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    north Carolina star Wednesday morning, febru ary.c, issg.
ffottlj-CaroIinn. gtar
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'WednoUy attuniing. Teb. 6. 1B56.
T- . A , at last.
It wittr uj reflcrteuce to the juooreJing
"..f (Va-erce. tbat that body on Wat Saturday,
.t-ttslBarik. Speaker. Ve h-i "r1 f " 1
different wait, but, under .the plurality rule, he
... ,ietel,' W hart room fur comment
'- Orwtloa.
In eivins tl.e tote in our last, fr Mayor and
Commis.. ateur lJ Ictiou, our type
Kl a do injustice to Capt, Harrison without
intendiig tEl. revtf-etl Wrott-, towe
was tlien erroneously stated. VT. niu
kinr. the mistake, but och error eaoool nlwivk
he avoided in the tste of puttinR a paper to pre.
Pretuinat l.tfct .
We lay before our reader thi .eek,tbe list of
premium for the nesLfnir of the State Agricui
tnnd Society. The Executive Committee, by
.v,..;, nriumit and earlv action on till wid other
I , -
matter touching tlie interact of the Siciety,
i,. .i,iin it to be their intention, no far u it
may be in their power, to make the next exhibi.
tion a uceful one, aud in every way ereui
table to tbe Society aud to the State.. y Oust
that the coming Fair wilt not-only; equal but
urpaae the anticipation of itf Warnves frianda.
Let all, then, who feel desirou to contribute to
in sueces.ot about preparing at oncewtnething
for exhibition, and there will tie not only a full
but a highly satisfactory and creditable exhibi
tioD. "' '
Vslnubte PeiluOlrala.
We have received frum the publishers, Messrs
liix A Edwarda.New Vork, the February nuut
ber of the following excellent publication, issued
' l,y them, vi t l'uiimin'a .' Monthly Dicken
Household Word, and the School Follow, -'Putnam'
Monthly, batiue a few offensive article to
to the South, ha acquired much ropularity fi.r
the n'dlity and originality of lU article, House
hold Word, like everything coming from under
the uperviiin of Charley Dickens, ha an ex.
tensive and admiring circle of render, Tlie
sclual Fellow i well adapted to the want and
taste of the 'Tit'ls at home.
. A Catena -
A erresvondeiit of the ieadoa Guardian g'.t
a thrilling account of the grand reception of the
twelve thousand returned Frenoh veierant, in
Pari. - Mo effort waa eparel by the imperial
government tnive eclat to ti orcaei n. For two
utiles tbs National t'.uardand regubir trie at, a
their UHt brilliant unif -mis, lined tbe tnMls of
Hie gay metmpoli, Tl.e peopl turned out in
njivriad to behold the scene. Tbe sidewalks, tbe
windws,the house-tops, were crowded with tl,?
excited multituile. The Kmpernr, the Empress,
and royal houoehold aererf iremoat in the 0g-
nificeut pageant At length, a heavy gaa peal
furth the,ignal that they eome, aud the beadf
a column of infantry approached All eye are
fixed upon them in on concentrated and burning
glial In their front, com their wouifCed oiu
without band, other without aroi, maoy hob
bling aloiiR on erutolie. but all unwilling to tay
at hotfie.and Ioe their bare in thi great uva ion.
Then advance, the olid raukofirnn warrior
who, unhurt and u'hhanned, have pruted tlirouh
all thi fearful war; the men of Alma, of Inker
man a, of Scbastopo', those world -fauicj) ZiiUaifi.
thoee invincible whntculkthe Malakoff, bronied.
rough, dreed in their plain Hj;bting clothe?,
their camp equipage with them ; their flags thot
all to bitten, and in their grim, battle dre;.
rooking, amid theVliday I'm of Paris oUierl'
vv We have received the firet number of the
rivinouth Banner edited and published by Me
sen. Ivenp.rt and Kelly. It promise to be a
t.iritcd aud useful ipar, devoted ( tbe iuler-e-t-,
agricultural and coinmercial, of that section
of the isate. It is to 1 independent in n liiio'.
W e welcome it toonr lit of exchange", and wi-h
it- couduclor much sucoess in their new eniei
e. .
Worth C'arulins Tiasc.
W. Eln.rn, Eh(., has purcbaxid tht e!nMish
ment at VViihiugton, X. C, Tlw" will cur.
tloue tht aJvoeaev of the prmMpln of the Amer
ike a dark thunder cloud.its eilgosjslitteving with
the uuligb. We do not wonder that ran com
pletely boiled over with enthusiasm, and that
when Canroliert mode his appearance, t was, in
Hit hnguagt of the corropou.lent, n fpark tot
train of gunp.iw(ler,-and the whole city Went
a.ori.isly mad. It is said that the vetnian him
self wa overwhelmed With tlie scene, ana siicu
tear like a child
According to a correspondent of another Lon
don paper, tear of a different sort were being
lied abfcut Jthe seme -tune in the provinces
France. The conscription was spreading the
greatest distress and ngonv in the humble dwell
injc of tbe peasantry. I here was wailing among
the mother there na bitter a that of Rainah of
Sulilce. In every cottage there was some U.ichel
weeping for tlie child that was about to he torn
from her breast. iThe war called f.r youths be
tween the ares o (itwelveond thirty five, and in
11 direction they were maiming thomsclvc.
cutting off finpers, and putting out eyes, rather
than, with whole member and twa eyes, tu be
cast into the hell lire of war. What are-ponsi-bility
ret u)on the heads of those wbo bring
uch woe upon humanity!" If tlie murderer of
oue man Ucscnes ine vengrancoot iivaven. n
must be his dwm, on whose misernble soul rests
tlie blood of a hundred th"ii-snd innocent men !
Mr. Law ud the 1'residenrj.
