North Carolina Newspapers

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despatch, aa 1 oa aocominadating tenia i
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Wm. Dallaa Uaywood, Intendant ot Polio.
Batten rFonf. Kldridge Smith,
. ... A. Adam. .,
'ifidJU TTtu-d.l'!. B. Uoot, .
: ... It. II. Buttle,
0. W. Jl.ywond. -Weitern
Ward". -A. M. (lor man, '
1LD. Turner.
J. J. Chrutophera, City Clerk,
K. II. Battle, City Trea.
Vtfy G-uard. Jiiotud M. Crawley,-
' ; Jackaon Overuy.
City Cuarful.fc. K.lwanl lliurria. ,
William Andrew.
A Adam, Wetlimniter.
. Ilarria, Clerk of the Mar
. ket. t
The Stipmu Cimri of North Carolina i ield
i thi eity semi-annually, on the second aday 1
1 , .1.- KLL J . .Yfl t 1
in dune, ami iug o"iu uay ifi irervniiwr
Judge. Hon. t'rederkk Nrnh. 1'hicl Justice,
II. M. I'earaoo, Associate udge, '
V. II. Battle, " '
EJmund B. Freetnitii, Clerk; Ham. C. Jones,
ReivNTter; J. J. Utchford, Sr., Marshall.
The fuifeJ SlaUi Circuit Vimrt for the IHs-
trict of North Carolina is held semi-dhnually in
this city, oa the 1st Monday in June and the last
Monday in November. '
Jvdyai. lion. J. ili Wayne, nreorgia; Hon,
Henry l'otter, of I'avclievillc; District Attorney,
Knlicrt 1'. Dick; Clurk, Hit, II. Haywood, Sr.;
Marshall, W esley Jones. . 1
ley Jones. ,
r CunH f this Cmrntv. is held on !
ay aftt the fourth ' Monday in
1 he tiupm-wr
ha 8rst Monday
John C. M..r, Clerk.
Jos. It. B,ichl.r. Attorney General and Sollo-1
itor of th fiairtli Judicial Distriot. : '
Tl Omrl a l'cd ami Quarter SenUm, hi
held on th third M.wd if 11. lehru irv. .M iv, '
A u past and XovemW. Jeff. I'tlev.
Vlntirmuit of tkt Cuua'y '.Vwrt. WillitiAi Boy'
Catutfy Mi' ilmK. V. Martiott.
tUtetifTuf tt'iike CwHfu Willmui 11. High.'
CWs'r Willis rV-ott.
Hcgwtcr.- II. llutson.
Hank of Ikt SUil- ul .V.r,A C'j.''H'yiiHt
r.itl 1KI '. . CUarier i, .t'iil. Capital
l,.'ilsl,o. dimlel Inlo 1 . ,if I ic
the Liiarnry Ibmrl bolls '..It" :id the b', w-i-sit
I'liiieiptl ii- k 11 lUV -h. '
George W.'Je-i, i'lcioe.ii. r
Ch i'h'- i'ewi ., l!a hier.
J..II. II v tit, Jr., Tn;i.'r xuvl ". irj- I'iiVw".
W. K. AhIoi. ii, I'iseoniit t iisi. 110 A,in
Tu' lie. . -
Jo -1.11 W Hiil.fc, Jr.; leik.
Thi II ink ins hr t ,c.,e at Xewln- 11, 1" irhom'
Ftye.l'orJIe, Wilia irMn,.K.U. i. ilS l.ny, Char
l iltf. Milt .11, .4 ,r,;:mt.n aiol Wiud r.
On the pnrt of the 8:a i I. W . Courts. 1'ub
ic Treori-t es- ijoii., L. G'li. Branch nod W.
I!. I'tsi f.
On e p irt of the St atkboldvr 1 Wm. Ihivlmi,
Ituulhar, A!-
fred Joins ai.d 11. 1."ie. : " "t
Offering and lleneunl day Tuesday.
Discount dv Weslnesiiav.
Uuinust II its and Bills ol Kxchiie discount
ed ev ery da v.
llUsines. limirs frota 1(1 till 2 o'ch cii.
Pnl'i ik Hram-h uf tkr ftmt thi Caft t'ai
Will tin II. -hues. Cashier.
U. I'. 1 no L, 'filler and Notary l'i,Uic.
DiaartoRt Geo. tt. Il.i) sissl, T. li. !cll.y,
felh Jones, George Little, Dr. lies,, l'g.
snd C W. 1. lUubin.
Uiferin j lay M01nJ.1v, Disronnt day Tuesday'
. RAIL, l!'ADS.
'ii'i'vi tnii Vail tluitrwl Cam pit Hi). ,
R. A. liimilton, F.e.iiieut,
' W. W. Vans, Treasurer,
J. M. foot. Assistant Treasurer. '
C. B. A Ilea. De,sa A -cut.
Mail trim In.vea 13 annates before 0 A. M,
trriiesat I'. M.
-Vr'A laro.s Vulimd Cmjny. . '
C1i. '., Piesideol.
1', P. Mevideob.ll, Tre.sarer.
J. T. Wist, Kr ghtaiid l ickov Agent
Mail tra B arritu. i o rlmk, A. M4 from th
East ; and departs Dim, after i oVInca, A. M.
Mail frasa th Wm arrives at 3'1 mikulas af
r 4 .'Wm k, P. M. Depart M 3 minaiea U
tor u'elovk, P. M.
William Whita, Sr., Pisvt Master.
Ode hoars, oa week aays, frua Sun-rise f 9
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Throurh Mail closes daily at (I a. m
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Vloaa eajly at . aa.
Arnvee daily at 4, p. a.
Th Train braves t t sa
eunnr.av ji.vib oj 1 w-bos llca, 1 mmm ne, ao.iaa n wa isinsr ritiing, "and jo
Rio, daily at I b. as ) i T hl" "
Aryiv daily . at a - ! feawsislraec fro Times, Mr.
Tu Hack leave .1 i I - GraaiBss dragged hita inlo Aunt Beis, l.-d-
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TJfsTLKX MAIL By R.liaosk.) i H--rh. llm wa.t;.,r, I 1. i
tha t are b-'ases imfij at lwi tftar t
. TARBolU)' MAIL (By Tohihus lis. .)
Cloa Kuadav, Taea, aad Th
, as
ssssanay, 1 uara. Baa rt., at 7 p. as
Htrkle.tesoa il.. Vsd. and Fru at I a. a
FlrTSUOKO' M AIL (Dv Ta. -. Iliri
Ckatss Tsd. an IS.l.,.1.,. mi .
Arrtvaa o Msdyaad Thnrs-lav. t T P. B.
Hark hsavsa . '. aad W ad. shl 7
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BpUndld Iteek ofOeedi!
t , Ih Ur(st ahh asia
V? Vlf. Ilss.l.ull ln,t
vy. a" o s,, u.i has t a r.is4 ta
"a-y hs S h,M saulf 1W1
nu ha - -4 "S Iks aM l".t tl. tmnm, '
" " ". la ms iMM.
m.iL a.
. A Tl'i'a EB.
t-f. IJ
tmrs, CltlTRaa Biiui a.
- tmmtm, Hs ViMseW Vm, I
i av wm hsmBlsbSL,
"s. a ki.
iVlL'L!":' -! f 1 -
BVlhasa maat ptsssa t. Utal es. M
Imrsf d.",l " '.'!.
-4. IK.
Miicel laneou.
IttUif to OmI Bwra.
r oiac( w. euasar.
There isn't a youus- man 1
in all Richmond
"h T?rl.j" h "By Georgeno not"
N d Oam-fa Grantham, una of the moat
rs,.ecen eiiuens ot Kichmond, Virgini, a gos-d
many year. g.,. Tbo ..Id msn had once been
wealthy: but a aeriea of niinCrtunx ...i . .,1
( ual declin id (ho value of hU property had im-
...... c u.s wniiiHiiwutcea; ana lostned uf luring
In only son a competency as ha had once ei
proted tn diw ho bow looked forward with con
siderable anuety to hit prmpects of suscr in
tha profession ha had ehoaaa. Vuune desire
wa to be a doctor. father ould not afiurd
to .end him hi turope to study, nor indeed wu
it then thought necessary; but no eipene wan
anared to pnieura for the iu..i. .... .1.- i...
