North Carolina Newspapers

    N OR TIT q A RO LIN AlS T A RWED NESDA Y. M O Iiijn NG , JU $ E 18, 1 8 5 G;
Selected Poetry,
Xuml-er lli praina of sand outspread
Yt herever Ocaair billows flow ;
Or count tbe blight ftin overhead.
At tbeeo in their proad courses glow;
Con til all tl.e tribes oo earth Hint ereep,
Or that ex and th wing in air;
IWuLer th lots that in tin deep -lxisteue
and il pleasure ahara; -
Count lli green lrave that in the breath "
tM spring,' lilith pule ar dancing fut;
Or th'je, all fade J, in death.
Which liit before the wiutrj blast ;
Ay! tinmlier these, an trjrriad more,
All untio.s,na they rcein to lie ;
There still remains no ampler stura
" Into Id by, and unknown to the.
Afkest thou "Wlm, or what be they t"
Oh 1 think uon tlij louruil doom ;
v And with niiiiiiiiej evo survey
Uho aiieut empire ol tiie toaib!
Think of nil tltote woo erst bare been '
liiting a tlum art even now;
Locking uhu life's busy soeiie
With glance kb careless, libt, aa thou,
AH then, like tlioe, hare lived and moved,
Have awn what now thou look'vt upon,
Have fcKr'il. Hoped, bated, mourned, or lov'd,
And uo from mortal iglit are gone.
Yes, though unseen of human eye,
Their n lira slumber in the earth
The boon of immortality
To them wan given with vital birth.
Tbev weiw ; and liav'ng been, they are!
Karth but eunttiitia their ulnuld'ruig duet ,
Their deathless spirits, near or far,
. Willi tliine rise to meet the just.
Tliod knowM not huMhey hover near,
. VVitiiena of every aocret deed,
.With sbunuiiig liumiui eve ot ear,
y Thespirits ui tliu ileud may heed. ,
. A awful lh'. light it is to think
Tii9 vifwIoHtt deiid out number all
WIhi, liouiid by life's coiinciliiij; link,
, ' fiow share with us this earthly ball.
It is a thought on drend'nml high
- And one to wake a fearful thrill,
To think, while all who live must die,
, The dead, the dead, are living still 1
. ' t'louds.
I cannot liHik nbove and
You high-piled pillowy niasa
' Of Kvenin clouds, no swimmingly,
In gold and purple pass.
' And think not Lord bow thou wast seen,
Ou Israel's dencrt way.
Before them, iu thy shadowy ecreen,
, l'avilioued a I the day t -
- Or tit those of gorgeous hue, ,
Which the llcdeeuier wore,
Worn ravished from bis follower's view
Aloft hit tiijrht he lior.
. Whrn lilted, as on mighty wing,
',, lie curtained his ascent,
. And, wrapt in clouds, went triumphing
,..'' Above the firmament.
' Is It a trail of that sums pall
Of many-ei'lored dyes,
That high above, o'ermantling all,
i Hangs midway down the skies
Or borders of tho,- sweeping fold,
. W hkh shall he all unfurled
About the Savior, when he holds
Ilia judgment od the world ?
' ' My soul, hast thou forgot?
Shall be his terrible descent
; Wnea n'aii extocleth
Strength, Sou of Man, against that hour,
lie to our spirits civon.
When thou ahull couie again with power
i pou me eiouaa 01 iieateo.
b - . -
AV parted in silence, we parted at night,
On tli banks of tbat biimlv liver.
V tiera tb ImRrant liinss tl oir IkhiIis unit,,
w e met and we pnrtvd lorever.
Tbe uiglit wind nin, and the start above,
'Ud many a looming storv
Orfrionda biig past to liio kingdom of love.
tv her the soul wears us man tie of (lory.
But ere si ij;liex oar last farewell,
Jn wild and bitter sorrow.
Cur wbiupcred vows (remembered well)
S kn ra.-e to the ooon'iig mom.
The lips that clii. tbat vow of mine
Are cold as that lot.eljf river,
And that t) (tbe liciiiiiiful spirit shrine)
Has thruwdrd its lire lorever.
And now nn the miInit;!.t sky I look.
And in w heart grows loll to weeumg ) '
Kai h star ia to in a sealed book,
Nuns tale of lb ! ved on keening.
V risU ia tilenrf, parted ia tsars
On tbs banks of that Intielt river. '
lliit tl.e (ru -ram-e and Lbxiua of tbi se ly tore
V ill bai arovtij its water f revet,
1 BP I2 It AAMtKN PMD.-Tbe swksr.iUra are
X m1"i to raeriee this inritK tbetr otf-rk M
k MeijB mu4 Aisieriea bardea an4 ttrita , wbieb
is amen argjra4 saf fatM. Iiaa aay aeriw imp.
Thtjtra pe-f re I Uf crtiW er4 rfrrvai merrkaata.
ta any prt trf lb Male, tbe mart fatftrable lema,
aa-iwtM !(- ibw the fmilrf trfretsrsnag at na
-t bvae lMh u Jus-,
Psti-e itiBir will pleaM 4 their Wden
wbilt - k Is All ettr ac4 are warraated
frva atl v atweag tbew are aew m4
iriiIiiUad lwsli-va.
kl.xk, X. 0.
Jae.31te. i
I) f. ffTl D. Uit H.U trmrA a Co p.ri.
, awr-b.p ania k bteiHer la law, lie. W tut-
t. f Ule "I !.! K. " , eiU rtilM la eo-
4n it u m H i I I'rmg jsttMee aader
i-m t I 1 A t.A.U.Nii.
W rmwmfK hm U -r iitae ealarglnf a4 Mat.
prswinf vwr it, a i. 4 tttall iera a aaa Ureer strk
a4 rtU in mtt ti, th4 ki-retu, Mk adh nt
tv4 fv-iMtta. Jattiiy av ta wflawihji t frUMs
a I 'ft f f ea-eily ismU r tan ttg taearnanta.
w are fUe-4 le inlmm ewr ! 4 eaasene
thM e4?v4 Ike vatwabl eert at Mr
i nH W P "M. te ie sti tr WHft ilHavase A
j) .-, at4 Ui f tb trm rl Uaw4 l Nil j ke
w ik Mf i-snsf Mr. 4 m. U w - eilt aa-w
Wtlk a ta f4f pririp m tke mmt, mm Ike
at t t efce lrw.a, j ail iaantf tb Amt and aitjkt.
it,t a-iil tn. ri4 mm the tWhib, Itst Mr.
fl-u ' 4 tll ke .ft au-adaaree I aeie far tfc
trk 4 Uu aiiaaiai wiU e etft tk
t..a ftell..
Uit 9ffM il he pfmmi4 f seMMt tVe
.i Jdy mm4 Jaaaary la eafcyaae,
""k tke faaeebaeer,
anB let mm art
t)e wot w.
It er !4fel ilse ritn4 if -
,n if ffwit4 a fif
v.M i ! 4 be !' W- .le 'tsP
.4 ka a f4 ft kf at Mr
i uj,, ar tie ptw eaH m tk
-k i-s-e, Mis e wai a
40, 4 s 4 He ftTe Its -fttU a 4
fur n t-"--r ti 4wa-tffe a-4 e t ftei t
UmtI ;-e ( ike rrf ike f'
.4 1, AllK.
ytK Ar-a. I. -t
el a et eee f-e all ka t wl f .m a 4
r.aifoTBj ef ths American Friy f ortk CaroUaa
' At a CunveatKin of the American rsrty. held i
at Raleigh, on the l'JUi of October, l8o5, the fu-
lowing resolutions were atopteil:
KcvUntl, ihat, as the oiws which tendered
the secrecy of tlie American prgJiinxatii'tt neces
sary in its infancy, no li.npereiit all the secret
eeretnmiiais of the order whether of initintiont
obligations, eiRS,:eoniititutions, Mtunls, or pass
words be aholi'hed that we do eonntitute our
selves into a mibiiclv-orffnniaed wrtif that we do
.1,-iiu.w. u. h..i.i; wl
, ,......, -"
ot our nrinen.lfHi -mid we do licreliv invite and
. - - -. --j i
jnToke the aid and eo-opcrntionof all thecitiiens
of the Stale without regard to their former polit-)
ical alhiiitioi.a, ia maintaining and curryingout j
the great aims, principles and objects if the,
American 1 arty. J .
