North Carolina Newspapers

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rraiisnrB iuit bt
If paid strictly I advance, two dollar par aa
aata; taa dollars ead Urty aaati, if said vithia
in months ; end tbrta dollar at tha and ef taa '' .
40 rfirusiorin nemiii iaww
Bra will beiaaerted ana ti'ma for aaa dollar, and
twsotT-nv eeatt for each ubsqant Insertion.
Thos of greater length will ba charged propora
tionally. Coart Ordara and J adioial edvertlBeeeet
will ba charge 25 par cant, higher th,m tha ebowe
ratas. A reasonable deduction will pa mas
bos who advartis by tha yar.
Book and Job Printitg dona with aeatnet aa
despatch, and oa accommodating tenet.
Wm. Dall&i Haywood, Intendant oi Police,
EuUrn Ward. Kldridga Smith,
" . A. Adam.
NiddU Ward.C. B. Root,
K. If. -Battle,
O. W. liny wood.
Wcilern Ward. A. M. Gorman,
" IL U.Turner.
J. J. Christophers, City Clerk,
R. II. Battle, City Treat.
City Guard. James M. Crawley,
" Jackson Overby.
City Ciu6k Kdwnrd Harris.
Willi Km Andrews.
A. Adams, Weigbmaater.
E. Harris, Clerk of the Mar
ket. .
The Supreme Court of North Carolina ) jeld
iu this city souii-annually, on the second h jlday
in June, and the 3'Hli day of DeeemW
Judijen. Hon. Frederick Nash, Chid Justice,
It. M. Pearson, Associate udge,
W. 11. Battle, "
Edmund U. Freeman, Clerk: Ham. C. Jones,
Rep irtnr; J.' J. Litchford, Sr., Marshall.
The United Nlatti Circuit Court for the Dis
trict of North Carolina is held semi-annually in
this city, on the 1st Monday in Juneand the last
Monday in November.
JihLm. Hon. J. M. Wavne. of fieoriria: lion.
Henry Hotter, of Favetteville; District Attorney;
Robert P. liok; Clerk, Win. II. Haywood; Sr.,
Marshall. Weslev Jones.
The SnKrior Court for this County, is held on.
he krat .Monday alter the fourth Monday in
M in.-U ana ,epiemiier.
John 0. Moore, Clerk.
Jos. U. Bachelor, Attorney General and Solic
tor of (he lotirth Judicial IMatrict.
Tue Court of Plnu ol Quarter Sationt is
lictd on the third Monday in retiruary, May,
Auprint and November.' Jnff. I'tlev, Clerk.
('LiiimHU of the County Cunrl. U'iiiiam Boy-
. , in .
Cuumty SoliritnrK. P. Marriott
.Oitrtft'nl H'.tkf County William II. High.
Cor-m r Willis SontU
Jl, yitr. 11. liutson.
-Pre TO A SflW. Otmml Athtninmf Beam
Applem BaUdieg HI 4r Ht BroadwaT,
larotTiaa, md deals u m
Drop, FaiBtt, Oils, Dyei, Ftrfuatry, kc-,
170 Vv Ullam street. Mew York,
INVITE tha attention of the trade to their larg
and varied stock ef Drugs, Paints, Oils, Perfum
ery, kc.
vl addition to their regular importations of Sta.
pie Drugs, tbey are also receiving, direct from tha
sources ef production and manufacture, supplies
Mortais, Hpokoss, Fmsch and Enulish 1'sKTra-
aar, beam s bxTaacrs, and many other articles
usually embracul in Druggists' stocks, which thry
are also enabled to offer on the most advantageous
Orders, either in person or by mail, will receive
prompt st tention, ly
Juns 20, 1855. 77
N E Wf 0 R K-A B ftT 1 8 E M E K-T-S.
Fint Prtmium Gold medal Fiaio-Forlfs, -
MAurACTiiR, 84A88 walks STatt-rs.
Respectfully call the attention of the public to
their splendid assortment of semi-grand snd
square Pianos, which, for volume of tone, elastici
ty of touch, beauty of finish, and In short every
thing that renders a riano perfect, are unsurpas
sed. They were awarded the first premium for
both kinds in competition with the most dutio
guishecTTtmttrA from Boston, Philadelphia New
or, anu lisiiuiore.
Btiwat ft. Pons have last been awnrdrd th
FIRST Proniium GOLD MKDAL (overall comprtr
tors) at the late Fair of the American Institute
Crystal Palace, fur the BEST Pianofortes.
47 tf.
tf. 42 Clif St., Km-rrt,
genu, chance's-eBglih sheet, Crowi and arya
tal plate window Class, fluted glass for sky-lights,
greenthousee, etc., etc. Colored, ornamental. Optical
and Microscopic glaaa. The London and Naaohss--ler
plate glass Company's thick polished plate for
store windows Ac, tic, Rough glass for floors
and tiky lights..
Attention ia Invited to the abort various de
scriptions of window glass in use for Stores,
Dwellings and other porposcs. The qnallty of these
articles are Inferior to no corresponding descrip
tion, and In many respects superior.- Our Sheet
disss will hs found better than the French in Its
freedom from Stain. Rust. &c.
Peine Agents for two of the largest Glass Man
ufacturers in huronet we are enabled to oner aeal'
ersaod others every advantage ia prices and large
stocks. Price Lists will be furnished oa appiica
tion. April 28, lUoo. 1( 6m,
,l)rluivlv by miliwjrtptioo. Agpata wanted to
uluain subuviiptious foi Vol. 2d of Benton's Thirty
Yuan' View of ths Seutteoflfce raited States. 60,0111)
t;oniM have ba sold of the net volume, and It tl
nreimmed that many more will be sold of the socoud.
The New Volume wttl be resdy on the Ut of May .to be
erolKillifthed with a steel piste view of the United tftate
8fntte Cliamber. The price of the work' tier volameil
H2. 0, each contuioing M double eolutaued pages of
lettor pr' iiB.
Ajri-nte enn hava good dietrk-t allotted to them in
the following talee :
Cnunerticut, Vermont, Npw York, Xew Jersey, Mary
laud, Virginia, Korth Carolina, Miaeisaippi,
and Loiliaina.
Address T. API'LKTuN CO.,
311) and M limaday.N'ew York.
April AIM- 17 lm.
33 Maiden Lane, Kew York.
nowned clAlamander Safes . Dank Vaulta,
Baltimore Depot. 1 45 Pratt.
Boston Depot, 14 Howard street.
X and (imtiine. growth of 1N5S fur asle by HEN
Tl'KMlill, Uookaeller.KALSlol, N. U.
auorovM. it itron, tor preserve,
Iciuon, i
7?im of tht StiUe of tforth Camtina, incorpit
r.ittnl ldO. Charter eipirea in lMOO. Citpital
$l,.riHi,i)iHJ, divided into l.'),(HI aharea of which
the Literary Board holds b,VS3 aud the tniver
itv 1000.
I'riiit'ipal Bank at Raleigh.
(ioorga W. Murtlecni, President.
Chin-lea Ucwev, Cahier.
J. II. Uryan, Jr.. Teller ami Notary Public.
W. E. Anderson, Diecount Clerk and Notary
Jordan WoiiiMe, Jr., Clerk.
This linuk has brandies at Newliern, Tarlioro'
Favetteville, Wiliuiugttin, Elicnliotli aV'itv Char
lotte, Milton, .M iraiiioii and Windeor.
On thn irtrt of the (Stale : 11. W. Courts, Pule
ii- T. e .murar, ex-olkcio, i.. O U. Branch aud W
K. 1'oole.
On the p Art of the HtocklmMors : W'bt. Boyliin,
W.ii. Pe,uv. .1. II. llrvin, J. U. ti. ltoulliac, Al
fred Junes and H. F, Nlotro.