George Lnw, E.-q., bus w ritten a letter to a
friend, the closing paragraph ot which we au
nn :
1 assure yon, my fi iend. those w no malign me
In tlae charges do not know uie. 1 place to,,
high an estimate upon the American pany to !
ican party. Wb extend tlie rijbt hand of fellow-.! liete for a moment that any atieoipt to control it
by money would have any eflect to advance llix
pnierts of any niau who would "niako such ef
fort. 1 feel that if the aecuaiiuii you ' v an
woied In my behalf acre Hue, rijtht nun lot mB
ought to denounce and worn me as unwntiby
Ui sinslle-t office or iron, and much more un
worthy the Presidency of tho Cuitcd Siutt-e. I.
tsinevir noiniiinted lor the Presidency , ut if
clevate-l to that oi&ce, ii unit lie by the olunta
ry, unbougot aud unsolicited ufi'ragcs of uiy
country wen. I will not remirl to intrigue ur in
ception to attain a noiuiuatiou tu that exalted
place, nor to aid my chances of an election, if
ship to Mr. E. and wi-h him abundant success
p .litioally and peeuinarilv."
ft-T- Mr llust,, of Arkansas, assaolied Horace
tl.i-elv in Washingion City on the flrtioin of
the V"h ult., iu e .iise'pwni-e of reiarks made
bv the latter in a le:ter to tb Trihunoon certain
resolutions submitted by Mr. R. Oreely is said
U"t tu be seriousls iniured.
llistilct American t'oiiventlun.
A yet w e baie heard of no move Ih any, one
of the seieiul c-mnties daniwaiing this Oongres
s onnl I'i-liict towards the apiointnient of bcle-
. f.. r..nrssnt ii it. Mi Nntii.nal Ain'rk-n
Convention, to 1 lie d in Philadelphia,' on the nmninntedi wwt if ei4, 1 will wtduhunir the
'.'2nd lust.; nur. inieed. of he dwignation ot
I if lor hoi ling sio-h I'i-irict t.onveulion. 1 his
is tiie ea-M.n nl the courts, iuaomeof theciun
ties and it w, uid iio ill fir the friends of the
-American party In bold mee lins aud a.s int
dele-Mte. Eien in cun ie where no on irts in
tertene. there can I on d rl.-ulij in geuioc tlieru
up. A to tlie d iv and place, how would Tuurs-J
1 it, tlx I B. al naielgu, anawer.
it is indisfensahle, it seem to us, that th
Americans of the Metmpolitau District shouhl be
repressated at Puiladolphia, aud hrnra these
suggestion. , Hnjithr.
Wt heartily apprnv of th suggestion con
tained in tbt above, and bust that every county
iu this District will send un a full delegation. Itquda.
Wt notic that Mr. Siarkt of tht rVnate of
Miasaippi. treeeully signified hi intention to
introduce bill to provide for tlie payment of tht
Planter' Bank bonis. Toes bolull c institute
but a stnsll portion of tht ranadiated deU of
Miasisaippl, tlie main portion of .that delitoinv
isting of Uit bond issued by th l'iii"n Bank
Tbt entire indebiednes awouuls to m thirt. en
or fonrteen tsilloms. Tbt movemrnt t.rih
payment of tht bou Is nf tht Planter t Bank i
But n very titrnstvt on, bat it i in tbt right
Mprens rt.
Tht following decisions hv been mad sine
eorlnat: . -r
By Xs, C. ,, S. 0. Mutual In. r. y.
Hick, from AUaaance, Judgment reversed and
jadgHMSit br h r plamiit. Aim, Adam .
Adams. inKoullv, rruasUaaufutt, reatdoe to b di
vided (Siually jssreMo between the children of
tbt br-Hlier tad sister. Ai), in A'sritl t . sinrp
rd, in Equll, from ObsUiw, diHnissing the bill
with on,
By Pisaausi, J. It Low y. 8oel, fro Mrt,
diracung t wrttt aart. Abas, in mitW . I'l
tsstqae, hm lljde, dirsriing a eswirs V ssnsw.
Aivs 'i isMiton . tHrWklaisd, flu Nl, dirert
nff t eisr oV sssra.
By Bsttli, J.a-la Iltrringwitj . M -era, fmn
PitL iwiersmg lis lu.lnsmsnt and dirartln a
judgment uf nonsuit. Also, in It rock . King,
fviea KotsaN tHrning the jndginiit. AIm.ib
(Hiasnn v, Jiourfy, frata Mwr, uireolff n v
at sw.
HI. n. - - S I 1
office nd my country by perfidy to my friends,
or injustice to those who may have opp '-ed
y election, or those whu in the exercise of
their right disagree with in a to uiy official
Iu allowing any friends to use my name, (if I
know my uwo heart,) 1 have not been influenced
by any selfish ohjoct for myself or other. 1 he
maintenance of iln honor and th intereUof uiy
country and countrymen should I th sole aim
of et try man chosen tu fill tlie Kiecutivt cluur.
1 shall not niurmur if any other t letd;but if
I am designated, I slisll do ny utuiuat, witb th
aid uf Provident, tu do my di.ty.
Vtry rt.'pectfully,
yuur ube lient servant,
(jtosGt Law.
Uwis R. Parker, Esq., TiatiUm, V. J.
Millar 1'illuisre,
Th Eastern pn are publishing portion of
tlie eorrHdcnc of Henry Clay, which have
not heretofore been Bade public, but which are
shortly to appear in b sik form. Th following
letter to Daniel l llmsn, of New Turk, live th
reader Mr. Clay's opinion of Millard Fillmore,
mm of tht purest statesman oar country hsi
produced I
Ws.aisovox, Msrrh, 1M2.
Mr ! Si: Yon rightly nudentand m
In prswng n preference fuf M". Filhaort n
th Whig candidate ir the Presidency. Thief
did Issfor I left home, an I have frequently her
in prisma intercourse7, tine y -nriival at Wash,
It'gl'-n. I ear not how generally th fact way
be knnwn, but I should nut deem it right to pub
lish any firm avowal of thai pnfertne under
nisss signature in the neaspapsra. rxuch
e.arss wnnld auloeet as b th Imnutstlon nf
stpisxing thsl my opinb-ns pistsaedmor weight
with ! rssitj'n than I apprehend they do. Th
foundaliun nf toy praferenr Is, that Mr. Fill
has wlminiatered lb lixerBiivetiinernosefil wild
ignal enaees and sk-birj II has bean tried
and f .ud trw. faithful, hou-t n teasMeieatioa.
wish la ssv isothinc in oVmgsibin from bit
far At K. C. Star.
Twtne liiirertalch.
Iu order to give the ladies a chaiK of taking
n Wantage "of Leap tear, titer will I putdic
auction ef ail the old bachelors and unmarried
men in the City of lUleigh, on the -0 th uf Feb Bjchelor's Hall. Choices and selection
should be maie on the 14th.
