North Carolina Newspapers

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tf paid trietly U dram, tw dollar! pr a
Bam; two dollar uil fifty esuta, if paid withiB
tll aeatht and thr dollar at th tad of th
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JDrEKTlSKMSXTS mot exceeding llta I
am (ill o iaurts.l eat lira fur an duller, aad
twsnlr lv eents for jack ubsquat insertion. .
Those of greater length will b charged pro port j
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will akarga 24 per (eat. kigher thaa tke abera !
rat. A reaaenaale deduction -will be mad to
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Book aad ob Frtntirg dona with aestne aa '
despatch, aad on aeeeaaodating terms.
- ... ,
- OatefWerl. ,
Wt tTLramt coaa, it.
m. Dallas Ilnywood, Intendimt ot Polio.
Eastern Ward. Eldridj; Smith,
. A. Adam. ;
Middle IFank C. B. Rout,
, " R. II. Until. '
-h - a w.iujwood.
' Wtittrn Ward. A. M. (iorroan,
, IL D. Turner.
. J. J. Chriafaiphers, City Clerk,
K II. Battle, City Treat.
CiVy Guard. Jauie M. Crawley,
Jackson Overby.
Vitf Cw7aUe."-Edward Harris.
William Andrew.
A. Adam, W eighraaster.-
Tt' no use.Maria, I'ta tried rrywher.'
I 'But you are not going to gire ;t lip. PonrV
' .KJivwup? How can 1 belp it? Within four
daya I hare heen to erery btatk binder in the
; ciit, and not a tit of wnrk can I get
t 'tout bar you tried lUf,
! 'What else can I try?' :
'Why, anything that tnu eandn.'
j 'Yes I'm tried other thing. I hare heen to
; more than a d' ten i.f bit friend, aiid offered t
help them if thev would hir uie.
And what did y mean to do for them?'
'I offered ehlwr'io pt their account, make
out I. ill", or attend to tba counter.'
Mre. &tnwiod umiled aa her bo-band thu
W hat make you smile?' lie asked.
'To think you should have imagined that yn
would find Work in such plan But bow i
Mark Leeds?' ,
He ia worn off than I am.' ' ' 'Tj,
'lie ha nothing in hi" hoii to wit.'
-A ahudder crept over hie wife' frame now.
W hv do mu treinhle. wtte r
.'Then it i axire honorable lay Mill and i the and of hia noaa. It knoekdd him nut
tare, and m'a children atanre, too, thaa backward and ha xreamed aut with aa oath and
aara honeat bread Iit honeat work. I tail y",j agones
Peter, ifyoa ean.t work, I ait Wt'i " Well, I alwara knew I had a big Boa, but I
ah mid bar been with Dread iMight had
n'd I f'Und work tiMlay. You kn'iw tiiat all
kind of light, agrm.tlil luinea areaeited upon
by thoea who have particular friend, and engag
ed in the a. At oash time a thm, it i nut for
ua-to eonider what kind of work w will do, ao
never thuuzht il was loner thaa my arm before.
A better (lory than the f II"wing, which enmM
from North Carolina we bar not found in tin
Drawer for atnt a month:
Alwut tlnrtv tniiee ahova Wilmington irth
long aa it ia t'net. Oh. give uie the liberty of Carolina, lived three fellow, named rtopeclirely
livinr tininuivowadeeerta.and iheindenendence ! Birham. Stone, aad Orav, on the Bant of tht
to lie g .turned by niy own convictione f right.' North Et itii'er. They cam down to Wimiug
'But, my wife, only think you carrying out ! mington in a innll rowboat, and made fast to
l.ut.-hrr'K stuff. Why, I would sooner go and do to the wharf. They bad a time uf it in the eity.
don't want to be a bad hoy," fc thrillingty ad
ded, sshile hia amnlenance glowed with anwonted
animatioa. '
Mr. Kelly pmtnistvl to nnrchase booki for th
hoy as fast as be could read tkeas.and wherl Gv
Ilenrr lefl the school room. hie fac was wet with
tv4 fnaai a stratum over one third of an inch in
thickness. By an easy mathematical calculation
it will be seen, that at this rate of disposition it
would take seven thousand tve hundred and; aii
tv centuries, or seven hundred and fifty si I
houtind Tears, to firm tit det guano bed
E. Karris, Clerk" of the Mir-T,BoV"aus "stie"n wfrfaltim went ttrejeM-Hit no one snwr4 amti aitall his -ayfaaiot-
The Svprtmt Court of North Carolina i idd !
iB this city scnit-annually, on the second .' nday '
in Jun, and the 3rth day of DecemW . .
Jwlya. lion. Fwx'.nrick Nash, I'iiiui Justice,
. H. !. I'earson, Associate udge,
W. II. Battle, " .
F.dmund B. Erecman. Clerk; Hum. C. Jones,
ncporter: J.J. Litchford, Kr., Marshall.
The Unxt'd WnAts (,'iraiit CWf for the Dis
trict of North Carolina is held semi-annually in
this city, on the 1st Monday in June and the last
Monday in November.
. Judge Hon. J. M. Wsvne. of Georgia; Hon.
Henry Potter, of-Fayettevije; District Attorney,
Robert V. Dick: Clerk, Win. U. Haywood, Sr.(
Marsliall, Welev Jones. '. '
The Huperior t'"urt for this County, is hold on
he first Monday after the fourth Monday in
March and September.
John C. M.iore, Clerk. ;
Joe. B. Bachelor. Attorney General and Solic
itor of the fourth Judicial District. - ,
The Cunrt- of P.Vos ami QuarlT Saiumt is
held on the third Monday in Euliruurr, May,
August and Noveinlier. JclT. L'tlev, Clerk.
Vkaumau of the County 'urt.-Williain Boy
Ian. ,
County Solicitor -K. P. Marriott.'
Hherifof WaU County William II. High.
f.'orosyr4 Willie Hcott. ' ,
lttyittar. 11. iluteoo. .
Honk tkr- StaU ' AW Carolina, Incorpo
rated 1S:, Charter espiroe in lsrsl. I apital
tl.jHat.lKsj, divided into 1"i,hi shares of which
the Literitry Board holds i.lfJj and the t'niver-
aitt liiw. . -r ,
Prineiinl Bank at llaleish.
tieorge W. ..Monlccai, President.
, , Charles Destey, Cashier, ... :.. '.f
J. II. Brvan. Jr.. Teller and Notary Public
W. E. Anderson, Discount Clerk uud Notary
Public. 1
Jordan Womlilft. Jr., Clerk.
This B ink hs brnnchis at Xewbern, Tarhon'
Fayetteville, Wiliuintonl Elitalwtli City, Char
lotte, Milfn, Morgsnton anil intlsor.
I ' tnan Toar
On til narOif the Ktate ; D. W. Courts, Puis-
is Treasurer, eiiflk-io, L. O n. Branch and W
Oa tlie part of the Stockhid (era : Wm. Boylan,
AV m. Peace, J. II. Bryiu. J. II. U., Al
fred Jones and H. r. jiisire.
Offering and Hcnewal diy Tuesday,
lbsonuot dav Weilncailsv.
IbHaasti Bil'lsaud Bills id Kl. hange .tlso.unl
ed every day.
Business hours from 10 till 2 o'clock.
KnUiyk firs art of tht Hauls of tkr Cd;w Fiat
William II. J.Hiea, Cashier.
