North Carolina Newspapers

' Ccngrenion&I.
Thirty-Fourth Conjret Finft Seuion.
Wjtsuixtrrux. March 2-t li6.
t-iMai. Jlr. Seward i Be red a reeolutioa,
which was adopted, calling upon tlx President
jf the I'nited States, if net incompatible with tlx
fuU.c iuterut', tu communicate all information
in bit fmaeeiiioa relative to th revolutionary
pnceJin;p in Nicarsga and especially re
garding the tritur of tlx Transit Company 't
Mr. Halo offered a resolutinn, which ni adop
ted, directing tlx Sergeant at Aran to exclude
ill pern.mii excepting reporter from the enU in
the gallery (signed to member of the pre.
(This wa rendered proper by tbe conduct of la
dies, heretofore, in excluding reporter! Emu
their tentsT)
Oa notion of Mr. Seward, the) Committe 00
the Library were instructed to eontider tlx ex
pediency of anm legi.lative reoognilioB of the
eminent ten ices of toe expedition wider Pr.
Kane, in tlx Arctic region. . -
Tbe Htuete returned tlx consideration of tlx
DefieieiMj Approprktioa bill. .''" ;
The amendment before tbe body, pending from
Thursday, m tliat of sir. Prett, appropriating
(5,000 for tlx repair of ti e bridge orer tbe Cut
era branch. '." '. ;
Mr. Hunter thought that an appropriation fur
th Long Brtig wa far eaors important; and
I poke at tome length of maintaining that true
tor. In tlx eourteof hi remark, he argued
that It wa nut true, a ha been instated, that
tbe channel at Georgetown baa bees in tlx lout
injured by tlx Long Bridget
- , Mr. Brtrwa, af Mississippi, while b acknow
lodged the importance of tlx Long Bridge, op'
weed it ootinunc by a mere patching pro-
a that offered by Mr. Marshall, while he wa ;
Ll( in Powder MUL
dl-onsed to tot fur n fair extension of the nalu- j Dickens tboe dwcr.oM a to tbe powder
.. .. i mill uf llunolow. near L"thx t
ralizatioB lane. B th, aileut ,f,i, amid wrKiM ninety-seven
Sieser tampli
ecu, and Cai
er, advocated
Harris, of IHiaota, Kiehardion, Keilt, and Uoude dred ' and fifty workmen employed. They are
opposed it. a neculisr.raee, not of bum by ntuie, in most
. Tending which the lion adjourned.
ell, of Utim, Hall OI Jiwvnu-, ,., Im do human voice ever lireskaupon tne , J tiOB eamn at Waabir.enn
rlile, Jldlier, Whitney and Walk- , over the nomination of Mi
to amendment, ana .neasrs Boyee. .,,. . fc , intricate wereat once set
WAsniscyoa, March 6,
Ad amendment Baking appropriation for tlx
repair of th Eastern) Branch bridge and th
Long Bridge wa rejected. Tba bill wa Bui die
posed of.
Th Pauifi railroad bill Jraa mad th order
of tlx day for th Utb of April; and after tlx
tnnaaetion of other bosinett, the Senate adjourn
ed. ; -
, Hui'te or llKi'WrcSTiriravi. The Speaker an-
aouaoed tlx fiillowicg named gootlcmeo a the
omnitttre heretofor antliuriied to proceed to
Kaneae to inquire Into tbe affair of that territo
ry. Lewi I). Campbell, of Ohio; William A
Howard, of Michigan, and Mordeeai Oliver, of
Mr. Milton addrewed tbe Houm iooonderona-
tion of tlx Lite nary retiring board.
After delote, a joint reeolutioa wa paiied
giving tone number of Congree each about
1 1,000 worth of booka, to be equal la tbi reepeet
with member of preecding Cougrcaeea.
Th Home adjourned.
WaiiiixcTox, March 25,
BT. Tlx Chair laid before th Senate a
oaamnnicatioa float the I'reeident, tranemiltiug
tlx report and map of Captain Marey' eipkira-
tioa of th head water of th Bra toe river.
Mr. Maenn gate notice nf hi kilentica to la
trodoee a bill to amend th act remodeling th
diplomat! and oonwUr ytm.
Mr. Hunter, from th Committee oa Finance,
reported a bill In reference) to foreign ooin, and
th re-eoinag at tlx I'nited State Mint, of lb
Fpanieh or milM quarter, ighlbe, and tit
teeoUx, and aulhoriaing th ieeoing of a new on
eeot piece.
Oa mofiun of Mr. Brndhead, tlx Cenmit tee oa
Military Afaire were inetrueted to laqnir into
. the eipediencj of eetahlithing on or more naval
fowndn, in eeeonluie with tlx reeommeada.
lion of the Pteretary of War, ia hi annual re
port in December,
The Senate renamed tlx eon aide ration of the
dencieney bill. After a long debate, f49,2t0
wee appropriated to pay Ut tbe engraving uf
map of draning to aeeowipaay lb re porta on
tlx eploraiHi f a. I'aein railroad,
lloif er )Urt.TiTivta. Mr. llarria, of
Maryland, prevented lb nieumrial of Aletaader
Brown A Sum,' Wileum A Bona, Hugh Jeakiue
and otlxrt, fjr tlx erection nf a marine Iloapltal
at lb port of Baltimore; and on hi motion k
wa retrrred to the Committee on Natal A'air.
Mr. Walker offered a reeolution, aliicB wa
ad'fted, laetraciing tlx Committee on tlx Jndi'
eiary to inquire betber tlx epeciai maillee to
roceedto Kaneaa have tlx power to eoerre tlx
attatidauc of witneeeee and ponwb for contempt-
Mr. CampWII, of OLio, riing to a pereonal
eipknalion, raid thai wbm lb lluna wa or
gauiard, very aneipeeied!y to hlnxelf, th ehir
appointed Lia to tb dutingutabod poaitluaaf
chairman of tlx nmilte uf way and meenvi
and yeatetday a dietiextiu) wa eoof erred npup
kirn by tlx bair, eqnally a nnelaected a tb
lUrmee. II fuead thai it kevolved eery ardnew
and very iuiportant enrvice, entirely inemnpati
Lie nil b lb dutie wbieb were aeaigned kirn
when tlx liana waa eeganiaed. iie eiprmii
I i. gratiiede for lb bigb iwnor aonlerred apua
bim, and ia eelaiua aked to be rei from
errvitig a lb bead of the ewnimx to proceed
lu Kanaaetolak, totittMmy,
Tix quvetion kartag keea pat, Mr. Campbell
aa earawrd, end Mr. Spermaa, of Ohio, waaapr
pointed toeopply tlx eaaaaey.
