North Carolina Newspapers

    IJoriji-CaroInta Star
miuiu f mu ii - ,
C " William c doub,
, , - i i-: . mtiM KingniiM,
If neld trlctlT la tdewaee, tw dollars per aa-
I tw dollar ad tfiy lull, if paid within .
six months ; ad tkr dollar at the ad mt th !
J"- .-...-
ADrKimSgXSXTS Bot exceeding tliWen
wee will hs iaienad eae tin for eae dollar, n
i4jlr Are oente fo-wcb sweweqwewt tnewrtloeo
Tuse )1 greater length will b charged prpr
tl m ilty. Oeart Order and Jadicial advertieemeat
wilt be hre th per eent. higher than the abev
mt. mtnult dedactiea will b matt
h m wko advertise bj tk yea. ,j- , T ; ...
Bwk and Job Priulirg don with Benin SB
f ? JVteh, and oa accommodatieg ternia. .
' Tn. Dallas Haywood, Intendant ot Pulic. .
-. cmainiovin,
, . jtUr rfVd. fcldrivlge Smith t '
' .. - A. Adams. . - '-. ,r
' MiddtuJard.C. B. Hoot, ."
y.i' W v;.m. R H. Battle. "
: .-. O. W. Haywood. - -X
Welter Ward. A. M. U
".j " H.D.Turuer. , ,j.r;,
l , t - J. J.ChrUtopIiom, City Clwk,
; H. 11. Batiln. Citj Tra'u.
t?f'y (ruanj. Jamas M. Crmwler,
" " Jackson Ovrlv.
P7jf CuMtoitr. Kdward HiutW " ' .
,. i-iit Williaaa Andrew. .
. . A. Adam. Weiiihrnajter.
K. Harris, Clerk of Uie Mar
The Supreme Court of Nurth Carulina i- ueld
ta tliii city eemi-aiinunlly, on the seccmd A adae
n June, and the 3Hh Any of Dweniljer '
: JWye.- Ila. Kreiiermk Kaah, Ohioi Juatioe,
i , , . . , K. . f eareoB, Auooiate aage,
W. II. Battle,
' ' Kdmund B. Freemn, Clerkrtlnm. C. Jonee,
Repnrtor, J. J. Liteliford, Sr., Mursliall.
, The VmUd Slabs Circuit Court fur the Dis
trict of North Carolina ie held semi-annually in
tlua city, on the. lt Monday in June and the last
Mnndar in NoTember. -
Judyt.ttn. J. M. Wayne, of Georgia; Hon.
Ileury Potter, of Fayettoville; District Attorney;
Hubert P. Dick; Clerk, Wm. II. Haywood, Sr.,
Mawhnll, Wesley Junes.
The Superior Court fof this County, is held on
be Mrst Monday .after the fourth Monday in
Mareli and Septemlier.
John C. Moure. Clerk. "
Jns. B. li Mrhel ir, Att trneT Oeneral and Solio
itor of the fourth judiuinl Diatriot. .
The Vvuri of and Quarter Settiaut is
held on the tiiird Monday in February, May,
August an! N'iretnlwr.' Jeff. Utlev, Clerk.
Chairman it f Urns Cmif Cumrt. William Boy
Inn. , ' i'
County Sotiritor K. P. Marriott.
Kh'riifnfri'ake County William II. High.
CuroiKr Willis Scoti. '.
lUyultr. 11. llutaon. ,
Jltnk of tht State of Korth Carotina, inoorpo-
rated lii.iu. Cbartor exnree in IhOu. Capital
JiLoOO.tKHJ. divided iulo li.tKK) sliares of which
the Literary Hoard holds 5,027 and the Univer-
!tr HH. -
PriuuiMl Bank at ltilnign.
Ueorge W. Mordevai, Preaident.
CutrTes Dewev, Cashier.
J. II. Brvan, Jr.. Teller and Notary Public
W. K. Audenton, Dismount t'krk aua Notary
Pubbc , .
JorSan Womble, Jr., Cfcrk.
Tbts Bsnk bus brandies at Newliern, Tarboro'
FsTeiteville, Wilmington, Kliiatmh C'itT, Char
lotte, ililtoli, Morgauuia and nidaor.
mater iks.
On tiie HArt of ttte !SUne i D. W. Courts, Pul
i i 'lV-iutare', e-of5 ;io, l O B. Brauch and W
It IWc.
lU ;fi ..f inn Ht.KklmMers : Wm. Boy lan,
Wui. i'ei;. I. 'I. it T.iu. J.'U. tJ. Uoulbue, Al
fred 1 oies (nil II. i . t
(d'roi .tile .j ! 1 1.. I'li-iihy.
i' d iy U il'ioso-'. . .
II ll'"l a It .1 I 1 Ut'At ..I hi ll.m. 4.' uul-
' r- '-r--r - .
- .;.t. ii U.oo 10 lili 2
SKW till 1 ST I ITltMim-
rnm ViJr h SMI s !Mrei Aftnimmf (Ua
Applsua's BUdif M 141 Ilrsaarnj;. , .
BCBisrrLiK brother Co
t " inpoariaa, airbbisuu la : ."
Brngt, FiiBti, flilt, Dyn, ftrftmrry. It.,
i ITO M UlUassttreet, Mew Yerk," .
T SVITK the attention of the trade te their hrce
X and Mried stock of Drugs, Paints, Oil, I'erfuai-
ery, ., e.
Ia addition to their regular importations of Sta.
pis Drugs they are also rraeiring, direct frost the
sources of production and manufacture, supplies
ortraoTH, uaia.anu.HAii.natitHiui.UBoxsEs.CoBKS,
Mortars, nroKoss, raiaca and cuoiisa rsaroii-
tat, Usis s ExraAcrs, sod many other artioles
ueuahy enibraeed in Druggists' stocks, which they
are also enabled to offer on the most advantageous
terms. " -
Order; either ia person or by mail, will reeeWe
promptotteution, y
June 26, 1866.' 77
Finl PraniBm Cold Mul riaDt-Fnla,
TBIHWAT ft I0N8, ,
i aMram-TvacKa, 84 88 sunt ttauta.
, (SAB BROADWAT, BRW TOBK, ' ." " ''
Raspsetfally eall the attention of the pebHc to
their splendid assortnsnt ef semi-grand and
auuare I'ianos, which, for eolune of tone, elastiel
ty of tonch, beauty nf finish, and In short every
thing that render a Piano perfect, are unsurpas
sed. . They were awarded the first premium for
both kinds lu competition with the most distm
guiahsd makers from boston, Philadelphia Nsw
iork, and Baltimore. ,
, ; new triimp;i I
Btsiswat k Hons hare just been awarded the
FIHSI l'romium UUUU Mr. UAL (orarnll oomprU
tors) at the late Fair ef the American Institute
Vrysui raieee, for u I'ianoforte.
S. 43 ClifSt., Xlw rrk,
ceaia. Ohanee's Enaliah final. Crvwn and lys-
tal i'lale Window Glass. Fluted glass for tiky-iights.
rean Houses, ete ,ete. t'olored. Ornamental, Upli-
ealaad Microecopie glass. Ihe Lotidonand Manehea-
er plat gla tympany s Mt poliaheJ plats lor
store windows 4c, te , , Rungb glass for Boors
and slir liilit. . -
Attention ie innted to the boot various ae-
serlntioas of window glass ia Car Uteres,
UtrulUngs jb i other parpoiss. Toe quality el taete
articles i inferior to no corresponding descrip
tion, sud in many respects superior. Our Sheet
Glass will be found better than the French in it
frerdia from Htaih, Bust, Afl.
Being Aeente for two of the largest Glass Man'
fscturers in Europe, we are enabled to offtrroeal
ers and others every adruitage in prioes and large
stocks. Price Lists will be furnished en applica
tion. - . April its, 186. 17 m.
