North Carolina Newspapers

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itl WirWs-haJ rince taken hisxsat as
Wafer (torn Sbuth Girplina, shown a great
t. I .. i;;ttf and nroorietv. ILscon-
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act has pecw w : ;r
oangmdnr Ha bisken with a warmth
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Uprafid order -r
r ; ..-. rMr. Wd.riifs.
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ilmoi l)lmcHs crtions, he pronoun
STiS ftillrcoorteabT the Judiciary Com-
bbkh WMilitary pespotism, Sec--
ItfU ;oaa;vwj ( -----
from tliQ Senate
Without5 any
S thlitrebuUlromj Webster which
jSlinprudent-teai Wjuiynu. ,
T j;;-.- h . rt ' l-.".lll afy
The ; mediation 6
nia has Keen re-
bf Mr. Leigh has not
a a
! ti&tfA witli tliat Respect which V irT
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W 4; w ' "
Cfoarelnor the Contention was called.
t iW insider I theDrbposiUott which a
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ster bnte n as earnestly .urgeu ui -uy
toi Virginia, and we should suppose,
. 1 ' M 4 .l .1. I nl Ilia
ITt; v. I iL-l.reiftn'tlir rfprhned. lie
i fori a'Vcry differant; purpose from that
Jlatijatg0od?aiiveriind drinking good
Me; and perliapi; rhalttnr a long speecli.
yrefusing this ditnervhc acted with that
feuty which should ifecome a public Mtn-
teh and reiused; to jaeniny nimseu wiiu
'r' 51'. tri li.i:Ji: ..L '. C.ik - rr15n
toect lrom we vrawoijnm - i
cxl The tfeailcssn : rss
and "rattle 80S w?hat
a i man -4t larrre . lorttine. and amiaois
he 1 was a bachelor of the' ao cf f jrty
this uir fiend was tmt lair an
years dd.-JBhe has ran lrom tne
l,.6 4 .- I - '4' . 1 -"
oaeasaid we'ihobffBt i Jl
s i-ft . J"w - w a lt it a m a
and fnajn
Isi la! e woDowtioa
anuird4 ns a fit occasion
flLL he fiold aVAuction" at Jloct Mounti
tM subject df the .tarUf htarlft? Tlid noble I tiuned should hare no IcnowledVi d PeahshlpJ
1 magnanimous awns puruwi uti vui auujcp j wcj wuuia nufc uc caicujaira a iui ineu eTerai
to) retract the charjre ot4! essential branches. .Then if worth dotn atall
prilinalV4do sow.ith pleasqfe; ue IiaiJhim lit sorely h worth dou well what; signifies i a
ast a peace-maker wnom the senptare pronpnnees I person wnung, nnless some person caonut read
blessed- jvnn we see a man toi na araeai ut. indeed I hi
spirit sacrificing the idol of - his life tothe good
ufj hisfcoahtry,; and 'Snaking -it too. under the
ii utmuf rajnnia, mrt9 tunes u tree-
ire xnown the wntet himself not r.. rtc t ii? P T trtlLiI
uou iuikuvwu mo BuuiKi. - me mail nnti. , . - . . oar . . , t,
vtnaann upra nu nninpnnii urn rein nni nm. i tia mim ' hhmim iw - j j i t - j
uU Ki Kv w w mb v mw w WW 'W HvV BUB r . w . Ill nil Willi TBB sn II W TM l ' .
Uii k-i ....... '-.-4 ".. 1 C.: . i7 " ." ' - 1 T O CIOC lr JkJF Oo uexl QlTotAi UtQ 8SUQO -HOOT I " i - rJi fcJ
TOssgraii ss55SS3 scti
oi ! iMiaw ww, v c-ca jutu w mo, uikju i marnip aoes not w:sn to benndetiidthtfcWri I r-rT-.r ----"i - - .i lt 1 n
w i I- I ' U I' : I wted a new-enmanshi I wish, the people f i.TtUi.r.WiJ-' th!aJ : iAiZ tSfj
i ;ii i .'. T"T . s; r- s . I wuuiareaa wuauie raaereuwdlnir. thpn nrl I , ii J - T --S5rWTT-ai
i uaiTes, i
I I 1 i, 1
tk. 'i f mosuy new iio k . m
eryilaayi p J BAA-GS pc
vkck.A?i 1 lLl& tit trivial
led the size of )iis paper, hat -added only half a
they wouldt more aappyA Now some Dersoos f j" 1 V TwTTjfr'
-ii.t i...- -W itl. l2j I Pood in its arntals at Withe CwirHtwse with
, . j-2 i " -w-w - MMPtuyKj uaiiu - it -. 7i r i - i . " ,
lonarl tothelpnce. Mr Blmh idesertjcredif by my new plan hare eried bnt in (k W
Mlifhp exertions he is akin- W thenage roice'and said ; that this hand has ri&7tMl
ment of this pmn, sensible, nnprendinffiSheet. amooi? tts mora than iS -Mri tf,.-o-Q-T;w lfu oP?w opnP w virgin-. wiucn
1 r
WA;imi?&r said;thatthi8 hand has beini: ttoeht ' .TacTlrr i .
