North Carolina Newspapers

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risw 'tS'i&dribcf r-siecttulljr 3
fswtoiinfontf his OLD CUS-
TOUEHS and tho rublic generally;
..Vhc ril.HGE. where ho will, t ill!
rStAMM AR are aa wi a the
4M(tfl2lL fllislROaMSand BKDDING,
, There is teat lucbn vt-oience, and rpexity
every hodjrjkbow, in he n0cessiry mtililatioa
of! letters in breaking the seal thi may avoi
ded effeotnalljr by puttfn? the ! wafer on the oat-
side of the Iabped edije of theSettet; ftrdTal piece
wtaprr oi ivf five ana sunae on inai. ljii?' win
secure in jeiwr a compirteiy as a seal 01 wax
(and even better for that ts liable' to be violated
fty;meitinj th Wa and to open pt, nothing ts
neeerbtttocu the seal wth a ,penoife4
by;thi8 mode, jfhe writaog is . entirely safest - We
would thank those pf iur cqnpndenfts.aftleast
1 page u ooserye inj? sag-
at concert u craraped and Iparallzed,' and ill
wholesonie enacuhenta deteatedvl it is-surcly 1 f"
interest of all Uj allay this feeling moquaJDiy
Will.alvraj8 birsd cbntenUonand th cominitttj
is of opinion that the only effectual means of re -
uniting the different pajties.ii to. reinove, Jthef
cause that cieated them by .abolishing in a gteat
measure 11 noi entirely, me sysusui u wuijf
.The (xramitfee is of opinlop, that the uraber j and each
One fjislnet: J add the other rfkinif liall
rmedJtbat the white Dobulatiun and taxa-
ti44 nfsoch district,"fdddd tojthur," may be
;jTfcl a ncatai may be. to the, forjieth. part of)
ft popalatioa apd taxation tf th State,
4,d.n ot thaUhe while pbpulatkw i or
faxatien of sUch diRjrtpls separately .may be equal,
f;qBHi betoth Lrtieth rart of the white
atioa or taxation $f. th State separately,
ach of such dHtrlctsi shall be entitled to
to one
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Inlr oa hif rDieqtiond to iSstre hirri o scienW "!f? "fr r:
w-. ! v - v MUWJ UI LD9 li
bv our citizens on acconntof the brotracteld f ses- f ttrnXs hall coataii i'lUs than' one foimtv. then I "V:i . n5,-
8iLi nf thfl fnpn! AsKmblli -when itlis Jre- I each Suf saeii -nAnntii chittftt;tl3 ta'nn'l acareditea to the
rnTIprtpf. thnt tii T.pml3ttivpVlpreirtment of the
btate cost upwards ot $40,000 annually these
complaints will 'appear fo be well (blndefit
cotutnittee would recommend a reduction of , the'
number of meniOMS as a , remedy !far ths;eiilj
'Large bodies move slowly," and there can bend
dooDty mat the leagtu oi our sessions i is mauuy
member ill the Himati ht f!tmma ' H
fo apuch of the cuikitutionas entitles free
person of cjotir to! vite for meoibera of the
Senate, and of ihe House if Cooimons. is hereby
Biaue yoia ana u no ejlect
itphtfpll fey ipl ci
!f7att)n ? Mid : to-
with- Provender, and'
horses. Newsnapers
3." k i :L. . . .
tfi$a'of, the;.)LJnited .btates, -arc ta-r.r-
Vt t n f .iM M r.T. fur , the' use of the
lalflta1Sfi j"00 ill be spared by the
,4iHtenjM ihia guests coinioitable. i j
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life? Pfjrwnsl tKrycuing ihroueh : this place,
fesr-'of-M?! -SjgSi.-'fiud at this Hi
attrioutable to the overgrown iize f the ibajdyi l ! 1 iAllliflicrsI exci-pt t'he governor, who are nn
State at laige, dr tthe counttesl indifkiually; fotit bnn&ily; but the Governor may call extra ses
is certainly true;, that a county ha4thjsamelre; sujns p the interim if fthe intlrest of the! ; Sute
Jative lalluencej by having one member in body saa require it- j ; t .-,
composed ot one hundred itliatfilt; usesi ) t j. i'J ii J R-rciE VJ, X i:?f
sed ujrbaving two imemoers in a body -of tw tij 4 fhi'T the fitoerith section of 'hdcon
V swuupn, as provides that the Uorernor fthall be
elected; annually by j)iht ballot of both Houses of
$ HFatufe s hereby, made void and luf no
effect and hereafter thb Governor shall bo fclec tb term of two! years byjthfi free 4 white
ciuzetis pi tne iate who are uuahned to ; vote
The Committfie is also of opinion, that the in-
terestof the State does noi call lor annual jsesp
Rinna t.i inn i orwi.iiiirH. anu il is ukiidvoi uui.
