North Carolina Newspapers

(ortt-CaroIin f tar
-Wednidy Morning, June 18, 1858. J
r run dht,
pf xtw to.
', ro Vrri-raMiLurr,
-', : or tiunisjm.
, rolooT!o,, .
or utii.roBn.
la addition to hi appointment! already pub
lihel, we art requested to state that Mr. Gilmer
will apeak at the following timet and placet :
-.Columbia, Tyrrell County, Saturday, June 21st.
Washington, Beaufort County, Monday, June
23d. -
.. US A presi of other excellent matter must be
bur exeost for a want of editorial articles this
Week. ;
-Bio'-vVe republish by request the letter ofO.A
Brownson to Hugh J. Davis of Warren, which
(piked on of the .Anti-American cons so effectu
ally in the but-Congressional canvass in this Dis
trict. Although our comments on that letter
were more applicable to the pending canvass,
they are not oat of place in the present contest
Nr. Fillmore. Aeeptance.
Eolow we lay before our readers a letter from
Mr. Fillmore addressed to a number of gentlemen
in answer to one from them informing him of the
action of the Convention, from which it will la
sen thnt Mr. Fillmore accepts the nomination for
the Presidency of the Cnited States. The Demo
cratic party have, fcr lung time entertained
fears, or we might say kop , that Mr. Fillmois
would not accept the nomination, but we are
glad to say to them the,t they may make them
Dives easy In relation to this matter for Mr. Fill
more certainly hat accepted Me nomination In a
letter over his own signature. lie is now before
the masses of the American seonle he is in
thiir hands, and they arP at liberty to do with
him as they may see fit ithnr to elect or defeat
him. We aU know how he discharged the duties
of that high nd responsible station, in which hs
was plnred at the death of old Zaek. None can
iy that he did wrong in the least act, but on the
Other hand, alt must tadmit that be did all that
cjuld be expected. We hope and believe that on
the day of election the American people will re
member Mr. Pillinore and vote for him, knowing
that in him they find a tialuman in deed, pure
nd ui dallied one who has ths interests of the
country at heart, one who will do all an bnnett
man can do to advanoe the best interests of the
Amerioan people
Let the American people then arm themselves
for the conflict let tliern work, and work on uiui
their labors shall be rewarded by the election of
the truest patriit and the truest ttaletmam that
can be found any where North or South.
Paais, Mat 2lt, 1S56.
Gentlemen: I have the bonor to acknowledge
the receipt of yon letter informing me that the
Nations! Convention sf the American party
whle'.i had just closed it session at I'hilndelphia,
Presidency of ths fjnitrd States, snd anmi-iatxt
nau unanimously presented hit nnma fur ths
with that of Andrew Jarkann Donrlson for the
Vice Presidency, This unexpected eommnnica-
iinn met me si emu on my return from Italy,
and the duplicate wailed thirteen days later,
was received un my arrival in this. city fast even
ing. This mn-t account for my apparent neglect
la giving a more prompt reply.
V -u will pardon me f..r saving that when my
administration eluaed in 1M3, I roneiftrred my
politi-nl life as a public man at an end, aud thence
forth I was only anxious to discharge my duty as
a private citisea. Ilenoe I hsve taken no active
part in politics. But I have by ao means been an
indifferent spectator of passing events, nor hare
1 heitatcd to eipreMi uiyopimsti on all political
uhjects when asked, nor to- give my vote and
private influence for those men and measures I
thought best calculated to promote the prosperity
and glory of our common country. . beyond this
" 1 deemed it improper fur me to interfere, liut
this aosolietted and anespeeted nomination haaj
wfwvu mow uuij, iron woicn s caa-
"t shrink; and therefore, approving, as I do, of
ths general objects of the party which has honor
ad me with its eon 9 leu oa, I cheerfully accept its
nomination without waiting to inquire of its
prospects of sueeees or defeat. It is sufficient tit
sac to know that by so doing I yield to the wishes
of a largs portion ef my fellow eititene ia every
part of the Union who, like myself, are sincerely
aaxioas te see the administration f our govern
aunt restored so that original simplicity and
purity which marked the trst years of it esu
twnoe; and if possible to quiet that alarming erotic-nil
agitauon. which, while it delights the
Monarchists of F.umps, causes every Use friend
of our own oouotry to mourn.
Uaviag the sipsrisnc of past service la the
administration of the Uovernment, I may be per
mitted to refer to that as the alponenl of the
future, and ia say, should the choice of the Coa
Itoa be sanctioned by the people, shall, with the
name regard for it s rights of ovary
arotaoa ef the Laioa which then influenced my
-induct, endeavor la perform every duty ia-
led by the Coastitatioa and iawi to lbs svxeoa
tive. At the preeaedinge of (bis Convention have
tnarksd a aew era ia the history ef the country,
by bruiting s Dew political organisation lata the
appnochiog I'reeideaiial oaavaas, I sake ttie oo
oaeien tors-sAri my lull conSlenc in the pa
vvrtie perposss ot that orgsnisatna, which I re
gard as; not of a public asraaeity. furred
one) the amntry, to a large eitsnt, by aafurta
Ba'r sectional din-t -as, end ins tra-
aeary uxao divisioae towards Uiuiniia.
ia tr.j opinio-, of all the political aacirs
aw eii'tmg, is poaass4 of the power to s U ses
this violent and disastrous actuation, and to r.
tare hsriswny by its own cisnipls of mo.tratioo
and forbearance. It has a claim, therefore, U
y Jedsssent, anna every erns4 friead ef lbs
tairtriiy of the I uuii.
i St eatimatiag this party. I-Ii U hs prmni p
JttioB. aad future asstiny, I (Svt; adopt it great
leading principles as anix.aawd is ths newt 4e
oUratioa of the Kalioaal t'saacil el Philadelphia,
TT f ahh yaw were kind as to enclose
toe, holding tin to be jass aad liUral to every
orae lateml of the eoantry, aad Wialy adapied
to iha e-ul.liahirent sad aup rt of an enlight.
aad. safs and effnve Aaeru p'lwy, fa full
tweovd w.ih the l.l and the tu iesf lU faibsrs
Of Ml lUpablie.
I espad saort'v to sail for Amerira, aa l. with
iho bUsalngsef ("iiim I'ruVHlrnre, b .pe .-n hi
read my aauvs hL My "i'i jrnj ui fmpt-
ewe tuaniry aJ U.s wa-lua of us p
pie auk those ef l.erupe. ka snly served to to-
sail my e-tsiireiw and ke Uwumt saw tlm
d kad U lit-erty. aad to t Wlla
owl evea deeire ever la mmt toe AUaatma.