,nnpretenditig8heeU among tismoiethan 15 years ago thereSmlth ili6 WUr Sprbil Yiu;wl
i-" :--rt-J 1, thA i-wk!rttt haaitbeea lately estabbshed. At Saiem
r, am.U. 1 t f cannot be the wreator-Hiow; if th,.inoqster.. bad iJLLa v- i-Jiy r tfM:.u.
m ii v.tikcrrioKrOF pRiNTt.ftf
Jflf (ifbu4 o i-cpfctef.--Gales and hb lungs quite so tnnch
Beaton tne tuiuors oi in loieiiizencer, uavc ocki
elepd on theildurteentb ballot, the result
IcraM Jalt ballot! was as IbUows, f ' I
understood the subject, he need not hare strained
if - ! ; I ; ' ,!-f
" r.ames art- Jiercnmto tecribed i
new tj c. u -cLic Ptrnniatahlo. : V W '
IteTelLit s stcn cat Ira l-mt t- . --
. 1 1ITY
shott ticic: tnl tet cf eonsi.eratle adTantawA i
iaprotw- tho hand wcticj cf any Person wha 1
trntei aa hand. , - . r
i ' 1
- - 4 ..
4 X&bucnV 0&n?t -touaivi'JiaL 4tA i -
j We thendersignedi hafe token lesaooa front
Sir. A. D. Smith, m hkf new inethod cf teaching
pniiahtp andre are entirely pleased witj '
his pjan : It b indeed peuciansbip topUfied
We hesitate tU to recomiuead it: toladies and
geotlemeMi wha do not write a good hand,
two, three dap the atodent lean be i tatfjht b
writ?, an elegant hand. .We hare heard of per.
eons pot writing tha system after tbey bad learn
ed its buCthcy jean dy saytbii;tnbject,!ir
hiastj be the&todent's own fault should h e ne
glect to 4rrite ttr The system is, at one, tiin-
pw ana tree, f in un-y thereof we har
nereunw get vex nanda the day abore writn.
tf 'tears.
f". it I: -A
Gains $c Seaton 91
F.P.iBIair j 90
DuiTGreea. 1
C. Eaguet j 7
-fitanksll-r ! 4-
90 :
nn t
1 :
crosses: 111
being divided into the three ! classes namely
North. South and East classes consists Srdly, in
learning to writes joining hand at the same time
the pupil" is tanght to form the several letters in
the alphabet. 4thly, being alternately governed
oj an, east line wmcn runs trotn the.weat side of are excellent andjeheap. The suhecriber hesi-
-u uaucr uub esi msafl u inn i samn i mn trnr i Jit:. j j i
v j , , - tr !r I wiie- y .-cumuitfiiu nis veaxns ana an vers
re maae ana eacn leuer paving its as first rate. His coaches are most atcellent--
Blue Ridee Mt Ward- Gap.
i by PoDlar Camn Furnace and : the Lead
tines of Wythei and aflbrds some intetestin?
scenes to those that admire the sublimity of na-
hV STVRflAt lino WhlAh .- Anm Ua -I J I ' 1 1 it . . . .r. i f .P
Tnr.t.'-iti.. -:! k c7n
corresponaa. witn tne arnraa ot Jauths Pied- oyer fire dollars the purchaser giving Bond, and
nt Liae, andtthe Raleigh line, both of which approved Security. -GoaWill be required for
AU- wuuio oi UUS I J1 finRlit iinnpr fivA rfnll-ra Th -a!. rfll h
continued from 'day to day tintfl finished. ' Far
ther terms Will be made known cm jthe day of
sale. ; ii fit' : i
pi. lb 16. a 18,
a 140; do Peach
0i a 9 j Cotton bagging
Coffee pr lb IS a 20 ; Castings pr
uranay, Appie pr write bv comes, but bv the nnnciole laid Anm
, pr. gal.:(none) Cotton Having the plan in his head writes now? itknt
pr j yd. flTI al9f I ln.,lrinT t a mnv! WiitM withnnt ImW-t;-.
Hi inalJlBl-ajii'a' l.T c -et .;f--. t I.i r ; "r; . VL ; . .
