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Jlorib-CnrDlinn Star;
rcsusmo viiilt it
- (Diro iKDrmormittoE.
If paid trietly la tdiuti, twe dollars par aa
Baas tw dollars an J iftr seats, if paid within
but sseatbs ; tad tart delists at tha tad of tin
rXtTKHTTSSMKSn t iceirir, lxtea
be will a leterted on time for aea dollar, aad
tweaty-ave ati for each 'ahetiaeat iaurtiaa.
Tkoee af greater length will b charged proper
"tioaally. ConrtOrdereand JedielaladveTtisenient
will b chargea 25 pr ent. higher thaa tin abort
tatee. A raaabl deduction will ba mada to
hose wh advertise by taa year.
taldk and Job Prtatliig don with stne, aa
leepateb, aad on accommodating term.
" general i)ikectohyTIZ:
fm. Pallas Haywood, Intondanl at Police.'
Eastern Waref, Kldridge Smith,
" A. Adam. -..
MiddU rJ'((rf.C. n. Root,
" IU II. attle,
" - U W. Haywood.
Western Ward. A. M. (iurmao,
" II.J. Turner.
. J, J. Christopher, City Clerk,
K. It. Haute, City Treaa,
t'lTy Guard. fumes M. Crawley,
" 1 Jackson Overby. . t
vtry tiMMtuwc. r.awaro Harris.
" ,. William Andrews.
A. Ailania, W eighmastor.
K. Harris, Clerk of tlie Mar-
,. . - ket ...,..
COl'KTS. w
The Snprtme Court of North Carolina i jeld
ta this city eetni-aniiually, on the second . Jiday
in June, and the 3hh day of Hoocmber
JiioVcj. Hon,. Frederick Nash, Chin Justice,
K. M. Ccaraon, Associate udge,
W. II. Battle.
Kdmund B.' Freeman, Clerk; ll:im. C. Jones,'
Renorter: J. J. Litcbfnrd, Sr., Marshall,
The United Slattt Circuit Court for (he Dis
trict of North Carolina is held semi-annually in
tliia city, on the 1st Monday in June and the last
Monday in November.
f Judy. Hon. t. M. Wayne, of Georgia; llyri
j flnd. Vhulimir, haling paid aad diiiiiad
The Baaw Moraa, . . . '
k tili rao TBa atsaux or rotspist.
Abou t the year 181 1 period eo memorable
in the liitory of Uuuia there lired 'on his
domain Nenarad a rich proprietor named Gab
riloviteb. lie was noted for hi kind diapo
itton and hoapitable habita . Ilia hnune waa at
nil tithe open to his friends and neighbors, who
resorted there in the erenings the elder one in
order to enjoy a quint K&me of cards with their
heat aiuHti wife l'etrowna; the jouncer, in the
hone of raining tin enod armoea of Mari. a fair
girl of seventeen, tne only child snd heiress of
Oahrilovitch. -
Mari used to read French romances, aud.' as
the natural and uecesaary consequence, was deep
ly in,4oTe. The object of her affection was an
almost peumless young, eumfra belonging to the
neiffhuorhood. and then' at home on leare. who
returned her love with equal ardor. It is scarce
ly necenary to and, that the Tonne lady parent
had strictly forbidden hertothink of such an alli
ance; and whenever tbey mat too lover, thoy re
ceived him with about that amount ot Ineniin
n.m which they would have bestowed on an ex
collectorof taxes, Wur Touni lover, however.
managod to keep up a onrroxpondenre, and ulmd
to meet ia secret beneath the shadow of the nine
irrore nr the oll ohnpoL Oh these ocexsiona,
they of oourse, vowed eternal constancy, sccumhI
tateot unjust rigor, and tormeil varum projects.
At length they naturally came to the eoncluninn
that, as the will of -cruel farent nppoied their
marriage, they might very well accomplih it in
secret. It wn the young gentlemen who first
propounded' Uiis fiopaitioai awl it was most
iavoratily received by the young l.idy.
The aonniach of winter nut a tn to their in
terviews, but their cornnonileiice wpn! on -with i should he unnounred to hiia that he siiooM he
increased freoueney" and fervor. In eaeh of his j told lie wa now free to marry his beloved.
letters, Vladimir" Nioolevitch conjured his he-' w," the ast oiislmient of the proud owners
tiived to leave her home, and ootiMtnt to a private 'f Nenaradof, when they received in reply a letter
nnrriaze. "We will disanuear." he mid. "for a 1 '" the vin.j -gnsign, in which he deehirwl
his gui Je, hastened towards the priest's dwelling.
n nai was ne snout to nearr
Let as fret inquire wbstwaa (P'iog on ia the
maosioo of the master of N eoaradof, J ust not h
ing at all. In the morning, the husband and
wife got up a usual and went into the en ting
room Gabrie) lisbi il'.vitoh in hie woollen vest
and his night eap, and 4'elrowua in hor dressing
gown. , . -
Tea was served, and Gabriel sent a maid to
inquire for Mari. The girl returned with a mes
sage that her young mistress had passed a rest
less night, but that she now felt better, aud wa
coming down, la a few minutes M.iri .entered
and embraced her parents.
"Horn do you feel, my poor little one?" asked
her father.
lletten'' was the answer.
The dny pasted on as usual ; hut towards even
ing Man became very ill and feverish. Tlie
family physician was summoned from the nea est
town, and when be arrivedbe fooud his patient
in a high fever. During fourteen days she con
tinued on the brink of the grave, v
Nothing was known of her nocturnal flight,
as the waiting-maid; for her own sake, was pru
dently silent on the subject ; nor did any of the
other accomplices, even after having drunk wine,
breathe a word on the subject, so milch did all
parties Urea l the wrath of'ttabriol. Mari, how
ev)r during her delirium, raved so incessantly
about Vladimir, that her mother could not doubt
that her illtreas-was caused by love. ' hit and
her husliand consulted some of ths:r friends on
the subject; and, as the resuU of theoonfereqee.
it was unitntmonsly decided that '.Man was des
tined t i unrry the ensign that one cannot avoid
one's fate tht riehe-donot insurejL&ppiuess
and olhc r fine maxims of thejjimeltrni--
-The invalid rec-vered, Vladlniir, during her
illnes, liil never appeuod at the house; and it
was determined that h'u unexpected g-std-f irlune
was opened Slediras were waiting outside, and
several persons: were standing in the i.rch. tp
of them called to ms: This way ! Ttiijf way !"
I got out of my sledgC and entered the church. '
(me of the people in the porch said:
'-la the name of Heaven, what b is dolayed
you? The bride has fainted aud we were all
on the point of returning home.'
"Half bewildered and half amueeSrl resolved
tn follow up the adventure, indeed, I was al
lowed no time to deliberate, for my impatient
friends hurried me into the interior of the church
which wa faintly lit up by two or three torches.
A girl waa seated on a bench in the shadow,
while another standing beside ber was rubbing
her tern pres.
'! . , , .1 - 1, i
At length, saiu Ilio inner: -imi or oraisni
that you are cornel - My mistress ws near dy-
"An old priest approached, aud suit r. 'Shall
welgin f ,
"tl, begin hT all mean, my reverend fither!'
replied 1, giddily.
" They assistsd the young t'lri to rise : she
seemed very pret y. 1 hrough levity quite nn-
pardnnsble, and, as it now seems to we inoou
ceivtble, I advanced hesid hor h the altar.
Her servant and the three men who wero present j
were so much occupied about her, that they
glanced at me; besides, the light, as I have said
wa vary dim, and my head was
the fur hood of my traveling pollsso. j
In a few mometits'We wera married. x
" Kmhraceeich other,' aaid one of the 'vitness.
. Mv wife turned her pale fa.e ls lue.
for an iti-tnnt slie gar.ed as if petrified, then
falling backwards, sh enl imiej ;
"It is not he! It is not he!"
