North Carolina Newspapers

At J
An act (o authorise tlm commissioners
t'. Tnmsy Ivaiiia and Henderson counties
to ' vy a special tax. Not to exceed
$!.".) In pny ciiiiiitgr debt.
An art lo authorise tin- cmigy commis
sion, i s ill Fr etiklm county to levy a spc-
I in . Nut In exceed ? 7,000 lo nit ct
exi i see, anil to pay n portion of the
c mill v drlit.
An Wl to b'vrntiilfil an art to regulate
)! i- .:!. v and Id S i.f llli
('Ink All iw a salary ol 51,000 in ud
I'iti 1 1 In fi-OH.
An art to prevent the felling of trees
in i 'iilrntiiea 1'rcek. Offeudcrs t be
li i-t! $!i fur each tree, and alo to bo con-Mui'ti-il
guilty of ft inisilenu anoa, to be
fined not less than 10 nor ore tlian
$100, or to be imprisoned a.i tlio Judge
towy deem proper
I -i
CF W ' see from th Henderson ImUs th.u
mime persons liave been taking that papar tit
task I t ita recent coiirtm. We are not at all
surprised at this. Kadicaliani ia'not confined
Supreme Court j to ouly one of the political partica that now
divide the country by any meant. Thcronrae
of (lie Index, without any sacrifice of princi
ple, has been iu the interett of conservatism,
of peace, oflaw and order. It has favored
t'ie Virginia movement to rid the people of
tliut ancient and reuowned commonwealth of
tint proscriptivo feature of a constitution
I which tlwy cannot ho to defeat entirely
A:i act lo authorize and require the , one m tlie wisest movemenis mane uy south
J. I . A ttT
commissioner ol the county oi armi
to levy a special tat for t lie porpoise of
rebuilding n " poor house" in said coun
ty. A tax of one tenth of one per ccut
on all taxibic property
An act to incorporate the Pino Forest
Cemetery Company in tho city of Wil
mington. An act to incorporate the towu of Clay
ton in the county of Johnston.
An act to alier the boundary between
the counties of 'Wilkes and Watanga.
An net to authorize the commissioners
of tbe count v of 1'asqnotank to levy an
for certain purposes, ftot lo
,.r,vU" 7 I - 7--.
and farmers Association.
An ju t concerning tW powers and' du
ties of Stite officers.
An act to provide for levying a special
tax for the county of Beaufort. Not to
exited $10,000, to pay county debt, and
lo meet other expetwes.
An act authorizing the commissioners
of Jones county to levy a special tax.
Of 35,000, to build bridges, support the
em stateameil since the war. It has favored
efiviug the administration of Gen. Orant a
fair trial. For this, it seem, it has been de
nounced. It aan well alTord to be denounced
lor a course so conservative, sa patriotic , so
much iu the interests of peace, harmony and
The Intler, with whoso editor w are un-
anqnaiuted. has taken, in tho main, the same
(course with the (Ud Xorth Stale. It has ta
ken a practical view of the situation, dis
carding dead issoaa, obsolete principles aud
mere abstractions. This is the only
and restore pence to tbe country we Sew bo
our, A:c.
An act to amend ihc net to incorporate
the Clieoah Turnpike Company.
An act to incorporate the llubeson Ag
ricultural Society
reason, ho, ! d.iilt hi earnest intention
to do so. Some of his appointments seem to
ns to be verv bad, bat this mav not be whol
ly his fault, lie may have been imposed up
on, or he may have found it absolutely ne
i .iry to conciliate the Republican party in
this regard iu order to retain suftieieut inllu-
eiice with it to enable him to tueeeed in oth
er measures ol peace upon which he had set
his heart' In other respects his course da
serves praise. His intlnenco certainly de
feated an attempt to reconstruct Georgi
thinl time. Cougress never showed tha
except in so far as they reeogulie the ex
istence of a Mate government already organ
ised. It was deeided, in effect, that "there may
be a State without a government' "that a
State is none the less a State though anar
chy may prevail and all government be sus
pended ""that the association of in.lividn.
als remains under the social compact, though
without organised power exercising and di
recting its political force" that " State
neither loses any of its rights nor is disohar-
ged from any of its obligations by a change
in the form of its civil ffoverosjeut" that the
goverumeiit which was the aetutd govern
ment of the State, and which was ttcogni:td
as such by the political departments of the
government "was the representative of the
State to the extent of being entitled to bring
this suit " that the States lately in rebellion
have aurvived that rebellion, aud survive
with all the righu that have ever pertained
to them as independent and self governing
communities under the federal constitution,
sohjeet only to sneh changes aa have been
made in that instrument.
The importance of this decision cannot be
over estimated it will become historical, and
will be referred to in all future time as the
one settling the most important constitution
al questions that have everanjaan. or ever ean
arise, iu ih historic JmLmMtitrrfa
great fundamental
An act authorizing the Appointment by slightest disposition to relax the severity of
its course towards the people of the 8outh
until after the reception of the President's
message urging the passage of the bill in re
lation to reconstruction in Virginia. Missis
sippi and Texas. The passage of that law
insures the defeat of the Wells, "Carpet
Bag," faction in Virginia and gives the con
trol to the virtue and intelligence of the
Stake This much President Grant has one
questionably accomplished in the interestsof
peace. We hope to be able to approve of
many more, if not all, of the acts of his ad
miuistration, With the Judex we are for
giving him a fair trial. We will not de
nounce his administration Hsv a few faults or
errors committed at the outset, but intend to
the Governor! of municipal officers for
town of llocky Mount, in Edgecembe
An act to authorize the couutv commis
sioners of Johnston county to levy a
special tax to pay for the building of a
bridge across Keuse River. Not to ex
ceed 20 cents on the 6100 worth of mon
eys, credits, Szc.
