North Carolina Newspapers

i -
Selected Poetry.
J - - trm tb llonJwul,
THEinrxms the valifv.
T B. U fuA.
Tr-evV a to, litraHew,
V hem t,,e waterc wind and 1,1 -w.
And lb daises Wf in whiter,
'Xm'H c Trlid of n.w;
Ard ri- Ice, L'o rvi d ei.lot.
lil.r rn in leattty in ll spriu;.
And lbeuiit.eaia kit the wavelet.
Till thaj teem la logh and sing.
Bui in autura, wl.e lb eon!r-bt
Crowns tbe eednr-coreicd hill,
Shadow darken in tbe tatiee,
8h..lnw omTnous and atili ; -Al
l the vrTlnw leavee like banner!
Of an Iht' fie I,
Ting'd trilhp'ld nd rural purple
I latter lly uterhaai.
And those ehitd.iwi, rLkiiiit 1i4 )t.
Like din phantoms on, id ground,"
Stretch their dre-itwy b-itgihs forever
f.)n a daiv covered mound.
And I load her, ye I local her, -
l.'ut ifce afiRcU li-rrd I er, loo,
Fo she's a'roj.inp in the taller, '
, 'Ik eath ') k y o bright and Woe.
And no ulali i.f palid tmrU.
Krart it ahit and ghastly l ead,
Telling: wanderer m the (alley
Of tha virtues of Jhedead. ' '
Bat lille m hr built-torte.
And a dew- lrun. rot and bright,
the epit b an ancat
rV rot jo lh tillnM if wight.
And I'm miortif il. were arntirnfut.
For my ami d'h errarerae
Far the iadiner of the eh tdowa
Fr.rm that Mil woodland prar.
' Tit the memory of the lured una,
Kmm n amil will aar part)
And tho ehnd. wa in tbe taller,
Ihm theaunahinenf my
IK atlCHT.
AwaV. my aout, thy hoar are Cectiog ,
Thy life i rapidly rmapletinit,
Tim with eiernitr i meeting, 1
- Snnn eonre th aifht, .
Thy retr ba i , ton, will e ma, :
Aoca dine br lat thy doom.
Da right, do right f,
Thooph elond thy firmament o'prd.
And lemrmat Inrat aroand 'ry nead,
Thoosh lifeita fren f.liare hed,
. Ia aorrow' hlliht j
And thonfh thy hi ly hope and frara
Li Imried 'neath the gathaiingyaan
Do riht, do right.
Th warmine element' worat wrath.
Thaaari hquake an J t lie whirlwind' breath.
1 ba taller and ih aliad of death,
Need not affrijhk; t
FTduty'aralm cotnman lint form.
With rainbow arma anall elaap Ut etorta,
vo rtght, do ngtit. ,
Fain! not in all tha weary alrife,
Trough rf day with ' I h rife,
Work t the element i.f I fa,
Aation i licit
For man la mad to toil and trir.
And "nly th alio labor lit'.
' Po right, do right.
Life la not all a flea'ina draam,
A iw'eti flh. a rainbow (learn,
A bol.Ue en tlie "i.a'ing iream,
8. ton b loaiiihti
. For there.' a work fot etrr hewr '
la arery paaeini word a power
Do right, do right.
0 1 lif la full of aolamn thrughl,
And nobl deed If hobty wn.njht .
With fearful eonaenenoe fraught)
And ther ia micht -If
gathered in -h plnr honr.
That ira th ar at oneartlily JHiwe,
"7 ' lH right, do f igbl.
- nin. ,
I aVd aa iee man, a man of earn.
Wrinkled and, carved.' and white with hoarr
balra t ......
Tim ia th warp of life." I id. "Oh lell
The yotrnr, lb fuir, li e gar. tn weace it well,"
I aabed lb ancient, teneiahle deed
Fag ho wrote, and warrior who hledi
Frowi ttie cold grave hi.lL.w mumii r flowed
Tim aowed Id eeed we reap in thi abode."
I Baked a living rim tr, eie ti e title
Of life had left hit tcina i " Tima," he replied,
"I'reltwl ll ah, lie ueatuie!" and be died,
t a led lb goIJrn an r,dailter t h'tea,
Th- 1-rigl.t ihr,B'im'ei of data and yer:'
Ther anawere I - Tin e ta l ul n etrur'r g'are,'
And latde aia f r elernltr prepare.
1 aked th aeatiaiain 11 air annual round,
W bU'h Lewutify or dcao!ie tin ground I
And iher re( lied (no na. le a 1 1 wite.)
'l u folly ' lin k at d W led. m'e hirbl priu."
I'HIWII tlARM X M l l.-1b tab-et btrt r
aiMMiii,e la e,p,-it. itti, o,mIh. tti.t. .t,uk ...
lorvig and Auttrteap tlaidefi and lraee Ke,-H, abieb
' tt tauch iargtrtad bo.i vt-ried taaa aay prevUwt tun-F'.-
" .
T'j'y t't prarared to ttecata eed rv fiarj aet!1iaat,
la aay pari ol tht lae, en ih Blow latorable terata,
and will allow theaa Ibr privilege ofntuihiag all ua.
eit bvtba Ifh d Jua . '
FaaiiUta atibing and, kill pWae t1 thcirerdert
:olt w ttoek It hill. All t ttd tr atrmiited
ftttk aad f-naiae, t4 an i ilttui m turn' at aad
tk'l'adtd tar.cutt. - a
ri.'CVD A f.f! ITTJ,
l'li'goott ard . edtnta.
Jn 1, 1'.a.
1 F. FF.:l D, batiagibtt d.y formed a t . Part,
0 a.r.t.ip with h.. brother la law. Ilea. W 11. t.
ling. lAto t.alteoelv. b, (, , o ill irtliaa W to,
da i l .e h-.le.-lt aad R i.l I' rag llooa.ea aader
tat Ira el I I l I D A
. eaalratola t a a al .r l.tae ealargia aad tat.
p aring tor, I..4 rhtil ', rep a Bel larorvr trot b
w ...- . " irt.o orretoin'o. BRira BOB oWf
laereaaed farl'illte, oali y Brio Hfr.fla t araf lrt in la
Skills,1. I, ooaaaahl meiliag ladactmeau.
w a ate pitted t Inl.taa ear Irieedt tad rawatm
IL.I at b.rt toeatred Ibt aaioaid eefleee af Mr
( hAr'et A Itootl. Im Ire or alt irart auk a illltatt g
M.taood.aad Ulalka l it i l I X Harrti she r, Mi, 4. I. Ward. Will WBitt
auk or la anosmoi peooli, n itroir waest, oa tbe
m at f.roraalt totsaa, al til ban ad Ibe dav and hi.
Oat aore will a stored oa ibe bl-i..ih. Ool Mr.
grU at W art will b lo auVradaaee to eleiate toe I Ho
ttehealr. aad tbi.r i.olll Bui t,.tt nr.g Ibt
(Ht aoewoatt w'll he proteateA tW setlltlktat oa tVt
let ef Jely aad Jaasorv la eoeh yeae, atae trraa taw
tior.hoi wok Ik. parrheat.
t. t. Fb'i I kit, O.W.SATLISO. wait a.
Vt.t pmaal 1. 1- Wd ! lb Bad-rttgard by et4
t awreo ,,ai are aw ateetl.a'cty tpoald tat tm
I .itnl, a It d brastaaae waa be rlr4 wltboal
d.l.y. P.V PRef-lD,
Tha North Carolina To:m Look,
fVIMIIM!. aMtk m-l-te'u: Form abb k twrat
la t.- 4 t..' . m 1-e.a e e aaa at. man, as
well aa ta , tei fil.-t. I ge'breaMb '
Uf r-tt'i'k'i.i if ii k iihtiii tctt tt ill
r. a t nxtsn rnr. rrr.n or
i'.7.'A HlKiatf S, 4 e,
t'. i t. it. .... of lie l ,i....Jil f teetlaa,
l a.oe.'i' ltllta, 1 Moanhtd by saombcv
ll .!.
I.-.... b iiktitr D TtkkiR.
ii ft. T a .tl seed .1 ai.e ovtk ky mail, poiiag
f.a .o I! p I.
, . . I H-tf
) I U fa k ' f fl'I. Tbt .r-rlket I fl f l
. ir a ta
IkUCB AflATllta
. a rf
y.irwy t. II 4
f Jm Oil f jiu T IA bntu f
' .