Ofli ring and Konewal day Tuesday.
lliacouiit day Wexlneaday.
Ihiiueattg Bills and Bills ul' Exchange discount
1 1 "rery day. .
Buaineas hour from 10 till 2 o'clock. ,
Vnh i,jk ihanA nf As Hak of M CajHt Ftar
William II. Jouaa, Cashier.
R. P. Finch, Teller and Notary Public.
. liiauiois. Cie. W. Haywood, T. H. Kelhy,
Seth Joiina, lleurg Little, lr, Titos, a, llogg,
I'. W. I. Ilotrhinn.
Oiforing day M nday, Diaeount day Toeaday
Viilritik and (Atria Katlrvad Comjiany.
R. A. Hainiltofi, President,
W. W. Vaea, Treaaarwr,
J. M. Pool, Aaaiatant Treaeurer.
C. B. Allen. Penot A sent.
Mail train leavea 13 minutes before 6 A.
rrivea at CJ P. M.
A'arfA CxrWiM Huilnfd Comjmmf.
Chu. . Fiahar, Preaident.
I'. P. MmidenhalL Treaaurer.
J. T. West. Freight and Ticket A rent.
Mailtra a arrives 4 o'clock, A. M- from the
East i and deo ana plus, afier 1 o'cUx-s. A. 1
Maul frvMa lite W4 arriaeaai ii auinulaa af
ter 4 o'cUrk, P. M. Isepsma at 2U BitsW kw i
fore .'clock, P. M.
post orriCT.
Wilhara Whiu, fir.. Pi Master.
( iHhk boars, am week elaya, Iruta Sun-rise) so 9
P. M.
(RsivL as irsariat or aaiu at baliioi
KUUTUEU.N MAIL (Br Raiunse,)
Tbn.orh Mail cloaoa daily at 6 a. as
M ae Mail " " at p.
A mwi dailr al Ha
The Car laare Uie elveot M t( a. B
KOtmiKUX MAIL (Br Two-ioa.i Hart,
CluaMsiaaly " at j p.e.
Arrnea daily al I p. BB
The Hack laesee at 7i p. aa
Wr.ftTKHN M AIL Bt R.itaoaa,)
Clcs Jail at p. m. daily at 4) f. m.
1 ha I rain leaves) , at t p. at
i(LIB)U(JalAlL--(Dr lUluhaaa,)
Cluaea daily, II I I. a
Amraa daily at I a, sa
1 hs Cars leaves) daily at PHw ifiee t a. as
Cl." on tudy, Tue. and Thuf ., at
A rri.M 1 aee-lae. ihnea. ann ftt
Hark MeteeM H-m. and
PITTHIlDlt'i'MUL (?Iv Teats a..a.s Harm
CI sas aa laaaadaf and rUiatdar, at a. at
A'Tivaa m Mawday aa4 II.Mr.laj. at T a, at
MRS. SIMEONS' WMfwhT ind RHnil Billfrntn
(Dd Mfaw Condi n'arthouM, Hi Bruadway
A'i IP run K.
" I"Ua. 8. la now In Europe for the expre.a purKiee of
XV JL selecting aoreitu a ror tlie pnng Trade, abit-b
will arrive and be ready for in.neetiou oa or b!h the
Bret of March, uuihi-rn snd VYealern Merrhanle and
Milliners are reepeetfully invited to esll snd exsmlue
the asms before porebaeiog elaewbers. Pattern Hon
neu alwayt on band, ana tent by sxrreta lo any ad
dreat. Feb. 6. 0
Brooklyn-fit Stum Enijif.WorVi.
D. P. STJSTJ05 ft Co.
HanuacturtrM of Uteam Kiujinu Kith ilurdon't
Patent cut off and lioilt ri.
'IllE sub.ei inert not only aaaert the anperioritv e-
X the oaai.i rut that of Uieir Ko;ines but will guarf.
autre to trau.uut oee-tmril more power wilh tl.e iau,e of boiler.and U or enl le nreaaure of eleata
thsa aoy other Kagine utanufaclurid ia tha United
Htaiaa, maintaining an euaal aiiard, wiiboat ri-gard to
amoufii oi power appnru if uie anicitie.
Alaulri m llielr long saiener bihJ lBitaenae faclh
ia, tbey akiioeljela-e no eomnetitort Id the manatee.
turs of
Smjar X:ih. .! no' (Vrijf Mitli, Steam Miw;i,
Mining ritmpna-M iirttriutjjor Mmen, Shnjl
inyand I'uHir, Uiary and hiylU Cutt
ings, and Milt Mitrliintry tj' every
I'arge tiiauu
( IIojIi or Hnap Hlion . ) (Brown,
Early Six.Vt eeka, or Early Ok ra,
Mohawk, I Ohioh,
Red Bpeekled Valentine, oriHver $kinned, or White,
Ked Marrow, i'-arg lellew straiurg,
Brown Ppeekled Valentine, l-arpe Red WelherKRold,
Refuge, or Tboaeand to- fop or Holloa Unioa,
tine, jWbile Portueal, - -
Yellow Dntr-h
lianrera Yalluw,
lr!e lied,
Karly Red, eatra
Curled, or Double,
Red Fr n- b,
t'tuuLerv Hu.h,
Extra Early Violoria,
R.iyal 'war!, or While Kid
Early Yellow filx-Waeks,
COiua lU-d Eve, or Earh Plain or Single,
tbitia, m I Partnip.
Larjie Linia, or Butter BeaaeQrar,
Carolina r-ewee or Paha, jllidlow Crowned, or Cap,
lien. feoe.
Ealra Early Turnip. moled, iLandrelh't Eitra Early.
hartv 1 urnin.rootod fteu. Karly f ranie.
bur., at p. at
., at 7 p.
I r rt, at I a. sa
II tat laasatawa Bata). ai.d vt e4. ale at
bpUndld Block of Goods!
sa4 sTMsrf f , . i afv, , CWs
itvk, Ust (Mae tw.i vtmHj idWy
.H hm nr " T-rt m m. inii
V taWX pm0w4 - Utmm tm mm iifiri,
ii ti. iiu ;
tlVf VaAjMngtf Ik-
ill Wt . W eT4rt,
- M
a Ii o Uara
-S MeM m. (.all
foafhera Planters' alieatiuo It partieularly Hireeted
toeair aew snd itnnro.ed eurar nill. 1 lie fimidieltv ol
eonatrurtien, extraordinary powrr and great Ourability
raaeere it aeeoieoiy superior lo any aow la uae.
trl.'raby Bali, or oUierwlas, atteaded to with pruaint
aeas aad diapata-h.
si anoa, I D. P. HI HDUS k CO.
a B. COSSLfB, f
a. a. resKLiB ' Feb. II a-jM,
The 'Wonder of the Age.
mo pat!
1 r Dr. Toktaa' tadehewted Vaawtiaa Liniaaewt dm
X aatears t bolera, Dyamtsry, Ooap, tlir, tagha,
Dyiepeia, Tosilling, Manna, Toolbarhe. Ileadaebs
lapped Hsada, '-'0d Feet, Mneqaita Bite, loaeet
gtiage, rhreuie BkeauMHeai, wwtlllBira, Old horea,
Cala, Bom, llraiaea.aad Paias af Maaduxasia the
.laaba. Bank and ( keel.
Ir. T-d,ias has warraated bit Llaiaaeal for sight
yeart witaSj er hating ad.BMaawwevws for Ike ra
tawa at Ike awaey all that ts aeked ia to a.a it aaword
lag u Ike direcitoaa.