! work and the bort instrument and other para
I plimntili era a A, U George himself,
he in like all young men of hi . He tu
anxHHia to work, and quit resolved in bin vague
i ? ' ueeeil in life and make a name lor him-
: did nut thirst for medical knowledge
ucint.y tn enjoy many boara oonsecntive
reading. If the troth were told, he preterm a
hard rule in the country with bis friend, the
.mounts or a tramp m thewoods in nearnh of
.K m- the rogue liked tonpend an
h.air or more of an evening by tha eide ..f pretty
Lu.y Prime whK-I blush for the fimt fumiliB,
an I write hiinK been left deatitute by the
death ofan eitrar.gant fathor, had c..uraKeoul
hired a mall room for heraelf. and on the
n , S '"" "M" 1'"'"t,. lre inakcr.
1 1 lik''lIP, ' !'" "Ih.v (iwrire, "
old Sir. Uranlham, in the iouoveme of hi. hBrt.
knew nothing So far an he taw, "George .pent
the -h(4e of ,. feiaare hour, in reading. So
edulou.did he Mem, that at time, it fl.odied
nnr. the kind old father, heart that hi. "boy"
might be orer-working himwlf; and on the.e oe-
caion. or would himaelf loud . l,u..'.
"P"1" day or two in th country with the
j-""1"". who kept faithfully th secret of bis
""! '! 10 their place. There aa. how-
,er ',7e I""" ho ! easily deoeived than
"f",,'n; and that OeorgH's aunt,
Ml" Oranthaio. A. oommon pla.e a. her
lu" "n to their place. There aa. how
" on wa
""'. '"wePiryh .duty of worrying Mr.Grani.
,"" '" erv1ots,liiid the recreation
,f "'-KenMng li:ir tia. tu tha pM- Willi cr.,
"'T '!'! . "'"X:,r "siswl. If Mr. Grantham
"I-"" seeing Ge rge a irrentdts.-
...r. umi nd set h.'r. u,..hi drlo.iiiK in
j him th nol.1 ehrisiiu, yinues ,rf paiiei.u nod
, .ni.uran.-c. X,.vr (i,rn loair dij she sutler hiiu
tu v it ,1 1. 1. . 1
l e. h
look, hill -In. f Ull I 1
coi.1'1 ,1101 H.-I. sint. or lion
si ciik. or (
IP UWll m: .ir irl n..i
work r,.t I e owaM l.r 1..-
oini 1,0 o linen til
lie h u-ei. Id to disturh Ins stud
I! ont "it- i 11
.f I i- f ul e ' I. (
n;;:llleiy. (!i.,,...
i i ed .p'ii- . , i., j .
' nnhorit -ji, J,,,,,
; 'nr in ,'. 1: j, .
eollM .ftf '!(;-
work ( r 11 ,1,,' H,
- na!l ' u I linjj in tu tens
t- it B 1, 11 ci ili:- it b
i do. i ii.tu , t ti,e
' "'i. I:, (li txu'is flier
,r;t., bis
'' I'm hi fo,l llist she
V' v i uher Iw as m
!,J tin' I. CKie, V'.-Utli,
. :h op n an uo eoai, i
f ' .1 a ment from lis I line.
riai.p'UHiiit u as lirst ui.ue,
hiitisell to tin iest and eeu
1 -I'M'.- Deis, n ,
. e ! ehi -.Thpii G,. ,
l r'tiJ.. W. ci, (i
irfre it. 1 ron,
make . -h w of reMli..n siiin.t ii; hut hitter
ly he hl ul. mill I. ai,d Mis. was lorced
lo.Oi'e" that at whsever hour .4 th eteaiug
she stationed hervf i tl f (,,.r,.,r
ai.d l rtnltchHjl her old Ismy nose ag.iinst the
win'h.wat toast a lialf a dosra liot. s i ri,,ta .1...
, went to l.r.l .oil U(, .Micourt.i, jn tl,eaiB,t
j'oeepeal I heopcr alum George's. mide drein2.
- "" smoking cap wer lo tie seen in
Io,r iia'o, ,
Uas sometime after this rictory of Aunt
Betsy's one evening between nine ind ten that
j Mr. UeanlUm ni.ol, the remark quoted ulajte.
I ' friend ami, old Mr. 1 imins. 1.
Is lo I I ili4t li .0 siuiple old genii, nun had
.1.. .1..1.. . 0 .
a w.niiii .,itlaci , ,mw in Bisktng it h i Timms
hsd the largest praetic in thtphca, and ws an
upnght B'ld highly rsdable eilisen. More
merws he ha, I rertntlv inanic l a young and
rather ghhlv wife r, m .Kew Vrnk. and was l
si'le comfortably ri. h everyl oly said I ought
lak a partiHsr. Dr. Timus. had half admitted
as mtirh, aa the two old fellows prosed iu Grant
ham's drawing r.,m, adding:
"If I werea IsU'heharsiill.Granlham,! shouldn't
aind k. Bui as Mrs. Timms iai.ddeal
v.-Miicer than y,m otbhs U like. ssasHy, and
I d a'l blame bar lor it; but I oseiiuM. think
Its not ri( ht f.c her to U going to parlies with
ymng fellows whom I hsnlly kle.w from Adam,
while I am out visiting biv pattern. "
"Mrs. Tiatsaa ia ry'fod uf gayeiy," aid
(ranihsm grately.
"Why vs.; .,ry t.,.1 indeed. In our lime
w hoold hare aaid. ton f,d. But
tbea, lirantham, ws'r old fslluwa; I he warbl's
gon ahead pmcaat. fast sine w r ).ng
Bien. And I hnten'i th heart pf-peak to her
en the subject poor elidd yoked to an old fogy
like a. " . "
And tb old -dado lard ku voir
laiia wi'h nry.
s-avteiime ti.iul." Mtid Grantham, hasten
ing tr tb subject, -thai Gss.rge work
hsrd. I daraa't 111 yoa th Bambey uf auur
b resds d.v."
"MetliciB. ' rep'icd th alitor sanlnitiously,
"Is srienc who h ratits.1 L Bia.lered tveu 111
lifHiw ..f dy.
St 4 bti hut nu will admit thai very lew
yng mm isT Ge-rgVs s( spend tlieir roini.
ib poring uivr s-M-Miifir books." "
"l kww young Bvsa study aiark l thsa
Ibev ssd fo do ia my hbhi."
"I Boast eirspl t.eurgs, !.1or. It's a-t
poasil4to wtrk Mrder than I uVs. X ,w lost
I his gowa, hut hsstd bars Ha hi ssaok
, mg rap aad h-aniBg m Li. hand. Il slaa.paas
botBii.g brishtly, and lls.uh hi. I.k was f ra.
t d lo ih ot-wyrva. it aa pU.a he wa
! m f" bak.
,,II a lr Inara n. I las already." said k
, i-imioss.p 'asill, BliS u ssa St.f till llS.t
sa , ls.. I ,1 I . m '
"llasbs bssmss) sr(l" Inanired lis
1 ""-"
i - lies i-a.s y..iiu.g sua Sh 1 rf
." repl e-l M.. Ii,u,ilms 1 "I a. I. 1. si 1.1
lH' b" " l
j "
j v.. 1 - .... its u urn aeiign.ea 10 see
,yB. J., l railed to a smi i, t ,,,
, . Mr. I.s-.r ' rB, and sa I'd I k es
' 1(4 tw,. .1.1 gsailsm) irtBrwed to tl draw
, ls ns. Tl ev bad ksrdiy seed, wa whea n resan,4 ssh lb assr Ihsi i.-..r,s
' dido'l aay aeiv.hH wl s si s rare ka ibe
I ag dnbt'i tors his bead.
