North Carolina Newspapers

I -
f ljclNMtl) State
. KW AlVi;Tls.MtNTS. Grind sale
of real i f tale and personal properly by
"tlie, N. C real and personal estnto agency
J. C Hester. fieerelitiV.
Walter A. Wood'. IN ixo Moweia and
Internal Revenue Notice W. V. Hen
deraon, Assessor.
Rivm & Proctor, TV!,,.', s;.!. at:d Rota:!
Jrvi-tH, Petersburg, Va.
Pectoral Balm for Hroucbilis, Astbma,
4(0., at Dr. Silk property for Rent-Robert
r 1
oO Reward John Bailey.
Attaehment Notice David Banlnger,
J. P.
A apan of Horses, a Plircton and har
neaa for sale H. II. Helper.
At tent inn Ladies ln-s-making by
, Jlra. Sill & Spears
Sc Country Merthants
rAimcUmeHNoUce- H. B. Duscnbury,
W trwir UtAl.Ttt is esBntia1 t.i happi-
twws. Kenmnher rtHM wnien vnur ehildren ar
sick, and iive trw-n KantininkWii:m
nreenre. prepared only hy W.
J.. I I.I. MINI., and .-nM eVl l V v liere
ForaaU-liy !. H. Poi:ijsh., Hrnggist,
agtalisbury, N. C.
As Al'PKAL. We arc compelled again
tj enll upon our patrons to remit to ns the
respective amouutii which they ni us for
anbseiiptions and advertisement' Num
bers are in arrears for more than a year,
and but few have paid us fir the current
year. I Ue amount to Iberu individually this week. VV c learn liiat the Judgo bus
is email, bnt the aggregate amounts to a sustained the Stay law or, at least, all
handsome sum and would relieve ns from tire parts ol it w hich he has been called
all onr present embarrassment. It is true upon to construe, udgo Cloud is regard
that ear cash income ainee tbo 1st dav of Cil w it la much favor by all classes of our
January line bseuaiore than eneuph'
iray lue expenses ot our oim-e, uu w in -
ovrred debts iu the est iblishment of our
paper which wcj are called upon to pay.
-Onr patrons, tor whom we have labored
faithfully for three years, and for w hom
-we are still laboring, have it in their pow-j
ei to relieve us at once by remitting to us
severally the sin. ill sums which ih-y owe
us. Will they do it I Wc feel sure thut
they will heed this anneal, which is made
to onr town, as wcM as to our country sub'
Rait.noAD Meeting in SALisuunr.
Acconiinj; to previous eotiee, at llf o'clock, !
' J' Medaeedajr, the Jllst fnet. large I
Mcinbiy f the citizens' ct Rowau nnrf!
,ivie eouutioa met at iha Court House iu
m . t.- -ii n it- 1
On motion, Miy. m. -u. Uobtuns waa
called to the Chair, and Dr. V. A. llen
deibou niipoiiited Secietary. The tlmir
ch7ifMt).'..l exnl. lined the 'iljeetof the meet
.Mig, aud Mayor T. B. Long oiTereil n res
dluliou that a eomuiitteu of five be nji
pmnte'd to fJrepare resolutions for the nc
.tiou of the meeting. The following
gentlemen were appointed on said com-
lnitteo, viz: Tbos. B. Long. Dr J. W. ;
Hall, Hon, Burton Crnige, Dr. J. R. i
Fraley, ot Rowan, and Col. A. A. Harbin,
4f Davie. Tho commiitee retired and
after a brief absence returned and reported
the follow ing preamble and resoliilions :
WuKHf-AS, The amended charter of the
Weslern Railroad Comiiau y authoi izes the
Directors ot said road to extend tlin same
. - J ' .
bo as t" connect with the North Carolina
RoVd at, or between, SaliahOry and
Greensboro, and &45 fti'it Direetora
of said ruad, at a recent meeting at Fay-
eUevIfle- have directed the route from the 1
present western terminus of said road b,.
surveyed fo Salisbury and a report of the I
same to jjij made lo the next meeting of;
ihe board to be held iu FayeUeville oi. the
am uay oi aiayv u.r,e.orc, ,
ii-fvnlrrrf Tl;nt in -the PTriniriTi of fhia
. . . . . '
eetins ram roan i-ienin1
ti uu et with
the A. it . and ne.-ti t u .N . i.v iioails
tiulisburv, (or the foliowinir ri .isous :
First, That it js nlmost m an nir line
from the port of WilniHiglnii on the At
Ljfll'aVJaVtat to the XVu.u-.i I. ....I..O-.
the W. ij., which is to, tjotitteet
W J - 1 . : . , ... .. , . j
the Stale oi M-t-h tarolln-i v.1.11 ihe ,;.a.:u .
railroad avatem of the Great VV. sr, and
couaeqnenVly inrtch the shnrTrvrt Hth- from j :
any ot onr vorts to the West. j
wutWrPuirect a connection
v 11 1 toe vull"V 01 1'iu ai is : icit'. 1 n"i o-
CiuiWisi v.ill induce such ai amouat
3?COBIfflCflitd travel a.- wipf ungueai
fjenhlr nmf-'t i .jhilo'6" piolitalik mad
aui $9rUi .'arolit a.
i Jicdrdy.. v.e, lh ciri.tlis i f Ko,w-
an and Davie, pb dge ouri" Ives th it s nd
ward tia great by biihscup
. (fen .to ita capital stork and min i v.
