North Carolina Newspapers

    iL A 1 L?i
iDinn tusrioriliTui.
T K R. M 8 : . ,
If paid strictly in adrance, twe dollar par aa
a a at ; two dollars and fifty Mitt, if paid within
aix usonths j aad three dollars at th. and of tli.
- ' ,
ADrEXTrSRVK.YTS not exceediag alxtata
wilt oa iassrted ana tima for ana dolls and
twenty-nre cants for lack subsequent thsertion.
Thos of greater length will b charged propora
tionally. Court Order and JudicialadveftiesaMat-
wiU be charge. 25 per cent, higher than tha above
rates. A reasouaol deduction mil) be nada to
Boat who adeems by tba year.
Book and Job Priutivg dona with aeatnel aa
despatch, and oa aoeomuiodating terms.
Wiu, Dallas Huywood, Intendant ot Police.
Easier Ward. Kldridge Smith, . .
A. Adanu, ,
MUUU H'ard.C. B. Hoot. , .
K. II. Battle,
O. W. lis
Wettern WoroV A. M. llonnan,
J. J. Christophers, City Clork,
R. II. Hatle, City Trea..
City Guard. James M. Crawley,
41 Jucksna Overby.
City Comtalile. Kdward Harris.
" William Andrewi.
A. Adam, Weighmaater.
E. Harris, Clork of tha Mar
ket. 'courts.
The Supreme Cviirt of North Carolina i-jeld
ia tliia city semi-annually, on the second oday
in June, aua the ovtu day ot liooeiiilier -j
Judiji t. Hon. Frederick N'ash, Cliiel Justice,
R. M. I'enrsoii, Associate udge,
Sl. Bntlle, " "
Edmund H. Froemnii, Clerk: Hum. C. Jones,
Reporter; J. J. Litchfurd, Sr., Marshall.
The Vmled Stall Circuit t'ukrt for the Dis
trict of North Carolina is held semi-annually in
this city, m I In' lit Monday in June sjid tba last
Monday in Mi.?iiiber.
Jutlj. ll n. J. M. Wnvne, of Oeorgia; lion,
llmirv INitUir, of Ftivettoviilc; District. Attorneys
Hubert 1. Hick; Clerk, Win. II. Haywood, Sr.,
Mandrill. Wealev Jones.
The Sunn iorVour furthia County,-) held on
he nrrtt ..ion-lay utter
f'rvm iiaW A luVseea? J4eeiTista Ami
Apptasn' Buildlkf M 4 3s Broadway,
V ibpoxtxrs, DriiLsasi -
Drogi, Painis, Oili, Djfi, erfnmfry, kt-,
170 WUUamKtreet, Mew York.
ISV1TE tba attention of the trade to their large
and varied stock of Drugs, Paints, Uils, i'erfuut
ery, ., &o.
In addition to their regular Importations of 8ta.
pie Drugs, they are also receiving, direct from the!
sources of prediction and manufacture, supplies
ofjl'ooTH, Hair, and Nsii.UausHgs.tiBOKies.CoBxs,
Mortars, simnoss, r srs and Kbqiish t'sari u
Bar, Li-bibs Exte.uti, and many other articles
usually e m braced in DruKiisu' atocks, which tber
are also enabled to offer oa. the most advantageous
Orders, either in person or by mail;- will receive
prompt attention, lj
Junt 1, lHou.9 77
First Premium Cold !edal Piano-Fllrlct,
8IEI5WAY ft 80NS,, 84,i S3 WAUtaa stsfsts-
T ) espactfullr call the attention of the public ta
X y, their splendid assortment of sni-grendnj
stuare I'isuos, which, for volume of tone, elnstici'
ty of touch, beauty of Hhieb, and in short every
tumg tbat reuoers a t'lntio pencct, are uusurpns
sed. They were awarded tha hrst premium for
both kinds in competition with the most distin
guished, makers from Boston, Philadelphia Kew
Vork, and Baltimore, :
SEWORK A D V E R 1 1 S E M ft N T S J
Sewing Machine Ppool Cotton.
Superior ImprOTad 8La;Cord JOO Tda .
fTTAKR ANTED Oetd la No. M inelasire. Wine
IT Ho Nut above other Thread sold as Cord; 4
Gord to No. M taelaiiTe, 10 Hue, above ether Thread,
aad s com from sau i mi. .
Full assortments af this saperier article, (which is
nowprrfrrodbvlhoMVibansegKVriNO MACHINES,
for both Upper and Lower Thread) just received and
f r sale hj the eats of 1 0il ans. or pchsr"s of 609 dos
e. a tine street, new Ton.
General Agent for ORRS aV M AGMAUUUT, Glasgow.
6ample fur tvisl giien free to buyers. v.
June 9, IM, 13 tss.
sr-w ARDG
JC aiul Oonnine, growth of 1SJ4 forjsle bj II KS
R Y 1 i'L RMh'R, Buokt-ller, Raliiub, N. C. '
iCltron, for preservs.
Large tiiant.
(Bosh or Pnab Shorts )
KHy Kia-Weeks, or Esrlyj
tli lourtb Sloihlay m
Mur.'h mi I Sciitfnihr.
Jdiii t'. Mooro, Clerk.
Jos. It. li whel r, Alt ornet Oenerul and Solio-
nor i! ino lnriu .,uoiv ;i I'tmnci.
The ('in 7 ff I'm uud Qiuirter Setitiont is
lichi on lhc tiiird Monday in kebrunry, May,
AiiiHt Mid Novo. nlier. .fetT. I'tlev, I'lerk.
L'k ttrmainif the County turn. VVilliain Boy
Ian. fount' SiJiritw K. P. Mnrriott.
Hh.-rifnf n'ukr Comity William II. High.
f.'oroM-'r Willis Scott.
Ji-tjister. II. llutson.
Ptsikwat A 8obs hsvs just been awarded the
FIRST Promium HOLD MKIML (ovtrsll competi
tors! at the late Fair of the American Institute
Crystal Palace, fbr the liEST Piauofortes.
47 tf.
Red tipeekled Valentine, orjilver Pklnaed, or White,
Sled burrow, i.arge lellrw tratburg,
Browa Svpecklrd Vsltntlne,;barga Red WslherKftold,
Refuge, or Tboataado.'Ttp or Uaitoe Onion,
One, jWhlte Portural, . .
RiMlFrrnK. ''IVallow Ilnteli. "
Cranbery llu.k. ji'anvcri fellow, uewj
Rxtra Early Victoria, tbsrice Red,
Royal l)warr,vr White Kid-'Uarly Red, eitra
ey. fltiritf, v
Ksrlj ; Vcllow Six Weekt, (furled, or llouble,
Ciiina Red Eye, or KarlyPbun oringle,
China, Pntlmip.
Larice Lims.orjutter Beaat4oar,
Carolina tiewee or eaba. jilullow Crowned, ar Csp,
iieet. I Pent. "
Ettra Early Tiu-nip-rooled, Inwreth's Kilra Early.
Early TurniiMooted KedEarly Frame.
Long Uloutl lieu, i Early Waitiingtoa,
rilesittn or roiysr, 'Early Mny Ao,
It rtk hi tie Shi'' tit .irth t irtfior,Tticorp'i
ratijd 1M. Cimrti-r eico'.rwd. in 100. Capiial
Jl.otM.Ui '', divide I into I'iJKKI shares tif wliiih
the l,itci :y lioanl holds o,027 and the I'uiver
aitv Iikmi. - -
i'riiii'.iptl Bank at Raleigh. '
tHtirge W. M'ir'h'!ai. J't-eidetit.
C'liirh'i liciv"v,.t'ahii'r. "
.1. II., Jr.. Idler and Notary fnlilic.
W. V.. Aiiii:r.iii, iisi'oiii)t Clerk uii Notary
.lordiiu Woinhln, Jr., Clerk.
This ll:in' has Wruncliesat Xcwhern, Tarboro
layetli!v:lle. Wilinintoii, 1 li uU'th City, Char-lot'l.-,
.dol..n, .'l.o.iut .i .-iiol it,J..or.
lllllK'T HIH.
On the put of the Stntc : l, W. Coiivts, Puli-
io Ti"n ir, ci-oili -io, I,. O'U. HroiicU mid W
U. I'oolo.
On toe firt "f i ho S-oekliol lore : Wro. Boyhin,
Win. l'ei'. (t. 11. IV, vim, .1. It. O. Hntilhuc, Al
fiv I I iocs and II. V. MiMire.