The subject ul Cu id who ill 1 n Oiat
Jay will b divided into two clause. Tht firs t
clas will be eouiposed of those who are over,
thirty-five year of g, the second of all under.
Th younger portion ul the buyer are request
ed not to bid for any over on hundred and ten
yenre, but tu leave them for theblderGirl.
The terms of the sale are that the victims shall
be knocked down to the lowest bidiurs, vho w if
be expected to take their put chase bosie immedi
ately after the ule, else they may be stolen if
allowed to run wild, or else they may be left on
the hands of tfie seller which be very much ob-
ieets to. as it is his desire to dispose of his whole
tuck even if be has to sacrifice them.
Thi rare chance is now offered to tl.e l.i lie
of Raleigh for the first time, aud another such
Will not occur in four .long year. Every aiaidon,
widow aud oentanarian cun be supplied with a
hnsbaud "jut suited tu her mind " at a reduced
price. I
I'Ue necessity nf such a movement has been
loug (.everely felt liy s.ju ladic of this p.ace,
and hereafior there will be no cause forhusband-
buntiiig iu foreign part. The gentlemen have
come to the conclu'siou that the tadisde existence
of the lover is groat fun when they ogi c any
prospect of being converted into a frog bef ire the
parson, but the mulish piopeosily Icuiaie have
of kicking has lieon tested, and desperatiun has
driven these disconsolate exneriineuters to the
block. '
Old maids who have been fed on crib-apple
and rhubard can here find congenial pirits, so
dou't fear to cuine forward, having the motto
"Nil desperunduin" engraic.i on jour brows.
None need fear to lie accommodated, for wo have
among this choice lot, lounger, heats, doctors,
humbugs, merchants, roguer, hueuiakers. gam
biers, drummers, pikockots, clerks, eut-tbruatio
boot-blacks, drunkards, ain every other kind
and variety -the heart could wish, not forgetting
gentlemen of military names and honors. Let
tluli e considerate ntniima, who scan every man
.ith the iirno ical aisumen which a notary uses
when investigating the solvency of acicliuir
lulto advnplHgo of this favorable ojipoi tunity and
bring their dmigiiterr and make an eligible se
lection among this brilliant array of talent.hra-s,
merit and whiskers; let tin ui ta'..o tu them-clies
Iho-e whose accomplishment will adorn and i
tmliien their waking houis tin t enable them to
gird tht temple ol homely hsppiu'es with a tuu
whose effulgent ntys will scintillate brighter and
livelier, until the frail and brittle silver chord of
life shall I iinped,and
l it!i it ths bsrnssiag thou-.Ji
That no w lsi' 'f.i ("'ii,''.'
Th e w ho rr already eitgi' 1 should Itrtiig
I ut; iheir sweetheart, otUtej will be knocked off
t those whose years entitlo ihein Hi lie ' IsibUng
'round " for tucker: and who imagine their
"counts" are nearly finished.
Tlie subjects are well drilled in the culinary
deparimotit, and cull tell as woil as nny of you
h iw many quarts uf flour it lakes to'male a In e-
cike. Toey have lsu UurIiI Ui make purk and j
j,ruvhS ny, aim nave ccn ' "o- j
wash their TTocs and bands. No trouble need be j
atitieipued itiM uituig them as thej aie per-
fecily docile.
To we would say to the ladies,
Corns uss, eoms all, w this '-' ptV.
You ll rs'l Uis fullj ot llsjinn ;,
Cum-, Iwy s msn, snd to tion ht eisil,
Ami li be tion 't work wsii scud bim taths d I.
Tne services of Mr. liaincu liUanthrop haie
r.r ,. -ors.l ss auctiuurer. who Is' to
" r- - i
Th Uuitaian .Kmlossy bal bean ordered to
leav iesn durin" tlie week htsi g lietwten
Knssia' first snd ssvoiid, and an intense
apnreharnuiw, es sled in Vienna, lot on tha.l,Kb
tbas nrnrehnnaioo sulwide l by the annoance-
meot. as aVv staled, that Kiusia areea to na-
K .iiat on th term pminwed;
sst ; l: :.J t .1 .
X QSrV IS ll ' s ll i ll w. i iu s-r ism. r 1 1 1 hi.viisies
LtreiToal. Jaxuaif Kkf.lltty .Vain
Bmwn A Sbinl.iv' Circular q,io'e ; C- tton has
dvanrrd. Silesofthewiesoi t'' bales, inclu
ding 5,CKK) bale for export and U.UtHI bares token
im peculatMm. I'rwe nave wivem-ei s j : sss
the marketeloseswitb an eit've deman.1. Drienn
middling S:JVleans (airiij ! tipland middling
V) ; Upland fair 6J. Kl mated sales today
Fridvy- 12,t.sHlbales. itock in firat bands SCt,
Uli Imies. including iO.SJJiJ bale of American.
Richardson A Sis-ncer' Circular quotes:
Breadstuff hae rsiusidcralily declined. The
market is un-e: t led and correct quotai ions cannot
be given. W estern oanul flour .. wht has
decUiiedand c-rn ft'.sn, with' ti-.o down Ard ten
dency i mixed corn 40s. v
PJrlbute of Reyeet, t
At a called meeting of isWsvil'e L sle, No.
I 14he foll m ing pieauil !e and re-olutiwi were
puuSimously aid; :1 :
Wttncar. Itlint) ploned Aloiiht) 0.1 in Hi
mvsten. us pniCfivrrf-rein.ive trom our nnost
ontheSI'th inst'oSr?7 rtitiPtt esteemed brolber
1Iva ;k b .Rotnu. 1' hurt fore. h . it
ItrsoM. 1. That ln hi death hi fuiiilv lose
kind husband, a fond f-niier. the eommuniiy.
one of its most u?!ul citixens and .Musoury one
of it most devoted member.
Kr-iwA. 1. That as-a token of our regard f r
the memory of our deceased brother w will weur
th usual ha-1;', of in'ouniiug for thirty day.
H'tnlnd.?,. '1 hit a eotiy of these ri-olutin
be torn-arced to th family of mr deceased broth-
nls i to the Kditor of the N. C. -Star, request
ing their publication.
wyj. m. rir,.iu,o, n . in.
Titos. J. Tmsi-t.i., Sce'v.
Kolesville, Jan. 21, lJd.
