North Carolina Newspapers

Selected Poetry.
Ymm !L Bwttva Traveller.
, ).IM.i.
' I gp to a tiluce fur jeu." JuAa 11:2.
1 pi the dyirjj Cava. said,
A maiist. p to t.renare.
That je, vrbo ii my noister tread,
' Mj e my jlorj there.
Ai"l i mine rJ.T, Jearet Lord,
My spirit utile reply ;
lr tu claim th blissful ward,
And dwell with liod on b'gh. :
Yee, mU t!.e Lord, the maneiun wiite
1'ast by the erjaiBl tea, , .'-.
- Jl ml upen wide its pearly gates,
Kxpectaift still uf the.
And truth, nJ lore, i.d heavenly grace
., Float the glad portals through,
My glory Ciw thy ready )lace,
Till thosi art ready too.
lf--om.fiea?itiaParty"ef t Caroli-a' CAUl'liTS, OIL-CLOTIIrf, iC, "ic.
- At Convention : U American party, tela -at
tUleigh, . ertHe lJih f t i. ir, iVio, llicf.- t
lu.riiijf were 4'iei: 1
y.VWwJ, That, at the rs,i s which tri..Wel
the WM T of the American .rjtwi'-ii news- j
aarr in iw ii.lncy. ktS sittt the. sewrel
ecreauMiiait-uf the rir aether if ;
uh!irl ion, ein, eoeietiiutitHi, rituals, r r- 1
words be tf.rishe. ttvtt we- !o eotrnitutr iwr-,
aire into a pub!ttly-orguixKl fi U-at 1 ;
challenge oar of aments ts the puiilie liiecussi."! ;
ut iur ;riiiciiil.i mid we do tiereliy iiivile and ;
invoke "the aid and co-op1'''"0 "f thecmirn j
of the Ktate without reirawi to tlieir former polit- j
ical affiliation, in oiViutaioing "d carrying; out
the itrut hn, jriooplv and object! i f thej
A.uerican Psrtv. . 1 j
JVesoiW, Thit we di h"retj ratify and en-j
iffiree the principles enunciated, m the pliiifurm i
of the American party, by the National Council ;
uf the same, brain aiid held at Philadelphia, on I
Heady, dear Ijrd, I tearful cried,
luainettetl uut timnsini ran,
in I nut aarcd.and aanctified
lit blood that Thou did'at n.illT
IUt then not bear me day by day
I' pun thy pierced heart, '
Aiid may I not, dear lord, I pray
lie with thee, where tliuu aril '
lrinV cf my up, the Lord ajrain
Made enswer filled for thee;
And be baptised by death and pain,
If tbou would' it reign with me 1
Ileneefortli I bear a joyful heart
Iteneatli his Inring red,
Binding a earthly joy depart,
Thoto'i greater room for (iod.
the. luiMtf ,vf Mir rmrtv. at)
tanc to any mhios of mere governmental p.dii;y.
Kesoivtd, Hint mete mrce grrai primury prui-
ple are, JIM the onuneciern .i tne .ra, . K, rrtrin o.l.. and all other artlclee
o8ioe and re:'(niliiitie r p-lml !tll,Di f BIU!y lPpt in iiirpi-t ftorfn.
und'rm-(reniment,tinarive-bi)rn Americans j llK A fiRXT FOR AElXIXfJ
with a due reptnl at the aauie time, w tue pr.- cur,art fc S)'t VomtY l. Thiee jlv and In
tectioBof the fteiKii-b.rn in all the cud rilit gt.,,in c,,rpeti, wrll as rlHrlier e Aiihurii l'r.
and privilege giiriid to fnenien by the om- ,u,c ,r,sci, ij-pl , Jnginin and Venetian Carpet
tUntioit, watbr Federal or State. , . and Uuge.
- tvaudlij, lSwiAtaiice to religta mt'iternnee. !' , ' - -' - ' -
and a riid niaintciianve of the grent principle of , Hertlxig'a Patent Cbamplou and Burgler
reltgtuua lree.m lV ejt-iuuinjj iruni i wince aim FrQOf galea.
pJw.r lh.ewho-oUi.lper.Mitcturop1Iiion,.-nKe . i,,,,ri ..,.,,,i.,m1 b 1.- ,., ,.,
howouldcntrolthe puHticaolthcciMiitry through, i I ,rfei, tliIV fr:,m 'Fif,t.
V llUrCn lllUlieurWr pueiij ihkiiumh, ,
wbo a.:knowte.lp.eau allegiance to imy power of ;
arb whither civil orecsleniaelical as paramount j
to that which they owe to the C'unHittiUoti. i
And. Timlin. oiiawerTliiE aovotion to tne ;
mio uf thci Statoa, and renietBHC; to all fae-i
Wh"m firat we lore, job know, w teldopi wed
' Tine rule u all. And life, indeed, U not
The thing we planned it out ere hope waa dead.
j And then, we women eannot cboone our lot.
Moeh muit be borne which 1 hard Jo bear! "'
Much given away which it were aweet to keep.
God help ua all! who, need, indeed, Hii ear.
And yet, 1 know, the abepherd loveabii eheep.
My little boy begine to babble dow,
Upon my knee, bit earliest evening prayer ;
lie ba tit tamer eager eyes, i anow ;
ut,.4 piipcr, mfh a tlf.n'K Jlorlgiie, llecdl, mid
ll'inftt ul Arc uut, tlntnthe nitlinar.v rA r r.a herf to-"
ff re f n bm had uttrdd, iinlucd the aubkerittM tu
i&evut u hii portion of tim und atlpntioli during the
iiAat l'iurtcci Yearn lu making luiprovementa
anil IMnrnvcrU'ii lor im timct't, mul ihi-r no hva
lion and acetional atteiiiptn to weaken. la;d?-: j ,hilt ,,,, ,,(,:,,. h, b,?n cr.mnf.rwMU
HrtulWI, I hut III ail niiminHtliinn ior poniicni 0( ,,.i.i,, ,f.-,m ,d ikcj now oll'.-r .ho I M I'liUVKD
elation hereafter to LA made by Hi American llKHr.lNif HAJ I...1 AIR 1'ltfcJiIU.M
Partr. it m ri'ConiuicnijMU that the nm le ne rum l
Aid they ay too, hi mutlier' lunny hair.
But when lie alecn and inile upon my knee, '
And 1 can feul bit light breutli oome end go,
I think of one (llrnreo help and pity me!) .
Wbo loud me, aud whom 1 loved long ago ;
Who Blight bat becn'ob! whatt Idarnot
think 1
V nr changed. God judge for u beat.
God help n do our duly, and not ihrink, '
And truat in Heaven humbly for th reft.
But blame ui women not. if rume apinr
Too old at tiroea i end moie too tar and light,
Soot eriof gnaw deep ; aouie woe ar ban
Who knowe th past? Anil wbo
right T "
'Ahl werw judged by wliat we Blight have
And not by what we are, bo aid to fall!
My little child ho aleepaand em ilo between
f heee thought aud mo. In Heaves we ball
knoif all. .
Th eua i bright the air U clear.
The daribng awallow nar end i"g,
And from th lately elm, 1 hear ,
The blue bird propheaying epriag.
So blue yon windiup river flown.
It eeui an outlet fruiu the ky.
Where, waiting till the wert wind blew
The freighted cluude at anchor lia,
AH thing! are aew, th bud, the leave,
That gild the elm tree'! nodding treat,
Aud even the neat beneath the ear i
, There are do bird in hut year' neit 1
AH thing rajuie In youth and lov.
-The fullnea of their finl delight I
And learn from th cift beavani above
The melting tenderue of night,
Maiden, that read'at thii aimpl rhyme,
t.uji y thy youth, it will not aiay I
T.nioy th (rauranee of thy prime,
tor oh I it i ku always May 1
EnJ'y tlie iSptingof Ive and Youth,
io tome r aid nrcrl leav th rest;
for time will teavh thee kh-o. II truth.
There are no bird in but year fioatl
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5o- 16, Fxyetteville Street, Raleigh, 5. C ,
us jcjt aanivte
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CtlllCtlOJ Of
. - Cw!r4:yTiul!a. CJo.'.12ie.l."5.
rpHK VoIoiim t Hirv asw piiata to the paWls
Fin-t, i irj ttiv Bt(Kir ul Slit icwnU A4a, by BaM-j k4 their .ny is m rolUtt-a ftr the eoaipiUr'f
WmS.rf i( n-xiri' tbt Ki(hte, &l.ifltit.aBd Lit ! Vl. (ht it h.d b rtiirl ms fieMibl
tit by Jirt,rrt. j Dd jmblufie't iut very Nwrih Cuol.i.'tt Aiyht bT
Th i'iantfr't Vtftim, or Ineidratl of Anriun a4 fc. .(Mirtuuiiy &l rMMinjt m a i.rinwni aud eon-
th 5h tiny uf Juiia, 155, in relation t tne po
litical p .iit jf of h (iufernmenl whilst ftt the
.M.m.v v; h ;;-- -I.uicl. Moral Tufted and Cemmeh Hearth
y. v...... -, - - ' au4 Woor MaU of different tort.
paramount . . ....,-.- . ,, , .,. .. , . . ,,,.,,
4 4, H h 1 ti i 1'litid and plain Mattiugt.