Oili-rjjis "Ml Ucoa iI .livTuod.ijf.
"Jilt diy Wedncs lac. '
li i n 'ro and Hills of Ksclmnge discount-
I every day. '
B.t'io iiouri from 1(1 till 2 o'clock.
.'.(IWyi liran. h tf Hunk af the Cajie Fiar
William ll.'.lnie. Ci-hiir.
K. P.. Fmch, Irlier ami X dary I'ulilie.
lisr.rioB.--ti W. lUiuood. T. II. Selby,
Both J .ne. iior.' Little, Dr. Thia. . II
and C. W. I). II ,l.;s. .
UJoiinj day M id iv, Discjunt day Tuesday
' 33 Maiden Lane, New York.
nownod Silanxaader 8afva . Bunk Vaults,
Baltimore Depot, l lfl Pratt. ,;
Boston Depot, H Howard street.
The 7onder of the Age.;
no pay!
T F Dr. T..-i c",tPinK,1 Vnrtir.n, LiDirnrtit 1o
X nt c,"'e 'eoiera, lycthlt'rjr, -rMp, Col it, ('otigli.
4Ji,m'Lsi.i, oHiitu t, Miirnb, J iMritiat-he. UeBdnrhe
f iiliwi HafKic ilolil Vvrt, Mif'tiuin:! Bit?", iniifiet
"uU, r.uru, ItrUimif. and raini or WcsikncH iu (lie
LiiitW, I'wk a nl chrit.
KO n V M Bl' 0 TRY IT.
Ir, T'lbiti 1 it vvrrUd tii TsiniiBPttt fur f itrht
ymi it bout l -. i-r Imvii.g tnjntmcl matte for the re
turn of the raoni'V- nil lhat la akvd i ty uvc It accord.
ing in the dlrrt.( n.
Afifr Duet nfine; it. 1 y u-ilo mt fiad it better tUnn
arivtliiog yon tr4ve fvrr trifd Wfure.
4jrTlMut:iijdp. vf rvftificatpa hrf hten rmoirnH
MM-akirift- -fill. nr tirtucti. Now a tUva It if tha
practice ti till tlie ff twii ilb errtihtut a fitrnt ti. I
known pflrnou". ur gv jt by tiu bo Itmre itrvcr d
tha medicine fw I'r. 'J'oMaa ntTvri to- jjr
1 , 0 0 0 o t h a a s
In an one - wiHiroT tLat he t t t 'lilifd a fatet
ccTtitlpitt ittirtit) tt tme he bat bad hi imsiMiu bc-
Jntlnn ill hifcnt an. a IR,tj1ilf eonTaiiilna;
jjciiu,nre..'fl -at. A (dhiii "f the tarir-
iwle af tfi Yi,ft.ii ififft ii i Injtiri.
.. u, tuke it it n ally, lr. t.alinj itK ih fol-
1, Famifl I 7 Aa, i.f tU hy of St Y'-rW.nff
duly wrH dit rltpe Hist 1 -stt:ft ttrA a Lsi'meM
called VenrtinD) and ihat-flt- in stii et bi- t
it c-iibj mm -1 ttre K'IWi,v bin l li i-,t-t ii'.Tcrnah;. .
ecn iti dtni'.ff. t);e 4 itiii -jf tapit J in IHrutlioa aat
rMisijiani'iiV tnt h lM
vN Vrk, Jn-nf) ri.lii.
H. I TOIlU.'
f wnio t thli day Wfire -
Fprtjandu Vm1, Mayor,
Vtie ?5 t Sflfenl. rnbib lb irtiKatHi mnd Patrnt
JJcdif li !raera ll rutighuM tb t fitl hUtra.
j--Jir9 fr nilt tr. IoKim Hrte I.imMrnl ii
pint D"Ulea at i4cet.t( sarrattt-tl tuperiuf to any etb
80,000 IW ONB MONTH.
By tarolla Lee Hent.
ALTnOl'OII hst a single Bsoath has passea sine
the hrst eopy of this brilliant book was issue, yet
to great been tbe acm.nO lor me as ar,J most seaw
ful work from the pea of in lamented authorevi, thst ws
are aew prialins; tbe
with aa' anahated desaand till pressiaf us. Biuee the
d.ys of the Laaipli);htr, ae boojl has sold so rapidly,
ar become so universally popular.
Col. Fuller of the New Verk Mirror, in one of the most
elegant articles ever penued.ia regard loautliors or their
prodaetieat, uses the following beautiful language i
srueat Idliwood.
Ilesth darkest his eye, anplumes his wings,
itul the sweetest song la the hut he sings.
In the volume entitled "Ernest lduwood'just istned
v. w J...11 (' of Boston, we have tbe dvingsuag
of the elegant ao'llllea sirs, v aroono '""
Mournfully tweet lise the sigh of an Xoiisa lyre, yet
deep and oracular as the voice of many waters. It teems
to have been noured forth while her soul floated aowa
to the oeean of Rest. Oa alraoet every page we ean
mm tlm hMuw of the dealh-arteel, who bora her away
wbea her song not ended. HI v.icrioua gleams from
beneath the uplifting veU of fcjril.Uuid stare a we
rell. The hook is a broad-east !rewell a lingering
k..J.m.n fron on Istod. it ae rolMstllwl. Vts
ImiiresMve nasgs ace revelotioiii of the inner life of
the wnn'r woodorfa.iy vivid and absorbing, because
woe-tin-r.n rel. , v
We will B' at empt lo fellow out, la this notice, the
thrKnil of an inimitable uiicliu eoduil,sweaholdnly
anticipsti- scenes slid events, whk-h come, with eeauti
fulUnhiuHaed na effei-r to the ere of the reader.
We wool I not rob the book of hall its charm.
iwcet lisr.riella Lvnn will tell hrowu story.
Vfu tuMii-bed b JHS P. JKWETT C0..'o,
IIJ atliingtoB Sweet, Ristoo. E"r sale by all Rook.
tr licit. IMsreh ISoS.J IJ
Sinnjr-dd Wrtel, -
tMVir Ortinpr do.
Karly Ln( Blood,
trench AmW ttnfaf-
Early Putch,
Karlv York, r
Istinilret.i'a Lara York,
Kurly 8aar Iaif
Karly hartereat
Early Inia.hea4
(JrecB t'urletl havoy,
La re itrjtrliot't 8aroy,
Ked Datrb, ( J'icktinp.)
I nrpe l-nio DniBibead.
Yiai Dut b,
tii!! Mlaxed,
Maiumotb. p
Va rfvif,
l.-injE ('rniiKPi
Krly Horii,
Altntif ham, or Field,
Large White, or Field,
WhU.-P. H I,
Hc4 r-i.liil, I fttHinn,)
Ererreen KHjnr,
Sweet, or Huar,
Karly tnnada.
Karl Char I Wi.,
ltivhui a UsTtrt rroinie.
wnri lilac Imprria-t,
Kyl liwarf .Marrowfat,
Ittua I'ru.iian,
K rl y t b m y i on of E n j land
Lsarira n tiita MurTowun.
LnrfM Pwect, hiUahapt4
Tomato, or Flat,
Cayenne, or Long, -
Co mon field, or Client.
Ma nmoth.
Long Pcarli-l Sbort-lop,
Long Salmon,
.White 1 ornip-rooted,
jKod Tunilji-rottted.
; Yellow Turnip-rooted,
it aimer White,
J Hhtthnrbt or Vit-plnmt.
Sal -iff, or (tyter.'ttiHt,
jEarly Bui, or Tatty Pa if,
!Kar)y Apple Bh, or tg
njt Ureio Lmokrttck,
(limb CrfMjkneck Sum mar.
arly York, AJam'-Mt, h Hammer HoalWip,
Kurly, white.
Tocror&, 'Itutcb Summer Scallop.yaL
I HMflflfHfffT, MOW,
Early AUi.o, (Imported.) ((a-out,
Late lu tidi, -Valparanio, or Porter.
Ilrvcall Larir- PurpU U un 1 Faroy-letaved.
i npe, l.nrire bltt I ape, rrlrkty trail,
lu pernor r.
White pnvA,
xtr Hnian,
cJr rrame or Tntite,
fbort Prickiy,
arty tirren I'luntir,
lurly Frame,
arty rnort (iraen.
