North Carolina Newspapers

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anno ab rroraiiToa. -, t
If paid triolly ia tilnm, tw dollar per an- :
a; w sonars ui irnj efuu, ir pant wiinia -.
ix saonth; snd tlive dollars at th ad of thai
(fflllllif it
' . ' 64 ,71 i
f-rrei cf r!Tn - Iircre-t
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(t.uT-.. cH-r.e l .e
revo.i.u .t-.sry liram.
fr 'in L throne o',;; f,
' At jin r Hy b - or, ,
, i.flWr, 17 in cni-.rii
j rmjcinttiH, I ciiiuui-'-! I
I to. rtj - ntrncl I i
J At the door ieV.i:n-el, 'jei
no yon can tear n-.tninir. I
mjse.t lacllr in fmr.t .,f i-
toe or.neeT; r
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ADrSRTISEXSXn aot exceeding sixteen
aes will btartad u tta far aa .dollar. aal
twsaty-tvs mats for lack subseqosat inaartioa.
Tkoaa of prester length wilt ba hargel pro para
tioaally. OuartOrdan ad JadieialadTarJiaaBiaot
will oaekirrM 1 par cant, higher thaa tka ahpra
rataa. A rauimasla dednetioa will ba aiada ta
fcata who adrtrtlja by tha yaar.
Book ul Jab Printiaa; doa witk aeatnaa aa
JaapaUk. and aa aoaoaiBrodatiiig tarma.
" general directory. "
' Wo. Dallas nywood, Tntcndant ot Police.
i i , OUIIIIMIONERS. - - . ''
Sattorm 'r(f.--Eldridge Smith, " '
" A. A 'lama. . -
Middle rTanJ.-C.-B. Hoot,
" R. II. lUitle,
0. W. Haywood.
. Wetltr Ward. A. M. Gorman,
V II. I). Turner. f
1 ' J. J. Cliriatnpher, Citt Clerk,
! K. II. Uartl. City Tiajtf.
Ciif Guard. Jamaa M. Crawley, .
". Jnrkaon Overhy.
City CVmW.6fc. Edward Ilarrii.
William Andrew.
A. AJain. Weiithmauter.
. Harris, Clerk ; of tli Mar-
T'i Suvrenu Court of North Carolina jelj
ta this city seiui-annunlly, n the second Jiday
in June, and the 3tlth day of December
Jnijea. lion. Freilariuk Nun, Child Juatice,
It. M( Pearson, Aaaocitttr udm,
W. II. Rattle,
F.dmnnd B. r'reeman. Clerk: Ham. Jonea,
Ren irter J. J. Utchford, Sr., Mnrnhall.
' The Itmlrd XLitt Circuit Court for the Dia
trict of North Carolina is held eaii-aunually in
thia city, on the lt Monday in June and the hut
Monday in Norembor. .
' Hun. J. M. Wavne. of fleorela; Hon.
' Henry Piittr, nf FnyetWTlllei IHatrict Attorneys
Robert 1. IMuk; Clerk, Wm. II. Haywood, Sr.,
MiirahaltrVeidPV Jones. - . ?
The Snjierior Conrt for this County, is hold on
he Brut .Monday after the fourth Monday in
Mirah and .Scutember. . i '
John 0. Moure. Clerk. .
Joe. B. Bachelor, Attorney General and Solic
itor nf the fourth Judicial District.
The Court of VI cm end Quarter Stttum is
held on the third Monday in February, May,
' Aojiit and oaeinlier. Jftt. ttlev, clerk. 4
ChitirmaH of the County Conrt. William Boy
Ian. .
' County Solirilor K. P. Marriott.
Sheriff of Wake Count William II. High,
Cert'WrV-Willip iSsott. ,
Ufijitter. II. llutmn.
., .. . '
B'Utk of the State of Worth Carolina. Inoorno
ruti' l Charter expiros in 1X0U, Cupita!
l.5K).X(. (Jivxle.i into U.tHHl uliarea of wbirh
tiia Literary Hoard bxdda 5,(127 anil the liiiiter-
SltT IIUMJ. . .
Princijnl Rank It Raletjch.'ir
tlfforse W. Monleeai, rVeallftntf
Cliarloa Itewy, fa-hiw.
J. II. Uryaii, Jr., TKlier aud Notnry Tnl.lin.
W, K. Ah'Idmou, I'i "imt Clrrk ana Notary
.1 jnlan WoniWe. JrM Herk.
Thia tine" tiranohoaut Xnwhera, Tnrhoro'
I'ayetlerKie, Wituiinitkm, Kliinlieth t'ity, tnur
I nto, .Milton, Morgiimon and WiinllriiT
- IIH'T"1.
. On the pirt bf the SUte : 1. W. CotirU, Puh
io T.evor-extillii'ii, 1 OH, Branch ami W
II. I';.. "
On lUa trt of tho S'iM!klTlor t W'ut ISojlnn,
Wm. Hear. J. II. ikrrxu, J. h. U. Roulha, Al
fred June ami li. V. Mm, i
i(Iwg n4 ItfimwalTl iT-TaM.lny. "
lricnu!ii d;v Vdiioa4ay. "
JVi'OM- ilil'l nud Uilla ot Kxchange Jiwount
ed every dnv. hmirs from 10 till 2 o'clock. J ,
P'lWjh Rraarh of the ftank of the Cap Fear
W 111'. LIU 11. Joli, (.ll-llllT.
R. P. Hiii u. idler auU tUTi Publio.
IJiariT-na. Oeo. W. Uvocd. T. 11. Selby,
8h Jonai, ( l.itllc,lr. Ibos. logic,
and C. W. 0. Iliih-limica. ' '
Oifarinj ly Al untny, Piamiuut day Tuesday
lllli-iijh ii l tlttslm HaUroad Company.
K. A. il unill'.ii, 1'reaulent, '
W. W. Vaas, Traaaurer, ' ,
J. 31. Pool, Anaiatant Treasurer.
C. II. Allrn.' 1'eoot .Vir'nL
1 Mnil trxitt leave 13 mlnutea before 6 A.
arrives at J 1. M.
Sortk Carolina Itattnai Comiiny,
Chu. V. Fi.her, I'reMdeot.
C. P. Mendniihall, Treasurer.
J. T. West, t reixht and Ticket AfirM .
Mml tra a arriraa 5 o'clo. k, A. M- from the
Eaats and ileoan. lm. after 5v'rloi-a. A. M.
M ill from the Weat arrives at 142 minutes af
ter 4 i.Yh k, P. M. Ionrt at 2J winutes
f jieSaVlmk, P. M.
JUWJl rjTTt I till 1 Bltla
from fiWhr Sckrir, M Aiiwn.naj Him
. ApplrtM't BoiWinj S44 34a Broadway,
laroarxiu, akb bialim is
Drogt, Filati, (lilt, Djti, Ptrfumrrj, It-,
170 r UtlamMtreet, Piew Yark,
INVITE the attention of the trade to their litrg
and taried stock of Drug; Faints. Oil, i'erfuai-
ery, ., &e. ' i 'ty. ,.
in ail ntloB to their rejrular importations of Sta.
pie Drugs, they are also receiving direct from the
aonreaa of production and manufnoture, snpplies
of(TooTR, II Aia, aa.l ' ul Bbushss, Uaonsa.CosK,
Mobtars. Hpoaoas, raixra ami Kvolhh ftarcx
er, Lrsm's Extbaots, and many other articles
nsuallyanbnired in Druggists' stocks, which thry
are also enabted to offer on the most advantageous
terms. v '
Orders, either in person or by mail, will reeeirs
prompt attention, " y
June 2(1, 1866. . ' . tr 77
Pint Prtminm Guld Ma Finna-Fartn.
' mxt rABTi-BExs, 84.iB8 waiks stiiiets.