I ag ef yna, fntkawa, to empt my thanks
tvietne very uerg meanm to wka-k yoa hsve
a a pisaasd to a,,t U.sraUsaf lbs
tunioa ef thai ealifMeawd aad osmotic body sf
toon was owpoe4 la Ule iMVaaissa, aad to
he aasarsd that
I with fvt mwA reapawi and Mm,
Yeae frwad aad hiUrm itim
! Jem a tlstol. ai Watdoa. ft. C, has Wan
rwrvha-d fc 71fft.VJ, by Jobs M. Moody. f
Tea CeatsaDay.
Janet Buchanan, sari the American Orrui.
in a speech delivered by him in the raited States
Senate is tha year 1838, gave it as bis delibe
rate opinion that "lea eemtt a day was raowoA for
u laboring man." Thit will not be denied by
honest men if any party. The speech was prin
ted in pamphlet funs by Blair Kivee, and many
copies are still in existence.
The country at that time was-paesinc though a
commercial crisia of nnparalelled severity. Al'
the banks had suspended specie payments the
government itself was bankrupt, and business of
every kind in a state of suspension! Remedial
measures for the distress, which bore so heavily
npon the people, were universally denounced
nd this was the remedy, the vanacea for all the
ills thus endured by the American people, which
sir. liucbanan proposed. Wages are too high,
said Mr. Buchanan -that is the secret of all our
troubles. ' Wo ean never compete with the labo
rers of Europe unless we reduce the wages to the
rste which obtains there.. Put down the wages
of the laborer to ten cents a day, and prosperity
will once mora crown eur efforts- our manufac
tories will again commence operations, and our
commerce will again flourish with renewed vig
Was this counsel worthy of man who aspired
to the reputation of, statesman? Is it by de
grading and impoverishing the yeomanry, the
bone and Sinew of the land, that a great nation
is to be raised from depression to prosperity f
Can a free republic, of all other forms of govern
ment,! allowed, by the conversion of majority
of its citiiens, into a horde of paupers f
. The idea is too absurd to enter the brain of any
but pampered aristocrat or a heartless oppres
sor of the working man. Yet it did enter the
brain of James Buchanan, and he gave it utter
anoe in the Senate of the United States, and it
went forth from the Capitol as "sound Dem-xsrat-
io doctrine 1"
Suoh is the man whom the Democrotio Kation
tional Convention have presented to the Demo
cratic masses as their candidate for the Presiden-
cy. Such is the candidate 4t that party which
has falsely assumed for twenty years to be the
etcluaive guardian of the rights of labor andthe
sworn foe of the oppression of capital, Can that
man be regarded as the, friend of the Working
mivn who would give him, in return for day's
labor, the insulting pittance of Tin cinti ? Can
hs be regarded at an enemy to the oppression
of capitalists, who would pny the laborer less
than his poverty extorts from the grinding ava
rice of the Austrian prince or the calculating
toluahnets of tho British landlord of an Irish
estate f
The Buchanan, Pierce and Douglas Vol en the
tint Ballot.
It is curious to examine into the condition of
the Cincinnati NationalfConvention, at the com
mencement of the balloting. Mr. Buchanan re
ceived 135 votes in all. Of then, there weregiv
en by the Free States as follows :
New York
New Jersey
M ichigan
Free States
By the Slave States, at follows :
Delaware .
Slave States
Free States
General Pierce received 124 votea i
time there were given by Fret Suites s
New Hampshire
Knode Uland
New York
V iseouaia
Free States
By the blave States
Maryland '
North t'aroliaa '
r'outb Carolina
Ten Masse
llorida .'
Slave "tatoe
Free State
i alt.
It will thus be teen that while Mr. Buchanan
received on the first ballot 101 votes from the
Free Stats, and 31 from the Slave Stales, Gene
ral Pierce received oa the tamo ballot 74 votes
from the Slate States, and only 40 from the free.
Oa the tamo oeraaioaadge Donglat received 31
votes ia all aamety, 30 voles from ths Slave
Stales, aad 1 1 from the free while General
Cast received f v voles ia all, aad from Free
qfTbe Cine in nau Convention has beea guilty
of several glaring as J ridiealoas iaouasisteneies;
it raeSrme the Baltimore platform vf lfU2,hkb
accepted and supported t'l the Compromise
measures ofl'OO, and the thsa eslsting lews on
the tulyeet of elavery as t finality, tiabrasing the
Missouri Compromise at (art of these laws, and I
the nana matorial fart of them; aad thea tack oa
to the pUtf-.ria string of ra-luiii-asoe of
which, ia lbs strongnt Ungusge, adopte the No-'
brsaks-Kanaae act as Iieasaeratie meaure
winch rspodiauss the pUtfna of 1H.',0, in this, 1
that it rwpeals tlm M issuer I CempromUe. The
ssois platform ef l-'i2 denies the oastileiioBa!
powsriaf ike livnafal Government to ergage ia
Internal imprwemeats; tha revolution of iKVfi de
slarss It tbeUoiy of ths Federal Gavemmenfto
srriis pn.mptly til Its proper eoostiutiaaal
powers" to Iniild ep J' aeils rilr.d. It is true
tost the Introduction (ihs word "proper" la the
rsailetUia may, aad doautna dies, mark the
tree tense ijwkih It la to be takeai hot the
li st la tbo onvineibsj with ths eld platform
would desirsy ike fifreef lbs reanlutioa, and
nili it what il duobtlsss was in lea-lad to be. e
fraud apoei all thai paeiiua of the sous try oh
aVaaire lb ruavl built, aad better thai fVra-
avast has lb emsiile'i) power to build k
frasa tansa,
H Bs oar last.taers bevs b Isr snrivah fmm
Kuruf.tb laM brief, date frves Uvsrsnal to tbo
list alt, Tbero was esasideraUe essilsmeat
ep-m Aeserieaa aAVur. Othar as esinpoe-
Why Mr. Bachaaaa as Voted mr.
It hat taken bat short time fy the Demo- !
emtio party to illustrate the duplicity with which
the canvass for the Presidency is to be conducted.
One day a platform is adopted by the National
lonveation,tn which tha Kansas bill it made the
leading issue, and the next' day fourteen ballots
are taken, in which the united votes of the two
men (Pierce and Douglas) most identified with
that measure but little- exceed the vote of Mr.
