Internal ImprovteinentsVa Attorney General eiren by the subscribers for the punctual pay events Tie the amount of their respective subscriptions as from tn tima the samtf mav be featured, such obliirora and stockholders so as aforesaid subscribing, snail be released and discharged lfkm further liability to the State to the amount of their several subscriptions; and as to such as shall subscribe the full amount of their liability te-the State aforesaid, the--Attorney General is hereby authorized and directed to -cause the present proceedings ajjainst them to be dismiss ed on payment of the costs thereof.' .- : Mr. Exum called for a .division r the-question, and it was taken first on striking: out, and! decided In the affirmative yeas 23, naysSl..'-; :".; The question was then taken On the amendment moved by Mr. Smith, and was decided in the .nega tive yeas 31, nays 24. - ( -'vv The question then the- recurred on motion of Mr. Bower, . to strike out the whole of the? fifth section, and was decided in the affirmative.' -'': .The bill as amended was then -put on its 'second reading, and rejected yeas 21, nays 25-- Those who voted in the affirmative are Messrs. Albright, Ashe, Bell, Daniel, Davidson, Gilmer; Hal 8ey, Hargrove, Hawkins, Joyrier, Lane; Miller Pat terson", Shepard, Smaw, Thomas of DavidsonJThom- as of Haywood, Thompson of Wake, Washington, Ytooann,-ana vvonn ai... t -i v .- -Those who voted in the negative are: Messrs. BarJ nard, Berry, Bethel, Bower, Collins, Conner, Drake, Exum, Faisou, Graham, Hester, Kendall, "Moye, Murchison. Reich. Roorera. Smith. Speight, Spicer, Thompson of Bertie, Walker, Ward, Watson, Wil- ley and .Wooten 25. '- ' v Mr. Ashe called up the engrossed Resolutions from tha Commons. aDorc-vine the clan of Ada Whit ney for constructing a .Rail Roed from ' Lake Michi- . -s-k c-tft X a cran to the acinc wcean. ir. anepara spoxe in opposition to the Resolutions, and moved to lay them on the table." -Mn Ashe --advocated - them. - They were laid on tne table -yea 40-; nay 6.. J The Senate then "adjourned. V; r ..v.v. '' : , HOUSE-OP COMMONS; fi' ' Gov; Manly transmittedtothe House the reply of Miss u. 1. 10 ine- rssoiuuon ox ananas 01 me General Assembly ; which' 0 motion, was ordered to be sent to the Senate." v - : --" " 7 : The engrossed bill from the Senate making- a Turn pike road from Salisbury west;to the Georgia line, was read the first time and passed. ' : -" ""' Mr. Oaonady, from the Select committee, to whom -REMARE!S'OP;MIti:STEVENSONi Delivered in the- House of Commons, on January 3d,'. .1849, in reply to Mr, Satterthwaite, who desired the ayes and-noes should-be suppressed, upon the amendment to Mr. Steele's Resolutions.;', "r Mr. Speakeb; The gentleman .from Pitt desires that the ayes and noes ' should not be called upon these' resolutions, and he liases his remarks upon the' presumption that this call is a move of the democratic party to embarrass the' action' uf his political friends. And, Mr. Speaker, he appeals to the patriotism of gentlemen on ibis side of the House. It is a ques tion, he says, on which perfect unanimity is desired ;. wo.should present a bold and united front, and thai this. "call will have a tendency to. produce division. Now, Mr; Speaker, is it not surprising .that gentle men over the way should So soon forget their own history I How long has i t been, Sir, -since with the avowed purpose of entrapping and -involving in politi-cal-ttbsurdity the democratic party, resolutiomvwere here "introduced with a call of the ayes and noes f Why, Mr, Speaker, does-the gentleman call, to mind no other period of our history ' when-unanimity was desired 1' Has he forgotten that a short time apo this country was engaged in a foreign war, and "then good -men thought it patriotic that every -American citizen -should stand shoulder to shoulder f Has he forgotten that on that memorable occasion, whenlt became becessarpthat - North Carolina should ; furnish her regiment for th warr and 'resolutions were i ntrod tr iced in this HaU to raise money for the equipment of me regiment, that what is universally known as the Mexican Preamble was-added to, those resolutions the ayes and noes -Were demanded and the 'demo cratic party placed in the unpleasant position; -which required them to censure the administration, or refuse to vote the necessary appropriation I (Here Mr. Stevenson was called to Stanly;) The Chair'ruled" that Mr.-Stevenson was in order; and he thus proceeded : 1 am not surprised, Mr. Speaker, that my remarks upon the proceedings of our last session, should have brought 4he gentleman- from Beaufort to his feet. IP would ba well for that gwi tleman's party just at this tlnie that this- matter was forgotten. But, Sir, a mere allusion to ther course then, a refreshin of their meinory, was aUlhat-I de sired." Now, Sir how have the erentlemeir of "the other, party used their patriotism in the call if:the NORTH GAEOLINASTANBMD. RALI3IGH: ( STATE LEGISLATURE. k r r It will be seen, 1y' reference to our Legislative Proceedings, that the Bill to; establish a Turnpike ironr Salisburjuwest to the Georgia line, ha passed the Senate. vThis is an important measure to-a large portion f the. Western people, and it win,' in, all probability, pas& the. Commons. ,. , , . r J: - In the Commons, r on Saturday last, the bill, to abolish Jury Trials in the County Courts, was post poned, indefinitely by a large majority. The bill to establish the Bank of Fayette vUle, with a capital stock of $800,000, has passed the Commons, and awaits only the sanction of the Senate to become t -- . W ,.' . - - - a JSW. ...... j ,-. rW.'. '. :- . ':.. '. v ..-.. --: - .TJre bill to establish a', new County by -the name of Wataugai introdaced by Col, Bower, has passed the Senate, and. also. its second reading in the .Com mons, and will no doubt become a law.