According to the Uiwdua t en, there is scare I
nan nf Genius in England, iu any of tl.e arte, j
from the art of War, down to th art of iron rail
ings, la one of He fcynler, lamenting tu ur no
of eminent talent of Crest Britain, once J fruit
ful ol great men; that Journal says:
"Tlit great tkitirh nation Ubegining at but to
be conscious not only of tuaie K ficieuoe, but
eTu a temporary ebscuratiiwi of it power. W
have sorut gd painter, though efen they are
finding their Matehe abruad, but for tht rvrt -letuaeee!
We want a lleavea ut general (a
slur at tjenend Siinpeon.) . W 'vraAt a poet (a
fling at -Teutiyuu.) We w ant a historian not a
brilliant essayint, ( sneer at Macauly.) but a
man w hoe in writtn compendious mid classical
history of England, or any nther history. Wt
w ant some endurable sermon ( surcasiu lini.cli
tl at tht whole body of the British clergy.) If
t ic f nlpU ji t how ha no luminaHes to esenilui
ou tl.t oilier baud, th Mag I not iu the (ailuii
est :ate. There died lately in great distress n
uitiQ wh'o ciatld c.iup irn some oiiginai air--; ti:t
at this uiomcut it liiiaiot Im pre ' iidt-1 that wt
hate a single c mpoecr of ciirsordina y gct.ius.
- Cfflen, . C. S E. Ctmnuiy.
bsuisnLar, J-utt'ary t4, its6. ) '
North Carollnaliall Eoad.
Itbtdalt tut lail In i i ui iriir TsirtJaj tht
lia Day Jaowrj, b,
Lsavs ts.dJ'Ww', at
Artiv st r.s!pi-n, i,i
tliiokuta', at
" Ij-iinyiim, '
st R.tiiUir)r,
" Cime- r;l, its.
I. I A, U.
' or
' l it P. M
!,ssv l.bsrkxt si
j Arrirs st rcmeorUst
' ....
- 2htiiiry,
LoBint n,
uuia.-io. i
, ." P.
11.117 "
i.;s a.
Sup t N. V. Rsil Rod. 7, jiBt..
tilling loner into those homely region wieie
Prince AlUrt lotet to fUc-.,T Slid elevate thej gart), Carolina. Six Per C0t StatS Boadt,
Tsassi r Daratvsasr, S. C. I
y Isa. 17, ISA, i
O 1 liimuUk-e uulit lo'olok, A, ISlh st Ksn'r,
s ale to the buyers that lie himself will be old
after th others, and wishes tbt ladic to bid
mighty low si he is anxiou to supply bit defi
ciency iu ribs.
llaleigh, Feb. 2nd, 1K56.
tear I'll Papers of tb oily favorable to tbt
cause will eonfer nu everlasting ubligatiun un the
Indie by copying.
.L -i t'0f. ttt f If.
It is pissint no trite and common phtc enh
iriuin on Hie detiL to sav. that thedenh otMr.
J..s. 11.11. Honlhan. whoss siiddrn demise was
noticed in the last Hepister, wilt be leu as a toss
ii hiss tn societv. of which he was an ornament
a I.HSto the which he was a pub
lie spirited snd enierprising citisen a l is to
bis friend who can never lorget his kind Bml
generous nature a l ies to his alHrcted hi.iuily
irreparable I
Mr. lloiilhac was no ordinary man. Ho wa
one of the few men in our country that make
their mark as men of note, wh i never dewrt tlie
quiet and indns'rial pursuits of business. With
out any of the usual aids ot professional or polit
ical reputation, vei he ac pii c I hvh s and
cbariuter in e.ery coniiinuiity wlie.o he wa
M. K. wa the ann n(T a Lieutenant in the
i r'reneh force who came over fr on Prance during-
the assist u- m i..e stni!gie lor UK
ortv. After the termination ol the war, hemnr
ric l Frames Oiay, of llertie. and setile.l in the
nouiitvof Mart n. near the V i-hingl-.ti County
line, where he lied nnddieJ.and whore the sub
ject of this notice was Is.rn iu Ihejear lT'JS.
With that peculiar att-ichnpnit for jJiicm which
is a mark of noble sens'-bllity, Mr. II, was ever
fond of -fkiiking of the associ i i- n connected
yi ith thi- h .meul his early yeam.uwdof his sirong
affi'Ction for it. . .
After giadMRiinz at Chail Hill iu I lit year
ldll, atthe erlv ngs of 111. Mr. II uiliao wa
educated for the leevil nrofessihti, bui never prnc
lined it. lleln avouni ni.ui o very aotive, in-
Ulustrious and pr eharaclor, be turned Lis
attention to meicintile li., ami ith slight in
termissions followed it till his death. Mr. 11.
was a man ol stronr, vijiovous sou vmwifar.iiiv
iiitellc t. lie wa. d nd of b iks, had stored bis
mind with varied kuowled,; and ihor am low
subjects, par icuUrly h is of a practical nature,
on which he did not converse wiih lluency, anil
on which he did not exhibit information, lie
was remarkable lor hi shrewd iudguisiit and
keen nppreeisiioi, vif character. As a business
,nan Mr It. was a model for vnnn men t-i stu
dy. His lovsof enfirwa a peculiar failure of
bis chamc er. T ie deiuils ol Ins bosines he at
ways underspsid. In the arran lenient of hi
par, th posting of his books,' lh se'.tieinent
..r l.'.s s,.c,oni. h nlrserved 4tnvtriutnt svlem.
ss,mnlni. mild li OS I I'll . lie llSsI ll C.-lS-lilll
v.-"i-.-. V- . ... . l:. .. 1
talent lor nuance, no man erem "i":!
hibee. aither at home or in th Northern eities,
1 lie wa remarkibl for th regularity of his
soul ol liritod) r;---in furniture, laper-li.iogini.
iron work, ohiiu. and alutost everything
contributes to decoration of our homes, we are
still beaten by foreigner. Apmpo uf Ltiriuing
Iniur, within tbe4 few year two splendid luim.
ions hue been bnilt in Pipidilly by niillioruilii
Isit!) with cosily In n railing the, one, however,
fr.uu abroad, the other evidently frmn oni home
foundry. Tlie foseign railing is a work of art.
the other is an iron railing aud no more.
reterfbr.r?, Feb. 1. Whist The advices
Vy s;eauier Iroin Liverpool bringing accounts of
a'do'.diue in breadstuff has nffected prices nf
wheat; and nle are at a dacpnt ot 5 to itleents
fri'tii ye-rerd:iy's rales. We quote prime red and
white at ?l W to I .' otner qualilie Sl till to
1 '0. X
. Cott ii Sales of several psreel to-day to the
extent ol Iihj bues at Se to
TioiAct'o lii gisid reiiuest and sale are new
leaf Jot to 1. New lugs to 51. Old leaf
J to'.ij. Old In-, toCJ.
f T . 'i ii. i . l . .e .. . tun i. inl i2..
r i.oi s viij ui auus ui c&ira cioj tu AOj. cm'
perllie flj.
tifani,tf to S1 for Peruvian.