An act to authorize, empower and di
rect the County Commissioners of Hali
fax lo force collection of arrears in taxes.
My preparing a list of all delinquent hinds,
to do which ihey have power to send for
persons and papers, and the sheriff to col
lect taxes on said lands.
Au act to provide for the levying a spe
cial tax for county cf Pciqiiitnaiis. Not
to exceed $5,000 to nav count v debt, lo I iudire of it fairK as a whole. We shall be
I I J ' t i J CD
build and repair bridges, !cc. much mistaken if lis does uot show hiniself
An act to authorize the county commis- t oe the leader of the conservative men of
sioiiera of Macon COUnly levy Special ! k;. nmrtm u-kn tha. nmnr time arrives for
. . .i. i i i - rt . l j i
istees of
him to assume the leadi-rshtp. Of this1 we are
the more hopeful since reading the speech of
Senator Spragne ou the occasion of the sere-
i I Ita I j ' '11 ' '
taxes Tor special purposes.
An act to incorporate the Halifax Manu
facturing Company.
An ait to incorporate the Tro
r . . .
ii net to authorize the Jan Itivcr speech he savs that the movement in behalf
UoaJnekls Company to construct aud ex-1 of the people for the establisainent oAn low
tend their road. I rate (lf interest will be "led on by the brfl-
An act. to amend an act entitled an act J liant 8tar of pre,iJent Grant which Uii n.
to e.-taniieii special courts in the cities ot
t aa legi ti
ny set af
, as State.
I established
const is governed by the
rinciide, affirmed in the celebrated case of
Lather vs. Uordea sometimes known M the
"Dorr case," and sometimes "tl toe
"Rhode Island ease" that the question of
the validity, or legitimacy, of a State govern
ii lent is not judicial, bat a jmlitical ques
tion, and, that when the political power Aa
reeogaiaed a State government the curt
will recognise such decision and follow it.
The governments existing in the Southern
States daring the rebellion, not being feci g
nised by the federal government aa legiti
mate, were not competeut to do any
fecting the righta of those States,
The governments of those States
by President Johnson, being recognized by
the politic! power, though-only as provis
ional governments, were, therefore, the rep
resentatives of those States to the extent of
enabling them to bring suits in the sanies of
such States In the U. 8. Supreme Cocrt.
The distinction between constitutional ques
tions purely political, and "OMM in hue and
egnsiiy arising under the constitution and the
laws and treaties of the United States made
in pursuance thereof." taken by Chief
Justice Marshall in his famous speech on the
Jonathan liobbint ease, and affirmed, a we
have before stated, in the ease of Lather vs.
Borden, has been strictly observed by the
court throughout.
Many of the comments of the pret. upon
this important decision most have been man
it seems to us, without having first thorough
ly studied the opinion. ,
We surrender a verv large part of onr oa-
tropical saga' crops Man destined to fail
almost en tin ', is a perfect substitute
winch onght ot onlv to AM the vacuum
and prevent i ny serious deficiency in the
sugar eopplN and a corresponding rise in
price, but it ught largely to Increase the
supply ami d ininish the price of this Sta
ple article of .od. Oar attention baa been
recalled to tl s subject by an article in the
Richmond 1' patch, from which we quote
the following :
"There is ow a mmpgfev In Louisville.
Ky., engage ! is the manlactuie of sugar
and sirup from sorghum. The Democrat
of that city dates that tho articles manu
factured by!! company are excellent.
The sirup briigs rcaMr eighty cents per
gallon in the ssarkel. The sugar, 'in ev
ery respett-4h color, brightness, and
sweetneafe-is equal to the best refined A
sugar ever made,' says that paper. It adds
that it ean be made for seveu cents per
pound about oiie-t hiid of tho cost of im
ported sugar.
"In speaking of llio yield of sorghum
per acre, the Democrat climates that MS
acre will produce 900 pounds of sugar, or
loO gallons oTjlrup, which, it contends,
will pay bettflhan com or other graiu."
"The man t the wheel" Tho Veloc
The N. d Medical Society meeU in
Salisbury on tbe 20th of May nex. .. ...
A Cuban roudeavout aid drill-room has
been opened in New York.
Hon. T. L. Clingmau is at the Kbbitt
House, Washington.
A Jer.eymvrTH bo inventtd an India
rubber carriage hs sold his patent right
for fc00,000.
The autre aweman's waist i shaped
like an hour glnss, the more it shows that
her sands of life are running out.
Manufacturers are leoking up at the
South. The Augusta (Ga.) Factory
Company recently declared a quarterly
divdend of I ve per cent, on its capital
A Baltimore gas-fitter did his repairing
net badly that tbe gas escaped, and, can
dle being carried into the room, ruined
tbe house.