Besolced, That we specially inviie ib-
attention of-Ae TVirrd H Dinrt u s of iuid
road to the great advantage oi lua rou.v,
r takm this routi- llio a tipr. in I aUoii 4 ' '
"ViOOAlOO, i ule for ft e:.-..V,. of ' WWPW Vpcndi.urea tr nine month,,
(laid road tx t ecu the Xorih and boutb coanueiicirfj with Jane, t863,' and Inclnd
Yadkin Rivers, will be secured. ling February, lblil). A comparison is
Pending the Consideration of the p -
Putlons, the iron.' J. V. risborne I ;l r'
cklled upon, n sponded in a dear, argu
mentative, brilliant and appropriate ud-
dreaa. ieinonstnitiug the absolute nix-vsti- dont, is doing all that can be done to
tv of iiumediato action taken to af-' make the K 'ad prolitablo. to the Stale
nrrc the location of said road at Salialmry, ad Stockholdera. Char. Democrat.
so ns to connect with the gnXi W. X. C. j '
K, Pond. At the eenidusioii of Judge j The WilmtogWo Star rocords the kill
Osboitie's apeeeb, Gov. Vunce, liug call-, ing ( a partially iusano colored man on
a, reHKii.dcd iu Jiia u.-nal happy. J the WeiaV.trKailroad oil Friday last. Ihe
IWIhuuf, aud moKt iniujitahloatyle, tf4cetl aa horribly mutiLicd.
j w iili hoiuo most excellent tuptrostions lo
tii- eituna of rvaln-buiy and ltowau
At llio tl 0 "f Gov. Vance 'a r-pntcli, on
motion, the rceulutiona reported by the
c iiriniiiic nre itiiatiiitiiiuly adopted.
On n.oii. hi, it was rcfelved, ns tbe aetise
of ibis tin i ting, U"t wo recommend tlio
com in -l.mersof tlie) coantire of D.tvj
in-! Itjivi to lake under immediate in-
" propriety- of .aid eountlee
subscribing liberally toward the building
of ibis road.
I ti motion ' v.i resolved, tint the
chairman of tl.' meeting be empowered to ! lr Division af the Weatern North Caro
appidut twenty-live delegate to represent lina R. R. vice R. F. Simonton, Esq.,
as at Fayetteville, or elsewhere, if deemed j resigned ou account of ill-health. States
necessary, and wo farther recommend that r'"c Emerican.
A V of DavioaN., appoint delegatca
for III. . iln, l.t.r,,, .
i i
. , m ,
flit mi ' i.ii i i i 1 ,,ii r.f 1 1 i u j w rial
. ' t i t i i a ,
oflmd to our (rwuiiU, .Judge OalMirtin and
. . Till
um. iuivi s va uv aaaovai ei uiin o'tu
litem in the welfare of our community and
.a .
tne ancreaa i tne entorprMe.
A Iiirtner vote ot thanks waa e;.ven to Governor Hidden, haa made the follow
bis Honor. Judge .1. M. Cloud, for the j,,. ..,!..,.. .,( Xauriea Public :
j'conifeay almurn us in adjourning the eot
aim allowing us tne use oi uic court
' uon, lur Pn'o o. ,ue
j meeting.
On motion, it wns resolved that a copy
()f ,1,,, uroceedinir ( this meet ins be tent
to tbe Preatdent and Directors of the road,
and that they be published In the OhV
.ortn -irr wiiii a reinesi uiai rue pa
--Jl .J- T.I . 1 -A .1- -
p' rs of Fayetteville, Wilmington and Ral
j eigh copy Hie same.
On motion the meeting adjourned.
Wm. M. RUBBIXS, Chm'n.
C. A. Hkmiehson, Stc'y
Pounn Stiprri-tr Court,
Judje' loud presiding, is in eeaaion
pnide, of every nirtf. on lU-cnnt of bis
m.-ui stly impartial and conscientious ad-
mi listraiion f Jus:ice. Mr. Solicitor
Joyc is also in attendance and has quite
L numb' r of cases on his docket, among
J them one .capital case. He is an efficient
,d excellent prosecuting occr, an has
, w on the good opiuiou of ulf.
i There :ire a great many cacs upon the
civil doc': t, as well as I he Slate docket,
' ! we sntmoae the Court will be enr,,..ed
II r rr
i'i ili ir disposal f.r near the allotted teem
ot' two weeks.
We learn Ii
I lie Sentinel that
Maj. W. M. Robbies, of this place, w ill
deliver the add read benre the ladies of ilia
Memorial Association of the city of R tl-
eigh on the lOih of May.
. . . .
.vl. ij. I..l,l;ine
is an eloquent sjiei
i anil we doubt no'
i ,i mi .
his address w ill give entire satisfaction to
the laiiica of the Aejoeiation.
1 "he Eclectic Jlaoaz tne i'r May has been
rt.i'f-ii-f.,1 f.ii.l w u...ill.v .r il... I.i.rl. i-i.i.iii... I
' " B" I"'
tion if thai publicaiion. Ii is cinbi Wish
ed v it!: a fLu: steel platawvltgwiug of j
Dean Milniin. and contain t'werifv-two
articled of much interest fiom some of the ,
b-iding magazines of the world, besides
Poetry, Notes on New Books, Science
1 Varieties, and a Ski Ich of Dean Milman,
by the editor. Terms : Hnglo numbers,
45 cents ; yearly subscription, S5. Ad-
dress, E. U. relton, J'uhjisher, 108 Ful
ton street, Acw 1 oi k
TlJJTllI I.' 1 J
-""" nouoci if. e n urn tsom the
American that on Saturday night I apt fbe
store of Mr. A. AV. Jamison, of States-
villi-, was entered wnh a false bey, and
bis iron snfe, (Containing a sum of money
and vnliiahle papers, removed' therefrom,
and broken open w iih a sledge hammer,
al1 every thing of jajjjtg ftlislrocted from
't -
v s j Rev., A.sSKssoifs OFFICE,
6 D., v u . , A nri, .
J. '.
IM:. In oMii-r to correct an enomous
impri'Sciou uhich seems to prevail
I to tiie special tax on liiiuor dialers 1
lake this mclho.l of inlormin them that
,,,,,1,. ,!. .,n f (;lip,.sa, ametidalory ol
17l,. ni. r.r.ruly VOHi, IMiS, al who silT ill
quantities ol less than rive pillons are
1 ' , s
suhjectf to the spec. .1 tax ot tweuty-five
dolhrrs as rrtatt drnler? ; nil who rrlf in
nnaatiticA of more ih hi five alloua a1'1
( , ,yUlX ,4 .,,. Undrcl
filoilars s whohnili lieah and all -w ho
,.', I.: -lantitii-i of more than five gallons
and, at ihe same time, of. Jew tjian, live
illons are subject to'b 'lh laXi s as w hoh -sale
tu it retail deale.ra.
