North Carolina Newspapers

    Bcrtfr-fo'olte Star.
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: ' ID1TOE 4B PtorillTOl.
''"r. .TERMS: ' "
It paid strictly la advwace, tw dollars ptr Sa
naa ; tw ouars tM any eout ll paia witai
is Mttbli ud tare dollar at tk sad of tk
year. ' i '
ADrEBTlSEXEXTS tot ncwediog sixteen
aes will be irtd ene tit fur ne dollar, sad
tweaty-fl eatt for inch subsequent inaertioa.
Th of (tnater length will ba charted propora
inlly. 0-oartOrders and Juclietaledveitiseioent
will ba enrgo 25 par (eat. higher than th tv
rataa. A reasonable dadaetioa ViM ba made la
kose whs advertise by tha year.
Book and Job Printing dona Vita autaet an
despatch, aad oa aocouiasodatiog Unas.
...... . ... ..
Win. Dallaa Haywood, IntcnuW ol Polio.
En(rn ITflrd.KlilridRB Smith,
.. A. Adiinu.
Middle nW-C. B. Hoot,
K. II. Battle,
U. W. Haywood. ,
Water Ward.K. M. tlorman,
. , " li. D. Turner. .
J. J. Christophers, City Clerk,
K. II. llattle, City Treaa.
., CtVf Guard. James M. Crawley, ;
" Jackson Orerby.
City Conetablce.Y.&yrfati, llama. ; ' v
' 41 v- V tlltcm Atulrewe. '
' , . A, Adama, Weiehnmtr.
), . ,. Ilrirri, Clerk of the Mar-
. act.
The Supreme Court of North Carolina ) jM
la thi city semi-annually, on the aeoond t day
in June, and the 30th day of December
' Jud'jea. Hun. Frederick Nash, Chit ' Justice,
.1 a t
ll, ;vi. t earsin, jaaaQCHne augo,
V V. 11. Battle. "
Edmund B. Freeman, Clerk; Haiti. C. Jones,
ltcnortcr. J.J. Lttfibtord. Sr.. Marshall,
The I'mieil Slalee Circuit Court for the Dis
trict of North Carolina la held semi-annually in
this city, on the 1st Monday in June and tba last
Monday in November,
. Judyee. lion. J. M. Wayne, of Oeorgia; Hon.
ITcnry Potter, of Fayettcville; District Attorney;
Kobert 1', Hick; Clerk, wm. 11. Haywood, Sr.,
JMiirshnll. n estcy Jones,
The Siiperior.Caurt for this County, is held on
he first Monday after the fourth Monday in
March nnd neptemtier.
Juhn C. .Moore, Clnrk,
Jos. II. Bachelor, Attorney General anil Solic
itor of the fourth Judicial District,
' The Court of iVciu and Quarter Seetume is
iiola ou t lie third Monday m teuruary,
A(fi!Uit and November. Jeff. I'tlcT, Clerk
Te be Draw on the flat ana riaa.
Qraad touolldated Lattery of Msrrlanii, Clsn 1. lo
MUrawa la OUUBMrMC.IiManta; March il, Ibit.
H. FR1.VCE it t, Haaien,
80,000 Humben'-l,000 Prixet!
Chairman ofUu County Court. William Boy'
I priu f $3i.3M ts
I " 10, lien ts lU.ik'O
1 lo.onot, io,o
I - 1,00 is ,iiO
I . , - ,0u is 6,0. U
1 Prises of 1,00 ars lu.eoe
2u too 1u.wj
104 " . SOO ' S3,l
4AppraisistioBpriseoX 10 art 400
" 7 u aoa
8 40 - 2
4 . " 30 1,200
" " 4 t,0OO
WO " - W " n 1S.20
l.OOO iriin , amounting to ' flM.OU
Wbuls ttrksts OIO) 1UW Qiuxtm I,60. -
Tlia twapreflinrand ths two turcetinr nonibers
to Uiose drswiuf ths flrsl 200 Frists, Kill b snlitM to
thsr RUO Apri)iliustii)B Prises. Fur example : If
ticket ft Or u;s draws the 14.IS prise, those UckrU
aumbered 1II4B, UHt, U2-.1 st(lS5J will eah be
entitled to fltto, and so on aovL-uuix "to ibe above
la the abore scheme there are fit'.OUO tickets, num
bered from I to 2U.UV0. There are 200 full Prises aaii
800 Approximations, maksng in all l.OOo I'rixi'S.
The numbers from 1 V rO.tHM corresnoauiaic wilb the
numbers on the tickett.priulcd on leparate strips vf pa
per, are rollrd ap and encircled with small tin tubes and
placed in a a;la Wheel.
Ta amounts if the aulerent 200 full nr ses similarlv
printed and encircled, are placed Ib another wheel
After revolving the wheels, a number is drawn from tbe
WBeei oi nuraucTS, ana at lue same lime a prise is urawu
from the other -wheat, -b boys who are blindfolded:
The number sud the prise drawn out are opened and
exhibited to theaudiencc and registered by the Com
missioner, me pris being placetl against the number
drawu. This ulceration is repeated until all the prises
are drawn ont. The drawing is then prinUd, s nd alter
compariMtu, the lonrnsioncr ceiiiats to its oorrveiuese.
ri'nscs payable in full wiTBonr nnaci'Tioa.
Address oruers fur Tickets lo
Feb. zu a ' Bsltiiuore, MJ.
Conntu Solicitor K. P. Mnrriott
Sheriff" nf Hake County WiUiam It. High.
Coroner Willis ScotU .
iiiiatcr. II. llutson. -
JJanJi of lie Slate of Xortk Carolina, incorpj
Tilted (.'barter expire in DuXI. Capital
Sl.oltO.Oilt), dividext int.i lri.OOtl inrns of wlitcl
(be Literary liuurj hi'bla 5,027 and the tuiter-
eity lmiu.
i'riiiciml Bank at Unleih.
HoorB W. 'MiaT.lccai, 1'icsiJcut.' ,
Cburliw Dcwnv, Ca-liier. , ,
J. H. Brvnii, Jr.. Teller aud Votnry liublie.
V. E. Aiidanwn, Diicutmt Clerk ana NuVirv
Jordan VomUe, Jr Clerk
This l'. iiik has lirauclips at Newbcin, Tnrbon
Faveitcihle, V ihuintin, llii:itotl, t'ii, t'nur
luite,, M irmit ia a i I W'iudor.
nut I
On t!ie part of.t'ie State s 1. V. Coiirto, 1'mIh
1c T ei. iriir, cx-.'fliciii, L. O'B. brnii. h and V.
11. P K.U'.
On me juii i of the Si.-kli..b!eo ; m, li"' bin.
Wm. Peace, J. II. Hr in, J. B. li. U. i.l.iac, Al
fiel JoticH n .'i B. F. .M.xire.
OlTcr".hi; in i Ueu.y ,il ,i:(v Tue"U.
I i -einni t d tjf d ucfci ;i v.
it. mi. a-Uillad fiiiti-t feaebainre diiemtit
td every day.
Busiueas Laura from 10 till 2 o'clock.
Halritjh Pianrh ff the DanL of the Cuyt Ftar
Willi no u. Junes, lakliier.
II. P. Finch, Teller and Notary Public.
Diamine.". tint. W. Il.iywood. T. II. Selliy,
Rain Joiimt 'icore Littln, Dr. Tboa. ilorK,
and C. W. D, lliiuliiii-.
O.fcrin f lay Mjuday, lie unt day Tues-luy
J!.il' if ami O'usum Itiuiivmi Company.
U. A. II iiniltun, PrcTidont,
W. W. at, 1 rr-asurer,
J. M. Pool, Assistant Treasurer.
C. 11. Allen. I'cis.t .Went.
Miiiltriiu Jd.iv!., 13 niinntea before 0 A. M,
arrives at ( 1'. M.
Xwth Carolina iVatOeasI Company.
Chas. F. Fisher, Prswideut,
V. P. Memlenliall, Treasurer.
J. T. tast. Fraightand Ti.ket Agent.
Mail tr amvea t a'clock. A. M frnn th
Cast1: and departs lllaa. after. a'eksre. A. l
Mail from tha W rat arrive at 31! minutes af
lat 4 o'clock, P. II. lrpart at 20 minute lte
tor. 0 clock, r. M.
. VlUiam V bile, 8r., Pnat Master.
("hea bvnra, on week days, fruta Sun-rise K 9
r. m.