A flee aaM aeing 11. Ir y-m de aes god M kelleelkaa
jikief yw baa aver irted kf e.
sit Tori hoxet BitrrEn.
grTknaall id Certilralas kava keea reelve4
tseakiag if lie am Vlrlaes. Nan a days It Is Iks
araetiea la til Ik aaaere with aertiaeaeea froea
wa airat. as gieea ay ukaee aa bsva aevar aaed
aaedieiaa aw Dr. Taaaas sdert is y
1,000 P0LLA1I
l aa sa whs will me that be svar BoblUked a fa he
ewtisewu aanag laeliass aa has aaa kit BaewerlM as-f-wa
the Paldle.
Jell oa ih trail ana get a Pawi kM rratalafBg
geeatne rert'Srairt. At foai awvleae of the targe
aala af akay Venerlaa talaaeBt kae 'at.4 II la iBjri,
aaa aa tea u BBketaaily, In. Totuaa has uksa the M
I. saal I T Alas, af ike I lly af Kew Twk. Veaat
dely eaan mm di'f "its tkea f eaeawad a Laalaaevt
sailed Teakeaiaa, 4 tkal tks tgredlee as kl'k il
Is eaiBBoi. d are faaeetly kanalee Be take tateewally.
eVaska) Ik aaaatilf awed la Iks Plreala aa.
taapiattai asak ktti.
kew lark, Jsaraary e.k, is la.
$ war IB Skis day Wfke sm,
F.raaad Wea4, Mbvns.
PrU tUU Mela, dd ky lk dragsiM aad Patent
af.41,1' . pete lkrt-hmH eh I Niia SI. lee.
catr-Ale foe el III. TekuM llaeea Liaxaaesw la
Bl Bule at M , warrsatad anerte I aay ask
fe Taklse ese. e rlaa4 II VewTeek.
FekewaryW. IB -y
r-BI'.klll Ml a mm ci Aaa.
nttur. airxii,
144 Caaaakar Mreaa, . T.
T d.. V swat of Ha kl B ItiVat R,le4 IWaai.
t ft kaa w- Uaea aad kaa ek.eaaed
f V...-1. ei r- k W .4- blue
eeeaaa. Pt,a I fc ... wilt k raeaiAed
with arte eee.ra 'kli at eraea O'ae earl t aa I
! 4 ,fieea, sad Bwk.d fr f ekaeg.
Area ISX. IT I Jf
Ul Thi ainia at, II. .
Miwrriiktad Mta Haiu. Ti.
Ta 4 liait. Pn tiiiala. - , I , kew
ew, d ol lo Ma'kan. Tkja.ia.aa, a-k
aa a 'an a -4 a, lean, eaeaa-aliy eeaaUaed
with wiaeeai . . aa a a a aiaiS.4 aal aay teem
aad mim. k aa a wa.a k aBrWae a4
kM aka k. eva ea the i aiaa aaeai. wfcil a)
iwah Slatani '' aad lay m I a S. Bl .
I n 4 atMB skM ia a 4m a tk e-a-e e
I alf Mat aa aaaaBad ak aaai '".I, wb-l a eaawl ik It
I Bed t g ee a "ee kiaaiy aa SB, BJaa
teae ki liwfri f.aae e-,liy
s.Bi ht h k.liutal ai aSkaahVI
l,oo 111.. ..d Ked,
Hileaiau ur ruar,
Mangold Wurtxel,
Early Orange do.
Early Half Long Blood,
Frvbtb Amber rjugar.
Early llulrh,
Karly Yolk,
LViMlrelb'a J.arge Y'ork,
Early piuirar
Early rtiittrriiea.
Early Ilrtiinliead,
(jreea nrled Mavoy,
Large llruwbead ISavoy,
Ked Duleh, for p.i-kliiig.
Large Let llruuihead,
Pint llulrh,
tireen tllnxt'd,
4 air,.
Long Orange,
Karly Horn,
Altr rJtani, or Field,
Large liiie. or Field,
W,,l. roli.l, e
Ked Mil,
I tru farfiae.)
ErergreeB rtuar,
Sweet, or huar.
Early Canada,
Early York,
Karly Washington,
Early May Ac,
rrly Charlton,
Hi.!i,,p' Dwarf Proline,
Dwarf Mlus lmtierial,
l.iijul Dwarf Marrowfat,
dtlue Pruaeian,
jEarly Chauipion of England
Large V. bile Marroalat,
Large gweet. Bsll-ehsped,
foauao, r Hat,
I 'hf rry, j
Cayenoe, k Long,
f'aaiyiA-i, aw,
t'oinraoa Field, or Cheese.
( lMi,k. '
ILyj, Scarlet ihort-top,
it g tjalwou,
IWI.iie Turnip-rooled,
(Red Tumip-rooted.
..Yrllow Turnip-rootsd,
iStiuimer While,
lhnbnrh, or fe-yilonf.
Aeetg, r rWer-'Oeel.
. MteA, ,
'Karlv flueb, or Patty Pun,
(Early Appl Bath, or Egg,
:Long Ureea Crwtltnei k,
llu.h Crookneek auuuuer,
Adaas'e Duiek aaatanr Heeltap,
I whita.
Dultb buntaaer Pcalloji,yl-
A Kisednc Y Basel Thrilling SarraUve. -I'nder
tha caption ef "The Steemiliip PaciSe
Ia alia lost ?" The Boston Anglo-Saxon pub
lishes tba following remarkable itorj :
Th following narratire, for the troth of which
we Toocn, naj be of interest to -the reader, a
leaching us neroe to "despair while there is yet
hope; showing in a verj renvarktble degree, the
providence ot uai. .
The town of Liverpool, in Novia Scotia, situa
ted about sixty luiles from Halifax, is a place of
some magnitude for a colonial outport. It is,
snd always has been, rcmnrksl.le for the neat
ness and eomfnrt of it house, for th activity,'!
and entcrpriae of lis people, and lor the wealth
and well-being; of till who choose to be industri
ous and inclined to lay up worldly (roods. The
interoourse with llnliiag, tlr rmpitai of tlis Pro
vince, wan, at tin. prid of which Vrespoak
chiefly kept up by a smart aad daahing little
craft, called Hie LiVeriViol Pckot, diinmiinded
by Captain Ba, winch plied weekly between
tbo two place, throughout tin Spring and Sum
mer months, laying up during the aoverity of the
Winter whan the oouiiiiuuicatuiii with Halifax
v, fur 111 most part, limited to w weekly post
by land.
About the year 1813 or 18 10, aa the season
fur navigation wa drawing to a close, a great
nuiii)iAr ot. paKaeugprs went pi Halting, as was
the custom, to replenish their stores for the
inter, while many heads ot Hum Ilea proceeaeu
thither to purclinae tlutbing, griHi'rice, ic. for
their private winter stock, and as this was to be
the last trip of the senson, the liTTielmrltv. ua
crowded with some forty nr fifty passengers,
chiefly fathers and mothers of largo laniilies who
were Ictt at home.
The oviigMo lPulifux was prosperous; the
voyagers nvittle tlisir piirclinses, mid in due time
the Liverpud Packet was ready Uj return. All
the passengers feuibarkcd iu good spirits, and the
bark sailed cheerily down the huibor aud pro
ceeded for her destination.
