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    VOL. IV
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From the Standsrd.
Of acts and resolutions passed by the
General Assembly of North Carolina
at its session of 1868-'69.
An act to be entitled "an act to incor
porate the Cooper's Association of Wil
mington. An set to lay on a public road in the
Counties of Davie and Davidson and es
tablish a ferry across the Yadkin river.
An act to authorize the commissioners
of Dnplin county to levy a special tax
for building and repairing bridges in said
An act to incorporate the Phoenix
transportion company.
An act to incorporate the Norfolk and
and Curritnck Railroad company.
An act to incorporate the Albemarle
Loan and Tiust company.
An act to incorporate the North Caro
lina Planters 's Mutual Insurance and
Loan company.
An act to prevent the hunting wild
fowl with fire in Carteret and other coun
ties. An act to incorporate the Norfolk and
Currituck Railroad Company.
An act to enable commissioners to
purchase bonds.
An art tn jnvise and amend the char
ter of the Tuckascgee and Nantihala
Turnpike Company.
An act in relation to taking shad and
herring in the waters of Neuse river and
Contentnc i creek.
An act authorizing the county commis
sinners of the county of Wayue to levy
peeial tax for county purposes.
An act for the relief of Rufus K. Fer
relL late Sheriff of Wate county
An act to abolish and prevent the erec
. , tiou of a toll gate on the Little River
Turnpike, which by an act passed and
ratified the 15th day of December, 1865,
surrenderine that part ot the road north
of C. 0. Orr.
An act to authorize David Lnftin to
collect arrears of taxes for the years
An act to charter the Bank of Cum
berland. I
An act to relieve John J. Foley, sber
iff of Pitt county,
An act to authorize the comity com
missioned of Wilkes county county to
levy and collect special tax.
An act for the relief ot B. Wallace,
sheriff of Dnplin county.
An act to facilitate the transfer of busi
ness from the military to the civil courts
An act to extend the corporate limits of
the town ot ! ayettville.
An act to provide for funding the ma
tured interest on the pablic debts, ratified
AuL'ust 20th. 1868.
An act to incorporate the North Caro
lina Fertilizing Company.
An act to incorporate the Halifax coun
ty Co-operative Business company.
An act authorize Rufus Galloway, late
sheriff of Biunswick county, to collect
arrears of taxes.
i An act in favor of paying the funeral
eipehsesy AfeTSf Hon. Richard I Wyune
An act to. pro vide for a system of pub
lic instruction.
An act to prohibit . the sale of intoxi
cating liquors within three miles of that
portion of the Western1 North Carolina
Railroad from Morgauton to he Western
terminus of the road at Ducktown and
Paint Rrock.
An act to incorporate the North Carov,
iiia Iron, Steel and Metallurgical com-
5m act authorising Joseph Cobb, late
Sheriff of Edgecombe county, to collect
arrears of Uses.
An act to authorize county commis
sioners of .Madisoaonaty to -levy. ,-a spe
cial tax. '
An act to amend an act entitled "an
act to incorporate Jamestown, in me
county of Guilford, ratified, the day
of February 1869.
An act to authorise the county com
missioners of the county of Martin to,
levy a special tax to repair bridges aud
for other purposes. -
An act to incorporate die Southern
Land Company.
An act authorizing the County Com
missioners of Brunswick county to levy
a special tax.
An act to c mpower w . i . ivnoneB, xv
Jf. Orrell and others Id-remove obstruc
tions out of the Cape Fear River between
Fayetteville and Northington bmt:
An act to incorporathe Coble Lodge,
Ko. 864, F A. M. In Guilford county:
' ' . . . wr m T I J T,
An act to extend the corporte limits of
the town of Lumberton.
An act to authorise the late sheriff of
Yadkin county o collect the arrearages
of taxes. For the year 186ft-'67.
An act to legalise an election held in
the town of Marion, McDowell county,
on the 4 th day of January, 1869.
An act for the relief of T. F. Lee,
sheriff. Directs the Auditor and Public
Treasurer to settle with him for the
amount of taxes due the State on the tax
list when turned over to him by his pre
decessor, R. K. Ferrell.