I. e see, si,s, sTssa dl gl,l.L
wrs,l ia kx Is. k Vmt .. long . .
. Ur J.M SI 1 ! k. Ml h M I
1 IWI.W kia -
-llf asaat be retd , levy kfd.H a 4 Dv,
t Tms. k.edly.
, la a few ssam'1 si rk a. In.' .-d
B4. u. ss-ak f..s.
itsnoMaMKimi,) las-t. a. tab. 4aiB.
sg te.
aska-l Hi, u,a- i
I Mlt- Ti4 ll rl
1 - "taw ,. ka. any Ibieg hf s4.
"Well, what orbim?" erred tha father in great
"Ho He', sitting in hi. bones, sir."
.-. a , a. a
On that m eveoi.g, snMim befor. thi)
tariling ansouneement, Geerg Urambatu took
his seat on a (tool in the modest work room of
the drammaker, Lucy trims, and began with
more eal than skill to put ber work-box to
rights. . . ;
"Where du the skein of (ilk go. Mis La
ey!" said ho. '
"Oh! dear replied Lory, impatientlr;
"do let them alone. lua alwar leave everr
thing in such 0011 fusion, that it ooet aieau hour
tu set the box to rights when you are gone."
l ou see I think so much of you when I'm 1
"Mr. George, if you talk so foolishly, 1 won'
I'et you in again.
"Mayn't Iy I think of you," dear Mis Lu
cy?" ,
"You know very well I don't like it."
"Vary welL But I do, all the aauw. When I
saw the sun rise lb other morning, just tipping
those dear old mountains with gold, a the song
avs, do you know what was my first thought?"
'How should I know? replied tb young girl,
with a downcast glano
"I thought it would hat been a .delicious
sight, tr yon had been there to share it with
"Mr. George 1"
"Oh 1 you needn't y Mr. George,'' replied
the young man with warmth; "I can't help it.
I'm always thinking of y((H. When I sit down
to read th.B. prosy old hooks about phvsie, I And
my mind wan lenug away fnim leversaixl lotions
tu von. When I ride lo the Lindsays, and bilk
to Kate, I alwavs f.incv I aiu tlkhnr to vmi
I've even caught myself being civil t aunt Betsy j
"'""i u luipresiuon mat sue was tranaiuruirU
omv pretty Miss Lucy."
"If I didn't know that you
u were talkinis npn.
sense, Mr. G:irge, 1 ln.ulJ be very unhappy.
But you've made me waste oyer so much timo.and
I've got this dress to fini-h by nine. I promised
it forf .ur o'clock this afternoon, but 1 lost the
dy going to visit those poor jieoplo you told me
of, and Mrs. Timms wns so anjrry."
"Mrs.'Timmsl It's for her?"
"Yes. Now, let me work. Aa."
"Very mid thut Mrs Tiniuis" should want a
mess at nine if clock at night. It's not an. even
lug dress, 1 see."
No. Hut what do
vou men know sloil
iresst.. : 11 it . not done by nine, 1 shall lose i " Imt ut thi farce, sir!" roared Mr. Oron
Iter, and she s my best customer." I tliam.
"I wish 1 could sew." said Geor?. wiih .1 "Hush I hnh '" mi.t i.l.l T ... . .. . .1.1
"I think you'd better so home,
It's getting
"La'e? Oh! you're quite mistaken. It's
earlv, on the caurnrv. And 1 ron v..i
Why not, if you plea-e?" mquirH Luey
' i'cnuiiiuiye 01 tiers, and i,kn.
search 1, it by at (ie.irire
lieesus 1'ie rouiething tu say In you."
"Sut it at once, Ihene-no," she added, cor
recting herself, and sewing very nervously,
"perhaps ym had bette not say it."
There aa a pan.. Georc walked acnw ibe
r.s,m h.wily. Then Lncy brok lb silence by
oh.e, ring m a firm v. ict: . .
"I change my mind. What you hat tossy
Mr. George, I am ready to hear now."
"I bar v. u." .
And be Miised her hand, and covered it wilh
Xie wns violently agitated.- and grew very
pal. A minute or moir e!itiscd before she coiilil
sjw.a. jvi tast sne saiot
Mr. tic.rgivjhat yo bar spuken, I
lell cm riM.,LU .!,.. ,l.., - . .. . .
will tell you ftanklv, Ihttt that
y. a must Mot
cimifl here sgatn." --.
"Luey, do yoa love me?"
"louuiusl ma here spiin." '
Ju-t f this m nitnt, rap wa heard at th
d s.r. Gn.ige l ., jusMiuic t ,i,, himsvll in a
closet.- ben the door "i.pctie.f, snd Mr Timms
enu red the niaa.
I t com lor that dress. Mis Pr Bie," said
she, in a tiHi which seemvd yry airang tu
I ui very s..rry," lephed Ijicy,
In have kepi
y..u sil ng ma'am; but 1 was efelayrd. It wi I
e ready iu lei. minutes, if
iinules, if y, a will lake a seal."
eer mind,
lake it s it is."
said .Mis Timms, fan illy, "I'll
. Luey h. ked at liercBsinmer.andBndidGnorg
fi.rtu Ins hiding plac She wa range's pale,
and seemed ill.
"Wont Vou sit down, ma'am? In five minute
it will be nnishrd. Tie only a stitch or two to
mnk". I was ia hopes yua would Bot want it till
tii morning,
' No," said Mrs Timms, hastily, "thtoVsMor
nd I sr going h. the countr ta Bight II'
waiting tut as at home Bow.'
G.g bad s)NB dificulty In suppressing b
exclamaikm. II had beard Dr. Timms y, a.4
lo hoar liefore, he would spend lit evening at
his father's. Lucy had broken off her thmad,
ml waa fohliBg up lb dreas, and looking very
".Never mind Coding it," fried Mrs. Tiiems.
sslsfier, J0 ',g hih George waaaon
ii.e,l be heard her teeth chatter, sh asked La
cy if sh nuld give ber glase of water.
Lucy r.., and peased into her bed roue. Mr.
Timms, apparently Us. Bervoo a sit Mill, Ui
I. wed br. Tb m'aneol they left, th room,
Georg sprang frua hi hiding place, and karri.
dowe stair.
Al lb oW he aaw a Iratsling earriag. II
bfitaied. Could it ba? Sh bad lawn Ih Urn
talk lor weeks; her name and young Melville',
whu had kilh.eed her from Nw Y.ak. wer in
every one' Bsoeih. Yt ta bluadee as. ruia
He .,r his hair in his rstrpislily.
Tb night was tery dark, yet 'be eould see th
earri.g ass empty. A black dnier sat or a
tb seat, and hs4ed si Gg. Th
Idler Balked Ih dwr 4 the earnsgs, atlk
ib inteniM.a of isti,i his. II bad hardly
dm, s aben be heard t vly f.sttsp
.f abag th paremfiL tamed
si.Jl.s4rd. la mi esriit or twis Iheiaw rua-r
and George saw escb ntber. Ceofg would
buy sworn h waa Melt Hie. Th 1st lei seeing
a ssaa at ib af tb earriag tp4 sh.l,
ad H eared eBrenaia kuw . fn
-e. ie.rt. rwipard j lbs b asoved tuwar4 the car
rir. His mind, iharoeghly Bia, op. f. h Was
rnta be held ibe le f ike mvxery, Gsseg
boldly .sJ'lht handle of the earriag doer and
.,pM.ed V.
Tl ins easaer sw-rad sgaia seated Wet la
d-M ibea eea-ed Ibe streae.
At thai meM a Irasale tgat rust ed oat of
ih h -use. lis k,d ih earriag 4. -of whil
si strpe-ed Ib. 1 1, ehwpeving le the drner,
I sraag ia. aeaid biu se.l tawde her, and th
rairiag rallied ev.e lb I aiese.t.