"Mut of the church I ruhed, Wore the a
tniinded priest and the bridal-party had time to
gintlemeo, w walk down t Rivingtoe's book
1 Blora i he is said In ha a verv itleibiank kind nt
From th? Attftrmiixtv (A Csisfi ftmllrrlimu tl ; fellow." Amused; as the oflicers were, at the
Piimto Mrmeiri af tin Lift and Ctiar9cttr,f id-a of visiting sucheman. they of course pra
Wetitimyton . ' pared to accompany, the chief. When arrived at
t , ' - t the boriktore, Kivingtnn received his visiter
III lllllll, ; with great politeness; for be was indeed one f
It was Saturday night, the STTth of June, 177S. ) the most elegant gentlemen and best bred men
when the American army, after a toilsome mtrcb j ff the age. Kcriing the party into a parlor, he
tronical heat, halted for ret and refresh- liegKcd the omwr tu lie seated, and then said to
the chief, ii ill your excellency lo me the hon
or to step into the adjoining room for a moment,
hat I may show you a list of the er?V'jfttral
Kuril's 1 nm about to order, out from London W
in the tronical heat.
inentio the oountyof Monmontli, New Jersey,
The weary soldier were gathered in groups,
some preparing their'Wciiilir meal. wlliU-nthers
exhaustd hv their' march, threw themselves on 1
the irronnd i Nmu.' Tlie h.,n nii-ht of1 your apccisl u V They retired. The lock on
June was waning away, the watch lire, burned t the dime of the houses in Now York more than
diinlv and silenee reig-ied around. Not an at Lthree seore years affi, w re not so good a now,
head'riunrter. There liehta wera seen, while 1 1 he door of Umn-toh' private room closed very
the Chief, seated at a Stable wrote, or dietntel die-1 imperfectly, and soon teciime ajar, when the
patchcj, which were folded and directed hraid-! ott.temdisiiHetly heard the chinking oftwo heavy
doK-amp, and secretaries, while near at hand ! parses of gold at theyVere iuoees.ively plaeed
Ilenry Potter, of Fayetteviile; District AtUirneyrKhtirt imie; then, one day-, we will go and throw ! 'but he woul i never eutor their dwelling again.
ourselves at your parent" lee wno, toucoen by ijri m '""jipj
Robert 1. Dick; Clerk, Wm. II. Haywood, Sr.,
Marshall, neslc.v Jones,
The Hii(iar-i!nrrt for this County, is hold on
lie first Muuday nftnr the fourth Monday in
inarch and cplemlwr,
John C. Clerk
Jo. Ii. Bachelor, Atxirney General and Solic
itor of the fourth Judicial District,
Tlie t'umi if Vc'is uaii Quarter' Session i
held on the third .Monday in 1'ebru.iry, May,
August and November. Jeff. I'tlcv, Clerk.
CknirinaH of Ikt Voa ni tj ComW. William Boy
County Sauriior K. ITM irriott. I
Klurijfof H'akt CoMntg Willfam 11. Ilish. !
VonrnT Willi (tenth
Itrgittcr. 11. Unison.
' BANKS. , ,
Bank nf the titate of AWA CnroUwtx infsrst
raled Kill. Charter expires in 11X1. Capit.vl
tl,5iM,GM0, divi.l I into l.j.ixxl -h i res of which
the Literary Board holds 0,027 and the L'uiver
eity HK0.
I'ritieipil Bank at Raleigh. w
tieorge W. M rilecai, I'rcoident.
Charles Dewey, Cahier.
J. II. BrVau, Jr.. Teller and Notary Public.
W. K. Anilunuiii, liiMount Clerk and Notary
Jordan Woinble, Jr., Clerk,
This ha hntuchesai Newbern, Tarboro'
I'arottetilla, W ilm ngtoii, Miiabeth City, Char-
lot'te, Miltjii, M 'rgiititon aud Windnor.
On the pirt or the State : D. W, Courts, Va
ie Treisurcr, et-oBicio, L. O'B. Brunch and W.
It. 1'
(o the part - f the Slock bidders : IV m. Bovlun.
M m. IWe, J. II. Hrv.ui, J. B. (i. R-iulhac', Al
fred Jones ard It. V. Moore.
Dtfering and Ilenwal'd ty Tuesday.
Discount day Wednesday.
lhimestie Hills and Ujllt of Kichang discount
ed every Uay.
Jlusinfsj uoirs from 10 till 2 o'clock.
were expiesses, seated like statues" upon their
drowsy horses, and ever and enrni n r.fticcr
would" approach them with the words, "This is
for SI ijof General : ride with speed and
spare not the spur;" and in a moment the horse
man would disappear in the surrounding gloom.
Suddenly a stranger appeared on the scene. He
wore n i martin) eostunie, neither had he the mfa
ured trend of the soldier; in truth his appearance
was anything but uiilitaire. On being challeng
ed Jy the sentinel bet answered, "lh. tiriflith,"
ehuplain snd surgeon in the Virginia line on
business highly important with the Comiiiamlcr-in-ChJr."
Tiie cry of "ofBcer of the guard"
bronght forth that functionary, so neeemmry a
personage, in a night, camp. The olScVr shook
his hwd: and waved hia hand, said, Lri,- ir,
no; rnpiMihle: Intriascly eogngcd; my order
positive; can't he' seen on any account." The
our heroic constancy, will eicli'oi: 'Ctiiftlren,
oome to our tiruis I'" For a long time Mari hci- j
fated. Atieng'hit ws agreiol, thnton a cer
tain o i'y she .-houlil n-tt appear a' supper, hut re-
lire early to her r ,.ni, -u ihe (o ctext of a viulenf
heailache. Her w-h iiil' m lid n iu tlie e.ret,
and (hey weie boih it sfp o;t ihr.oili a tjn.-k-door,
neur which they uM toi.l -te lee 'vnitiLj,'
loroiivey them lo the c ir,'l ,.' .1 : Itiho, ah -lit .
fie ter-t" dis'ant, whsic 'l io.ti;i. .n tlie pni't
would await ilieui.
H;iving mud- her prep:ir,itj n . ind ri'ten a
long letter of excuse 10 tier poren'-, Mir ,'-!:'e
at an early h -nr to her room. During to i., v
she had eoiupl lined of a l.endiic e, .1 u n w,i
certainly more than a priest, lor him't f'.,nte'
nient hud mndo her really ill. Her tut ici uol
mother wiitched her tenderly, und c -os nii'tv
aked her: "How do y u feci now M.n i; lire ou
still sulnsnng?" Their fund ln-ilu-ie went - .
the youi g girl' heart, and, with the uipr'.:.t !..r
evening her auitntion increased. At diHtier he
ate nothing, and soon afferaarils roe to uk
leave of her parents. They embraced her, and
according to their tisiuil fulnm. gaie her ttieir
hlesaiug. Mari CMild Harcelv refrain from sob
bing. hea she r,ea.,iei herelonnl er, she threw
sledge, and soon left all pursuit behind
"And,' said Mari, ' did-you ever ascert.un
wlut liocoiue of thst poor woman f
" Never. I di not know the name of tbe vil
lage where I viu "married, nor oait 1 recollect
that of the station where 1 last stopped At that
t'me, so little importance did 1 atlitt'h to my lev
ity, that when nil danger of pursuit was over, I
fi II asleep in the sledge, and did not wake until I
found myself at another station. The Mnstit
whom I had with me wa killed in battle, so that
dimir h id rej. lined the army. It wai in 1M2. ! every cluji ecns I ist by 'vhi 'h I might drenver
the scene lolly winch 1 now expntlo so
Miiryturned her pale face townrds him, and
seiied hi hand-.
' YVhrit '" crie I Voiirmin. M was it you ?'
" Don't you re-.:.iguixe me ?"
A long and clo-e embrace whs the reply.
think nf arresting my flight; i jumpe-t into thoTcrtsfend gentlemnr quailed ii'.it, hut "iirA-4ihe
whom denth wus the only rctugA !
A feyv dnvs afterwards, they learned thnt Vli'
one never mentioned his rtiune to
did'she hcrctf tiilode to hiiu in a., v
-Vlnri, nor
sy Tiro
V siil' s:t!V
! 1'.