Ktiolrtd, we do hereby ratify and en-1
d'ime the principles enunciated in the platform J
ol the AmerkXu party, by the National Council
of the same, begun artd beU at Philadelphia, on
the 6th diiy of June, 1H55, in rclhtion to the po-
same lime, we consider the three great Jiritnary'f
liTiciil policy ot the tiovernment wtiiist nt me
principles of the organ iznlion, wincn eonatitute
the Wis of our jmrty, as paramount ininiar!'
U1UIQ U, Bll 1MIIC Wl fw 1 1 11,11.. II LUI (.uiiv.
llanlrtd. That thee thrte great pi imnrv prin
ciples are, firtt the confinenicnt of the honors,
omcea and responsibilities ot political stntion, i native-born Americans
ith n clue rccriv 1 at the same time, to the pp-
tection ol the lincign-lHirn iu nil the civil rigliln
and privilege' guaranteed to freemen by the con
stitution, whether Federal or State.
Sfcnmllii, Koistiince to religious intolerance.
and a rigi'l maintenance of the great principle of
religious trccdom by excluding from orace and
power,tho.ewliowoniil percrcutcforopifiioiissake
howoulii enntrol the politico of thecountry througi!
Church influencen or priestly interference ; and
lio ackni.ii!.i((ean nllfKinncc4o any power ot
earth whether civil oreocleKinfticnl as paramount
to that which they owe to the CoiiKtitution..
And, Thirdly, unswerving devotion to tho
Umion of these .States, and resistance to all fac
tions and soctintiiil attempts to weaken its Ik mils.
l(rolmt, i li it in all nominations tor political
station horrnftcr to be made by the American
Party, it is recommended that the same he done
in open public meeting nnd that all those who
agree with u in principle, and who concur in onr
aiii.c and olijecU. shall horcuftor lie recognised j
an niemliurs ot the America n Part.
Itcsolml, That it e recommended to the
American party inthis State to hold a Convention
! of delegates, to be atipointed in public primary
Bieetitics iu the respective counties, intin ensboro
on 'I'lnrrsday the lOtli day of April ri.cxf, for
the purpose ot nominating a candidate to be run
by the Ameriean Part Sir Unvcrnor at the nest
election that each county appoint aa many
lielegates us it cnouses, nnd Uitit tho mode id
Toting in said convention bw regulated by the
convention itself.
iMowot, That wo consider the 22d ilnv of
February next the time heretofore selected by
the Niitinnnl Council of the American order, fur
the iiomintitinir of candidates for President and
Vice-President, as too early n day for that pur
pose and vte do hereby recommend to our
brethren of the Aincrican party throujiliout the
Lnion, the propriety ot post polling the holding of
aid convoiitioi. to some time in tbe months ot
June or July.
, Ji'enoeti, However, lest such postponement
may not take place, it ib deemed advisable to
appoint two (Megaics to' represent the State at
Ii't5 in such noinit'Otinn Convention, and it is
recommended to the American Party in eat h
Congrcjjoniil llistrict to hold primary meetings
io the respective counties, nnd appoint delegates
to 1 Mitnct t onvcntlhii, tor tbe selection id n
deleptite from each respective llistrict to said
noininatinf! Unnventlnn.
UriKtlred, that an hxecutivt Central nmmit-
tce of five, he appointed bv this hoilv, w bne du
ty it shall lie to attend to the gcnornl concerns o
the American pittv in this State, to carrv on the
neeessnry correnpondenco, and take such inedp
tive steB) as may be deemed necCFsnry for tlie
more thorough organti ation of the said partyj
and thol said tieoutivceomiuittee he authorised
and re(uested to appoint a County Kieoutive
Committee fur each Oupnt in the Htatnt and
that said County ilommlttee do further
appoint a sub-comn Htee tor eaeb electirn lire
I Cllif-I in tbe cuiintv villi ' aniore tburniiieh
I and complete orguiiuation of the American par
ty in North Carolina.
Fiatrbrsa of the Aaaerlcaa Party, adopted at the
arsalon ot the National lounrll, Pebruary
9lst,lsi.t0. '
11. An hambUarknowUdTnentto tb SaiirenieB-
inf, for hif prgttit)t as-hMft-d to our fntbrrs
In their rtn ecMfal Itevolutlotiery itmpslr. aiid hiiert
maniretled t v, their drm emiuM, in the ireierratian
ef the libertie, the li;deitidenee, and the Union of
tkese Mates,
Sd. Tb perpetuatlf n of the F'lcrtil 1'nlon, as tb
pallediam i'f wr i-tti, ard trlifioup"liberilrt, and the
only sure l-ylwar of Ameriean lndeptridrare. ,
0. a1inirn fcurt -' Amer-ny Bltd to thtS end,
fr-liini rituen fhnH be selected fr all Ftatw.
Prtlcrnl i tid mm lci l Iflces or iroeernmettt employ. rr-fH D'elo all tbra: lieeertbelees.
4tli. Prrne bdra if Ataertnia nirenti reaidierleai-
purarily abr.m.l, fhuald be entitled le all the tight ef
aatir burn eitisents l ot,
Ith. No person ib.ld be leet d for political at.
ti'in, (whether f unlive r f reiga birth. wbp rerojf
ftte any allriaftce r l'liralton nf any deneiptinn te
any fort ifH iirmce, fotentate erpwcr, ar wha rrfetee
ta reerniF tti PfNleral ead Ftate etirti(otm,iMeark
withia itr T4iere ar paramount to all dtber laei, as 1
rales effHihtifal action.
tk. Tbe ut.t4al;r4 reenrftltk aad n.a In tee a nee ef
Che r-eerTrd nhu of tharteral ftstte. ai.4 tbe ewl.
(Wat ion of himmiy aa-l Ireterwid mut, fe, twea
the tii.fras et ihe eeral Mete, aad totbis ead, hoa
laterf. reftee l y C't';ure ailh qattloni . trtaitln;
rli ly t- thf h.n l F intra, and iH.fat'entifsvh
by r k rute with tli.- it n of any ntber tMe.
Ttft The reeoirn tinft at ike ei-bt "f the naUfe-Wft
and anhiraltrrd rtuien at the rnitatl Htate. per at a
illy reitliPg la any Teriltftry tbereuf, tn fmaie Uieir
euEtatMnfioa -.f4 la, aad t r ( ilete tbetr aWmeaii
and eneial affsiti iftthrie ua Mwde, vabjrw taaiy tw tbe
wrtrrlrlAra y O t rU ral t'n-eiifati'.n, ike ptiti
lIT ' admi4t4f lnte tbe I ntm ah reefer tbrys-kaie
tfte ree'ite ftrt"ft t ete Bet-reeentatiie la Co
fTT rat-laiVW farsa tkftt k tb-fM Wb r
tit werat af tb Tailed Mslse, wsdar tke fwtlitHi
aad laws (btret.l,a.d k kfte a lied rrudefte la aey
ia k ItrtliiH-f , vefcbi l ieitatia la U forai4ia) t
tke e. asiitui vft, ?r ia ti.t eaaftsaetii ef law far aaid
T rriluty or Htate. -
Hk. An er(trersaeat f tlie eiftelle ibsrt aa ffiBteur
Term. y a -bt t elii Mfterf ihaa ejiiteft of the
Tatted Ptelrrte tk rijrbt ttt ewtrafet e? af kwldifg
lift, al sAro,
h. A rbsairelft tV law af Sjatwrallrafleft, saakltif
ft ai liaed fiis ef t"aty tm yert, ef all ftt
kribU nvi4 4 lr, aa i4ifsil,e r;ieite
fu eiliiw k!B kervafiee. ftd eieled ae aM ,' r.