BtlfTOK'l TBUtT mU VIEW. Bold ex.
rlusirelr eg eakacripiioa. Ageate waned u
obuiu aubaohptioas fei Vol. -Sd ul Beatoe's Thirty
Tear.' View of ike Seaneof tha Vailed States. M',l
Copies bars bm soM of the int volaae, and It is
freiumad Uisttsany mors win be sole, ot me ssseias.
he New Volaaa will be ready ea the let ef May.te be
erabelliiked with al steel piste view e( tbe United State
Senate Chamber. The pries of the work net ralaoteis
112,30, each containing J JO double eoUused pages uf
latter neeaa.
Anenu a aare geoa uuirlcu aiiotiea te tnsm m
the following Sutes -
Connetiiicwi, Vermont, Ifew Tork, Kew Jersey, Mary-
land, Virginia, Aorta i.arulma, atiaeuaippi,
- aud l.ouiiliina.
Address D. APPbETON A CO.,
and M Broadwsy, New York.
AprlllMSSo. It-lm.
..'i 11. .1
I( I'. i -i. I 'I
l.:f - -t i '
.!.-, J I , i
: '. IV. ll. II.
I Vi
f.v ln.k nf the Cuf t'ur
I a-iiier.
r .il X 'Urr Public.
v; !ktw,wHl. T. 11. Kclhy,
' Little, Dr. Tbu. k ili'Kg,
.ii uj;.
1 1 iy, D'.Sdount iiy Tuoa-lay
33 Maiden Lane, Raw Tork.
aowned 8 .lamander Safes . Bank Vault,
Baltimore Depot. 146 Pratt. .
Boeton Depot, 14 Howard street. '
127 ly.
MRS.SlSMVv'ff.dlfwIt and Mall Rillrrarrr
nil Slrsw Gouai Wnrthouw , 564 Brandwij
fRS. 8. te now In Kurnpefor the exnreas purpose
ltl seleeUns: noveltira fur tha iiprine Trade, which
will arrive and le ready for Inflection on or ahou tha
nret of March. Southern and Wentern Merchanui and
Milllaers are respectfully Invited tn call and examine.
tha eame before mrtrbaaiog eleewliera. r altera lloti'
nets slways enhnnd. ana tent by esi'iess to any ad'
reee, ire.e.J o jib
Brwklyi-tlty Slnm Engine Works..
D. P. BUECON ft Co.
Slmtifacturtrt of Steam uginu tcitk liurderi
Patent ml tiff and BmUri.
ffMllS worn Ibem not only aeert lbs superiority
X the ei.BalmetioB of their Engines, bnt will guarf
au lee to one.third were pnwar aub tie tea
surfacs of boiler, aud 3 per cent less preaenre of elea
than any other h,ngine -wianufaeturtid Iw the Vnttrd
rjiatea, mainialmug an cUai rperd. witbont regard
amount of power applied te the enirine.
Also from tbelr long experience and Immense reoin-
ties, tlieysAkuowlMg no eoenpetttore in ll.e nrannhM.
tare el
Supir Mil!; fait and Grist Miltt, Hiram l'vwpi,
Mining Vmji a'd Gearing fur .Vine. Kwf
ley and 1'nttirt, H ury vnd Uyht t'nal
iuyi, ntJ .Viif MiKliinetM f rrcry
' , Jetcnp:vm.
tfoethrrr Piantereeteenl-on te nerOewlerlv direeted
siwracwi.adlnivroied ieaar milt. Ike aitsplirityof
ennatreclion. eAtraordiaaty power aad meat durability
render it aYutletliy ennernir to any bow tnnie.
Orders by mall, or etherwire, attended to with prompt
aae and eiapatvh,
a. r Bineos, i. r. ntniiua et cu.
a. B. rossLiw,
, 80.000 Iff OHB MORTEL
By Carolina Ucats.
ALTHOUGH hot sltile moetk has named tiace
aetMsuajyiit nnliianlbook was teawei.yet
au reat ku beaa tbe demand for ike last aad Bust been
fill work frioa tliep.aof ua Umeoled aathieees, that we
are now -minting uie
wUk aa aaakated demand still yieealeg aa. Si see the
diswf the bamplixkter, ne book baa sold s rapidly.
or become se universally popyiar.
produotioaa, eaea tbe beauliiul Uugsmgc i
Urneet t-lunood. .
. "Death darkens bis eye, unpliunel hU wings, i ; ,
: Bei the sweeten song Is the hut he singe."
Ia thsvolaie satltled 'KrBet Uawd,"Ja Iseoed
bv Jewell Co, of Boatou, we hae the dying eung
of the elegant andirlfted Mrs; Cardlae Lee Houtt-
Moure folly sweesilae tbe aign et aa Aonaa iiie, yet
deep and eraealar aa tbe voioa of many waters, it ace uie
lebaVebeea poured forth while her soal Boated dowa
tetbe eeeaaef Heet. oa almost every page we cast
trees the ahadow of the deal h-ansel, who bore her away
wljsa her aong waa eadrd. .l.reriua gleawaa from
keneaUthe splint ng vail ef kpiiit-hmd ata.reawe
rose. Ike book Ue reea-el pireweii a nngmiug
hand (Taea frem ewe we hi ad- If me tnlatiiu . us
;;' "''. ' Tawttage ef Pnnek. ' ' .
fht JCuy.'f'j iWVurtrr. "Tb pen with
Which the treaty of reac wis sirnej win puHe i
from tli wing nf nn iuuicrial eals In tL Jur
din dns Plantee, by M. Ki-uUlet ilc Conclei,
chef du bureiu dee proioco4. O.uW.
As the arrow that brlats down the oaelo may bear
That eagle'e ewa iemtber Ie guide its bartad ning,
Sj the pea that now atone the French eali ' career,
h properly p'wked from the Freaeh ealt'i wing.
A Kan cSioerrr. A g-nlleuisn who. had lieen
in our citv at four o'clock, when t flood uf clerks
ia reoerallv let ljone, waa Ulking upon the sub
ject to his wife at dinner, when be wound op
: grandlv Ly saving. "1 never wunessd sneh
LTBi Anetdeea.
-i Front th Boston TratiMripL
Mr. Cboate ie quit famous f tiie amplilndoj
at hi vocabulary, n ban n eoater a new Inc
tionnry caw out, eome one wee mentioning to
the Juddethat it was se'id to cootainfour thousand
new words. ""tJU, then," said the Judge. ap
rentty in alrm.J"don't lot Mr. Clioale get hold
of iu,f ir if he doe, what will become ul u f
The late Judg Wilde, while, at the bar, was
quit famous for bis apt repartee. II was one
.1 w-ii - . i -x- v .i. ii.... i nr ,i. .. trrinca caaw. ana lauorwu terr uara lauiitatn a
elegant artielre evarpanneoUlsreirardhiaaUoraee- tkeir I oertain anawer fnim reluctant wilneia. Tb i cn i.rcu.itgaion in sll ntT lit, my dear. W hat
opptieing eounaei luinrriiptett mm wita tli aede ; i;ieoa, 001 tun miu, uavr rmwi
remark "Ah, It'a no nn, brother Wilde, to rufgnt! Only imagine, my dirling. that not vnly
pump tb witn furthervon nreftwl onnfwii it niitiing tj and di-g. but balling out
wild gniaa li." Just in, sniit Mr - Uf- i .ibiie also at the nam tlnta.,?. . . ,
Wild(e) on one side, and trooae on tb other."