CO-PARTNERSHIP, uaiiiii. 6tl.l).- lire snhsi-rlliers are
exooctlug Ut receive this inuming their sttjvk ol
kureiua and Aincrk-an tsarden and Ores Heed, ahich
is much larger snd more rariid Ihsn any previous sup
They are prepsrrd to execute otdcrs Prow merchants,
la any pan of die tlste, on the noil -favorst-le terms,
an4 will sltow ttr'm the privilege of returning all uu
aetd ky the 14th ut Junr.
Fumilics winhie iecd, aill please rend tHeirerder,
while mir tl.x k l-full. All our seed are werrfutti
fre-b and irceuinc, ail amvnj tbemsrv sow new an
rp)..-n.:id rsr:rlit:s.
ppsrrn OATi.tsn,
' ' lirugi.ti arit a.,11,,,
. Uuleigti, N. C,
a.S, MMI. . 6
1 f PK."('t'l. Iiaring lids d..e formed
o lo-r'tiiv with his bn.ttter in 'tw. 1 V,t-
tlO"t U.
(itiirtL asrsarcai or statu af kautioa
NOl'.TIll.ltX MAIL B IUilboid,)
TbrifUirh Mail alua daily at 6) a.
Way Mail " . - at p.
Amvea dmly at 61 u.
Tba Can ieaieths depoi al 6i a. ns
SOl'TUF.KS MAIL (Br Two-aoax llara
CU daily at
Arrive daily . at 6 p. as
Tli Hack seavra at Tl p.
WEKTKBX MAIt (Bf llaiLaoaa,)
Clnaaa daily a p.
Arrive daily at 4t u.
Ths Traia Iran at p. a
OOU5IMlRrMAIL (B Raliant )
Cbam dally, " at ' p.
Arrivwa ds'ilf II I s
Tkal'ar leave daily al 0 after I a. at
tAKUOIKj- SI AIL (Br tn,)
Ctoe on Han UeafTisesi. aad Ttiur at t s.
Arrives Tuewdav. Ibnre. and Nit at I fv. sa
HaeklniTMua )J... tt ed and n., al I a. (a
rfTTSlMlltO1 MAIL (Dr Ta.n .
iaUck l.tM bun. u4 W 4. tibtrnt T m
Spltndld Stock ofOoeds!
If mm W-i Vy fmaia HttM, mmm.Cr.
my, w4 i Lm U mmmi M
fctti lkvj
t tmmM m U.4 t mww Jvi
.1 i A
wUf4. If U, .
I'd a ' rrt
W (.at
l (ikU-i v4mt;y, I, , will tvi 1ihi lii ron
XorKnmfi. Fruit GrvwrniRi Finnrrk i
. . . i
' " TUB
New York Horticultiiral TBteview:
Dttokd to the Advancement of the Rural tntrrcsU
in America,
rriOIS it ant of tli lar. aad aoai bbgiU arka
X f (h kiad to tha wurll.
Haxal ajrtfctucttaYa fornu oo af the priaeifs. fMtwva,
-fiacai numbei ruutiuiia trtua ta,tu fiuir aiigravitiir- uf
iBtM.t rvlscitra, froai ie.iKti bjf auaiaent mn4 aktlt'ul
aivhitaeu. bwe it aJao aouiKBeU tit ttcful art
of laniiw(Hip UanUmog; aigrtvi pJana uf fpftrdttin in
very ttyU, and ad(ttt U lu tii petuliivrities f dider-
ant ordera of aTuaiteture, buaattfy lUe work,
' KitYing of nw fmiu, nw flaw am, new reetar
blaa, 4 e,p ara ilttaMratrd and dearribed m aoon aa ikir
riiecuva qaJtua can ba dtrrutned ftirmiii tba
(Mt cunplcM and .clegkviit lUitBUi.1 ai Rural UuabM
dry ever aUemjtted. '
Am tsjterieaced eorpf of i-racticai writer, aTtt in
mbor, ara engaged to fill its column-.
li cDtama aevauty Ufre tagen. aud Is printed om
tha taaat peari urtivoi paer, wauatactarcd expraaa
ly. Tnaiiri: 2 perkniimo, payable toarilty (u ad
rarw, ' Fifty mmta oomtnunion on eaU aubavriber
allowed tu tnoue wbo at-ta aa aiauta. $l,(M)0 will b
dl ttibttd K (ha and mt tha yer a.MH tbewa who
aottd aa th twenty tarat litt of aubatrnhpra, Thn
prf mtatoa will ba pntd in mm. Tha trat premium will
ba t jUO.
'i he fultowioK ra HleHett from huadrada af ainl-
lar Btioea,Tuluatarily aontrtbuted by conUiap4raDaoa
pultl.cationa :
Tba HoBTtcrLTirniL Revirw daaerraa tha wjorrt
libanil patfonaea. It ia not only eminently practical.
but ii written in a. alyle that atfuala tre bait alforta of
tba hita 4, J. lnwnin)t. JC-ktrtnKtktr.
Ibo tnust alemiit ftnd lueful book of tha kind that
baa 'er come uudur oar obrrmfi(iB.'iV?fyttr. ,
Mr. K eagles, tha Jb.dittrot tba ItordcuUurai Kaview,
ia a praoiit ki! pomvl uplift, and one of tha fluent avbolara
our'eouniry buaatf f. He puns tba glowing Ue
aerlpttro pnwara nf biekena, tba elefant rwip of
ntupote, voqininad with a thorourh ktiowledKoi fMnu
art. .Vfnfa Piiee TWaai-a.
Farmer, buy it for your aom buy it for yodr
daujehtera. It ia a rich iotetlaetuai trtj a rara eon
binationo the hoauliful and tha uttutairgw.Ji. Y.
'Wa had thought that in Downinjr't death, tba elo
quent asocatit rural adorowiiit had beroma only
rherifhad reiaetnhratioa f hot 1b Mr, He-plea we dia
ovar bb 1 q)ly rich mine of mental wealth, that be
token the infiutmea of the apirit that U gotta s Mant-
Advernera wll And ibiift uniunuiaaed medium of
pnblirttr, aa tha HoitTieti.Tt'RAL Kkvikw circulatec
aitenaivaly in ererr ttate In the Union. Advertina-
Btenta injerted at the rate 1 910 pLr para.
Tbora reuuirifja Wood KnaTfavinr, bun hare their
order executed in an anmaikd uiannar Spteiml ativn
u if given to viewi of an sprieuced
r-iiRluth Lraulitfnian leenK"" tor this expre.a pur
pope, IVrrxma liviuc at a dm in nee ran forward a da
aiM'rtttvfrc o! tha ot.,iet by nmitj they wih enjrritvud,
mhit-h wiit he a xntfitjiant rnid to obtain a, parfwt
fitc-mimih, Puxjk llrvtfdcra will be dealt with ou rty
liberal trm.a .
tra Ekcranvs IjIht ia alread) Tety lare. A furthw
er ef-uK'B tt Tint dintrert, mdfaa iruoh-nttrt are
willing to fir the above ariv-rilruivot kceral inter,
tit xr in thfir rt-rpectia parft.
Atrriri.lruml !Mkr ran ba fiimivheil, 00 erory nne
ful lubicH, ht.uhotb Ktipliib and Amerieaa publirhera,
by mOu.iog to our addrcaa the pnea of tba book r.
u wire J.
fpec-imen eopici will ltc forwarded on tha receipt f
lii et. in pt)jLitj4c rlntu"
v. ;km;i,e ,,
2UH iaoi)WA,T, Nw Yuim.
Mitcellane ou.
From the Ltlv-'a Book.
. - From the L-i
. or ,
eulorrd. The younjr, lady, during hia retovil, eluV
W it tip as f?tl sssWeTuild, unjied as it waav-
In reply to Mr, tinmen a inquiry, now n was
that tii America soldiers and patriot rcr atl
Ayir.K? Suuiwr siwd : ' It was indeed aitrpri:
liieueinv vroaevd the creek Iwliir knew of it,
and was in th utidn uf tlm cump ; I vriu in th
sV-irgue aakeep at the time, and was carried ont at
trie, bat' k pan, 'and mounted faorsc 4.hai Maud, vhich, however, waaatxm shot douu frum
under ma. 1 obtained tins one I now have; not
a very irood on to b sun,' and th saddle rather
tli wre fi.r wear. rVi I aiw her. - Voa e I
have lost my eekel hat and fin feather t but
this old hat, torn in the rim as it is, baa sheltered
my head from th bumina; tun ; it wra the pifl of
a n.ohl anlditr." With mtiiy thanks for his
bnwkfaat, and a hartv ntnkaufth limidi, th
(ieneral th mounted hi horse, and went on
hu w to Charlotte.
