North Carolina Newspapers

    V NO ItTII CA R O 1,1 N A ST A It W E DA' ESI) AY MO It I I x C, J AN U A It Y 30, 1 8 5 G
Tht Ntw Y.rk Courier end Enquirer Mate )J
it .- if.iii, Mr. Buchanan has
teen inai.ucttd i.i -trmtnd llie retail oi Mr.
S CrBiit", lot Bfili"tt M.tii-ter, (to kin t..artic:pa'
Mm iu tl. husiue-s, i'f euhsimea:. Tt; e..ail
i arowt t-t' j ff--riv of prmsdp,, wl.icb
T" 1 j baft snrunjt!,c-.,rro:-p- u.:eti, a bat
B i af Cal Beat. I ,t pre,- n.arwe.rr re raaiiut l , am it , he
nMfa with tuddao and Bnsparing bUiw, has j r ..,., , ...
, r
Iht Br.l.-U t veniineiiv, Inal ; nuurv Jmj a. duiiuff .which tiuit smut on (aun-
tiulaiKi. iwtiWu li B .w-l.eirs. i al.ed In biin. in yenr
"wLeday;iI ruing, Jul 30. 1&56.
- . i- .1.. jsnui i,
4i i mi n U a P.n..lii r.irtt i '
thijeiiy. v . i" M .Cr.u..t..,te.dutteoo.utu.J v.ul.iio
to) Cluse n auu mercnajis w ." f" - i
Hubj last, returned from hi place
of business in apt-rentl good health as ol.
Hit elork left fct dinner. A few luinut after
ha wat dtaoorered by gentleman who entered
the itore, to be deed. Mr. It. esteemed end
reelected by Urge eircle of friei-e end rabwvet
end la all the releiloo which he sustained to
them and the oomumn'itj, he will U"grtair niia.
asd. '"' J .
Xb funeral services were attended by a large
ec-eoursotfimreitixcnt, un Sunday afternoon.
The Oak CiV Guard, under the eund of
Capt. Ilarritoa, of which the deceased wae an
honorary member, turned out in force to- pay the
Wit tad tribute of renpect to bit ajemorj. The
remains were carried to Ilillnboro', on Mouday
morning, to be interred. ,
the tadlaa Ireufclee ta rierHa. I ' Supreme C-ert. , i w " wt KMiwraj I
Later' advice annoum ah safe. -vtsIJea. . Mg " " " . 7 -" . . ii . r.T;iT
UarOuf, wh wa au:.p..i t ba tao killed ; ""w . . w-nt Vi-hiia. -.ttr.n!uc4 re:tiH priutir.s
by t),i Se.uin.l' Iwliaoa, . ll .e!i wlifchl By Ki, C. J. la Latham . Sinmi,friia the H-. William Smi:h Sj-nki-r, for wlik-h the
re vorv imt cu-e t i .!,! e-:tiiir in ai.d ' J')t".a!liriimg the jud(nient belo. AlfU, Ametwana, end a ainaU twrtiua of the adminie
the e.'n)tt iiif;' ti-i. Ku leu kiiird.
i ar m i e e kiji-d an 1 w bb led i ;he 1 1 Wilti.-uua . M oud, from Wayne, aiBriaiug tVe of the a-.linMniim fwrty i.ifl atrain.
n!fFliiouni ,. Liwu. IL fcdbinweif Jlsunt b.w. rr..ri'..n. A fcw dava ajo the H u.a aieo.
tu ti.c v ir atid t'ubeis w..ere be Uy eeeitWd
Tae rsiSroad fruu M wcow, to St. l'elertl.urj; j Tb r-.icmi .!, to
will be pruiedted by reJ Uta at tarioua interTals, ) twenty un'm.
ll.; r:i:.; Xew an.l rich
A raria letter, alluding to a recent repurt tlat
jMr As w e did not receive the full rept.rt of
thereault of the election held for ilayor and
Commieeiouere of the City of Raleigh, January
21, 1156, in time for our but week'e iaeuej we
,hi week give them aa correct.
rem to.
IVm. D. Haywood. .
VTbj. 11. llarriaon, .
rv conaiaaioaKila.
Eattan Ward.
, Eklridge Smith,
Alexander Adama,
Wn. I'pcbnrch,
. MulMe Ward.
C. B.Koot,
K iHBaUle,
U. W. Haywood.
. Welter Ward. .
II. D. Turner,
A. M. Ouriuan,
J. O. Williams, ,
laew Item.
- Ob Saturday evening last we -were viaited by
another fall of enow, being the fourth we have
had this winter. The cold eiiellof weather haa
been unprecedented both in severity and duration.
From all parte of the country we hear the same
accounts of deep tuow, thick ice and severe cold.
A warm day, has almost entirely melted the
enow that hae recently fallen.
s Bpeakax,
Concreaa guenon yet throucli the same dull
( our laai1;- b:ti Ucoirue.1 i I s u ump'
ti.m t'U the art of a Forei(U &iti.i.u,ei,t tt, in
terptet our kwl. ' 1 .
As Mr. Craiupfon only acted by inntructions,
it is presumed the BritUh Uovemment will noi
recall biiu but throw the responsibility on our
gocerumeut of sending him his passport. This'!
will not amount to war, but it will tend to eias;
Derate the feelings of the two ouuntrien, and ren
der more d.fikuU the mttleuieut of the Ccutrul
American affair.
While the Courier thus positively asserts the
fact, that the UrilinL uliiiisterjti to be diniis.wd
we observe that other papers doubt the tact; and
iu confirmation of 4 lie doubt adduce the circum
stances, that Mr Crampton was present last week
at a diplomatic Banquet giicn by the President
If his dismissal WM1uip'fH3liig7 (ay"Hiey,( be
either would not kave been invited, or if invited,
would niai'nded.
Senator Brown, of lississippi, has written a
letter suggesting that the legislature of his State
should levy a tax of one dollar per bead un slaves
which a ould raise at once three hundred and
twenty five thousand dollars. This sum, he pre
sumes, would buy at least three hundred slaves.
and leave a inrplut sufficient to defray the ex-
pauses uf three hundred emigrant to Kansn"
The persons going out iu charge of the slaves
could be chosen by commissioners, to be appoint
ed for each county by the Governor, and these
oommissiuners could also purchase the slaves. A
young Missisaippian, thus made the master of a
slave by his State, and sent free of charge to such
a Territory aa Kansas, aould do the necessary
voting, and, if needs be, the fighting also requir
ed to (ustain the acts of hie Stuto in the Territory
lie add that if all the slave States would adopt
this plan,' they would have in twelve months a
slave colony in Kansas thut all the abolitionists
in the I'uiAi euld not cxjiol.