Ex President Johnson had a most en
thusiastic reception, at Knoxville, Tenn.,
on Friday the 3d inat.
- n. w4si4 iM(S', itfill. t,",7
The Princess Mettemieh decide that
dresses shall be lower In tho neck and
and longer in the train.
The Duke of Argyle has pnt his
In Salem, on Monday evening, the 13th
inst., by J. P. Vest, Kq., Mr. Henry
Alley to Miss Alice W inkier.
On the 8th feat, in Wanghtown, by
Elder Wm Turner, Mr J W McKaughan
aud Mies Marlb A Pitts.
liv Rev J C Patterson, at his residence,
March 28tb, Mr. Spruce M Suider to Miss
Lliaa Parka, all of Forsyth county.
By ReV J C Patterson, at hit residence,
on the laih, Mr David Robertsou and
Miss RosifM Carolina, second daughter of
Vm BWalm, all ol l'oisytli.
In Polk Couutv, ou the 10th ult, by
Geo W Rhodes, Esq, Mr Coleman Brad
ley to Miss I . nil, i Kdwards.
Iu Charlotte on the 13tb, inst, at the
residence of Mr Harvey McAlister, bv
the Rev E J Mevnardie, Mr W M 11. n
dcison, to Miss N J Normeut
In Ne hern on April 11, 1868, at the
residence of Geo Lamb, Esq, by Rev R
A Willis, James E Taylor to Miss Mary
In the 7th Mlv, Tn Warrcnton, N C,
by Rev M M Marshall, Capt Wm J
White and Miss Sue B Cawthornc.
In HendttUon, on the tilh inst, by Bel
li UOibboTC, Dr Bcuuett B Pcrr to
i- .Misi Naecissa J Maun.
ilmiiiglon aud New Rem
Aii act to enable John L Ranks of the
county of Johuston to collect arrears of
An act providing for certain returns
from Railroad Companies.
An act for the relief of 8. A. Kelley,
sheriff of Davie county. Authorizes him
to collect arrears of tuxes for the years
An act to authorize the commissioners
of the twou of Salisbury to issue coupon
IxMids. To pay the town debt, tho bonds'
not to exceed inatnount the sum of $20,
000 to run not longer than 20 years, 8
per cent interest, tho proposition to be
first submit ted to tbe qualitied voters of
the town.
An act to incorporate the McLean
Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, of the
town of Fayetteville.
An oct to incorporate the central N.
C. Railroad Co.
An act authorising the Superintendent
of Puhlic-WorkB to select two laborers to
assist in locating ft turnpike rood in Car
teret connty N. Jf.
An aet to amend the act to incorporate
tlie trusrecu of North Carolina College,
ratified ?lst day of January, 1869.
An act to incrporatc town of Madison
in JCocJtingham county.
An Set authoriqing the commissioners
of Jackson county to issue bonds.
Ali net to amend and consolidate the
sev-ral acts relating to the incoiporatien
of tho town of Salisbury.
An act to incorporate line Forest
18(3. A. Y. M.
1 memliered, always paled at the outset only
the better to illuminate and render bright
J the clear light of bis uniform victories."
I The people demand relief they yearn for
; the restoration of peace, of qwlet, of law. o
order and prosperity, and they are indifferent
as to the source from which these blessings
may come. If Qen. Grant ean bring about
this bleated state of things, as we sincerely
hope he will, he will lie hailed by the people
as their deliverer, notwithstanding the wall
of a few ante-deluvian politicians, and of that
class of meu who can never see anythingbut
ruiu in changes and who, if they were j
tronomers, would advocate the abandonment
of the system of Copernicus and a return to
that of Ptolouiey.
Ivodge No
"An act to authorise the commissioners
Of Edenton to sell foi r comiuo. a and
other propel ly.
An aet to incorporate the lown of Lex
ington tn the county ef Davidson.
'r An 'act to incorporate Trinity Lodge,
No. -'!, in the county of Raudolph.
An act to incorporate' the town of
Trinity in Raudolph county.
An act to amend the charter of the
town of Bath in the county of Beaufort
An act to empower Atthur Oaskins to
re-open his ferry from Wiggins' Creek to
Newbern. '
An act to incorporate the Tluckhorn
Mining and Manufacturing Company.
An act ta allow the commissioners of
Yadkin county to levy a special tax. (To
build bridges, mid to pay tho county
debt. . V '
An act to authorizing the commission
cis of Granville county to levy a special
tax for the mamtaihance ot the pour. Not
to exceed $10,000.1
An act authorizing the consolidation of
the Charlotte and South Caroliua R. R.
Co. end the C lumWa and Augusta Rail
iad Co.,aiid amending the charter thereof.
An act to authorise the county commis
eioncis of Mitchell aud Yancey counties
Ui levy a e pecial taxi
An act concerning Fisheries in Carter
et couuty.