Anothor of tha retueee fn.ia South Carolina
fnlher of
Theountyof MecklenUur, N.fC., so famous
for ball!, thpirit of it (xopls th pruwasa
of its herv, irntt the nohla daring f iu wiituiili,
during tbe Kevvlutionary strule.'luui many re
erird of hemiwi written In tlm heart i f the tu
Irabitauts, which bav never been niaoe publia.
The history of the Sottish lrehyterinu of tho
whole Catnwha regiuu, will b remembered with
thrilling interest, and told to youthful generations
aa an example both political nnd roligioua, as, lit,. nptm.l.iLM hf tn.s ssnHipaniun ml
tbe'love of liberty shall reign in th land. On B",w,"-ir',h bi ,hfJf"
,.f l. i.:..h h.. f.. the distinguished uivia. Dr. Joho Bm
place in the Kret gallery of hUtorr. I shall offer "khraicd for hi. aeal and eloquence. , This old
: ,L. ..i. t... i.:i !::. , feeble man bad been plundered of averYthniK.
,,; v.,,.'r ... t...; i!t itr " canie to seek shelter and proteetina. Ilia
.,..1 i,.i,..i.;n;u. i,.n" t..,M. ,.. , family was fur imi timVat Barnet bous. At
,i,-.rt,,.... ,?,.. i... vi .i;..;.,"l length tha newaoama that th llriiish were ad.
with thaawvieesof an oversee?; ' Tfi. iVlliRt T"" " p? "tnndingat
J..i. j ,ij..;:i.,..i,i..i,, the door and looking anxiotiaW down tl road.
1 II. S!im. V.m .;.! t,.e im.,a Pfeei-ved ooi on m.r.ichmg, . rSnkeywnd
I ,, .... 1.- .n.l I weiiiiy urown, sue criou, auiirf'sHiiiir nor own
a -r.i. k. .. .i!.i ,!,:. ; ohild, and the pretty daughter of her cucst, "run
.""IT.". " ""V". " . the. ,..f.,l..,V. si.. .." Tl, ,e.
venerable unstress. The late Coronet I'lckeruon ........ - -
a a relative of Sir. Smart, and viaited hr T"."H" ma " " ,U,T J"4"?
ihortiy before his departure for Mexico. I " wae Tory long ana wnimrr t -
r J . ' - . 1 Mnn.h .Bboil htm m. 1..I...U 1.. V ( mm III.
Hie maternni grandlather of our heroine, Tho- " --" ..v.... .
ma opratt, was of Irish extraction, and removed
from l'euiisylvAiiia to Mecklouburg County;
beiiiK the first settler vWever crossed the Yad
kin in a carriage, fur ueh luxuries vers un
known in those logcabin div. Th Urat eourt
a patriot, aad all aw nnneiio were W hig,
od when h tmk BrMteetion; a stMm fmnd It a
bitter er to him. ueu it was aseertamed
that th British were g-onw to retreat to Wiuna-'
nri', h sent hi wib (whoa tuaidea name was
Mary ViU.u) to Captnio Uamtt ri an errand
sbaw aabid to conceal from old Mr. Sjiratt.
Mr w bighlf resneeted b the Whigs, who
wr willing at all tiiastoduhrasrTia,whil
tl'.ev dinppruved of bcr bvsband aour. Mi
nok Mrs. Bitrntt and Mary Jack ajart, and told
them what b wanted th eliitmo to do l r her.
On th saorrow auii.1 she, twft Brit'ieh nfEcere wor
In diuei at bet buaaa; th wialied th eaouun tu
eolleot ten or a dosen men well armed, and com
un in the rear. Her husband would givatheta a
signal by eoughing. when they were tu Bra off
ttieir guns m rapid ueeei,in; ti wonm ran on
with tli two otlwer hii guests; the war to
give ohase, make him a prisoner, and bear him
off ib aightof the Jn, Thi littl pl" was
litemllv carried ont. ' Th husband was taken
AaeceVite ef kean.
Ti f iow,Cf ane,l, ' cf .1 K"ve. ll
great tragedian, has just Mar.s-1 ti.e r-un.i Mf ll
W liilst playir.g at Fve'er. in Kn;!:-.!. ?, sn.l at
th kigbt af hi (wj-iilari!, Kean w ii.viir.1 u
dioa mitk . ...... .a... . a. . v.- .,.11 ...tu
iwvi,suiiwiis narii8,i lie dinner was
uuin.ueed, the table suriipluuuiv i;.',-,,ric-l. ai.-.l
tha landlord, all bows and ut mi t, li. id
that the gentlemen an J their d i: Kuiehe4 tuit.-r
fuond veryU,in; to t'wir nn!. u. u.
Kean stared at him for Sum t.....r, aitd
then said ;
"ltnrnetn is
It i, Mr. kean. 1 bav bud the L.n.r of
meeting to betore."
You kept s..nio year no a tuiall tavern ia
the out-kin. of this town ." .
did, Mr. r"trturi lias, been kind to
both of as since thea, I ree lle H vou, sit, when
you lieluiied to the theatre her;''
" And I, sir, said b.e;in, niiuj uir ue, reeiitlect
yoa! Many yours agj I cauie into yuiir i-nlfrT
tavern, after a long journey, wiib uy nfferii
wife, and a sick clnld, nil of ua net to tbe skm.
t atkeil q for inarel itref;ehni(nt, y.ui
answered me as iflwema tl tjt, nrnl re'uetl to
trnrt it out ef yuor hnda, until ji u bad received
th triHe which was its value.
"I left bit family by your hihosiiiiaMefireaiile
while I sought for lodging. On niv riunu you
ordered me, like bruie, to take my iie niid brae
Irom your house, find ubuxeU nie for not "itendir.g
in dnuk th money 1 had nut lor t..n I.
1 t.rttine.
..u. .. k .1 ,..i e. n i
pristiner, vu. l.o omoer. sisu. U...r r ,hen , bu, yaa re U1 ,, uir , ,,,,
iu vusomie,. sscni tun uniiau mibwu,
eonvanod In the oounty am held iu his dwelling.
He had two aons who foil in battle, and sir
daughter, one of whom was tho will) of Thomas
Neil, who commanded in the campaign of 177(1
...In. tltn IM..11...1.... ....I I hi.
bravery and service. ' Anotherdanghterinarried up i Ple,u,",n, . -" i6 with the
Colonel Thomas Polk, who, with hi. son William
Wnshaws," was his replr.
" lHi yon know Major Crawford f"
" To bo sura 1 do ; he is my ancle."
" And whoi'youl" 1 ...
Mvininie i Axnaiir J.v( I.S0N."
" What is the news nhout the Itfitish t"
" They are on their war lo Charlotte."
" W hat are you doing iloiv a there t"
" Why we are pooping thetn ocensinnallf.
The lung, slender tar of tin stripping was lit
served with distinction nuder the imrucdinte com
mand of Wkstiiugti-n, and was, besides, cetebra
grace and ess of a polished gentleman, li said:
" good-morning ladies," uud want ou his way.
As he i aotcd the house, Ms. -Unrnett had (a
full view of his yellow cheeks nnd long face, and
ted lor ms efforts in the cause of nub to eduea-
cation. To him Mecklenburg wui indebted for k" ,Rl'B"d henrliiy when Hie heard ot In
,i.. ....i.i;0i,. ..riv....,. vi ajii..... mark about "popiung "the enemy.
11..11 a... w....... '.,... I "I.Utlo And?, us voug Jiiiksou was cnl
stun, ihii .tijinvi, Hiivrn-r uuouutur, w, 1110 ,. ., , . - ' " ..
mother of the
t.e Sm f I'KSfl'P U47I.IM1.
We eiinleii..plats in s buri liuie ei.isriiitt; aad In.
niv teg e'tr .tt'tc. -hsl, I f-u s iihji ti slotk
her. n'n., vthit h i:h eui
,IM reweU i-tHllie,. .1001 US ;n .tt rilirf t', ttnr ItiMiti.
uUiln itult 1 1 . ut 1 "its v i, uu. ; I'j'iut cmcau.
W c .ir," ,'l ,' I' .1.1. Ili, til i't, . . I,,i t 1 , It.ut, t.