Mr. I'belp intrvdaeed bill, antboriilng tb
I'naudant to aae llx . fcntbera U-eadary nf
Kaneaa ! be 9(nd and marked, wkirb waa rar
farred to tlx Cwataiilie en Territoria.
Tbe ll-'we prueeeded to lb eoMideraiioa of
tb L.ll drGnii'g the right uf Voter, and lb dut
at Cowniwakfaer of Etoetune, la tb ily
r'u, aaj ! other pwrpueoa.
Mr. Ilu brey lar.l.all rffarad an amend'
. i.l, rrairihg a naiuralitnl eiliim la be a rie
id. nl uf W ahingi. bit an jeer iwa.rdianrly
f ncU ii Uxelecti'in.
t'.i. J mm, ml Tenn'Oira, aaij b amendment
pr, rd a diMinetitn and a pnrodent nbick)
wtit nl rr (ned I f th CwiaMutl of llx
t- miiiij. kilt ib niorlia-a taw newvidoa
f r a ri,leew f lie Jeara, llx amendment ak-
l (. r .,
Hi T of Marilaad. aJvreaied the amend-
; I fr.Miy lu i t.e un'y tlx ball 4 boa.
kc.fih r.;H erjraw meiertal aata
r.'. ! or jt H. re llx day f lrH(
..if,, nil, , merrked op in
i ...hi. ,.'. I , t lu ii 4, ihr lfre
r t In ) ir .,Mi e the ixtaralieali.41
I . ,- In r. ,H uf h a rvvai ka b oaid
i i rin t"f of (fuven yana4-
. ' ef erf-l.-..-niaan ' a a!ia aa
. i ier i" yr, wnb a f gn !'
Six arc. Mr Benjamin aobmitted a reeilution
directing the Committee on Printing to inquire
into tbe eipediency of providing, by legulation,
that no greater aumber-ef pnblio docnmenU be
printed than are required by either branch of
Congree in tb performance of their legialatir
dutie, anient by joint renolution of both bouae
ordering euch eitr number to lx priowd. It
lie over. I
Mr Butler (ubmiUed reeolutiooa, inatrorting
the Poet Ofic Cooimitle to inquire into the ex
pediency of diaronlinuing to memiier ot vun
great their fraukingbrivilrge, and, in lien there
of, allowing them, by law, dollar to enable
then to tranamit through, tb mail euch letter
and package a rl ey think proper; alao, author,
bing aaid Commillea, if they new fit to report a
ill rehiting the poetag oa euch letter and
package aforeaaid. Agreed to.
The eonaideratioa of th. Jiefirieney bill wa
returned. Mr. Bayard' amendment of $130,000
for the Talent office building wa adopted, yen'
24, nay 17. "
Varioue amendment were adopted, including
one uf $3,0(10 for th repair of the ijaalern branch
bridge. . -- .:
Mr. Hunter offered an amendment, appropn'
ating!0,OO0 t th repair of tlie Long Bridge.
It wa rejecwd yea, 19; nay 20, "
Th bill wa panted, and atter an Ezecutiv
tcaaion, tb Keoat adjourned. .
llot'sc or llrrnaiNTaTivaa. The Houae die-
euaaed, for aa hour and a half a Senate bill rela.
ting to puniahmeutt in Penitentiariet, providing.
ia effect, that Federal Court may lenience, per
son convicted of erlmclotlx penitentiary in the
Stale, though without the Judicial dUtriet of
trial. ,
Mr. Humphrey Mmhall offered an amend
ment, thai here the aa of a penitentiary ia de
nied by any Stale, it ahull be lb duty of th
Meralial to confine criminal in the neareat pen
itentiary granted for that porpoae.
Mr. Barbour propored an amendment lo llx ;
amendment, tliat no proceeding oilier than an
act of tlx Legislature ahall be conatrued lo
allow tb ua of her prieona for ucb purpvaee.
Th former amendment wa rejected by twen
ty lour and the bitter by Urn majority.
Th llouae adjourned.
WiaaixaroN, March 27.
The resolution heretofor auhmitled relating
to th action of llx Naval board were, after eon
reraation, mad th apecial order of tlx day for
Monday neit.
Mr. I'ugh - offered reaolutinn, whWh waa
adopted, iaatrueli g th Committee oa tb Ju
diciary to inquire into tlx eipediency of making
proviaioa for wri'e of rrvr from the inferior
court to th Supreme Court of tlx I'nited Stale.
Tb Snat eoueidered and paaeed tb Invalid
renalon bill.
Mr. Harlan, 'of Iowa, mad a epeecb on the
ubject of Kan affair; and in reviewing ti e
report of Mr. Duaglaa, aaid it wa partial, per
verted, and tiighly colored. Hie remark f weie
decidedly in oppoaition to Ihoee of titer friende of
tlx Nabiatka and kUaaa bill.
Th Senat adjjnmod.
llott er lUraiaikTaTiria, Mr. Faulkner of
fcred a reeolufion, which waa adopted, inatmet
ln tlx aommille oa tb Judiciary to inquire In
to tlx eipediency of repealing th Brat taction nf
th act tu remodel th diphmatio and eoneuhv
vat eat of tlx I'nited Stale, which provide that
all diplomatic agent ahall be nf lb grade of
Minieter Kiiraordinaiy and F.ntoja F.itranrd';
aary, togellier with other change in the law.
Tb lloaa returned tlx anaaideratioa of tlx
bill denning lb right of Voter and llx dutie
of aoaxmiaaionen nf election in th city of Wash
ington. Th amendment pending wa that offered ly
Mr Humphrey Martha II, making h aeeeeeary
fr a fiiieigixr to have beea naiuraliied for on
year Immediately preceding a municipal !
lr. Campbell of Ohio, moved that tb wbut
eabjeel b laid oa tb table, but tb motion did
not prevail yea 7J, any 03.
After furtlxr proceeding, without defiilu e-
tion a llx ulyert,
The Uuae atljvnmed.
a peculiar race, not of room by natuie, in mi
ranea, but by the habit of yeura. 1 be circum
stance of momenlary deetruotion in which they
live, added tu tlx mt atringenl and necemrv
regulation, hat e ruliducd lhrir mind- and feel
ing! hi the condition of tbeir hire. There i neb
dom any need, to enforce tjfc'e rerolaihina.