An a t to authorise the county eom
sisatoejejs of Columbus country to levy
a spooled tax,
This great case, involving many points of
constitutional law which were awaiting aa
authoritative announcement from the Su
preme Court of the United States, has just
been decided by that tribunal. It is unques
tionably one of the moat important decisions
ever made in thia country. We have not
room for the opinion of the Court, which is
acknowledged to be one of the ablest and
most exhaustive and conclusive that ever em
anated from the Supreme bench. The most
important point was that of the jurisdiction
of the Court. The Supreme Court has juris
diction of suits brought by a State of the
Union against auy other Stats or eithtens of
any ether State. . This suit was instituted by
the State of Texaa while under the control of
the State government established therein in
pursuance of President Johnson's reeonstrue
tion policy. That government was, by the
act of March tin- "ml, 187, pronounced "il
legal." And Texas was, by a subsequent
act of July the 10th, 1807, declared tn be one
of those states which "had not legal govern
incuts."' The suit was instituted in 1867 as
uu original suit in the United-States Supreme
Court, and the decision is uot only that the
Court had jurisdiction, but that, notwith
standing all the acts of Congress, Texas was
at that time actually and legally a State, and
odc of the States of the Union.
We cannot, with our limited space, enter
into the details pf the case or of the points
decided. It decided, among other things,
that Texas has never ceased to be1 a State of
theUuion; that the acts of secession were
void, and that no State has at any time taken
itself out of the Uuion. The authority of
the Federal Government was suspended
while the State was in rebellion, but the
State did not lose its status as one of the
States of the Union, nor its citizens as citi
zens of the United States. The establish
ment of the provisional governments organ
ized by Presidents Liucoln and Johnson is
justified as a necessity for the restoratiogWef
law and order aud legitimate Stale govmB
ments in the lately rebellions States. Any
opinion upon the constitutionality of the va
rious reconstruction acts of Congress is avoid-
v r f . '
to the Revenue. Tbe suhjeaa of thtmui
one in which all the people are so rnnch 'fiV
terested that we know (psOOr leaders WTO
approve of what we have me. The law la
relation to the collection of the taxes, which
will be found ou our first pace, should be resd
with care by all. especially that part of it re
lating to the assessment efffedits for taxa
tion. Before lifting their old notes and ac
counts it will be necessary for creditors to
determine upon what terms they are willing
to compromise with their debtors.
. . , . l iu... u,huk ,,iuin..
y. -icjest son into I London mercantile - Tbiuh. 48
In Thomasville N C, on the 19th inst,
Mrs Ann Reid, wife of Rev Dr N F
Ueid, in the 46th year oi her age.
At A -In: i v, N C, on .he J9th March,
Alsey Eastman, Esq, In tho CGth year of
his age.
At his residence, near Greensboro, on
I cb 2G, Lorenxo Dow Orrel, aged 58
At Cooks Hotel on the 5th inat, Rich
ard I Wynne, Esq, Senator from Erauk
lin county ; by professou a Lawyer, and
aged about 50 years.
In Raleigh, on Friday eveninr,- 9th
inat. Miss Rosa G Hill youngest daughter
ot Dr Wm U II ill, cf that city.
In Polk county, on the 22d ult, Mi
Jon Dies, aged 45 years.
Iu Charlotte, at the residence of Mr
A I tea .uncauiav, on me ism inst, Jir
George Stenhoase, of consuuiptioo, aged
44 years.
In Anson couniy, on the 30tb ult, after
a protracted illness, Miss Lallie J, second
daughter of Henry W. D ft-rry. Esq.
APRIL 23, 1869.
HFroRTzD by t. a. aceNSAcaasr, okocbs.
Bacoa, prpouud
CoSes, per pound,
To Jobbers A Country Merchants
OpodoldOC Solid and Liquid.
Godfrey's Cordial.
Bateman's Drop
Laudanum nnd Ptragorie,
Kasoncu Cianninun,
" Peppermint,
w Lemon, Ac, Ac.
lrUIN'0 the years of themihsesiber for
mer resilience here, he nmnlifaetiteeif niol iut
Up. large quantities of the above named, as
veil as other articles, solil by country mer
chants, of stauiturd quality and superior
Style; all lhe-e he sold at Xmtlirrn iti pri
ces, barely ahliug the eost of transportation
und for all these years, the Jobbers here, as
well as their rimtoiners, found it to their ad
vantage to purchase them from the subseri
ber. iusteud o Kcudin North.
They may be now sgaiu had, at similar
rates, ouly at
E. SI I.I.'8rru,r Store,
spril 16 It ISlitiiry. N . C.
An' approved am) effectual Remedy for
Chronic Bronchitis Anth rn f tlic
waatiiiK Coughs in Advanced age :
BUedinn from the Luna, ttc.. and
loiplion, tlian nil the LxBeetorRHt-..
on tlic 84th, Mr W J Ueverly to Uiss N
A Tfel, daughter of Thomas Teel.
Grand Sale of
It P I r n nr a r
ntAL lj I A I t
Personal Property by tKti 'North Car
olina Real oml J'rsonal EtaU
Ay' iu-ij,, itfh, sXi V.
100,000 Capital Stock.
Chartered ly the lqilitnr or A'orth C'iriU'
so, !, 20, l- .
JOSEPH O. MESTKIt, Prtsulent
JOSKI'H DIXON, Vice l'ruidtnt.
jbiINO UKSTBR, Srcu and Treas.
lioUV. (i. t-K v IS. Legal CoHHtsUor.
3 0H0 Vul't ilil' 'i'ts of'Yoxrty 6s flO-
, of. d'vrlh 140,(1941
Chance ! IBAb BSTA1
hnnsc tord shocked Uritish aristocracy immeasurably.