,,.1.0 I
r t'life ni .iiMis el.iiied, atol
In- n ioie me iti .lie I aoiongst ihe-.tfi,-'
i.'in.'irslM' I th'vriehe at the luitih
o,i, !10,l A'il we C Ol otlllv WoU't led.
i h;i I ii e'fpe il ti'er,;.ooi ah ci
i'.e-.,! I.
X .1 I ,og afterw n-o . ',e,; dellening
i.e. tiie re er-ioii -il ni- 'o,.le ;.i.,Miny. Weoiih,
h 'tt'Cer, or U:i!M-ii'"- no Viiohu1ic wept
iili her m ithe . :-tr. . ,o n I never to ie ii fi her.
They left ttieir mmi leore :it Neunraifif, iind took
up t eir nbudi on sit -tner estitte. NomeVous
xiiitnrs liirmigel around the. rich and lovely le:ir-e-s.
Iut to none ol them did nhe vouehsiile the
-til illrit eneiiurtiaeineiit. ller mother of'ien im
ph nii) hor to ch lose a hu triod: hut ulieiilently
hisik her head. Vlwlimir was no mite: he
enp'ied at M'isijow im theeie of ihe duy the
I'renc'i en'ered thut city. To M iri, his uieutory
oeeiued soered : e ,e treou ed up tho Un-ks Ihey
hud retul t izeiher.his drawings, and the note he
had written to her everything that coo: t per- t y. He has iuooi v.
ctiiul im oi c ii W'islin
It-i-ei'een her olteo n
Hcene In a Log I shin.
It wa- nearly' uiiiliiiglit of a Saturdiiy nlglit
that a pai-seiiitor t ame to Col. ' , requesting
him to go to the cabin of a settlor. Koine, ilircs
tuiles d,,wn the river, and sco his ddiighter, a
jirl of f urteen, who was supp ied to tm dying,
i'ol. - awi ke nio and a-kd nic to aecom
pany liliu. an 1 i c onsented taking with ins the
snmllpaekiiife of inedieinea which I always car
ried iu thejorcs!: but 1 learned there was
no need ,,f tPee, f,ir her dis,iaie wss tiaal cure.
".Mic i a s'ranc hild," said the Colonel, "her
father is a sihioge linn. They live too ther
m' .:i on" the hil.k i'f t ie river. l'hey 'dnic ijere
ihrce yis ag s and wo one knows whence or
and is a keen shot, I Ir
; away f o- a year pis;. I
i, I i-heis gifted wWi a n, ir-
fumi 'The frj-tiers, and tue psvplu rushed im , f.iiher
oroiid" to gieei Ih.on. Theotlicers win had rt Wj reached tie hut of the set lor in less than
herself iu'o an arm etiair and went ulnud. Her fo uu: he r remeiuhraucc ul tho unhappy joun
wsiltng maid tried to coiiwi Ie and cheer her. and , man.
at Irtigilr sueccided. I Au ui t int t nie a war, glorious l. r i ttr c ion- ii-i .us mli i.ect. Mie spouks nH tiiiiei a-, il in-,
i nere wit, a snow worm, thai nigttt: tne wtno i r,i-i,-,i. ,rni, ,.fc.,. v , ( npu, u, ,-iou o n, m m, ui ntr
howled oulniile the home, nnd s,(,k the'wui.
di . Tim young girl, bowev", ns anon as the
hounehold had retired t ret,, rnpied herself
up Mi line nimniiign, nioi i.oiom e i nv ncr in no, ;;',".,' -
carrvinir a inline, gamed the outer l-sir. Iney
f land a lclge, drawn l,y threa hon-en, awaiting
the:n; and having git iuto it, t'tcy 'started off at a
rcpid pure. Wc will leate them l" pursue their
joorrev. while wereinrncl to Isdintir.
All that day be had lieen actively employed.
In the morning, he had vi ited the priest of jad
rituviu uidcr luuxraugs with him ai,tit (irtur-
out s mere stripliiiji4-, came back wit'i stein
martial eoutitentttieei, their liruve hrea-t" eol ired
w itli orders Tim ot itiefl'aeahle ;l"ry! Hon
ihe henit of tl.e l'u-roaii then buunded at tiie of his cooatiy.
A (Hi'-eel of htia-s, tiu:iied Vourrtrni, ss,r
itig in lo huttot.-hole tiie rossof Si.tieore. and
oti his faeean interetiiiif palem-A4, cineto spend
a few mouths' leai e id blenee on his estate.
whi,:h jothiii t04t whre Man aaa-jtd,
Kalriak ?riv of tit of the Cape Fiar
William II. June, Cashier.
R. I. Finch. Teller and Notary Public.
Uiasctoss. Uco. W. Haywood, T. II. Pelhy,
8eth Jones, tieorgn l.itile. Dr. To.,, i llogg,
end C. W. D. Mulchings.
Ufsring day Monday, Discount day Tueiulay
RAIL 111) A 1)8.
HM'i'ik mnd tin 'ton Itnilroad Cqssjxiity.
R. A. Hamilton. 1'renidoiit,
W. W. . Treasurer,
J. M. Pool, Assistant Treasurer.
C. B.Allen. Agent,
Mail train, leave 13 minutes before ft A. MH
arrives at 6f l. M.
Sortk Carotin ItnilroH4 Comjtanjf,
Chas. f. Fisher. 1're.idef l.
I. Mewlenhall, Treasurer," "
J. T. West. Fre.Khtsnd Ticket A tent. '
Mail h-ans arriies i o'clock, A. M.. fnia the
Ewsti and departs Dhn. sftcr iu'chsl, A. M.
Mail from the West arrives at 32 minutes af
ter 4e'elork, 1'. M. Departs at 2U minutas Le
foreJe'etork.i'.M. .
Willian White, rV., 1'oat Master.
VMtoe boars, ou week ttaye, from Put-rise tr 9
ming theuerenn iiy:iuid then he set off lo procure ' I he y.-ung girl r vmel hint with far m.-te s..w
the neeessrlrv itncsse. The firsst aruiaiutaure ' "f favor than she had hitherto t est .wed nny
to whom he'addrrseeJ himself waa a half pay t ul her vi.iiors. They rescmblei cscli oilier in '
ofBoer,whowillinglyoimsenteduiwbaiie wishej. mnu.v particular : Iwtji were Uainlioiuc.pli a..n. 1
".siocb an aalventure," he aaid, "reminded him tile"', n"d reserved. There wu a ieriei ot
pleasantly nf the day of his youth." He pro- ! mv-terv In the demeanor uf Vounnin, which j
vailitd on Vladimir to remain with him, prmwin-1 piqne.1 the curiosity and excited the intem-t of
ing to procure for him the other two wit .eMC. the l.eiic-s. He en.lently admired her. paid her j
Accordingly there appeared at dinner the geom : eieiy iMtile attention why did d nev, esoenk j
etrican liini'it, with his moustaches and spurs; "f I've' He had sciiuircd a habit of flying I is
and the son of Captain lspravnik, a lad of seven-1 ''"xht dnrit eyes on hers, halt in reierie, and
lesn, whohsd Inst entered the I'hlan corps. half wiib a:r expression that seemed to declare
Both promised Vladimir to stand by biia to the Ih approach a ddjinive explanation. Already
last; and tne happy lover, having cirdiallv em-' 'be t.eighW srske of the marriage aa a decided
braced his three friends, returned to his dwelling j busmoM ; snd I'etrowns rejoiced st the thought
in ordiftaciissdeie his prenarations. Hating i that her daughter would at length have a husband
despatched servant ne a horn b could rely worthy ol her.
. . TRAVELLtR'S Cl'lUE. -
(taitrsv sae esrisvias er tii at tiLaraa
KORTIIEUN MAIL (By Rsiuao...)"
ThMMgh Mail ekisee daily at , ss
Way Mail . " U p. sa
Arrive d.ily at 6i p. m
The Car leave the depot t ) s, n
Close dsily tt . sa)
-"Arrre daily ' at (J p. m
The Hark nates - at -7 p. m
mmr.ns mail (Bt Bsnkoak.)
tlosee daily al p. sn.
Asrivas daily at 4, p. m.
The Traie ieerea at t p. m
UOLDSlMlRO MAIL Br Hsuav..,)
tlnsst daily, el 9 p.