- ' ; On Saturday last, the bill introduced by Mr. Shep-. ard, and so ably advocated -by him, Vto extend the Raleigh and Gaston Road to Charlotte, -with branch es to Goldsborough: and from" "Fay ette ville, ,was: re jected or Hs 'second reading Tn the Senate, by a vote of 21 to 25. Qn .'Monday, however, on-motipn o Mr. Graham, the vote by which, this bill was reject ed was reconsidered. ; and on- motion -of Col. Jqyner, the bill was-laid oa, the table and' made the order of the day for to-morrow., iVe sincerely hope that the present Lepstatijrtf w3l rt ' adjoum without doing someuiing to impjpye uww jiuu w uciciujiiu vatresoarceslafFi, fccrarse;M we remarked some .iviU ieeen pTOceedlopfl, 4.kW;Jt piaee,in the Senate, Mr.Siiepard sub- thst.Howe of Commons, that the substitute reported, mitted a Report from the Committee to-whooVwas by Mr. Dobbin frdmr the Select Committee to whom j referred the communication of the Governor in rela- the above ResoluVlon's were. refened", cam irp as thejtion. to th;CoIbnial.antl Revolctionary History, of special order of the day on WTedaesay' last,- ' . . a t North CaroUna, accompanied hy the fpllowixfg high- v .Quite an animated "debate arose, principally upon ly interestiog letter fron MFr Bancroft, the American a calivfor the-yeas iand ;'ayjr "by ;Mri',irims'of. Minister at 'London, to the: Hon. David L, Swain, Mecklenborg, who with others, seemed mischievous? I of. yiXs S.tate. , The letterjs as folio ws: the matter was referred, by leave, reported the bill to incorporate the Granville County Mechanics Assb- which placed the democrats in the awkward attitude ciation ; which passed its first reading. '- 1 of defeating- the resolutions or cpnsnrinir Mr- Polk. The bill to incorporate the Milfon Savings Bank And I re dm t. Sir. thv mIImI the, ,g rwl nhoa nnnn fime si ficev areVd-fl to 'no 'particular planvand it &&e not become, u's.ither, to' thrust our aihrlce upon ayes and noes this session-aye, even;upon this very people's Repfesentatives, or to.advocate the m que8tion ? The resolutions were first introduced by terests of any one "Section to the prejudice of enother ; my friend from. Richmond a good Whig,Sir; an but we believe the time has arrived when North Caf- arnenament was added by theentleman from U range, I mu8t aVail herself of some enlarged systeth . of in the town of Milton, was taken np, and after some debate, in which Mr.- McMullen advocated, and fessrs. Satterthwaite and Mebane opposed the pass of the bill ; it was rejected on its second reading,' yeas 21, nays 77. (The objections to the bill were J j . . f . .. , . - - : . i - uiiuersiooa iu oe mat liwas novel in pnnciiitj m mis State that there was no liability claiirse binding the stockholder Ad that the amount of capital was not limited, and the dealing; in stock's defined by the provisions of the bill.) ' A message was received from" the Senate, propos ing to raise a joint select committee of three on the part of the Senate and "five on the part-of the Housed .i - . i . - . ... . ... . to iase inio consideration ine sunject or international exchansres on the plan proposed by Mr. Alexander Vattemare-; which was read and concurred in, and Messrs. Rayner, Dobbin, Stanly; Courts, and H. C. Jones named the committee on behalf of the House. Un motion ot . Mr. o. J. ferson tne-House pro ceeded to consider the bill for the more certain and speedy administration of justice; the question being upon the amendment proposed by Mr. Hayes exempt ing the County of Cherokee from the operation of the law ; which amendment Mr. - Hayes subsequently withdrew. (The main feature of the bill provided for the abo lition of all jury tnals in the. County Courts the addition of two new Judical Circuits, "and" for three term? instead of two in the Superior Courts.Y The bill was. advocated by ' Messrs. Mebane, Bar- nnger. Person,-Stanly and Steele; and opposed by' Messrs. Hayes, Walser, Leach and Mosely. During the remarks xsf Mr. Walser the Hous toolc a recess until 3. o'clock. . --' Evexiso Scssiox. The Speaker announced the special Order for three o clock this afternoon, the bill reestablish anew County by the name- of Graham ; which on motion of Mr. Walser was laid upon the table. --The-Hoaso- their-reusne4 tb consideration of the unfinished business at the: lrt adjournment ; being the bill for tne more speedy administration uf Justice. Alter a Jong debate, Mr. THosely -'moved7 tfie indefi mte postponement of the bill In making this motion Mr. MoseIyaid he did not rise for the purpose of discussing the merits of the bill particularly, but simply to reminds the House that it was a matter of crave momenta bill of vast importance, and. consequently we should not act upon it hurriedly and indiscreetly.'- It is true, Sir, that we are clad with some little authority. It is true that we bear the title of legislators, of representatives of the free people of the Old North .State ; It is also true tbat they have confided a great trust in us, arid therefore expect that we will advocate every measure,' adopt every plan, and in fine, use our utmost exertions, feeble though they may be, for the success of every thin? which we may think will redound in the least degree imaginable to their interest, good beirrg, and welfare. But,' Sir, I contend, that in attempting to eradicate, as it were a great fundamental "principle, to abolish a long established system of this nature, us; and exulted in the call.' And although unanimity was as important then as it is now, their patriotitm chuckled over our embarrassment. . . -' Mr. Speaker, how" does the matter now standi The resolutions originally introduced by a Whig, have been referred to a committee of four, two