Itttt t.a "-tuiitl il-e vs.iis:,l rt.,tn H .Vir
hartc ll-e".:'., 1,-r t.,. 01 ,14 vc,. u,tt. w,,,, 4
llavw n. I. so l llf tins .tllav..i 1 : wl
nh etr l.-raier Sf -.f'st ir .l-.t I. . tl ,'.(, wt! , i !
wtlb a ia ullciiUiT.i- I t .tt 1. ! Ii.'.r esi '. i: li,.-
i f.i'iiri'.l lint .- at s 1 f. Uf - i I-,, .It. tl iukt
COil usSlIN will tie HiejMsylsfc,' 1., 1 sienls it., ll,,.
X uair, ami lis sUvimik.' ain im-im ring Ibc
alarm wll.
tlur aeeouiils w H h 1 jss, ,i , ; f.,r St tl.t n-rni ..r the
kt el Juiy sift Jai.alT- o. i. i. ;( ..r, an.e, s 1, rnt see
spct-idc'l with the ,,uri l.s ,: .
r,i,riiiii. 11 ,ii ni.iMi.
ried John Burnett,- alio also ewiralcd fnim'lr-
mnJ. 3larv, tneir-ekleit uritighler, was aaiU I
be the Krt child liorn betwe.n the Vadkinnnd
Catawba ltivcrs. !si married Cant, dames Jack
the bearer of the Meeklanburg !eclarutiun of III'
dependetiee to the I'initiiieutitl Congress. Mr.
Wvlie, nl Charleston, is one of her descendants.
Busannah Unrnett wna born in lTlil. As ber
family and connections wore Cuiisjiieuously ac
tive in the Rovnlutb'uarv war, her curliest reoul-
lections were of it stirring events. She w as pre
sent at the rnat giitheriiig ot the people at Lhui
.lull ou the 1','tii and 2tMh of May 177.1. The
provincial cenventinU of X"r!h Curolina had as
sembled at New hern, in opposition to thepr.M;l-
Diatioii Id tiovernor Martin, and had ntipmve'l
of the acts of their representatives in tbe Oonib
t.entiii lonree' ot llio uinied cul nies. Until
19th May, handbills" were luniight by cxr-,
containing pews M' rhe battle of l.exiuru.n,
which hiui taknn phit-e esactlv n mHith n-ro.
i hese acre road to I be vnst assembbtge, nnd tilled
oil vrtili i-1.1 li u -1 1 -in . Jhcn tl.eru was no sort-
tii-nfil fcelii:g; bfll ti.e same soiiti.neiit tiertaded
tbe musses i.urtti nnd south. An ntu k t u the
liU'rties ol Miis-nebtisetts was vie ed as ati at
tack upon Can linu. It was a (.1 iriuua d iy for
1 old Metk'eiiLnt; mid dceiiheil by Mis.
Mnart as "the day of throwing tip of huts."
Ti e I"! e of country and libany iired tbe heart
' of all rlaa-ca. . Th brother of MifaliiiHb. W ib
I Muni HsMtett, iluHib hot a la.l, was bent unjoin
' in jr the patriots. lie T-. . u 1 .let n n . 1 J tie;;i o,
i iHirry, 10 bole his doilies in tl Woods, nn.l
I att iiiiig hine'f IV'.iii the wiiiibw bv a rt.iie,
1 .me iiitrl.l h. u .,.l ,.. I 'I, .el. .11. m ..i.A
Harriifg'fl Tfttent Champion and Bureler
Proof Safes.
fplIK err at inirrt--t iunif-iid 'y th p-iMla to
IT'r- ure mui perfect Miriiy iiuo F'f ftr tal
rst Ir papfT-, ftic1' hf l"B'li, Vrtpii", het.-da.aud
PontVtti.f Art -nnt thftn the or-l'iiurT HAFKH hercto-
tv in tittehtid eirrd-d, Indiicrd iba irulrkcribera tn
' d v n larfe prii'nof tiire and atleMiow t(irii the
l-ftst tM tirtt-eti rain Ih making Impnt-uirn1a
; aii llst-ifcrlrawr ihM I slijrt, tBt( thv n.w ttt
: . it n- t Kttir'1 thfir nntiiertui iiun'', and 0 piiLim
ir -I' v, ftrtfit lb-ir if4-'rii ha-a b' riicd with
, ( i y tu -i.ref'and h. ih.w .-r iH- " 1 M Pft tVrJI
It KM VI St j'v A'f K I WiiRLU ii KAIR I'KKMIl'il
ilrrf V-J-iUat truth the H"fj U's 'Ui, iel
1'!, and in Ar-fc- JVt, 1h:j3. .
dmt 1770.
;e.tMio a xt t.
hti miiwc indt-bted t tl. Pi ! rfrd ht hitd
arrtxiBt ara no aue-.),iai;y fp)aU4
I metft, a hit old oicMe mm' ( . .... t
da ay. rY. rix'i y,
Stebbini, Morgan &. Allen,
40 rttrr ITStttt. hi T'Mta.
Brnr. Eye. Chemical, Ferfamary, As.
lu 1 7 ri in the ilnike.t rx rioj nf lb Itevnlu
, ... m ..... -II ,1 , . , , ,.t... .... niv t..niii -, w. ,t,-,t, nitr ,i.7 ,.i( .n
titled,.t-.-.iH.ll.t;..e. d ..;.! -.ah ll.UI.-H i t-' liritish mflitary guvernmeiil prevail
rAIINT POWHt.K flttiiif l.tK Kit, iwheh also was j(Nl everjw hue, thu state-in th L.tiKuug of
m.l-.i Uresis as,j terms tks most tertcci firs j lienoral tirmtnii "cut off Irum th Inion Ilk
and llarglsr 1'rtte.l ai-s eves betore efiun-d tu tin-pub-I tlv tail of A Bliake," the ilibobitunts hirced to
lie- 1 tnke urutectiou cr flee tint etiointrv. rtisainiih.
, , i V!o1,TiWr ""'"""r f." V"'" B,,I IW family, tava all po-sibl
I" It sail Chilled Iron llsets I" te.l, si t Vsn'l lour, and ; . t , ,i . . r 4. . . i.
,, ..... ..... , ,.. ... help to the refugee. Km wns aeaustoiu I to
Pnvsl Issstlles, f. flste. Insmontti, ana ..Ih-r V.I- 1 "'V . ""i r!'"
unities. Aad are sIm, P.l-e.r, fhv qrchBe.t aed,. el Jl.l,fc- fATt'XT fKH M ITATIOX
BA.Mi l.ijtK.
elLAX C. I1EHU1NU a C. I'aiMiees,
(iarcs Bus , Nos. Hi, UT a HI Wterlrl
Agent for Xortk Carolina, J.' R. lllomm
leensvr) SS. -.
II AVkNU seleelrd lb1r stok truss Ike kesaihal Iks
I a.'SMsrie nr furr.,, asarkets aAurd. can, wilk
r..,,ait-ee, -T arval ludweeaseats t the Arr,Ari,
I, i.r. ey Jtfscaera,rr. In t4 ts ,a gewds tl. seta
rely hps. sJ oa as fyasvftattl tersis as aay stMitar
kese la this eeaalrv.
Otters I. aerMW er tsv Rssil will sssel with ee4B4
ad eaestal ftllealiea a4 ar rtwlwll? .4ieite4.
i .V- rear elreel east f Broaaar betweea I vltu
Ksebaiaa. ' 3
Ottio k. S P. R. Company;, 1
lei,k, Jsaaary tt, Itsu).
fecked tor tsf ailTrala oa sad aitaw Thtua.
day, tiv Slat day of Janaary, ISM.
Trsi will Irav III. Hrs.lN-rlkl sr.lias Halt.
, l ) at II ssiaair kef. '.lBrk A. M its
arrival ut it) ears frwsa la w . Taw Caaears
aad Hsrrsre Mster will k la erstaM as lake vastfe
ef ha, rr. . rMrrs will asve I la
kiltiag bsrred will asTt al weldea at 11 3
A. k, tyll lie trains , KarUs.
Ity seder wf Ik Tre!!.
iAktkt at. foot,
(7 tfj lsrkt AfeaL
nALEiiVli OAKroX rail koad!
. lablft ft BtHM 1 a 0nVsvT
KaisH,, r,lass,)i I,
V Tllf Jit. Ill ( tHUI.INA tAILknAlfll
a eNssflelssI tl lSrlSs, atle i Btsrslty at,
aa Ska4 (ss as ssaw kraahl SWw Ikal ia
ls4ed 14 lrsat-irtalM aaer Ik Balelrk At Itasfcta
llMWaa, iHWreesed kr tklelwaseaas al fke nk
, Mr- Caroline Ice. Ilea tz.
