North Carolina Newspapers

    RALEIGH. N. C.
Wtdsetday KTinff, Jul S, 1858.
. I1F.XRY M. IX WIS, Montgomery
Alabama, U oar General Traveling Agent fur the
State of Alabama and Tonnes, assisted by C.
Mr.C.W. JAMES, Xo.l TUrriton Street, Cia
eii Mti, Ohio, U oar (jeueraLOdlecting Agent for
the Western State and Texas, (Minted by II. J
ieceit of either will be good.
Mr. ISRAEL E.JAMES, No. 182 South Tenth
Street, Philadelphia, ii our General Traveling
Agent, assisted by WM. II. WELD, JNO. COL
For Sale.
- The Proprietor of the North Cakolina Stab,
baring other business that requires bit attention,
it desirous of disposing pf the entire establish
ment, presses, type, materials, tint of subscri
bers to. To a person of euergy and enterprise,
the investment would be not only a siife but a
profitable one,-and might be made very lucrative!
The material are good, the type.uew, or nearly
so, with a respectable list of subscribers, anda
tolerably good job and advertising patronage,
which, with a little effort, might lie largely tn
croasod. Any one wishing to purchase, will
please address '
F.ditnrand Proprietor
A Virginia lady, travelling hi Germany, traaa
latea ana sends home a fetter to toe "Hamburger
Corraapoanlentsr," ftusaoneof thetieraaaa soldiers
m the Criasea. It is published ia the Stauntoa
Vindicator. W extract the following teaching
description of "a Christmas tree-in the Crimea;''
"Wa wen disappointed about spending Christ
mas in Sebastopul ; as a handful oi a Germans,
eat of different regiment, determined pass
our Christmas tide ia tbetreocbee. I u fortunately
only about half our number were able to join ;
the others were na distant guard, and sou Id not
obtain leave. "W had our rendesvou behind a
.high mbankment, and as soon as itwaa quit
Fur Ikt AurfA Carolina Slmr. -
rtscixujiu a ou .. .
EijkU Demoerarf Tit Log-rolling tyiem oi
Inlet nal ImfroexmenU bo Stait mid Ike resats j
. oj Foreign indeUedoem A Warning for Xortk ,
Carolina. - ;
W (unjoin the following extract from the last
Panvill Republican i -
Hlmua Siiotsan; Geo aw." Th full fore of
tho aborces predion, used by Mr. Wis in on
of bis electioneering speeches, about to b
dark, ws reared our Christmas Tree a half pracucally reahsod by th tM-payer of Virginia,
withered little tir decked with little pitch torch- J- "p,r of Auditor exhibit an alarming
es, which ws bad mad ourselves, for wax taper d,,fic ' P"1'11 revenue to remedy which he
we had none, and with a few parti-eoloored paper- '"form ns that th taxes must be oWtird for
Untero. Close under it, each one deposited 1Hi. nd raised 50 per cent, fur 1857 over th
whatever morsel of th often scanty ration he present rate of taxation. This must be done even
bad been able to spare during th past few duvs ,r no appropriations should be mad by th pre
cbi8y crackers and boiled mesa beef. W e had Legislature. Should such appropriations be
hung on the tree some biscuit of better quality, 1"'lp. !' tat, of course, must be raised in a
in lieu of th confiture of home; bat the grand correponding ratio."
treasure were two fine apple. We hod also i Now when we call ta mind the fact, that th
purchased some bette-cates, not to be despised in funded debt of the ' mother of Suite and states
camp, for the generous sum of thre florins. men," is more considerably the rise of twenty
"Bu down we not, men smitten by fortune, in - ftmrmtHions of duttars to so nothing of the lii-
thos trencbesunder the Christmas Tree, sign ' debtednes of her railroad companies; we can
of eternal peace. Officers and privates forgot for but admire the ol tke Slnle 11 '( liemorra
the hour all distinction of rank j we were only r of that noitle old comhnmvrallk especially
brothers. A few Englishmen joined us, but only when we see the enlightened sovereigns gathered
as spectators, At a given signal the light were round a big pine stump, drinking in with greedy
7 $140)00!!!
A MABYLASD lottxbt-
N H Hlf I ax til
Msvsotas' Orrnw o tsi Miitis)
Lerrxaiia, B.tU.mon, Ikt. S, Ifoi.
Th atsasim s Mrva4 Umi Wvia had
It rsfwstsu iat la at s slowist tas
(uUfy ts
I 7nt S,
Tolbs dfswa la Bl.iiurT, il.l, e Sslanlsv, Jaa. 1,
lt,. fc .
l'rzi: AMOl'NTl.NU TO
140,000 DOLLARS
HVW be ditti iuturd aceonlixg to tktfUh-ciug JfuV- rrvtd.
The sum dull routine, varied by occasional
rpioy debate in th House, marks the proceed
ings of Congress. No Speaker ha yet been
elected, and no'Vrobnbility of it soon. The 7'Jtli
ballot.Jon Saturday, stood, for Richardson, 68 ;
Banks, 102; Fuller, 31; Scattering 8. Whole
number of votes, 2tXi. Necessary to a choice,
1U.5. - v.-
kindled, and our fir tree shone in wonderful
beauty. We shouted, leaned for jov, and exulted
like children. But the mirth tasted only a short
time, and we became very serious. Our thoughts
wandered away to our home i, and the circles of
our loved ones, now peFhaps lighting up the
CkrulbaMM and thinking if us. O, thai we
could have flown to thvm f
"On of our comrades here broke silence, and
gave utterance, to what we all had in our hearts,
lie was a brave soldierly fellow. Sergeant Neu
mann. In short, inartificial word, which cuuio
from the bottom of the heart, he snoke of the past
wben w were ail there at
ears, the caption of the above quotation, as it is
pronounced with thrilling euipliaxie, " I am or
taxing and doubling your tuxes, until I make
vou all jrmmi sinmcts, . groan" waotr them.
The State Rights men of Virginia, were delighted
with this lofty sentiment, this sublime touch, of
the great Orator of Accoaiac, And to aid that
consistent gentleman to extort groans as soon a
possible from nil classes from the old fashioned
Virginia p'litlcnian down to the humblest day
laborer they have iiivarinbly refused to receive,
since President Monroe's administration any
aid from the Federal government to improve the
btnte. they will not ven accept too money
home in our tieriiian
fatherland. He spoke of the bloody present ; ha , proposed to ho deposited With her by the Oenerul
spoke of the eternal future, concerning which in ; Government, llus might etiulde the people to
our actual peril of death we all had gOod caue to suppress their groans a little longer, ns they are
think. "But Christ, our lord,' said he, "for this ; generally a very patient, proud and hih toned
cause, became man, and as on this day became a ' oplo. In this connection it should not bo for
bade, that he might rescue us from eternal death. I gotten it is ijroamjrom jungle that tho Stale
And we are here like the Shepherds, who once on Kights I'cmocracy ot iigima are alter anu
that first Christmas eve lay a we do in the open I nothing else, will utify them. No man was so
field; and the heavenly messengers bring to us popular in that ronisSned old commonwealth in
th messsge of joy which they thon brought to ; 1840 as the Northern man with Southern princi
them.' In conclusion, the Sergeant knelt down, ' plus litt'.e Mattie the cunning old fox-t-the fol
and said the lord's Prayer. lower in the foot'siepsof his illustrious predecesor,
'No Sermon," the letter goes on to say, "ever i the great freesoiler, Martin Van Buren simply
moved usso deeply, as these short and earnest ! Iieeauscliceauw d more sinners togroan.and groan
20,000 Hnmberx 1-1.000 Prize.,
Th Spec L tor.
Fhe "Spectator," a weekly journal, published
at Washington P. CM is one of the bet family
psiersof the South. It object is to assert, and , week, it made
to list tie for tho independence of Southern liter
ature. Pistingulnhed by great originality in its
matter, mid honest boldticm iu the positions it
aHiumos, it is well calculated to check the growth
of Northern influence, mid to draw out the tal
ents of our own people. v We know of no paper
that so can m ire cordially recommend.