Window eiia'lcx of Ieirnr,le flyles.
A mioM-'oT t all (ilbers. It is now, undouliU'illy, en
tilliol to that titiipUlion...aiiil apnred with UALb'4
I'AI B.NT PlH UKIt l'llOnF 1,01 Kr", (whrh alsewa
'artr. it is recomuiondd that the snma Ixs d. ne rll'.E I I
io open public meeting jtnd that all tbore who j Chmnjimn Sale tf&thr llio.', hurinti Itftn ewvir-J
agree a mi us in prim .piw, mm woo wotu, ,u ,, i (iflt .irintt itt tioin ine iioii.i 9 sutt, i.(ii,,
aim and ohiocts, shall hereafter bo recognired j ' Ibol, ef i AVw lurk, IK3.
as inemlicrsid the American Party.
Jtmlr,'i, That it le recommended to tho
merlcanl'Rrtr iu this State to hold a Contention
of delegates, to-bo appointed In public primary ; swaidcd Mkiais b shove,) (nus itm mon prlcl Virs
Bieetinas in the respective eouiitics,tnfireiiUoro ! ",,1 Uerlar I'rool fisf.a tt,i l,tr,.re I u tliepub-
on Thursday tjie l'lth day of April bcxt, for
. ... ... i Th, Sobifrilier sl.o ma nuf:,rl,irpv nil K inoaf Hull,.,
the purpose of oomitiatii.g a candidate in oe run i m4 fil)ilM ,,,, MMf t h(.s. ,t1 v.u i,u, ,Tui
by the Ameican Party 6,r dovcruor at tho next M,,cv Bx r (-h,( fr i!ri iSl jvwtm,
election that eann coumy arpoiiu as many , pre Kumilien, tor I'lat. Iiiamobd, and oilier Val.
itidegalea as it chooses, nnd that th mode, of ; ual.te. And nrralb I'iit.utet i,y purclni-. at,4
Totins in tmd convention be rcculatcd bv the Man.ita.tnrr .,1 Jti.Nts I'Ali . M 1'hn.ML 1 A I W.N
eonvention itelf.
tittuleti. That we cinsiilor the 22d nay of
February next !he time berctolorn selected by
the atlonal Council o the American order, tor
the nomination of candidate for President and
Vice Prenideiit, as too early a day fir that pur
pose and we do hereby recommend to our
brethren of the American party throughout the
Union, the propriety jif postponing the holdiuft of
said coot emiut. to a.tuie tiuie in tho mouths of
KtMltrd. Ilowevor. lest such postponement
may not , take place, it is deemed advimblc to
ppvrint two delegates to'rcproM iit the Slato at
larje In inch nominating 1 onveiuion, ati'i it is
recommend. ) to the American Party in each I nj 1.
Cwgressinnul Ilitlrict to hold primary mcetitijrs I Mini phy,i- al and a.ol a,... t.
Blaverr, with ill.ilratiABf.
The Mu b t.irl, Oi I.iiv Scenes as they are, with lllos
trtimis, .
fValker's Msniy Eireisee: eontsinlnjt liewieg, Fail-is-,
Kiding; i.rivinir, tl 1 ifct, liutitibg Slid rfaobtiny,
Itisr's I leffT. iU--tr.' t. -.
Itr of th Wue, 11s i.: '. t.isiid'of tb 11 core of Hsa
ovvr, lj lir. It. Ih.rn,
&tino,riof lr. SainitStn, late Plcfi.leotof ths-Cnion
Tlt'-oloi. ill rminry. j
Whei-ler's hintorr uf Sorth Csrolins, lllontrattd.
Tiie Arrt BiI.'i. o ttomsnitfin is tti Caited ritatca. j
fly M-villa ft., iiliinratcd. I
The Anierieaa f'..uie (.'ookervCook, or Housekeep
ing made Karv.
'ibe Priucs'uf or Truths' for younglHecinles.
by s My.
.Jlh Lund tit the Foron and the Vatican; or thoughts
sn-VreWelws diiririi! sfl K;,ter Pi3irini: to Koloe.
KooW fki-ihe ol Virirn'-M. I'd reros.
Wlistui rrei.ft'rii.tiMi , t.y the Itev. Pr. Ho.lpe.
Th u: 'irnl st;d tnt,.lle.'mal divereity of Races, by
Nn a llut. - -
Thelites Kidtc.'.T.B'iar, or the Child Is.ieht by the
F'mcer Itooif. ...
. feinoBcby the Rev. Robert South, D. I.
The riia Iaya on'r.'nlion' e. i-erieii of FaaiUiar I"'t
tore, from a father Io bis etuldren. v
llairy and correspondence of Hauinel Pepy.
Juuo ( tilord.hy J.jdy.
llairy i.r.d rorrfi-nondeiie of Jobo Krelyn, T. K. P.
llintoriral ard Ie,rriy tis Hketchu of Norfolk and
Vioiuity, Ji!u,trH'.cd by W. r'orrct.
'I'll., pottiv and mvctery of llreanir, by Charles 0.
Lollan.l. '
tierfliiker'8 Trnreli. ,
Voyage? Hound ihe M'orld, from ihedeiitli'ofCaptoiii
ood to the f-res. Ill time.
' , lorll.y a. l. Tt nXER,
N. C. b.okelore.
Riil.ijjli. Hoe., 1!S5. 47
venieut form, a copy of many ptecva that they hael pr read sad aOiaired, aud perhaps "lor a tints
preer ed from regard for the authors, KiwoarsKed by
their kiod enstpertia, lbs work has keen steadily,
thviarh slowly. icrowiBa; aalil it has reached Its present
aittihoiiyb it has beet. )Dipoiljlt to procure many pieces
which it was tboatdil eould be procured, yet it is booed
thst tbi, 4nt atteui't of the kind in North. Carslioa
will meet with the furor of the citizens for whose u,e
the work is principally intended. Though ws easy aot
have produced any very great poets, still these "fool.
pr.nU ol lot Mue-' wilithowtbeni wepofse some of
"the pieta that are SOWB
fly Nature; men endowed with highest gifts,
The Vision and tbe faculty divine."
1 . ,
It is from our knowledge of the writers that many
pieces in tbiseolleslion ill dtriea Iheir interest, and
tliough viewed hy the severeeye of eriticira., they would
hr l-n reieeied. still it S thoucht that public -
pe.tarion Would hate been dumppointed bad they been
auitttcd.- irm rAi k.j
" for sale wholesale sod retail by the publisher.
DANK 1.0 K.
rlbAS C. HMlltlNtl A Co. Patentees,
IIsks.v I)u,. k, Nos. l:i5, 1:I7 1 1 IS Water Street
A'rut J'or X'jt lh Xutoliiia, J. H, liloHsom
-Frbiuary S5, f 8mo.
III! Alii
in the respective counties, and appoint delegates.
to District Convention, tor the selection 1 1 a
delegnte from c o b respectivo District to Said
nominating dinontioti. ,
ltm-Mieil. Ibat an r.xevuliv Pentral Commit
tee of live, be appointed bv this body, whose du
ty it shall he to attend t i tie goDerttl concern o
tli American tnrtv in this State, to carry on the
neeessary enrrt-finrlence, end lake such incep- j ver equalled by any Amerb an. and auipassed by but
1 ill. till 'M i:v HOOK.
THE YEAR 1855.
"r'f' 'Icgftut Stcl6itgming. 12mir.clcth. I'rieo
'ihiv vohiiai tf a record of Ihe nuthjr'i tfin tipti
f do dtiftnft yoitr'l trTtl to th nbtv nauit'drotintrirn
b'U'l t conrry an cciriit idea if iheir (r,
ttlaiifJ armt :(. T..a reulf of ibt
irfltt'r'j yWrvtii-ms hp (tiri in the mmi tlflightfuHy
DMUirnl tylltieli rbr' leriaen hi prcvHiiii, aurk.