"t t T k kae ia press, aad sfcalt ssMus Ik !th
T 1 "f a.rtrwsrr, tt lit. ssvst brilil.Ml sad tssei.
aaung Weeks wkiek hss ever keees pwMtvhed 1 tkt
ettanlrf . It I Ires Ike gilted aa slestaal aw at ew
of AwerteB's ea,rt wrllers Mrs. I. A tttlLI N K LK 1
HKMI atari, wk weeds Bo i.artsk ef Irassitels t
kerald kef fa, fS sk kS aslaMtsaed a World Witt
r.aUliMi ,ars stfoae, Vt.wsf my, kowever, Ikal In
tkvs new Vfork ske kas eliietd vtssnev, 4
roehd a lileesr, suadaoial, Isr 4 advaa af 04 v of
kor aeasbaisrat'rts. w sor all sU kave ssasiaru la
asaaaoFrls. aad we 4awM not Ikst Ikls will ke Ike ee
4M etlao ril4as wkea Iks Itoa ,ill jeoear. Tk
Beeweswrsdrowa I prt tr fssbtuaaat 111 la stoetaa
I, la ewftkaaeaas till wkkk Mr. Heels ko, .. a
fur Ikls awaeliBrnlBi smsbsIIo l ks araias.
ll will k eaasfansed tn kaa.lstwe I lata. Vulaav of
Bkuai Ijl sags rev I l.w wuk owe asaal diseawt as
tk lead,
H..,t,srnrs sr asaai raspelfi,, rsejassted I far-
ar uveir rsMcrs SI aa eftrt, s.
joiix . Jtwrrr It rtiVfAXt,
rrausntaa, HI waskiBoiaa at, kstoa.
I1elsad Vkss,
ksw Task.
i, . LIPriMtiTT 4 Pk
ri-lring Ciecka, O cs'.cr liielrict IS. C'.l They
urTerexi so muoh. and perilled everything, ralb
er thm recite Uritib pr I saw th
It. Jehu Pin.i.tu.11 of l Creek, wilh tbe.
very eves, aasiat mv initther in sen ii g and milk
ing up new meal bags, in June, 178"; while th
refugees nf Sf uth Ciirtititia were oollecting and
forming ifnir lainn Is l w, at l ien's llrsm h.
One day, a Hu. travcl-wearj party of fngi-
tira arrived at th large litre at.ry big In u.
sn.uiie. liItihn Darnell, and craved hospitality:
It was ttenrn.l runt ley will) los lumllv. Ilia
if, a erippbi fritsn infancy, was plaeed. ou a
leatlier bej on Dolvrba. a, a a 1 It a negro Wnmaa
Itebinl to hold her on. Mifl had lalleu if seve
ral limes, and ber far waa btaek with bruises.
llr sua, Tom, boy uf sittaen, was with them,
and a young woman, their boaerkeeper, atnd
Nancy I 'avis. Mi told their kind hosts bow
lb British and Tori bad com In um tor's
hoii; hew sli had kicked up every thing, and
tan th keys among tb grass ia tl.a yarl; but
it availed authing; th amy fired tb rxisiaa,
and all wa ooi a piluf lose, (ionrral Sum
ter's family, wba bad aoaned wuk diRu-uliv.
ward received aaual warmly, aaj remained b
mar tba a Month.
After lit slaugl.lar of lluft.rd s mew al lb
W'axbaws tii wvrtintUd were brought tu Harnett's
hone, fusaunali aaw hr mother isl six turn.
who kad but two arms anvwig theta. llsr ialh
nd Iwe irwilisr wee al tb batil uf llsnging
Ibek. Trembling i.r H eir (ale, Mrs, ttaiswU
went lo I bat kill to btaia Udiogs, and thr
beard uf lb bsiitbs, snd lb daarh 4 fkplaid la-
th command of Colonel 1'avie, who had a skir
mish with tha Untbh by ntcbtat Wahab's in the
VVaxntiw settlement. Jack Harnett, the brother
if Susannah, was of this party. As VvW dr
dona w ent up tin) lane, he saw something In a
corner of th fence, dismounted and saw a Tory,
whom ho knew, named liixtin, . Th Tory threw
down his gnu un l tun ; Jack was kit on foot, bis
hi'tree httvitig gttnc on with the mounted troopers.
The tight just then commenced, and whilo the
youug ai.tuier waa making hi way towards the
scene til" action, tbe Hashing uf the gun showed
him the corn rows in the he'd, and the bullets
bistird around him so thickly, he "seemed to
00, v) ns uis own worn, -in in nnti,'v 01
the discharge nf three hundred guns ;" yet
I he escaped, henring lb 'li's we.ipou ia his
hand. I'asfjnjr thioijh the bine be look to a tree
fuC shelter, hied at two. lttltish ilrHgnona that
ciin.e near, and went on. frrarntly linwas ebal-
eucvtl tiv si m ot tli Americans, nnd cay th
tvuntersic.ii. 'dnck Ituitieit, is that you T called
out V. ill I". -I It ; ' wbero Is your horse 7 " the
last I saw 1 f him," at swerrd J.v k be was run-
nint alter Lliarlie l'oU. ' "Uet ud uetiiud ma,
ibt lit". suiil th other, nud tb twu gallotipcd off
in this battle, Thomas Kpratt, then over fifty.
riseived three bullet wounds, and was carried
from tb Hold to Ins own bout. A party ot Brit-
isb soldiuts arrived there. They were told that
Mr, .rutt was ill; but they insisted i n bavtng'
the houve for their own sii-.k, mid the uwner via
removed tn the kitchen. It waa here that Major
I'niier, of ibe ltritish army died, while Cornwab
lis and K.iwdun both stisalby his bail, aud aver
ret, w-rth lifteiUmndir, that "bewas one of th
I eat nfl,, -era , hut ever crossed the ocen. A
Saotikv, -kvsii'inu wasin nlienileiHY;l.eaflerards
went into he kiti hen tu exaniiue Mr. .Spnitt,
1 hut is tlm lu itter with you, uiauo I ' b
sled. -
"i bav a fever." Th lilivsioin"felt his iml.e,
and cxi lniined: "W hy, miiuii.yiia are wouudtd!"
And what if I 11 in; s.i d the patient.
Ah, I am fearful uav 1 0011 fighling
apiitiat your lawtul sotareigu, King Cieotg.-d'
1 hav Imwu Bgliting tor uiy country, aud ll 1
was wi lt, I wttuid do tt again, replied huratt.
Well, w ;l, t ou r a brave (uldier, and I'll
dresa wounds for ymi,"aid th riodchman'
and be did o,aud attended nn him as long as th
Dritisn troops occutnssl tli bouse.
lire initadden guot tiaik In tin Atiraft oyer
bundled hea l of entile, hfg, Am. When lbs
tune ram tor maruhing, tha army formad aim
betore tli door .and then formed a hollow ai.usre,
with their drums mutrled, Thsw n,ayedi. a
mournful air: till at length th army deitttyeil.
aad tisik up the lin of atareh with a lively tun
and a qoicsaten. Tli eaus tf thi ccreinony
a Hi puiuet. 111111 uf one ot theirown Bobbers
who beiv hui g from Ilia limb "I atrs,hvlng
bea eseeuted lur ab alledged attemt to drsrl
and join laia a troops.
Mr. Itarnetl's hous wa also visited by tb
Hrillsli auidiais, who plundered it of tverv tiling.
Whew one of tb horas w br.iigbt up and bri
died ftr their ue, Mis. Ilnrnr'l walked Hp and
pulled off ih Widia. Nan of lb mew threat
sued to kill bar. ''Voa can ibi alieaBwcrd,
"lamioyour pwr; but il yot, d,yvawili
b Hinihd for it. Nieg a aria'k el snilk
which th intf oilers bad benuf h! I rota War cellar,
s're fase'l near, and pahd it nvr ith bcr bH.
lb n.luriated ftohlieni rushed at ber, swetring
they wuu'd cut ber to ptes-es. ! Ittfjnu
dm!" antd she, with aa air of haughty deline;
H)usi ill l sbt al from nery busn iu Hie oain
try." They .bit imi mJat kr, but went away
w illegal lb milk nr bore.
S.M twu weeks after this at Wahshaa
y.ung ass a waail William Kll. wbos brst'ier
tirJcred nut for the rescue uf the euouv. Tliey
nuule no great effort, brwever, merely whooping
when they came near the place of hi capture,
and firing otf pistols: while Captuiu Unrnett took
the road to Nntion Ford, his men surrounding
b pretunded prisoner with dew sword ,ltot
erery house they passed on lb wy? .