Th BritUk Quarterlies.
We cull the ntteiniuii of our rrijers to tho nd
vertiMment of ! r. L. Seotl 4 Co., of New
Vr', iti anotlier cuiiiir.u. Wo have so often sK
ke:i of the merits of then,, periodicals, and tliey
are so well known t nil inte'li-ent renders, that
it I i.ot ncii'Kitaiy for vt to enlarr u-hui them
n T'.ei arc ti e n-ry r.b'e't mid of ti e
t.r&likh pcriodi(u!."'itd l,y their bet scliol
r, and lii!cl ith c iinribulions from tho pens
of th e who have a world-wide reputation.
words resounding through the night. In silence
we clasped each other's harids uu'd were unable
to refrain from tears. Two Turkish adjutants
come by, and pointiug to the tree, uttered some
thing like displeasure. We paid them no atten
tion, pondering on our hard lot. Having obtained
leave to light a camp-ore, we allowed the fir
branches, now that the lights were gone, to hnrii
freely, and as w had saved our billets nil the
grand blnte. I lie heat was
loudlv 18.;7-8-J and '40 than any other man
h id ever done that had gone before hiia His
adherents in Alabama, .Mississippi, Arkansas,
Illinois, Missouri and Old Virginia, were de
lightce with his administration, and the groan
ing that he produced among the people.
And in order to make more music of the same
kind, the unterrijird lhmorrwg of these States
hate eone ulieol without let or hindrance in
plunging in debt and increasing the amount of
Tm Lines.
i' l toe ;i;-t f ?i very
lllide tu nU vo title,
Ij- V. -sis. (;,. Oi-
We hive tc
ne:t and ).iriled piper, in (ireoroli
hum mid Albright. It is ihn u
meut- of all sort, m well a I i '!
intiT'Mis of y,.r!h I'aHliut. I: i. ',
politics. We wish it eoterprisi
all i'rl of suo'e.
1 t.
nleaaant. for th nixht was cold : and now our i ttixes. on their constituents, until more than ou
banquet liegun and we gave healths tosweethcirt j of them has repudiated, and all of them have got
and friends. The lust sticks were still glowing, I thoir people not only to groaning, but ttaggering
when the sky suddenly becanio clear, uud the j under heavy Suite debts and our enormous taxes,
star above lliitned like the tuners of a heavenly Hut what d'es it signify to a State Right Dem
Christmas Tree. We joined hands in a ailent ; ocrat. If their 0 por cent. State Bonds are sell
"Good Night,' and sought the way to our barracks, iug in New York city at 90 or 8 cents in the dol
wherc things looked very different from under the lar.or are entirely worthless, what if all the Stock
fir tree. From Scbaxtnpol the cannon shots roared ' the State owns in works of Internal Improvement
sullenly over our heads i and I have just heard, is selling,,jrtw.ti or 75 per cent, discount on the
that niie of the comrades, who celebrated the ; average J What if the State of New York is pro
scasoii with ns. was on his way to quarters mor- i curing as inmdi niohey as she wants on 5 per
tally wounded ly a .-Ik-II. He kept his lat cent, boidx at ! er cent, premium; and her 0
Christmas ju the trenches." ; per cent, bunds selling iu opcu market, Irom 111
, , . , . , ' to 20 per cent premium.
MP I'ltvivliTMi'i-oi'iTi-vviiTr ! I' this any reason Virginia should change her
Ml.. I LAV AMI ML Hii.hlG.N 01L. ,. of policy f No, lot her go on in the good
The private corre-pondcnccor.Mr. Clav, recent- "''l wn.v '" ""' 'l,'en paths of State right lc
ly publir'ted. shows Hint, in Ilio opini .n" of him-' mocrncy i'.I Virginia, you know, never tires I
. It and his leadin . friends, his defeat was ow- Therefor to he eonsistont, it I expedient that
ing to tlie foreign tie which was nrmve 1 against ' should eoiitinue to make the interest on all
them. It will he soon from the follow iog extracts her bonds payable in New York or some other
that th apprehensions entertained I y the Amer- foreign State, and send as many of them abroad
ican partv, regarding the influence o foreig-i as pihlo. By persisting in this court of rd-
. aiholics is nothing new. In a letter dale d lluf- i-y, and creating any number of little limits,
fill , Xo Is-r II, IM1, Mr. I'illmoro writes to she will soon lw able to make th people the
.Mr. Clay us fullowk : working sinners of the State, groan in earnest,
' ..ii I l ir something. And if North Carolina fid-
the Alwhtumists and foreign Catholics have ,m tlie example .t by oiiHast U-gislauire in
d feateihis in this Statu. 1 will not trust my- ,,.,:.;,, st ! t uu l,i,. r works of lu-
"IShswla wososa kerp eratf V. bo ever
knew on s kes anything twsity-wr boor T'
-Thai's a hbsl upoa tb sx, Mr I'odkms in
vented, 1 will bobnausl, ky torn thrio rejeeied
bachelor, w a ouohl think ( an other mod af
revang. Lot nybaly pat a secret in asy fmm
seasiua. and if 1 coa t keep it till th day of judg
ment, thaa 1 wasa'l chl isteDed Laura, thai
"Guess I will try yoa om tim, and Tod
kin applied natch to hi cigrr and walked
Thes b. took to hi. riiop, and eat a o of LOTTJiUY OX THE HAVAXATLAN
hingl th axact aia of th larger heart, and On th third 8ATT7KOAT ia mob Month.
placed vh woodea eoanterfeit m a paper with
th (mailer one, that tlirpackages might look as
near alike as possible.
Nearly tea tim Podki na entered the tilting
room where Laora and her friend Mary wcr
busy plving their needle. Seating himself near
by, he drew from hi eoat pocket two small bun
dles, and presenting on to each ot the girls, re
marked that he had king contemplated making
them some presents, but hoped that as au spe
cial favor to himself that thev would not tell each
1 otlwir what th paper contained, "lamnt wnd
I Mary promised obedience, at tho same luurcis.
ting uneasy glance at the mvsternais psru-'s.
Remember, the first who breaks her promise
will forfeat her claim to the title of secret keeper
and mend my coat by way of a penalty," added
I'odkina, rising to extiibii more fully t'i sor
rowful looking garment, so "tattered sod torn, '
that a tailor would have been utiled to decide
what was its original shape.
The girls considered themselves safe concern
ing the eoat and cbided th wearer for being so
skeptical in regard to their ability to keeping a
secret. Curiosity was only half satisfied, how
ever, after ascertaining that Podkins' generosity
lwst..w ed a heart. It was not long ere the donor
overheard .Mary and Lau a in iho kitchen, teas
ing one another to reveal by some siirn at toast.
the forbidden fruit. Rut each stood her ground
wonderfully, and Pod kins feared his coal would
remain Uttered. The girl's sleeping apart
ment was eoijtigutius to the one occupied by
I'odkins and llis fiiend Barluwt As only a
thin partition separated the rooms, it was easy
to hear ordinary conversation from one to the
other, without the folly of listening. Th two
men were snugly ensconced in In-d, when Mary
and Laura entered thea djoining bed room. The
door had scarcely been closed, when the former
exclaimed .
"Now, Laura, do tell me what was in your
Caper. It looked just like mine, and I verily
olieve it is the same thing. I shall not sleep a'
wink to night if you don't. Come, do tell, that's
a good gii l.and then I will tell what was in mine.'
"Well," replied Laura, "titer were two sugar
heart in mine."
"And there was only one in mine," said Mary
in a disappointed ton.
At thi. moment a respectable nartion of the
bolster went into Barlows' mouth; while Pod
kins took refuge beneath the bed clothes, to
mother his laughter as best he might.
At break last th next morning while Laura
was pouring out the coffee, I'odkina, turning to
wards Barlow, said very greavly -
"Well, there were two sugar heart in mine."
"And their was only one in mine," responded
Barlow, so exactly imitating Mary's tone that she
fancied herself speaking,
Th coffee not dropped, to the great confusion
of sundry cu and saucers aodlhen-citmS a bifrst
of laughter from th four that fairly made th
dishes dunce.