The U'e Mr. Henry 11. Fuilor. wns on of tiie
most ready wit that ever gr.ici'4 tiie tar of any
tuuntry. 'Many aaian bas been immortalised
as a wit in Loudon or Paris, on half tb capital
b poascased. He was once engaged ia -ning
case, and in lib oloeing argutaeut, he taud an
irreveretit alluainn to some nn not nan d. and
il was dm in sunh a woytiiat tlinpposliig
eounsrt to k it in biirh dudijeiw ae an alluiin te
.bimaelf and svrot Me-.F. a note., demanding an
Impreaaiee paataget ere -reveeatwua id tbe laaer nft f j apnl. ge, , Mr. Full replied in bi happiest
tbe wnier-wanderfullor vtvid and abeerbing. beeaaee , nniv wtJ ,,, h hJ Mke ,nlt atai n to
.miaiAill. M.I 1 t . . -
iiiuin'ii, ue ca nve it eartninly waa not rneant tor
J aad Oenuine, growth of JBJ4 for sale by UKM-
V.X V TUrtnKK, nookseller, HALBien, n; t;.
Citron, for pretervs,
Aeawreorue. 1
Largs Uianb
(BuahorSnan Shorts.)
Early hil-Weeke, et Early
Bed Speckled Valentine, ori
Hed Harrow,
Silver Skinned, or White,
Large Tellew Btrasborg,
Brown Speckled Valent las,' Large Red Wethereneld,
Befugo, or Tboueeed-tO'
Red t rench,
Cranbery Beab, ' '
Kltra Karly Victoria,
Koral BWarf.or While Kid
Early Yellow Sis WVke,'
China Bed Eys, or Karly
Larirs Liais,or Butter Resoe
Uarolina bewee er nana.
Kstra Early Tornlp-rdhted
fop or Batten Onion.
W bite Portugal,
Vellow Hutch,
llkuvers Yellow, new,
ijarge aveo,
tsrly Kad.lrstrs
'burled, er Iloubie,
riaia or Single,
Hollow browned, er Cap,
Lai.drrlh'i Estrs Esriy.'
Karly Turuip.rooMd Bed,lKally Frame.
lins Blood Red.
Silekian or beer, '
Mangold Wurtset,
Karly Orange do,.
Karly Half Long Blood,
French Amber Sugar,
Esrly Peuh,
Esriy York,
lndretli's Lsrge York,
Ksrly Hegsr Loaf
Karly Batterers,
Karly Jirumheed,
Oreea 1'urle.l eiavey,
Larue llrumliead Haeoy,
Red Hatch, (for pickling,);
Large lte Iiruuihcsd,
t at I'll!, h,
Green Ulssed,
Usiutnoth. .
Long Oraage, t
Karly Horn, .
Aluiiiuliam, or Field, k
Largs n falie, or Field,
White Solid,
Red Solid.
.. .. .Cura((Jia4
Evergreen Suar,
Sweet, er Swear,
r.arly I aaada,
Karly tVaebinKton,
Karly May Ae,
Karly Chariton,
bishop's tlwarf Proline,
UwarrUlue Imperial,
noyal Dwarf Marrow tar,
Blue Praaalaai
Karly Champion of En gland
Large kite Narrow let,
Iree Swcvl, Bell-abspsd
Inmate, er rial,
Cayeune, or Long,
et Cheess.
oarierfiillv real.
We will Bet el empt te renow eat, m sen nonce, in
threed ef aa inimitable telcita aodolne weaboumonly
aniiuipata scenes and e-eaie, wbiebgrome, with bosaii-
1 nnklngs an aneeneet.owi to lite eye oi aiywww.
e would sot rob the book of half He eharm.-w
Sweat Oabrilla Lyaa will fell her own etory.
PaliUibsd by JOHrKP. iKWKTT A. CO., No,
I IT V'aahUgW Street. U-uton. for sole by all Book.
aelleia. -, IMaruh IKM.J lit
At No. 29 Cheap Place. w
Ome Door abote H. sultb'a torgwr.
I AM now receiving my SPRING AUD IvbTbTEX
UaU, Boats, Shoes, Boaaeu, Ac, ae. which 1 intend
selling at Reduced Prices to pi Blue', buyer who will
pay wkea called ea, ead especially- ie uuae nan uqy
nub Cam.
I deem It enueeeaaary to enumerate ertklee. My
Slock is Lares and well aaeerted. nd I want the money
for them by the lit of Augusi hsst sbd te enable me
to get 11,1 inteuibeeiliiig uihhIi a lime cneaper lor
CASH this reason shea tbey ban beea eoM in Ibis mar.
kst hsretotors.
Some of our Newspapers are adopting tha Cash ays
tern at lower prices w by not tonic uercfasnt follow
suit 'If the rule wurks wsll la ons eaie why not ia the
other. But I leave this point for wiser heada to dis
cuss. ' Olis tying however, I will ,ay, snd that is, I esa
sell Uoodsoiieapcr forl'aah than iboae who sell ou 111
and ! months time and to tstt this matter, dou't lake
my word for it, but call snd try, snd I think I will be
able to prove It te yow eiitieawsatltfaetioa; Kveri body
eall and ms 11. L. EVANS,
All those indebted o the Srm of EVANS A COOKE,
or to Ii. L. KVAha, must settle their Notee and Ae
eouuts. Tbs subscriber rauaot sirs longer indulgeaoe.
B.L. KVAha.
April lab MM. 14-SL
1 The 8bie t-ere have lust rreeiveei trm
New Yoik, s f 1.1. assortment of tha below named
gotdiwl.i.h have been aslecud ith great care
a. B. cosaua
- HA-ll. -ttd ADS.
.' ii-.jk j. i t'oo Until oad Cupuny-
i. F . il;H!lt .O, iVwai'tCllt,
v.". V.'. V:, Irt voiri-r,
a). l. I'il, s-iiaiaiitTrwtinrer.
, a.', as, De,.l Agent,
Si tl ir nn Ica.ea at J w'vlock, A. MA arrive
at CJ I. M.
- Aorta Pai-oried l.mlr.iad i'ompanu. .,
Cha. F. I'iir, 1'reei-lent,
, C. I. MooJe ilull, Treiirer.
J. T. Weal. I re olitand Ticket Agent.
Maillr a arrive 6 o'clock, A. M., fnitn th
Kast; aad departs lOia. afier io'chje. K. M.
Mail from th eat arrive at 7,1 niinuic af
ter 4 uVha k, 1'. M. Departs at SU niinutc be
fore 5 vVlock, D. M.
Willias While, Sr., 1'ont Master.
UAo bova-a, oa week day, from fun-rie U 9
P. M.
(ttaieiL nseaart nr mails at LgcN
X0RTIIF.UX MAIL iBr Raiibosb,)
Tbronjh Mail cluwa daily at 6t a. m
Way Mail at 9 p. Be
Arrive daily a p. at
'fh(.ar leai the) depot at 6, a. a
, bOlUUKX MAIL (Bt Ttra-aoasg Hah,
Cloeae daily
Arrivee dity .
Tb Hack Iraiee at 7 p.
'WESTERX XAllBr R.iiboab.)
Clnsw dally ' at 9 p.
Am tee daily at 4, .
Ik Tnda iwaewa at 14
OoUiMWrUl'JUIL (B Raaaoan.)
i'loeeedailv, at f . p. SB
Arrive daily. at I a. at
Th Car leave daily at 0m after a.
TARBOKlj MAIT.-lHiTwo-nM !!.,)
doMonNunday,Tuee.aiid Thttr, a t p.
Arm Tassilev. Thar, aad NeX, at 7 p.
Hack keavweoa Mo. M e l. and t'ri at I a.
Cwamtwa Tee-day and latrtay, at t p. Be
Arrive ) and Tbwrwdae,- at T p.
Ilack keavweaa rVsa. and Wed. abwert T a.
at I p. as)
at 6 p. as
8plBdl4 8tek efOeods!
Are Be reewielat Ike Wfaet Mark f seaada
yy r t r . it.iA. i sa.. cr-
ewy, and rwlaa. that baa eeev W-a peweewted ks
tUarl, ewd ee sky ksw kwaw bwwt u ii i Silly they
wen te
W.IL sVeVsVYCrggB.
I .
iKsom, uiT.aa ARir.amnjs.