Some terrific ex;iluiix'brre.oT in work ot efimi
btr kind elaewere, leave n liied mark In their
mevioriea, and acta aa a cm taut warning. Here
no thadow of a practical joke, or caper of ani
mal apiritt ever tranaiiro no witticiam, no
chaffin. or ilang. A Inoifh w neer heard a
amile aeldnm aeen. Kvcn tlx work ia carried on
by the men with aa few words aa poatible, and
these uttered in a low tone. Not that anv bodv
fancie that mere sound, will awaken th spirit of
combuation, or cause an explosion loeak place,
but that their feelings are always kept subdued,
If one man wishes to oonimunirate any thine to
another, or ask for any tiling from some ody at
a rlmrt distance, h must go there ; h it never
periuilied to shoot or call out. There it a partic
ular reason for this last regulation. Amid all
this silence, whenerer a shout doe occur, every
body know that om imminent danger is ex
pected th next moment, and all rusii away nead
long from the direction of the shout. Aa to run
nine toward it lo ode anv assistance; as common
in all otlxr eases, it is thoroughly understood that
none can be afforded. An incident bere i imme
diate and beyond remedy. If th shouting be con
tinued for tome time (for a man might be drown
ing ir a river; inti migm cause one ur two oi me
boldest to return, but this would be a very rare
occurroocr. It is be no means to be inferred that
the men are selflnb ai d insensible to the perils of
each other; on the contrary they bv tlxgreiit
esr consideration fir each other, aa well aa for
their employers, and tlimk of danger to the lives
ot inhere, and of itrooertr at siaks al all liuics.
and more especially ia the wore da: eerour
bouse. The proprietors of the rarious gunpowder
mills alt disidav the same consideration for each
other, and whtneverany improvement tending to
lessen dunger i made by on It is immediately
communicated to all others. Tlx wngct of tlx
men are good, and the hours vary short ; no ar
tificial light mna ever used in tlx work. They
leere the mills at halt past three in tbe atternoou,
winter and summer.
nun V.e Arte Orlrxttu Civcrul.
Free .nailers sad Mr, Fillmore. '
A era to bat beea etcied, lb whole Abo-
was terribly excited
Hard Fillmnro, and
en foot to injur bis
prospects, blacken bis fair fame, and throw all
manner of obliqoy npon lb national party which
thought bim worthy the highest offic within th
gift of th people.
ni Irarn from a. Washington dispatch to tb
New York .Eiirsa, thai a written papeFliaa
been in circulation among tlx Alsdition, Fie.
Soil and Black Republican ui-mlraof Congrex
fMepubUcaabaa at tb Feath."
Such it llx caption of a commentary en tlx j
recent hitters of F. P. Blair, father and sou. in a i
lax number of tbe Cleveland Leader, aa ultra j Si t Tba ..ffiea of postmaster at tbi place.
... - I von most tx awarau m not now. ncuuer ww
Fivm tie Assrriesa Orywn.j
A nenstbl totfer.
Oxsuiw C. U , N. C March 15. 1856.
Freesoil shout, from which wee
! ever, one of eery great pecuniary guin. Tlx
weaker, and, aa I supposed, more pm-
Both lb douuiaent referred to have had a wide
tboe who "I..V to hate" Mr. Fillmore r-' circulation ihroozh die newsmners. nartieolartv
commending a call for a Xatiouel Comeutiou to i ,,. ,irth. The manifesto of Frank Blair. Jr.
assemble in Julv next, for the purpose uf t mi- i looked unon and t,ImA K, ih. Ami.! J"'""14 m,'S "n to thos whoa will any
Bating candidate, for Ptidenl and Vice Prci- pr. a. an endorsement of tb. nlatfin I ,riu"L " J P. V ... -..w. r" ZZL
dent. Tbi call, according to current rnmor.haa of th Black RcnutJican rtr aa emlAliad in Ton have taken lbs trouble lo nubli.h what von
xnaa call a "correctnm ot
ing paragraph, which preeenti the feature ot tbe : euntrarT. rather, has ever t,een tbe ease, and th
article: master ie never half paid for tha amall amount
-How euch eeotinxnta, (the letter ofF. P- S i Z " Ibe "convenxne.
Blairl oomine from neb a inure ut to shame. .tk ,l".nK ''? recommendati.m, and
tl vile herd of .Northern menials wbo follow in
If they had a vea
the train cf Franklin I Sere 1
lice of nxnboui left, they wool I hide tbeir heads.
1 or re is remiDlr cau- f j B- when Kepuhii
eaiiism lia- taken so strung root in Baltimor
end in St. Louie." - ,
i mi nil iTiiEiiiTi.
fimm rbr oVfcs, MmMUut "
applrox't baUJiag Utt Bnadway,
' Bra, rtlali, Oil. Bjtv rerfBmrry. te..
170 VVUIIaaMreet, Sew Verfc,
IST1TE tba attaatina of th trad u tbeir lam
and varied slash of Drug, Paiala, Oil. parfwaV.
ery, a-, te.
la addmea to tbeir regular impertatlone ef Sta,
this wa tlx only rcwaru by which 1 eras Induced
In accept the stmt. Cnder these circatnstsnce
I mut confeaa my disrsition to be in an ill hu
mor on beariiia so often "that L b inc a Know-
N Hhing, was permitted lo remain in office pi Urngt, tut; an also netiring. diract trm lL
in eoaMquehoe of the alaiv ttateil fact- . To source of predaettnn and manafaeture, euppUaa
these say ina. however. I paid aa little attention efiTeorn, Hia,aadNAiiBacaata.Baiia. r.....
as tlx mitur of tlx case would admit, and my j Monraas, Sreaoaa, Fttscn and Puriit!
juujcnieni coui-i uiciaie comma; wrj i --- - - - -, hii mmnj eiear artielea
paaaiijeatDracea ia irrugEiata' atocka, which tba
been signed by tome on hundred - rVn4r and Addresa of F. rS: Blair. Sr.; and the reaolu-
Kepresentatives.which a, proximates tlx present .j, , b piltJ1Uur:h Conrention.
Black Kepublican .trength in both branches of Ntl)in hw tr,nM,lrC(J ofBI . hich h
our national Legislature. ! liven th , Freoilr much atisfaction ..
Tb object of this move is as palpable as any. thtM dWnta of , BUira : and they ealcuUie
thing can be, and tlx source from which it emana
ted ie well known. The leading signatures in th
Senate were I hose of Messrs. Seward and Wil
tonthc on the arch originator of er rything
on having tbe aid and support of both, th son at
well at tbe father.
