North Carolina Newspapers

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of fririuUj auiuuated by a noQlee.uthusia3in in
tue caiuiiii Liberty, apd in8pyre hy a holy
zeal Jo defence ot;t their altar , and their re
I c. Ajfnjea, leuowciuzens, at a m3t ( inieresang
crista our jbofiiical aflairaj it miytbe well ior ua
hav pasaedl away' smca.'. Soiitk ;llaroliba was
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iiif'iog Itaken a opbie standi ua defence ot the
riuuuaoa lioeruea ot us an, ansieaa or receiving
jimuamy anu support irsan mose Awoose tnier-
est4iredenuneo wiith h&r' pnf aheT was (With
a le w s bomrabie exceatioris.Vcoldi V abandoneu to
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rbaeijdbv ner Armv andia Narv. heretofore us-
tailed ttile voice ana aupported y the treau
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hiiiry ase as:an lpstruientorieusaviand
direieclt k jriedj iheir Wins, not I aa)nat the en
einies Cruieir country abioad, but fiffaixiat thebo
s6m oi' their own wrethrmi. , J : I '
'UeUUotiMiiitarj aud civil vengeance were
loud! and deep in4 to du atilh .darker shadeu
Lto iEer ji4tiiirjej aiiMiresiud:; had &n created, I
wu mvjuj wtvnuuv uuiciciu louuualion,
thitfthitlnrit blow Wtrudfby th federal arm,
to6uie!8igiQal of a desiiatng i pml war.. Jo
tliis coniuou of things, infinitely Wore appalling
to the htfarvpf the pktriotg thia the bloodiest fuy.
eigfttafrind Jas wtil calculated, linuat th;uk.
totrthesiiuis ot toen, aa the uar,kat sceat of
uivieveiutiuttj, , aitLpoutn aroJinaiumt 7 UAJ
su hdrrevhihiv if in dust and ashes" aatt was
pvedtcB'tta(;sb4 Wouldj before jhe proiid op
prusbur piuiihe yu ld ohedienee to the haugh-
tyjfinsadate which 'commanded her to tear
from net archieves her solemn decrees ? Oh !
uajj Jichaiiia be to God;! ttie spirit of libwtj
i.ui tAMuvi in. iu oosotus me poos or
DaiTjbters U Carolina. LTnev hail
tnelltsons taumil bv a vhtnatat ahwtrv. thi
are inseparable iari the' bosoms of
to ivhoai ink spjfit.ol lot merely survived but
wdljseeh buiuih! !bnghtcr and orufbujx u iuo
u iisuouuta uy oimcuiuesi unappaileU bv
codnaei bf iheii own brave hearts, and consultm"-
ine niWifcsjs ana-)ouof of tbe State, w tine cry-
u? Jncmeii i ajidl "Carolina, instead
cioucuuig ai ioo luoistooi u toe (oppressor, rose
1 if ': i. i ' . ! -'
ju her luuve majestv . and like our own ' Kairle.
uweriiig;in fa pride o flight bid defiance to
, j- j - ' 9
c i aut a power ; v im a promptttuae. una-
mirtUy anu xeilr Which; if ever cquafledj has
surcty uuvet owa8rpaasea, me peppieot soutn
Carolina at the arst trumpet call. , flew to hei
8juihardt and.voipnianly devoted! then live and
torti&eto iheir;deiVnce.f Therlfa something
iu an nanest, hiauiy andunlalterieg adherence
to pnnciphj, ahof a iVarless uertormauce of ' dutv.
wUichcumman4sltoees4e and
oouuera- ou
-Vou and! 'yourDraye jmpatriota in
'Voluoteeb of Carolina. 1 Ind. I matef
arj, ttie
J tbia: hc-ilaratiotc trom .a deep-' ounvlction l of its..