1) espectfully eall the attention of the public te
, their apleoilid aiwonnitnt of semi-grand and
iiire Tianos, which, for Tolume of tone, elastici
ty f loach, beauty of tnisb, and in short every
thmz that renders a l'iano perfect, are unsure.
sed. They were awanled the first premium for
both kinds in competition with the most distin
guished makers from Boston, Philadelphia New
lora, end tiaiumore, .
aad tleaoiae, sreeih uf ISJ4 brnOe hi bt.N
Bl V lunasn, DMSKiicr, ntuns, n.v.
I asptrajM. . iCitroa, for preserve,
erg Giant. Mwrd.
,'. itThite,
(Basker Pnap sthnrts ) 'Bpiwb,
Early l-ix-Weeka, or k'arlyj Otm,
Muhwk. ' I ttuiam,
Hsd Speckled ValeaUua, arf ilvw Bklaaed, or Wklta,
tied Marmw, jbarge Yeilew Straikara,
Brown 5perkled Taleatiae, bsrge Red Wetherinsld,
Rfugt,. or Thousand lo-lTop or Battoa Oaiou,
One, White r.irlursl.
Red Fr-nch, " ' Vellow Itatcb,
Cranbery Bush, . lisnvers Yellow, new,
Eur Karly Victoria, barge Ked, -Hov.l
Dwarf.oe While Kid. Karlv Rod. foitrAl
Ney. . i'arafry.
Early Yellow Si.vtteeks, jCarled, v Duahls, .
Cinna Red Eye, or Esrlv.Piala oringle, i
V hlns, 1 t'ortmip.
Larue Lima,orButlerfteans:arar,
Carolina 8ewee or baba. jtlollow Crownad, or Cap,
lift. ' i ot.
Eitra Early Turnip-rooied. Ltndreth's Extra Early.
Karly Turnm.rooud Koit.iEarly Frame.
Long Blood Red, . Esrly Washington,
Bileslan or Hujrnr, s) !Erly May c,
Nsngnld n unset, Ksrty Charlton,
Karly Orngo do, Bishop's. Dwsrf Prolifte,
r.arly llsll-l,i,ng BiooU, ;IwnrfHlIuc Imperial,
Ptsikwat h Snss have iust been awarded the
FIRST I'rommm (.OLD MKIML (over nil eomprti
tors) at the late Fair i f the Ameriean Institute
Crystal Palace, for the UEtjT Pianofortes.
47 tf.
Freueh Ati)txr Su"sr,
Karly Puoh,
Early yirtr.
iefliidt eth'i Larf) Turk, .
Karly Iiitter!nei,
Grn V'urlei. Svot,
iairpv ummliH'l nnTcy.
Vat tk Woa Tratrirr.
... -v Uitla Johnny.
" What i Toif name!" said I to a littla lm
whom I met as I was crossing the railroad tract
on sit war to the station.
"Jnha MoConne)," answered ha ; arid there
was something so clear and musical, an re fined
t'. .:.l
vt ti, t- 1. w w l.
aliltaeelebrated Admiral Lur4 itm-v lue !...:.!
Tlie,"t'"'',I'',,.''',,u",i',,V l""el. It m
..... a n,, ,'., mm-, -. n Vfll.'l .TV r."!i: J Pl-V l'''l
snd wst -ii.j-c I in the ant:iuite.i in e a.ih
vTaahlnrtea isliarliiz hla niinketwltha NecTs, The Uiiputed Wisconsin Csrcraorsh!p,
tt. . ,i , ' . , . ,. laaacaraUoa of doTaraar BTrthford-.l-anny
The tidiowins" anecdote we bad in Neils s
.J j ... . ..... r, .I--'-' ' "" - .
T . . ""-;-"'"""""'- f ir hare aires !y britflr noted the f acs that : g'a-s, ai- ne..-e,
wnere It Is ere-litel to l.mley s dUady . the S:i;ire ne Court of Wine. men has rousted Mr. 1 h in with d irk t
and to the pen cf tha Uer. Iluurt F. UarrinjS- ' Karstosr fnmi the tvaution of trofernor of Wis. i of tho S''h AroiiiU,
lentfeu uit.s t'Hor,tn'it tfic
t'uo K'
SfiChtry, i
i-n e, i
1UMI (U Cilt int of
'"n. Tli walls "ere
"!'. n tho d -tc-ji
bad ti-.c ',e.vptire of
cwisin. in f.iviir of lr. Oolts Hwbf.ird, and that t recoii'oiz.;(.-in the crowd of j cistrs, C t.i1j
Lieutenant Ootemor McArt'.ar, spun Mr. Bare j and West, the painterf, with x roe Arnvn-'o-an la"'
1 rove's vacatin theoflt.. at'eninted toaenme tiie ' dies. I also notK-e-l some di:o,-iei A ,.r. l,T,
in nia ti ne, i tippe.i to ouoerve him more t liall was the bidy ar-rant of Cokinsl Pirkerinr, ' wiMttm ajitiiat the right BsahMM. lh j royalists in the grtuj),
ciosety. - poor iittie rner;ea nny : there was t r Jussachiise'i. He wt free and cmnjumta-! Slirtuki Amcriosn narrates the scene as nil.
eearcoly a Whole natch in his little short jacket, j tiro, and delighted to sit Jowu with a ; Interested I lows! ' - "
ilia ootton tnwaera were liel.l on br a towatrinn. , listener and nmr out those stories and absorb - About 11 o'ch ek. A: M.. Gir. ' BashfoM, a
aim nis mu sumcnea aooea annweu nia poor ts , Inn and exciting auocd ites with which his mora- f eiHniinnied tr his pmate senrifWry, Mr, n. .
bata, and reil I with the cld. But his pirm would j ory wasatorej, j Uonkine, of Matlitoa repaired to the 0.itil, and
how itself round and chnhlvr.ln spite of the on- ; .'it is well known that there was no officer in arriving in the toatibule. prwemloij immediately
seemly, hij small dimpled hands, and : tlia whula American armv whnaa-menniri wns i to the door of ibr etecutite itnurtment and fnund
his sweet round face, pure white fureheail, (rent doarer to Wahi0jfta, and vrl se cminl was ! it lucked. Knockint, however, tha lata print
Royal Dwarf Marrow list.
Blue Prussian. -
h'srlv Champion of Enirlanu
Large White atstrowmi.
J 'couvr.
fjsrgs Pwoet, Bsll-shapod
Tomato, or Flat,
(.ayenne, or Long,
I 'owpjtua, . ,
Red Dutch, (for riiekliax.i't'ashaw.
T.srge Late Drumhead, jfoniaion Field, 'mr Ckrese.
iL Scarlet .Short-top,
thong raluion;
White Turnip-rooted,
Long Orange,
. 33 Maiden .Lane, New fork.
nowned ft .lamander Safes-. Bank Vaults,
Baltimore Depot. 146 Pratt.
Boston Depot, 14 Howard street.
. ; 127-ly.
FOR THE 1,000,000.
(Capital ?lf,5,rH.)
Na. 3tM Broadway, rer. V alker t. New York.
Are prepared to execute all enters for Monties
Tsbjs Tops, Columns, Pedestials, I'ilssters, Hlabs,
to., in Imitation of Siena, Broratel, Pyrauees,
Neapolitan, and sll fancy Marbles; equal in
atrengtb,, beany, and durability to real marble
and in some respects superior thereto, and at less
Inn hall tbeoo.t. I'nltke marbe ited iron. wood or
stain, H i.wholly tree from all objections which srs
urged sgainat mere surfnee work, where rsitit, eo
pal.vaniisk, 6-e. form the temporary polisa anil
beauty i f the article: Mantels from H to f 4)1. Or
ders from Builders, t'abine Makers and others so-
lieitod, and sotisfsotion guaranteed. Agents for
the principal cities treated with. Lam B seo. IVtfr 1ie.v5ii;, Pres.
Lovri, U. MicKLsa, V. Pres.
Ral OcUibcr IrWid. . llllt ly.
new Touk sui.ixj:ky.