"I will take that eoat after breakfast," if you
please, Mr. I'odkins," said Ijiura, quietly, after
th mirth had somewhat subsided.
Horti CixoliB8ix Per CentStaU Bond.
Tasistsv lsrriMT, R. C, 1
, J
O at tkis - Mill I 'rlrk, A. M , 11 of Ie,
MSt, fe lb parebas al $4,a vt Bos laswr ky
k Btsw W Sft DrsJiH. Tksy wilt ks 4at4 Jaly
1st ISSj, aaii rsitrsnistils ia tea years.
They will bs tsraed ia ssau l,i) ear, aad will
have Mapuaa atUMbsd f. ialnsst at siajier cal frt
: ffeai oai.asuy.
1 Both vriarinal sad ialrrast wilt be psysbl at k
i Bsakaflaa Kep.klie. Co J af Jira Yrk,aalas wbers
' lbs aanhaerr prefers ts base Uveal pavabl at be
I Treseary vf Ibis Mlata.
i - Tacia bonds ar assaabtd trm taxatioa for aay
: parpoes wbstevev.
fartie bidling will ptesee a Irese tbe'ir letter
darsed -l'rtpo.ts fur N.C. eHocks," b lbs aadtrsif a
td at BsUigb, N. (.'.
siMeessfal bidders apaa bslnf Isfonaed nftbsae
' seataae af tbelr bids, esa demit b siaoaat or their
; bi-ls with the aeentrd (nterset lluai 1st Jaly U, ia
l either lbs Itsnl of lb Bepublio, Mew York, tb llnok
of lbs 8tsts of M. C, or tb Uauk af Cape t'r, 1U1-,lb.
1 The rlTbt nf arretillnc snh bids la whole or I part
bmt b deeuMd oi aslvaaiaKesus te tb State, Is
I Tb Hilt will bs one and ia Iks arssene ar the (lev.
-reviwnHScrrrrary wad ewtptroiter af Stars, &4 the
rrerldeat id (be Hank of the state.
1 D. T. C01RT8.
saross rs 1 1 ro sr ev C v civra.'!i
. . 8CUEMU.
I Piiie ol 5 I.0.D is ..0
. t " 2iiWii XJ.eo
I " S.oesis ,a
I 4 sisi is 4,1
I " il X.'SSJ
3 Prises of 1,1'tWsrr
4 " vOUsrs 1,000
M - tVH 13,
l?S " . IIK1- t,W
4 Appruxiiustiun P. 'wsof SOU
4 ' Sao
4 u u ij j wo
4 " p-a siai
4 - x 7&" .tim
II " J 40
IB - ill" UK!
14 li" MtK)
4k " ' . ,!IW
l.litfll J'ri'es, Bttiiittntini ta $140,1100
Rale'-li.Nor. Kl.tSli.
t Id
1 .UOIUrMLS will be rsrrived sntil l e'eloeS A M.
X l h d l Jsnasry (est af -'5o,0O boads tbs
MMie'iiiirsrtrr s the fure.iae, exeepMbst lb 'stlrr
wilt beitatrd Jsnaary tat, 1 s-ift, sad will b Issued ia
saias of fjeesack -edretnaliis in thirty years.
. K. W. COCBI8, Pah. Trcis'r.
, Ki.3,UjJ. 4S
., L . , ,
Tj'..njFtr.'i l.OOO.POO Etiidrn!
PMit ''"lV,LTl,lnd of th Forasi aad lbs Ystiraa; s rboeuhl
Al'I'KtlXIMATlON l'Ul.EvH.
The two preceding and tiis two saeroetliat narabsrs , IsiiKiuurs of a leading periodical, it Mertad a
r thus wmnlnx the first So Prl-ei. at eaiUlsd to protbuud seasstlun Uiaa any which has basa I
Aip oximstion 1'nr.i-s ssshors.
'1 he suriacnt t sil Pri v is gusraatred by th Stst
ofMeivlaad. - " -
All lirkcti la A Lotteries sulhurlsed by th fltet
of Msrvlnnd, lias th HlSojr,phed slvastu ot "P.
X." llltK.VAN, Uenersl Agont lur the Coat sotor."
There s MMf Th kels, iir jtxrcd frovs one to 90-
o. Ther srt l,iH PHreet Th Buljre from oat to
j zo,0tl eorrosnoodint witi tltote on the tiekets, priated
ob sewrats tliit of paper, sre nHled up sod enstrrled
whb enisll tin tubes and pleeed In to wbel. Xhs
60O Anproximsttoa Prises sis decided st shore.
After 'srohatiT the wheels s nmitlwr It d'Swa oat af !
be wheel of iiombvra, slid st tha s.inis tinis oes Is !
ihswa is the Pr's heel h.r Ikivs. who s s hfindfoJ. 1
ded. Thote arc 'encii sosi exltllitc I :o ihs sndieao
lb nibs bvi;, erv. (ted to die oa drswa bv th '
Cooimliuurr. l'!.l. cperstiga is re nested till sll In '
V 'set sre urswa ca
improve-; ' !l ' sDi'k of tho vile hMicrisy of the hwdiiig rf, lmro,n.ii-nis, and in chai terln i and
.i l...lili..i.iul. 1 I., i, l.tlol .....! !.,... . 1 t . .i !.'". I ....
ii n il
i li nt in i
- Ve feorvt fnim m nrirf' sfiTc " ii rres.i vs The
National Intelligencer, that application has I.een
made by gentlemen ele. te l as delegates to the
American Convention, to be held in February
ne tin I'hiladolphia, toth lion. John M. City
ton, s-king the use of his nam as a candidal
for lh Presidency at that Convention, and that
he replied that he preferred his present position
as a Senator of the United States to any other j stu b a man as James' K. Polk placed in tho I'res-
Al-oliiionUts now. Doubtlessly many acted liou-
oialde, but igitoriintly in what they did. Uut it
is clear thai Uirio-y nod his associates sold them
selves to Loco l'ocoi-ui, and they will doulitl
receive ll.cil reward. ' .
Our opponents, I v j ohtttmjhi (he Jfjlice Amer .
-s ami tit Mr. t' liHtjtittywn. ifrwie tht fttrritt j
t'uikolirt J mm ws, unit tiejtultd NJ in Oitt ,Vu( .
Writing on the same subject, Julia II. West-1
word, ia a letter dated Baltimore, Nov. 2H, 141, i
' Then judge my deep mortification and disn- j
poinlment lo find the saihtr'a Irirnd. the master
spirit of the li wars, "th noblest II.. loan of
theia all, rejected by the American people, and
iuilcrih ' bunks on Use present plan anu uu 111
accoiiiiuo-hi'iiig terms fhat they Werevauted by
the In-t l.i;;i-lHlore, there will soon be he.u-d
some iiriiiuiug in North Carolina.
r n a lit ax.
r rices c unit EXT.
Petersburg. Pec. 28. Sine Iho holiday
commenced there lias been no sales of produce,
th Mills aredoine nothinz this week : In da we
hear some enquiry for Cotton, but har heard of
no aniee. w e do not slier the quotations.
Cotto I hitter, with snlcs tit 8 to 8
Cokc per bushel, fnnneil. Rilto 82c.
BsroM per pound. 1" to li'ic.
Floi. cMiperfin U a UJ ; Kxtra f 10 a 10) ;
family ll to 12.
S.u.T Mai ket well supplied ; sale 1,90 a ?2
fur fine 1,40 a 1.50 ford. A.
(iiMxo Sales makiiie 5dtn $o7.