Ut I'tvswx. J. In Brothers . H.irrell. in nearly all of them. i4ed' fi'r a ftxolutioti giving to
Equity fmm tialea, dsolaring that the iijunotiiui he admioistmlion three .f I he officers: tiiis they,
oujtht to be disnohed. Abas in Murphy t Mcr- with aa much unanimitr, voted ajjninst. Here,
ritt, from Nimon, affirmiug the judgment. ; then.aretwo liri'iosiit-iris. wade bv the two winpi
Ali,.m 1'arnb v. Mcrritt, fMU S.uiiW!Hi,aard-, tt llie oiirwajtioii m the 11 mje o( Ki-preMnative,
ingaefMi'rs de oro. Alv 1" Walters A Wal- to tlieailuiirtotiatiiii party toonptniietliciloura.
ker . Breedoil, from Oolliinlius, deviating, that The acceptance if either would have, (tiven to
there is error in the proceeding of the Court ba-; the adminisiKiiiui thelargoxt abnre, and tne last
low, ! wiMild hnve i'iird the election of a I'nimcrat.
By Bttl, i. tn Spruill t. Pv?npurt. from Whatever n'm thev Blight have ai;f f
Washington, judgment here for plaiutiH for six-' declining the proKiiio'n made by ll.e Unk
pence. Aleo. in White v. fftanton, from I'er- i men, would constitute fid rernoma why they
quimans, athruitug thi? judgment. Also, in Kirn- i ehould awi-j t the prvrnwitimi of .Mr.Oarlile, for
eu v. 1'ridpen, from Xew llauover, awards; a j the objections they haveured against .Mr. Bauku
rrnircoVauro, do not (mid againat M r, i:uilh. Who, then, in
' tmptmsible fc (aihitw tk r&auize I
. " bisrreUHabla. ) lurtng laat Siturday and f'nday the adminia-
Tk. n rV. I....,.-,... I tratmn lelers to hn w the reafyinsibilitT upon
Ihe Uoueof Uepresettt&tivoa is presenting ft 1 . ni . , i ., . .
r ' B : the Banks men, r mietided thnt thev intjsht have
spectacle to. the woald whioli has never been ex- : uw.lml Mr., id Dhiu, .brWinir voted
he awoke, and you may imagine the rvviduliuu hibit.d before. It is dishonoring our country in i for tlw reaohuion of Mr. Thorinton. Mftra.
thseyes ot all imjioos. iu conduct may wen . . o. o"u. mm rr, .ni mj
. J" r tr "M""""'! nu wr'io, -jiniiiviiiaiH-aiiT, luai lor
raise a doubt as to the capacity of men for self uu.' ' ;j 'iX.! . , .i . .
good Engliob, "Coins outt coma out! I'll Bot
kill !" This was, however, an evident feeW to
assure tiiemselveu of bis wbereabuOta ud lare
him to bis death. He wae sul frequently able to
crsw'l to Fort Uruiu. ' , .
There, being unable to proceed further, be lay
down to die, but first wrote an account of the
mutter on the margin of a newspaper, with pen
cil, iu tending to tauten it to a tree, that his record
might be extant; so he laid him down in a pine
giuvo and slept, hourly expecting that death, in
some shnin, would vi;t him. It was dark when
Important fron HaytL
Froru Captain Baruaby, oi the schooner Ellen,
which left Tort au Prince on the 1st of January,
the Philadelphia papers of yesterday havo receiv
ed advice fully oontiriuittory of the previous ac
counts of the deleat of the llaylieus, with'Tt.e
loss of between '.'JO aud o(KI soldiers, with many
of their beet omcers, besides all hU munitions of.
war, provisions, and the Kuiperiir's military chest.
routine of voting without any change iu the re-1 eoulainingall the tunas mlcudcd for the prosecu-
sult i'f tit ballot. No Faker jet, and y u) ,1(J war- Faustiu 1 had marched oti.tx O
litlla proliability of one for some time io come. J men ag.iinit the eastern side of the Island, aud
W have received Copy of Hi "Transactions hie delcat i. rep. euted a. must o. mplete. It
of the aixth Annual meeting if tli Medical e iuim i auim uau esiu noiit tne imi-
itr of the State or North Carolina, held at I a neiu, uui uipiH.e.i reiuge was uuxnowu,
3 .. .. . I ..... ii.......l l. ..l ..n.. l . 1 ..i
Smuuury, X. C. May.' l-' then aiB-l. "" "- . ,c.u ...
iu,viu uuutiiooiia lot nis nea i. oo greiu aas
lie leeimg hjo.-i, that it was the general
piuiuii it llie iiiiiutitant uf Port au Pi nice, if ilia salie iijesiy t-eiuped lalltug into the
huliiii- I (he 4ii uniai ir, oe would be fcbot h ht.i
of feeling, you may conceive hia joy, when the
sweet music of the drum, beating off tattoo, met
his ear. No tattoo to him, hut the mrst joyful oi
reveilles, indicating the dawning of safety. . But
how shall he tell them of his presence? How
indicate, that he, ooTe whom they teek, is near t
Suddenly he bethought him of his pistol, aud
althooab, therewas but little hopes thut the charge
would be dry, yet the trial must be made, for he
cannot walk to ihfiu. He drew and fired the
pistol, fortunately it exploded the guard heard
it the long roll was beat, that the poor iugitivo
might be assured his friends bad recognized the
nigual ; lliay formed and marched musse to
hit rescue. Aud oh! what a meeting! Strong
men cried like children fur very joy in his safety.