An set to authorise Samuel R. Bnntr
iMg, 1-U W W New
to collect
collect arrears of taxes due him. For
the year 1866-'68, the ptwer to collect to
oeaae at the 1st of January, 1870.
An net authorising the North Western
IN. C7 Railroad Company to receive sub
scriptions in bonds, dec, to the capital
stock of the Company.
An act to amend title 7, section 72,
Code of Civil Procedure.
An act for the relief of Jesse ISnmner
sheriff for the county of Buncombe. Re
leases him from a fine of $1,000 for fail
ing in due time to pay his tax for the
year 1868.
An act to amend an act entitled an act
to incorporate the University Railroad
An act to incorporate the Joeph C.
Abbott Fire Relief Association oi Wil
mington, N. C.
An net concerning public bridges and
roads in the county of Robeson. Author
izes the county county commissioners to
lay off new roads and discontinue old
. . . , ,
ones, and to erect new Driugee sua re
pair old ones ; also to fine those wh re
fuse to work the roads, not to exceed 85
in any one case.
An act for the relief of Mary Crowder.
Allows her to marry again without being
subject to a criminal prosecution there
for. An set to authorises the construction
of a toll bridge across Haw River.
An act to change the name of the town
of Nahunla,, in Wayne county. To
An act to raise additional revenue in
the county of Green. Authorises the
levying and collecting of a tax of 10
mills on the dollar of real and personal
property, to pay off county debt.
An act to authorise the commissioners
of Northampton county to levy a special
tax, &c. Not to exceed $8,000, for the
purpose of repairing bridges.
An act to authorise Clay county to
l vy a special tax. To pay off its indebt
Au act to authorize the commissioners
of Union county to levy a special tax.
To pay $4,000 or upwards, interest on
her bonds, duo the present year.
An act te authorize the commissioners
of the county of Robeson to levy a spe
cial tax. Not more than 20 cents upon
the $100 valuation of moneys, credits,
&c, to pay off the county debt.
An act to empower the county commis
sioners of Wake county to levy a special
tax. Not exceed 5,000, tor the support
of the poor, and to meet other necessary
An act to allow the county commission
era of Alexander to lew a special law
Not to exceed $3,000, for the purpose of
repairing the public buildings and to pay
the debt of the county.
An act to allow the commissioners of
the town of Rutherfordton to levy taxes
and for other purposes. To repair streets
side-walks, &c.
An act to authorize the Board of com
missioners of Wilson county to levy a
special tax.
Not to exceed $6,000 to pay the coun
ty debt.
An act to authorize the commissioners
of Washington and Rutherford counties
to les?" a special tax. Not to exceed
An act authorizing the county commis
sioner of Stanly county to levy a special
tax. $5,000, to build a jail.
An act to authorize the county commis
sioners of Randolph county to levy a
spe cial tax. Not to exceed $5,000 to
support the poor, tec.
An act authorizing the commissioners
of .Iredell county to levy a special tax.
$5,000 to build a jail.
An act to incorporate the iellow Moun
tain Bridge Company.
An act to incorporate the iJavidson
Railroad Company.
An act to authorize the construction ot
railroad through the counties ' of Gran
ville, Person, Caswell, &C,
An act to incorporate the Kalcigh Co-
peralive l-anu ana Dunning Association.
An act to establish the Wilmington
Water Works Company.
An act to provide the procedure in
special proceedings generally, aud in ap-
pJlfntflMllifa' ""i1""' year's support and
lu dower.
An act relating to the weighing of ros
in at the port of Wilmington.
An act supplemental and amendatory
to an act in regard to the Western N. C
Railroad Company.
An act for the rehet of John A. Long,
sheriff of the county of Richmond. Au
thorizes him to collect arrears ot taxes
for the years 1866- 67.
An act to amend the charter of the
Silver Valley Miuing Company.
An act, to incorporate the 1 r us tecs oi.
the count v of Macon.
An act to incorporate the Wilmington
Hook and Ladder company, ratified Feb.