(Modioid aioisementvtith every Merchant "C XT .J VrTTZ& T -TT being newiy procured froinTrroy,t New York
W'oarJCW?" - f? f fi H who knows nothing about it. ,5thly. The system h Fat tfimriTtK -Ua
Ptl Ufiiw, to be tffumcvtwe: . , . I beina- tauffht by lectures., Thelpbpil not to ""ZX7 1 T-
-i D - I . A 1 I w. - . M M SPw-K-M-l VI VfOL- Ul & -. HU-JICX 15
j 5C7The utmost care, and attention will be
paid: to baggage and other things entrusted , to
Ik J z . I ; 0 t - . 7, 0-7. 1 r t M VTii u car-) uui iue ouoscnoer wiu not oe imoie xor
" s -r " i lore navincr intj Kvsiem inn nniui nAVpr nrantai
4 4-5 :;Cotton yarns, from No. 6 to NcJ. 9, $1 copy set. therefore Jf he should be blessed . with
371 a i du; pr. Daio, irom SiQ Sr,iq.Md. 14 common sense after once learn nrtm .vtm
b- 1 . -m - L . - -1 , y A .4 ni I I . . T . . 7 '9 ( T'J --r. -.
91 au a lo, reatners pr 10 xo a su ; wur never would faU to write the hand when he
i -a ri i w ' a - a.-- noT - tyi . raian rw -iis i 1 a . , pvt w :i . '
alz. persons indebted to.the estate; of Julius
J, Reeves, dee'd. are requested to come forward
ana maxe payment, or tne same will be pressed at
1 Lj ii -t.i.; . .i
au aii persuas usTingxiaims against tne
said estate are notified to present - tHem within
the, time; prescribed by law, or this notice will be
urged in bar of recovery; 1 -v
Febroary 18th, 1333. 31 ts. ,
i fit . ;1
Feb. 1833-41.
li'T n an Ifri. --. U -ii I . . . . i r- -y. -I lUBClb lUff-UUVH RII WMS S SUA KirWlTd
w nnQn a a.i :-n nmiirppn nr in a inr. k..j . ik. j - ' ii 3 - - 1 ----,-
SkTb i5a2't ImnS lb 3 ZS a iLead lUr proprietor at lountAiry,:
prlbgfallLeathesoaU-Tii skirting pr taught more than five hundred rfih conjbtm- mL ' ' ? f ' T
lb8;tppcrprmde $1 25 a 2 50 Mplaasespi of children over ten years of age, and youn 'TWiUa -.w fHi,UI
gd;46a 57l;;Nailsprlb9 a lGJfivsions gentlemen an4 ladies who wouldget kr&rried l5f ''dOSiMOlSJQ Oc3LiS
eefprlb2ca3 vBacoh prlb S,a 10 Butter thev could reta trood chanAW vmi.tmr ,.r : 4 ! wi i h 4 M
- , ?-L- v f B 1-t . t - 1 - W Pk--U -' 1 II I 2'-
.aH.i ac "J-- . . t
FLORA &l ninnwbn !
I XliUV'lnttk'CllT II,.::! '
-4 '
t J; T. VESTEL. ;
tkMe 6nhtfVtiV.Ci
1 My. A.D. Smith baa taoht hisl system!
penmanship at mj. house two day) Daring that
time he taght four of my children to write s rood
hand. I think his system to be a good otic, and
wormy oi potronage. f k. ,
:J i
! ! GBorPlw'-nuBrV29f 183l.
! I certify that I sent ray sons to learn pehmaa
Ship I withMr.A O. Smith;! rand I can recom
bend his systematical arransrment of tbeletiprai
Slid I think it aihappy r plan by whch ai jnossT
tiuinsjr nanu. ma snort time may oe . made a de
:t - -t a . . - . ' i -
cent ana eieguut hand writing : "
;f Ijcgf-lard 8 !a
widowers, widows, bachelors and ladies advanced
salt fir huh ai i a lii25 1 (ateeli American in i;rnriin. mmkt !,-. l :r
: f :I ' ,-'r. -r r. 1 4 -i- ui iuv nuv uugunuaie uwitrou VUK Wfu U Ulcy
blister or lb 10 1 ji?iish!do pr it au.i uast pr not K0- m -Kr- T-r-w;n-. .7,k - 'r
ISUistgiry4...awioiy, r ruma-j -.o, i-. - oii a ougar pria. m a them m one day, and the most of themin two or
f3f1!5IGN3:Qtr PEACE.
I'." Mi 'lit, JJ .
Jairiiica pr sal 62 ; yankee do $1 i Wool, clean
nr IK 0 an Tallow tr IK S a iOiiTohaco-
flvfe dlatl hasiDtfodqced i'bttVvito the senate at ly, nj 8 J a 5fj . iTowhnen pt yd .1 16 S af2j0 1
Claret i r
key25la 30.
: i! 1 CMBIUiW. I ! .1!
tBrandyi Peach, gal 50 -Applet 35a- 40; i?