A party then proceeded to tb battle ground
und upou their arrival there, a scene met their
view of a description so horrible that words cannot
deschbeit, for tlia.oorpsc of the four unfortunates
were still above ground, although in a revolting
4-eunditiun. They were sculped and indecently
inutiliatud. Their death was, of course, caused
bT the large quantity of balls which had pcrfnra'
ted heads, chests, &c, but thut they mere mutila
ted, while still lijiugisevident from the sigus
of warfare around them, surlMrtTho tcariug up
of the grass and sod, the pogitiou, the bits of
clothes reniainiuic iu their hands. Curran was
a remarkably aihtelic'Vmaa, he held a piece o'
Indian shirj still in his group. Ihey wore a
decently interred w huro they lay, at leant, what
there was of them, lor the Turkey Kuiiards had
taken toll of moituliiy, and left little but bones
for the sextons and wuiiiia. Their mourners
fired a aalvool Artillery into the adjoining thick
et, but no warw'hoop of the fie was blcn lej witli
the echoes that aunwerud. Poor, poor fellows,
quite boys, too, at a moment's warning, with all
their errors tiSjn them, reuiorvely hurried sway
to uie?t the dread unknown.
the I'nited State had niada a treaty aitb the
in Uur ll.iil v. Couacil. trom CuuiUi Und, t trsiion rty vn4e-t, mjkmc in ail.iu bvoruf the j Shah of 5eria, guaranlceiur certaiu territorr
Hrniin tlie jadgment below. Abo, in tturbank rwol.iiioo, F .rty-even. The greater portion i oa t!, lVrsiiutJulf, svva that, thou -h no such
:ii tne , . ' ; . . .
irvmiv uau jei mm niaoe, n is cvnaiu mat utosi
friendly adianren haie been.oude, and it is uu
iiirtiin.i(e-th itat the very nvmient Kuaiia and
America are intr.'guing with the Shah, a Mpen
sion of the lVrsiaa liptomatio relations with
Eiiglartd have taken place.
-.'--. Italy. ;', '
Oreot xoitcmeorifiSfSTi Rome in e'Mise-
uueiicc of tin report that Mexico had uppreasod
her legation and withdrawn bar Miuintor,and she
approves f the conduct of her officers, who have
ah etidy packed up
Liviki-o-jL, Job. 9. Flour, Western Cannl, 40
to lit ; Ohits -l-i to 41k ; S lUtherii, 41 to 4o ,
Red nnd mixed wbeat, 1 U 3d tu Us9d. Whit
Cvm, 10 to 48; Yellow 4. to 43. Od; Mixed
4(i'. Kice firui, ai 32 to -85, bp'tnts f Tur
pentine quiet, at 37. Crude, ltoains.
ovmmoii, 5s. v
IniYal af llie MriiUtUiiii Ballir !
rxaca vmiiiiuid! .
Thrre aia
... ...
ersl iciy niunstiug pa-crs anil a'Hiiee in yie
iiu,;.Met. Tl.e next meeting ol ti.e so icly
I he-Id in thi
till I I 'i
i fil l of
tun' w
tlickwood's Magaaiae.
oil er num ber of tins al fa -periudieal
i t ion of uiie-ua) mwre-t. S-veial
ia ,e examuel will will ri'ny
U kimd h:isai,: miii. ii ded u.'-
iin ,f n.r of he m i bid. 4'.d-Je ;;e
wriier- -if i'eK.i:it!:-h nilioii.
. r.srsta .r ef JLina.
The B- wn J' B-nal Miliums ruin . li
a. aire wlih-h ra.itlm i; in-lit, h - U -n
Uaker, of Ne Unni "hint, ;
tiovm-iior nt Kansas in lie (la l n r
.S1iiio-.ii, a ho is now un ih way i W- , uitoii
for the nu uoe. it i atatrd. f ra.ig'ii'n, hi r in-
miwioii, lernor Bir hs. re entiv .dd
property iu Oonra rd, V. II. w-ith the idm .if tr
movitia to lie West. He was in B.-l. a on I
Thun-diit, i hi way t WliiniEnB.
A Brother if Anthony iiuiiia, named Henry
Hums, who is owned in Louisiana, reoentlyou-
Uiiunl permluioa to visit his relatiuas ia Virgin.
is, od hi ws) hs was forced by the lot in the
river to travel through Ohio us Und. Tht aeoli- I
..Id. i.
. cplr
t -it I .
tot Ll i 1'e rnt'i'! ,
.i i i-cai itii iw..., i
. I. v j .!. i in i
. t '..!' ;
. ivf , - - , ' a,
1ft aiiu-eueuo of tlie eiity .
'itld l eis .lii.s we e an. eiher sumi
. uie...:- ui i-.itly eintil ! m
i w
s, .ill ,
li d. an I
h ivliiug
O.t in this om-uiiKisiK-e, much
aiger qua.,iii. thua LSaal at tins .) il il
he ttir.rpa uin.n ihe mukflt.
Fur the wek einliUg the lIKih we have no re
port Hit' weoiiwte noUi-ea iu titer London
paraof that da .,f the continued rigtair of the
saasoB. . r
Kddeat Aawrtcaa TUterlsa.
The Auierii-S'n elected iheir entire ticket lor
tioniata bearing that be was a brother af the fa-1 eouiitj i Stwis in Museogr, Georgia, reoenlly.
MoiM Aath cy Boras, made al! sons of rfWts to 1 hv a majority of between Iwiand three ban.
indaea bin lo beeonr free, but tit honest eerrn died
refuted and cam on to Virginia wheoee be will
retort) to hit master.
FretUest riant ta as l-sailavs.
Tht Dratueratic txiBrtntioat tf AUbamaaad
Georgia, al their recant tetaiooa, patatd rtaulo
tinot favorabU It lb fw-Bumiaatioa of PrteideBt
Pierot. Wt heartily twdors their action, for
tht rtatua that at Ihey kavt to offer ap toast vlo-
tixt lebt terribly dietaaced, we think Mr, Pier
Ik luott uao te U thus rtbaktd for tb tia of
tht yjatodo Iaocracy.
A full AmerioaB ticket has also beta elected in
FultoH Uenrgia
X'ewton, Ueorgit, ha also gone f.,r tht Ameti-
baa ticket by a hanaVmi aaaj. rity..
It Fayetttvilla, North Carolina, tht ether day
tht Amerioaa tioket for Mayor and Commission
trt Wat ehueea without eftpoaitioo.
Tear tUtri tad fifty Cat ttr aa Atwlt.
A California letter tpeaking of tht ex'rava-
gant spirit till prevallt every wher ia tht Stilt
tart: -
Applet (of large tise, lo bt art.) were offer
at (our dollars and fifty
Philosophy tf Advertising.
