North Carolina Newspapers

    (il)c(fli)Xor(l) Stale
1'nder tkU caption, th Standard of the
Cili. has an article, in response tir-u which
appeared lu the (lo.dboro' Messenger n few
day before, which tc read wiib UJsJph pitas
"Ore. Tii Meenger piopnsea, hereafter, to
"iHartiM the politic of the country, mid th
p..!icf lb Government. Str- au-i Nation
k nrJ (air. candid and dignified (pirit to
1. 1 cur different opinion be expressed in
language anl tola becoming wen, and dis
miss a unworthy of discussion, every sub
ject that will not "bear logical diacuasioii. '
The Meiieng'r siiys. that llie ' pre of thi
eom.ry ha descended into low, personal
abue. until its influence at hotur i materially
weakened, while it but excite the pity and
contempt of strangers abroad." A tho ed
itor of the Meutngcr hits reeeutly been
"afavelliiig in other State, a an agent of th
North Carolina press, v suppose be ha
learnt what iu character abroad really is,
aua feul humiliated at the fact, that it com-
infodV Bift little, if any respect rait of the-
Htate. And the Mtmnger propose to re
f rm the ton and spirit of the N. C. press,
if rite oppoaltkm; wilt meet the Cw&sermtr
pres half way. To this proposition the
MB wa. with all his abilities, a lo
From th above xtruct. it will, be seen
that th comparison which we Instituted was
between Washington, the Conservative, who.
with Hamilton, Jar, Marehall and Cotoe
wurth Ptookaey. favored a balanced repub
lic, aud Jefferson, th Hat Lai. who favored
a pur democracy between Washington th
bigti-BouW. high-toned and digniBed gen
tleman, and Jefferson the low demagogue,
and not between Jefferson the democrat, and
Washington the gentleman. And we now
repoat, that th political principle of Wash
ington aud Jefferson, can no more be recon
cile.! than tlo principles ,,f the must atub
bom Conservative and the most dltra Rad
ical of t'..e present day. And i '. that
repeat, that the Standard did, by epreal-
lug to the old-Hue Democrat to join its
party a fae true Democrat! party as the
Jefl'ersoniau democracy to which they onee
professed to belong iu effect, say. that no
old Whig oould jisie its party iihut sac-
city than the city of Charlotte now la.
Reaide it enable us to reach water commu
nication with the ocean twenty-five miles
nearer than by any other possible route,
Cheraw being situated at the head of steam
boat navigation on the IVdee Kiver. It will
pass over nun of the finest mineral portions
of the State through the counties of liowan.
Caberru. and Stanly. A gentleman iu min
ing pursuits has assured us that if this road
is bnilt a hundred tons of ore per week will be
shipped over It. . I
What we have said will, we hope, con
vince all of th very (real importance of build
ing this road, as wall a the road lo Fayette
villa). With both of the road completed
Salisbury will, beyond all question, soon be
tme the most prosperous city in North Car-
e. mi!., t lie single exception of Wilming
i Q He nation Is most eligible, and she
is sustained by the finest back country in
the entire State. Manufacturers of Various
kinds will then spring up here an dtlie pres
ent lethargy will speedily give place to ac
tivity and enterprise. Ileal estate in the
A n Tmnartant Que it ion in Banktuvtru
Opinion Judge Scott Yesterday,
in the citr court. Judge- Boott filed an
opinion in the esse of Lewis Cassard and
' tr
other ffffwi t ourad JB.rorr, wuicn in
volves mi importaut point in bankruptcy.
i i (icing or abandoning 't principles, unless
he acts upon the hypothesis that tfley have Ui rounding coontry. indeed In all the West-
become obsolete, and it uttered the truth. Urn part of the State, will rapidly advunra
To conclude any thing else from the Stand- until it reaches five to ten time its present
orrf'sertieWjato co bjd that it never sup- value. We hope then that Do effort will hi
posed the old Whig and Democratic parties spared to secure the construction of the road
to be divided In principle. j from Cheraw to thi place. Tlie company is
Whether the announcement" of our working under the charter of the Cheraw
speculative opinions "will endear us to our and Coalfields road, granted oin time pre
Demnccatic friends'' or not,' 1 IsiaUev viou to toe Uu-war. and aule it the road
..!..,. .Jb t - .11 ..j. -. . , . , - - 1 . .Wi. n. . ,. -St
Jkn4urf M'ifau'sarM Wb" haf bThe legislature, at Its la'e session, so ameud
V88BWsBBPwelfTro.matiOT through our whole political life are well Ld the charter a to allow th tnnahv to
known, and w shall not deny them now make Salisbury, inatead of the Coalfields, the
for the sake of popularity. We ma cease terminus of th road. A the road was char
to act upon them, because they may be no tered aud commenced before the ratification
longer applicable to theexistiug condition of the present State Constitution there will
of things, but deny them we never will, be no difficulty in securing an appropria
te rer. Nor are they so nupopnlar with all I tLin hw the Wislnture. ..-.M m, amwn-
- - I -J "O "II
priation be necessary to the completion of
as will give to the press of the State an el
vatedi manly and dignified ton, that will
exert a healthful influence upon the manners
and morale ef the people, and make it re
spected both at home and abroad. The Me
trapilrtan press has, fertbe most part, given
tone to, and governed the press iu other
portions of the State. Consequently more
responsibility rests with the leading papers
of Raleigh than any where else. Let i hen
set the proper example, as one
expressed a willingness
exert a powerful influence for good
The course proposed is the one which
marked out for out-self when we engaged in
journalism, and which w have endeavored
to pursue as far a the spirit of the times
aud the course of our contemporaries would
permit. Our object has bee a to give tone
to, and elevate the character of the secular
rets of North Carolina, bnt so far we are
Va , - . I ... .