-ttblassfis 37 1 a 40; Bacon: lb. 8 ia!8 l2Butter
Iresbj 2;C Cotton 9t.a 10l;: iCrh pe?
btah hO I a Coffee, )hl. 16 i; lj?; Cheese 10
12 ! Candles, m Flour frernl Waal
m Athr &ntiaTBncv should happen f in the
iiff ttmS reoainn? the talx to be hmher. At
: proposition Mr.' Calhoun has jumped with
krnesl and although, it is n exactly the
iM h wiAed; tet U thb sake cf peace, Soulhr
ikroftni wlilet the. United States olT without a
-inaVU Congress iwill Jpass that bill as pro-
3eav. t1 rpm io. jieoS!s ; i iuc ueiw mo
three days, therefore I am entirely convinced I'
can learn any person in the time specified, 'tho I
have found it a hard task to learn v a ' widower '
when he would be in a class - of young ladies rTTlHlS line 6( mail coaches leaves Dan
and widows for he being so captivated jhe would JL ville every! Tuesday, Thursday and Satur-
hardly know whether he was courting or, writing day mormngs at 2 o'clock A. M. and arrive at
indeed, I might skylit is not a weary task to learn Vyarrenton same days by 9 o'clock P. M.
widows or young ladies, in every such; 'case ' for i The subscriber has also established an ; accom
iuey wouaa seem to De, p-iucipanug m ;iue ivueo- i moaation line oi :
tions of the furmer, i if sometimes I cadescend I ' POST
to teach a class of rude Academic Stitdtnti, and
its not often I learn half of the class! to write
owing to their rudeness and impauence ad their line: will leave Warrenton 4very Monday, Wed
idJl. -:.LUt;-wKiio..ft I.tA,,!' 11. -fL. r-. - . 'fff-i rrr- SCI T- mojuerence, suoscnoing merely; 10 do aosem nesdavand Kridav mornings, at 5 o'clock A. M
Pm arn ;5ilron,jfw) from their pmper Indies who. could- leahi euch and arrive at Belneld sameTdavs at 4 o'clsck and
ttnneSpefchef,wacannotho anything
ill be nilly accomplished this session
t Irjiesppudencewith a: pena at
i twl1!hi nrobahly i nothinsra
ihe thanfto pass the Collection Bill
i Initiations have 'already been mad
J i iriiJ- !ft. i u, ,-i.:,
4 . ..- . . L iJ.Cl.L l"-
: yatn.inai tne conierapi-ieu rrfwui
i A ' S - 1 i . t" I t . j- i it
K'ltnoui law ioiiowers
after the develepe
see Mr. Calhoun so
ssonabte alii of Ja t sudden.' We have long
iiihil that ha was siik of his bargain: his
isikss. impatient and alujost aouized manner,
i : i '.i . i . i. . - i u:-
33 evinceu iiiat ne leeia tic icsuuuauuibjr ut uts
llo1ri;an it: for it is an
r alVaedcohie) whatj may a damning one for I Cotlnty. 1 1
rr- , : :; f .if.'; -. k I 'm'
Stt. 1 lie WlltfWT wllw.KJiWUi :uw ue ; Al
uhout a inait & ot course;
, theiui-iners to ?oon
I .HitJWel are ntad to
."aeea 56 t dau 37iiT7lalt (in bulk) bush. ! 75. ih n utn 1 L sale of the Smith Rust Printing
j t nwrrkA ' w km-i w- v -rwuuKir wvr ii a . w. mmu a. i mwi liivir iiv tliii'iwm i - . . t -
" u7: wks of jbioh.). 0 75a 3; Steel Gejrmar ft. very short timeIadiesletme sav untolvou tho- L ttttnn, Win wnich wff can. furnish tqtheit
-iu wi k ! fl. t : i-. i . ri ? ..i -..r- --w.--.e r-..i-.--. - : ..-, ., ......:.
-Rnt' T !P. . jSulr f i1?" I you have longr quit your course of studies .yet M and Friday at 10: A. M. and arrive Vat Belfiel- "Ie mauuiaciures prices,
, - - i a.i n-i:n v l Ll till. .r 1 . . . ; . - I v - - i m . t t t -
eof adis- i v .V'r iVA'V.rV,ulT -T1 T T.I yodonot wnteagood hand learn to wnto by saae days, leave Belfield every Tuesday, Thurs- composing su -ks, ink and
- e u I ?"nsa oo a 40, 'vtusttey peri gai -u, 1 tm3 system and voo never will roret it. : I Av 9nA Satniiv mnmmm. at r ..!. .nH nud in f Ha PrintiTur Rnin-
would , Wheatbosh,, 75 ! l i I I will remark here, that I have secured the arrive at Warrenton bv 23 o'clock P M. andfarnished on short riotir.