, (lrcn 1 iirkey.
r? tJrrcn (Keene'it)
mptl Cba-rliiii, forpifkloa T,ftr (Uobe,
t t'lnttt, r Jti'"3ima t'ltnw Alierdean,
Is-trfft Purple, i-Vnt.-b Yellow,
Fsyirly 'tUtft Data, f fiwrdifh,
f.tttmrr. f-rtHeerf.
EmI Curieil, or Cat fla!ad, f.arnlcr,
liML JiuAlii.
Kr'ftk and it$itm W'tt'ioa,! Ctnany.
R. M. liwHilt-m. IVtwitafHt,
W. H. Vn-a, TifrAmitif.
.1, M. P""l, AaM.itlal.lTrv4a.urcr.
V. H., lu(Mit A (ft-ii i,
M il tr tin 1m. h ml 7 o'clock, A. M., arrivM
t ti P. M.
yrth C'troltm Jtiiiira.i Cvmpany.
Oha. I'. ri-hfr( President.
t P. MiniiMiliIL TrfiMiw.
i. T. Waat, Fr.jlit biiU 'iVkrl Apcrt..
Miiltra n tirrivtw & o'cl.k. A. fnmi'Ui
E; nM J,T,ftrf fir5o',l,t A, U-
M nl fro;n ttiff We-t nrri.wa at frl ntinvtM tf
Ur 4 oVInrk, I'. M. I-Ypurt M 2U tutnutM U
ir5 y clock, P. M.
Dr. Tt-hSiip'
1 al reary 2
rfnt,AiCnrttari4 8t- KcwYork.
144 Chambrt ntret, lh.f.
Two iir"rw Wr.t of lln iins River Railroad Praet.
rl Kbit to llvsUrt and ("oosnrasf his eelebraled
V brand. ,r Krrre'h Wirdo. I.ta ea tavorable
trrms. Parties a;iains lofi-rmalifia wi'l tie fnrni.hed
with prices aareeripl etlhslr aauress. (ilaaa eat to say
etti-eu faisern, aas ptke4 tree 01 cearge.
April l"e. ' IT ly
FOR fIIK 1,0 0 0,00 0.
Tin; v. . pti;t makbi.i: co
AO ibompaoa K. V.
AfiVSrFACirHKria mr avMa MsatStt, Table.
!l I Tops Column.. Predetlata, t , la I'enals, Pro,
rauue. aoo sll llsllsn .janN. 1 Mis snu.'ie, waica
Is S preperslion of !srhls Iol, rheavicslty eemliiad
silk mineral !. to as l be avmlUcd isle sy lom
sad eobaj, bv which a BMrhle caw be wawafvrtnlH al
lest Ihta half lbs sort ' lbeconim' Mlerlai, ile II
eseelt il la aoraNluv sad b-atv. 1 a ike Marbleiied
rim sad Male there a arlace Worh.lhe Mar row
Biag lava the mesruf the ssMerial, whtl a rst.h Is
aatd to give a t-nprr aeoaiy u, las surface. Mi
a.1. fn.m i h. 14. T.Met . accasllv ekesa.
"-Wkis f r Ibe M.anfrtre tss Hl af stwe f. f tl.
d BVn-al 'aies,wliif h aill eomre leffriirt retarat lo
abeas lalcceeiiog IbemMlve., lafvvri.tiM fare,Mle4
Blrl llaiiiMu, I'tTUIkMiK Pte-ld-otee
Joatra Use fntuT. 1 UR K
April ii IBS. If Iv.
k&ot. muiHtiJ 4 co.,
A'a. 41 CtifSl. ,V rart.
I VirotVmiS AM MAM-rArTl'fctBH' A
I M.a. :haaee't Engti.h hhit, t rtwa aal f'rya
lal I'lava Window la.s. UoleH , for hky.lighla.
(J roee llouaea, ele ..IS t olore l.tmaateaul.lipU
aal aad MrcvaMctHc glass. 1 be I oeel.rtiaad Mancbe.
J i. bj Isv plate g'aet ''mpany'a Ihick polithsd plsla fof
1 a. ae " i"""Ws At., , Kwh :saa l.,r toara
TAUlWiUO MAIL III To-i.a.III.) la lavllea ta tbbovw aH da.
rLaoaon 'Sundsv.Tuea.aodThur. at 9 . ' acrlflioas af wiadow alasa Iw a.e f. Hitwa,
Arn oeTatwIav, Thar., and Nl., at 1 f. m ' Uweliiaga l eiHw parpom Tha aasl.iy a th
llavk leave.. .a M si. a.1. and Iri.. at I a. SB article bt kafvria sa aa orrssposeiiai drva-
posr tirnoE. i
Willlal ,," it".
t)o kviura, tin week d.iys Irons Sun-rise r 9
P. M.
(aaair l v airsaTt ss sr bsils ar tigtiua
ThrunzH Mail edeavew daily at 6f a. Wl
W ay Mail " ". 4 p. a,
Arrives dvil.T at 6) p.
Xre Cars leave th Irrxil at 6i a. at
801T1O.UX MAIL (Br Two-..i.i Ilarg,
nmoa dsilv at j p. as)
Arriios djily at 0 p. m
Tha Hack raaiea at 71 p.
V. isTKKS MAIL-(Dt R.ii-auaa,)
Cloeae vlailv at 9 p. Wl.
Arrives daily at 4s p.
Tha Trsia leaves I .1 )4 f. m
OOLD-vuViRO-MAlL IVr Putsosa.)
Clones du'W. at 9
Arrives dulr at
the Cars W'avee iailv al 10m afler
...... as tl . II i t'oa. aSHS ia assay reaps tt(wr, uav
I I I Jlil-ir.v -sa-wo.e. , . . . . . r . ,
ITuettfo TaesdaT and halurlay, at 9 P. a oa Maaday aad Thnrxlav, al 7 p. at
alack leaves oa ). and .d. alt T a. sa
Immtn. ae JpWrmAlipttt,
Largs Ked,
l,srs Yellow,
' Turnip.
Karly Flat lloleh. ftrsp
! Icscsd,
,llcil liped, fftrap leaved.
!.arlv M,uie,
il arce Norfolk, "
I The Subferlucra have just received from
New Verk, a lul. assortment of llfl below aamed
(toods whu h have been selected with great care
Item tbe rw sl recent importationa. Maursciiif; all
the naaeat styles ot .
-Collarets and sleeves, in sets lo niaicii, t .
Laoe Collarets and sleeves "
Laos trim'ed coliars ateriileevcs,
French worked Oiemixetts and sleeves, "
Lace trimmed French worketl (iollnrs and slesvss.
Kuibroidered Carubriu, in Belts to match,
Embroidered Pets, on limn and linen Cambric.
Tureso lace Collars and sleeves lo match,
.Mourning Seta, in both b ack and white.
Embroidered Jlsnderkerohiefi, in ((real variety
and new stylen. .
Embroidered Shirts Tor open nressea
Ktnb-oblcred Hwisa and Canl-rie Ftotincinir,
Embroidered Dimity and Jackonet liands.
Muslin and Cambric Edgings and Insertlugt,
Realthresd lace llerthat and Coliarn,
Thread I, acs and Edpliiga of all widths,
n ide block Laees foi t loituces, ate.,
Tugether with many other new and desirable
goods adopted ta the present and. approaching sea
sons, such ss
Flounced 8ilk Dresses, In great variety,
" Orgnodie Musliuc,
. Jackonet Muslin,
Trench prints in Holies.
Flounced Urruge itobes.a great variety,
Clu nc Silks, striped and figured, new stiles
. Light plain Silks for evsniug dresses,
t Colored Hilk Illusions '
'Hack S Ilka in every variety Ae.
AH of wtilcb, t-i'ji ilier with a eomplet. assort
ment at seasonable goods both foreign and domes.
tie. in foney and staple, will he ottered at the lowest
price lo cash or punctual dealers.
. . II. k It. B. TL'CKKR.
April 1.18&;. ia
A Itwaine Maw. t
A yonae, man of the country, saTS(the Liuis
Till, Courier, of tire l.'llli, becaine betrotlieil to a
youn lady residing ia the city the only eliild of
a widow who is possessed of some property. We
will suppose th young, lady was here at school
and tlixt the m itlier was much in tlieetmntrv, oo-
aional!y visiting her daughter here. At all
aveiits, m report roob, tne vnunjj twiow addressed
a note to tha widow, desiring an interview the
city if she were soon to b here, others i-e, h
would pieet her iu the country, saying lie had
sotue iinnortant hutmes to trtnoact with her.