Now, the people of Missouri and the cilitens
of hi. Louis would heed very little what Frank
tliat U black and treasonable, tlx other tlx pli-'Blair might say or do, politically speaking, were
ant -nit will!,, m in.lHimanl!- ..nuM.nn . li ... 1. - . 1. 1 '. - il. . .
ant tool and willing instrument of his unscrupu
lous leader. The old aaying, "like master like j
man," was never more aptly illustrated. Seward j
ran original scheme of miediirf iu bi teeming
brain, and hit Sejanua, (Wilson,) with not a
tithe of his inicllcc', but with mure nerve, aits by
his aid to carry them out,
These men want to bead off Mr. Fillmore, by
a'templing to make it appear that the opposition
t him in the Kutlh it to strong, it is vain to
hope he can carry a single Northern Slate, Es
pecial!;' do they wish lo inculcate this belief in
the South; and, with euicidul Infatuation, South
ern men full iuto tlx line of argumont conceived
in the sweltering hut-bed uf Abolitionism, and
nrtln'ly-'put forth by tlx high priests wbo minis
ter around its diabolical aitnrt. Anything for a
diversion to damage the prospects of Fillinore.say
the Abolitifupists. Anything that will tend to
Th United States Democratic Review for De-1 defeat Fillmore, say his Southern political oppo-
and your Locnfnc fr
Mr. l-uryear statement of a conversation M
tween yourself and that gentleman, you bat at
llx same lime, published abut 1 whjIJ -upfose
every candid reader must tak for sufficient evi
dence, thai the statement was substantially true,
witn the addition "when good Democrat were
aw alee enabled to ef er oa tb most advaauge
Order, either la pema or by tisll. will reet
prompt attentien, It
June.", 1866. , T7 -
eeinher, 1Mb, commenting on the Comprotniseol
toov, tuu peaoi Mr. g iiimora ;
' Momentous venl were transpiring. The
niriuitiunof the question of slavery was nareinoun
in the publio m nd. In this crisis, it was web
that so reliahle a man as .Ur. r illuiore was found
in tlx I'loidcntial ('hair. The safety and per
petuity of the I ni n were thretitened. Already
ixd fauaticinm raised its Hydra-lwad. Schemes
and isms" leaid a thousand ambuscadea.
Th ensiiiist of tlx Ciiion started forth on every
side Abolitiunitin here Secesaionitm there ;
Acquisition and Killibualerism elsewhere. These
were tlx forintiiable elrments of nnsrux wnh
which Ih KiKutiv had to ope. Iluw well he
met, and bow entirely he, forth time, livercuuiv
Hies eneiuiet ot the peac ol tlx Itepunnc, we
leave tin lis historian to relat ; bu t our rotrostiect
would be iueompletd and ditineuln-uac.did e
not accord llx meed of piais juntly due tu hign
moral excellence, and iniellactual and Adminis
tral.v hoheaty and Inlent, as developed iu tlx
Adiuinintraiioii of Mr. K.llinore."
This is from high Oemoctaiic authority, spoken,
no doubt. In a moment of unwonted candor, tuna
befor Mr. Fillmore became tlx American csmli
dai for President,, It. tells but tlx simple and
naked truth.
That Mr. Fillmor hat " high moral excellence
and intellectual and admininratitt honesty aim
talent," ia unque-t-nned by all wbo will -till the
partisan and let th fair and honest truth eonx
forth. Tlx wisest men in th nation have endors
ed his administration a wis and g"od. Ileun
Clay one snid, " th f umlaiion ol my nrelerence
it that Mr. I ill more has administered the envoi -
enl with aignal suocas and ability. He baa been
tried and found true, fauhlut, hoi, est and e n
Mieuiiona." No did tbe venerable t'asa refuse
bis meed of prais lutlx man, however he niiaht
differ with hint in national politics. Few mi n n
any g or nation -bar received uu Ksx aruL;
utais tnm Ih wis and aood aa Mnluru r il
mora, fewer still bat deterred it more.
K4. Iamu Ama tea.
ulna s il thai lb b II wa Sf proved
1 , t,a owl of Iwvify fvaie a j are as
V. !,. j" suttf, wbht to be lam I
I ,t ahvl-"t. II w' II I hH pv-fe
Wsaatnoron, March 2P,
Tb See at wa not ia tsmiua to day.
Hit tt or KxrnaaxTtriyi. Tb Houn i
turned ttx uniidrUoa of, tbe bill denning tb
rigbl f oteta, sad In duties of aotnmlaajinters
i f eleetloen in lb cily of Waabingtoa, and dr
uiker purpute.
After aatruggla betwraalb friend aad Ibe
of lb bill, il rnrvmmitted to lb ewnmiits
lor tlx IHetrkn of Columbia tl, nays 73,
Mr. Bmilk, of Tannsiase, moved I reecnei der
ation uf tb let, bat tb atotioa wa bud en tlx
Mr. Campbell, if Ohio, front lb Ctsmitts
a' Wsys and Meaaa, retorted bill meling ap-
f a aiatiesx ke tba Leg islailva, JodleMl and
Eieettlit lepanawnt, tot In year anding
JusxlO, ri7i which wa namitlad t tb
Ceasmtoto ef tb Wbule lb (tola sf tb 1'-
BM. .
Mr. Lsne, f Orgri, aad t speeee) tb
nbjeatef tlx affair nf Ibat torrllary, sbewing
UxamtillJ fovea bnmsedxl pprftlab af
iOO.KS), la nl-r to tbe Mpprah of Ind'xa
axsiliiw. II iMnwKteed a bill nx ibat pnav-
poea, wbieb wa referred to tbe fWmiilawaf
Way at I Means, wax will tok una.,ste
Uoa th sul jart.
Tb lluns then xljosnaed to Mix lay ntt.
Tb Btw t-M tor tax t s-iut.
Tb aallasMedl wf tb new Vx to b
placed aa tlx Capitol at Waabiegbx City, t. C,
it r'iVt0,r. say ll.l0 itsl, a r-tsnd Bum-
l 1. I Y . I -. J . I .1 .
toil w, Mt iaiij awj;fit
to fx vetji aag,xrnl af air B tbnl auay.
Tb aaibanaJ Capit-I, wnb lis Imaxaa addiliutx
d new eVxw, will b atily tb WrM, but
sax ef lbnwsu eapata !, devoted t big.
taUliis bwtltxa ia the world.