Al L.rmciiu u of Um Ami icn party, MM
llir;.zli. on iw lyji of Oct.. leer, IS'ti, the to- '
barring reaolathirtt we.- adopted:
Htmlrtd, Ihai, at tli caui-f hieh rn!e?tl
tba eeerevy erf the American nrjrtnizari n nece.
aary ia ila infamy, no loger ei.i-t-'-all the erel
eevraaitaiata i4 tit riw a aether if initmtiojit
oUi)(atifms i-nf. caaiitaiiMiat itnais"e paa
wiinla L atx'lirtieU luit e . do enutitute ir
Nlm ini.uWit !r-tH'r'Hii'vl porfw lliai e dn
ehalietif imripptfietita lu lh4 pablie dVeumiati
iHdoi prncipii and w fcerebr lmii and
tnnik the aid and co-oneration if all tlieciiiieti
of the Slat without feaid t-i their furmer polit
ical aftliationa, in mAiiitaiainx and carryincut
the gret aima, principle and bbjrcta ' f the
Anierimn Party,
Urti'iml, I liar herrl r ratify and en
ira the print iplea enunciaied in tin ( latfurm
tteAw,fnJ. l, lhKto:Vn
uf the tame, and held at Philadelphia, on
3th dar ( June. IN)J. iu riatmn to the v
litioal oolkr of the Oorernnient whilat at the
tain time, we eontider the three treat primary
pxittoiplo of tlx urnaiicaii m. wiiu li cmitilute
tfle ha -i uf our carry, as purniuoiint in impur-
tauca to any k-iin ot mere puertiraeniRi pi n 't.
HetolrtJ, That thex three great primary prin
ciple are, Jirtt the eoo6uement of the hn'r,
oKoe and roponailiilitiaa of political ataiion. ertimenl.t'niativa-Uirn American"
with a due n gird at the amne time, to tlie pr-
teetiimof ihTireiiti-l'rn tn all the cml nerhH
and prirl!ej! enaraiitaed t freemen by tin eon-
tltiitvm, whether reoeral or Male.
Sreonrfv. Benatanc to relicMua intolerance.
and a rigid maintenance of the (treat principle) of
religion rreed"m iy en luninj in m i.nne and
p wer, thoae who a onld eie'ciitf fornpliiio)iaank
m l t rt . ' . j.. . I
tnorun i-iuueo i. r p'te-'ij mienere.. , ao,.
who ai-knwlfrlpianallegimne io ny power ol , 00,,k,f itMM. thaatl. oAfks hereto
earth whither m il or . i le4n-liwll pammi.uot f r. In u. hud 0.rJfJ. induced tba uboriberi to
la that winch they owe to the Constitution.
A nH Tl..r.lhi nnionin, dariitiiai to tha
Cmo of th-o Stale, and reitai.c Ut all fai-
ti'm and ectional attemfita to weaken ita Umda.
Hrtati, That tn all nominationa lor political
tation hereitfter to lx mane or the Auiericnn
Party. It ia recotn mended that the aturi he done ;
inot.n public meetine and that all th"e who ,
Kra with ua hi principle, and who coucur in our
anna ami nnjeute. auait niirtraufr ia rvtugn izt:u
a milrid th Amai iean Party.
K'lilcnl. That It l a recuiniatnled to th
A niarican Partr in llihtJSlat to bold a Convention
of delesate. to b appointed in ptililiu nrimnrv
Oieetinpain Die reapectire eouuti,ltiUrenlor
on I bm ailay the li'th day ol April neil, for .
the po root of noniinalinK a candnlat In be run 1
hr thewAmeocAn Partr for Uovrmor at tbe next 1
ejection that en'h countr nrip'iiii aa nrnnr '
Delegatea a it chfowa, and that the mode of
rotins in laid convention lie reirulaled hr the
convention lttlf, 1
Huotvtd, Tht weeonaidee th S2d dnr of
Felnmarr Item Ih time heretofore aelectfd l,r
the National Council of the American or ler.for
the nomination of ctindidntra for Prattdent and
Vioe-Preeident, a too early a day for that pur-
M and w do nereny reoouiinenn to our
urethren of the Americnti partr tliMtishout the
Union, th proprioly of piatt poning the holding of
aid cnnrentiui. tn (out time in th month of
JUtolnd. llowerer, lt nch poetnonement
may not take place, it It deemed advisable to
appoint tan delegate tn represent Hie Stale at 1
large in auch anminaiitig Conreniion. and it ia I
reoommendcl to tlie Ameticnn rjrtr in each
.e, . it,...,, i i I . . i
vtn.Krtra a , m-irio. . ....... i prmiar; wtewtnitra
in the reaptiftirecoiintievt, and appoint delegatna I
to Dialrict Contention, for the selection of a
delegate from tvh-reajiectir I'lttriitto eaid !
nominating Convention. !
AVtrrt,, That an Ee.niiv Central Commit-1
...of five. U appointed by tbf.l.a.r. whn-e du- j
nominating Conveiith.n. .
ty It rnail oe to aurnu to vn (fenenii cimcerne o .
Ih. Aa
mwiinn rmriy Uith'm Hm, Utcnrrrn tlie
titentf-jtn mtiT If) liwmej nwenrt fur ttir
more thiDrnuili i'.rtfnt(itHUMi the NiiJ iAriv '
-...I ak ...r...;. -,- ... i . .V ' . i i
Bailie llPta Mal-J WArtWiHT UIHI " irJ l 1 llirr ICt-tg
nrl tfiiiMitfvt hi H'lfV'itTt v (miit I'vav-ni I
Ooimtiitt"? fur n h Orf-ntt in ttt Slut; n J '
that trnid CnuntT Kx font re Commit iff d fun Iter
Apfointai fult-o.iini htcft fr ench elcftiiHi pr
cinrt In theeountir with mi1 t'nmor thormiuli :
And eiMiipltAiirgniiixtton of tbe Ainorirmi nr-;
T 0 .NoribCmrt-l ns. j
Platform of th AawrtrBft parly, aitnf)tidl th j
cninii ft tba Wa:ktnl ImucII. Kobruary
lrt. Aa buff.r,ta(;Vflntr(ljrn-iittfitr.t fli'twa,? bt '
j tin. ftf ,intartlf f rare w'ttirhfafrd tn tmr fnilir-rii
I ta their itmttei km,tfr eaiatfyli1, and fanltcrhi :
anantluM! i aa, ta4r 6t4, im tiit prnmi'tm '
ot lb hUMitctv tba dc bee, aad tha uiauB of
that Ptaue. 9 j
3d. Tit ixTptaatl' M tha Flf nil t'nli n, aa tha '
fNilUJiuaVt f atir rt. a d rH(m IrHrr ht, and tb? I
wn-Y tura halwark of Antrriraa lndrpfnlatir4. j
Ui. ,4iiW.m aict' rwi A twrcm, an) t tbia aad. t
mhi K.fh fttitaa -aHiN taa t.pcid tt ait f iaia, !
1 a ltd iaiinkb4 fB(Ha ar catatnbaa4 eupl-j- '
avrBt, in ifattraaa la alt itaiw aavnala. t
4ih. IVrtuae t.ra of Awnan nei ret' din
p.erunl al.rtjd, 4-vlt ba aattlltd ta all lie ligbu af
tiatiM I ota rttiiri lai, j
Ith. N rHTa-j hild ba fitrd fttf aatitical ta- J, wbirr f aUv of t rfiga birth .J oh rrvg '
uUaaanr llrfiaaa nr obtitjatlwnnf tuy iln ipa ta '
aay furttjra atinra. ptraiif mr r" r, or b r-fwM
Is rMrmtalhaKtiral aad Clan . antiiarti a ( h
wiibta it tliMa) aa araaiont ta all tbrf Ua. aa .
tuU f tliit al arth. j
6b. 1 be Naqaaltfl' rffaltlaa at malntraaaae M
tt rarrri"il riiatt vt ilicca tral ftir. ai d tba j I
tlTitin tff btmry id titttaraal f4 Hi, Wtwam
tbe fit!ia aib pvirral Haifa, atid ttbl- ad- tna I
lia-rtFietrf .y t irt.rrrM nb o,at.e an ertl?ilnr
nMf an tht ftttivt'iojal ti:r, and a.hiitrrraUoa i
by caeh lata with lb air -f ary othfr Mttte,
Tib. 11c rcrogtiHIi a A tha r.i tt b ii.rii 1
and nataraMtrd rlilvera l tht I a ted fftatra, f-ayrma i
aectlf reMirf la any T nh or bmt t, liirrama ibrlr
aHittftr and laaa, aad rrffnlet thvtr dna-jeviic
and atartnl pffatt ta ibatr a im4?, t)t i4M,l tb )
IraviMap of the Kidrral Tm tiitatt' a, atik tba put- I
rue of admUitrita tl a Vataa ahetrttrr ltiri haifj
tba rHMlu f aliitti tae t e ttrc-.tetif,t (alt.
frtfc $rartit4 tr,a, ibal bat lbw b art
itite(af tba I aunt rtatea. laa eaiittaii4
aad ibnl.ahd akwbav a tiaad r-d- ianv
mrh r- ia tl KfM(M ) 1 f X9V A K K fl ft EH IN fBM M(RMM ift
tba ai4iiaU4nB, ia iba aahmtaaeBt af fcaai twr aaiiU.l aaia. If yr Air ta ebaf fed, nr ef eid Mh ar-y
lrrttry m ; la. -. .
t.b. Am aafuiTHMaftl f ib ilre rli ltatr
T-rr.fmy (agbt ta fftbert ihaa c(it?- 4 tht
I tiHc-4 Mu ta tla ikul tr fnBfti-t0 af aaMtag
tiu ai i Art.
kit.. 1 rLaa le tk Ware a Miawallutita. Bak lae
a eoM.ird rc Vae af ifii)-4f vearr 4 all (
ketwIaWfort ptoVldcd fur, Motopraeaote reuauitt
f eil.set.ak. a broll?, ad tkeeadiag a.l paMipeva, I
ad pcrvnea cn. h led otceitoe. fr,H laadta rnin ear
shaeeti bat a iBIeeaeeeaee wilb Ike staled 114 kte of
Iota, OpneKittaa H aa aalae batweea Ckarrk aai
stlaret a taterlervSMe svlk seligleaa seltb, ee worth I p,
aad ao t'tt aatbt fw oaki-e.