i truUI, metMsttwA itolbtate, . aiid;ati' entitled td
Jtue f6;Udvmumph.i "f"!-..-., 1
lf jwe liaf e not een inrolved in Mtho hor-v
: iwfwvi w u nart-m our, iireeur na:ve not been'
tuuc niui otou-roui; OweiUDS j .wrapt-Kin
: uaui(ium ryur ucius t vaaiaiCO , f 1 instead 61
;inoiiibyer Mtttatiajfd ruhi -whioh
(foUuF t in train Inyaiiirj ahnjfes, and are
lhet(frfrpttciytl atritVyoti aref nbw: permit i
;ted.i4l)bce wiih'hont cxuIaUooiatithehew
jaha nujr&vd ;Trjondit?on of, ojH.arl ? ajjid the
cheejiag prosiBct before' uswe I aire Indebted
lunder llcayen for all inisto tha uncunted"Spint
J'vccJ'"Ms iic,ucia vieuisetycs; in s con-
jUal eaduies3torepet mvasionf f land 1 were
Knowji uo prepared to lay dowoTtneir hTeain
icuce.oi inesacrea sou at varbuna. '
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f Yc'j scntfh mjr LscksJ rUfieraf ch year clborar
ton Memory UtUv pablisMthgf ofJ(xtr.
t, naiever cicerence or-cpirijn rhajf exists
to ua pricijia cUiracter, of me new TarifT.1 preat
mdetif iias been the gaii4mesimab me advin of war without weteading, to much science 4in
U.iies we tUevo'chifeflv bv" TOarl; tW'a .r a cunu Aa ". j
.vutd;ifraitiessand patxtotismlsW it nothmzi I
felU.ciuzensv iota single Siate toJ have atood I
uputided and alone in ff'.feVralf a- J
ffainsi me coiossii powered .patifBiga- blithe territory Van was necessary for us U burn their
leueral Oofrttiaen 'ff'VJyiM Tary'sptrit of 'oar t&thera1 iwbald ;haf e
tAeatteutlCMlot mepvdioleUnion, bdorou: iwas spokeo from their3 graves, and Tebufedlottr de
iooiaa,tothosgreatiforidaaen ; I , fM? 41 ..'I i
Lie luac e-tablis.iuieat oil which frhustT denerid
me preservauon oi me ionstitniion .and mis un- 1 k- nniu.
ion 1 1 iU n fiotning tohave arrested the progress V olumeefs of South Carolina, whilst the
wi wiacaiiea, Amencaa system. ibatnl rbul is suspended over -our heada however
8cuneaTcrury -and;, plunder, by which, under lita brutethunderJ AYe"respond cordially to your
bate if t
cat; es an3 pther naiidiilent:deict: i s eynsti tutin j
And; tolly -if itJDotluii thai by theomisod re-1
rawcsewrarasani ana wauBTOPW
Uoas w Jtublic inoney bywhicsi WrteiArliwi
cfjthe TOcpld are reached that pth'oai jj$ft$ i50:
rwpidj? titisiaipatJe for aDbc rio Jee,
t!iaUieatandH'auable? akteraeilfcji
and if tefe Wjany :4j:.nbn2iBejvill bejitore
bighlystcerned trom 4enyifi tcvroiiiawjy
ponscioa3 ti:4t wehare none oar doty Aco
tJi'bhfrim w h-H?i &!
for Wa testae knnw th"at:pos6?Ity uiill do nal
votfi a theChifrf Mai3rratet)f this IState theJ
distinguished koken of pablJCi approbation ' hich 1
Lturogti tnaMTerxOTwiacw
justiceite haye (ought the .good BghtrL honjiBti Ueira-I'
has pywitck'lhd victorjr! , We.wilLfot' Quarrel Jng Is flot urercdiitrol. 1 li&the ifli
about the .dismbimon of tha bobn,;ndr(our sen&blcC djsiti6iSor Providence,! if
will taka tho spoils. , f . - V pj ..-'j - itt ' ' t t
rf,,i ,.ffl- t em sKutt trt pnn(et .umin .pat&waj of horjorjind dutr;,v bearinff oa
rr--x,7V I -uousccniiea nere ( in tlits
f fJ Tl tbtPiigla Iprfaioi Wiitr'tricfe- Urtvof
organjiicjrrl-nivithe.' volnilrt KUitii;, JT ' A
ined.ahd l havthl r dajj Jp'f wW vow ofmar
Bffect.Hv.t?.irhliii-ready.-P!.. dfeiend, -urtd'the veryf
iftaia; - tnexisUng1 i
WUMDU.M inp Piw-iiy,;i: out 'wiimiau i
teera shall be maiatained
issued order to that eOwUSxh.crhiAfeiB
xneneao oi your respecuvr ir.iiiijjauitjs . v?vnsv-7T.?7 . ' jfcauaiua '"""i
has committed another b-AH and daHr, usurpa :- honor,and adore ietua Wev-thatit neve r'
tiotfoD the rignts of the; ntes, Ky Itlte pussigo sfa1lr'-tj Hrs6iibridr' tV-1: ,
of an act' commonly cJKjdUie Mtflfc r ' Widen 'frost! fTSfawi kawlajhis Sim?.