MSesf Puts Maavry Welirjie f Bias, Baa a
Mewvy i mabi eare ewes, beea feeble ease
av.fawa. It !.
kAOika' Saiei. L4.e' Caene PVaa. tav
m SI a aeia I an a mum BOaa
lb aMBeead e-as sod b a wtr) IwssMas
ass arweaa mawaei srnaa Ceal aad aemae ismax
Feb. S
-The Wonder of the Age.
KO paiI ,
IF Dr. Toliaj' celebrated Venetian Linimret dies
nut core ( balers, llyiirntsry, Croon Cwitc. t'eegbe,
liero'SMis. t eeniline, Mnmne, Taolhab. lli-ader-he
ll ... i.l Has te, C.ild Feet, Mouilo Bilee. Insesl
riling,, llironis linruinaitein, rwillirige, toa roree,
'ie. llama, Brnisea, snd Pains er Weakness la th
Limbs, Berk aad Chest.
NO U UM b' 0- TBY I T.
Dr. Tobias has raarranted his Liim.-at for eight'
years withiwt ever Bating edrmsnd aiadc for tha rs
kara ef Ike meoey all that k seked ia to art it accord
ing te tb direction.
A (lev once ieg it. If y-e da act lad It better tha
anything ye hare ever tried before.
Tknewaada of Cert. feel, i here Wen received
weaku, if its rare virtue. New e daye it la tbe
peweeare se ill lb papers with eerttSeala from ae
kuifWa i ereoae, ar gitea by ibeae eke has aeter aeed
Ike me. liaise. Bow Or. Tessas efars t ay
he ea ewe who willprwve that he ever pabliabed a false
peril lento during tbe lime be bas had ate msdartae be
fore lbs fal.lie.
stloa tb gwt and ret a rao-j Mel eentelnlog
genmae eertiteASee. 1 As penees eavmets el Ike nose
sale ef tbe Veneuae Uaiieent have auied it Ie Injun
la lake It Internally, Dr. Tobiai bas lake the l"l-
L ttaeawel t T Adas, ef the Cstv ef Xe Tork, helae
duly eeore d icrew leal I eneanovwd a Lieimewt
sailed Veeue, ed ebe tb Inaredlewn wf wkiek It
Ie eoaepaiii are aefeeiry kaWe ka sake kMecnelly,
eeve in duwtiH U.e i,aaauiy aemed ia the ilirecoo se
cenrfenylng eeeebwitM. . .
ew Verb, deamery Hk,lr.
wer te thle day be foe me, '
Peewaette wToaat, Mayer.
Price tb A ee) arete, seed i.y tbe drwesHSa aad Pasae
IfediHi Dealers Ikoabill Ike I a, led rutea.
O-Alaekar aekr to. Teheaa' II oca Liaiaeeal te
pint Betllea at s eewla, waereweed swpena Se say ath
'nr. Tolas' WS-e,eyiCortlaa4 SC Rrw Yerk.
Pebewaey), I St lg
I44 Osmbees Street, . T.
Ts eWaweet ef ttedae River Railroad theet
OPffcRS as Heeler ewd f eacweaee bes ailitealil
beasAaef Inexb l4-w wluw e taemkea
SeeM, Paevsee wi.a ii.l-aiii.a will be toraiebed
wtak BeUaa aa eaewpe at ibear address. Onese owl M Bay
Aeelred fWSeen, aw paywad Wee ef ebeage.
Ard !' , If f
FOR THE 1,000,000.
THK r. PlTtlTtlllBUCO.
M TaimssiB U, Is. T
MAl'FACI CRIBS ef mesVes Maaebe, TU.
Teee Meaaaa. Pi iSiitale, A . a eewela, ken.
alalia, aad ell luuaa MarkUe. Taia aruxie, wklb
e a saisar.elia nt Marbie Isees, ehaeaaewllf
wiaa miaeeel exa, aa ae ea be eaowtded mas ae Seem
eed tm, by wko-k a marble awe be naawwIWawed ea
bam sbe belllbe e-as of aba loeamea mataelal. wkele SI
eaeess K M .ea.U.f e4 keeaSf. I a .Se MaeW.ssd
r aad item tkere Ie aw aaelaee waeb, Ike eM ,e.
sswe tart Iba eeaea ef ska !.. I. wbMe a eaewlek
aaed te ge a Waapweaey keaeig Se sb earreae. Sta
sals hm IS la iS TaSIa l-, ga..ewal'C ekaep.
BifSMI IW saw slaasiaare aed HaAa efakaaa w eVe
g.sWawi SVaaae, wnl aniiis aaaeaaa
akeea raaeeaeetwe, li-eioB Saeaiakad
ea aeeli-'aae fillggbSM ri-i.r
H'i laou Field
Long Scerlet bhert-tep.
look naiteen,
kite iaroip rooleJ.
jlted Turnip-rooted.
iYellow Turnip.r.ioted,
tSewwier n bite,
ilVtMbffr, er 'I'e-feat.
.We(y, or OeWer.'fewt.
.Early Bueh, at fatly Paa,
Early Apple Buah. or Lgg,
Long Oreew Crookaerk,
.Bneh Crookaeek Summer.
Earlv York, or Adam's Oetfk bemmer Scallop,
Fa'rly, t white.
Tascaiora. iDwtch Bmaesr SeaUopeL
. Utaheerer, ilow.
Early Aeislie, (Imported.) r.r.-nnt.
Late Uwtrk, jValparaelo, er Poatrr.
Urwae "etper Ores. Ppiumtlu
Breereli Lome Porjile R cad RBro leaved.
Cape, Urire White leoe. Prt.Hy seed,
tWeSioer, . j laaiaeo, er .aewAyle.
rThlUSnined. Lett tied.
Fatra Karly Kairiaa, Later Yellow,
Karly Frame or Table.
nhort Pri.kly,
tally lireea Cluster,
F.erlv Frame,
Karly Bherl Ore,
L .oa Ores Tatkey, Oreew f Kreee'ei
Pear ekancd,
Early Flat Daieb, Strap
illed Soiwd. 8 trap leaved.
Lerre Nnrfolk, eJL
Small I brlkln, f.wn-ble Lara tilobe.
i.-M 'eat, we , Jaiopee. Yellow Aberdeen
I. aire Pwrple, iptawleb Yellow,
Early Purple. , tale Bare, e Swedleh,
l.rrwec. ieri Seed.
Early Called, wr Cat Salad Lavender,
lmwa Balm,
.aee. e
Seiery, Semmer, ,
I Winter,
Stweet Basil,
lweet Msrjorem,
(rrem FeaaJa.
rRv Iba hound w bwakal
hed t hrver,
WSIU lfeleb Clover,
ilearwa, ee Freeak, .
Hlae Mvaae,
Herd, er Bed Tap,
Timet! y, , ,
ICasuiry need,
tail) t'sbbaee,
Holler Leila. ,
Browa iHeo-h,
Royal Cabbage,
Pbiladelrbla rabbage,
(.'.Had India, ae lee,
white Cot,
Oreo Co,
W ard'a Reetar,
Pine ai'ple r Prretea.
Kblllaaea'S Free Sallied)
Beeebwand, (ellre lea,)
I'arMlna eter.
Mao aula tet Wales,
ranivy, mmiiui.
Raw Orange, -
Aad a rreet variety ef Seeds aet laeledid In tkle ad
veeileemewt. I e
Ofloa aT . a X. 91. Co
rom them st recent importations, emurecleg all
the awat styles of
Collarets and sleevea, la seta to mama,
Lac Cnllsreti end sleeves
Laee trim'ed collars and sleeves,
French worked Cbrmrsolts and Sleeve, "
Laee trimmed French worked Cullers snd sleeves.
rmhroidrred l uiul.ric, tn aelle to n.atch,
Embroidered Heta, oa ilnen and line Cambria.