. P. Einrb. TclU-r and Notary Public. -
bissvrross. Geo. W. Il.tvwm.d, T. II. Sell.y
fathgJonea, Ueorg Utile, Dr. Thos. . 'logg,
.IJ .. D. liuubinga.
- . -Oils-ring lay Mxotay, Discount day Tuesday
' 'mm
Ktligi auuf tiaMtm Haitrwl Comtauy,
R. A. Ilatajlton, President, y T
W. W. Vsas, Treasurer, (
J. M. Pool, Assistant Treasurer,
C. M. Allen, ijo! Agent,
Mail tram leave 13 winutos before 4 A.
arrives at 0J P. M. ro morrow morning, w shall have nothing.'
'What!' cried Peter, half starring
from his chair, 'Do you moan tltftt?
I do. '
'But oar flour?' j
'All gone. I baked 'the last this afternobn.'
v 'But we have pork?'
You ate th last this noon.'
- 'Then we must starve !' Urneued th stricken
man, starting across the room.
- Peter Stauwood was a bonk binder by trad,
and had now been out Jit employment ahoot a
month. II was on of those who generally cal
culated to keep about sqnare with tlie world, and
whu consider themselves particularly fortuate if
they keep out of debt, lie was now thirty years
of age, and had three children to provide for, be
tides himself and wife, and this together with
it mvself.
'If yo'i wl 1 go,' mi I the wife i h a smile, 'I
rill sray at b me and take ear of the children.
It was hard f..r Peter Stanwisid, hut th iimre.
he th'nglitUon the raatier. the .more he saw the
justice and right iif tl. path intiL which hi wif
had thus led him. Before he went to lied, h
r.Hiised that he would go to the butcher in th
knd Peter Stanwond wont upon hi now business.
Mr. Snow greeted hita warmly,! hit
faithful wifo, and then sent hit uff.. with two
Int.kers, one to a Mrs, Smith's, and the other to
Mr. Dixitli's. A n Of the new carrier w.irked all
dsv. and when it came night h had earned
ninety seven cents. It had been das of trials.
AW Carotima 1'ailrvad t'.-ssoajr.
Chat. I'. t'ihr, Hiesidenl.
C. P. Mei.deohall. Tres.urer.
J. T. West, I re.vlil sod Ti bet Agent.
Mail tra a arnvsa 4 u'olo. k, A. M., Imsa tl.
Kami snd diarls I Dm. after So'ehsa, A. 1.
Mail from th si.l arrives at uiiou.e. al
ler 4u'c4ick, P. M. Depart at iitl umuus t
' tor i 'clock, P. M.
. Willia-j Whit. Ut Pom Master.
Omc hours, oa week days, fruat Sun-rise ! 9
P. M.
(saairtL s nirtari it or ili at aaunua
N0BT1IER.V MAIL (Br Rilso..)
Tnrosira Mail chit daily it t. a
Way Mail - - at n. a
use rent, was a heavy draught upon his purse,
even when work was plenty, but now here
wo nothing. a
Mann, said he, stopping and ganhg hi wife
in the face,' we must starve. I hav e not a tingle
enny in the world.
'tint do not despair, refer. Irv again tomor
row for work.- You may find something to do.
Anything that is h-mest is honorable. Should
ou make but shilling a day, we should nut
'But our house rent ?,
'Trust to me for that. The landlord shall not
turn ot out. If you will engflg to find some
thing to do, I will so that we have honto room.'
I II make on mor trial, uttered l'eter, des-
paringly. '
nut yna must go prepareg to ao anything.
'Anyrliing reasonable. Maria.' v
'W hut dp you call reason able ?'
'Whv anvthina decent.' l
The wife foil inclined to smile, but the-mailer
was totwerious 'or that, and a cloud piftaod over
tor fsce. Mie knew her huslstnd s disposition.
and the felt sura he would find no work. h
knew that he would hs.k for some kind of work
which, would ff.f lower huu in th smtial scale;
he had once or twice xnreaod it. Howeveu
she ki ew it wnuld be of no u-e to say anything
to him. and she bt the matter pass.-
On rli Mlnwtng morning, th last bit of fond
in the house was put uimhi the table. Mauwood
cilil banlly realise that h was penniless and
withi.ut t'MHl. lor years he tmd lieei) gay,
thoughtless, and fortunate, making the most of
the present, forgotting th miI, and leaving th
future to take rsre of itrll. Yet th truth was
nnktj and ctear; and when he left the hous, be
saio,. somothing must lie done.'
o sis.ner had the hosband gone, than M
Stanwood put on her bonnet and shawl. Her
eldest child wae a girl seven esrs old, and her
Toungest f ur: H ated tirmnt tbsT vieign
bor il she wmild tnkernr of her rhihlren until
msin. Thee children were known br b gootl
and iimft.ewl, hey ware tnkeii ch'r,"uly, i l, i
.Mrs. rmnwinsi irw tci up Her n ui sij.l went
awsv. Mi returned at nsm, hn ging r.nie
dinner Vir her children, and then she went away
gain, bite eui Mutt in th veinug
her liu.lsind, carmnjr a heavy basket Umi her
'Well, Peter,' she asked, after her diusband
had entered and sat iL.wa. 'what luck?'
a 'N thing! noihiug!' be groaned. 'I mad oat
t gttt dinner from an old ehura, hut I could
find an w..rk '
And whe.e have rou, to ds V
."tl ev' i where. I'v len to hundred, ,
but u in .nn.e st. .it in erv i.Ui. 1 s r .iii.
ing Mil eo'tosl
"f '
'What bste ym i.ffereil bi do?'
'Whj, 1 even eeut sf. a t
liiftnw d wi t wn.
Th aile sn.iif.l.
Son wi si shall !.?' of r l
Why, we wili est .,i 1 t. sn j
ancet whom h met, greeted hitn the sam as
n.ual. He tr it far hanniar now than he was
when h want home th night btfora, for now ha
was independent
On th next dat he earned over a dollar : and
thua he continued1 to wnrk for a week, at th mid
nl which ho hud fir dollars and anventy-tiv
cents in his prket, be-i.le having paid for ail the
fd ot his family, save some few piece of meat
So.w hail given them. Saturday evening be met
Mark Leeds, another binder, who had been dis
charged fr, m work with himself. Lwd looked
ear worn and crusty.
ilow goes it ?' asked Peter.
'Drni'i ask me,' groaned Mark.' 'My family
art ha'f starved.' a
'Butoan't you find anything to do?'
'Have ysHi tried ?'
'Evervwher: bm !t' no use. I hnve pawned
all my clothes sav those I have on. . I've been to
the bindery to day, and what do you suppose he
offered met
What was it?'
Why, he offered to let me do hit hand-carting!
lie has just turned off his niggir tor arunsen-
ness, and offered me the place! The old cur
niudiieon ! 1 had great mind to pitch him into
the hand-cart, and run him to the
but for fear they would be dry befor getting
home, they procured jug of whiskey, and after
dark, a black night too, they embarked in their
boat, xn'ingto reach horn in the-morning r
TTIVev rowed away with all theirenergy tht,thre
hlt-tipsy leiiowteouia muster, xeeping upuieir
(arits in til darknes by pouring the" spirits
down. At break of day they thought they must
be near hum-, and seeing through t dim gray
of th morning a house on th river aide, Sum
aid: ,
" Well, Barium, we've got to yonrplaceat last,"
" If this is mt htiuse." raid ""Barbara, "aom-
body hat been patting up lotaofout-hoaset sine I
went away yetterlay ; but I'll (so aslHireand look
about, and see where wt art, if you'll hold her
.. , .ld
Barb am diserwtiarVs, take obsarvation, and
soon comas ttumnling slnng back, and sivs
"Well, I'll be whipped if we ami at Wilming
ton here yet ; and what's more the boat hat beeu
hitched to th wharf all night !"