Tniu no Priming per lotl , a Q lugs
ii i lair to good leal, 0,SO a i .ill ; tine leal,
8 to 10,50,
Wilmington, Deo. 15. It 'sin 5W barrel
tirE hav ths plsasar of aaaoaaeiar that w bar
lY iaprM,'aad shall publish ahaat th Brtt af
Deesaiber, a asw work ar (otto, sauusd
Ths lsst work, and first continuous tats of this bril
lisataadfaselnatiSKSalhorsss, "Ruth 1111," aohieisd
a saesess anexamplsd ia ths annalt af lettsrs. In tb
daring soasrtcr of a century." Bat it is unnsossaary
tuallade to tUe aiorlts of "Kuth Mall." Judging frost
tb auoiberof eonies af It we havsteld, ws juds thst
very bedy In the United fttat bss rend tt At
respects the work srs have in prsss, HOSE CUAttK, ws
aa oatv sav. that we retard it. as la sverv mneet, a
grsaler, a better werki aad ar evattdent tt will aat
oalysattsia, bnt evea Increase ths reputation of lis
dittinzuished suthorcss. Ws hart reasons for think-
Inn thai "Kosa Clsvrk," jrlll aiaks a greater aoasalioa
thaa did "Ram Hall."
It will f.irnianalensnt lna volf aver 40 pagss.
Pries II. li, oa receipt of wbiob so pies will b sent
by sxail post pa i.l. it will be for sal by all book
sellers. Published by x
Saw Vobk.
Kovsmber It. tbl. 49 It,
LouiBburg Mitlo Academy.
order, s..rly, wbh nstiuetioo, .h.t to do ia cat they T uil ..T7.I i '!" ""jH.t.!? '" i !
Srs sold.
Tb diswing will b promptly sent to 1 11 uiroker
Wholes 1: Halves li Qasv. U.50: Eijhll 1.14.
Addi ass onlcrt for Tickets lo
JinUimore, Mil.
Books! Eookj! Books!
VyiXSIEjASW I. Ths Kew ParclTaae. ar early
' ' 1-ori is the far M eat, bv Bob-art Carilaa. Lsa.
AluMsrhelm. bv LHUaiarey.
twoj iliaaaibs, ky Longfellow,
llooiy Head sad Mcbuaaer, by Abbott.
Hlraha. by Haa,iita tal.oaer.
Mraaoirt af t" af Russia, sad her gureesssrs.
TevensM, b (searce (aad.
tiieawaast: ue the Parish B.,y.
sW'ai eai alativa Wuawa; K.- iv. w ;r. .r .k.
Pint, bs Mary Lbs ssudwt W the ssaaad A.uias, by Eald-wia.
Jl.aioiri of ir.-ar the Eiabtb. of Enrla.d. al hi.
sis wires, by ilerWrt.
Tb Plaatrr's Vietiss. a laaideata af A
Flavery, with illaslralioas.
Tbs SIslvb Uhl, Or Lite Be aa Ibay are, ,tb Ulos-Irstiona.
Walser's Man iy Exercises: contslnine Rnwic Rut-
In. Ridinc, lirivina. Fescinc. UnnlisK and Shu..),.,. '
t'rsy's Mery. illostratcd.
lavas of the tHF4na of Knilanslaf th Hooasaf liaa-
over, by l(r. D. lsnraa.
ateasoirsof lr. esaituoa. Isle Flriideatof tbe TJnlaa
TbeoloKicsl Pc-osinary.
w oeeicr s bislory af snrta Carolina, lltastrsted.
Ths Area Bishon. a- Rutnaaisaila tha Uailad atalaa.
By Orvilla H. De lisle, illustrated.
Th American Cottars Covkerv Book. r n.jataVeea-
ihft Made Ksey.
lit frioe of Fa, or Truths for Xoang Our plss.
y a awiy.
ii-T rkvtchea, daring sa Ksster Pilerlmags bs Rosa.
Foots 's sketch af ir(iis, 14 hence
What is PlwabvtcrUlBian, by th Kcv. trr. Hods.
Ths moral aad inteliactaai di varsity af fias. by
Ssn a lists.
Tbs Utile EuiMooaUaa. at th Child tsacht bv tbs
Prayer Book. .
fennoas by th Rev. Robert Booth, D. D.
The Six Days ofUreatloa: a aerias of Familiar Is-
tern, froaa father bs bis ebildresw
llalry and oorrespofidfae of gsataed Pspys,
Jnnellifrd.bya Lady. '
Iistry aad orTetpoBdea f Job Evelvn, F. E. 8.
Hi -tori cat aad escriiUv Scubas af tiorfolk snd
Vicinity, lllastrated by W. 8. Forrest.
1 h poetry aad sayttery f Vrssass, by 1'karMs VI.
Lonaad. c ;
Uerstakar's Travels.
Voyages Round tbs Wstld, trost thedesth'.of Ctptala -
od s th prvssnt tias.
1'w salt by H.D. TURNER,
- . ., .,. H. C. Hook-tor.
; Rslelgh, Dans, 18S&. V.', ; , , . '4? ,
Greensboro Female College.
TlIK Hpnai sassloa of l4S, will eowmtacio sn'lb
14th doy of Deosnbsr, I Hii. Thsre willfbs a
vacall.a la W inter, except a raw days tut nareaiioa at
I hrtsttttss. ,
' A II the depart men ItofthsToslitatioa are now supidiad
with ebVieat and faithful ProfvaMs- aad Toaoberss
Ths Irst sinks bss been divided into two sestio&s, for
tbs aeooMWoilstioa of those who desir to prepsr lor
the regular 1'utleg ooarsa. liirls under 14 years of saw
will heraaftor be roeslvesl lot tb Institution. Cirea
lan will bs seat oa applicau oa. to all (arsuas desiring
mir Inforauuioa la relertooe fcl ebaxfea, ,(
Slsdy eYo. . it
. r T. M. J0NK8
. President.
flreesaboro IVeembar, l55. ' 47 M
Rlekniond .Ckristisa Advorat, ftplrit of tbs Age,
New her News, V Unalngtoa tbsnawrcial, FayerteviU
Obstrrsr sad Miltoa tkraaiel insert timet.
Fit Ute Surlh Carolina Star.
roa itoxv or rouri.
public station, and declined
for th I'rosidencT.
being a candidate
Hew Fspr.
Eugena B. Iraka, Ksq., pMpoae to publish at
Atheborough, "Th K. C. Ilulletin," a weekly
paper, "American" in politics. Ttrins $2,00 ia
11 Vsrm
Hani. H. V. Turner, A. M. Gor-
M.Jt.le Han.s-Seaton (sale, C. B. Root, T.
K. Keutress.
Ktmltrm H arJ. Kldridg Smith, Aleaander
City pirs eopy.
Fata HiNxni: Th charter of svral of
th old Banks of Virginia (most of which hav
identhil t'hair. IMd Ifsay American peoi Icf
recall that expiession, ttr Itro-lkinU ij Ike (ni.'i'rr
fiirmtnoflk I 'wittl S nln are ytmrJuM fi o o.
Yea, sir, w hjv you now better tlian ever: and
when lb nam of J ax k son and others of vour
vile t reducers shall be f.o gotten, y.4irs shufl be
reiiiembercd and live in the affections of all lov-
T uf lilierty.
It wasirriyu influence, ailed bf the It us j
Jtlek role that caused oar defeat. Asa proof, in j
T", "A"It,,''r MoTtaawT. Fttrritjnimm an.f months ther war over l thousand naturnlis- ', broncba being about to exnira, much disco -f
Hlkoltrum rViMiatfr Qoaltfiadmu tor t'Jtlet. ; .j. ; ,; i, lrjsin as lo th rslativ merits af tb old
puliliahad ia oar l-i of Hatorslay, a stsl- ( I. , Wttar addrd to Mr. t'lsv. Wv TIiokI, system and th imw fras banking system. lh
KH-hmood Mo inrrr t. ks grouna in savor ni in
latter, and f-.rtiflcs it positioa by two letter
from Iseorge 1.. Ksmtsma Kq., Cashier of th
long Island Hank of llnn.klin, Mr. Seunpsoa
a as formerly a nirchantof lliehno.nd. in high
stauding, and his opinions oarry with them much
' wichl. II thinks th feature of the gwneral
bankipi law nf New York (raid, w'ln single
vceiiti.ia of the authorltv to roiv Is and
' monga;ea for a basis of rircul .tion. 1 heir value
mstit to tb .foot that tb INmtmaaUrr Oeneral j Frelinglmyasa. datad N York, XoV . occurs
hsd determined not to appoint any Americaa to t ftdtowiag paragraph i
7 ,i.t be,loT dls"froa th lion. R, thaa Din) lii .usand. it is ci, lently
I . Iwryssvr in ralattoa lo tlsat matter, which
will giv th country mm idea nf th Jetaitisra
in that nrpanment, and th prnsmptkaa which
i practlcad agxinst Native and I'rotewtaats i
NusAiaisoa fryaa.