A tli day for nnp ials had been 6l- by tl..
young peoi.l without ohtsiniui the mot bar final
eonseut, she Bitppoaod yety naturally that it was
with a view ot gaming her approbation of Uje
match in due form t h it the interview was sought.
The.young chap was punctual. In a business
like lu inner, and wilhout unnoeessarv ceremony,
he uisde known his buwiiess. He cooily informed
the lady that hi objeet in mooting herwat to ak
her to make the deeds of lier property over ii her
daughter before the union with her, which had
been fixed for the next djty, could be,, uohxnuiina
le i. At tire snino lime he made some remark in
dicnting to her that be knew what property she
had. The lady desired to know bow he could
have obtained aa accurate an aeaoutit of ber prop
erty, and asked whetbor her daughter had inform-
aa nun r .
-tin i no, sn.a ue, -i employed a lawyer ror
that purpose." .
Aye, saia Uic ladv, with groat self n:iresixa.
Too resllv sooiu lo liuve ouitu a busiueNe turn.
n"... i.... i.. i . , u ...
t hit rit, nun, vine uio vou soppoae I r.lllJ no
with my property, but give it M my duugbter
my oiuv ciiiwf
Indeed, lie, "1 dimLknow Imt Ton
miglit umrry nuiii, and I lieu you'd keep I lis
property nwny iron, lis.
Tim Jodv at a gtance s-ttr the aoolitees, Impa
dance mid busiuus.bko tiuilitira ( titer vouug
scamp, and at one informed bim tlist, a'ib ui;li
she had intended to give her ilangoter 1 rr iwiion
on the day of her mtiirige, and had n t hud hure
tofove the Ioj t i lea of oinkiiig any ohjectipn to
tlieir.umon, she now decided tho nupiulli
DlrtM be t:nlefluilelv poNtpom d,
Tite mother and il iii;liler, we iindersland, con
sider tlieuiscltos exceedingly forttinale in having
made a timely esmpu Iroui i ne' who eould mani
fest so iiiui'h cisil impudence and licanhMsueee.
arlv t'elilior
Juller I."ltuee,
mat Jm', h, ,
P.. yal t'sldmj:,,
nilarli.hlt rtiinsge.
C.irled Indis, of Ies,
M jlllt V fit.
Green t'ot,
WsH". lVeetar.
Ie septa r Pertlsa,
Skills, ae'. Fins Nell ltd)
ileachwoe. testra fine,)
arohna Water.
Mn..ntiitn Hiioot Water,
1.3,11-y. or MiMialaia Hweet,
Nrs f.rsnge, .
smitn llsllh.
'Hsvoiy. Bammer,
! - Wlnlsr,
I'SHl '
weel sltrjnram,
i (,'rMat rVetf.
I, Bv lbs poiiad or kaabtl.)
,lte.l ' lovff,
While Dalrh riever,
leerne, or French. .
Woe (Iras,. ar elsd Top,
Canary heed,
IiK Sut'Wrlttts Jpatn-a to fW nttt? tliaib
iii T r aa.v tli fi u,wiTir no and unru'l-
Wt Cnlttrcil Print, vhieh fuly Kjiial, if not
PUpfir tti ftny tbat ka bf rtuft r ltt mi: I,
'ruia Paiatium by A. k Tail
And a girtH rarlety f Fxdi tneUdid im ihm ftL-
verthemf nt.
Foptrior Ttn I. Ike Orllr,ol Hill Ihttli, '
a JkM o6 ami 12 ytmndt, awrf r Vf odV VaV
, fj-s. of t. i. I. "an FmU.
rot til l ar
JE1T2I1T0 & CO..
JoasaistL isvBsvebs ar tub mitt iuk vsA raca.)
vVhslsals Daalara la Taa only.
.V. W. fWaer . M-Il 1.4 ,V.M flrtHt,
XTet ta X.lallle paeks I HI s, ta half Cherts,
riaia!i.g a lariclv et bota lia s aa4 l.rvoa ta sail
friab-d UH f artee. Terms, . fbraished by mall
It t;i t he siavr utess.
All Tat warraated ta plesse or na sals.
Ooases ll,t tame price Bad lenratnalt. Bad e aaly.
ti.u af Ills, h euolaia bIksiI Xs pawade, aad of
Ureea shnal ts rmods sack.
alarHi It, let. II .
Hati, Ilats, Hata.
-)F."l:llU:lt tor vear fjnag style af list.
. lt 111 kKK d.
kl'.MKMMbB tbair pries, ar la proportion to
tha equally.
Kesssvaoer lhat their Hats ar. waapptwatkahl.
tab-aaly. aiyba aad dural.iliiy.
fceascmher al their eeiabli.bMeat waa Will b
sure of g.ltleg a artb Is. la lb laegwag as
tbe fibest af Hsssles I slkar-
V,-.W-S. Balls . II. A R. R.Tl CKFR.
t 'attoaters and trangsra! 'Reatamlr' Ibis. Al
W , A R. S. tucker e, yea ran 'l fas tasty.
April 1st, IkM. - U ,
Spltndld Stock ofOoodi!
" as aJW rll. ik.U'fel t:k s apa,
Tf f m-4 4-f an its. Mala, I at- IkM . Crwrk-
sey, aad U trte, ibas ba. .., Ws att.talsd la
talaagb, B4 ss Ika, be ba baiM esevally IS,
BrsH b .us in i I 4 ea tbe ata m.s.tafcs sia..
s sball be plans- be sbw BbesB be oat eeBer,
arts) t sat lbs Hkat
pi I'll
frasd'n. from aula. Rues, km.
Hoiag Ageave Im Iwa af tbe !argat fjlaa Ma.'
afaetwewva ia Karep. ws are abted ta ag.r deal-
ars aM'l BSbsrs every a i'm. ia p. r.t aa lavga i
atoeka. Frte. Ll.t w.ll f irai-hesl ea sj pliea-!
tloa, April 24, !, If'
- . A, ARN'rt X
, 667 Wn, A' r.
MMirt.i. .w .f A a. A. Aft. ksvo
s, i4 m the IH i.t., A. Ara-oi, ibe
Tf iT HI rPl.ll D.
T T Is a ".ae.t.s fat. thai Moaning Ilrass
1 are slasvt ,alntlt t prwore, bu sail ewe's
aa. bs rW i tbte, we bass pai. paeliealar asleaUaei
ta Ibis a.Mrlewat.
tklS Mb. a. bars raealved ear somplea, BSaek ss
tba smi OatiVaale g a, lkaas.1, I
plak laeas I lek awmt.kiss teflvely
Itiwira, UAITI.n. Akn.aHoiub.
f ,Ue Ruts, Iw. WaU-rea -f Rtala.
ag Wea
be ae-g'S.1 na, bat aaa I rot biw.tlf bl.
sea 1 1.1. 1 M (ales it tm lata 'i e ska parp-am
af eaarttoaiag Uli. b.os as btrbaot ibef
bavs babea tbe mtm ha. S.I HrtaSea,, bHeaeaiae
at. Jble e4 al.ira 4ilea ll,.,ia. k.e tb.v bae
111 aU. Haaev .al. M taevsalt, beet SVabk, mm let -e. Baa aaaaetat.a et ..wl I sssiwtees aad
Sr,t. Re-esas. ' I V.agt af Ibe anna sigbta.
tXOIH' Wa-aiaf b t, LadlV Taaes rbaaa, ae ariasa.ri ... e. .s lbs. aVBHaadlas taso
4W Uaau Raa, La4Me' M-ww. RaaSees, llaw. aad baaw BV.. tve-.a.l. k..b .-., ,e awsiw a ba.
Sjalata leaitaf, , staM baa bar tbe satttwe partT a4 sba ewt
tba a.tsvalaa4 sV- " -. .ill be Ml4 si j . .!, B4e a w
wbt brweat aw.4 brtt Call a4 esaai.a. Ib. at I S aA IbaMttyl B-4 waakmasMbi. SBaat ba
II. UbVA'. , e..r..J. -
M 4, I,, B- I 4mm, 14 14 C-4v
T1IK rCUSl'IT-Sii.23 50.