It was a fact and the drunken dogs had been
owing away for dear lit without knawin j it.
'Well.' said Peter, if 1 had been in your place
I should have taken up with th offer.'
Mark mentioned the name of the tame individ
ual ngtiin.
hv. resumed Peter. '1 hsv been doing th
work of k butcher's boy for wnolt week.'
. Mark was incredulous, but his companion con
vinced him, and then they separated, on going
hane happy and contented, and th other going
away from hum to find some suit of xoiteuiaut
in which to drown his misery.
On day Peter had a basket of provisions to
carry to Mr. W It was his formr mploy-
r. He took the load upon bis arm, and starved
off, andjustaahe was entering th yard of th
oust nicr, he met Mr. W coming oat.-- '-
"Ah S'anwood, is this you ?" asked bit old
employer, kindly. i
"Yes, sir,"
.'What sr yoa up to now ?"
"I'm a huti-her' Is.y, sir."
"Yoa tee I've bmught provision for you, sir.
I'm regular liutclicr's b..y."
"And lii.w ..nj hsv you been at work thus ?"
"I his is the tenth day."
''But don't it worn bard ?'
"N.ahing come hard so long itishonst.
and will furni.h in v bimilv with bread
And . w muvh ran y .u make adoy at tins !
rtnnet'.nirs over a dollar, and ninetimes not
4Mr tihv cent.'
'M eil, hsik here, Stanwood, tliere hnt been no
less th in sd. icn of my old hands hang anaiml
my c Hilling n m f.r a fortnight, whining for
w..rk. They as stout, able men, and vet thev
lis still bei aus I hat no work lor then. La-t
Ntturdsv I tw k piiy na Leads, and offered him
the job of doing aiy haud-eariing. 1 ti Id hi
that I wi uld giv him ad dUrand qaanera
dtiy ; hut h turned up hit nsie, aad asked m
notao intuit him ! And vrt h owned that hit
finnily war suHeriog, But do v,,a mane to my
ills." io-m..rrow morning, and V"a shall hav
somrthiiig to do, it it is oulv lu hold tour bench,
I honor v 'U for your manly Indetieudettc.' b old want band a joy.
aim gr i rl i.i Krl f . and lile.e. hua lervently
. Th Mlghtad Meaolar.
Cases like tli one I am about- to relate are
much t frequent in our country, and they ar
tnoh, too, at should Ii guardad against by all
who hav an interest in education. Th inoidaut
was brought to mind by baaring a eomplaint
made by the parent of the poor boy, who lia.l
bearr grossly neglnated br th teacher of th vil-
lag school nglemd simply beoausa he was
no..r and oomnarativelv frnndleas
Many years ago, when I was a small boy, I
attended school in the town ot .
Among the bov ther was a boy named Geo.
Henry. Hit father wat a poor, drinking man,
and tlie unfortunate boy hod to suffer in conse
quence. George earn to school habited in rag
ged garments but they venre th best hshad ;
he wat rough and uncouth In hit manners, tur
lie had been brought up in that mr.nnsr; he was
very ignorant, tor ne bad never Bad in opporta
itr ot an aducation.
Season after season poor Oeorirt Htnry ooeu-
led tli tarn seat in tho school r om, il wat
back comer teat, away from th other tobolar
and there he rrrninbei hit primmer. Th
ragged condition M hit g-irb gave a homely east
to ni wnoie appearauce;anu wruu,iH inivuigenrar
thr might hav beon in hit oountcn-ince Vst
beviluuded by the outer covering of the boy. He
seldom plsyed with the other children, fur they
teemed to shun him, but when he did, for a while
join thorn in their sport, . h was au rough that
h wat soon shovel out ot tht ay.
to teacher passed the rssir liot com it in to
tireet, wlul oth-r Isiyt, in hetiar gsrlis, wr
kindly noticed. In th school Henry was coldly
iresuiti. in reaener uegiecr mm, anu men
called bim an "id! blockhead" becnus he did
not learn. Tn hiy received no inoentiv to
tudy, and consequently h vut most of th time
itle, and ulieo. liegat a disposition to whit
awat the time in mischief. I'.r this no was
sbii.ped.and th mor he was whipped the mor
idl and careless he beoaia. II knew that be
was neglected by th teacher simply lieca.
hwos poor and ragged and with aauuen ln.lil
fsraotss, sharpen! attiusea hy feelings of bitter
ness, h plodded on his dark, th tnkwst way.
thus uiattera went for nveral vear.
Moat ,.f th scholars who were nf George ll.'lirv's
age had passed na to higher brachet of etudy.
while the poor fellow snellad out wonls of on
and two ttitahl, and still kept th distant se it
in the corner. His father bad sunk lower in th
pit of inebriation, and th unfortunate boy wa
mor wretched than aver.
Th ksik of clownish indiffcrear which had
marked hi eoantenano wa now giving way to
thtds uf unhappy thought and feeling, and it
was evident that tli gnat turn point ot hi HI
was at hand. II Mood aow upon th step in
life from which th fata uf yssrs mast laka it
Amrtw daily
Th Can l th dapoi
I'tiat uiarlit He civ M. Snow n un- that h
it no in. 1 I'm tok and tire I. uiu-t quit, aad nn ih fdliwing morning hwu
to tlie l.indrrv. r. twu days h had lull to ,1
I nl ou t thirl daya l.iyjJi e tin in, and
fr.! M uilord bad ' ly work. He was h-inpy
m. re ban .v than ever f '-t b 1 ail leanie.1 two
thing.) list, what a nol.l wife b bad; and
.', hi n ,w iu.k Ii roa,c fur good lit held
. wiHiiu his own ttoerie.
lals t ' "or .imp! pictoie hss two point to its a .r tl
i O e is on sut ran b loweird by ',y h ad uf
. ffer t
I'e e. ,
6 a, an' Uimaiih,
Snpirl II net u t i' nl!'
'Yet .'ea- ol ii '
'But ti.a me j k lit n no.'
'Neiilier hid 1 i. m r. i.. . Ii: J'v lasen
afler wixk tu day. ai d f-w 1 1 - ,'
'You J Yoa leii al r . ik ?' ut r. I tl. Iiu
Isinij ia urprl .
' as.'
Hut ho wl.erts wbsir
'Why ir-tlaent i Mr. Him.w's. 1 knw bar
girl w stt-k, and I bopanl tn might hav work
tu I. dot., I anl ! hr and laid her my story
ad sb set m at w-.ik at oace dning her w.t'k
Ing. Mie gave a. wast tV lio a-nst tn tit, snd paid as llire sl.illiiis wha I got
s a. w
ROUT HE R.N HAIL Br T-ansa Use. ;
CWes daily at J p. m)
Amies daily at f p. s
Th Hack I sate . at Ti p-
CloatM dally at V p. a.
Arrive daily at 4 j p. at.
Th Traia Uava at (1 p. m
OOLDIMIRO-MAIL (Br Rittaos ) '
Cine daily, II I p. a
ArriTtw aa'ily at I a.