A team. r, triih afm othr
riakrf war, left Nctv Vork fe
pr ponuil,
i'saitlsa, TsHo w,
Cotton, per pound,
" Ysi. per tiuut Ii.
Btrs, psr doxsii
Fur the Old Korth .State.
Mr. Editot : The continuance of the
political disturbances in the principal Su
gar producing regions, (the island of Grist
ha,) especially, leaves no doubt, whatever,
that the supplies hitherto derived from
tnose pans, win oe to a great extent cut
off. And although it has been stated
perhaps correctly, that the amount of su
gar produced iu Louisiana, Tezaa uni
Florida, will considerably exceed the
amount made for the past K w years ; vet.
alter ail, the supply to be expected from
all these sources, will bej must be, very
much below tbe demand, increasing as it
does, daily.
Tbe consequence will be, a continued
advance in the price of sugar until it shall
reach a point, which will preclude its use
by many, unless our people shall, in time,
avail themselves of the production of
Sorrhum, which rery bnppily, all may
now do.
In confirmation of these views, I bee
to commend to your attention tho accom
naiivinsr article, which tuesents the sub
ject in a, very plain and conclusive man
ner. E. S.
A lock of huraai hair was found by a
Maine wood cho: irr recently buried four
inches deep in a bitjek tree. It has been
there fully 80 yeai
Tho list pensioirof the revolutionary
War hits die agaii. This lime lie was
Daniel BakaweliJ of New York, State,
aged 111.
Tho late Colon T. BizclowtLawrencc.
of llnston, w ho lahly died la Washing
ton, bequeathed Wti.OOO to Ins com in.
Timothy Bigelowi aud iSO.000 to his
uncle, Rev. Dr. Andrew Digelow.
A man in Milfml. Mass.. is making a
velocipede mjth jvheels eiglit leet high.
It is intended to -make thirty miles an
Couch Mixtures, fie, extant
It isscicnts9eally compounded of ingredients
well known for their virtue and sdnptation to
the diseased nsuied ; and '9 the resui of IffPt
nnl extensive exerieii.'e and patient investi
irslton o the laws of tlic animul ecrvooaiy ; l-lM-ther
with an intimate knowl"hre of remedvit
Sfrenta, in ttieir physiolii.'itl and tiierapenlic
i lie I on llihumii sytlem.
It i quite unlike the iNimberlesi Tixiieclor
ann, I'ltotsL" iic., so recklesly and ruTsist
ently palmed upon the suffering and confiding
people; in the fact, that il i not an Bxpectoc.
ant. per te ; nor is it loaded with Opium or
Morpoine. ic o.'Jer to lull the poor sufferer
with its delusive influences. Msny a vnlua
Ue lii.- has been sacrificed and expectorated in
to a premature grave. On tlie contrary, dtli
calculated to cheek excessive expectoration
which of itself m exceedingly exhaustive, and
by itn general and sfiecilic action, to heal and
soothe ihe weak, inflame I and irritated orgnrs.
Of the several ingredients which compose
thia valuable Balm, there : no one, which is
not eonstaiitly used, hy the best Physicians, in
the diseases above enumerated, and of many
eminent inciln;al genileinen, lo whom it corn
position has been made fciinwn, tliere iia1" not.
heen one, wi:ohsnot ii-.'li!v aiimovcl il; and.
St 0c E'i JtiJii'ni-'F'oe in the
Oity tt Jlateiffk 13 '
One resideucu in Raleigh, N. C describe I
beW, ' '
One do do do 8.O1K)
One do do do (tJAM
One do do do &.000
One do Varrenton, do o,000
One do Chapel Hilt, do 2,000
Ouo Holei iu Ta lorsville, N 0., do 2,000
Lid of Per tonal Properly.
Samples on exhibition at Hester Bros St Co.,
No. 26 Kayeltevdl Bt, Raleigh, N. C, at the
10-l uu! 1'Utiioiis, fftflO each, mads Ij H.
0. SchutHll, Utdliinors, Ml. $0,000
10 Jmims Tofi Bhct-m. ftoOeaeik, saede'by
ll.D. k-hraidt. lialuiaore, Md, 8,500
. 60 1st Premium, 7 uctata Piaimsvsnada bat
Tiemaine Bros., N. V., fM0 eaeh, 32,500
5 Parlor or Church Ofsn.- stops, 2G0
made hv TVemaine Bros., N. V., 1 250
aUO .Sowing Machines, Wiox St Gibbi or
Qrover A: Bker's, $O0 eaeh, . 30,000
ou 1 S.,k Dresstw, best article, 0 vanls. '
each, 40, 20,000
11 Wlocipedea. $"5, 400
2V ldl Hi unlets Carpet, 45 yards,
each 135, 3,24.0
C Salamander Safes, VYilrjer's patent, best in
I he WOrM, VM TbGO
.1 Cash i'risv, I,0O0 gold, 1,334
In -.-..-li prises, $!n0each, 1,000
2i") do do 10 do 2.000
672 do do 5 do 3.390
l(M)i),Jo do 2 do 2,000
000 Pnxes. Value of the total amt, $U(j,G&ft
TotaT number of Tickets, ' 73(347 x
All of the above is put in the drawing at
tbe reunfar cash selhnjr prices and will be dis-
!' 1 ot hv u recnlar imsle it Drawmg, and -n
outer to lu.-coinplish this, tiieCompariy wifeeil
o.jli liuKots at 2 eacn : lor linihei intoreaa-
for their patients, but have used it iu their own
ca?es, with marked advantage.