Bed jswa.iia 4utaiart ajJ art ttum. trmm sat. .at a9m 1
wrr fcatt a tftterterewea ft ilk tk tt'tU riWte af
Ifttk, OftpAiiti. ta aay sml Wtwea O.erfb aal
flat: r.v if rs t;k rr: sfaastttk. a arfcip.
ftwd t. t H ik fur i f f.
lltk. ftmaed tkrwatk toveftigetUft late aay aa4
all ili-ed mi" mi -utille finsrti4 r ft. aa4 ft tt
ftetsasinay la fftMle MMi4ttiiee.
Illk Tlaa a.. , a, fnsrMsusi as. t m.H I. as..
4.r kall W dseleewd ftaU a4 ts4 ky .s.i4ira4
Jftd e--l aikri.
IJtft. Ityfl esatft UU f4)ft ftftft Wftwie faBtir
af Ike pearta4 e'lsHiawtawtliaj) la ike fwfml ftsia
efti at .r B,l"Mt aff a4 av-r fBUHt i
eka ta twea-ntac " A r irasa ky 4m i ( a4
-ssrsttie ia ftflrie. rrva R , tM 4tag
iBfrtmi am auiait ia u n !. i m
Irek'..f ,oMn rfWv S it., rf.f.r.s.4 aa IsmIihI
a. 4 ewr41y brat..l. I, w.r4 IS. .talwpi.mi aa
aba la nNai.t ti,a sgtiatloa, by IS. v, et
h. ltlMmrl I .-U a. aWnwa l gvwalig I.
aa.loe.ti.c4 htiin ihm .igbi a .. ia k.a. .
w. .ad Hebraist s. a.wa ia raf limine sao. i
lb. knuai s ,a4a ,o i a. i . I. ta.
eTW Ho, ahltb pliMi iirtVi. ml IB. m-f
It., f t aa aval la riiifTMiaf avil.r4wa t
i C'i :w U-r,B M)aUew e. r' ' 4 aa
B'.. in 1st Uli.b.' VI. I 4 0mttt9 fa
Itb. Tltef, Hi rmf sta'.f .!., sad few.
. IB. 4:,, "t af i.w.., w.,wl.- t.,aief
l!..r. ft' m. . . i4 B. td . tb. A awevy
my-m Itwj llMt 1. ke.l..i.. M.taw
ink. t.t ek Bl. la I tllt k... ..'karii.
S..Mr4 io. I . r., t,.i. a, s. as S. .Bjwt,.!
Ik. KiMl ..4 tttef Sal B b'la "l1,
HMto.'t ol .M W f'.mmt tW lb.a.t f a.4 4aiM.
al' kkioik. r.4r
lk A ! aaAw 41. S aU kIHImI
peiJv,fb-. wknM4 la ws poattorua.
( Risf't.rirH sad frbSTj, a t fW
I r i. II. a B . i i kl R.
Ap.,1 i, i,ve, i- I
Iim 1 aif .art at. m
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w . 8
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Itesder, if yoa woaM look Witer, more rbesrfnl. Bad
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February 3a, ls, if.
BtiKsiwa ra vhi sorv-w
lirw. n.
1 f plei. insn A then, fleorgia. A ssnst seiss.
no.1 t-ir .very depnrtmeat, of Honieub
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1'lie II Jl.
Te be obtained tf ail Tl.,kellen, ar seat by as pr.
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C. M. hAXT'iM A CO.
Agrin,tiai.l Itu,k l-ul li.bra,
14 elre, Hew Ywk.
April, Js.l, lit. I t
N list of y,mleif t rfrieti.l, eallssa art on. f thus
g. mi prodto-.a oniyat IIAVb.i A MALLON's) I'be
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will plaaM sail aad arttl. apr"iiOiai
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(Vlorrd rt..lli.r.l li a,
. tlrn.. ..a lir..! m ge, fi-r IrsvsHag Presses,
Fd st aMHaa kiika.
W. H.dt E.i. TI CK Ik.
rrnr, oils or
Cognac, Win and Rom,
wiva MBtrwtit rutu si
CARSJI.SV sl IIAkr I . '
ii 4 : flatt T.rt:f.
fATH.J-wsl wew4e1 ftsMtWr
' -Av tVJ lBiterltD work
t (rtobeTl1. I" ij, l.'ft
j - - - - -
fIMViR A Ul niVK.-Wf lm Jut r-4t
i J ete liaa'fw4 ( t 4irf rVwaa-fAe laaf.
' tMa,wkU wiU as N kw .y
I tM TBI UATllxa.
, Frkrury 1",
'I'll SH BIT AKTrairii.rg r..k wiik.ewiik.
Jl . dl.. M. C
Mank II. Iw.
0llsTn S ClllkilPTST Of COWJIdl
tl LIFa. Jaa rrmvesl t bugs ly iMa
tm'.f saia.Us wart.
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Moarwlaf la4anwrtsl t v.;.eB Mr Ladisa
I a.ikis0 ew'irs'i assr.
W. I.IL $, Tl I '.LS.
.jlprtl I, 114.
W rtlB .1 ...MS l.ilra, w.'kiag
si' Ml , s.4 P .Iw.ys
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Aped I. !-
( till I - It. Um a
j ft ., a .
i. s.
s-. 1. MowRLM. an-as.
to.4 s4 A rmmm m
. Books ! Books ! Books !
WJIXSIJt AXD I Tbe Kw PanksM, or earlv
Y ytun, iata Ut H tii, r RoUsrt Carltoa, Ks.
Bllepuerheiia. bj lrVmscy.
Hods of hiawstba, bv LaKfrHew.
H.ty M-sd ana Abbott-
Slrabo. tj llaniltoa a Fslcua. ,-t.''
Mrmnir of Cutberins, ot huvMa, her Sueessef.
TevcriBo, bv tieorr Hseil.
i V'"T V
F,r.i toJJ.rv th.iaoi
UlKood; ot tbs Furtll Hoy. . ..
meat t run fcek, the w ifeof ths
iLer at tb seeoeil Adam, by ilald-
jltwoirs of Hrnry the Eililb, ef Iglasd, sad his
is wiven, by ilerlrt.
Ths PlsaW's VK-iiaft, or Iaeideaui sf Asierieaa
Slavery, with iUovlrwtii'ns.
Tbs Matrfe (Jirl, Or Lif renss as they are, with illus
trations, '
. Walker's Vaniy Exerelsest eontalriinf; Bowia)?, Fail
ins, hiding, liriviiig, fencing, Hunting sad bbouting,
lllnitmtrd. .
tJray's Klepry, illoftralwl. ' '
Livos uf ths Ijiioi nol Knglsnd of the Hence of IJnn
vrrr, hy Dr. D. Uubib.
Mcimjimif lir. niiijisua, Uta liccidBlof ths Voion,i;irttt ScBjinary.
i Wbi'lrr,s history wf North Carolina, llhwlratod. -Tl
Arch Biihuji, a Rumsainnla tbs b'nitsd Slates.