Threed lace Collar aa.l eUcveelo match,
Mourning Seta, in both h ack and white,
Kmbroidyred lisudorkereblole, ia great variety
and ae). style. . -
Kmbroidrrrd Skirts tor open dresaea
Embroidered Swiae and t'sml rlc Flouucing,
Embrwidsred Dimity and Jsckonel Bantls,
Mualia and Cambria Ldgiugt snd lossilinjS i
Heal thread lace llertliaa aad t'ullara,
Thre .. Uceeead F.dging of all widths,
wide Black Laeaa fos Flaaneea, A.,
lox. ihar witk many other new and desirable
goods adopted to the ( rem in and sppioeehing sea
aone. ouch as
Flounced Silk Ifweeee, In great variety,
' Organdie Mnelibo,
" JaekMict Mualiu, (
Prnch pfinte in Kohee. .
Fleuneed Bcrag Hohca.a greet variety,
Cliene Silks, striped and tgnred, new stales
Light plain Rilka for evening diaaaea,
olerod bilk lllueioaa
Black Silks 1 every variety A.
All ef w.iieh, together with a eowiplete Bseort-
ment l m saonabie good l.oth foreign and di mrs.
tie. in fancy end staple, will he offered at the lowest
pneec te cash or Hasiaal dealrra.
. U. AB, 8.TIIEKR.
. A pi II 1, IWO, 16-
Ini. but for a much elder nmmber of tha bar
than miliar of them, to wit, th devil." (,
AluSAi. ver 'ah an uncomplimentary
sina to voureeif. If ymi can help it. It may lie
meant fir tli. ,-.
' Th deprecates lone argument, and
bene admin moat your nit" ot few words. Mr.
Coffin ( I'iuiolliy) oni:s, iu n-icg to tilrs tb
c .urtremnrked, ".May It pleas tn Uoiirt, I am
about to makt a very elinri an J a Vary excellent
argument, for Mr. .? uatio Wild euied to mt
that he oois d.-red that tiie fiiwl proposition al
ways included th last. I.shall submit the caw
upon th record." Th benon wer unauimoua
ly of opinion lliat it waa th modal ol an argu
menu e
Two uf th great gun tif th New Hampshire
bar, Jeremiah Maaon and Iulinbod Bartlett, had
beea battling all Ilia week, and tb mutt impor
tant cans bad bean disposed of. 'iiijudg was
half asleep, the jury was in scareely a better eon
ditlun, and uases wra decided befi.r tb parties
niter ted hardly knew which way to turn. At
abuuld o'clock, an old man was placed at tb
bar, accuacd of passing counterfeit money.
'flier wer but few nraons in ih court hoasa
111 Inwyerav hn h d Htnshed lhair businese.liad
guue home, and lire old fellow seemed in a fair
way to be rapidly consigned to Ilia Slat Prison.
Mr. Bartlett, the younger gun, sat with hie arms
folded, and bis feet upon tli edge of tb tabl,
apparently asleep, whil th attorney general
wns examining two or three witneeaea. Kerer
waa justice hurried through in a mure nummary
msnoer. me evi ience as airact ana cxmciu.
ive, and as witneea afie witnbsa left th stand,
tb old prisoner's fsc grew paler and pnlr and
he trerul.led at tb cerUinlv of his fata.
By and by Mr. Bartlett opened hie even, oast i
glance at th grey haire of the culprit, yawrrsd
gently, and. turning to lb attorney gwnaral, id
audibly, "I'll defend this man." 11 asked no nf th wilnrssse, and took M not
but when th evidence waa through, be rose and
delivered one of lb moot beautiful arguments
ever beard. Tb testimony, n biub appeared as
clear aa nooo-dav, l. pulled all ti pieoee h
mad uiaonru nt liarinony nonsons ot eenee
diacreiiancy uf tb nioal stent agreement, and
ajjen h( touched upnn Uie nld nian t unjust sul
fennge, ha drew tears. Witlurat leaving their
seuts, Hi jury itoclared tli prisoner "ot Hull
tyl" Th weening man. with, alaanad bands,
loansd forward, seeming to Invoke a Llcaaing
upon I lie bead nf his defender. ' Let him out,
constsUe." said Mr. Bartlett, "and now, yn aid
rasoal, go about your business, and nvr ket nt
catch you ennnterfciting money again." Th
jury stared in wander, snd w lelt tb ourt-
tank at JIumt. Tli treat ef tie act provides,
it ia said, for tin ataintne uf tb integrity sf
tueuitucnan empire, bat that ampir Inolade)
many mgue in th ehsp of dishonest pachas,
that th fact of bi iniegril v snm nuestionabl.
H iniat na.vnnng to seour tli integrity f
Turkey, w might aleu lak eueaaura for tbe
presen ation of our own. whwli will son eease Vi
be mora than doulrted, if fraud, and embaaxl
nnt aontinu to ooeur among usal their prevent
ewta, il . - U'-T " n-.iO i
A Fittimg r.n,--Wimaii's pertlatltT for thin
shoes is tn b aeconnled foe by her insuperabln
mailt lo tuick undemanding, ' - -
An Emtmrratting Demand. Weeee t'ler is a
new sang by Blfa, sailed Th Firrt Ki'l. Is
thcr not eome dog re if danger In such a title?
ror instance, what would a aliopman think, ana
how would ho Uhate, if A pretty young lady
want un to him, and smilinitlr said. "If mu
plc.t.. air, I wontyna to gi,v in f.t Flrtt Km T
All of a Viert, W cnntiot help feeling that tb
th conduct of th war, and In tli annoiusion of
the rc. we hare not had mncb re ton to boast:
for we hove been wateful in th toruier and earlv
led in th latter kusinem. ' In our us of th
plnmatli) pen w hav not proved ouraelre r be
penny wiae; whil in, nor wast uf the materials
of war, w bav ben roor than pound fouliah.
tltrtlu a Oninie.--U ha, been rcmirked
that Ocueral Airey mlcht bn judiciously namd
lor in command or a ngiij. division. .
.ompany, 1
bAiisaiav. April 10, IS.
North Carellna.Kiil Uod
IfMilcrtr tilt Trail M niiftrf In4ij
lk(!lit yf Ipril, IMC
' E'T.
Leave Ohtebwvo', at . e 4 so A. M
Am. 4 ea b.i.., til
JlllleSnro', It.S
a Urakam. I M Pa M.
- .aaea.kwa', Jlf
e JaHi.neaa, J
Leaeu, IW M
- glMbory, 44
" roofed, T ST
" t kartetle, , S
la.e beetaaa. al
Arrive et awf-a el
. Swluberg,
lit A. M.
t al
I at
' II l
lirakam, 11 P. M
HiikW, t IS
Sal-ea, 4!
ttuitw', ' r
TittotxiRi Rirr,
tagtaeee aft B. ti Bell SA.
April ISA I Aw
ait Maaar vkaa Tm Cm!
rrHI gabamiitM, Aaetee es meeoea tbe msdn1
ewn- ef a Aft eeaee baweif af taw t eived
Biakaa, tSfMW, aad eaesMe me may make eeaaeet
sWaam pee awe, bws rw a kemUieaey ef ewy
bled tali BtfUewteee ef Sbe ewSwee of lbs bweleae
wi. I be by Sliaaalaa lb awknai Hi i r. eed n-
f p riot Tm il Ikf Irt'lRil Half I'krttt,
In j tnnd 1p.mlt, and in V-'aUie Park-
oyrs, try , , I, S and owaoi,
Itil.llll If
aTElTrilTO&eCO. .
oetoisAt mines, or res bsvaluc tea rais
Wbols-als DaaJera la Teas ealy.
.V. r. Corner a Mm 11 wad Milk eVseee,
Jtar-TH, t M.iallie Parka retep re kerffkeet.
ewaiieaaieg a vartMy at beab Hlaek aad lireea la eaM
kuveva. .a
Pnniad Mat ef prices, Tor me, Ae., ParaUlted by mall
es ell wk order Ibem.
t All Teaa waeraetad Ie please er ae sale.
One and tbe eewie nrie awd Srrms Ie all. eed ems aly.