Ink. I ee aad ihoroe k utttniglllua laie aaf sal
U ailegvd aboatt of ptanlkr fftMteli'atita. aad a ttnel :
tett.-my In pol-ne eteew4iattres,
V. Tht taaloteaaeee o4 eafeamaitt aaf ail laws j
eetetitai.t.eityees-tr4, netii a.d law -boll be repeal- j
e4 oe tball tt declared Ball aad void by awaapewnt '
)o.uvtat aatbsv.iy - j
It h. ko reet leet tad aaa'.M plb-y :
of tbt petkl 4mtautrotMa lath general manage.
m.ataHtr aiert.i a4..r aad tart tp et.ltt a
abowa ia rvmevtag Aaaerttat" bvaVaiga.ttoa) aad
easMwrvalieae ta priitt.ple. P-a adbee, aad paaelag
f'gttvt awd eliiet! la ibetr pltea aa tnowe la a
truck itag NBteeviewcy lo iba rtf.-efft, ted aa iaaleal
aad eovardlt bravado lawat.ta tbt Beaker p,aeri a
above I tet taaiag ae. I ..etl tgitatioa, by fb repeal
ot Ibt ali'et I otMptfeBH't t aa .b'.va la gteallt c U nvigaer tl t rf.-M of agr.t la bta.
tat Aad Bebraakat at abowa to Vae.ll.lleg ataarao.a
tl, geee aad atkwao a1" I wtktvt ta Ibe
eorraroeat a k k earvs tcme af the dp.tvaacatta4
lt,t gfeeaad Be tkawa It. ditgraeia atetlaa..l
aatai egl'trt lkroak p,itd.r eoptuei tad tt
i a).
a la tkt kiuaotriBA momaaagemeai ef eat foi eica
lib. TaetetVeo, t etatadv tsltrla llt( at.4 nee
vewt the d.ttraf eieooaaaea atberalee rtitog
I hoe, ft m. we woewd keila mp Ike "aateviiea fril
t lb prtoeU,! ktlWbMte SfSlod
a A.k" "k '."-.V,.":'" k""s"r
t tmred Ik. tr rcin.1 ree rtitoirt, an tt tw aWlir
,u- .11.,,,.. ..1 .1,-. .il
Bdo4 - -i,. l:e.Ut f- frll.w.bip aid d..J
at. lalelk srry. j
ti-tk IM awdaptra d'"-.i.e sfall f Bileal
.r.u . ul o.Lro..d to Mae Bl.lfMta. '
A r Kfsi
r HO ERIE tad Oxekeer. tampl arawb
W. M. 4 U.S. tit Kb.
April 1,1
.' .
, f-tr.AP aekotttTarr-ewt.a.e.M.H.etHee.eri
On aaoakLkl a Mi At a.
Fsttbeg, M T
1 TJPTTQ Jill fllTHS 1,. 1
r.. A ... , VI Uk.'j . O.V., tV.
At low frioea for Caah f
Ni. 411 kd HO PtiL-rtir, ia ( aitiiii,
T A now In Slre aad i conntautlT rc?truir a
J J wall v,rtt I tolt of t arpt-H, til Ciulha,
tewklci) It Invite paMieattentioa, baliering
tl..t ...;.,; ., w.i. ..j '
.ill . "I.,'." " Vt T " , . ' t
will prvr Bnttafaetory ta klercbanta aaj to Pur ,
ckaaara r'aerally, waa buy for caah. Hi Mock
'ua,i vt
Eick VeWet Ti.pettry4BniMelCaniett
1 Pui'jHi.
-" Kf lnyratH CmjuUi n,
fomnriaing nrany New Patteriui, made i reaxly
to, ...lei... trad. Ala,, j
Twillrd and Plata ritliao Hall aad Suit Car- ,
pfa. . i
tHI-Chith, la width from 2 te 24 fet In rariou
qnimie. i
Kifh Meauie lofted and ('pD:m(n Hearth Hurt!
anl IJoor Ml of dltl. reul aorta.
. Tabl and 1'innti Cover of choice Pattern.
4 4. &-4 and 4 P aid and plain Mailing.
Window tlhade of lirairakl Ptrte.
Btair Corerinf, Hiair Koda, and all other artlclaa
vauallvkepl in I'aipet tlorrt.
;' is also Aoiwrroii mx-lixg
,m I'arbart 4 'a 1 tn 1 1 iee Ij and lu
r.roiu Carpvta, a well aa liaiher'a Auburn IV.
mails ilral ply, ingrain and Vcnethia Carpett
and lliiii.
Barring' Patent Champion and Burglar
Proof Safe.
flHK erear iotert maaifried by the pblit
a urwuwra mnrm prirc ,wnnij iioob r'rv lor vai
Mb,4 1e Bl Jlo !).,, a04
drr' t a inrgp prtiMii of time an4 ailantion duna th
I-nacteeM 1 ear III maklnc I aipror amenta
ana IHM-nrie lor tyi tihjrct, and they a keg j
taa tvaiir ibetr t.iiaioroiii tfiriida. and lb public
ataarally, thai thoir tftorta ka beaa rroanrd with
ci wiplrtf iu-iitii ar.t tbrr now offri tba lkll'KOVblt
HIIK I'ltOuf'aa tbe
(htnninu Salt ni' th MVW k
xcdlUt al u,iifihe IIWVi ur, hauls.
. litil, uihI in Acip 1'ori, 1H53,
At tnparior to all otkert. Il it bow, andoubtedly, ta
tiled M. ibat appolUiion, aod-teenred wilb HALh'tl
fa i t .nt I'ow ui.u. moor i.oi ks. tbch aii..a
avurilcd Mt:aALa at alHivtAirMi lb atott perfect Firt
ana Hurgtiir rmot Hatii trrr befirt onertd to tbrpub
MUW IJUWVI-MUCr. "I," 1UDI1 U I ,T,m Ml) HlIinFftl uoiltT
ad Chilled Iroa llanki Cbntt and V .ult llooti. and
tloney lloaet or Cht, lor IJrokere, Jewaleri, and
FriTilt Faaillice, for I'Ulr. Iliaamndt, and other Val
anblra. Ad are al.o Pur.iiti-r, by pun-hnvf, and
Manafarturr. ofJONEs' PAT C.N T I'CUkll'IATlUK
MtAS C. 1IERH1N0 A Co. Paientr.t,
Oa ItLora, Vt. 134, 1ST 1M Wafer Strett
Aijtnl for Forth Carclina, J. It. BlOMOm
Fibiaary MS. 1 -Smo.
TA l.n' P.KW BOOK.
a rim i 'i
dia, CHtti, loo. moo aan jiriK, i
TflEIEflR mi 1
"7ith fWjfitnt Steel cnertvipgi. l?nio,clotIi. Pri
II. Mi
'Jbi inlnnte Ir ft Wford of iht uthir' owa espri
tn du-iiiif ft yrnr'a travel in the abuvcniimeftiouTiiriM
Bit'i ! iminiini iu niwrei nuarturnk ' Mira oi (OBIFpre.
,, .,,y,it,tl and flul a.pect. The reialtt of the
writer', ,., rvallone are givi a in the mime d.ligbtlully
Bttural tvl a bich bit peetiou voirkii.
"We welcome wilb plet.ure ihi ..r promiacd ..rk
imma not v.uawre roniproing ma travel in
"'' . oiuonF
'u"1 f!"r"- " "
'k" v, I'eVi.r .
vi,e 0i me tuo.l la-
e know of ao book
p the reader a attention eouueh
SiirtWfiv tti.iuilh
"Mr. Tuvtnr h carnM rTutfft1nii ni .FUTleF.
f,,w Pr IWitur. Wt vrntur iBFPrtinTi',tht
A" - -- ftrai!y vonfea tobrhit
irMttMt ud brat work."
fc', t ta I
-- '
W. L.
Oct. 27-h
By mn4 faewwest en fat Bi rtems, 9
Dry Cwis, Ofwrsi, Finr:i Lrflt'i hth
Ht'ttrAL ttrsracurvia.
t itrrwtv aaa tra it aa a aa ia
oitt or iiw roax.
arra W A nr. Kan. g. taetpw. II. L.