go.wuuwnpui.lifsa"- ot . L. -; f M f i
W tnisls our tled,,s blftnnal sessions besides curtatlmg tlieexpenfflof
iV- Uti;LU . leglatiun, woild give greater irmanenci to the
nave not, -obtained a patent 1 u :; yhitkini ir:riiftntvhaf.f ti.d trJ. kt'
I i - ' 4 i " : r - -'"if a i - . ; 'it-
or ii, Hiosej jwno prom soy iinis jorormauon i their pncitcal operatiou before they are liable 1 to person shall i be elijibje to the Office of
snouia inanK jtnta cu:c nttie imp or xlarlihtss. be repealed. j J i M ! .ui r.1! lor- i""1 uiaq: two terms; in
Bythebyeirtas allsjrts ofkhandy ch4;an :i U ' I 1
We' would'ht&chinrehira (or anv thai ever of an amead,mMii,oy which tbe pofer of ame i ! !;. ArtcleiV.: f 1 ; . .
I ; iif..-i .- r 'if f dinr is herbal tar to be refctneted. rbv recuiriDff l f i 4. ut fourteenth keetion nf thn I ;
wv kuu uauiq Kuirei iicicui Ccu;icic
h, i Hifn-- a k- f r.. .ii
The joint
I of Convertion,
committee upon
'llfl -tuNiNS I pbmfortihle ; aocomtnodations,
BocnteichaTgesV -: -; I . J . V J. W, jr.
-.t a
itfilti? hfosrelpectriny announce to ths
-jj-lpjitjatley "KitVfi succeeded in renew
i4renag3&pai .th3VIisslmelia Thomp
ilitakei ?ba)rge 1 of Ltf i' Institution. - The
iimtLaW agaiiii on the 15th
S ltbirxnlHtausrhtiin this AcaderaY, aTe the
rr$m&t4oifeu Geography,
Hiskrr. Chti)n4iiTV. PKihieophv.4 Moral and
Flwwcil -'Me'torWi : Neetlle Work, Drawinjr
Jtimzi MttSacAha tne. r rencn iLADguage.
ii ;. .; . ' . i , it;. cir.'t
i c l:onard,
i i IB HOKE.
... i a-
m -.
have had thit subiect Under
tt)nsiderat6hi together with the
Teferred to il by the Senate; arid
rials of the
coin. Ilo-an
tbe subject
the riiemo
ciUzens of the counties offl Lin-
and Surry, prayinb ithal the
be so amended, as to
more erua! basis of representation
a pihicuUr nan- ;is; heftiby made void arfd of no effect! slid here-
icurrifhce ol uuff? ': attfrjpMHLegislature shall fix upon the manner
uiiujijjf, lot vuimu iu general lona neia omcers oi tne
Miiitia and officers of the regular Army shaD be
.appointed. j ; f ;
K ! AeitSjle VII
do much cf the thirty-secimd section of the
aimwiuiMm as proviaeif mat no person wno snail
deiiy the truth of the iProtestant relitrion.1 shall
I . i' .1 ' ' 1 i ; i . . . ... f . . v (
ing arrived at the opinion i Decapauie ot holdiu ah v oflice ot place of L, trust
mat lue iyousuiuuoii. oum uj ue auiuucu, : in i u ; ujm in iue cjvu aeparimeut 'vunin
anieuduienu to be made in
ner, and by nuirmg the co
than a baraiiwijiritv to ellect ;
though it is considered fortunate uu'uor exisUog
circuuastanceo, that thi power ot iamendmg is
not r sinctMl, yet the Co jjmiitee eanuotl; tiitnk
that any constuuUuii is perlect, or calculated to
be perinanent, without soue reUricttoh as to their
power of making amendments
The Committee having amy
. otfec-
provide a
which rce-
atteution was next directed to the mode
ting thatLbject. j Z -, 1 A
The OunstituiitaJ eaves thirt question1; entirely
open, aud. Ute Cuinmittee is of j opinion, 2bat
ithis State,
ifoci.f; -:
is herebjj made void and of no ef
towards; the United States ; f hey- were rei
the SecrjeUry of State;iri tie prlenco 'pf thd
of the perccnts, at one o'cSbMri Scr
niner,'Mirustrjr 'Pienjentialy f6t France
!?r-r iuw.?S-aal i Oa their be-
Tliepiplrnaticl Body
government of tbi Rpnnb
lie, vhastens to offer to you excellency the
respecfiij Telidtattons : :or: jotlr'-'secoml in
aogtiratiph as President of the United Istate
They: fbfel assured t that this nw and -flat
teribprobf of ihef confidence i of y6ur fel-
greatJy contribute
to confirm those friendly relatufns which
ready; exist between this iRepublic an the
Governnientsrerjresented at febingtbp .