By Orrills S. lUli.le, illn.u-sieii.
. The American Cottage Cookery Book, or lioasekeep-
iat ui:ie. hapy.
The Prince of Peace, or Truths for ToaagID!ciilns.
by a
The Land of the Forum and the Vatican; or thoughts
and Skelcbfs, during an Envtr PlIgrimagsteRome.
FfM,ti.' skeo-hos of Viririnia, 2d Hcnes.
Wlmtii Presbrtrrisnisnit by tbe Rev. Dr. Hodge.
The iimrHl and liiiollectuul diversity of Usees, by
Knit it Hat. - -
The little Kpiieopslian, or ths Child taught by the
rrnrer nook.
Rermuna by the Rev. Robert South, D. D.
The Ma Darn of Creation: series of Familiar Let-
tem, from a fiitber to bis imldrea.
Dairy and eorcjpondniiSe of bamuel Pepyc.
Juno Cliford, by a Lady.
liniry and eorre.-ponilMice cf Jnba Kvelyn, F. R. P.
Hbt'irirnl and lieFcriptie Hketohes of Korimk and
Virinrty. llluntraled by W. fl. Forrest.
The noetrv and mvnterv of Drcnins, by Charles Q.
ficmveker'i Trnrels.
Voysgcf Kianid the World, from tliedenth'ofCaptain
oixl to the present time.
For sale by H. D. TURNER,
N. C. Bookntore.
Rnlcigb, Pee., 1855. 47
Who is Sam?
The Son nflht Writs, or 1776 and 1855,0 history
oj the Hmeaud Irogrtuf-oJ Uu American lai
ty, ami its jn-ifbalJe htjiuettre on tlit next
J'retidcntial Electim. Io trhirh is
added a Hcnrw of Ike Letter of
theJIon. Umry A. Wise,
atuinst Me
jf--Tbe fint I) win rat inn of Independence, proclaim
ed by our firci in 1771. the m-ooud their)Ult. in 1455
. Freedom from t ore i en Kule ! ! !
Thu wurk ie fruin th heo ot one thoniaghly ac
quainted with the undenurreat of Americnn fulitirii.
and the ranto vhtrh hve led to tha nitinr corrun-
Uon iiibigb plats1. 11 trace ot clearly the operation
ofafureiAin eitmcut in onr fftirrnmnti initiUittons.
and ihowii thut the iVons of the Boil ebuuld govern the
Thii i the author itrone poiition, which bo main
tnim hy (rreiulable nrpuincutint
Tliia book it one that ahonld be In the hands of arery
nntir born cititen an well as foretirner,
Tlie Pnlitit-iani will bare it, of eoarie, for they bare
a perftonal intcrrvt in the question "who will be our
neit rrfKientr' it will prouuee a ratuing among toe
dry bone of old politicly pvrtiiana.
C0NTKNT8. Cbupier 1. The Amerttan Party.
Causteaofiu origin. V. I'rtmip) Btated, Illustrated
and Knfon ed. 4. TheObjeri whieb tbiOrrantaatiia
aitu to Aceomplirb. 6 The necessity of such an Or-
Smisatiun examined. A. The exigenuie of tbe Time
eiohd an American Party. 7. 1 be tree position of
tbo Party. 8. Tbe Rapid Pr.gresand Wide Extent el
its Influence an Argument for the Kirelli nre of the
Amerlran Piirty. 8. The Plan ofOrerntiun adopted by
the Arneriran Party. IU. Ibe Prvbblde InDutitee ol
tho American Pnrty nn tbe next Presidential Election.
10. Review .f llun. II. A. Wiw'a Letter. Price 75et.
Just publiilrtdand fur sale by.
li. D. TIT.,-KB,
N. C. Cook
Raleigh March,
8 P L EN!) Td
t) H1TAKKII si.d published expressly for
J Fall nnd Holiday s.iles ot Jbo4 56. Royal
Uvo .Series Mpiendidl lllaslrstad. The P
les of tho New Testament practically nnfol.
ead's Female) Poets of America. Thoroughly
,1 1
liar fa Female Trose Writers o(Americs. Tbor-
ouliiy llevistd
'Fuia'l QwtrtQ .Sri-iVi Spltndidty lUvntrafejl.
(loodrit'hVfjems uf Htitth l'ovtiy. rortraits
Tbe Wl ite Veil, a bridal liift.
Marsulr's Lays of Ancient Roike. s rroverbial I'bilotophy.
Crows) Orlare ,Soi .-Jfiirny Ilhmtraltd.
iMenhenner a Jerusalem and Its facred Locsli
ties. ' ,
rlteven'sDow ia tit Cloud ; A Book of Cnnsola-
Keata'a Complete pbetieal Works.
Kirk v hite'a Crat eta Works.
Rog'T's Compl etiea Work.
ijsswsF.en'a t!oaifwar poetical Works.
jtAvals' Irish klelotiir. a
Fditk May' Poetical Worka.
TJsaaJ'roverbialisi and tk Poet,
t Vsliet of Modem Art. First Rerle,
Cabinet of klodera Ait. Heeond bcrles.
Lyric of tk llssrt, Etc.i tc. Uy Al
Rseords ef'Womsa Bear af tk Affection sJ
Lie, vy Air, ileuaus.
K.C. Uookatar.
Ral.lgk, Kov.;lh, 1M. 1 40 tk
"I Capita! Itok fr tke Bnnr-Circlr."
HAetRkw VACATIfiW, ar PkUaaapky at
lioasa, by W.C. Rxbard., A. M. H ..N.I.4
a ais ebuaalengrwriuas, fross derlraa by Ibaaitea,
On. vtibaaM, lasso, cloth eatra.
This ko. t la eVaisa.4 bs BBstrwct as well as ta de
light ih. row; readw. It mti la sr.'k tbe saoet
kwi.lil.l and Irwlbs aad rrtari.i f wmi
rat St tesww bs IB. faa, laallag gaisa ef stM7, Tk iaet
4. .u wklcb eevwr ia ihe eaieteece ef happy Saaiity
gnmp, rlag tbs tkitiiuas b.lidaya ml lb yoaag
pe.o., ar. ail smads I. Batai.r Be ta.ur hB.wl.4aw ml
pktlMopky, ThsaettaVaial fall ml dlak froai It., ta.
Bvs el a ceretM rmiw fwruaa tB). I. St mt a'diseaai.loa
mm gra tlani.a. Tkrfrwt wckafMatk. wiadew f.aa'
a mmmm b.KI.1. fWii.f aaoei the ears, a srbl'kv'
TMrt a 11k a a awt kce" tbaas a4 a kav,4rr4 4ke ap. triage ae pegs Bfwa whlb sr. bang Ik. aarM
valMMe l'W.i ml peaeiml wiaeWss. Ahwh all UM
bis.'! 4yriral arbraee see ilt.trsl4 ia tbe 4e
veLaMM ml lb. Vmrjt aad tb. I.iell real ekl 4 saas
gal I er avar. dlatisrt sad o .WaeBbvwt Ikm, .1
aafoM'bilt, h)l fotkywles IbastMels aad i-mm-
ae ml Hmrtr mm 4 hi. eMtpani,.. tkat k. ewwld pu.
siM ... trmm toll koe ea aHesM la lsaivt'l
ksr4 auady. I er sale ky
m. v. 7i sirs,
R. C. tr.okatee.
SaMgk JairtHry lts. b
I U F. I K a Feet, by J J)
l.y Nat, er tbe Tbrs Appmtiet
Hlae Ijsi ml teaaewtteat, I ed ef l V.