of either party, to be altered, pruned down, and smoothed over, so that the opinions of all might be met. The result of the labors of the committee are before as. The question stands upon the adoption of the resolutions introduced by the committee. Theayes and noes have been called And this call has brought upon us the implication of a want of generosity and pa triotism. The resolutions embarrass some of our friends of the 'other party.. They wish us to come to their relief, and takeaway the diasagreeable necessity of recording; their votes upon the journal. If we do this, Mr. Speaker, they must look upon it as a debt of magnanimity on our part not that they deserve such generosity. It will be a return of good for evil. And the gentleman from. Pitt will at once perceive with what bad grace the appeal be has made to our patriotism, &c. in a matter of this kind,. comes from from one of his party. ' . liut, Mr, bow will the great benefits of unanimity, on this most important question, be secured by 'sup pressing the call for the ayes and noes 1 Are we in secret session ! Are our doors and windows so clos ed, that the news will not' go forth from thjs Hall that the call of. the ayes ana noes was not made, for fear Southern gentlemen will' be found differing upon this subject 1 The only meamrof securing this unani mous expression, so greatly desired by. all of us, is for gentlemen freely, boldly,; and fearlessly to record their votes in favor of the resolutions.. And if, un fortunately, there should be three or four gentlemen upon the other side who cannot vote in the amrmative. let the position they occupy be - known. . 'And, Sir, I have too high an opinion of the gentlemen, who are disturbed by this question,; to suppose they would desire to avoia tne responsibility oi an opn ana puo lic action. . - Tax Gold Region. 'Letters have been received in this' city, from the capital of Mexico, containing later advices from California than any which have yet been published. One of these letters, from an intelligent gentleman, and who is well informed on the subject, states-that further discoveries have been made in the gold region, which yield even a more abundant supply of the article than the previous diggins." The quan tity gathered already amounted to at least -$100,000 daily, and was constantly increasing, without appa rently any" exhaustion," or any limit to tne supply. There was a great deal of distress among all. the dig gers for the want of the common necessaries of life, and attended with very extensive sickness" and mor tality. Men loaded with gold, appear like haggard vagabonds, clothed in filthy and tattered garments ot the meanest kind. - It is 'stated that one man, who had two barrel of brandy, sold them out at the mines, hv th a small wine-o-laas. at rates which realized him the will of those who sent us should Be directly con- Xfwrtcen thousand dollar in gold. Every thing, and oiiuuiu ni meicjjr suppuav wimi is iuc particularly articles ot food and raiment, were at most people, but should, as far as possible, unheard-of prices, for gold was so plenty and in the suited : we will of the have it reduced to a certainty." 1 sincerely hope that this matter will not be acted on-at this session of the Legislature ;. but, Sir, as a large majority of those on this floor "will probably be candidates in eighteen hundred and fifty, I want the bill postponed, and let each member preserve a copy to carry home with him; and if he is before the people two years hence, let him take it around to all the tax-gatherings and mus- terneias in nis county, ana reaa it over, taiK u over, aud explain it to the people.- Yes, Sir, let him en tertain and express sentiments - either in favor or in opposition to the whole matter ; then let him act ac cording to the circumstances under which he may be elected. Sir, from the course which -has been pursued, it is manliest that the bill id its present shape does not suit every one, for amendment after amendment has been offered, and if sobered to live longer the bill will be a perfect rndU tndilita Que molar. "With all due deference to some of" the- gentlemen who argued this question, I woold-here femark that I was tempt ed to rise in mv seat this morntng" and exclaim, in the languagerof the western lawyer, - that it-would be as easy to follow a -cat fistf through the-' muscle shoals, to pursue an eehide Kued- through the suck, to sail up the Mississippi on a strawy and to set the - - . -1 f i i . i . "inverse on nre wun tne.jaii oh ngmaing oug, a? to follow them; in their speeches cemposed as they were of such a heterogeneous r-mass of mental in congruities." For these and many other considera tions, k move that the bill be indefinitely postponed, and upon this question I call the ayes and noes Those who voted in the--affirmative are Messrs. Ballard, Biggs, Blackburn, -Blow, -Brogderi, Camp- oeii, uannaday, UarmichaeI, U berry, Clement, cot field, Courts, Dickson, Fajrrow, Foy, A. Gamble, J. Gatnble, Greene, Griggs, Hackney, Hamrick, Har rison, Hayes, Headen, R. .Jones, JC Jones, R..H. Jones, Keen, Kelly, Kponee,V:J. M. Leach, A. J. Leach. Lore. Martin. Mast. Miller. Moselv. McCleese. McClennahan, McDade, Mcintosh, McMullen, New- ora, JSicholls, Nicholson, Ogiesby, teebles, i.tfer on, Hegan,, Reinhardt, - Sbeek Sherrard, Simme, Skinner, Smith, Stevenson, Stockard, J. Taylor, C. Taylor, Thigpeh, Thornton, Wadsworth, Walser, L H. White, J. WilliamsrC Williams, Waiiam on, and Wooten 68. -V;t - ' Those who voted in the negative are, Messrs, Bar- linger, Bean, T. Caldwell, D. Caldwell, Coleman, possession of every one," that it seemed to have lost its value. - ' . "'..'" Daily additions were made. to the number employ ed in digging, though as"yet no portion of the vast flood of eiuigation from the United States, had arrived." The first arrivals of provisions, and other supplies, will no doubt realize larger profits tban any previous instance, that can be found jn the annals ot trade. : JSevo Or lean Com. Time. Louis Napoleon Bonaparte" has been elected first President of the French Republic by an unexpected ly laro.mai6ritv over all -his' competitors.