MRS S!MTfjN Wbolrtolf and Kdnll MUmiy
iml Straw GiKidi nnnhonvr , -H Broadwnj
MR, f ts now lo Kur-iTH- for ibe cvpres pnrjKise of
seteetlnw aoreltif s for vlia Sprl.-x Trs.le. wtii.k
four UVFICK. ' i
WiiliaTt WMta. tr.. Post Master.
Onice b mra, oa week days, Irum Sun-ris at 9
I', il.
Altr glism, or Field,
Large White, or Field!
White Solid,
Red Bolidv
Vorn (arf'oa.)
Evcrgreea Kujtar, ,
Sweet, or ruirar, . :..
rlarlv Canaila.
Eurly York,, or Adatn'sjiimrh Snmmer eVallop,
aarly, I white,
Tascarora. , illutuh Summer rsllop,yel-
f?aifoseer, flw.
Early Asistie, (Imporleil.).('oeva-nut, -Late
Dutch. tVslparasio, er Porter.
. Oram Prpprr flross. j .V'aoi-Ag- .
Broe.sli Ijrte Hurpls end Savoy leafed.
tape, i,nrge n one v.spe, pnrklj seen.
Ked Turnip-rooted.
Yellow Turnip-rooted,
iSummer While,
A6flrb, or 'i.-pinl.
i(,iV, or (lflr '(ot,
Early Bush, or PaUy Pan,
Ksrly Apple Rusk, or Egg,
Long tlreen Crookneok,
Hush trooanscK buiui
blue eyes, nnd grolden hair, one bright eurl of ' more esteemed by him. than that of the honest
which was hansrtng through a hole ir his rng- ; nnd pitnot cJCohmcl Pickeiing. He onHn
ged eap. made altogether a pictnre thttt many a ' timate terms with him, and uiib(V,iimcd hiuiwlf
stately father and mother would be proud to see , to him with as liu reaoi ve. jis, perhaps, to any
in their luxurious homes. the:r own. , j eonB lant In the army. Whenever he was ata-
" Yoq going in the cars?' aVe.t he. tioned within su -h a "ilist inoe as to admit of it,
" Ve, I stn, Johnny1. Do you like to look at ( he paaed many h.oirs with tiia IVionel, bon'ull
them going ssfasff" ' I ul".n uticipaled ni. aiurcii, aud deligbt-
" Yea ma'am, 1 Intra the ears ; they look so ; ing In his reciprocated fi ieudsliip,
bripht and happy." j . Waahinon was tliorcfora often hrmiirlit into
"You look brihtor thivn they -doTohuny he- contact with the servant uf Uuhmel I'ivkarinjt.
onqae ymf have Rot a sweet tbirkitig soul,' aud the donots i Vtimua. An oiipotunit.v -aa offoreHl
they hav'nt. At yoo fcanpvf" The child east a ; tu the iicgru tiv ni tc .ttuy tuuler. uiwuislaoia
g!iip.,i fam-Boni ImAtMt eho and isfbl j'tery diftWeot rVwii lh..i tn which he is unmlly
flutl.'ea, end answered .- ' . j broulit W'lore the public and which" puaaiBa,
"Yes, I guess I am, ImiI I am 4o!dv, you J therefore, atriViio; chorrn. 1 remember two of
snpi is cold as I am? riliee anscd tes the im uth i f I'riinits. One
" iHir soul ia n aweet. pure, littlo soul, and at of H em is very ii;;!it, indeed, vet an peculiar as
denr to your Ilearerily Father us tlwn!H i .lo be rpHie,f sritit iutotost. V.he authenticity
were exes so rich, or warm, or .happy:" said I, ' of both ni.iy twfolly relied upon. '. ...
with a sudden gifh of tears, and an Inward e rar-, W v-l.ingion nte caiiIa to Col'liel Piokcring's
tug prayer nr run : mar t mmni rree tuni j Qiinrie.-s, ana louan turn alieeht,
f Vleoeieer.
Extra Early UossisB,
Esrly Frame or Table,
Short Prickly,
Early (Ireen Cluster,
Karly Frame,
Early Short flreen,
Lonir Ureon Turkey,
Long tjrren (Keene's)
7l,0oro, Or lAKtmApjAt.
jLarge Het,
ILarge Yellow,
IPear -shaped, . a
I- TWsip.
EorIy Flat Dutch, firs p.
'iRed-topped, fttrsp leaved.
iKsrly tone.
D.arge Norfolk, . ,
Pmoll Cherkin, tslobe,
t'ng Voi.f, or Afi-f'f'ioi.A'ellow Aberdeen,
a .11 arrive Hbil I ready for llopeitioa on or ebon Itis
Tlrrt of Msirli. onlhern and IV.-i.lero Men-hsnls snd
atUliaara sre raspoe4ioUv..4ai4l seM oih -ssmiws 4-
Ihs ssioe before purchasing elsewhere. Psltera tton-
aets slwsvs on hainl. rn. rrat by i srrrer i- sny ad
dress. LFek. s.l -Sm
BrwVlTB-citjf Mfin Eapine Workt.
S. P. BUEBOH ft Co.
ilauuj'ai turert of Sttum l.ttamtt trsVA Jluntim't
1'ultiU cut off anil Boitert.
Early Parplf.
Esrly Curled, or Out Sals
bsrly t si.baze,
Botier l.ettoi-e,
lrnwn IniT.-b,
Uoyal fabhare,
PtillsdelrPla rsbba,
Crld India, ov Ire,
r, bite Cos, -(Irwn
- . . Jeoas. .
tVst'l's Ket'tfir,
Pine aop'a . r Prlsn,
hkillt.M' Fine Neltteil)
Briu-hwtSod, (rslra line.)
Curfttien rVr,
Ui 'Villain f oih Water.
Da.'l- y. ..r rioontsin facet,.
oi-w Or-cgo. , 1
Ttr er ttwrtrin.y irm rrrihrarre th tlitra
yert,r,.'uient, te .
i.-otrh Yellow.
'Rota Baca, r Swedlih,
Herk need,
.1. Lavender,
ijeman Bslm,
Ho.Vmary, '
iSav.'ir. Jturomrr,
I .' Wii.i.r,
'et Jtiwil.
'.-'we-t Msrjorsm,
wsot Thvaio, -
j fr'ruai rrd.
It By the pound bushel.)
iRed . lover,
'White Dutrh t'lovsr,
ibnc-me, or rrriirb,
iltlcs times,
ller.U or Rd Top,
Thootl y,
(Canary Bead,. . ,
delicate plwt of un eenity hu.'ks. nnd bring U
Tnto an n'liirwphere whirt shnulit be firorahle to
the dcrclopment of such a rare pcm. Fi f g' ld,
that I might olothe in soft, sweet linen, those
graceful litnha--encxM fhosa little nnmh feet in i
wool, and softer fur and kid 1 that velvet and
rich cashmere ehoubltnke the place of the coarse i
linsey-wooleey. end thnse glossy curls bo smooth.
ed avt arraugea to tieoomethat intelligent brow; 1
for gold, that more than all beside, I might bur
education's wand, wake , the slumbering angol
within cause sweet thoughts and pure "spira-
Hons to start up in that unciiltiTSten brain, that
the anirit. instead of Wine like a elod in that ilk-
clad, cold little body, should spread it wingd like
a young engle. should gather nappinessand in
struction fnim all dod's gifts in. nature, and
from them olleet the thoughts that at last timid
carry it to perfect purity beyond that golden
With a great choking in my throat, I gay
him a small coin, and charging hi in tn keep a
good way offfrom the ears. I Jcfi him :and when
I passed along in tlie train a few moments alter,
he sto, J jn the same spot, his little finders twir
ling the bit of cnoney, and hi- bountiful bright
hair tossed ahottt his face by the n"Hh wind.