Prepared and sold onlv, at
1.. h! LL'S Pros rs.
s- ril 33-16 tf 8Uhbury, X. f.
- WII0t. At. MI XKTAIfi
From tha Msoob (Oa.) Te'egraph.
Sngar has gone up in consequence of
the civil disturbances in Cuba and the
practical abolition of slavery in that island,
and the newspapers have been agitating
me question 01 me sources 01 tnc supply.
Two or three months ago we had the oc
casion to acknowledge the ieceipt of a
sample of sugar made from sorghum, by a
company in Louisville, Ky., which was
equal in quality to the best New Orleans
raw sugar. It was stated that a product
hi 900 to 1,200 pou mis of sngar to the
acre of sorghum cane was the ordinary
yield in Kentucky ; and if this be true, it
is quite et i dent the suga&problcm is solv
ed at once.
Sorghum can be raised without any dif
ficulty in any part of the United States
south of Central Illinois, but attains a
more perfect development in the cotton
Stati s. Maturing earlier than sugarcane
the grinding season is sufficiently long iu
most of these States to admit of working
up the crop as leisurely as the. cane of
Louisiana, and ti e product is sufficiently
remunerative to justify the most perfect
apparatus for that purpose.
Alkthe obstacles to as perfect a crys
talisation of the syrup of sorghum aa that
of tbe sirup of sugar cane are removed by
tbe simple expedient of defecating the
juice before it is boiled. Tin- sugar then
granulates beautifully, and both sugar and
sirup are aas free from the peculiar flavor
ot the sorghum aa could be desired.
Madi id, April 14". It reported thai
General Trim will go out to Cubafas Captain-General,
acohnpanied by large Vein
forcemetiU for suppression of the insur
rection. On the morninp of Easter Sunday fifty
Spaniards receivtd the commuuiou ac
cording to the rile of the Protestant re
ligion : and this h the first time that ancli
a ceremony has feen witnessed in Mad
rid since the cruel days of Philip II.
The increasing number of ontrages
upon Aim ricau citizens by Spanish ofii-
cials in Cuba, is attracting serious atten-
Fmlt, dried, apples pealed
" fc ! niip'M
" Peaches, pealsd,
" " unpealed
Leather, upper, per poim J
" sots, "
Iros. bar,
" castings, "
N'aHs, cut, "
Molasses, aorghnm. per r
wsninjis, " ,
" Syrup, "
Onions, perl i-'.fl. ,
Pork. pr ponn.l
Potatoes, TrlslhsierbiiL,lii I,
Sngar, Brown, psrseend
" CIsrlBed.
" (.'rushed Pntverized ,
Bait, roast, per sack,
" Liverpool, ,
" Table, ,
Tobacco, Leaf, per pnnnd,
' 'Msnnractursd
" Hmokinc.
17 lo 9U
'.'-' to On
.80 U 8n
ho to VO
IU to tie f J A
to 20 J v
Soto uu DRUOSX
A 0 J? Slim k Toilrt IrUrltsV
m7 taints, OilsV
imporieu cv uoinesiic Window M
Sk. Glass, Putty, J?
SI 1
60 to Til
1.1)0 to 1.20
60 to 60
10 to 13
60 to 75
Ma) to Oil
U to 16
IN to 21 1
90 to 90
2.76 laS. 76
0.00 to 3.91)
6.60 to 6.00
OOto (Ml
30(0 1. 6(1
40 ti 1.00
TffK nndersipu'd respectfully invites the
L11. lie of Salisbury and vicinity to call and see
their Lite Sired Trimmed Patterns of the latest
and most fashionable styles for Spring and Sum
mer. Ladies', Misses and Children's dresses
made on short notice and in the most fashiona
ble styles, and on tbe most reasonable terms.
Satisfaction guaranteed as to perfect tits,
styles and prices t their dress-nuking rooms on
tbe corner of Muin and Council streets, near the
Court House- M IIS. LLLKN SILL.
April KUlffctt MKS. M. H. SPEAKS.
Would respectfully call the attention of Iter
cheats. Physicians, Planters, and others, to their
extensive stock and -alienor inducements.
107 Sycavwre, St., J'l UinOuro.
S. F. R1VKS. M. I). W.B..FRO0TOK.
uprt;i liiitim
par tho above reward of 50 for the
return ol a dray Mare, and the arrest ol, tin
iwn in ew lorfc city und UShlugton. thief who stole her from uiy stable on the night
. . of the Jolli iiir-taut. I Will cive $'.'.") for the
A strong expedition, in aid of the Cu
hun has Bi'ileqfuem a Southern port un
der command 0? I' distinguished Ameri
can officer.
In Madison, Georgia, a destructive fire
occurred a fewdajra ago, which destroyed
twenty-five or thirty stores and several
dwellings' The 'loss sustained is esti
mated at $200,0(10.