Hall ebeeU el Bmeh denote abas t tswads ee of
reee abawt IS noda seek.
Merrh It, . ' '- 11
Hats, HaU, Hat.
"I ) FMF.MI1ER fee yew Spring rtyleef flat,
KEMI MIILR tbetr price ar k pAtrasHlo I
the iUa It,.
Lemember fkst tbelr Dels ar sssiersailtsli
la beeuty, styw aad darsbility.
Iisaaemtier si their eeisi.lirbsaant yen wltl V
euro ef geitlrg a gt-d ertiele. la lb ler-geagv ef
lb fiSoal ef llaaaie e gather!
r ember1 localise w. II I E. R. TLTEEK.
.essoinee and Strwiger! -Rrmambwr thle, Al
It. R. I. Tcker e, tea sss get mi mm aver.
April lei, ISM. 16
IT Is a eaaaeded fail, Ibat sUaaaaJg 1m e- 0a4a
are kiwara di). alt I fauiara. la Mttl mm't laJe.
awd m remedy Mile, we kale paid partiewlwe aetaeie
sa Ibw eVewrteaewt .
Tkle eb. we bar eeeeleed e eemplem Meat ef
tbe mee, deeWeSie ii i Aa. wemelf ,
rlleeb Queen, I ilb i aem.ifctas ealjroly
Rlah amlee fV.w.ii'ae blak haao Bw.mtilea,
Blwr t'owla I Mb. Iltae Ber.rae and Tleeweer e
aad Wkne otiara ewd I edee bure. bl.e kob aa.4
Rid Uleeaai B aak li.arbaaae end Uaaa
Lm.iae easy ba mint roey eee ko sailed t-v eall lag
aw . U.A R. A Hi kl.
April, l. Ill It a.
TjtTF.Xf Bglili IRES Yw R tod liwaak
I aiaaeai, very eaaene oeeeeimaw, m ina pat
. Th Plaaadth Needle.
A nia and A needle bctng neighbors in a work
basket, and both being idle, began to rjuarrol, at
uie ruiae arw atn to uo.
"1 ahoulJ like to know," ssid tli pin. "what
yon ar good fur, and how ynn rxtiect to get
tnniugn tne worm witnout a neao. r
"Vt hat ie th us of v iur head." reolted the
needle, enther aharply, "if yutt hav no yf
-v nat ie tit usnt n yo," aald tli pin, rll
thareitalwnsKumelhlngin ll?"
"I am always active, snd oan gn through mort
work than you can," aald tb needle.
"Tire; but ya will not lives long."
"Because yo hav alwava a stitch In your
tide." taid lb pin. '
Vein'r a poor, erookttl creature," stid tb
"And yon ar so proud that you csn't bend
without breaking your back."
"I'll Dull your bud off if vou Insult me sriin
"I'll put ont roar vs if vou in touch uie; re
member, yon lit hangs on a fingi thread," said
the pin.
iWhi'etbey wer (litis conrarslng. a little) tirl
enflered. and, atideruking tn aow aht very soon
book off lh needle al the eye. Than she tied
the ihrd around the neck of th pin, ami at
templingtoaw with polled its head off, and
threw It into th dirt by (he id of th broken
'"Well, her w ir," aald tlit naadt.
"W have nothing to ghl about now," taid
th pin. "It seems niiaf irtune hat brought us
in our senses.'- . -. -
"A pity w had not aoma to tl.em sooner," .
said the needle.
"How much we reaenible human beings, who
quarrel about their blessing, till they lose them,
and never nd out that they ar brothers till tlicy
Ii down In lb dust together, a we du."
Aaedtw-f Carly waters) PrwachetaT"
V Among tb mu! noted of ihoee sr!v nrrasliers
waa Jatnai or, as he was a.aally colled, Jimmy
Iiaxlcy. In ISUGor 1HU7 h waa arm aa a mia-
young men waa...r but, Tha father ,i'tJ ,h A"k.-,nV "" l lemisiana. a
rmild .laiiilnoanrhuniim.end rwM.lutrly nppoewd " '"" .".u"a j teoi a vaiiHuica, sie
i; and the deugbtnr dar not d m la-y niaaa'T- I b'! " .iuh.riHei,wol from unpaid kiiiduew.
Mi "mat bint be ntootilight," wbiln preteiolod i . "'"bty wita wliu-h 10 puruliaa it
BOAer m have seen wm aid she ninr.i and wast
ed lu spit i f bcreoll, Mie tgas really In lor
I aisle of mid tiara, wl.nb wcinen i.ftener
rrarb by tiaagiiialiiin Ihaa reality. Still lb
Ihthwr remained iuetbontble.
Time pa aeed nn, and the rnt ef Mary's dsea-s-k
cheek aaed off. rdie let no cenneailment,
like a "worm ia tli buL," prey em that riainaak
lirk, boweter; but when brr father eVed her
by eb pined eh always t'ld bim, ll.snld
geulleman Waa a widower aud he loved e daugh
ter dretly. Had it been a nidnwed motbet who
had .Mary ia charge, a women ' prut aever
wimll he's gittn way befor til iaiputtaritties
of A daugbtar. Mea ar not. however, an !h.
bora la wiah inaltert, abdwletu tb fatlief aan
rraa tli Loniariii JenrnaL
foreign Alliglaac.
Si fjf st t'ir R-ea American tr'rc -pi It eon--ecracd
of nut eoj -..rur; f -a !. n ( eti.n-.
I cv who rfgrj iiMmolin . jwior 'a T-me aW
trgtao fi tbe we ea-e m l.etir tl.s
Catbullo fa t'lie ci unlrr are mane nr f.-w.
Whether ll ej arh ui,t ,,r fiw, tha prin.-ij le ie
invulnerable.. Keesi if Air e-wrbvt hundred
men in the I'nilel S'atea acirn w'eJj.--g ti.eir
bigheat aUig'aiKe to th 1'.-. tha amv.ii.e-s of "
t leir nunib--r w iu. l l.e no rtia ,n v ihev r tnv
of them tb mid I adjn. wie i f r J,"., mnit
ia It tn fulS)!oa ( in the
State nnleaa. iu hie owrl lirw. the S-.r !'i.-i.
a see ia t tb P"nirH'i.ov which I i. e.irn to
support. It ie absurd tn t.i tn, ti jt. Ii-au
tlieew r bnt few peraiwia ru .,ur cunrrehd
h.-dd tn i:, m.Wer uf a fo-vit-n tyrant !
then, from l! oblig itionenf allewnce tiour eon
titnrio aad-iaw. wwagtt to ) r.o 'il.:e.nin
t anpportinj tha fnrxtii.'. W wml l'm anp.
port snch mea any si f.rr than w ibid sup
port a traitor, ami we WouiJo't suptort a traitor
vn though be were tb only ir-.'iwr in tl.
land. '
Tb principle of e'ecing men who l.clieTe in
tb power of a fore'em p KtntvS to rejtiirc them
t dienbey tbeineti'Viiin and lairs of our ciun
try it in itself pjlpibly and touaeipiutlv vrMng.
Inopraoiing it. we lo not dumii lr implvllis
enistrjnce nf any four in nufm'n U thai' tha
-Mama Catb-tlic a'ra Hbe atrbng Or (ncrentihe;
tn atrentfth in tin fnited Hmtcs. Tel nntloubt
extlv they are inoreaaing in strcn'h. The imia
merahl multitude, poured from fore1? p un
tile Into eurnwn, are alinnst entirely ( alliolk-a.