I thought of bint standing there on theciusted
snow many a time that dnv. end mnnv were the
L plans I secretly laid f..r his lu tofit in the lulu re.
I instinctively looked out when wo passed the
-fit is muntttarv' esid lie In; Priimni "I niri '
grenlly in need of exercise. You most balp me
to got .some l0" y ur male,' returns."
I'nder Washington' directions, the" negro
bunifd himself iu sonic simple prQivtrutione.- A
stae was driven infn tho gn und alaiut brest
high, a rope tied to it, nml then Primus wns de
eired to stand at some distance and hold it horr-
sontally extended.- Tha boys, the country over,
era fninillinr with thia plan of getting ayrt
With-true Imvish. test Vashingln ran forward
aud backward for some time, jumping over the
nipeas he ennie ami went; until lie expressed
himself satisfied with the "eteroise." ?
Repeatedly nftcrwan. when a fhTornhle op-
fortunity.nltored, he would say: "Come- I'rlmus,
am in ned i axeroise,"- whereat the negro
would drive down tha stake, and Washington
would jump over the rope until he had eroiod
himself to his eon tent.
On nioseoood occasion the General was en
gaged in earnest conversation wit,h Colonel I'io
wtiitiii in his tent until attar the night had fair
ly act in, lli'A.liimi tera were at a considerable
uistaiice, and Vashiiigbn signitied bis prefer
ence to staying with the fotoneiitiver night, pro
vided he had a ejuiro hutnknt and straw,
"0 yes," iid Primus, who was appealed ti
"plenty of straw and Mnukets plenty,"
lltKin this attirnc Witbingten eimtinued his
conference-tilth tha Colonel until it was lime to
Attiiur and hande'l him a copy of tha judgement
rendered by the Supreme Court. -Mr.
McArthur having read the document, then
said t " 1 bare read this paper, Mr, Ryan ; have
ynu nvthing further to otfer T"' ,; O
Mr. "Ryan Nothing further, sir, unless 0o.
Bashford wixhea te sneak. --, :.;'
i'listlovarn-ir. Well, Mr. MoArthur.Xtn&in
off his ornruont and httngiiig it over a ehaist) I
hve come to take poaaessinn of the executive
apanments, and demand of yuu the-pipers be
longing therein, tl'.e keys of tht snfea, desk, ic,
together with all which pertains to the executive
Mr. MoA. (alter a pauselWen. Mr. Bash.
fortior foecjiswr, smiling and bowing to Baih
fiml.) I ha e to ity simply this, that I hold ih
flfiicer of llovernor of the Stat under the consti
tution, and denying na I do the teinstitutionnl
rights of the rvupreine L'ourt to exer. be jurisdic
tion over the ca-e whien tticy nave iust uecuied
secref try of Mr, H tratovr, Mr. Huorer, oame to
the d-ir an 1 ttiretr it one.i, Ttie 0iverunr, a
eouipaiiif d by a lew fi inKtlien en erwi and was
crdislly greetoil by Mr. Me Arthur, who invited
hit lobe seate j, torol'ior wiih those who entered
with nice. Mr. Hyatt then approached Mr. Mcthm of his eiunti"ns.nce. It a a nvmient of
"After waiting nervrW tara In urs ti c a,.r,., h
of th King was aunoum-cd l.y a tre,neioi ui
roar of artillery. Hoentercd at a small d.-or on
the loft of throne, and iiume.liale'y scnted him
self upm the chair of Stat inft graceful attitude
with his right foot resting upon aatoul.- He ru
clothed in royal rotiey. Apparently n;it itel, 1,3
drew from his pocket the aomll c mtxniii; his
speech. The commrina were sutnaune l, an l.sf
tor the hoatl of theirsntranc hml ubsidc.l, lis
piwoeedcd to read hi speech.'
"I was nmr the King, anil watched wi;h in
tense Interest every tone of tote an 1 every rm-
place, on my return, where I left him in thMnr j retiretoreft. Two humble bclswetesp ad,side by
tiin';; but I did not see biiu ; 1 v astlill ihinkinf
of the grviat surprised hllie eves, sptl the little
plan I had in my hea l, when a grettt rri'h to tb
doocs. and a erv, " boy kil'cd!" froxo my hi io.
" Yho is ii ? vvlio is it resounded on allsiJos,
hut it was in. t until we re o'bol the station tbnt
I heard 'hem ''er,,'.l hniiv Mid'un.'iiOI." Ho
side in the trnf, and the offie rs laid tlium-clves
down.ivhilo I'riinitsseeiiift i lo he busy withduties
tiiat retitiireil his attention befoi he could sleei
ilu worked orarjare I to work. uotU the hrea'i'
ing of the p-oMratc gcutlcmen satislied him that
they were, sleeping, .ojid then seating hiuise.f
upon a tfn or stix.l, he leaned bis head on bis
rTt UK subset ihersaot only asssrl the superiority s
X Ike oijB.lroetion of tlo ir Kncine., bul oill guerf
suiee lo iraaswot one-uoro more puwer wit me ,hbi
s rises of boiler, and 3V per rent Irss peessare of sirs ni
tksa sny other Enxloe meiiure4tarrd ia Iho Failed
eiates, tuslnialniog aa eqaai siid, wukoat regard u
assuaal of wer applUd te the eagine.
Alsorr. at ihetr long expeneaea an Imaisnee rs.ili
Ilea, tbey aekBeabdge eoavotitrs in tk taaaafas
tars of
Siir Jtfi's. Auraaei O.iet MJU, Wntm Imp4,
Mmmg iMtups a tf iMmrif jur Mimm. AAi
imnaod I , 'aryoaaW Ijijht f'asf
uiye. fla.l M'li Mrlinrri of rrrry
ItetrTiptinm. -
Voalhera Ptantevw' stlealie Ifl partlolarly dire, led
taessiaesi swdiapewted easar it. 1 he aiMplleily of
eoa.iraetiTvi oaieaeealiaery power aad great oarslobl
render! It decidedly onpriir to any ew ia IM.
Ordeeshy astl. t oUieraise, va wtltiprowipt
sen and dirpaiefc, h
b. r sreeoy, ) D. P. fCRfOS It CO,
. cosslis, V
s. . nus ) F.b 0 Jaj.
Tie 'Wonder of the Ag.
so pay! .
"I t Dr. Tobta-' eelel.rai
ot ears t belrea, Dy
whs unt ki'lsd, but both tbioie little evdd feet, bands to olitnin snch rerv.s as so inconvenient a
(that 1 h I pitied so in tl morning and eisil i p.,iti.,n would allow. In tha middle (if the
witluiinagiiinry shoes an.I warm sh ekings nil j 'night Washington awoke, lie looked shout. Sod
day.) were cuitie. .,u under ti c wooeK lie i ,lcscne,l tho nero as he sat. lie gasod at him
A largo lot of Mourning; poods.
Boiahastnes; Moiiair Larlrts; Csatoa Cloths, .
Alpaooas and DoLsias.
W.H. A IS. 8. TI CKER.
r) LIFE. Just received a large supply of this
ruly valuable work. W. I. 1'UMKHOY,
October lttllt.
Hak Honey when Ton Can I
riMI desire to laoeare the Badivbled at
1 teatioa ofsa Ageal in evar Coaaly of ike Tailed
Hisfee, ERIidenl sed eapshle asea easy make several
dollars for dsy. wishes! rl.k .or kaaikuggery of any
kind. Fall B-rtieolsrs of ik nature ei tba kssiaes
will he given by s'MresMng the swheeriber, sad for
warding CM Fuel' OStea Blasnp so peepsy rerwrB Boet
ag. . PtREY A CO Philadelphia, re. -
fnhlnrile Riir-ftiitin tU Eaty i.:t!j.
TttK ana lr.;rn..l hsl Jail oeaed Sh ip at Mr.