Hotsi or Rrar.iirtriv IVe. 21th, 1S55.
IVarSiri I mm is ynar rarr of 22d instant.
said, hav born aaloralisrd t thisauy a I.
sine th 1st ,.f Ocb.ber I tt mm ntarmimj J'tttt,
iknt Is or oeri evaff lute ilrritlrd the 'fret (4 one:
feuaa of Amerimm liultt y, rwairoWrsfa mulum't
griMtiatU.htJI'ilu A' I rt, timer.
Matthew S. Davis a young tssa who has so cht a
solid sdueatioa, wttb oxprwas r.1 rsresce lotus basiaasi
' oftsasbins:, ana has seteotsd It, sot as a striping
. ttoan to s'ims othor oall, batata Bsrraatient peoteaslon.
Mr, Davit Is a arsduau af ths University nf Knrib
L Carotins, sgd was presred for Collrjta ebicfly In ths
' (taboo) ot which he bss now become lh Prinripnl. Ws
, base bad, tbs.sfurl, every opnorianity af knowing bit sd ws eon&dcnlly ssenr tb whs
may feel inclined te awiraniss ths sebaol, tltsi ihey
will find la Mr. Davits loasherUi whuat tliey stay wilh
oaiforlBnilenM.'Mlenptutrast tb Moral aad asaatal
f,-siriug i" the' ehildrvn.
1 ' Desrd ear a Had la tbs v'tllsgs at 1 10 per'month.
Tmoon Kngliab IKpartweal ,
Utisaad tirevk li.tH)
Inehisnts sxpass
Tb ncsiHeestoa will eommene ibe tad Woadsy
1b Jarasry IHs.
ity idir f th Bonrd,
' A. II. .RAT, Pssatnssv.
I JAS IFI. B. Ill IX, fW't.
LosiHarg, Hov. Irtlb, ISi. 4 4w
WE bar la slurs sad will sell below Inweet aur
L.t rstea.
I SBM Hsi ks "Jeffreys A Dsrsay" L. B. Bait,
ltaJ 0 tliowiid AluM (alt,
lot) Hide H. flard ClMekcd tfagsr,
i In .lo Cofes,
' Half hoses boaffiagsr,
Ji'S llsgs Hio Cutlce, -
IIU Uoxet Pole Moan,
da Hrowa d.
It) do nhi-aitral Ollv Rosp,
tiritWds ttsVt raa HcrnnSj
1.0 da d Cat do.
Braona, Rocket, Wrapping Panes, Twins, Herat
Roses, Ycssl Powders, Olive Oil, t.boeoHte, Candles,
gather with all sitl
grass af Iba War a th Rmi . r sa . I.r-r saav ia A. M. , PUKKlbllS A ;0.
tbatr ps-sa. Kvery afaveweai I. elo-ely e.ltlcld, I H. , Raamsk , Xorlalk.
5. R, Favtiealar siUaUa give tussles nf 'lar
The Britiib Pcrlodirali and .tht Fanntr't Gnltlc.
or tbi Lima ri'uuca: tost,
L. SPOTT CO., Nl:W YORK, continue to
publish th following le iding British l eriodioals,
six :
7Vi Lundo Quarterly (C'onierratire.)
tke Edinburgh Heri. r ( Wkitj.)
.3 ' '
Tht Xar.h British Iterirw tree CsurvA.)
4 I
Iht Wtilmiitiuler iVr.'rw (iil'm.)
5 i
:i.- ieoo'i Edinlmryk MugotiM (Tory.) !
1111 grenl and important event Religious
" l'ulitiral, and Military now agitating tho
ehanged banda yesterday at jl.O.'i tor large siie ' ! of tb Wd Wrl.U giv to ibea PabHeaiioas
(jnrrelL . iBisrs sadvah they acvi-r bs or pofto-std.
T-Sal.toJn, jf CO Jl.00 per bbl 1 i,,"
T!7 'U.l!?,r;i,'S- Sal!T Je" ' hislorl... -life, long miie, th. .i.l.g l.l.rrs, la lb. -..ihll.d r',r.'
bids, at ?2,oO for yellow din, and 1,50 for hard, j faeu be rseo.da thslt bsv osretd sa y. , Tha pre- ales t bs found ia wb.dele i
per a itsj. xso sate to-oay.
Si-kits TtaraxTiXa. Sale yesterday of 170
Ibis: at 39 a 40 cento per gnllon. No sale this
morning up to tim nf closing our enquirie.
ottos. Nil this moniing of IU) halo at
8) a b cent per pound fur nuoJllrg to good,
FyettTUla. See. 88. Not much doirg in
tb market th past. week, llooon is without
chang in pric. Com oa to 70 ot par bushel.
Cotton in batter demand at V per lb. Th re
ceipts of Flour arc light,
npirita Turpentine 34 cant per gallon.
Haw do. 1 JO and 200 per bbl.
is alwaya anrartaia ; Ihey ar not easily cob- Turkish i,(!ier sCT,ed from tint ell to b
fertilise j and hava rart lt ver brought th alu , t,, .nse id t honr I'aaha, tien. S illiama
ol theor far) worn a sale became aecasiAry. II
prefers Mats rt.wbs a seearltie tit etn-ulating
notes at their fair rash value, not to (icred par.
Mr. B. ka agnin-t lh p. I icy of brarwo banks.
I -
jy Ta Ustarrniaas IVtuCiit-A Jiw.iagsr
a statssnent enneerning ths snfiinUnsait of a Ma. Gaixaa Vrrroaior Tli Snnrewi Court
PoMiaaM la my district, at Madisoa. Hocking-! of ha revenwd the lat decision of th
h.t oountv. North t an.liaa. which I dsmira to r , rrt . ... ,. . ,
eorract. tb pnuvrnatuoi , a0 j,m bo. ! ri,,( ',r"H u,1"' Inxai!
wa bwtwswa Mr. Iloratisi King. 1st Aasiasant 1 ,rm wi u ot i s t j m protsswn, ana mat Mr.
l isMmaator tiaaeral, aad sail, aad no with ; Gttral Gain b pat la possession of his prop- Th praelic u4 lh hanks in aaing th note af
vMi.urik is. i 'uassisr umsisi. an avafSMS : . . . .. . . . , n ium ferssciiss bmvbss his sissb nras.iics.iiw ir
U il va'i.a. .i . . arty, now amounting ia saiu lusavarai asiiiiutt , 7T J . .. ' .
M your arttol. Mb tht iceptiisn, lh subs- ' rdeatl Us, aad always v theia at discount
(sstit la ssrrwe4 a far aa it gossa, toil it do Mat . aosiar. U alaar Htatea,
oaiisTaea all that ocrwred btwra Mr. Kiog aad j Tliia I perhap tha atoat remark .),' rasa la
Z!. , rZ , . trc laal annata of ths, aoantry. IbjimI Clark,
rZ ' r jn 1ftl' 'or h arpoint. of New t mm. wa tha ol Mrs. Jain,
went, Mr. King : ssked as If tb apt lieaal wr a 1 aad a .ara. during hi asrtit lifemm, m.d a
(anw-R milliner I aaksd lilt if ifwer naaaulJa -ill . k iu. I... as JL.. .
that hit i baiag a Rasw-.slhing Would b aa ob- j tatas. I now hsj death S..Mck will was ..and t
laettoa 7 II rwt ltad. " I I sat acting ands ar- kot aaotbsr will wa dissmsvvsd. avakwgatrsully
I.l tm aors Mi Vssa. A Washiagtoa (urts
porwlsnt of lh Hallimor (, ay taay, Mr,
ol Lh stiosisl liobel. aad liasMtral t aaa ara
mash alike, 'tis hard to tell toibcr frosa which.