Representing a sMrmitlt on the !r.iire, A xIobb
ted Trappir iu full pnranll of nn Indlaa Chief,
decked in h a war pnint and plume. The savsge
warnor seems urging his betas to bis utmost sfaed
a d attempting lu dodge the impending bullet I rem
tli levelled pistal of his foe. In the dist inct, the
rest af the bead are retreating be (or the rides af
lit. burners. .
TI1K L.ST,W AK W HOuP. Six. .3 i H).
Tit unerring hull-1 bss brought lb rriaa war
rior to Ibe grounl, from which he partly raises
himself la giv the last death yell ef dr.snc to bis
nemy, who seated oa hissaddle ailk tha diseharg.
l pvlot .nil la bis band. seem, to regard him
with a look of mingled pliy and hate. Tht fisrj
(sastsng s'sad af H,c Indian wildly endeavors, to
break tli lasaa with which the Trapper bold - bias.
Tbs poaillm of the beautiful blood bay Itoree .lh
latuv. ta particwlarly ta, a he ragard the fnllra
savage with starting eye, ears lal I back, and forB
feef'braoe.l aa if shad-bring at lit aaarihly touad.
Jsrei Siiril-d 'asfrridoas i;r!m'n'e.jii ii .sal
' FnrtM rN-rree, ia II it. fee,
LtKII MlutfTlMl "oa tli. Siialtag." g'g 13
i ; o.
Two kut.tera I. the fiirayroaad are eroacliln
bekiad the tki-t eedar bnrh4,re af I hem aiming
kis ride Bl a heble har k'wt, irh with twa does teem
I hsv rom dowa t. lb eppesita aid af assaall
stream ta drluk. Tbe fre-l. saaw Ike grvrfiad
ad fsilea trees, broken only by tha hunters f -ot
rsrfet, U luely repreveiited. aad lb. wb.,l seeaa
on tliM will d-'".,,! tlx ey f v,ry lover of
banting end wood (raft. .
TIUH I nHIMl, (ibeeeigh tbaie,) e. Chal
aufy libfc hit t& I
Ins II, fiesta eurtac of lb lake la tha fritt of
the pietuve, etan'kv a othai.tiedlaeipl ef hash
v allow, who, Ibeongb a hole rat talks lam, I
pallinf ap a in Tr at I b ad-b-d la tbe fr.,p af
beaaliee ' of the sama sort," which arahi.iig aa
Ihe lle-nl.k bvughs beside hiss, la tbe hark
graeaf la tees tha snow capped hltts, aad mid wsy
ta winl.y blast whirls lb light aaww la . .Wad il II.
aral pVlsrt,
af eor v e-v at aorlbera
1 UK CAtii 'v F A FA.VIILT. fis S3 i J.
res, lA th,j,t r-'Kimsi tg JtF, XAIT. Mtli
toSthttrd ttt iti HMtin .liAiriaas, ill far
Xlmtfi Jn'hmf ffd.t fy,4 S sv JVI.
A eery slegvi.i and it i rvm g plftor af ev-ai,
f (jnall Bad yaag, jilt sire.) The ma1 bird
Bvnal.d oa a an-a wa kg, L I Is bead trevt,
aad sy talent ea tba .'(,. lest d-.g.r ball
gaaaae kis ebege, and fbe bt-Hbsr Vwd,v.g 4.,.
With ape. tsaath, sppareiliy falllag be tbildrea
la frasl ea lint Hy re., rg a II e grass let. re b-r.
Twaof Ibe Millie Rtdglag. eve rwaaUg wph e-f r
kat lo re. ar lb BaHteg musia'. t ks so. lei
lad af lb par. a I birds, aad lb ilstM r-l.aee af
lb yaarg traod sr rveveaeatW la tete besaiital
gvoa, MS a aaaaaee wbw-b ei.fits si sae lb -rssle
17 1
kat oet.taaa.
W. . ft RirR.
R. C. Rook
Raleigh May, JA 4 JO-tf,
A Muvtral Fable.
Te Muieal llevinw.of Xew York, givta preb
dy lilllu lTl.le, illusfraiive of the pre- i pi, "trust
not alone to mecliniiiril excculi iii of niii-ie, but
endnnvor to luluso knonlcd(e with liie And
soul : s
Side I v sMii on a piann f irte reposed a violin
and an elegantly bound nfusio Imv. 1 h. violi
,wu o'd, and o v. r I will th. n arkiof t era ser
vice, nnd whs tho e-pciiiil eniileinpt of lh'imuaia
box, which, rejoicing in Varnish und lab.irace
ornaments, felt itself eontaminuted by the pr.e
wiee uf its htinible neiglil or.
"I wish, tti, I theniusie boi. "that you would
more your shoulder from my side; don't you 14
Tun are tarnishing lay Tarnish ?''
"1 cannot move." replied tli. violin "I am even
now quite crowded ngniiist lb wall."
"Hut you inust-pxclaiiucdlh.inusie but, and
was about indulging in aoine very sever, re
marks, when in low, rambling tone, tli. plana
interrnpte 1,
"11 silent, you little uosUrtl You must wtd
talk thus lu your tnpetiors."
"Siiperiiars;" suresined tli. muslu bog with
perfect hnsi of iu.liena.lion. "io yod call that
miaeraiiie looking lour atnngel thing mv sotie
riorT Have I riuttli. life of uiuxiu within nief
While I, unaidedi put forth lb. sweetest niiisio,
the violin mu-t I scraped and tortured v. ith a
Ismv before a single ton ran be forced of her.
Kiiiirior, imleod I I tUtlcr myself, Me, 1'iano,
thai vou are not niv.sais-rmr, except in sis.
" Ah!" replied Mr. Tinn... " you forget tlint
you n.uat l wound up lief.r. vou can play
single tune. A litile child em f r.-. you to per
form, liile only A blushed artist ean draw music
ffoi.i bs. Toviffstijclty tie tn jonr 'maiinpriaj;
ours in nieTaoul of an artiet.'
ThetVsyla Cap. Ana. fortr year ago there lived ia Bfwtori a
Frenchman, who had been but a short lime in
the country, and who spoke our lanpttage tery
imperfectly. He had oocaino to visit Hloucester,
Csp Ann, and in tho. dsv. there were no rail
roads, consequently h bid to make his journey
by soma other conveyance.. Aeoordir.gly be pro
cured a horse and started off on horseliark. lie
ffnind but little diSeuItT on. the mad until after
h. had passed Beverly Bridge, when not knowing
which wav to turn, he did as any other wis. man
would have d ine in suci a ease, inquire of tint
first neraon h met which was the right road,
There happened to b. a fro. and easy Yankee
pissing along just at tn time, and our traveler
raised his hand to his hat and bowed, as French
man cfjea will do, and thus addressed th Yankee-
" -Voii1ei Trtns tell me d. vbt to Keep Oa t "
Welt." ws the replv. " I don't know any
better way you ean keep on, unless yaa tie your
leg together under the horse-."
" Be, I no vant to keep on d hers.; I
esmarienaee Keentin." .
'th; yon waiit the place to kren on, do too
Xow dWn this-war we always think the place to
kep on ta the saddle ; and I guesa you're ia tli
rip-lit ;tot,"
" on rtf understand I M vs.nt n hnrsa nor
desa ldle; I vaott Tilt vita rail de Keep tin d.
Keep Ann." ; " -
Well now, strnger, too are an old tngvte
This is a very moral town, and oar Selectmen
won't allow anybody to keep Ann or any other
woman." - '
" Yoa be Trni tick head : too ra '1 ; I no rant
your Madam. Ann ; 'tis d. town, d. plac. Keep
Ann." -
"Worse and Worse t too' want the town to
keen Ann. do tobT No Monsheer. that won't ge
down it all. yvia ruin the ropittation of the town r
oi aneiriii neveriT. I wont an strangrn
itillviEht vou.snre; Toil insult me. task
yn. ile Tsy to Keep Ann, and yoa tell me aliout
de h.u.0, de saddle and de vnmsn. Now Bare,
vlll vou tell me (I vnyld Keep Ann, d. illocsot
her " a . ,
till t ho! now I take. I suppose Ton want to
knowlliewsyto(llrmeis!er, Aan,don t your
"isil. nlli s oals it. ,
" Well, why In thunder didn't Ton Bn an drat t
Keepstraighi ahead and turn to tin? right."