relation whicJi our excellcnc so happily
preserved andf extended f durwg tbefoar
years of your first presidency. Ii )
Mrt President, aiojjce Mppi-:
ness and an honor, to be pn ari occasion so
lnterestftigtbe interpreter M theseridments
wn!P" simate the Diplomatic Body towards
yotiipersonally, and tootler to jou, in their
name, the sincere wishes which evv nA
of themjtruly entertains fbr the iacreastngi
.v..v W4 uus ivl jiuuiic, i or tne hrmness
of its union, and especially, 3Tr J President,
for every thing that xan : contnoute to your
owripersonal glory arid Iiappineas. 1 ;
To this address the ' President made the
following reply: ' ' . ; ; m;
It gives me ereat bleasure. ffenttemien tn
receive by the organ of the eldest and high-
near the government of the linked States,
trath nf thl
:ct!4 ' ! llespectinlly. U.Rfcl'V.
f;- , y:, 'iYgur obedient r
sj r. 'a;,"!- " i ' " -
' Ve laaithe fiowmi Extract from th ;
cellenta&4 . smritMi i !!whuV"' ." 1
-! um. air.!
to his constituents; with great plets,
and weret that bur limits edrnnel -f Z , i
LJ : . , - .
KUi, Pwucuon that does him so much credit s
' do njt propose; to enter in to an elaborate aW
?f!LV??,!losttmto Ae metaphisicalsubUetie
wtrhlch authors cbumntion e
bored to ereate hostUe feeUogs between the
veral Sutes and the United States, andamy
State pndeand sovereignties against the Go
vemment of the Union. Bat I cannot
entermgmy most solemn dissent to some of the I
Bf w wwram, in tne nistory or the constitu
tion, arejrevolting to the plainest human princi-
iru character tad benefid;l results of popular
govferomM.n- '1 r ; ,;r - t .VT:
enal errorWthe! theory is,l tharthe
ederalUonsmution being formed by compact
among Sovereign States, to which each Stato
acceded fn its sovereignty ;! established a league,
notj a gofernment; that it! acts,1 therefarenot
opon individuals directly, but upon States: and
that each State, therefore, has at its discretion,
theiright to absolve its citizens from all obedience
toSny lw of the Union, or! to secede altogether,
rhe corupact between Sovereigns is th first
step in this series of errors and the subseqtiDnt
steps in the series are not lew replete with error,
were thi compact admitted. Before the perni
cious heresies which have been founded on this
theory'ot compact can be Sustained, it must be
decided that soverf-iseincapsbSe of changing
i-ucii unii rnsiions nn cacit einer oy compact.
i if-
i Ti l
4 !
I ! i Article VIII. :! ;
XJ r kt.-rJ .'IS.. IL.rt ii L.
orials werredto itby this Houses, and- Legislature mavjcall a Uonvenlionlmajity bf ameuBniended bnt In tHe mauner following Any
auiuu;tient may pe prqposeu in; ine oenaie or
House of Commons; and if such amendments be
airjneel to by two-thirdslbf each House, it; shall
als, and be published tor
V-e election of members
cornea part of the Couslitutiou, and have full jef !of tip General Assemrjly; and if such amend
lectknd validityj f j . 5 . Jmentlshalt be agreedlta by two-ihds ofleach
Tne first mode is liable to two Sections: it " H ,iise of the riext General Assemblvi to submit
would be almost Impossible to agree upon t ie ba- j.sucapro
sisol representallioh upon which the Convention a majunty
5 Deeply ; ttupressed with' the importance ot the
subject,- Uie committee has given to il a patient
invfetigatiomjj; U lis certainly impolitic, fjflight
auu tnv iai causes w alter iqngestahiwhed . insti
tutions', lft:li!'ott8th&ti
tlst, and cafli f4r additional jveiprationi t be'
clbse itisthd iwbrk of the fcuilera of i out itivoln-
- ihense change inf the situation of
which Convent! V may amend the:Constitu
tion, or that the Legislature may submit; distinct
propositions to'thje people as ainendoiento to jibe;
Lonstitutioo, and it such propositions receive j' be entered on their Jou
the votes ot a majority ot the people, , they ; be three months orevious
. -..-.. i: ! i ; r
a9, in th ongmal social compact, thev are in
i ... Y . . --. r--
iawj presumea to have estfbhshftel the Statos.
In tjtis snse was the compact formed between
otates $ yiiat is, the pe,)ple j of the States then
existing s independent communities, whojthough
uui oonnaiiv aainjrieu Dy any act ot thtir r wn
ima tne family or nations, were in eVct, entitled
to demand that admission, each for itself. itanr
. il. . : . ! . . I .: s rt. i. ... . ,- i . ' . . ,J
tunateiyi mat scourge oi tne human race be- ",mf- nai aaraission nerer was demanded by
thengratalations yoti are'plea&d to ofSr canb,QdtIn!selves by an irrevocable, a
nn t w X iA . V P11 lo oucr greement fir a sufficient consideration,
on my re-election, and, above all the assur- Thtlm ,(1nS,n,,,ifth. 7?:-:.:..