- For this high distinction he -is undoubtedly indebted to the Drestifre of the preat name he bears a proof that the recollections of the brilliant era of Napoleon are still cherished with pride and- affection by the people of France. The new President Is the son oi louis Bona parte, formerly King of Holland, and brother of the Emperor, and Hortense Beauharnais, daughter of the Empress Josephine by heyifirst marriage. He -made a chimerical attempt some years since to overturn the Government of Charles X; bat was captured and im prisoned in the Fortress of Ham, where he beguiled the hours of his confinement' in writing a work on Artillery, which was tifterwards publishedj and is re puted to possess -considerable merit.':" .He 'is about forty years of age, vnmarried;and is said teibe of fair business capacity. It i ardently to be - hoped, tnat by calling to Jiis counsels the gTeat minds of the Re public, and by a prudent, firm and conciliatory poli cy, he may give that stabiiiity to the new Govern ment which is so essential .- to tne weiiare- ana pros perity of France; and to the tranquility of Europe. - ' v. vnarietion Mercury. Choleha in New-Obi.ean8.. A telegraphic dis patch reedived at Mobile on Friday evening, states that the interments from Cholera for the last twenty- four hours, were ninetyight, being -an jnerease of six over the previous twenty-tour nours. A reference to a statement copied from the N. O. Delia, in this morning's paper, .shows a much larger number of deaths by Cholera on Thursday, than is indicated above. . Cha. Courier 4lh inttanl. , improvements, if she would go forward, nd assume hef proper rank among her sister States or, by neg lecting to do so, go back and ' become poorer and noorer every day. What 'shall be done! . Lit this Legislature decide and .answer. We are compelled, oy our lack, of space, to omit the proceedings of Monday last. No public meas ure of" importance, however, was perfected in either House. In the Senate, Mr. -Ashe called up the bill heretofore introduced by him, to locate the Judges of the Superior Court." This bill was advocated1 by Messrs. Ashe, Thomas of Haywood, and Smith, and oDoosed bv Mr. Gilmer; and . it. . passed its third s s - reading yeas 32, nays 14. ' In the House, the bill to establish a Medical Board in this State passed its second reading. ' .'..".., 1 '' P.- S. On. yesterday the Hon. William i. Battle was elected a Judge of the Superior Court, to 11 the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of the Hon. Augustus Moore. , - "SUPREME COURT." " V' The following gentlemen have been admitted , by the Supreme Conrt of North Carolina, to-County Court practice : Thomas Webb, of Hillsborough ; L. D. Pender, Tarborough ; Wm. Cook, of Chatham ; Jno. R. Bynum, of Northampton; Jno., D. Hyman, of Edgecombe;' Rofua W. Wharton, of Guilford ; Josepb S. Cannon", of Perquimans ; Alex. McLean, Robeson ; Lankford, Franklin;' ; A. Ben-, bury, Edenton; William S. Bryan, Raleigh. . The follawingrgentlemen have been licenced by the Judges of the1 Supreme Court to practice Law ia the several S.qprior ; Courts of. this1 State, viz : Robert K- Biyaio, of- Fay etteville ; Thomas . Beck with, Plymouth' ;.C; N. Davis, Marion; A. W. Bur ton, Lincolnton ; i, li.' Stubbs, Beaufort; H. DeK. CabantssTSheiby I. B. Hardy, VVindsor; Jasper W. Davis, Stokes County ; DeWitt C. Stone, Lou- isburg; Thomas' C. Manning, Edenton ; George B. Wetmore, Richmond. Coonty; Jesse P. Smith and Ralph Buxton, Fayetteville ; J. Marshall Clement Mocks ville ; James G. Scott, Greensborough ; Joseph Branch Batchelor, Halifax ; and William C.Hunter, Ne,wbern.' '.'. . - INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS. . , On Tuesday evening the 2d instant, aq Internal Improvement- Meeting was. held in the Commons Hall Mr. Courts of Rockingham, in the Chair, and Mr. Caldwell, of Guilford, Secretary. Speeches were delivered by Hamilton C. Jones; Whitmell P. Tunstall, of Danville, Va.; and by . Gen. Edney. Gov. Graham was also called out,- but declined to speak, on account of the, lateness of the hour. On Monday evening last another large- Internal Improvement Meeting was held in the Commons Hall. The Hon. Robert Strange, being present in the City, was invited to address the Meeting, which -he did for nearly two hours, with his accustomed ability and eloquence. -Junius L. Clemmons, Esq. and Gen. Edney were also called upon, and both spoke briefly in reply. ' We indulge the hope that the remarks of Judge Strange may effect much good in the cause of-Inter nal Improvements. ly inclined to make black and white n business of lh Toting part of the proceedings ' At sach man ifestation of Democratic illibtrality, tho 5IVhigside' of the House, appeared yefy .'much amazed; Strong appeals were, made against having the yea and hays recorded, awl it wasrargued thatif the i call was, with drawn, a unanimous vote could be had for the Resolu- tiohVjbdtnpl with it. Messrs'. Satterthwaite hod Ray ner espeoafly Were understood to appeallo the mag nanimity. of their Democratic: friends not to insist on the calh.3? They treated the- Resolutions' as of pemo- cratio brfgiri, and designed as -traps to catch Whigs inseclng the whUe,w no doubt 4they didthe bait, the long triggers "and the short ones, and all that, and' picturing to their imaginations the forlorn condi tion 9f their .associates and themselves,1 when m fnf ture.ieymight perhaps be peeping: through the cracks: of this' ilentiral .naughty -Democratic 'trap (Mr.! Steele heard it alU Thereall was insisted onV iiff Satterthwaite did not vote. Mr, Rayner at IV-.'