Tho Allies are preparing 1o send an ex
pedition of twelve theusaud men from
Assunslou into the interior of Paraguay
in search of Lopez.
Horace Greeley says the darkest day
in any man's earthly career is that were
iu he fancies that there is some easier
way of gaining a dollar thau by squarely
A mecanich in Ilurrfslug, Pa , has
invented a frying machine with wings
fifteen feet in letigth. and presenting to
the air a surfnee of 900 square feet.
mare and ir for the thief. Said mare is about
nine years old; large, iu good condition and
very valuable. She is a very, fast I rotter, and
is slightly spliutcd just below hqr Iefr fore knee
No other marks rcioemliered. 1 have some
reason to believe that tbe mate was stolen by a
young white man by the nitinu of John Perry,
and that he is gonu in the direetiou of Johnson
cfiunty, Tennessee. Address nto at Smith
Giwe, Davie co., HI, C-
April sa- -i6nt . jony bailet.
Mowers aud Reapers,
Used in all countries, and universally
Commended :n
'I'll IC BEST 1.1 I . i: !
Awarded mom first premiums than any other
Machine manulactuie I, both in th;3
Among which is
Two Grand TloM f od.ils and Crags of
the Legion of lloitor,
At Paris Exposition, 1867.
A Span of Bay Horses,
Six Years old, a PHAETON and Harness for
Sale. Apply to H. H. DELPi;R.
Salisbury, JT C., AprilW, 1869. IfVtf
U. S. 3nt. HcuM
i Assessor's Office, 6th Dist. . N. C.
Y ' Salisbury, Aprrt.19, 1809.
NOTICE i hereby civen in accordance with
tho provisions of Sec. lUth fit Act of June 30,
looe-amlaubaetjuenlAL-tsol the Internal
enueLaws, that I, VV F, Heinlerson, Assessor
0th District of Norih Carolina, will sit at my
office, in Salisbury on tbe 20. h ami .?0th days
of this month, between the hours of 8 A. Si.
and 4 P. SI., to bear and determine any appeals
relative to any erroneous or excessive vslua
National Museum.
In elioit, here, at the moment when? canvass.
Mr. TV. D. YaUach, late editor ef the
Washington Star, announce iu the Alex;
andria Gazette that be is a candidate for
Coucreas in the Alexandria. Va.. district
1 and be will at once eater upou au active
annual list.
Notice is further given
that no
Tk rti: f v i tious, assessments or enumerations by the As
Thq fow of Napks announces that at v AaertB reVmU in ti.,
uuijin lucre n.ive juai ueru uiscovcreu
two marble busts one of Pompey and
one of Britus. They are both of fine
execution, and hare been placed in the
1 will be allowed to an v iwrtv alh-r lie ! St ml for . ( 10 fjtxi-i intit'f f?.Vi
" i,...L .JTi ' ..' .
-n.i.i nae oeen amy a--. -eu ai.o ii,e uiieu.u
!.-t containing the.ssse--:ii. nt bu n tians-
nntted to tbe Cdlleetor ol the Di.-met.
All appeak to said Assessor, as aforesaid,
mutt be made in writing and ; :y tiie par
ticular cause, matter or thing, respecting whu b
a utcision is reqnesieu, alio must siaie tlie
ground or priociole of error comphuued at
Assessor, Cih Dist. N. C.
April 23 l&lt
in some Instsnces, have not only prescribed it i r , i (in y 1 1 of tlt Dy-Lawe-of
tlie L iiiipai.y : ;
S'-c. 10. The plan of drawing shall he
follows : there shall be two wheels, ope a prize
w!ie- one a number wheel, arranj(ea in
some public place in the city, where any One
tioldmp a : iel-ei may be present on the day ot
ihawiog. lo Ibe number wheel there shall be
uu inutkir 1 .!. ivn rJanuulina -im. ., ,. , h in
,.- ....... , . vnv uvi,vkui.I4 . . J UUWinfl 1
...... ,v- ... i Ii... II B..1.I an II... nvfv
wheel there shall be as many tickets as them
are prise, these tickets shall be deposited in
the wheels by a board of supervisors, whorl, ill
be appointed by the Director sfer whhll tiie
wheel shall be sealed np ami placed tn liny
bank in the city, the Directors may direoty un
til the time of urawin?, when the 'Supervisors
:i.i i bring lie wheels lo tlie place ot drav
break the seals and the i'-auinf slWl be U
poseo or ry tiTviiiir a lleaet ItxiiA u,-h -r
at the sairte limn and the prise ticket taken
from the prize wheel shall designate the prize
drawffby-rhe ticket corresponding in nunib.r
to the one taken I 'em the number wheel at the
same time. The wheel shall be wed shaken
alter each ticket is drawn.
Sec. 1 1. Tlie Directors .-hall designate the
time and place of drawing, at which time and
place the supervisors shall be required to be
pu s,. ih anu see uni me drawing is couiiAtsst .
entirely eciintahle.
A i. .-.tioor, t mm .... I... .......
... . ' i . . . Wwmm
no wm nave exclusive control amf mans
ment ol tbe drawing They will conduct
i.ln .nl ..I, .... ..... . ,. . I .
invested with the property be mav draw.
iriheate reiris'rv of the tickets sold u ill
I....... , ; ,) .r 1 .! I.