V) uliin, all as4aik. Xelbersrnk. tie. ry
mid hssrtl iui. k ls-saihi,g . f l is na.iloe,
la beM bis tm I reath, 1 be miaates serwwd
rewiwiir to him.
At boat tl earrtar stopped.
"Where mil!' l tb lady plit(ing
"At V-wf n.a h, eis, Mss.T tn-s, rV-sr. roof
buslaisd, lb, will -). y'ai."
"Ks.ed eased ."' ga-t-ed the pas,M,
Lsl nsg . Gsree blls-l Mrs. Timms 1. lb
j r- iss snm ... w aa. mm 11 ,s,r.
i mm. . o La- .a t- k.ll a s hiiu
, ia lb V'a siadv. Wb besfes ssanss b
1 M ad ,a. 7 Mam.' Lai, Bt M,ed ket ti I,
1 .d diseased I se af lh s 1" i-a i-f d s. M.
( bed s4 feiartau i Ul sb seesaed . Bhep-I -..a
, o.4ofa-r b-ekal g.i.s va. A ilaa of
, aa-e mi.ed kar
I m tsl. h iri . d' " si as. us red. ,!
1 'n .1 b. me. am I as. r
"Of sa JS, t." rsy-lssd lanrr slfl
"Va'fd IU draws. o,l Mrfl'11,., a II b !
be., a tl m rnbig b-i, tsh W. ' j
"km il I'm ai a.' wl t -sa4 SI rt. T eam,
1 a trssaal (, 1
"You'll wear it th next time you go out with J
the Doctor. Now, I must b off Uood-by, dear f
ink iimm. . tli woda ttuu l.LouM hare wet
yua at'thadremmaker's!"
"Yon metuitf "
vr-YeX Just In time to see you home, wasn't I?
I must say, dear Mrs. Timnis, you r a model of
punctuality. If you'll allow me to say o, I
think the idea of driving to a dressmaker's at
nin oVOwk at oight, on purpos to gat a dress,
quite original, flat ha! ha! I. beg your par
don for laughing, but our Kichmoad ladies are
not such stickler, for exactna, by any mean.
And taking leave with as much formality as
if he had m.d a ordinary Georire'ran
down the tep of th doctor,' bouse, and basten-
eu Dome.
..' ; a a
When Mr. Granthitm and f.Timms heanltli
servant say that "Mr. George was aitting iu hit
bonra." they burst into a rosr of laughter.
"What do you mean V aakad th former, a.
oon a he eould speak.
But tbo girl was too much agitated to replr.
Site trembled, and began tu cry, and (book her
bead ominously. .
"Come along. Doctor, we'll soon see sfhat this
means," said Urantham, r3mg th way out of
n. rim ioi u eo wuerner tn boy w
there.." . . -
T And the two old fogies, quit excited, haataned
10 aunt notsy window. There was George aa
bdfore; uot a , muscle hsd moved. .
"What ll4 deuce did th girl' mean I" said
GrantUinn. '
Ik-fora the words were ottered, an txctamation
from Dr. Tanius drw his attentiim one more
to the window. What tltevaw titer might well
tound them. They saw dUtinctlv a man lean
into the nsiro, apparently by the wimlow'. eie
George by the throat, and with one powerful jerk
pull him out of th chair and throw him to th
other end of the room.
, "Murder" grouied Grantham.
. Surely two old gentlemen, of their ie and
age, never ran so last a did they to the Sonne iif
the outrage. Gasping for breath, the father burst
open the door of his son', room, and bott ruhcd
in prepared for the worst.
"Phansy their leeliuks," a Jeamssaya, when
they sitw George standing in his shirt sleeve., in
the middle of the room, as eool as a diplomat
j ami on in ll, Horror ot horrors! a skeleton a
1 la Jiruuchu, recently imported from Paris, dlran-
led in Getiriw's ilrsums .
i.u too ies stun in . neiier, l,et uie an vise yoa,
as an old I. lend and a meslical man, tu be careful
of vout mm.' health; he evidently reads too baid."
L mg 11 n I hitter was the leetiir George had to
endur st ih hands .if Mis Bsisy next nitiming;
and far worse to liear than the few words of re
proach which fell Irom the lip uf hi kind old
f.tther. "Y m biv lost, sir," said ho, "an
ippirtunity on which I. hay been counting for
years. It was the hop of my old age."
And when, few days aftorward, old Timms
called on his friend Grniillmin, and bild hiui that
he had talked the matter over with hi wile, and
that ah and he, were both uf opinion that he
had belter tak a psrtner, and that they knew
of mi one with wkuia he would sooner associate
himself thau "your boy George" old Mr. Gran
tham was fitirly petrified with astonishment.
Stranger things than this cam to pas. F01 the
old doctor oonipbiihed In a very cheery time,
hoa ever that he had no siviner take a partner,
sr. as to g 1 out with his wile, than that lady ab
jured society, and insisted m a, ,!;
aveniitg reeling and talking lo"an old fcuy lib
s.. S...I VM T: :.. t .... ... J .
...v. ,, 1 sisiin wnoin is.irge ti
esme smMrnly intimate, came over one morning,
atid notified that Mr. Grantham that her husband'
praetic would tie ruined if Gorg resaaihed a
bachelor. Sliding thai sh had found bin a wife
Mis. Lucy I'riine.
"What ! a'drcssmakcr scree, hej Aunt Betsy.
But when Mr. Timms rave out that she would
reus tu know any htily who torgot to nail on the
lutur .viesar. t.eorge Uranthsm, and when
George assurcl his father that it was useless to
1 talk of hia marrying any on eh, all nbsiarle
j vanished, and the marriage was duly celebrated
Doctor giving awa the bride.
Aunt Bet.y w ti roeonuifed to the maruli, hy th
insurance that at least, on of Miss Prime's an
erebsrs hail euro ever with O plain John Smith.
r A Tear
From th. Fall Ri
lowing acoimnt of a 1
A Tour blng lacMeat
iter Monitor w tak th fob
louchtue incideiii -
la psssing dowa Hroomwcld street, we think
it was, w met a msa in th winter uf Iif this
" I " l"n 0,r bis pal ssaturea, and with
Naff ia hand, lalsrring lo reach bis horn. Th.
bad work he made uf It led the bystander lo
think him Intosicaied. He wiatld walk a sln.rt
disiane in a very unsteady manner, then paus
and lean upon hi staff, a source of merrimrnl tu
th by and of merriment th men, who, like
lb Levite of old. wagged their beads and passed
.'J ,, mar .sua.
Pausing moment to h k at th eld ma a. w
hAiiMil m l:..u :i S k t , .
. all,n g..r . isj utess new amioualy
wstehing his movements, and ti hmily desiring
to no wmieilang tn aestet him. Sh might hav
B fourteen winter, was richly dresesd, with
preny iar, aae a ey lull ofmeMing, eiprce
aioei and l, with bwdts ia head, was probably
oa her wsy Th bills Samaritan did
not k.g remain inacliv. Approaching gen
llesiiaa (?) ah ioouned. with a faltering UHtgea,
m ins m nw was at-m ow ner lair Cheat.
''I that old f enllemaa st.-k or intouralsd V'
-IhTink, I guess!" wa lb Beanies rerly.
Al which, with th eail i hem. tin. Intl.
an?! .af aterey aprucbed the obi man, and aft
a BKMHeni s tarsal am. lb two were seea wB
ding their way (long lb treat, the lint nrl
supiHing Jlss batering form of him whiaa Ib
Bhieeliag crowd had hsft le hi fan. Ob haqairy.
mm prniiMss wet in wa man was wotiny as
on sail m a morning walk, wa
saihlealy overtaken wilh a astul bliadrm which
waa tii ess-ess, Ihoegh sseswsinsi uf ll tin
sel!, of bis ansi ea'lr g.u. II. i lesnuera's man.
and ickaes sulireciad hiia tn lb jilnai and jer
m o, save in SsH.l heart M git 1.