A few hours after her departure) there sprung
up on of those terrific northwester so well
known on the coat of Nova Scotia, and blowing
with the utmost fury 1 r several day and at
tended wilh intense i'rost. It w as clear that no
vessel caiold keep the eoast; she must either put
herself bel'oro the wind and run out tu sea, or
all perish miserably by wreck and th rigor of
an atmosphere twenty or thirty degrees below '
aero. A change of weather so sudden, so severe
and so unexpected, gave rieo to great fear for
the safety ol tho little Packet, iind the next post
by land was anxiously waited for by friend and
relatives at both towns.
Th post at length arrived, but brought no
tidings of the Liverpool Packet ; another post
and uuotber rame iu; and yet no news of the
missing vessel. Search was then mail along th
thore to ae if the wreck eoolit lie found, lint a
in the caee of th Pacific, not a vestige could b
discovered. The bold began lo doubt and tha
timid to despair, and the opinion was at last ar
rived at, that the vessel had bean blown olT the
coast or sunk in a gal. If the latter, ah snd her
pneaeugerawere of course irrotrioveably gone, us
nn parson could live in bouts, in such wtuitliar ;
if the former, mere was still nop that the next
arrival Sroin Ueruiuda would bring soma intelli
YVe will nol attempt to J. auril.e tlie deplorable
tate of mind of the people in ilia once happy
little town. n'' nenrly nil had a relative on board,
eitlter father, mother, brother, or sisier, Prayer
were put up i" die cliundioa, aud a glouni tuau
tle.l over the counteininies of every one.
Advices were In due lime received from ller-
muda. bnt nothing vra lisard from the Httle
Packet and hr passenger. Ancmmta were alee
ai.ceireil from several ol th West India Islands,
bur stijl wit x'ut HiK'lligonc of th Biiasuig
vea.el. '
Three months at length passed way, and th
Packet waa giteti up for lusL Those who hud
time forth in a gush of spontaneous gratitude,
and 4h tear and sob had scarcely ceased when,
with one Sudden impulse, the asteoiblag
sank on their knee, and in a burst of pioua
fervor poured out thank to th great and merci
ful Being who had ao singularly preserved them
-eaid who holds n ia the hollow of Hi hand.
to Mike his neeMTT pi ve In the mini -.-own
of th affAir of the wot Id. Hut bet. roting
htm to i is l-.iaarty. agutn Moiiaiurued cxo-ried a
utroin pn trura lilui that h wuuid never
trouble the 'faar aex" any mure, tut c.?t:fin
bianarlf to what h could d among th "mala
sex." And this ia tlie lesson why aataa sever
diaturbs a women.
This extraordinary circumstance I not within
th recollection of many persons, but a few still
survive ia Nova Scotia" who have a distinct re
membrance of it. In it relation w may have
omitted many details, but tlie general ouiliue is
entirely true.
A Wile In Ecstary aud , Husband la Fidgets.
Th deed is aeoimplished, Wwif ha got a
piano, " and now farewell the tranipiil mind
farewell oontent and the eveuiug paigrs and the
big cigars that make ambition virtue oh, fare
well! And oh ; ye mortul engines, wKoserude
ttwroits the iuim.irlnl Jove's dread olamor coun
terfoil j" but slon, 1 can't bid them farewell, for
one of them faatjutit.arrived. It curaeon a dray.
si X men carriod it into th parlor, and it grunted
awfully, It weighs' a tun. shines like a mirror,
and ba ourvedUupiili.clitubiiig upitt limbs. And
such lungs whew.! My wile bus commenced to
practice, aud lb first lime h touched the ma
chine I thought v, a wort) iu the midst of a thornier
storm, and tlie, lightning had struck th orwkory
chest. The cat, with tail erect, took a bee line
friends on Imanl wont into mourning, and" prn
era were even olferefl tip Tor YH repose
t.f the
fiewee, ;btw.
Early Aaiaue, (InparUd.) 1'aroa.BBt,
ljate Deti b,, or Porter.
HtmVfTUr. Aipta-er.
llroeob L ParpU leaved.
CaH), l arge lilt t.a I'rirkly teed.
ItluM Fptn,
pair Early Raaeiaa,
Early Fraaia ar Taklt
ekort Pri.dily,
Early dealer,
Early Fran.
Early r)hn lira.
Laeig lire--a Tuikey,
Leg (Ireea l H eene tt
, Busy,
foaorro, r .,
Lar ked.
l-atl. Yellow,
Pear ah sped.
I Taewija.
Early Flat lairk.
I leaved.
iRed-toy!, Htray keaved.
Early M.,ae,
'Ursa Koe Ik.
Saall CksTkHa, tor pwkbja.. Larg II I okas
'kel, r Af.eeg.w. all"W Abeedeea,
lrire Putple, ISVol, g Yellow,
Early Paivle, . IRata Iter, -f gweatlek,
i..Mee. ' I y,,a,
Early Curled. .Cal .lad. I.ioi.,lo,
Eaely t'aklr," lltaaa Balak,
Hallee lru.., K.iieeaaty,,
krowa Dsva, )rime,
Hoyal t'akkag. l"vory. Bow Bier,
IbbiiL 1 B) il er.
Pkilad.lptiia Cabbage,
Car led India, ar le.
m bne Co,
flreea Co.
Ward! gerte,
Plai a,0 ' r Peee.
gkillioaaa 1'ih k.elied)
lewiwd. (rala tan,)
Caruliaa w aiee,,, rtM WW.
aonVv. f MaiAlala wes.
Wtw Ikaeg,
Ami a sei .an.iy ad Baeds asd aldd la lki ad
VartlMBieOt. t
'"eel, -wl
r Ky Ik aad at ksikil.)
r-J t ln.r.
W kits Daw k rtew,
lljiearaa. a Pnaea,
Hla Uraae,
ill.rde e Red TofA,
' asaiT ea
liutrlef Ini ii the Irirlul iir lartti,
lave aft exf lf rmiad'i, W in J-W.V wS
9a. V ' fagi.
ea t tki ar , .
(aasBpBsa ieeaoi tea aseaiu t sacs.
, . Wkilnalt liaises la Tea aeiy.
A', r. tWeaar nf AVoaX ) Jheeats,
4-Ta ka Keaalla Pa-k. pm la katffkMat,
eea.,ie a lay af keh b.a.k aad til" t rail
Pe ae4 Ins ad aeiawsVTetwM, aYa, faeaiaked hf Saaal
ha ao Bkadf Ik.aa.
AH waeeaweed as sdeaa a a !,
Ob aa ik aaaM ee aad tea, a all. aad aa ashy
Hail ekeeis at lit. e-4iia.s a'Tl . 4 aessde, aad si
ia, late.
Itebbint, Morftn k Allen,
i run STtsst, i iaa.
IktrntTKM AID Ml.gkA I
I) rep. Dyse, Chsatieai, rrfiase7, Asv
i flat ia nwwl e s.iaai ew
I II m f" saekeas M'wd, . .k
r . m - .. r. j b 4. tt .
1 Be Mmmfm aa .Be a (e4e skef ea Aa lb
' e,f eja-at d a test Belli SaeaM a af Maulae
k..a I 'I e e.ry
- SJeaVaw ka B-eaiB at kr aaaai wit a 4 arte BaB
ed ..I a.t.4 mn4 m m fmri f
wr- F-w rte eavet i s helweee .lfc
VWhtsaai. I
aotils of th departed; - and so connerteal were
the ilitTereiil families wilh- each oilier through-
nut (he town, that th Suuday on which all who
had friende put on blm k, put nearly Ilia entile
pnpnlation in the habiliment of wo.
Four Biontba liar now naaaei) swav ; in
mourners, notwithstanding their Irreparabl In,
were beconiit g reroneiled to their liereavement
for tliere is a philosophy In the human heart
which teaches nt to hear with fortitude great
liavaea, when those of lew severity ar met wilh
lin patience. All hope had now Hod; the veteed
had, without doubt, loundered and g..ns to tlie
bottom with all on board ; hut when, nr in what
part cf th reel ocean, waa ha remain Tailed in
Ilia eeeret of lb deep until the eea mould (is
op her dead.