nave met witb much
, a one of tin m bal
to do, and they wli
race for good in tho
uiJkble to say that we
sulr.-. We have he
at the aranttif dignity,
been greatly disgusted
the low scurrility and
the personal vituperation and abuse which
has characterized some of the leading jour
nals o North Carotin. To pander to ths
depraved and vitiated tastes engendered by
the war, or resulting from the demoralisation
of the times, may possibly make a paper
popular, aud enable it proprietor to make
money out of it. but it makes it an engine of
mischief that goes very far to perpetuate the
vils under which the community is suffering,
ihich it ought to be its chief aim to remove.
.Nor can anything be expected by way of
irancingparty interests by such a
' 19"- iut bittopvtwiw;itdr
jwuse work no other result than to keep the
party of your opponents closely united in
rid phalaiut against you. The blows in
fiictetliu such warfare, usually irritate men
to suoA an extent a to determine them to
land ly their party right or wrong.
We have said that the course proposed by
Bro.' 1 1 earn, of the Meuengtr, is the one
which wmarked out for ourself when we
commenced journalism, and which we have
eudeavored to pursitu as far as we could
under the circumstances. We have certaiD-
tne old UeinocraU as the standard seems
to suppose. Rut a few days since, a life
long, and leading Democrat distinguished
throughout the Statewho has worthily
worn me judicial ermine, the son of a
Democratic sire more distinguished still, if
not the most distinguished man that errer
.... -1 1 1 ! T ' I
t upon uie oeocn iu .ion!: ( an. una. sai.i
ns, in the presence of other old and lend- j
Democrats: "I am now thoroughly
the road.
We have received the report of C. H
8uow. Govfriimerit Director of the Union
Pacini' Railroad, upon the location ol the
construction of that road, now about com
ulctcd. a cm -11 nerusal ot w hich will sat-
convinced tl at the ystem of Waihhigton jgfy tK, mogt sheptien) that those under
and' Hamilton was the only one epon which J whose mam cement it has been construct-
a republican Government coald have been cd have not built the road for traffic, but
established and permanently maintained in I secure the bonds and lands granted by
thi.-, country."
We learn that at the meeting of the Stock
holders of the Western Railroad, held at one of the most 'stupendous
i. . ' r - I. . . T
the Gorernmrnt
Tbu road, such as it is, has been built
by subsidies of money and litids which
havi Leen donated by the Government
with a profligate liberality unequalled iu
the history of this or any, other country,
and as it etanda to-day i without doubt
The suit was brow
uury, 1869, to
to be due by the
tiff on open acco
summoned and
that ho waa d
court of Haiti
1Mb of May, I
him at the lime
Maryland, which
ary, 1868. To t
ruui rer, and the It
The opinion, afW
tacts, says " 1 he
qncstion : Does the
ed 2d of March,
bankrupt law, then
f ate insolvent law1
admitted that the
were nil ciluvus of
prcme Court ot the.
these points : "As
same State, a disci
the laws of that S:
posterior contracts
ciliseus of other U
all contra!."
" That the pow
States to pa bau
c!u-;ve ()d(jen r
ou, atu
C j'ete
CIS. Iii the recent
traud is. Can- and others, determined by
the Court of Appeals of Maryland at
Octobei term, lt08, that court saya that
when the legitlatioo of Congree upon
the subject has been exercised, it in para
mount and ei' lueive, and upends the
the operations of the insolvent laws of a
Statu and the iurisduttion of the State
courta over ca.xs ""iff tciUin the pur
view and operation of lite tunkrupt law.
"In the cute uow bdfore me, inaemuch
as all the parties are eltixeni of the same
State, I inuat consider jlhis ease does not
fall within the purview and kperation ot
the bankrupt law, and that Me discharge
of the ill lend. int undei the insolvent laws
of Maryland is a bar this action, and
1 i!l direct the clerk o ent judgement
on the demurrer for tin defetulant." An
appeal to the Court of, Ippeafe waa taken
by the counsel for thai plainsfls. Bait.
Hun, 2tk
Jr.B -i a . . . w
on tnc zist ot .i...
the amount stated
andant to the plain
. . ,
i uedeieudant was)
.red, and pleaded
by the circuit
y, upon the
i all debt due by
e insolvent laws of
on the Hth of Jan-
lea there waa a de-
ant joined therein.
relating the above
mnrrer raiaea this
t ol ' ongrcss pasa-
7, known a the
V Ml perse llo Ill-
this case? It was
iff and defetulant
aryland. The Su-
Jt. bus establuhed
ween cilixena of the
ge of a bankrupt by
is valid aa it affects
against credit, i r
, it is invalid as to
given . to iba Uuited
t law is not ex-
aunders, 12 Wheat
te luroer,
case of Van Noa-
Hog cholera la raging in soma portlona
of Maury county, Tenn. !