mm' W 1 1 1 --------Aww-ffwl
I Iv
benefits of this system to myself according to
law. And as it is not expected for me I to teach
In Rockingham County, on the.7th!inst. r. 1 80ch a large mass of people as .should be instruct-
WiliiaTn Pojter,-to Miss Ruth M. Searcy, daugh- I ed m this short tune, I will inform the pwple that
tAthf ThnmM iSparrfv Pm. I ct i I I there are persons who have Liberty to teach said
OnihemthUnst- m Rowan CouMy k C. system, but none by the nameof Howlet, Green,
hr iy R i V ,!. riP. Mr iTnLo fl Stephens, Musell, Plumer no , Simmons. : The
Gillespiej ito Miss Ann Grabanijl both dt said g Persons nave oougnt permits om,roe
" ... i .3 t I TMAh nnw BlfflTAm .m aim .lfnA. lu .tlrinn
i . t ' I -I I f I r I : . m . ' T '. . J . t t' r- t-w '
Chmnla n. the Residence of GeorVre C. craton iwassey, Bryant rieaam, vv m:
O ESPECTFULL Y Infof m thlVrlnterVof
riheLUnited States, to whbrrKihey have
TheCoiistitotionalist, it Raleigh. The long been individually: fcnwn 8jjekablish-
will ed Letter r ounders. that they have tormed a
their copartnershiD in said buisness. and hope from
Surry iheir united skill and extensive experience,
to be able to give full satisfaction to all who
may favfir thera witypridefe.; .4').
The introduction elf machinery , in place
of the tedious and. unhealthy , process of
casting type by hand, long a desideration
by the European and American ! Founders
was, by. American ingenuity, and a heavy
expenditure bf time and money on the part
of our senior partner, first; successfully ac
complished, Extensive use of the machine
cast letter, has fully tested and, established
superiority in every particular over, that cast
by the old process. t t T 1
The Letter or fundery buisnesf will here
after be carried on by tthe; parties named.
under the firm of White, Ilargr & Co,
their specimen exhibits a complete series
from Diamond to 14 lines ica. The
book and the news type being in the most
modern light and style. 1 1 1
VV hite, Hargar St Co. are agents for the
Chases, Cases,
every article
for Sale
Old tvoe
i be suDscnoer nas maqe mis arrangement on taken in i exchange for new at! 9 cents per
From Warrentdri,Nji C. vja Weldoh and the
Rail Road to Petersburg, Va. Passengers by this
CnhalJ, on rhursday the llthj; mst. by ..- -wo-, ,m. wr- ----- ,
Is Shelly Esq. Messer A. Vestll ofSurty Herts, Wm,B. H.Lane and Jeremiah F. Vestal. K
V Jlfiss RhfKla ftlendenhaff daughter As to three persons signing over their interest j iti epart
IdMendehhall.altofJaniesMwM J 1. these permits that is not admissive; at alU and comw
' ; t- "
teAikwht.Lfrhi.ame 1ill hi such as fn.UK,if i;n Tfhnrrlir iKa ciitfe inot Cv I bamuel K. liell, James McPhersoo; Wm. Ro-
r i jttaa sbXiul di ehyy houjd posterity belie vo ol I tfrancts
i.d. kL."L 'L-U .-! k. .!(! K will k nm. 1 .4.-
'rf&.-jil H.ut.- ' Sf tliaciKclivit that Kin I DlnkcJ t a .s4.. L-.1t nil -1 T-m -tiim '
aat so:meaa,;buvtopK ud tms aoctrineasa pre
; msel that ho was prevented from further meas-
t llsby Ending luinrlf in h pioot minority in the
rjth, where he had reckoned -iso rg they
ii prokourirp Him calsujSAL. ""-l.c;
, fiiVy; tigh :-AthoTw2(s delegated to ; South
Hajilna jttjf. iof her io hold Her temper, has
' mi Bered a dinner kby jthe cjiief nullifiers of
f arie$ton.'r4hV.'hehad the giod tsense to
elii He has Written back to his employers,
lt thire Was a prospect jof resassetnbiing the
vnUon but what will bedono thereafter he
i k tio,i-Hfi dtoe rioir . 'e ye n mention whether
j .twnt jtf be likely teget Ex-:
i)Vi Hamilun's sogar from under the guns at
e pinckney.! It is but top ! plain that tho
Eaij3sSTJ.TJwiS i not so much rejoiced at
account of the almost impassible situation of the I pound.
fUoUS. A3 BUUU u siuoi itwu pxriuui, auu
the Rail Road Compapy receive their other
locomotive engine, a dinerent arrangement will
be made so as to give greater expedition,
ii The subscriber has procured splendid
Carrying Nine passengers inside and five out
side. 1 This line ! forms aj conne:tion with the
Roanoke line from Warrenton to Danville, which
8 immediatelv after the arrival of the ac-
News paper proorietors who mve the
above three insertions will be t entitled to
ILL be Sold in the town of RocHirdf !to
the hishesf bidder on Thursdavibe 7th !of
larch next.SrtAPE, a . j
beLing to the; eslat f Da'vla- Durietiiiecldi v
terms made Jcnown on the day of sale... , , ..; !
r . , til r. POINDEXTER, AdmV.
reb. I2th, 19-3-3!