Mwteesent ml Tr- at fWUt,
A W-v ia 'be Kw T.iUa. J.-td F.rt
11 r", I X . Mb '. eat
' Tlx I bate twaed - ls b'-wae
I Man, b.k-t-iie, a, rla, ril, ad
savhv to Mr. I nn t;ta. Tl-i lt tsd
ssaa wa a alxr f tlx, as a
tsry artist to lata wf ra.ig tsxladxaato
th l, Ms wa nsnedtvsd '
nentsl Sue.l a conjunction of antipixjiil clemeiits
ti scconiplish a single result, is strange specie
ie, and constitute a theme lor profound aud
comprehensive rellcction, at least on the part of
Southern meu.
The candidate held in view by this congres
tional, free-soil-league, are said to be the Hon. J.
McLean, of the Supreme Court, and Col. John
C. Freuiuut. Of course Justice McLean will not
lend biun-elf tu the vile uses of a conscienceless
b ind of Fanatics. Ilia decisions on the r- on!
o the Supreme Court tdemoniitrate that he sus
tains, like a judge and patriot, t!i use the lsu
guas of a New York cotemporary, "all the pro
ilivery psrts of the Federal Constitution Fugi
tive Slat Law of IKiO, and all." Neither will
Col. Fremont. He was born in Niuth (.'nr.lina,
and b in been intimately connected with the in
stitutions of tht South ail his life.
But, in Hie meantime, their nnme, as well as
timse of others, may be ued to souie little pur-p-eevalthouj
we apprehend nu g:eat dunger ia
any event. The worst fruit of the scheme can
only amount to a temporary diversion. Still we
havt thought il not out of p ace to relcr to the
er in order that llx Sou'hern public may
Bot l unadvised uf the machinations of their
tiXniet. . '
V lib the gresl, broad, indi utab'efact ataring
them in tlx fix and ringing in their ears, that
M Hard i illumre is, and baa been fur yearn, Ox
o'Jeci of fierceal Abolition bate, misrepresenta
th'B and- tlan ler. is it wrt a waUiir (or wonder
ment tbl he sin mid bssuailed in tlx slavohold
ing Ststea? Il certainly is. Our common ene
mies are lo lx found in the ranks of the Aboli
tionists. They abuse, malign and persecute oa,
without stint, on every occasion, and we, nf the
South, nw then no l ve. Yet there ia not a
pnimiuent slaveholder In the South ihey do n t
treat tenderly when eotnxr to their tre iment
of Mr. Fillmore. They never abused John C. Cab
b-xn as thay alius Mr. Fillmor. They never
villited Job a A. Quitman, Jrfferaix lhivis,
Toomba, Stephens, and other noted extreme
Southern lligbls aicu, as ibey villify Mr. Kill
asora! The an inoontrovsnible truths r and
ander th ordinary eirrumataneea which eonirol
bum ib action, w.x Id toad Ih entire alar bold
tog unmunity lo tlx support uf tlx man against
whom Ih deadliest batterie of tb eoanuiou fi
I directed. For oar part, had aot Mr. Fillmor
B glorious past to refer lo.tb tact thai b it bated
by til llx Abolitionists ami enemies nf tbe South,
would be a ufficint reoutnnxndati to entitle
hi to oar aurdial aad aaraatt support.
it not that lx i the acknowledged leader otitic
Benton Democracy w may with propriety say
of tha whole Democratic party of the city and
county of St Louis, (for the two wing have
fused.) The Democracy bay refused to repudi
ate him and by permitting him to continue to
act with them, or more properly, to control and
direct them, they endorse fully and clearly the
position he has taken. Private and specious and
equivocal contradictions by tlx candidates for
the eity offices da not exonerate them, and
through them the entire party, from the stigma.
And we Hud men and a newspaper, claiming to
lx "National Democrats," supporting a tick
which stands committed (not in so many words'
1 1 lx sure, but by the plainest implication) to the
principles set forth by the recent letter of Frank
lllair. And then men still talk about "princi
ples," "consistency," Acl
No man will deny that tlx Black Republican
sheet, from which we have quoted, has sufficient
reasou to rejoice, that KcpuldicaniHin has taken
a "strong root in st. Louts. And the Denton
nominees, and th "National Democrats" who
prate to much about "principle," know very well
that if Mr. Ilhw is elected, with his special puh
lie diacluimer of affinity with Freesiiilism before
the election, tlx result will be hailed by the Free
soil presses of the N- rth as a black Kepublicsn
victory ! And tlx most ridiculous and contemp
tible juttificiitioii ever sol up by any man wb
knows lx it doings piece of political rascality,
ia that assigned by the organ of the misnamed
"National Democracy" vix: "That Mr. How
had been heard to declare that IX waa n-if
lllack Kcjiublicin, and that if elected, and his
succesi was claimed as a Fievsinl victory, he
w' tild publicly disavow it '." How m ignanim
Finl rrrminn Stild ltit fiiiw-Forlrt.
8TEI5 WAY & 80N,
sacrACTcaiM, 84 A M walkib tbixt.
' nttn BBosnwar, tw toix, .
offered for lueir place." Previous lo my reeding j T) espeetfully call the attention ef th publi t
thin 'correction, I addressed to you a note do- xi their splendid assortment of emi-traDau
eiaring my connection with tb American party,
and my readiness tu be "turned out" uf the post-office.
Th uon-oomrilinnce, on my part, with tlx
plriioll of th aforesaid addition," must
alone excuse you for a neglect .to pay that atten
tion to ui v nta which I an earneatlv wished and
your Loonfixo friend expected. While I have
impatiently awaneu in appomiment ui iuj suu
ceaaor. rosi friends hav "aumcientlv amused"
Ihemseivea over the mistaken idea of y,xr having FIRST Prontinm OOL0 MF.UAL (overall eempeuSi
faithfiiUy olxpel "order" and my removal. tor) h ' Fair ef the Amerieaa liKtitatc
TUiT"ordera'' should have been ulieyed. Your Cryttal Palace, for th BEST Pianoforte.
sqMr Pianos, which, for volume of tone; eiatiioi.
ty of soucb, beauty of Dnisb, and to nort rery
thing that render a I'ian perfect, are ananr..
i rk.. ..i-.i .i.. . 7
- w.- -mi urp, premium ftr
both kinds In competition with tlx most dutln
gnisbed mskers from Boston, Philadelphia (itw
ui k, aaa uaninvn, .
Praisway A Boss bar just beea awarded tb
Lf, -ttuyy friend of li s good name and the
institutions of our Slate, liear in mind, whon he
reflect t as to how he shall Vote for city officer-,
that if be votes for John How under tbe present
'circinniame, h endorses F. P. liluir, Jr., and
giiea aid aud comfort to llx fmatics of ibe North.