ances for ray country of the fnendlr dispo- wa4 fornied by the States, thatbby the people
sition of those which you represent. of the Sttes, acting in their separate canacitiesl
n (inucipic :oDject wim me,
to cultivate that disposition b? (the sincer-
.rff - -
est desire to chensh kindly feelings, extend
the advantages of commerce, promote the
interchange of every discovery n arts and
science in peace, anil lessen, by humane
stipulations, the evils of war, when unfor-
tiohi but an
t Cirthhtp htretofijro. existing be
f ivrcabe Bttfecrftcti! in tHe town of Alor-
w,'B&rfe- Cjntyv -id the Mercautile busi- iimsuiTed iwmutuaiiconsrfttAn claims
(Jse t&esaKl ftrm, are transferred ;to v U.ibert' U.
fK-tfua - wjponj t.t' is iaostrawe -that the
tw shoul! bo Iwaidated abd : sektled, either by
jaympnt ctnow at sjon as practioawe.
M. G.
theicottnlryv i has j taken place tin the course of
n yrrs;ahd moHvever wise and we
ell adapted
len it wai framed, it is certainly Sow very de-
to the times, thd constitution s may nave been.
,V 11
force, thata3 couhiies now ' f jroi the constitutional
basis of representation, each count. v Would be en-
(ective; ii is cbrtuibly lily adapted id ihe present I titled tobeequail represented ui Convention; and
l-state of thtiiffS, and a proper reVard !to the WikIi. I in the second olacei there are inanv bWrsnhs who
..i ' L - .. . :. , 1 ,'. -J". ' r. I . .. i , . J f, . I ,;;
es, tne internsc aoa tne rights ot a lare portion I believe that cerium amendments ought to H be
ded. ffili.:. ' : n .:; . ii -4.:M..
5$ apptmredjto thje committee that,the 6nsti
tuiin was frabied and adopted,; by aCongfesof
the reprewenta'tivcs'ot the freemen oi' tbs state
should be caliedj'for it mi2t be urned with mucii jvote for meinbersof thelHjose of Cothmonshall
'vote for such amendment shall become a part of
ithe Constitution.
Am a. . us
cotnes inevitable.
Repeat these assurances, centlemen, to
the several governments you represent, as
tne invariable rule oi my j conduct towards
. .1 .1 v I i
iiicm , iiiu, iw vuursBiyesi accept tne oner as One natvm. Vhe ouestion so narti.!.
posed amend mpnt to th people; and if ofthejhighest respect Si regard for yourselves discussed in this controversy as to the absolute 11
y of the free white citizens quabfied to individually, with w.hich your conduct dur- soveriegaty of the Sutes, i is reducible to the I'i
eilher of them, separately; and jintly tliey
weot thajugh the war. of the ftevoliitiou : and
jointly by their own acts they established one
ffovernment, wnicn mune name ol all of them:
entered Into relations with the rest of the wjrld
"51 i' '
Pearson, thankful for past fa-
pil jatttiiti8 fifiends and the public, that he
.fjjWBUiipe .Is turt.'im the .business in Mdr'
f 'ui just reemved, ind is receiv
wgi trc apartment in! everV branch of his
if vrp .-ipi&ge Of i generous public.'
"I' ! "T-VT! ir .mi i '!1
assembled et yah feia theyed 1776, lor die
purpose of making a constitution and of per
foriing such lgjs ative acts as ihe Safety If ihe
CiMtry called from the tmsetiJed. siluatiun
ofj Ke coonuyj jttie colony of Ncfith Croluia
having just sepdrateed from the mother ebutitry ,
atUl being at Wariwith that -Uprmidablo nation;
togMher withhlie (act, that the provision iivin
fvi. Aiuuiji ijijccjiireiuyers ot life uenerl AS
SeniBly, couldtnbt in. the nature of tilings, be sup
posd to be atall applicable to the whole Sexteot
Oil the territorr bf the S tate! reaeHinnr fit, tft
Uisifisippi Hjrerj after it should ibcdiri' fettled
aridjlaid off IhtoicWuties; a ciremnslancefkvhicu
itlhiust have! been foreseen. wbufd .'. hej&r ii
shbtlUrae; Ihel committee is induced to believe
tnat u was i lptetided by its framefs as a mere
tehirararr4ugenent. This' blik ischnfifm
ed by tht faci,Uhat shortly after the war,! eeve-
rai auerapta were Miade to effect amendments.
made, but who are iieverttielesa unwilling to en
trust . the whole j itiatruuiAux to . Oon-niniioii
With a view to obviate tiese objections winch
it is believed ha vts ior uiiaiiy y ear3 preseiiled a
barrier to tbe adoption of amendments, that j ail
agree ought to be made, the Coiunitftee recoah
taends the latter inode. -Upon nr4; View this
mode of amending may met with tne ubjesctiiu,
that it is new, vnd has not teen enapeo Mporiiby
any of the other .itates; but when it is recolkcied
that the cotistitutioik oi the other Stales can tain
a restriction upon, the power of aindnu ing, : and
thaours leaves that poiVer entirely uurcstricted, 0f JJev York, to
this objection is nUlonly removed ; bwt the jiljcc I tbe 'Treaty with I
of its haviusbeendeeiiihd necessary to the ! fra-: ! It,,. : A.