HacoN Va. h"g round H to Hi.
: .......... flMMiiiiiH! il.v hat tsuti rrsbjen
tsei.teilsasa. " . , t.u.
. , , , . . , . , . i Lisas srrvic so iisu i
Tb Anserxaa Almwia fwf luJ tosiiain nj . , - sri. i
....... ... . , nelil, IM tutft in Hi wj "aiit y
siswnisi swiiviss sow rvirw w ' . . , , , .
, , ... t admiakter tb tJ.s-wawl as well a Mr.
rfth. towruv. ..ley th -f ty rJ,m ,,M w B(- i-fih-.-bs.itpll,lM
thtlV tU.l-.ts-J -.Hi-, bsss-
kad Wfort in mrt of tb r..J State, trwa " "T . r , . , . .
IHl to 1KH'fo rnysr., I " h"
-s uf Mtit of tb t ui.J U,.ss .nd , ,-""' W
1 lt t.e.sssily I It, u Iwiir w "MM n
lrgs Ieciin l ItreadstuflsU
Tb Cun.rdstrsinsliip Arabia arrived al Hali
fax on Tliursday evening with Liverpisd date to
Satuid iv. Ih Itiih Hist.. Issmg a weea isnr,
The Arabia sailed from Liverpool ou the worn
inj ,rf the I'iih. and arrirad hr ttH ibistitu-
iug. bnngi.ig P7 1". ... .
iu steamer A sis arriTri oo so-,
steamer Haiti on th 17th. Th sl..s.r I n in.
did not touch at Ouuihamntiinon htrnateagemi
Tn news uftliis artiVKi Mill great uupariam-e
Ti. l.sudoa Tiios-e' Viensu a wtcsesrwsndeal
Ulegraph-under th utof V Tuesday, tne PiUi,
al 10 A. A., l-oat WiMsm hot mntrnxliltumMg ae
trr&i Ikf yrifltt of At (itrmam diet.
Tin. ws retained to b auih.aiie, nod cu3
an immeos xcimnt thiwigbunl bagtaiid, IhiI
III government di.sli b punhslu-d lb next day
put . Q.Hcrenl lac. upon uiv sois'i s .
ffet that Itussia tisl unty aewptea in niim
... I. s. it tats of m txtttttl "
' , . .. i. . , ... . i .. ..rlu,. a ml
1 Uis si gn ij isiiskssos p...... - -
les Mug un h.ipsrs wr now utmntned. (
U ntil wr irwsi Inst lUswa bad merely
aenepuvl ih (Ms.p ssals V prubsng th negotiant.
and gain lima,
Tb abort is lot th sum nf all tbt new.
Tlrt prupvt of n speedy return of porsnb
lowed up ll ,
Th news f Kus.1 eec plane uf lis .liJ
neumssttlons. eausssd an lnmnwsn et l is
funds ens percent., nndKm on laribmg.
A pani also en est In lb wher aMrk.ta.
lb iv It diy Hi E-lis. goveeameal puldisb
d adMpatck Itosa Miuisiw ! toonr as l"ll wsl
llasei (re t" auori Iu ptopunl M .
bsi ot
Tin i.ui.l l annocaeement tortied Ih -
ri'mnl sud its Urv.i.n twgia tu Im ihnt ttiss-
sia nsemly wants w gam Urn ny ilsspu
lisii-.ia) i meant in us iu. is rsoax.s. -fmrm.
Ms th slerv "
bhits f r his ai hriety, and, as a e.aise (uetioe,
.1 .1 ri ii bisentir life for hi un form good benlih
Fond a h wa of lOovmmita and inno
cent amusement, nothing uuuld divert him from
his duties ss a business man.
In th moral attribute nf hi nslur, he wa a
.... tv-ni-oorA. llnnesiy and eotiscien-
tiiHisnese in all tb relvtimi of lift marked hi
character. II nvr ruuud tb poorer pres
ed the niifiB-tuuatc. tb. mwt eensoriou never
,.l,.rs.l him with hard decliof or unfairnesa.
Soman ver picsasacd tbt hifclmr oonbdenct or
warmer pr-onal re ard bf bit) many customer,
lit wsa lwvs alhr.fiy msinbosino not by
theproflu of 'a wijd ndadvcntiirusspecul-'tloni
but bv th (low and stead vtirogress of hi well-
managed affair. Although a man of econmnicaJ
and iudustrinus hsbiis, he was liberal so l geua-
ruus in (li iienditurol his means. .11" hou
wa tb h .me of hospitality and of domestic
Comfort, lie waa ir forward in scbemsw of
public iumrovenient and tnterpri, ana tievey
withheld bis c. niul mitn for th relief of hu
man suffering.
in tb c.l circle the death f Mr. U. ha left
Vuid indeeiL 1'ulit, affsbl and couipaniona
bl tb many friends ho enjoyed his eoelal in
trnore.ean forget his buoyancy ol spirit,
hielieerln uess.bis'fpiauiinilr uf temper. Th
writer ul Un knows, that i"r. cultivated s
pbilaophy, a qu e resignation to list ill of life,
nd t cbring hot s to tbt futurw. II win
ed to have trained his rbarsatsr and feelings tn
moderation and charily in all thing. Although
truagiy attach I 11 lb Kpis-opJ Church and
regular in the u'neresi'io ot n nte-s mwi sssn .Jt ssi.-sliiii. tie' w'as"nlirivflssr Inffl ll ss
tarian bntrn and int"ie-nr. leeiJe1 and
Wiltainrrtctt. Feb. 2 Tihi-im-isr FuHlxr
sales yes-oid iv of ifll) bb's at '2,tW f ir viri-in,
'.Mi l for yellow dip, nnd l,(irt for hard, nil per
lihlnfSSO bid. Nothing doing to-dav thai we
I he mariet is ninet, and we bear nrnn.
traninieiiniis either yisterily or to-day,
I'.isiss. Sulcs vesicrdny nf 550 bids, common,
at 1, 10 for lir,M bids.