They make yearly a ief tici-oeiim to the Cmh.i
lio power. Teariv tb Cath'ilie pmpo-iti .n of
our entir pojiulatinn is, in ennafiieiici', bettntii
ing largac and inr,jrr. Aire )y the Catholic of
tb United Slates number themselves br nililiotit
and th Pop nf Koone, by iaauing h i onlirs
tlimngh bis ar)ihishop. and thoni-e through hia
Qianop. aru tnno tlirourh bit (irieitacin ctul
th wltol Roman tTathulic rut of tl t'niicJ
8'aein a solid and unbroken maa, for whatever
men or whatever neatiirc be pleas, and thus
eterdee, ren now an influence in our p .litii
abanlntelr fenrful, lie ntn apeak a vvnrd f om
lb Seven Hille, and hie whole a-my of bundrede
nf thoneandiiln thlinitd Stntoa wheals ahd 6,
at hit eomreand. Th existenc nf eucb a pnwef ,
in th will of a foreign jpnt U a treroendoiu
erH and an appalling peril, eten when th Cetln
nlic ntimhers in the t'nited State flr not greater "
tha at present! and with the infreieb of numirent,
nomas the lucre ise of-the peril. Thar is a rea
m, thtn, a jrent reieon, a mighty rcgann, why
no man, bnbling loan earthle -
power thin to the t'hlte.1 Stutes, should b le
twd tn nffiot in this country.
The Influenc of Rmna'rt f'siln licisui nvr tbej
ip Nicht prcts of fhe United Siste, i daily 1i
Irewiinlnggrentar and more tnurifutt. Hun lreiiU -nfnntl
A niericnn editor wl.ol.aie always liceu'
Proteetante. nrc serkin erery opportuiiity to -diaper?
I'ro!otnntiiu in comparison with "Pn
pwry. If thy do notonenly s.ttn.:k I'fiiieatant
lam. tbet sneer at it. We have tliie nl.oueiit 'ee
for us avert prominent soli Amerii-sn pat or of
e ... i- .... . .. . . '.
rvmiturxy, which enya Unit "i,n mini i.l Hit
Protestant etercy have i,t' fith in 0d and
truth," and that tbe ar "Bulling aloud upon tli
flesh and the devil." If such is ti e eiwe with
th Biat of th teachers of theprotensant Church
it is to bt presumed that th laity are no better.
ms not to ne supposed tnnt th mass nr the fol
lowers ar better than th man nf tbe teailiTS.
an, then. In the new nf ourantiAmcrlcnn cditora
tb mas of all tliav IVtettints of this country
bav abandoned their faith la CoJand truth, and
surrendered themselvet on to the fitth and th
devil, k When the pre- of a grsitt and powerful
pnlitinal party la induced tout uob latiguag
ae tots, sural v It te time for Protectant Ameri
cans to take heed to th political asgrrvsidiil uf
I laughing yst Ktrruwful,
e- A Utile tuekrrrea la a llnrry.
An amuaing Btntfimnnial etory Is told nf the
olilro time nf Mew bngland. ll ee tell ont that
two young people becam very much era it ten with
each tuber; as young pmipl wimetime d. Tb
young woinan'efatlter w as a wealthy (Junker I he
White Beats."
Tbt ntwspapere in tbt tmpl iy uf Sag nicbtitnl
in Ih Eastern portion uf our Uiavaar very much
excited about tb Whit Baais. just now. 'In alt
nut Western (schangaa w e nothing nf It
lluwiatliat? The . follows tell asttat "De
mooracy le a unit" th Mm at all times and
every w tier I Can 'thle be sot In ltnnonuih
and Wilk then itra -8outhni" gentlemen
urge no obiecliou make nil fne about "Whit
Biasia taking away the rights of the S'Uth."
It leaflet tlmt 1-!nmlier rights" loingmad
And bit Western frienda, wb i Mluae to gj with
a very larg majority of "old linn" "Henry Clav
Whigs," evsn tot 1'illuior, L-a as ikay ab
IcJgs "lb right of tbe JSjiltli ia the pir.aiouiit
question now," is it a lad. w say. that th p l
culisr .-iuUim guardian (If jj will allow Hut
While Rasia )uesiisB hmh tint copies td" th
IluWgh Standard w gel, hoi. !a up at a tl it t.uga
abolitiou quaatiun to bt aeibud emnn.1 ab"ut
tbeut, and all tlinu.'li li.o lal. and never rnia
tl.elr Warning emcaer Where we I lingular.
Mills, Colsman. Krwm and other VY.tmrn lea l
era, thai they di r.ot sie.ik out and wirn their
l.eighbors sgaiaat this l hit Utaia "aU.lilion"
Uiovet Tin strip nf petno't (?) lh in ';tti
and niggi-rinterrat in the Slav, our .', we ttnnb
ti lulkuuit as brtid, if low a Lne I n ler than
any one ls, again! tit Vibiic Da is busit ne
Al on time be waa reduced lu tbe very verge f ' prvrrided lilies vlw have aisrd lh! iue.toi ar
starvation. 11 bad p,-ed lb previou. hunt in ! ""' '!"B J '"netiv thereby. V .11 tiny n it,
the iia twamp.- Towards evening, eold, wt, ' on' J!" ""' ,n nPIibw U tin. affiir,
and buugrr, f, h bad aalen nothing for thirty- Tru"i ,r,li".,f "' ,uiu "'' " will be taken f.r
six waits be reached a tilautntion, lit rnteio.1
the bouse, and ielitioned for flroj ami t dining.
Tbt mistrres of the houee?, a widow, with euiniiy
daughter and eereral iirgro vhililrca plating
granted that those ah, now ap-uate it, ar mt
a.-ling very credilal.l. aa II. ev are only endrtto
rinj to i'H's and f..ncnl eei n oml atiiib ft r
niieral,le. unworlliv, pn.-ty cmU. I.i I'atil, we
tbatlhdugbtereartaMtwlleHp.alnU!l', "J beyond, 11
a.sicb, baeurpnaed bar one dav be Waking wtn f nnA kirn erBU(,uB
-Marv, rather than amp tn death, Ik badat " fatoritgiann
ala ui, rwiigoiscd his calling, and rofuwd hlart-1 '"' " ""l 'lr ' H).i.aa1rfi , u,,,
(incal. 'M,ew..n!d haienoauihraitUaU.utl ar.' , tecn..,l the S ate, wlieiher e .rieut or not.
Tieoj.od thai lor c.nilgninwaep,ra,iai.Ui warm ! i'el t' uix that men sli .u'id lean the rewar.ta
liimaollbjil.rnrtllorelicetoutiiib.llia.ldnd0' Uicir own w think that ll Mr.
darkntvs. As be sat warming himself hetl.uuthl '" soil-defenoo, s'.ould turn I'o. .,ue.-i. n
id" bis sad pl.ghL and of Lie empty atom. Ii. He 1 V1' t,"l o.nal ag l .i n -making
thought of anuihar nigbi in lb. aep. II ! "''' tJa-n ba, rairtd to injure I , to
il..,o. l.l of the dark.;n. el... ..d ..I ' bia own adiaMai; In the W eat, ni eel a-ti e
Leiler aaarry a thoa boue and wbeB the
And what d d Slary? Wail 1.11 tb birds of
the air fcad In! 1 her swan ef lire change, or nil her
father bed lint to change his wind again! hot
a lest of It. JM cUfped her newl bowaet n her
beail, walked direeily iutwth MreeL and then ks
dirn l V tw lb a-Mis f her intended a tl street
emild carry L. r. frtit walked into the boara
lilijut knoa-king, tf knea-king wss n.K then
ladiiowalile. and il found tle funily just sitting
d a to diknxr. IV me bltle e-ieusuolkun waa es
bib led teo atMttotednerniuihmaaiaabeir
lb the Widow's m tisre, but she Seed en. John
looked np laquiringly. hbe walked tw bim. ewd
las k hie hatido ba her r "J.4.a," aaid el.e, "faih
ee mvs I aaae ! tbra." Aad Jol.a got dirws,
ly up fns lb talJe, and went tw lb pwrwow's.