ThofoanVs totMiBg. er ','ne co-nee east of Iho
North Cerr-baa rWfc etn. fIr epei-lsl aeooosaia.
dslto t entletr.,' whs dWira a plrs'sel share, sat
U Avrevd hesd of lisle. He hopes by hu skill and
I Uo-e to kurhwlaesa awl ouly lv weTtt. bat
roes a lihstal ksrs of the ttranage of ibe ponte.
J.T. ALhTiiV.
tuleij,?!, AogeM, ISit. ly
lelr.led Veaellss Llsilneat d.a
ry, t.raa, .(le, t rht
. j iT-psi. sweatees, jotta., iweuoseBe, tlrsoss
I h0ed llsnHt, Cold I'r.l, MaeqeiM Miles, loe.fl
(asxival avb Birsari sg or aiu at uutci rv""lr ,""? "tut
t r.i. Haeae. ttrwieas. aaa rain, m w,.tuu ik.
Through Msil ekaw daily at 8j a. m
Way Msil " " at I p. n
Arrive daily it l e,
ThsJ'ara loais th deput ' ( ll ) s. n
Che daily 1 at J p. bx)
" ArYiv duly at 6 p. SB
e Tin Hack Uavea, . at 7 p. sa
WESTKR.K MAIL (Bt Bsilbosb.)
.Closet daily . . U t p. as.
Arrive daily . . at 4) p. m.
Tk Trasa leaw) at 4 p. BS
tJOliPMB'trtO'.M AKr (Bt Rett.)
Clae daily, Bl t p. m
Arrives dily at 5 a. srl
Tk Car leave daily at ' Wm after & a. as
. TAHn0U(MAIl.(,)
. Cbsseeoninday.Toea andThirr., at t p. sa
A rn re Toos lav, Thnrw. and fat., at T p.
1 llak Issmi Most, W4.n Fri., at A 'a. Bx
PITT8UOlU)'MAIle 4 Br Tiist-nt-asa lla t
' I'lusMU Taeaotay i d hatunlsy, at 9 p. SB
Amree aa Monday sad Tbwrsdev, at T p.
start Iswvaa a man. and Vt sol. lml I I. B
HpltB4ld Stotk ofOood!
T V aes Bow reoivioif W iwfol et.A of
IT d . 4 i f tt. lleie.tse.
Sey. aad lio-tilo. kes Sf 1ms
It prior Teri il Ike Oritlml Oil.,
a rWoJa.f llpowao?, oo-f in ,f fofu iVi;
si,v, if J, , J, 2 aol 4 pitid:
101 llll II
-31TZI1TS H CO..
oamisii. rsvys'oss i va srr.i.LK sa rsra,'
fAole.rJs Deslsrs Is Teas saly.
.f. IT. f.r ,.f .Vorlrf u. l V.. it ,v'lr,-e.,
htd ran lo swing hi enn at ll cars, that he
th-rtight "looked so hrighi and hnripv," and his
feel slipping, be foil and ws entitled uu lec th
It was s niise-ah'a dingy lo uimi wi.ore t weni
hnreeli-m. A piw, d'nrrv. tlrtr rumnled had,
wiita:La..iiiW-iji.tig tuaamg ahont-m-his airoiiVT
li ia tittle li'sliu's clim bed, and his btus eves lo.'k-
ing Lirger and more unenrtbly than eter.
bsik s small fx-nb from my hair ant) smoothed
Lie beautiful locks, th touch seemed tn tranquil. 1
tie hnu, and looking up with a smile that euauf
ti. d's nn.rc la micht wear, heapuk in that sweat, ,
Lclear ton :
"O, yoo hav got back, hav'nt you f 0, I
didn't mind you; 1 didn't keen 'way off, but tbey
kept I". .king happier and happier, aud I tjpuldu t
help swinging my eap at them." .
)er little unnny, ar you in pain?"
"No ma'am s hat I am going to tlie, and go
ing to my Heavenly Father ; ji u said he love I
my soul. Hid you make b'l'.s.o that, ur j it th
" It is th troth, littl dear; sll his sweet i ,.
gels was one dear little childi n, who oried and
got hurt, and o ma of tLwi wcr bruiesd and
lorn lika yoo."
" If the'., feci wer ebt off, ) their oul
walls an ran ?"
1 tried in my imperfect wsy to answer lb
questions of this eager little suiTorer. I triel 1 1
show biui what I saw Ly faith-tli green quiet
hills and shady rallies where th little ehil IrcB
and th plesaant lain lie would play together with
out fear and where the warm sunshine o( His
smile aljii.h would furnver hssj aiid oomfort
Uietn in the land uf th ho il . (
A few days of lulTering and th tweot spirit
was rslease l; and I llrn;lit as I looked nn lb
peirbsit beauty nf hi dead fare, h"W mean and
worthless were the velvet ttn i tine linen in wbii h
my bsnds would fain TVivs i Viihe l him, and lb
e-lnemiion with which I would have endowed him.
ouisued ailh tli spolloe r.ils of immoriftlity
wliit-hwer puwupotiliisspirit.afidtirfiiiiexbaust
W '.t f uiiiaius df tmih and ko'rwl'!,.-") hi b
wer now hi ivit tidraw fr ro forever aud cvr.
n favor of y. mm If, I must decline to vacat
theo rooms.
thrilling and dignified exultation. Al.ers. ma
general and urlul remirta, he eontinue.1 ;
" 'I lost no tiuie in giving the necessary nruVi
to prohibit th further oroacettriotitvf lilensiv
war upon the continent of America, t Adopting.
my inclinatimi will always !ead in to lin.wiih
declsmn and effect, whatever I (So leet to hi thn
gens of my Parliament ui my people, I have
fnintd all my view and mcasukg in finrepe. na
n North America, to an entire find cordial re
conciliation with the colonies. F'uvling it indis
pensable to tho attainment of this object, l li I
not hesitate hi go tn the full length ol'tlie p,m crs
vested in me and"' offer to declare them
" 'Here he pausej, snd was in erijent agita
tioncither embarrassed in re-idm his spcoclt
by the darkness of th puom or etTected by a very
natural inntum. - In a moment be resumed:
"And offer to dnehre them free and indepen
dent States. In thus admitting their senaratron
from th erown of the king lorn, I hav saeri
8ced every consideration of my own to the wi-hes.
and nnlulons of my people. I make it mv hum.
Mr. Ryan usked Mr, McArtbur ifh wished to bl and anient prayer to Almighty Hod that
be understood that hetMef to leave, and then
wstit on tn explain to w 'tat extent the statuis
authorised Uov, HaeliTord to go.
Mr. MoArtbur. On won Intend. Mr. Bsshfordi
tn pnt me out by fore if I refus to leave ? Let
us understand esch other snglit.
The (lor. 1 do not Wish to ssy as much ss Jlr.
Mo Vriinr, bur - ,
MoA, (intormi ting. V we tr now occupying
antagonistic relations, simply np in pefiimf
? nation, and shall not treat It aa a personal sf
nnt, sir, for yo to answer me m th affirmative
if luoh ts your delerminathin. it It Is vonr to
venilun vo new inrow to egvownii mv, sun win eo
sny, I will oonsider it eonstructiva fore and
Mr. Hunter. Privet Sacrstsry, foiD Mr.
Bashford, out with it, any what yon mean, act
ntte a man I
The Uor. Then Mr, MoArthur, I will say, that
should yo reluee tu giv op posaaaaioa of these
mom, peaceably, I shall feel it my duty tu us
whst fires would be necessary to eject yon,
- MoArtHur. That ia Buinoicnt, sir. I consider
this I oiisrucrlveieetiuenL I will now yield to
you thn poassin of thee apartments. .Mr. Mo
Arthur then rose and groatied liny. Baahford or-
dislly by lb band, and after a few minutes'
eonisis.iti.ih. quietly witlulrew, having acted th
K t.tleitivnthruuirhiiut, tioi. B-ishf -rii immeibate
after taking posses-i' h sent up his message to
tbsoeiiai, .
t'nrle Hen's Mcrntoa.