From oyery quarter tb news reached Char
lotte of th capture of this individual. His wife
performed her part hi admiration ; weeping and
biinetitiiig hi probable fata in b hands of thoa
murderous busbmea wiio. killed Ilia Mviesty'
foroign suldier in cold blood ; while the children
went abont th house crying lit riftlit good earn,
est for their father. The quati iirisoner, mean
while, wa brought into th. presence of Co). Polk,
ti urn whom ti roneivmt a set ere leoture, and wept
lik a chih', Cti tnin Uiirnettotd linu he might
thank. M wife f r what bad been done for him,
and warned him if he ever got Into such another
svi , b might get nut of it tbe best way he
eould, Tb British itmuud S nunilssr of handbill
(for they bad a printing presa at Charlotte,) and
had Ilium posted up nil over tho county, warning
Ilia Majesty' suhjecu not to mijcnt or take say
thing frnui Mrs , Ihe wife of the pniteotiou-
ist. In the following Jaiyiary, when the liritish
army was again npproachnig Charlotte, this same
man tied precipitately with his family, nna tray
ellcd as fur as leniisylyauia, and nearly killing
his horse in hia tlight. Hi experience was a
w.trniug to others. After his departure, Culvpei
I'olk pliiced thefe.mily of (lenerril tiumpter in
bis lious. l.ittl Tom went to chool In the
neighborhood inore tbuii six nu nihs. The young
stiiMii of the vicinity, while the enemy wore in
piscimi of Chiirioito, wot removed by tl.oir
iriends, beyond the x'sdkiu. Miss Barnett wsa
token nway with the rest, aud did nut return till
soma time 111 October,
Shortly U-foro the British Inn CtiarWtttt, the
Whigs captured an express on hi way to Cam 1
den. hearing a letter from I.nrd Cotiwallis, which
stated llial be intended to leave th tnwnrth
lubiibitnnta being so hostile tu bint that they
killed hi men from every bush, in eld blood,
while they wer engaged in collecting nirtigs lor
his army. Ik-tore the imemy retreated from the
pbice, they buried their dead in Liberty Hall,
and hurtied down the huiblitig. This college
waa th nine which the liritish goveriiimnit
refused tu cbartor under the name of (juecn'i
Museum. Kmin thi went of limrtiing, nmny
eminent men in Chun h and State rocoived their
liientiou, who bate dt ne honor to tbeironuniry,
Sinunnsh Uarneit was married In 17'JS, to
Cieorge W. Smart, hn had thre children, whom
lie hist, and her husband died in lsuG. II built
tho bouse she occupied in lNii. She lived usu
ally shine, and gave, accommoihitiontn travellers
who passed, aa ths road lay ti ear. William II.
Crawford, of Ueorgia, oueuf ber most esteemed
aciuatntance, always stnjed with bcr, a b
wnt tu and yelurned from Valiiugtou. Sli
becim agtenaivetr sciuinted wiib men travel
ing in Ilea aoatn, and having a retentive mi arnrv,
knew almost every family, their ittdigreo and
connections, fur aeteral geociations. 1 oung or
old mijftiTg nd ber ready tu cnivees bu any sub
jes t. "I hat lived album," aha wa Wont tu
say "and yet 1 have an two of our l'rosnlrnts.
I knew Antlrawiieksoii t and many a tima little
JaiiM folk baa passed ahmf tb Ttaid titer, with
hia breet-bes rolled up to his knee, lis was a
bn-bful little fellow."
Mrs. Nnnirt was rear I in the duetrines af tb
Presbvtm ian church, and iemembred all th
minister abuoernpied th eea -ulpit in
Merkieiil.urg a the tun of lb linyulution. Mi
Itilked with interest also of the politic of th day.
and read the newsn-ipers, eeen at the ege of
ninety. Sits inf.irutetl Mr. Stiuson. on bis visit
lo ber, that on of ber relatives bad l-eea telling
her of a p. lili.a.1 lc fling to be held . in York
District, aud bad .! ceB-j.,n of Suth
Caroliu In uu th Inion. Mi intimated to him
that alls had heard i f thi new device, and had
also Peeu.iiit. rmeJ that many nfth gis d, gifted,
an I great, uf f with Carolina, were not in furor
nf fi' 1 s.i.n Kor her own ( art, sbesaiji Th
N,.rih and 8 a btnol e'loul.ler to shoulder In
tii tin f ,. Wh. ubl soul neir family
bii'kering at all time by a eonipromis.1
lht stump site-rche Jc.ivored at Ibis period
brought to ber mil d ll nut when si. wa a
girl f f.iurteen. For temr eta lime sb r
111111 here, I to hav beard tha hesind Jsaies
Hall, ol Iredell, wbuwaaalsoa captain iMrs-
gtstna. I tier ha snod upon tb at 11 mp. In bi
fringed bunting shirt, his hroadawora by his side,
heraiiyning the ipl. Alll inch y.aing, etiS
n lersti-o-l every word uf bis soul stirring ste h.
Ilia them Lectled 110 big welds to set itnff; it
waa the liber y taught as in' th Mil I and ll
Church, at lb family fir-siil. Tb resnotssc-to
lb orator was lbs noble daring of patriot, ia
Ih in-UMIenanca ol t,sli..nnl and indn 1 losl rights;
and (very bush la 1 V Me, klatthlirg as Vfeel
11 h th rile report, dilving bk lb nuble.s
liua-ler. Tl eo tb I nhed .Siatea ft.ruied cue
t jttnrry ) and a W hingtnn led bar armies,
cringing, grasping, grinding, gveeiiy monej bun- .
vwr, 1 1, air, unt to aaw. I aiu now i!jmv.xi-ntft-
1 was then at Its nadir but! ,1 in tho sane
man th same Kean whom you t-rilereil l. . tu
your ilnort "' 1 have now the same hat red to
oppression that I bad than; and wer It mv last
meal, I'd not ul nortlriuk in 11 huuse boltingin
to o heitrttea a acoumliel 1"
ientleiDenM said he, tiirBin to l;iit friettds,
"I beg paniun fir this outbreak : but were 1 to
diu under the roof of this lime servinc, 41, 1,1
loving brute, tii first un, uiblul, I am sura, wuul 1
cb ke me.
Kean kept his word, and the party si!jtniriied
to anotbor hotel. ,.
resre, IS14.
BaccoMor U E. L. Eardinf
si m 1 r a n iiTuB in.......
MuW kWa. n-o-ry WasarywW Iwk
a. Ma,. .! 11 he BBrsaau. koss sowl
v-aa. a Beofaes.
4- OIK ( afcaea, taajBe c.we PWoe, t
f ksssasa, La.. Mm ki.Si.s. a
sat tkasa wW k sM M
o4 vaaavia a
it. k.
iadssd mm
' saarke, an I
a S- aas kaa Par asaa, re
-v. -... s.. r-a-oTn JH;: '" ZLT'JL'.,l T,n !STf.
Jl 477. 7 i.Z', w Z.'zrr" -
gry 4 will k ma-4 fcy Ik Voes a4 BfsIB resi. lllliu,
U Iks .. ... so.as4a.usa la Ik -.. WI14JA H. WILLIAM.
SHa af sani sa fnmm. . I
It, m4 aV.n e af .a4e as rsos,i la kaa
aVaat SllilBlllS asa,ka a Ikal
T owf FoTBrr fslroni
r aMioasual HI 1 I fFOttK U,ta U...1I1 tar awe aw kaeaa we Ssk
fc. A- HAMIHOk, feMa.t, j l)lS .1 r-a.a4l., Mt. Sll'l H
k -if. lllr-valtllf tU fjif rklTllf.
TrtKasaAmtreMti )s4 sea.d . l Mr,
Tin i s s s l.t -I e. aaw Ike iwsrt eaat af tk
v arlk 4 aealla Rwl ktar. Ik Balst
eita al wla, k We ft ftlwa4 awl
wll ' kaa al ks. It aae k, fcie skill ad
taaB ili.-a ks kt WiaM S awtr 4a OaH, kaa
awren hkeeal kw f Ik pa", af Ike "k"e.
e, T. AlsT"Vt
Utl(k. Ae(ws4.IU4 SO-I,
V iiltaat. t fwm lawrM tUraliwNi Mr. W tt"
hmmt ,t! feaoa tha 9m lav'Ha i-4 a-ep1t t$ fm
atMa mm! hiiuli, na tea te 9nfrfm4 J IM aa.