Arrites daily si lam
The Car leasee daily al in, after & a. as
t ARBORU' MAIL ByTsrs-ansusi II w .)
tlsMaTisaiday, Ts and Thur., II I p- s
AryuseTuesdav. Thar, and fsat., al 7
ILsrikssvssissi M'. Wed. end I'm., at e. se
riTT8B)r.i' N AIL JBv Tassr eos.s Usri
ChsmiHl Tuesday and Hslunisy, al I p. ia
Arrivsesa Manday aad Thnnday' at 7 p.
Hack leaves a stun, snd Wed. slxil 7 a. ss
BpUndld Stock ofGoUds!
7 I St eIVks Iks StrfM BKrk ft
If mm m1 dt r llls, t r. -. Cr IV
ery, wm4 II 1 1, IS4 ss ,f I e.M.tee
ttolMsa, sl as Ifc.v ks,s n btl antki) IWy
Will M S .-,- af aa O,. ims ffa4,al9 in.
" l saatt a !. la .a-a .Mai aa latlisi
SVISSSIISS Ik Saw (eaaxlly,
w il. a. I, Tt .
(ksphH'W. IU
isiMira, oairt.aa tinsNose.
rttar Hr W Mrtirf HmmU,
Sa. Mat a - t-f sarvaass, aaat SasSal sais
.aa. a ;a neMa.
LSIittai kskat see, LatW f aseas W 1.
'StWAM La4w' atarww . alark sa4
I tum,
aSet sn ii tail mm4 ssale a
r e . Ua .
(MS, a, H,K . is
wuh the sledge for Man, lie himself got into a
me horse sleilge, and started for J tdnno.
Scarcely had he set out, when the su nn com
menced with violence; end so one very trace of the
nd disappeared. The entire bnrixon ws eov.
ered with a thick yellow cloud, wbene fell mas
ses rather thaa Hakes of snow; aad soon all dis
tinetina between land and sky waa lot. In sain
did Isilmir try to Ind his' way. Hi burse,
went on at random, oatetime climbing over
heap of snow, sometime falling late ratine.
Kvery moaienl the sledge was in imminent dan
ger of being opaet; and, ia addition, the pleasant
eonvicthin forced Itself on Vladimir that be bad
kt bis way. The wood ol Jadrino was awhre
to be seen; and after two boor af this. nrf, of
work, the poor horse was ready U urup truss fa-
tigll. . a , s
At lcnlh k sial uf J'jrk 1!.. became visible i
froal: be tff'd hi tTT "awards, and found
himself on to b..4ar i f a forsal. ' ta -
I claim " aw all right now; I shall easily lad
I my way to Jailrino." lie entered the, d.te.t, ol
bird the brsnehe were thickly Interlaced
that the snow bsd not peaetraled Ihninrh them.
and the read was easy to Mbtw. Tb horse
prieksd up hi ears, and vent oa readily, while
Vladimir felt bis spirits rctii.
However, a they say ia the fairy late, he
went oa, and on. tad yet eoatd Bo' and J nlrmn
Ilwpoor ma (teest with the aiuvat d'fswaliy
dragga.1 him tu the other idc'of-rhe tireat: aul
by lb time he n-tel there, the storm bad reaa
d, and the avasa sbtm oat. Ne aprarane.
buweter. of Jadrisna bet ire bias Uv esimdad
a utrga plain, tnwvds lb af which ih
Cdor traiertl-r deacried a cluster of f,asr of ftie
ouaea. baatened toward the aeri, aid.
tfaaeaSKiii.g fna the !edga, kaorkrd al the win
dow. A small diair iu the shutter tnod; and
the ' e Urd of sn ,.ld sssa sopeared.
"W hl do want?"
"la it f if i lrili ,?" "
Js.h.ii.,! Alai laa Var)."
Al this reiilv, Is Inoir srh like a eriat aal esi-
demned lo eievutiof .
"Can t' O. " said h, "fiirni', me wild boras
to g.. lhr: '
- hv a die-ses."'
s'Well, then, a gui, I will gii bint ebu'r er
be sake."
V !, tha," said tbeabj aseat "I'll a-l y, a
y ." ,
The amdow waearfiila'y ehaahl, end a v
atdeishle time sUpaed, I isdiasir, whua Imp
lisfusi beeasee f a at aneuatrn'laMe. ka:ke4 a
a b adly at the edatiae.
Tb aid sssa re ppd,
Vt hsl d v . statf"
"T-wr ...-
"Ha s Mif I Is 4r4af biasaalf, Are
yaaeoldt Coia la sad war a jiMraaif.''
"Si,, sxi, aaad ostt y-air m "
Al langlka fi-uog ltd. Wild a l,l la
line illuming, when the good lady wa seated
in der drawing ro-im, Vouimid entere-l and in
quired fur Mari.
"Mi is ia the garden," replied Petruwn.
"You will find her ihere Ifynu wish to see her."
The colonel went out hastily j and l'etrowna,
making the iga of the rri-s. uiormored to her
self: "tiod ) praiesd! I hop everything will
be arranged tit-day. "
Vuurniin found bis Isdy love'-'reaKd in whiui,
ete I beneath 1 tree, 'close by a lake, with a
book on der Knee, like eny heroine of romance.
After the interchang of a few commonplace
s'litetice, Votiruiin, with eonsidershle agitation,
toid her that ft a long time be bad bra drsi-
nou, of opening bis mintl to ear, snd now prayed
her In Vista to dim for a few at intents. Ni
rdaed her book, and cut dowa bereye in tokea t
of assent. i
exclaimed V certain " lot hour, mnl rnteiel it leteitoitly
'I'he st-eoe ya on-' w iiieh cannot easily ho f ,t.
'to n. There were book and evidence of lev.
nrf mid tt lyitu "ii the rude table in Ihe
eiit t re. A "tiimr lav on the table near the little
a oiii iw. and ti e bed furniture, upan whi A the
!jy'.t j,irl iV, was kt ,U u thcoienpg if a
il il.t q :rt o.
Mie tain fair MiiM.with masse of long Mack
t air lying over herpttlVw. Hereyewa dark add
I iereing. And as it met mine sue siarled sligl,tlv,
ok s, ailed and I v.ked upward. 1 sjeike n fw
wurdato her father, and litmttig to her,- asked
her if iihe knew her condition.
"I know that my lleoivurar lirelh," a!d" he
'.n tt t li e win o mel sly-was life ih swecieal
b.ncs ui' an -V. "iiaii. Von may iuiagiiiu llist th
iiwcr st irt'i'd mi . and wltlt a few words of like
import, I turned until her. A faairhnar past, and
si.s spsk iu the same deep, richly melodious
"Ksthcr, 1 am eold )!a dowa 1 etido me;" and
the old aian lay dgwn by bis dying child, end
she twined her emaciated arms arouad hie neck,
si.d murmured io a dreamy voice, "Dear father,
dear father."
"My ehilil," said tjie old man, "doth the flood
seem deep t't the?
"Nay, father, for my wail ia strong
"S-est thnu (, ihither hore!"
"I seeii, father; an I Us bsuk are green with
tie.m-irrai yetaiure
"Jlearest lle.u the Voices its liihsliilsuls?'1
"1 hrarthrpt father, as the yoice of angeltr
fabingfr iui Ur In the still and solemn night
lim end they csll me. Her Voice, loo, fa her !
uh, I heard it Ihrn !
"1Mb h Siik lo llieef
"fsli speakcih in Pme most kesveijy
"Aa angel sonle! Hut a cold, ealw satil. ltul
I am eold cold cold! rather, that a it ia
the1 room. 1 si II be lonely, lonely. 1 tin deasli,
fat her ?"
And be pesaed ayrsy. .Ve lor Water-
I I t
a I a, a, wat ..vtaiara ,m,a,a a ' ar . . , . . , . a a
, -, , 1 saw irwif wiatra taiiaiia aaa aaais.
Ti - li If . f Ii ..1 A.i.