Tm.Siileyeierilynf 121 bids alS.lOrssrWil.
C..TTn?t.-s-Suies ye-terday of 70 bales aurted
grades at eta pur lb,
Fayrtteyillf. Feb. I'. Ilvro Ttir-warkM
well tiupidicd with bacon, and p.riues lower.l'orn
is in better supply snies lnnt wagons nt U0
eiMiis, No ehuii.i in price of Cotton, riupplv
ol Flour light uo ouaiii-a in price. Oata sti.l
a arc and wanted.
Snirits Turiintine35 uts. per gallon. Kaw do,-
i 10 and $1 H
SitccMsorto E. L. Kardingr.
ri'IlK mi.lsr.l .-iied, aha has hern tor tiisny yssrt
1 flerll for K. 1. ilsrdin;. wss en Itis IstilnrMt
J.'imsrv. IH.". aiipo.nuil Airvnl for th "KslplK
ltr.inih,Mlir tan setae tasnuLwiurcrs with wh-nu ilr..
11. s cuua-".eit wbl 'lomn la iusss I Ui is cily. tl'S
ssats b.ll elsssul Clutbiu thsl hsvs givsn this
lion is ri pi t,itn.i. ii iimW siijois, t)l ne fei-f't,sud
the priiss siil hs iisit. its, sud s Imp as satUrsctwry
tu evvir iaiUiulsr.
To our Fornisr Fatrona.
BfFOIlK l-s'inx ihsi-tly for am asw kerne w IstWe
the ptssssre tt reemwesilbig Mr. iI11sm H.
tt Itiasis lo y.isr Invorsl.le ennsiilt-rstina. Ut. Wil
liMsiwill hs ths ton Iseihties fur suplrisg yuur
WSQts Hit itr iuta li, as huts Iiitb Slljoyvd by tlis an-
dersij;ai-il bn llit is-t tihl Jisis,'
.vtr, WilhsiH !- futl nntliiirUeil tn settle ear keeks
an I serosl'. W new, for ths Isst tltas lims, say In
,il la.el,t4 iea Ibst IH II UlM.VK.i8 Ml M UK
HKTl'I.KD UP. HesMsM lias will t sUna4 S-
uiil.fur'lhe n-lis-s o. Out 1j..biIs isials by th
Stsie of North tsmlia. Thsy wil. bca' dsls Jsuus
rf tt ISji, niel will raa tbirtr vssrs.
PrnHK-sli alii b reesls4 fur lbs pnrchss of
si VHilti.i,.!-wh. h will b usixl Jsaasry 1st ioj
sat wilt rue thlrtviisrs.
Itiith classes wi'-Hoods wtlt hsv enanoss rUeli4 for
Inlvrvslat sis per rent ier snlium, psshls oath 1st
et Jsn'v snj Julv-m ra-h snd evry yssr, sail bush
pt iictjiiil smt irlcre-l ill bs n..vble st ta tlnk mi
Hit H-opubPe, New Yo-lt-u nisss wbretlte Jisrty eret'ers
to nave tlii-ni psysbts at th Irsssury l tu Clate l
Ktirtli C-iroiiiia.
llicy will bsisiasdtn sums of They ars
ssnrcs-ly essuintffil frntn taxation r-rsuy nurims.
rartiss biililiaswitl tib-sss stttlress Ihsir Utler n
aum-il "Proasalsfir H, U. Sluk," tu ths audsrslga
s.l it KsWeh. S.V.
ttltmssful M.blersupua being Wna-Qieil nf ih seeep
tsnre of their bills, ran dss.isius tbe swiiant nf ttsn-
b ils silh tlie secra-u inisnsttutneii-ieiutiii tns nn-ter
si.-Hcil ill eilliiiH lbs Usui of ths ksnakllr. Nee Vnrk,
ihs tl inket tbs Main ui 1. t, u ta ibiak uf Csps
tVsr. tisisiuh.
Tas riniil nf sen p'.ing suik bids In whnls er In pert
ss limy bs dcensa most sdsulsguu tu lbs buts is
bids will bs enensil ia Ihe pre. enee of th Gov.
srnor, Sserelar.v Slid Cuintrtrolisr vflitste. sud lbsv
Prs-iduut ul lb llsuk ul tlis Blsis.
n.T. COt UTv.
'Wi rreaesrse,
Rsh'llth, JsS. IT, 1K5.
Grceneboro' Female College.
'IV UK Mortnit seisina uf l5ii, sill ssius.eno.. ib Ihs
I Silk ilnv nf Usesmlwr, IS...V Thirs will lis nu
vi tjiilin m iulur, ncrpt niw days, for rtervst ea at
C'lillslniss. . --
A 1 ibsdrpartinrDtsoftbsIntt'iuiih.nlsrsu'iw supplied
wttU -Dlclibl sr.d ISltbf.ll Prutrsfntl Snd 'tsaehers. I
Tin1 nrs! eluss hss bsst illi hlvd lot two svtinn, lor
lbs sccouiiumlslion uf ihosv whs tlssire to prspsre fur
lbs reantsr t iiilsrs eoatve. Uirls umWr It yeurs of sgtf
will b. tvsllilr be received mis ths IsslllBliun. ltri-u
bus will 1st seut ob s:r.ttcsi!ota, to sll pviMins desiring
full micruialKiB. In iclvisnv .to ebsigve, eoun vt
sia iy ae.
T. M. J0NK9
. ' , Prsslilenti
tlreenshira IsseemW, 18.1. 47 M
HirhiBond t'hrlsttnB Advmvts, P-irirttof th Age,
Ktfwbern Nss-s. WitmltiKUiB ftoaiinerclal, r'aysttevtll
Observer sad MIltoB Cbrualel latsrt I Itases,
itf lost l.uETim rns.