Sixteen weelehad now elanaed. when en
In morning In th Spring. Bum sa faring po-
pleeVwa at th Fort doarrire; a strange brig Bp-
liroatbiiig lb harhor, Pdi a'lrarte.1 atlsuUoa
frora the circnraaiane that, although a at ranger,
she waa navigate! ky one aa wall knew tba
enrraare tn tie bar bur, lug slut cajpa in williout
a pilot or shortening ai. The uoick er aiod
watchful habits of th seamen cm.M not lightly
paaa ovr sa-h a eireaimaraneje, aad lh rprl of
a Strang fsel anming la eiwia ateread'thrvatgb
th lull beaa.and aiany peraona asssnibled.
Tlie be! telaacope were not In requisition, buT
aoa ennld msks out who or what the strangwr
waa. As she drew aaarr to the taiMnit grtaaei,
her dark wa disuvt4 ka 1st nidd wilh
male and (envaU aasaencer.
"Ah I" exclaimed ene who had a certain inde-
Irtl 1 hov, aa thai hope aaMtk wilk kiss, "aa
emigrant ship efiear all, and a deep aigbuni
fnea) bia hueota i for be had a aear aad dear
fnaaad aaa hoard (he little) packs.
' Aa emigrant akia;''' aaid aeaothef I how aaa
any eaptaia ef aa saw i great hiii kaew aa aeU
die way line (bia karU rJ LVatd, ataigraM
bin do aut cam I jr4.
A aua niiiL during wlrt-h en with
auiak. was eaaiag ilinmgh lb best glaaa the
Iowa all. iJedi ha (Met umm ka, reeung hi
telaan.ii, w hen he ewd.iwily aiuraag to has f4.
aad d. Iard that (.apt. baa wa aasoatt th
Heaau-njcara 1
"Noaaeaas." was tlie Ineeaduloaserv. 'Catd,
Raas and Ih I.lvwrtwe.1 Parkai ar at lb
of lb , and will il,t tuius lill ll. day of
. Nt dawaied by the Ucreoluliiy. k 4u4,"iiv
at lit trumtari, I will sk il hvigt ia a few
rro mmt tl.s will h tvar en. ofh, 'What brig
iatliMf" Tks reetewee given, "Ats y
faaiaua MaasT" j'r was thre4f. Aha
Words sul e lo re'ral that the teaead lead la
Ik.wa i fT, and ! da. a wsail larfor ll.e
wind witj greal rspidit Aaib gl at ited.
Cast, Itea f.d ks B.)aMia reaek lb Wt
Imteaai ll.aa a sou Id get beak wilh au aaivil ead
e.wdJ a VMel. eit.g llwit pro. .e..4.a sas atf
aaiewlly aad elaling then ll.iret with el ,r ae.d
tli laKtel i f a (.lee ,bl ll i a leeid, lhey
raw ked llarUdv. Tleere the l' ( e.,14 l.ea
be.p, lemgUl ll beig aad rame tav k aafa, wilh
ail has aaeeei.tes!-
llesj yfal aei lad ll.rsaagh th ewwa wilh lb
la.larlia.vilf ul l ei, IB. Kg. aad ef 11.4 Veaeel !
le br ugl.l in it, wharf ll e mute .y of
Out pl had a.-o,l,ied hi a. .4 ead ewlirarw
Uieer Inamaa. Il wd he ha yaia ks aWn
wa-h a sewi,s ell i '. ia ao.iroiBg Jel all a ilk
BBll e j"? BH , i f le tbeif wiB'e4,aa.
I" fr.eed and rlalve W-at-ed ew
for a particular friend upon the back fence, de
moliahing a six shilling pan of glass. , Th
baby awoke, the little fellow tried bis best lo bent
tn instrument, uui ue uiun t no it, iLbeat him.
A teuchor hat been introduced into lie house.
He says be is the last of Napoleon's grand nnuv.
He wear huge nnustucbe, look at in fiercely,
smells of garlic, mid goes by the name of Cuuiit-Kun-away-aiid-nover-conie-back-agiiin-by.
played an exiruct de opera ihe otiicr uilii, 11
ran his hngere thttiugh li, hair tu iie, ilicu griu
ned, tlien lie icked bis eyes up at the celling,
like a lonkcy hunting flio, ihcu cam oue of his
fingers, and I heard a delightful sound, similar lo
that produced by a cockroach dancing upon the
tenor string of fiddle. IKiwn cuius soother fin
ger, and 1 was rctninilcl of th wind wlfistling
tbruuh a knot holeiu a benooon. Hetouchrdhis
thuuili, and 1 thought I was iu an orchard listen-
lug to th distant braying ol a jackass,
Now hs run hi finger nhoig the bers, end I
-thought of boy rattling a stick upon a picket
fence. All of a sudden he stopped, and 1 thought
something had happened. Then down caino both
hots, aad, oh Lord I such a noiee wa never heard
before, 1 thought a hurricane had struck
the house, and th wall wore caving in. 1 im
agined I was in the cellar, aud a tun of coal waa
falling anon my head. 1 thought thn niachin
had burst, when th infernal nois stunned, and
I beard my wifeeiaoulat " Ktnuisitai '-What
ihe deuce is th matter?" Tb answer was,
" W by, dear that' L Somnemhulal" ! i
Souinamhula ! thought 1 : and lb Court rolled
up hi shoot of paper. II ml It it mosiebut kit
th lift of me, I can't mak it look lik anything
else than a rui I fence with a ld of juvsnile nig-
art cnmoing over it. iicfore tnai intirument
of torture earn into the honae, 1 euald enjoy my
sen, nut now every oarneti woman in th neigh-
nm iioou- must be invited t, bear lb new mano.
and every titna Ihe blii.ted thing shrieks out. lik
a l. .noun .live witu tn bronrhilia. I bar to tu-aisa
its bine, and when th invited gueata ar playing
I have to ssy, "tCxiuisit" " Delightful'i"
- Heavenly: and all such trash, wlul. at tli
am time, I know jrwt as much about music aa
a oiiua eixlhaii, 1 her are mora tuning hammer
than eotnforta, in our house, and and 1 wi.b the
inventor of th piano wa troubled with a ernet-
uai nigntmar. aud niiiiged to sleep in on ol hi
instrument ell hi life. A fur myself. I hu.
rather piit my head under a lin nan and be
drummed to sleep with a pair of smoothing, !
than hear "La tiimiiaml.ula," or oiiyuthor l.a
thumped out of a piano. S. ntinr iieniiias in front
of my hiiisQ, and draw t'lgetharall ilie wsti.l-rlhg
minstrel In th cily hand organs, b.iiiios, J.f '
dies, tambourines, rattling hone and A. ii horn,
Lot juieuil monkey crawl in at my windows ia
, sesrcli of three cent pieces let me b awakened
at niiunigni tiv in cry nt "einruen ring tli
fire hells snd bav a devil of allui generally
an an una, anil I will not complain ; but bsui'li
the pi u in I My piano, ba got hi go. lam
going to launch th iiilernul machine out of the
window Ui first dark Bight, and, Biy frienilt I
advise you to sleep with cotton in your years, or,
when ah gives ber dying groan, you'll think
ynu'v fallea of of bed ur a f.illco tlor )m gone
to real unib yuwr housetop. 1 r tli iiifonnalion
in - l..ung America. 1 will stale that all Itot
Thllbrhlaadaaa4 the IllghUadsra In liirea.