Iw.hi, J. M. tuWthead, C. T. MeummbaU. t. . oVhe a,
a W. Waouua, and ' m ta. iau
' PETER W." HI It TO Jl.
koo. '.5 and Lt) it.tiirar' BAr
SfFCIAI. aiiewli.m paid t aelliBg Toatcoa, Phot a,
tlaaia, Corroa, Jiavai! Moai a, Ac, A Alt U
BeeelvtBA Bad Fofasidui tioo-t.
WiXM 10
I'hea. L. Ilintoa, kM- w County. X. C.
' J. U. D. Houibee. t . IttLifb, N. C.
limrgeW. Ilajwoo.1. K., rtaleivb. X. C.
Wm. t'laatmee. Lta. WMreata, b. L.
" Dress Goods
1)LAIX Fixated I'.tld.ino A' A. Ik a,
" Uia. k W l, red do. very rbrap.
aiiu ' lt. Mrtfd, F'tal and baia Beragt,
I kail. Ileragt Pa Laot, I rrfccb tad
laeatt, a bog a.otai.-e' at very row arteee.
Illnrbawi, Br)iliaaiel I'lain
Douetlaad ki.urvd bauu !allr.
Mink Stb. IMS.
!'m. if ym ir aray
1 fal'iar wt, m rfu- t rure If amciMbaTt a cltaa
j o ard t4a,l Vmi4 and tin fUna- abd y
wtN aaf ha prratrt rarttiy t-iir,a, iwaatiacf,
I t'rrarait-afl tut tbe Ha r, Teeib atad KWn, IVf.
Aittr. biahca aiut t (ihtj, nm t err tetbta. tena).
! hea-lre. If y mtm'4 l"di better, Mra thvtrf.l,atd j
i bt free from any td Iba UU of lilt, roll tad tee
rebnary I, ltd. !
I A Lrja Stock of Wcrtted Oooda. .
j Vebrarla Ptaldsi Plaid t athmere)
I Real French Mrriao,ellabee
t a LoplBS Itelarat. "
f let peae4 Lollies, frrt Itet It.
IM- red t b.Mteaed Itl.ek.
Browe ead ilrkrLvlirage, for trouetleg prese,
P ad K aadhus kllka.
CogniOt Wine and Bum,
a ita aiaat-rioat m iali ar
L AkM I at 11 t. 1.1.
4 -
fit I It n-.t M,.l..k s,W4 IUi. dotk and Platk
f t'-f, Riark aodt.lred brafl, Commoa latHata
Otkst id Bum, of tk It I l-a ml
Octt-W A. 1J. Itr-
FIMIK HlDl'Elk PAlll.-Jast receivtd aaatkef
1 UI'P'' at thit iBtereetlag work
. L.rouiRor.
dkrlober li. loi. 12a
finIK ljl!ak.-W. b... J.- r...4
M . , T . , . ,m .
A bl..dt-g...iBd,.wtii-mib.lmp
, ."'
Ftkewary It4-
fl'llb k KkT Aklafes
j I awl h-o k and ha aval b
Ubi. hh WUb.f.Mh-
Ic tt aaaie. Aodrrra Itraa
I rrlr.. h. (,,
March IJ, lata.
TfiHNKTli.'v t llrvllHTUT Of COUklOW
l I It Jaat rtltd a leige ewptlv f tkt
mlr ealwable work.
L. Kktiror.
' IVeere If A.
. Books! Booke! Book!
W'ISXIli A!fl1-t!l, S-w PurctM., w mr,
f I resra ia ! fcr N eai, hj Ruben Carltoa, E.
WWui tiMia, y liHJuiBray. '
MX s4 Huvaika. f LaaaUaw. -U
Jira4 im Akaatt-
eir, I, ilaiuutoa a eJcar. a
jtnnuirt vf Calkciint. ol karua. a4 ar ttttum. .
Tena, ky laeorrt eaaa.
tilfxwood: or the Ih3k liny.
"r""'"" r t.u-m,oo
rrt. a alary tk. anrikr d tkt aoroad A-Imm, ki Batd
... . '
MeDioira of II. ary lit EiaLik, l Eaelaad. Had kit
jail aire, by Hcrttt.
j1" '"ia'
laf er v, lth lltutlrati'.ai
. ., .
taeteau ar latneai
Tk Matt ktiirhUr Lit. ?etaea at they art, with illue-
i"'"--. j
''. wu. riacoji, hum i,g .no eeuvun.
t IlliuaraOid.
,.,. by lr. I. ttoraa.
Memoir 1. mdi son. Utr VimiJemal ika l;l..n
Tbrulonwat uiiiuir.
n aaater aiatory wl ttrta varonua, llluatratnl.
Th Arck bi,li"p, ltoiuaulemia ilia Unitol Etatea.
B tlrvllla 8 BrIMr, lllutrutl.
! Tha Aatertt-itn rntiiva t'.u,ikerr Uook.'oe
big made Kaay
. l'ba Pnure f Peaee, or Trutba for Toaeg Ditefydce.
' by a laor.
The Laud uf tba Furmi and the Vatieanf r tbouerbu
and hkerbetf, daring oo K-tater Pitpritnagt to Koiaa.
F.HtteV itct b- I Virj; niu. 21 Merlce
Wtutl it' l'ro.ibft.'ri;-nili', t-y tl- he. Dr. limine.
Tbe oooal atnl intelVtiu.1 Oiver5tty of Baeee. by
Natl liat;.
Tin lui'e Kmcti;lu. ir tbe fluid taught by tha
Prayer Uook.
feiDiuna by the Kev. Robin South, P. It.
Iba ia lay uf Creation: a reriet of Familiar Let
ter, fruur a ftiber to bit cbililrea.
Itnirjr and eorreppoiidenca of Samuel Pepyt.
Jiltio titord.bya Lndy.
lairy and orreepondene i.f Joke Evelyn, F. K. B.
Itt.'l iriral aad lei-rt l' r-ketvbet of iNorfulk and
Vicinity, lllurlrated by W, 8. Forrett.
The poetry aad myrtery of lrchBti, by Charlet G.
Oermaker'i Trarelt.
Vojairet Ronid the World, from thedeath'ofCaptain
ood to tha pratent tin. ,
Foraaleby . D. I). Tl'RNFR,
N. C. Hook ilore.
ftaleifc-b, Per,, 18M. il
Who is Sam?
The Soia of the Sirtt, or 1776 and 1855, a hitlary
vj the Hit anil lyMjrttt of the Antrricaii J'ar
;, find ill prolmult lnfiiUHce on tht nat
VfttiiUntial Elcetitm. 3o which it
uddtd a Htvuvof tht Jdttr o,
fA Hon. Hcuiy A. Witt,
ayuiiut the
JUrTbt first DfcUratiou of Inttvendeftce,ptclaim
td by our siron ia 171. tbu ttfcoul hy theirboun, in IHj5
Freedom from Foreign Kule!!!
Thin worn is iiuiii li e )-co til une tl.ruufhly a
quaintrd with the urulfri urrent ol Americuii t'uluicjf
im. W eaoima whtrt) tiit'v led tn the cxiitins iirnii-
tion lahili itlarm. Mr traoax out clearly the operation
of a f'ireiitn elfimrni in our pove'iiwental laatituuoai,
and bu that the Sona ot tbe boil should govern th
Soil! .
Thii U the author' atrong poltiotif itbich be mailt'
tain be rm-falblc arrttuienU.
TSii I)oIl i one that huld be In tha hand, of retry
batiTc I'urn ctfucn a well an fureiituer.
Th& PoIiticiHiif will ha Fa U of aoarvt, for they haee
a pertfrttal interitt la tha qaesiitfti "abo will be our
nest Pre idem?" It will prodore a rattling atuung tht
dry htnt of old political partiraar.
t ONTJMh. Chapter I. The Ameritan )'r.rly. 2
Ctu.ea uf im origin, it. PrtncipU-n Hfated, lllmlrated
tud tnfomuL 4. Iba Object wbieb thUOrcanixati"B
aim!" to A if on. lirh. 6. The ni-eeiiy o tut-b an Or-
gamiatiMD t&anuuid. A. Tbe extgfnuiv of tbr Time
Ttptnand aa American 1'arty. 7. Tbe frst p. i tit in ol
tha I'urto-. 9. The Rapid Frujrrtptamnlfj Eitentft
ita Intluenrc aa Arjrnrrifht f-r the Ki atTMice of tht
Anivriean I'arty. t. Tha Fran tf trpFetioa adopted by
tbe Aaierl-aa Party. a 10. 1 he Probable li.flitrtiee fit
tha Amwriria Party on tba next Pretidrntial tlretion.