A merchant tnu-t not lie satisfied with alicrti
iiiiig, ears the Philadelphia Merchant, hut niuet
be wi-eiu ohooNiog the med;uuis for his adtcr
tieeu.eiira ri-me ieople use only the t:iieis
ooiinee ed with their owu political parly, which
I w imj only on the (uppositiun that ttiey want
ti.e patronage of uu oihern hut tim itiih whom
tlifj ttiee ill pi lltlcs. They will agree. Some-liuio-,
to help a p ditietil press by giving in it all
,1.011 advertising, w lteu it would ! Letter to g've
id- ..a ion oi.d secure the piivtl. d adtorts'iig
eii-wi.eie. &,iu,e gtf r an "iutieei.Ueni" or a
"neutral' ) tii'oai, nii'l (ortt Unit nil the cu-tom-
i t,u. iia. i itii M l onxt ! .iu iiiOtui iidann
r tin- iieuuui-, ." tl o. .- 1 i ev u e grntilmg a
,,-rtti ii.f i f oi an iiidiiieiebLi. io iiarties, II ev
are 1 int: ti it-uee to tile U'tit interest nt
ttii'itiees. Iia;.v t.eisons are la-lraied by llie
gieutueeo ot ue cireulatton of ti.uie paper.
wneiae a par w!,. euculiitmn is nuly tifisn
,ir twenty tb"Uand, is sometime more vaiuabl
a an advartising meilium than or that can
luaal ol it forty or fif y thoui-and; liecaui the
loiusr may go tmoug more reader, and the
right kind f readers tliau the latter. Fifty thou
sand paper ciroulaled auoii.g the kiwey class
is worth leas tu tU advertiser than fit thouaaud
whk h go aiu. ng tht middle and upper elaaiuw; j
and tut tact of advertising being offered at "very
cha ip" rate it enough tu settle tlit east with the
know tag one I hat tht par ia a pour medium.
And thea, tuu, if a maa want tht tradt of a vast
region, he luuvt txH bt aoBttaded with tdrertls
ing in tmall ev.nntry tapra, but mint seek out
tb paptr which i most ditTusiv ia it eireubv
tiua, m bracing many State in it tittotion,
I and auKBuading tlx notiot of lb atrrhaut.
trailer, manufactu sr and chief anise d ia all
deHVtBnB of baaii isa lift. To ad t truss it
tattled brineipl of taueMafnl sotineat.
government ; for, if faction oTerrides patriotism
nnd duty in this country where else ean mau-
kind expect tb supply a riiublio with purer
principle or with a higher feeling of honor f
Well may foreign power consider our govern
ment as weak, when the representative of tht
the people act with a fillr which would disgrace
childicn. It ia lamentable and niorlilyine, that
that the House of Rcpresentativea shuuld hart
been In aesxion from tire lirnt Monday in Decem
ber last without efiouting an organisation. It it
to important that this. or that man should preside
over itt deliberations, as In justify tli is prolonged
contest ? Wetluuk not. Th lKiwer i iu the
hands of the majority; to, that whoever may be
speaker, the membert of llie House will have to
shape legislation.
Whilst the House it eugaged in this unprofit
able contest, the most important subjects are ro-
quiring attention. Our relations with ting-land are
becoming complicated mid unsteady; and the Pres
ident it is said, is abou t adopting measure which
will endanger the peace of the two countries. Ho
will recall (it ia rumored,) our minister (run Kng
1 md tend the British in Ulster, liuiue;nnd refuse all
further intercourse between the twollnverrnments
until F.nglind shall have for having
eudeavorad. to emico uion from this country to
enlist in herarmies. Hasty or passionate pro
ceedings ort our part mny. lead us more rapidly
than ia supposed, into war perjiapt tho very
oliject aimed at by the Administration. Hut the
House of Uepreaeiitativtii lks on the pn'gres
of events of must tliiastrcus tturteiit, with au ap
athy which is truly nurprising. Members enter
the Huust at twelve o'clock, amuse themselves
for au hour in j-tnUr debite ubout uuthiug
vote once or tw ice for Sfieuker nnd then adjourn
to renew the same fi ne on the succeeding
div. Aiv l this they call performing their duty
to' their country, (jud help the nation which
have secured the election ol the latter ; by the
same process ol arithmetical calculation It can,
be doiihiiixlintM that, w ith therutireadiniuistni
tion Vote, Mr. Smith would have Iweh elected
Speaker yesierd.i V. Upon whuui, ihtn, (ills tho
responsibility f Ke will not dispute the accura
cy of tin) former calculation, but we cannot see
with a 1 at B insistency thej ulministration party
can reject a' projHiition made Iu them fo elect a
l'emocrat. It it undoubtedly true, that the anion
of lira Banks uion and t'ampUl! men hi hivur of
Mr. Tiioriutou's resolution would have elecied
Mr., Canipuidl, Bud it is likewise true that the
union of tilt Fuller men and Richardson men
wuuld have elected Mr. Smith ) but the latter re
fused to unite w ill) the Fuller uieu, eieu tu secure
the election of a democrat.:
Mosr. Or, (Vdili, and Houston coneidered
the failure of Mr. Thoringlon't resolution as
throwing the responsibility uain the Bunks men;
then by the same urocesaof reasoninc, the failure
of Mr. t'nrlile't resolution throws upon tht ad-
I nuiiistrntiou th re'iK.nsihilltv. We cannot
now tu ittniitiiatratma parly in tht tloust ol
Representatives cull etoapc Irom this dilemma,
unless thev count forward and prnpiwe by resolu
turn llie eh ution ol Mr. rullor, and in thut event
we are inclined tn think Ihey will find, without
the aid ol' cuueustes and mucus resolutions, men
who are willing to shoulder tht respou.iliilny
or if that will not do, let tlteni lake Mr. Mave't
reaolutioii, tliev will ue apt to hod "blacklema'
enough tlieu In hi'ar the rispouaitiility I and thus
thev will be relieved of Hie necessity of caucusing
auu will uivuie the resMiiiailolity.
Amtriivit (hya.
ruin um i.irta rant xisorr.
Xtw V as, Jin. 23. Th steamer Africa has
arrived, bringing l.iveriool d ites to the III b.
Eurijiean alTiirs iiuchaiiged and quiet.