Baltimore has bnilt a home for emi
grants paaaing through th city.
Oincianatti brewed nearly 60,000 bar
rels of beer in March.
Mississippi expects to realise forty
million dollars from her cotton crop of
thia year.
England contains 88,000,000 inbabi
tanu , iu laud ia owned by 60,000.
The cattle trade of Chicago aggregates
50,000,000 a year.
Spain receive from Onbn tip-wards ol
thirty-two million ani.uaily iu taxes.
A project i i n foot in "Europe to build
arailioa lf. u Eui r i. hiot China
Tno oldest man in the world baa just
died in Paiai d, nr. J 139.
A greut Angld-American boat race will
take place at Patney, upon Thames, in
August nest.
producing States, having produced 134,
463,000 bnahels in 18CS.
President Grant returns an income of
$660. This ia independently of his sal
ary, from which the tax is deducted be
fore payment.
Horatio Seymour, according to a Wes
tern paper, has been buying extensive
tracts of laud iu Iowa.
In the Metbodiat Church In Charlotte,
on the 6th inst, by Rev E J Meynardie,
Mr wo r, Boaw to Mis Mollie K i'res
aon, daughter of Mr H M 1'reeeon.
In Mecklenburg county, on th 29th
It., by Rev Mr McDonald, Mr J P Groan
to Mis Margaret W ilson.
In Lfncolnton, on the dih inst., by
Rev R N Davis, 1 r I J Polk, of Denver
City, Colorado, to Miaa S J Reiuhardt ot
Ltncolnton, N 0
At Si Paula Church, Edcnton, on the
Qtb inst, by the Rev Francia W Milliard,
Col D M Carter, of Waahiarton. to Mm
Uarrtet A Henbury.
In Cabarrus county, on the Slat nit,
Mr Uoydon A R Miller to Miaa Auuie u
In Stanlv coontv. on the SSd alt. Mr
J. .'... .. . .. . .
Ueorge U Wilhelm to Miss Julia A Kitch
Ia Iredell county, on tbe 28th April of
consumption, Mr John Steele, aged about
46 years.
In Scotland Neck. Halifax countr. on
tbe 19th Marsh, 1869, Mrs. Louisa Spru
ill, aged 67 years.
of all the
Far tke Old AVAj Stale.
A i. it km ah i.e. N. 0., May 11,1869.
A meeting waa held in the CouVvbouse
to day for the purpose of appoinlkig dele
gates to the meetings in Fayettevllle and
Cheraw with regard to the proposed Rail
Roads from those places to Salisbury. L
! Green, Esq., was elected Chairman and
W. H. Lilly, Secretory. On motion the
Chairman appointed a committee of six,
via: Col. I). A. G. Palmer, E. Hurley,
J. D. llearne, Daniel Freeman, Dr. R.
Anderson, and J. M. Redwine to draft
resolutions expressive of the object of
the meeting". J he tommittee alter re
tiring a few minutes, introduced the fol-
we recommend tin
. oune.
Fnyettevilte on the 5th iast.. the town of (frauds that has been perpetrated upon the
8 tlisbury was chosen as the terminus of the American people by the rotten Radical
road. A stoek vote wa taken on this ones- P"' -
tion. and the vote" of the State being cast in . Mr" 8"ow 8 teP0Tt " PVer a"acK
fjlVfir ttf MxtlieVtlirv A tho r,!i,l iu Alio
' I'"1" 1U I !!. tw , 'PI. i ..Hr
is r nrnimn , I tav ItiJ ! r i niinin tinlnnf mnA
Thi Intelligence Will he reeeived with jy General Snnerioleodent Snvder'rnned
and satisfaction by the people of Salisbury, Lf corruption jv beinar etiiraeed with , wing resolutions :
aftdin the intermediate aud eurrounding Omaha firms in manipulatiuir frviglit to Besot ced, I hat
tnntry, aud wtH, we presume, be scarcely Ins financial ad vantage Snow claims that ' 11 wu1 " yV" 6 ro app iru ten
tiisumc-ient mi- worn out; that the grade lo col"r wtm eacn otin r as to the moat
on the Black Hills i nil wrong; I hut there praeUenkle route for the proposed road
nro but two arched culverts between Mrom Fnyclteville to Salisbury.
Omaha and Cheyenne, and that from Bcsohvd, That the resident be also
Rawlinga to the Washita monntuiiia the recommended to appoint leu other dele-
track was I iid on frozen alkali. He charge Su' 10 I!1"'t dek-gatios at Chera S
the regular commissioner wiili Imving ap
proved of a woithlvss road throiieb Echo
thev nasded in thc
The noblest thing on i h ;- a nun
talking reason aud hi wife listontag to
Gen Lane, who ran for tljp Vice Presi
dency in 1860 ou the ticket with Geueral
Breckinridge, ha become a Roman
Emigration to the United States this
year wil probably exceed that of any
previous year.
erection of the X. C. Railroad, a verv larir
part of the trade of this section of the State
went to Fayetteville. Te building of that
road was, for the time, a severe blow to the
business and prosperity of Fayetteville, once
by far the most prosperous of the inland
town of the State. The Western road was
projected with a view to restore to that old j Canon, over which
Memphis is shipping oil cake to Liver
pool by way of New Orleans at the rate
of 100 toua a week.