Tba Car btvea daily al 10m afts a. a
lARBOKO' MAIL Br Tao-aou ll.ra,)
CWsMva ily, Thar, al ( p. at
AmnsTssdii, Thasa, aad fcM, 4 T p. at
llaekksavasna M,m. Wd. aad Fri., at a. at
PlTTSBOrlO' MAIL (B T.stt Il.ri
Ckataaa Taeaday aad Malurday, at I p. a
Arms ea Mestday aad Thnrsdav, at T p. a
Uaek ksaswaaa Mu'a. aad Wed. about T a. a
SpUndid Stock ofOoodi!
ITg B PksrfvMf IS Iar mk mt Syll
If Wsf 4rf e 4. Mms. si-, ikas ,Grk.
T, s4 u nf im, ii, bss evor ka la
a..lM(k, t.t s st-r bstt tMU rsSstly
ill tur sf Mm m a.a.rais ...,
sk.u ss fimt t. k-. ia) a ssw saitatra,
srtaWs4 lbs saSiie i,iMy.
Ii. 4 .BTrrgga.'t. ,
"iTt, OAirrna AanwtKii.a.
II . gr kw
il l as, tan laka Ssf ssrvta, wtt 4UasM SMS
'-a, X . tf aav
Lthits- ,., taw, UU.w' Cm tt,M. U
ss ss statssa, kW Mmm i..iss, -k mm4
t,sis Ossasrs,
1 a s asM ss Vm will as sat at
a itssst aarass pnsw. tts I sad sssws. Sk at
. H.ktas'.
, I. Itw
W hat ton been ot washing fut mr batch
r's w.l ?' said I'stsr, ks,kmg very much sur
prised. Of tour I bars, and htr tbsesby raraed
enoufh to ksp at by f'.'d through to .sniv, al
any rsia; su lu morrow you may eotn hota
a 'Bat how aboat tb rant f.
Ill I ha. seen Mr Him;, told, his jus how
wt wr tilaated, and nffrred hia my watch a a
pUlg l th payment of itr rant withia w
assntha, with tb intwrMt i. amaragaa apt
that dais. 1 Md hia 1 did th lataaas bacaas war away hunting aa work.'
'-. he's g yoar g .Id a; stab f
'N. fc waldn'l tak it. II said If I wnald
UsvstM rasiNMssibl fW lb rani, k Wo Id 11 it
'The ws'v f4 a rn.f la rover aa, and 14
f.rta morrow. Hot whal astlf What a Mm
the ksrd tia ar?
'Ikmi'I pr. Prior, for w aksll Bo Marv.
I' gd werh gb angagasl 1 keep as alit.'
Ah what i tkai V
'Wbi, Mr. bsHrt ha eersfd at I carry
small istrkai; baakds, baadles, and a forth,
W ka na ssiuaitn, il ha had to giv ap
sv iw , msrt.
Whsa do yoa bmi, Mtriaf
JM l.i I saf . W ha M r. Ins vasa hnaa
a d.nisir, I wa thsr, aad ashed bia if b vr
had liiM sne-les whu h mm aishad su .sstd anaad
a, his eststmaera. Never atnd 111 that wa said.
II did bappaa at ssst jmM stssb ararh aVnna,
th gk he bad aaanl n sal! apxtt It
bsaeg bnl th aark't. ti pn,t-.l t giv
Mail ttMw.irh b .td, and I a t b I Wert ta
gad ilss IB tb ewwrg '
w,ll, th.s atape-ltv xsv My wif tred
kwi4iar't by I Tea WiU aai d say each'
A-l wby a- T
fist it aill Wwr BM ia lb aasiial
tear. W t scholsrs. who had remained IB tli i tmcB a calculation carrtea a back well en to.
entry, saw him come nut and our hearts were Jjard-trmr geological period, and prove on
warmed towards hire. W spok kindly bjjiur4-nd p'' of two things first, that ia
ana walked with hint In hi hous. but hit own
heart was too lull for utterance.
On tb next dat Gonr Ilenrr commenced
studying in good earnest, and tb te.icher helped
him laithluliv. ever did I tat change so rad
ical and sudden as that wbiuli look plao in th
habit vfih poor r.. j
A soon a th teacher treated him with kind-1
nsnnd respect, th scholars followed tht exam
pin, and the result was, that we found in th
unfortiiuat youth oueof th ni.t m.l.le hearted,
geneMus.sceomnpdating and truthful playmate
ia th worl-L
Ling yeara have pass-) siuce.thos scbnol bny
days. Georie Henry bat liecom a man of mid
dle nz, and in al th. country ther is not am tn
more beloved and respected than ,h is. nd
all is th result of on teacher baring don hi
doty 1
You who ar school-teachars, rmembr lb
reepoBsihilitv, that devolves upon you. in this
oountrv of free school, ther should b bo di
ttnetiiHt between classes. All ar alike entitled
to'Tour car ndfeubFtrnd"tbwijHirww
child, the-
on to lift him ap and aid him.
Cllbart Btuart.
Tli Yankee hav become notorinot for their
nuestion-atkiiig propensitv, yet emtiinot John
Bull exhibits so remnrltabfe a devebipment of thi
trait, w mutt aonntude that Jonathan and John
are at least eoutins. A good anaodot i related
of Gilbert Stuart, a calebratad Aaerioaa portnit
painter, whose puttied Ih inquiai'iv.
nets of bit English traveling outupanioot ia thir
atteuiDts to ftnd out nit oolhng,
;0n on nooasjon, Stuart wa traveling in
lage-f.iach, in England, with some gentlemen
who acre stranger to bim, hut all of whom war
sociabl aiatHull of animation. Hi brilliant
conversational powar attracted much attention,
and hit companion becain da.irout tu know wbo
and what h was. They asked many ronndalwat
quustiont to find oat hit calling or prolessit.n.
Mr. Stuart antwerd, with a grave lac and seri
ous tone, that h omtim drasstd gentlama'
and Indies' hair.
' Yuu are a hairdresser, then" rmrkd on
yoa uke mt for a bar-
l.i.or-t lisir. I he b.s o id whsi y u r civ
i he fia ts of lb presiiit, f get not to protid
lor brfuiui: f no nwitiroit hut that
toe day may m when b will want th squan
derings id II. f psvt,
t :
II tr par's trur IHawer.
Father Mi Ivrr was on Jt lb wortbiH of the
PiNbyisr.en ilergvoea in th Vu'h. but likt his
smestors vary urn h in hit uwa way. II
mm from th So Heli, and it wat on of bis for
fathers ak-t pi-v1 at llxtiprmnf of their slsi
est ealeoarta," O Lor Ih! it tba saav b r.ghl
hit th .a kuowest iimI r vawy dennled. I
wilh lather Mclver, he was very dscidrd : bat
wss not "f this trait in hia haractr that eur oor-
rsMdal wnies, who asyt uf bia:
!oaiia h was very !! miadsd, and th
eustulH. bswadwiia ahwh b asd h dismissing
lit oajrgaiHMi b w.aid as ia attiag dowa In
lb ts'.U, instead 4 lb eatstisaary l.lesine.
tmr b weal into ha garde jast as th bean
wramaiag ap, and was surprised so frs lb i Id
law na th top of lb yoag mmh. Turf wtta f ,
th mtalthl Ibis wa tb way in which be bsd
slasys i ija ihta miag ap, b tuuk his an aad
ha Is. bars worked away ast dili(aslt
Bating them Hi a its aww asyl hmt appara"
snd as i 4 d tlx w. 11 aight ba, at hts work,
tielaiaed l
My daar Mr. Ma, what a wartb art do
" Why, J'm . wifs," Ii twpl'ad. very iaan.
rally, " tb bn hat all osss ap botosst ap
weH, and I was soling Ibewt ngbt gas.'
w as b aa ssald ewrk of lb f syetlev.ll
Pr-bytry, and aa vailing th ndl al tbanpeaisig
uf th Bwetingi h east In ha Ml Baa, and
tiled il sstt hasdet and loads Ihrsa lias, lis
cei twig an astew ar aad no sstca tbntktag irf hiatw tf
at lb, h asarkd his awa asaa, aadra
rdxl biaswlf as-( th mltnltM.