W. F.
'Jlc X. C. Pailrun l. We Ii.itc reeciv
ifl a et .t. meat issued by the .Secretary of
hi. ' ( '. I,' nl: .all I 'nmnnii!' sliowio the
111a fe with the same months iu '07 and
and OS, and we find that ihere is ti net in-
lieasc in receipts of $.2,913 87. Wa
havu uo doubt lliut ilr. inHh, the Presi-
'- tare to read all the adrertiternenta
in tbo Old North Stale thla week. We
bilive that tbu grand file of real estate
and " reonal property will be fairly made.
all tlie prlgee J awn and distributed. The
ajian ol horeea, and tlie pbaton, offered
for snle by Mr. Helper la very desirable
property. Wood's Mowers and Reaper
are cqu.rl to nny, if not tbe beat in use.
Messrs. MrCubbins, Sullivan tc Co., are
the agents for tboir sale in r-aliabuiy.
Mr. Henry C. Cowlea baa been elect
ed Se ret iry and Treaanrer of the Eae-
i .t , t . f..: I m i. ... vi'
univi vi iiiu i. 'i-i i in ' nun ii in ii ai'
rrnton, ha, says the Li tint; Present, ac-
i . f , . ,
a a vim vuiiak vuim, vnruo
( (d
XiaWm Public His Excellency,
j William S. Primrose, for Rulciirh :
Ml-owl- II. Uuberu.inrNaat
Mrs. Virginia C. McCraw hat been ap-
I point, d Postinwtreas of Ueudrson.
.r,,.r,M o W:nifMj Van n( x.on.
I lias been appoiuted President ef the Eas
tern & Weatern Railroad Company
I Standard.
, ,r i .i
The Goldshoro Messenger records the
death of Mrs. K -h.iIi Wcllons, an old
resident of that town, w ho died suddenly
of pp ph:xy on Thursday last.
Desirable Property lo Rcut.
HOI.'sK, two miles from Salisbury,
with six comfortable rooms, all n't--
! eessarv aiit-hiiildiiigs awl excellent watejr. Pes-
! session civeu at oncd. Applyto
april 3:lft4t at Orawford Heilig's Store.
('4 II'I'IOV f
UKif ivriir, thJ !
WE dralre to rn tht
utter til. hBd (w.rauiifrt
chrr tht var, rertHtu I'.I-.mto
in. n Ojrri , tn-iny Qnahle V Bti'i inak-t f.r Ihvlr
mtuff. Mi ;tKitie! rn oHigwl l c untrrfrit iSe feu era
;ir H.-srnre f oir k fc, 4Bti4 Irmttte our Tr : Mm ,
... tit! '-lime in-. etuw U ry to 4rleet pu
n . n,i '.-ir 'ii i Ii r l.Dinr. mt others sit nf far
t. rt th:.l "Lin t IUviIb Utinff i a tin ltner mtile
in ui. km Oil a in i In iion w tksift' t wiira the puMlff f
tr iii.el !'- imp MiiH paetU,erl upon Ibem ; tht f mm j
ii... I...... O . It will he fnutia itwit cvnipn'!i ttrtl i
I ,ai,muV -a -lar V t U WkftfT Miet
i.f tl b- I fk, t.ff r ,tn
liinsl an.i in.i pruicrm
k in -u'v i'i ii'. iii--1 bejiaW p iltig irr.l af
trepuOi at il I'liiiL'- in i . : tvt iipSmtTaxntt U n-.l lo eantnt
tl v ..' mi. -r i.'-'rip-u mhtm , which t in-the
"'" w " '' '.' ". "-,"!.'; hJ':1
I If i' l I 'I i nn ir-i III lilt rim. M VHCtaiV win
..v-i inHj.--l en npeliCBlMa. In nrtlring plfsK Mr.
t ' s.,ii Moid 1111(1. 1'wui,) lie rrmli lul (Katr BimicIi)
Sale of Valuable NateaM
T(ajtaili,ri(rMa. Ijr virtueWan order . from,
die Cktiirt oBaalrruiitey, will en pose to piihlie
I -hIo al tile Loiirt Houm- i:i SallbUrJ. on llio
;,,), ,11V of Ari!i to Uil. ijithwn bidder a laree
anioioii of note uml aeciinnta'beloiitringtoMc-
ieeiv iv l mine i.iioriipw. iur sum noies
! tM .(.ts will be svtd in lota. Terms dull.
AMMitw Mt:R?nv, Assigiiee in
ii lii:."i;-: II in! fMmtyof MeNePlv 1 Youn
A i i OKA h, l AT LAW.
li:.Xl. GT01i, N. C.
i in tlie courts of Pavid
u, l-'orsythe, Guilford, Alamance and Kan
ooljih counties : - -j
li on i; m. l earson. . oi xs. K.., luiieign.
"7 E. (. Reade, Aaaociate Justice, ".
r Thomas fettle, 44
44 IL V. Du-Jt, " " 44
" Ueilford Brown, Yanceyville, N. C.