26 1869. '
Ab act to provide fol I he appointment
of entry takers.
An act to charter the town of Hender
An act to authorise the Board of Edu
cation to sell the stock now owned by the
Public School Fund in the Cape Fear
Navigation Company.
An act to relieve Rufus Galloway, late
sheriff of Brunswick county. Relieves
of him of a penalty of $1000 for failure
to settle, at the proper time, with the
Public Treasrer.
An act to forbid the sale of spiritu
ous liquors on the line of the North Wes
tern N. C. Ralroad. Prevents sale of
liquor withir.ifive miles on each side of
the road, offenders
n set to extend the corporate limits of
the town of Tarboro.
An act to prevent the obstruction of fish
in Little river to K. B. Whitle's mills in
Johnston County. Fines offender $30 or
one (month's imprisonment.
An act to amend an act entitled an act
entitled an act to incorporte the Plaster
Banks and Salt Works Railroad Com
pany, ratified May 30, 1864.
An act to authorise the Swift Island
Manufacturing Company to establish a
public ferry across Peedee River near
their factory.
An act to am -nd an act relative to the
Wesfern Turnpike Road, ratified March
17, 1869.
An act to give Clay county the bene
fit of her own bonds as derived from the
sale or entry of lands, the proceeds of
which being in the bauds of Jacob Siler,
are to be applied to works of internal im
provement in CI ly county
An act to incorporate Wm. T. Bain
Lodge No. 231, of A. Y. M. in Wake
An act to incorporate the Sparkling Ca-
Uwba Springs Company of the
of the
of Catawba Springs Compauy
county of Catawba.
An act to authorize the construction of
a railroad from the town of Edeuton in
this State to the town of Suffolk in Vir
ginia. An act to cede to the United States a
certain tract of land in Wake county for
a soldiers cemetery.
An act to incorporate the town of La
Grange in the county of Lenoir.
An act to authorize the commissioners
ot Halifax county to levy a special tax
for building and repairing public bridges
and building in said county.
An act to incorporate the Fayetteville
Co-operative Land and Building Associa
tion. aii act to empower the commissioners
of Cumberland county to lay a special
tax. Levies a tax of not more than $2.50
upon the $100 valuation of all moneys,
investments in trade, dec.
An act to be entitled an act concerning
an entry taker.
An act to incorporate the town of
Durham in the county of Orange.
An act to authorize the erection of a
briHfm across John's River in Burke
e n y
Au act to be entitled an act to amend
an act entitled an act to renew the char
ter of the Richmond Manufacturing Com
pany, passed at the present session of the
General Assembly.
An act to incorporate Mebancsville
Lodge No. 272, A T if, in the town of
Mebancsville, in the county of Alamance.
An act to incorporate the Trustees of
the Union church association at Company
An act in relation to a I iatik Road.
An aet to amend nn net entitled an act,
relative to the Western Turnpike Road.
j An act to incorporate the Wake county
co-operative Business company.
An act to incorporate the Pineville
Water Power and Manufacturing com
pany. An act to incorporate the old North
State Insurance Company.
An act to charter the Bank of Asheviile,
N. C.
An act to charter the bank of Grcens-
Doro .
An set to incorporate the Peoples'
Gas Light company.
An act to amend the charter of the city
of New Berne, and to authorize an issue
of bonds by the same.
An act to incorporate the Middle alls
Manufacturing Company in Richmond'
An act entitled an act to enable the
Chatham Railroad compauy to complete
its road.
Resolution concerning an act to regu
late the sala ies and fees of the Supreme
Court Clerk.
Resolution in regard to the per diem
and mileage of Richard I. Wynue, de
ceased. Resolution concerning committee of in
vestigation into the affairs of the Albe
marle and Chesapeake Canal Company.
Resolution in favor of Mrs Mary Whea
ton. A resolution amendatory of a joint res
olution in relation to banks, ratified 21st
of December, 1868.
Resolution in reference to publication
of certain acts. The Secretary of State
to have printed and forwarded to each
member of the General Assembly ten cop
ies of each public act passed at this ses
sion. Resolution in favor of ,W. J. W. Crow
der. To pay him S15d.