Buchanan, who had, nothtn to do with the con
troversy, a bo was not in the flgbt, and whose
sentiments respecting the Question were out
known till the law was passed. The explanation
of this it found in the following article from the
Cincinnati Gasette, paper printed at the scene
of the convention and devoted to tAt aoti Kansas
interest t v
"Opinions as to the nomination are as various
almost, as the dele-'atet arc numerous. Buchanan
men, )at night, were, or affected to be, oertainof
his nomination, dome proteased to think that be
would be nominated on the second, others on the
third vote;while the extremely sanguine believed
mat no would ne nominated ov acclamation. V) e
think, on ear part, that Buchanan basgaiued
strength within a few weeks, and even since the
delegatee began to assemble here. TheinTa
sioua outrage upon Mr, Sumner end the infamous
proceedings of the Border Kuffians in Kansas
nave created such an excitement in the North,
that the politicians see that without they take ud
some man like Mr. Buchanan. srAo hat Mot been
dutely identified with las Kmiat-Nebratka Bill
they will liuve no chance of doing anything in
the Northern States. Hence, they are willing to
dodffe the iiuby throwittg overboard both Pierce
and Douglas, and nominating Buchanan who
doea not occupy a position quite so antagonistical
to the Ami Slavery sentiment of the. North, at
they do. The nomination ot Buchanan by the
Democratic Convention, triti be 'a tree Soil tri-
mu; for although he would not be satisfactory
to those who oppose the extension of Slavery, Ins
nomination over the beads of those who have
doue so much to further the tmrpoaca of Slavery
propagandi stseuuljouly be aoconiplia bed through
a consciousness that these-chamniont of hlaverv
w o v, el, auu coum iwi -ov put ia numiuaiion
wit nuut groat n&x. .
We sar nothing in relcrence to the ingratitude
of the South, and the bad effect it will have upon
Northern dough -faces should Pierce and Douglas
he thrown over board although we have in our
eyes number of young politicians of essy con
science, or no eonscieuce at all, who are ready to
earn their promotion by doing theHlirty work of
me oouui uccauae ii is no concern oi ours, lax
them take on re of themselves. But we were not
prepared fur the exhibition of weakness, and
. i i . r . ... - ,i i i
uimw in merlins: ma issue mev usve roiseu.
which, (if the Buchanan men are to be believed,)
the Democrats in the Convention are about to
make. The nomination n Buchanan will be rir-
tvally an adintttivn that the reiieal of the Mittouri
Comiirvmite true a fulit tttn. and a eoutlemnation
nj i terce and nit aitmmutiatum.
Putting the llest Face oa It.
The ctfmocrtcy of Washington oity had Bat
iuoation meeting on Saturday night last.and Oen
Cass aud Mr. Douglas, two of the disappointed
delivered speeches in support of the nomination1
of Buchanan and Breckenride. This was not so
bad; for Cass is too old to hope, for the office, and
Douglas it young enough to wait, and knowt that
his present acquiesce noe is essential to hie future
hopes. But what did the crowd then do but
march to the 'President's House, to serenade
Franklin Pierce on ttf occasion of his bitter dc-
featl "After the Band had pltytd several airs,
in) s the Union, (whst they were we are not told
nor even wuether they were appropriate to the
occasion,) load call was madt fur the Presi
dent,aud be came forward and delivered speech
commencing as follows: "I congratulate yoa my
lenuw eiutsos, upon mo occasion which bnnga
you here," and ending with, "my thanks for this
gratifying call." Is it not true that language
was given to man to enable him to conceal hi
After leaving the President s House, the party
called at the residence of Mr. Secretary Dobbin,
who addressed to them few remarks "in sy
patbetio response to the object of the visit."
Mr. trillaere.
The Peris correspondent of the Herald writes
as follows, nndsr date of May 21t; "Mr. Fill
more arrived here yesterday from Copenhagen.
lie left Rome with view to go to Kusaia, but
f Mind the Bailie blocked with ice. So be returned
here, aud will, In few days, leave for England,
You may expect him home in four or tve weeks,
lie looks remarkably well, sod I venture to ssy
ia the most composed candidate for the Pretider.
cy now extant, Mr. Fillinoie received the first
official information of hit nomination by the
American party in enioe, and t duplicate of it
here the day before yesterday. Hit aceepUnoc
goes out by the same mail which carries this
letter. Mr. F. endorses the' general principles of
the -platform, and rood sains til Motional agita
tion, lit accepts the nomination as national
j" II. W. MUtor, Esej.
We nnderstaad Uiat this gentleman, when oa
visit fo Norfolk last week on professional busi
ness, was prevailed npon by the Americano ef
that plsce to daiiier an address. Though III
notice was short, wt are assured that Asblan
Hall wse crowded to it utmost capacity. M
Miller's cpeeca is represented, to have beea aa
able and powerful one, completely reputing the
fjwl charges made agninet the Amerioan party,
aad triumphantly sustaining the principle Odd
positioe of our candidate and our party before
the American people.
The New York Herald, in aa article hesde
"A Little I'laia Talk Aboot the Presidential
lilertloa," ) inkl that tb election of either
IVmocra'le er Black Republican esa lidats f ll
Preaidenry will hav tit elT. ct of ptrpeioati
a'iiml leeliiig, tnd of finally endangering l!
t'nutn. The si a a uf tb pfie UiMugbuot lli
Country, at ItaM I lie most intsllifrnl aad patriot-
M, both North and S-Killi, bavt eomt to tb tame
OusKiluiion. aad will give their votoe to Fillmore
and iHiaelson, In prefsreaeo to the eandldatoe of
nj other tarty.
taaaMeUs tor I'Jeetor,
The Ameriaui t'uaventina which met ia WiL
miutoa oa Toudsy. seieated 0. V. Mraree, Fq
a the Amerieaa eaatdUlat fuf Eleetur lit tb 3rd
1 he fc.Il-wli.g are lbs auli-l.lartort l
Aerkas Purr.
Sf ffiMnr-r,. II. Ceasa snd Gen. Delia,
ayielw. II. W. Faisno, lh a Hkenford.
K Tr.y, Jm. C. Kvia.
It aonj-(in, Alfred lUirkerv, ft, F, IJllI.
lMrv-a Kelly, i. K. M.ltia.
yf-aari-l). U It.. II. Jt. tire., .
(W.iv, A. i lrla. A. J Tr-.y.
t aaiWhis4 Jn. W. Bskevjr , K llsitno.
Iltrnm Ja. A Wfare.
T. B ia. C. A. Ilsmson.
tMekwaa1t Msgsslaa,
riwilasef lire May nasslar 1. r.rvrtand's
r.4ilrsl I stars, Z. (ta I ih Wli
Boa... I. Uiters fr Ih. IU.,k. nt It,. Ira.alo.
4, Me'am -wphreeesi A Tsls-I'art I. I. Th
i ia ai-wna. ikw'aa mt in "waes.s. 1 ke
Art of Tre4, 7. The fear. rUtMbieakod bv
The learw.
U rwoti A , New 1 ark, al 3 t year, or Ule k
wawl aad the four Brtueti Ifuartsrlr riviwe bar
Ths 'Xertner CaaS uUta.