RNAiTfrdm the hscritcr In iX&
last, a neoiro ninn mtmA I .
aged 'about forty years he is iipvardof si
feet high, strait land well farmed Ilia coni
1.1 . - i a -4- . . i
uexiuu is a iigat oiacK, nis iaco is rather
ong and his features vefy prominent he it
a very intelligent man and may bave rpro--cured
a certificate ol freedom. It -is be
lieved that this fellow is making his way
for Charlestori-fl mil give the aoove re
Ward of twenty dollars to any onewho wilt
deliver the saii negro at the Minos in
Burke comity or to Dr. Samuel Henderson,
at wharlotte Ni C. and a reasonable re
ward to any one who will lodge him irt arif
. i T ' . ..." . r
Five Dollars in such; articles as they may j Jail Jand give me immediate notice therS-
ar i a t
these permits that is not admissible! at alU aiid cotnmodation line irom pemeia, ana rnve at
a person buying a permit so signed ' is Certainly Danville every Tuesday, VV enesday, and ri-navinc-his
monev for nothine-. Ahv of Ithose day, by 6 o'clock. P. M. Persons travelling
who have nermits should thev at anv timfi teach I Joun or oouwi- est,,
Bnndletownj urke county,
i r eunJ vy 2, 1333.
DIED. .; fl Its M whn hv twrmiU .hhnld thAv ut tinuiA- South or South-West, will fihd this route as
At Muibury Island in R(V!WnghanV County, for less than three dollars peir scholar thev dol pleasant and afibarding as many facilities as mist
-ii -.-: tk;. k-i I rmi.s in the Southern! LoUntrV. this line
a nnepromising child. i W- I j ty therefore to teach any rnore until they Should W aconnexion witn we ooum fves.ciu uuc, QeWrawn Iff JfncaCSfCr, suitable
i l-a'ely in this vicinity, Mrs SaraH Long re- be permitted to teach again by the proprietor, fromj Frederickburg to Lexington .and Virginia, OH Monday. HE is
SM rf ; tKi Ut iVii;-m 1 - s fir 7 ' I a.u. i h u iii.6.u!:- i .ri.Jlut-. K Piedmont line at Danville from Washim. -f v r-r-w i is
r..vw...uv .1 uimu -jii, . . j M i z uicic win uc luaiiT w;ciici i vuk . tcacmu! i - :..., i . ; .
On the 17th mat in this neiffhbothood, Mrs. 1 this system it would be well for those who wi.h toiS City, to .HiUedgevaie f-teorgiai
t-.t-,W!A7.i- .Vw,... Ac i !ivl i :'. .j :i ifj . ' u ' . l J - j. I ' ) . t I TT7
TT 1 A- df;
that Vicinity, as
TTtflLL Stand the approaching SdaSort
f f tvoncord, and
such other
may hereafter
places urt
be fouhd
Eikabeth yeint, aged about 25 years, yrife of I to be instructed in said system ib know of a cer
e Veant ! u i . tamtv that the person who offers to teach is well
Hi 1 ' v . a . . . . - . t
S L m determined to move to the dountrv
fifteen miles South of Concord;. I am com-
petledjto fettle toy business here; ahd all ersops
indebted to me by note Jor otherwise', are reViuest-
l f4r ilt.1in im A ... tL-- !1 I
ijenonas Wasappieliendedin the crt . w )oh yo!nW cllL liven.
miJKiiiaoiqn;:-, it.tnenunisier aa . gone tnere trrtj . ;tht i .-"-;! i r . ill
feftSl't" glVnt Ant person; wishing toTpurchalj GDOllS
qualified, t:v. they will kn w by his having
recommendation from me signed with P. R.
Were it necessary, I could lay; before ray
friends, certificates in abundance to testify to the
utility of my system of teaching Penmanship,
but the system proving itself in such short time.
I deem it hardly necessary. j j H ) H;
: Having made these remarks I will conclude by
saying that I feel greatful for the extensive pat
ronage I have received from the people of. North
Carolina and V lrginia and anticipate a . hope j of
I(om Petersburg to Danville, tO Dollars.
Seats taken at the office of the Rail Road
Company, Petersburg, also, at Mr. Bellamy's
Hotel, Warrenton. jl
Fare froa. Warrenton io . Petersburg. $5,
23,18336t . n l
APRIL 15th, 1 1833.
HTsfiWi -.""gl appearances oy atnCost would do well to call, as I am resolvid ff""""'? w 4,1 . FP'v Vl "" :aaie states, ine
lUabuhX'' their drawback to that interference, ; tffcfl I l li 1 benefits of my invent ion more extensive than
iiity pretiott; i vapbrating in smoke the
,.crfini94e.'sjrea-:lal. of-the laud is for-
Vi lr'W py.f;;a aisuroeriy. meetiag.ot un
I canonzpo ipaiyi
i 1 1 Safely housed
'-'---. .it : .-f ' - . r -
i ait at suco ?a i moment the plenipotentiary
i omes to as-v iiiem not u run against a Wind
;. Goiy( Cain Bncllrtn pray don't shoot!!"