1 anke y.u, tanke too, Monsieur ; I no Tights
jou now. .Iioni tur.
And the traveler vent on mi way rejoicing,
-''- - a - C i
A Bid forVT hlg Vale.
TU Kiehmond E.iquirer ba luHarly Leea '
.testing all it eloquence to indu-? the V log t.
fill into Ue Iiemocrutic tanks. Il c cu j es so
f vr as to bfTer the em-lumenta if.ft.sio the,
who will ally tticmtelv with theii ancient rival's
Th Entpuirer Uuls liemocrncy to tl,e skicf, and
aings to th. praiwj of iu J arty in tint f gnrativ.
atyle of pr.pjetry wbic'n is Teat a !a ntd to
the highest range of fiction. Hers ate a cou;l
"X clixngetron Whipg-vrr tl T eroocrncy,'
says our entUnsiastic e.'nteniKirnrr, "is verv I k
a new birth ; a putting ff corruption r.n.3 a taking
ail iiifMrruptibility ; an escape fr ,m the l,,nrls of
iniquity to a marven,.us Itetit nd li' erty." 1 ...
jaunty air of noncholanee wi h which this .crij
lurni pasvapi IB wresir'i iroaiii. ai purpirs
to doaervic. in a polities! article ia l i t more
unity of retirchcnjiioit limn the ile--tdftd call
mat. which the Enquirer- places . up n that very
w tug party u is at me some moment spr-anma
its net hi catch. A little further on wo find tli)
following hiph flown oonipnriKOiii
W lul a tl in?, the m ill ot crnmt it In the
chrysalis .tare i when l-.tfl energies are ft:lly
developed, and he etjianas into tn. respe..-iniii.
dimensions of a liuncrat, he bjrsis fiotn "Tit.--
Srtaoa, soars into higher and purer regions, gaily
utter. In the shn anal ntfU htetarjrom erei f
In other words, our contempirarj det'sre. all
Whig in their norma! stnte to be uU ;" lut
when iransfiirrned Inlu cn.wriits, bcy lcon
glorious "inseots," worll.y of lip; iR the recti t
of official patronage, and "innvets" iucj ou
The uiu-ic bog Bound itself up tn tucb a piled,
of indignity that in llio endeavor to reply it broke
the in iiii". ring, ami the i llort .ndo.1 in a Biillen,
aieulic diu.g. , .
a mm a. a
tupping Charles lamb.
"Co'eridge," save lh iJuiiicT, "told m. a lit li
erous enibarrsa.ment w lii-h I. v in la stammering
eanac.l liitn at lli.'.iiigs, l.suili hnd J,een
c ill v advisH to a course of sea bnthlng; and o-eor-lingtv,
at ll.e door id bis bithing ma.-tiiue,
whilat ho siiHid shiverinff with eold, two simit.
fellows laid b d'l bim, nno at each shoulder, like
bersl.lie sti'stBrs; they waiied tit lh. wiu-d of
cainiiaand frvon their principal wb. Ismail tht
following crnlion tn tliem;
"Hear iue, men! Take notice ( f lliil; I Im In
1,0 dip-.l"
-W iiat inor. he w nl.l hsv. ev.I is nnknuvrn tn
land or ses bathing machines: f .r hiving reached
lb word J . .,.-. t . he . .iiioeenred , i, h a rollii g
tre di-di-di di, lhat al.en at let, eih l,e Joeeend-
4, a pi-lob iip-m the f,y wd d,,ic., th two
men, rall.i-r '.re-lailjlie susoen.e, b.-em sitti-A-e
l lhat they bad revehed wlial lawyers eTill IW
,eperative" cIiiihi of lhr sentenca, and both ex
claiming al oii-.
1'h it, itv.'r qnilo aware id lhat," clow a
tf.rv plunge-l him into the sea.
."tin emerg'.ig. Limb a-l !,ed . rnu.:k ff-out Ibe
sold innt be f on I i n vol suil .1, e In hie ir.dig
aalHHi: fe m rioeoatily baeeetacl Irafiq.ill and
gain a-'.irte.tillg 111 men, T. Itrt stood rtSfavetfllb
ly li.'iiii g, ha l,-sn tl.u.
"'Men, it it p ...iMe t . I,ls;n you, tlnlli,t,r'
"O tmrlr ir, br all aaeafis "'
"Then I, stem our more I tll vou I am bv b.
r!i-d.; r I - vnd l!.rn t. o w ill, a burst nl Indigna
tion, "r,-; e '. I le'l J oi "
It d-cilftiv, sr.' And d iwn I he slsintnerer
wtil f g Ihe .e.-nd l'ae. s
ViiiT.e.l witii eld bim! wraih. ones, nt'rt. Iiavb
sa .. 4 a'te ni I a' sa ripltnaln.
" roe pv jiaiieeee: U. I' mum am ainrder
i t Arii.i . d a ira n ra n I ull
a? e; rvklng S-
red 0 SO.
("i Tea. sir. lb. loen ri lied .'' and. flh
third t n-o-, ! .an wem I toil, mbi thseea.
"'K bn-bflof istiii'" he tld oa Coming up f..
th third tune, e now .k, di,.. tt.ll Jm lhat
I sis-ao, lhat I wlo la .11 li ,i d.pjl ily
'liMbla About"
In Pike e.mnty, Ala., ther. was a trial for a
general row, and a witness testified that on.
Saltnnstalljest kent sloshin' about. As thia re
mark rcgnrdl ig th. chivalrous MnltonstAll waa
frcquenitv repoated a lawTer wished to x
what il as lhat Mr. Sallutistall had to do with
lh. affair.
"Why I've told Too several times: the rest on
'on clinched and paired off, but SaltnntaU ho
irst kept sloshlii' about."
'My good tcllow," exnlnimed the lawyer, "w
want to know what this 1. Tell us what Ton
aican by lhin' about," , , .
"Well," answered th. witneiT.ry delilieral
It, 'I'll try. Vou see, John ttrawer and 8yke,
they clinched and foul, lhat in legl. form,
aim it 7 -
. "(I, ei!" anitt th. lawyer, "0oon.rt
"Aljuey and Blackmail thra pitched into on
anotli. f,a nl lllackinan bit utt a piece of Ahnej i
tip tha- legle too, amt It.
"Yet, proceed." ' " '
"Himpvin, and Rill Stone, and Murray was
all togotlieron the ground, a bltin and kickio
one another Hint legl. too, aint it? .
"Vnrrl but aoon."
"And Hilii n.mll nisdo It his busines. to walk
forward through the crowd, with a bit stick in
his band, and knock dnwo ever hsjae man In th
i, ,in it, Ha ii,-, u Bi'UIC Oil WW. t MB. B Wliat
I fall tUnhm ubovt 1 ' I
. j ... - - .. ,. .
' A 3eautll.l Rsntlmenl.
Phortly hefirr th. dapartar. ot ih. lamente,
Ilehet f r India, h. preached a sermou which
conlumeil tin. beniitiful illuMratiori;
" Life l.ssrs us on like a stream of a Blighty
rirer. Our le'at nl Brat glide, down th. narrow
channel through the playful murmuring of th
little brook and the windmgof ita grassy bor.lora.
Th. trees shed their bloel ni ov.r our leant
heads i iha fl.iwcrs oa th. brink seem lo offer
lliatttackrs lo our young hands; w. ar. happy in
hope, and ae gratp esgarly at the benuliea around
aa hut lh stream hurries en, and still our lutnds
ar. emptv. Our eonrae inyoulhand manhaid is
al .ng a Jeper flood, amid object taor. slrikn.g
and uiajrin tirent. Wear, animated at tlx mov
ing pictures and enjoyment and industry passing
at; w. ar. axeito-l at sotue abort uvd disappoint
Bient. Th str-sin hesrs ns oa, and oar joys and
griefs are jl,ke left ,e'nn I us. W. may lalnp-wrtH-ke
I, wefinuot l daiayed; wletl her lough
and m Hi, I lie river ha-lcns to lis li onr, till the ia in Aur cira, and the biasing
of the waves is bene ith our (rat, atil tlie land
k..rn from our eyes nd Ihc thaids ar lifted up
aroa .d as, and a. Ink. nor leav. of rth and it
inhabit ,iiia, until of our further tr.yage Uier I.
o wilt, cat ti.e in. inniule and 1
deed become were theaj alJ vf euiitilinj
to ucli a transformation..'. l!ul w1 ere tle Whig,
cannot h whceJIed into iiipportiiig llief-ii iin
naii Convciition. tl.ey ar. to L. bribed., "A.