The forctroinff articles shall farm a part of
the Constitutioo. and shall have full effect ; and
validity. l . ;
i iHif4 -:. ' - - r ?. "
rHI : J DENT. ?
By and with the adcih and consent of Vie
i ii I .j Aeifffeu j f; . !
LfcviTT Harris of New Jersey,' to be
o d' Affairs of th? united btates to
His llajestv the Kinglbf the French.
j j fetter V. Daniel, Virginia,; Wylly Sill-
iriah of Ohio, and John K. Livingston, Jr.
be iCotnmisioners under
ing your residence here has inspired me.
The following beautif il compliment to New
England ;was pronounced by the Hon. William
11. Shepdrd of North Carolina, in the course of
a speech delivered in the U. b. House of lie pre
beniatives -
- um i "jeneve it essential to the prosDentv
or weiiare i tne .outnern states, that the man
ufactonea of the Worm should; be levelled with
simple alhrmaace of a fact,: that though thev
had a right at one time ot assuming absolute sot
- :i
ereignty they never exercised it. .They never 1
have been known to' other! nations but as one-
bation : and the circumstances under which they . I
formed ikemselves iqto a nation have, in mr
judgment, foreirer precluded them from any jsmb-
viiiAnr rnrr.nftAn rf in.t.A.1 T L . A. .
kuikuiiiihiuuiuhuu vt villa lUWiOak 1117 II AS
spparaia communities, ineyj were lor ail the pur--poses
of! the new political body which Hthey fbr-
med, and occording to the rslti3 and compact by
urliioK .?irhiw Cinnul ! rina vsCl.l. 'IL
a benefit to eiyself which would be j the er.t,re Ln!i.Iati.m ind their jealbc love of libertT
tutu ut auuiuci. xk ibw aiiiiiuiers ago, Willie UJ-
ing fiDtn the demon of ill health,! visited New
I found the towns and villages crow-
' Tliom-is Swann, Jr1. qf the Disrtict of Col-
it: t ' Jlfi ' I- 0i L U-T..l 1 4 O;
;rA wtprmioedto move to the " country
SjTO:WlSeu I am com
TOlftCcy jfilgels1 tete$ -snd all persons
Jf; by note i oriothefwise, are' request.
flHTt ti jor before April
.i?iM-iloBgit jndtilience can'1 be given.
lri wii -
purchase GOODS
call, as I am resolved
: it
purchase a small
advaniaire to apJv to the
are hew; having been purchas-
QUiiastiAIavbT mvself. and Ka
I Fhli ;afeo riL.L. or IIKX my
-i "-r" - ' j
inoru nf i C!A fint 1 1 tit nnc fit nttiAi Wet rtrfrt-ic;
upo. the power of a majority to'a4ieiid,f proves i ?uM?ia t0 be Secetarto the Board ot Coin
Runclnsiveiv. tliati without such rektftetjoii thtv- misTiOiiers, and Geobe Breathitt of Ken-
power does exist; and in our situation,; it isbuiy iucli, to be Clerk; bnder the same Tea-
necessary to ascertain tuai a majority ; agree to a- " y, j;
mendments in order to give them lull thieut and ) ; i Josonh Villatnil, la1
vaitoiiy, u a majority oi me people t cit ct .aeie- t Qq q
Kt Itnifivl
...i-tiKi iitnanilrniiiitCf it Id a.l . t i rfirt ' : 9 1 1 imiAaa y- 4UayaQUIl - 1
that such aniendJnents are valid Ubou what II ?f P- ferrand, to DO
ted States at ranam
e of Louishna, to be
'Sutes at the Port of
ded with an industrious and enter prizing" popula-
tion, ner niiis ana vanies reooiem with health,
prospenty and contentment :; every inind seem
ed to be intent, every hand was occupied ; the
urn m - jm -
world does not contain a ,moro nourishing com-
munity. 1 here the advantages of education are
extended to the poorest individual in society, aud
that society, receive its remuneration uihis so
ber, industrious aud economical habits. If the
divine Plato were alive he would no longer draw
could deyise for preserving iheir separate rihhi
Irorh the) encroachments ot tbe powers they were
establishing, (am not yet 1 persuaded that the
constitution does not provide within itself a vitat-
principle for its own reformation sufficient to
restore its pristine simplicity and purity, But of
this I am thoroughly satisfied, that there is no
conservjitive or other powr in the States to -bref
k up the existing form f government, ex
cept by I revolution Within the sphere of its
optrratiohs, the constitution makes the Federal
Uoternmeut as sovereign as the Mate Govern
m Aria am in 11 etc It ia mivArnmnnt . i ika
upon his Imagination for aspecmien of a perfect pe, for lhe people, and acts upon them di
republic ; he would there fcnd a coinmunity,jn .fiy f Without the acknowledgment- of. any ib-
ami.fiom the, ifurt her fact, that the Iconsututibn 1 principles is it, that the veovla cannot do ikemseUl
cuns.tiction,.to'!prerent albare'j&jcriyy such acts as they cab lect oeiate4 to Idol Grenade.