"Il t not ease fog a mini em Engliahman who
can pass in a day from his club in Si. Jam'
street to bit Bhoonng-bog among th Urampiana,
and who finds in his shooting box all tin com
forts and luxuries of hi club, to believe that, in
th time of hi great grandthther, St. James's
street had as little connexion with theUrempian
a with the Andes. Vet so it was. Ia tb south
of onr island scarcely anything wa known about
th Celtic part of Scotland; and what was known
excited no feeling but contempt and loathing.
The crags and tlie glen, tbewuods and th water
war indeed the same that now (warm every au
tumn w ith admiring gsiora and aketcher. Th
Troajichs wound as now between gignntia wall
of rock tapestried with brooa and wild rose.
Foyers came head long down through the birch
wimhI with the t!ino lonn and tlra tame roar with
which he still rushes to Ioh Nests and, in dcH-
siu- of tha tun of June, he tnowy sculp of lien
Cruachan rise, ns it ttill rises, over the willowy
islets of Loch Awe. Yet none of the. tight
had power, till a recent period, to attraot a single
poet or painter from more opulent and uioie
trunipiil ragions. Indeed, law and polilics, trnJo
and .Industry, have done far more than people of
romantic dispositions will re.nlily admit to dc vchip
in our mind a senseof the wilder heantiee of na
ture. A traveller must be freed from all appre
hensions of being murdered or starved before he
can be charmed try the hold outlines and rich
ntt of th hill, lie it wot likely to be thrown
i oi a precipice
anger of falling
two thousand lent perpendicular; by the boiling
wave of a torrent which suddenly whirl awny
is baggage and forces bun to rnu fur hi life; by
th gloomy grandeur of a pas where be find a
corpse which marauder have just stripped and
mangled: or hy the screams of those eagle whoa
next meal may probably J on hit own eye. "
t miw well d'Hibt whether in lUH'j, one lu
wenlvnfthe well read gentlemen who assem
bled at Will's colTo house knew that within th
ur sen, and at th distance of leas than 6U0
mil from London, were many miniature court,
in e.loh of which A petty prince, attended lit
guards, by armor hearers, hy musicians, hy
rerenitary orator, ne a hereditary noet-laurente,
kept a rude state, dispensed a rude justice, waged
wart,' and concluded treaties. While the old
( ! io institution were in full vigor no account
of them wot given, by an observer outlined to
judge nf them fairly. Had such an. observer
studied the character of the Highlanders, be
w.Hild doubtless have found iu it, closely inter
mingled, th good and th end qualitlea of an
onoivilised nation, II would have found that
people had no love fur their country and their
king; that they had no attachment to any com
mon wealth larger than th elan or to any tntgi-
trate aufierior tn the chief. He would hav found
that life waa gori mod by a code of moralietr and
honor widely different from that which it est to
ll. tieo in peaoeiul and prttarteroiM aocleti. II
would have learned that a. slab iu tlie hack or
ahot from behind a fragment of rook war ap
proved mode for taking iafujficlim for insults.
II would have heard men relate boastfully how
they or their father had wreaked oa hereditary
enemies in a neigblioriiig valley such veiig'stve
as would hare made old soldiers of th thirty
Tear' war shudder. II would have found that
robbery we held lo be a calling, not merely in
a.icent km honorable, -II would bav seen
wherever be turned that dislike of tody indus
try and that diapoaltion to throw oa th weaker
sex the heaviest part of Manual labor which are
characteristic nf savages. . a yt
an enlightened and ditpaaalonaleulisenrer would
have faund in th character and manner nf this
ru.1spe.ipls something which might exoit ad-
miration any a g.Kxl nope, ineir oonrage waa
whatgrnntaxploit a. liievcl ia all 111 f niro,uar
lers nf tb globe hav sine proved It tn b.
Their Intense attachment tn their own tribe and
tn llieir own patriarch, though politically a great
evil, partook of the naturt. Tlintiiiient was
Th rtrfc Kawillj that never Head a Xen .paper.
A eirrespondent of the Indiana State Nmt.i.e!,
traveling in tjheweetorn part of that S.'c, re
late th toikrwiug inc .le..u
Tb second n'.Klil afier I left your city, I put
np at A htrgc brick tavern, known as the L
house. The proprietor, in answer to aim iuter
rogatoriea; informed m that he owned over 4i
acres of laud, had rnised tl.e present ecaon tiK)
bushes ef wheat, ft Ml bushels of oats, and ex pec-
ted to harvest l.".(s.lbuh4lsof o.rn; ththowed
no man a dollar; and that be eater took a new.
paper in hi life lJ had the rsirieniiy to learn
now a family kept op with the current news of
th day, when deprived of the mean of obtain
ing H. Boon after I entered the family circle
whioli consisted of to parents and six children,
tli eldest a daughter ou the shady side of tweu
ty live th mother conimenoed with;
Mister do yoa know whether the great Mr.
Webster I hanged yet?'
Tea, Madam.'
Wall,' said h. "I allow he'll not make more
of the spelling books.'
'I suppose not,'
'I've Iivod to long in the world, said the mu
tlier with A" doep sigh, 'and 1 never el auv
lOdy hanged yet I 1 alwnv tannrht l d like to
eo on hansred, but it never happened to cmis
right, and I'm getting so old now I don't 'sect I
ever will. I've teeu th s&rcua and the cnrnvin
and slch kind of shows but I'd rather see one
fellow hanged than fifty of them show,' y .- p..
Strang r," said the daughter, tlier i going . ,
ingtobeao atiunal show, to morrow down here
about tix mile, may b you'd like to lay over
snd go down, B rot her .in met iv they've got
two snake there, ani what eon swallow an
elephant, and I don't believe there ever wa any
uch snakot do your s.
'Ml, MWs,' , " ' '
'Well, then, the jogranliy lice just I'U oilier
MolksV . .
'Mother,' said James, 'you tlnnt inowwhiti
you're ttlkiug about, don't tha I'niled State
make the jogrsplnos? What s th us of putting
lie Into 'em f They mak 'ein every ten yearn,
they are going to make another in a few days.
They tend men out all over tlra country la find
out everything that wnat mat ensp wat ncr
tor tother day, asking so many tarnci question
about. Stranger, your supper ready.'
pieces of brass wire aad ivory keys tbey arwl
enBie to, but UKskeletuB I want lore refrigerator.
Aataalug I'.xtrarta. :
"Killmore igucd the Fugitiv Slavn Bill from
IrresiataHle compulsion. lluhmnnd f.nq.
And PleToej-eigiied the Kobraaka-hansa Bill
with alacrity, tegardiiig it a " pronnilioa ia .
fomr n v.-w(4ua,;
To th end id hit idminittrntion, milliard til!'
or continued to exhibit the tame) unenviable
propensity toward th Sootli." A'lttj.