44 Hon. John Kerr, - 44 44
" J It. .McLean, Greenaboro', N. 0.
" Tliotniis KiitTln, Jr., 4' 44
" J. M. Cloud. Dobson, N. C.
January -20, 1HH0. 4 tl
XlA VING resumed theiractice of Medicine
respeethilly oilers his prolessaotiul services lo
the public.
OFFICE : The one late occupied by Whitc
liend ik Henderson. Calls may be lclt either
al hfa office, or at Enniss' D: uj,' Store.
Salisbury, Feb. 12, lXfi9. C,-Cm
I Til A VKIl from the UlITlaeTOB till' tlnt.. twn
loir-en. one a snrrel m.ire wilh mark of a saddle
j. II ami ' ollar aall uiitliu nearw.le. white arftuail
lh eye- .1 n il hehiuil. The other is a (latk bay horse
willi black mane ami tail, branded I'. S. on earli
shoiihler. the above maiird wilt he paid to ahiy one
v vinn ihe inlorination that will lead to their eeov-
ery. Addreas, r i t , u r
A mil . IMfi'U-II:4t ' tincnrfl. S. (".
ituUMrii jxiuiunat iuhk i
of JS
TII!'. ItlltK'TilHsl Jiau eesolveio lai-rense tbt
C,,iU'. Meek ot U.m&ANK . FIVE Hl NDKia)'rtaN'l) IKI I. RS. Pirsons wishiiift
to the aaaie will uloajw -umn inicate wilh
March sVBt.' . I're-ident.
Situation Wanted
As Gereraaia iu a Family or a Teacher-
the best of references wishes tonhtain a'situ
atiou as a eovertiess in a fainilvuftsmallchil-
dieii. Failine iu this, she would take a'S
senooi unuer lu r own ciiart-e, or n euonuou
-- i C . .
is assistant teacher iu a larger lustitutiotK
Kor furliier iiiformadon adure.-s the editor
oi tne ma Ao. ii .frttc.
March Utith. L-iJa. ,Ri-3in pt
The Ku-kitjc-Kln is About I
JAM HEADY to exchanges Leather Cor jod
Hides. Kip and Call Skiua, Rarlc, Taitow
fame, Hops, Parley, Coin, Rye, I hits, and
country produce geaawally.
1 will also 'fan good Hides, Kip and othei
Skins, for oee-lralf 'J '
I lemni my sineere thanks to a generous
p :l lie for their liberal patronage in try differ,
ent businesses, in this ;ouuty,for-tbe lasl twen
ty years.
itoses L Ibown's old stand, corner of Lee
land Liberty street.
.M.VItriS ttlCUlM.B.
Salisbury, N. C, May 19, 1868. wly
.- i ii urn ii - in i Hm ill .-, 1 1-j-- iL--L.ujm .mi i asmmmm-w
0 V '
J. Nl. KNOX & cos-
iYo. 4: Granite Hair,
10-4 Sheeiiniti. 4.4 Hhfctinirii, llleiM-lu-rt and
Jtrow-u shirtingx ; 4 1 111 . lu-il hlrtiii(?at ItlX-3
eeuUi .
AtJ.U. Kiwxdi Co.
A SrtDefb kVt of Tickinei nnd
!'!.,,!. Prints, Uuitlioa and utf kindu of while
Aid. M. KnotB tft jCo't.
LTNENS.Casb nore,and l kinds
of Gentlemen's wear i splendid variety
AtJ. if. Kmu I jib qy
ijni; u KKPrauim fcg a very
larve and beatiTTTul asjMsienT; to moat beau-
Call jon,
AtJ.M. Krtose iS Co'.
LAblE8' ILAl'S-Trimmed and
nutriiuinml ; tbe tiint lot in this market.
At J. M. Knox tXs LV.
V .. . . ikitali i . t a
rho fluest and hciiH -t assort ment in tbt city
At J, M- Knot tt Vo
(i LOVES, HAairy, Collar, Em-
I liruidriii's. and Dresa' Trimmings of all kin4s
liud hryrs "
At if. Jf. Knox A Co1.
Ladios' Ki and Cloth Shoes, and
Oaftm ; a hantfcouie lot and of oupcrior oxcel-
15 6 vr j At J. M. Kno de (Ja'u
General Hardware !
J X IV ti nholin's and
.-'w- V eifcerren and Pock
' i1 k'nivfl. UMrlinr'u
Cloth and Tailor's
bkeara. basiie's and
Oct's Hefaaors. l'ut
fy Knives, Bntehw
Knives. Wade and
Butcher's' Kaiurs.
Base Knobs fr protetiting Walls. Wire Kend
ers. (tuami)g uVmIs. Out Istjcks, het and
I ar ijenu. Toeiieco i.uiTTF, onunw nam.
.-crews, xe., wr uitss uoors.
Ik-Hows 20 to 40 inches.
Anvils, Vises. Fib. Rasps.
llorse Sin icing Tools in Seta,
Hammers and Medtree,
Punehea, Drill. Plyera,
StaafcandDu. L
Hon e : 'Ve8 a
' tkfm PI
1 w ii r let..
Bntteri. s,
I Borax.
Machinists Tools,
Of all kinds iu -tiK-k, o will be furnished
at abort uotioe. i
Cast Steel.
Blister Steel,
German siprii. and
lire Irou. '
Bed Iron,
Oval a
a...A .,.
'7,. . 'v
KkflLlUre Iron,
Cut and
.Wrought Naila,
. vauldrons.