The news consists mostly in theexieneiona hi
poaot rumors bri-rrghT hy--tbejireviiiu stennitr,
TherB:iltio arrived out uu the moruiii( of tht
Russii.'s answer to tht svaet proposals cannot
na. repriweuwiive. who can tuu. .actnoce tliti.-, ,rrive ullti ,,,. BIl4 ro,BlMj it ,111
own oiginty aim me lutereat ol their country, to m,nr- , j, ,,,. j ttM j, will contain n.WUr
grainy party or persuiml tttaclimeut.
VVnut is tu lie dune? Is this folly to be cou
tiuuid throulioul llie year? Are there not a
Bufhcientnimljcr of sensible aud patriotic mem
bers to put an end tu these diarepuluhlo and dau
gertms prnreedings? Or shall our glorious gov-
: eminent be wrecked in the struggle to makt f ar-
tculor individuals Hpeiker of the Iloustf Ke
b .ie fir better things plough hope H;is 1 ecu
di b-rred until the he.irt ia sick.
We have what are ca'le I natU'ital men in t'on-
an abulias usent or a direct refusal, but will
make counter pr (sisitioiiS lo be settled by renew.
td confi'i snee.-. Russia ooutiuuc to maVt i noes.
sant preptratioat.
The latest Borllii pnpers tie:ik not unfavorably
of th disuoaitiuu ul' ltutiia to cousidtr Uit Allied
Tht Asia Rust! Army tinik a position at Kara
on the 3td of leec!uber, the triniis being esja
Wired iu tnwii, leaving a t:ua!i detachuieut
C.waackt itucunviii ' the fi.rtiiiralious at Kdisnlv
Kr,, ,... naii -na, ,-.,.,g. i .rty reW. j h Th. RuiuJjuu. lar -tus
cuntry may i Yeniketd vlllazt oil th mad
issiau (iL-hyJ ?kMfjirsbn
nun Karl bt-Sulim Pacha,
supreme over palriotisui, an l tl
ga Ui,roin oneriunn ilie-e pretended Nstimi il
men will make the h ast touciliaUtry uiniiuoent ;
and so they Vote, vote. Vote never approaching
nearer the object they have lu view. Uut will
t lit slate or tilings bt much longer tolerated by
(lie order roving eitiseneof tb counlryf Tu up
poaelhatii will would Wto impute lolhe .lineri-su
pwple aa iadiuerenct to their vital inlereatt, of
wbicn they tenant justly bt accused. It them
tiiesk tu their reprrtsnla'ive, not, in tht Toiccof
supplication but in that of comuiaml. If th
people wimhl not hart tht r eountiy become an
object of derision anl contempt to tht eivil'uad
world, they tnu',1 compel their representative
either to resign their teats, or proceed, without
further delay, tu the electluu uf a Speaker,
CarparaUeB rracottflMcv
Rsi.ttoa, Jon. IS, 1.",6.
Speeial Meeting of B an) tj Comwlssiontr
leld this eveuiag, I'reeeat, I. I'roeter, Int. pro.
Tat Wtshingtua Cnioa talimtlet lb aaaiber
of foreiga bora rts'deBt of thi cooatr al lr I at frail ttaads for
taillioava. Of the fully fowr tailliuM and a ktlf I tantt a piece; thi pne it not osort remarkabui
or InhaWiUMU of th fre States. Thi giea a I thta that Thar art Busy pertont iadiaeeset
rspra atatioa ia Coo r rets of krtj let BHtabert ttsMigk lo parebaM aiw! eat tacts al thi rait. If
wail tht tlatt Suslaa get from their quo Us tf tat tul aostiaB, wb will Bot tay that ibtef
turwigB popalaiioa twly ! umbtr giving a I chard of Oreg.ia shall ant tu bt at vaiuabl
bsar pewposideraoc to lh IV) Stataa ut Ibrty I at tht gold aviue ef California? Tht lurer uf
ttaasbanL . Thut it tat way IM Aorta baa a apple, th abradaBe tf gold, and tht littl wti-
jairad it power to (aaltroat Ik ftuaik (ml IM I ino in akick tb lucre" it bldia Saa frta-
tarty wb fafor tb oatluusd iavmigraliua of cucu, assy fa Inferred.
tWmgtatiw, od tiwir ipsedy ustwetnsMt wilk all I S
IM ritwu tf tii'uumshiu, claim Is U th l V trw I f A CeKly
aai frMdt af th. K-thad a A c4ip.rary aty-that Ih S,.ke lo U
l i . i ' f. . s ft .1 . . . e
1 ;t w i W.!U 1 tnutow l"'s iisiii ibs, niaair wj mv eiaw at
a-- rr- w i i i i. .i .
ttlwtbtt asta la tl.t Batiutt. II has tea lb
Lnliad fkala Traasory, to far, atwol MB baa
deed tnnoaaad d. liars, and bow BtBs-k avses Usm
I low ever, tht aaiiutj kat tMtired
itttj Caaagta,
It k I amoved 1 tb Bwsairt iktl Jeff !-
tit it akotsl lo fasiga kit tat in IU Cabinet, ia only can tell
oiiOMqato at tf bit 4ort M Ih I u lied Stat I meet li-aa ta aqaittbrat, ia ibo ottaspth from
-, aod Ikai CkarUt Jaatta Falki.r, of
Virgiui, olfl aresii k'ua as Hcrtary af w tr.
Why may tsul Mr pHsro tav kit credit f V
kLti Is La U Ike L..l.lln.r
I'oagetst W 4 toy Iking.
otwry, andafpuinl Ct4. njadara, fred. 1-I
at mm other gmtb-asaa M t tosl Wrtar and
fttyaulalnlity I It it WaitMit Bta o admia
tottaibo t appmnl Faolknw lo tKva, If It aa
weeihly lad aaybudy tls. klark bt hti, wlx
It Willing It ateopt it. Wt keg Hit Brigadier ta
try, at tU kaaardt to 4 lb dtsvat thhg.
taasue Tessstt tektstoa.