Tea kibt. la a Bar K ea. by T S Arlkert
klaeaary aavd Aatl-Masawry, ly Creigki
CryMalia. a tb Hslns af Fall Itawa Caatlau
ky Hk. ua;
Tasary af CkrUlaalty, by fjrayswat
, Setkera frwea tb Three' Calibrate, by V t War I;
Ualel. A Model tmt teaag klea, by Ik Bev W
A Pe-ss, t. D.i
Mswy af tk wkll tfeaateta. wllk IS alata.
ky (kakeet ,
rVkawt Araklteesara, ae raalrikaiiea la tb
lpre.B.aie af alM(.MMar la tk B. ., tk
kaawewas Itlarfrattw.
Old ferfateae, mf ritrteaJSketekeeef WeaUra
rro)k.r.ola, by k Saattk, p. p.
k'sawt I tatlp,
I me Hla ky H l Tl R(B.
eleiga,t.iw'tl. Jl. C. tk Sie.
Laftrr a4 Taolsr-ap riper
ffVl t-4 bl UsM, tMet
All'l kWaea. II
aa Smsbs gw4 mi mm Uux Fepw, trim It, vasta'
St. 1.
swat t,.. g I Wk, Fs-r " frks tl
ftrsaa, v.o .
fa Bel kg
ii a ft fr.
sWigk, Hay task.
ntart, s cmJ.i SM.a. Immm4 r ..
b Immmmi m4 la4i, l.wMia. Knwkt B-.
.bs INf4 bM.4 IBAif, "b. fcS M1M
f mm I . aanai . sWs 1k. FnakB, wim
1 s riaa wt, mmA b'4 Iwlm,
No. 16, FayetUTille Street. Ealeigli, H.C,
as J 1ST nciiviD
Weod-.otr, or Carolina Carol",
i' couictioi or
Caaptitdby Tcnclla. 2rote.l2so.f 1.75.
rpnu Volnuee of poetry a preseoted to the pablie
I baa tbeir oriina ia a-eulleelion fur the eomiiiler's
ta ass. As It iarreaaad. tew friends expressed s'
wuh lint il theuld fceiAederrd ar t aiflete as possible
aad pabiisbeoi luat every North Csiobaisa micUl have
aa opportunity of poescserng la a permaneut and eoa
venient form, a eopy ot many pieces Ibat tbey bad prob
ably read aad admired, and perhaps tor ' time
preserved from regard for tbs aatbors. Eaeouragcd by
tbeir kind ro-ouoration. tbe work has been steadily
though slowly, growing onlil it has reached iu present
sixeilboagh it b.y been iuipotriMcto procure many pieees
which jt was ftiougbt could be procured, yt it is hoped
that thi Best atteuiDt of tbe kind io North Carolina
will aieet with the laior of the citiieiia for whose o-
tho work is principally intended. Though ws may not
have irodaceit any very great poets, still these "foot
prints of tbe Mne" will bow tbew we pontes sous of
- lhiB poets thnt are sown
PjLature; me'a eniluwed with highest gilts,
The Vision snd the faculty divine."
. e ' "'.,
It Is from onr knowledge of Uu writers that many
pieees in this collection will deriva their interest, aad
though viewfll by the sererceye ot erltisiea., mey wouio
have been rejected, still it was thuught that pablie x
pcitatioa would have been disappointed bad they been
omitted.- -fPiiKWia.
For ssle wholesale and retail by the publisher.
A Sew Sovel by the Anthorof "llont."
iVs Edilion, 10,000 Copie; Ab Ready.
A Koret. By Marian Borland, of Ru hmond, l a
on elegant VZtno. rot. 4o4 i aye Y-m,i20.
rpitEitraor'dlnarysuoceiofMlss Harland's "Alone
X runnjug tlmiuEn eaitionatter eaiuon, witn great
ropiilUT re published in Jinglanit with a still larger
ante translated iiitothe French snil tierusn lsnguages
with miirked sueeeaf is fierhapa Ihe beetsvidenoe of
the orieiiialitv snd fxipulnrity of bet writings. In ths
luniimieTOf an eminent critie "the msy henceforth
Hike rank among tbe most successful noveliata ot the
nited States.
"Tho who hsve read 'Alonsi and these who have
not, should will be interested and grsttbed to know,
that a new book bv Vir Inia's gifted authoress, enti
tled 'The Hidden Ptb,'4 now rcsdy. Beautifully as
Mnrion llsrlsnd' hna woven tbs threads of life ta
oilier romance snd sunn: flic is a lioetens of rare fc.
liitv we sre sole In mtiilictini that her aew work
will surpass all her previous elforts in flue delineatioa,
brilliancy an!wer. and that Mr. Derby will b called
npon to record it oa his books ss one of the most popu
lar and vuceeseful of modcru literary issues, bins
reading 'Alone we shall impRtirntly await tbs sppear
anreof 'The Hidden Fata.' '.V. 7. Arraias Mirror.
J.O I)FKnV,PubIiiher,llAsassastree.t,Iew York,
Aad for nal by all booksellers and new Agents..
Raleigh, 184J. !
New Books.
C"1 RACK I.GR, by Julia Kavanah, author of Natha
J lie, Daily Duma, Ac,
( an If builders, by author ot Heir ol Kencimo, iiearu
F.sse, Ac.
Travels ia Europe and ths bsst: a year in England,
Scotland. Ireland, Wales, Fraooe, llelgiuni, Holland,
Usrmsny, Auftria, Italy, tlreees, Turkey, ftyris, Pales,
tine and Kgypt by Snuael Irenaeus Phwe, illustrated.
vtilumea 12 no. ,
The Practical Ameriean Conk Hook.
Misr Htrit-klsnda's Queens of Kenlland Vol. V.
Wond'e lllualratcd Natural Hintorv.
Robert (Irabsm, a cqnal to "Lenda,H by Mrs. Csro-
lin bee Heats.
Israel Potter, or Fifty tears la Eiils, by lisrmsns
Modem Ptnndard Drama, volumes XII ana XIII.
Uodey fur May. Fur sal hy.
Rslelgb, April, I5. 12-
Recent Publications.
"i"M"ENIMI;l with the l'roi.heis: A eries of Me
j moirr and MeiitatioBB hy ltev. A. Morton Brown.
lueptx Dasofl reatlon : A Denes 01 laminar Ict
ter from a fsiber to bis Children, by W. . Rhind.
A view of the fecripture Revelaliona eoaeerning a
Future Htale: by Arehbishop Whalely.
"lie CuivprH a. Desert, the karth no Monopoly.
The Plurality of Wurlds lidlted by Dr. Miu-heuck.
Cluotla snd HuBihiiie, by tliarlcA Reads, aulkur of
' P"g WooinsWn."
Chrimie Johnat'ine, by Charlss Read author ot
' Peg t.ff.n-ton."
7'he III. b-r .iil-r bv Marisa James. Eihel ; or tbe
f loiitde Fu 01. b. Marifi ileioaa. Hoiea m af Aaaeei
ran iiiputt, oy oiri'ti HDor,'t, muU, inurr
I'orm, f ieaayeeo Pity., by Anna Cora MorralL
Ulanrua,by CLarle. kiag.iiy.
For Sale Ly
Bsleigb, Oct. , mi. ma
KfffBl ruIillnlioBi.
rpilESEWCOMF.f,'bjTl.scker.y. Tb li
I tltld Kealily versus Fiction, by Ilia
A visit ta the camp before Sevastopal, by Rich
ard C. McCsrmlck, jr ,
Scene in Ibe practice 'ofa New Turk Surgeoa, by
Edwsrd II. lMioa, D. I.
The Life of Cur ran, by kis Son.
the of M. I'aul. .
Life ia Calif., raia. Monnlaia
fl'raak Marryalt.