Home & ii tile Shoes
Ilorse Shoe Nails,
Gat IWy Naila,
IV.. 1 I- liuf llllnH
a "i ' v I ' i
JacK unains,
Hatch Door Srvw Krna,
Hitching II. Dili aud Kluga,
Pap or Chain Ldnks,
Box Scrapers,
Boa Ch-'aeJa. v '
Cotfe Pot ami Iron Stands, Ttrass, Porcolain
aud Jajiauned WaniroTie IliWika,
Brass and Irou Jamb Hooks.
Gate and Ibair Kpriugs,
Scales, Keams,
iSteel Yards,
Cotton. Flour. Cheese
n id Btttti-r Triers.
To merchants wlo deal In mixed Stocks 1
pTv OieToaeTvWTflr any luaHwk Nweth ,w :
South. Our etoejt' ia large, aud low for
f;i BALlsjiCitr, N.. C,
April Pi. Jo:3in. ,
Real "
OTirE Is berebr even that I will arlla ihe it 1
dny of May, A. I IrW. at II o'clock a. in., at
i .i ' v . .mm . t mr. WIH iI I trt TTIt-
kl .huio U .ad. alioul l 3 mi I, on. :i.lm- ail
Joiaing thii lauds of JtijL. Holmes, Jes lhouia
son and others. Terntaah.
April 9. laea.-t , Aastgnsa.
-n-1 ' "
UTS new aail .onahonao le.l
ol Broadway and -tl SBeet, poaeesnes ailvaiit.i!-e.
ovr all olhar houses i th aeeoeiniodalion til Ha
nrsla. It waa koilt e.ajresalj for a fiWt das. Fam
ily Iloarilinu House ila rooraWliBK I'rae and en
suit, heated bysieam th hot kid cold water, aad
furnished second to nd)e : whnfc t he eoliaary de
partnient ia iu tbe rnosti cranked hands, ailord
nc cueta an nneqimllil t , I !p.
One of Atwood'a faa Klevatora it glao amonc
the uvodern ioiprovtni.ts" tad at tk aei vka at
Th Broadway and ftveralty PlaMCar ptasthe
door every tbnr iBiiiesi-iirwiina' rVotttae City Hall
to Central Park, while 1, -dih and Seteotii nve
uae 1 i ne-are bnt a thodhioek m' eithei frf aflnni.
rmi. i si mil
i V 17.
1 L'a.f ( v .!
.0 Iratti
y-iuare 1
in? ample facilrtKa fcr InuuunicaUnr with all tbtfjiave their Ticktv 0flio: iu Una Hotel
iN-eots. ste iDoat hilnifi, placea of aaia
uu bhiii aoi wmin' immnii.
match 19-6m
BT HIS f ri.i.i.i:u'i. lmvi:u ntiLDn.
HSXIX1A8, It is provide! byaeetion
VV UJtli of "An Act miiondiitory of tlie
Act Uiinroriioriiti- the Western North Can
linn luiilrond Coiniiany, rnlilii-d the 15th day
of February. 1KVJ, and of all other acls aineu-
datory thereof." ra'itied by tbu Oeiiiral As
sembly of North Carolina on the '.11th day of
January. H4!I, that In the event tlieaniwnd.
iiM-ais proposed herein to tlie charter of the
Weatern N. C. kt. R. Coinpany shall be ae-
eepled bj tbe s I . l I e '. . I .-Is. US ! . , - , . I , I ., , . re
piCivided. it shall be the duty of the Presi
dent of the KaaUiru aud Western Bivisious
ofaald Iiuad tn notify the Governor of the
iltajte nf said aceejitanee forthwith ; and tbe
Governor aball then immediately make pro
clamation thereof hi three newspapers w ith
in the State, wksfeopM this net bliull be in
fall force and H. ei :"
Amu Wni.KKAH, .lames J. Mott. Pres
ident of the Kastern Divisiou of the Western
North Carolina Ruilroad Coiuintiiy, aud Geo.
W. .Swepsou. Presidutof the Wusteru Divi
sion of said Company, have certified to me
that at a joint meeting of the .Stockholders of
both Divisions of said Company, held in the
town of Morifanti'ii. Hnrke county. North
Carolina, on the 7th day of April IMi!, a ma
jority of the stock beinif npreeented either iu
person or by proxy, tbe tpiaetion of the e
ceplAQ-c of the nine lidmenU to the original
charter of the Western North Curoliua Knil
riMid Coiniiany, aud of the acts amendatory
thereof and supplemental thereto, w as sub
mitted to the Stockholders iu joint meeting
assembled, and thai they voted uuaniuiou.-i
for the ajpeeptanee of tbe same :
.JHow lhrrrf. I, .'- w ...aioV
ernor efthe Stabs of Jforth Carolina. aWsjere
by proclaim and declare that tin aforesaid
Aef ami-inlatnry-of the Art 1 intwl
the Westeru N'oith Carolina Railroad Com-
pany, ratified the 15th day of February. IJ5,
and of all other arts huh-udatory thereof, IB
IN ilLL FORCE ami rrstT.
Dmie at our city nf Raleigh, this
the Hth day of April, une thousand
l. b. eigl.t hundred and aixty-niue, and in
the year of the independence, of the
United Statea the IKid.
W. W. HOLDEN, Governor.
Dy the governor :
W. R. it ii 1 1 a it i in in-. Act. Prir. Sec'v.
april 1G 15 "Jt
Stale of North Carolina,
County of
da riasox.
Ayrii 21, 1B69.
8. Syntona, P'Uf.
aainat .
B. Q Henderson, Deft
Summons for Pub'n.