"W Rlrni6 ith ph'aure thi Ifinf pruuiiiu'tl work
Thll f thr- Ttititii'pt riiupri"ini rh trAVcltio
Out ml Arrl'-i, Kyj'i ami India, on "f vtmt In
dfUiitfUf'i Unvi-I.'rii of th. dny. W Itnnw ofnu h,V
ut 'Mi pjjud tl-at kr'p lh roudcr' at(ittkun twudmh
Uv". SuimJut I'Upflttb.
Mr, Tailtif Uat mrpfd a frpuUiion as a trurcller,
tive t?i at mny b dei-mcd tiatMarv fur the
moro UHiiiriijrn urantantinn 01 the taia parij -ainl
that ail 'pputiv ccn tin i t he anlhrixeU
nd rHiitl to i-i'fx'tut a (Vnity Kiacutjve
i Dinnnttco fur each Lvtnty in th Mat; and
thai md County Kxeeut.rft ('nnmiittpfl Jo further
Apfiotnt a rml.-O'.u. n ittca f r ewh elertio'ii pro-
cinrt in tlrflft'iinly Wffh utiflt(Tiimonth'rougl.
anH (Mmii!tt.r(fniirttit,i. uf the Aowritan par
tf ill NurthCarulirt.
Plat tor a of ihe imrrtt-sn Party, idoftdat the
acwlwH ! th Nailoaal lubrll, l-'jjrHary
tlRttiMAO. j
1 IU 1 a H BOnii) ll mfm aTwsEtl 1 1TI Ol W 1 II r U 'T Rlf Is'
fwlnft, fix tiif'rltri,er wiia VtiuriiKaffd t t-ar fwiher
la tat.r MMtwwtai HttutionrT inryKte, UHtw.
aaMi(rf t4 to a, lartr acadaU. ta ihr i r utiua i
f ta liUnlt, th tadffMmdaara, 4 ika aaWa f
tBM MaJflt ,
Id. Tbe traraaU?a af lha FtfUral fnkirN, the
fatitvdiatH tf Mtr vivl. at d m ;iKt a tiWriit-a, aati lire
er ntv 1 ulaarli mi Aairtra Ip4-Baipnrv.
2tl. ,4jir(tiM mmm ttm A -., ai)t l" tl ta1,
if, rr Hv?ra itst it HhhiM ka ifUrlrd fr all rtate.
adral arid aianlrisal Atw f i-trfimtnl empln.
rat, ta jr--trfrar W all aHivrtH aeerii'ivt
4th. 1'rrwuai Htra of Aatarivaa iurnii rxaidineHai
f9rny a?, tbouid a aatitlad to all Ihe rigitla of
aatia-ara rUatt tV '
itfa. K yrMra fbal4 hm tlr!trd far t-.tilir-U iU-
lloM, aHiN-r rf ptiTff nr f r-ite l-wtli.t aK. irm-
niisr-i a? i!,i(ear-a r i;if sUttm of aav drf tvU a ta
frw perwm bow 1iiu((. W v nture iti aw"rtifn. thut
Uibi.abw.k will ! Krnrally esiiffMtad tsubaaia
Krvatnl aud hcM rk."
For eala bj
W. I,. I'OMEnoV:
Ott 37th 138
VHio is Sam?
The Som ufihe irr, or 1770 and ti)b,a hisUtry
oj the, mid 1'nnjmt tj'Ut Antftriroit 7'ar
bj t ritid ite ymhahff Jnjtueim on the next
l'retidrHtid Kl(viim. Jo iihifh it
added i Hu'ir'tc of tfiti J.tticr of
, ih Huh. Sir My A. WUt, '
U'tuinxt the,
K N 0 AV - N O T IT I ' G S .
5rThe first Ileelnriition of Indept-ndfnce.iTortftim-t.d
by our ,ires ill 17. o, Ihs second by tn.'lrsous. iu Isjj
'"""' Freedom fronrForcign Rule:!!-
.Thisftork i.- tioiu the pen ot oiik tUoioiighly e
llHi.lted with ttie under, urrttnt ol Aoieriesi) polities,
and the raioes whkdi have ted to the existing corrup
tion In high ptAees. II.- titees outclearly the oj.eruliotis
ol aforeiirn el.'iiipiit In onr goveeiitnetital histitutiona,
and show Out the ,Yuns of tho Soil should guvrn the
Thi?-i? the suilior's ..trong position, whi. b be main
Intre by irr. tultib.e hirfUlnenlii,
Tbii, b'-oti, one ituit shoiil.l be ill the band, ot every
naliee bom ,-ilileii a, well us foreigner.
The Pi'lili. ians will have it, of course, for they have
a persoiitii iijler.-sl tn the ui'lion "whu will be our
nest i'resiit.'lii?" .It will produee a the
dry bones of eld political pwrliyans.
t'.lM'r.N'lS.- .l, 1. '1 he An.i'ricati l'urty. 2
t'aurej. ol it, oiiin. ;. Pria ipl. s Flnted. Illustrated
snd Kufor.'. d. t. 'f he Obimta which thi Urganitaln n
aims in A..oio)'li,h. 6. Ihe n-c.ily ol su.di an tir
gsniisliou eialiiined. . Ihe exigencies of theTluie
Itrnmnd au Party. 7. The true position ol
the Puny, h. Ibe Kapid Projrts, snd i.iv Kk.lti.wt
its InfJueioeau for the Ks.ell, nr, ol the
Arm-riesn Piirlv. 9. 'I he Plan of ll.erstion sd plsd he
tho Aincrl' so Party. III. 'Ihe Piohal Ic ii Hi . I .'. ol
tl.e American Party en the next Presitlelilial bl. itir.n.
ip. r.e,i.-w of lion. II. A. w ise s letter, 'ln e 73 . .
Just put. lulied aud lor sale by. ,
Jt. 1. TPftSEK.
H. C. Hook, lore.
K.neijh Msi li, . ill
I Stw Sotcl by Ihe author of "alone."
i irnl Ftlition, ' 10,(M0 Colics, Aot Ready.
A Svsd. By Mnrion lUtrlund. of IlirlivHtul, Va
om ettymtl-uto. cof. 43-t Fuyet Prk(,lti.
f pilEestraonlinary suceessofMiss llsrlsad't "Alone
I running through edition after edition, with great
rapidity- re -published in Knglsnd with a still larger
inmslntrd into ihe French and Uermna languages
with uiiirked iu.. i.r -is irt-rbeps the best evidence of
the originality nod pojilsrity of her writings. In tbe
Iau:uii!:eof ait eminent critic "che may henceforth
ta ne rank antoog the most saccessful novelists of the
t'uited ctotes."
oTIove who hsve read 'Alone snd these wbo have
not, should will he interested and gratified to know,
that s io' book by Vir inis's gifted authoress, enti
tled 'Th.' Hidden Path,' is now ready. Beautifully as
Marion lUrloo.i' bs woven the' threads of life in
othr nnd song she is a poetess of rare fe
li,.itywe are safe in predicting that bor new work
wili'surjiass all her provious efforts In fine delineation,
brilliancy snd power, and that Mr. Derby will bo called
upon to r.-eord it on his book - as one of tbe moat popu
lar ami su.-.-eseful of modern literary issues, riinee
re.i'in: ' We stell! luipalietmy swan trie appear
ance r-t 1 he Hidden Path."' A'. P. A'rreiioj J.Veor.
J.t: IiKKliV.Publisber,ltasssustreei. ew iork, i
And for sule by nil bsoksellers hed n -w Agents.
W. L. POMKIlllY,
llaleigh, im. I
New Books !
1 RACK I.K.K, by Julia ka'anah. autlioi . '
1m. lit.iiy bums, Ac, j
I 4tb- builders, M author ot Heir ol Ke-I- .' t; rt-Ka-e.
Ac. ' j
Travel, iu Europe an-l tbe Kssl: a y :ir i I't.y,
rv-oilai.d. Irelnii l, tVal. s, Pian.-". Peigiuiu, Holland.
lieruiH.iy. Aus'.ria, ltsly, liieeee, T'urk-y, .'-yria. Pales-
tine and Kgypl by riuwuel Irena-n, Prtioe.illustraieu, j
2 volume I mo. i
The Praelieat American Cook llo4
Miss Stri. klttods'e QiU'ens of M-.ll;; . . ol. V.
W I s Illustrated Natural Him. .
Koberf (irahaui, a Sexual to "b. e .. '-; -f'
lin Lee II. nil.
f-ra.l Potter, or Fifty Vcurs in 1.... .- IN r.i ; v
Melvite. .
Mo b'fn f un.lar.1 firstna, vob m, - ii
limb for .May. For sale bv
W 1,. I. -Mi,,;. A.
Knteigb, April, IMS.
CLAKJSDON iron works,
vVlUllSiiTOS s. c. ' . .