.Han bent Oown ner aM a little ator. "r o"r"-i
Ih.v. crnimilledthe Imprude, 0r..i.,g - '' M. f-e-iiy cn-
yi-i, ..rii.i.n,ngt..y.m,.-.y d.y." M.rt re" ,' ;''? -
cadlected ih tr.1 leuer of Mh I'reo,.) ".Now it "l-"'" J! n .f d U.e 1 luted
U. I... I... to re-M my d..t.n.. Tltemem-ry of " 1u K'K",W "3"
v r wetfe and genii vote will f..rm h-'nr- i A a !riineB of lb treaty, w think lief d
f award tb jynd ids lortare of a.y eii.tet. I b wing attenl.e is wmlb raUting alM!i.g Us
but I hv d duty lo fulfil ..wardsyo. 1 must va'ue, A Japa. se rl kmk brought three
reienl lo yiai a strange seerel, wbh-h pUoea be- I J ! ks on b"tr,l a ship of wr, evidently
Iwaea us aa immrta aiotsl I barrier." lor ! He was aitler afraid of hi own Ismtj
That birrier." .ratuti Mari. "da. alw.r I '" "t "''-,., the value oLhfl
eiiaied. I nmld net-r a. as lem. j a, a,f. " i "7. M ' "'" "" ' ""T
"I know," reidwd t oarmia ia a kr to ea, , " " . . . ' . " .
"Ilia V'ia bai htta. ; but ileal k. and ihrr year
f mourning ' ltairrat.J lri. do iti ik
officer who barred his pasage, tl'rcicrttTsirl my
humble duty to In excellency, ami say that Dr,
tirilti'h waits upon hhn with, secrcuntid imjior
tant intelligence,' and craves an nudienceo.f only
8ve minutes duration." '
The high reW(it in which the clergy of the
Amoricnn army wa helj tvy AVaKhiugton wo
known to every officer and soldier in it rank,
This, together with the imposing nature of tho
chaplain's visit, induced the officer ofth guard
to enter the head ouarters snd retwirt the circum
stance to ihe tjeneml. He .-quickly returning.
n-hcred the chaplain into the presence of 0he
W ai-!iingtou, still with, pen in hand, received
his midnight visitor courle oinly, when titlHith
olieasved: "The natnru of the c immiiuicntion I
am nlsmtyo iniike lo your Kxcelleney must I
my nHlogy fr disturbing you at this hour of the
niyht. While 1 am tint permitted to divulge the
niiuie-of the authorities ftvm whom 1 haie ob
tained mv iiiformatinii, I can assure yon they
are of the very first order, . whether In point of
of character or attachment to the cause of Auier-
fenti Independent!). I have soucht this interview
to wimn vour Kvcellcncy against Ihe conduct of j
Major ficneral Lee in io-inorro' Iritile, My
duty is fullilled, and 1 go now to pray lo the (ioil
of battles f,,r success to our arm, and that be
may always hnv your excellency in hi holy
keeping." The chaplain relireil, the officer of
flie guard (by tigoul from the Chief) acc unpany.
ing the reverend g'-utleineu Iu the line of the
When fh warning became known in the army
it ereaied many c ,i,ji'i'luies, to the urce
Itopi whciKe tlie chaplain acquired hi Informs
ti ni. i !, ing ever transpired, and she secret
u " 1, v l.i.c the mystery reiuaiiaj lo the preseut '
The eondcivl i.f C.nuenil Ix-e In tkobeltleuf
Monni nillt n rv fairly jtititied the wtitninof
Ihe cliathaiti. It is cei'isin that the brute and
skillful iniiimiatider bsd tm lennihg toward the
enemy, hut it i -rb-ttgbt that he expeeted, by
thnmiit; things into eoul'iisioii, t Iimhui the
merits i f Washington in ihe public estimation,
and thus himself aspire lo ill Command i f tlx
it i r, iv.
Thr InUrvir w bctwsoti th gehi-ra' has
liutiinpetreclly ttarrated by thecliMiiielersof Ihe
oven td she hemic age. W e have ear relation
Ir on Ilia venerable Jaine Craik, who, a I'ins
ii iau -envral tu Ihe rjlsff, was always ia ihe suite
ntuh l"'Mnmieler-io-Chief iu the moment of bat
tle, lie said: I he meetinif waa ahtunt. lieu
Whingon, with vrarmth, dcuiaudcJ of the
Major General why the advanced puard of the
army wa m retreat, More the envuiy, having
mane lutle or tm resistance. Lt inwcrd in
language explanatory, but ileoorrius snd cltccr
nxe. i he t Pier tt,.ii mil qi ill you. s r. com
mand mi this grofltiil' Ti which I .re replied.
lour txeeliencr s orkrs -hnll olieyeal. aud 1
will be the li U liv the Held.'
But the poetry of Ihi mrinornU Interview
wa iu the chivalrie ardur i f Aleiande'r HauiU
ton. He sprung from hi borui,ami, lesvinl; th
n'.insl 1 1 itarlf, drew dit swanl, and, addressing
the l !nr, aid. "tionerul, we are Ixlrsj el, aad
the moment has arrived when every true friend
of this eoinlry should be prepara.1 lo die In l et
defence." Wasnington, ihongh inwardly plesv
ftl Willi IliS herole Uevotion al Ins latortt, Aid,
yet dcanoltig it inapt, noni.. la tu the battle field
in the then uncertain firlooi of the fight, raliu
ly observed tothe youthful enthutiait, "Colonel
Hamilton, you will lak ymrhorsa"-th animal
quietly cropping the nerlmgs hard by, anooiv
si ions of tl.a aeen that wa enaiMrd by II, in
who h aueh sei-nraisj.irlui n, ila actors. Dr.
Urif&tb survived l)i wsr end breams recmr nf a
parish ih which (lrural Washinnioa wnrsliiniied,
lie Wa elected first Bishop of irginis, under
tlie nw regime, and whea aleatt lo ml,srk fs,r
r.iirone for eoo-aerain n, sickened end died in
j'tiiiioietphi, lie was a rifie acln lr, a purni
atintster, and aa ardent eathusiaat ia Ih eaaae
vf Aaiarieaa isxlepeadafie.
on a table.
The rrty as returned from the inner Mont,
whea Hiringiou pressed anon hi guests a glass
nf Maileria, which he assured them wa prime
article, having imported H himsell, and it having
received the approbation of Sir Henry add the
must d stiiiiiushcd Ihw rttvinw of the itntish
'I lie visitors now rose to depart. Rivingtoo, on
taking leave of th Chief, whom ho escorted to
the,aiid : ' Ifour ex ji-lloucyjmay rely upon
my espeoinl attention being given to tvie ;7itci-
tutvt uvrfct, which, on their arrival, will he im
mediately forwarded tv.Moaut Vernoa where 1
trust they will contribute to your gratification
amid the shades of domestic retirement." - lliy-
ington remained for several yesrs in New York
after the peace pf 1783, then returned tu 'iiglund
and there died, lie was never called to account
by his Uoveiniuent Sor the uffuir of tho secret
service. It was the general opinion at that time
if -rtivingtoa had been closely pressed oa tho
delicate subject of the secret service, j character
of greater calibre might have appeared ou tho
tapui than the' king's l'rintor.
IV hen the unions liiving'on espionage became
known theie were many crHWulalions a tu the
amount paid for the secret service. , .Some went
so far ns to calculate huw many guineas tb ca
pacious pockets ol an ofkeer s coat made tn the
old fashion wiuild contain. The general, result
was that, including the Quaker's loan and pay
ment made up to the Dual paymeut in full, made
by the Chief ill person, from a thousand tu fifteen
hundred guinea would be a pretty fair estimate.
lt wa a cheap, a dog cheap bargain ; fur al
though gold wa precious in the days of the Con
tinental currency, yet the gold paid for Ihe secret
service was ot inestimable value when it ts
remembered how iiiucb it contributed to the
safety snd suioiwi uf the Army uf Itidependcucu.
f - Tola east TrlSea. .