It cannot bo denied that tkt North gained a
great triumph in the ominatioa of Jas. Bucha
nan for the Presidency. He was theireandidatt !
hile Pierce was the candidate of the Sooth. Oa t
the first ballot BuRiaaaa received 101 vote from
the free States, and only 34 from the slave State
13.) mail, while Pierc received T4 from the
slave States, and only 50 from the free States.- I
The slave Stales that supported Buchanaa, were
Delaware, Maryland, (in part,) Virginia, Louisi
ana and Kentucky, (ia part,) only five. The
ave States that eupported President Pierce,
Were, Maryland, (in part,) North Carolina, South
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Ksn
tucky, (in pert,) Tennessee, Arkansa7Forida
and Texas eleven in all.
It is evident that the North succeeded in for
eing their candidate down the throats of the
South, by party discipline alone. Dook tt the
determined resistance of North Carolina, for ex
ample. She oould not be induced to vote fur him
until opposition waa out of the question. She
f mghi against him so long as hope remained, and
then with a wry face wot forced to bolt the un
palatable stuff.
This nomination it direct condemnation of
Pierce's administration, Which, we are told,' has
been eminently Southern in its character. And,
ii confirmation of this charge, we have Demo-"
oratie testimony. The Columbia (S. C.) Timet
lyt: 1 he selection uf Buchanan is a rvpudic-
ion of Mr. Pierce's administration. Mr, Pierce had
madeaonie atonement to the South for his affiliation
withsndnlEcinl patronage of Northern freesoilert,
by bis late annual message to Cougress,iu which
he clearly set forth and ably vindicated the con
stitutional rights of our section. ' That very mes
sage, however, utterly destroyed hit availability,
nd proved the very means, in the hands of hit
Northernopponeuts and truculent Southern-politi
cians, of defeating bit nomination. We care
nothing now about the motives which prompted
him to write such nre$a;e; we predicted that it
would lose, mid now know that it hat lost him
the nomination. lie has been pointedly re
p'rored, censured, condemned for writing it
for expressing merely in cheap words hie. yiewt
touching the rights of the South; Another hat
been selected in his stead, who durct not utter,
even if he entertains, such conservative senti
moots selected because he has never expressed
such sentiments selected for the very purpose
of repudiating the annual menage nf Mr. Pierce.
To sum np. The more conservative of the
rights of the South, Mr. Pierce lias shown him
self and he has by pn meant been as conserva
tive as wt would have him to be the less toeep-
table.he has become to the Northern freetoii l'e
mocraey. The consequence has been hit rejec
tion tt Cincinnati. We conclude that the nomi
nation of Mr. Buchanan should not b accepta
ble to tht South, because it it virtu- Uy a repudi
ation of the little regard which Mr. Pierce hat
shown to ths rights and interests of tht South.
Not only should tht nominstirn be rejected tt
the South because of its acceptability to North
ern freoilisra, but it should bt rejected for other
oogent reasons. Mr. Buchanan though tn able
ttatetmnn, who would no doubt manag the for
eign relations of tb FodersJ Government with
skill and success, yet entertains inch yiewt upon
various questioni affecting our internal relations
as should render him extremely obnoxious to the
South, and especially to South Carolina. He it
not sound on the paramount question of tht
times the slavery question. He it high pro
tootive tariff adwate. For these weighty rea
loni bt oiiglft not, ia our. view, to receive the
lupport of the South." 1
What mor can w tdd? Is not this sufficient
and mor thta sufficient to demonstrate our po
sition? The far-4 raiim biUi,l,. illt rin-
didatemoet tgreetblt to the South, was rudely
et aside, and the candidate most agreeable to
the North was nominated. The North triumphed
over the South, and yot the South It called upon
to ling hallelujahs for it.
rT,7ii0!oB Herald.
W anhlpof the Rising, iYe etllngBsB.
Wear t"ld,ln UitocuuiVsrtheclosinV"ot
ofthtCinati Convention, thet "thrVW
metidous cheers were then given for Bu-Wiaji,
three squally enthusiastic one for IouglAod
three moderate one for Pierre."
Thus It it ever In political life. Tht man whs
has no mors favors to bestow, is whistled down
tht wind, whilst tlis supposed dipensere of the
spoils are greeted with "trcmendoue cheers."
The came late awaila these, ia their tura. Should
Buchanan be elected, tven with as overwhel
ming "trepiendous" popularity as wafled Pierre
into the Presidency, he will go out four years
hence il h very "mnderate" tnplauae. Harry
the officer who can take with him kit oar appnr-
betiou, the reward of a faithful perform anoe of
duty. du h man le Millard Fillmore. He
la worm thmisanri rloeuanane, Djoglasea, aad
Pierces. fay. Obt.
Jisl 10th, 1856.
At I meeting of Raleigh Chapter, R. A. M.,
Ku. 10, called ia ooaaequence of the intelligence,
that Jamas T. Marriott, hss departed tbit life a,
ll- lsns, Arkansas, os the Ath of Mty IKifl, the
following rrsolutiooi were snsnimoosly adoptsdil
' llrmJred, that we bay beard With tht pro
foumleat regret, snd the deepest snmiw, nf ear
mwh resieotd and bebned c-mipsnion, Jsmes
T. Marrioll, who, far from ths bom tnd friends
of his youth, and thns who know him beet, tnd
to whom he waa must endeare.1. ia a land nf itran
gera, bis been eut dsn in the prime of lite, a' d
with aproapsol uf uaeiulneae belur bim, bytl.e
baad of vniUaro t but, whilst ibarply df pkrringhis
fate, and Sviemnljf imprrsssl with eurh regrol
ana sorrow, ws snail ever clieriah In lively t
msmbsrane bia many tirtnsa, thos hir i and
gsostonaqi aliiiesuf heart, hick so oadearvd him
to bis friends and OHepauiunt, and secured to
sim a pue) ia our affection.
fYurxW, 'bat we bow with eubmisaina to this
michnf dianevisethia, know in that the immor
tal spirit uf oar hekivedenwipsbioa be pie. t,,
the presence of Ilia whole too wm to try pud
too gtstd to do wrung
Wreif, thai Villie lierestsl wife, friends sa-l
rslstivrs of be dernsss-l, we teaHsr our bsartftU
ypaihy an I sincere toflilwlaa".
UrAfd. a a testimony reanrrt for the
Veeaeed, w will wear tlis uveal bsds ef mours-
Itf.tml, that copy nf the, j Resota-
lions be eaimmnu'irsicd to tfiS family uf the rln.
eesd, and that they be published ia the lily
k rkyatHs wf kl,k ur4-sas4rrwMet)i s fr.