And yst th Itiohinnnd Kmiuirbf, and every
Lucflfoeo editor and tlump-spoaker in Ib'rl, nis.lo
It the suhject of grav accusation asrninst South
thrn Whi s, Oiatlhcy acipiiesced in the nomi
r. at ion of tlie Hero of a hundred battles, and a
native eon of Virginia to boot, over t hi snni
Millard Killinnr, whom they now atf.-ct to regard
at an Ab-dititionists, but whom they then held
np as a martyr to his devotion to tlif Constitu.
fional Kighu of tb South I - . ' '
"Tli only way in which Fillmore' partisan
VdertaVe to xonerat him from the grar accu .
sntiont of his own conduct, It by parading th
denunciation levelled sgslust him by th A boli.
ti. mists. ow,,by tli same argument, tb llltk
Rapublioan daservtkli oufidncuf IbtSiutb;
(or they two af bitterly l.imrd4iy the Aboli
tionists, w repudiate nie Pittshtirg movement,
and prorwm t run eandidate ef ibeirowu per
ty."e-..'iHuirr, i , v( .-. ,
(!uaat nighlryenouglrt really to beasUamed
of this awkward dodge, Why do you suppose
that llier is a man in Virginia who reads at all,
who nan be imposed on by such a piece of clap
trap f everybody kaow that the leader of lh
"Pittsburg movement," vra-with th Simim-pure
ibditlnnist aad tin Praocracy, In tlisir blatant
Imib of Mr. i'illiaore. tveryWly koowt that
this "Pitt-burg movement" wa tb result of the
dissatisfaction of certain ynipathltrr wilh
lllaek-llepnhlieaniant, at the nominatioa of Mr.
Pilltaore which they dcivounoed s A triumph of
of the Slavsocracv.
nsmrecte.i III regulated; but ttlll It wnt be- I -"Millard FUlmor slept through three year
no. nerw mqat u some sievanoa ot xrui in a , quiet possession
A Tat V Ithoat a Head.
JaV wat little negre whn.UIgo! tolr,
Taliaferro, aad wa (aid lo hav is, his hill freest
a heart ia Lig as lien. Jackson's, to say nothing
of Napoleon lionaiairt and U-k Tail r. II did
not fear tvsn old Kiel, and at tut eawln h
wa aa goal as the lidoo ef tli North Pol.
fine day, Ir.' Talisferro, nptei occasion af h
yenmemeuM-nt of Medical College, of whu-h h
bld lbs chair uf Aaaioniv, g ia dinner
Among his gueets was a well km wa venlrilwiuist,
Iatg in Ihe sveaing, after th rTttl hsd dona Its
Work, tli .nvratMea lume.1 ureas eoueaga, end
ties LWb- (eaaated 4 th lit heart
of b't favorite man, J-ike. lie i lfered lolie'i that
nothing cool' I rr him; and this t.t lh vr
triUuiat ba.k up naming at Ih same li'n th
tt lis wsun d iinr.jad. Jk wa Bent (or and
cam. .
'JakVeaid the IWiug, i have a large Bam of
aniv is y..r heavl, and yo esaot w w IL IKi
yo tLiuk yoeeeaf ....
lie rry belt, bibbm,' rst.tlsd) Jak -i 111 dul
kiga whet be w da, aad he'll de II shore.'
'I want yoa tn go to the diasedlng-ronwt. Teal
will find two deed beetle there. Cot at th
head nf en wilh a large ko fe whtrh y-e will
led tier and bring Ii ts n. Yo wiael wa) tk
light how svar ; and do tve) fnt rVigtitad.'
'Dai's ell, it it!' niuira4 Jake. Oh, Lerry
tWtt, I'll do da Bh-wa, f.ay aartin end ks far
lealq' friglleii, d drill Limelf aie'l to
trinl.leii inc.
Jake eeenrdiegly tea ?, and reaching tli die
serving eucHtk, grixe elisal anul he haand tlra
kail aad the hoduta. He had last apidted the
(sear to"ia.Ul tdfoaa ut th llir, when,
froaa lh body be a a ah. oat lo ilnpuu, a k .l
low aad twtuiltthral teeatiU.ied
'IM my kemd mlmmt f s s,' replied Jake, 'I ain't Uvular; vnddev
head II 4m jaet wll.' . ,
lie eeeurditiglv pat lh ki .fa la th tvsrh ef
the sett enrpae, wl.a esmihea' T.a-e, saliy aa
Barlhly la lit tut, thseseed eel r
'14 my Aanaf F - . ,
Jake a panted at rat; hut anwr4 pea.
lemh t yah' TrtHver tal l I kud Wit ,
mm oh ds hd, and )' iaa'l g ma lo f ed as
ka b"W !' ead Jak b. kd w until In aaire
h-d lb Med I" aa (let k-d'. T kvsaii .a ball a
U arreeJu. d vet
maa whu lore th eiwiety ef which he Is a mess
ber snd a leader whom h foil iw with a I iv
aiMnpsr than Ih love of life. It waa true that
the Highlander had few s-niple ehont shexl.ling
th blood of an enemy; hut it waa nut lew true
that hahod high aiHk.nt of Ih duly ef observing
taiin tn allies and hoapitoliiy to guests. It was
Ira that hi predatory livt.iU were most psmi
eious to the ri.memvnwmlth. Yea thus ermd
grselly who imagined that fc bora any rwsta
blance In villaina who, in rich and well governed
oommunltle, he hy steeling. When Tm drov
before him the herda of liwland farmer ap th
paaa which led ha hi native gln, he Mill
aitldered hina-elf aa a thief llian the llaUigbt
and lirakee ronsidercd-tbetasdvee as thietss
when lhy divided the eargo of Spenieh gsl
Irons, .
II wa a wairherasasiag lawful pels ef war,
ef wsr never otic intimated during the tbirtv
tve general BKia whleh had uaeaed away inra th
1 44oo Invaders had drlvsej the ehildrea ef Ibe
alio tli nxalnlaio. That if h was eeaght
robbing en a h principles, b hould, f.r lh
pr.ile.-ii. in tj pa"eful, hpnniehe1 with
lb etmnst ri. of th raw waa ptrfertlv ul
Hell it we not j4 to elaaa hiea aanrrailv wilk
Ihe pickpockets wa kn(eatd I'rury Lao The.
Ire or the bigbwavatsa who stopped eoarbea on
lllecklwath. Il.s li.ordinal pri.l of lurth and
his 4Btataara) tsy latine and trade were la.eeed
greet wmkaeeBee, end bad d.t far more than
lb lneleinney nt th ir t th eleiility af th
cull to kep bi .untry poor aad raM. Yt
tvwa here there era sunt cimntnaatnas. It
missl U fairaaea ba arkaewledgeA ilat Ih patn-
taa virtue erere ant leas wid ly d, 11 used am. Kit
Ih pepulaii.m of Ih II glilaeula thsa lbs plrT
(ua view Aa there waa ae wbe part where
area, sordidly rl..llid, Inlr, and fed. indulged
Ibetnaelte tu uek a degree) ia the bile aauiiU-r-ing
babiis .af an arut.-r,-v, eo there was no
etlsrr pert rf Ibe (aland Wr seek awe bed la
eech a degrees the better rp III mb efea aruslo se
f , grac n4 dignity of aiaaner, self reeperd, and
inai aoi.ks awnaiuilnf wbs-h make dieli..i.,
at. terrible thaa death. A gentleman nf Uiis
eat, whew etotl Brer berinimed with th
ex-ueiu 114 llih nf yeaea, and whew hal atnsll
wove than sa i ngii.h hog air, wsuld afire do
Ibe b.ora of thai hovel with a p.fie evxirteay
wnnny at in pi,aia eirel of V eeee.He.
quiet possearion nf tb I'reai.loniy. r.wjiurrr.