Is there a true friend of Miaanuri who will he-i.
tats To ci'liilfiuu tbe Denton ticket, by cting hi
ballot for a good, straiihtforward. oiinil, opp .
neut of their humbnggery and trickery ?
' Si. Lout hUeUigfmetr.
Why Mr. rillawr to lflar.
Tbe reason why Mr. Fillmor baa an strong a
bold npon llx affection andconfidenueof ttx con
servative eleuenta of the country ia nndoabtedl t
lo be f und ia lb faot, that h ha followed tlx
Illustrious etan pi of Clay and Wbter,and eter
pmved kinuelf lo lx a national man. Tb Wor-
certer .ICgit, aa old fashioned r) big Joarnal in
Maaaaclinaelta, which declin to commit itarll
at yet to any aaadidat. Hunks Ih wflaen
which produced Mr. Fillniurt t noaainaUuB wr
various, and'eakt of iheta as (ullnwt i
It it worthy of remark that tlx tdvucala and
supporters .f Mr. Fillmot in lb Slat which
aw but a lea year tine lb scene of aarassion
and disuniua eunren lions, bay always beea lb
sppvernta of seceaei'X and disunion thejoai
aalt that hats held ap hit lam havt ever teemed
with patriotic ani.x ipralon, and tb polill
alaaa, who bat slumped ia ki name, nav In
variably beea tbe difrnder uf ear natiunal la
togrity again! tba aseanlt of Iraxater and
ikxlb-rigbi MB. Tb Iratb ia, iboagb it Is an
palalabla taoagb lo ha th old Free-mil eowima
nb and lb atodera republican phalanstery,
Millard Fillnvir baa a place ia tb heart af lb
eetxervatit South tor th seat reaix that b
hat a plae ia tb heart ef tb auasenraiiv
H ba been known aa a pnblx ataa thitmgb
annatrvatlr Baediaaw.hi bletory show a bend-
tog to serlHX bwl B OXliaual worship mi tb
wboto eoantry.bis political artl- ba never ba
iadedaito but' alway praettral, bi political
toatat baea rvev beea t snch bntxirabl msae
Bta as rain St tb esu parity aad tax darabtt-
ity af Ib nalioa. Wub a platform or wilhowt a
platform, n section of lb repablx would (ear
Mr. Fillssare't admin Mttra ion, Aar asvrry aecti-x
baa abrd ki Mtoredtxit aad kaow tlul b
uald deal equal and tx-x JuMiot ia taxetiia
Ikmal balaa. Aad trb a character asnang
patriolie tontsrvailt kx axa. aawxwf ttoa
Bat lb ftiflllv .iat law with perfect b rad,
saj Kiara f a boot lot tb iatitatioa w tb
mnr Utaa basal and intorswed bie ba broegbt
t'.MWI lb (irramMasx. ef tbi new party' aoav I anca, by allowsag tba ' ty4r Buauui' to laks
Inalxg a Ha4r ef an al MX aid parti to Its " "
naadllat f tba Preai Jewry. Tba Soalhasw
(bale gav Mr. Fillmsra a bvg hr af lb
.4a U Cuavwetitoa, bat tb sonndawo that hi
nam would rials llx support t4 buaJrs.1 mt
Itoxaaad naiaid nf party, waa abto-atitM4
that gift.
Tb 'PbaraWand lax 'Btoax) rksagwrs
p. T. narnnsa wbus tbaraeter fur ksxxaty
hba portray ed by kiaMelfiabia "Anaxs.
g b j" wa ander tawtaatteai to Kw Yk
tb otlxr day, a bra ax qunttiut Implilag a
4-xMabetlxr tx bad bantslly g lea all bx
pn pasty was pnnxadsd ( to nknb ihtbavk
rap bbfjse lad F !j it U4 1 -I !.h
ya to asdstd thai lb sndid ef ateealiiy
lisWbssit rf btfx ttxa toot
tx4 to tb af w U street.' ery
rtanrbasen'ar to tlx 'totPi" Bed iba Wra." i
Th Organ of nrnatora Hunter. Mason, Butlen
and Pougiaa. on Pierre. '
Tlx Washington Sentineraayt:
Franklin Pierce lit" been weighed" in the bal
ance and found wanting wanting in etery ele
ment of the statesman or Ihe political sage.
Stripped of hie hypocritical profcaaions nf disin
terestedness and love for the people, he stand
l for us one of the veriest drnttgngtie of the
sue. talking of nothing, writing of nothing,
thinkint of nothing, but Ihe advancement of his
own private affairs.
Black Reaablsraalaa.
Tlx Biailoa Time winds ap a powerful srtirl
Bnoa Biack Republiaaniam," with th follow
ing Hatewxnl that Bobady nan gain gaimxy.
W eail it to th panic lar stlenthx of tb tow
Wbigt aba art hesitating about supporting Mr,
Fillmor i
" Riul Jiraniata got hi f famnpraey, and i
ad will tx il bel ally. It prefer Mr. Fierce
er Mr. Bucbaaea to Mr Fillmor, jttat a it did
Mr. Puik to Mr. Oa. Il la I rue thai it keep ap
a great bias af warfai aguaet tb Democratic
party, bat thai it all a sham. Il x don to build
Hsif up and gal psasraaiix af local (faille. It
pretend to rav jreal regard tor Kanaa and
fie. l"a but a) lakes tery nreetnex ear that
klaasa atwil rsmaia wbar il Vs. a pndMbl
beyrar lakaaare Ibat there cbildrea shall remaia
raet. and anra, aad districted, a thetr eaintai
ia iradn. to matt sympathy. Take lex sor aad
sickly iufaat that at beatavi daily till it bleeds,
f. u lb at ass of t. asetidieanl Btolber, aad r.
tor it il baaltb and atnanlirxaa, and yua will
Ink away tb wb.. trk nf trad of tb br
gieg eagabunda. tot lake away Kaaaaa from
kl"ibti tana and make il fre, aad it tooelwa
lib r. .No, a i ibat would
Wixa wai aU rbdr. R an.' and lUader,
' Pre (hat, enta a bwfor lb ll-xa of Kep-
tauves lb nnarti-w wa aanasMlevw al
Mr, Thuringtoa. nf l"a, has been laddealy
ailed away front ka saail In I he lUa ,4 Kp-
lalliea, arl will pMUtut IX aiawni a e.
fwetke llbatie uwilh Mr, ttile
r. ml L-au-iao. W regit lb dubX
Miii. wbtrb iwMuirea tbi ll-rtX. tba Toe
day l-t Mr. Tbiin(t rwrwvwd two aVapateb-
aa, each im ixlnful inteli gewX ib regard
to aaaealxea bi fsmiK 1 S Bit, foan bis
brother, J-.b II. 1 bing-a, waied Ibat bw
aerdMW. r II. Brafler was la lb tost at. a af
e-Matapikitt. at.d euvld lit bat a tow 4a
HtsM4M frxsn bx brother ia lea. J. M.