I lie ai.cident may lie remedied and no niislal
ran occur.
The Drawing will take place in TUCKER
HALL, in thceity ot Ituleioh, immediately id
ler sale of tickets, of which due notice will, be
Tne company is working under the provi
sions ol a special charter granted by the Gen
eral Assembly of North Carolina, which corn-
pe's the company to comply laillifully with jjjl
Copies can be had on application teffM com
pany. .
All the above mentioned property will' cer
tainly be disposed of as above staled, and those
drawing it will be invested with the title in fee
No member of the company is allowed to
purchase any lickets.
A II money s sent by mail, at the owner's risk ;
that sent by Express, Registered' Letters,
Checks or Drsfts, mx the risk of the company.
No .i -i t will be listed unless the title is
uulispnjjdikw. ...... ....
The Treasurer has bwen required to give a
bond of five thouseiid dollars tor the lattbhil
Performance of his duties, lie is required to
deposit, dai'v, in the hunk, all monies received
where it will remain until nil the tickets' are
sold and all the property will be positively
drawn and delivered to tbe parties, or
I he money returned; Send two Collars by ex!-"
press, post cilice order, rcuOered U-r.vr, or
draft, at our 1 1-k, oi by mail a y our own, and
lake a chance at the U,000 valuable piizes pl-letctt-.i
r. 1
Tickets will be sent any where in the United
.ates at the company's risk;
Description of Real Estate.
One fine icsidence built of brick, in the best
improved style, in the city of Raleigh, wltK' 8
seres of ground, and all neebssary out-buildinpy,
with ni iiiy fine ofnnmenfals about the yard.
Value $10,000
One hiroe and' convenient house ib tbe city
of liileigji, ou Newbern street, 3 large rooms,
double parlors, wuh ail necessary out-bsHdjncs
1 J aeies of ground und a beautiful oak groxe.
Value i..-.. .foiktft...
une laree nousi? on pewoern hna BRoif4
. . . I. , ...,.: .. n. .. ...l.i.. i
. . .i , ii -in , iiiiii.i k i", in :i o.urei
.. 1. I 1. I " . -
with a h.-niititiil oak grove in the yard and
O,, b. i. li! i foil )).rirp niil. IU. .n VU,n lr.l .1.
r.'uli:- !nH h;e" llirllt. rUr uut.bnll.tfTur .1) -I ll'lf1. rT
lln. In .rr.nlnn V C 1. . .... .
.. - v.. mm a. ,, .1, n 1,1 Wfm
in uo:-r. .1 e -.r in.- h, -t l.m.i l.i. la I . St
pfihi.itnmg s .,rf rnnaa, duublc piu4n ami iwiiraa.
uf the ma.t ! in iii'tiiii; and wiilinil tetUldtct lai
lil i-.'. wllh a crm iff gr. m,.l, sae orsljairt, b-aulltul
c- i In llie y:od, ar.j alt nerrssarj aut-tiUIMinsK
Tl.r r.,ierl.r ! Tl .r-t lie ia irtl allrarli. r. aim.
an.l i-huii. n la a It I.I at the oiinlr Mai f aoo.l
" T" wicill,r.f a U1.1da1.11d Br n.orr i.ubUati
an. I -flu.. I.-.I .. .,i,i m-p fri.n,! ..J M .. . .1. i mAW . I-
Hf .anUmd j'f l ItrY k-railc, rlrlit on Hm Hue . f USt-
lanne tohm Railroad, aud tiD ultoalrd in Oi
tiln rinn. the K'nny h i ,ey dtiThtSil a- ! fa
Mtrre Hum 120,000 note in Use I
20)000 luaniifactiired and sold in 18CS
and tu o dot t ia nd u iieup j ii J .
Iiici t aiii Dt'ittiind,
Incl-eascd Faciliiies
AiiditiuDal lmprof'('iuea(fur 1S69.
Wood's 1rize Mowers, (1 and 2 Horse.)
belt Kakm lieaper, nh
" New Mowing Attachment.
" Hand Kake Reaper.
Haines Illinois Harvester.
Manufactured by the Walter A. Wood Mow
ing and Reaping Machine Company, Ueneial
Office and Manulactoiy, Hooick . Jb.'jlli(,. .licui
selaer county, N. Y.
Branch OJleesand $ihs Roams 41 Cort
landt sm et, New York city. P. O. box, ISOo.
2i'6 Lake .Street. Chicago, III.
Alexandria. Va.
Mam- m. U'w.
77 Upper Thames, S( London.
and Pi ice Lilt.
Applications from the South, Souih of Vir
ginia, should be addrt.v'ed to tbe New York
Bi snt-h OlTdce, as above.
, lixtra Itidncoments Offered I
McCubbins, Sullivan U Co., are Agents fir
the above Reapers in Salisbury.
apri!23 10.10m
Ci iiUiua Miaaj i ooi, and ina SuUsHnga are I
Oat ii Chaprl Hilt, cilalnmf 4 mass, wilh Sr-I
u una : t,-. , ...i. .... i A!m. wt;ul.n. ul I
and fnt and i ' . .crni bf lal.d. V slut
1 ersons d.siiitig any fonlR-r iiiloruial
Will please add less
Apul 23 siu . Siccu

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