heart's content. About seven years ago, 1 eommenced.an ac tion in' one -of the courts held .ia Lynchburg upon a plain bond," upon the case beingr returned.ta court, a trifling collateral- issue - was Taised, and now the whole matter stands in aa' yuo,-thuin all proba bility to -refmain' until "doom.'s day,"; if not.to the whole human family, at Jeast to the writerand this ia a fair snecimen of the workinsr of-her SystemJ :, ' ""TennBSseefhas her-ouiA"coarts-f-holding gen erally, two days. ' Chancery courts, held quarterly, and als circuit (or- Supeior) courts with jurisdiction over'pleas. ' How does this system operateithera 1 i I am informed by an intelligent gentleman, a resident of thai State; that the North - Carorma.i eystem! (he has tried both) is far preferable, as justice is more Wfi7f attained, and at a Tnuch;eAeaipeit;rate ' The saving f expense to the:pubUcBnd: the par .fiojti.nst iii-leeral eontroversies.l aud th&,attainmerrt '.Qf greater dispatch ampromioentcbnsiderationsr with ti.o r;nvprnor in suPDOrL oi nis proposiuoni?iii.wc tobV'bis inecknning -was made atxandom,T! as'yill t-ba peifectly-manifest ta all 'who ihayread these re- .Boraaningennity and learning combined could hot bve devised a -system! lr my humble judgment, bet ter suited to the smaller,' or -even medium ize coun ties.. -on the seore of expense and 'despatch. o Take for instance. Wairren br Franklin: . With tha aid of thet Oodntv Courts, the business of tthr.'tovaVti dis ooaed of i two or three days-atimost.-, Jt 3a nnly-tn tm larger C otmties, .ucht zs.G ranvUley Orange '."or l-Guilford;' tliatiustice isdelayedTrIld -CQSt accuma- lated,-beyond the -control ot liUgants i arid; this ia not auributable to tneysiem, out ta causes saving mo necessary connexion; withi &-( some, qf which w'ill JOv pointed eut in trTCOurscf any.camatks.) -' Jfit were, this: giatiof 'ihirisri- ; 3WdaId.isrrow'framj bad- So worsk ud infinitim ursdor that nronoiod bv';Gov Gra- sham, c? s"?titn.rtc5 H'AG ori'm--?. f-rni.i J."f'. ' . i I Thp ajf j Of trqivseern to. .be. regarded as a t proniihenitemf wjieh in ' facy,iis Ptt rop Ja.the. bucket ;cimpared, with, the aAer; -expenses Iti is true,tiat this'falis. uppn;the 'pithUc9ri wUle the qtbsr3 comes OUt of the Dockets "'of individuals' .If.Touidi-. 1 minish tW first, the latter will certaiofy be increased. r or increase individual, much ' moref than in tha same proportion ; particularly, when the ends of Just tice.are concerned .. Sqrely sound poljcy, and eery day" practice . point out, that" if eimermu .buffer j in this respect, let 3tbe the public. . ,?r. "c t ,.11, would be a .reflection upon the Judges (nothing ts. farth'ek from', my,, purpose) to say-oterwisi jtbaa, iijiea(waewBteziX jia the. JSurior,Cqurtsf Yet it'is true", and being. trae,'- it r is not improper Mfi Bay so, that in i.tbe county of .GranyiUefor';examplei nearly, if not "quite as much Jitigation cs disposed pf' i n the Con ntyA as ' vi- th' Super pr . Courts,' a p ithu aa much justice and ' satisfaction. iotbepaVties xion- cerned--though the eaasea geeeraily .may be. of' less . upon examination; that upon appeals itjoml) jJouny ry-:U;tbetSu perkr-,C6urt,-:fewex-d,etCai W.revera ea than iaahe sa'nie cumber gi vnzi from the-Snp- or to the'S u p reriae C our'C Thi's resu) t,ma be qw" ipg " to many 'ca.u.se3-oo juuph legisltrttfrh f 'a cqniradicUM ry or. cbscure character iay be one pause, by produc-. ing a. diversity pfT opinion amqngst