Resolution to sell the State rights in
the Favetteville and Warsaw Plank road.
Resolution b favor of A. B Guthrie,
late Sheriff of Orange county, and his
sureties. ' . ' . '
Resolution directing the Secretary of
Slate to forward certain acts te certain
county officers.
Resolution instnictiig Public Treasur
Forbids him not
pay D. J. Pruyn
tor worn done on ii'aue, until me 3u
pel intondent certifies fiat the Work is done
according to contrac
Resolution appoint
ka Board of Pnb
rv .
lie charities. Appoin
ar. ftugane una-
som, G. W. Welker, Dr. Wm. Barrow,
Ur. li. W. lWackmuiMttaorgn W. Oa
Joint resolution in
Joint resolution a
clerk to employ tier
97 per 4y
rtesolntroo anthorflfflfVifl commission
ers of Polk county to levy Vpecial tax.
Of $1,200 annually for thret years.
Resolution to pay the actil expenses
of the penitentiary committee. Nut to ex
ceed 8124.
Resolution to allow the eounfx commis
sioners of Richmond county tt levy a
special tax. The sum of $7,000 to'pay
county debt and to complete the public
Resolution to print laws passed br this
Generally Assembly with the Constitution
that the people generally of the S ite vill
hail with delight the coming among us
from abroad all permanent settlers, & c.
Resolution providing for payment of a
clerk to the committee of investigation a
bribery and coriuptioa. (Allows 860.)
Resolution for the relief of W. M. ft.
Moore. (Releases him from a fiue of
$1,000 for failing to make return in time
for an extract of the taxables of Bruns
wick county.) j.
Resolution in favor of T II Alexander,
late clerk of the Court ef Pleas and Quar
ter Sessions for the county of Tyrrell.
Releases him of a penalty of $1,000 for
failure in due time to make return of tax
ables. Resolution for the relief of A J John
son, late clerk of the Cointy Court of
Onslow. Remits judgmeit against him
for 81,000 for failure iu proper time to re
turn an abstract of taxable!.
Rsaolution in regard to Secial tax on
whisky. Requests onr Senators and
Representatives in the U B Congress to
endeavor to havo repealed the law requir
ing a special tax of $400 on distilleries,
and to exempt from the purchase of a
"metor," those who manufacture less than
300 gallons
Resolution in favor of T C Humphries,
late sheriff of ( 'ur ricueksVui.t v I Allows
Imn until January 1 si 1870, to collect ar
rears of taxes for the year 1866 and 1867.
Resolution fcxtenfng time given to
joint committee on bAiks. Extends the
time to 60 days insttad of 30 days in
which to make report
Resolution in favqV of A J. Murray,
sheriff of the county of Haywood Re
mits a penalty of & 1,1)00 againat him
Resolution for the relief of 1) A Spivey,
late tax collector of Greene county. Re
leases him of a penalty, of $1,000 for fail
ing iu due time to main returns to the
Public Treasurer. (
Resolution relative td the mint at Char
lotte. Requests the X. C. representation
iu Congress to use their influence to re
establish the mint, and to have the same
put in immediate operation.
Resolution in relation to raising a joint
committee to consider, tire erection of a
State's prison.
Resolution in relati u to the Public
Treasurer. Authorizes the appointment
of a committee of six to investigate char
ges against the Treasurer.
Resolution in favor oi A L Parton, late
tax collector in Macon county. Authorizes
him to collect arrears of taxes for the year
Resolution in favor of J C Byers, sher
iff of Cleveland county. Gives him until
January 1st, 1870, to collect the uupaid
taxes for the year 1867.
Joint resolution ratifying the proposed
amendment to the Constitution of the
United States, styled article XV.
Resolution raisintr a ioint committee o(
three on, the part of each House, to report I
a bilMorXhe relief of the people of Xorth .
Resolution in favor of Wm Thompson,
W 1) Jones, Wm (rimes and it K Jit
n il Directs the PaL liSTresurer to pay
them in the aggregate $457,43.