They still have sleighing at Bethel,
Me., and have enjoyed it continuously for
the last five months aud twenty days.
A bachelor editor, who had a pretty
unmarried sister, lately wrote to another
editor similarly circumstanced, "Please
exchange 1"
The Arisona Cotton Factory, estah-
aud euterprising city the trade which it lost
by the building of the N. C. Road, and there
light time. WU. Journal.
b not a generous man in the Slate who does HON. FAYETTE McMlJLLEX-THE
not wisti to see it succeed in the ac I FKACK NEGOTIATIONS OF '64-'
mint of that object. bitu6ted at. ; Kt .M ARKA15LE REVELATION
steamboat navigation oa the CapeFear H
Jy avoided all the slaug phrases of the day,
a.i(jl trim i''tiniai'jliiu .i i .1 1 V, . L - l, ...... 2
" 'nva i.uvTio wuiui UM1 IU . . . ! n J ; 1 r q
e ich common u.e. And we think we have "uM be able to cuuiuiand . " """" ""' con"lT.
a larue part ol the trade o W estern f!rnli- .-".""" "" i'"--ii" "i sevemi
.. ..,. urn i ICJIUCIH
house, in Washington, conversing with
Hon. F. Blair, .r. Mr. Blair told him
general y ireaieu oppoueuts, wiio were men "'V - v"' lenL'tbir ebats with lln,. vi r i
of eharieter. wi,l, L,mn. ,m.,,k. beu thia road is completed, and the . ..V lion- ' v ttu McMnl
rua.ww.;s7- r:-m "r' , ... . . . .. . A r. mciuuiiiii says Unit since In
we have intended to do ju.tice to them hud I "'auK"rr '"B' eooner o later spring out w he WM .v in PreshlcnC
.i m .' I f r - i r 1 1 fllf in i in f ril vi lr eli.. ,,. .............. .1 1 . .
tne motive wuicn actuated them. And we vuimuauu u.
also think that we have shewn a nrooer re- Lrgeniats of merchandise that are now
spect for those in authority when we have "yT l"w vanous otner roads or the mat soon after .McMullmV "peace rosolit
hadoccasion to refer to them or their eon- Stat toWelni Carolina will then be shipp- tiona" had tetn introduced into the Con
dact. And we hail with delight, the ex- 11 .I' Water traneportathm IW derate Coiigre.s,, Mr. Liucoiu, being ex
posed willingness of two leading papers of heHVy' inded for al1, ""moditiea i vastly tremy auxion. to brtng abour a peace
opposite partfeaiu the State, to jl us. in fl-than railroad tran.p,,,tat.on. and a, J" bolh 'f, of
addition E the Charlotte DeJerat and. . -"te will greatly reduce the amount of Zl'Jntne
perhaps ooe or two other p.pers. which lSSST H
ban, always been, in the course which f 7 the dlvers",n of ''g mount of him (Mr. Blair) to Richmond to confer
we have eudeawored to pursue as the con- fr" the other roads. with Mr. Davis and learn what arrange
duciorof a public journal. We shall con- Brt tm wUl certainly be 'the ease ment of Ui difficnltiea couid be made
tiuue to pursue 'thateourse. though -.. uli !t b? no m"" follows that the other roads was passed through the lines of thacon-
kuow that we could have increased our cir- of th" 8t8te wi" b l"iged by the building tending armies and conducted to Mr. Pa
pulation very much by pursuing a diiferent of his roa,, 0n th'-y we think tliy vi' bu' in Rhmdnd. After a long
win oeifrewiiy oenentieu ny it in conseiiieiicei aim oiuer
I .. . . u . a I nrnmifipnf o-..n f o.,-,..,, .. .... II- I .
w i ;n- , . oi uie vast increase ot Ireii'hts reso t i, f,-.., i ... ....... .... -, .mU nr. un
v ii. wui win paruou us iort
the etrotiam in whieh tre hare thouirht
. i - L- rki , . . . .
the increased energy and prosneritv of th I i. - ? . , ra 11 "'.r tnqmre.l,
1 I rVttinir V. Iin r,o am t .-4 . -t I . . r 7---
proper to lauaige. as we indulge in it but f :T """""" m make.- Mr. then pmpujed that Gen-
.. j "C suc n exrent eral J-e's army be mMrchr
ov me net i iii ,io eiiMDis aa lo lurniKlT prof,
itable efnployinent fo them all. and redur-
re nave never pumisaeU in onr
iy bf the many complimentary
things which our conteinpoTaTrrahave said
o( us, neither have we altered complaint
when we saw some of our best editorial in
the columns of our exchanges without credit
being given us tor them.