Tb Hon, Robert Teomba, "f (ieorgia, agreaa-
Uy Bi iaviUUtoa, lectured aa WsJnday tight
Uat at T reason t Twuple, Buatoa. He wat iulro-
ducod lo tko aadiwe Iry tk Hot,. William Ap-
pUrtoa, wkott gwttt kt was, aud tpokt at tnutids
arabl Uegih, giving kit tvWwt osv lh tubjarl
of slavery, fairly tad wilhuvl tquivoci.tioti; tad
wkila advaaeing Mtilnta opmiuas, tajlipg Ik
potllioa that should ka assumij by eses-y MoBIb-
k few ill avaurstrrd ikdiildualt attattnt'
td tht lixil't imitatioa of aaef ul den new ef ibt
pusiltry yard, but tho tmsadt wtw drowted by
tht hearty applause uf lb lecturor. AiHtetbar
lla loator apbaart it ktvo ka very wall ra-
teivtd, ewcsteeeiag last totality, aad lit attrtas
titoa gsBtfaily held to that revgi-a opoa tkt
tabjoot tf tko "psouluw bsetitatsuB."
taalttto tar IiUavsra.
Tk New (Irlewot ltil tay thst tk rVat
Cuatonti-iti of lb Aaverkaa I'arf) ef teMiiaiaaa.
a kirk kat family beta ia aeasioo lo tpt-iiat
IMegamt to Ik Xatinatl Cesitwtitiaa, kv 4
ebtred MiLUsal Fiu.Bna to k IM ttHiie of
LuaUlaat (wtk Petsl ftosj.
lem.; .sie.srs. ii. i'. i umer, r.( , A. ,vr linrman,
Alex. Ailama, B, L. Ilarilmg, t ommissioner.
A eommunicaUeei fioia Ihe Klath ( Inert
Troup.asking the aw of City II ill fres.d charge.
IB BHitfrn of Jl r. tinnaau.tltt Hall was jtvta
to th tpplhauls har Una week. -
sts.oMs. sisi i 1 's ii.iH.n avcrta. repoi isjai
that ba ba reiei.e.1 f7U2, 4, and paid out
f .s-'iT.-JII, loaviisg balavuca in kawisof Tiwaturtr
torn an I lee oa Traaeurar e and Tat I Hector s
tcenonit tral tht lotlswiug repurl akick was
adotwasl. it witt
Tb ou...ii- apteion to txtmlM Ine! k y,fmti demand.
Treaearer 1 lax I ..l!eot. ask leave ts rwrtart,
that they find th B-snka, te.. of swsh, til earreet
and plainly text hitellipwntly kera, that In
afair of the 1'iiy Treavewry may a asertaiued
at a glaes. They find "epti as and Mtarwy
la isMB iriaaot in a reanaratni oeceaa.
1 be t'cMtssiltee rtwyitninend ibi
llisj kt alti-wed tht city Treuarar
res. ta wall sod tieellrwily psifuriwed. And
farther that heUall i-e-l lb saua ol I Vnr attra
ttvuN, ia Use log Boswlt, apeauig mw Buuka,
i he Cmmilte b-el rt due let tl.s City Ci.fiaelne
tbaa puhhrl lev stale .that vry dollar aawsord
sa l Tat hWaa, espia few kaadred a dlaet
Ussd hy een im kail K sd ier. st4 Ineot
tsatt.PoiU.has beM e.dlecie.1 b4 duly psi l um
its t ilt Treasurer ihi ig ui.rIW4 in lb
bist.sry uf ut iih-i.iist ta U.i t by, so tat a
tb ksinw ledge i4 It I 'umm mew 'itedt,
II. li llkMH. I.,
v i it i uiii v.i i luta.
Eneruuin. Toe Kin
ire of an aitmk upon Kar4bj,-Sul
conseiueiitlj he kt oni'entr.ited nil blttvailahl
forces tbrrt. Selun Puflit wis e in amped in the
mountains ul lVrehbuyniKi. Tue liuasitii sttaek
un Krtenmia it not considered pr. balls tl pret
tut, owing lo tht rxhtustiwnof tiv,it aud Sil t
tsi.Laxu tan rtixrt.
Tht feeling in Engltnd ouuliuue warlikt, lad
i l Franc, It It again becoming to.
Tu French blew up the Docki of Sebastnl
on tht 22d ult
Tli ntwt fruit England is aniuiporttnt. Tb
HiUiem la reii'reueo In the I fetish Sound
duet quaslha Ota I eca leoVtinitcly puslpuaed.
inx ciisn.
Ther ii nothing later fma tlit Crimea. '
AtTairt ia Asia unchanged. ,
. I tattma,
rtwedea eonliaue actirt, Btilikt prepara
lioaa. rOMMEI'.Cl AL.
t.irr.Hri. Jan. 9, 'ofi Ssles of H day
liutM bales. Market dull, lml pnert ancbanged.
alluuutb antwa tircutar rep-irt a deelino( I 8 Iu
1-4. Tb sale pi speculator lad K I purler I weft
on thoasand bale ck.
FUhtt ha ulvanced OJ, a ith lit prosed detasnd,
W host advaneed two uee. t'om firm, bat
( in Yotx, Jan. !i4. Tte steamer Baltic,
hieh left Liverpool on Saturday the 12ih inslinf
rived this morning at bar dock in tlit X'urtb
River. - -
On comparing htr newt with that brought by
a steamer Africa, there is no object of material
cunsetjueiice to differ from it. The Petcc prnpoe
It submitted by the Allies ta Russia, hid not
en leceivtd tht Ctar't answer. Somewhat
butter hopes of peace seemed to prtdoniintlt iu
the people'! minds.
Russia hat had the time for her decision ou tht
matter extended to the 18 instant, am, etpectas
ti. ns arc ut an oxeiling pilch lo learn any clew
to th Cinr'i resolution regarding these Pence
propntitiont. j.
Yet tlit reporttfrom Vienna and Berlin still
Hint by adv ices received therefrom St. Petersbutg
that the Cur will make no further coavcrsaioni
in the matter.
On the other band, it It known that certain
formal cootcreiicee were in session in St. Peter.
org discussing tht prpposilt.
These councils were attended by Keesclerode,
Esterliatv, Aeliaoh and Sommer,
The iiideuctideoct Bclgt puklishet tlit text uf
the Allied proposals. The general impression it,
thut Russia will neithor accept nor reject th
teims tut will send Count StukolUurg lo Vienna
wiih counter profKitalt.
1 bt latest ntuiors hart a mort paciti teoden-
Pen mark bad announced her resolu. t neutruli.
ly in the war, and ba ho connection with the
tllianc't made by Sweden. .
Frvui tlit Crimea, tht Bolt id brings na ntwt
uf interest.
lien, (hnar Ptoht and bit troi.pswors at
Red. uU-Kule, thut in bythtinuw aud the
Kuasitut, for tht wiuter.