A oorresre.ndent of the Rn-ton Post fiirnisfies
th hdsowiiig, hinii he coils Lncl Hen ne(
num. and which, he remarks, ooowius many
flreat Britain may not fhul the evils which might
result from so great a tlismemriermeiitof the em
pire, and that America may b free from tli
calamities which hf,ve formorly prove-1 in tu
niothr country how essential monarchy is tn the
enjoyment of eoiiitiitional li'jorty. Religion,
language, itiTtrest,'anTalfi'Cti''n mar, and I bojie
will, yet pnrve a bond oJ,ipertnat-ntunion between
the two oonntries,"
Ptatement of the Kplrit Rappers,
Since it has been universally eoticectlc'l that
Ih steamship Pacitta ia lust; th Spiritual Tele
graph publishes a statement from Mr. 8. W.
Itrilt.m. tnerehant of New York, giviiir- full
parlk-nlais of the manner ia whi.h that ill fud
Vessel perished, which h obtained, a. nie time
go from spirit. Mr. Rrlttoiy docs not explain
his reasons tir withholding this revelation lilt
sftcr th Pacific was geoarally given up. Why
did h not lisp a word to roller the general anx
iety 'which was felt almtit her fate, liofuro sotn-i-
ihIo had sunk iutu tloepair ? This is a new edi
tion of th Asetic's ghftt, wlius reve l.ui uu aero
Biade thr-jugh Judge Kdmonds, hut never heard
nf till after the whole' rounfrr hid obtnim d ll
full particulars of tlie wrea k. Win n aiil the
inipudcnc uf iiuposiurs ecane f
awhilo: ami then souk.
-r "PiiBus!" sniil h. calling, 1
P. iuiua started up aud tubl adhiseyoa. "What I wholeaome truths
fletieral t'' iiii Me, j.., ,r. , . ,, (:, .. . 4 . linns tltsi's .Sganall. Nnt Inany hours ago,
Vkshiugtop vim up in hir lid, "IVimue,1
said he, "what did you mean by saving you had
and si ni w ; Biinilgtftrtlifii utl liav i?..l?KcIy pi ithiniun," amd th old daan,
I heard Lncte Ben r)isouseing th waiter to his
sou. whe woo eompl-iing ef preseura.
given up your blaukat and stra-v to ax that 1
may sleep comforubly, while yo r oUiijsol to
it through the niobt. .
"It's noiliing, tlcnernl, sTj Primus, It's
nothing. I'm well enough, D n't trouble your
self lniul me, (eneral, but go tu sleep again.
N.'.i mailer about me. I sleep very''
'Bnt it is matter It Is intlr," said Wash! g
ton earnestly. "I cannot do it. Primus. If eith
er Is to sit up, I will. Rut I think t'-Ors Is a
naad of citlior sitting up. Th hiHiikel is wide
noitgh for fwn. Coin, ixiti L da bar with
me." '
"fm, Cenerai,1 sa'J Primtis, Hurting and
pro'eetb.g. N o; let here. P. I do very
I Well ou lb stool." , . i
"I say, coins and lie down her suid Wash
ington authoritatively." Thei is room lor bsth.
and I insist up., a It! '
11 threw ne lit blanket as ha spnk. and
moved Li on aid of lb straw, Piiiuu profes
sed to have t-ern xeeeltiigiy -ho, ke-l at the idea
of lying under tlie snuie Coveritii w:ih tho (out-
uuvo-ler-in t htef, but hie toots were so rwolnle
and determjnej that he eonM n it hnata. lis
prepared Inm-e'f, therefore, and -laid him-elt
down by Washington, and on Ibe same blanket
Ih tleiieral and the ticgro sci-tai.t slept until
moruing, ,
, SOOMS.Ceor.
pWl.lsh, so s. Sbey baee bo-a V S4 eoetlty tpey
W'tt b wl oa she Bo-et ssiolease savaM.
We shall be .I.e.. 1 ba sh.w U'wi is ows earfaxee.
Irbpsbsawd tas gsibiie reeoiiy
IH It Trt;kB.
Heps. II to. in
sti-orw. otiTrsta itnkHnM,
LiBbs, Bark sa l tbe.
NO lit M 11 0 II T T IT.
Dr. TVs has aorraalel bis Lisusesat for eight
yeerswt!h"t evee fca-iog iili-wer-l mod for Ike ra.
tor of iheaieey til ihot U s-hed i bs aes It aeeoed.
lag to .
A Pee ssaes awlag a. If y .a i M lad it belief ism
aayiaiag yow bas ever le ir b-lue.
trftotR mdnet riti rnld. '
aXy-TboaiaBt of rwrtilfales bov two, feeeleed
epeaSMg -4 its ar sinaee. how a awya M W Ik
aeaetw bs f 14 tba peeees with eeeliBeaies tV-ei w.
kaowa peeesBs, w gteow by lb ii who Bov a roe ased
tbs w.u.f o o- Ur. Tb.s ogers ba jy
1.000 bo L L 1 I S
- " ' ' (
teii ew who will prove the! bo eve p" likl s fslee
eeensewss doviag Ibe Use he be bad kls sse-lb las b -b-ee
tbe FoMms
olloa Ibe Mgeabs Bad get Pa hlt eoelsiaiag .
ffeootoeeemara es. As bereoos islli. oS ll'f tsri.
set of the t esvws IjaiaseM baes ssoteel II Is l leil
owe OS lob It iaaejeoii, lf . let-iae ko tS-S lb. I'd
I, ) f T J '... af the I Hy of X.w Yseb, beisg
aaly sootB 4o jp Ibsl I eeaipwnd a Ltolesfot
oailed Veaes.MI, ao Ibot tb loee4in,t of obi'k H
lew i in ore pefeoilf bsro lees So Sets loseraoliy,
oo ib .iso'oa u . a obi ssisS as u Uwesi., a
SOO TOT'Of . 'b WlO.
ew V s s, i oaasors r k, 1 eB.
.-..,kt.d.,wf.e.... Agei.UW4U.Utl toScUMap.
B.raeado tfewL F,t. TltHUt VHlUT TIM KTATtlt.
Peow tt A H ceta. ky Ibe 4.. g s UK .oWetk rl.aHXUellr loslilies X.O.W ho
beSobs iMWa iboofb-M S, t . 4 sot I asnaT BsrrDt. Al B tALUtlLt CRA iAlTIR.
I - Alow tee ooio 4r. !'' ft iotk-aseal 1' . . , . . , , .
Jn... - M 04 S, VTl Krr.:-IX, ....... ad ..lie.. 1.
' T "V r parse Ib oo.rv sre sHVf rr -os
' l T.I Ue" ,k- ofoatUesd gi. NewTk.
I FeWva.) r I ,4 y
mffnt In tlilallio Peeks fotap la kslffbesfo,
oeskiwiois -4 a vailciy af hotb rtlay fc aad Mr t eten
Priovd l' if flee. Terra, An., faraiskfd by stail
la all who ord.r ibfea.
All leas warraaled lo fleaowoe a sal.
floe srot the sew frle o Urea t sll sad oaeoaty.
It.rf ebosM of Klerk oawtala aboat A pooaids, aa l
Oreew aUwot s .asas ssw.
Msrvk 14, ISt. 11
Stebbins, Morgan AlUn,
- 4A rtuirr svssstr bsw vnaa.
Emir. Ty. Chtmlra!, Prrftniery, Ae.
nAVIti) srbrlfd lkfl Ond Cr-ow Ibe b.s IK.I Iks
a1 of it s .. Wteekel. .,, eea, with
Tb Kn'i kcrbi-vk. r for April, just Isem 1, has
the ( ollowirg ispiia) en ry : ,
The fVirVjon in wit February number has re
called lo an All") (Illinois) correspi.rl'it oti
wkidi was ptoai-i eti in 1 by llspiist
niinieter. Yi hsn dtntvirg near th rioe be sniil:
'Bii'thriog, I st4 an ho-tVr, and niust enrry
the-cp .res l!i.r I leove. liar I tli a high
blooded A'rfsrowMN b. re : se what a high
bead h ear no., and how bisuk his O.U la, and
soft a su Ik, soil ke'.l kssk vow if yo toeohhim
nn hi Liiy url'tayerti H l, sir, wh. a!