those', learned the law V as to. wbat;,tbe law,is. (,"The then'isiiiiat in the. County ppurUi jirors jboi- heiiigi charged as to the law'.,,' andconsequently Vrysin,7, e'd, go fqr. what they deem'., to 6e just, between' Jpiar and man, irrespective of .any other cpnsldeiatiqn.;, rrr . Many-causes, have operated tobrinz about the evils alluded to, in. the Governor's remarks, nd wbi?h' he proposes to jgret rid of ..by an jmpdrtant chaotre. in our! judiciar'system. '." By - reference 'to, thrn, .It kw5llV seen that the fault is not in the system, as, beibj re marked, but in squiething else.' .Allthe, counties la bor under the same dirficuilics'in'kindib'dt not in the same degree as the larger, already alluded tov 'Now fnr' Cnrrin nf tlii-r'arl"4o6 aAtrortdA tv yi '!' t'-J .JuTt To conform in every particular, to the praeticV faicp down in the :; cbmrhencement, ahd 1 subsequent ''rrii provemehts inour br'esent System; "requires a'trreat deal of mental as well; as( "manual labori1 ' FOrmerlir most youhrt" men; when they 'come to-the 'BaT-' "did' run well " eVery thing was 'drawn bui'1irr,5U:aoa' form " rhut in process of .time as buslne'ls'increis edjthis regularity was laid aside little-' by little," trusting in many cases' to lazy or! iridiffdrentcleVks,! to' supply what they may have omitted or' nesrlected i' and who, if they .knew how, did not feel .ihterbi Anniirfh-Trt llih ' rrto t ' 4n'7f-'Wa ' '-ajAUS t lv-. n'uuj" m. iuotui . w. ii, ass iv wuj;iik tu iiiiTp been done. Due' set :bf Lawyers' following in the, f6ot3tepsJ Of, their-predecessors until now-1-te1rly loose practice is die order of the day.' "" AnfiLWier1 cause may be trac'ad to matters comiected' with the electionof , Clerks. and Sheriffai by the'peo pie. 'I have always been Warmly1 in favor :of this afi rangement; but through the arts and -Intrfghes bf selfish and designing demagogues.'manbf lfre coun ties have fallen in' with" the abominaljhr doctripeiof rotation iri office,' forrthe sake of rotation; NVithbut,'re- gard to qualifications;" and 'hence unfit' meh;-arq frequently put Into office, ' retardjngthebusibess; and introducing many 'errors :in the proceedings of oar poiirts' Ayhatever" they do wpl beTiegarded as precedent by those coining after them,' and as a;cqn' sequence confusion will be perpetuated.' ' x ' "VU Anqthq?, cause may be assigned to too tnncrJ speak' ing Oh the' part of the Baiv particularly those'.whoi are fondest of hearing Ih'emSeives'talki - This is a .cjy We evil ; an: infliction upon our Cbs andJJurJes. too'lnt61erabie tobe Orne.Thisi ptactiCta'bb 6ofneTsd common' that ''if is pf rare' occurteri'e hmv to try more than two or three' cases', at alljljtigatpa'i duripg' the day, in either Cou rt.; ,! ' ' ' ' f ,f 1 . ;K 7 'There is still an'otlier, by which much trne1s:con snmed during the sitting' of our CoHrt?, and that is? frequent political meetings. " Whenever orirt bf tfies'e is anndunend every thing else mu3t stand' stilt. ' Why disturb, the Courts with, them! Both can g6T on at the same time in different places. 'Every body kfaows that what l nave stated is true, an and may be regarded as triflinsr matters fj but each brie Consumes time ; the loss of time delay s the progress "of husine'ss ' It does appear to me,' that 'ifjre cab s' manage' jia'ttfj get li.ack into old habits, therVSvill he but litflp cbrni plaint against our 6fd system: '"-Tlie'remafnaerof Viy remarks are reserved for another -nnmbcr.' -' ' , . ; RIP VAN WINKLE. 