VVhile that acj mnall xernatn onrf uponthe - KicmmHiiln t in your
statute book, and the principle Mr erads urj? n - ,".T ' ij. vH? oftkir naiional vaffisrs '-h'Te can
beno safety for thnghta4f the Hiatts buv
mg Constantly prepared to defend them at any.
and every hazard.' Wh trust that puolml opt a
on will, ere lonff. seal t Re late of that Ml, an
that it will peish ainidst the. uuf yerita
tiphs (rf the people. Bui whilei- trie'
verbal eiecra J
r rirtrtfc 21
are abroad agrainsrwhich we are struiisiinsr, 3fct
rxie tell you, that we hold all ourrigrttijbyinoo-
ther tenorerthan that of 'eternal Via Uahce.
without which we are told lioerty cannot be
saved W i ' ' ;v!-' iL-r-
Influenced by these viewsas ah honorable re
ward for oast services and inceh ti ve' i to f utui e
exertion, 1- now present - to the volnnteers "of
General Hamilton, this Standard, f bearing the
anus oi the State, with this solemn injunction,
that, as Citizens and Soldiers you Veill alays
cherish in your hearts, and ;-exemplify, in your
Uvea, the noble sentiment' which is f emblazoned
upon' itd folds.--f Libestt X rr mct Bt ras-
General Hamilton, on receiving the standard
replied as follows i ,
On tae part of the Volunteers of Charleston, I
accept, with sentiments of profound . gratitude,
and with feelings of the most lively satisfaction,
tae proud and gorgeous standard which iom Ex
cellency has been pleased to present to us in the
name and behalf of tho State uf South; Carolina.
Tj have received "ht your hands this soul-stirring
banner, infinitely enliances its valued .
VV ho so fit, Sir, as yourself to present to us
this donation ? You, who in the dark hour of a
starless night, when South Carolina I seemed to
ue uwsfiieu oy uie ikuu wuria, rent in . twain
uy auseniwns among net very enuaren, wnose
t j. i? . 1.. .
ouiy nvauy ought to nave been who could have
loved and served her best, stood at your post of
duty, cool, collected and undismayed Yes, at
that very moment when our city was , beleaar-
ed a standing, force, whose valor an-i prowess we
nau vainly fcupposed could only i be turned a
gainst me common enemies ot tr otmntry
..1 . " X
when the nanonal Legislature, who with equal
delusion we had supposed were the guardians of
me puouc iioerues oi me country were seen ca
tering foi the malice of oh infuriated dcpofTand
iroin me tragaieuia of a broken and violated
Constitution, were arraing i his1 band: that Le
might wreak hia vengeance, not omy on the
buAjm of those who had largely, contributed' to
place him in; power, but that even .' atrke the
&pot of his birth, the land where he first saw the
light of heaven. . ll !
It was at a period like thisI siinendered the
Executive of the State, comparatively! defence-
laaa. intrk vniir hnnAa unA co.mJn ?
mounted or a musket equipped for thefleld our
arsenals empty and hardly powder inl our
" '.W - -".ww t; f
zines to fire an ordinary salate.; You however.