W tried e. rear her sea, bet wer snal,
a m tsa, Ib.w bk aa aaai m Ihw Heaart, M
w.n Id, surk es.giK-s apw MVnr Ih4
girl may be, a say, G mi blea her I J
A Usstgh MUew'.
Th I a r4 etury going the roamds of the
paper k Id oft man ia Arkaasa, who bad len
drinkiag till 1st her sl.tgl.l. aad tlssa started
for hwaM Isaattt of seen ohv ainaaa. lea
reasdmig hi w pr siaes. he was ta far g.w lo
disessrsr ny dH Ib d-anki! be wa aleml In,4 tberefur bud himsall ,iwa m si, e-l
who h ws.alascoii rends. 'fi Ih bogs. Tlrfy
happevwd w. ba m whew il.e aaw sar arrlsed,
fs.1 vi ref.irsd a. tbr 1-. Th weather
Ming rat ber culd, they, in Ibe exasaat km4
and w ih the mesas hMi.lny, gat ll..,r loped
a ' s&i,,ibS it. a mrm . hi
I, 1 Bisr s aw
II. vets-bad i.s. L.I
1 s,4, j wok . tler geallemea.
I '. : , , , , ; , - , . ---- -
and. .M airbing b. H of lb M f brl.e of a
eg eK'U.awd 1 " ll k , my r's friea I, y-.'.a
fi a uf a b'd! N 4a dtafgre .4a. bsT
be trM
A I'utl iHtsroskkkf
tbas l.test I
t lever girl
- 7' .'"" " - ty.og ass 1 '" qoeoent tor n.aie. ,. , , , a lu p,.aPy. ahl,.f war w IU I
ettber .t mi him, and aiber. eevi.g the part .4 ed ewv.'s sad Indian war, so I pvri.l tha ,(- sl p. an4 1st Iran.,. k ,,. mm '
""- 1 he aea.lh ya-eseeii"! b.m float laaiiig j m'rkaii.m .4 th rsvb l.vali.ts fr lb 1 1.,4 (w mtutsvi' Llgbf It.fusir si I ... '
l.....rsi4byetr-.ur..,. Lew.4e. , ( ape Isar to ll--l. wl.iit,., tor, we e .-ao4. 1 rv lsnler. Ih. Utter I U.H '.v U s'ol ta '
It. 4inf h t.if s. n.f.evU.. la lb UisHul ig I" re! .. fm a aweteuf tei,. I getting ea la .N-eih Mn.. ,f 1, j M,ma nt
Borsm-e .4 hi whereaUesis, S sonr-asd hiutaaif ; I I y (,swsnl 1., I snada, ta nisi tii.. j j 1, 1,,. .
My bean i. tick aay heart 1 .aA-s
i'.ol oh. lb aaaa 4sr a A I'll,
I aat 4 grMs4. I am smi mad,
I am .'t s.rk I am a.4 wall 1
I'm 4 etisif I as ajt Ib aaase,
I aai. Iala.l. ktsew Bnt hs ;
I'm k s fsl in II. eter ia aasae
Ob, wkra ts4l be h.eH l 'gtr?
irons the Fayttltrillt Cbtrver '
Isaclaits Satlbaal Bsttl af th KevetatWa ia
North Carotins,
aim. or booii's cant.
Cntil recently the Battl of Moors' Creek,
fought February 27th, 1776, had only a tradition
ary and local existence, or at most a passing no
tic, in American history. And yet no battht of
th Revolution so thoroughly illustrate Ameri
can valor, and none has higher claims to rank
amongst tha decisive Nutional Battles of th War
of ndependencet
Jones, Carutlters, 8win, Wiley, Wheeler and
Davis, deserve well of their country for the light
they have reHected upon thi loo long neglected
battle field a battla Hold upon which the bo
of Gov. M.rtlnwer blasted, and ilia royn! Inn-
nor trailed in th dust, though uphold by 2tC0
Scotch Loyalists, eoiiimiutdcd by Gen
. Donald
McDonald snd Col. Alexander Mc!od. veter
ans, on of whom had fought 'wt Culloden, and
niidor Gen: Wolfe in Canada, both had acquired
distinction and fame.
The Battle of Moore's Creek was fought at an
early period of the Kerolution, and is the first
battle fought within th I'S, in which, victory
lurched ou th American s'taa. So that In North
Carolina not only belongs th signal Ktavor of
having been, the first to xhaolv barself from all
allegiance hi the British crown and th first to
declar herself free, sotereigu and tinieien,lciit
State, but to her, also, belongs the equally glori
ous distinction of huv'uig is-en (he ft' st that
fixed the prestige of invinj b lity b Atner'tuan
anus. And yet the battle. ml itsi.sti in.l effect
have liecn weilinad within thv kuow ledge tf those
who bat dwelt near the modest atresia which
it was fought. , But a day, wc hope, is dawning,
whon it will attract attention and ae pi ire national
fainV-a day that, a hen the AUxitndcr' and
Brevard of Mecklenburg art motioned ns the
first v ho prnclaimcil ludeieudence, the Lillin
lootis,' end Caswells, of Cap Fear and
Trent, will he tcmentUered as ih first victors Iu
Ih great Kcvoluiionary strui&le. Tuapnrecitite
properly the claim which the haul of .Moore's
Creek ha tn national di-tiiiion, it will he neces
sary to present a oonilensed statement of the ac
tual e.nidition of the t t.huite. prevt.ats tuaitd at
th tint when th battle was l.,u-ht.
Al the close of Ih year 177-1, bop, wer en
tertained thai on lha meeting id a new Parliament
all the grievance, of the Colonies would b r
dressed. But lira rejection of Ch.tlmiii's bill,
and the arbitrary measures nroisised and carried
through Psrl anient, soon cm. inc., I thetolonies
that their hones were vain and delusite. and that
an to arms or suhiuissiun were th only
auera wives lert.
From I7oH a milltnrv force hsd been starloneJ
iu Bin n, to- intimidate anil overs the inhale
hunts of that city. The Army whs under the
coiuiuniid of Gen. Gage, who, ou the leth April,
1 77 J, despatched Col, Smith with Hut) men to
destroy the store th Americans had enlltA'tcd
at Concord. Id this enterprise Col. Suiillt was
supported by Lord Percy mid WH men. They
accomplished their object and fought ihe battle
of Islington, in which they lost in killed and
wnunihsd eont mW men, and slaughthcred about
Itsi Americans.
Ou the 17th June 177't, the battle uf Bunker's
Jlill was fought, about which time th British
lore wus sugtiieiitoil by recruit from Kurone,
mmiaianded hy Gvnuriila Howe, Btirgovne and
Clinton, To eounte act th tqienittiius id this
Urge Army. Congr.'s, in June 1775, atitsilnted
Geo. Wsshi ighm Cianio todrr in-Cmef .4 all the
Aniera .n hirers, and on the 3rd uf July be Used
his head quarters at Cambridge.
As troops rallied around Washington, h con
tracted hi line towards Boston, determined to
axmiiel the Utili-b tu evruai tb Mrunghuid
tltey had so long poesei.
'fu effect thia ohject, Washington needed men.
money, provisions, and munitions of War; and to
Una point, tha gehaatopol of th Kevohitlon, th
utir energies ot I lis Colonies were direct.!, and
lo that point, and th injasion of Canada, at lb
tiois the hattleof Moore's Creek waa fought, th
concentrated thought and mean of lb t'uloniee
were devoted. Hut it wa nut until the 17ih of
March 1770, nearly a month after Ihe battle uf
Moore's Creek, that the British abandoned Boston
and left Ih Americana in rswsesshai of the city,
Whilst tb wholo resource, of Cimgrrs were
devoted hi the invasion of Canada, mid th reduc
tion of Boston, the patriots of th Southern
Stales enutd expeol no ex'ern tl aid in defence of
their altars and firesides; but, guided by an en
lightened IMihlie sentiment, ibev banded I hem
sell . ogethr, deteitniiie.1 that the Cavaliers of
th South would not h Is-htnd the Puritan, of
th North, either ia their bite of hlsrtv or th
pracl.e of thosa warlik feat by which akm
they saw their liberties nd indrprnuenc eould
be maintained.