A.V. fAkBOkktLKK, Proprietor.
flHE subecribee bsvtnr purehad the rnlira interest
1 i ths -CLAktMiUA IKOJi VtOKKS," selitiu
order tor
Means Knginea, of any power or style,
Haw Mills of every variety,
alining Machinery and Pumps.
Or st and t'lowr Mills, complete,
Paikrr, Turpentine and ether Water Wheels,
Rice field Pumps and Cpgines,
Leavilt's Corn and Uob Crusher, :
Kioe Tbrasbera, ; , , ,
hklnpte Machines,
Hhaftiug Hstigera and Pulliee,
'Ootton tiina aud tiearing, - . -Iron
Caetitigs of all kinds and pattern!. ,
llrass " -
Locomotive and Tueular Boilers,
Hue and plain Cylinder boilers,
isiacksmitb work or all kinds.
Iron lioora for Houses and Jails:
Having been re orpluized for the express purpose
of iusaring punctually of th execution of ail ordea
the public may rest satisfied that any work which
may, offer will be promptly rielWcrcd according o
rnmlse, and of auch workmanship a can not fail
0 give satisfaction. " j
Being in charge of men of talents and experience,
1 have no hesitation in tayine that the work her
after turned out, shall compare favorably in every
respect with that of the most celebrated in tbe
.States, and at prices which will make it to the in
terest of all iu want to send me their orders.
Always done without delay aud having (large
force for that purpose, it will prove advantageous
to any person needing such to give me the prefer
ence without regard to expense of sending tax
from a distance,
Orders will be addressed ltp 'Clarendou Iron
Works," Wilmington S. C.
Oct. 2S. Kb tf.
A T the endef Three Years, such .has bsea tb
t'are and economy of the officers of this Company
thai we are still tree froo debt t made nu asiesmeuts
d- hsve poor such a large Capital in co,A and notes,
thst we have no hesitation in saying to the public, that
there is no safer Cumpany in Ihe roiulhvril Country.
i ue most ot ine rtisKs in this tympany being In the
Western part if the otste, where tbe danger Iruia ire
is much less.
At the last annual ,meetingt the following outcera
Were re-eieeted.
JAMES t"bOA.N, President "
. CdPPl.V, Vice President.
C. P. MKNbKNH Lb. Attorney.
PE.TKH AsllAMS. cs. retary and Trvksur. r
W. II. l l .M.V)i.Nli. linioral Aent -ittrectors:
ttit:l..sslioRot'ua. Jauios Dr. J. A. .M-.bant,
C. P. M. n.l.nhsll, Was. 8. ltankin. Rev ( . Y Ueew. ,
.lames M. tiorrett, Jed, H. Und.av, W . J. McCnanell
K. W. Ugburn, J.'b. Colt-, II. I' vioir
liAI.SItill .Mi tin A M I, . Ills.
V. ACRssonol on. I.. V I'i'.y
i .l.ucNTows It. r. (,. i oit.i,
WashISOTO. .lo.-lii i' 'ti.ylo.
It iLMtsvTufi. W tti Mii A. M right. .
SAiiasrav. Jolifi 1, chk.'er.
KATKTTt.VII.I.e. l,i, . f.'ook.
I'LVMOt'TH. II. (1. Snruill.
I.t uasaToi. Robert K. Troy.
be.sox . AsTl.t. Ilr. K. bi rt'H. Senles.
All ..omiiinnientlons shounl h dircte.l to th- Heere
aiy Irec of postage. i
PETbK ADAMS, tiecreusry j
Autusl Hlh, 1HA4. S it,
Tbe Briiiak Ptriwliral nd Ut f nmcrt tufa
F TBI laiTtl rVtUCATlU.
L. KCOTT k CO., NKWYOKK, contiar a,
puUtab the fullwwiitg leaOiug PaiWiw
Vial " - -
- , . 1 s.
s7e London Jurtcrty VonstmUict.)
t m
lhtEdMTy Baric (nitty.)" v "
TAe Xorth 'irriiuh Bvk tret Church V
4 '
JAe Wtsttuwiatcf Htmvi (Literal.)
Bkicknyod'a Ediuhuryh Mayaxint (Tvry.)
riSlIe rreat and hnportunt tTentaReHajoaja,
rulitioal. and Military now aciUtir.tS
tati'-c ul the um orw, girt ta t&ew lblUaUaai
aa tatasrtsvi and t1u ihy Bcvar before potttm4
They oeeuy a niitidl ground betveca tbe aaetir
written ccifiultt-i-, rradv fpecnliHtjni, and tyiBmiZ.
mora of ibeafWrf aper, aud tbe poiidieMae Toeae efibe
hirtlurian, ritta ltj(r at'trr tte liviitj; igtett tb
fapte hp rt'uc-rtU nbaif hnVe ftaitted away. I'hj
Ifreaa ot tha M wr In Ilia fcit w.TUpiea-a.iaa vaeiii
their pagca. Kvtry naoTeiaetit . jltwly ntiritfj
whe titer of or of foe, and all sibtirt-coiuiiigt aMK
Uwaly pointtd out Tb letter from the Criaata ead
fruw the BiUtiein IUmbwtjtVl'i alegaaiaet lruntef
in mwt pt-imlar ciiiirilmtora, gire a ure intelligibly
end reliable aeeount ul tbe aievetaeaie of the ati
belli(i;tirtti than enn eUcalicre be latind.
Ui'K Feriodivalii ably r-)rcrt'tit tbe three great ee
Uticfl partiea of Ureat britriB-t-Wbij-, Tory, aad Bae
IcnJ, but foSiticaftniiimmly oii) feature ol ibett eaatu
aeter. An Orfraue of the mott profound a-HtotM .
Hciene, Literatare. Morality, and Kelifriaa, they eteadi
aa Uty ever havf tood, tiniivalJed ia the world ef leU
tern. Wing evnpfcleivd indit-rfnmble to the et-llttlar
irofceatonal man while to Ihe layeliigent vradar
I cry clasa thuy furuifch a more correct and ti afavstaw
ry recura ot ma eaircni inaraiuro ti me aay, tDroavk.
mit the world, thao can be poealbly obtained freai any'
tther aource. , -EARLY
The recaipt of Advaiu-e Fhwt ftutn the Britleej :
puhlifhera give additional Talue to tlte Renriata, ea
ee.aHy during the present cxcitiei ute vt Kuropraej
aH'itra, inanmuih aa they ean now b placed la the
bauds of luhacnbete about aa aoun ai the erifiaal ed
tiont. . v
$ H
1 tit
... ......T
. et
....I tit
For any one of tbe four Kriewi, .......
For any two of the four HeTiewp,..,..,
rot any three of tne lour lie views
For all four oi the Ueviewa ,,
For Bhukwood'i Mngaxine ,;
For Hlft(kwmd end three Keviewa,.MV
Jfor lilavkwood ana tuo luur neTiewf,,,.,,,u ue
raymtnt to ie made in ail court in adranct
j&onfy current in. the Kafc where itmcd
Mill be r?ccired ai par,
A ilifumint uf twtT-IV er&t fnur tt"f abova
j pri t f wjl he nHi'Wi d to Cluhi cnWHcjr i r r eiore
" c.pief ' I any n1 r an re ot the wtrtt. Tha at
j Fur t"( ' MnehwifM, or ot one J!vi.w, will ha
sr.i to om1 iiiiirfie w'T i'or mpten oriti unr Itf. '
VU P ,VU BIm LW tn O 1 1 1 iVi'tl itfify . i it,
Till Ii j .i "utti.T'V, t i.j tl T ' i". "1 iVr'i '". n'-i ' vX 7
d.i. Mi, ) t.i 1 vrtt.- t V I ttiKI i I J li j.;.,?t
)t)eauf to .nit ri t ilt iritr-d HaUv miiiu't
Tweuty-fiur (Vntatar 1' r BlH.'BWit d. ' at, let
FtiUiUtn t intr ayear lii rath of thevie.
TO t-t ltMlFlf
s a VIDE
P.,i M. rrv. M, (.1 , n
I.1.-.T p. Nit.
in Vflie ' oil, (;e
IO.. ISOO pM.,
till. I ct.-t-e.
. i'1-t t' v- t ..
. I 1, . c to.ilirfl.snduje
Ik'.mi .1hMtiir, Agrlraltar
N. el i vil, ti.ds l.oyal OeUl- ,
i o i ' ii .. i V i sad ticst
-I .
.-irnlly inf.roi tb.