Iliatory ot the council of Treat, by Bangwaer.
Tke Araueanians; er Notes of a 1 ear among ths
ladisa Trlb.sof CMII. by Edsaead Ruel nasitk.
A Basket of t, by John llrwughaaa.
America, roll tic. I and XotiaL, by fchaf.
Fairy Tal.a ef many aatloas.
irt. Letters uf Ibe British Spy.
' Ckandler' I'laa af Stvtatot al.
For sal be W. L. fOMFROT.
October 1 3, litli. l .fk
Hl.tkTPl BI U ATlf)a.TllHl.tTFBA
I V rary Llfs aad Cerrrrpua4eaee af tbs Can tees f
Tk. Leaped Kaa t Or, Distloawres af Ceaveat Lif
aad tb eeeiawwta af a bistw at Charity.
Habits ana m.a with M rasMd sMkaklag tke
BMUer, of Bwlk. ky 1. rlmr Koran.
te Slick. . w kal ke says, by ff. K. Fkilaad. Do,
stirk's, r. B. siih akewad.
ko.l Tlieaaanas af EagUak Weed aad pkraea.
A B addilMSB.
Ltsawy aad HiASorUed MiseeUaaies, ky
Baa.rt.ft. .
kewitMry mt CoaaaM Lif ky Jasaea f. Mas,
eeartpui. ta I vwi.tx ,
Tk. kagli.k l'. aad F eeeak ky R.O. Imssa.
La t ...a' Maeaolr ml itthulo.,,
Alrtt l'. Utrtonef .,l..Ji Du-keea
Feg tt aftaiM 1 a bmiii.l iwi, by Charles HeaeK
Tk. raw.aip la. 4 t a r.. htmty.
Fill. 1 It, tk' ll.aua I e.4y. by J. ka Eaal.
Ceoka, salkw uf "tk k triiota t ataSias.' A.
Ik. ksrltab I trib.B. , Or, A Hmbs ta lb Baa kir X.ry J. U.lae.. saiSM ml IrapS
p. aHtat.biie.
a Tk. f low I a sea.l t Aabe.y.''
Frak 1 .It. jMaraei tae S r4..! it.
F-ea.1. ky W L F0MFF1
r.iUr T. Iik, tea
list or hiooks7 T
I Alfred Tsaaysea Maad aad etkev Pmibs.
M u
II. I aerie aWAV-F.g Wut.,1, ami. ft
rkriasie l-U.nt. a H.vat, ThIs,
ISelita4Skiaat tSawia.
III. W ti M, Uweaad OJf, I.O.
rnmm. i
A B-y's AdrMtetMBB Iks ltd as Aasttla,iik
t' t4 V.
IT. Tk..., t. Vt... ,
B..rk k-M M II ..
lb lining A4r.a-se
t. v saroj a tafi 1 a v yg
T mimms L.tgk. 1
l,...i, . lb W a,4Vt. ml tk. ei. sa ..i.ti
Tl, Les. Arw,u,,fMei af Dr. Ai..t4 af B.irt
(kak S.I4, -.!
tmt S.I. by,
tvtrik. m
lTIla Pma-w. a f. will
earwkulf ik. Cwerkt ef I beakeea. kt r. .f
Htai ...t a. m-
Aprdlln. 4f
) LAC S M.etaatbvaa ..ka. pl..k aad f wbaewd
J ) I k-aka, I'kaaa sad Iwual B'tka, immm aad
T.'aa.s rla.a aad I1t4 Auks, bbaal aad
ktaaittlaeaf kk tabs s Jmmt ruallad.
aadPseaaksbS U. L. tUkl
apAasabe T. UA, . i
A Urs lot of Mournicf Oooda,
A. V. VAMMIkkFLtS, Proprietor.
THE suhacriber baring purchased Ihe entire interest
ia tbe -CLARKMiuS VT0KK6,-solUiM
orders tor -Steam
Engines, of any power or stjle, '
Saw Mills of every vaiiety,
Mining Machinery and 1'anifSi
' Grist and Flour Mills, complete,
Parker, Turpentine and other Water Wheels,
. Rice-held Pumps and Engines,
Lea vitt's Corn and (Job Crusher, ..
Kice Tbrashera,
bhingle Machines, '
Ebalting lUngers and Pullies,
Cottoa Uins and Gesriug,
Iron Castings of aU kinds aad patterns,'
Brass '.' " . -
Locomotive aad Tncolar Boi!ers, -
Flue and plain Cylinder If oilers,
Ulacksmitu work ef all kinds.
Iron Doorfl for Houses and JulIb.-v . '
Having been re.orgnnizcd for tbe express purpose
of iusurlng punctually of tlie execution of stl ordes
the publie may rest satisfied that any work which
may offer will be promptly delivered according
roinise, and of such Workmanship a can not fail
o give satisfaction.
Being in charge of iuen of talents and experience,
I have no hesitation in asving that the work her
after turned out, shall compare favorably in every
respect with that of the most celebrated in the
States and at priors which will make it to the in.
terestot all mwaut to sendne their orders.
Always done without delay and having a large
fore for tbat purpose, it will prov advantageoua
to any person needing such ta give me tbe prefer
ence without regard to expense of (ending ease
irom a distance. . -
Oftlers will be addrersed to "Clarendon Iroo
Works," Wilmington N. C.
Oct. 23. 128 tf.
A T ths end of Three Years, such has beea the
XqCsre and economy of the officers of this Company
that we are still free from debt : made no aaserments
A have aoieauch a large Capital 4s) en.A and Botes,
mat we nave uo beeilalioa in saying to the publie, tbat
there is no safer Company in the Southern Country.
Tbe moat of the lti.k ia this Company being in the
11 emeru pan 01 me otate, where the danger Iron n
is much less. . .
At the last annual- meeting, tbe following officers r.-.ieciu.
JAMKS HLOAN, President
8. U. COFFIN, Vice Preai.lent.
C. P. MENDKNUALL, Attorn.y.
PETER ADAMS, Secretary and Treasurer.
W. H. CI.M.MIM1, Ueneral Agent.
GRBsaaaoaorea Jamee (jlosw, I)r. J. A. Mcbane,
C. P. Mcndenhsll, '. if. Kankin, Kev. C. F. Deems
James M. Uarrett, Jed. H. Lindtav, W. J. lieCoanell
B. . ughurn, J. h. Cole, D. H. Weir.
Raleioii Mcllee A Williams Agents)
Wadbsbokoiob. K. F. Lilly.
Jsukstowb. Dr. B. 0. Coffin.
Wisn'soToa Joahua Tayloe.
Wn.aiH.Toa. William A. Wright,
8aubsi sr. JoLn I. Shaver.
FavaTvaviLLB. John U. Cook.
I'utboi tb II. . Fpruill.
LrHBKBToa. Robert E. Troy.
Laaex Castlb. Dr. Robert H. Pralea.
All eommauieatioas sbould be direeud to tke 8 cere
ary Jree ot postage.
PETER ADAMS, Secretary,
Augaat I4tb. 1154. . iutf.
WOULD repctfully inform the eitiiens e
asteiiffe, the county aad the enantry adjoinin
Uiat be kaajual lilted up la svlendid alvls. tb
bouev foriaeriy oeeuitied by tbs Iusuram-e t'oanfmny en
the west aiae 01 rivsiMTiiie rires, ana oetweeu air.