In th meantime Great Britain, sa esrty aa
OcM-rr 1775, determin! t". open the impaign
uf 177J upon slol grsndearthal put to
th Biengie numliers which the Aoirrtceu eould
eommaad. Already British train, hsd
I -sen msruhel Into Canada. Gen. Montgomery
had fallen, and hi army was defeated, before
fnel-ea. Parliament autboritted the impressment
nf '.'".("si seamen, and Ibe ettlisttfism uf M,IK)
sokliera; beaidee which, authority was giten tu
en Bag b.retgn BMretnan. ui tb uiimliey of lb,
tssj mor., Ib erler lo "ks.k down all i.pisiiion
snd rffeetua' sotmissio with, nil bbs-d-ked."
The plB nf vfi ramp.ign was, lo recapture
Canada, set Nw York, nd Bisk innd up. -a
th 8 barn St ilea, thr ,uh N nh C ir lina.
Tl" eafaur uf Ih S uth was entrusted lo Kir
Henry Clinl.ul aad Mr Peter Parker, who V
'gBd alring Ibe C.M Fear, landing ibeir
- s a ---- - - -. -
"""I- so. sm .n cisia an..,., . Sim,
isnsiia mi n-iis.r.uvisi. in si.... ..i.nio a .s
n.eni lu.ewarm in ina American raqse, in
sdilin as lo this. Gov, Maritn bad renrksented
Ih J lb Regulator and kVsitcli on ihe
I 'ape Fear uhI J be ma-iers-1 Into tb British
sttsl la Hi sianilsvr of 4 e.sJmt.i Thai
rb,e osea, by ib ir.s ander ih
eMsnmn4 of lir llewrv Cbi.tiet, cs-obl traacree
the State aad form a jonen with Ihe ip
uedr Lsa-4 Ibsnm' in irginia, ahobal rallied
under bi. standard all who wer h.val to th King
all who wer inimical lo iiidejeadenee, and
1'kswts all the ranaway alave wha emk be lo
disred hs abactduB tl,ar situ era. It was tt
naatd that Ihi army csild ertrst with and
sasialned by Ihe Nirnhweaiera wmg uf il.e
II ttiah army 4 Indian ftxm I'et-i it, and by
limit number. eild eaatl 1 1, hsatih . ear rea
der. But if i S'siva. ,. in th a.l.a. W ssl, ng.
km w--uld Isfh to h relief .,f Ilia H-ay bers. Males,
and b..tia. Hose In esatseaai'-n of Hwt,4t,
feosa wl.ieh ysdal be eould etash rsUiieas in Ih
Nortbera Males.
ll a at Ihi erleaa U tb destiny ef tb CJ
... 'rm s. .sra waa Vii,
bailie ablest, ihe enure ..a 4, ..4c.av.pelIGy M,r-
lia ae.4 bit llevue I bob a le . fat Nnli
. ( .r. boa a bat k. wbs k b. ke the spirits of lb
flesM list tstst, ikal h is.
I s.a mmmtm thai Im t.a l 11 ,.m slass I
. - ,- "-
am staling s..ll,,..- tea. Hot I Will aodss.o.
1 lo eni,t ihrm t .si tn gross.
: On staeelted lt r...aaMa4'ii
had G v. Mar
1' - .
,sm.. . p-,,,1,. -m.s.., ,a iwav M la-layssei-
J"rtSli rr -Lea, that 11 (.,
e-t inly Il.e4 n,s f.a'a on I f.H as nn
Ipesji. Rrnsh peases, and I.ighw .y
; ..t.e .htsb man B,al,;.rfb -
Paste . sa4HSs.aa. urn, m bltti. ilearewk,
Has (se. Hi ll.g ,la.4a ...t l .i..s. a.4
'V"" '" rvj-i llj.s.,1 l..hH.
Lag tse l" sr,4 M te kip r. rl.Kat i tl bo
tie Neribasn r..tes.
propositi,. is Hmwo's Hiatrtry of th Highland
Clans, the 4th tnlum of whicn is devoted to a
minute history of all tb Highland Regiment
who hav beta mustered into the British service.
In that work wa are informed, that after Brad-'
dock' defeat, and on th oouclusi.m of peac be
tween France and England, at the termination of
Ihe sefea years' war, U officers and me. in th
L'udon, Fraicr, and Montgomery Highland
regiments, had extended to iheiu, a criotoe to re
turn to Europe, or remain in th Ctdoniea and
reeeiieagt ant of lead, subject u. ba sailed into ac
tive service at the pleasute of th King. Amongst
the nonil er who remainr.1 in the Colonies wer
Donald McDonald and Alexander McLeo.1 th
former of whom was Lieutenant in th Loudon
Highland Regiment in 17-16, and ihe latter wa
a Lieutenant in th Frater II ighUnd regiment
in 17.7. The sain author nv "whea tit war
of the American Hevolution broke i ut. Howard
..r -i i ... . .i . , . , '
i i. remain-
. i '."""J " " regimenv
... ,U. ll ,,., .IHU.H
dietl umbr tb asm of tht "lU.yal Highland
Highland Emigrants iu Canada and the discliarg-
ed menof th 42 1, nf tmr' and Montgomery'
Highlander who had settled in N'orik America
afior the peace of 1763. .
Great difficulty was cxptriened in conveying th
recruits who had lieea raised in th back settle
ments tu their respective destinations. Adetaob
ment from Ca-ruliiia was obliged to relinquish an
attempt to truss a briiljr di fciidod by cannon,
in which Capt M. Leod, its Coinmauder. and
ni'mber of the men r killed,'' " s., "
In Gov. Swain's Lecture on th British inta
sion in 177li, he sayst-.
""Towards th clo til th year 1775, as w
learn fnan th account of Il.e proceedings of the
American Colonists in the GeiitlcraniisV Mag.
it. ia ..r June 177", two Scotch officers, Messrs,
McDonald nod Mcl.e, d, paused (Iimuj;1S New
hern. They were suspected nf some sinislerde
sigus, snd questioned hy the provincials eniicern.
iugrtieir hiishtes. They pretended they were
ofiicers whu wer wminded at Bunkar's lli'll, and
had left th araiy w ith design to setlls amongst
their friends.'""
And in a letter from Brigadier General James
Moor to Brig Iter General McDonald, dated
"Cuiiir at Uockn-h, February SM, 1770," seven
days before th hat tie of M.r.iw'i Creek, h says,
"I ca'linot Oiitclutl withu I reminding you,
S r, of he oath which f oa and om of v.ur'oft
ct to 'k at N"lrn, on your arritil in this
euuntrv, which I im tgiti yoa will find difficult
to reconcile lo y-nair prevent etaidtlbt." ,
In ronly GetiX MuDu.iaUl sitrs. th Boots
Emigrant, ar uiiler mor oiygiMlons Ha th
King and cn.wu, tlikn Ui any ijlUvr power, aud
denies that tbey iraVheraluileil or ungral
tin people.
In th proce lings of tlio Comtiiitlee of Safety
for Ihe Town of Wilmington, on ll Sth of Octo
ber tu3, I Bud that strl vessels, outward
bound, lingered at the mouth of the Cap Fear;
in eonsequene of which th Committee
Kesolved, That vry vssl nuw In Ih Riy.
er Cap Fear. Iisvlad nd cleared nut a abuv,
(befm Ih lUilt dvy of Septemlter last.) do pne
oeod im ttieir rmpeotiv voyage withia Ma day.
from thi d it,'
(Jmtrt . Why did they linger if Bot waiting f,r
Ara B: Xo. tb tBth, th Committee Re
solved, that no vessel whatever shall .osd any
rargo bi ny part of th world from this port.