-jf i-'i-i L-J1. " :-. .1 urei uiu not -Know, wnetner ne sneuia yoio pr ppxpjt the-4th. Resolution.- Perhaps he should like hi 90 Baton Sob-are, London 4th July. r 1848. Sir Dear Sisi'I bold it of good aagury, that roar letter of-the 12th, of June reached me bv tha Herman. just in time to be answered this morning. - -. t jTou may be sere, that . I shaver spared, no pains to discover in the British-State Paper Qffiee copy of tne tcesotres ot the Committee of fllecfelenwjrg; and wun enure success a glance at. tne Clap -wiu snow too that, in those davs the' traffic of that Dart of North Carolina took a southerly direction, and peo ple in Charleston, and . sometimes even in Savannah, knew what was gointr on in "Charlotte Ttown." be- Jtoro uovernor lartin.i3The first account orpine ex traordinary Resolve hy the people in Charlotte Town, Mecklenburg Vounty,--. was sent over to England, by saioHi ugut, uea uoveraor ot ueorgia, inr a letter of the 20th of Jane, 177. -The new? paper thus transmitted: is ill -preserved, nd- is the num ber .498 of-the South, Carolina- Cazette and Country Journal, Toesday Jane IS, 1775". -I read the Re solves you may be sure, with reverence, and immedi ately obtained a copy of them ; thinking" myself the soie. aiscoyerer. i do not .send you tne opy, as,t is identically the . same. with the paper which yod enclosed to me; but I forward to you a transcript of iho enurejeiier oi oir James yvrignu" . i ne newspa per seems to have reached him after he had finished Renjainiiig ia the Post OScei tJie City of Raleijbi Dn.,!.. tnnrr la. IfiAO- a-J'. W Wil v V4UKA VMMMMA mwf m mm m y A vera, Captrll A . Atkinson, VValter W AustiB, Eiizabetb , ... Alford. William i Adams, Cdwia Atkins, j3enj. -F....''.. ,,'- Anderson, Alexander r : - Adams, Robert Barber, Plyer; z Beasley, Daniol ; . ; -. Battle, Jans. " " V 1 Bradley Jesse' - V L J. Bnrguyn, John. " . ; Baine, A H : t - ' Belford, James "., ; Brown, Geo W Branch, Arthur '.' ' - Burrows, James -.' Bellr Mrs Lmna I : Blake, Charlotte BnffaJoe, Jeremiah -:. -Bass, Madam Elizabeth - c Constable, Capt J M Cornell, William C. .9 -r.i&LA'--fc - :..;; tr "u despatcn, tor tne .paragraph - 'relating',. to it, is ad- jt'-x'Lj:-' j t.iL - .. . -1 .. .... ' ' -j if-ded in his own. hand-wnting. the former part of. the I EU IU II11UI1I1 II T- mum 11 II III I I V I I IT IL HM 1 1 1 1 L Ul I1HI1W IIIHI I 1 a a 1 r -1 - CM . . 1 - 1 J Zo: 'E JJ ; . "T-." " - .r rrr"? i icner vein? wria uj a oecreiarj or vierK. . . tiie .erptsja tb.a. djsputed newer f Congress ip the premises was against the spirit and tnte wednxn .ae-x.onstnuuont -oai merely-10 ueciare 1 1 . couira' The Speaker declared the- amend irie hi !'' oat 'P order, ahfrRrlid riot yoteron this ResoidflorffhV thought Congress had the' constitutional poerclaina- ed- by its - advocates. . " t. . . . ? -' i- Buti' Mr. "Rayner did rala on ani or the'SthjRes- olutiorijby which he says A will not concede. th' otp, and others. of his friends are in the" same cate gory a: He somewhatdefirjed his .positron afterwards by suggesting that paper Kesolutions were but hfUe protection to the South", and when the emergency arose that demanded resistance, tie was for drawing the sword. Mr. H. C. -Jones objected to the words "and meaning in the 4th Resolution, and desired they might be stricken out, but his motion , was ruled out of. order- .He believed that the exercise of; such power- by Congress would be against the "spirit but not' meaning' of the Constitution. Mr. Jones asked 'therefore to be excused from "voting on this Resolution ; but the 'House, hot appreciating any great difference between the words ." spirit " and "meaning;" refused to-excuse him, and he excused himself Towards Mr. Stanly .(whose position, by the way, was left undefined by bis speeches,) , the House-was more tender, and from some circumstance, at -his own request, he was excused from voting. . From some cause or other these Resolutions have occasioned much .vexation and -uneasiness- to the Whig members of the House, from first to last. They expressed much regret at their firsA- introduction by Mr. Steele, believing them to be a sort of political concern, which the Assembly had. better let alone; and no less regret at the call for the yeas and nays on the substitute. The speeches of Messrs. Steven son and Dobbin in reply to Messrs I have read a great many papers 'relating'! to the Regulators i and am , ha. ring- copies mads of a large j Wmocrr jom 9wn- otate- ought to have them all, aradtbe expensewoold be for the State insignificant, ii nooes not send an Agent on purpose A few. hun dred doHare would copy all y'ou heed from' the State mperwmce onaij rvonn Carolina u pics; : i ne neguti lators are, on many accounts, important. '"-Their com-', plaints were "well fodhded, and were so acknowledg ed, tnough- theiroppres8ors were only nominally pnn- lsned; ineytbrm the 'connecting link between re- sistance t6 the Stamp Act, and "the movement of Carter, Thomas Coleman, Daniel Churchill, R Cooke, Henry Uooce, H L Cook, Zeors ... C lea vela nd 0. L Chafer, John. . .. D Dickinson, P. DunsUa.Candis&Leatby Dunn iasuer -j : Dobins, Robert " Drake, John R Uaruelle, tUr- Darnel. : Day, Dr James M ? Davenport,' John- It Daniel j Charlotte -Dunn, John 'V DugganJ eapt'W - J5 ' ' Ector, Wiley B c : .. .r 1775; and "they also played a glorious part in taking'! Edwards, Tbdma possession of the Mississinni valley, towards which they were carried irresistibly bv their love of indepen dence. It is a mistake, if anv'have suDOosed. that the Regulators