Into .Mexico
gitnl tho French r that General Grant
would follow and suppiiit the movement :
tion of the present rates of travel and tians- that the nniicd armies wauld drive out
portations will add still more to their profits. MaxlmSiaii ; and rbtn the Southern Stake
Ofthe importance of this road to Salisbury "''imld name their own terms of recon-
we need not speak it is apparent to all. """"''"W; everything short of indepen-
Bv ita connection with th- W-.--. V c. ue,it(' '"B guaranteed. At Mr. Davis s
Bro. Ilancs, of the Xorth St i'r. announces
his tow opiuioii of Democrats in the follow
ing word . "Jefferson wu a radical Demo
crat, and Wa.-liington was a high-toned gen-
rtsmnik '" !' :itiimnnium.iil n-ill n J
. ...... . . . . ....... i i,, v u , ,,i ruiinu
hi. ii to ilia Deuiocralie fjieuda of wnr
We da not. idaaxgfihat it wa intentional,
but th Standard has not June ns jtistie m
road at this place it will bring most of the
freights and travel of the West iivei the en
tire length of that road to thia place, where
but for thia road, or the one projected f mm
this place to Cheraw, to connect with the W
C. & R. Road at Wadebffro. much of the
freighto rnutkLha been diverted by mads
projected aud iu cour ol erection,, uniting
the above quolation. We did not eontraat th- "eatern JI.C. road and the W. C. dc R
Washington and Jefferson exactly in the at points west of this place.
iiauner which the above quotation would I While we have always been eonvioced of
aeem to indicate, nor ia there exactly such the importance of tflia road to onr town, and
a eatence to be found in our article oar Prt th" State, it is kcown to our
Neither are the words" euiphasiaed by the '" we attached still greater impor
Standard, the wwds which were empba- tanee 10 th s"sbry and road, and
Uedjn our article, a will be seen from itbat if wff crtn'" gpt but one weferred the
ttte following extract frym it. which contains JUer- Tn advantages of this latter route
tbe entire sentence from which tbe Stand- re very great independent of the cheapness
arttt quotation purports to be taken : wb which it may be constructed. By nui-
' Washington was a sincere Christian, whb tb W. C it R. road at VVTadea.
Jefferson was an open scoffer; Washing- boxo, it places us in connection rith the port
ton, say Chjef Jaetiee Mar.h.11. wa. a re- of Wilmington by a mute as short as that of
nnh!itan: - tint ha war a j d r..,.ki;..-. ..f it. .
old Euglirh type; his thwwaTThW of a - " ,UUo' h
ballanced republic, Jefferson wa a radical ll,e North Eastern road, places ns in
dmtrai ; Wahmgwm was a high-oald. eoaneetbjn with Charleston, and brings us
high-toned and dignified gentleman. Jefcr- sere hour. B.rr to that great commercial
rcquestthia propositiotj was made in wri
ling, and, after some consultation and re
ftrvuon, was signed and accepted by him.
.Mr. Blair returned to Washington, and
Mr. Lincoln waa highly delighted with
the success of tbe negotiation. It wa." in
the hopoNof cOtiBuiuma'ing this urrwnge
ntent that Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Seward
met the "peace commissioners," Hon,
flterifiens, Hunter and Campbell, at For
tress Monroe ; but there, to Mr. Lincoln's
chagrin, the committee declared that they
bad been instructed by Mr. I .i vis to insist
upon the independence of the South, and
would liaten to no other proposal. And
tkus the whole affair came loa "moat lame
and impotent conclusion."
Such is the substance of the .icenuM re
latcd to Governor McMullen by Mr. Blair.
Mr. McMullen say that he asked and ob
tained Mr. Blair 'a permission to make the
s-aU ment public, but he bad refrained
from giving it publicity pending Mr. Da
vis trial, tearing lest it might in some
wav nreiudice his case. Tetter i' I !'.,,
-f r J - '
ing Register from Brnnoke county, Fa.
Uj on the JXib met., to tfnisult aa to the
moat practicable unite of proposed road
Irom-Cheraw, S. C, to Salisbury, N. C.
Besotted, That we, estifens of Stanly,
symiathize with both projxtedioadsaud
pledge our hearty supportof the. same.
Jiesuiwd, l tiat we are fully convinced
tliat through Stanly Cosiuy mill be the
most advantageous route torn tkher ter
minus, if the iutei seciioj shall be at
Sesolied, Thjt if eltr or -r I ol
oaid mads should pass iroupi Stanly
eounty o pledge the right oi way.
Col. Palmer and F. t&xrley then ad
dressed the meeting in a'w sensible and
appropriate remarks iu support of tin
ii. solution, atid they wre then utiai.i
j monsly udnnitedf The r Chairman then
appointed the following delegations, viz :
Dr. W. 11. Lilly, Coi. A Q Palir.' r,
('apt J D Hearne, Dauii Freeman, Dr.