III. Kevivw id Hon. IL A. Wie' LetterlJriee?ot.
Jiut Tublirlit-d aud tur ale by.
if. D. Tt RNKR,
If. C. HoukFfvtre.
H!eigh Mnrh, 1R55. M
flREPAUtDard pobli-hed evprettlv for
1 Fa land Ih.lid ty laic of IP&l-ft. Roval
lavo .Series Splendidly lllu.lrated. The Ip
ICR of the N.w Tcataiuent practically nnfol
aad'a Fenrtil Pocta ot America 'Uiniougbiv
Hart'a Female Trote Writers uf America. Thor
oughly Homed. .
Small ivaria fin irt SfUemlidly lUii'traeil.
tiijtrieiavrerrnt.e.' Brilieh I'uetry. I'ortrail
Th Whit Veil, a Bridal (lift.
Macauly'abaytof Ancient ttome.
Tu 1 er 1 l'roverbial I'kiloicphy.
Crotra fk-fure SerietSjlewliufi Ilh.strsted.
tlei,heinier 1 Jeiuealem n.l'ita tatred Lacali
Steven'i th.w in the Cloud ; A IWk of Cnnsols
Keats'e Con-p'etc pi.etica W 1 rk
Kirk While'! Complete Wotkt,.
hog r'i Cnni let. I'.rfticst Wi.rka.
Cauipbell't t'ontp-ete I'evtical Work.
Moore Irish alt looiea.
FditkMay'l FoeticnJ Work.
Tbe I'n.verl.ialist endtbel'oel.
Cal.tBct of Modern Art. Fleet Seriet
Cabinet eWklottcra AH. hect-nd Scrie.
Lyric uf th Heart, Ltc.i Fir-
ly Al
W orraa Sang af th Affectioat, je
Bylrs lleinant.
N.C. Bockstar.
140 If
Ralt gb, ..,2ili. lb-' -I.
"1 lipiUI Book (ur li.: lifmr-litflf "
nAMMkn UtAiitik. or PblluMpby at
Home, by W.l. S; I. A. M. Ilium. trd
ai-'i sts rleg.ntee.ravins, M.-m iie-igna by TbBaitts,
On vnionte, IC100, cloth eklia. '
Ibis book is taer.gncd lo iuatruct at well as lo do
likbl tits young rewler. It ska la tretk Ibe most
braanlul and lu-porlant truth sod principles of nala
ral w L use ia ibe feat inttiag k we ol story. Th ibI.
dt-att abtrb orcur ia ibe eaperlcrrre of a happy family
gvooa, daring tbt t'biiataaa boiidsyt ol lb yoong
per-ple, art ail a,ade lo mieiaior a. tbeir knowbtlge ol
pbilotepby, Tbeae.idtBial falter adirb from ih fla
gV Ot rerttes ervvasrl frrrm lb te tt of a dlacwaatoa
ob gravllef.ea. Thefr. work apeti ibt wiadow-paaesr
a coat bul-ble essliag apoa Ih rerpot, erhenl-koy's
tArt with a "asachrr'" ' tkoee aad a kaadeod trtoer p.
Lparoi tnar .jro org. npoa wkicb art buag tk mor
vs'aai.le lestrra of prsrllcel wirdt m. Almost all kite
BewBrhsaot pbrtiral ecleare er illdsltatrd ia ibe dr-rrte-pjr.enl
et tSe ateey: aed tbe laitlltgenl child saay
gather ateeedtetiB r aad eeeorale idaaabASt Ibrm. at
mwl BBerssaeloBalv. wbll fotiewieglhe eprrrtt aad ssa.
ttrot of Hatty aad km etraipaaloas. thai a camld poa.
eibiy ertrtas fr,4i ttai-btroa aa aatsas la asjassrkse't
kartl ttady. Far sal by
U. P. TI RlvER.
B. Ct Doadiatora.
Ralrlgk Jeeeery ltl. t
I "1 HEARS of lortuae, by J B Jas; !
1 Easy Nat, er tk Tbra Apprentice! '
iliac Lewi af Conner tirut, ad af IAoO;
Tea Nigkla ia a Bar Room, by T Artkan
Mataary and Aan- la., nry, by Craigk)
CryeU.ine, t th Ulre uf Fall Do a Cull,
by bbellon;
Theory ef Cbrlalaally, by Ureytee;
Sellers frtiM lb Tkre Coatlatata. by M F Wards
Daatel. A Vlt-del fag Teaag Mta, by Ut Btv W
A SeoU. b. t 1 .
aVeaery f lb White Maetala, wltk 11 alatee,
by ti.kt.i
sVkoel Arrbiteeiare. ar Coairtl ellcm t lb
Impravraaetii af Srboel Heaee la tk I'. S., wltk
aameewa lllaaltall
til l Redttoa, c lllaleeical Sktlckea ef Wa. tera
Fretttiiertaaia, At, be Joeepk Smith, 6, IX
t b eaut l.lll Uaartta.
For a.le be H. D TI BMH,
Ralttgk, Set. 2. 'At, . C. Brrok Sloe.
Letup gnd Fcrslieap PgpAra.
OfW, I kAbllgu-d Wk naLtu., P.pot. Frteell
A I a Reaaa. worth 1 1 a.
. aw Reseat e"d Bla Letter Paatt, Prlrt J, neeik
tsaett getnt Wkilt FMiaeap TaBe. Pri ft
a Sr. as, actb a .
For Sate bf
If. TfRXtll.
' C. Im.
RaU'gk, 5ty Hit.
T 1 A K tad Cbrr-d geilaeka, Cbslk aad Casta
Jl B J.aas a4 I , Uhi
asote ler , m kewttaa4 t l.4.
Slork aod b.rrae tta.l , Bod tk. I'ttala. Ulaat.
1 asaa, tiaaae) eget ssa a aseekete.
! .. .
t. IVABsl.
WARREN L. rOMERY. ... , !
So. 16,ryetUTiUe Street, Saleig'a, 5. C ,
an jt.tT uctirao .
Wd-Xla, r Carolina l'Brla,
a cii,(ctieB or
CvmptUdbg Taulla. 2Kok.12aM.fK75. ,
riH E Valuatea or p'ffUry bow pioaiatailaai tk paklie
X kad tkrtr orixia ia a eollecuon for the eiauptlrr'a
aw . Aa It inrreaaed, a few fritda asprtfad a
wtafc Utal it aboald k rOM4 a arldet aa pSatkk
ad(.Ui,bid (bat arery itottk C'aioliDiaa atigkt kM
aBjuwtaaity f pcxaetrin in a aernamml aad roa-
raaicst larta. atpy at ausy pttcet IBal taey praa-
- "rr "r.;r.t r"r iT.
lko.rt ,,.1i, trvw,B. .,. h rurh,d iu i Kfent
ftixetthoagb il baf beea impoatible to roevtt-Biafi pieeet
1 wuiaa u trat ihoecat eoM te praran. yei nie Bopeo
. Ibat tbia tret atleatnl of the kiuu ia -North Carolina
aill meet with Ike rator id ibe. ritlzert for wboee Bat
, tha work it principally Intended. Tkoutb we may not
j bare produced aay very Kraal porta, tliil three "foot-
- "Ike poet that tre none
Ity Nature; ate endowed with bifbett gitta,
Tht Vitiou and tbe faeulty divine."
a a a (
It it from our knowledge of tba writer that Buoy
piece ia thit collection will deriro their isterett, and
Ihoogh viewed by the avverr eye of tiitieien., they would
hate boa rejected, tlili it wat thai public es
pei tation wtmtd batehoea diapintcd bad they been
cm i i ted.- Pnr.racr..
For sale aholetal and retail by tht publUbrr.
lirst Editio, 10,000 CopUi, -Vow Ittwlt.
A ti'ortl. BvMnrion Hnrhmd, of Hichmonii, Va
one eltgaut VZmo. tvji.M34 Zioe Vite.Jl S3.
EextraardiiuiivaaeeettofMita HarLaud't "Alotit
ninaim tbrotiirk aditionafter edition, with great
rapidity re puhlithcd in Foglaod witat a ttil) larger
tale tranali. ted into the French and tit-rnnut language
aitb marked tiereBr-i perbtpa Ibe beet evidence of
tbe originality and popularity of ber writinge.' In tbe
languageof an eminent eritie "ha uiay henceforth
take rank among the molt tarretifal aovelittt ef tbt
United flat.. "
"Thote wh bavt read 'Alon'aad thete wfo have
aot, tbnuld will be interetted and gratified to kaew,
that a new book br Vir ioia't gifted aathoreet, ttttl.
tied 'The Hidden Pktk,' ll bow ready. Beautifully al
'Marion Uartand' baa woren the thread of life in
other romance and eong the ft a poetett of rare fe
licity at are tafa la predicting that ker aew work
will aurpart all ber previoat effort in ftae delineation,
krillitney tad power, and that Mr. Derby wiU he railed
apon to record it oa kia booka tt oat ot the moat popa.
larand luecetafnl of atodern literary iaeuea. flinee
reading 'Alone.' we ahall impatiently aaait the appear
tneeof 'The Hidden Path.'" Af. Y. Mirror.