met and vanquished the cnts. Applying the
tesources yi yoor sound judiaentfand; enterpris
ing spirit"wth exigency , "in the short space' of
a month, we- had arumunition enourh'to have
blown up every public building and'everyprivate
dwelling in the capital of i this confcdcrcv lhe
fl-r. IU- -II r . r V;'. Ti ' ,
lUAurais lur an arms oi service. . Werei collected
with uuexample "dispatch, .fur equippirg 6ve
.thousand men for the field to begin with and
preparations we know wdre in progress MrLfatm
Ug our whole volunteer forte. : Your J heroic call
Was responded ta from lb 9 1iriountajus to the o
cean, and mrilledand reverberated throoghbut
our land "It musthave indeed been to your ne
of the iansf cheering cf all possible ejrcumsShees
that the Iwcc-in arms was iual- to the -whole
irurnber jof the' saffrages which: out party, roder
estat the Ballot Box,' When by a -Ticioriouf Earid
of vatn boasting; topredichatwduld fiiare
been thisie of i the." ssrugglei lowilfvjuchwe
would haVobeen hurried but rcr;the vrecont td
juatmeatbf our controversy; 'wtth, General
Cloyernmeut. Along 1 and' niaiii)terrup& peace
our dutv to cur countrv.' Oiwl thifi?r.f wit
mituiiiLlurUk tte'& ir w k.i .i
lowed the enemf jto hava Toccumedlinorl oCiohr
t We are cheered il-, ihWt'iiiitmtnV V'mn
oiejrwiieiuiing rapniy.iney recoraca meix nenv
I ItBoes hot cbme, still lesstSel
wriom I have. the honor to comrr-ind; in, a isumt.
t.MUJuc ioi suojeci, ana Que , aau
ii isdare let reatiaVo f-crsaiuziUoa
ptaeWBi W UwV.' aed wijii dlihouarU-
j vtmdfe two witU 'ccd frodT'tho :tatate-
tliltTerbi tar-'
g uerrcrui liaini Jtoa thca tamed to histroopcr
SblfieThisfiBaniiCf S coriMied to our
ritlo Ia.I Mtfii ctukU i!
OrKln - teiAMti'tW" Li: yt
m$2V.m&')h ihe bright Star which
ldn;shirje infots firmajdciitia blended ju9
its ample forda tbe effigy of thaf'dorious
trf e, i w.hose - mViocibl ehaf t ; titsf higfi its1
IfterjB, in (I
Wirtnitaii: .il'lLii -
hose -titriotism enables) htm to ap-
prt cii'io me projaaana jcbeinng associations
with 1 which lip i connected, atid whoseva-1
lorwill dcfcnS it, briglit and stainless irom
reproach. Lons miiv lit wave. ,the
niiiir riasf trinmts
" T r .44j ohu jure ruviguu U
Wribwned. irlnriniij. anH n;n (Va f...
w 7 ' j w. vuwiwtui
our country.
From ihe Washiiigton Globe.
consequence of the ouhlrc itain h
the burning of the trearv buildinfr and .tha Aes.
trucuoa of fionie valuable- papers; 4he President
"w'eu uproper, ax ine request of the Sec
retary cf the Treasury .iidirect In enquixy -to
be hade: into the ; caus dftthe 'disaster; H
tnereKre directs a thorough and careful invest
gauon to he made on the following points :
; L; Iu what manner was- tho fire occasioned?.
: If accidental, rhowdidit happen Was
itjhjom any defect ln'thef original construction of ,
the bailding ? or was i occasioned by careless
nesS:Or negligence ? And if by carelessness, or
negligeiira, to itom foan either be atir.buted ?
& V ere proper exertions used to preserve the4
books, papersantji public property in the building'
as 'ell as to savethe buijuing itseljr? . $
The Attorney General is directed to conduct
the enqiury, and the other inemoers f the cabi
net u aid m it. The' witnesses to be examined
on oath, 'and their depositions reduced to writing
and when the investigation is closed, the tes
timony p) be reported to the President, together
with the opinions of he? members uf the cabinet
od the points above stated. ! ,
: The Prolideht direcUtnatkhe chief ju8tice of
the Circuit Court for the dstrbt of Columbia
be rwjusted to preside at the hvlstigation and
to assist in it.' 'I I I ;' . i..
March 31, 1833. I
; r3k: ! - L 1 ' ' '"r.-'' L
s'-i ; 'w '4 it. : - ..,t.