Parker, ml tl baeku g ka) of ! k. Srgtil A
Patter. . Hk l.tot 4. at4 ataied tbal r.J.a
II. 1a.'ik(iax tlettd to above) tow! aa Ibat
4f baea la'ltl 4 wa to . bwkihi b-xaa
(i- tha b aa rlttk)sft4 k4 wt-lil be
B aa it4t. i I.l, St. J Ikst th b-x ll-lf bad
t. l.ltl , f ibret) ib-Mt4 4-!! JMr. lborlr-i-k
nrti In ibi ra M) ri.d ,y Bkw ii f, tax etaf tb s.toiM,
Can my of tlx living,or could any nf ihedeail.
if they nnr rwttored to life, testify in favor of
out bold, unmistakeable blow on the lid uf Ih
constitution and tb rights of man?
' a
Hi turned out of offic every politician in rb
Sutof Nw Turk wbo wa not favorable to tlx
interests of Martin Van Buren and bit abolition '
eon lad rates.
IU established a pre ia Washington city .and
directed ry man depending apoa bim for
bread and moat, lo dvt bi liur kxr to
ixtravagant eubigiea of hi adminiatrathm,
Uteoanundsd his areata tbrutigboal the
eountiy lo attend alt tba' primary convention,
and e to it that delegate aboold lx hose fa
vor aW to bi rexoxinatioa.
II I sued cxny pmrlamation of hi intea
tioa to regard tlx equality nf lb Stale and th
urn promises of tb institution; arnhls, be
a Tared mob law to rua riot ia tlx Territory uf
Kanaa for many a month, and dated aid for
friends expected it, and I boix you will at 'an
early day redeem that character for promptness I
lor which you havt received so much credit tnim
a set of friends so confident of yoqr b ring per
formed your duty, that their prudence was
overcome hv ioyout feelings, which prompted th
tongue touuer shouts ot tlisnk uelore they were
entirely out of th woods.
My wish has not been granted. Your friends
have Ixen disappointed, and a second tim du 1
etpiesa mv dosire.and with Hun my ileteruiimitiun
to lie releoseil from the office f postmaster at
this place, and so to remain so bing as any
on wbo ow js allegiance to foreign power
has control over any branch of the government
of tlx U. States. Tu the best of my knowledge
audibility I faithfully discharge my duty. Ami
now fwiah to call your attention to soiusiliing
which 1 do not consider a duty as postm ster.
hut a ple-.isant duty . tu an honest citizen of a
thristiun country.
In yuur blind seal lo remove all Know Nothings
and appoint "gooil'lrttiiocratv you have succeed
ed in filling many of the offices with either
ieiiornmuees or graud villains. 1 uxan there is
a man of one stripe in one office, tnd one of th
oilier in another. ery often have 1 seen puck
ages sir impel fee ly directed as tu In obliged to
the' letter in order to tell it destination. -Bills
so filled that a correct poeting of tlx nun
is quit an accident if ever effected. These faubt
are to lx pitied ratbei than abused ; but robbing
of the mail- is a matter that should the
diaappr b-ttiiin ufall honest men, and a rigid
invemiuiitioii fmiu the department. 1 have neie
known so much enuip,eint of lionredatioiit umiu
the mail as prevails in the land at preaeut, and.
so fur as 1 bate ever Ixard, the pruirer authori
ties have made nu aixuiiit to Itrmg the guilty
ones tu ju-tn-e. I hue Ixird ot m iny robberies
upon Ihe mails in plio-es distant Ir m hero, but
now It is next tu iuinsible for a vnlu idle letter
o resell its ilenttnattnu, when sent from here In
Ha-eiitli, N. C T ere hate been Iwoaviii to l hat
place from Ixru. and the reception of one, 1 know
aud bo: h, I think, haie lieeii denied over tlx
sii:uaiui'es of till nn iwr pci skus. Had I n-nither
motii in desiring t reiea-r fimu the olbce, 1
w old not willingly bean agent ol a power which
suffer such ouuniiers to go uniiuutstxi, even
u icioiseil. lhee a ewitti me suthcienl reasou
1 1 u-'ilV nur den initiation.
The present quarter will end on lli31stin--iuiiI,
uik i ih, u 1 expect todiat-hurge my duty,
and nu more after that date do I intend tu receive
any mails. 1 pre-ume Una will be timely not. or
of hit iiita.tlion, and you can act aa you cbouae
about Ihe appointment ul eonx fiertou biact a
poatmiuiier atter the itlS'Ve aieniMiiieu date.
te -Vrry-rewiieu,luUvT uoia. Ac.
. jloTtvio hSSu, Eq.,
r irsl Assiatani I'osimaster nenerai,
WaauingtoB uiiy, D. C.
A C.vod Practical dofca.
An English paper tells a ttory of a scientific
lecturer, whiwe mpular d c ,ures on medicin
and tlx various science therewiili eoourcted.
bail given uffenc to tlx mote "urthodox" mem
hers of tlx profession. A eoopl of embryo M.
D.'s resulted npon testing bie medical akill.
They accordingly called upon bim, and, on of
tkem. a fix healthy young man, with a ruguish
eye. eomplained uf eeruin pains in tlx chest.
ough, night sweats, te. Tlx Doctor beard thi
tale, a-ked a BUiuir of questions, and, af i a
totig dianoaia, declared him ti lx ia deep eoa-
tumption. Thi wst juet"Tet wat wanted, and
tb young gents could hardly control tbeir mirth
whit Dr. Mill went bi pmecripttow, sealvd li
ap in an euvekipa, and diractad it to on of oar
list e'.rmi-ta, pocketed hi toej aad bowed tbeat
out of tlx room. Tu th ohexist'i tlxy rashed
to njoy tb pent ap Uugb aad handing bim lb
not be rand: "Thi young man it Buffering
front etreuw Arrata ia IB regloa marked lf-
astaem" by phranologiato. Pray, thrfor, girt
him amnion sense, ii grains;wit,l drachm ihorar
whip ad fioWasi J. M." W hardly eixet
lb Dqetur will get aaottxr prufnt tonal patient
33 Maiden Lana, Haw Tork.
nowned Salamander Safe Bank Tsulta
Baltimore Depot, 145 Pratt , . ,
Bostoa Deput, 14 Howard street.' ' v
. 127 Ir
F 0 R T IIE 1 , 00 0, 00 0.