Khl then lh right nd inlererts-vfth South
were sal In tils hands, or it: Mionirer, and
thef lUemoernti Journali. and poiitieiau at the
South deserve deep and lasting reprubatinA, fur
uieily oloMirving tli trencberotis pnusi'tuuioa oi
. l'rei.lent anil rui .nig BO not or alarm 1 liy
a way, this is a droll idea of owr neighbors
that a maa plotting scliem ef snUobwf ta bia
sleep I
Th street which bav quoted f.,r tl
tmaaammt of our readers," show thst onr neigh
bor ar rest I If hard preased. AatmoniiHiB h.r
carrying an tbi war tgaiiisl the Amsr
Iran parly. Is ecsrre at lb Souih ; their tllirs of
th "Kreesoil wing of tb Lwinocmtn prty," oa
th0.ther hand, ar getting on Uiu-.u-ly il.ry
ar puaringhid shot sad mu. li t Americsti
camp with a fiery teal that 4n.wt no aleii n.ent,
and th bi.k ry of Mr. P;llui..r'a Adiainittntn a llieir aiagasinew with aa boeWanl
tnpply nf asnmaniiKm. They are aiaalusf r
evidence tu prst llint tb Aduiioitraii. of Sir.
ruimor waa on to win. a in n earn snomu ever
k Leek with gratitude I Strange, Is tt Botf
that whilst tlav Black RsjiaUirans ar dinouno"
in Ibe eeadiujti nt lb American tarty aaa
"reatur of lb sl.a-rcv," lh t il (uuer n 1
It r uibia allies ait ends voting te pmv Inns
la anrihtiovnat I Din inaee areeeierai Hniwanani
tier ia relation ip tlua utiiect offidrlny to
w! lob w , dMcrmined that ll, J p'.c ei.all
Bot target
nr. rirmww avr gave it a a rraei r r
aijaiag a bill, that it ws "a propositi. avor
el freeakasi." Mr. lillinore be 'or n.inifd a Frswaoiler as 4ioverr.or of a terrih-ry
where tb iaaa wat likely to an' as to whethe
aid lereahary tlteeut or Ii.miII eol 1 a free- Stat.
Mr, l illaaore aevee filled the public - Ii
aeturtoua roilrt, and Ihi orturel lt.t
party with ths pstruiar i l b s A !u.inietrtn,iii
Mr. ill more aever declared hiaasell ".!. band
aad heart and all bis might" WeTd any tu. h si.-
iseuf lh S ntn as Ih llulfalo iwin
rat. Mr. illnvow ha aevrpred biwae t
ia favor .af aev kill t.i)iek the"H -t
analber alete Mia'e iale Ihe I aaoeu Mr. f ... r
Is hui eprHnd by any riy tlivt, l a th
P an.u-ra.-y 4lf Ohio, i pled.-e.i to "tltlrpsle t'ave.
yy! , - . VHkaaad Aaaev.
Ih dBs adaals af th Rliklaadm. la tnt
lt.d, Warned Maeatuly la fj fa hi ieataiil af
isr ae aei ore.
vtbyBeiBB avt lUatarh a Weesee.
M dianiaar-lans twlai lh I'owlog auary aa ta
aeibaeti ee l eevxabl pien hrwiueM, illiie
I Iraute uf tie lM UM tb Uaa,l Uia.l bat Juu j
j la pr l. tua ia tb wwld, etd lhi all . i , '
j wi eld ge rue if ,t wsr Ui end at. .t. i . "
Xakt) Ifot.ey ba Ten Cut
1 ed
eilketf d-- ' I f'-' ' ' - ' ' '
f a tral IB e- , , e lb I I
tie, t av-l-al 4 a"a ei e- . .1
delate a . a .....1 I 4 . I. . '
kt4. rail 4.rt..-4 t lit m elr k' .
Ill k ('. he e i,. la.. 4 I I
,if ii S I, I' 4 l'W . e 4-- I -. e -
14) ft hit I IK I ,l,ll..a re.
them i J Fithlsihli Itir-fitlif f i(4 tt j VMi'f
' la the dene of M hatemed tW waa to Arab I rMI eelxrrf . ta-t Me. 4 .-e J M
whebadaveey peeaiy la. Th IVad (. ,ea) I I l -ei s-...g, e
skeaae, feiraace, BHailra ead IsroiKer wars hwhed
la eewh eiker arva. and thsa the tsti A ttrem
tear of h.v.
Hut k. w Waa aairk a rv. sad - harw BxH
il, ew k-e awrht r V td W i'h a awwai at4
Wwias saf Taae t ka tea tteake est Ibe
ttieo ad hue kwe kseH ae bvteg
-a. It It..
I -.... -.... .a .ll .... t.m- erw,. i. , lATTtt lot Cf Motirnlnir Ooodj. j . ( wkh Aw Its yaaraat e.d twaaM 'ta yaas'ee eai h, t ,' eed ha aese,
ZTZT i a'.f"7."r 'r ' a-k.. . a tt.k.lBti4aai f.atTana l s--d 1 kewe . kke .e,.ref tak' et hed ike asasee Jake,
I 'VnV- 1 w. n. n. 1. Ttotrni . 'm n-iMvafei.-. n. i-
ftnmt ae,'weegwaWr .,
Jak had teairbard the 4wr, bet, est
(hi, haras d r)a4 eaad
'hew aew, ae yah I Js ye seep toaV. yn
de. are af ted, 4a4 d'l wskaepAe w 11 1 a
Mk. Msm t aly gwiee hs hdl ettke beesae.'
rsrsaaf mm eeaai sw ewaaar r Ik
ll.. .M ' e'l 'i..
khftk I rs4, I k Bi ta I k e. e-. I a - . .
44m 4 ee.aai k e.r B raee-aai a I
..lUi.-.'l-iWI.,. II. k-.e Ii
et te..e B. Vlek,.im 1. t. ' ki
i. i.e. e MwbI ksis at lee Bcrwaee e il.
i f A 1 - 1 -
K.l.i(k. Birel.U.t ty
'Trad he mm, nglA aarar, eak retold Jake,
a be eaew.eai adf wok the brad. aa4 ih aetl , 4 esuat ie.b. itas w4 aa aatrrt
e.BB 4 I eem tt kaaa the laaanW.
hireeelf Wito eaael and t wrmte l,4nea.d he
fe.lauul lUt th eaasld ted ft lie !' wf I... I.. I
wke k .4 Ibt two w le-f iu.l.,kd It h eUimed
kef, thai ie II, e tVal kn.t4.rd ai.d tha llevil in his
likaajeae. Tl.e eeae e4i4 aeeefc lalerM ia Ike
aeafttlawb'K't, hat ae ae.lii, uf tee d aVelty
aeeuid kw oblama.1. Al lu..l, iim l.n,., - ..
hen-re his Maieely, Hi IV j Irft, ll kiamll, ' , ,
efirr hill rcr4i , ked ap a eenai I
pad ta hi hen, wuh a epwi I ke rees-a, sad I 'P"
aed te livweet b4e, 'S-.m, thkkevat tt the real ''
I healawd will . ear 1 lets BI I t 14 aprat aed I
Ike elal4..k kta sUist ha U ." The1
1bviL Ba ba.ivig s rai-.i y ie way thee
Ike steidy Aral ef reel ti-.k aawt IV4M,erheeeJ
4. The xvaaaal
he "l-d kl'.hewMBd eluad ll If , the Sfspat
had keew h-e ekei a a few ili, M waa nm. ( (ill a . T' N a t III If T HT
serteaal that I He td wa (tug ee le all I Ll I t - Jel re., ned e
i.e fss 1 its eat." erf, H 4.aad wa ineteewe ew I ia V aa ai e w-ii I
(i, a.4M4 hs ks Ike !etJ mm Ireae hi HeleBi se I' , ..
rUr O-f . 1,4 la ll IS
ua ,.4 l. m eaoMi, ,,
b , 4 l -t k. M-a aa aay l .'U o '
Ike f-".. .h.i ....... It r,4 ,o . .
le Bet Mlo -.J I H I tp , -
Bete, eeMl B.o kaaa M . wfe-
I J lil-i
guaU.gk. Iaewkae. I? t ltk 4

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