B. H. Young's and Murravaad O'Neal's dry good ttorea.
wbsre he has opened aiargs and keautifal asfortmrBt of
JlfcW JKW t-.LiiK.
of sS tbs modera alvlea, consisting of the ornamental
and the asaful, and te which he invitee the attention ef
the Isdiea.
lie has, nlo, for tbe gentlemen, a good tot of gold
antlaitrer vYstehrv, which will be warranted to p.r-
torta well, aitea dcllrered to the eaatomM. Also,
few einellent
iHiici.F nAnnKU.ED cins.
rougltt on eepec tally for the heaters of Carolina, Ai
jl vs great vaTtfrf-ot Watktrg v'sees.
fart, at tb. Xcw Jewelry riiore, BBy Bad every
thing. os.e!ly kpt ta such estabHenmeuta, may be
found at pi tret, tbat cannot fail t pleae. the reMoaaer.
Itettairingevated al ihtirt aouea, sn'UMtiafa
Iraporloot Io Ucintkerptn an lVt Irr.
71 Enlli Xt and 71 Reek-Han AV, iVsr Jort,
rMrKlpaUgAAii, Frsnt St, Xew Tork,
Factor nVNow: 87 A Wl Hadsoa Bt, Jsrucy City
rpilK I'lKH'IllETOItH ef this loag and weU
ColTce and Spice Ilstablishment,
Continue to prepare Ui best PHARMACEUTICAL
POM DF.KS ia aa fur raising mrtmit, awaif, te a
svanruses, A-a, Tbey ala prepare Mustard, Caen
and many other articles of daily a a la every family.
waioa la.y oner apoa tn aaost reaeoaable tensi.
VaUlogaea swat to dealer wbe them.
R. H. A J.t. 1M 1AM.
K. B. Tooaumars adriaed Is laoulr for tinea
si ill article.
Worth of lAitd WsmBti WwUnr,
VmUr tk .ass SfcfA W, 150. and Jul Afarr.
l, tor rsoA A Aiuaesf reisA prafr iriUlW
f IIM fabacribw will a!te.t all warvaaia mmtmr said
X haws. 4mm t sll soblirre foe l days r.erd
SMvieet tl lb aotdiar ka dead te their Widow as miaae
skdjr.a. P.r.tB. e.a lig aarraata to the S.UenkM
by mail mf ky A4asa'. kit,''. Cossnaay mf ibawagk ibe
Baabs will k.e. e.hd at sight, aa4 rasMitsas
daea by rxara Baaib
f)ee spy at is Lswrraee's UoUl, Fayaisttill. St.
Balrlgh, Jaaw ivtb, IS, '
Fpil K rr-rirtij f ibts plrl.r. t. it Is sere Ibrwagk
L tk. Vt.M, aad la aa raaerwd Itkaik. iagaer.
Mp. I ad ileaa bawa aay bglst, ee at s Ires Iroes
tke BMl.b Ik allvar pUua, li aaaM setdwly.awd
t av ea.lly imtmrmA tl tm Mauri I. a V. wat.r. air ar
siW, aa4 will ksM M aga aa.Btpe tr.4 Call el
T.J. BAM. Ml.
, Bakrigk, LWenUe, llik Illk, 41
rI.MOW I. LASS aD rrrtY.-Ja takssd
V I la 4 nAi, i kti mm Uku, asn.
St. tk vrpB sou s.d ws!ium bi villi eatfed lo
I Ikl. BUlH. At, ISSa) pUHnlA P.ll w kUU'UrB
ad . aaW al a email a.. by
i I b 4SATLla.
reknary !, U, . S-U.
Sand rarer.
SITERImH ArUcIk 1. 1 read tmfm.
j, 1 ta a.
For a. . tf
Kaleigk. Kfs. II.
H. t. TtB'ta.
Ladka and Crnta Iloklciy.
A g.a.r.t Iteoa,! ml bj.a a. w in.a a. 4 By
( mumm. 1 brill, aal 4 Urnmrn. Almm Ut..a ml
svesyt wd. . II. A It a.11 1 a,kk.
1 ,1M M4II, by r.aev I.e., .atbMf Fe
. IV Leasee, L 4. Il J.
Ff sal. ky
WAkREt t. FOBkltfir.
SIT-ke .a, U.rvl a4 linaat Ailass fW
la mtm a4 bw eie ky
fdrnkata b k IK IUII A Bit kS.
1rH Is i arapstBg bFVi sVr.a
mmmm, ta r-. aa to ai. I e
ke.l. (u kauaSLIT t Btrtl.
(VI ki BX'.H.-1 kl" f tlw.a B.f t aal
I kg kaua Lki bn k.
fatoaabwrg, t.rskUs A.
XV ts akiMiiav-fc.
i 1 rit. hap by I
JUf I a aa. ka
mtm, ka FaAHtf r.ra.
W. fc.rBIfiT.
tf mm ky
ik litk.llll
(il akf Ai,ikt.- iii k.w ii. . r .,, .g
I '- -' S Ik'iBSIIl dkilika
Tbt Erillsi ftriodirili tli lie Umtfi CiMi,
L. SCOTT k CO., KEW YORK, continue ta
publish the following leading Uniisb lVriodicale,
77oj Lmuion Quarterly (Cimarrrsftrc.)
the Ediuhiryk ( Haio.)
The North Britiih Jieritw tree (AirarA )
l Ihe Walmiuuter 7.txr (WtcroJ.)
5 '
JlIarhtootTl Ediuhvryh Magaline (Tory.')
Tile great and imrmrtnnt event Relje ioag.
Political, anil Military Dow aeitatiiTii
nations of ths Did WorHi, give to thrte Publi.f,i.
a interest snd valtur tbey never before roy....i
Tbey occupy a' midUl ground ketweea tbe kanil.
nltea news-items, erode SteeulsUous, and flying ra,
tors of theaearsner, Bnd theronderoua To..-
bisloriso, writ'ea long alter the living iatrreM ia the
facta he aball hav pssted sway. The wiZ
grjaa of tbs War in the tart oeenpies a large tpsesia
...... r- - -....w.,, rioeeiy erttieuMsit
wketherot friend or of foe, and all sUrt-eomia. Zji
1 1 .w.; ....1 -r - 1 . . . s iear
from Ihe Bsltir in Disckwood'a Msgaslne. fen. h..
its most pnpnlnr eontrlbuttm, gi mere iBtelli.iui
and reliable account ef tbe movements of ihe great
oetiigerants tusn can eucvuere ha tonnd.
These Periodicals ably represent the three great ntf,
litieal partiss of Great Britrin W hlg, lory, and bad.
r.i, oi oou.o. ,oim. oitiy one leature ol their eharr
acter. As Urgsns of tbe meet profound Htrra,
Science, Literature-, Morality, and Religion, thev ,t.n4
as tbey ever have stood, unrivalled In the world of let'
ters, being eonrldered indispenisMe'lotU fcholarasd
" ' '"' ""ciogtnt nsder ef
erery clsas they furnish a ssora eorraei and aliilact..
ry record of the rurrent literature ol the dav, Ibrougkw
out the world, then can be posiilily ohtsined from aav
ether sourcs,
The receipt of Advance Sheets from Ik. n v
publiehers givs sdditional vslucio there Reprints e.
pccially during the ( reicn( txcitir.g atate el EuropeB
affairs, lusiniueh as they rsn now be placed in Ihe
hands of subscribers about as soon ss the origins! eta
Pereaa. 1
l H
. 0
- f
..I M
... ta)
For any ons of the four ReViews
For any two of tbe four Reviews.;...,..
For any three of the four Reviews .,
For all four of lite Reviews ,
For Rlaekwood'a Magaslne ..., ,
For Rlarkwood snd three Reviews
For Blackwood snd the fottr Revlewa
.10 u
J'airmrtiU to be made tn alt catrs in advance.
Aiuney evrrtm tn t Me Slate where itnted
vilt te rereiretl at par.