Kwon ner nis errand aaoujti nare been deemed
' - a -. :
StocZ- of (Scods
migbthnd it to their advantage to apply: to the
Salisbury, N. C . Feb.20th, 1832- 23.
.- rv" avfl ap n i- -,-.- m
uais uuv. iiamUton's sugar 1 9-T"-r r" 7 i "'.?" T'f kf-ujw-
ahd an the party rediculously at ea n y nanes- iasi iay oy myse i,,anq can ps
i -w rcT snn wt t- s t
i iiaUviui j-w mu uuiior - r-af l -
j j IjwUl also SELL :.cfEE$T tny
Barringer'sfebrner lot,
I HAVE been informed; from a source entitled
to credit, that a man by the name of Stephens
has been teaching my system of penmansnip ir
more than twelve months'. I understand he ; in-
1 prize of 15,000 20 prizes of
l prize oi o,uuu -u prizes ot
5,000 50 prizes of
3.000 60 .prizes of
2,000 150 prizes of
1,000 200 prizes of
230 prizes of
. 1 prize of
1 prize of
2 prizes of
10 prizes of
t 50
Price of Tickets 04 J Mtalte
02 ; Quarter 01
Tickets Shares and Packages to be
in the greatest variety df Nurdbers at
Office, Danville, Va.
Feb'y. 23, 183331 tdd.
an Animd of uncommon sise anl i
fine appearance: and reui;nmpnlii ,Xkd I
frdm Gentlemen, of the first! respect biiity 1
Oi his qualities! as a fbal-gctter will bo pro-;
auoeu. . '
THOSE who wish to raie Aiuie frdni
on( of the besi Jacks ever exhibited in this '
par of the country, will do well to etnbrid
this! opportunity lit i
THE other Starid arid further!
iars win De maoe Known in tiu? tiru-?.
? Feb. 9th No, 29 4 13 t
tfext'to the Office c e Corolwia Ifctoian.
r: I' ' t
THE Commlsslotiers appointed by -fJoV.nur
8wain, have this day opened theii nb
of iSubscriptuKifbr Stock in the capiulof said
Tl l I V !
oapa, agreeaoiy to toe directions in hi procla
mation, at the Store of Thomas L. Cowan, Esq
in this Town, where It will be kept openHtha
A 4l.-- ;- -t- l-i-- ! T ' wismng to tao-
iiwcb m iuqau-c ivtti j , i -rihft t,,r tik in th lnf j.: .
7 j ltTr. .." 1 .. . .7 " . ! ro aesirvu W
may ou uau ai me ui tne t utHaia. call at said atofe and enter their names
in few days from now.
Itaanklesstjneiiarid no woniler pithlr. that the j gouu; verms. iue nuuse is largB apa wen I lorras tne people ; wnerever ue goes na uenasa i ;
Jflion b3 should makdsamewhat merry with nmshedscontaining a good Store Rrn, CoQt- permit from me, to teach my systemi, which : is nnAKES thisj method of mfoiming his triends
l in,.r i?,inM?on..t ! if , j I ingl Room and Cellar, together with! suitable la-1 certainly a lie. II have given neither! led- Jl and the pubhc eAerally , lhathe has just
!?:' ' f ' ' ' "' ' : ri il partmlnt.' up! stairs, for a famitv. Having four I sons, lectures nor perniits to aiy 'such mkm l I onehed ; a House of -ifPablic ; IS 'I
a ?- I" --; ' s i r I . ' J - . -T ;
purioui Depravity. A! younc woman
: ime we s suppressi(uut .of respect to the r injured
idiyiiiuaj,) m;a county bf Virginia, not far!
istant f torn our borders, lately endeavored to!
J it her, husband to death by , pouring melted1
1 , a -hii he fiad seen the story in
ie Ladies ; Book of a omahs having killed
ix husbands in this ; mknner before she Was)
iscoyeredv and she was resolved to try the
wo evening? before. . Ttjis is the more stranorj
Ihat:: the "girl had made; advancement to the
aitch.tsbe chad once rejected ithe auit.
he f gentleman had givenj up all thought of, it
?en'hf; received a letter lrom herj which in-
!ii tit.1 r - . . '.. vi i.. '.
.ycu Mim : w, inrew; ac prupt-i, auu SU
aftre eaortnout from the further fact, that this
fire-places. There is also a Kitchen attached
to the premises. r A-( ;
Negroes, ex Igood notes wfll be Ijrecciived .in
paytnent'for a part of -the prica, anftindulgence
giyenrbr thej ballance. j f
: Possession ;can be given at any. moment. ?
fd y have also a new WAlUN and a
TEAM OF FOUR MULES s which I wii
is not the only scoundrel
fringed upon my rights. The names of
w ; w-r
where he res-
sell oh! good! terras.