J.C PKKltV.Pobliher,ll!aaaanalreet.NewYork,
Aad friraate-try annooiiaeller and new Agenla.
Kalelgh, 1SJS. 108
New Booka.
GRACE LFK, by Julia aavanah, author ef tlba
lie, Daily Burnt, Ac.
' Cattle Builders, by author of ileir of Redcliffe, Heartt
Face, Ao.
Travel In Europe and Ibe Rait: a ytar in England,
Peotlnad, Ireland, Walet, France, Belgium, Holland,
flermanv, Aaatria, Italy, tlreeee, Turkey, Syria, Fait.
tine aad Krypl by Samuel Irenwus Prime, illestraud,
2 volume M me.
Tbt Practical American Cook Book.
Mi Ptrirklandt' (Jaeeni of Heotland Vol. V.
Wood' Illuitratcd Natural Hiatory.
Robert Oraham. a rteunal lo "Ijenda," by Mrt. Caro
tin bee Hentt.
laraol Potter, or Fifty Yeart ia Etile, by llermant
Modera Htandar Drama, yoluraet XII aad XIII.
Gadey for Way. For tale by.
Raleigh, April, I LSS. ll
Eccent Publications.
VKINMS with tbe Fropln lei A Heriea of Me-
J, jmoterend .we.lttstions b.v Rrr. A. W,rton llrown.
'ibehil Day d Crt-fttion t A ck-ric itf familiar let
ter trout a lutber to Li. Cbil.iiea, by W. U. Rbied.
A vii-tt of tbt Scriptare Hevclalurna etiaeerning a
Fui.iic Plaloi by Arfbbib Whatrly.
Tn t'nivere no)?ert, the Rsrth n Monopoly.
The Plurality of World K illed Lv Dr. Hitchcock.
Mourt and Hnnabine. by fharltt Beade, author of
' IVr W.-fi'-tn-ii.''
Christie Johnrtone, by Charles Rrade, aatbof of
' Pc YVofEi.k-ton."
Hie l:iilcrMlcr. by Marisn Jaute. Ethel: bribe
In,u1 1 l:rr.r, by Marisn Jtsrea. Romance of Ameri
can 10i-c by Jn.rph Banrtrd. Mat'd, and otbev
Porm., t.y 1 entiVM.n Playr, by Aana Cora Jdorratb
Qlancut, by tbartea K1agty.- .
For Salt by
Rtlelgh, O.-t. , 185$. Ii!2 if
Krtrnl Publiffiiiom.
rpilENEWCOMFS.b Thackeray. Tht
I (ioli Reality veraua Fiction, by Ilia
; A visit lo the eantp be re rlevan. I a, l-y
; ard l faaw'arwiir.k. jv
1 Scene In tbe practice of a Sea York Surgeon, by
Edward H Diton, V. D.
The Lire nf Curran. by his Sob, a
- . The Footneys of M. I'sul
Lire la t alifornia.
Muuuta ai aad
Frank Marryatl.
llisloryol thrroarcil of Trent, by Dungentr.
Th Arancot.ians; or Note af a I nr among Ih
ladiaa Tril.i sot hut. by kdwond llucl Smith
A Ifnrket t.l lb. pa, by Joi n
America, Political and Social, by ckhaff.
Faier Tales ef meat natina.
W Irts Utter of the' I'.n tih Spy.
Char.. Her' l'laa ef Sevailopal.
Foraalebr W. L TO at ROT.
October 11, MM 120 -
I V racy l.ltt and CorrtapiNideuee af the CoeaUet of
bs -aias-t,.
Tbt AMrafd Knai'Or. Ditcleraee f Ceavent Life
aad tbe eoafeaaiira af a Sttlte et f liarity.
H.bilt aud sat a w Itk mi asb ol record touekiag the
mskeisof boib, brD.elut brrrat.
Dot Slicks 1 W kat kt sate, by t. K. Pl.l'.andcr Pa,
etit k't. H. B. v
Bell Rmiik brrtA.
Hogei't Tbeeaunta af Epgllsb aorde aad pkrates.
A BrW addiiHra.
Ln.rary sad lllstoriral Miaetllaai, by Oeerge .
t'brotUlry rrf Comstoa Lift, by iaaaa F. alokattea,
eraoprete In t vol., me,
Tbt Kagllrk Pat and t eseat. ky R.O. ret:ek.
Lea f ara.' Memolra of B. ohroa.
A Child' H.r'yryof ko(l.od, by fkirlet IHrk'Ba
Peg Wortngtata 1 Chart Heads.
The Hammer bsad 1 a err. (here ltrry.
Cilia 1 Or. tbt Horn. a I osaody. ky Joka EtAtoa
Cooke, aalkac of -I bt VUgtalt Caaediee," A.
Tkt Faglirk Orpaaat 1 Ot, A Moaa la ta Ktw
Wield, ky Mrs. Mary J. Uetsate, Bailee of "Tib peel
ad Saerbta."
Tbt ll'irtea af ll.agbloa 1 a tear! l-AWey
Prtrk Letlrt't Joaraal la bet
Foe mis by
September f. IM.
I Alfred Ttaayaaa Maud aad atker Feet
U eta
II. t hsrlti Read peg Wtalogiira.a MeveL
l-krUiit J.-kt-Mut. K.etl. Tt ttats.
aad t)d,r4a
I loodaaad aaa.klaa It nsu.
Ilk Witl,.m Hewitt Lead, Ukee
. Id
A R-y't AJveal.rrala tktWddt t Aalrali,Bltk
illoetrat.owt.; k eease.
IV. Tkome lie Quiaeer Tk Kofe IWk. Tlaeei,
V. Ckattet kia.Orr The Vojegee aad Adeeautrt
Aymat Utb. 1 1 7k.
taatUiah. 1 1 7k.
bUawews. ue the WoaAees of tbe theta. AA teaaa.
VI. 1-r.rM. ArwJd. mm ef It. Arwokt ml Bubyb
Oak tela, a krcrel. (I. "
Fat Past ky, r
ftet. rib.
1 f ATIgU awAawtdto
I 1 ret.wly Ibe Cowl f'aaaiiaa.
Ptllabeea'. K. C, Bdl asltad
eu ef I karttvasa.
Mae and
April 1st.
1 wf
'Ikl.kl'K Sworlaatliwe Sllkt, Bla. k aad Cebeetal
1 J I Cwreke. Plata aad W.seeod Silk, Ut Bard
rrurevw isima-, i ait im net a ilka, aha aia aard
Maaiitieeaf ika aalt Impatleti Jot retd,
edfMaJea H. 1 g t AM .
frtlewWr I. a. g ,
A Urf lot of Mouniinff Coods.
Brbatlatw Mdbait Lrtakraaj Caatsaa,
Aipaeta a4 De l-ts.
a.n. It . TtiRIH.
CLAEESDOX iuon works.
. vVltUlXGTOS S.C. ;
A. V. VAMUikktLEX, rreprketer.
THE tvibaeribev having pnrebated tht entire iabrrett
tanYe CLAR.MU.N OIOX WORKS," aoiieit
ertiara tor
blettt Ecginea, of any poww or ttjlt,
Faw Mill ef Tery variety, '
Mining Machiaery and Puoip.
(inrt aad Float jiiilt, complete,
Parker, Turpeutia and other Water Wbtl, '
Kic Srld Pump and F-ngine,
Uavitt'a Cera aad Cob Crasher,
. Rice Tbraaher, .. ; y
fhingla Macbia,
"hatting Hanger and Pallie, : " '
Cottoa Cina od Gearing,
Iron Cattiug ot all kind aad pattern.
Bran " '
- Locomotive and Tucultr Holler, ,
. nut and plain Cy mUtr llviler.
B.aekta.itb aoik al all kind.
Iron t'ovrt fur Jlimaee apd,
Hating been re orcm.itcd lor lheeiteee pbrpoa
f lusuriug punctuall) l tfi elocution ofad orde
the public amy real eatirfitd that any woVk which
may oiler will be pttn ! j celittniiaccor.lti.g o
rotniae, and of luch workniajikhip a can not fail
o give tntiiUetlon'. .
Being in charge ef men of talent aud ekperieaCe,
i onvi no neeimuun in eating that th work ber
after turned out, iliull compare favorably In eterr
rupect with that of the most celebrated in the
State and al price which will make it to th in
terest ol all In wnt tc send me their order. ,
Alwtjs don without delayand baring a large
force for that pnrpoee, it will prove advantngeou
t any peraonneeding tack to give me tbe prefer
ence wnooui regard to ejpent or (ending a-at-
irom a uisianc.