To E. Q. Henderson, the above named de
fendant a iion-redimt : Vou ie hereby
notified, that the lollowin suTuuious has been
issued ajtninst you, to-wil :
The State of North Carolina :
To any Coi'ilfli't or oth&lauful
Officer ef taid C" ''.' Gnttimj :
Tfouaee hert-be eoiumsndeil lo nmmon E.
r,t j iat .. . I, I. Tv...
ii. i leant-1 si in. iv l,M ii iiei'ii- ii. j. i '.i i n -
X. .ii i . . a
rmrv at Ins othi-e m leuejion. m eouniy
r i ns , r i u,.n .
of Davidson, on the 2h i sv o At; ii IMi!). to
w. . "u"- , , . , . i r,
answer the conn 'Uiiil. ( w.ii'-u whs tins uav Ii -
i - . ' . .
ed it) btaonti'e) u; i i, lur t ne lion-
Ta a i r.. i j ii i
iiavinent'Ot tlie Mini o! Q tv-!oiee dohurs and
' ... , i iii
eialily-eenia. due by iiccounl und deinuinlcd by
i in .
..A 7-T V- . i.
iiereiu inn nei, niei oi uu- suiiioeMi mane
due return. This 21st d .v of Amil, lsoo.
Ii. II lh I SB. V. J. I'.
You a reraise noti(3el thai the above named
I plaintiff has sued out a war rant id a- lac! ment.
J ncaiaMtJUHirpioperiy fur the amount of dama
far the i-iarfiFaiffirja theVin s,T
t 'niMVrsih'iK-d, a
h id teaiajftn:. in tho Cnn'v atiT
tfnliiail; .mi I' lth day of June,
)eM wtheo ami vvi.
to upnear and ;.i.- .it. t in- i .'np'ir .',
in ilrfavk whet 'of, ti e pUiiutilT will take
'" i""fWUmt""f' Ton as thcrcij (tetiiandcl
Itr lflHw II
B. DrsnxccRT, J. I'. !
iSiavo"of Nortlt Cariditia,
Ba)VAX CuL'NTi. 1
' ' VJ JOhD M.Trnl.; ar-lt. Plain ti.T
D. M. Basin tfer, Defendant,.
N OTICE is lien hv aiven that a JtMarit
Attachment hat bee!: n-l nmiMaMhe eslftte
of snhl (tefenrfsnt, who is bevoud trJ!" limits of
this State, lo firor of John if. Karuhardt, and
feturiiahle be lore a Justice of liie Peace, tor the
am county ol itowan, an. the rid uay ut May,
I8U9, at Saiishury, tor tbo sum of liirty-iive dol
lars with interest fmrn ih.- ?i t .laynf May letll.
Th" sniddcfeBAant is hereby notified to appear
at suid time and place una defend hw .Met. or
judeinent w ill be rendered bJtainst him
Witii.-ss, David liarrfnj-er, a Justice of the
Pea-n lor tbe oouiity of Jtowau, this tfle-SOtb nf
April. lWi '.. .. .:-'.'
(lb:lw,pIo) LAVID UAKCIXGER, J. P.
State of North Canriina
Superior ouf(
Jolin L. Morrison,
ndniluistrator of
mm -
Jesse Ilal in,
Klwn'fth V. H
Laura ilnlin,
Li-ovja iluii n,
Abme Halm,
Cha.:..- HuHn,
i Dvftiidants.
lino Jollies' II .an
a.'. 9.
n are
eby n
noiilied that a aummoUS in the above
'intituled cast has issued against you, and flit
complaint therein was filed in the fjupurint
Court of Rowan County, on tjie 24tli uay ol
V'nri h tailll in wiieh il ia nlli.rrecl ttoit ih.i '
plaintiff is the administrator of ' oue,cwe
1 1 1 1 ; that the personal estate of the said llnhn
ia iiafBcieiit to pay his debts, funeral expenses,
an t charges of ftdminislratiori. That said Uu-
lin died seized iu fee of iwu tracts of lalal in j
Rowan CduMV. pal ticnlarlv desoribed therein 1
Ilial Hit! w'H'ie .l.'seeii. .,! iinoo vnu t,ni
(shi 1 r.hzahcih) as his beirs at law that said
.. .... . . " r . ;
LhzaUtih ai Ids wioow. and the nraver ia that I
Uu; same mac. by sum, be coiistitutnt ass2ts in
'he plaiatifts bands as Administrator of said
Jesse Ruhn.
l ou aiso notified that the summons in
ihe case is returnable to the next term of the
Superior Court aforesaid, to he held at tlie
Ccuit Mouse in ;-alisbury, ou the thud Mou
day in April next, w hi n and where you -are
hereby r.iuued ! aoear and an -we: the com
plain! in default whereof th" plaintiff w ill ap
ply to said court for the relict demanded in the
Witness, A. Judson Maor. Clerk f the said
Superior Court at office, m Saikbury, March
24th. lSti '
Ar 1 n .
12 4w:p)f.$1tt
Koimer,ljr Griswuld.
T. .1 GKAAGEH CO., Prop's.
Goldsborci'. N. C. ,
-. -: ti - - 7 - am
All Bailr-tta aaeteripg at and putting this ptialpl
veuieir 1 icam umoe iu li..a Hole .
. . ' , i.-g,'.'iK . u .... ....-. . cm, uiaF7 rnrnm
l.,.n.r..M. dn. . .. .1. L' . . .. .1 v. . .1 ... n,J .1
in mi fimes.
Baggage taken to aadfrom the Hocaetreeof chart
chocked toay-deairedpoiaL
JjiU lul
portant Trust Sale !
. j M.X V I Mi been appmteil by R il ere of tbi
v SSperior t'ourt of Mniitirouiery County, Tnwtee,
to fell the lauili . ..-r i .1. . I iu trust en-enteil
by Fursons Harris, ilec'd., lor the purposes tie n
iu eturessml, and also umlnr aiiuther ihi-l in
trut etaculeil by the said l'arsoua llairis. I
ahull sell ftr cash to thejiihcst bidder ut the
hale raaWniee ol thusuiil Hum , on
Wednesday, the ilh day J ty
next aliuilt
Three Thousand
-A-cres of Land,
eniui-thig of
Twolve op Fftccn different tracU.