Oa tlii theine a lonf whi t;-?iiT the IV -
ton Courier we took i.caijn to it-mark tint the
tailed ute imirttd mora anucesary ani-
elee aad exported more unnece-issrv artit le rf
blethsa any other nan .n. Th !-.llo-ingnre,
..era tn Albany Eyening Journal will nod aitit
strike others as it did oursel-" if ihe uu'h cf
our remark :
i A'afitnt'i T.rtmragon, for the yesf
ceding August 21. 144, we Americans lmnortrd
frosa JtuMpa, for our own he ids sad th e- of our
wires snd daughters, $,;.0M worth ol bi n
nets of silk, straw, and U-jh ni, and of bats cd
aap Vetbatwfew of the dead-pietes !
give evidence of having been eC fi three tb..a
and mile away. All are seemingly liome msite.
In that fame year yohn snd Old America treat
ed themselves lo i3.7;!2 r.Mt world of wnt. he;
chronometers, and cl( ks of F.uropesn msks.-i
their appetite Phi fur foreign Jewelry waji fatted
with $U74,!2t) worth of the article ii ram which;
Willi, int Sighing, they paid a duty of thirty ner
cent. Uf leather to rover their Imnds and their
j feet they sent aeross the ocean and boaght bi the
tune otM.isjj.m) enougn to hiue-bihd th na
tion and sicken it ill inr.oUs wan.
Having killed of all i hr woilMi otanufacttifeit;
we let the foreigners tike from us in the Same
year $24,225'!7'. for f ibrics t f .w.l that w had
to have, or thimg'it vt na'Hcd ; for linen g,t
?.6l7,luo, fof cotb.n giKids only ?l t.74J.Vit;
for etnbmh'i-ric $J.KV2,74'.l, and for inm and
teeJ and tli:r taanuCtctarr $2t.w"tl,KV. Cati
iderieg ihttt America t the , richc'l country ofl
the face of the globe in the ores of metals and
Ihe means and skill to reduce O.ein, the lust iient
must have been a hard one in a double sense.
and perhaps induced tlie importation by our
people of solvent aud aids to digustion in flfd
shape of $4,G15,733 worth of nines an I liquor.
Old and Yonug America bought nlrna l lasi year,
and ua tick, uf thing they could miMtlt'hay
made at bone, to the eiteitt of lli,2i1,4s).t
Any other concern in the world would bust up"
under such recklets hoine keeping and mnnajn
nicnt. . a......'
'era Leg.
A dialinjuisli(;d public speaker not long since
illustrated, in a conversation with us, the singu
lar want of ncqiiaiiinAice in cerluin localities with
scriptural ubiecl and phraseology, by the an
eciiote w subjoin. If tho extreme ignorance of
tho hero did not relieve bun from ad imptitattou
of the Burt he would be considered a soar a blas
phemer; but our informant, w ho vouches for tho
facts on poisons! kuowtedge, say that the ease
was nothing more nor less than exemplilioa
tiun of the happy simplicity which eliaracteriai'
some of the hauk woods counties of Tennessee.
It eeia that aa adventurous sob of the State
mentioned, born and nurtured among the moun
tains, went down to the eity ol Memphis to "sock
bis fortune. ' He fonnd Instead a complaint
which th Mississippi water not nnfroquuntly
generates, anil which whether it ttnUs a speedy
tcrtniuatiou in,th cramps of cholera, or whether
it gradually ssps hie in the chronic I, rat, i tl-
wat tu bo Ui en. teil. il ws tn the latter shape
that poor Uagty "picked it up," and month alter
month it tuggoal at l.t vitals, reducing nun nay
by day, until al length he wa but the outline of
a iiihii, a mere peripatetic koleton.
A worthy aim iter inarkiu the poor fellow, ana
seeing that the k ing of terror bad "spoiled" him,
determined to call oa him, and offer spiritual
cannwlauon. it never occurred Iu him that th
tar of any mae bora in a f 'hriaiian country could
ba entirely unfamiliar with Ihe terhiag by which.
piritusl. uljclre usually approached, lie
llieretore alter eotne kiuu iniiuiiies atiotil th
raragoathediseas wa aucumplishing in ling ley's
system, bnavcheil the importaiil subject Somewhat
thus: .
My dear Mr. Barley. In view of your relations
with Ibis wor.rt, how do yeu freir
4 sic, was Ihe prompt reply,
'ltiin'l sear my poor Irieud,' said th parson,
and let m earnestly ask yoa if sou everthinkot
your hitler end T
ism, sii rtagtey. 'I uav t tuo ton nothing
else mora ism months,
'Not, I am afraid, io Ih right way, Mr. Bag
ley. I beg yoa lo pu and reflect. It if lime
a lis I liegiia tu wrestle with lb. Laird,
I he tick Btsn linked dowa It ih miserable,
ealrleas legs extended before him, and with aa
ineaTableeiiraii of amtrmnt in his counte-
bene, eielstmed;
IUt!aitb th Iinl I What with them
t'll't planting tu his ewa, 'why, I'srson, be'd
Birt ai into b II th Very Ural pass,
1g Mea whs Itrluk.
There I not a mall nooih-r of young man In
Ibis community who drink anient spirits habit
nally drink whenever they gel an otiptitiuuily,
end aianag Iu asak upluuities In meet Ihe
demands uf an Inci dent aptita, i ber are
father snip mtiUiers, Pat, etreiiga si it atay ap
pear, who look an with eomp secney, or alter
only feeble word rf proeeai. Thaa yoang men
are growing up with a habit thai is l-eeomihg
strung with their strength ; and 1 ready liaer er
Utai nf them who-e autfTitl-liskitig skin ik
slcohitlic breath pnphev of the drunkard they
are rario'v becoming. This habit of 4rinking ij
acetimstii,ed l y a stranf infaiualioa. They
bat no idaa tbey ara liecnming druhksrdt.
bringing ruia iipou thsui.rhrs, grieving (lie
Cttrlusjili' oftri t'rirs.'
Amoiig other interesting fact of I Dov a
tttistical viowoftlie 1 nite.1 contra, the llostod
Transoript mentions thut the non-slaveholdind,
hsrea third greater to;uatioa than the slave
holding Stale ; that the foreign vote of the eoun
try i one-twelithof the whole; that shout nee
third of the w hire population of the slave states)
are lave owner ; that the Put e of New York
has admit one-eighth of tlie population of the
Cnioa s that there ia one house to iory six per '
sons in the country ; that the Roman Catholic
ha but one-eleventh a niiny ehuclie a the -Methodist
i ; that th numbr of person who I'M
KitstofthM"niip istwelvetiiiDsgresletr Iliad
nf those who live West thereof ; the distance be-
tweeit New York and New Orleans is more thari
that between London, nod Comtantinnple, or
Paris and St. I'etershuigh; overtwo-fif'tluuf tdb
national territory is drained by Ihe Misiiseipd
and its tributaries of the I.-VJ7 pwitiuul new1
paper Tmblished in the I'nited State iu ' ln-jil.
Hoi were Whig aud 743 wore He mucratie ; thsra
are 4ikMX0 Itnlian in onr territory j at Ihe cl in
of theRevuluiiiiti there were but' 70,'sii In ibsj.
old thirteen Hates, uriitrdiiig lo en'Minite of
(jen. Knox; dtiect and indireet tax paid by aeoh
white mron iu Ihe country, 4 21; number of
teal estate owner, 1, 600,1)' ni, or or, in ah ml
3,1'Joftha fren male over twenty-one year of
Ngji ; Dumber of federal oifiee holders, (uxclusivd
oljarmy and navy.) ii,4iti, a I lue fold increase
ince S 801 the population having increased
about'yive-folil i one-four. Ii part of Ih people
reside ih yillnge, town and cities : the number
of people to a dwelling in Nw York city aver
age mure thau lil, in itoston nearly t, In New
Usleans ftl, ii Hichmond about 5 , in 54 eotin
tics the female grcstly prclouiinate, in US te
'.area, and In 7 the foreign horn.
tiHtnyton, Ikt Kiay't I'rintrr, irmJ tUt hfnH vr
r i tf tkt Anttrirnn ti'mnid.