were cowed down by theit defeat at tne Aiiemance. Liike tne mammoth, they shoot the bolt, from their brow and crossed tho mountains.' - I shall'always be glad to heat from you, and to bo oi use to yon or your state. . - - Very truly yours, r - GEORGE BANCROFT. D. L. Swaix, Esq;v . - Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The above letter establishes the lact "beyond all question, that Independence was -tjrst proclaimed in Mecklenburgi JYorih Carolina, tn Mayj 1775. ; The letter of Sir James Wright, referred to by Mr. Bancroft, closes as follows : By the enclosed paper,' your Lordship will see the extraordinary Re solves of the people of Charlotte Town, in Meck lenburg County; and I should not be surprised if the same should be done every where else. works of Bcience and-of art in a word, he seeks to improve the" nations and benefit society every where, bliged to" believe'that even the by "exchanging the' productions of-the mind of one- Hauser Ephraim country tut kiiums-vi auuiuci. iws. it iuusl uc cuu- i null cm. ooencer fessed on all hands, is a most laudable and praise- I Hester, Sidney H: O cm Members. At the -opening of the Legisla ture, we had the pleasure to pass some days with our members, Messrs. Conner, Shuford, Stowe, White, CT r T - i w UlClUUblOf w w wvm--vt w - - r - w Uavia, Doak, Edney, JSrwtp, Farmer, Ferebee, Har-JaiMi Reinhardt. They entertained us hospitably, at the grove, Herring. Hieks. Johnson H. C. Jones. Lo- an, Mebane, R, MaDowell, McNeil, Nixon, Palmer, Person, PJgot, Rayner, Rase4, Scott, Shaford, fkeene, Stanly, Stle, 6towe, ..Trail, Whiter L White, Wilkins,nd Jf iUiaimj'..f37 So th bill aa.ittdefinitly postponcdX'-s r.r,'irr ' Wr, Bjggs, on leave, iotroe4 a Ufl for the better fegnlationof thetowd of Windsor ;hich passed its first reading and was referred to the, Judiciary com mittee. And the House thep adjonroedy . ; CoRaECTmjf. -.. An error, occurred in our report of we proceedings of the House of Commons for Mon- QaV 'lift lat 5 not Ktr k;.K tha bill intrnAnojA bv Mr. Uon, "to incorporate Rock Spring Tent Nd. 180, house of Mr. John Hutchins, the accommodating land lord with whom they are boarding. Old Lincoln should be proud of her representatives. They are all particular business men, lnnuenwai memoers oi no Legislature. devoted.-to" the public interest, and faith- fnl to the political cread-rf their constttoents. ; . " Bank of the State. At the. Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of this Bank, held-in this City on the 1st instant, the " following gentlemen' were elected Directors for the" ensuing year : Geo. W. Mordecai, Duncan Cameron, Williafn Boylan, Alfred Jones,' John H. Bryan, William Peace, J. B, G. RoulhaC. The following aWDirectors on the part' of the State: Charles L.'Hirftdn, Public Treasurer,- and Edmund B. Freeman and.iiuffinlTuckcr. ' . . The Homi-Durraani Cameron - having, declined a re election, as President, George W. Mordecai, Esq. of this City,- was chosen &o fill his place.- ;' . 0 The. .Messagc'jof. the. Governor of, Iowa is a docu ment among documents.- It is close and pointed, and would make about one column in the Standard. The Governor alludes to Mr. Whitney plan br i Rail Road to the Pacific approves it, of course, and sag-, gests to tho Legislature the.-propriety of; applying to Congress for a donation of land to construct a Rail Road through that State. So we go and so go th'e public lands., - - . - . We hear, complaints that our paper is not received regularly at Reidsville and Madison, in Rockingham, and at Wilton, in Granville. We can assure our subscribers that the fault is not here. Cur papers are mailed at the proper time,, and 'sent off from the Postoffice in this City. The. fault must resfwith some Postmaster elsewhere ; and if we can find out who it is that prevents our paper from reaching those entitled to it, by due course of mail, the guilty person may expect to smoke " for it , - . T rn: PaiiioNT. A-iwriter -in the Buffalo Adver tiser expresses the conjecture that Col. Fremont, who recently resigned his position in the army, and left St. Louis with a numerous bnt carefully picked par trt fnr California, on hi own resources, was well "1 e k tmmanaA rrcAA denosits.- on his route. the Independent Order of Rechabites,' was report- ani goea with the intention.of enriching himself and m as the Independent Order of Odd Fpllows, j, j9 party therefrom, i ;. - '. , ", -' . : V We observe that the Times of this" City and-the Randolph Herald, are out ihstrong'tenns against Mr. Clingraan. To oppose Mr. Badger is treason to the-. Whig party, it appears, not to ba atoned -for. We have no doubt that in due time Mr. Clingman will speak for himself, and put his. Whig persecutors to the wall..-; . . ;.' ' ;, ' ;.'' Lewis Cass, Jr. has been confirmed by the Senate as charge d' Affairs to Romet i . - thwaite, and Stanly, on Wednesday, were a triumph ant viodi cation of the course of the Democrats pf the House' r and we are ol RegisVer would have been forced to exefaim en.the occasion, had he. been, present, that the position of the leaders of 'his party was "one at which the De mocrats, were pottd and the Wbjgs aiamed. ' ' ' - THE FOREIGN NEWS. ; ' " i Louis, Napoleon, tho nephew of the. Emperor, bas been elected President of France, over Cavfgnac'and Lamartirie, by a largo majority. . There are" three candidates spoken of for the" Vice Presidency, of the Republic Lamarti ne;" Garaier PageSf and -Arago. .The National Assembly elects. The Revolution in Rome has terminated in the fiigbt of the Pope and the heads of the Catholic Church. One of the most popular princes that ever a a . a - mm ascended tne rapai tnrone, is now an exile ana a wanderer ! V ' . , ' Ireland was in a tranquil state. - . ' At Liverpool, on