R Anderson, Klu.-s ilurkw, Lbon 11 , n. ,
and J Marshall. W
T6 Cheraw, Cot D AvQ Pafmei; Valpn
tine Mauney, Col E W Davin, John A
1 routman, W II Waikine, Dr M T Wad
dill W II Handle, C C Freeman. J D
Hearne, J T Ramsey, and A C Free
man. -
On motion the Chairman and Secrctarv
of the meeting were added to the list of
delegate to both meetings. It was then
moved and, carried that these proceeding
be published iu the Fayetteville Eagle,
via XNortb Mate and Wadesboro Argus.
The meeting then adjojfriied tine die.
L. GREEN, Cbmn.
W. U. LiLLr, Sec'y. .
General Grant Virginia The Amer d
ment. Fayette McMuliiu it iu Washing
ton. Senator Morton, of Indiana,, said to
him that he mtghf, rely on it that General
Grant feels disposed to deal most liberally
towards the people of the South, and to
wards Virginia especially. The Senato,
was desirous, however, VorGovernor Mc
MulHn to understand that he thought Cor
gress would immovably insist upon the
adoption, first, of universal suffrage in
Virginia, and second, upon the ratification
of the fitieenth nfiie.nuwi aa a conduiun
precedent to Virginia'a adeninsion ; and
that, these done, thera would be little
trouble in removing all the disabilities
imposed by the fourteenth amendment so
soon as i vie general pacsScation sets in.
since the war, is uow paying a net profit
of twenty-four per cent, per annum.
Episcopal Council The seventy-fourth
I annual Council of the Protestant Episco
pal Church in tbe Diocese, of Virginia
will be held in St. George 'a Church Fred
ericksburg, on Wednesday, May 26.
Gov. Holden baa appointed W. R.
Rtchardaon, Esq., of Raleigh, Private
Secretary, vice Col. Robert N. Douglas,
resigned. -
Mr. C. W. Horner, book-keeper In the
Treasury, In? l uen appoint! d C bieTCIerk
in the Executive Depart m. i t. vice W. R.
Florida Sporls All jtnr racing. No
alligator oytu tout f 't-tong ia admited on
Uio track. Th'? Jacksonville Union
thinks tl will become popular,
provided the alligator tamers are not eat
en up by their crusty pets.
An Irishman being in one of our city
!; inches, where the collecting apparatus
ii in hies an election box. ou its beiner
passed to him, w hi.-p - . in the carrier's
ear that he waa not naturalized, and could
not rote, bnt he waa read v to make a
At her residence in
Slrth ntttnTo; Mrr. Rt4wew lrkr, vHdrrw
of tho lata Major E D Drake, ngd 7N
years. ' .
At his residence in Davie county, at 10
o'clock, P. M., May 10th. it:i-t.Mi. Wil-
Uamsli.v Ha hi. i p, aacd 80 j-eai, V
months and 9 d ive.
Tho di-ceaseii spent the strength of his
manhood in ibis. cuauly. Row an, ot which
he sj for ni,;tir rears nn active and ef-
i inspi'M'ri'ii ar.d citiaeL. Blessed with
n good eonsr.tnt'on and hralfh, thty were
xt 'end t in the us fu! pursuits of life
1'ieti d native relet-ed the spir
'i - U;n who gave it. He died in the
toj aa-mance of acceptance with God
through faith in 1 hrist Jesus, leaving to
hi family and fiiciids, kindly messagtsof
loTe, and adioouitiou to be found watch
ing when the cryahall le made, "Behold
the bridegroom comeih, go ye out to
meet him'.'!
Tbe deceased waa the last remaining
sen out or eight, or Col Wst Harris,
of Moiiiromery county, one of the her
roes of the revolution, who died in July,
186, of w hom honorable notice waa ta
ken at the time. He has left an aged
consort and a uiimbur of children to
cherish the tni-ranry of one who baa, at
least, left them the heritage of a good
J AKKS the place of common hitUr Quinine ;
ii s asset, and i palatable to Infanta, and per
sona of delicate tomach
19 3t
. HI new preparation of Opium, containing
all ita deairable properties. Acta like a charm
without leaving any unpleasant cuVtls. Only
10 3t ENNISS' Irng Store.
.PlRASA NT aa Candy, safe, and a sure euro
for Worm. On.j 15 Gl a Bom. Only at
10 St Drag Btore.
Celebrate d Vermont Water I
ClJRES Oaoosr. Scroua, Rheumatism and
mil blood and Mn dutatm. A God mad to suf
fering humanity. Sold only t
19-3t DruirBtorwr
Enniab' Diarrboee Cordial,
VV ATXAnrn toCure,T)imiThe, Sunfmer
Flux, S: Sic. Prepared aod sold
ooly by
j D-8t
MAY 14, 1669.
aaroBTBD sr i. a. MccoitiueaaaT, aaocaa.
Otcoa, per pound,
I'oitee, per pound.
I'orn, per busli, of 66 lbs.,
Meal, bu.ii. 46
Coptieraii. per HXind,
Caudle. Tallow, "
l.'otton. per bound,
Vara, per bunch.
r.jfg. per duatn. ) t
Kiour, per sack.
. . ....
17 to
33 to
HO to
86 to
10 to
90 to
36 to
25 ta
State lof North Carolina,
Jacob Riegel, Josiab 1;
HyeVlj, Win. E. Albright, Salol.