Crrdera will be addresard to "Clarendon Iron
Works," Wilmington fi. 0. - 1
Oct. 23. 128-tf.
AT Ih end of Three Year, such ha beaa th
tar and economy of tbe officers oltbia Coainanv
thai we are (till fret from debt : made no atieamenu
A bavt oaucb a large Capital ia ewek aad noU't,
thai we bate ao hetiutioa in laying to the publit, thai
Ibtre It a tafer Company in the Southern Country.
The moil ol ibt Bitka in thii Company being ia tbe
Western pari of tbe Stale, where tbe danger frost lrt
fa mack leu.
At the latt annual meeting, the following officer!
JAMK8 KL0AN, President
B. . COFFIN, Viet Pratideat.
PETER A DAM 8, Secretary and Treatarer.
W. . .tTMXHtU, Seaeral Ageat.
JJirectunx -
i Kktaoaiifaa.-Janiet Sloan. Dr. J. A. Ifcban.
u. r. mcuoennaii, tt m. n. rtankin, Kcr. C. F. Deemt,
.;.""' " l-radiay, W. J.MeCoaBill
B. W. Ogbura, J. L. Cole, D. P. Weir.
htreioa .M. llee A W illiam Agents.
Wtntsaoaoi ea K. t. LiJIy.
jAaaarowaDr. 8. 0. Coffia.
Waaaiaeroa Juthua Taylot.
WrtaiietToa. William A. Wright.
SALiiacnr. Joba 1. Skater.
Fai im nix. John II. Cook.
Plvbocvb. H. . Kprulll. '
Ll'BKaToa. Robert ft. Troy.
Lkaoa I.Asn.a. Dr. Iloberl II. Scale.
All eemmuniratioaa abould bt directed tbeSccre
ary free of pottage.
PETER ADAMS, Secretary.
Augntl 14th, 1J4. suir
WOt'M rcleetfiillT Inform th fliiwdtn.
I'VV HaWiKh. tba c.uoty and Ibe euutre adjolnina
gjjQ liaat ba ba ai fittk-d Bp in efdeadid tyle, tit
huuav trwriy oci-uftieti ,y iBe lnuranee tympany ia
the wait id f Kayiu-villf Street, ad bttwetn' Mr.
8. 11. You us', utid Murray aod O'Naal'i dry goud store,
wurrabe tiaafpeBe4 aimf aad aeantiful aauttmtDt 01
of all lb nnrdern elvlta, enrirting of Ibt erntmental
and the useful, and to which kt iuvltes tht attention of
Ibe la.l.e..
He ha, aVa.t. for the rnt1ent.'n. a good lot of gold
andailter Watches, wbi.-b will be warranted to per
f.iiiu ttcll, wheu dt-littred to tbe euu.mer. Ah..,
few etcllcnt
Idil IlLK BAIII!f.l.I.l'.I C.I NS,
foagbt ,-n errecisllr l.T the hunters of I'arolira. Al
: a great vgrirly of Walltrg Caue.
In tact, at tlie hew Jewelry More, any and evcry
rbiag, uru.Hr kri.l ta such eOabliabuienU, may bt
rbnnd al prteet that eaanot fail to please tht customer
Ke.airiug executed al abort notice, aad taliafa It UiDiukff'crs ltd D rltr.
1 1 t uitm, St.; ami 7J liethuan St., Acs. !".
i'.-.i-oi( ei loS Front it Ktw Yc:k,
Faetoi , No. oU. 01 itd HUiltnn St., Jervrj ,ty .
flMlt. 1 Ht) KlblOkS of tbia long and w.l
Coffee and Spice Eetablikriirjent,
Conti. n. to 1 trisre ike beet I'llAhMACEl'TlCAL
j IttW Dl.hA in ue foi raith.g Arvaal. katrwif. ft
. fkerculrt, Jr. ll.ei air imart Hataid. loci '
and mart other hrtir.teotiiaM aae taevrfv I. milt. ,
wine u.ey oner npoa Ibe a.oal reawMiabl terata.
CaUlogut rul la dealers a ba request there.
It II. J 11. IXIIAM.
N . B. Consumers edvised to iarjaire for Hort
Miu article.
1WI imilEB IBM tiM ItUlkl
Wortk of Land Warrant Wkatin-,
VmlttthlM L'Sfi S,,4 liO, assa.iaf Jfrarrr.,
' iKo-1!, Jor trhu h tht AiyArtf tiuh prieet teiUU
T I H k Subacriker w III eollret .1 warraali aaaWe aald
1 lawt, daa ta all eetdurra toe 14 data eaeord
sorrbrti it Ike sotdlcv is dead to tkfir wbdowa ee miaor
ebll Ilea. Psraeas seadtag w.rr.ala t tk Subwrihtt
by mail oeby Adam's k a or ear Caiuy setbroogk tkt
Itaaht will bavt them earkrd al tig hi, sad 1 eunu.ees
dema ky return aasiL
Otio epaetiit Uareaee't Hotel, layeilevile 1.
Rairigh, Jarre Utk, Itib. 1
fPHK auptrWily of this pl.lara I eeea limugb
. lb glass, aad Is aot rrveraod iikelke Dsewrrrvw.
lye i aad II to k atta ra aay light, aa H w free from
Ik palish ef tk slltee plait. Il aaaaet get dttety, aad
Is arat teally aWtmd i il it uaeervlniaa I water, at, ot
aatst, aad sill last foe agt aaimpeltrd. t all al
T. J.A k.
Rabrtgk, leaeemkee, lih l'tk. 47
riSDOW OLA AS ABM PlTTYJatt ta baud
I f la $4 raider Im beat W ladaw Olaa. twmaet
tag tba V set. am sis ad aaelittee aestelty eattrd ftsr
la lilt aaerhet. Alee, I MO piaall Putty la blaUtWt
aad aaaa, . tale at a aaaall adtea by
rebruvyr. 1w.
Sand Paper.
A SlTERHiR I af Saaal rpr.
A l'r I be .
Us aal by n. . IlRM t.
Raleigh, S.pC 111
j LstdiM aad Ce&U Hoaiery
I A gwereral At.l m Ma a, Woaaea est) T
Crrtkrw, Tbesaid, Weed aad Hoars, Al tl.-e. af
everyktad. W. M. A R. B. Tl t klR.
LrrttAW, araaa, w e4 aad
KI TH II l t.,'y F
Leavee, L.titr Fra. -
aav Feva, aaikoref Ft
At, tl.Jk.
lee sale by
Q iLT -M) atvka LlteewtAslaaA Orotiod Allow Sell
O la es-e aad Ua arstt bp
PMeeahaag. If. . gROWBLRT A BtrgA.
1)APKR If Be at wtetptag fft, altaVeee
taaa. la a4 it sal b
rrl"0.. Bo. . (tlj " LI T i rjitgf.
(r I BRET BAUiV 4 kaao f (.... tad
Jr BBOWkbkt A Bill.
Peamkatg, Utatmbte A,
XJA-ta IVwifctkR.ikM.ll., r. 7111
1 Pr iMssa by Ih Mae
W esdUvt l Burt, kt a atahaaarwr Irtlag.
. b, a
9 re net by
ek tsth.lsit
kAWUlky la bo. si..., a.((isA
BR0LkI 4 Bilk
rAA,tef a t'lilmka, t.
WVAII-d ta tscwslitiml tmd Atalao Basse
Av la alsae sat aw sals hi
rrtardw.kM. (aJ MIITA Bl't.
TlTBriiUI hiatin1Ktliriia
- or th Varna rsLK4a3
L. SCOTT A CO., AEWIORK en-ir. '
..W rii. Wiowin, Uaoiag Bntb Hrlor
: i ; v 1 1
Th Lmdon i?rttrV, (Cmvacrr,, v
tkt Eiinhurs Review 1-1",)' 1 ' '
.- 4 .. . 7 '
IA HVtfwiniVcr Jtetirv Liberal.)