SiR:ve commerMifd tlie examination ol
witnesses oh the 'day of the ties arid continaed
until the evening of Saturday the';j6th insfv Or
t hei Oth some further testimony Svaa taken
VVe bave examined tdgetlrer more, than flits'
witnesses.,.'!, , - , j: 3. , 4
Chjef Justice Cranch Presided. fTheSecreta
xy of the Navy left VVashinstou : in order to ex
ecute-aomeoflicial duties1, before the investigation
was Concluded. 1. 4 J - li .
1 It apears from the whole evidence that the
tire was nrst discovered about half past two.
o'clobk if the mojrning. The attentibn of two
lor three peraVms who reside in the'neighWhooid
evalticiaf cajr; nghts knd . aoDatiT
. . , i - f . - . 7.
was auracieo py i ine lignt irom tno windows,'
guard withm theihouM was still asleep and was
awaentpu ojrjiiie Jioise uiaue aioaeroi ine ooors
to rouse hiin.'Kieife is irae dhTerence of opui
iou, but iuiKing the whole iesumbny. together,
we thtn it is fully proved, that vvheri tw. first
tlrsons arrived ote -the ground the room In
I second sipryon the norrtf sitle of the house,
I i Syi.i .1- i ii .L-f ilt'i. : .l
miineviately wet of the project ion in the centre
ot the building aprafed to' be on. fira in' every
partthit mp flames 2mi dnie. cudftpf sm
yreis Issuing froba bne at boUiofjtho. Windows hi
the rpbih:, ami that th ere was then no appearance
of fixe Jm'eitherojjthe adjoining roo'sy nor in' the
garret nor roo In a-very few truuutes. how.
verthe fimicmuiiicited totheaobming
uoiuaaua to fMifl etutci ana me ruoii nau me
gsrtet.beinff filled tor the most part 'with old pa
per's- a nd paper casesi: the flames ( spread through
twety raintites afltka'was dyereuabd
the roof aver me!rQanvwasi then 3bl&ii&-pD&
yerg&tm biganbII in, 'jEvery lexexucwas
madr with the oagirie and others ; bat 'the xnnt
of water in the neighhorhbodlof the building xen
cereH impossioie w sayeit, ana ; me , 11x0 con
tinued to advance In abouV one hoof the whole
bnH4pg!withithe, xceptiobr "af.tlxlMLtjpoi:.
purtlon olfjit, Jras rnsumed 4r on;fii?yjrf !
. Wa have deavured ih tali to ijtrsce the otk
gin of the fire, and are unaHeto jriputeit to aay
caxthnilar cauae. i-Three f of the witnesses Das-
sed near the boildte about half past I o'clock I
on the jnqrning of the fire and thtjra s?
he moniiri? of the fire and thae citntf lirrht I
fiota the windowi'iapyxhiniattr-ct zi
tantkn jThd rebmstbfibailJb g have Leta
exanmed b v Bjuliyrr can
cover no'defect ia iu cQsrtiob-f Ou t' ciht
of monr.mej iST
pearto r nave beep taxen.i aioa, iesw,wan
man beihlr jsick and uiiible to aUr.bU place was
MpplW, j coder the
w ho has been Wpltiyed constamly fb7boutl&
months past as one of meyx'ai thtlHl
And according to the ordinary 'practice of : the J
gaXU axicaj0o
' an(lthe smoke Was observed ,by Others in , the
ii.ara-T8t'ets i When ' the first persons arrived, the
the 1. , arid tl; rra i
the par th buUiitrwhera thjBi br-n n
a:ithracuel-nd fittfe roaja here it 'irii
nated the fcii,ha: inlt bw.mVf ppctirirt of
tbe grare iittimsjyoihe exarmnatioa .iy th
5rdfv4h;l)to7ti od?-im'eC.hmj!
wa piacea af a lender ttfe iva -c .tx!i:u utfet
Cwteae3 ia thabrdiniri r. ianeCie:inside;
with' tl 3 ecpUoa fcf a wijiJjwiri tha Crejproofi
which seeihs to havebeeo ttjrrrli?" ntfrae'ejo.--
jred, if eocureJ at all-an thatnighCiJi ut there h
jjart of the bailJujvhere tne 'fiw.tommeaccJrr
and if an erd. dikposed peragn Kid entered at thai
wiadoV , he could hot hive to&i hi iraV ii an r.