W 4 5 tr. 6'rasrW A.lssrti... y l.m1
xAppltsQe iIiiiJ,tlP(j 5-ift 4 34 I.ros-lssy,
mponr&fts, Atttii.iii is
Btiigt, ro;lt, tils, tyts rrrlinifiy, If ,
ITU W lllUsssiirtt, Stw 1 crt,
ISA'ITE tbs sttentinn ef th Irs.lfts their ln
n I varied stock ul turugs, faiuuijiis, 1'
try, no
li, a billion Ui tueir regular treperiSMnns oi -!S
pl.lirus, tbey are siso reeeisinji. uimt l-nm th
sources cf pre'iluctien ad Biaituhicturv, sui
ofluoTH, II l, sad Xah PsrsHSs.IitioMn.l lbus,
MoCTiss. biosors, Fm:u and k,koi.isu I'ksii si.
BV, l,ris'.fcxrsnss anil nomy utlier ariitlea
esaaliy iSreel in lrilgsista twk. which tbey
ar tbw enabled tu etler on th most advsstngrou
term. .
Uniers, either la person or by mail, Will receive
prompt tlentieB, if
June xii, ISO . ..
firil rifiBlniB ftcltl ilttltit riBM-Forlea,
ArrActt;!i, it i 88 wai.aea jtum ts.
seas aansnwAT, vo,
T)sptfii!lyT;sll.the atteniioa ef the pub'ie Ii
1 k, their snleudid asstuiB.ent of send grand and
s.p.nrs Planus, which, .r volume uf tone, einstiet-
ty l toaeh, beanty or nnisii, snu in snr
Ibing that readers' Piano perfect, ar anenrpn-
sed They ww swsnted the .rV premium fcr
both kind in eiiuinct.iiou witu the must ms'in-gul-hsd
nuikers from liostoti, Piiilsdvipii New j
,oik, and Hummer. -
kew iitiijir:i i :
Ststttwsy A ?os hsve jnst been ' tie
FIRST I'riimiaiB Wl.t MKuAU over all eutnvi
i.issl at tha 1st Fair of the American ln.utuie
Crystal False, for th BKMT 1'isusiuric. ,. -
- 33 Maiden Xjui-. Wtw Torn.
ASl'FA' Tt'RE-9 lF TUB Viirttl KE
aowntd Slamander Sales, Uaak Vaalt.
Iiailisaor lienot, 115 1'rntt.
liustoa lpot, H Howard
liii iBi-HU bsroi sskuig IbSM Iu "tils nitb ear Sliur.
a,vs K. is. HAllUINuV
its).is. rh. , i5j. t
VI the earns H solii iltstlun of mf Irlsa lf, t have
deiliicd siii off VI' est snd bsvs suBcludi d t re-
uisis 1 Kalrijf U, BI bnv tbersf'irf purehased tb n
lire Moot f tloiell brloef o. to lil.Vll A llluU, ssd
will esrry ua th ktersbsai 't'alleriBg beieilres IB all it
Jbraaebss. I skall hats us) satplny la lew weoka.
tret rat t atlet Irual Us Aurta su sssass tsiiiy
I av bow u hand a gu4 aasorlsseal ef Cloths,
'Cass. Md VesllBTs l to Bssd ta Mtr. 1 bavs slee
a band 1st uf if iau Cleilos. wbwk mil b sold 4
As f tataad dulng faiisvlbBtly aea buslasss, niy
artlrlss Will bsul. si vsry saull uar trot. All 1
wsal a fair irisL tiiva ass a esll, uae sod all.
I. It. MHOS.
Rslsigk, Feb. I. .til -t
yy wlltidrswlnf rruea Iks biolnsss la wttstk I bar
I Sera siikssd. f rater sly slBsev tBaake as B S'B-
sinus'pablie tur lbs pa ims-iTS su Ittoislly beslwwed
ass, lbs tn- st li I Nil A Moils, sud sol. nl tonus
nsiiss t4 lbs as ths Is Ui.J. U-lbaua, who will e-i. bbs
IkalMMMs. ' T. U. kIMI.
- Jl
Manf(wtuh.n t.t.4 WhoUwl Dln im
CL 0 T 11 I N G
p Nos. 23 ami 25 liKV MTUKklT,
Jsaasrv T, 1951.' t a
Stebbini. MorKnn & Allen.
a t 4fi STSHT, HIV VVI.K,
Dngt, Eyti, Chemical, Perfumery, Ac.
T AYlXtl srleeted tl.rlr sterk fruat Ikelnst that Ik
I I ifiiasrs-Vs r uestos msrkeU tlurl, can, wi',h
coi.lolrueu, urTrr grunt iBdueaati-BIS tu IBS JfrrdMet.
'SesiWiis of iessKiBcec, to ebtdla fnuds tsrf sua
r. ir Bpu. and sa at rsasuaabhj tsnas a uy similar
Biiusa I tbiseestetry.
tlntera In parsue ur by wall will sseut wlik proespt
sail eBrcful slleulioa sad sr resr-svli.lly S'dHiiWd.
gT- Four suwU oast at Uroadssy bstwasa rullos
I 'lis kill a II. f a
To all and tvery one who owe tn.
yy w bar MaadB artBBg-aH-Bts, tm uuaiBtsBi
bulesa, dunaictbs uetlBg afiriBg, la tba Nartb sti
si ills ssete luae. eulltiiifea ear esisbsaier Ss sums
fiwwafd sad set lis 1 bis reread bas baua s ttnaili-d lu,
by ouiy rati, sad lbs targe Biamtat still das la Bsaas
and bcsi iubis will rssd-r it absolutely neeseaary. If ibi-y
srs a ! paid keler nc deuarlara, im place uksi IB Uu
aae-sysj.Har BIliBsv.
Wbrnessr -jniesii le, w bsv graalnt every
gear a-krd I or by mmr ( but lbs Beity uf
bsally aluetag b ua ast-Hares la IU1S Slty reuUers H
tiaustetiv sa BS I sail Bp" tbeni as we a bs.w.
a. is it an im .-su.
' R Ths Woks a I. L. TlAi-llag wlllb . JsB
1st ISJil. en l allfieeouols Haled easily fuf psyaiaBI.
daa. , Is.
FOIl THE 1,000,000. .
TllfcltT. . PATM'I Mar.sss.a-. v,
(Ciijnhii etiio.otw.) . t
!te.3!etllroatlw), ur. ler ft. new
Are pr.-pid to sseeut. all orders f..r Mantle. -tnbbj
Tops, tnlnnins, fedewtUi. IHIashs, Hiabs,
o in hnitatimi of Ith-na, lWiU V '.