.m iii Bi.viuii;. uuidlulllfcfTIl auiil
ing jt, aresincnou mat is to be loutid in all
4isp- fur them; have thjjyf agreed not u act jexcept iby j ffancis iThorbassirjj jof South Carbhnaij to
cop- the intervention of delegates? it is; suggested, j be fjonsul ofthc Unitefd States at Baracoa, in
. ...t i i :.i i r i . i i . t '
suttuojis,! witicn.t were nesigntKi w oe permanent j mat inasmuch as tinn t.uusutotKn was adopted ? miitui ! !l
tol ifundam4,i4lprinc!pW for ! thb I uHon U gress; thl force of thisidea is not prciivei; be- ftM Fjoga, jf or, to b Consul
amending sucfiSparts of the ennstitutiob aaJhave wuse fthe people adupted the Constltulion by ihei; P1u!Umtecl States atPayta in-ihe Kepub
becoihe detectiVejtwe are lUlbwintr hhef advice intervention ofdekvates. docs thatcreaie a iiofo-1 He Peru. f ! i v hi' ft f.
and fulfilling the; intention of the wise then who that the Constitution shall only be amended i bv I ' Henry Carleton, of
framed it. : ; I ; jj A 5 f it i the Intervention olT delegates? the siiie. rtasdu-1 tbrrieyi of
The basis of country representation is a1 defect I in would prove, that as, the Constitution was t Disttict
itself to the eveof the moiti cum. made at 11 all tax it should be amendett atsllah-
the wonder ts,l not I that W fx The Committee is tlieretore of opinioa, that
ciuzens are now clamorous wnenever it is ascer tained, mat a majority agree
that presents
nori 0b6ervervland
majority m our
' 1 : 3 . i . -. .
amenauienis, tney are Taua;: inev- nave no
doubt that tbe Legislature has a tight o pirotyde
ior tne ascertainment oi mat iaci; eituer by cai-
densi pouulatibh.bnd a lamb I nmrjortitlh bf the iinira Convention or by submitting idistbct pro-
in thiir efforts to abolish this Provision, but that I to
its dnequajity should Joing JsubaiU- J
ted toil i W hile the small counties contained a
lf4'firsfBningr8 cbrnerVlb
Sr1 li-$Hpu is Ikrce' and we
4":otMnugf a' 6wlStore Room, Connt
iSS together with suitable A
5tiits, .familti having four
Piherel is! also k Kitchen
3tcs will be : received . in
la pnee," and indulgence
l4lKiieL-'(!i I . . . i i f i .
ijjUrgivehtanylWbment: 1 -"
in faiii m ;Tiaiv Tn a l im m
felfil fmii UViULES ! Which . I wiJ
nana ncutin
ehantiif :tsefein in addition tsl
consiuerabie aa-
roved form.
so soon as bedisi
bad title accori
wealih and thb!:large counties bad a sparseipopu-1 positions to the people; they there! oreci
e Wealth, ibis j l"e adoption of the accompanying bill; :
and the
. and ot con5eauence but little
e of repireentation was eijual fendurh,--but I annexed articles proposed as amendments to tjlie
frlthinirsiitaTe ibliansredi and' th--tawfe 'lntu j Constitation.' ' '. f f ' ! ! !;! i 0 I)
tiro' li-P IwtWS n..rv..l ! i.- . I- ThaHnm
classification of counties for the purpose of -it-lustra
ting the operation of the sec)ndariicle,aiid
of showing the near, approach that may be made
to equality, upon the basis of tree white popula
tion and taxation. I I i J i '
Chairman of. Joint Committee.;
ties are now both! populous and weahivi it;s
grossly unequapi and the citizens Jiivefai right
W expect, that a nearer approach to jequjility0 of
reprntehtaddn will be made , The burthens df
all gbverntnentsi fall upon popu)aon and 1 wealth;
in time of wkf Itnen are furnished; according to
wealihv and tb plainest princlplejof jutice'rei
quires that representation should be based upon
pbpbiation and( taxalion. U "iff cobsistqbtr with
anyipnuciples of quality that a) conqty coni
tainingb? times is-' many inhabtta!ns,' fand sl
tunes as much wealthas another j cbnityi "and
being I table to furnish six times as many men,
and;paying si times the amount of tax Should
rnlyaveah fruai number of represtlhtatiyes
and iiavebotaj equal political iaddeue? yet
nviny counties in the State are subject hi this ine-
To ihc Constitution hf the 8ialc tf jfortii
. r ' Carotviu, ? J- i'l t
- it ' i i T-'Vl'i l if: '
; - A&ticLk I. ; ; f:Jp l
So much of the second soction of the con$ti-
ution, as provides that one member of the jSerj-
h to ohnTl rva iln Gn fmm onnn M-kiirfef v rtA An rK
quality, t fl leoaimiitee deeoi t tntiecssary to 0f the third section, as provides thatUwo mem-
l'arVi.wWr1 vwwtuj-tuerii:a are bers of the House 9fUommons shall; be chosen
Hfrff inequality 4oeseiist j from county; laud so much of thb third scc
IhehualitT is far from beinr tlie hnl v obtectLm tioa and the urdmatnee naswH in ih vMr 17 KO
to coiinty ipresentatiwi; true pidicy 4ctotes that as provide for the election of borough members,
the ftirmatiori of, new counties should b left to is hereby made void and of no effect, t 1 J
The General Assembly shall at its next session
and every ten years thereafter, lay off: the fcitate
mia forty districts in the manner 4 fouowtnc--!