the 15th of last month, the-Cotton market was active, and the large business transacted was giving confidence in the article. A slight "ad vance had takerr place in prices. ' RaIlboads. The Railroad Journal, summing up the c'raordinary influences of Railroads upon the country and upon the world, says, it may be safely' estimated" that the entire expenditure, within the last tWenty-five years, in the projection and construction f-of Railroads, will not fall short of on thousand mil lion of dollars ; and that their-influences in facilitat ing business, in reducing the expenses and time "of travel, and. in opening up new regions of country, Ms given an increased value to property of twice tbat amount I and yet their influences are only- just begin nin to be felt. ' ". " " . t. MR. VATTEMARE. . The arrival among" us' of one. who had contributed in so great a degree, to those objects-which perhaps tend more than anything else, to generate and sustain a good understanding among citizens of different na tions, most be hailed , with, gratification" by -us all.-. The object of Mr, Vattemare is to" establish among Rayner,' Satterr j jiU civilized nations exchanges of books fall kinds, Futral, Thomas A ' -Fowler, JJL FerralL R. - Fowler,- George-. s r Fowler, William rarrell, James French, George B Freiz, F " Foreman, John J Foreman, R R Field, F B Field, Mr ' Flemming, Samuel ' '-"-'. a 'o Gentry, M G Gregory, SamueF M Gwyn, Maj Walter Grahanv James M T Gales, Austin - .' H Harrell, Miss H A . Hopkins, Mr Horten, A B ' " Holmes, J W W -Harrison, William Harrison, William H Hodge, William 'r c Hopkins, Miss Minda HutchingSj Isaac Harrison, John Haywood, Miss Sarah Harper, Richard : Harsler, James G i Hawkins, Cor J B .i. Harriss, Dr K P " ' r Hopkins, John worthy object ; and under the auspices of so learn ed, bo enthusiastic, and so accomplished a man as Mr: Vattemare, it cannot foil "of success; - He has already; we learn, enlisted the farorabieattention of Joyner, James Jeffreys, Simon G 7 Jackson, Miss Vhrginii jeweii, a ti the npnornl RnVAi-nment antt mariv nt'tha Stato Hnv. JOneS, Matthew ernraents : and we have no doubt that here, in old. North Carolina, his mission- will be feonored and his plans appjroyed 55.1. ult-'by the Rev. Mr. Miss Martha Williams. J.H this County, on the 27th Meredith, K. P. Finch, Eau to daughter of Samuel Williams, Esq., all of this .county. At Sutherland, Jefferson tJounty, on 7 nursday even ing, the 2It ult., by the Rev. Dri Rutledge, Mr. Tippob S. Haughton, of IVorth Carolina, to Miss M. Elizabeth, daughter of Hon. W. D. Moseley, of r.lonua. Jones, Rev C B' - Jones, B F - - v Jones, C Jones, Joel r- j Johnson, Rufus M '"' Johnson, Rio-don J Johnson,rWilliam Johnson, Hixey Johnson, Lieut D S ' - Kirkpatrick, Capt WE Kingi Matilda - " H King,-John McCnllers, John McFarland, J C' McKerraH, LieavW!. , Moses A IT a.y 1-. Masoff,;VilIbrov . .Morgan. Gabril ' ' . . r44asey, BlakV . - . cuiiarsr ftirss uaraa : Morgan, Fleming .' .: . . v; , LMarun, Jeremy . Manley, Patsey . Maaiey, amea,;. ... Mearsr CoL-Gastoa . ' . Montague , Martin Isaae 3f ', ., MUler, : '' ' M ours, D : - uarun. J M ''--- - . Moore, Gen B P Mortimtr Benjamin Nreholas, WtJsoo' A Neighbours,' Mrs M A O verbee, Martin . . Oliver, Needam . O'Neal, Stanford H Parson. William ... Pollard.'. Clicabatk. I .;.Pike,,S-iK:,- 7-. Pauerson, Robert--. Paget, JParbany. ; ? Pleasant, Jaroe's , . Pu wam.$3ttKisl lr Perry, JoiuX, ., ffRieharilsji'Tboinasr . itogers, Aiowia Rist, LoyfV -5 - Rogers, -p B'x ?f- i . Ricmardsbn: M il ton . :.'i -.. r, , Storall, William' ' ' iSteele,-M'R-; Stephens,' Amand' A StammliefB' H6'--Slaughter J B ' " v' Somerville, J B J Shepherd Jesse G J Slaughter, Joseph B , Stokes, Jofrtr; : Smith, Johri r- - 4 Strickland";' W'O 1 Smith, Mrs. N fljStepheris, Martha ; Scott, Molsey : : Stith, Enoch : 3. Steuhens. Edward ; ' Snipes,fAlfred ', v Saunders, Miss Julia M Stacey; John T" Swa, Mjrs Fredrick ' Scarborough, Q W Smith?A Y; : ' amith, Miss Martha . Smith; William . 1 Smith, Miss Martlia E Smith, Miss Pethy Ana Smith, Charles B ; Smith, ,Dawson ' : Sorrfell, Ira . f .' ry : Staunton, James" W Saunders Glasgow acott, i nomas Tedder, James .'.' Tipton, "Capt S"P Taylorfc'Jobn l'.-"' ' Taylor, Lewie .r lTioippson, Lewis : Towies, R. II s Tewjter; Franklin- U Utleyi, Charles i,,,;. Wbitiey JMisslfa . Walter, Miss. Carolina . Wilkinson William AVellons; Wiley ward: i'homas ii -Wright," WHiara A r 1 Whiteheab,', James H White, Nixon v: Wats en," Dr I T W ray, Mrs Death ' Wood; William-;J1 1 1 Waddle,' ! Sf :"'a' Wathirigtoni, James M Waltbn, Miss Edith W hife-, 'James M notice: A T the Annual Meeting of the members of the North ' Carolina Mutual Insurance Company, held at the office of the Secretary, the 2nd and-3d- of January, 1849, the following persons were elected a Board of Directors, for the ensuing year, viz: nice, jame, At r 9 f 'r5 hVhltaker. Jr.'Saronal ; ft Kanada; John CI "HWhitaikefMts , ': King, James : ' ,f WjlIiam's.iYUHaoi ':."" -?' ; ;'-. Williams, Col Jmea,L , t Wriliatrts; Elisha. ' v- Wiflsftn; Patrick H- . . Josiah O. Watson, Geo. W. Mordecai, -Richard Smith, John Primrose; ;. Henry D. Turner; " W. W.Holdn, Jos. G. B, Roulhac, Jjtmes F. Jordan, , Geo. McNeill, . r. . James Sloan, . -Jas. . Hoyt, , Charles Slover, -. Joshua G. Wright, Raleigh . s l -do. ... do. : . r do. . '. . ' do. , .1 dO. r , : dor. o. ; - Fayetteville u -Greensborough, . Washington, - Newbern, . '- M'iu Vattemare, the agent of inter-national ex- cbajiges, who is how in this City, we understand is thc.;author ot One of the .most rare and - interesting .works extant a collection of. autographs of. all the most distinguished men of modern times, including drafrigs, biographical fragraents.ith beautiful il- losiraiian oniy jour copies supposea. ai present in thetVnitedtStatcs.