Resolution vacating the seat -of John
A. dates, -Senator elect from the 16th
Senatorial district.
Senate resolution on absent members.
Refuses per diem to those Senators hav
ing au indefinite leave of absence, also to
those absent beyond their time of leave,
unless such absence was occasioned by
sickness. 1
Resolution for the relief of Robert B
Wood, .lr, and his sureties, D E Bunting,
P W Panning, Samuel R Bunting and
John Jones.
Resolution in favor of the reporters of
the two Houses of the General Assembly
Appropriates $400, to be paid the four
regular reporters of the Standard aud Sen
tinel. Resolution instructing our Senators and
Representatives iu Congress' to vote for a
repeal of the tenure-of niffiee law.
Resolution in favor" Jtl. Murrill, sher
iff of Ouslnw county. Allows him until
January, 1870, to collect arrears of taxes
for the year 1866 '67 ; also releases
of a penalty of 1 QOO.j -
him j
Joint resolution in regard-to holding
two sessions per day.
Resolution declaring vacancy in the
41st Senatorial District: Declares vacant
the seat of A C Avery. i '
Resolution in favor of A C Avery, Sen
ator elect from the 41st District. Author
ises the Public Treasurer to pay Msjor
Avery his per diem and mileage up to the
time his seat was declared vacant.
! direct
Mrisiaf nrolliag
Resolution concerning the mileage and
per diem for members banned by the
14th amendment of the Constitution of
the United States Allows up to the 16th
of J uly pay of per diem and mileage to
those members of the House in actual at
tendance, who were banned by the 14th
Joint resolution to allow the Legisla
ture to take a recess. During Christmas.
Resolution jo regard to mortgage bonds
of the North Carolina Railroad Company.
Kesolutinn on tobacco tax. JKequests
the N. G. Representation in Congress to
duced 3$ cents to 10 eents per pound.
Resolution for the relief of James Can
slcr, sheriff of Macon county. Releases
him from a penalty of $1000 on account
of deliuqneucy in making tax returns, and
allows his commissions, and per diem and
Senate resolutions in regard to Scnste
Library. Requests the Librarian to pro
cure five copies of the laws of lf?66 '67
to be placed in the Senate library.
Senate resolutions in regard to map of
the Staie. Returns thanks to Rev S
Pcarce ' . the loan of his map to the Sen
ale. Joint resolution providing for a commit
tee of investigation. In reference to bri
bery and corruption charged by rumor
and otherwise on members of the General
Senate resolution instructing committee.
Authorizes the committee on the ssle of
the State's interest in the public works to
call upon the Governor for information as
to any proposal make to him to purchase
the same, dec.
Resolution in favor of the late county
court clerk of Haywood. Remits judg
ment of $1000 against W W Melford for
failure to make retirns in due time of the
abstract taxable property of Haywood
Senate resolution appointing a commit
tee of inquiry. To consist of three Sena
tors to inquire into the facts attending the
purchase of the Penitentiary site.
Joint retolution to raise a oiut commit
tee to investigate the management &c , of
the Bank of North Carolina Provides
for the appointment of a committee of five
of the two Houses, with power to employ
counsel and to send for books aud papers.
Joint resolution in regard to Banks, in
which the State is interested as a stock
holder. Provide that a committee of
five shall be appointed to set during the
session, and to enquire the number and
names of debtors and creditors, the circu
lation on May 1st, 1861, the amount re
deemed since May 1865, the amount out
standing nn 1st and 31st May, 1865, the
number of depositors at the date of sus
pension, and ou Nov. 1st, 1 808, the num
ber and amount of deposit paid during the
war, the property and the value thereof
belonging to said banks, the amount ot
specie on hand at suspension, and on Nov.
1st, 1868, Sec.
Resolution of J. W. Fisher. Releases
him from a penalty of 1,000 for failure to
make returu of abstract of the property of
Jackson comity.
Joint resolution concerning the sheriff
of Carteret county. Authorizes him to
collect the taxes due for the years 1866
Resolution in regard to the co-operation
of the State of North Carolina and the
State of Tennessee in certain railroad en
terprises. Requests the Tennessee legis
lature to send to Raleigh a delegation to
confer with a committee of seven of the
North Carolina Legislature in reference to
certain railroad interests in which the two
States are interested.