JMIfcK'H OAHl'IM ivrrl.1h rttWHWera are
L eauatlR tv raie tbie eenia Uif eta af
ttreljta a ad Avftaa itardaa ail"Utaee Cerda, which
I ante a Urgtr and nre tarted lha a ahy erevluae ea
Th7 are pr-rA im aeavwae order fttna aMfehaa,
la aay .. Matr m th wool awebla ta-reaa,
aad atil ailtvw ihaaa tne ftr.t aiiwtarbi all aa-
eid b tba lislh ! sjune, T
rait)i wivhiaa; ad, will lme aa4 tkairardfn
wbile r fclorB ta fall. Ail out ed are w a raw a 14
fb aad ft.aiae( aad aeang Iheta are aotaa aew ad
.! 4 id Tanetiea.
ri?ct U A OATUXO,
i)iy.U aad saaaaa,
JTaa-tlt. A
1) F. rr'Tf, eirt thiad.r tWt4 e Pa farw
I. lnbf WHh ka lesvir lw. lie. W tia!
lata 4I eoacy, C, will eatuit-ne I t
e i irn it b iIm' aad H' ! Mtaeaa aeef
the erta rf rt- t a i.4ti,iiu.
eaauaialata ta a ntl dtae ealaeflaff aad
f-T'et trf Mrj. ttmi tbH f a a a h laefjwff wit
wlriir.a i im krifHe. wakhwlta
laeeoaaad fattiiiaa, Jftty n ta 'rtnf ta aw Uim4
art'ttiM aaiu.effarsi if ..talf tat tttbf tieat.
Vi are piavd to It irt ar Irtrade and ewe-wiea
fViat we have e-raeee ta, vataabtw -nrw f Mr
i U. Ir te r aia wtth Ultaeae n
j i , . m .d, and iu mf tKe ftfw bt lUtafd d Pt wb
ir r lxr-r' aevwUnt, Mr. m. I.. W ard. w! atla
j .tti a'l-t r., -.ti f u r imI, ei k
h t lttl W I'rMM. at si jr t ihe d aad eight.
I'tr i m ibe PiN-Ma, btl Mr.
J, .tt ie erd ai!l ae t aii4 ta iate fae
i unit, asd tar atteaUaje will ftea-w riag Ihe
Or a"aate w.ll he prearalfd rW afU'eawae HI the
IM ml Ja'f aad J..rV h,, yr, ai U'eV'rM are
I 'br pjrthafr,
?, V. Ifc tl l, IJ.W.SATLIXO,
et-t a.
- al aaw f sserii soataslf im4
la a.4 b3,aaa atatt b rir4 iiiht-i
.1 d
a r l e n D i D
B 0 0 K S
11 ItKrAFtKH avl pii-.lisl.e! eiprefaly
Full ai.d II. L.liy ., t lri:.t .V. Uoal
Lavu .V-rii'n .Spirt, 1.1-. ily lllusi nttt'il. Tne I
lea of the New '1 rMi.itu'iit practiciitly unfol
eai a Ft'iu tld 1 ot't ul Auierua Thoroughly
, liHrt'n hcn!l'r(n
yut-hly Iteviaed,
U rHeraof .tnerica. Thor-
Sjfft ndidty Uvtratnt.
9p A Fi'tr-U m IjW Jl4 7"'tH,
Drf G!, OrsceHfi. Ftj taftatS,
tliiS'AI. irrai MSi is.
l Mlsi MS (a IM
AT tH Ptl l lT CJXHISI..I.
. t-mim Ra. W a. -,l.. i, S. ( Ba.ler. !, U
. i J H SIM ...IC r. U.u0.ul.s.J w.O.Sotn,
. W. S1U.-U.M, smU Wlwv Sn lisl
, (w. Zi ap 2ti at TBBirt'a wnir,
M.lUiM.K, VA.
' pr.ClAt aiU"tl"a tid tn atsSHng T '(!, Fi ore.
.l. tv..t.i ...i ;."., ..irfi,,i..f...hal T'iMiu, I .,if-..,.MVH Te-ur. it, rttrw u
. 1 . It t.i. ..J -... -
withia i r-T-haetl aa iiaraaMaai to ai! aibee la, at 1 -
rale t t-wiiiiat aetitra.
0i h. lhaea4att'd r-e gftiiif aad a.aint aaaee f
aay fian !a priitr, pfstrntnie r 'wirl r alitt e hw
IfCr'rH ll
Chaa ! Hint., Nbr Csiwaty. . f.
J, ti, 1) l!m.lhr', r"-l.. UaMjih, H.
('rir- W- II vj .'!, K-.., h.i- n-h, N. C.
V at. 1'iamaiai, aiitottrift, V.
Dree i Goods.
tha r.- rFrd nahlr I tbe' eral t"lata. aad tbe rt
tit atitttt uf haroi y a4 t' v-d will, bct,h
the eiiia ftth v-ra! 'ia, t'lbt and, na
tettrrlesee by t'" rr wttb awsfisna enrtailtif
arttljrbibe aditiaittal a I ana.tat ratia
by oaeJt faie nb ih. ad-r f aar Mttrf afae.
Ilh. 1b ree-ffatiKw eJ the r-cbt af lha M(ic.hra
aad aalaraMied riliMea af the I mid riatra, pnwa
aaaii ri ia aay T-n iinry ihrtrrfr li.ris.boe thlr
-alittta laws aad ltfl their dea!ic
aad aw4 af alia In ibaie Ml , afcle tattia
mrmy i af tha t'edrad !' -1,tat'a, ahh tbe pet- t
( wf adniat ln tb I ni ahrat ter ib-j baie j
lte rHHe popatnia fr ae Betifana ta t ;
rre. 'rwnWfd m ihal awie fcut t ! wh arerf
eiiaaaf tte 1 aitel talee, aadar tbt -ctttt' a 1
aweh,. aa. Mia tr. .a.teta lha Vaettoi al 1 AHI n Ml 14 I KJd fU OR
fjf aatd 1 l"t. II yiar eafti ek-, r -htw, ahihj
1)LAI5 Firwred pl.i4.-itd Arf4 A'.iha,
Hah at-ti d . ry rbap,
HttiB 1. e'rtt. r kir ! iiad Vlaie Parafe,
I bait, lit raj Ua I r a h Jaeaet efcd?uteaan
I aatt-, a Ia- B.mit8'i.t ( et f lw pi si.
tllhjbem., fr .Ihaetr: Plata.
ietif4 and lij'wttlf.iii XeelWe.
II. !.. r.VAXS.
Mreh jeth. UU. -
ib, aanifftii-, ar iw ti eaaMauat mi tawa t
4 I t- ffMrt HHretrd Hill m,4fgm4 Ifmmmf
J 1 a a-
V i) H M IM) U K .
T.:e North Carolina Form Boole,
1 'MtiMN'l a:i ib
k.. ,.i atw-'al tm abh
I r'Mlit-lts. ttH I ay f IHb 1 f
I. rl.f kf U.
'm. An etr-aisi $ (br pia!J ih( an Ptat
Trtiwf aarbl a 4 tall Mb-n ihea tiMnra -f iW
t hi ud btattrt le lha tiM of irairagi-,t mi bvidinf pv
II I kal
Via. A yht la th tawa aalarlUaa( aiahlag
a eca'.tw-M friln ,f twrwie ae feat', f a!) at
hete.a"?t t i-rr-'tar4 !, aa (a-lifiii-ifcla ervUtte
he titb'p barai, ard etrttMitar at! pat rra. .
and p-ee rattMM ftit. ff fan t'r f t e -ar .
h-r. ki aa ka tart -eras a tih iba rm-i-4 tk'.w mi
l'e-tr,era. i
lut. o.itit l eat a Wfae Vint h aal 1
t'latc a ifsfiiterwM ailh fl j tavafaflb, mt avfatt.,
mm 4 e. r i mth le t-aWa, I
ll'b. r'm aad the b letret.p'i w tat af aad
ait aliattd a-- mi f- .. Mi-, aad a iit ;
wf m t ta fatsiir ai ewtttlMeea. j
I ?tb. Tbe .- a 4 a -M nl aU Wat f
e.aaliat l j mmmt4, aaiil aav4 la ha II h pfat. '
a-1. ehsit W daeUraw bail aad rd by eaeaptWed
ttal a b'rlif ,
M'h. i tj taw ta tha rel la aad aawiea tMy j
ad lh pri. a ll ia ta b rMtiilaiti.j
aa af mmf wan-Mi aad fMra mmmt aa :
aba ta f-Mrtaf Mniri.i' fl-t 4iatal ad
r-wtaiit, ta pia e. hm r, ead pWnk
f.sefee aad lt. tk iHi pt-et ae b-a ta a I
lr. k taf twMr 't iba et tsg-,, aa ta teat
4 f-tireif bitf t4 liU tb weee aaaae t ee i
a.aa Hi rM'f ! a(it'a, by lb f r-r ai
at iba M ( f-m i a ta la (fawM f aa
a tnrm '4 e wtturi It a MfM a mrm ya ia a a ,
HitkJ h'ara'ba aah,aa tatil'alina rva a ITt!'