Th aatt Hi-wtb Castdin awrwanadeBl tolls a
ry wand start whow baa ha raswad. bvwwvee,
batg baf,aa bis day. af Mmmrm - l a I
llsrbi but h Uil. it a Wall H aiwsl b rpa
OU1 t'txl Ileesar wave fcasntM fw keing lb
UrrM a-s ia all Can Fear regie. II .aid
bslp that, Iboagb, bast anf wtustasaly bt bsh-
gatt h a brigtii, stay t4..r. wb.b, with its
siss, tb tt a aataral aad tnilnsl arViiy
On sifbl be rsHired la its afie badalging fwt,
ly frsaty all tb aing, sad trvbieg ap ia ih
siHir-e ilaatgbt with a rsgin ibirst, a r
ad sat eff f s-awHieg la drink. Il was pos
dark, aad fut faa b tawaid drib a.-abaat tb
W mi ha tuts. wWa was Mtilv Isst a, a
grmd l.wg. k tl. sV dtrwilf Ken ha
twit aad l seas sad tb 4g ef M fell liH sfsiasa
Al this I mm a man by th nam af Kelly took
cbarg of Ih school. (( wa an old teavher, a
careful olMarver df human Bature, and a Iwally
good man. lM.g years uf guardianship nter
wild youth ha.1 given him bloff.aathoniativ
way, and in hi disuipliu b wat ttriot and an.
watering, ,
Tn brsl day he. passed in tli teaclier't desk
f var sctesd wa m.istly dsvote l V. wttch ing lb
movements of ttie erholara. and studvin th die-
t.ritious which b had to deal wilh. LpoaUaorg
his ey re-.iel with a keen, searching glatic.
Bui hr vidnllt mad littl of him during lb
Irs I day, but na tb second day bt did mors.
Il wa during Ihs afternoon of th second day
th Mr, Kelly idisrti yirfing Henry engaged
in impaling ties arsm III point of a lrg nn.
II went lo I la bny't sent, and repff witwled him
for his l.lns, h bwk up lb dirty, tattrd
print rr from th d.k.
"Hav to lojver learned more thaa la tliis
h-sik? ' asked lb tsar her.
"No.air," drawled Uwirga.
"How long hav yoa alien Jed srl.ool?" .
I d I know sir. It tsr siac eaa r.
"Tba yoa aost b aa blie.raekWx boy," said
tb learher, with aurh severity. "IHi yoa real
i bi.w many years yoa hav thrown away? Do
v.hi know bow au.'h yna hav lust? What sort
of a maa do y think of asking ia this wsy ?
On of the dsyt yua will la la old lo go In
school, and thro, whila yoar companion br
awekiag ami Bosxirat,! tmiiS-yaeot, yoa will
b gfsni fur antaing. iiavr y.a aay partat r
" I ss sir," aniwvrsd tb by, ia a boarsa, mlr
dued voica,
"Aad do tbot wish Jon log-r w ejiaa Igboraal,
Worth! man'"
Tb tmj bang d .wa hi bead and wa silent,
bat Mr. Ik Hy aa lu great teara roll Inwi hit
chest, la aa lasianl lb teacher taw that b
bad ana (Thing besidsaan bit, Matdaara miad la
deal with ia tb ragged srb..r lf..r bim. II
hud ha band spa la boy hesd. and ia kiad
b. Mid I - .
"I wis fn te tp aftr eebord it disaiaw4.
! Bol b arald, tW I wish In atsirt tow if I
Ug ts.ked ap tmadserng less tba taastev's
fac. t.r (Jar wa sranslhit g la lb lint uf tht
t aow ahx-h Ml Bma ha ear thai asuarl4
Irasigely ta, and b Ihoaglit net, as b k
d arsand, Otsw tb ra-l uf tb atbolan regarded
bim wilh kiad aoaiaiaaeat lhaa asstal. A
d.a IbosHfhl beuk apt ba Btiad thv"frai
nsa ants, b Was gsaag to h bapptssr laast ha
for. After lb srbwd was duaisaf Oaorgs llsary
rmMnv la ba t till tba Iwarbar sli4 b.a
-Now," aaid Mr. Kslly, " I wish la ksast haw
il is that hav a Warned awtra. Y"B
kadi br.glit, aad ys s--k a HHWh t-a might
atah saan aaa. M by a thai lad y se
"Baettats anbtwly arr hetna at, tir," fapIWs)
tb boy ".Vdwdt ears tw a. f I sa pssje."
By aUgrsas lb h's-l bsartsd laahsw gst Ih
pint b.y t wbola aw-test, aad wbil gaara
Man bs-lswsd ha ys, b saaV
X" ba haaa wmagly ltwat4 Osnrg-
vary wrsaglv, bat bt yet pss f r h ra
dewiMM. If i Wilt try to tssy yna, will jmn
"Ya O. ." qal'k'y a ltrssl V W f
'I at, I IragNsiubui.
ol his c in.psniont, inquiringly
' What I tid h : 'do you b
' I beg your pardon, tir, but I Inferred tt from
what you said. If I mistook you, may I-taka Iba
llbertv t.rlask what you art, thoa ?'
" Why, I sometime -brush a gentleman' oat
or hat, nd sometime adjust a cravat.'
' 0, yoa ar a valet, thtn, to aom noUeman.
' A-valet f IndetiL sir, I am notgt b an nut a
senraol to b tura, I mak mat and waittouau
for gentleman.'
0, yoa ar a tailor?'
'Tailor! Do I look lik a tailor? I assnr you
I never handled a g-sie, uthar thaa a roasttJ
By this tiin tlx passengers were all in a roar j
and ou of lhia eicliuvd, ' What- ar you
4 1 111 yon,' said Stuart. ' B sured all I
har stid it literally Ini. I dress hair, brash
halt and oust, ad just a cravat, and make coats,
waistemtt an I brmiohe, and Ukwis hoot aad .
shoes, at your ssrvK.'
Olw I a boot and shoemaker, after all.
'Hue again, gentlemen. 1 never handled
boot or sh Imt b.r my uwa feat and legs) yet
all I have told you istru.'
' Wt )sy a wall giv up guasaing, than,' re
marked uue nf tba party.
Alter check ing ha laughter, h said to tl.ein,
vary gravely, ' Now, gentlemen, 1 will not jj.iy
th fool with yoa, but will tell you npnn my
honor as a gentleman, liOmafl'U, my profession,
I eft my bread by making fartt. He then screw
ed his couuteaano. and twitted th linanmevita
uf hit visage in a manner each as Samuel Fool
ur C.iarles Mailuwt aiuhlbave ntil.