bthWrbft J&Mfel
V The fUttotaLol iwlisuperintes'it.niaie i;
the duty of4tii6 nght guard taTrnaki tha exarns
qalioocf the roocis and fiWa, above tdtatlonixl
but Jia iM not rejcir tcp rvvako all x:'g!:
'4ce1 the reai loiS i hasjwea h $nj
tice for 'only aha of ther Watchmen to remain 4U '
ung vuo ultima sua ouiixun -acu
iiermittedTtii' eleeakfterllfi o'clock
, (Srrned-i :.r EDWLlViN
t; Skrretary of Stated fM
..'teSee'tof the Treasury.
Aprit iari83lCr :ecreury;6n
10.1. ft a- ,
'.Postmaster General;
1 FresldenW
.1. A"
fThe ' Wiheheater VirMnian informs vii, that ta
. ; -fc
,tracVuf Hand ;ia JJerkley county Va. ith.only
tidfnaryi "ipr4veaients,f w soldja fevir ? day
fcinre,; apabhcuctiOT acre. JLhre
years asro jme'same trasi.eod . tor -ltsi m-
reaseo yaiue 18 attnoutaa to me vicumy oi -
raU road'-4
The feenllej
eman who has sent Ud the -fol
io wing Vmusipg "communication, is resident
r 1 ne tollowtnfr tiatrmtic soecch was deliVr
ered, it !is said, at a jartioeting inIIliqois
called for the; purpose of taking into 'con
sideration the expediency of gelting dpa
second expedition against the hostile band
of Saca and Foxes'. ' 'V 4
Friendi ami Feer-Cttie4 Solners
We are met here for the purpose- of ex
cusmg the subject about the hospitalities
lately convicted ' against !;6ur peaceful anl
blooming and flourishing frontiers,' by the
condacious Red skinsl ! ( A mnrniur of'tap-'
piause; -g say woare,imet nere to instigate
whether we sit still in out. shanteeng,nd
see the spoiler; wheihuiIiadly. od tiloodr
uiu inuruerwuB iuuq Bgaiusi me oeanaoi
odri friends andl eljer squaersenit
irefeatlel speritj yliof hair gtnJtortlV
wTth a-Jbold heart arid strong atrii o4ig
ditches flnd drain thi $&adp$ jtatft
and ty bom we Inlay i look- upon empbat-
world! Irich theerinsf and callms h hlar!
hear '"S Whether we w i ifsit still arid '.see
their iori-fieIds tavishedj their - wives in vi
olated before their verjr efes. arid their irhi
ling,j)raUing pfan4ued;p.iri tlio most,
barbalacjbus; menriwnVner will
march aVorice.rjrnthis second champagne
and;7oy our timely yjitority jsave them
irom a state bf total deunction f At the
same extinguished ourselves in , eternal fame.
j il ' onlnUnllz-krv lira 4Ytri orktir1 N
(Here the jscalp-halloo was thrice repeated i
Ah) rovJelleriUzenfsbdiirs! I. fully pre:
pitiate the sytbmijsirigjfeelfngs xf yjwir j
heartst I 1 need butieihindvyou of ypurj
Hiitze towards vour sufTenrii: distrestful and 4
U3u auu,( y ii j naa coat uaq . n pus ?
outer , dd: . i'arid t h wirMowat of the hoi23tt verfc
a. i
confliaebnthrin ! Their woes fcryTabt ; fjncnUc Iady hV Wmtr Mir
for address, and perhaps are (heaf d eventp OraMall has occasibned aVeat uproar the retiracy of por fire 'side and
deflfAMf(Uerej the sea p halloo, was' again
s unoecuaiiu micoji iiinc uujx- ww un
l. ..t.....nn.k.. int. miolilriiM nAlAo
Citizen sjirsvwhoe jfcrtpas runsirfnenst
the Tery i grainj as'l roly ay of the soal
11 ei urtthnnl rftitriht9 throat
and addresjangione ofvthiicrpwds
wjll; you-hand eft-goafri r.wawwiw
JitxAJUnnM nf th itferfn:rt with-1
1? -1 it u
.t rcoltnrr anl intnnrnrhahle thirst tor
JwWolclnaiid Plstojnpi weUawn
' milvmWl liih! . werbffative !bot " which I
Wf m SSSm
nlL? Mronitationujbolickai v ana
Sexcivilized savages, which skulk amongst
burvbottbii5blda3r: atiflfay, night, sallies
forth ta kill and to marderfour: famUtesri
JeVfienaenien and;feller citizen sbdjterst
py soal rises ,1 eponwii -y '
timmatythe'clbrioos events that roust ex-
tibguisly fbur names, in j the hearts btnr
.tontrVriierriaifxiiaid. -no Inaore !