I(,a h e-s'fte aad a a la i aa b im the I f ! a Ht aa
if ff httf arat-a-tetie- ibfttag pra.
Niti s apt!. r 'u ta tar, tf W etaM bsf a rtraa
mt- "'h n.t sretS, rait at lrd ead isetl.r-f ard yw
fntdiha e.afrM r i T 3d"1ita, rairtira.
pfifi t. r tl e Ha t, 1Mh a l eii. Pmm, Yt
faairty, rahae aad 'Vwnba. ap--a n rr fa are blv r
Mar, tf ytm U b I "ttr, wore rbeerUl, ead
he fre tr.aa ear af th tile w,mn aad
rerfca' J, 1 . a-tf.
A LeUga Stock of Woiated GooUa.
V aW tr .a FUt ia, W-i t a.tak..r,H
Ural r-t. a ht-t.a..a'l bat4
.ar ft 4 1 ait, "
I. --a i 'h t Ll ft' ai lee le $1.
I'aS-rrd I hj!laad lilath,
tvi ni it ir Mfftge. f tr el lag Preeare,
F ed lVaa4Ht.a U,
W H,4 R. ft. Tt CK-t
e tlKK UltJI Of
Cognac, Wine and Hum,
wttw literttHa ma eeti at
C ARwIiej eh Mtkhl l U
) 4 U t tITT Mrrrt.
sSrtrt'V Otfirfu .v.
f,mHiricli'i Gems T UrttUh I'oetry. Furtrait
The W lute Veil, a Uri.Ul Gift.
Macauly1 ,iyaf Anrient Borne.
Tupper'e Frovrrlial t'ltiluiophy.
rim 4U-tflm $rri fyiJtnddilit liluttrnltd.
thluuhflini-r a Juruealcta and ile hacrett LooaH
Ptevcn'e How iu theC'lond; A Uooh ofCnnaola-
KeatVe Comp'ete poetical Worke.
Kirk Whlte'i (oini-iete orVe.
lUtj r'a fVinpHt.T ' i tl l orkt.
I'emphtll' ( ftwp.i tf i tteal IVorke.'e Iri-tt Idt h-litt
K-iith M) re J'wiit 'uita.
The ('roverhisliKt and (he Voet.
Cahinel nf Mn.etn Art. Firet Heriea.
1' a hi art Medtin Ait, Htritnd r-irire,
lyr.ceof the lieert, Cte.; l ie. bj Ala
ftecenU af Wemaa Peatre mt Iba Affertiwaa,
Kte li v Mr. lit man a.
.N.C. ItcH.hature.
Bale'gh, S.2Hth, 1?4. tf
"1 fEj-tml Ewik (or ihe Bomc-Cirelc.1
,tltu 4( A1It, r rM!ir.phy at
tuc, b . t . i. I,nid. A. hi. .,uirafd
sub an el-j(iiHterireia a. frvia detiaa hy ihaatlaa,
ti' etrlwia, lt, ettith aatrav
Th l k i det uned ie tit tract aa welt a ta da
hirltt tbe yaattE readir. It aaaba la Watrh the
brBifi:I and tut tt I ant tihe and ffttu ipiea of aata
ral It ne lu the faertbating fum at floiy. The lo -4-.
Wt' a hi"k aernr is lha c UpHT ifte of a happy family
jrvHip, (ltifitT the t hrieimea hl"lt C the yeaag
ii !,. ere all ftieoifr ta tl.prr hawlelge rf
phtle-eaphy, 1 M ft, idaatal lall uf a dth frM the e
I uf a rareiasea ervaat me iba la M at a dtariiaaiea
wt ra 1 1 ! (. 1 br tn etnii e)atb w.adw-erMe
a r'laf buishie rwlhnj bpn tha rari-ri, a ehed'by'e
tf-tf t nki "ana ksr" ih- aad a bardrrd oahcr an
rrui tr (.. ar i - $ an.a wbivla ate kmr the e.a
eai-ial le U- f pra-iral w tea -at. Ataeaat aU the
he haeut pbytl art a era tllailfaiel la the da
ts'Uietl nl the Mftri aal li.a U;trt,tn4 abltd Buy
(wiber eaMedttta t aad ewraM Hl-Mabal thaaa. el
a t aarrMU t. b., f.4- b( the eprta ar! e.
mrm "f Harry t. t bti rufnrN, that ha eaa'd paa.
eUr dti f tai bba eeieaee fa aaarbrf e
hari etady. Fnr tale hi
n. !. Tt feKR.
N. C. l-ire,
ReJeh Jaeaary l ii. b
fpilKNCWrOMKH, l.y Ihat-keray.
Hecent Publicationsa
r.Nl.l.? ai'h tl"- 1'r- ii.M': V rilra ol !t-
m, l tttafi'iie- hy r.i. A..lmi il Uruan.
iu.-.-.- Itnyf I n-iit i! : A n t imisiimr lei
trr- 'i a lufhr ii.s ''l.'1 !in. 1,1 W. t. Muinl.
A vi.- "t ih- Sf-tiiur dii'Vt iBUgt.e euncemittg a ,
Komre tn(i hv An-iihifttn, Mnnttly.
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i hf l'iiirniify-f M mM,- J.; !i ! l-y lr, tliti'heock,
' t l.tiut nr.'i us'hile, tyM.!iiarIv. Ui-atltf, author of
p. v"
C!triti,- .l.thm-ione, hy Charlea Rele. autW ot
Ptv W (uiik't-'!."
7h- 1. U-r - irM r.l y lU n . ti .fan Eth.-1: or the
jViilj! Krrr.hy Varisii JH.t,.i. liuituniv of Aoieri-
llirTorv, i y J-"- i h I..iiirr.l. iiflO'I, and other
('..fii. -, l,;Tt'pav"i I'Int-, hy Anna Cora Jlorrait.
ti'.4nr-i-, l.y i hrle Kinkier.
Fr S!a hy
u, u. ruMhitMi.
lialrlub, Oet. 9t " 123-rtf
Etfint ru!)!!rulicrt..
The I
Ktalitv eerbus Fiction, by Ilia
- A f leit to the camp befure HeraJtopal, by Rich
er'! bk .Met urmit k, jr-
Saahe tn th pranice of a Xew York SurgcoB, by
E'lwanl II. lixoi, 1). IK
The Life ui Curran. by hia Bon.
1 he Fuotxtepe of fct, i'au!.
Life in Ct.Ult.rnia, Mountain! and
Frank Mflrryat
History of the c-mtril efTrcnt, hf Hunpenfr.
1 he A r n ace n i ana: or Nutea uf a 1 our among the
Inlian Tri. cm.f t hill, by rMinnnd Ruel tfiaith.
A Isaeket nf f'b, a, by John Hronbain.
Aairrira, Fliual ai.l Social, by he ha f.
Fairy Telea of mant nati-me.
iita Lett era of tbe lfttiah rpy.
t hftn'iicT f I Ina of IretaetKpal.
For aula hy W. L. FOMFsROt,
Octulwr ia, J'
e '
1 l M l:TPl BI.IC ATlOKeWni.- LITlvRA
i 1 V n,j Lfe and t'anerptfadenae ef the toaauaa of
i inrrerripTr-av ,
i ar r,caj f num ; nr, I'tarimaree oi ..ereai Mie
ead lb r'.afaiB t a Hitler ol C hariry,
. Un'ita eal mta with ratrtaau mi weed buwehlni the
axaker ( lib, hi-ein lraa.
lel'ii'-ka; Hlsatheaaya, ty g. H. aad r Dne
etKh a, f. ft.
Hill ottth abroad. . ,
hoRrt Tl .fAaaiae ofErfilnh w-rrdi aad phraae.
A new addiht.
Literary ati.d llirfWr-al MiereHastee. by ClWge
Ban' rvfi.
I bi iaiti-y fd Ceaant Life, hy iaaee F. Jahaataa,
ee.bip.ate lb 1 tot.. I 2 tnr
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eht-re t:-
I ivi: T i-l.l .Ah.- f i.
:'n t;.'B pvi.'i vtli.
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on the
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of nil ihe n,
and I It ut''ui. ui.'l : mil'.-). I.
tti linlit.
lie hit, ai-ii, f"i tiit t utl'-imtt. a j;t d h t'uf jrol-1 i
"and silt"T W'aifho. wiihh will he warramed tfl per
ft. rni wel'.-whi'ti th'ivfrt'd ti the eu-'toiiH'r.- AUo, a
.At .!;! t
rtinirht t-n efCfe-i.Uy f'r th- hintr of Camlina Al
i a gr'Eit ?jrit f ot Walking i anee.