Jnai In leeuly ii Minou tl,ey wi aaaa and
A Peal llard tbelL
We d-'l rrfcr l. ll e reliri -w. I at ti. the phya.
irwlel.elt wf th nbt aegwiwloww a iareefnadWet
i f i he Hel"ireire I'aind niet in lh ear frm
Chicaea, LliBula, ip dms tj , and I hue de
eeriliwe, " I ar tasek tweite Ih nmer, set an nged
eebiree) man. wjwii In H.arw. i.e S lt lw ill
llagwr. Mwet hwiall, II, mom 'a Mark Anlhe
y, eon Id ileal bim. lie bad pwewed llma-rS
aewrly an bandeeal yeire, wtw a wig al India
hair, l.latb aa tel. beneaib which wa a beard
while ae ditir eemw. A ww roenphN reprw-
beart aAalle l w ith I
found vent ia uu of '
"Peae. my eaal, then aeed .) set fear,
Tbe Ureel Provider still le bear
He sang lh who! hj nm, then anothst and atf lit
Kia, he will l juetifed in enduing.
The fml ia, this W bite II ii-is huui'-ug la near,
ly poweroee in lh Kaat. Mivlin a, mar, a
weals, nd Loo Karrin "cAril-," hate reawl to
b metiers of naideralion l.y Ilia intelligent
penpU of the i,it. He whualtenitHs it n.-w.
f.wle that b dnaene th ontr-nnt nl all hone-t
an itiier. Ja.iii round at Uie close, Ii aaw i snen, nemagogiiM usee piayeu upon mat "harp
m dherapd dAUghter. and Mzniee all 1 teir. i of a thoueand etnnga," until it ia ale ut all on-
"llerw, Pally, gd the preacher a
and I'ete, you put up ria Sure
weet II be piesaee, aanl the widow. , Bo Jimmy
land for bis tuptf ailb a eong. y.'ec. Sir. Mil
bar s Ltctnra,
t gie supper j strung anu qisninrseti, vsry uuii innate, so nur o
: lie th ill stay a to thai it a'll only p'ay one nine ab oit Au -u t
and thil will be ' ngju'e,'' wb
graceleee impe w,ill ".oaroli l.i.ksiila ' in tl iu
! V OjUM-k lime to the tune of
V, carry m rung to tb netd wt Mil mar I
erlid ia awe waweea, ae Sew
ewuy, wbo-b w watt eeltea
awd family BeSWae.,
le ewe ewewmr, wa
wewaae. bierwM mm4 reaail
Piscrit ATttSO.
alaAgk Febrwaey ka. I SMI ef
y-SNggag IMb-sae aa tbeee aa eaaalesd
VV sw eaaweaae, gee asle ST
Feveei. e. f. ;nj S0wy.T A B irS,
sMiaitasi uf an F.gynuaa aawmme "Wl4 eeareale
be imagined. AHul asnddew lb frlkrw eUurk
p a line, in a r ear, (hull eoi-, lka ailraes,
leg gwnaral anentiow tl seemed ae tkowrh l.t
" t mved eea a Iserw r.f a han4 efr ngw," la
j k kaad wwa m paxiiina akmg a4 b poret vf
kehnwiela viiamei, narra'ier torn By liiehra.
swey, lot Midi ! waa b-iea. We., la Krf
Cwroliw, near d Cap Fees, we, kannreal year
er-v Me Maewalewk eMHb)..e-rL wtiere Ke
died awd lef ms fee I g4 bgi as wet da Awf b
a? wly, e-ghteea hoedead, ewd bvb beaa preeec,
baa Ii .r, elwew. fV eMralrt as Mef M a,
bwt fee brd shell Pal.' tela, a sol seee ba m nt la
ms en ta d and d ladder wax Id 1 fbi great
penree awd h-p to, dw g-d. II said bs bad
ves VfaabiegMsi awd aebae gewat leas af Ibe
IbevelwtHiwi waa oW prntif ia eavte rwminia.
eeetrwe Men ef the reassegwe gave kim !
dwwaii a, for nbiesi be wiwild benevwdewily die-
The ladaetrssn Ho- In lleaored Mas.
Tb Irath ef th acriiHwral adaee. "Ilil,al
d,,-e.,t ia Iroalne-s .1.1 stand brf .r king., I,.' tT "What are y Jiglug Pat r rai:fc.
,, . ... ... I an' at d'gg eg far Bew4 ' T'enrw
aball b.4 at.nd Uf.r mean men,- bee lee. th. ,,, ntti "W. .-t) 1, f.t, j.q
larautifully temptiSc4 la lb career " John A. j digging for m .my T" "Writ, I a, n't il t-i ' t 1 -ti.lwaer.
Webndbia. In bia youlb. atonetine "y'"ot eUe!" "t'iral-rite lu k ' -. , . nl,
L.t..:.. ll, f.,i... . .v.. r.. ..a .. .,i . m lead letter take h -Id. AIM f 1 1! . r i
... ... ...m, ,,.w ,,h, HHq Hi ptOlf.rr,
in lb wuraakop tbi Maaua makmg spinning
heels for lb g.,!4 witw of (iuill od t r-!
mi lleir wU I k bark IneUtU their e-.srs
and baalonda, and lb Kelt, Irud-ing b not
fmm Huuth Carulina iih bis budget on hie V. k.
afier Jew long aehud I t ll. means wherewith to spaiiee drripped, end the baiters i i nisi.
pro ids bia owe siudie. Suckayuulb m.u.d Wol ,
bait bav Leew suiw4ed by a besfol man' 4 I
l ba larew. Tht b y that tolled for tbe s.. ; ort
of the younger members of bis fallieis fam ae
well aa for l.t bwproserMonl laf die i'.J. ka.
tbia stay, lb Beiti IndaoroJ and faefobir man la
that whole rrioa of lit fitate, so J't,.l,Cs In
g-aat a.ij gad Bsc.
and laid hold rnt tlroronili f r s l i.e A
throwing ont exmie clrl I. J. tl.e (; w-' i--t. si
"Whoa did yon tet anr ni' e. 1 i.t ?" '"M'li'-'U
n'ght." " hi : In, mu. I; ili'l , il t?" ' I .
, d iilars and a half." 'l !,v, lint . ta: .i .ro I.
lis pretty well t ail el iiln ii a d-a i tl t r-
lof pnr br dirgint filer . all teei t wm." 1
llTW. P
1 1 1 pleie mea
A Harris la Ttsea,
aiaecstae ra tea ,n n.
M'e.a tbre,, lii.r, .a
ial f ee-e di o to. i.t.
ihraiea lbs t'ie.'.i.le l,aia-. a
lea.d.a. aefl.d parii ol .i ) la tke re. i
7e ba okt,teed "f all po. ke;'' ii, e.i
paid U aiy ps-t ef U.e t'a., a .e r.-- - '
t. MU I i i
Ar-'- i,. , .
It f, 1--W eire.t, '
Af.ll. let, mt
Tb Owntatf PrUf does ap llmwrill laotic- fY' V,."7Xf",
w Ilk aa tint loath. Tbt billowing Is a es-n ( ) e r k. a U.,-e I
od I eao
g I e lata not and t
g eaure , fiew
w. ii
AftH I. I'i
Maaatae et L raaideeM nf Mr. nt. Mb
laed, by la. (' -ll -way, Mia Msiii In mid. ka
W, It, Ilieks, daeaing asnatee, better kw wn
hanghai iluka, by ewer emeenei he be In n
Marabell w bisin th Unit IS f owr trwa
Th fiat' tlnsend la4 Mated httbr Mr
I'll'srd, tt wk ban tb wereesoe y U - k t i..
kByretlWa f &-.. tWlly Ml.rd kw g.e I ,,,,.
A 1 SI
A d aad e'-ee i.
April I. In.
,f b
a'. I ataeer Laws SWaaary II 1IAE
Arri'lM'ie, It ly.
wesSiag wS Pool K a Swas a p iww, awt
fi BII C"-, rsueewaa, re.
few e aerre tieeii.ji
Wet tt Card Xirt't.
" j t

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