On two ef sanl trsi'ts much pold has brun
fonnil, aiul the (ire ii'els lor mukiiift money
from iiiiiistinif in ssl l hunts are fluttering. The
lands are located in ihe heart ol the field riutions
of MantEoiiiery comity.
Capitslist." ..nd miners are especially invited
to attend the .-ale.
TrtOaf.tS K. HIIOirN.
llarcli !fT, iefiS. 13Ct Trustee, Ae.
Of RAwan, Durfdion, Davie, lu
ll II Cain Lv, Bnrke and Mc
sUr:tua iut ihe jaje of the
wl cballf-filrf'a trial wilh nny or nil other
miM-hine. We eojuw t do ni'-n' work- in tie
Mine time; more liiltercnt kinds of work, anil
better than nny other machine known. Any
one purchasing t'dflc ol lis cau try them
three uionlli audW' do.n'OI pve entire silt
isfaction the uioiiey will be refunded.
Send and (ret circulars and samples af work.
Palo hury, N
ry We are Agents for the Mile of ojs'nr A
C'o' . Shoes muMutaetiired nt Siileiu. X. C. fur-
ilislied at Paelift-y fiiees iu qauiities. Call and
see tbeui.
, April -1, IsOlt.
l il.
futloof a ."ilitiftle Sewing Machine equal in nil
.i , ' p i e: ' .,
t . , r. i n .t
, iesDeet.-In the lie-' luauufactiireil. v ilh all the I
'. ,, , .
llfW flt t .ll'l I lliel 1 ts,
... , ,. r r 1 i
' ill k-1i tins machine for tw'itv-five ild-
. , . -
la rs l.-sa ti i'ii other shuttle sew lug iiiuclunes
., . Cl ,
are mid for m this .Mate.
, . , . , ,
A sample machine, can . be seen in onra-
' . ,,' ,, ... ., .. , ,,
' tii n at M s. allie Heard s Ml Imerv ."'ni'i'.
opposite the Old Xorth Stnte office. Salisl.u
opposite the Old Morth State
ry. X. (.'. JOHN I'.EAKD.
, For sale by Clement iV Hro., Moeksville,
aud Mailer. Wilson & Co., Yadkinville.
Marclj 26th. hm. Ii3ni
.-.i'- .
3-3-aTBsar3roaw.xx..x - T
IT) -j-, .j T & '1v- - i . ry
X X 4 -4VJ-
(Hoom o7w' the Old Aoftt fumeily
occupied iy ilrs Bn
rs. KAIJ3Y ol .25.5 .ZSOZa
wnulil iL's-ieetlullv inform the i' 'f iftiis of Siul.
labnry and vicinity, that fher nr.- mivc prepared,
ill 1 ne niHive uatiieu piai-e. 10 i e' ae w nil neni-ne--s
ami d'--i iteb, all kinds of l'oss-makiDg 111
the utoT fnshiiinahlp-tTli-a.
ftftHllpmsn'c ftl.lhtnf 10 o'n t.i orit.-rnl
sbort notice. Uepninitp A ailki-Hs proirtptlv
A,-nI ! : 1:1 11
C0RKEI.L has just received her Spring
and SuniruerStoi k id
and every thing else usually found in a-
This stock will be replenished weekly during the
season ; any article not on hand will be ordered
jaomptly. Call and examine her stock, aa she guar
Mtaes satisfaction.
M.c makes her grateful ackno-ivledgemeiits far the
patronage so kindly extended to her iu the past, aud
rvsuectlully solicits a continuance of the same.
liress Muking done at the shortest notice, in th
I . -1 s: v-; and on the most reasonable terms.
Ktore in l icmaa K. Bsawn s luiihling. onrosite
I ir. Hair- 1; .ibte ediliceon Main Mtieet.
April Wh, 1M69. 1 f.4t
F5 g?
a.;ur.r----:-;- -trf
-1- - -: mr - taya
Uu-,!M iMV RuiMtHg. OppOStic tfti
j r tr
j 1 Mitrkf't 7tfrf.VrT.
! T
ri-eiiari d to lie even thine in his line at short
notice iml on the must reVsuns Me 'term s . All kinds ;
looK in well a- new.
I....L - ..u ...!! n.. u..i.un.i;
u i" " u ui e i Mi.viea ami re u;, i..i m
Special attention ir.v, .. loth. ,
ni.ut nir uiel t'epaintig in
Clvr him a call, exajna. hia wuu, uad you h !1
fit aaray pleauied.
almhury, April 0th. 1869, 14 3m
. i
R. H. tOWAA it CO.,
Aa-erta rr M. PaTt. a Pon-. , t a , V.. Celrbraled
Vjrfaj'iH rbnriui( Tohaeva.
A... I.I. fur l.l..r Brt.V Sunerrh...iih.l. of l.ino' nr .I Riina
HSKi'-'- . . ill
'Lull fjr Cruae l.i's bu;
T - '
1. w. cum I,
iu. av hi
Wilmington. N. C.
Moeet.- ll NO H NOHTH WATta ST
M i. . I . - -aa
N- ia i II a a 1 II I I II 1 i 1 1 - r- -r -T
ntnnTii Hid if iirn
II 1 1 mm Mhm
Ditt os, MhbCIMKS, (bC.
iaJrug Store
ia Salisbury, N. 0.
HKSPErrryM.Y announces to his numer
ous oil I fi 1. 1, I- ami patrona, and all olhera,
that he is now onenim7 in Ihe buiidiuif t-n S.