4fitfn4 IW Ifca ta4 tM ,
Uf iiit to l.ll. ft.ib-t.4 tm ar U-k.
and -Tfti4k, W a mmt ilka la ntm ttm. m t
.iHki,. .. .t.t HI kHIhllIH UK
l- TH Ml I 1" Rsv4ii ttiM ailt W afi-swH 4
Ntwta atkff aahtatf ( I aHtta wh mt aif
ftrift. K. L. liAkl'l Hy,
k.M.K. f.k t Kik,
w . v. . . . . w a
matt j war I r t,aa :m
rrSHI aBaVatU af ki luan Is. a I m Iklssak i I'M Sakt. KS. r ue as , a, Mm a 41,
g 4k faaa, a4 M wa ea4 ok Ik aaeaa t I laafa a af a 1
4 l
Isastis (, af a. I !
Isael a aa kaasaw as i.yks, a SI , f' aa eaB. f atasw aak)
fc aali,k altk ,! B4a tl 1,1,4 4aas.w4 4.11 M y wnkas tt.B
Is aat ealf la, lt s eta si.ais a, wa'. s4 a k'4 14 , M,a af ik a aaSar at
SMS4, ad 1U lew Sse ft wlaV4 I n al l I l,y a4m g Ik Boasastkas. 4 4.
vol Hiaxl. trverwllmiiig aiik spptehnmom. sh bsd been killed, cam lo Itarnetl's bttse. buiag
burst into lean. A frssenl lb aged J.dta Ua- with l.lrn a Tory After atiog, he
km, uf t'isbing Crek nle up. and U,uired of drsnk fieetv. ami resuring ! th Krnei of lb
bar th list. "!. " sh. rHie.. " 4 bsv Mill, and M br..' tier s death, b became via
drndfnl stews frsm tb battle I'ld ; Captaid Hied brnlly eitl, and elrmk bia peiat.aae on lb
iadaadi t' stiiis, AUisroler, was Mi near tha T ' l.lS sfs-nta.) from lii wound. Mr,
bluff ill of rha mll t.t. and is sine dead i r.air llftt i-traetaded Kllet log iiiio ll b.e,aiid
weuean aeavreii i iiviiy nim. in ,rv
mad bis earfi, 'I k omtastit mtro tis,k
a roe uf w.ter. and waul in teareh wV th uhd-
af man. Tracking htm ! tb I.I n-1, si f me I
am tying iieiima a k g. two iiimi'si tar is I" ia
tb b .a. g bias wa'er, arid bwnd op his
bd. 1 ti. lle,detit. am 4, tai.ers, rwar shiKl
ibal kindle wa oil
4m ,
Ti.e'ent In t! ountry f -wnd it naeesvary
o be. Hatr rt-i, and s..ia er.d 4is ta
Vultd lb lelt It l-sr aifftv. Usrt.ert's ei
e .n.Tjl-l nut of lit I.e.. ll Ur.lwli t,k
Ihreaatsns, lloVrt, l.lar, and am-mg
ttv stsin, utel J.awib is severely"
f u. h th story of a siag' family in tkwa
l'aas ! Tb aged and bresved la'l er tuna.
efevdly pal, but attaeed red a word. 1 1veweau.d
d war lftHt?ht tu t t-rl'tt, w ber itur hr,li
rmiabarr.i tng Mrs, M lure in liulisr
m tr gallant hi, wIni, with In beuietiaAt,
Kohoei, artarward died if lis attustds, I a rrt
H'g Uhv r.tsr. ib matron bd t4 In I -.a net,
nd wa kl UtU,.l. J by bis i : ,. Il.l,p
alM attending on ber busUl.d. i l, l,B-t.Hi
nl Mtllnre wens v id , iuaiuiso s nf Ih
Bwt4 fsmtly Wiiliar M'4'iore, diwguibd
as t a ia liar s,j, ss a ta.. m al L t.
erty llsll. art I was..f'e lt is b.Betck kn It,
riB Ltrtl, l,a b wilird to tiil
kts kvoih.
TU dcteat nf (istea, and tli memorU Bur
ftu nf tiaiwrol homier, th tutttry with
lerr and disy, l.r'j oa lb nun-iting .4 Ih
I'ith U Aarssat, (:hi, ii, rad natw I d a.U .es
nd fugiti, aaak ag ttwnr way Sa I bsrbtita
'wrl rwiie, wuk c-is twasaf b ..ta, r..4
ap to Mr. Harness h"j, dia-olil, aad
Urad. 1 ra. li" '." sx Bat. do kl us ke
''-.- Suiart Children, "
"Awrltcrtti lllackwoodra thus ilia
eiuirses mi the practice nf tryittg to stn-k "book
Uniin" in the keails Of chiWren while they ar
)Ot "babies."
"Howl have heard Jon, I'.usehius, pity tha
poor children! 1 remember your Imkiiig at a
group of tneoi, and refleotiue;, ' I' tr of such is tha
kingiloiit uf heaven ' and 4jruing away thought
fully and saying, .'Of euch Is th kingdom of
trade.' A child three yenrs of ne with a book
in tt Infant hands ia afi .u lul n U! It is too
often tli death warrant, such aa tlm tondomned
stupidity looks at fntal. Jet beyond bu ei.uipie
hcnsioii. What should a'child "thro ymirsobl
nay, even fiveor tit years obi lie taught ?
Strong meiits for 'tliee,k digestion piuau not
bodily s.tcitjttli. mI there b nursery uic? and
nutacry rhyuies. 1 would say tu e'ery ".rent,
especially every, ain lo yrnir ibnthvii j
lull them plensnnt rnoriea, it itt Jhe cnut try, ba
not too careful lest they get a hltlo dirt upon
their bauds and clothe ; earth is very much akiu
'1o us all, rind in children's out-of-Jojr play soils
tm m not Inwardly.
Hiere la a kind of ormsanguinity between all
erenluiaai by it we tiu h ui.'tii the common
lytnpulliy bl cur fist suUsUinee, and btrt a kind-
lies for our piior rcititii't'.', the biutes. lxtt
chlltlren hav a lie, npenntr ipott, rttd bar lint ,
though they wuk q,uaintuc with the .'piga,
III doiikeja, anikllie cliii kvlu tb -y nmy torut
worse f.-ttnlsbips withil.c vvit-er li.itli.tng oin-s t
eiiootirage familiarity v itii 'l that love tu court
tlwmj dumb tinhiitiU Lue!ieti tind cliildrcn
bive them, TUitro is a i.v'.,-iu.',i niaong
which tbe world lut.tttie iibi!tfr;ttes tn tho
elder? It laof Hmie iiopm totiie 1'i.n you eln
mnka'tbem wtise ti nt ia b olt vii.c. Ab.v
all things, make them ljt ing ; llii-n . they will
be gontle and ol cluiitt nnd rtr I) ul", parents,
if you bei'nm obi and pour, t!ico w ill lsi beuer
thnn Irietid, that will never in-bct jou. hil
Uren brought up lovingly at J. .or kkeea, will
never shut tho.i doors' iini jou, and point where
tliey would bavo jou g i," .
s Tb M4el tVsliiit,
She wouldn't wear ber veilsi en o iy avil.
Thinks her complexion looks fairer than stcr, in
eotitra! with her atilib, rt.nde Iswk hes new
dr beus tli Lid of crape nn Ihe aUit len t
deep sanaraioi nnugh. hua'lilv rvl'iie to I. .ok
in th diremuin ot a tires f-,r i tie v .-!..
W't n lera if that bandsome Tompkins win '
ber win low everyday i insane enuugh tt think
that sh will ever worrjf wjamt ' Is tery I t 'i.f
drawing nil her plot am) rusting her little Into
hand on tier black bonnet, thinking it mny I 0
sugfestiv of an early npnlicatinn for tl some.
Cotieludee to giv up buelieepiii and try
bisvrd ng at a hotel, Aeeepis Toiupkius' invit i
tion tn attend th childreu's cmirert," just t.i
pleas litil Tommy i Tommy isdeliltirtl, an I
thinks Tnmpkitis is a vy kind reiilbii.nn to giv
him so much candy and so msny lion b-n. Ilia
mamma !gips to silmit eertnin little a Ilevuiti..j
ot her rr.t, in th irises of prutracted cuvrr
sat ms, wnlks, rides, eiills. Ate. '
Mi cries a littl when Ti rnm ssls 1 r if
ab has not forgotten t plant lb jbitier in a
eertaiu cemetery. Tompkins cm, in and tl.ii k
her Imlier than iefr, ilniltng thrush fey letvrs.