1 Plank "R6 ad 'from Utica to ' AIohaw.k. "' :A; :getr- tleman residing in, IUon, which ia twbjmiles'this nid'$ of Mohawk, called xipbn us'today iri relation to the "iroje'ct'of .build.in'g'a plank'Toad; to'ebrinect tho-Til-age of Mohawk' with this city. .' By7 him5 we wefq wfcs Completed, .thus leaving' bbt' itflye' Tajiks tote built to make an entire plank ioad from Uttca to'Mo- port to Mohawk will be'completed in the,;ouse'o'f neu summer. i litre is now a ruau iruui.iuuu Cedarvillb, which ' wiU probably.', be ''continued 1 to Richfield Springs. . " '",..! .'.V' " If therefore, a road" be' constructed from' Utica to Ilion; ;ab extensive'regiob'of country, trcklylnhab- nca, can uneasily ruacneu iruiu una cuv, auu a .wigo increase oi ousuiess ai inispoini win oe ine necpssi ry . result. The, twelve miles; from here' to Ilion can be made ata cost hot exceeding '$1500 per inil and our' informant giv'es.it as hLa opinion that $10,- 000 of the stock' will be1 tak'ert 4 by persons'" on tho road, and places contiguous.'. This would leave but $9000 to.be raised by Capitalists- in Utica and else- The'Voad 13. through a very level conntry, witfi tim ber and saw mills in the neighborhood.' It can' prqW- ed. the 'stock' would rank amonur the very best.- I'X riiovemerit' will soon be'made it.somd poirit on" the route',' when furthefT.attenUon .will be called 'to the sub?ect. J Those interested Jn the enterprise win re ect. " l hose interested jn tne enterprise- win re ft Information, hy addressi'rigJI.''E'.'Li 'IamJcrrr,, i", Hcrkimet county."' : " Uiicar0pierve?,9f ceive IUon. The, PppuLAai,VoTEWrAyi'0 Largest ik tub MiNORiry., The . New .York, Herald, ij. giving tthe popularyote in,, the. Jrresi.dential, elepttqn.ttcss at Texas and W'iscpn'sin ,whichhave"''nofbeen'eard jrom ornciaiiy.-, n gives ine.voiesiu.iuo, oiaica ui v isconsin ior ass u,4iu ; or ayw ao,wp j ay luren!0,185--Texas, for Cass 85 TwW. 3,777; -scattering 4,033 , Taylor over .Qasa Z3X)StX' ltr l3S8t Uianaii Olllfxj wu,oiw. ,.iip;uyocjii an account ot toe, ouiciaiyoies oi xne pjates asney nave been announced, which differs fromthisViathptyery materially, :. Assuming tueretpre, .mat .iae,jieraiu correct, General.Tay lor . is. by ,-ma'nyT tbbusahd. the greatest minority , President eye't' elected, tp' th ft h i gh Rait. Rnta' Itrw- The Massachusetts Kailroad Companies are .about making!. their aemonualdis tribatkm f ; profits among UeiFfcckbqlder8ft,YThe Western and Eastern Roads have already.desl&xed fOua pevent dividend a, and ili3.aidthat thq J-rrell, IFitehburg,. Worcester,- ad Mawie,:wiiipay jnsame pexeentage. 1'be old oiony, rfOTjwwi.cp1ani River foads it ia undrtstOodr,iU-U''Mo fe adji half per ceirt each. Thisv&od still continues: ta be thftiavpritd atiih-r;.eftrOTcan1e otherwise. Noibanka ara ot jprpAHbleDor. .apy hranufactorihg-iwrpcratioa 'tt wre pf,dnkig, lirge retarnsv as wellJocated and well; Bnagedraxcads naMoraBJalina M- Telegrapba noirJTJ"a Jrom, ,11 ew ; YiwlcTdirect to Philadelphiae he.rreje, famed across the Hudson a Anthony' TiSSfr telUhH V'l ill ably , bq built at less'expensetlfan any' 'other 'road of thejsame lengthj;.and the amount of traVel" .upon fV even in its present state, indicates that'whenimprbr- ouice, peing aqout one.punareq anq nuy-evu;.iuvu-sand behimi liia: com petito'ral.r ffere'iajaAvhittling dqvvn ufiiglonoas hg'i9ipn vMh .Vfn'i I I: , . A, t ' t. j.i

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