J V fkt Is 'I iks S.aal liMiluniaas a-T I Lis
"f rxin fnaa erllvs prstrv, at, ku
nfarias f-ast Psliamarv flw-aw. IImuk
Bails liui I rmik Inla rW kla sr.nk, s
ewrs be eaw,u. mSHis, fasfki, ( .U.. m
t-rl aVkilits-1 m-4 ki swsrssVat llwwO.n
ekn,ullii M 4r.l
St all '., ka la Slrv... rr-a Iks arlartnM W
! I , IT, 7 r,',. r."J. TrL7.717?l,
I 'kasra. ka w-'l ml a RaaMX. wok a. n a..,
-ew aatief enw OTaaaaeaiif iai M.
. Is armed fee Posts-. Sad lbs
naaeeel-eee 1
paaee) af SkH
f ril t K, iltf ST ft, j
ftoi tt, r. fie, Nrw-klla, n
;sa,t, !.
Tar the Stan
t)etoecrary la a (tow.
Ml. Eoln a Aoeordini to nromise. I smd
J00 &w lines, 6-r your excellent paper ia ro-
w ? "' ' this see,h.a.
duui mm since, we I'emoomcy r ) ui .ilartin ana
Washington counties, held a e-ntnd encampment
at Williamstoa ; and after great deal of ercrei
caucusing and srsrs pmlmp, they succeeded in
nominating Josiah Cullins, Kq., of Washington
county as a candidate toe represent this seuato-
rial District in the next Legislature. And, sad
to tell, after til their hard wore Mr. Collins de
The American party is bow. as it should do.
holding back and watching the movements uf the
the anlemjittt. ( We Gilmer chape really expeot
a little fun about the 4th of August.) This
county will seod an American to theneil llouae
of Commons, and very likely this District will
send an Amerioan Senator, Tb probabilities
etrongly favor this result,
About this time the Democracy are certainly
"down in the mouth," tnd ther teems to be
no help for them. A mod dose of Chsrrv will
not recruit their languid spirits or animals their
troubled ouuiitenaneea.-
The prospects of the Amerioan party are htfi
,.r now man iney nave ever been in this section;
and the days of forty with the -Log Cabins and
Hard Cider," were never mora fUuerin than
are thene days, in which the cry of FILLMOKK
ivn viiu iikiiAvi S - - ...
" " tmo.ii are ecnoine- from iurtb
to South, from the Kast to the West.
1 be ilemocrats do not seem to like old Bock ;
Pierc wot their choice, but of course thov "will
support the nominee of their party whoever he
may be." The prospects of our county elections
aft very flattering. . Gilmer will very certainly
get as good vote in this section as any man hat
since the days of V, illmm A. Graham.
Tuirty-ronrtk Congrcti-riwt Session.
WjtsnisuTuM, June 9, 1856,
SH4T. Mr. Bright being absent, Mr. Stu
art was eleoted president pro tern, and took 'the
ehair. ,
Mr. Adamt moved to take np the bill to amend
the naturiluatinn laws tnd mtkt It tht speois'
order for Saturday next; which waa tgreed to.
Mr. Trumbull introduced a bill to reitore order
nd peace in Kansas, by annexing that territory
to Nebraska, and abolishing its present form of
territorial government. ., '
Mr. Trumbull thought that this proposition
was worthy of some consideration, as ther was
a stat of things now existing ia Kansas which
all good men must deplore. He taid hi did not
cart about the bill being referred, as that would
withdraw it from tht consideration of tht Sen
ate. Mr. Donglat advocated tb referring of the
bill to the Committee on Territories, who would
make report at tn tarty day. lie wot glad to
te that the opponent! of the Nebraska bill were
beginning to acknowledge tb principle of that
Mr. Trumbull, in reply, taid he reitrded tht
repeal of th Missouri Compromise as tht cause
of all tb mischief, and would be glad to rectors
things to their former position. '
Mr. Douglass said that if th people of Kan
sat would yield implicit obedience to ths laws nf
tht land, there would bt no difficulty in Kansas,
or anywhere else. At to ths Nebraska K inset
bill it it understood by all trus Democrati every
where alike; snd be would refer hit colleague to
tht proceedings of tht lata Cincinnati Conven
tion. . Mr. Trumbull, la reply, taid that the language
was ambiguous, tnd each section understood it to
suit Its own views. '
Moaert Douglas and Trumbull further continu
ed ths debate wlien the bill of the latter was re
f erred to the Committee on Territories.
lrv Foot oVIivered hie views with referrene
to sulgects growing out of th proceedings of tb
Ule naval board) arguing agsisxt the power of
rat nctiaont to nismiss any Jorrmmimionea offl
oen of the army tnd navy, except in hit execu
tive capacity to carry into effect the lawi of Con
gress sod the sentences of oourtl martial.
Tb Senate sdjsurned.
Hot-it of RirsumviTtvrs. Mr. Jones, of
Tennessee, moved t correction of tht Journal, to
ttrikt out tht Bolic given On Saturday,
of bit intention to Introduce bill to remove the
seat of government from Washington to lbs Slats
of Ohio, sod within flvs miles of lbs city of Cin
cinnati. II contended that the notice could not
bt glvtn, in asmucb as ther was aoquorura pro-
tent oa that day. , -'
Tht question was taken; but B0 quorum voting
yeas 41,htyt 61;
The House adjourned.
'.. - WtaaiXGTeaj, June 10,
Smart. Mr Fneter submitted s resolution di
recting tin Committee na Commerce to enquire
Into the. expediency of tutborising III issue of
register to the Britiah built barqut Resolute,
which was alranduned by that Government, and
found derelict in tin Arctic ocean by th Ameri
eaa whslesbip George Henry, ind by her
brought Into the port of New London, where sh
is bow lying; all claim to said teasel by the BrL
liah Government having been relinquished to lbs
salvors. .
Mr. Mason proposed that ll.e vessel thsul-l ba
purchased by the Government snd rsfttteJ, tnd
then eeut back to ths Biilisb Government si s
Mr. Fneter stpress4 bit gratification at this
suggestion, tnd ill order tl at il might be tarried
oat, withdrew the resolution.
Mr. ('rittss4ra submitted s rear lotion, rqa
tlngth President of ti e Unite! Steles, la vie
of Uie difteultios eaiatuig ia Kenasaand tbt em,
ploy mnt ef lbs military Inr th restoration
of peace sad harmony there, to trad G so era!
Scott to tsklo.isrsandi f ihe-e fortes.