Whig"-ay th fciiquii.r, "thej f otofEre not
at all, orl y the akin of thrir teeth ;"- fmhi cft
liiey are gratified iu every aspiiotion." The ) n
quirer evidenlly Imltevev with "ir llolrtW'l-
le that "every roan has his price." and lli.t
tli. patriotism of tli. .Whigs is Buboruinat. to
their loye of nflic.. It ceaitons that th 'cor
ruption'' Bjcrilied to tli Whigs in llic cilract w.
6rt quoted, luight, willi niucli more justice, bo
charged with that parly which eecki te reiuforc.
it wsvering ranks by prouiiaiiig that tlms. wlru
irswenr then f'ld politicsl l- yally ami join iliem
ihall b. "gralihcd in everj ospircuun," Thei.
pringm to catch woodcock" are di.plnyed wilh
l icll an open, hare fnced assnrnrire in the folly of
th. bird liicY are designed buonsLivro, .thst wa
ca-i ouly avcounff r the unilisgu!'.. manner in
hich they are expesed, on the supposition that
those ahose I utinoss it U lo soi Diem liavo fre
quently eanglrf before, in this nvhocr, birds uf a
nondostjript leather, wh eAoernCfS In pnlhef
up th. spoili vsilh wlihb tlicy were ti ni; tel,
rendered them inscnelhle to the lure, until Hi' t
found themselvH Brmly grasped by the strnnj."-
Uting loop.
It, ntarki an era in Republican JuurnulUim
when lionet arpuntf at is U.liilj thruit iilc, and
open brilicry suli(ilntfd in iu ilcud. If ther)
h any, eaUiiig themselves Whigs, woo nreaillirg
to desert their principles, in tli hppeuf suoking
Iemocralio "nectar from every bluihing Howe,''
1st them mskstlie experiment, and if, Chameleon
like as naturalists one pitpvoeed Icsides tl f
faculty uf ehnngiiig their color, they ean lie n
air, they will enjoy to llnvir heart's content th.
Ilsrmeciile's feavt their new allies will ostenta
tiously set before them, A
Those Whig, however, who reganl i ontislency,
mornl honesty, and p-ditienl integrity, as virlnei
of 4 far higher grade then the mere lust of ell'ice,
will receive tin Jleinocnitie bid lor llieir tntc
With that suprem. eoulriiipt whidi, fn ib the
low .sliuint. it put Uwn their rlir.ittur, it
rii hly deserve,
Hnliery and eorrtintion hernlJed ll.e full of
Republican ltonie. Is th. fnte lif 1'i'poUirn.n
Ajoerica bi be ile'ermincd also tf mpieenariesi,
or shnll we ivvtliii. rtnlly spurn tha tempters, bio!
proudly asert the purity of iheclecti' c frtini-l.i-t'
Broken as th. Whigs were in Hi. laut I'rcsi lcii
tial eonteat, thna. who yet remniii rtradfasl Hi fie
oldp.lilH-al faith, if iMprlv .ited, animated
by a oommrm impnl, and aiming in e.,lid
phalanx, are powerful enough lo Incline lite scuiei
ef Tiebrry -n whieherer side thry Ihrow the
wel .hl of tiieir voles. Knnwing this full ell,
the Ib-moerat have latterly b-eom ting ilitly
Btfeitioaat and raressing, in thcer due and
manner, towards those bom they fornierlv abus
ed and liliellrd, itnlil, at last, Uniting tint
"N4t Srd berks, Bnd wr-slli.-d Sloilea,"
are of no avail, ihey rotnrt to biluil mj all ir
inrnt., and bold nut the j-roTiiveof ' .teiar f om
every blushing fl .wer " Tit. iiasn .rial r-am
Weller, of 1'ickwirkian nmoriciy, at'rilmird
"gievt powers id suction" tu hit te-jertnb'.e f .ih
t ( but prvt Indeed would I e t'.c p.,er i f suc
tion on th. part of II, l higs who eon i,l rvlraet
"neeinr" fron) any (l. wnr tl a .mvinisim s .i, klv
or a rigorous existence m, h r such I'mi , ratio
wtihnre as at this tim n.'ia a Ith the S r ,1
tion of the Ku-hmoiid Koquin-r.
P, il, tn-itit I'ul iot. .tlrweaai ptasvalttg m4 ae. i """T'V
,, ia .11 it. deta.t. ait ..... a vivid I ' -" . a. J., v.i -on
. g-.r..s er1h.ra w.nlrrs. . I "' l'h Ui. v ... . of .1 loior
Ilia, k't lt llia-k R..abtla. I all. t Itwi albv f lb beke'ilee kJ Sri 4
I aaw l-Mb, lib-- hr.HwI,!,!:. eaj ta Iks Ur beam rs af lbs
-,, . aiiave wmww --'-'--, t.iaa awa
a. 4 UWvaei It a.b llietbamtaa Laaea
Laales msy be tasnS tb.y aaa ba aa.te. by taltka
aa w. II. A h. a. Ill AIR.
Aped. 14,1114. I. tf.
Kak. Katety wh.a Tow Cu I
rf Ml I .abs-elbee eWate ea-S lb e4.Ud al
1 brato-a mt sa Agettl as .vee. taaiy a tbe I bit4
Bwtaa. t BVles aa aapabtt art may a Ba.teal
llaltaes pee ,. wtibeeu) ttb ae bavbw,vy ag aw,
k.w4 gall p'tsfc-aiees ml lbs atate af she baSa.M
Will be givaa b, wSSta selag tbe talatlb, aad Imv
Wc4g lib g past nlot Btaaa, m pevpa ttiaarw Bwt.
age. 1 1, R I A to, ps.ia4.irb. fa.
1)TrTMMli I R baJTl aa a M aa. ta mm eata.
I,.ala af tiwaavi IMMIaMl af Ibe petees
Il mejtelaeeati'tiws btwMbeawlt-es
will sail as ass.
tlleik rrsreaey , las.
Mt.Ct A wATt:..
Sttbbina, Marfan & Allen,
4fl mr. tvtvit, at fnag,
IMpflRtf R AXb-l'IALRR.
Xrra Cjaa. CatrnkaLi, Ftrfbas.iT, sW.
T I At aWle selet.4 skaw ttl f .-ea Ike Wet ikeJ lb
I I 4mmmmm a. fwrmmm Isaebss aBW, aa. wo.
eaaevawe, T gvaa. iaeSMnteaaww bs Sb Mmkmm
flaataaaa as Mmmmm4mmwt b tt.ta a g4t lb. , ta
el, a,... 4 as ,.as.,abl bttms as ear stiaiiat
bawe la .i .),.
leswt t pati as kg eaall Win mmmt wit. ReeatBt
Bad ! aat.Wtl-4 B4 e etvaanSlit ted4t.4
sv- tmm .seeals eael ml Rew4wy bataea tmHmm
l'raar and th. I'nlli.
A V aahing on crre poeicleul nf ll. New .rV
Herald, iu giiiiMf an a- nil f toe rf ,rt. . f .V ,
do hartigaw, Ihe Fr.n h mi-iiMer. to to, lore il-a
American tloverrmeot lo s.-ei i-t tl-e , f , I ,i "t en
le lr. t'rampt.-n ar.d I. rd I la ret, I n a- .(.! ie.
tnry. g;ves Ihe ml joined bi'c.moh ,.f no ii 'rrlicw
Uc'aerB ll e mil i-li-r ni,. I lir, M itry :
II. r.-prrnte I that tha e i .lino -i, -e i,rt e
ful felatu.ns lit'wres';-Und s'-d i' e I t. 1
ffaies was tha earnest w i-h of li n - .-, ti r
I'mperof, who, sin,' I i ar. n t" t ii.-m e
ef I etiftee bail ,aa,t' r.A ll I. I
reseitlnlive, f v in. I I t n e r' V f i.ic (.-"r-.
Iriend.l.ipio ibe I rion. Mr. M irrv i.. ,a 1 i
hiveexiiir"! 1 mi-.f,..-'!' natll.e is,.,'.o.ei i.
appeopri.. half th emovint f.f aotoathing leas i Ti . "."''V'" "
.'( ' i .lua. Kl ..:r. I ether ut.-l iHt itetneo'. alp h I he I ,, , i
A Ward I th. '-Ilard ap."