Napoleon ignis ibreateot tn go personally into
the war.
Iu Kng'nud, Richard Cubden, bail again pul
lisliedaliew peace ptmphlot. It is drawing much
wtletitioa in the I'ountrr.
lirerpool, Jan. 12. Coth n bsJ declined from
) to r. Tht sale of tho weekaaumattd to 44,.
000 bales. Fair X'ow Urleana waa at 6 j Fair
uplands J.J ; Middling uplands S S IC -"
Flour had tdrancad tu It compered with pra-
yuMit ttatemmik Th weet't quotations art Hit
tain tt per Africa. Corn, whitt unchanged;
Yellow tl 2; Beef, Pork sad Bacon quiet. Lard
CD Cd. Consols hid declined from 08 18 la C.
w open
d l.sve i t-ii i.i ,1 li
AmertcBit river, and t', intcil.get,e, f, .. ti,
mines is very i-fti-mii-s i.j.
Tra-le duii and ti.e i. -i:.ii.j in th iati :t
was liijitl t. r ti .iir and gr.'m. ,
fegdate to tht l'vreti.'.er lvjs-f -.-
received. .Sml.iiiir ws his.d nl'... s
party which went tottis.k Fiit Wixlla Waiiu,
which has in the pwes, v. ,n t,l ih Indiws uf
Xortbcrn t'alifnrtiio, wlmwre K.ii vu-rjuiiiiin-
deiireda'itiui. llenrjre l. .rl,.,-, Anifii sin i?.
tnJ at Uahaint, is dead, in Xirarautt t'lj. Wall
er is receiving ectimit hy everv simmer. , n,4
tffectivt luroe Bow nnmlwia (0. . , ..
; -TA-III-D.
) On the 5th inat., by tl' Rev. P. J . t'.irmway
K. M. C. Williimson id Smithficl-I, to Miv -arali
Jane, daughter of tl Uto Johu Smith of Wayne.
"At Buliier's Hotel, in Salem, on Thursdnr,
1 ith iint,, by P.ew, Mr. Balilm n, James !!. Miel
ton, pultlisl.ernf tht Lexington and s'adkin Flag,
tu Mist Maty Virginia lorg, of vit enunly.
. Si W I" ii I i
Rxi-otttD xxrtcasiy n t tut X'. C .'tit, cij
X. M. MCPHKF.TE11S i Co..
MAoi'muj Grvrn, ywardiMg and f'l.wnnWim ...
, ' ' , Hmhant- Wxih' Wlttrf. J'
' -i .- ..J .
Horfolk, . Jan. 8 Flu t Has continued
dull, with a downward tendency, c th i. k it is
temporary hotvever and look for reaction. -W e Sui'ieilln$U to ).ExiraJSI3 lo B'l.Famiiy
0J to 11, Tlittupplyon market it limited. :
tsnaserie of all kiutlt ectttinue to ru'e h'lilt.
8urvt N. 0. and P. It V In Ketined 1"
tn iHi.oriithed JI to 11), Loaf II j rn PJ C, C-e
Kio III to l-i, truayta olid Java, Bone- SaU
L. P rl,7.ti. A.rl.16. V
Navil stores. Tar ii lo S, SR.: Knaln ?l f5 fo
2,87. Spirit Turpentine 4tto 4. fiir um I lote, X
Corn White T'J, Mid 7S, ieilowH. utS
Th tevtrteuld weather hasmateri ,llv att'eetaJ'
business, at tht Canal and Rivers are all clocd
with ie ' '
Potertburg.Jnn. 25 WtittsT Ralesofala tit .
1. IK) bushels lit-dny at ? 1 0 tu it. V e nisi
prime whitt and red at t- other gradu jl V-1 W
I M). 'x-- "
CuTToK Wt q'rntt ? tu Cj f r gxid piitn
lots. Toanvo In fnryd request and s lies sre. rte?
leaf li( MS). -Now litga 4to5J. li leal ,
$H bj Uj. Old lugs & tn CI. ,
. FLoia City brands uf extra pi to m, Su'
pertliie ': "'
ticsNu t&i to 65, fur Peruvian,
BsfsiN Va. hog round 14 to HJi
WUmiliptn,Jajl. S8. Tt s rtvyiNr FiiTihet
anlet yesterday of lliit) bids at S..M) f r ye low
UiK and 1.60 tor hard per hid ,l CM) bids.
8rTt Tht market - apfetvnHquiet, tnd
hear of no iranthctiout tuber jitcidiy or to
day. '-- " ' - i ' ' '
)!oim Salet vtsttnlar r-f 850 bbl c. mmtwii
at 1.1U for meilium sited lil'l.
T.t -Salut yesterday tiflOO bids at 2,05 pet
TiBWt-SaUtof 3 rarttat4,u0,J,00and 10,51
per M. at ia quality, .
FayettviUr Jan. 85. ttA.s,Tl.t market
hat boon well tupplied tu'iet at U te 1JJ, hug
Cots Wt tdvauot our quolutiuns, fair tupply
on market.
CoTtoK Market t eaily-stuianufneturert ar
buying ttont tourtb to unecigluk bot thif
ptra' notions principal sales ut i lor List
t)4t Are wan vol fVvr teed at iO ct. a No ohantre ia prh-e re. i.'.i tt littht.
Stick in Woreliotise about 41X1 Bnncls, wLith it
uncommonly small for the season
Pittx In demand at Bets.
hnsitt Titi-isriiit ill c's. l!.iw Jo nu
Kako Ktnty when Yott Can!