0. Scott and 8tqiheii Reisfel, Plaintiff
Jartners under the Qrm name uf
acob Kiegel A Co J
James R Moorbead, tradins; nmler I n , ,,,
the Arm name of Moot head A Co. f W,eM
To James R. Moorhead, itading under thaf
firm name f Moorhead A Co., the above nam
ed defe ndant a non resident : Yon are here
hy not.Ged, that a summon in the above enti
( ed case ha been issued egainet you, wherein
yon ar. sniumoued to apja-ar befure the Judge
of our Superior Couit, lo be held for the coun
ty of ii .v. . n at the Court House in Salisbury,
on the third Monday iu 3epv nber nextj and
answer ihecomplainl of thtOtiaiutilfs. ihich
t filed wiKh tiieC.erk of said Court on this
Fifth, Uarkeral, .
1. 1.
Fruit, dried, apples pealed, .
" " unp'ld, .
" " Pearhea. peaied, ..
" " " uu-jaleil, ..
Leather, upper, per pound, .
HVit, " ..
Iron, har, "
" caatlag, "
Sail, cut,
Molasses, sorphum, per tra ..
" West India, - .,
" Syrup,
Oniona, per basbal,
Pork, per pound,
?oUtoes, Irish, per bushel, ..
" Sweet.
Surar, Brown, per pound, ..
t-iarraeii, "
rntebed Pulverized ..
8a!t. coast. per sack
Liverpool, "
lab e.
Tobacco, Leaf, per pound,' ,
8 0U to 9,3ft
. IV Ml O.-JO
30 to S3
7 to
00 to
16 to
63 to
S3 to
8 to
6 to
80 to TO
1 .00 to 1.90
B0 to 00
1 0 to 13
60 to 76
1.00 to 00
14 to 16
Ifito 90
30 to W
9.78 to 9.75
0.C0 to 9.90
6.50 to 6.00
8 to 16
80 to 1.60
40 to 1 .00
the llth daj- .ol May, 18( 0. wherein it is al
ihatflbiare indebted to the plaintiff, in
t,he sum dHpthoutand dollars, with interest
from tbe nmdav of February, 1809, duo to
said plairrtrtfs as fedoi set s of a bill ot exchange,
BatJiiOl ve.becn dtawn by James R.
looil". I & On., npori afid accepted by the
defenoatit, for the paj'n.i nt of one thousand
dollare, to the order o J. AUen Brown and P.
M. Bernhardt, partners undei the fim imne of
Brown k Uerahardt, and by them maVsed to
Jno. M. Knoi, Tho E Biowneud A. J. Mock
partners under the firm name of J. M. Knox
A Co., and by them endorsed to the nUiniib'-:
and that no part it reel ha beeu paid : a eooy
of which said complaint, and of the summon
were deposited in the post office on the said
llth day of May 1869, directed to yea at Phil-
Yuu are ,. wotiSed, that upoarpreper pro
ceedings bad hi i tbeuseaXsat of At-
t H rla.ty-"T'-f awlaal 3tUf9ftj9tBhWfffmtmmmmmm
turnable to iheBafWior Court of Row. n a,an.
ty, to be held at the Court House in Siiishary,
on the third Monday in September! next
when and where you are hereby required to
appear and answer the complaint, inld. fault
whereof the plaintiffs will takejudgmentagainat
yoa u therein demanded.
itnesa, A. Judson Masop, Clerk of our
couri, at otnee, this I lib da v ot My, 18
1 Cw (prf. $1
, ,i. ji -
It. 0. 3nt. Ren.,
Circassian Milk of Roses
I1 OR remorine Freckle. Tan P!1,.
any Actions of the face, neck and bands;
and leaving them, aa every lady desires them
to be, beautifully soft, clear and white. Old
25 cents for a large bottle. The eery thing
for the approaching warm weather, ami fci su e
at )u SILL'S I?rn Stor,.
May 14 It . Salisbmv, N.
Collector s Office. 6th Hist. N. C.
Salisbury, May 1, 1869.
THE ANNUAL LIST for I860 baa been
placed in my hands for collect ion, and; the
Taxes assessed thereon have become dne and
payanie. All persons having Taxes asset,
ed against them on that List, or due and r
maining unpaid on any other Liat, are bere-
ov uouueu lo meet I r in v UeDUties at timna
1 1 and places mentioned below and par the said
IT..,.. 1 ..rc V1
yuan vi me jjcr ceui, ana in
terest at the rate of one per eent ner month.
will be exacted from those who may neglect
to pay for ten days after the appointment for
the eounty in which they reaide.
Any person who shall exercise or carry on
any business or profession, for the doing of
w u seciai i ax is nnposeo oy law. with
out payment thereof as required, is subject to
a fine of not leas than ton nor more than five
iinnir-.l dollars.
v. Ilfit), May 13, 14 fc 15.
laihinville. do 18.
M'iffcf rifle", ifo .
ISS ROSA CARNOROfS has ;.,. , r
Dancin School at the Boydee Hons
Bj; the wise policy of Iowa a large part
of that State which was covered with
hazel shrubs and prairie graes fiftoo years
ago ia now clothed with forest. PSnstlnp
forest trees exempts a - cr'tattEaaionri. .t.
valuation for ten yem's.