W hen hit Companions after bad ealt of laugh
ter, bid enmpossvl lhemselvs, ach bsik eradil
la himself fir bating, all tla wlul,
that tlit gentleman belongeil lu tb thtatr ; and
now they all knew thai ht mutt la a comeiliaa
by pmlsaslon. But tn tutir utter surt.nse, ht
assured them that he was never oa tba tag.
nd very ritrsly saw tli insid of any llnmr.
His oooinaiiH.ns now all lo-.ksd at bim and at
ach other with "tonil!nurnt
Bi for parting, Stuart said tnhit eomnaninns.
' Gentlemen, y-a will find thai all 1 hav said nf
my vsrs ut mpluvmnt, ts eumprnad ia t
wonli; 1 am a portrait painter. If y.Hi will call
al J .B Palmvr'a, York Buildings, London I
shall be rssly and willing lo brush fair aot nr
hat, drest your hair a and, yi.a. il in I
bred, with a wig, uf aay I tshsin ur dimen.l ms,
arcommodate tou wilh lesiti ur slssse, wit tia
I rtifll"s ur cravats, and mak face for yu.'
uti panina wnn nna si me inn, iny orjrru
leav lo iwiuir ia what part uf England he was
born. II leplied, I wa Hora in England,
Wales, Inland or Snotland.' Her was sn.riher
fiunltfor tlin whrihea?' wat Iheir ger
' I was b-icn at Narigaaset,' was hi reply.
Wbr it that I' -
'Mil milts from Pot lawn., and ton mils
frost Poppasqaaeh, and s I. oil I or mile west of
CianeeiKut, and not far from tli fd wber tht
ftmoas bin I wilh Ih Pquoi was fiagbt.'
' In what part of tb East ladies it lla', tir T
a ih rsnpias.
it st InUisa, my daar sir ! il is ia lla Stat nf
Khisl l.laod. lata Maatacbasvtl Bad th
C'onasswKat Hirer,
This was all tirsek In hit nmpaalnsM aad b
left the tu study a aw Isssa I tribr.
sff .rlmg another instance of tb igmiranca ms
pecting ma id" geniu., a bos trrna ular bitigu
M lb ant as that of rtaea), Newtow, Luck,
(tkaksapear, Miltua aad Pop.
past ages an infinitely greater number uf thes
bird havered over th islands; and secondly,
that tb material world Milted at a partod hnig
aote ior ta it fitness as th abod uf man, Th
length nf man' xitcoc, i intinitatimal, om-
pared with ucb a eirei ol years; ana tu wow
reenxded en every leaf rtf th material anivor,
oiwlit, if it do not, lo tech at humility. That
litti bird abate individual existence is a no
thing, should in iti united action, produce the
meant of brinffitur back to an aoUv tenuity,
whole province of watt and barren land, is
on nf a tbnusand busts to bow emanaratively in-
igmSaant ageneie. to tba aonnom of nature.
produc mom n lout rasuits. isnmm t-urmir.
Hag, .-.
How Widow IV sat brook "Teok" th BharlB,
Somyeart siuc pVoftssional bntinem threw
m .into tb enmnany.' for a long day ride.
through a dreort pin wood oounlry, in btt eas
tsrn ountv. with Mr. sheriff. '
Hy th ol tht aitrn.s.a w nau sx-
hausteit. at" suUlct hTminwrtklten; tAT pBTtCtt--
Iar tttachmenr rssawhtca biauabl sa swgetnv,
th political ondition of th country, th ptrs
iecu uf th growing orop, and several matter of
person! hisbirt. In fact w had run out to
us a tiit but (xprasaiv metaphor when tud
denly Mr, etnbb ) Hashed, and strange
sunls fluted unns bit lip, be rsmsrked:
"I haven't add yoa 'Squire, I believ how I
gitruinilertin' th first process," (Hi sheriff
was not a laamad mark and occasionally did
Biip!ao th aocant,) "that vr am into my
hand'" - -
"No. t' 1tT it" I tapliwd, turning round
in th sadill. "il oust you aom money, did it
tour mitak."
"Ah!"h ciaculatej with ligli, "il cottt
hp hp!
Thi wa said with th air of much uffring.
nd I told him if il awoken I painful . notion.
bt mutt not think of opening th uld wound
mtrely for my entertainment.
,.1.1 .11 ..... k. ..1,1 II.. .1 I .ton'l mind
te.lin' it." ' ' .
I don t know how il was, iut at tint moment I
eauglit sight ut a shabby fold nfcrap amund his
nat, ana coon not nsip nssocianug wnn a
siuh. th luitnl.rii.u. xnrssiiin and th "sarvin'
nf th procass." Enough that w shall ditooier
nmetbing presently.
Mr. Mubbs nr.Kd ;
"1 was Mcctl Ih first sheriff of tli eotinlv.
and at that time thr weren't mora ' thre or
f,.ar hundred Voters In it. To la tor, I was
right pr..uJ, it wa tuub an hunnr, Ilka'
"Yeti 1 had lo mi on tsrin of ssrvic on -Oount'nf
lit .iW, but then I wa depity (deputy)
un.ler Stokts; and whsu his tiin run out at 1 ut,
two years ay .,1 was 'lectml aain. But that ain't
telliu' how I got ruined by thewril. Now it's rea
amable tu suppiw that th firtl uf thing ait 'I
so essv to know as th uiitl.ll or th last. So
when the lawyer down al town - mad out th
pwr and put it intoSny, I was jutt at bad
umplued ns ever yo ," .
hat sort nf a writ wa it;
Sothin' Itut lh eoimnon tort, rannu r i fr
known in lik book. Kf I had only know d
b thn!'.' ' .
Htr anotb dee'p drawn tieh supplied lb
plai uf word, U , .
"I t." th niazuey thing noma, ana i csuej
in Bil Sink, (which wa tberiff himself, after
thai.) and old Souir Lumpkin to Counsel tn nn
it. W read it uvr Hire or fair timet, It or
dered ma ta tsketlutb-sly of Hinuah Westbr-iok,
if hi he Piond In my ouniy,ml her taltly b. keep
ai that I should hat htr In nswr lafor Ih
judges of the next circuit, for a debt sh oweil;
and more n IbaMI aild I was to do It witn .utu.
CJaaaa It Hatery.
flaaan, aa wtnst raop' Bndsrstand. Is hvtpnrltd
fro tba Pacific avlly nf fit Chinch group,
nf lb oast uf 'r. and anflsr tla
tlitt Gotrsat.
Its saw I d a, and tb avails bt
grsal newt, my, m pat lb British b-n lers nf
l'raaaOnvrnmn beads, g.tins them pi ad
intent and parrsars, a law arsa lla pniltt if
r.ur intrinsteslly mora taluabl thaa lb
gold mine '4 California, f br ar deprati
th'tnawrpasaad fartili. In stai plsrsst in ih
depth uf sit'y a svniy fret, and wrlrge. . f sarfarat. Tb gaan tsld sr rsaraily
nncfed to la tb rrar.t s4 Ai,aiK.fiiwl,
which hv and tastl la great ttasslara anaad
th .sid. Tlat saisd dsitnd by warar
In fsaraa, al waat'ia pan, thai asu.ld tstast nf
fsrtiluing malwral which y br-. IUy aad
rtvr It filing lets )a s. H swa.bnf alia
vial iil. tb B-aiUtg refas uf lla (eld d frf
rax, and ah all, lb wsisd asirr sis ol great
lis a anttstantly being by th Inlal
rarsssiieMsrt I a. These, ta a tarvaia eissnt
at last, gvi to narvt.dirtatilt,ailMsrita -bis
sad an.aai hfa, wh'as arnwls at ear ds
l' bnarht away by lla bip bad fr.. lb I. snd.