A diaeooBl of twenty-five ner cent, from Ik. .Iu..
prices wil. bs sllowed to Clubs ordering ft nr er mas
cntiea m any one or aiain the al.ove uoiki. This:
Four copies of IllKkarajB, or of one Review, will be
sent te one sdiWs for til: four copies of tks four Re.
rie.i ana oibcawooo lor t..o:and SO OS.
In all pTlneiral Cities and Toanalhea. .n4, .111
bs dclutred, Free ef Postage. V ben sent by msi),tbe
Poatngs to sny pnrt of tbe I'niird Mates will bs bet
Twenty-four Cents a year for "Blackwood," and bat
Fourteen Centi a year for ec,h ol the Reviews.
By Henry Stephens, V. R 8., of Fdiabargh, and tk
late 4. r. AnrloB. I rofceeur of Hi irtitifie Agricultar
in Yale College. New Haven, gvuls. Rojal Octa
vo. 1600 pages, and aaaierous Wood and Sleet
This is confer sedlv, Ihe most enmnlete work mint
ealtare ever pnlllbed, and in crder le give t a wider
eirrnlstion tbe puhliibers Laverriolvtd to reduce tke
price to
Whea aeat bv mail (1 10.1-1 to C.lifoni. ..4
Oregna the price will be 17. To evety other pan ef
tke l'ai.a and to Csnada (postpaid,) I a. This
noib 1. do. to. viu dwi ui in. ral 10.
krmittaaees fin-any of the ebove pultllrations rkoald
always be addieerid, leu paid. Is Ihs Pui Ibbrrr,
So. ii Uuld Klrvct, Sis York.
1 tf.
AATK ars I stare and will sell below lowsst 1
T kst Mlia. ,
SHOO fstks "J.Crejs A Dsrecj' L. B. Eslt,
ltasi do flrour.d Aium Halt,
in lil la Refined Ciuebid Hnrar,
lea tint one,
M llslf boss. Loaf Sugar,
bagl itloCoBve, -
BOO Roin Pale Coop,
k's de Brown do. ,
III do ( briairal Olive Soap,
J-'.e'tJI.I. f.. C, Or.,. HmtIbcs,
j;.S do do Cat ' do.
Brooma, Hucke's, Wrspplug Paper, Twine, Fegsr
Poses, Yasat Powders, Olive OIL Iheeolate, ( andl.a,
Mould, Adamnatin and ."perai,, loirtker wlikall arti '
el.s to be foaad in a w kolersle erorrrv.
A. M. Mi Till HUBS A to.
. Ka. . Rtsaoks rnoar., Norfolk.
B, Parlleular alleatioa givea In ssl.a ef Fbiaf
and b urtk Caroliaa pradae g.aerally. ItrSeT for Lisa a
tioaao, Ar, tiled al row eat paces,
Deeessbee IB, IkeA. tf.
Iucceiorto E. L. Earding'.
FpilE Badenlroed, wbe has leea for many years
L Cl. iklork. L. Harding, was ea Ik 1.1 day ef
Jaeeary, 11,11, appointed Agaat for tb "Raleigh
Braack," by tk ssots manataelarrrs wiik wkom Mr,
II. waseeuaeetad while doing beeieess la Ihlaelly. Tke
ram Btylesad elsaswl Llotbiag that hav gives Ik Is
Hons lb repauiioa it aw Brjoys. WiU k kepi, sad
tb prkes will b ana- tm, aad as hope a aa I ufaaSiy
a every particular.
To our Former Pstroas.
"I EFOR K lrlag tbs elty for mm, a. k. w Bike
tsMBleMrs af rwnBma4ir( Mr. William H.
) illlema le year hinUt etaaiderslba. Mr. Wu
llaat. Bill bavs lb. UBI fbelllUM for er pplylar ywsw
waaia aad demands, aa kave kaea enjoyed ky the aa
dcigBd for tb l.l eight ymra.
Mr. Williama ia lully s.lh.rli le settle saw be
aad aeeoaala, Ws Bow, foe Ik. I.rl Hat laa, ssy bs
all lB-i-kt.l teas Ik.l (il B BIM.NFM MlriT BS
akTTLFD I F. kwaaaait llaa. Bill b allowed V
MaaawaM kefvr sakipg ibem t srttl with we .rue
a.y a, . R. U. BARBIBU.
katsigk, Fk I, I Ski, f-
Patent S w 1 n a; 1 t r .
The g.beeritoe kavlag pwkaMd Ik sol sight la
make aa4 a.11 wiBgtrrea, la lbs rewalieeaf
Wak, JokBrtoa, Cbalbaas, Oraag., Frsaklla, Wsr
sa and B.k, wowld s.r.lf.lly laforsa tk pwblk
Ibat tb.y will aiuad Ibe Cvrf I tk. skwee eeweaa
wllk tk.aa, bb4 al pddle Ik. a, USeotfik tb siaatry.
By tkui SaiagUlr, a ks. as two mt Baass kasaisk
eaa k 4.tsrked frvas a stH skew 4 Pali apsid.
wtib prrfMS Mt.i; be tb snii.m aad lbaa la U. I
I a.eaele a4 f-j, mm tbat aay bwy baa ytan sad eaa
awl t M. m. Be mmt ffrntttUmm kee sm
mmtmt boa Is.Mtod against lb dafrs lMil ta
rwM.y ar (ra,lla k'mi, Bvy rtdl.g mmmlflm
ckl aa k.a mmm ana.k.4 es at. II I. kep, emtm,
ead aata prtriwlitwi aruad daager. it aa Be a.
ba.b.4 I. .14 mt mm las,
fp- Beile. Is kmA (I. Ikal sy tafrtagvsseal
mm ike aay iitiulioa, ml say BUesasS I
auk. mt aae by aay awstbraiioa, ikte Fbt Swiagk.,
kr ta aay ml us atuthv aw,, esapmud, tk fr
mm p.ewaa a a.B4i( will k. a ..ant S Ikd
f.ll .SMI af lb kaw, ka Ibe I . . t n. mt awf
a-a. ' r. P. WILLIAM
sUMtk. Fab. It. If.,
r, BUM. a. a.
( dif"aB m4 Oswaw'or af iVaar,)
H A U K. II. N. C.
I'LL liad proas pllt kaall Laataew aiihaslsf
t tl.f a."
W, 11. MAn?ll,
Comiaiislon Merehat
aav IS -.sia wan evsirv,
tMaalagtaa, a. C. "
I 'Sr.ltcil klerlaa, Fr.s.fe IxUae. ai A
I tan, Earltik Unix, I I"!-
t aafaa I talk. I .bans. 4 I s.4 t'eesuwer. I
.aa, Ladi' aadknkifs, Urals 4. I mtt sad
SBsaia k.f. yakay. II. L. TA. t
r.ymkOT, lao. IIS
r I v II I Ittil, Ban sm termed taal -1
fad Maaii.ia la Cabar bad Meaeweaf) mrt
mmm mfm tmt Iwaftaallaaa.
Ab Parte kidukwna Real TaieSed SUk MMbs,
rasmde aad rserf arv.iy af Faa.
' w a a a . ttTKM.
April I, sA I-
u. ik aaet Mi-era.
ftk ry ft. IV. k-f
r.. ...... -j r. . mmim N All " k.c. r.wi
,UI1 A 1111 a. I A 1 MS aa-.. .'I'l-lrll
v v.4.,r. . ...f H.'J VI
rpt b - l mm T-, IA
I B.4 Bte ot.. ky k
yOTa..'!. I,
r nI ot It av... ka
hvakLtr A BI' k.
lk bv
HI. 11 a
mmtf, . T.
"w TLrY 4 Wl' R, ,,i It -
H, i IttBfR.

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