The North baa 6441 cotton mills, and
the South 5G.
Cotton and Wheat We have beard a
great deal of complaint recently about
the blighting effect of the late Iroato on
wheat and cotton cotton particularly has
b -en seriously injured, and some fields of
wheat which were far advanced ingrowth
have been nearly rained.
We learn that the farmers of Anson
county are plowing up their wheat fields,
the crop having been destroyed by hail
on Wednesday nieht last Western
The "nursery busineu" is eaid ti b-
the oldest in the rorId.
An editor thus distinguishes between
different sorls of pnfWwrtsm : "Some ce
teem it sweet to die tor one country ;
others regaid it sweeter to live for one 'a
country ; but most o ou. patriota-hohj
it sweeter to live upon one's country."
Walter Brown has inst built, iu Boston,
the lightest wood wherry ever construct
ed. It is 30 feet long, 10 inches wide,
and it weighs only I'M pounds.
A Georgia paper asaerts that a much
greater quantity of tobacco can be grown
per acre in northeastern Georgia than oa
the best tobacco lands of Virginia.
ed a
where she eof.-.l . iMtronsn Kovva G
Tourtf Lftdiea, Mias and Ma-tors' clasase
op Tuesdays, Thursday and Sardayo a 4h
e l th'T.
n " !'. II.
'. i he eitiser s
m for ixtcn
a. -, ,- every ' ue ';.
Tts SH" Cents"
-yoi.. in rfraDC
-;k:- sstyii tick-19-3t
New York, May 12, M. Stock weak,
unsettled. Mouey easy at 7. Sterling
9- Gold 384. N. C's 60L New A5i.
Flour leas active. Wheat dull, two to
three cento lower- Corn dull, drooping.
Pork steady 31,18$. Lard steady, ateam
18L Cotton ouiet 28. Rosin 9,65.
Liverpool, May 12 ,M. Cotton irreeu-
hu flnWda 111 Orieanalti K.U.
1,o iu.tiu o. d C'onlraviari.
i,ii,.i;.ijLIM R. It,
1- "
L this ": I5ee ui.'illhe fliatol June i.ext
Wilkes boto'.
Newton. i
14. 15.
17 St IS.
tfl 6c 2f).
i 4ir
2. '-'i
24, 2T, tc 26.
AsdivvVto .Ma 6h. l..
'I Wie. fist ot June n
tue QjruHivn. Masom-y, Briupe , , ra
tore and BaBaMmg ot one Bototred mi as ot
this Hoad, includiaj (45; miiei ol the Lrauch
BjOad down the Fieneh Rtoad river. Tins
the Western Division of tbe Road, extends
from Asherllle westward toward Cnattaooo
Remedy for ZKarrhea. Ihtsenterv. and .11
. ' fl IS UIIll TlA,MAlaaa . al.w.H- .f
j " n.i, v .1,'Utl VI
f i tlie Howel. of which Liver derangement, so
. iu uiw ciimate, especially at thia
seas, m, is the fruitful source. '
It is a faet very well known to the older
ii.iml itot.t here, and perhap U some of the
P iaii. an wel ; that t.n.erous enees of
the most mveteinfe and violent Bowel Affec
tions, have been promptly reli- 't tiia
tuedieiur. after the best ordiua -at ment
u.i . signany ra:iea.
ture, ,!l-; ot t.ii.i ilhng and other rock
extavaiionsi. croaping seveaal monntain ianges.
6e. lea a large aniuunt ol biirfg maaonry. Adi
of whii h is uccessibie lo the oenu actor, being
or me hkwi pan near trie turnpike roads lead
I. c irons Asbeville Maps, nlaiis. orofilen mmA
ajiecifieations will be ready after the 20 of Mav
tor iusiiection.
All neoeasarv information in reward tn ik.
wora may oe OOtaiceU at Ibis office nn.ii.
Chief Eng., West Div W. N. C. R. R.
May 14. 3;.
' ) 1 1 .... J and tbirtv-lye mile. Tc ' 11 R':Mfnly pronin-ly checks the disease.
c i.:t ,- '. " w-k p-e-ents attractive Tea-'01 vetrnMNta-tneeaaee uf n
Six Tears old. a PBAETOX and Harness for
Sale. Apply to R. H HELPER
Salisbury , V. C . April 23, 1MD M-tf
prepared mud s i nbnly at
i.L S Drujj 8tore.
Si ay i 2t Salwbury, N. C,
Raleigh National Hank of JS.
THB DIRE5TOR3 save msofvaf t lnrr th
5XuiKkrxiLiU.SKpto HUKDhtl
THOUSAND DOLL Rs. Pinons vr-ndiiac toaub
acnb to th aaata willpleaa mm saiesu witk
1 nawsv
Chas. B
tion with our House as Tnrveltmg Agent and"
,,, j w euuect money due us, ceases
from this date DARBT ACO
Wbc4aeale Frwtevwc and Coofrctoers.
BaHiomre, April iU, 180ft " 17 2

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