Tb lord a a hatalifallf arvtngwd rbea'sal
Ubratnrr, (tid a I rvora t arnsl ataiaina.
tit; I Is a tl fish as bad, bnt eat lla rartaa
hy tvssns 4 us rattory funs bass, aad
th rsmsiadee ia lla sbapa nf iranarral.a
svrtilissw. ma b w man sai has Ihsns Sst
sliba a tananiy ft w ibWaaaas) beast ait a a
ItHeg! Tsar raat lb nr-easel dy rfrml'. aaafoj
f tb btrd rastief aena i i.f.d at a gM tai
asadirg ta Itar-a llaa4 It, lb iimwusk
Bird tf tb rys H tit '' "t I
ay and it wat nigh nn flv aonihe till start !
What wa I to a- with her all thai tima, and no
ignaf a jail in lb county!" r -
"Wall, it wa a bard ..king That was
imply a f irm.and lla writ might hav ba ser
vd by bating a copy with the lady."
"Ob, 1 know thai terv well now, but 1 did'nt
know it then. Be-iilr at th bottom nf th pa
per wat writ 'Aa bail, and 1 know that them
words mean, no hail required ; but I thought
than that il meant if th was bi offer the I test
security ia lb Sut I warn't to tak il. And il
wat th construction that Stokes and Lumpkins
both put on it : ami th old Nju.r went so fsr at
to aay, mt b s sheriff hs'd tak that woman
nd onrr hsr bom and lock bsr up ia a small
Mora with himself snd bis wifs vtry nig'il until
court came around."
" That would htvt mad it prlty ssf.
"Yes." Mid Stuhbst "but 1 knotted thai
wouldn't soil ma, for my wife(ihsl was thm.) wa
hixh-tempsrs.1, mnl never aita bear strange
people in to r sua. B o h .wevor. after asun
sslm, g.4 nu.kes bi gi with m and I wsnt up
to the wid fr an I told my Imsinsst, Sh was
mighiy bad scsrd at first, hoi whtn slis otsr
thai she r ars, and pitched, I should jut gin
.at and gnn h-im and resigned, but
qnicied hsr say in' wteoull put bar ia jail, but
f sh liehartd herself, we'd only tak her dowa
to my bouse aad lt her tttt Uil court. Tin
th tumd into trvin' and hefjred a tak her
Bigirsr wnmaA and kp hsr for security ia lb
dM, wbiob wa only amaathing atar Ihrsa bun
dollsis, and lla niggsr was likely. But I hwbftl
In my pstr and rssd it nan I bar to tak tli
bay .4 llsaath Vt.lls.k!"
"HIM avid sbeid g i, and th hail Ih old paa
bars saddled Bp, and wlul Stoke end na wtr
lalkm' and aut n-s.cin' sh aastrl hia and
mnslnfitl lively e tn Heargi nd
of ths track, a a-an ted ss galloped sllsr
bsr. sad tb hadn't gd a hslf a ail btf.wa w
hsd ber. Then slis orte-l and begged irin, but
w al pl-. lies mawd her and held lla
end. and after tailing hgiautn d.rarinas in
ber atggsr, I trsdi bs dowa to my bna. My
a if trnated br mi(hty ettil, and every il or
wo we'd la her go up bam and bsik afler the
eoe.aras an tin, rd!d tin cleat a month
Bsfw aarf, and oti dsy St -lis md ap i f.t
gal ia a powerlul hurry, and al! mm eol, .
Ym'i plyd Ihaailrr," said b.
"II...! " saia I.
-Why Ihirk f Mr. Wsil,radi. It' all
wr,af, and .b' sswi w.iH diwa tu tb vert
lawyer that pat ut thai aril aesinst bn sad
(.4 Iwn s.-sin't y-a; en lo mis y a tura bsr
h sad lbobv ta n.shsioa ( . j lately tlusis
nd eMUr bsr Islin' bar."
"I attsB'l serve 'etn," sats I.
-Malt sa ml OS. 1 1 it aatt anpinlS't t j r., n s
itennar, aw and ball ia ap ksvr w I
wasia talk together about it. I hard !y wait
ed for him to leav befur I iumned aa b
borst and rodop to th widjer"."
"Stietorter iaotlied and said may ta."
"I'll giv y..a a hun.lrwi d-liars to dr p it,"
aid I. Sh frown. J sod tsid that warn t tht way
tbtwsnted to tetTte. ,'
"Directly KniKthirgeain rtgttt trio Bit Bi-r.J
I ciii1 tu set piain. I nudied an J comoierrd.
Then I cleared my throat.
" Widd r," ssyt I. "wu ys Aatt rnO"
Sayt the, "IvJl," '
"I gav that ra-valsTenkint fiftt dollar fsr hit
share and th widder bk m for her. I had
kept ber an an oniawful priwaer f r nigh four
month, but, 'fcVuire, tht had m aadar arrstt for
mighty nigh settn yctrsl"
seral Appssrsnce ef vVashuigtM. '-
Tb fi.llowinc dcrintioa of th amaaran.a
of th "Father of hit Country,'' will t f-sind in.
tercsting. it ia from tb "Recoil sot iont and -
Memoirs or U. W. P. Curtis,' recently published.
In giving a rraphie description of th statur
nd furta uf W atliington, w giv not only th
result ol our personal observation and xpeneric
of many year, but information derived from th
highest authority, a lurortt nephtw.
Major Liawrenee Lew it atked hit unci what
wat hi height in th prim of lift. He replied,
"in my beat days, Lawrence, I nood six feat end
two inches in ordinary nhoes." Wt know thl
be measured Jy a standard precisely six feet when
laid out in death, ur hit weight w ar in evi
dence, having heard him say to Crawford, Gov
ernor of Canada, in Wi, "my weight in my best
dayt, tir, never exceeued from two hundred and
ten to twenty." Hit form wa uniqu, anltk
roott nthletio frames that expand at the shnuUtr
and then gather in al tlit hint, Th firm of
Washington doviftted rrom tb general rule, tine
it descended from th thouldr to ".he bipt in
perpendicular lines, th breadth of th trunk
being nearly at great at tht out tod tht other ,
Hit limb wore long, large, and sinewy in
hit lower ImiHt lie a at what it usually called
-strainlit.lini'w.l. .Uiij.'intt, fret, and hsntlt were
large, and could a cast hav bee taad Irom hia
right hand, far did its dimension xeed na
ture's model, that it would hsvs len preserved
in museumt for age at th anatomicai won.lof
of th 18th century. Lafayette remembered thi
ramnrkabi band, when during his triumph in
Amerioa, he said tout in tht portico at Moan!
Varnoa, 'It wa bet in 17h3 I wa firm iotrot
duced to you by tb good general ; it long
whil age: you wrtben a very liiti gentleman,
i .i . , e i .1 i.U I -
nggeu out in a enp ami nauieri aim neio uy on
finger of the general'! mighty band. It was tit
you could do at tint lims, my dear sir.'
The ryea of th chief ware a light grayish bin,
dp unxen in tbair sockets, giving thttxprts
sion of gravity and tlnnight, Stuart painted
thos eyes of a .lecpfr blue, saying in hundred
tears Ibey will bar fndd to th right color.