Neapolilati. snd nil f:cy; .nual a
streliath. beauty. dnrabihy l. nal aW.
and In some respect ""r"" -
ha. hull the east, iinre m..i- -
,Ute, it . wholly trse !om so " jo. -- ---
org.d.(.lnst mere brt taint, es- .
pi vsniisKtrse. form th, I.Hi.pcmt.v pol sn . 4
f ..... I..1.1., Matttcl tton b t - '-
der. from Biillders. far..,, Makers ...d olio. . u
lioited. and saiislaotinn ga.rai,t.d. Agents lur.
tb principal cities treaten whu. .
. r u .i:we UsShlP. I res..
doaitrn ib, ot .,- .
IflVKt 0. AlKak", 1
Kalelgk Ootober 1P'4. l.J-i).
rpitK AMF.H1CA!. HATl H Is now l.n sole 1 r
X the Vrlnsipsl do.ilers tHruuSl.eui ' " . -
ths pablis ar. ibvilcl p. ;''"' '""'"'
t sLi-rU.. whb Ih, 1 .VPtUjl F. Al n. l.r.
Ti... ... .....imileil i n Ihe l'Att.r l.b r.n.
PltlN.:II'!.Ko lwtrl.sln-l sn.vnl. with
sllclstlniii iu tbe snsniriaoi lulibi ("srls, s umgia
I per.i B.s bas tlelBnB.Ueii d f W Ihs n.l Iu """"
nT.I.IABIblTY, ACl'K.t:v su
Tin lianufat hirer watrjnt th
' ; AMF.IUCAN WATt'll a
la vsrjr psrtlealsr uf Its waiiisn-h.p sod perfumw
I ' . .V.
N. n, rifto see senate nst-s, ii a nsmes m-
BiSBulsrtarsrs. ur.iist.v, no Aim
Wsltbaai, esNrsved ea tbe uneeairnu
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.4 las
Lookiiig-ClaHet tod lie tare f ramo Su-
nOnACF. V. tiltil.KK 'tlor ass) ;
mltnmmt HI I'oe.yib-slreet, Krw Vol, tit. M.
V. es weald soli the siieBli.Ht of sirai,ts viMoos;
lb elty. sad ssuesl sll) It " in ! tssd.. tu l..s
Irsilse A rruua sud IH .fcularlol y. Is th- .s
sseeluBst aeeHuaUrd Ui ililui, as is caaficu iu rr
.... sU orders m lb li.aeel I l-ss I'lSl lb.
KatsfuueSS ar replet WIl eoni. s fpi.-imrot sea
lull ss.orta.SBt w-rl-h jIIosbV la sll It. brsnrk...
Htsll UAKIk Si ril -lbs islarSMfi are
St.aettf.1 tu rareiir Ibis mwrplng Uivir stsek ad
koeslsw and Asacriewa tard.B ssd (irase aevd, wbisb
Is ssueh lasgsrsad ars sailed tbe any nrsswus eup-
Ihry Me 4s4srsd aasserals orilers fruaB Bseeilatite,
is sb, art ut ta ruts, su lbs must fo.areMe ienas,
as'l .ill allow Ibees lb nrlvib-t aUeiaiu. all ua.
,.,l. Vt Ike Islh X Job-.
y,M.O.'-s ui-aisx sard, WIN Blase ea IketsBfders
run lit i ICil t 4VIC, ons.f.e aierwe t i .,i. am -ut e d are
Ibria tu liiie fere wih his Biatisl rrts'um. II and -!. aa, sad ssug Ik.atsm auasts sad
but nn f. i. luosa for the str.te n1 trujii po- eyl.BU.d arts i us.
hiielctliis). Whi.sll.e wa ry p.pnisr in
tht county ot fteriie, -hrr h long li'td. I t
J. ', I 'id.
rri'i l utTUMi,
aiiuglstaaed .---ssss,
atetgk, 31, 0.
1) F Pf rn.'kevlarlkls dsv reva d r Part,
a Bee-biu wltk ki beirflsee -la-law, teaa, ay, ,al.
never as a eaid Hs' f st slkJi but s,
Thai n in l-O.t ! h wu!e. led un tb
delegaiu from Ilia tuniiiy of Hyti to rvi th
.Sibi lMisutulni. As ntemletr of lbe..ea.
11., lit was svas-i .... pun- .u. - . .- " c. ... ,,. k
t kisdut,. aud for hi uiBsrvt" nu. " llw ,i.,i, i,,i i,,, uiohiiJ,,
4lndl.l Vols I b fSi f 1't et I I, A UATI.IMI.
. la U.a dottiest rwis'usli 1 . llO laved arid i tse I t ol lime rVate'ftr st las
fslber il IS l CtrasagB'll laninag to SV. pf. i ear str, aad ek.ll tes a H.a. k larrsr K-
thai Mr It kal l ut few CiUbIs. I' sr k -m immr l arn. I s is -r lire tbs krrsseitssa. wkwk auk ..
O UAM l ot SiTV t..rtaplss and Vloerur res
bssm a. urea. bur Tsrsi, I -is,
Antbaay Aras'laad vs. kliskesl Dili and wife Klrl ,.
Ji.4irbsa. ike ksiie,if ft'is Arasstasd. dee'dib. A'.bi.
stssd si Arssetead.
ItspeMilBfta lbs sBllifartlu uf ttiuCsn Iks'. Iks
d.-f.-e.lsBis IB tbleeaa.- ftr Ban reeolsate . I t'ale stlata.
It le Ibsvsfisr ordered that advert! -uesuat be f asde SIS
ske la lbs HsUlrb Hue, papas pot ll.t rd I. eke
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I.AT.S '! ! ,e 4 dty - re" tear ewsl, al I J a ...
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Il L. tVA s. Pt.ssH.' .0,1 rs l-a.k list tot, lis I a a ,
.Ibi- B sad eM . .. Mid IB st rf I . j 'r sa l ef fi
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"itsd ajalte Bs's... l-i.i to I US d r-U-i lbs not, a.
it .s mi I . h ug l f , a a '
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p ... t . , i-
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( t'-s, lb-- a. ka .a 1 r-e.
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of '
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I - if...
h .-si

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