Last weak s gentleman (nming d-wa tha atair
TM-d asil, "ti iy. 1 aaa'l tad tbi t bsng past
ad lh in llis third st..ry having to traasp thr aighu
I, . , . . ,, 7 . i t" .J - S J -I -'T' m..-. -ii. . nam J tmm a p sss mtj s tvw ww
ths askad him sf a aallva-tom !.. I il ' .-.1 -l .'. r .
j - . , , , . : iwoii; saw jaws s .ra. .asavrms ssasaaa ass ptv wao cir i at B va ssay, oaia uass vaaa yw
aa a fcaaiga Issawaa t lholt. both eueally anfwad through Mbssanorarias of Iter ad.lrraa." t .ant aiLi aad went osit au.a
Ur (sot o apfsniat any KbOW Nothing, and te 1 d.ftVsaaal dkslril.sstbwa ot kU aasnasasrta
tara wst aU whoa I has to Ulna to th or- -. ... L..'..A
-k 1IT ilr . ' 1 '' . ,, ri"""wsi aa aslraar, f ton tna Mask af tb aaa , aad fr-Htt rwtorred. thought be errtaialy saw bafor
I ""i "I she-Id a lata stay hs lhialsa Wrs4 keraslf. to thui him. rl.imd ' tiny I liuyl good iA-l
.IT?!: toafsataa t . rnt I th. ,. wilh a of pwrpress.aad wilh a muu-k Old l aw yoa ( n-.w." "firT
a. mmmKJZtl' "t narsasaratssa af lb h.gbaat ardr. ta las rcti-, said Hi Ueawal. -ys. ascwtOld Caas .gria."
aa apasintaasast ha yaw bass i mt aoi. aa-e L. u k. f.,L'. .. .l '
rapslully, y.sar usxl seal (arvaat,
How rag Mo M vt Miarassi.-Tb
L'""rtT " raaar-wa.hU f sr th tollowiag I
I sretar
gs-atlamaa, tha
iltt thaa
l SSI line la a nmm aaila .
A fSTWIIV bvl sal aaa I a. k. I L,-
a.i rwsspiatsini .? tm) I.. I hi
la a aaighboring .ty, at Thaekry'( I
wvasMissst siar, a y.n gs-atism
toostmsj asaa af hit si. at. 4 aa teas polit
imadssst, into la rilMjs rwasnti
act a hi legal sad aadaaiv legate. Fnaa
est aaart bs jmsuW, ia varvs shspaa, ( bat
awvar dirxwtlt era) aha will till within th las
two year,) ah ha Wa battlia( with bar adver
saria fa? aaor Amm twenty yasars, aad aa a-
peatdad ia that tisaa, ia that Uugathsa,
apaa tswaaaaad af dollar, aftoa rsisssl aadvr th
grsslast aiaWwItiea, B'iattias alracaff.laa pairing
hat ubdssd. .V. I. Herald. j
as. Tha anpaal Ukea
migm la th Hun nf .New
sttissa T
dr.rd . l" ir: i.1 "v:7.r
rm.-J- tea fc A a J -mmrwmm -s PW'lt-al XO P-4l
r4"4 toU , ap, llms. ! i7 tTJZ
tWrtg. , p., ,nj 4,d d d-ewv.
has .-.k ant.l lh tea, f , gt l b4 al.d
hi. I. to f, a, tH. fM mmm4
Jt tofsnsal sa tb had by tha rt bctK .
rsad baaaikawaimf wrwaj bias ta bat aaula.
ssitl :U''"-"rw to p.,k aa v.lbanf
laa ta at bfM a. aw a hat tt ia.
Coart at th t
htas auatstian da ing it aaaainf torsa, vhtab
will naaaMtae aa to. Irat tsf Jaaaary, Tb
ttsrkasaad raqairar y thai Ass I saw Nov ens-.
aad tha Aitcsmey tttrl af that Cssasawa
aaita will pfsms-stM Cv th appnsatsasat f U
Usja., ahito lb e ..a Sal.alf of lh anpsl
ass will U adaesd If tb li-a t. l. t al.r
4 daaA Itlaat, Arse. with Iba. leg'taw
UaaffsssM, Attoswey tun teal af New Vrk.
Kw York Ihs. S, IWS.
ABBivti s rat Guriua Lav. Th at.
Caig Law arrivwd aarathi aflaraana frnsa As
pinwsl, Winging 27 paasawgsrs and H.4sl,HsJ
ia pM princillv saBslgad a f..luws; Wall,
Fargo A C. f .Ts'.lgsv ire sail a Co, 2ll.'s"b,
Matmpnlitaa Haak. ltD.ia., It .y. A Co, l4li,
(; Itoneata, rshasrwsaa A Ca.' (Vi.!").
Th Maataar tsuldssj Ago, with Nw York data
to lh Jih alt amvad at "aa Fraartaea oa tl
r'th, aad lh Btaaassr C.irtsa. wita data la In
bss siavaa, will b ar-. 9th arrived ap oa tha 4ib inBtaeL
I b Itoorg Law be-ingt (taa I rons-inr oatsa ta
tb ath inai, b saas a raeaieasi na Nt Or
leans twatatday.
Tls India war la th Koeta was f sugraaalog
with aaet Hitaaa and is.itorsh't disaatar aa
aatk ssdaa. Nearly all th ladiasss af tl. North
I Vv amvas s gal aat ll. wbKa. .
A tra bsll had basse toead agaisiat Oar, I h
; lisjia taUsf, fug aja, saardar U ln. Ilirhard
, mm. i
Arrival of the Steamer Paci3c.
isrial-Tlim ismiioksci raLborisasiv su
ssoTBxa aaTTii ia tag ibibii.
Ntw Yoga, Iiec'r 2H.-Vh Americaa a trans
ship IV i tie arrived hv-ra this aftoruoua, with
Livorpnid dates to the 15 instant.
Th new is quit ImervMting, FrnnC"Aaia
liitsllip'oi.- ha been reeaived of rii folia Ssars
before tlx Russian arm No partiealara . bad
len received, but the gurrinna is suppnaed to i
hat sanenderad in e.nsoiuene of I is fiimiii
prevailing. When Oeneral Kvntiand nuthr
ma wa
alx ut aondmg a Hsg of true ta th Russian ta
ol! 'r terms ot eapitulstion. - -
Nothing eU waa known but it wa l.slied
tl. garrison bad (amudcral, a it wa only om
K.tssi strong, and tliey war too mack reduced by
faiiiiit,to t Uieir war through tb Ru-aiins.
Hner i'ss-ba wa near tnuui which th lluaaiai.a
hold ia fore.
t ntrm th Crimea, the iatolligatrn i. that th
Russians bad attaekaif she astraatity of th
Franck line with a war af !,( men, aad af sr
aa hssar'a lhung, withdraw. Iloth armiaa wars
ssmfurtably hssnaad and Tb Irtng
still nmlinued betwaea lix north aad (oath id
af rwlsftstssfsd.
Kasta has ard new hma at llerlia aad
llsastaarg taf f fy mil Una rahlea,
lh Assatrian artny ha eearaJuveJ to lh
fsa aaitiag.
Naples ha paUiahd a eneivtiia with tb
I'nitrd Htatra, drfiuing llie rights of acutrat.
Th tuaaa i.f KngUnd had mad aa ot-lar ia
Coaneii. aathnrisiac the Usee of X4Ta,ts la
Bs.laa by th Itaak thartor.
Ha .eating tb pruat seta (sr peas, ther ar a
Bias ot itrasifiiary ataimnta, bat if ago
bet si ss f' lend or of foe. snd alt ahevlumiags fesr-
lee.lypotoe.lea. Tha Ic.c.s r m the C.imcastid
floa los llslliei Llsrkaooii's kfsssine, irom Iwaaf
Its mdsl noiisr untrihn.ors, give a more 'aiolll.lbi
sod reliable asfo.-sl sf uw sieve -so. s af rb great
bslligarsat hs esa hers ! 'aesa.