Mr.Criltendsn eaid thet Cong-est bad bea la
leash n til months, isd yet bad J"fe nothing
!orde restoring peace. There bed beea to1
much debate, w bit b bad ths rflVet only to txae
psrata. aad to inflame paai's, and lead to eriea
fat ion end rn-filr.ioati. lltsa kumiliatirg to
itnes Ibstprctsrle la Kansas, If not civil
war, there wss the nest tiling thit f te it, tad tht
whole Inb sl(1it left lb serk tisronastriirneoa.
fisn. heU was U.s prv person In rvad thltlier,
lis would earry tn hi left band the sword, snd
ia ths right pears, sjliet eaie,
Mr. Msaen said hs waa ma) prepared either Is
eppmvs or d "approve i f tb resolution. Il at
ptsMrd S diavbt as to lb twprw)y ef making
sash a reqiteat nf ths I'nmdsnt, aim. sa th
mands In et.ief of the army as asll as the bsvv,
bee aula iwsr evsr the eal-rt,
Mr. frwsrd waa In favor wf sending General
fVott tn Kana, Let th .upht it ebueid b d-me
ny a joint teaolutt-n.
The roMilutiua was postponed an I -I to .
Ik Penan paseed a till ( lb relief of see
tain eiinl set ls-s ka Miosiaaippt. tad
The V nale e lyrearaeH.
Ibet at oe rtirnesayavivu. Mr tlorfinrams
y rnnswisdlb taa..uie of the Usneiatur
Staaear-haaetls IB Snrvicat eaet-leennsln-a eT lbs
aaamK Rewator Nrr, 1 key wers laidea
' 'Slrts a sf-terod I b pr.nle.l, an f, y want
. OiktrwtB,
' Ik limes lift t'j urufd.
OR AWE covjury, x c.
Rey. JESSK P. BAGBY. A. B Prineir-1.
Mr. JAM US II. SI'tKD, A. B. Ajtoeiata.
Mr. A. V. KAi.UY, Asvistant.
Mr. LDWAKD M. SCOTT. M T Pe!.tl -t
.the Medical School.
Ta Fall BaMtoa sf tks Mats tai... .ill
T'T?" ,s f J),. The corps of tuMreetora
kaa ksae incieaitj. lbs ehuaeuraf tks tHehoal is as
.... eaienue Kaaol u ovaiastl ae-
Z ki I rrm locsiily stiupsrss
: wu la rennl to beatlh
an saarahli
-tk Trustees and TeaeksrS tWI II A.,,. i u.
eulests svsa aioraltly and eemvt neaersl vmws !
"liioa, yet at the raen Uaw tticj will uke seMeial
ear. tkai rn.lhm, ia tsugkl that ia at all eestanu,
hik lite Tciebara propose i,, aver Uta ma m.mjl
Si sal u lbs Si 4 clana Aadeisiea, thay desai il of mark
mors importaavs that their iuitrsctio rhoals ks
ttonet thas arenn'n. Kiarr effort will k. -1.
te issues fcesaeas far sta4y, sad Is cheek vietowi ore.
Trm: Taiiloe la English Departmsat, lit, St, sad
la ths Chueitial, ili.od m aeaaioa. A e.niiu...t r
" si ii required each sturleiit. (load board esa k
okuined, ooaveuient to ths Aratlmv. rn. a? ta
month. The Anoeiala Priaei)! orsursckoul is a nstivs
t Nth Carslina, sr.a a rrsdssle ef Hasipdee Sidney
Caller, s- Tks Principal Is a astivs ef Virsjlais,
and a graduate of rUadolok staooaCa I . Hi, hniw
... -;-- I 4"Hea atgniy raeoaiaiasile, nrsm Us
-wiw vhwih nuutuB aaam Ullefl,
The medical school. ,
w III ettamesce oath 13th of July. Ths meda ofle-
StruetiuB Hill ha bv Lectnn-a. Uuinlinn. ... lii
leal ronvsmuonn Katk sttnlent will ks required, st
suck titties sa amy ks dv.tanatid by ths Principal, to
wrtis a aari ia lha variout branches ef Hmlieius, sad
will ks practiced iB spplrlss; haadarsa tor fractures,
ste .aBd in tha use ol Kuritieal laMramaata.
Dr. ricatt will aikiblt and ex) lain ths vsriwss klnda
i oarficai inamiaaists. snd alio apparatiu for ths ad
luataantoffracturaraaad dialaeaUnaa. ulunnia
requires, drawU and akaris foe Illustrations ia Anal
My, aud is the i'rscUc ol Med,,,.. Ia wialev sa
epponuBity will kaxivea fur rserelas ia practical A net.
eruy. luatead of encakin matm r ! 1 nr M. li-.i.-i
n "W" tios sf il ky Or. RU-hsrd Black
nail, wkoss wall known ehsrseler sa a Hhyalcisn ens.
blea kin to appreciate ths inporunes of suck hiellii as
for kladicsl Imlrocli. n as ws proprwa to oftke. Proper
sraldcpartkiaM will of rwurasbs sspeeted of gam s-
" "l- "J attenuins Siatllesl ncboot.
TnRMH. Tha seusl raws tied bv tks Msdlosl Pre.
rceti'a-IOO per annum. Kates of kuard as shots
Ray. J01IX A. MeMsaaerhCka't;
1 Mr. WIhl.lA.M8 IIAKRlft,
- Coh I), V. I'-tUhlrttl, ossKtary,
t toks pleasure iBreeomaaadlns Dr. 8cott' Medleal
t.lsas le young rare whs may wiih to read Medieina.
l)r. Heoit ia a uatlvs of Or tnga Bounty N. t'arolins. Hs
hss keen for several yssrs llaiaonatrater in ths Natloa.
al Medical OHIces, Wss .Idi..o, U. C, shcV'.V Bourne,
" an toe suvsmeitea ol bseonlng laiMlf quail
mini onargo oi a nsuirai elaaa. nr. sjeutt'
slaas, on aeetisot ol tha oppomtBliies afforded by kia
tr aacniises is rraeueai Austony, will ba ie sdi
of thors who lake tha ordinan K,r.. l,-r,M .it.n,li.
Leetorsayor (radualloBi as tha aaaleaty of tka aofl parti,
et PmeUosl Aaatony, ia reneaatly artUMd.
Juns U, IMt. ' ji 4J tfm,
Guide) to the Spring.
TI18 VtntHSIA tPRlNtiS.-CoBUlBlB an as
souut of all tha I'rinelpal Mineral Cprinst ia Vir
ginia, with n raatka on tks nature snd medical ap,,ll.
oaMlity el each, Hr 1. J. Mrwsaai. M. 1). Meevsd
sdltitia, greatly enlarged, with a syaujiiis and saspaof
roowia anu oiaiaares, aa plslas. Alsa, aa sppew.
d.i, eoBtalniaf aa soeouat af Iks aataral suriosiussaf
us rtsts. ISiso. mania,,
"VUitera to tka gurlnsa. for balkarralJi.tlM. will
lod It paally to tkeir advaaisfts le procure suok a
leuabls eade aaewai as thia; sud thoaa who, Uks ou.
srlrse, rataais st hone, sas alio sppreeiala snjlhinj
whiuk bears upoa Physloal tlaoaraphy ia Its eoiabins.