Resolution in fit or of J. C Gullick.
Releases him from an emcrcement for
faiJure to make return of the enlisted tax
of 1868 for Henderson county.
Resolution in favor of the Sheriff and
Register of Deeds of Green county. Re
leases W S Edwards and W J Taylor
from the judgments against them for fail
ure to make the returns as required by.
their respective omces.
Resolution in favor of the sheriff of Tyr
rell county.
Senate resolution instructing the com
mittee on corporations. Instructs them to
report adversely on all bills, the objects
of which oould be attained under general
Resolutions instructing Code commis
sioners to report a compilation of charters,
acts, &c. (
Resolution asking our representatives
in Congress to use their influence t J re
vive and re-open all the mail routes and
post offices heretofore existing in North
Resolution in, relation to improvement
of the navigation of the Cape Fear River.
Ask the X. C. representatives in Congress
to endeavor to secure sn appropriation
from the general government to improve
the -navigation of the river.
Resolution in favor of W. H. White.
Joint resolution to provide an office for
the State Audi:pr.
Resolution to provide an office for the
State Auditor. .
Resolution to provide an office for the
Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Resolution for the relief of the sheriff of
Beaufort county. Releases D T Carrow
from penslties incurred for failure to
make tax returns in. due time for the year
1S07. r
Resolution in favor of Jesse R. Weaver,
late county court clerk in and for the
county of Buncombe. " Releases him of
penalty of $1,000 for failure to send for
ward in timo-the abstract return of taxes.
Resolution to annul a portion of a joint
resolution in regard to the noma in the
Capitol building.
ftrthe Old North Stat.
Umivkrsitt or Va., I
A: r.l SOth. 1869. I
Mr. Km i oi : While a student at
Chapel Hill I learned to love the Old
North State her university her sons
and (may I not confidentially say) her
daughters, several years have rolled
away since thjuse happy days, bnt Caro
lina and her sons are now and will ever
be remembered with affection and regard -
ed With deepest intere.S
row rSl vmmuWV Him ihvi '
the pleasure it always gives me to pay a
deserved tribute to merit and add an bum
ble laurel to ihe wreath that crowns the
successful brow. Perhaps others Lave
more promptly informed you of the sue
eess of your youngstatesman, Mr. OF Mc
Kesson, as anniversary orator ol the Jcfier
son Society. On the 13tb of the present
month, the anniversary of the birth of
T bos. Jefferson, the large hall of our Uni
versity was decked with the choicest "pret
ty things the inimitable Jaccheri could
furnish, and illumined with a good taste
that was only equalled by the brilliance
of the dazzling lights. Of course the
"the lovely, the fair and the beautiful"
were present in large numbers, looking if
possible, more charming thn ever, and
eager to see and be seen and, principally
(of course, though 1 had almost forgot
ten to mention it) to allow their own sil
very voices to be silent for a short period,
while listening to the captivating tones of
the handsome young orator. Ihe Jeffer
son Society first marched i to the lawn, to
the inspiring mnsic of the Richmond
band: navinc: then halted and formed in
two ranks facing each other, they remain
ed until their guests, the Washington So
ciety, bad marched through and taken the
front seats reserved tor tbem. X be old
Jeff, then went forward to the inspiring
notes of "Pat Malloy." Next came the
Faculty and the blushing young orator,
accompanied by the kind and efficient
committee under the supervision of your
fellow statesman Mr. Zach. Fulmore.
The exercises of the evening began
with prayer from our chaplain. Then tbcex-
cellant band delighted us with one of their
most touching strains. 1 be President,
Mr. R S. Williams of Mobile Ala., then
introduced to the audience, Ur. S. P.