And on th IHJthuf Nov. 177), w find "Th
Committee taking into consideration ttie'dangsr
with which th inhabitants of Cap Fear River
ar threatened by lha King's Ships, bow in Ih
harbor, and the open and avowed euniempt and
violation of Justice in th of Gov Martin,
who with the assistance, of the aaid ahip i en
deavoring to crry nff tb artillciy, th property
uf the province," A. v
- W hereursm t'o tim'tiee I appointed to (Ink
cKsilts nd boats In Ih channel so M le Itrevenl
Ihe nutlet nf ihe British shi ; aud en Ih 6ih of
January l,,0, Ihe torn mil lee ordered all ihe
Pilots to be arrested and kept from piloting the
sfjuisn, ..r -ictijiig to tuem supplies,
(fii'rt. Where were ibey earryiug off the
Artillery lf '
Among the letters idGerge lit Third bi Lord
,onh, Is-lile l by Untaghain.) w fi nd th hillow
ing( dated 11th of(eil.r. 1775 :
" Agre to aend 3.IXM atn. ahlelly from Ira.
land, against North Carolina fi at, outof ih hop
thatth Highland aattlera will Join. Will eov
anl.rtli raising of Highland Keginistil."
In letter fnan l'i Earl of Durliu alh lo Go.
Martin, la May I77S, h sssure. him lhal I has
bis Maiesty' tmnnamls to direct Gsb'I Gsge.
Bton Ih Governor's application, la seed sum
alii and d sereel officers, to lead t' people ,J
North Csrolins forth against any rel,silnals at
lempls to daelmy the public peace,"
la Ih Kesolve of ths WilmingtiHV Committee
of Safe-y, as esily as SJ of Jul 1 773, ws find m.
ppoinnng Cmwmi'le n wrl s lo Allan McDo.
nsl.l of Cumberland Cuanlv, (hu.lutiol of ih
celebrated Fhva I whether he had pis, (ared hi
ervb-es to Guv. Martin ki enlist troops la Ih
Royal esu-e
.rrr Why enlist troops for Sit q Carolina
as early as Jut.?
On tit lOih of Jauary I77C, Coy. Marti issa
d hi prostl.nts.ti Ml enlliitg arsav .11 Ih well
Ifected ki rally ar uind I' Royal standard at
Croa Creek sn as reach llruiisa'ak oa th
I. 'ilb ij t'absnass Iy7. l.lkU...,i til..
M,, , . , , .... ,. .
.Doo.ld ha. .,-i.e.vh,Mr.,nld
SJ I, is , ' . , ., ---
ani am inner si. imm im a i.e. tl, ll.ttl ot
( ,v,.-, ( ,,.,bl i lb fl lb,
amt.l ,M. iiiil was general, Aftiander M
Lend Coh'nel, nd gl fri.told All.a waa
telh rank idCnptaia.
Q,,t. Why reb Brunawirk est lb 11th
I. ".", siwii ..." ins'is. unoT rir r.r-
kor did a. re-B Ibev nil Mai f Cotlld th e
f,irvshv.pre!ed. wills! tl. At'aniie nlled
le-tween f Or did l v. Msrtiakesica savclii.s
Ih llighlaedera lo B Kim, thencl.Mt, l..if e-lt
I bat thu. ensleavied to ie.-t l,a 1,-1.11
I, nka lit what may h lb rhain nf pe -
anmpiit . iiH-n.., in favor uf that mips,.t.i
. sored.
I w rets . wr revler. I esiracts Tr- li- i
lev. of M.jorGeal II we, who bd sac-..-d
(.col Gag in lb ea.iavsnd at H l. a. II e '
laliers sr ad Irss.ed Ih Karl of ..rima'l, '
dated Rosbaa, Jaa'y 177''., aad may tat f mod ia '
Ih Amsyieaa Artbitaa. 4h srttM, 4ifi V.J.,
ps O'J. hll.h.v.V Ib llm firal .i ygrrf j
thai slt-at'd bsr e.atteti.pi.ial an int.
s .fib ".atibera !.; until the rcll. ws '
deWed S.ih of New Vok, eawiilsins .d" a'
drain f ats bs army si. tha Hnih f.imi " whence '
h eaa promise lin-ll III 1 1 ss.alni t the 1
.,, .ml ; nd d la, " 1I4 . .ra.-c 1
,i. U g lb of Mu-r'
I . .1 11, f-, 1 - . J. .
,,tUl.liir'i dlt-af la d lb. '."Jd f W-i.,f . be 1
At h set. M flea CliYbn eaUrd
...,,.,. t. - i- . ..
w a .'on stssif i a iso as ,ro ng la ti.e vircwry
. ,..m. II,. I tie. a ah,. I.,.,. M. tm .. .. d,...
- 1 l. k, t',. (' lr isis, l n,.l ,,(u,.
tra,apN--.. A ..fv . v aar L.lstii'a (leseHst, h
n4 f 4 Oet.d-r f v. .. Ih. pe,ns-,p.l ,..
h- .B. M r.1 rtse.,n-,.,
. i..,,i. . ... a . 1 1 .
tb mala Ma m I,.. St.-In ey,
, . Ka U.ek .aam.-t.-a. bt Ms f, f
p m t-mni .1 ,v ll , ,!.,. M
b.,d, pro ii als tla'asv a. 4 Ik. -a l ll, r a . s . L. 1 ...
I mn u 1 In ,,th r.s.,1 i.
, ' n,.he P' .". "Th R ,yal High- i with a tingle man t ami. after I, tt i,,g br..uglii uo
and fcin.grant llegi iiient, .ir felth two banal- la shs.p of war and three aiiie.l vcels within
li""" embodied ia 177S..l!egimeiilsl in 1778. half a mil nf Wilwinirtnn for th T.nrt.nee of re.
ursi Hem wns si iss ratseii irom ine i ee.v
vmwm s-w r in -.n . .n-i ... tn was., 11 a af w-t,.
atenlnf.he II ghlaK.ksea mmiim4 I. thai t . l .
' -L. -J , . aawBaj-ss.! I miil jji
hav sroiintments ia the eonJ bat's! a ef
Royal li '.isnd tm;grnts, to l-s f inned ss -
sth first was knows t h coaiiic'ed, w .a A
has been for st m. time."
On th 2Ji of January Gen. II iws scLnnw!',-.
d the reception ot li f torsBi,s.,jii, a
from the Earl of rsrtstaath to G v. Unio, sr. j
x ram of 0 v. Martin', June." end
bthJulv 1775, for th as ot Gen. tlintoB. 'I lit.
letters I hare been enable to fin , hot u,.. rny
yet U brvrngbt to light and explain son,. 'n.i,
eonnes-ied iia th invsi n of Xurtb Curv ,
in 1778. ,
la th same y.diime ol th American A-.v ...
png" I''''. I nd-a letter dated " N'orh U 1 , h j
lTih 1771". "in h;h .1,- 1
- . . ... .. . .. .1,1 m.w s,
"Gen. Clinton and Teodurar. arrived asfs.
Th tender is lo proceed to Cap lest in .n!i
Car lins. in order toVais yoluntern, th-zusands
of wh io are sendybi join tl Kine's tni.s.
4 All tii Highland Emigrants sr
most frieadlv to Government.1'
In the Sth Tolame of Au.ricn Archives, 4th
Seres, pe jy. I find a letter dated North t a
rolina, March 4, 177C." where the writer, r.fter
giving an ace 'Utit of the Rattle of Moore's Crt-,
"til stiing that it wa. Iinp,.ih'e to rlf:r.i,.
Ih ardor that prrvnUcd In the pmvinrt; that h
had seen "His excellency Brigadier Get era! tu
nald Mellon thi. a ho is f!iradianrd in li'e I eif j
in tb sistv-fifth trend his nc ;" that C-is.