HuBWitk ths kssling art, Tks work ia got up la aapilal
styht, aad ths paklie wisy he sure thai It Is as eaioa
Beany prodseUoa." M orcaaaa mud Ksaervsr. .
Burks' Virginia Springs.
Tn. VlRllIMA 1IINKRAL 8CK1MI8. Wllkea.
Stark oa tkeir aas; tha diaeaass Is which II fi r ors p-
lieabls, at. acenmpanlad ky a wiap of Rooiaa sod
lirtsaoee. A new woik. Haaoad e-Jlll-a. twihraicd
ssdealarged. By Wn.uas Uuaas.kt. II. llise.aiaslia,
"Na aertloa sf ths world Is Bears fWvaead kv Broi
deae la Mlaarsl Waters ef grsat value and tndushied
viriua Hiaa oia pi.,i-i., a 'rlia - -i--4..
and Utiticd Aocouat of tkalr ttaaliuas aad Klaets,
With directions as to Ihalr l as. biaMwuualwadiul
scatlcroao, la kars offared ta tka nabhci aim a Maa
wi rvuur-., u. wntr-w ins savaraj waterlBS plaital are
reached. Ta iavalids sapoaiallv. who are dirorliaw
their slUstiaB lo Katare'a raovedial asaals, wa eoaaaaead
litis as straecllliiKaowipanlua; Il will direct Ihslrekaass
sas gtiise ineir Journey, In aeart-k af ths dears be
a earn, tiict will bare ohlaia aiors tnforavation ra-
snseunx tbras ruaalaias af llaahk, tkan frnaa any elk
sr aoeres wbatsier Mkdim OmmI, H-h-..
rormiesy , H. U TI KNKR,
,... - . 0. Bowkaiors.
Rala ih, June, li. 4
Greensboro' remale CoUesrn.
rpil PallRci., ,t ids, will esanasoes sa the
X. sist eay I
list da. ef July,
daucs, k'ael. HaabiB.ssd Lskul ails talUH Is all
I Bass,--rutard f twlad ns ntrnt.had Imm io-b.
Ike EnKliakkraaebs
iBMdealal UI, (or reflra . I SO
Day acholan. foe fuel, lye
tsvaaaa Xaale on Iks Plaaa sr Ouliar, ;i.M
Drswinr, Ik dtadles la Maada, Cray-Hl faetile, IU.
nil l ai.tlrn, iS. bstin, IS. rreach Sit. K. u..r
faea are la ba paid sae kalf la advaBeo. Ike olkoe half
al tka snd sf Iks Boeetoa. Lecturers aa tks 1 bears of
Marie will be delivered, free af starve, to thooe kutias
Uo Jcrira a lkucoMS kawlads sf thai InlsrseUBf
atiema i
I Irca'ari will ka s-BI aa applleatlli to Iks President,
letoae dealriBg full iflteraaelin.
T. M. JOSM, Pre-et.
Jaaald. Hi.. 41 Is.
iaifi V bile tnlf fanr Il4 riyl)Vit Jpri.tx
VTarrrn Cannly, n. f.
fpilESR HI' II I Mia are slusled la a k.aliky aad
A pieaaast aaeuuaol eowalry, I J Miles lu.m ar
rail I on llepat and II mtlae fma HeBdera-aa.
saeb of who-k nlaews Hacks stay a (ware ks fnsnd,
ready to snsery iMIoea to tka Sprlssa, Tka climate
to aalulirioM, the siadwinat elutes cf tka aauvs aa.
doahfrd. aa laoud by aw stpinewea ef staleew r
aad Iba taeaaiauiew la all eoapwets, (ed. Tks
eeubllsbauM II saw epos a Ik aoaptloa af f avals.
TRRHit, am el Isat year, vtsi
fay Based pay tvwlk, ?l M
" . " ", I s
" " day. ' I at
Far sklhlrsa (ssdar I) sad atrvaats. kalf prt.a.
fayrmmt r.-mnl Iks wMs aeaaw, my tkra
-il, wilt ka ekariae at tks ISM sf . par atvalk,
ot fnr lha a-.o.
g-K liAII.I MAIL will hake-rajUt. tka aprtai.
. . vrtLLtAM JorJ,
Jane 1st, laid. jt im
Book Blndln?,
JOII1 II. Irt ARTI lti:T Jk lot,
- R ALf-IOII. N. C.
i Rl Hill snrrylns sa tks fW-k ltl. tlh kealeses
j . in sii us keaacaas at ths sol stood ever "I r
reran, U, tVoatatar "
Their haoreeaed fae-mile win enable them to es
seats Iks kinlmf af 1', kewepapara, lis.
who ftomf taaa ead diepakk, si be
tor prises.
(Was a. ot to Ikaat from say part ef Iks Stats
wiik dilerlir-aa, will be townd l say rle denrwd,
bused tad Sml Week Ollbcnl deUv A Creey
s'i'M.I II. l ARTkhs-T A H,,.
Bslel.k. r.
jr.t's1-. Vt
I'ltr Cm try. J
Coart ef TWss tad Quarter Rssaiaw May Term,
felili" te ee l Ua4a.
W. M. P. I'.rowa, Adss y, vs. kalis al Uw, a f,
N'llltaiB A. fiasabls, teas d.
I X ll.ll fees, tl ar.r-eaH U Iks sallfaetlca af U I
.-rt ti. el Kuu B.M.1.U u - - - .
11.1, rial- 1.. - - ..... -
- , . ibm f-e.,ei nea-io
I tha Rank ( a,-lins aiar, yai I ike I at i'a.e.ra,
f all enaeSeee weal a. tl.a ne.d
Resmel neabia tn Sfpoat SI HI keal I eeset, ta ks
keld for tht enaklv af-eaeiaid. al Ih I . art Ilea-,
la t.ieec. lie, en the tial M4ay of Aafwet sail
Inoa aod H.eea to aese and w swwaa, i eat,
k k I. wl.y tha peayav sf pelilin k fc- rl-J.
W , s-l b.,d eewj tV
sf Ikie fc-t.i will J lebee era B 'ee-a na 1 . lee
j Hil,M. Mary Pk.fp.ed,
I Tewrt .t -t fc,
lle-k nf ear
i-S tral M-ia
nf . War, I
II. ff;riMt
. k.
eprta, Stock if tooti lid Shea
rrtHS 8i;tWChlBE bet, km to infarm kis
1 nouteroas tnoa-la sad ewstomers. that ks kaa
Jus! received starts and well selected stock of th
bslow aaaisd goods
Lsdies Car. Kid Court. Hd. Oa! tra.
L. L.
Bl k Fr. U
t:oi'd -
8. C. a
Brows "
Htitck'd "
F-ngk. Kid
Bd. - h
" Ths Tela Minds.