Ourr excess ?n thxpcrdition, is ss
naero " akrcumstancl lThe
frislmeresarcumstance pwoos
J will yajbusaajid, oa
IferaVbo&aHodUw obflisti
gateern tff the face of tse jcta. J kww
yorjvcjaVj tllJraKl grit ppelijare
Q wi5 -:)cad ! tb5 where nodi chunt
of a" fibtU sartibto hehlt I :?sL f
our cnimDiy corner Lviuor agirauon uj j of Cierhurytlri Connecticut, by persist-
the c&te,') jlteho 4--.
nigDi;ffHa:ADiiaiuB wa u revj-j-iip. tjj- education; ot voun2 ladies and. little-
-h!,myfener tsodlsVl. revcle ,hejicate4i'
the cruel, the ' dreadful the fatal' catatro- lfiZJM&nm f Aftfe itf7bnm iAtnirmt: 1
' T ' . - . i riiiifiifiMiiinn w .w u .mw - -
pne v-rwey-ff awj4w cr wnwi wninw:assemWotLl?lt appears tnatisne.jtistts - J t
with a -piece bf chalk on a bmrd'Tehce, j wjj l4Vocaie jwy .nw,f)iisb'itfi' ". 4
the orator of the day resumed) 4 But I ! wa8 law,i in tha" dayof anUquity. Tha ;
cann.d.well up(m:iiirno. ww .PPa-' young laHy seems deteriieonoCwitlistanfJ4-;rw ; '
lirirVthu''idresowLfo rrmnd ,ind wo see
ftlUd3J?L'V.C3 07 fxtendit and f i r
;wtlji4s Ij&Ujseet tSoxneay ia iScir owttl: JVA,5 -
a HtV Crbthttit V- . -V- '
part? betrizz tiibif orator tsp-t a ml -rc--1 tj
ceded by a;rctrnfJafadalice,,,. toisirdLf i:V
shanbe' - ,ud Us fitter" had net yet e:: u-1JUi '
VMcct v?C3' ct ccpi:
i"-!?? rvla: qestica, ia aci,!;.
didato fora iatha next cri:!iturc cf; -a
certain wpStdeOciwaraiw tT'r.V I. -"
Ve L-4 the f JloVrinsf extSctedVrcu V LolKj: rV " 5 '
innaperit ..tLoalJ bo rciJ ai thnh-1 Vf' i ,r.
jHfryi golLlcation regiment 1 -Soath Caro-U rr - i
j'Draoiatie Recollections,n TeUt Vithcreatrli - '
wecaawry mai nirs. AiattJa,fhetctrtsr , . H-
Mdiav:;Shw-cnttoDedraat,withaomefxiexi .
'b toeper; pointicj to one cell which thpy ?, ! , . ,
sianptaeen.udIIereeaela hero nho fc,l.f V'
dont contradict, i i ? - ft ;
himwmmd, I say if Jondoni 'contradict hi, U t
Ac'irdiiigly.-ihey entered jhe'ccll, anataaw aj .
pale faced iaelancholjmaawitb dark eyes whicU 1, , r deep thoug fas they eateredThe;!
- rrr2V ii" - vraoouFi
reurm; when (said .Mrs. .Mattocks) h8eixedtn
yhomshutUngthedooriand, actng:tlua
.wkaainstit, afidjtd, me inl his irnx grasp;;
WyouS woman, (saahe,you're ia a Ic&t
wvutnuawiii UCfO,BUUb IU WllB J,;. ttadUlatt
lrBut yoneed-nt jilarmedr
yoa iare perfectly "safe; j they told ylu j wai
armleas7: didtit j tbey? IfbudVltr answer.'