1 bees Peviiatie ils s'll- re . nssi as imas great pa.
ItliealuartiesarUre. II Usui W
ici.k but lea'lte avimaaaly aas
aetsr. Aa Orzaas .. lbs most m.o.aad snle s
Msieaee, L'te slars, Morsiily, sd llelisioa bey stand.
sa they ever haisa.and, ss. sslia.; ia lb amid 'lst
11 s, Kela- saaaidtnsd isd'smarsUlt W ibs ssbolvr aad
prsfaaelauel maa- anils ta Ihs tnlclllenl rv.'der af
rsry ssss ther m.atsh mois aurrect snd s. tlafsat. 1
lyrsssordsH las onnvnt li.ersla.s of ibe day. thisiagb
sa. ibs oild,lkaa sea btosea hly btssed Irom any I
tlbcv aocro. ' I
Ik. lutto.
snd KortbCar.dtn pra.u- generally. Dlilvr for LB
Uaa, bllad st lowest pisase.
Dreesaber l, toil. da-lf.
6000 Fruit Trees,
ii';, 1st' snd Had. ' ft tbs Ftaost trleel FORKIO.T s-4 R A flTR kiade.
hs.a.e allbeli J sr sat tlir way by Rati Road to R.tstgb,
suaatetiaj af Ap,das, Peat aas. riatss, Aprbr., ttse.
tanasasad Cbm .sa An ask.
- Psrsnaa Waal ag I roe. bs p- st ibis seaaeia thoa,4
Sail, as send i Ue' onlara teit saw.. Jsssea AL Towles,
a. V rater's Hall, ia Ital.lj i, s id Dal d II -nry Hln b.
asoa, nfib's saaa.v, aism.a.ent. ts tce:ss osdart
ad itttvsv trees fu st. dor sg st
Da, (t, 'ii. Adv. s mis mm, n mrnrn ar A LIT A nT.R KI-AVKS AT A! TTKlV
I v .d.liitaa.1 vsiasr. n-e-e as. nnis, ea- s . - - -- - -
(vcknav,12d ln-uuil, M af yaang
snd vslnshl Regraea. sam rtacd of ausaee Finn ( ta
IS, (too af which bars .a. tat child.) sad girle
tram lit!, end saastalaiwg sa sseelleat seaaaelroaa,
fsjad aaaa. Bad atbee H I and aat eeer
aarvtsa, Tsaee agroaa srs yoaag aad aary likely, aad
p tun eaaliaaattoas wblek lass. aaa tbatr valaa. Tbey
sill be 4d lae saah ae appravod adarssd MUabi
aolaa M say Mat M days.
(alt aiU kaks plaae ia lh efismmn,
P. a. II K.I HILL, AartV.
Rslttgh De. It, IU. It.
l II
pel.ll-be . re aildlitsaal tslatt tier. Re) rials, a. V aoikiwoo i daring lb i esaat .srillnj "Isle a, Katwtseea ' -way ILL Rg OFF
stairs, iaaawaali a toy as (aw planed to tb ; V , m
band, of aahas iWra abs -i sa sm ss lb. ari.ia.l oi- I .'.'..i.'.fcu a.
Par aas.
P. av of Ibe fn Pevtaai,...a.......... i
Foe ass tw af Iks f .ar (.slews.. u
For sav us ran aVtb. tow aUl sawa
For all fwai as th f a, n M
For fllscb weal's kli- le
Foe litactwuod aad Ibra l'.asi....... ....... as)
For Rlsekeso.l and I e fsser Rev aa...........IM ot
itiyutraff lo (at mode in nit react in edmer.
Jiossry cortent is) the Siri.'e rkert tmnett '
trii U rtrtmd at liar.
Vbl lil.lXii.
A elssaaat af twsa ) -aa per cenL frsm th abscv
prlaas will be allowed la Uaos anlaetag luar ear mar.
a.maa af aay .a a mure ol tbs above warbs, Tbaai
Fr sspta. o" xltaakaood, ar af oa. Review, will to
Mat to aaa addi. .sf t at loss soplss sf . fass k
Vlaws SB blsekwesal tor 1 SB' SBS. a. .a, AO K.
la all srtoelpal CI -leased Town, these weeks will
be del. sore, tie..' tout by
Pasta, ta aay east a. Jt L ll' blaM sill b bat
Tsaaiy-tosr Cosm s sas tor -l.UH.ks.rad, sad bat
I earlerB CeA- year to saeb sal Use lis. leas.
THE FA It Milt ' .V (1 V I It E
Tl Ua.
; lleary Riepbesa, F.R, (,.a K llakaryb. a. 4 Iba
I. la i F, NeUti Prate aaf af Se-eaUaa Agrsratrara
la tale I al'ege. Res II a. 1 tola, fc.s.l t).ta.
vs. lata)' .gea, ard eeassfae. Read Bad (lej
t.sgrss sih
Tbi b) ewsioe'ed's, tt maet ctant-lel Surk as A rri
' ' OW TIIR '
C lhspt.r 1st, Ballmwitst eh apter 2d; Ihsposlt
j chapter Sd, Oratnitous Commission, or Mac
dstxt ohspter 4th, (IratuitOu Loans! chapter
oth. Pledge or l'awaa t chapter Till, in Inkepm
ehsptor oth, C our on Carrl.n aad Carrier of
Th sbove enantar ar ire a tea very f ull.mstlng
hook of 86? page. On eopy will b (sailed, frs
of nestag, e racsipt of (4,60.
Juat publlah.d wl tor saw hy
hanks, uori. II A t?0
144 Kawaa atrnt, H. V., and 67 i Broadway. X.
T. lit la
HAM l'0b STY Court of Pies aad ttoartsr pa
sums, N.v.mber Term, I "41.
Anthony Armetead va. Mlehsel.Ollr.aa.1 wife Kills
Moaguea, ths belra nf Rosa Aratetead, deo'Jrlso. Ana.
stead sad Arssstsad.
Il spisnwing to th. aallsfaetloa sf ths Court that th
drfvndaula la this anas' ara ann-rcsl.tetita of Ibit rttata.
ljLs therefor, srdered that adrsrtlsement he made aia j
"sektla tb. Rsletgk Ctar, a papsr laths
lty af Rsletrh, for said ntm-eeeoiente to apneas t tb
' est term ol Ibis t'ourl la bs held for that yoaly store,
"aid os lb second MnBdsy sf Fahron-f aval st lb
"Coart H aa la Plttabaro thaa aad than to snswsr
plead or demur ta said politluaar the saute witl b. besrd
exparls and judgment taksn fi eonfessoaa ta them.
Wilaesa W. P. Tavlur Clerb of oar said Cart at at.
rths ststil Moadsyof Rar. A. l., la, aad la ta
satb-yasr sf Aisenaas Indsnendeiieav .
Pfopritlur if Iht St'ltor. romologiral CardtM
lii Karvrrirt,
701X0 respeelfully es I lh sttertlcs nf af
Houtb.ra cilixas is ki srieci eoiiecuoa
aativ and aeelinrstsd varieties of Fruit Trees,
tossing aoai 4D.0VU tree, of th following vsrirt
vltt Apple, Pear, I'tacb, I'luai, Apprirul, I herr
Nactarina, Airaoad. si, a caotoe anortmewi
Urspevltt., Rsavrles, 8trawlrrls, ets, eta-
All ruer, seaompantasl wita in. aaaa, will re
el, arempt attealisa and th trs aestly Backed
snd directed t aay port lea f tb ooanlry.
P. t. Psis.a wish ins uraamental Tree aaa
a (applied.
Oatober, llt&s, isn ra
Tlabl Vefrmi for Sal tt Auction.