Tommy is sent out intN ib f itvlenrfo o h.
"pretty dirt pins, (to lit i ' e ? ili uutbn in tt a
new fr.srk and Imusera.) and tnuros v-v uiin-
iteeied tntiiid In niamrva ael eeka very r. v.n' I
to b bataed un in the air by 'I'oinpk-ns, who de
clares himself his "new, new papa;'1
Th Model Matter.
Hb?iiie to think of Xb ! hef ireine weel on
bia bat .es Its first gbas. May l seen s.i,iing
y aieg girls to gei seat lu hurt h, i.r or b-riiig
carta idldrv, oetiy fi-et that ai
ailiiu'"lt, pa as mr. Is t.itvinci f.,t I e wa
nve ms l lo In akin. Hi children must r-a
hsiled afiae, o. If b I a.a'l any, be would bhs it,
b linked lter-.himlf. 1'iaas a deep sigh
very tun a dr. rsul past bun with feats i
It, it. Is vry psrliuwlsr als.ut th t.ll-h of kis
lead or III hi il kwgbt) Ibklik ii lk Vary
lnlrriiug iii Mai k. ikm't walk evtla'at V
muetiwtih bsirhibJre: wnan he dV, t..i ihe
nnmnml Haviias Itnatd aae fta .-) fi t Be 1
paxrv: piiieas ngi sa ith all I. is
dots b 'W the. e ntni tu il? llrf "ls bit'-
Oti.i. k.i.iaJ Ui.. J..n trswjtnj r.. so I .oa. I w aat. li oteets tuiH i t ri. iti. int. ,it ii rvttt,, , f...n , "al-m sa I sspnt l" frava
eon g mayiing 'i 1 to wsoVw tits tavsrl
a- ts I .r ' in IV. n,, Ura which1 f a I th dtat-
t st.lj i
iirrw be shell !
tat, tiistlmtu,
Madera Ku4 wilurs.
On of tli m it s rik'iiu rti!i'iiite i f it
rn novel writer, is h fiet the! tley leiec
a'tvmpt to fiei itt lbs i i id id ti wiih l . 1 tb y
ar (swill a-. Tuy d i nl 1st their seix- in ft
f.r boo or I ardm . hts.l in titer !ty
gtound or lehind Ih ci'tin'er . f a vr'n-- p . .
ry. Nit, I y nn meatis. Hal in. tent', ibt-ie t, ibv
drssirib It im't-y-oftb flttr-be-s ant) v m.
rotrlita, and It, lii eat the a-een-riit'e of t nie
l.r. Ftedt-rii-k Vcr ' t 'I'ln'.ey vl,.i,..-,"
wbrtlny ai as trnorunt f i,..uo . f
arisbwiatui !(. s .bt isuf i tlotma ii i v
Wilier now a diva debt-Hl ii Ce.f,.,'i i .;
staie'y aits is, a!tv'r is-. i-
utu and'ipe. lwaiai ; lileil . i
charai ter I eiilser a itvtie. ..f d w t- i 1 i . -1,
with rla-b ng ayes aud ihst i. ' -d t . .
n kn is' bt oioumrd utHrf. an A si . ,01-3 s
prb.ima d.s of s,tes;b,nst v -v,.d in .,! ir.i
ty' behalf wh'.m be y omit hi
mayeiK gBi.ially wiisui.t:.e r--n, m-.. I. v i
drawO n ll Wril' l-I,. .rn e t. pr . i r .
latartals f t their product b e J. u f kI tl t I'
aaual ttjfity of cnttitiry siiui -s ba I . 1
tbry Isaraa-et kd ,..rtui..iy t e-.i t. t.
Another wbieb as ihe t..t d a i
aplwwta It aulUttrsbtf., ia the f .t'l st ..,. tu ten ilsle it stsl s( an-tt.. 1 . t
iust as atteufd s f. r a Utile n.u kst k
dorks and a tried pig thre tiuoa a nst
ut Modeling bl, bh bi tv.t'Sir! In f. , .. n
I'S brtttt t h ft gtstil lo mi'. I
draw gtit dvMyBr, i eb-r tkat r. . r
to lii Uim't.,4MI d ft It.kS l! tiii,b
N si i n-.t b I s t. ..-..t r .to. oi is ,i
1 ta I but I sd est' r It .1 ll-i, t
naBd ll, Inei b nl. dreei i' Bg'd 1st
tbsn lo l.sta lo th Iftti: li n i-l tt it a.t
.e t .1.
. it I. i
1 t
assthiBg o.aal. M BM4 kliyamk assd jCa-wwalliBi -eary kyna tb eaUas aad ti-
a o, f nsi.k ' 1 k asaiea) awod i " t- ) wilt t ll-.w; gat lb y.tang a.res ti tb ..14
e.l, I tsMMMlkH fty maw ikal asoewMig. am will a.. f .nd g, bask." W itk Ibis aaewef
si I ll I t " Sse seteia. kal ia last Is a,i bu di-a sud
mmmt a., emral . f a Its I.B1 y St Wsslkan keaes4 s4 M Mat I MskUtur( bsd Ul f Tri. ftaw '4
"-"'"' j I tk to eevU. W kit Hi (, k tatreod U ! tba sshhi p.dl ll. ll nr,Hb-t...a. tl e I oa
Ti I V4 V I , 1 1 ,, ,1 ' " "" " Sllnw pbrtw,i,aaBS I .(.
in pnasiiii af lanl Cora sib, o4 applied k
ktv,re-iaiing tkat bar atatr augt't la
C ssasllii is.ttl l, Id bar al,e ii-wl l h-tt hav
ll 'ra, Mt kdrl that m! i f I er chil li
war dsn t tttars. r.ed w ll IvAwi kmrwleg W--W lo
lal. f, and stveombls oa U get bg wi'h
tul s-i sni". "V ,41 will I. sis toss-ti lew g tie
la woik," giotfly replied lb . .. "Hut bl m
b oi i4 tb ehtblresi, ' peraieled lb
rnatros.) "it y ar aitarbad la aw, aad 1 lei
tttaso." "Ion a rnnirg old wuaasn." l4
tkaeaoaah assd -aid i - M.aS bake,, f 'tmnr tm j ia a b4nsd; B4 lt- wtr. d l. had
"dt I tu 4.-,sss Ik. -a ,u h t , S el, l.s
eotb"T wk bad never lies ..', 1.
i..iieeip oaiwreaik. HiliswbsliT ,M,.U. n,.ttm .! i
and rf.iioiia..ui h i frnn , steel . erlir, ' ikej tt.v oi'itest!, kit n s
bangs l is wire's ptrtrsrt In it . ui.., .l r v..)el ' j. , ;,,- ., 4 .1 , , nn 1
in 1.1 1 l.t.eleis and msrr e Cpleyov! of hi. B, f, - del wuk t! I
ddMI dsa.U.ei I . lvsl.,wrtM bi.eaiur . i... b
d.-y-4 it.
Th lavalayill Cmrier pye I'. follow Ing Irib
Ut t tb sseupi,ti,ai of I Itirmar,
M If a fool man wants to . gsg Ia a t os.
na Ibftl will ltur kit, ia said.!. life tbe gtaal.
l moaal ,f la, 1. at tte as ee-tiung ust-ee
ewrtaiM than fsras-f. If ka ba laadeol
lata nf mind kl I tt lav a tatoW. If k n-a 1
to .tsr la a bal-ky ovupt.n. la k, sa t.,1 ,
!.H. I Unset If ke wool It i4padavt, bat I "s r,.., tt.i
bins et ft 4 of !, ka Wllhm baV maat, 1 I kr
i k t. ikal I Ky k. a tar a , i . i onk. i
1 s.. !
W. II. M I I.
Commlulon ctchant,
ftO 4 S'.S si n t -Tt
llutlr;t,.a, v. I ,
tia..i.- ih MO ba
t.,td ball
s 1, I -.t.i. I
.a tl a, 1
atrs, I . 1 I
ess, 1 I s lia-tt i. ,, v..
a, ay 1 ' 7 ' " . --. wm w t-s . a a t i ,ti trf it. I raj Baaw OS aw may I Wiswa. I Vila la 1,,, ts, ss. sto svllt lie asp. j SB..
t '.-, ki
IMIUk It- Saa, III ft Ml at,!".--!
ms. l.., fa. tia,i. 114 sot (, sm mast i( I"., as rtriktsj' UUu':, II wi at tvt ye , :..--s;i, t: i t i , ft
. T...HAtfl. an., fast - I. Bfa ea

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