Mor " "
Ud " r.rodies.
" - k Mor.
I M 1.
fSiippers, .
i' Liutls.
" Bronte
Ladies Whit Kid C alters,
" - Kid Blippers,
Hissss nr. ititi
Bl'k Mor. nd.
" Cul'd -
. Bl'k Fr. L. Oailsrt,
Col'd - i
Kid Mor. aad Gt. Bootees Tk k Solas,
" Br. A Col'd B, R.
Chs, Ot Ws'.t s Mor - -
" Ass'd. Col'd 1-ao Oaitars,
' " " Mor. Bootees. ("
" Bl'k ii t
" " " Ank. Tie.
" Col'd h
. ' : " Cash Bd. Button 0 niters.
. " - fat. Lea. Strop Shoes snd fumpl, '
yi'ith a largt sssonmentsf (ient't baiters, Bostl
and Hhoss, Also, Trunks, Vsleioee, Carpet Bags,
itatckels tnd Bonntt eases, with svery ether ar
ticle usually kept ie a rsaular Shoe 6 tors.
All in Want would do well to Call, snd enthlnl
before buying, as I will sell aheap for cash er sa
six months tuns, to punctual dealer
BqT TUB BLBSCFIlltR continues to toaou
fkstur in hlsusual style, all kinds of Work in hie
line in the most faahlonabls and durable manner
tnd at tht shortest notice, and as eh ens as tht
timet will afford. i
Raleigh. MayHtb, J8M. X 2-l,
Chathak Covktv.
Court if rWai and Quarter gsaslont May Tsrmi
Attachment Levy on Dt"t interest tn Copper Mists,
8. MoLenehan vs. S. 8. Blmmoos.
IT appearing te tlis satisfaction ef tbt Court that
8. 8, Himmoas reaides beyond the Jtiritiliciton
ef this Court or so absssndsd er eonoesls himself
that the ordinary process ef law cannot hs served
en him. It is thsrefore ordered that publication
be made for six weeks la tlis North Csmllnt Clar, a
sewapsper pnbiiahsd ia the eity of Raleigh, notify
ing the ssld B. B. Himraoas psrsonaliy to bs sod
appear st Ih next Term ef this Court, to bs held
for ths eonaty of Chatham at the Ooart Hoi as in
Plttsboro', onths Id Honda j In Anguat A. I), IKolk.
Then aad ther t replevy or th property levied
on will b condemned te sstiafy this recovery.
Witness, W. t. Tsylor, Clerk of our said Court,
at ofKca In Pittaboro' aa lbs 2d Monday of May,
a, v. l coo, ana or amsries inurpenuenoe the '"'in
year. W. P.TAVbOll. C. C, C.
2a ew
Martin County
CaaH sf Plsss aad Quarter Bsaslsas April Tens, !;,
T. W. Hoars sgalset Wllliaa Tladar, Baalat . llart-
sosk, Rokl J. Bills and William Boas, rrstUsf uaj.r
tks Ira sf vTUllaai Tladei A Co.
IT sppmiHng sa tks aatlifactloa sf tks Coart that tks
u,d Wiltiata TiBder, DaBist J. HertaMika, kubart
t. Kllis sod Willia Baa are Baa rendcata ef this
Mlale. It ia Ikerafnrs aedsred that pahlicaona be aads
la the Hurts Carolina ft tar for ais wevba Betifjief ths
aaid defendants lo be aad appear kernes Ike Jei:ires a
sar asld Court of Pleas aad Hoarier aaaaiona. ta ba bald
ft the said Coastv, at the Court Hwe la a atiawiMai
SB tks Xd Monday ie July east sad replevy, or Jus.
awl tnal will bs eetaved ay agalaal Ibaa sad ti-s
pmperty levied aa applied totke payaianl of tha dchk
,.n. w. Joen.,-11, clrt ol our I or, at slice in
Williauiaaoa Ike U iioadajr ia April, I"-.
stay asm, I a: a. XX s ,
Married "ol Watod
Mimie Life by hlrsRItchee (Mowatk,
Ballad tor ths aWaL by tke Antaer ef Ballad for
tks Helitary,
Brasat Ltnwosd by Mrs. rarnliala Bee Ilsatry,
A aaaa! ef Helen 1 1 to Ihseevery fur 186.
Rosen Tablt Tslk,
Uardsaiag for ths etoath,
A Porsst Trstsdy sad ether Tales 1 1 Orae
tthuapa Rsosllsetlea t waraiis OIibpss ef A
merles Life,
Tks Old leomialon ky ft. P. R. Jams.
Travels ia tke I ailed feu las aad lab by tb
Boa Mies Murray,
Halloa l-nhle sad rap! Principles aeea Utraak
American h(-ectacles ky James Jncksea darvss.
Harpers Magsslns tor Juna
tut tsls ky
Wi L. poMrnnr.
Mf J7 lrVcJ, SJ-f.
)r.RlTltS OCA B0 at Uweal sarSesrl.t
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tione af rbne) hate of Ias aad free p I
Aetd. is kara of licilt-e oieb.
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Inollkaaaek, a Ik l-rela as pewfeered
A'u.taeaiehral'd RKAPlNti sad kil df -l W A -CIIINM
lhal Sneikeil et-
Pvsrv deeelrxlB af Hows end ACRIt'f LTC
Absad IIOKTI1 I I 1 1 R 4L leaf oaten (a
A fall a n--i ai the etrMoeus 111 IJi .t
QAklit'.S l f ;-r
B. L. AU.I.N, If t VI Hsieytt" T.
ew l ark, ll.j 1st, 1 .. I" -
OppoliU the IIj ionic Ixk,
MAI be f wa r-s-a. ASaaaa-aa a-
TnlUW t aoSlee. e a.l e .-fl W e.
f rarSevy and lis ware. at. . aed etes. S- r ..
T-a,ea and I 'face, I
a' e
I Ska
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(tle), MBr . l r w-r -
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tmmurf Ut fcJl lav I ' -
w to fH. 1 W. t. 'M !
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M-.W r.oKS'
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af Vlarilaad.
A I ef-a nf tks ASMViraa P ' as e-- I. i
tke I ner..a-! a.ewts sf I are f I ..wensa t; 1 - a
kiln y.
Ut S.V ky
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May TT. .
Tat EoU. Ta S ka
j T II t V f f.-V aals S few Taa rWi e st4 e ,
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: ell., w.'k vteied tee 4 t C et l-l low -
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tars sf i-.
-e tka las reee ,a aa mt
f .11.
h, B C . W.e, A.
t I'n R l-ea.l W ref .v. ,
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ei s i m w : :
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. ItJt,
I It I I N (. ' H
Ll.t; '. WAMIIN
f mi J - I V-M BV .
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