Mmire, Caswell, Pjlk, Thacksbmi Lillii gtot, .ti
Long have great merit, and that ei'her would i.e
an overmatch for Il iwein thnt kind it straieev
ncce-sary to seen i e success in the wwdl.nd .ml
swamps mat pmaii in t.asiern North Camlinai
: ,V, - , ,W ,i mit liv Jt,in mm bimstlf,
j alter promising Gnvenimmit two,.1 men,
nig the Kegtilatov. ami Hih Under lrru
Negrti Head P.tint, to sns-ik off with two tesw 1.
at a time, after hearing of the defeat of hit cm.
On peg 10 of 5th Volum, of Ajawicao Ar
chives, is a letter dated "Edinhurgh, Scotland,
March 14. 177'.!," in which th writer says--"
An officer of the Royal Highland Emigrant'
Regiment has arrived from Boston, for arms and
clothing fir that Ktv'iment ; that liefure he bP
B sn..n in tl beginning of February, more than
8'W turn. had been enlisted, hijuwhicli there
wer recruiting officers in certain parts of Amer
ica enlisting moo." The officers, lie ns, are tu
h gentlemnn mostly on half pav, nmot K,t whom
he mei.ti m D maid" iii) mat I aad Allan M.-D.-
nsl l, both nf wooir. wei t fi era at the llaitie . f
M' ore's l.'ieck, .. .
Whether the etioVtiee mhaiu cd siislaiua tit
propttsitto i, that tin- S.-. lch L.r.,lis! werrraua
tered Statu the Brittkb rcrvic for th purpose of
Isiing sent to the Northern States, 1 leave othera
to decide. . Rut I fe nt hesitatii II In s-tving, I
I liev tii So tch Loyal sts thought llon'hsj e
listed iutiv a battalion of ihe Itnttsh r;m, thr t
vim lo la? usel iu the Nor' States. In ls7,
th. wilturwns so informed by .Mah-ohu MtKav,
wh't ceuuipiuited Gen. .McDonald' arnty, Ui
which three mi'inhers of hi litmilv had enlistcl,
ntul eiteainped with them on night on thehtuw
of the hill weal ..r this town us:n ttl Ich lie man.
shmiol Mesirs. H. L. Mynner ati l W. B W right
now stanj. At thut tiio Malcolm .! Kay wa
17 years nU ; ha subsequently joined the Itrilish
Army, end received a pension fr,.m that Govern
ment until his (lentil in our midst 'vim years s;"
To the same tfect hi th tesiimmy of lluri
McDonald, as detailed by Mr. (. ur jtl.i-rs Iu his
last historical work ; and mi runt ths n lml cur
rent of testimony nmongst ths de.cend.nt. of
those Whu were deluded and cajoled into the sup
port of Ihe House U Hanover, l,y the Biost ikil
fol appliances of Gattory and fiauii.
But whether I am right or wn.ig, I think I
have laid enough to enntinn every North Caro
linian that th history of th Battl of Moore'
Creek las nut yet been written nor has h jet
acniired its mnrite-I posilioa nf nationality.
I filial battle prevented an iuvnsion of th
State, sn invasion concerning which tn tl
King writes tn Lord North, on invasion p'sn.
ned by th last Royal Governors nf Tirg nia : n i
North Carolina, appnusd by th Earl ol 1 srt
mooth, eoiifi led in its execution tu Sir Henry
Clinton and Sir Peler Parker, with inch aid ss
Ihey fould deriv In, in Grn'l Gag tid II sr-;
surely the memories of Ihe men whofiuslis'i'd
all their plans end prevented th Stt from be
ing desolated, are Worthy is? Illuatrioent h-'nors,
and Ihe field onon which (hir valor w. dis,r,v
ed should lie classed amiaig th fiati ,n tl B it,
gntiinilt of the lUvuliilion.
On th other hand, if th num. of Duplin nd
Simpson, Trent and Crip Fsar( mt mid Con
quered t M, sire's Creek, recruits who wer des
tined In leave th Slate lo reinforce t.en'ls t. sr.
aad Howe, and enable them to uImu;-.i th
Northern States, th Battlsris la tb seal of
dignity, and presents spsctselsof patriotism
and self sacrificing devotion to Lihertv and Inde
pendence that will eemmend itself to ths a lours
lion, of the world; and the Banns. ,f Mune. Lib
lington, and Caswell, Ktnan, 1 ha,kstnn, Martin
Slui'umh, snd Ash, should It indrlihiy s.amped
upon Hi memory uf every son and d.uglturof
North Csdina.
This rommaaleatliMi has evlen-led bevom! an
original design. On sums future e--i.i ,.t I may
trimhle yu w ith a glimpse at the at n' tti.rt asei
tu Indues If lliglil.ndentu tsk arms.
Fsyttyill, Jn'y im. ISifl.
I i .
Tt Fa-anf, Ftfi't l,' trtd n'.
llf F tM tb p)atr fmn
A tUMAM'i: HY tktM IKS.
baat aadSss-l.-oaa iilbM,.. -'Uh-S Uli
i.ti.-i si, im so, , i,r vmtmm is,, m i
' sassBs Hltssaa.tse ta Is al Isltres. Is tea
I tesseana af a u-smsg peritsliei, li - sissu t . m , a
I " swia.i... th. ss wki.h k.s s
I ";
, loatlvar ta Irt. mrni af
i tsints. im trt eotu at itats flail. fiiri.i,
lk. ,.,,,, .( t, h...d. ,. ,.. is.
rrny m.4, la tha I allrd St. l-s ksa ss,
"t n
rastiavis lha ear w. hava la o.M. H0
M I.Alik. as
rsa mmf sav, teal aa rsps... ,1, s I. a., j r.-t ?t.
l"'. "-snsr mm., 4 s.s r ,mf ...i ii . :i..t
'' "" ie-va.e tk. r.,-.s ... . i .
I s .n.kats,..
k rss-as
isg Itisl
Ksss I Isra."
II tssSs s fcr. i rf I
I Ik. a kH.k If-lt
1 l all (. r ...l-j..l I ... ..m. P' . ,
!, aa r. h m si..k s. ,w.
' t ssa.1 r- ll tr If
i M-'-he 1
X I f. r.1 1 1-h '
1 wsssiaKavIt itsi.
' '
I a. , a. ran t'.s., a. chi-si is, i
A.M. KcPiiLrrrpsS t Co
VlltElllE Cllftt.
V. tril,-... mm4 f PNieiJcil
r5 tetsokt s i'(,
HORfOU, 7a.
? .'. - 1 ..
Tk-s... f. I.v. . 'a! ... '
t,.Maa -a-. I rss. I a- k l t ''
Ii..r, s!
W, N 4. aa 'I ,
I. 11 n. h as s,
n,,4 a
W k. W ! ss.s
1 rss,.. al I
A,. II.
sis..-. -i
" i h
t)Mskss i.f 4., h ,.s
!., u.tit h.
mmit r.
, h 1
1 a It k
f Vs. I
as 4 rB, .
Ik,itr,si!t "sir-fkil;-! art I
rtttti: .a 1 .. , .. . t
g T. l..,'l,-, r ' .
a .. 1 s'.-i sa i .a ' 1 .
is' t mt r-'io-.s c . - m
a. I) s.-4 l .. . Ii. t ., ...
ai-a aioaon. k, . . a 1 ,
s, ears a ossal , as', mi ti. fs.r,,.f
lUl ljk, 4sf M,
't't .. t ... .. si .
X Isss. sr... f 1 4 t-" f a--
' M- -,, .1 I .
A-,sat MJ. !'.
t noi io nave in mis ratwer t.t soiuiis it i
, t y v
s, f (, ,
J "Mi. tsesstge
TltlrsH l Ice. .f-etl
Itt isiissl t4 b
t ("if C,

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