Mfall lint mystari's thai tx't urrad in th A tnr
icart lteoli,i, tlie empkiyineol isT bi'iuglnn.
e-litornt Ike It ! Imette ia tit rtir of the j it of their frosod. and las'uig up dinar food
Ir.isa at ssy lent r-aeliiiai t Vi 4 deprive ss
of ibs ktp'ns nf thinking last J,,unlglil list
bee mute, if nut"
"lluah P eritd Marl. ". I tsmjur yoa
yai p ea me in ihe bert."
"Yes. I bl e ea ting b"gbt -l,t
w. ni l l.t ln m Hot I sot li i
f rtonata t ate I ss wisteria 1 1"
N r( r -al l,ef era a it. i a 1 -k t i,i"
uieirt, ,
1 am tosrtteil.' -i,m'-I 'i ie -'. ar-
lake a filter w steb vVt-atsi hnga f a? waie t hi
ttlork. lUeipieSaaaVi f-r lb B Waald tail
I e -.1.. Ui pa lb awiey. li.a, ia w Inch be
as et.V'Ct, a tn airh warigd, and w
t Itelit'te reMrned. t any tat aaid that lb Otao
I wa taken tu rh act nf aisf gioig l,e result Is
n si.. art Ui I al. Tb pttrabaard ! was
ale an ! at and vary a lab atiaired. atid a sa-
A merit aa eotnmsii ler. is the mral sat ato llt r.
The lime thai tin reniartabi eooneeii,,n Puli
pUu is uf eiKifa aiiknowa. 'line i iihk h
prolaiUilliy thai It ms-y bar taaaatatte,) at eorly
a Ih t losing ol tb canti-siKfl al 1774 a II la
known that (boat that permd II Un J!,,rna bnr.
rowed id a 'iikar bt handred guinea in g.,d
ftr itrft seetai sart'.ea t4 W aahiiignajt' army, and
that 'n!hi'tta'of tn! iind isai importscaa aa
sUaina-la, lrsa ihe diabararmasii nftb lmiVr
for r"t tnUne. 1 bry are strong. I'.aar Itolt !
Tber is not a uiau uf you but Mend In ih
'Wk '"""'""k-sJi't f f d i ii: a drunkard'
diTti, i.i"k arnuud e Ihi man thai man
yowr Bughlmr mea f!5 meet youevary day
man whom yarn know are ging juwl as etraighi
lo tNi,it as l kv rna go ; mea a lux basioaaa
rapuitl aa Is waitilrring, of entirrly dwl. and
who aeeta t-i be frtven up to o!ym a, deiiruta
trcnien an I lit detil, aud reiorniber lhl they
bait trial ti I svuti paih that ) aw a!k iu,
and with tlie asm feeling tf ae-otitT. Iel ih
ila Muff tliaa la- r ,n begin to los Unit
A Hum . If" a Hun.
An Editor out west tlitit talk to hi non-paying
ubscribere and patrons, It this epf oal don'i
bring a response from then, he hail better sus
pend operation. Our ili'hiirpieiita can take the
last paragranb to tlieiuelvs ;
I'i imh, J'utroM, Adctrlittrsi
Hear us lor our debt nd got rnadv that yoa
may pay; trust. us, that we are In need and
hav regard for our need, fur your indebtedness
and dine into your pockets that you may prompt
ly lorx over, ii any mne you--'iie tmgie
tat roll that don't owe Ua oitied,iug. then Id
lira yretay atfplnside,eonajdaryourlf a gen
tleman. If the rest wish to know why w tluft
them, that i our answer: Not that we cars aboit
oah ouraelve. but our urcdiUir iiu. - , - ,
Would yoa rather thai w g" tn jait and joj
ge free, than you pay debt and wa aH keep
moving f A we have agreed, we worked for
you; a we contracted we dai furni-hed ndr
neper bi yoil t imt as you una i pay, we nun you.
liar ar aveeemeni ioh wiirk. eontiacta ftf
ulisoriplon. promi of long ef dita. and dun
for deferred payment. W ho i there o mean
that be doti l lake a paper r it any. ns neeo nr
speak we don'l mean him. Who so graan thai
he don't adverttst If any, lei him slide he
ain't Ihe chap either. Wba i o 11 tlmt be
daa't pay the printer? If any let him sli ait, f if
h If the man we are after Ilis name iis Legion,
He ba beea owing a for one, twu aud three,
years lung enough lo make as pout and himself
rich at aur expense.
A tatCB OcIL
We eat lb following "sell" from Ihe BufTaM
llaily Hntublie. It occur ia st.try In-n ia
now being published ia that psper, nut'ei "llu
ried Altf.
In 13(1 I em lo Koeies.te', and was there
when bat lublini (area was enscted un Moon;
Hop., A wagaf Mount Mtitris f .und a (iisiiiny
ol hear bine, which ha palmed ' 1 tb I", ma
of Col. Jme Itoyd and eoinpariy.of Ki'tnluti.aa
ery eelebrity. Th aiililary took 'il up end ii
pleted the humbug. A ,..iiikos lom ial a
planned, nd (jot, Seward invited to delnsr ti.o
funeral editree.
Tb cheat wa discovered I t oin of th
1ieier faculty a dy or iwo lief . re in oaisoiB
Rtaliiin. but curb wa their fear uf tb ui. b.-ri,
Ibatthry kpttbs,'ietti, Iheinaelves. Neier had
p tor Ittaiiu sorb a pouipial luuelal. Il is sni
powd tb i af'j lb a and ier p f Mowed i(
the proetssion. liov, fspward was p-vriiru'ai y
elmfnent on thi farcical ote-usion. 4 1 , li t r ii
sens," aid be in hi exordium, "tl ere w as (;.
lory. N'otof battle, blood snd Ini'ier-ai -t re,
bat of dxatUtud Corn (M is, ivm i-h I r,l u
and BhtHial cub a Iheuj ai fn.i,. 1 so l d i. r
illed, if not as tpiril-etirrmg and nnei.-tui "
In afewday th tjecret Iratad out lb j, ke
raa too good t k"p; el.t -rs arani.Me.1. rl- cor
auarrcle-l, th Blililaiv rore, fcil'ti ev mi
rdrt-: thiiyhadleea unt"t uamert .Ptilv a,l i,
and to till day ya caottot p n I. an nsi.t
nf Itbchtaner ia a rfore lender ) 'a ti. ni ' k
dim if be w.son of the twace m ti M um
Haps, or tf he ws frtieiiirly e;d" 1 with ( .v.
fttjwsrd a aiatioa otr liruin ctd reuituis.
, atria'lenea ia y"a, and puiut al yt u !
1 t,er la eot a ma totalit sicbl undo hear'
r j an tdan tnao alio w bate d,tad and reartaeted:
a .; a ia, f wta I, tr I shall
vt hal is tb Biyale'jf
I SJ til lr, y.. sli r-
ried ihe. f a,r it,
tny wit ta, tt at
f at a i rat I, at.
"W i,i rsa j i, ms 1
Rot g taa, I beg. f y a ;
a t ila t -
' Hera, Idaa." 4 lb f J-al, -nr fd facl.