01 tatardnf lb. IWlb day of Iseoember last st the
bit. eaaiilear. af boiiy Tiesherlake. de. d l. Vtr
laa af lvr aftbt Cuerl ot P..mly I shall rr fur
eel. asar.ltt sf stsmwika, 14 ar U VfcbT Lib a
LY KKliRlH aeaaisting ot lose nf irsnaca two artbraa
saaaea sad tb (alas f boys sad girls sad Basalt
RUsd aad aaraetty bearing totstaat rrasa sale sin be
rsaatrads Fwraoe. saaiitng ta pay easb ean does.
ilioa. a. l itustar r.a. a.
LaMl.barg Da. I, Isis. 44 St.
TTOHIl, saatblat f la 0or Cssta,
llo-iara. t ools, Ta'maa, tt. Ah a frc aa. It
ol t'h.H.s. t'aa. aad a. ling la be made so assert sll
af shieh sill be said tow fee task. I all asms d
tapply yaeeael.aa, d otml large I lo hstag Iba she.
sub. await a iiniiii.
b.l.i,b,Xv. 14, Sil. 44 it
8. . TVast '.4-1 I'd la at sin pleas make ar
east-mcais ta seille us, ae before lb. Beat day of Ja.
wary, ISS4, aa as af tb (ns e a parte Va Lav. lb
Slate st thai tin. 1 bass sbedrs'l cam ply wilt tb
above r-iat sill be salted ae by ea egaea.
ReJelfh, Set It. (.tt at J fc. A .
ARiiixti'i ruimixii TAni.HiiMKiT
li. asd ba day. 1 dnaaa l,.m'..'s Waal Marlae
I , libit stllKTS. Idas Pawai Hsna led-ieSbakar
I Lain base Fieerk R'aeer IMS tos f aeta. jtV
sa, sw toS M rasas aa assa. W se a1.ta masy
; gawds sbtapav bs es.r. Is aedse staab Is .s'lsir
i IMS af la Ibe tras, Jaaeary lat a. r
I gaad aad baaaWaa. Ciatbiag, wll at lb arl) rs; .Ut
1 1 iMfbiag tt. aas a tea t.tiy.
I e, a, I si. U tt
altera eer smbl.sbcd. aad in av to gis It ektav I
..l.ii ,L. kO-kM. S . i, l.-J sa ' iba 1
p"- i Card to Mt Patrons.
(iv issiLLAta fob the i wo tt 1 1
(Tka saw. by mall (a-nld) bs Calil-asa 4 ' TP t rLATIHI a ebaags laeer bssatoaeslst
ea .a., ... a - a. e i aat af Jemaaara I a bat ae..!... tt
. : . . 1 A . ) . " a . s.l PH sTtia IgM W9m ltl M IPs I lTT MV pat Ft aW v r m
ttau.m. n.M Hvay sav. au, progrww a,,. i..,. , ia M a. to .(. ts. .,-.t oi .11
II at kaswa tkat ditalsaMSS sl-t ta tts i . , , j. ..i j ,l. l.. " . Mat. ea. Ta ..! indaiaesnbseosdiket Mas
Bitk tt Iht Hilt if rttftk ftrtllH.
A blVIDKNUaf Is per eeat. ha this day
aaaa asmlarW ea the capital Meek ot tbi
Bank for the last ail asset ha, at la
Pneial Sash aa tb teal Men.toy la Jaaaary
Mat, aad at ta Kraarbes tflaaa data iherestlor.
I HA. likRt.1 I'.Ji.r,
tUtoifh, Pea, t, in.y t,;U
Kaglish Cahtnet. Isod I'slosaratoa and I'anmnr
urge aa tlat war, wbihst its mt of th Cabinet,
apfssrt kapedaua' .agt-eetlna, aad nbrc tb
preat epaisrtaaity, to ataka seats.
Liviarrnt, IhM. 1 4t. Ctvva I he atark4
(dvassred ( at lb begiauing of lb wek, tost toll
o4T at lh . ,
P.alaoari rre r fl.iisl. aad prtos anahnng4,
i i a
ReMga ta.
Jilll UK.NT.
baUalag leak sav4al ids
, It, !'.
Aiyiy to T. tt.sil g. '
le errry oskee pan af V "f " sa
-a-14.) J am Ibis toe . to esg
I W IL. t., ' , saaats. ea. s.
RemMteaswe toe sav a to. afcaee abaald j a. II be ll .gs4bn la.aawias auk sss, .1.
est. to seldnaess. aai tl.l. ta lb., i ready ssade, aad assr Iss-a. silt s-at.e a ,iaal
by aasatng as sard at see ad safillag tbasr tawtos d
(isaeiits aw dse.
(leers be saldrtsasd, waai wo', la lb
l.hntl.l tot'TT t t,
ks. H amd (treat, Rea Y-s.
Commlsilen Msrchant,
- (o. 11 (obt wsts( rrsrrr,
, - , t'a
A. A sa. ssl is aaai.esa sat af tinea end sma
r tosailf a a, saa ba ttmo4 ot
(K.. l.k A (Il k.
Va. ta, Ifcsaass Pelesabsig, V.
atoaaa Its, las. ?W
041 a-eU U, tlaasfa r, a.,., a el-aa aad tor
Ra. t, IS, a,
ml If
tiiji tt Mil k.
Re. It, H I
Ltulsbtrj Ftmtit nilBtry.
tBItR-IM U. .las (.as )aet
Vy par slaamss. si. av
Sslaistasrg. .. b t U h HI . U H R A.
fVl taeiag (ae.Ue tor ISti sill ssassass
X kt-aday, ebteh elll ba laa It'b say as J.
b r $ ,, asd I gklt t fm e-l.liot
yesslaas. silly tsa s.r. aliased sella s
A. U (Al, Frl.lp.L
taassbt, IStA. to ei.
'IVll. 'Aaea.1 Mas a, lY, lad ml af
, 1 tl . I . ..,. ad kab lnJ. a sll Is b.'S al
fb F. a.l.e as Ms II.S ' It. -a Mar-is tt e Vo b lU .SAkl.V, S- I..
esaM'a. bea.t.', !.(, 44 I
A M B R 0 T T f I.
rilHI aaspeetortly af tba pietaea bs. It Is sera tbraa.h
X Ibs (is. Bad ia aat reversed like Ibe i. fast ..
lyaet B4 it aas baaaas Is any lht, b; ss Ovs fras
tbs pll.h sf tb eilrer peala. II raj aat gat, and
bs (at easily eafsaad I M ts tmevtaa ts s.'-f, air or
aald, sad sill baal to agatBalmpairnl. f .'i.i
. I. i. HAWAII., U.h .lV'l. 4,
" "7XlsTl)7
j t IliLLS W, ( w its is 1 1, Mr ta
lai af Right Caanli Vlrgli.l. Mills W. Whiin.ld
Is aad sad left le gmasaeaal A illisj biitsid
Iws laereee, Addree.
, Tn. Kinp.
Civlat, Warroa ( s , M as.
Fine Trult Trees!
Oft fV i( rm ll Turk af li e lartt as'.r
t- r iv kiad. Sail, a and torve,s. w
eaady (sr tea by .baa Li-iv, at-e l-.r-t. a,
tesotswd C ,. 1 , rd tlaaa I lae t rek,
t Ss bam R. l aa.stta af A ..l-a, pcasbea,
4 petl at. R . e Sa tlri..s P. .-Saaoag
Ts wilt r" t s te dol jUee at J-.-! . Lsaa
Wj, Ms laritoa,etlaeB Lia"'.?.' aa. rs
i ..i;t A I.IM.I f t,
tiwLN MM
tot. 1,141. 41 -e.w
emt t. Taa (ab-tWs has rraam.4 b.a.
aad l. psra.d le See. e s'...a.ts S.l rs-
s fat Msbte4s, asd I-""-' l.ww. -,b,-.t,
I' I I I R B lilt .
Traml .. hn. baal, R. t. a.
VerMY, R-a. S, Is.J. asa.
. Fi m: o. I. cr
CoRnac, V'lnc and Enm,
tits wsrvi. o r.s.iat
t mti a inki 1 1.
s t ; I 1.411 t '. I T.
S l

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