every county, tie white population and taxation
of which aWod together, is equal to lhe fortieth
part of the white population; and taxatn bf the
State ' added togtherf and every etftintylj the
wnite population oi- taxation of which separately!
is equal to the fortieth part of the white popula
tion or taxation of jthe Sute spihtethill
the eon veniehce! of tbe citizens on" ! the unel side'
and thetfabilitj jtotbear county lexusesl)! oh the
other; these: balancing principlrs (will 1 prevent
counties from being too largo ot oo small, The
history of they past teaches, that'opoti this ques
tionjhese principles have been lost; sight of, and;
merged in pectMial, feelings jjjW i.
Aiiuiut-i cryiujevu prooucea oyjCouniy fepre-?
vw j st-uiauon, is present to in tne a .suae tea counsels
common parpo-j of the Slate,Jeytiting year afteryear.lndthihg
the Unitetl States for the Eastern
of Louisiana, tm the place of Slidell,
whose commission har expire J. ' ;.
John W. Livingstbaj of New York to be
Marshal of the Unijeoj States for thb North
r.n Tiictrirt nf NeW : rork. , froni the 1 9th
daif ofi February i when his Commis-
sioit expired. If
I Jonas Sibley, bf Massachusetts,io be Mar
shal of the United States for the District of
Mal'abhusettej ffom1 tljb Sd of March, 1S?3,
Vnen the tkmraissib4!of Samuel D. llar-
nss,exmrca. ;. i i i; i
i Barin2ton Anthony of Rhode Island, to
be Marshal of the United States tor the
which tue numDiesi maivuiuai naq tne same
Consul of the Uni- voice with his more wealthy neighbor, in laying
in the Bepublic of the Puolh" burdens tor the puwic welfare, task
ea ray son it i ncic luauncauai iuq urosueriiy
of this people could be the hot bed production of
an artificial system, or rather if it were not the
result of a lony continued toil, of jin industry
never tired, of an economy thar never slept. I
looked unon the scene around me with feelings
(. ;
of murmuring discontent ; I jfelt. the mure re-
jotced that it was a part oi my country."
Feb. 27th 1833.
Louisiana,-to be At-
teroiedijte power in the States to modify or ar
rest its action. l i
1 The beceaaary result of this mode of reason
ing -which is believed to lie fully sustained by
the opinion ot the soundest contemporaneous ex-
posiiorsfpi uie consuiuuon, is, inai me iaws i
the Unfon are binding upxi the citizens of the
United iStates every where, without the. right
of any authority to interfere, more than between
the. Staje and its citizens in the exercise cf its
ordinary legislation. Every attempt, theref re.
under whatever pretence of right, to organize
resistance against the laws of the Union passed
according to the forms of the constitutioo, is a
breach k the allegiance due from a citizen tohis
sovereigQ the body politic of which he is i,
member. A State which undertakes to author
ize disobedience, and to discharge the citizes
Plattsvr JV. V,
Messrs. Gales i Sea ton:
I have just seen an article in
your paper of the 28th January, on Ithe subject
' . .. i . . . .i i.
of a "case ot extraordinary interest to tne pnysi-
nlnrridt itnHpr the me ( IJr. Ueaumont." I
irins ther emresaed. from rdsoblisation to the authority of the Ger-
i..t hi nr.e aft", Ha onnartimities 4f "making eralGotfernment. is entidedito no more consider-
UUt W W - 1 T T D I . .a a : - .
exneriments of sumal itlility to mankind, and atwn than any unauthorized combination of wdi-
ar-I the physiologist in parUcular." Bull wish to viduals.1 It is a breach of the; social compact la
r-nrrtt & inismureiensum. iar l am not aisposea wuc u iw mv. ws ,uv
tneflll it bv a harsher name.! Cof the5 writer of
that article. It is giavely sttted that experi
ments hare been already 'ihstitutedf' by : PnK
fessor Dunglison, of the University cjf Virginia,
who ia so eminently qualified as a physiological
rhomist.iand bvDr. Besumoht,' Sai. evidently
District of Rhode Island, from the 3d of designed j to conTey the impfesion abroad, i
i:JS.i .-flaKJ IhU' rmnussinn cr- the merit of certain experiments on the gas
?" ""Jt 'i ' v n -TT T Professor Hunehson. Wow.sir,
Plrcd- ! 1 1 11 I ln not wish to detract (rom the merits cf this"
ti i . .: i avivr i.v. . . i.