Her ia an ulJ sW Af W et brsi I u,
old fell, w! Just slip awa b'.s l-ive fens slid
la Bsswinga, bed h'H k , k till b falls : Wis,
yna old shoutcr! wh:! All, hris th kits
that is tn g, k at a. I Hue. I don I y p
near bj ronb ssi.4ial ur "-niic : Vt hiH., ir.
Pop I l..w bevu iful his tr. pilings at! bis
arplir aad sssitrsxl VYk'ox, sir, who I"
And sa ks weal met Uirgli th tarinsj it.
B"istios'i..i,e. Vi lira I s was nc n-ly thniuli, au
I H Msllneliat gentleiosi., well Vo wo iu lb
pier, itlered Ins sevryb-e pi conclude, ehu li
Th Urat Msj-riiiije,
' Allan's 11'eWiaK, An Km'i-li Journal, 4b
Uritaiiui.has arrainiisip artii-lo under th head
of "Adam's tt'ed I'ng." Th editor iys that h
like sn.'rteourtsbii, ndin this Adsss aeted
like a si-usible mau -he till aleep a bssdisi-ir.
and awote in find himc f i m vri a-1 man, II
apoe,s t ' have "poi.i t! e -niiesi 1 1" ii una li
stely after Ma ussell rve; and !
wilii'rtit irtsuoei or slivnee gay hiss a bias aad
he s-ol. 01 i t hist lis ia this world bat
liB'l, jMiweier, ioir list ihoubts, nd amietiureis
in f-j h al nv- d bat wlat e l w weie tbs msa U.d it. ti ll All dee I M o wa dm I tl
ei lane v aa Aisui std I siuiptotod h. t like
ll a noti in ul ge'tiiig in si i is 1 in a liarden it ia
in good last. We like a privet weddii.g, snd
Adorn was otrieily pvive'e No euvl Iwrnux
wer Uiere, no enssk ing old Bsaide, no elratierirvg
BnBt and no grumbling granduiosbrre, 11,
lonlsm heaven wi-r uiiuv'rei, and the elad sly
skied itsbfrht isrowi tbe wens. Oar ttdi king atVi4
lh Asms we.b4.nw l.eiM.e nuwr 1.1m. bwlA soir ,
l i- : . . , . i .. . . i. a i i ! n
U O", ryo'e H-Tiiini,i mhih. n .w ew,
wile wereraioer y.'Miig lo namarrtea j ssho iw
or thee year old aeotntiaf wi apettwladoais
of ll.., Ugiass raor baiis Urge bat nwt .4 ler
with-at a h ue, without a p I or k-tile
Bolhin bulloy and K.len !
be leane-l upon bis siatT, with bis grey locks
Rowing la the tireea of a Mar morning, tnur
muring py ma trill. "I hsi been an observer
many uiiia. then fifty yenrs, and I never saw a
msa tilrj nut ot a ! by tUi-sing his horses,
B quiet a tit. can, ,,r Bothmg will grow
un ,r a moving harrow, nd disamieut harrow
in minil, ?1 aters are bad, 1 acknowledge, mi
af u leer i any better for (tigering. The mot
you gnin, I he porryou sr.-.-
Kepliilng at I is only nutting feppwlnt
a tort eve. t'n p will fail to all emit, and w
may be thurrM-il that wo bat not fs-nlne. He,
sides, 1 always toolC n if ce that whenever I foil
tn rod pretty eniarttv, It was as in-ioh a 1 1 say
I ej is s. tiiethijig alorh'TOii bar -t to learn.
iimmy do'i't forget that y-iur sch oiling is not
over yet, though you bav Wife and two cb
Ay, cried fi.mmv, yo 'may sr that, sn-1
m eher-io-lsw, and two spprcii'ic-o Into thn lr
giin, and I shoiil I hi to know what a p-i'f niau
esn leatn her, when th grestet Bt-tiolars and
Hwyoes nro a b-tr-ger-heads, and eatt'i, f.r their
lives, tell what bns bee.iaif f the hard money.
Foliiy. Simmy, I ant older than yoo; 1 bass
md "got these ey hairs tn l this cm kd back
wi'hmit some l-ut-letn-. I could tell yeu stornrs
ofthe dive if eotninental n.oi ty, rbrn my
grwulfitlier uee-1 to siuf sulliy l.- x wit i bibs
to pay for a yetrling, or a wheat fan; sol lieu
tb women used tin rr s f r tons, and I ud il.e-r
teapot away In th garret, Yoawieh lo know
What y c leam? Yea my learn tin iera
Fr-llb tvod laiesnved t -u Utile and si en
too niiirh. 1 never tslilil Jon to Is a ml -or, hot
I hav se. nun gii V ur dollor f..r a not bin',
wl-eis you aiigbl eiiave Intd one lioif ss 4 br
charily, and iti.e-lu'f fur a rainy dy
swrti-1, that y.iu ha g-o P-i mi ,iii nrr-a
ere lit. !'.. li.S.I y.m i-r 1.1 wa tt.inluf
p I a ta Jino- e 1 tod c ot-lb shail.
ow ; bul Ion I tsely may cut a iaiaof shadow,
i,r --. wisemsn will f-llow ib l,s! w any
faitber than b em t,s sn' s'so.-.' Y-ai y
new htatn that y n hove f. -Mowed elivl.w, s.ui
been dee-ie I in'e h g.
Tblrllr, thai l.sveroi s in tixi inoetihasi
lo la ro b. Slow and cut . unit o ra. .-.
A Monster.
On halm-day hurt w saw th revet sinenlur
freak nfnatur which w ever witnessed. It
was a lamb without a month, fv-iu a ew be-
hm-riog Mr. William Pollock of Jouo Ciwinty,
and lwq on his plantation t,var 'i'1-ent..n, tin
Thurwlay la-t, Jl live-l, team, e.noeili'"i
hour, snd appearol. quite epyigirtly f f nea-ly
ibsl knfll id lime. Th toriein wi( id" llsh-,1
lika that of a sheeii. eiewpt that the end of i s
Bon it turne-l tsi the left, tb eves sis un 'er i',o
nose, w her tli baker jaw sloiuld be, snd t -i
ar ar without boles a--. I ploeot ia th -nis ot
th th t under tli ei. 'lh- is, however,
n rriHe in tb ei'nir uf tb throat, hea
lb ars, baring lb sppearan. of tlr hole ot an
ear. ll i undoubtedly on td U greaiesi def. r
muies uf Ih ago. A'aAcr
."!, off-r srs lewsssa Be l werooowe.
4,.o of Aeeo.oefee,
rv'y 01.0. sad e a raobo
, . Umm9.t Hy mm ; re) rt4i1f rtp4. If wii4
aM ' 'Frien.l.. 1 ! Ine4 tUm mnpst liuw f
Iuiesn CAiiirx irrr n f.i.ff ,-r.
' t lter,)ig lo rtrrtr ti( .nnf Ihi-ir -f i
fcirlj;ri iw. Ahum irn ljrf.eft ir4 i, r 4,
i uti.'li UrtfwrvBtl Mr. fsUi'vi lit. mt.y i-i 4i
Xity r bf4' (HtTffl U ltit4 OT(trti fr.-i inbi' i
tH bl lf "f U .'!!., tfM lit B,-4l-t !a t
n i m, fth'-w'll . m 'Ik .'tn't g tf rmn n
V..J hy .! li'li of J
Fa;M 4r4ttfif -4, W'A fW4 fl 4 ' tf
mki mt t ft ta ti. A I -tr i r,
(rk ati'i fptttn m1 n-rtu i - c
BlU.lBil4 JiltaV,
l.l .l-IK.. 40...-
1 ,'.