(Ca;ttol $103,000.)
Mo. Sort Broadway, cor, alker Bt New York.
Are prepared to execute all enlert for Msatles
Table Tope, Cidimnt, I'edestiala. l'ilaatera. Slab,
So., In imitation of Siena, Urooatel, Pjranees,
Neapolitan, and all fancy Marblri; equal ia
trength, beauty, and durability to real marblt
and in una rrsneeta aunerior tharalA anil -1 u
lian naif the coat, bnlike marbs ited iron. wood er
late. It ia wholly free from all ohjeotinne which are
urged against mere surfaee wurk, share aint, se
pal vanttsh. Be. form the temporary potion and
beauty i f the article: MantrlsTrom 8 to $40. Or
ders from Hulldcrt, Cabin Makers and other ao
licited, and aatiifaotina gnaraateed. Agent for
tb principal eltiee treated with.
Josera LSna, Bee. Pi-.-rra Bivsts, Pre.
Ixitil 0. Micklii, T. Pre.
Raleigh October 1854. 12V ly.
HRS.8iSHBKWholci.le nd Irlull lillentrf
ind Mfivf buoui WarrDoaiw, 161 Irsadtir
xe v roiik'.
MRS. 8. Is sow la Earup tor ths insHtpirsm af
Klectiae; arliu a fur tb roriaa Trad, wkirk
will arrlraand hartaily for is-irrtiea a r aloai UiO
tirat of Mareb. foiiilii-rn and Wealarn Man-heato aad
Millinrra are reaiati Ifiiily lurilrd t call and raaraia
Ih aara toforr pareliatiux alar a li era. Pallara Baa
srUalwaja a kaml. ana atat by t irrsss I say aV
drtu. Feb. I I a im
irakl)i-flty Mnm Eijlni f arki.
wtyr.a stixit,, xtw roix, ,
Jfiinrjbv-liirert of tUeum Eugintt milk suraWr
Ihlcnt cut off ami Iluiltrt.
rpilR tubnoi inert not ualy SMi-rt toe supertarllj S.
X ib euaalnKtiu f tkeir Eauinar, bat will trf
4ina to IrauainitiMis-lriirU more pvwer wllb Iht taw
ai faea nf bwlltr.aa BI per eeal l,a araaanr ef ataaal
ikaa aay euW Kaniae stsaafaclurr ia tbe Caua4
b'talea, inaiaiaiuiat aa raalap4, ailboat ragarta
MtaouAt powar ppllt4 I llx tsiaa.
Alt Ir at ibrir hmg liriers a4 liiBtBas farlH
liaa. tbi ) a kaoal jdl n aoBpalitura la Ik waaatar
tarn of
Su,r Mill; ,ti anvf Gritt Sfdlt. fteant Was,
Mining ;v;m d iiturmy Jr Mih. bhujt
ing ami 1'ullirt, It any mml Ltykt t art-. .
ingM,and Mill Jforiarrg of ever f , t
timilhrr Plaatrra' stlratiaa ta aaitleaun-lT dlrwtoe'
Mtaraw aad insrt-e4 raasr still. Tka atatuuellyat"
euatlruelitx, estraorilluary l-iwev a4 treat aaraktlity
rtailtr, it aoetueit to p. rote to aa; bow ta it,
Orucrt by mail, ot tarwia, atioaa I wtta praaiit
aas a4 aitpstrk.
r ii'snos, i p. r. rutvv.t B cu.
. restus, f
. whilii l Fti. fl 8 im.
The Wonder of the Age.
ho pat! . "
Ir Dr. Tobias elhrat4 Voaallaa Liaiasrst aW
iM rax Ckulara, llyaealery, ra, Calie, tauks,
UraeepM, Voatil ng, Maaaaa, ToaUtaak. Uasdaaks
kne4 Ummam. t:m4 Feat. Miwiaii Biles. Uaael
8llB(, t'kri Raraaullaat, Bwtili. Ot it(
I'aia, Itoraa, knitnaat raaae Of woeiaaasto Bw
Lisjka, towk tan t bee. , ,
KO ll'ljl 0 T R f I T a
Dr. Tok aa ka warraatad kit tlaiaarwl rto aifM
joara wilbMt tr bavlaf a tianl at4a tor tot nv
isrn ortkosaaaor il utattaaakod stls ate aasiet
tag t tka stroatioaa.
ABor one aais n. Iry X 14 totlsrtttl
aayutisg ye bare ever IrW tofor.
r Tkaaaaal of rni8tata lata tooei raaeistd
tax tl ar virtaaa. Row a 4aye at hi tot
araetia U III to palm with ftxte Worn mt
keowa poraoaa, or civo by tboa who bar aeret ansl
ledtcia w lr. Tok, sars to ty
1,000 t 0 L L 4 R 8
to SB ea ake will proto Xat be ever patina
ootuaoat Sanaa laaUaaa a kas k4 bis sta taunt kr
IX as Pakix.
Jail o to afontt 4 t raa-rSM twassna
lea, Aa aoroMta ewvtow m -
rrtad la feaana.
A (oinl rwolutloa wat adopted by lb Legit-
foar uf injuring hi Broapacta tor Ih I'rasideoey, .tHr id" New Jersey al ito last seasnx to preienl
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Democraia, half a dwtea Northeva Rtate of tba
IU ltgrphd to New Txk eity to ptvveal
Aassriaaa eltisen. leaving oar shores to erlU ia
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friow thrwa hundred ttoxswnd to tt BiiIIiub uex
to boat a pwiiariy at mm, in irui cattx mM4rmi tad iwentyxr tsxataand dollars.
oflkil iwpaotod saaurr .
XXIHrklSI.MI a.H aad oatUn IB
part ot ia oowauf at aaaaMtf naa
$500 to $3000 ft 7tv
4sy uaraoaaalat aaB Saab. i WoaaX -isao
WIX Sal ywry aU owtioy aad a ftX.
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Argaaxal la r"B at bt.lrtassay, wlol rxx nf kx landlady wax d,4wHnga
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ri-l ia this t- w, bat, awlhxtively. ararxito "ob. b a goi4. eletar stauL I k,w, R,r b
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al be aVagblen Pur. ad lbfber,ibrw srb, I alway thought 1 tbonld bk bias Bat B
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