Andrew; J. Donelsoh, to be the Secetary Ventlemeh, who,! doubt not, iti scholar, and an
authoiued under the act i -prescriDing tue
mode by whicll patents lor puoiic lanas
shall be signed and j executed," approveed
March the 3d. 1833.1
ttrhttr HTPffpLrt fVllerfnr of the
j UUlilUhl 1AVVI T . ww.--".
Customs for tbe District and Inspector of the
Revenue for the portl of iViscasset, in the State
. -t ' " i 1 1 1 ; M "lit rAA
of Maine, from the 1 lift oi Marcnieaa,
wbu hisi present iCOmraission j tfill
prre. j :'M.!! - ! -'
jt iatahii. Greento be CoUectoroftbe
Customs for the District and Inspector of
tlie Revenue far thPcjrt of j Barnstable, in
th State of Massachusf tts, from the 3d of
March 1833, When bis late Commission ex-
'nHdcftUC9MeA States- i : i .
TTestefday the Diplomatic representatives of
$1 'eisuerekt Foreigo.) crrcrcments waited
able physiologist; but as it rspectsj thi3-case,
resulting: from h, if merit
is to be aitarhed to any one, itjis xcfi
tn. Or William Beaumont, Surgeon
ttA Ktiivh arrnvl The cn occumd kt 1tchil-
ii,n;ni J in 1S12. while the Doctor as station
ed at the? past. The experlrsf bu wee -insUto-
ted" in August, lS3, ana oi
pursued, by Aim, with some n
that time, aud by no one ewe
four nvinths his tune!
erelnjuveiv devoted to this b
mont. I ubderatand, intends to
of experimento Mdobservauou
in fact, to war upon legitimate authority.
Anotiier result of thisanomalous tiew of the
constitution, as composed of independent soTer
eigntiesf which, for similar reasons, I cannot ad-,
mitj is pie right of seceuwrttl It is maintained,
thaf in at compact betweea sovereigns, any cf the
parties may peacebly withdraw ; at pleasure-
and that ttte Federal Constitution is such a com
pact. On the threshhold cf tbe argument, we
may observe, that it has Dot been understood,
in the law of nations, that treaties or compacts,
or ordiniry convention maybe broken at plea
sure;, with impunity. If II misttke not, suck
attemptf have been fruitful; sources of bloody
and5 ;diskstroua wars, in bll ages.
Such right is simply the! right of a strongf .
mail to uV wrong whenever there is no law pow
erful enough to reach him the right of irrespoa-
rmission, since But the right exists only in the power to jnsmf
For heUast tin?t between sovereigns, if one have thrrigbt
. . . e i' .l-tn tt.Lvmnaf.t. the nthpr.Jt he KsvtiiA
as been almost ioi wc r-7 - 7-- ; -tt-t-.-
U IDr Bean-1 strength; has an equaj nguioi weakuiguie compac
Ush a Volume the 4iherif e have the strength, has an equalrigbt
nn the rastriC I to indemnity auaixu,uj twicuw, um wiQuijuij
tlllo ht ! hhTuolotrv of diestionL as Isoon as he
r--j - - a . I i II. Uma
shall have completea his expenmeni. w
been at great expense and trodbk w JrosectiUng
them; they are important ml a pathological as
well as iii'a physiological Pnt j of (vie wand
will, ttlUmatoly, I doubt not, Have thj trffect to
advance the science of medicine to Mlaxjt in
calculable extent. I, therefore, Vas
Six'i A.aTxM Ita sitsflently by.
rob him of a particle, u
S S to. wteh mi; wolf fodiainJy,
! : r i 1 I ; 1 ; i it
eaosed by tbe breach. The issue of the attempt
to secede depends, therefore, upon a trial of mere
foreathatM. was. Such was not the compact
which ob fathers designed in the constitution;
which they gave os in lieu of i the old Confeders-
tion. ia order to establish "amorepeneci
mA-r xrnnXA kr htlilt DD with SUCh tOil
biding place of American j liberty fcrtwer, b4
tht siaxa fends state ctpoce, tn.
uni tuwcmvw . -
Isuj sddf Stata dixiffeuioa, oiht withdrawal
' I - -
' 8 .- I
!'-. , 2 -l ; ' ' ' l" ' , i Ml I -f - ' I it
! ' "'! ' - " ; ' 1 1 k . 4 ' i
: 1 i 7 , t , 1 ' ? i , : i .
ii 1

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