K ''hi Mam .V- Fish, r tficels, near the
IJoyiteo 1 1 an
Entirely Freah and Carefully Stleoted
Surgical Instruments. Perfumer v,
Combs. Brushes, site., Ae.,
i iiiiiraciiiir almost everv ftnrie iicrtair.mjr to a
lirsjlelas Driiir Store: whVeliho will si-Il.
ftis always teen his custom, at the tuosi aalia
fsclorv prices to pnrcliaanrsA
lln loiifr experienee in, ami thoroujrfi famil
iarity with, the basinraa, tnatl ita details and
departments; together wiln liis aceuatomcil
iiinreoi'M my wrs.iiinl ftti.ijjorr aulhoriiet Ihe
hope of that suooess, which bas, heretofore, in-
vanatily rewarded Ins exertions
iui.uiy Jrtffii. lU
uit. i.ayrii:nc'i&
Wfi if ViC J7T Tt?V
o i niiiA
A sate and nlisbls remedy for
III nca e.s Pec nf tr lo Fenftlfs
SCCB jis
Leuchorrca, or Whites ; Prtfiapsu Uteri,
or Falling J" the Womb ; Irregular,
Painful, or Suppressed Mcnstru-
ation; Pain in the Pack;
XervoiUjneS, -W4ikrfulne8S, Weakmts, tV.
niniouaiKp to vac
For whose heneiH il win lttii(Mii,aBd waoae Lae-
IJinesj. u win iniiioi. i.y iiie aicovnr,
Tht article ol wlilcli the Woman's VTiaad iasa-"
ii'iu mled an uablisheJ around each bvttlr. and Wm
i .n i l-1 tii he the best L'teriDC Teuic and aiicrsuva
'"' U:wea.
It is a valuable soflrtliable urini Tn iirij.i-.n-..
nyutsofrhe ty-iaaU ltcprodueius nrpnns unci ia
llsteru, Nervoas Headache, ciptniJ lmbitioua. It.
i.4f Puce $1,00 i r Puttie.
J. U. BAlvEU k CO.,
Wholciiale a'enhi, No. 4, ilain inert
-NVf.ek. Va.
t.J" To whom ail orders or letters mot b ad
ilresM'i. march 19 ly
reux, Nervous Head-ache, nnd
Neuralgic Affections, generally.
PERFECTLY rclu-vcd in half an hour
stroniily recommended by the highest nieUu;il
authoi uy. Prepared ami sold, only
At Jb". SILL'S Drug Store.
Ralisbtrry, N. C. J.t-15J
Purifies the Blood.
For tale by DratsTlata EverrwhereJ
For Indigestion hirer Complaint Tor
pui Buutls, Xcnous Debility,
and Broken Down Bealth,
from whatever cause.
TIIP3 elegant and tru'y valuable Medicine,
hag from time to lime, been in extensive use,
lor the last twenty-five years. It has been
sold, and is w vll known in many of the South
ern cities and towns, viz; Charleston, Sevan
nab, Augusta, Atlauta, Charlotte, Columbia,
&c, ami is highly valued, by the multitudes of .
peoplfi who have used it. jlauy in this town"
and surrounding country, have eujoyed its
benefits, nnd Vftll no doubt, well remember it.
A great tiumber of the strongest, and mostun
qualified certificates of its value, have been
voluntarily tendered tho proprietor, marry Of
them from persona of highest respectability and
ir.ti lligenoe.
Tho Medicine is pleasant to take, nnd per
fectly free from the possibility of halm, ondpr
any circumstances or conditions of health, -indeed
it is perfectly safe, even for an infant It
is especially adapted to vie present season,
when theapproa' hing wartn w-eat.hei occasions,
such a. degree of jasaitud.., and debility, parthr
ularlv in weakly and prostrated Systema, aa
olten to become almost ihnpricrtablo. , iw
Price 1.00 per bottle.. Pi epared and aold
ouly -
V nr ' n irtiism n rrrTT
Lht-i Well Sstabliahed ami ycpulnr
Daily Newspaper has reruatty ijeen gteat
ly enlarged and m proved (tlie- seeond eniarce
mwit ill eighteen tnnnths,) and is confidently
ulUred tu tho people of the two Garoliuas ai
second to i daily journal :u e:tuer of '.U.t
The S?A5 is
pH0..:if K-WI,VK VETTSP Afi a,!o'..,iV
n.hiiled to the wants ot : Ms sei tinn: ar."r I a-M
n.bipted to the wa-its ot
coi.servauve iu us nucnuigs, ar.ii aevcrci tot tie
Comtnerciai and Agricultural Zutor-
ests of tlie South.
:.lius fu.l und
Imports of the Z' irhrt. (- - - f
7i kgraphte I U lief.
Local 2 ci s and 1
1 General Intelligence.
TEtWIS l AliV M 3 .
ne Tur $7 Months : 3
Three - 1 OC
i"c "
Aduicaa Wil. Ii. l.KH.VAKJi, ,
UhlTOa i I'BiipaiBTOK,
Anril !th. t-i. Wilminctoii. .V. t
v K n-ill -s-ell ..t-t'-i-::!te L:l'-. Te,.-e Cottn'
K n il -ell Rt C
on, ' Friday, the 0:h uaf ol Apeil, A. D. ! .'),
the notes and W-eoiuiis h.i,rrni10 th? estsf.i
ol J. V. Cirny, lln.nkrapt. A, N twi'l O ay'a
int'-rrai .n tne ciauni 'lie- l!..- tirm .1 t.'oi'i-r'
di Qr.MU,a4id Cooper. Gray ik Co. talt
day to uav tut.: all are tohl
J. Mrt.1 iriM. J . .
Co .ny N. Aj ! , 0. l l3
at-' :. ,

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