Tuck of Annapolis, Ind., who read the
'Declaration of Independence." in clear
and distinct toues. A shower of boquets
and another sweet air from the band
followed. The President then introduced
the orator of the evening Mr. Charles
F. McKessen of Morgauton, N. C. Nev
er did 'Charley" look better, say his
oldest acquaintances, and we think we
may safely venture to say never spoke
more sweetly, more eloquently, more
'Successfully. After an appropriate and
graceful indtroduction, he announced
his subject, "Ihe influence of sur
roundings on men." His subject was
opened with a tribute to wom
an's influence, which was manly,
sensible and beautiful, and therefore well
suited to his division of bis subject at
heart in the sense of the third adjective.
But yon must not imagine that this was
th most substantial part of the oration.
The orator treated his subject in a
masterly manner, giving universal satisfac
tion, and causing his friends and his so
ciety to feel justly proud of him. He
He pointed out gracefully and forcibly,
the many instances in which some men
bad, moved d risen with the tale of cir
cs instances, while others more meritori
ous met with defeat and hence with con
demnation and disgrace. Next he noticed
the influence of climate on a people and
in the 3d place the influence of good and
evil governments, both on the people and
the literature of a nation. Then follow
ed a few striking examples of men who
have risen in spite of surrounding obsta
cles and an eloquent appeal to his
fellow students to remember these bril
liant examples in the world's history, and
taking arms from knowledge aud experi
ence, to convert every opposing obstacle
into fresh fuel for immortal fame.
I have bt course, given you a very
condensed and imperfect description
of the oration. It wss characterized not
only by so mid argument,' bnt by a rich
ness of imagination, and a musical sweet
nes of expression, which held his audi
ence enchained with delight and admira-1
toi it. The speaker was frequently greeted
with applause and, when he bowed his
graceful adieu, cheer af'cr cheer filled
the large aud brilliant hall. The music
which followed, was almost drowned
by the numerous and hearty congratu
lations Of a host 47 f friends and admirers
and then came the fairy scene on the
lawn, on each sideof which '.here is a row of
students rooms aud Professors houses,
having iu i heir fuint a continuous arcade,
which was illuminated for the occasion by
beautiful lanterns of many colors. In the
centre of the lawn sat the band, in a
stand prepared for the purpose hung with
lanterns of the same brilliant bees. And
then snch promenading, &c, it seemed
that the days (or nights rather) of the
faLies was returned. As for myself, the
music then was sxeetest to my ears.
But if I may J udge from appearances the
fair ones found sweeter music as the
hung on the arms of their respective es
corts aud "the boys" perchance, were
under the influence of a similar delusion
With their usual hospitality, the pro
fessors threw open their houses to wel
come visitors, who lingered till the "wee
sma, hours' ' around the festive board the
social circle and the merry dance. Caro-
linas may well be proud of their represen
tee at our noble University. 1 shore their
pride having only one cause for regret and
complaint, which is, that not on of their
fair daughters came to make our hearts
even gladder and prouder than they al
ready were. Hut from necessity rather
than choice we forgive them heaven
bless them "with all their faults we love
them still." Mr. McKesson will we sin
cerely hope, be with us another session
He will then complete his preparation for
his profession t he Imw. May he always
meet with success such a he baa gained
with ns. Hit return to his State will be
tin litianwt.kl- , . . a .
" uuvti .auiu i,L,:rnn nil i st in. ninva a .
In the name of Iris numerous friends here,
we congratulate those of his own State,
on the laurels be baa won. And now
farewell. Yours truly,
"Talk about bedbugs I" said Bill Jones
who had been across the Plains. "You
should have seen some of the critters I
met in Idaho last spring. I stopped one
night with some settlers who lived In a
log cabin, containing only one room and a
loft. When it came time to t go to bed
they strung a blanket across the middle
of the room, and the settler's family slept
on one side of itand give me the other. I
laid down to go to sleep, and the bedbugs
In rt-ftt n nutrtArf tvavsv Inwsmla AMtiaiasi .-. ha . l
at rV gmessiM sa Juubsl caicio wvuuu
a free 'lay-out ' I tried to kiver up and
keep away from'em, bnt the pesky var
mints would catch hold of the bedclothes
and pull them from me. They didn't
think nothin' of draggin' me around the
room if held on. 1 fit 'em till about mid
night, and then I looked around for some
way of escape. There was a ladder reach
in' up into the loft, and I thought the best
way to get away from the blood-suckers
was to get np thar, so I did. There
!... . I- .1 I.... T 1-2-1
"mu an j uug in iuil, bu jl lain
down, congratulatin' myself on my es
cape. Pretty quick. I heard the ladder
squeakin' as if somebody was comin' up.