Iu fact, at tiie Mr-w Jea.'lry .jre, an? and efory"
thtrif. a intlv krpi in -urn eiiii-huifiit", may le
fnntid at prii thai raniMti fail to pleae t!i envtutner
Itc,auia;j:j.-tutir' el ihit tftL.itfa jrd aatbfa ,
Iintir1uBt to DuUfttkcfprrs iod Daltr.
71 Fultim SI., uud tl ll'tkumn St., line Turk.
Pnacipsl ORe 103 Front St., Hew Tail
Factory, Nor. Wl, It7ft SH llu.tseB 81,, Jerejy City.
riMIE rnuI'llIKTURS f thU louj and weli
known -
Colfce and Spice Establishment,
fontii,.ieo,re.r the beat rilARMA0Kl"l1CAL
1'IIVt liKKM la ase for misins; Arraaf, bimti.Jr ana
.thtrrukft. Ae. They also t.repsre Mustard, Cocoa
n many viher srtic'es of tlaity Bsc In every family,
viliich they offer nr-oa tlie nioet reasonsl.le terua.
Catalegaes sent to dealers vshorefjaeat them.
H. II. k i. (I. IMIAM.
N. B. Consassers adviseit u Inquire for HQ? articles.
v rr en Arre
.i. it eiaer
v,.t r
. 1,1.1.1 1!J II
to I ii'.uoiA as4
r. tv ,4! r ; art af
I 111 tr-This
'I: "
i :-i .-.f ,i,,aM
it. I'l ilrh,s,
i CjT a to,
-!. N- l..ik.
i-tf. .
ksv. le store sci w ilU. ! . w it irtst mar.
kt rstes,
ecu co. l s o.I. fin, A l.i i, , ' , !' ,p
pslai .In liiftiirol Alom slt.
Illl.le It. fin, Liu.lo.1 Su..r, i
1 ti ,10 t'itl'..e, .
id Half U se. l.onf fogsr, -&2t'0
Psea Hio roftes, '
ellioxep Psle eV.,
H. " ilo llrow n d..;
in "Jo Chemluil (llire Foep,
J4 PMi If. C eirnei llenings,
!i0 Jo do Cut no.
Brooms, Ituekets, t rsppier Peter, Twlae, toftt
Pojes, i casf Powders, (Hive IMI, t h.srolate. ranttssss
MouiJ, Adsuinutiu. ae.l hpein.,' tnnbrr Bilk ail arts,
elsja to b. foand ia a wbol.rnle rroeerv.
A. M. kl. llH-.Kll.fl8 4 to. '
Xo. , Kraioke r',iare, Korlelk.
N. n, Psrtieular amnios elves to sal. of PWet
I sad Kortkl'srelias rro.l. caeaeral). Order for Lisss,
tluano. Je Mlrd at l.;w,st Jnee.
Derewlr 19, IV 4-tt
Worth of Land Warrant Wanting,
Vmlft tkt 2H .s, lf5f). ami 3rd M.trrh,
liC'i.j, Jur ran A tkt kiykeit coik prim wUU
rpllR st,lrrl,n win sAlket all -arraals asder said
I ta. da. l ail soldiers far tt davs rv4
Ss rslee; rk. soldier is dead I. ibetr srfdew, ee tainor
ehilrren. Persons seading vserant t. tk Paksrriter
kir saall r hy Adaai's tixprees t ss.Any e tkrtsark tbe
sh wii. ssit easata at ligas, saa re uu. laser. jig-rxLI U I P
J. H. K II. II AM.
times opposite I,srs''s Jl.ul, t'srslwvill ft
ReJei. k. Jans Imk,
i '.Sl
.'i a. . e
Mt Oni tf AeCk Itnltll ititl 1st
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t r hum. rr.r his r
1 1 1 .;. a . ,-hi :.m::,
I t.s i.s . I I l is 1 sjeW.s-,
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. I s P i "I I
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4 'i'
It Mrs.
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k I sr Us dea eeaseM. d
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a,... e?,,, ilr.h . . , w . I . a 90 ef,i.!Sd sa
S.ft i. Ik. I rleg at .Msesf -sai ssT Mt f.,,
stl-"fc, .
!'. f. , t e.i, silief sjslls, as ree
V..I tt a d e,"e f- . ef
ta... fs sa .'-1 . a , "ta.i.,1 pmtif"
, tfc e "Sr ' te ' l -e riM
t'S. V e..a s-l.'s i . ,1
s,aHlis.ssHnii .s.tll'.ft-.
Ite i r'..a. . 4 " '. 1. . IS.,
S- Ml t S'S h..I,. S4 t,.i.S asd s...
a.' ..'nil..
t' . 4 f... s,f 4 i a sf s'l p 'iii
f, jl., , a, , w 4 is s S..s.
.-,,4 s.rt, t Msaa fas llala
t.SSf B It, . Sf It . iMest S4?leS SmsS
ts.o k,r t, 11.1 I so
li:! l-t S PATH -
sa j it s latere, in.
.k.s.,ss.t.ii ristiiiis ii' t
resite-l aaeiker
tit-tm i -
im. stat f.o Huts
tVe Baea Jaws Sssatsad
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1 1 - IDI lid'
1 l.ltl VU
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tV I Ml 4 fr-l
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ii a a i, 1 1 1 s.i it.
sn H T 41 W .k ank ik.
fc. .d k. mm fr t ssaasi Aadewse Be
s t -,., '
Mans, 14. lass, II
i S".V
)oi.jn fin vi
Lltr tt fer...
r..r vrt'. e-,e .
tci ir ro-titii
r sort t is. i
I pi.sil koT.
la n:r ,ir Ft hucatiuxs.
MlK. tK f rorlaxe. tv J II Jon..:
Kv hst, r ike t hree Ai prent et
111. I.s, ol t eon, ikss af Itodh
Ten hi.kis 1 a lisv times, t j T M Artkari
MaaeMrv aad Aali- ktssnr7, t're'pkj
It. etsHoi, ar Ik llsirw el I' all lo.aa C aal Is,
kv kslioa; . '
Theory af rkrietsnity, Yy Gtayseni
el',sais ft .sa the 1 hr. C.n.osols. bs M t Ward:
laaisl, A M.-i.l far 1M( tes, kv Ik KtT W
A f.oll, l, li
rerneri id tl,s tt li.te, with 11 .latea,
kv t.k,s;
fWhoot r fsatril tt lath
atfesav,t. tltf-.Lrasi lleaaea la lb I. , Bilk
s,e,. qs ll!stral.ra.
ttd pi.i,me, sr llittTie,1trk.tfkesf f..rB
fr.,l.r.,.ss. e. By Jrs-, k Csslth, l. .
t'k' seal tt ky I ieh l.i.t.,a,
lee .,1, e U Is 11 UNkK.
ttalsi.k, (S4. 3D, 'ot. 5. C, IWh tt-.
flUI ssjpMisliy f tka p.rtars I see Ikmaak
X ns lis-,
8uecer or to E. L. Harding.
rrfTE snd.Tsirti,d, ah. has tee for ssenj yass
L t'lerk for t. I.. Ilr-dlrr. ass na Ike 1st day
Jaasary, 14.4, af.iut-d f. r lbs 'Balelib
ftrsaek."by ti.e im tnatcefaeisrers vrjik vsks Mr.
U. was sMaseted bile dolsg kataa ia ahl rlry. Tk
ssoa. stvl. and .ias. d t'lolbtrK kave gives tksf
Hue Ilia r. p',tjti-a It e"S7 at j,s, will ke kept,ss4
tb pq. es a,il be tmif. ria, saa as kote as smtisfsetsr
le every tatluslsr.
T oar jToimer Patron.
I ) KFOT! K laarlnc the eiiy for sasv a. h.a sea take
J Ik. pleasare et reeasass'sdiss; Mr. Wllllass II.
V) iliiaas In yoar IsVomlde eoasideratiea. Mr. Wis
lisass Bill ksve tbe na,. facilities fur erpplyias ysBf
sat sad .Irsaeeds, as kse, 4. a enjoyed ky tk ,
dersigad r, tbe Isst r.gbt yeats.
Atr, It lllistsa ilnlly aaitii nisd la ssHle
add areoBi.ta. Vt , ,.-, f . r ike Is. I Has. rlsas, say tw
all ladeklrd lea.. Ihal til It kl.Kl Kedt M I kT 1
lieaeoaalde lias. B.U ke slloasd as
Imseats ketVie askit.g tliess l tettle vsiik sssr sssst
a-. 1.' M L. IIAHIHN.
kslelgk, reUt, Ifli, " S
1.1 ri: i'iiu-r.i:vir.