- A perfect-locomottve of Jitera-turti- ' Success to all his civilizatory 'ttndertakings'i nrs perseverance and indeiatigaoieness commands tne restoeet -and good wishes of. the whole comraamV -.o 9 as t Hon. R.;,M. Pearson has been elected Judirepf the Vnja, Supreme LJpuTt.. . . -JV9 v. pclta r la lit possible!" Where did you get that, Mr? Delta! hy nbt Judge of the ooaA Carolina bupremG IJoart T Does the Delta .know' that there is such a State in-the as North Carolina t And does that rpaper moreover know, tnat one ot jjoutstana greatest Judges f Martin) emigrated from' this same Com monwealth " Tho Washington Union of the 5th says:' We uqnaerstano inai ine commutes appointed py tne con vention ot tne. members ot .vongress trom Uia slave- holding States assembled on Saturday , last, -and ap pointed a sub-committee, consisting of Messrs. Cal houn of South Carolina, Clayton of Delaware, Bayly of Virginia, King of Alabama, and Morehead of Ken tucky, to prepare the address. ' -"- -' - '. A late New York Tribune contains some very in- Ueresting extracts from a late letter bf Professor Gil- lespie. o& Plank; Roads, which we; shall endeavor to make room for tnut next.. ., .l ; f -tv . ; We. are' requested o itate that tha leave' f absence ibir. the residue of tho sessioni granted to Mr, Atkio member from Buncombe, was given unanimously oh account of ill-health. ; .'-v ;"'".'' .'"'-J' .Wilmington-.- -.. The Board of Directors then, organized by appointinjr the following officers : i ;. C Josiah O. Watson, President, .r- . ,i - Geo. W. Mordeeaij.yice. President . . Richard Smith, Treasurer, . ' - Jas. F. Jordan, Secretary,. ; .7 . u, . John H. Bryan, Attorney, . 4- "' Geo. W.lordecai, V. - ' . Richard. Smithy 'j Executive. Crnmittee. " John Primrose, "'" V ... " ' '.,-. " A Report of "the business of the ComnariY. since Its urgiiiusuuu, WIU UC JIUU1UUCU WUIb. . i-...... " ' .1-1 . . JAS. F..JQRDAN, SecV.1 Raleigh, Jan, JO, 18.49. . , ; t MO-V rflHE 'third Anniversary of Manteo LodgtrNo!. 8, Io- 'dependent Order of Odd Fellows,: will be celebrated on Saturday evening, January lSth:whn :an Address will be delivered by Bro. Wm-H Washington. ' The Public- are invited to attend. - Members of , all Lodges in -the State? end Members of the . Order in the City, are invited to meet at the HalL at 6 o'clock, and join in the rrocession and Celebration - WH. McKEE, r W. D. COOKE, W- R. SCOTT, ; T. M. OLIVER, W.- H. TUCKER, J Livingston. Lawed, Rhodes Louis, M L . ' London, M -v lioomis, Amasa ' 4 Yates:. Carter Persons calling for -an-v of tVn ha Ut(n. will please say they are advertised.". :V , , - , , L - i VVU; P. M, Raleigh, January 8tb, , . , - P740-3t.. ( GRAND AND BRILLIANT JQ0TTEEI23 ;' FOR7ANA ! J . W, MAURY&JiCJd.I Manaffor. - : a Pr-ii i-s of 5O.O0O feacli, Aro W0,W0i : $24,000 W,000-1 .lf.00O!- 6.439i' viRGlfiiA STATE LWtERY;' ;. For ' tht bcnefitiof .JanQalfc Class Nrl2fyfor 'XW " '" . To- be ' drawn at Alexandria.'iVVi.V on Satufdsr: - January '20thri849. f .r- - -- ': - - . t. : ir- ' zs .-s: .:rv,r -5 ..' Prixe-r -of 30,000 ! 20 12,0001 9 4o. f 7,0001 2 do. tf.5,00O3 lof 3326 MO - a r . dou of 100LTiodo fefl2CTWdotf t, r V $$,00 ! ' j - &c ice. &c. 1-1 75 N6?nf totterylSrih BaTIots. ? TicketrSO-tfalveiff 52Qharter tT6Q Certificates of Packages' S5- WboleTeket '9 ItO Do. " " ' do. :-IIaEf '-d'T-rs-? ; 65 !3 00 00 50 Jan. 4. V .vCommittee. Orders Tor Tickets and 8hBiea an ICertiUcatMi of Park 1 ages m the above pIendidL6terie wiirreceiTa the moat 1 prompt attention, and an bfHcial atfcoimt of each drawing sent immediately after it is over ioall who' order from oa,'.1 Address J.;4-C. MATJRY: r " "f " Agents for . J. W: Mioirf , &co., Managers, ' ' " 740 Notice. We learn that the Hon.v Augustus Moore has re signed his situation: as a Judge of the Superior Court of this State. Ill-health is said to be the cause. ' AN' Election will be held on Monday, the 15th inet., ri for the-purpose'f electing an Intendant of Police, and Commissionerr-for the City of Raleigh, for the en suing year. -,.-; - -- ; " ; CALVIN J ROGERS, Shfl. v - By-J." J CaxisToraxas, D. Shff - lUleigh, Jan. 1,1849. - w - 740 Hlntor Franklin would respectfally announce to the voters of Raleigh that be is a Candidate for relectiono the oniae of Constable for District No. 1 l te- -would also return his thanks rtotbos whtTcotiferred upon him their su&ages at the last Erection, and trusts that he, has so discharged the duties of his office as to merit" a continuance of their confidence.- -r,i, ' V v-r--- St Raleigh, January, 10, 1840. ,-. j - 740 V - l ps A SACKS Liverpool and Ground Aldm Salt, for J- f Vleby I , September S, 1 S49. R TUCKER, fcSONi'J 726 r rtHE Sobscriber has on iand aa extehsive urtoen - , X of Groceries, usb as Sugary CoRee, Sall Moiasaes, "'' Vinegar. Butter. Cheese. Iron, of all kin1 and ;. -v ;.h Leather, Sboesr Cotton .YVrns, Flour ;" &c -Drv Gooda! - suiiabla for the season, Crockery JVare, Hard Wars, Ac. nu.oi(wuicnwuitiii 10 ipr.cotA and cat A os.Iy t . He would, tender bis thanbi. to his friends and CMtim- ra, tor the patronasfe bcretofbr received, and invite Uiem to.aU fgw'iuiUB. UAXZSitlir- ' X Baleigb Jan, 1, 1849. Y ; i : : 740 ri - HoanoLo TTarJatioii Cosapaay, ' ' ; ' 1 SEMI-AN NUAL Dividend of one and a half per X; ent lu Den: declared bgpkhe-Rpanoke Navigation Company; ryable by -t rreasBTEr . on demand, belnff dividena t T'i'M . .'i'JL- JO.Y.NER. " ' Wefdon;- Dee. 24.- : S jZ'-- -- 740-3 VTrE arejequested to aunounca Mr.'H.'H.'PdTW , , V V ; as a -Gandidatofor1 ConsUble in Raleigh District ' No. I j at tho election, to be held on Monday nexj- J ' Raleigh, Jan. -ty , v-: ; ' 1iQt

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