In Ih year 112, I g-at g tss W llna t l.aa
Say trAoiatil, I attiiaal 1st '41 etaniegata
.li.. and hdjM g,taa Bed- B. bsia II
b-ana imsaaditltely brBaaa4, Bhaa ifd s y
lbr artatea vt,4al s-.w-at-a-a. Tb taalf uf
la kswaa sad in p atnlfa W th tr ngly d
, d In dief B.J J atraay ba, attla.t af
Bn latapaat, w faM-lvad to pttab sat. Til
T', wnnhy fnsker ta'd lo M .rr's, ,,sr tin
I. fiiend I'. tliati, ale aa tu a sua nf ta a. bul
the tootf f, ihe rurp-ae of war? Fnatid
4iaM,rtli. I l.iara. a a.aal bin. and itfii!it,a ia
lasinar t-siief l.a rank wtBBl aa ry tieir-1 a -! eue: vol I ti i,f t--aa, to Bat I us tar
. t i laani ,,,,a--ti,a oA,er who bad pufha'ad I any a.i'1. Mortis, hi after, saa traitngtai Ui j Btsn slat h been bi'.J in gtavi re pal, and wlm
ne firt 4k wetit ! s 1 1 .aad lhe,kr, f iBtl old Broad brims sfntpla t Cut g,,. aaa j bad ihe fairaat pncls, walking v.luutarily
led t, In, oa hi . a ji" due t Ut'r Pi aii dug ap ft aa In garde and bt d-4 over l.tib Into the fUU t4 aeioad which will enwrap Ibsm
, 1 k. f I ' h at U'e1..!- ir-ii .11. ih caoiaamlai i-i.i. f, ska at 1 4i-a i-i) id il to at,d lbif' autt ilaikaal aurmw. and wbii-h a
in I,,,,.;,., nut a of Jvui b nutty in tie f, i, ", tb fnnt ssite armlaw I id d I trt eft-ta i t tit.. b gs tne n early grata, and tun al'tea
ei a t a. a m naaoio if id talua of tb 1 Ih eai f tl " rtv. l'itluB lo l.,ot er.t cal ' a igamninBsa owe. Th I, , tnl lead away
tvaain,at,ial i.titiief tun-1 by lb t aif , 1 tt.l, 1 ..four daaiihr, 1 fro ail ihia ntia. l,K.f and insert is a plaia end
Il may nl It Ireaiy ia id lotarti aa liitiu.1,1 pnneaf failhft.l ia hi bntgain, and I ntiitik"sU oe ! kinl IK one lo which w
f it tmall end tt w-tg" ii, I'M" t.f : tnn wpu'I ini" ., if i'ij inn. rtanc. BliW'le is un anty asia tu in -a who Hat a
drt, ie j 's th ae,ai b,ie.itsg tf tl - ell. - 4 t'-ast J In evti fit ai BHtent i f r if Vi I'nsta's or
Vtf llaary elabla. be Ia II. Ai"nean enttip lat
f.ra ), co-illtsiutl) bad lept off tb afi-cl of
tl ef vtit. - .
Tb I otiiteaf of the sicral aertie aat n bell
a,tir-t tl si staa a sti.piri, a artaf at tea as Iu
it, taxbuia tbruugb wha-k attle' .fiur of ,aat
iela,ttBt,t W -BlitBlly litl ISeallfd ia
4iratN B eta.s fr.tai td 'j badiiurtfe
4 th weilt s got ii.t-i ea
Li-r'iod, ile lig St. 1 dy I li,ws nf ,
U baa tl smH ad
ft I
pPias f.tna b ,a a qui ih ia., k al ia soil
plil Id rvil ia piSaa. V) d . a4 a I...W thai
tali, lai da. Kara, aula by 1, aipbattf bfaB
of gUOa,Bdaf. ,f jfaatSI-4 r l't liaBlad
by Ih Japan-. Aad D w ll anaradly m n M
b'Og laf-a- aillf rnettajtaebwe laT Id 'hi'lh ;
p.ati.i,. ! I It lata Ma hesa ,l.l k a-al-l tbwr-
bt bead, asad dia ipeMrtne, aad ld tb way j taa lb war let er t a ms bank d
tliiaivetd plaia. kaaw try wtl. lb .Waver, be attaatd Id right
dot ti't daib ss t f" asked tl Udavf. d. d U- oghl i., a ,.!. ab.rd y
!'; w II ii b"k." attang ta boa. Id stem taatlicBad I rsa,
Th sb' rats. Indeed, bad la in lo e"1j id' lai M taertlt re aWrbvt dett bib , I daa.
eaat, and Ike fill ctvki waft gska letted iaa-dt M sal aad aaif aa abi a ptatoat-eta 1 1 aat h..-k as it fa adl would b
Ute arritea a Jaartta. tbe Wh aa .rb, wba the hgdi pea.M. 1 be Cms? pee ia th )eb y 4 Jra
tx vavBntea will Let d iiis Bd a Uaa a I 4 II H'ltlJi ersnt s a"d, bsd su'mcton sr,
In the Jao- of i.atot itata siartlittg tl.aa ' Ink king's print wonld pn tisbly hats baaa th
ttd i 4 th taa r'tsa llo m by eoatmod-if I'er- taat an sat upetif bf dotiag the wl,ol af hi
rV and A-lati'sl fsiltlmg. And te if aott' aoia
are tn aattl fSae. N M eatia last It was Id a4
la ttasg aea tba aad Ida JapSaa aatkottlM
eea in "Bal. 1le etartpaes'ne'y apea CI, ina
da fthH as wob a "e,aal BMBilatf of
t ,tineie.a with tti fiet a, ti- fat rl yJ
(, Stall literally - 'a l ahosa ,J ty Sol ,oa
It, Aitteti, as ga,rl ad Id rna of Atsierie.
I Kl tbw taaisisaiJe patxaty a a.l,a..
Whea yV'svliiigmaewt'! Vt Tl o k otttf.
aa ib iseaieas by tb l',niib lurs, be aa.4
.tti BVtrtneg if bit t, e, ' tf pf,
ai'iiaitta da-ir.d, or firming. A 1 tlaaa wh
in 4-1 on ket r n snug in llitir di wnaard tra, k,
btt I'lasa gii, tlie ,aaier 1'iar aa the maelra up
if ibty at 1-b4 tu da b the baite f lb
c Biamtiiiy. IibmI, al least 'h p them (r n pat
ting ill ettp t-i lb lla of II, a, r Ba, olaa-a, and
that i a fiHitC g aal. .Vavi.ijWd lV-aoVi.a
rrlalaf Haller a
Mr. V irt Triaib;. of (ieireetowa, I. C, ia
f .rntt B th b daa luteal ad a coatiaita-a for
I'limai t tddiere Bill Ie et
TrlBmpSM at Hallteaata
Mr. J'aieih Si r. In enexikim; eft n'triat
Mil in the iraiii 1-aWikMit r. n''. s !
"I know Iba lliing hiks ft'Si f, r-isir lit
Itailrtiad Itself b sirenr hit t. ti.n.drou
thing. It is a eearttivB r"'er. It sm
lo Intada Ui irovili,' T INoioiw len.-a. I'S tv
suite, though aolmtittid to t' i" i-i'i-n1 ir t--at.iatr'i,m,
alia, at defy belief. ('. idnty i
ago. any ansa dad n.l I to" tlt in tin fat I" a
lit lialtiBMf and "I i., lUHimd w ml I ' i"
Hsttiator t3.7VI'ssi ,,,,,f tjra.l. , .re,.-,. i;
IHI ia a sremih. I AnoU h I - t ' : J
a t aaai tru k bed. I t,i ii 'l I ' i.. t
as Ut tdd asati did. Bow liii.g ' t -i.f ...
atHtwsy Hi ha of in Italii o ,i a , I i I .--
ruad,wl,a baptaiotd to b preai.'v i.l it, a ti -a
Btoeliug beU la H tltint I i p t i; a ' '
work un f ait, and aba I - t't .-!-. i i
pi talk of building II ' i I
aalit Bauuetsios, "Ah! gm I
"yoa a4 4 i tl-il. I k.. !..! Min-i'.i I -
bra io tlea a,asl,i t od t" l i ,1 r
B,u1a, I bar en-"J lb tfr,n, il,
ibair tua. I as s f.m4 v. r t '. r o .
taiiets. I list ln U d up tl. ,f r i, i
d lay ! udeei and ki ss-alt d ldif It I eo.i , 1
a,f era'lira-.fHi mad list Sull by SQmmer deal . i 1 v-i, n"' tou ea l-to t ' i
klrf bat btd bj tetter ettld beaadaa ba-llig I ftta ll-eta. 1 I i i '.Cfarf alia taa-
B'-rt laaaciott sod dnrsbl. 1 his tfrtjrot innl j A n4 t-1 tl - ii mat live! n- '
111 nbtis e graat intiiaitaniattc sice. Mtlara1 , ats af -if lie a t dy. lot a 1
ta ll, ptaaaal Haaati,i'ie aad fr . trt, and t eitv. s;t,4 ipt-l Ii HI tb a. at. i t,
saw s It b a BMil WVtc .use lii ry f-r all l'lilr. I itiiit d- u a r u i!,i k af i '
I'M. Jtt !!f-f. ' in, Ji

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