T, r. ft ri). u.u,, r, i tj f..(f),
Bffhlp Itlfli h' ivrs ).r in imm, (tr , tt
itsitf. imt ti luipi rii r, N .(., iu r " if t
h ttt H I ut M tV.-Sff L'.r' f
i flna ft If -I I ft (1 Al !,('.
W ttiin itit it h -fi Uf ; i
t ftvi'ii n tf, tk i rt4i I j- s i ; i.
sf tti ta ul Itti) m Y. tf i ",
. fb,riniiB, ,w ,i t ti ( 5 f . , , i . .. r i
tlidlsM lltFw'tf sssl-tt. 1 'tv it : ' 1
vt i aTkM" 11 Ittt? m I tf - . ' i
h4 Utt N'vl tra U'i -
1 aia i. r l', 1 T . if i .ik
-mmt, &H h f ( 'l.f rri " t
i mh rvat ji af tb'swi't, Mr J 1,'!. ' t
tiih m ia 't lii. ".s,-et n . It
Urn iwt , tta i m im i .is. ,
ffS-tM trt 1ft m4 l I M 4, ba latse-r -
tll mmf, M4 I.- T m'isn -i f 4
tir tV-it-
it,u a''Witi H W ff ' 4 f " ' "
4 l Ju'f a4 twatif a & & J-a ,
ftmrt!-', (h if 0.1 fSur- i-f if- -tl ,m t n li
tft n tilw-iT pr-vwtr.bfii I am af:4 U
T 'unrTt.ii ' . f 4v-.r- ni'-i In AinW ! a ,-t u 1 1 1 t a ' ' 1
' "V 4V f
bh9 ,-".u fir- unjiinv. u.
o -.1-41 f,f tu I tpt-t m (Hk4 I 'mm,
Sutitr. ihM f thi mj y lhtt:tKf(,l tmr 1 U tt 4
ir tpH 1 , fami,, or !!let.i-'.'if ' 't'lt ?-t -fr ,,t
WM, It raimf . ur nil ti'an,-f, ( ft
KbM lift fml. pm4 ff mmyUU. m lcfalj mtM fiimtNM TC 7 n
of tht lt4 Tn Knlt'k f 1 1 Jitt.Ie. AVrilert it.r jfri m I tv 1 1 v l"w away tt. th .l fj m r , ).,, it, 1
1 mu L 1
w r i- it ft fX'- ( ..ft tl -( lhrft (irr !
It. H... J .. t .1 aa '
f 500 to $3000 a year
. aey oeosw. Of ose ewoi toebe A B-ros!
swi ns bw eii sl ssOst s4 si nd. ,
I ...l.-foe a. 4 hsw -tal!.g roll 4e-ef peb-we, s OH, joost-ag Bp.
reeoie, A. ll ' e.1.1 t-eoses f 1 a .. ift wsol - U to- 1" c-ojlinaed
0ew ah ,os ...4 k ois's i. bo k, lib-; bid I
ivisflltsi, I Will take II nr. ftisvll (ifi,.i
(the work t liar la an aouosl tb4r Ss petbsr
j oo thing Bur ll li.r bs is tresnhoroas snd
, Hi.oariain ; y oi car.reot lrt I biiu ; be'U ko k bis
I ll fneul' a lr"Sr-y. W li-o, Mule,
iwt oat SW-o, brw'broa, bow f.e kits Vt bi,
I y iu I I f '- ; '-"u.' ho. ' Here, i ierels, mi
. . .n.tuol ll..i ii k. ul 1. ia I., m.A 11 a.
in hi st.ll to sot ri'.m b liongh i b is en siu '- tl-(Cwwk sset to swiy tt dollars fir a oe-w
le-rn 1 1 .al be wunld Met . i where pro bet wisIh ' tuiom a'-ait ir'O WH Is, n I Tb trie )-. keys
b"" t I is sn bald . .ull ed thai d 1 . .,; ,, ,u. f r , m ; !(J ,;, r. 1-M
lislawaaa teiioiial ar ay t net ih I'tit. , , ,' ... ,.
lii Wbu y .ej 1.1,-e t . n,.,.m.i.,n lUpn-v. ' '.. T l isse, sro.ber pg 1 ait a,
wh.r S.vrj-'s a'.d lleot'ey's, t and a half d
1 -... -.11 . . - IS .'. . A .t . -.!.. . . . ..... . .
sen pis vail wew www.. - y -,,,, a I, i', If 1 ... of .1. at lb
' H! ll t s d ni
iff bro .
C'l.sial-'rs' J.itiinal rwteiv at th rat of H dob
Urs tiJ,'-. and f r ! c-n'inu' i- t ' ia tba
serial, f 0. seteti I r7,!. d' Kr pigs i
pal 1. Ia A f f l ,oiilri' llic-e Uul Hit I , , ,., ,
A'ridr wis ta r-u asaers. '
Tb bu?ndr,4 rl twimiy nie .e. ,er,i ae '
. 1 J'-lii
,1 to f
til '
, I -
lllii 1 t
ols! w4" Isr, I' bebrriil
td, ai 4 f t hat luiinl . t I' ft I arf .1 nilei .,iel and l1. : Hi. rt F.n..,l. i l" .'-
y bwit lord !. j w iw, b..tred aid i.r-,.y n t.e --'
ae. . leole, fry so I ,.i j. I on t! t A I , I , oaj v,iii .
I'setiW .u- ml .ri,,-i.a. l-eye, Bi i" I ij, , "
dr. laole iy seven ! ll h, in I l.i-s n 1 .,
liteta. Th eaoos -1 sr'-'l-ni In -' r
f tl i . wer ti e .t-'e , ot . r I ,-. - t to a
ou,it at weglsot f lu-o on ill pant uf vsos-tlf i
e-.l'lsi.os Willi "Iro te r r li r f
,.t tl I
,l .'.'.)
, .' I I
U Sm . I,
i I
. Iie4 pais 4
, tb Antbes SJHlta
that pti . I o ' e-tii-ri n
pays iw sod a ksif ll ... . -
Mile etwtf, ft? Waberpeool Ewia, RB j " - - .-
4. Hee tiwieew tewvsoi. bel aWbb ss i "I III I
sVs.oe, b-p fr-. i rfailg ..eeWfliv eg the yeee is. U 1 .'btbeoosb
. A.AIHXS S.l fM Ubo. Ton, rl U 1 lb, rlw. ni SI o.ti ni, ilo I'inana.
s f" u- , LAOM Hmsm I'O'O, tueok ood ; ire I -4 Uotbiosii I ,.l. o. II w I.e. frwai i i.l.o ood I.Mel l.-w o... to Iho ih old reollerwso went an, lb m il. 1 d ,!',, r lumn, snd li e I r'tic and lateral T "!' ' " b ' " " "' ' t 1 ''irfiiseowssi. iiaeojiabsn M -. r-si... . . -.- rsiing oeai,as. bbiiI b ! b UK (;.. ,i x. ,.,. .h'u 'st ..... i . . b..i . t I -I e I er . r .- - -f.
- ..n W , e. .-I, bbot, i. t. a .... oi - -AA H fx tt t X. p.b o.b .....JL,, agtwH W tw., ho tb qoat' l pay wjl t ( . ... ,. '
) w-s- I . rrra Vr4 -:..,...;. .,;,, -- koi.iyti;'-;'i'ii'''''''"'w4'j' r. n-s wi.a -.. -.-f 4-. : r,.t .. .
twU ttKPmU'kiUo. l ' Me4,4,l... II... - -wl"b.f ' 4' H-r. r-s, .F. "f ... fl ' i .-.-; '4 . ".
I . -1
L.--l UM
Ts SO. omUm b IS sad 1-

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