Concord, N. C, Feb. 23, 1833l-46w.l
that lias in
others shall come to liffhtin due time. Those On Mam Street, South! East side ;of the Lourt
who have permits! from me are not allowed to House in the town of Salisbury:
teach for Jess than three dollars! per scholar I
have secured the benefits of the system io myself
accoiding to law; and have come ;' to the deter-
mination to put the law in force against all who
teaoh my system without permits,! as j well : as
those who patronize them. All Jars liable and
11 Witu Emanate,! i
ri$lLY4 respectfully tenders his Professional
v serriceS' tai the Ladies and Gentlemen of
Ci;iAi L '- fJ-??:. i .:ll' L ll L
-iiinnrv.iiui ii, Tirinu,: ri win nnrm ii iue
;ul andher brothers had been educated by the I brahchMnf hi. nnP.inn at the Mansinn Hotel.
atity icf her. hiisband atth$ re(Wesf()f their otat' who may wish
pectfully sultcits a share of public patronage
i IHe assures them thai every possible exertion
shall be used to render comfortable and agreeable
the situation; of every individual who may favor
hint with their company. : 1 j !
: IHs- alo ennfidentlv annonnceil. that his bouse
shall suffer. Buteven without this threat it I shall be so conducted as to gratify. the admirers of he rascal in his pm. lie wore oil a white
misrhtoe hoped that the good people of this hap-1 of order, decency ahdlguod condbctl J hat, black coat with yellow ipetal buttons, blue
py land would oc4 encaraM'SUch'.i rascsjityi' by I IHis' ITABLE shall be exceeded by none it pantaloons, and a black! stock! btiuhd round with
J. !.., I .. i .... f J I ii ci : . . i .J .t... ii. .t.-. I i ?
patronizing sucn low urea, low pncea ana low I wa op uraisnea wun; pieruy vj me uz . j
Kif nHen mprolv Ear thn ck- nf a rAr rt,J- I the XmlrV fiord a Hta HAH. SbaU D COIiSULni- I 1 Will mil.
ttcitiarc of a l(ian.
A EELLOW by the name of CHARLES
JL SPOKEb went to the house of al l ne
old woman by the name of Sirah Lambert and
demanded tier -money and property She refus
ing to give it up. he tell upon her and beat her
most unmercifully : in a word, it is not believed
possible for her to recover from the injury. Tht
said Stokes has been guilty of of her gross outrag
es in the county of Surry, and jit is right to cau
tion the public a&ainst him. I He is about five
feet 8 or . 9 inches high, stout made and well
formed his complexion is fair, eyes and hair
black; his age is about 21 or two years he is on
the whole a handsome fellow! only a good deal
i ComntissiaMrt?
Salisbury, Feb. 14, 1833 tftO , j
give any
Feb. 1833-.23.
ibjs'ao'eath; bed.
r- -
aS very j-great
fatal t conjeonence Was : averted I Irom the Teeth, from! W . fnl! -t
The suffering prndu- I his serTicesi
" was suoposed that He will set Incorruptible Porcelaitl, or my othsr
ly sopplied with a variety of refreshing! beverages I sion of said Stokes, and will; not even thank any
tuitauie tor the paliate ut tne weary traveller i one to onng mm iku tne neignoornooa agam
! IHis STABLE is always abundantly supplied j but the world should be cautious of him.
won souna vorn, r odder, ecc. togetner witn aiten-
iJ' r . . : .. . ,i L J :ii:
TAKES this meth xi of iniurming the inhabnt
tants of Salisbury! that she. Intends omiP
irtja School I if stnaU childrerti ort the first
.onday in Februanr,at the house formerly Oc
cupied by the Rev. Thomas Wfighh F
Having been Cr many years accuslotned to the
business of Teaching, she confidently expects to
give entire ratis-act-on, to those rjersons whd
may confide their children to her care, As iti
School is expected to consist chiefly of young'
children, her attention will be principally direc
ted to Spelling aad Rading ; but to those sudjj
for the apprehen-: ciently advanced, Writing, Aritbmetic Grai-
a broken Phia Feb. 23,
, OFFICE, i 1"
tiye and' faithful Ostlere. which, he hopes, will in
duce his friends to call on him again, and atraa-
;CLi'-.2 J : if i . .f H, M
gem ui give nxm a tnaif
Haystack, Surry cotmiv. W C
tCJ Editors who wish well to the comma-
nify would render it a service by giving the a
bvc a few Insertions. ! Ii S.ii. J. I
mar. and Geography, willbe Uiurhtalo
TKHMS- & per quarter, or where two bf
three are sent froni one fa.nLlyy Somettiing Ifss"
will be eharsred J Persons who find it lnmnrc
nient to pay Cash may make payment in any, of
those articles, which are commonly itoiaits
tne conumpuon oi a lanuiy. ifr r3w27
.-.a -v."l
- i
1' 5
1853 3J.
M TV'?
I )
: 5 !
is;; i
5- t-
10 f
i t
ll a il

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