Areybufbnd of rwin?2 l? know Vim. '.
Yhatls this?1 conduded,holdio2 irp a paper
'A'ahfpraaid K A ship is it?--yoa 4all my
l&frilM" jeVidrV-itist
'phi'ina prav Whit Is thja? Obliged 1 - say;
somsthing,4 and 'not knowing what be thought it:
was, t answered "a bouse' i whicht was. !A,
house, eh! So saying, he ixillcd aclasn knif
from his pocket, and .opening with- hit ' teelh - a
at the sams i inoment winging me rotmd.jthe cell, i
witli bk hge arm. aadj 'Now, is ita Louse ? f--
aot? frHf ja, It is.!f Then 111 tell you! I f
what Jt is, tfien.thhi is a dolphin. Then f!
holdtn ttptr'.krdfe;arid.cnasning, J&'.'teetltji'" I
said, "uan you tell me what this is, and no mis
ake?" 4A knifeJ answered. Right for once.
said he; "and can you tell me what 1 shall dd
niui. i iibiumtuj uu ,uw& iuj licau 111 . "
lent negative I11 tell you What 1 shall 4& wHfe
it; I shall acrops m chvrcozL" r- s l .
l AMERICAN "Titles
' 7 . . . '
' Abroad they have.i ttobo-jttoiir'tltlejl':.! '4 n
are heferJitary,sif nothing more; tbit a judgf -ii
jjnot n!y yi judgl whtjVin, Qce, but 't4V
tier he is tjht of office; and tijat! all hisVbby ' ,
are:aljfcd judges so with our generalsV and I -otber
icetlencies .urftur i honors.' vThe 31'
fbllqwflng anecelbCe we have just heard frofrt I
the mouth, ot a tnend:ol ours, who thoogh
himself algecferal, has 4 very, just ideal of
ino worm oi a omnia ime, in yie nousenoiu
business of life. FanXree, " j :, tf
.7 !
A mla was elected tbtneritairicy bf-a ,
troop fp Ohio, ' His !'4raii hearprihil-:?
fact at supper tod after they had got to bed.
were, fllkinf abatttr Said "one' of them
weii toujour josn, i say though, aintTwe
ajlcapturur-fldwi7' .On h
aittcaptuns-now i" ,unf neaxing.ints, m
mbtherlwho Jay iri a,bed:close to thedbors
eaUeduVo.oTyoa'f V frl
& me1! capturiV j t 1 1
amon tbe. good peo Iittlo town
a m m - . r . -m k a
V$&KgnrinctpleTandffi on tbd
ffround tiiat.rAloses raarriea a coiorea wo
I .. '. . ' - '
Ro other! way than for Vne gdo'd citizens to '
toi Ibrcible elei4ma:iSaP.
jAwklAirtnlr t ! - - i' 'tr
faf, tmliedfUefAe SiameiS TaUti..
5ji f. . ,
1 A singtiw example 01 mostrpsity is now is
f T. - - " V. ...
t!oiidotut Falchion square, andlfaai been
seen by air,. A LXJoper4wiiu many m.ncrtui-
nrescriti '
in iM'Uiii It is1' feaimne'mitaii' example
ASf in ajliSUCU cswva, wip ; a wvs Bwy
to c
the4af nnure t enlarce tipbn this li-
ss jttth we mlgtiiiruda.-fo severaPc
sea of a iimWar descciion, and injaU thd
tex wiocal3rfhdtrrt the,
LrtMalTord aarsre field for speca-
Ofct christian Tnhagamrt meyi
lidd a Hueriot, whb hill I been persecuted $
rT-readuc'i, shall cost ihrinrlreds of pec- ;
J ATL L fL7. w
4belr UtesTliirinenaceVw tbeau- -- jf
thorlnb jttonbjei fiW K-,?
themcst Woody4esigris againstt bi teUotr; r
sdbieefs. rJ amrannocenV' w
iJLKfitnA famUliCOilld OOtacttT
I 1 H
- v
- . :

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