Blackyyod'iEdiuUrsh Xayaxint (Ifcrj
roltlital, and Milittuy i.ow agitatiiVTl
aalloat td tha Old World, give I Ibett PaL.iT-
lateeaat aadraua itw newer Wfoet --, ,
Ihcj otxopy a a-idult aiooi.d beta,,. A.
wriueanew Mcwt, etude peciirlnrjt, nd ,i
m irt ot tlienewrpapcr, and tbe ectleivai 1,1, ,
birtorltn. wrlucn ioeg alter tbt litii.g int,r"t it !i
facta he retoids tbali bar passed aWav jaJ
gr. of tht War in the jt Meupie, . -r,,
their psges. Every movtmtnt ia closelv !r 7
whetbst af frioBd a ot foe, aad all tl tt.mimH'
lorsly pointed out, Tbe letters f r. m tbt Crbai. "
Irom the Baltic in Blai kwood's Magasinr,
its most popaiar eonlriboiora, give. tre UiuuL V
aud reliable account of tin uievementt ot llit i.. 1
belligerents Iban can elicwbere be lovnd. v
-lbtatreriodtcaltably r. prerest Ibt ikreeetvaro.
liticalpartietolUreutBriteiB Wkig, l,ry JbTI!"'
ical, but politic, fin me only out Icatuie ol'lli,
acler. As Organs of th aooal profoand -wrlttn ' -Scieace,
Literature, at 01. lily, and KellsioB, Ikrv si. ' J
as tliey ever bat e stood, mrit ailed ia lbs aotld ol l'
tore, being considered ItidiepettFtble to lb, ,,, , "
rent rrader nf
...A .-.2.1 .
ry record ol tht current literature of tbe dav ibt.. k
n the world, than can be possibly cbtslaea' from .
twrrsourc. 1 "any
Tbercmiptof Adrtnre Cheat, from n- tj.:..
puMitbert give additional value te there Hit riat, il
pecoilly during Ibe present eicitug .ute al Frsniw.
tffalrt, inaamuch la tbey call pow be planed rail,,
bands of subscriber about at sou as tbe original eib
'er ana.. .
. i it
. tr
...J) ag
- .J ft
For any oat ef th roar ReTiewtM,.,.,
ForaBy two of tin four Btvitwr.,....
For any three of ibe four Review,.,
For ell foar of the Review
ror lllaekweod 1 alagaiioe,,., ..,.,
For Blaekwood and three Review .
ror aoacawoea saw toe tour nevlews ....,! OS
dlamenU to be medt i all ttua m aWnwat.'
- ikWy current in tht State tcUie laturti -will
be rereiml al par.
A diseoent of twepty-fii w-wt.-frcwitbeTeAote"
prtcel wil 1 allowed to Clube ordering four or mart
ropiei of any one or more ef Ike al.ot e worke. That:
Four copiti of lilatkwowt, or ol out Beview, will bt
tent lo one address fr 19; foar copies of tbe four Re
view, and Blackwood for gat: aad so oa.
In all pilneipat Cities and Towiisethest woikt llt '
be delivered, Free of Postage. Wbeas.-nt by mail tbe
Potttgt la any part uf tbe I nllrd States will be 'bat
Twenty-four Cents a year for "Blaekwood," and bat .
Fourteen Cetilt a year for rack of tbe Revitwi.
By Henry Stei keas, F. K p., of Euinbargb, tad Ibt
IsleJ. P. MortoB, Professor of belt nlilic gritullare
ia Yale College. Kew lloven. t voir. R.-val Oets
vo. leu pages, aad numeroat Wood and btsel
This it confessedly, the merl timplele work oa Arrb
culture ever pubiiabid.aucl ia older logltette widtr
elrralalioB tbt ullitl ei I ate irnlt . . to i.i.tlta
price to
When arol by mail i-..ri-i..,J) A I slifornia tad
rtregoa the price will be 17. To eveiy perl ef
tbt I. Bine aud lo Caaada (post-paid,) ft. xoTbti
work is not tbr old "Bock ol ti e F.iui." 1 foraay af lb si . re ubliisliot boald
always bt tc'irtrrd, jen psW. l ibe 1 1.1 llrbrrt, .
LKUNAlill StOTT I t o,
Ka. 44 Odd c'lrcct, X.-w York.
I tf.
Fnd ki esT
AVE hive ia surre aad will rail below lowest uair
y kei rjtet,
Je Puki J.rtcvs A T'l-rccj' I. T. Salt,
liaat do llround Aluio hall,
ll Bt .' I .tied liuibid Ce-sr,
" Id! ill) n,nYe, - " - -
tt Half U.ica Loaf Sugar,
Ji t IW- Bio I'ctl. e,
C R,.ie Palt faap,
ktO du lirowa do. ' ,
UK) do Chemical 01 ire S tp,
J.'dl lll l. K. 1'., Orost llrrrlnga, "
S.e de do (' d...
I t." ', B'bela. Wrepl.- Fsl, Taite. bervi
P- A - Yet-I l',.d.r-t.-t- f ll. I I ,h - i,,ic
M. KM, -j.mi, . ; i Sf-. rr-. t, r. :1 I or S. t . i .tt.
- It I a Iv-IMl IB a V-l -ir , . . ! 0, I V
A V Jul Ml I 11 1 ', i 1 o.
JS . Kttnr-br r- . S,,f, t
K. b, 1 ail, 1 - ua ;,t ,1, j,. , ot I !.
ar erl 1 ..;.! a pn't u,t gi e-!:;. . Ink fvr Lmt,
trniiosa,.. t;iri t l,iri reti.
L'etimUi It, lei. fc tr-cf.
tuwtaau to Z. L Htidlij
ri'llE ai..lrr..grtt d, who kta beta bt a ear years
1 L L. I.BldiBg, ssr t-a Ike
J.a.arr, las, al pointed Ageat fr eke "bah'lib
Braat b," by ibe tea. maaoas. laitts aiib ab-mtlr.
II. wa ermaerlrd a bile doit,, businee le tbi. Ity. Tie aad etaessd I lolbiug Ibat base gtvea tkis
llMirt ike tcpotate it avw Itlotefutil Be kit tread
Ibe litres a ill be eaif. am, aid at bops at tBlitfarvay
la every partkuiar. .
To or Foraer Patrout.
1)FFfRKttvif Ik tSy ft nut at wheat we ssk
tkt alMaare ef recwmmeadiM Mr. W illtam
Vt iliiama a. your latorable r.midcraii..a. Mr. War
Name will bare the e-tae feei'mea Srr leilriag year
waata aad desaaada, aa halt ba aejoytd by Ik lav
deettgnrd for Ibe 11 iftl i tests.
Mr. W illtsBs. b fall ae.b. nird ta settle ear ktlt
I aad erroana., W t b.-W, lot Ik l.rl Itese iisae. my te
all tndel led e. as, t ' I K I 1 M M - l I f 1 a
SLTTLFIi I P. l:eaeablo liou . I lc alir etd ae--baBeait
krp-re arbii. uWm Is- ttitie aitb aae atoar
'' a. K. L. lubblbv).
staleigk, Feb. A. It.'.i.
Patent Swing latrte.
The AWkseribee kavlBg arawkaeetl ike Me rigkt t
makt aad tell tkoee Pa teg acta, ta lb i uo.irrt tf
Wake, J..kar4oB, Ikatbaaa, Oreago. Fraaklla. Wse
era ead S.rk, wawld rTetfallr rafrm tbe p. ktw
Ikal Ikty will aliead kke trsatu Ma tk akwte ease. lies
witk lhaa, aad bIm peddt them tkroagk the ewaasry.
By Ik It ajetaglctr, a krae, ee twe er keeaea,
saa k tie tee bed trans a tafcttae lata at SsH iveed,
witk perferd safety be tbe itktekt ad tkt la H- B
It aad ee.y, e tket aay any ta year add et
trad kiaaself ef Ut at. Be aawk Bleteetlaa wt fef
kefan keaa mteated egaiaet the A. agree laerdeal be
rwaawey e tract Mta. kwask f-r err ttbtebl
of kt sa kit est nchd a tl. It It teet. safer
aad eoctate psaiaailea agaiast daagee. h eaa be st
taehad le add ae eehsaa.
Jkra- Rmic It haeeby givta. tkarl aey afrtags
aa thai Pasewl, ee aay tmitaiaaa, ee s.y aiir
maa aae ky aay modit aaaa. ikl Passed
Ire ka aay af ia saraattee akov tasawtMAr ta -r-
- of ta adreadlog will he pfeseceled te Ik
r.U t!cl4 tht saw, aalttt ll. i. ratw at Watkksf
P. P. WILLIAM! at CO..
Baleigk. F.I4. 111. -
a. v.
a i Lie. a. a
(Afswracae tratf raurUr af U,)
RAUlCiU. X. C .
W 1 IX alt..d tt4l a Uall bw.taa ewrrr.
ka tbtauj artil lijr ,
"T "a rii."ii A its I L, -
Cammlsslen Xtrkat
a. II aeraro want mar,
vTMmaagwaa. B. Ce
- dy-pf;
" Vl StH atwtwa, Frvraet. tuUarsa,
' pace, tegtiak Nertaa, tatasasa
I antes I I .twrft, plairt faakssvetwa, W-araw
taaa. UaW BaasW.e.ktefa, . a. CaH aw
etsmla t ifte taw bass... H. 1 RVAMVt
aapumhee, loA, A' -
rpBi lADIr'a aare tree larfaemd tha eaa
J Sal MaattUla ia ftdsrte Bad gAswsa)ktU
fee tart art... .
AkXTpark. aTuUv. t Twwwa ItU
f mult aa4 a sere raebtty af Faa.
ratrrt-sa aww 7 r WTTtra.
AptU I, IAAAJ, "

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