Hit bairwaaofaliat! brown, and vary thin in
his latter daya. In In an.veiueoti la preserved,
in a remarkable degree and to advantage, th
Inatio .) Ilia ht had e iquired in hit servic
on til? frontier.
Being ordered on morning vry early Into the
library at Mount Vernon, spot thtt none enter'
d without order, th weather linj wtirui, w
found th Chief very much I, and whiio
kinking on bit mmny Irsinc, w tij, coveted
III orntr nf bis clo'i-t ivns intlrntrd. Thil it an
xtaption lo lite general rule laid d .wb by tin
atomists, that w en) the Ii n m nn frame pn.essc.
great uitit:u!ar power the.clie-t should lather t-i ,
roumbd out aiiiisprotulstraut than indenli d. .V'a
war evfually -surprised to find how thin i wis
In person, lainp, with th absence nl l.-i, lit
ally amtn of "thews and smews." He sure
an.iin.l hts neck the minnU lire srtraii of his wilei
Thil be bad worn Ihnagu all th tici.tinidea of
of hit rentful career from the period of his mar
riage lu th "last day l Mount Vernon."
Ill III appearance of W ashingttm theW was
nothing uf l.uliint-l, but ther wn unitnl all
that Wat dig iried end grsref ul, while his air and
manner were nt nin e nol.l and coonnstnling
No on appristi'licd 1.1m that did nut leelfjr bim.
as tori Erskin olMerve.l, "a drjjree of awful
rvrnee." He wore sword with peculiar
graoa. Th Visonmte tls N,, miles tsitl it was
btUHs "th mm wot male f r the swori, and
ant th swnrd for tin man."
Lafuyeti, not long after tli wnr of Revntu'.ii,
writ" letter to Col, Trumbull urging hiuj to
paint an .iurtnan portrait nf tb Oner as h
appeared i.n ths field of th M mmnuih. Th
illustrious Frenchman, America great bene fso
lor. said tons "I was a 'y young Maior
General on that memorable dnv, and bsd great
deal to do, bol took Pme, stnij the In-nt and fury
af Ih fiaht, to gateupiai snd admir W a. I. melon,
miauled on splrdjid ehsrgsw eoteialwiih
bain, be rallied our lira with word never to be
forgotten. 'Stand fast, my boy a, and rci"
your enemy t th S.utlmrn troop ar advancing
lo support vou! I thought tliea a I do now,"
continuej iLt goad Lifsyett, "tbt netr hav I
ran so superb man."
(.1 ti
asaa Mrs. Wl,rot.k ha arhatxst I swear to
a-rhm'." j
"Tad l-nter ..k tai." j
"Well," I raid. I lbsy'tg-i y-a too.
Y'a was kin snd Isrip la do tt."
"OH, ts" s.j be, "Iitl tbey't g 4 fur
' I a 4a .mor, bi wlkd right letnib h. aa
d Ibera 1 f ond th wi.l.'er kia' aiighiv
alsiMl. and I Ii4-I ber sb wn ft-s i g ., and
.bed br pari a end sh-ul la'l rhsis btvanv
bard, ae4 b'.fl sbt'd vat ad sr sy uid
w-sstasi, and i an ft so f.rib."
- went, SMt.fus."
"Ma did, nd th rrinsv .. and b si tr.
4 Snt bow r rva writ ly "Ty: I shsll nstnr
l"t It. l.s t- l loin e- a't, aod l..e
warn 'I SHitb.' d-.e lla 8H t los B- f. ths
at sMn my tit, and Ihu irrrt
sd ry thing. What with bsv di in' and lla at,
ihntoflbi t wa 4 r-ersij, t la i,"
-Bo' r-4 oln',:
S s I b M s w'l as I r ! t r t-f la.
I r awn a si -tg, n l, y'-J . k , ms I ta
s, d to aa, I thoik vol and ur l in xl
tVarrfUii e. 'j s-rs-r-s-'i t tt -s 'I tf f- ts! ',
f " The lllstitry til Newspsptra,
'Th first wa l.nrd monthly in
MH, form, la lb repnl lie nf Vnir, and was
called th listens, ly from a farthing
pcu)ir to Vnii, and which was tit common
pric at whkh it wot tol l. Thirty volumet ul
It ar til preserved In a library it Klorcuc.
It wa long supposed tuat th first newtpsr tr
pul.lialad in England was al the ep h ol ll
Sianish Armoila, hot it lis been discover.!
that th r.f Ihst baring the imprint of I .,'
in lb British Museum were forgeries, Tli.r i.
B't doubt (hat th puny an --t-.r nf th uivns I
iif bad sheet wat not pui-lihd in London t.
IK li'l years fir to art cf priming h
bean discovered: end it wa asarly 1"0 t'
rnnrt, bf..r a daily paper wa ventured pi
Periodical papers teem first to bsv been -by
tb English during th times ef th Common
wealth, and were then called "aeelly n -bnftks,"
Sonaof them bad miat wbim.irsl t t ?
It wts e rr.m with th early psners lo ba s
blank pt which was sometime tilled up. I n
paucity uf news, by -.?! ion from th Kr.j
Th first nw.spr ptints.1 In K"rth Ameri
was printed in Boston la o'0 Only ont i
of that papar was know lo la ta ti, -.-. t
wadsp-iid in the btst lsar Oit - e in . -!
and w alriul th sitt of aa or l,nrt .li... ,
bttlarpaper. Il was Hipped by th v ,tno.'
Th llosl.a NswaLetier wa tl lot r. ,
paper. It was first Issued in 1'oi, and i-r.., .
bt John Allen, in pad-ling Ian. 1 ut e .nt.
,f Siml of ita ssrlv tiultrs were vrrv ; ti, .
It bsd sienrh of Inline Ann lo I sri... r
ib-lilfiml I lld.vs p.vtnwU. and tl. . . '
Ulea taw lrat 1 '.ngland. 1 una t tl r
aamlars the. as so sinoiin.-ro....i it .i
nrdre nf lb l'.lin.'.r stsl nl r.l, A ,,
era, lha p.l tstwn li n ii and ,t.w 1 - .
sat an a f -rttni-hi. N'n men. w. .i n
rbiblraa asm -e I it 1 ' I . I s
was wnvl at- a w.oiiti wn-t h-i I o t
of fin ac wrtn 1 1.. i . I. ,
who bad ;, d t - r nf cs a n ' ' .
riding bml, to rrtorn'tos ft - Xm r. i
the na t-s;rs.
Th'. I.l-rf eef ts polili.h.-l Tl trio
wss the e.d-ng lmy tt5r, to .-s to ti I -
ti t 1 l.r II ! I."' l I" H e ,.i , I
t-i -ts, sn I ss I. ii .1 al vt - ,
IBttit nl tl.s Itn ' 1 . r .
.4i e s i-i.'-1 i" I 1 - '-i '
ttniuia', fiM " t A i
tr H f
ilii'iif H7 ' "
lib m9 tl I.. i " 't
r-lliwlt rssfl 0Jf f"s.f! ?1
Mkt tn it 1 t-'f " f
aff ttl 4tl hrn. t 0 t .! I st
mf nfp?!- ii
f- ir ! jxtitf ii ft ib'ii
f..aUlii Kb). Iir
m4m9 K'T''s
a, t mr tr .
lb t s !.('
t J I -)

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