Patent Swlngletzea-
J US l-SKli,k Past afad P eesal. kv H, 0. Freata. i I is, .1... ,i I las.. 1, I .,, - I V... S..!..!. ....... u,.l I .1.. ...I. ,kl i
I..s t ' M.n, i.s of .N..Uoa. i liaei and ilr.a keseeaia aav lishl. aa II is Itn fr. se ' leak, aad sell lk. statasi'tra.. la Iks
A I kiefs l(.et..ry sf Knglaad. I y fkarlw Illeksas. 1 , ,a ,the si,,.-, pl.te. It ,uad rsSdwy.sad I Was, Jobsetoa, t Orae;.. rraakli. Wsse
, rk-,. . , ., ., ry, y vaanea I.'.... i , m asset ly efael . II la W,rvts to srsur, atr ar , ra aad Neh.
Tiie sor ts.. e st a p...i.ea Mory. i ld, aad lll last let ase, aaisspied. I all at tbai tk.y sill .ti,..d 1
l .llei fsr. Ik. liases aasmly, by JobB lastea , T. J llAW.NIt aitl. il. ..J .1.. ik. Ihroa.k tk saMsstr.
kt, aaiko f "lbs Vlri.a t.,..,liV Afc Ralsdeh. Ie..t. I l.k lt. - 4f I U, Otis a kw. e la. . ssoe. kesseas
eaa oe etsH-wt .r.-sa a sesiei aa.a es i" "s" ,
a.-id resi'ertfally'lafana tk aasku
II, o4 Iks t ose Its Is Ik skirts ss saslts
Cooks, aik.- f "Tb. Virgie.a tos,iis,, As.
Iks l.s.,li,k Orplssas i lis, A 11mm Ib Ik. Kevs
World, ky Mrs. Mary J, ltolssaa, Balkier .1 "Teaipssst
sd rni-.i.i..""
a Tn tlsisess Mf HaaaktAB ; a aat ta 'Aekrey.
Fi.ak Irslie's J.Hsraal t"4 keiteo.kev. '
Istaiit; . L. POMKItnt.
.pt.Ur 7. Uii. , les
list or new" iooia,'
sow it r. a i r .
I Alfrs-l TeauyuB- klaai) aad ether Teees.
it els
II. I kaslss, Bleadelieg W, ff egtae. B NsSsL. k
rtisisfle J'd,rsesa, a stos.t, Tt esata.
f ! 4. sad SMi,,klal TI rl.
III. .ll sa IWans Ud, Law aad ttld,lvslt
li. II
A I ' Adelt,la Iks Wild af Aaetrslia,Biik
.1 .f.i e. "i ,ais
IV. Thma, t. IMecey-tk. V ft Tmu
T. t k. K tsr,lT be t ovag. aad Adstaw .
, ( As.U..k. l 7. a a
I, ,ws, o lb. Bj sd lk. ,k.. M fj.abx,
I. l.i An-44 mm ml )t. Ar .U sd fca,l 1 1
. fsA kan, a JkeL It. .
) Id e.b bv,
- w.t.. K.MraoT
IMttiW (,L4 AS D) PI IfV-JaM ta kaad .tk it.H safety ss ike Hiidi aad Hess la U. K
ta tsd M.lee P4 boss vt n,d. 111.,,, rmpet I. rai l, ,ad s,r, a. tkat are k-.y kes yMis aid ssdl
j siva is vasWHS. lias a . i w. mi.., a, mi I j kiin bsbii o.hii ,-, n sera wwtiw i,o"
IB Ibis saaib.l. AIM, Isni aaafls Wily Is ktadel I ( k SB lv..d ts id lb des tailtsat
aad eaas, I.HT sal ala ssaalt S'i.sae. ky 1 rasajsa. v fssett.a. kussea Kseiv rtdisf vebasl
l.l.raiy a, la 4.
Sand Papers
Vkt I'l'lUOH Arttcla el Ivaail Paper,
trvm I 1st
aiekv n, d. Tt stxra.
R.leljb. i.d. It. HI
Ladies and Gent lloalf ry, j
A f.a.rat .issm4 ws JHea . SI -e sad Hoy j
' Xtau, Tim.4, Bd sad II. l.,s(
.t), .4. t . II. 1 Jt Tt I kl. St.
Til lit I I. krr...y fera, aatkM at Cs.
Leseia.l. nls fts, Ac., tl J.
ia ba,. alia, a, 4 Ss. H. It Is ek, as
1 sad I entarllass s.aist d.. 1. as k
i ta. b4 t. .14 s e e.kN lea,
I fimr- Hasten ss ptsb tkal sy leMsss
i .a tt.l, sir say Isa.saiioB. ssr eey atte4
i sssbs a sue ky say s.-l.l n, tkis P.seart Sas
lee. ta sat M Ike Hi.s .a, e .aasaeeasted. Ik Ss
sa m ssisi. Bill k. ps. .MSSled Ss Ik
.11 !! Wtk.i.-, la lb. t t .osets at ssk.esy a
a-s f. P. -ILLIAMd "
, ILsUigk, 1 .k. 14, i. -
C LT IS. sa.k. Ide.ry- SHS Vrvaad A
i a.n
wt, :.,
Ol)(i PkAt4
X.!tff and Toolteap rpra.
,m4 BThH. a ISM I Sf-rf. pre It
.a ti j.
M k.s p. 4 Plass l.",l Nan-Ale i, ..,.b
p.m s r 4 tbts f ..lesas Pafee. frbs t)
k.ssa. a. s
ii d Tt tn a.
tT.'ik, FtJ I'ti. sss
1 I AII rsn4 ta fiu-We.', .
sr. ike t'
I a A.
I if I batkasBh
t1 ..U.S
Ms- ,14
is. .1... .a4 (.- s... k
Im. rkuVM.IT A fill It.
klK l.-S InM ...,.g Ssmi, 4,
sssa ia t.. aaa w, t
g ke !. (.J) i.k"kll.T III. k.
kkl P1U4.-II S,I,,-U.S., Ml
by I.HSlB Stll A Ml' kS.
.. r,l,,. his k.
1 II 41 t kl.-i.alii
I ) l , .is. p . r, aad
a. w, linn.
ItW rr.pAsHJUasMir.
( A tr swys BBSs' 1'sss.lsrl f itsrat,)
. KAl.l.U.ll, X. C
1 1L erxd 4r-vat-tl t teiall dbssbssss auMBesaf
tB the.' rt-i4--a-
Comnliilon Merchant.
, . Sts. H ) BAVt STSSBT,
es. Ilsalaglos. . (
tVM.aa.. k..k II - ,. ty fsssj I ...
rs,. k ,ii, h w ..i
lM I Bm1 t, S .M.i.t, ,.ii g.
- - tss; ssss. by
sa, sik Isax ,
1 1, ti a sad r,i.d . r.rt-.s
4 t kl. J... s,4 Ta I -a..,, Ssnsw. fa. .s
. -W, ii. ta braad I i4-.. 'ks S..S sas,l.
tis.. ssl Hss !....,.. I'll. a. I i.aBs ls(.
hasp. ri.l .g ad ioS P S'S.I
e. k.. P'a. k aad fJwl
Hal,,, I B.'ba. :t a. 4
u r4 Ta'sa , P'.iB asd P1...! Pilks. kkaal snd af ib labea. - Jawt Mslssd,
aaatM i it. . , - Tt. l.i. . Ilk. I sl,i (,
. - I I I .am
A laree lot of MourniriT Oor,da r..ii,l
tjl ; . a,-
..b.,i, VJi.1, I '"B FssM ITrfks j -y v 4 , Ca!.r ,"VkH.d aad"
i S l. I.s W ! ll,.y hrl'S
1. 1... a Lb I uli a,
w t.
A-.W. p.. la
blM II Hsriaa, Itsask hUsskim"
pass. tat'i'k ler,a,
1 -a... a I 1.1b , .,.. I .,4 Task
li... UJ... l. ik..,l ..Is, Oala 4a- t alt
!.. b.l... va Bay. M. U ITAN.
aptsssb-r. It 4. '
II I t! 11 4.r.a.tfwst.dlkk-S-
fad kli. as i .at aloe ed Manisf) -
p.B S aa la. tsaaai
41 Par,, k.d use-. Heal T.i-ad I l.k Milk,
fanaals a4 every .iy H fa.
i a a i trt ata,
tt'.i i i i-
. a. I ., ' F a M ..J t .,,1.
MUMS' 4 Ml k"
1 . , t
J ,.its.i tS
I 'iil'll il' 1
ii. I,
" i , .- a ,t... ,.,'.. i,
w.u a n s.THKtn ' r. t -. , fat-Mittm

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