Y it go.,, loess aake,jl.wi't look sa melsncltotv !
Itetier times are ia ie f ,r yon, if Ihere
ain't. he, man, errs Wnnld sappnaa yoa wee.
eon lemnsd to lh pill .ry. birture or
like Iha "pit and lh. pendulum." Cnrae, now,
b emrrrfali if yoa mi l pay your di l.t iiamedi
aloiT. iUi th haet y ean and pay then as yoa
-,! "Car k.llad a rat" if yoa ha.evi t ally
enla b luvorinle an Inlep and straw berrvr srithi,
I y .a hsv ., II J m naven I then b ss s.,tns
Uely els', of get tnarrwsd immediaielv fur aei
of .ba'Hation frequently happily and ben
ri ill Tin their eflerja. If V'ulsi fit sy
rb l ire,. rss with llieai; If y .u htvo'l. ram
ith 'rtir r s ff l rs', Ixvol npen th h-iht sol
of vry ihieg - put on a rbeerful eotinicoaeea,
keep ia lb. trias, and tf va hud lhat
y.Mtr - am wwa won't topp-m y.os f-r lint r
vice yirttmvy render, wl.y.Tavek i,f to kse-
tlse s iMi'v of r- is eai tl,sr. lor yisa. Al all
neitls, Le .-hesriut
Ta l-lberl, M th. free ta rsrtgtasn.
A letirr ft., as lo. I -a state that lh rr
silempt of Coaot to origbsv. a r.m- .
b.nai.on ;liu.t the ll-riy of tl.e .te ia Iff Id 1 L
L - i t: . , - ,. . "S
"ti.i -,--v,iaa in I'goaev sttmnievii. it bv
li shown, Boor, ba bat. baan wbo'l,
warraa ed bv iha ( a d th ca-a. Tha " af
l'elj( m , ,i ,Ja. not anlr b vypTislii. f ear
I l-el.en I .re i g..vrnww,a, lulala,, t, , u a
prajrenlbss si.all b .odrttske. by her . i gov.
n at -at n p.iv.le ap; '.call Lota lh eCeiHled ae In sevar lh p a-aeiCiig fr. in Ih.
pejo li il,t might L end If they wt.e in
si.ioie-1 in ih iss rf a f-.ri.ign pxaertate, f-h
I like tea sewtpoluwa ia WA admitting any rein,
ger wtio pMe are a a ia pcrp-et i,r.ler
i a.ier loeee eueweaaianeea. Hi He t"nli nl 11 al
. A friend if nr ia re.. io-',l-'. f Ool following'
Hiding Bp Oh, of Iha I , 'liat.K.l rail"-a I
ears a -ley i-v Iw-i sitoe, a I ,-1 1 g'K in. and, oa Bit
ting i's t!. frinje it r't ai. ,w I ream f is
le ned to on rf ll, l,m4i,-4 aar friends .tear coat.
II aside so elT.rV toesiri a e b.m.elf. tail l
rodii.i i so iu,. ii.lrie.s. and b asvwtl u.
As tha hdv tori.ed raii.d ', I lc- .ved her til.
Ipoeing dciu rn'.l.ej . i'uieei,4 a In. pat.
m rmm, ww reovwevrei
Ms tsiw, ai .i-.el h.
" ,n4 I. too," e.. I she. but i ivt aaa at nail
amil wt kwlnndi iIim."
" Ah, asalasa, ,een--e.l Ih. gentleman, not
taken aU. k. " I a uats lo-tl a aooiUr f.baaranc
ya teu-t wait aa .. t ni ,' di-a "
1 1., tore. ay l.u'l la B.uvers.l e4 th Isos.
Bf a. f -mmI, bail llisa-4 alwsyt thai . bevra I has been eeea'a-1 BMira.g u,a Itelgiaa p.p' by
vrss vwraav a i osim sbtwtki against t r la le
la lb eireot aa neatly a e- n.el,uenl aa wa did
the otbar day. V aiking al .ng on af ll swi
ap to. a, an ord nsry bv kmg avaa lb
peg -es nf vs.y ivautibil meg aialroa, wiik
aa intsBl in bar arms, by li et Ismsiuai t
"A wotd wih y., BaaUas, if yoa plir '
R , sfc-t psd and iwn.lng nrvpvatit kins, baidi
"WhaiaWfo. pish, i,l"
K 4big, saadant. Iu . if lh. UU ks a.
ba.oiifol as lt bh4W,m
Vis Ibeig ,t (. flbs ll l al, aeewa.
bill V.l-d, bill he roaihtaoanea aof aned qotckly,
aa-t, BBS. Ill g, B. kiataKl h Mat BH baalbog k
av arwss and ) '4 oa.-Aew ) ,,mm.
rndea, aty aaaily b (Kreived, a
ha bee, baaowtwa-w by iM lUlrisn Mim.iers
in lb I hsntbw ed Ib-ptti.a, that up M iha peeieol
I SB. Fraoewvta n-4 peefeeesd ealr-il.. . ..rat iaiat
tn lU He'gvaa ttovwremewl, segard'i. Sevihieg
lb4 has bea prilal la that -wbtrv. I bs seat
on w mm pnw!i oy teiow atf ,'tl, tek-lig BWI.T
at4 ta llo mailer al ) el, ha ha fulled Th t I - , , net ., ,
baa asst b reaeele a a fa veabl ,t-, ,,f il
I. ate. Tba laateesit wpea IU ewije.tiri the
Itnitvb j.vtvwabt, at a Ihe ir tpiHt ' t I- p -n
dene. rW. at them art try .ever and i.
teitelly ee
Ud rmst ee l fn.m irti.'i r. u .
ni tiieir r,n eit,l-y.
V M.llialef .r.,', "It l-.'lfp '! , ,
In the 4'incsl m n ' r ll e ir-it'i , f n i r n
,fa I I lit Bl,. Wl, ll he In 1 (mt In , e
I Ken at tin aa.o. ent. r lii j I t r- -t
tion, in net have n -f ii. o - I I -
klarcy, ft' m l.iv ft:, rut . ,! i i, v
f 4 nortrrn., w'.n he i.-u ,,r I f . .. s ,
i ing I"' wnh innO;,H !) i I ;., I, . I
i a-blve.-Ml toll. fWr-'srv 'd Via', I ' I
I Which I. P e.,e,l. so I. br rti.i-.i n f l '
1 g". evmiei.enre. tea-ilrg nl-o'l l . . t
"Now." .aid Mr M.r, T ci'-.r - ,1 , i,
I "what I hsv ii" reid I . v a k. bom i. .
an arn.y e.-m-,.,a.' n a lu- h w .r o , .,i I .
lreVenmcv, f..r t'i lavaeo. f.f s i.' ; ' ; s 1 ,
ao-lefMsel Ir.. ia C tree a--n -' re I
ave, given, lhat his M"! t' e I r -f t
ifn -rant o ll a bvegov iit--,t l v l.'t t n- -!rr
to Im. i era . f t a i- wo, to !
BH I-e li"'d rttrti !,r- '! - f ,flrs ,.
a , l.u: s i .a, t. It s tl ! I an I il n
pll.g ' wbea II..-V oe.l e-rl .! In ' l I. tl
eannor.'. nv-Hiih ' " Mr. .M .rev e r ! '
l.nnsg l f inli.r c if ! i i J I , s .1
to Ih.s deriari.ieti f. o n -or M oi.ur il 1
- I1 Kimg.-t i.a.k a liurti-d bv.
a - - -
Tws rig a4 lbs llorM-g f:i4.
y, ,t,... i , ii .,, f ( j
iea. git. an..., e a. - o.i t ,. i . - i
hod. 1 1 h' s a, r aeo... I1 .
r s I, 'm li s o".l it,, i v.-
tile fl i p-n II.. ii' r
Kafcee d ,tt lo ll-a.a to I'Jr
ace. .ne tl, l-a'-'i "f 1-" .
fur a l-ky w.nd'all. 1 i.e c.
peltl- 'l l lt, i, '..... ... 1 .
Bt I e 1. g g lit
Won th 1,1, ,
- h.S lo..A. t '
. sa ag ev ml .
Use i i
I last e -te
. ' i
. i i

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