V1K HatiM-ribsrs Vstrt Uy.rmr lbs tii.lvii M l ol a Afcal ia s r I'nuniy t ihe I mil
BUjtSW. 4.ttl,-0-'tt SIHl esjiSllli- ItH-SIHwJf lUSlid l-f-'SI .
dutlars per day, wilkuul ritk. i,r -bstut-a ::r ef see
kind, rull ptrtit-elsre ef Ihs aslnr-! ol tltc Usrts,
wiUkstiisi by astilrtsstus ILs tub-etnier. and f-t-wsrslmi
IINK l"ost "It's autap pr-Psr r-lars p -et,
() i'l BKY 10.. Piaisib-li i s. !.
tending ouwiiwaH, Pr'.cx Mliehangnl. Bevf
Pork, Lord, and Bm
quid. C.s.4i ft J. English fund rallied
yasterda) Uir-ighlt at th ! ih., bat a ra-
Upsw taljMsiat-atly t.s.k Ise. At lb rltinguf
jastarJay't -nea, M-ry wot asy aud in good
deasand at lv ps .eel. At Pans thru per
aJ Ih Mat af J eeat, and llie market elnssrd at a ktT In lit rat
' .f kit asryi-1 ,,.,. J:. .-. . .it.
t - e - - --e- a - s " J
tela Bad la A1U,
Waskinttoa Jeaaary t lei. It kat Ism
talnaii I bat tb long tailed uf ailtauc ket
Spain and lb Western '..wrt kt kaen formal
ly ..nas ei-d, tht IrM binding kerself to susl
in t tk Md tea ar Iweaiy tl.t . asea ia ll-t
Kpriag. and IM kutef pn miting la prulaat ft.h
ssti ntisrtsls, and pwia-tUily Ctba,
tatoat manna,
ll it usia st lentil asaritel that Austria
will sibmi l'r peasfMaiikiW tsl tl-a lies ass
Ih, tad tall a lb Ihet lo spi-rt tt.eet.
w tktit dale fruta tl.t Crime Ui tht 5ik all.
Tk RaasiaM ksvt in tea as d ilsssr fonllcalsuB
ovar Ink rata tul msk4 tw biu-nt va
(! PVIIesH-rrvns tins at Ti-beraaya. Gee.
Oa tsmt-a uf Mr. Ilirdmo, Untswrnef fll.JO '
wr.fa'-d-atMr.4 B...aM J. II. ! Mattempew sow hs his d
toi. t !
Adj strwed.
t granted f -f past ) ear.
ll it rwfsnrted by ltgrt.k.'Val Wtshiegiita,
that Mr. DsKksnaa kat writlea to lb tepaft
rsenl at f. dselarlng kta iatoaibai lo itwvo
Trttet Pewpeet,
Osl-Cirt r't Alt iev.
Jtaavart ',
Tnee IMlKo l'.t. I ksl I la Pari.
Xshjory a uj twMaikssi ky tkt stops i a tht Xi.wS PF.K BALTIC.
At rt. Petersburg, on llie. 3rd inst., tht war
ossncil ktd conrludej and it hat been aiadt
know a that tht Russian lactic, for tht approach
ing campaign, had undergone important avudi
ficatMtn. An order tent from betd-qntrterr.ln-diuate
an intrntiua to abandnn tht Crimea, and
a part of ll. troop bad been ordered to re-ii.fono
Ih division ureler tinn. Monrtvutf, uthen were
to join thtOiaiid Army of tlit centra. Advh-ea
fntta Kiel up lol'tb, ttal that tlit w tiers w tr
till i, en pit trad, between the lower Baltic
porti, and Ihoaa above, Rosut I. ad i-arriid oa
matter in this lint with great activity. Aa
American slop baj arrived al Marrud, and waa
.loading witk hemp ami yarn.
Xsw r.ot Mokti Vinto. By latest advices
lo LmdnB " rUturday 12th, ntwt from M ailt
Video ap to Xiivetshcf aanownet that aa th 2'ilh
rovoll bad brukea Mil ia Mont Video, and wat
kept up (our dtj tia the iiy. TUnent wat
bluialy, and ia Iht Oiaflid IHUman wee killed
and a aaurh larger number Wounded. Oder was,
kua ettr, restored on the 2!)ih, when Muum and
tko rsvoliiliotary party tmbtrked W Bueant
Ayr la a tirtmer.
la tolifi rmity with tit drmandiof tb dlph
tattle agents naideal ia Mont V wlrst, tb f.irelgn
tn during tlit tbn't sffrs) ttslnts ted a ttri.-'
ne-ullalilj. .
Tk uttrUnd mail from India kadttriirda
Maieeille oa Fr-d-j H i I Ilk li st.
Vttr Lttasf rant Lotpoa. la tl. Lmd a
poal wb'.i h kat direct tdvie an lit'tr. It i
staled Ihsl ihey cantxit OonQrm th repurl oftltt
akitgaf llarat, l-e;ng ip ir4 by Iht I'rr-
tiaeit. t
Reiuews from lit Baits f Fraset tud I'ng
fausd slrfiw t furvhef dri.res.iiss U th ntom y
ajaikrst of yid. Slut Pails.
la wsll iiif.naied quarters, ill UlieisJlktl
deftaitt latelbgeiiw oa lb ete Ifausaioas
wi-i'd reeek Ik British (stvtruasem frwea Vumna
a Ik I4sh Inst.
Tht deerewet of balllna ia lU Baakaf F.i.gah4
iapwaidif fll.tsk Tkt d"-te.e ia lb
Batik of Franc f.ik wastn.'.tviO frastet
Horth Cuoliua Biz Per Cent Stats Bondi. .
I i Tat-AStty ltriutai, a t I
"'.i--- Jsa. 17. ss,
Slltl IIIII'ltllPIWAlJtWII.LKli tkv l.H t0
attiseBs.t aaul ..Vlsti, A. II .. Iik4 ts v,
use I. Is- Ihe .nr. l,se, :"J " Oil Itxi.ts u il Lt H
Buut at Sunk t ar diua. 'Ihes nit. kwar Usls Jiiua.
rr 14 tin, 4 will roe IU" r -f,
Peefsssls will Sis l t.r,...J n lbs mr.t,se t.f
l..ltsistssistilfa will eve tatsd trt Ij,
sat wMI raa ttirlr sr.
Htk rlassas al UataJs wilt base ixi " aosebed I ir
Intend l l ft per eltas.MjsWs e lh'
l Jaa'jr sat Jul la s. a tss imj jr. su.ll.olK
risietftl tn laurosi will te psl.l al lbs Ust k f
lbs Hepsklia, hsw wtles,esll. l-erlv ci"srs
o, bait Iksss pajaMa al tk Itearurv s On t'eis f
2lbrlk Camlie.
TkrywiM ks i-.ws4 la taws ' !.. Titer ar
tlprsssly ssessiilssl lru Is Ism ! s V
Psrllss kiJJlfl!l pi. " as.irr.s Ih-'l Mlers ts.
4rssd -Pr. stst-Tf K, C. Softs." U ib s ,4 is k
sw SI It.M.-k, M , '
Haree-slnt k.4.lsti m krise lif- ran .1 .f lbs st ei
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