Bimeby I saw a bedbug raise himself np
through the hole made in the floor and
looked carefully around the loft, Soon's
he saw mo motioned to his chums below
the bloodthirsty cuss and cried ex-
..I l.l ' I . I...t- I III
una!! ij , vuiuc uu, uuys , "e ueic i
That was a smart girl who consoled
herself with the thought thai the tame
wind which disturbed crinoline blew dust
into the eyes of wicked young men who
were standing on the corner to observe
the effect.
''- j. r-
Comodore Cornelius Vanderbilt recent
ly had a narrow escape from death by
drinking, in mistake, from a bottle con
taining a deadly bed-bug poison. Ihe
fluid burning his month, be speedily spit
it out, aud foitunately received no mate
rial injury.
The wife a retired soldier, living at
Nun's Hill, near Palparaiao, has recent
ly brought fo: i Uf birth, four hoys
and two girls and is suckling her chil
dren herself.
Among those who desire to show their
patriotism by serving in public office is
one ot tne ladies trom tne itevoiution
office in New York, who is an aspian t for
a position at Indiana agent.
WHIlzXHAB, It is provided by section
18th of "An Act amendatory of the
Act to incorporate the Western North Caro
lina Railroad Company, ratified the 15th day
of February. 1855, and of all other acts amen-
.1 ,t,,r- lliunmf " rntitta.l Kv tha liuiiurul A i
sein bfy of North Carolina on the 29th day of
January, IHci'i, that "in the event the amend
ments proposed herein to the charter of the
Western N" . C. R. R. Company shall be ac
cepted by the stockholders, as hereinbefore
,irnv-itUl. it ftliull Iia t.liA ilntv if li.,- Prfti-
deutsof the Eastern and Western Divisions
OI lira imM io iioraT iiw uireenior oi ina
Mate ot said acceptance Tortnwrtn ; arro tne
Governor shall then immediately make pro
clamation thereof in three newspapers with
in the State, whereupon this act shall be in
full force and effect :"
Aim Whereas, James J. Mott, Presi
idMit of the Eastern Division of the Western
North Carolina Railroad Company, and Geo.
W. Swepson. President of the Western Divi
sion of said Company, have reftifted tormw
tlml ii( iiiint mpptintr nf the Stoekholilers of
both Divisions of said Company, held in the
town of Morgantou, Burke county, North
Carolina, ou the 7th day of April a ma
jority of the stock being represented either iu
person or by proxy, the question of the ac
ceptance of the amendments to the original
charter of the Western North Carolina Rail
road Company, aud of the acts amendatory
thereof and supplemental thereto, was sun
initted to the' Stockholders in joint meeting
assembled, aud that they voted unanimously
for the acceptance of the same: j
Now therefore I. Wm. W. Holpen. Gov
ernor of the State of North Caroliua. do here
. .. , ... . , i.
O V Jin K nil III IN tt-Tilf- Hi it-, nnnmiii
"Act amendatory uf the Act to incorporate
the Western Noith Carolina Railroad Com
pany, ratified the 15th day of February, 18t$5i
and of all other acts amendatory thereof," ia
Done at our city of Raleigh thia
the 8th day of April, oue thousand
l. 8. eiglit hundred and sixty-nine, and in
the year of the independence of the
Uuiuni Stales the Jd
W. W. HOLDEN. Governor.
By the Governor :
W. R. RicnABisos, Aet. Pri. Sec'v.
april 16 ' 14 3t
Desirable Property to Rent.
bouse, two miles from Saliburv,
cessary aut-builduig and excellent water. Pos
session siren at ones. Apply to
april Sfc"t at Grawrd A BeUig Ste
FWt" qonnortAiiie rnrnni nil ue-

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